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Chronology of Eritrean Struggle Era Organizations: 1961-2007

This chart was first published on March 4, 2007: To place the current split-merger-split phenomenon in its historical context, we began researching the preparation of this chart in 2003.  It is an ongoing project which we hope someday will appear in a book format so that a narrative can explain each box, each arrow and each line.  In the meanwhile, take this a draft–a beginner’s guide to understanding the different organizations which have been a part of the Eritrean political landscape from 1961 t0 2007.  We welcome any input, corrections or updates.

Over the last seven years, we have been adding and updating the contents that go with this chart. It is still work in progress which we hope someday will be published. Chronicle



About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Merebmlash

    Eritrea is on the verge of change and at the same time distruction. If we Eritrean people are not taking measures the worest will come.

  • selam

    1.I asked you to mention one country that helped eritreans in their struggle for independence your reply was none

    2.I post saying …. infront of CINEMA ROME gas station you said there is no gas station at that place which makes you, you are either from tigray or some one just jerk.

    3 Yes i do have the internet connection and that is not your concern

    4. Yes i am in Asmera and i can send you live picture from Asmara now if you drop your email down.

    5.Yes i do not care any thing that comes from religion and that is fact , i repeat i do not give a f$$ about what your dump keshi says i just do not and that should be my personal joice as you believe mariam was a vergin and give brith to jesus , what a jock is that.

    6. I am not immune to new ideas i strive to see a democratic state but your idiot one sided head is not that much to bother me.

    7. Read what Mahumd saleh article just out today and please read first you chicken head.

    8. You are either are ignorant runt or some one lost between many forces to follow.

    again HOLD YOUR GROUND and find prove things you say .

    we won our independence with out any help and crushed derg 1:20 challenge me if you have prove.

    • Guest

      I would like to thank Hayat for exactly calling you who you are, FPDJ. Now everything is crystal clear. why bother if EPLF got support from Arabs or other non-muslim countries. why you care? The answer is because you are a diehard supporter of the very regime that is forcing its people to lead slavery type of life style, PJFD. The fact of the matter is that EPLF got support from Arab countries listen to the former fighters of EPLF who explicitly admit that EPLF was getting support form many countries including the USA.
      Let me ask you this, Did EPLF get military support form Woyane? give us your expert opinion?

  • Nitricc

    The Dedebit grad, Semere and the rest of weyane lovers; go ahead and do your things but please don’t kill your self. now, the tide are changing. look what the toothless UN has to say about Eritrea and at the same time the sanction stand. what makes it interesting is that still under sanction but able to do what is doing is what a people; what a country.

  • Nitricc

    when you have money the power is must to follow. but when you have power, money usually follows.
    so, what you have in PIA’s situation for people who think for them selves; very interesting one. he got the power and properly he the money; why is he not living up to it and live the life of people with money and power. why are we scare to ask questions? be open and think for your self. why not living it and live the luxury life. he got the money; he got the power and he is 69 years old man. people; please think. now tell me, why is not PIA living it up like people with power and money then? why?

    • Guest

      Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You really must think that your Wedi-Afom Biri or your PIA is not leading a life of luxury and comfort? Let me ask you this, Mr. Nitricc? Which planet do you live in? Are you that dumb to not know that your Wedi-Afom Biri, let alone now even in the Eritrean field he led a life of comfort and luxury. I know you don’t have the slightest idea about the history of the Eritrean revolution, but please ask around where you reside and find an Eritrean who can tell you about your PIA’s field days and what he was accused of by those who were members of the MenKa Movement???

  • selam

    so you want people to go out and protest on the street of asmera or to express my feeling that IA is criminal ?He is criminal by any measure no debate about that .But how do you start campaign and moblize people based on facts or rumors ?

    I do express my feeling but not on this one ? we need prove that these people who stashed money are connected to HGDEF ?

