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A Mercenary Army: Isaias Afwerki’s Last Stand

The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM, known by its Tigrinya accornym De.M.H.T.) is one of half a dozen Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Eritrea whose mission statement appears to have changed from bringing change to Ethiopia to fighting change in Eritrea by being President Isaias Afwerki’s last enforcement unit.

Over the weekend, TPDM was dispatched to Asmara to conduct routine roundup of Eritrean youth who have to be mobilized for military enlistment.  In previous dispatches, only TPDM members with passable Eritrean Tigrinya accents were recruited to conduct the roundup.  In this patricular mission, there appears to have been a breakdown and TPDM members with noticeable Tigrayan accents were roaming the Merkato neighborhood of Asmara and asking for “metawekia” and “mewasawesi“–Ethiopian words for “moving permit”– whose Eritrean version is “tessera” and “menkesakesi” respectively.

In the ensuing altercation among Asmara residents and TPDM, shots were fired near Hamasien Restaurant.

A TPDM soldier who was wounded by stone-throwing Eritreans was treated in Orota Hospital. When asked for his identification, he disclosed that he is an Ethiopian national and gave his address as Alla (near Dekemhare) and gave the name of his Eritrean handler.

Since the incident, the Isaias Afwerki regime has gone on full information-management campaign:

1. The area of the conflict was repeatedly visited by Brigadier General Teklai Kifle ( “Manjus”) and his deputy, Brigadier General Fitzum “wedi Memher.”   Both manage, among other things, the Ethiopian opposition based in Eritrea, and both are intensely loyal to President Isaias Afwerki.

2. Eritrean security officials locked down schools to inform them that those who conducted the round-up campaigns were Eritreans and the rumors that they are TPDM soldiers are not true;

3. In the neighborhood “zoba” (local administration) units, meetings were called with Asmara residents to tell them that those who conducted the roundup are actually members of Eritrea’s  “525” commando unit.


TPDM along with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) and Ginbot Sebat (May 7th movement) all have received a base and training in Eritrea for nearly a decade.

On December 2009 (resolution 1907),  and again in December 2011 (resolution 2023) the United Nations empowered a group (Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group) to monitor and report on Eritrea’s destabilizing activities in the Horn, particularly in Somalia and Ethiopia, and specifically forbade Eritrea to host opposition groups of neighboring countries.

Since then, many of the Eritrea-based Ethiopian opposition groups have either gone underground or have been severely weakened by Ethiopian security officials.

The one exception to this has been TPDM, which is now rumored to be Africa’s largest guerrilla force.

The “guerrila” force is a misnomer because it has been 4 years since it attempted any military campaigns against Ethiopia and is now essentially an Eritrea-based Ethiopian group with an Eritrea-based mission:

1.  Its base used to be at Harena, in the Eritrea-Ethiopia-Sudan border (Southwest Eritrea), near Humera, Ethiopia.  It has been moved to Alla, near Dekemhare.  This happened after Ethiopia’s March and April 2012 forray into Eritrea, where it conducted two raids and destroyed the bases of TPDM.  Now, the organization moves around Dekemhare, Mai Aini and Asmera–far from its alleged military targets: Ethiopian soldiers.

The move is also due to the Monitoring Group’s expose: officially, the Eritrean regime’s position is that there is “no evidence” that it hosts Ethiopian opposition groups.  Unofficially, it wants to assure its followers that it has managed to train a large Ethiopian guerilla forces capable of delivering what it has promised its supporters (and the Ethiopian opposition) for 12 years: the removal of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), or “Weyane”, the core of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, from power.

2. Almost all of the revenues generated from Bisha Mining were used to train, arm, equip, headquarter and maintain TPDM. There is stark difference between the living conditions of TPDM and that of Eritrea’s regular army, the Eritrean Defense Forces.  In meetings EDF officers had with Isaias Afwerki in Sawa last year, the Eritrean president repeatedly warned that EDF should not expect any change in its living conditions as revenues from Bisha Mining have already been appropriated.

3. As a fighting force, the Eritrean Defense Forces are practically non-existent.  EDF has been hallowed up by desertion by the thousands and what remains is a demoralized force and powerless officers focused more on self-enrichment than military cohesion.

4. The “people’s army” which was set up by Isaias Afwerki as an alternative to EDF is incapable of being his line of defense: they are the parents and grandparents of the youth they are ordered to “round up”–now considered a mortal threat–and they would not be capable of it: with little or no military training, they are not capable of doing anything more than protecting passive assets (banks, government buildings) and they are not part of any contingency plan to control crowds.

5. It appears that De.M.H.T. is Isaias Afwerki’s last line of defense, the same model that was used in Libya, Mali and Central African Republic: bringing foreign power with no hesitation of pulling the trigger against local citizenry.   However, the incident of last weekend appears to have been a miscalculation–the ground was not prepared to psychologically orient the people that “Tigrayans are our brothers”–and now, the security apparatus– Wedi Kassa, Simon Gebredengel, Tesfaldet Habteselasse, Manjus and Wedi Memher–is in full damage control mode.
inform. inspire. EMBOLDEN. reconcile.

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  • Way the the Eritrean the forget the moral for the lost two sentry years wat went ring I thing the hard he’d as wat we’d to ring Sam thing ring let look Bak in the fifths sixte awate era so at las bay had a regent went ring after 1991 thanks

  • Issayas Afworki is trying to copy his master Gadafi (libya)bringing foreign forces to eritrea it is bout time to go now ,he is not going to die like Gadafi in eritrea he will fellow Mengustu coward Issayas too

    DOWN WITH HIS followers specially those [xxxxxxxx] who live in usa

    • Awate team has the obligation to tell the truth to the Eritrean people. Who is TPDM? Is TPDM a real grand force of Tigrians? The answer is No. TPDM is a collection of SAWA graduates Etritrean of Ethiopian origin referred as “Amiche”. Their initial purpose purpose was to terrorized Ethiopians particularly the next door Tigrians. Now the purpose finally turned against Eritrean as mentioned above.

      We have clear evidence from the many defectors of the TPDM regular members and commanders to Ethiopia. So TPDM is nothing to do with the Tigrian people but Eritrean fabrication. We again and again reminded that the Awate team has the obligation to inform its people the truth of the EPLF fabrication rather than feeding lies to its people similar to the EPLF media. It is our hope that the bumper of lies will remove from the Eritrean media and Awate should work for that action.


  • Ermias

    Zhaserki Selam, here is a reply from you to saay when your nose started bleeding:

    “Bemesehaq zemtsea Mesernaqsi wala yesereneq:-) lol

    The fact of the matter is this is not close to a sentiment by an ordinary Eritrean. I know of no Eritrean with high held head, not since 2000, thanks to IA and PFDJ. No question in my mind that you are Sophia. You are leaving a dark legacy for your children. You are still cheering Wedi afom while every single Eritrean wants him dead. All your generals (warlords as saay calls them correctly) will finish each other off once IA is taken out and you will have no place in future Eritrea unless you plead guilty for conspiring to manslaughter tens of thousands of Eritreans Ms IA’s political officer.

  • haile

    Hello Selam;

    ትቕለዉ’ለኹም፡ ትቕለዉ፣
    ቁልቁል ተደፊእኩም፡ ትንቅዉ፣
    መንደዓት ሓሳርኩም፡ ትርርዉ፣
    ትቕለዉ’ለኹም፡ ትንነዉ… 🙂 🙂

    I am going to tell you the regime needs Demhit and that their utilization is going to continue in the current form (Giffa) and may be more (who knows). Before that I need to do some house clearing as regards your distorted perception of reality.

    If you think the Eritrean opposition are behind bringing the regime’s crippling isolation, sanctions and many handicaps (although most are the direct result of its lewd and criminal activities), then that means they are far more sophisticated and effective than your gun totting teens (Demhit)! The Ethiopians, if they so wish, can grant and facilitate substantial diplomatic and political tools to the Eritrean opposition simply because they have a towering continental and international standing. Did you know that when the Egyptian envoy visited Asmara few months back, the regime hailed it as some sort of diplomatic success! Let me give you the read deal scoop behind that was the fact that the Egyptian envoy was making a round trip across southern and eastern Africa. In here brief was to solicit for support to Egypt’s re-admission to the AU because it was suspended following the ouster oh Morsi. She started her trip by first stop in Addis Ababa and delivering a hand-written message to PMHD of Ethiopia from his Egyptian counterpart. After visiting six countries, she had to go back to Cairo and then head back to Asmara. It wasn’t diplomatically feasible to have Eritrea on the same list with the rest of the other countries in her trip planner (because it is an isolated country facing international censure over its leader’s implications in various crimes).

