Awate Video of the Month: “Breaking News!”

If you are drinking, put it down: if you watch this while drinking, you will spurt it out and make a mess.

If you are in a library, don’t watch it: you will laugh so hard that you will be booted out.

If you watch videos while driving, don’t watch this one: you will have an accident.

If you are part of the Ethiopian opposition, you will cry: you will get a clue as to why your efforts haven’t resulted in anything tangible.

If you are a supporter of the Ethiopian ruling party (EPRDF) you will be thankful such is the opposition to the party you support.

If you are part of the Eritrean opposition, you will also cry: you will see many similarities between this and the worst aspects of Eritrean opposition media.

If you are a media critic, you will feel justified and will probably say “Nkhid Tray.”

If you are not a nice person, you will ask: “how is this guy a professor and which university employs him?”

Enough teasing: here it is.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

Awate Team


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