  • selam

    SEREMER ANDOM said the following

    The lies that we were not helped by our friends,The lies that we actually did not fight in the ration of 1:20. We fought valiantly, no doubt about it, but that was not enough to win. Out stars were also aligned when the Soviet U crumbled, when the Ethiopian people rose to defeat Degi for their own selfish needs just like our own selfish needs.

    And my reply to you are the following
    What do you know about help that comes from out side ? mention one country that supplied any tangible help to the cause of the Eritrean straggle on their fight against dergi ?

    Am i sensing some one degrading our brave heroes who crashed dergi 1:20 on their own . Weyna does not help us we help them , please you are either from Tigray or ignorant to say we find help from out side . That is utterly false and idiot.

    The Eritrean people rise to the task and crushed dergi and i do not believe any Eritrean will echo some of the weyane campaign words to tell us we did not crush dergi on our own. What an idiot idea , can i say you do not belong here in this Eritrean website.

    • Semere Andom

      Selam: If I was from Tigray I will proudly say that, no citizenship or pedegri is superior or inferior. Nay there is one exception pedigree that is inferior to all humanity and that is the PFDJ one. I did not choose Eritrea, it chose me so I am bound by its history, by its ups.

      You are sensing nothing dear Selam, you are just hearing the schizophrenia voices of PFDJ. The reason I brought all the lies and aura of invincibility that you nurture and nursed to mislead and brainwash people is to point out that all your intrigues have been decoded and there is no place to hide any more, even the Swiss bank is not safe for your.
      I also did not say that we did not help Woyane, we did help them, no doubt about that. But the debate is about the money you have accumulated on our name and stashed in Swiss and during the power outage the one celled organism your YPFDJ said that it is ok the money to be under the name of the founder of the nation.
      So your long time expire of stripping ones identity and calling them Woyane has no efficacy.
      Again your are sensing that end of an era, the end of what seemed endless power of abusing people that is what you are sensing and change is traumatic, it is the signs of pre-traumatic sensation
      The names will be exposes, matter of time

      • selam

        If you deny what you said before about the help we get from outside at the time of our struggle, and the 1:20 ratio, i have nothing to say to you . But i will say this , you are a moron and flip flop .

        About the money stashed in HSBC , i have told you so many times . I am waiting for the truth. I am not debating on the bases of suspecting HGDEF .You are right to suspect HGDEF . who else do we have except them. But lets wait and see the names.

        I did not say Being Eritrean is superior than being tigraway

        Stop being flip flop and hold your ground.

        • Nitricc

          hahahahah did you say

          ” Stop being flip flop and hold your ground.”

          he can’t do that. he is allover it. the only consistence he has been is kissing the Dedebit’s rear-end.
          you got to give him that. when never the Stupid for Dedebit post an Article; he is the first one to up-vote her and kiss her behind. he never challenge or disagreed with her. so, when you say he is from Tigray; it is not out of possibility. he also listens to TPLF old songs so, here you have it.
          No Eritrean will wish Weyane to enter Asmara and change the government, not self respecting Eritrean, i repeat no real Eritrean. is it confidence both the Dedebit grad and Semere call openly for that? i think not.

    • Guest

      So you are saying there was no country that helped “the Eritrean struggle against Dergi”. I mean you said “any tangible help”. Well, there are many countries especially Arab countries that specifically helped the Eritrean Revolution till the 1980s in general and the EPLF after 1981. Which of “Wedi-Afom Biri” book’s have you been reading recently? I think you are bred-in-the-bone HGDEFite who is trying to act crpto, albeit not effectively. Just like a typical HGDEFite you are indeed ‘Zbelakilu Tsahli Etsebri Eikhi:: That is what “Wedi-Afom Biri” has repeatedly said and here you are Ms. Selam or Selma are repeating the same line. You are indeed a typical HGDEFite!

  • selam

    Promise to Hayat and some readers

    If you can prove the money in HSBC is connected to HGDEF, i promise you to print A0 size paper printed in colour and in it IA picture and 696 million dollar and i will erect at the center of bus stop in asmara in front of Cathedral one and the other one in front of cinema Roma (gas station) .