    You can support IA all you like ኣያይ ወርቂ ሰዓቱ፣ መርቸድስ መዛወሪቱ! into his grave, but the game is up. He has nothing to offer anybody and nothing that anyone can do to save him from the fatal ditch he is in. TPDM do not stand to benefit anything politically or diplomatically from a regime where even countries looking for Eritrea’s vote in AU (as mentioned above) have to be creative to get to talk to it. You can’t say the opposition are masterminding the refugee influx and strangulation of Eritrea in one hand and claim that they are worse than TPDM in the same vain. The Ethiopians are repeatedly stating and demonstrated more than once that the IA armed forces are useless and would be smashed down should they provoke them in the slightest manner. You think they lose sleep over Demhit? ኪር ኪር …

    Now why TPDM in giffa then?

    Well the giffa regime is there to psychologically terrorize the youth in particular and the population in general. To create the sense that they are being hunted, they are being searched, any time they can get caught, they may leave home and never go back again… its use is pure psychological terror more than anything. If you been in Eritrea in those occasion, like I did several times, sometimes the giffa is applied to everyone between 18 – 50 regardless of having menqesaqesi or not (I have witnessed that first hand!) Since the arming of the civilians, in the past couple of years, usually after morning taElim, the armed civilians are sent out to participate in conducting the giffa. The problem is that (for the regime) it can only manage to send “one hagerawi” 🙂 among 4 or 5 armed civilians. And only this “hagerawi” is the only snitch likely to create problems for the other guys who usually go out of their ways to call you to let you know to avoid the streets if there is giffa and to help those rounded up escape by distracting the “snitch/hagerawi”. Hence, the sole objective of the giffa, i.e. to terrorize the youth and the population was not being achieved. So, it is natural for the regime to bring the TPDM as they don’t know the people and would simply try to effect their duty of rounding up. It is dangerous gambit, but hey, IA had an al-qaida affiliated Dahir Aways as a resident in Eritrea against UN wanted plea and is accused of facilitating terrorists with Eritrean passports and armaments. Would he give a jackal as to how the TPDM saga would affect the country internally…nay why would he? look at you… 🙂


    • Abe


      You have superbly explained Demhit and Isaias connection, I hope some of the Isaias cult followers will understand and start to think twice.


    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Haile.
      The giffa is not just to terrorize people. It is a continuation of the Hgdef system. It has been used before. No conscription = no Hgdef system. Call it slave Labour or what ever but since Hgdef has started using the military service for all kinds of political, economical and social activities (imagine making forcing all people of a nation between 18-50, litteraly speaking no Unimployment at all) it is the most paramount back bone of what Eritrea is today. Read YG how Hgdef has managed in creating the New eritreans by isolating from the norm of the ‘traditional’ Eritrea. It was not long time ago that parents bring their own children to Sawa them selves with pride and come back for the graduation and Dance with the president. I did not know why the parents were dancing but isayas is dancing for his harvest. And now it seams a good deal of the socity knows how they were cheated and they stopped sending their children to Sawa and thus Giffa is needed again. God knows why pfdj doesnt use its own Security force, MAY BE using Ethiopians is only to show eritreans how far Hgdef can og if any one mess with the conscription. You stop that, you stop Hgdef. Hgdef has teached more than enough to his people how merciless ethiopians are. There is no better way to use that theoretical propaganda into practice.

      But still i Wonder all the sotries we are told about the ‘unique’ eritrean children who manged in destroying the biggest army in africa. Now the truth is Crystal Clear who destroy the derg army. Without diminishing the eplf (though eplf engaed itself for the wrong reason) we have to give the over due respected honour for the ethiopians and the west in demolishing derg because the story we were told of the unique eritrean socity and what we are witnessing doesnt much at all. According that story, Hgdef couldnt even exist blant eritreans leave alone rules the country in 23 years without zero support from the outside world.

  • Gebre

    Dear Nitricc,

    I appreciate your response. You said:

    “Gebre thanks to you we know about SAAY, what do you think the other Sal is, Gadi? I bet you he is in to something no good lol”

    Nitricc, your question is not appropriate to my mind. As I understand, you want me to tell you stories about Saay and Sal Gadi. To be very frank I never comment on the personalities of any person anywhere not alone about my brothers (including you) in the horn. Had you asked me to comment on what they might have said on certain issues, I wound have answered suppoting or opposing their views on those issues. You see it is morally and legally wrong to engage oneself in ad hominem attacks in a debate or any other competitive issue. It is very much abhoring to sort out people on age, health, physical stature(fat ,short etc), religion, race, etc.

    By the same token, I honestly respect you, Nitricc as any other person in the forum. You have every right to have any views. But your views are not the ones I would support. So I will challenge you on the issues that affect our region with the hope and ultimate goal of achieving a harmonious and peaceful region.

    Let’s keep the debate clean and civilized.

    Best regards

  • Gebre

    Hi Nitricc,

    Just few qestions for you conserning the following statement you made earlier:

    ” Don’t worry we will put an Israel’s style barb-wires on the border, let the Tigryans, the Oromo and the Amara eat each other out. And you can have Badime too.if that is all it takes to for you to go away and leave as alone.”

    1) How are you going to bring the barb-wires from Isreal? Are you going to trek through the Senai to fetch them? When are you going to learn the technology of building barbed-wire fences(walls) in Israel?
    2) At what point of the barbed-Wire fenced border are you going to build your Mereb Charlie Check Point(MCCP)?
    3) What are you going to do if the people from both sides march in pitch darkness and tear down your fence to the ground while you have fallen asleep at your office at MCCP? Please take care for your life from the angry mob poulation?
    4) Final question: If I want to pass MCCP from any direction, would you permit me to do so without arrest? I am very scared.

    • Gebre

      Just one more question.

      Are you inpired by the author of the following article to build the fence?

      • Nitricc

        Gebre oh yes I will respond to your inquiry willingly.
        I do admire the way you stood up for that dude names SAAY, I am telling you, as good as best writer he is, as good as tough opposition fighter he is we had no Clu he can diagnostic over the Internet how old you are, what conditions you have and even can tell your chollostrol count 🙂 omg
        This dude, Sal is bad dude 🙂
        I am just proud of you stood up to him.
        Gebre he knows to it is illegal to disclose some once age, medical history and all that but he went on did it anyways.
        Gebre thanks to you we know about SAAY, what do you think the other Sal is, Gadi? I bet you he is in to something no good lol
        Anyway I get back to you with the answers to your questions
        You cool 🙂
        You are the first one from East African I corespondent with, it is an honor.

  • selam

    The TPDM fabrication went realky smooth until Awate writers start to get hysterical on the Request of an ID for the alleged TPDM member…such operation is handled with at most care and the doctor has no fredom to ask for an ID…the hospitals in Eritrea are,specially military hospitals are not that autonomous.
    the TPDM thing is now beibg fanned to lay the foundation for the upcoming sanction session at the UN,i.e, to charge Eritrea with continious support of Ethiopian opposition groups..that is the whole mission of these demihut craze in the so called opposition websites which are financed by Ethiopian security apparatus and US based NGO.Btw,does Ethiopia has carte Blanche to support armed Eritrean opposition groups? The Salehs…any response on this

