Awate Video of the month: “A message to Bresident Obama”

On January 29, 2014 we presented to you, Awate Video of the Month: “Breaking News!” In the same spirit, today we present you another Awate Video of the Month: an Egyptian lady’s message to President Obama.

In case you have a problem understanding the accent, read the text and we hope it helps you. If you can do better, please share your own transcription on Awate Forum below.

This is message to House White.

To the Congress America. And to bresent Barack Obama and Katerin Ashton and Jon Maken and Jon Kerry and to everybody to intrude in the exferes everybody, or…. every beoble in the intrude in the ex affairs of egybt. Blease. Blease listen to me. I am sorry because I don’t sbeaking English very good. But I don’t sbeak English 50-50. This is a message for Obama.

We are egybsian women. we, we don’t need any helbs from Obama. So the question mark for Obama: Do you forget what habben in eleven…eleven Sebtember? Is for..get the beoble America don’t forget. We don’t America to interface, intercede in the affairs of the beobel egysian. Because in the ser, in the ser, in the affairs belong to egybsian only. Are you stand Obama or you are don’t are stand. Are you listen Jon Maken? Are you listen Jon Kerry? Are you listen House White?

The same in ze affairs of belong to we are egybsian only. We are egybsian only. Blease Obama. You sbort trouthan groub with the money of American beobel Whowy? Whoway did you Obama? Whoway did to helbs in the brother in the Muslim brothers-hood. The brothers-hood! The Muslim brothers-hood is killers and liers. And we are so Obama.

Nobody believe a lieres. Nobody believes a liers Obama! Blease Obama listen to me. Stob! Stob Obama! Enough! Enough to helb the, the Muslim brothers-hood. On the finished sbeaking, shutub your mouse everybody. Shutub your mouse all Jon Maken, and Jon Kerry and Ann Baterson and House White.

On the finished sbeaking, my bresident Sisi. My bresident Sisi: Sisi Yes, Sisi Yes! Mursi No Mursi No! And we are so the Mohammed Mursi, So is the bresident badly on the worry or in the mistery.


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