    • Hayat Adem

      If you insist, I’d like to take you up on your offer now and to go ahead and do that with a paper written on it: “IA EraEro, or IA Lampedusa or IA National Slavery, or IA Free Germano!…”. If you are not doing it for reasons of affiliation or personal safety, I believe you. If you tell me you are not doing for lack of material or what to say, I don’t.

      • selam

        some of the things you mentioned are already done with posters all over asmara (BLOKO keren ,Godayf BLOKO dekemhare , Enda mizan the way to MASSAWA) like HGDEF Lampedusa and they were picked by HGDEF members of course you can not see and you do not have time what we do in Asmera , Your time is to accuse about people you have no clue.

        Again i do not believe i will get some one to read if i put FREE GREMANO and IA NAtional slavery. I have learned about mushroom politics long time ago and i know where they end up.

    • guest

      Hmmm. There is a gas station in front of Cinema Roma? Then, not all the money is lost

      • selam

        you have no clue about where is the gas station , ok , you may ask people who grow up in asmera. or some one who went to asmera university and drink cappiccino at the exact place i am telling.

        • guest

          Im not questioning you honesty..just wondering how things are changing fast, even with the pace of Asmara that knew for over a quarter century ago

    • Guest

      ‘Zgebir NediEu Aynegir:: He who intends to do something doesn’t tell his mother. Your case epitomizes this saying because you are simply bluffing here. As the saying goes, Rihuq Adi Mehesewi,( In far away place one can easily lie) you are just blowing hot air here about what you are going to do from this or that spot in Asmara. Why don’t you do the simple thing and make that call to PIA Office ( Nsu’s Office) and ask them about the money that is stashed in the Swiss bank. Then come back and tell us what they told you. That will be part of an investigative reporting. Please stop your puerile tantrums here — I AM GOING TO DO THIS and THAT — as you are revealing to all here that you are either totally demented or some screws are getting loose somewhere in your head!

  • Elenta

    Selamat All,
    The Swiss leaked document has the following information about HSBC accounts related to Eritrea.

    Total number of clients 32
    Total number of accounts 39

    Number of account opened before Eritrean Independence: 12
    Number of account opened after Eritrean Independence: 27

    Number of clients with Eritrean passport or nationality: 9
    Number of clients with no Eritrean passport or nationality: 22

    Number of accounts linked to offshore co. 6

    We all know that the only entity in Eritrea that can have this huge money are PFDJ and Isyas Afeworki.But raising some question over the allegation doesn’t make one to be called out as PFDJ sympathizer.I am not dismissing the allegation or naive about PFDJ and IA shitara but these are the question that I couldn’t get answers from the Swiss leaked document:

    Almost 99% of the money belongs to one client.
    – Is this client a customer of HSBC before Eritrean independence or after?
    – Does this client one of the clients with or without Eritrean passport /nationality?
    – Does this client have an account that is linked with offshore co.?
    – Since PFDJ was selling Eritrean passport to the Gulf Bedouin’s. Is there any chance that some Arab millioners take advantage of
    it to avoid tax?

    I think the Awate team , other Eritrean media outlet , Elsa chyrum and UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry into
    human rights in Eritrea has responsibility to enquire the data related to Eritrea.

    • Hayat Adem

      Only two things on one point:
      -The sales revenue from a passport can’t go more than 10s of millions if at all,
      -Someone who owns half of Eritrean economy would less likely go for dark-shopping an Eritrean passport.

      • selam

        Hayat just check the tax heaven of the world and tell me how much money they have on their citizens name. But of course you need to know how it works

        • Hayat Adem

          To prove what?

          • selam

            To prove that some people owns more money than the whole country but in fact these people can make their money outside their country based on hard work or they can be dictators like most of them tend to hide money out side their countries. Because they believe one day they will be out from power and thanks to their western bankers friends they can actually use this money.