    • Selam

      Let me say something about the genesis of the DEMHIT thread of fabrications- it started when brigadier general Tekeste -former member of EDF and commander of the division that fought the Badme war? BTW, May be he could tell us that what happened in Badme war and how the enemy acquired such wealth of information on the status of his own division and converted the inteligence information into a military victory:-( Tekeste -you should be in better position to tell us! Wink Wink). Sorry I went off tangent- Tekeste started the whole DEMHIT thing when he was being interviewed by Assena radio to comment on the genesis of “Wedi-Ali’s” operation, he said that TPDM soldiers marched to Asmara to save Issaise from “Wedi-Ali’s” operation 🙂 then the amused and bewildered- Dr. Asefaw who was being interviewed at the same time- asked the Bridger -“ezom demhit Kendey Eyu Eti Qutserom? and General Tekeste of course concocted a story and he planted the seed of TPDM fabrication which is now blossoming in the land of and
      Now for any sane person, the story not only it doesn’t hold any water but it is laughable! Why would PIA who is commander in chief who is still blessed with full obedience from his general’s resort to subdue the Eritrean people with TPDM rebels? Isn’t general Sebhat under his command? Doesn’t PIA still control 300k+ strong army? are you trying to tell to your gullible audience that the army is not taking orders from Gen. Sebhat, Fillipos, Samuel China, Wuchu?
      or the whole campaign is to please weyanes? because weyanes are deeply worried by the ever increasing of TPDM’s rank and file and seeking the help of to redicule the Eritrean government for helping TPDM?
      The whole TPDM campaign only shows one thing and that is the game of proxy wars played by shabia and weyane is being won by shabia!! No Eritrean crosses the border to Shere to join the Eritrean opposition group, they cross the border to use it as their launching pad for further sedet!!
      Like I mentioned in previous post- let’s assume that TPDM forces are hunting draft dodgers in Asmara! So this operation is absolutely orchestrated by wedi-Kassa and all the generals know about it! Then as it is alleged by Awate fabricators, a TPDM member was injured and was taken to military hospital- bear with me here! apparently the TPDM fighter was taken to hospital by an ambulance and why would a doctor at the emergency room in the military hospital ask the identity of the soldier who was brought to the hospital by the order from higher commanders? The fabricator got it really wrong here 🙂
      One thing I like about Awate writers is that their never miss their real objective when they coin an article! in the TPDM fabrication story- the Awate writers emphasized that PIA is helping TPDM in contravention of UN”s sanction regime as shabia is labeled as regional destabilizer!!so they are asking the UN to strangulate Eritrea for helping TPDM fighters who are fighting to overthrow the weyane regime- now we know who is the real commander-in-chief of the TPDM fabrication :-)!

      Now my final question to digital fighters-if PIA is void of three hundred thousand defense forces and relying heavily on mercenary troops, what is the Eritrean armed opposition groups doing on the border why not march to Asmara? come on you guys cannot even defeat DEMHIT? lol!! so the joke is on you fellow compatriots -lol!!

      • saay

        Selamat Selam:

        Let’s see if I can help out:

        1. We didn’t learn about DeMHT from General Tekeste. We learned the substantive part of it from SEMG, and the chest-beating part of it from you (Isiaisists) as you bragged about how the “Lion of Nakfa” has created “Africa’s largest guerrilla force.” And you were also kind enough to flood youtube with their military (I mean cultural band) videos.

        2. DeMHT in Asmara tries to copy EDF: same uniforms, same vehicles. But you just can’t hide the language*. That was really what gave it away.

        3. The “300,000 strong EDF force” is what the Ethiopians call “neber, by-seber“: it existed before it was broken. Now, it is a hollow shell, thanks to Isaias’s perfect formula for desertion. In fact, if you were to create a “how to make sure your soldiers desert you en masse”, you would have to use Isaias’s formula: no military objective, unlimited service, no compensation, abusive superiors, a message from chief commanding officer telling you, “I don’t appreciate you: leave the country if you want to for a ‘picnic’ because you are coming back, anyway.”

        4. The DeMHT message from Isaias was not to the Eritrean people, but to his generals (warlords) whose primary occupation appears to be conspiring and creating obstacle for one another. Sure, Isaias can call, let’s say, Wuchu and give the order to round up the youth. But if Wuchu is going to need logistics help from, let’s say Philipos, the latter will drag his feet. It is warlords who despise one another protecting their booty.

        5. You are absolutely right in your assessment as to why the opposition couldn’t tip over the hollow EDF. Here’s why: we are not in agreement as to how much pressure is the right amount, how much is too much. We have people on our side who find the whole idea of an Eritrean pointing a gun at another Eritrean repulsive, an act that no cause can justify. But for the Isaiasists, there is no moral quandary. Shoot, kill, torture, imprison, exile–all is allowed for the “sake of the nation.” You don’t even see your compatriots as fellow citizens. I have no doubt in my mind that if it comes to it, the Isaiasists would reduce Asmara to rubble if it comes to protecting their power. Now, if that clarity is something you want to be proud of, go ahead, just know that even the Derg left Asmara untouched.


        * many hypersensitive folks have been crying racism and accusing Eritreans of blaming “Tigray” when people reported a basic fact: how you can tell DeMHT from EDF is by the way they speak. Please stop trying to guilt people: in 2001, when Isaias wanted to beat up University of Asmara students’ mothers for protesting the arrest of their sons, he brought EDF units composed of Eritreans from the lowlands for crowd control (read: beat mothers with sticks.) Nobody was blaming Eritreans from the lowlands: just pointing out the cynicism of Isaias Afwerki: Similarly, now, we at awate are NOT blaming Tegaru; we are pointing out the cynicism of Isaias Afwerki. There would have been the same reaction if Isaias enlisted soldiers who speak Farsi, Hindi or Arabic.

        • Selam

          “You are absolutely right in your assessment as to why the opposition couldn’t tip over the hollow EDF. Here’s why: we are not in agreement as to how much pressure is the right amount, how much is too much. We have people on our side who find the whole idea of an Eritrean pointing a gun at another Eritrean repulsive, an act that no cause can justify. But for the Isaiasists, there is no moral quandary. Shoot, kill, torture, imprison, exile–all is allowed for the “sake of the nation.” You don’t even see your compatriots as fellow citizens. I have no doubt in my mind that if it comes to it, the Isaiasists would reduce Asmara to rubble if it comes to protecting their power. Now, if that clarity is something you want to be proud of, go ahead, just know that even the Derg left Asmara untouched.”

          Heji- you are really getting hilarious! BeKuremetey AsheKani!
          You are insinuating that you have the capacity but you are refraining from taking military offense out of concern for Eritreans 🙂
          Trust me, I posed that question for satirical purposes as I fully know the status of armed Eritrean opposition groups along both Sudan and Tigray borders more than you do:-) . I know you have few Jehadists that slit the throats of our young soldiers along the Sudanese border other than that there is no an armed opposition group worth talking!! Ala Saleh!

          • saay

            Selamat Selam:

            Kheytsrneq bzuH aytsHaq:)

            Still cashing that “jihadists slitting throats” thing? Man, talk about Nkhid Tray– the threads on the wheels of that Hungugu Van are well torn (it made its first appearance in Nehnan Elamanan in November 1971 (42 years ago this month))– but you will ride it, huh? “Slitting throats” is a very inefficient way of killing people, so how many Eritreans does Isaias kill in the time it takes the Jihadists to slit throats?

            But you are missing my point. I am not saying we have the capability; I was explaining WHY we don’t have the capability now.


          • Selam

            Bemesehaq zemtsea Mesernaqsi wala yesereneq:-) lol
            Thanks to Nehenane Elamane( WE AND OUR OBJECTIVES)- WE are walking with our HEAD HELD HIGH!! THAT WAS THE GENIOUS OF WEDI-AFOM, HE NIPPED THE BUD RIGHT AWAY!!

  • Gebre

    Dear Sister/Daughter Hanna,

    Hanna is a beautiful name which you Kim Hanna must be proud of. Allow me to write your name as HannaH to make it more beautiful as a palindrome. People can look at your beautiful face from any direction and still you are the beautiful HannaH. I associate the name with good people like HannaH Godefa who understand the OBVIOUS things of bolts and nuts of life and do the OBVIOUS thing of helping small children who couldn’t afford to buy a pencil to be able to write letters to their pen pals in far away countries.

    Now back to the main issue. Hanna, why is it so important to fix a particular IDENTITY on the forehead of a person? I have found it so amusing why people feel so much proud because they belong to the nation they are born into. Nationalism is like religion. You feel superior because you belong to it. I have seen how a German is so much proud of being a German; a Russian of being a Russian; a French of being a French; an Eritrean of being an Eritrean. Should I go through the list of all the nations on the planet, Hanna? Please allow me to stop here. You see, I do not have any identity infatuation. The only thing I want to do or dream to do, whether I am in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, etc is to live with the people in harmony doing OBVIOUS and simple things that help others around me.

    For the definition of East Africa, refer to: So you see Hanna I belong to all the green area that you see on the map. I must be a blessed person.

    Now to your hobby Psychology. It is a nice enterprise if it is handled with care. Subjects like psychology, psychiatry and many other social sciences are not exact sciences like mathematics and the natural and life science sciences. Have you ever watched some judicial process on your TV? You would have seen how the defense and prosecutor sides of a case present their respective psychiatrist/psychologist/forensic scientist witnesses. How on earth would you think real science produces two diametrically opposite results on the same case? That is simply mendacity. True science is predictable, reproducible under the particular conditions employed in the test.