            Again you were rude to accuse me for demanding truth.

          • Kokhob Selam
          • selam

            You are too late to tell me , I already posted this and it is nothing new , Eritrea has been on the end list for so many years thanks to HGDEF.

          • Kokhob Selam

            do you say ” thanks to HGDEF? ” really thanks to HGDEF. so nothing to discuss anymore. first thing first, do you agree ?

          • selam

            what do you want me to say . It is a general truth that HGDEF is the main reason that we are at the end of the list. so nothing to debate. That is the truth , last year it was Eritrea at the last of the list and now it is the same. who do you think is responsible except HGDEF ?

            May be you misunderstand me for saying thanks ?

      • Elenta

        I agree with you on the sales of revenue but on millionaires going for dark shoping, no. They do crazy things than you would imagine to avoid tax and other. Besides, I don’t think they would have thought their privacy would be compromised.

        • Nitricc

          Good point Elenta; that all i am trying to say and to no avail. people do shiiitt to avoid paying tax
          but with Dedebit and smi-dedebit Semere; there is no way to get them to think. As far as what people do to avoid paying tax, one must pay to understand it. Dedebitawian never pay tax while they taxed to death the other Ethiopians. And Semere lives in Canada; what does he know about paying tax.
          let me ask you this. let’s assume the money belongs to PFDJ; under whose name should be?

          • Kokhob Selam

            “let me ask you this. let’s assume the money belongs to PFDJ; under whose name should be?”

            Here is the point Nitriccay, Why the money of the nation should belong to PFDJ? you see now, you even admit PFDJ belongs to one man or group of people. if you notice I don’t give my opinion on the subject as that is just minor case . in first place they have stolen the entire nation. But if you try a bit deeper you will find out that you mind is ignoring the main case that PFDJ don’t belong to people.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Friends,
    Under this article, HaileWM dropped a very important info about the Swiss bank leak. In that leak, Eritrea was flagged as a 53rd with 700million dollar, of which one account accounts for 99% of the money. This is the crude info reported. Now, there are two ways to react to this situation. 1) you get curious; 2) You’re indifferent or you dismiss it. Take your pick but the first one is the most reasonable and normal. Why? Because it is a huge money in relation to a poor economy for one unknown Eritrean passport holder to possess such amount. If Eritreas economy stands at 1.5B, this is nearly half of it. An Eritrean individual is carrying half of the Eritrean Economy in his wallet. Is that okay? I think it is a big deal in the most abnormal sense. These money is not hanging in air as a lost found item and it has a claimer and an owner. So, the next question is, who can that be? Definitely most fingers are pointing in one direction based on logical and analytic inferences.

    Understandably, there are some who simply dismiss the information. But, I can understand these folks. They think that is too elephantoid as their “normal truth” is that PFDJ is normal and they are running national affairs normally despite global hostility. It si beyond the comprehension of them PFDJ can steal money or transfer and stash it in Swiss like most African corrupt leaders do. PFDJ tells its supporters they are not like the rest of Africa. They are different. That is why Eritrea is number one in Africa in quality of livelihood. That is why Eritrea is even better than Sweden. PFDJ has said all these nonsense and some supporters still believed it. Well, it is okay, some folks take time to realize someone is counting on their foolishness so that they still provide their backs for the PFDJ ride. Well, cognitive enhancement supplies can not be rushed like humanitarian aids so we can only wait for the time to come. These are fenced-in folks and we can liken them to groundhog in a long wintry groundhog hibernation and you pray they wake up sooner than later.

    However, I seem to lose my temper on on-the-fence-sitters who move in and out of the fence deceptively but more in defense of the regime. Their whole purpose never sounds to win back people who are outside the fence but to guard in the ones that are inside so that they remain loyal and don’t leave the fenced world of PFDJ at all. No matter how hard they work on this, it seems we are always witnessing people jumping out of the fortified fence whenever they realize it is ta sinning place to be and in contrast it has been years since we’ve witnessed real Eritreans (except people who defected from Ethiopia) willingly joining the PFDJ. Those people on the fence can be recognized for their role as guards of not letting any one get out or minimizing the number, if complete blockade is impossible.