    So my sister those very subjective sciences like psychology can only be handled to an acceptable level, by very committed and devoted few individuals like Dr Phil. Hanna if this subject is truly your hobby try to spend some hours of your leisure time watching Dr Phil. When I watch him I usually feel I am sitting in a university lecture hall listening spellbound to a professor of the utmost caliber. Here allow me to say to you NOT to apply it (that is to make unprofessional psychological judgments) to people.

    When I was a boy I had many friends in my neighborhood and at school. Hanna, you have tightly cornered me to do what I do not want or must not do; that is to write about myself. It is a very uncomfortable position. Nevertheless, I must give you some facts about myself to prove you wrong that I had fights when I was a boy. To assess the behavior of a person by digging into the history of childhood/boyhood of that person is the mendacious science of Sigmund Freud. Read the article I have recommended to Saay above in my commentary.

    When I was a boy I used to help my parents after school. Every year, I got the first prize that was awarded. In grade 9, I was selected as the student of the year on parents’ day at the end of June. The motivation for being selected was: academic excellence in the whole school and best disciplinary performance. Our grade 9a class was the most favored one by all teachers. The competition to excel in the class was extremely fierce. None of us had the luxury to fight. So this was who I was when I was a boy. Later it was pretty much the same through all my college years.

    To your next guess: I respect every person I come in contact with for one reason or another. I never provoke, degrade, or insult people (directly, indirectly, or sarcastically, and all kinds of MESHEMTET, in Amharic). I am very open person; I tell people exactly what I think. But it has hurt me a lot in this twisted up world. Some crooks use my openness for their personal advantage.

    About proudness: that is a bit difficult to answer, but truly, I believe in myself as reason and logic dictate. I do not follow people blindly and I strongly follow my principles despite what danger they might bring me. I just try to do the right thing.

    Lastly , let me ask you my respected sister Hanna, do you think Saay is not wrong when commenting about my age in the way you read it in his commentary? Why didn’t you present any comment on that, purposely omitting it? Where is the fair judgment from you? You seem to defend him which you cannot do. Please read the whole series of events that led to these unfortunate discussions under the article:

    Hanna with the beautiful palindrome HannaH, Wish you every success in life, including in your hobby Psychology. And of course wish to see you in East Africa.

    • belay

      Dear Gebre,
      What a very wonderfull and undeserving replay to unfair and out of propertion offensive comment.
      Well done.

      • Gebre

        Dear brother Belay,

        Thank you very much for your wise, matured, and objective observation of the commentary by our sister Kim Hanna.

        The problem in our region is that there are very few responsible and farsighted people, like you, who can see the long term consequences of their words and actions. You see, it is very easy to be unfriendly with many but very difficult to be friendly with even one. On the contrary there are many of them who cannot see any difference between issues and personalities. The worst thing a debater /commentator can do is to engage oneself in ad hominem attacks. And the worst thing to do as an incompetent person is to engage in psychiatric/psychological labeling of your opponent. This by the way is a very much ingrained in 0our culture from time immemorial. Let me give you an illustrative example that our peoples use on a daily basis.

        There are two close friends, Mr X and Mr Y. Each knows every detail of the other’s life. No secret what so ever. Now Mr Y even knows that Mr X has stolen money from his neighbor. One day these once good friends quarrel on some business dealings- just human selfishness involved as usual. They are now bitter enemies.

        Mr Y then goes to the neighbor and tells him the truth that his money was stolen by Mr X. Mr X hears this and tells his neighbor, “I didn’t steal your money Do not believe Mr Y. He is MAD; he is lying” ( AitiSemAyo Abidu Eyu). By saying so Mr X is vilifying his former friend by labeling him with a psychiatric term. The labeling of innocent and truthful people by those psychiatric/psychological terms disqualifies them as credible people. That has been the game humanity has been playing since the inception of its history.

        Incompetent people don’t have their own ideas and visions. They are always subordinate and love to say things that please others. They do not try to say or do what is right to say or do.

        Myself I do not like to offend anybody. I just want to make new friends. So I answered Hanna in a different way. I hope she will learn more to be able to stand on her own ideas and visions.

        Best regards, Belay.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Mr Gebre, i think your discrbtion about yourself has littel value as your very funny story of mr x and y. Mr Y at that particular time has no any ohter term to experess agaisnt mr x because your way of understanding truthfulness and Mr Y’s is totally different. In Mr Y’s world only ‘creazy’ People use truth in this manner because if mr x was truthfull personn he could have told the negihbour long time ago or made sure the stolen Money was at the right Place.

          Mr Gebre, dont take it personal when you debate on such a large Group of People. Try to forward your meanning, learn what ever thing you think important, discard what you dont need.

          • Gebre

            Hi Tamrat Tamrat,

            Your first comment on the story about writing about myself is absolutely right. But I had no other alternative to tell Hanna who I was when I was a boy and to disprove her that I had fights. Any other alternative would have been no to respond to her altogether. But that is not a good debate either.

            The second comment is a little misunderstood. May be the construction of my story was not good. Anyways here is what I wanted to convey:

            When a person is labeled with psychiatric/psychological terms (“diseases”) his future is completely destroyed. In courts, he has no more credibility; in the job market, no employer wants him, he is rendered unemployable; in social gatherigs he is marginalized and despised. He is just a MAD man.

            Thank you Tamrat for your feedback!

            Best regards.

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            Hi Mr Gebre!

            Now i Know what you are upto. You are determined to make a change how we forward Our comments without attacking the messenger himself. Superb Mr Gebre!! I went back and read a good deal of your comments. Very good example for all of us including the awate team.

            I will leave you by a swidish proverb which supports your determinaiton with 100% ie ‘there is no bad person, only bad ideas’.

  • isaak

    shame on you to label people by accent try to move with time there are 6 accent in tigray those people who lives on border have the same accent as tigrya any way every thing deparavity in eritrea blamed woyane i tell you one thing no war no peace will continue until the country is emptied all eritrean opposition party have to leave ethiopia we do need need to support anybody do not mess up with tigrawaye

    • Woldai

      I think when we are talking about Tigrigna language, we are talking about Enderta,Tembien, Raya,k.Awlaelo, Agame,Adwa,Axum,Shire,Akelo guzay, Seraye,Hamassien! Let’s say somebody trying to publish Tigrigna, to succeed one must consider all dialects of the above regions! If I ask somebody “where are you from in Tigrigna” the answer will be from one of these regions! Nobody can burry reality!

      Language dialects are natural all over the world! Everyone loves his way of speaking!

      From the beginning, we argued that these many Tigrians can never go to Eritrea at this time, you know why? Because we all know how Tigrian was treated during the war! Now realities are emerging! Let’s follow the situation! I hope this will lead to a good change!

  • Berhe Tensea

    Demhitis there as a new guasa for the proud caw boy to look after his herd.
    The herd is under tatal control of the demhit guasa.
    Eritrea is a play ground of Rashaida, Sudanese police and Demhit.
    Zambies please wake up eventhough it is too late to rescue the hopeless nation….

  • rodab

    Demhit does have a liberated area. Although it is not inside Ethiopia…..

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Since 1991 till now tigrinya-tigray (from North to South) is ruling ‘Ethiopia’ ie Eritrea by tigrinya ‘value’ (first tigrinya policy) and Ethiopia by Tigray ‘value’ (first tigray policy). In 1991-1998 there was no need even for border demarkation. All the neccessary ingridients were fulfiled for their policies. All armed political or non-tigrinya-tigay ethnic parties killed, removed, imprisoned, banned, forced to flee swiftly in 3-4 years time in both above and bellow mereb ie ‘Ethiopia’. For any non-tigrinya-tigray Group it was easy to fall in the deadly trap called Eritrea or Ethiopia they abused to stay in power. Untill 1998 you protest that you dont see the need to separate Eritrea and Ethiopia, then you disappear because you are allready dergist without you knowing it, you oppose that Your ethnic Group is forced to join Ethiopia, you are as terrorist (olf) then you were labled as terrorist and made disapeared swiftly (tigrinya-tigray force disarmed hundred thousands of olf soldiers and killed may. and shame on all of you who now are shouting Dehmit! You were dancing that time). And those Afars who protested not to be divided had the same treatment by both ruling armies etc.

    The 1998 war is still considered as unneccessary blood shed by both non tigrinya-tigray ethnic Groups all over ‘Ethiopia’. But for the tigrinya and tigray first policy makers it is a turning point. The non-tigrains-tigrinya wealth were not enough for both. Some try to undermine it just by justifying isaias’ mental unstability after their laouzy attempt that the Whole pfdj is one man show. No that war is the manifastation of how far the tigray and tigrinya would go to sit in Power and live undeserved well to do life compared to the other ethnic Groups Natural and hard working earned wealth.

    The tigrinya mobilized all ethnic Groups under its controll in The Name of Eritrea and the same thing did the tigray Groups. And i have not the exact data but many many innocent specially non-tigrinya-tigray ethnic People sacrificed (here it is not to be rude against itigrinya-tigray sacrifice but at least they did for their ‘great cause’ though how stupid it is)

    So dont be a victim of simple propaganda by shouting Demhit, Demhit. Take Your time and look closely our recent history and its consquences. What you call now Demhit can suddenly get sympathy from tigray-rulling party or all tigray-tigrinya.

    So dont be a victim of simple propaganda by shouting Demhit, Demhit. Take Your time and look closely our recent history and its consquences. What you call now Demhit can suddenly get sympathy from tigray-rulling party or all tigray-tigrinya.

    And those of you who delibratly trying to pinn the whole ditry game of pfdj (the tigrinya first policy) on only isayas and woyane stop this nonsense immidiately. If you try to cheat Your way till you controll Eritrea and try to Clear the mess after, then you are allready doomed because you didnt learn Your history.

    The way out of this problem we stack in we have to teach Our tigrinay-tigray People that both Eritrea and ethiopia will be fine without gving priorirty to one ethnic group. Infact both will be super fine if we treat all Our People Equal according to Our multitudes party declaration says loud untill Our ears are deafing.

  • Horizon

    Asmara under the control of a foreign force with the blessing of the dictator – too difficult to believe – too frightening to hypothesize – and if it is simply a rumor, a very good move to alienate the dictator and discredit him in the eyes of the Eritrean people.
    If it comes out to be true, how is it possible that 10000 (as mentioned by some) TPDM fighters could make irrelevant 300000 strong EDF? There are many things that come to mind: either there is no such a force in Eritrea (300000 strong), even if it is there, moral is at its nadir and the Eritrean Armed Forces have lost the will to fight and care (as was the case during the last years of the Derg), and it could be said that the regime has lost everything and it has become a shadow and it is playing its last card. Although the silence of the EDF has become deafening since 2001, let us hope that this time there is a solution being concocted behind the scene, and the anger of Eritreans is simmering in every house, town and village, that so many should die without reason, and Eritreans should be humiliated, because a lunatic has become the god of the land.
    In addition, DIA has reached the stage where he trusts nobody. It was written by someone somewhere that dictators at the end of their reign become like pigs. They feel uneasy in the presence of other human beings. Like pigs, they are afraid that everybody is there to slaughter them, and they give out a shrilling sound, which is depicted in their bellicose nature. When they lose, they become so mean that they are ready to destroy and die.
    DIA is a pyromaniac, a narcissist and has a pathologically over-inflated ego (which he unfortunately inherited to many Eritreans who worship him), finds Eritrea too small to satisfy his taste for power, and most probably it was his dream to rule the horn, by ruling Ethiopia first and then reviving the defunct Italian East African Empire, this time ruled under the hegemony of emperor IA and his cronies.
    To do this he depended on the Eritrean people. However, when he understood that Eritreans could provide him only with Eritrea, his love changed to hate, as a father who finds out that his son has not fulfilled his unachievable goal ends up hating his own son. He was made a demigod and worshiped by his own people, whom in return he saw them in contempt, and today, being distrustful, he has surrounded himself with a foreign force.
    As much as the rivalry between the two Tigrigna speaking people is concerned, only God knows the nature of the deal in the fields between EPLF/PFDJ and TPLF that has not been fulfilled that makes the Eritrean side so bitter. One can hypothesize without being too far from the truth that TPLF renegades in allowing EPLF exploit Ethiopia. I remember when Melese Zenawi was told continuously by foreign powers, especially at the beginning, to behave as an Ethiopian ruler and not as an appendage of Eritrean rulers.
    At the end, the most important question is Quo Vadis Eritrea, what is the next day going to look like for your people? YG is saying that identity has become a religion to Eritreans and it is destroying their future. Eritreans are ready to fight any injustice that comes from a foreign power, but not the injustice that comes from their own rulers. Identity of the injustice is crucial to either accept it with patience or fight it. Although this could be questionable, having in mind the case under discussion, i.e. TPDM, nevertheless, one can still say it is plausible because DIA is in the foreground and it happens with his blessing. However, one should have in mind that a regime that wants to stay in power by all means possible, and may even go as far as destroying ever thing before it dies, is already finished.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      Dear brother Horizon,

      “YG is saying that identity has become a religion to Eritreans and it is destroying their future.” it depends on how someone read this. For me the choice of this identity was to create democratic country. I am sure this is going to happen. You see as someone said it “a baby seems impossible until he is born”

      Most of the people were saying Eritrean will never won the war with Derg. Yes, counting the soldiers, war planes and tanks (the military tools) were big & never compared but we were sure Eritrea will be free. earlier a lot of people were telling us we can’t remove DIA. today you can see how sure is the death of PFDJ. The difference between Eritrean revolution and others like Libya is that we are working hard to replace and go smooth after removing. PFDJ don’t have any force to defend except those in Diaspora opportunists and can’t defend small organized group. But we don’t want to be in mess and we want to prepare. As soon as we make one umbrella you will see PFDJ gone even without much residence.
      What umbrella you may ask, simply a common ground that handle all political parties and beliefs. And sure you will see how much horn will be united in facing man made and natural obstacles in building peace.

  • Gebre

    Hi Saay

    Here is what you wrote as a concluding (last word) statement of our discussions under the article of Mohammed Adem in July:

    “The rest of what you said, with all due respect, you are not just stating the obvious, but you have ventured into the awkward zone of overstating the very obvious. The only reason it won’t be skipped next time is if there are mitigating circumstances like traditional courtesy we give guests and old people: and for that, you have to begin your posting with “antum Deqey, ane arige iye…”

    My question to you, Younis, is : How did you know whether I was older or younger than you? In this case older than you who needed courtesy from you? Who gave the info about my life? Have you, as a learned person, asked yourself what the ulterior motives of these people who told you this, could be? In particular you had the audacity to give me the advice to begin my postings by saying “antum Deqey, ane arige iye…”

    What kind of a person can address people this way? How are you going to answer these questions other than to tell the truth and come clean to leave this dirty thing behind us and move on to deal with the real issues. You see, you are a very difficult person to debate against. You always want to say the last word in the debate even if it is you who should lose the debate. Sometimes to admit ones defeat and apologize if necessary is something only courageous people would do. I hope you change and incorporate that virtue in yourself to make yourself a better person in the future.

    Look how unnecessary the above stuff you have written about me is. Now we have to leave this behind us and promise not to repeat it.

    Lastly I want to remind you to read the following article ( if you haven’t already done) and asses the correctness to use those terms. The paragraph in the article about Idi Amin, the French president, etc is specially amusing and interesting. President Isaias could have been listed there as
    you did it in your article.

    Best regards.

    • Kim Hanna

      Hi Gebre,

      Sometimes I make a joke and laugh at it by myself. I read the above posting and a couple of jokes popped into my head. So I wanted to share them. If it is not funny, never mind.

      I am willing to bet my annual wage that Gebre is not from East Africa. He is either from Ethiopia or Eritrea. Did I hit that nail on the head?

      I like to practice Psychology on the internet too. I bet Gebre had a lot of fights when he was a boy and young man. Come on be truthful. Did I get that right?

      You always had a quick temper, in Addis Ababa language, we call it GILIFTEGNA. Take it easy, Gebre.

      You are extremely proud person and demand respect from everyone. I am sure if a fair person evaluated my analysis he/she will give me more than a passing grade.

      Mark Twain said that if everybody got a telegram that says “everything about you is known” everyone will run to the hills.

      Gebere, I hope you are laughing with me.