    Such people, since it is very hard to defend PFDJ using facts and reasons, focus on confusing the within-the-fence community not by showing the better side o PFDJ (for there is none) but by discrediting the ones that are outside. To do that, they act as if they are neutral, as if they are not merely defending PFDJ, as if they care for the nation not for PFDJ, as if they care for the Ghedli not for EPLF, and show the danger of entrusting it to a weak and divided opposition etc. When neutral reports such as this topic under discussion come, they rush to divert attention, try to disqualify it, attempt to invoke western conspiracy, ask for more proves, advise to be patient and wait until things become clearer, and sometimes play it paternalistic and tell you,”please don’t use this for political propaganda” etc.

    Allow me to use one Awatista to demonstrate this. Her awatista name is Selam (could be his name as in rare times such name may also be nicked to a male). I will go with a “she” for now since she was responding as a she so far. Since HaileWM brought the subject of Swiss, she pumped a lot of comments ONLY under this single tread. The vigor and energy of engagement she deployed is so amazing. The range of her opinions is too wide and too yawning to have come from one person. But because of the reason I told you, it shouldn’t matter to her because she is trying her best to deflect opinions so that some souls still remain within the fence. It doesn’t matter if they are contradicting each other, it doesn’t matter if they have relevant proximity to our country; it doesn’t matter if their is less of priority at this time; it doesn’t matter if they are highly opinionated…she says them. it sounds quite a determined purpose.

    Below, I will give you a flavor of her collected feedback verbatim quoted from her comments in relation to the Swiss leak with my lead-in capitalized titles. You will vividly see what I’m talking about. My issue is not with the person but to contribute something for awatists to see the fence-sitters and call them as they see them. Enjoy, the fence-sitter’s weird world…Here we go with Selam:

    “I do not understand why so many Eritreans are consumed by anything that comes from western media….”

    “[Something] so serious accusation is boiling out from London and from Rome about such business connected to some opposition groups…”

    “[There]was a report from freelance journalist about this waste…a copy of that report in Lemonde”

    “I wonder where is the money owned by EFFORT, has any one any information about EFFORT”

    “[What] will issiasi do about such questions , Tony abbott want to freak out and run”

    “BBC should not set the tone for Eritrea and we Eritreans should not remain silent and confront them.”

    “Haile WM , so can we say that , this money is HGDEF money , do you have any prove?”

    “i am also suspicious about such money may be from HGDEF”

    “we should wait at least for the truth to come. Can’t you people wait”

    “there is a very limited ability for any Eritrean money to be channeled from Eritrea to HSBC”

    “It is possible some 09 money can be stashed there , 09 are very rich”

    “there are many Eritrean traders in Angola, Dubai Nigeria, Mozambique , South Sudan, Gabon , Brazil ,Italy and Nigeria who can afford to stash their assets by millions…And most of this money can be their own money”.

    “I am not just from mekele i live in Eritrea and basically Asmara”

    “I know all about 09 more than you can ever think and i need no one to tell me”

    • Nitricc

      It is funny; a Dedebit is investigating an Eritrean for her nationality lol.
      Take it easy, you are watching too much Tv Tigray.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Hayat:
      I know you know but just a reminder here is how PFDJ functions:
      They are very brutal in asking for evidence when you accuse them of something, this is not new although it was popularized a few years ago by their boss when he foolishly and robotically repeated “evidences, evidences.” The flock of sheep amplified it. But when they accuse people even to the point of killing them their magic word and their all-purpose rebut for all accusations evaporates and they retort to “we know this, when the time comes we will tell you,” but PFDJ is in a different time zone, a time zone out of this planet! So when the sheep blasts that there is no evidence at this allegation that should have unseated the government given the poverty stricken population, given the unaccountable nature of the regime even when it comes to the life of an Eritrean, it speaks volumes to the culture we have nursed as people collectively.