  • wed garza

    What a shame for soldiers who call themselves, patriotic, guardians, protectors of their people, bla bla…
    Where are they when foreigners invade their nation’s streets and avenues, alleys….
    I think they’re born not to exist, created cowardice, weak though they tought us to call them heroees and heroines… where are they, in the worst need of the nation’s human resourses suffer lootings; of pride and honour… No answeres except silence and shaky hands and legs, and call himself/ herself a hero/ heroes.
    I wish to hear the EDF(Eritrean Defence Force) has betrayed his people and his nation thereby is legitimate to serve Ethiopian interests as their president Isayas Aweferki is doing.
    It’s shame to be called ERitrean at this time where wolfes pretend to be sheep.

    • Wedi Toronto

      But then a few heros tried on January 21 (Forto). They did it believing the populace would support and follow them! Did that support come? Not really. Not from within the country anyway (social media support does not count, as we had nothing to lose by writing a few “ata’boy Wedi Ali” words, hidden behind our screens)

      Sadly DIA has succeeded in creating so much fear no one will emerge as a hero in the forseeable future within Eritrea proper. I know it hurts, but judging by the way things are going, the dictator is here to stay. Imagine folks…if the arrogant way nsu handled Lampedusa (357 souls of Eritrea”s sons and daughters) does not create outrage and change…nothing will! Haqu iyu kiniEqena!

  • Goitom T

    What is your problem with us man? why do you want to associate Tigray with being a “mercenary” for isaias than focusing on your own people? you want to call people like Tesfay Mengesha(TPDM artist) Tigrean oppositions? There is nothing called Tigrean armed opposition OK. TPDM are Tigreans picked from Eritran prisons and now conscripted for some evil Eritrean agenda against their will. These people are forced and the fact that they are not even allowed to move anywhere on their own should tell you this is an Eritran issue and not ours. you are trying to relate these with Libya or others where the foreign forces were there voluntarily for monetary or other gains but in the case of TPDM it’s completely different. Most of these people were languishing in Eritran prisons for being Tigreans after losing their properties including their gold tooth by your people and government and now being used as TPDM.
    And the other thing is, you wrote “Tigray accent “, “metawekia”, “mewesawesi” really? what kind of dead brain ignorant people are you to label people you don’t even know like that? Did you make a research about accents in Tigray and could you tell us how many and where they say that? I know there are different Tigrigna accents in Tigray (at least six) but I’m pretty sure no body says “mewesawesi”. So this clearly shows your article is purposefully directed on Tigreans than even TPDM. Why don’t you people focus on your government and people who supports him than blubbering about things you have no idea about ??

    • Abrham

      Goitom T

      In addition many of the TPDM members are from the border areas victims of EPLF style “Giffa”. Its hard to identify them by their accent. The “mewsawessi” thing I never heard for Metawekia but “Melelyi meninet” is officialy known in Tigray.

  • rodab

    Sal or anyone else,

    Could you be nice enough to send Yemane G/Meskel’s tweet links.
    I searched for it unsuccessfully.



    • saay

      Hi Rodab:

      Yemane Gebremeskel’s twitter handle is @hawelti (thank God it is not Feday Negus, Negassi, Negash… 🙂

      the “s” in https is for secure site, of course. You gotta have a twitter account to read unless we embed it in awate…and that’s so awate 7.0 🙂


  • Berhe Tensea

    Latest news from Asmara,.. some gangs are hunting children in Asmara and selling them to Rashaida The demhit or TPDM, that is in control of security in Asmara is engaged in robbery and raping women and girls.
    Zombies who are totally retarded are busy in defending the regime, that despises and undermines them.
    Eritrea poor Eritrea is still worse off than the many colonizers of the past.

  • saay

    Selamat Awatistas:

    Yemane “Charlie” Gebremeskel, Director of the Office of the President, goes “full retard” regarding DeMHT and the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on Twitter.


    October 30: “Demhit soldiers in Eritrea? A pure lie originating from ignorance or part & parcel of z malicious disinformation campaigns.”

    Then, Eritreans posted videos of DeMHT holding concerts in Barentu, Agordat… There are dozens of youtube videos of DEMHT. So:

    October 31: “your twisted logic:if Demhit cultural band was invited 2 Eritrea, this is equivalent to Demhit soldiers patrolling Z country!”

    Invited from where, Yemane? Do they have “liberated” Ethiopian lands they use as a base? Where is that? Alla? DekemHare? Harena?

    Let’s help out Yemane Gebremeskel because this is what will happen next:

    1. Some disgruntled DeMHT leader will leave the organization.
    2. The disgruntled DeMHT leader will spill the beans.
    3. Yemane will be on twitter saying that it is a malicious lie.

    This is what happened with all the other Ethiopian organizations based in Eritrea. I believe Papillon gave us a link (over a year ago) to an Ethiopian opposition figure who talks about the rise and fall of his organization.

    “Ms Sheila”

    Yemane also tweets: “A senior UN Resident Representative tells me Ms Sheila was severely admonished in a closed UN session 4 bias, selectivity & lack of balance.”

    First of all, come on, Yemane, where are you from, the Deep South? That’s the only place where people use Mr/Ms followed by a first name.

    Secondly, you have no connections at the UN, senior or junior, you are completely isolated. Need I remind you of the votes in support of Eritrea for the two UN sanction votes? So, sell crazy elsewhere; we are all stocked up in here.

    Thirdly, those of us who spoke to her after she was allegedly admonished witnessed a woman hardly admonished: she knew what her responsibility was and she is unfazed by the intimidation of the self-declare “stake-holders” at OEA. She said she is quite aware of their bombast but she has a job to do and she intends to carry it out.

    Lastly: In the non-closed session, the only support the Isaiasists got were from Cuba and Sudan. Cuba because they see everything as a North-South conflict. And Sudan because they have memorized the AU’s “non-interference in the internal affairs of a nation.” The tireless Elsa Chyrum had a one-on-one discussion with the Sudanese delegate where she told him: “Eritreans are grateful for Sudan’s role during our struggle for independence; we need your help now.” The guy was absolutely sheepish.



    • luna

      To Saay:

      The Geneva Convention of 1949 defines MERCENARY as having allegiance for a price in hostilities by the desire of, on behalf of a party to the conflict.

      Simply, mercenaries are soldiers of fortune and motivated by personal gain.

      You know quite well what has been happening in Eritrea since 2000. The so called, Ethiopian opposition parties were allowed to come to Eritrea and settle. At first they were stationed not far from The Eritrea – Sudan border areas. Then, a gradual shift to Alla, Dekemhare and Harena. Now, they are in Asmara and Massawa.

      Please, refrain from spreading wrong messages against what all of us are seeing on the ground.

      Why this makes Eritreans furious about it is the reality that Demhit has become the trusted force to protect the regime against the interest of Eritreans. Even the current rounding up of Eritreans is conducted by them. The whole idea of infiltrating Eritrea with a foreign force is a nightmare scenario for the future of the country. Have you ever seen anywhere else where similar role is played by a group similar to Demhit! Not to my knowledge!

      Please, do not forget what has happened in Libya as a result of the mercenary army presence. It is these same mercenaries who were responsible for making Libya fall into total chaos.

      This reality is of grave consequence and the public must be aware of it.

    • haile

      Selamat Saay

      It is most probable that we might have engaged him in debate here many times. The voice of his writing sounds familiar 🙂

      So, if Yemane is around here:

      Don’t the demhit have a valid post office address in Asmara?

      P.O.Box 11653 Asmera Eritrea
      Email:- or
      Telephone:- 291-1-153947
      Fax:- 291-1-153946

      How irresponsible is that when the country is under years of sanctions under chapter VII for being a threat to International Peace & Security?


      • saay

        Selamat Hailat:

        Haha! I think I will tweet that to him and if I get blocked by him, somebody else carry the baton and take it to the finish line.

        The problem with enda Isaias is that they never graduated from the “shiTara” culture of 1960s Asmarino. In the shiTara culture you can outsmart, outwit everybody. But the people the Asmarinos were congratulating themselves for outsmarting and outwitting were the simpletons, the “Hagge.” Now, when their BS is called by the “if you are Wedi shuq, I am shuq”, they get all flabbergasted and tongue-tied :). I think the DemHit address in Asmara is for the “cultural band” so their fans can send them flowers 🙂


        • rodab

          Sal & haile,
          Yemane G/M said 100s of thousands Ethiopians apply for the lottery visa in Addis alone, while thousands perish fleeing to Yemen. I like to tweet and ask him if the CIA is behind this.

        • haile

          Haha saay, let us know how he responds to that 🙂

      • rodab

        Haile nebsi,
        Now that you made demhit’s phone public, they will be busy receiving harassing and threatening phone calls. How sweet 🙂

  • Nitricc

    21 questions for Nitricc:
    1. Are PFDJ and the Eritrean government two sides of the same coin?
    No, there is PIA flip the coin and there is PIA

    2. Is Isaias himself PFDJ, the GoE, Eritrea himself?
    Reffer to # 1

    3. Who coined nhna nsu…?
    Most Eritreans over 50

    4. Are you nsu?
    No, I am ANE

    5. Is Eritrea better off now than the derg era?
    If your chiled were,t run over alive by a moving tank, you tell me? You love your chaild right? Then tell me the answer to your own retarded question.

    6. Do you know anyone in the Lampedusa tragedy?
    I don’t but my parents do
    7. Does IA strike you as a healthy and vibrant person?
    Very heathy and vibrant
    8. If he dies, just like President Meles Zenawi, who will be in charge?
    The man who led the most amazing Gedli, you don’t think he has a plan for that event? No?

    9. Why are Eritreans so eager to leave the country, even those from remote areas with no information about Europe and America?
    10. Do you visit Eritrea? What do you see? Why have all your friends and relatives left?
    Yes I have many relatives, I am Eritrean why are you asking?
    11. What is your most frequent source of information for Eritrean current affairs?
    That is classified.
    12. Do you think the after independence generation made enough sacrifices for Eritrea?
    Yes, and no. Yes the youth saved the country from Weyane. But now are leaving,
    13. Do you have any family left in Eritrea? When was the last time you spoke to them?
    Reffer to # 10
    14. Do you worry about the mercenary army’s ominous nature as Ghadafi did the same thing before he was deposed?
    I don’t really care about Gadafi why are asking stupid questions?
    15. Did you know that the Ethiopians always held that IA was mentally unstable; we are learning
    this about him now?
    Why I do I care about what the Ethiopians think. If they do think that way, I understand. He left them landlocked with their 80 million of them. It is unstable mind to think you can do that and do it. I understand.
    16. Ethiopia plays Nigeria for World Cup qualifiers on Nov 16. Who are you going to root for?
    I hate soccer, it is girls game.
    17. Do you send money to Eritrea? By what means? What is the exchange rate?
    Yes legally. One way to kill a nation is black market, oh you want to kill the nation.
    18. “I know those people are never bright but come on people.” who do you mean?
    Really, talk to Rahwa and Gebre.

    19. A day of mourning has been declared by the African Union for the innocent Eritreans (and the 6 Ethiopians) on Nov 3. What are PFDJ’s plans for that day?
    AU has been dead since the 80s how is a dead can mourn about other dead? What are you smoking?
    20. If there happens to be a train wreck because of, say, engine failure and 6 people get hurt, how many victims are there of this accident?
    One that is you. Are you that stupid, if a train engine fails, it stops, it is not moving. You mean airplane?
    21. Who said, “seb nab may zelewo eyu z’keyd ember, may nab seb aymetsin eyu?” – when asked about the water shortages in Asmara?
    These are questions to check your sanity and how abreast you are with the state of affairs of Eritrea.

    Ermias obviously something wrong with. I felt bad to respond because you wasted your time to write this garbage. Are you happy you wasted my time?
    I have a vacation I must take before the year end. I think I can pool it off, can you share with me what ever }#%^*+%# you smoking.

    • Amanuel

      22. Have you done national service if yes when ( which round) why and how did you leave?
      if not why?

      • rodab

        He is not going to answer you. He donsn’t answer real questions. That doesn’t mean I can’t lend him a helping hand, and so here it is:
        He doesn’t do national service. He hates national services. National service is girls’ thing. Just like soccer.

      • Nitricc

        No I did not do my national service yet. I will,

        • Amanuel

          Too bad, I am very disappointed.

    • Dave

      Execelent sense of humour Nitricc. I loved it. Question #5 , in particular, drew my attention: “Is Eritrea better off than the Derg era?”In your answer you cited Derg’s atrocities at Shieb, but you ignore Shaebia’s uncalled retaliation to his OWN disabled ex- combatants at Mai-habar!
      What the Derg did was really bad but as far as Derg is conserned the reason goes like : ” the people send thier sons and daughters to the field to fight agains me[derg].” Imagine what Shaebia will do if a certain village in Eritrea send its young people to fight it . Hint: 50,000 Nakfa penalty imposed on a family of a deserter who leaves the country( not joining a rebel group!)

      • Woldai

        Dave, bingo bro!

        Nitricc, During The Derg era only supporters of shaebia & suspicious individuals suffered, but now, the whole Eritrean people..!
        On your number 12 , you are wrong, Eritrea was saved when it gained its independence! The war just happened because Eritrea doesn’t have proper & able leaders!

    • Semere Andom

      23: why do you think if PFDJ misleads adetat/women and many of them are ardent supporters, given that they are the mothers of many victim?
      Nitricc: You are wrong again. It is not PFDJ’s fault, these women are just sticking with their menn to gang on the traitors like you.
      24: Why did you chicken out in the awate ring. Are you that coward, how are you going to defend your country from woyane?
      Nitricc: Sal, again, you got it wrong. It is not cowardice, it is strategicawi mizlaq. We will see who ends up on the top your hare or my hagerawi turtle.
      25: why is your PFDJ that loves it people not bringing the Lampesuda victims home?
      Nitric: gain, again. resaa aykonen nab adu zmles, adi eyu nab resa zkeyd
      26: so are you saying thatall the population of Eritrea must go to Italy?
      Nitricc: Well, I did not say Eritreans, I said adi, which means land, so the land must be like Italy so the people can go to adom. We will make Ertra kem Italy

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        27) Are you going to take Your X-box With you home?

        • Nitricc

          Yes, so I can leave it there, just to save one life . Every Eritrean should send X box to back home to avoid any more tragedy.

      • Nitricc

        Mothers know better. They like PFDJ because they what is good. Mothers instincts

        I did not chicken out in the ring . I showed up I broke Haile’s nose and never recovered. To think of I could have eased my punches but, hey it happened 🙂

        PFDJ never said no to the body to send home. The Italian gov needed DNA identification I don’t know why you need DNA from A dead people but that the last reason I heard.

        What do you mean? I did not say Eritreans should go to Italy. I said every Eritrean should send X Box to Eritrea so we can avoid this kind of tragedy , you too Semere send one.

    • saay

      Nitricc buddy:

      What wall? What fence? Get with the program, man. Meet your new friends, same as the old friends.


      • Ermias

        saay, for all we know, Nitricc was probably in one of those concerts as he claims he goes to Eritrea.*

        * Nitrcc’s reply whether he goes to Eritrea or not:
        – Yes I have many relatives, I am Eritrean why are you asking?

        • Nitricc

          When did I say I go to Eritrea?
          I said, yes I have relatives
          I answered you like a politicain will avoid to straight answer .
          You are not that bright are you? I skipped purposely that part of question

      • Nitricc

        Sal, I don’t mnd that they are expressing peace between this two country but to soon and fast. Eritrea has sirous homework to do before peace with the Tigryans. It will be the greates mistake for Eritrea of those two Tigrigna speaking people to have peace and strong ties at the moment.
        The other thing is look what PIA constructed versus what Weyane accomplished.
        The Eritrea oppositions are getting obis in Ethiopia while TPDM is a force to rock with.

  • Thomas

    Hi Sal,

    Like I said, “Rieto gebar eyu”:)) I really don’t want to ask anyone to lie or become a propaganda machine. However, I was worried about how the illegitimate regime operates with all the lies and spreading fabricated information via Eri-TV. I thought we could at least pick up the rumor going on/hearsay in a way as it fits. The shabia used to have program “Medeb entai Yibihal alo”. This kind of program helps stay on course and it brings more attention and encourages interaction. I have to tell you for most of the time, your website looks a ghost house, where we don’t see any posting for weeks even months. Imagine, what happens to a business/office being closed. For the owner to and to display a note we wave a product now. I am sure the owner would lose lots of visitors. I understand getting reliable information from such a secretive regime is very hard. As such, people should not be expecting a 100% accurate on the information provided. The show in this case has to be about something:))

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    The definition of the tigrians in the eyes of many eritreans is different or to be more presice is variable.