      Many people will be in trouble as scapegoats when the names are finally revealed and Hagosh Kisha may be in trouble too. Once you know a lot you are eliminated. This was not invented by PFDJ, like all things, PFDJ plagiarizes the ugliness they employ. Think of Ermias Debessai; he is in prison for 15 year at least, not because he embezzled money because he knew too much including but not limited to his privy who paid on behalf of IA for the dalliance of the later. His wife testified that she heard him give IA verbal report on millions of money. When the names are revealed some will be imprisoned for corruption and IA will claim that someone put the money under his name unbeknownst to him and “sigmumti tewesidiwom”, the heartless, the stupid people around him will pay for this revelations. The special court has its work cut for it.

      I am not counting on the people to be angry and openly demonstrate to give birth to an Eritrean Spring. I am not saying they are cowards but that is not the way the Eritrean people fight, they used to fight by going to the jungle and mountains now they take their anger on the Seas and the Sea s get angry and murders them. There were many thresholds that could have embolden and boiled their anger, like the massacre of the disabled and many other daily heinous atrocities like a Colonel bringing a pregnant teenage to her father and telling him take care of her until she delivers, I have made her pregnant, I have raped your daughter and if you mention this to anyone I will blow your brains with this gun,” The father complies. So nothing will galvanize the Eritrean people too openly and angrily revenge against the government, not 700 million, maybe they new culture will inform the people whispering to them, “IA deserves it the USA presidents are rich and the USA was built by slave labour and so on.” When the names are revealed, you will find out that IA, his sibling and his children will be among them and I do not doubt it if we find the names of like Kisha and Ali Abdu and others.

      PFDJ was created to rob the Eritrean people not only their money but also their dignity and they do it by investing heavily on the robots like those who litter this website to sanize the crimes, to canonize the demonic actions and to put makeup on the pig.

      Also we should not expect the wilful supporters to change or to be disgusted by the findings, they will defend it, because it is not out of ignorance that they are defending PFDJ, it is willful. And you cannot do anything to the wilfully ignorant, you cannot massacre them as they do, you can only prevent their spread by eliminating their pedigree, weeding out their genes, and the gene of willful ignorance.

      All the lies that PFDJ and its precursor created is falling, the infallible nature of our leaders, the fact that we fought to the ration of 1:20 and won. This is not to regurgitate history and to put down our armed struggle, it is a mission to find the truth so we can be shocked at the lies we have come to believe as the absolute truth. The lies that we were not helped by our friends, the lies that we actually did not fight in the ration of 1:20. We fought valiantly, no doubt about it, but that was not enough to win. Out stars were also aligned when the Soviet U crumbled, when the Ethiopian people rose to defeat Degi for their own selfish needs just like our own selfish needs. Our current idiocy emanates and feeds from all the lies that has become the truth, the way.

      • Nitricc

        Mr. sunshine. let me save you some agony.
        Let’s assume the money in the bank belongs to Eritrea and it is under PIA’s name; so what? Under whose name supposed be? PIA is the founder; a leader and a president of the independent Eritrea. Under whose name do you want it to be? It is not like PIA enriched his family; send his kids to Harvard and owning any properties. To me PIA has proven he is not after the money but the power.

        • Semere Andom

          So predictable. For this alone you deserve to be in prions for life. I doubted your self admitted D&F, but now you are truth teller sometimes:-)
          I have no problem if he send his kids to Harvard if they got admitted I support the government to pay their tuition, but non of them did no even to Mai-Nefhi let alone to Harvard. Apparently this debate is beyond your league so stick to your league Nitriccay, your earlier comment about no solid prove yet that the money is under IA made more sense, but now the cord is unplugged, power is off, but according the immortal words of IA, people go to power, power does not come to power, so Go Nitriccay where the power is so all these can sink in

        • Hayat Adem

          “PIA is the founder; a leader and a president of the independent Eritrea. Under whose name do you want [the money in Swiss Bank] to be?” Nitricc

          • Nitricc

            “…..PIA is the founder; a leader and a president of the independent Eritrea. Under whose name do you want [the money in Swiss Bank] to be?……”
            here wo go!
            I know it away to do things on your side of things is deception but if you are going to quote it right it means you have selected what you quoted i.e. the article is not in its entirety. I know Dedebit = deception.