    But for the time being what do the eritreans pfdj supporters Call the tigrians or for that matter the ethiopians who are trained and armed by isaias regime?

  • Berhe Tensea

    Any one who doubts about the presence of TPDM in Asmara must call his relatives in Eritrea very carefully.
    TPDM has a base around Barentu and Teseney. The mercenary group is numbered in few hundreds and it is treated much better than than the poorly fed and paid Warsay and Yekalos.

  • Thomas

    Hi Sal,

    I really appreciated your response. If you really understand what I meant to say, then keep up with what your team are doing. It was simple my opinion (as the EPLF tegadelti used to say “Rieto gebar eyu:)). Again, I thought the goal of this website is to get people to raise up against the mafia regime. Trust me, you guys can compute for commercialization right after we have our freedom. I mean if that is your priority. Most of our people only understand information addressed via verbal/audio, picture/images and video. I think that is the best way to reach them. Let’s be honest even popular news media such as CNN and FOX news make a lot of mistakes. Except, they always apologize for their misinformation/errors. You don’t think you have to be sophisticated here. It should be about reaching out and convincing the larger group out there. What you are doing could give you credibility among the international popular mass medias such as BBC, CNN and others, but isn’t the goal to reach educated and uneducated Eritreans. I am so neive please accept my apology if I am being nonsense here.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Hi Thomas,
      I do not doubt your good intentions, but think about this: would you want us to inform, inspire and embolden our people using lies, or telling the truth? Becoming a propaganda machine to agitate more people with lies is counter-productive. A children’s story goes like thia: a boy used to scream “Wolf, help!” And when people rush to save him and find no wolf, he would laugh because he tricked them. This happened several times and the people didn’t believe him anymore. When a real wolf threatened him, no body answered his cry for help. Think it over Thomas, in post-Isaias Eritrea, lies would result in PFDJ version 2. We do not want to disseminate lies and claim “Rieto gebar eyu.” The citizen (not gebar) should be respected–lying is not taken lightly in our tradition; let’s keep that the way it is.

    • Thomas,

      Yes the goal is “to reach the educated and uneducated” section of our society. We could do both of them side by side accordingly depending on the nature of the info-feed and its complexity – in the process the former is to teach and strategize and the later will be the driving force for change. So Thomas we need a conscious mass who understand the predicament and know the kind of change the country needs. We don’t need wild accusation and we don’t need misinformation because it weakened the cognitive load of the mass to our reality. Besides, competing by misinformation will put our people into confusion. That is not a way out from our political problems.

  • Gebre

    Greetigs to you Saay;

    Under the article ”PFDDJ’s Last Line of Defence” written by Mohammed Ahmed on July 7, 2013, you said:

    “To state the very obvious**, for change to come to Eritrea, it is going to have to be from the Agelgelot (at home and abroad.) The rest of us will have supporting roles–inspiring, emboldening, coaching, helping–because, as a cruel (but funny) guy wrote in this forum: just you mind your cholesterol and diabetes. Where is my cane: Eh ileka alekhu! And, funny guy, cholesterol/diabetes don’t have ideological tests: the higdefites are just as likely to get them as the opposition. You know what they say about karma…
    * This is why the Ghedli-defamers attack against the founders of Ghedli makes sense only when viewed from the perspective of the Island of Ethiopia which was immune to the revolutions swirling around Africa and rising up against the King of Kings was unimaginable. But for the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, after World War II, planning for and being in a revolution was the natural state of mind.
    ** From the Department of Stating The Obvious: There was a Whitney Houston song that holds the record for the all-time stupidest song lyrics: “I believe that the children are our future!” No kidding, Einstein.”

    In commenting under this article I supported some other people who criticized the ineffectiveness of the opposition.You understood that as if I was demolarizing the opposition. You see Saay you were too sensitive and exaggerated the meaning. My intention of criticizing was to wake the opposition to correct its mistakes emboldening itself to continue the fight. In other words I thought it would take it as a feedback and constructive criticism. Nothing more Nothing less. Other meaning you attached to my commentary, it is your own business, period.

    Next, being angry, you wrote the unnecessary statements above about cholesterol/diabetes to insult people indirectly, by saying “just you mind your cholesterol and diabetes “.

    Now my question to you is, why do you, as a learned person, have to use health matters to attack people? and specially psychiatric labeling? You see Saay, you are an intelligent writer and opposition fighter. You do not have to blight those skills by adding unnecessary phrases that attack the personality of any body, even your opponents, and the dictator’s supports. That is technic is used only by incompetent individuals. So please avoid all kinds of ad hominem attacks (that include health, age, sex religion, and other private matters) and be prepared properly to lead Eritrea after the dictator. His days are numbered.

    Another issue I am not satisfied with you is , you underestimate OBVIOUS things. We must not forget that if we do not do the obvious on the ground we cannot build bigger (complex) things by putting together the obvious ones. Whitney Houston and Bob Marley used to hammer the obvious into the thick heads of those who donot act when it was necessary:

    Bob MarleY and the OBVIOUS: Get up stand up, stand up for your right. Nothing in the whole world can be more obvious than TO STAND UP FOR ONE’S RIGHT.

    If Whitney Houston were with us today in the forum she would have repeatedly told the dictator in Asmara the very OBVIOUS of the OBVIOUS: To set free the small 16-year child he has mercilessly kept in an unknown dungeon, because SHE IS THE FUTURE OF ERITREA.

    Finally I must honestly say to you I do not suffer from paranoia and I brotherly remind you again PLEASE, PLEASE do humanity your service, do not use health issue to attack people directly, indirectly, or sarcastically.

    Wish you from all my heart, the best of the best, reuniting with all members of your beloved and beautiful family.

    • Mussie

      Selam Gebre,

      I am confused now, Are you Eritrean or Ethiopian?

      • Gebre

        I am an East African

        • Mussie

          My friend, there is no country named East Africa or Habesha on earth, unless it is on Jupiter planet.

      • ariam

        all of you are confused. work in union to remove the tyrant who is the root cause of the problem.

    • saay

      Selamat Gebre:

      I see your misunderstanding now. Let me see if I can untangle it:

      1. Araya, on a different thread (Nevsun: A Canadian Company Uses Slave Labor), angry at what he considered old people messing things up for the young, said: “It is one thing to oppose the government of Eritrea, I get that and that is your god given right but who the hell are you to punish the entire population? Who gave you that right? Just you know there is a day of judgment. That is if your cholesterol holds up.”

      This is standard insult we in the opposition get: just mind your diabetes and cholesterol. Apparently, diabetes and cholesterol only target the opposition. I find that cruel (the young insulting the old) but funny (in a truthful way:the older you get, the higher your likelihood of diabetes and cholesterol.)

      2. In the thread you quoted accurately, I wrote: “The rest of us will have supporting roles–inspiring, emboldening, coaching, helping–because, as a cruel (but funny) guy wrote in this forum: just you mind your cholesterol and diabetes. Where is my cane: Eh ileka alekhu! And, funny guy, cholesterol/diabetes don’t have ideological tests: the higdefites are just as likely to get them as the opposition. You know what they say about karma…”

      3. Now from this, you somehow thought that I was talking about YOU? How do I know that you may have diabetes or cholesterol? Because, you claim, I have informants in Eritrea who told me about it!

      SO, assuming that I even had the energy to find out who you are (I don’t), and assuming I want to waste even more time to write about it (I don’t), what would be my objective? Specially since there is a 50-50 chance (being a Habesha in my 50s) that I have diabetes or cholesterol or both?

      That way of thinking is nuts (not in a medical way, but in common parlance.) It is unhealthy and paranoid (not in a clinical way, but layperson’s assessment.) And, in politics, it is relevant because one of the BIGGEST problems that third world countries have (especially in the Arab world! specially in Eritrea!) is that their populations have very low powers of deduction and are always connecting things that should not be connected (just like you did.) I don’t say this flippantly; I once wrote an article about it: Let’s Build A Statue To Paranoia. If you don’t have the time to read it, here’s the relevant excerpt:

      The Eritrean slogan is: Stuff does NOT happen. To talk to Eritrean politicians or political activists is to go away with one abiding lesson: There are no coincidences in Eritrean politics; everything is co-ordinated, planned, choreographed, and synchronized. Really? Well, then, if that is so, how come nothing works in Eritrea. Nothing is working for the Eritrean government and absolutely nothing is working for the opposition. How do you explain that?