          • Hayat Adem

            It is the dumbness-fearlessness stupid that is working in you. Had it not been for your dumbness, you would have known that you don’t use dots unless you left out ideas in the middle by omitting sentence/s or words, and you don’t use dots, as well, at the beginning and end of your quote unless you cut out full sentences to exclude some words. Had it not been for your fearlessness, you would have asked before you sticking out your bare dumbness into an open air. Look, don’t despair because your sickness is not without a cure. Just slow down, work on handling your dumbness item by item.

          • Nitricc

            I should of known you went to the University of Dedebit. as stupid as you are; you add a lie to cover the first lie. why can’t you post the whole thing you stupid.

          • selam

            I still can not believe some people say issias is the founder. I just can not believe.He is a criminal and he needs to go to jail .He is responsible for the hundreds of thousands of people who are displaced all over the world. How do you sleep any way .

          • Nitricc

            he is a founder and a leader of the most grueling and difficult straggle known to man. it takes something to fight “1 to 20” and win and win it all. the minute you deny the truth, then you lose your credibility. hold him what you think did wrong but you can not deny him what the good thing he has done. be fair.

          • Kokhob Selam

            just simple example. Said Saleh was killed in 1983 by EPLF. since then we have gone around 32 years. DIA is still alive. now, imagine how many times does DIA used his gun in the field against enemy? nothing. still he didn’t fight in real sense for national freedom but he managed to stay alive killing indirectly others. is that heroism? I am an eye witness none but none among PFDJ leaders of today have been as hero as Said Saleh had been. Nitricc don’t know all this. in fact if DIA, ALAMIN and all those old guys can’t stand in front of that hero. But our heroes in both EPLF and ELF were cultured and well armed with our original ethics. it is really shame to hear from some people like Nitricc who were not around to describe DIA as founder.

            Nitircc may want to see evidence. I don’t have to go back all those years to prove him. Here is the in front of him, he arrested heroes without any reason – unable show as their crime. is this heroism? is this the character of a leader and founder of the nation ?

    • selam

      Hi Hayat
      I can see you are an intelligent person if only if you can use your hyperbolic attitude to the positive side of our fight.
      First let me tell you my sister , i am a girl and yes you are right with your “she” term.But i do not believe on he or she either i believe i can do what ever job man can do. I grow up to believe in gender equality and i do not care what ever you said about being girl or boy.

      Second the time i give here is not that i am defending HGDEF or some one . I come to because i do believe some people like saleh write a good article based on facts and some times based on true nature of our history. I do not come here to entertain your one sided view.

      The reply about BBC was a reply to some one commenting about BBC program that mentions eritrea as a tiny nation. If you accept as a tiny go with it. Unless you can not and will not do any thing to stop me from saying what ever i want and if you say so. I can say you are copying from a dictators book in which i do not give.F$$$.

      The term about being not from mekel was because he told me to get answers from demhit in which i replied i could care less about demhit.

      About the money in HSBC again i repeat you have no prove or what so ever and yes i do not talk on zero prove like you i do not entertain rumors . Hayat you love to entertain rumors throw every thing at some one. I think it is helping HGDEF. But i am not one of them and we do not see eye to eye with HGDEF . But to demonizing any one that does not agree with your narrow vision of opposition is not right. According to you (HAYAT) waiting for prove or to based our opposition on rationale is being taken as HGDEF. That kind of behavior is not helping all the opposition groups outside Eritrea.

      At least we inside Eritrea will do what ever it takes to weaken HGDEF and i can guarantee you that you and your hallow intentions will have zero influence in what we do inside Eritrea to dissolve HGDEF. Because people like you like to entertain rumor with out prove . You want to talk about the Table here you have it check yourself at smooner at twiter or at mail&Gurdian Africa( ). The owner of that article is called Samantha smooner from Mail Africa.You can only find 11 names who holde money and they are from different country of africa but not from Eritrea so i would like to wait and make my point when the names come.

      At this time the person who is responsible for leaking this from HSBC is in london and i would like to do your job find the names.

      Hayat as i said ,you can put what ever you want on this issue. But again i am saying rumor is not good especially if you want sway and mobilize people around common interest.

      My observation about the Eritreans who live abroad is that , They always entertain the western media even some times against their own people and their own country.

      So please tell me how do you prove this money is from HGDEF ? and the money is not in one account please read.

      About 09 I can say yes they are rich and they can own such money but again this is my guess not fact based.

      And i have enough knowledge about 09 more than you narrow minded person ever can imagine.
      The accusation, that stating some one who live in Eritrea is right hand of HGDEF is not true. It is idiot idea from ignorant person like you. But it is expected to find such understanding from some one lucky person who neglected his country to rote by HGDEF . I am here in Asmera and i am doing my part to at least know HGDEF is rejected by people and i do not give a dime what ever you said.

      • Semere Andom

        paraphrazing the late Yemane:

        “ብዘይ ጭብጢ ንሰባት ዝአስር እንታይ አፍሊጥዎ ጭብጢ ኢሉ ክምድር”

        • selam

          Semere Andom

          I can only laugh at your misplacing this term. You seems to follow ignorance instead of prove and facts. Please learn from the mistakes that all opposition groups are making

          • Semere Andom

            Selamat Selam:
            I do not accuse you of ignorance, I qualify it, you are wilfully ignorant and consenting collaborator to cleanse PFDJ crimes by your pen, in this case by your keyboard.
            You are in Asmara, you have high speed internet,while Eritreans do not have daily bread and you are asking Hayat to prove the 700 milion is IA’s account. I never read you asking prove for anything from PFDJ and reason is you are PFDJ, trying to manage crisis.
            The most stupid thing you said is about the tax haves of Americans, America and Canada is beyond the league of PFDJ, so do not compare yourself with them, compare yourself with Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya and NK and then you can convince me that you are less corrupt than those. You are stating that PFDJ is innocent until proven guilt, building up the case for when the names are released to tell us that even if the name is under this colossal account is IA, it is normal business.
            Sure I learn from the mistakes of oppositions, but I have my own mind, uncontrolled by PFDJ so question for you, let us say, hypothetically , let say it is revealed that IA is the holder of that huge account, what would be your answer be then? to prove to you if indeed it IA, the president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki Abraham Hagos Miricha of Tselot and that to send the signature for forensic document analysis to prove IA has signed it, that is is not CIA ploy.You guys so predictable because your scripts are old and tired and already deciphered except to the wilfully ignorance

          • selam

            I already replied to you that i will express my view on the street of asmera by putting signs of the money and IA on two places if the money is connected to HGDEF.

            Second I have the internet connection which is fast in which no one can find me and no one can catch me in Asmera .That should not be your concern and your business either.

            I have never ever say about America and Canada tax heavens . If you are looking at the map i posted you need to go back to school and learn geography.

            I click to because i really do believe on Awate team . I am not interested in people like you and some other people who are short sited and a disgrace to the struggle of the people who are seeking justice in Eritrea.

            Open your eyes and accept the fact that we can not and will not able to dissolve HGDEF based on rumors we need to base our news based on facts not rumors . If we all use rumors HGDEF will use this against the justice seekers.

  • selam

    Do i need to agree and disagree with some one who has ethiopian perspective in things that matter only to Eritreans.