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An Eritrean Air force Captain Defects To Sudan

Sources informed Gedab News that an Eritrean air force officer has defected to The Sudan two days ago.

Until his defection, captain Ibrahim Idris Abdulkadir was the office manager of the commander of the Eritrean air force.

Sudanese security officers have debriefed captain Ibrahim before moving him to undisclosed location.

Over the last few weeks Sudanese security officers have forcefully returned dozens of youth who has escaped from the forced conscription in Eritrea, and handing them to the Eritrean government.

The escapees were returned in truckloads to the Eritrean border villages of Teletaasher and Arbaataasher.

The two villages, Kilo-13 and Kilo-14, respectively are thus known based on their distance from Tessenei on the road to the Sudanese border.

Last week, a man fell off a Sudanese truck on its way to Eritrea carrying 55 escapees. The man died after the truck run over him.

A few days earlier two batches were returned in similar manners to Eritrea and the fate of the deported escapees is not known.

It’s possible that the Sudanese forces who have strong ties with the Eritrean regime will respect the rights of captain Ibrahim for protection or they will forcefully hand him over to the Eritrean regime.

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  • Sarell Ammyap

    Dear Guest, I think as an Eritrean I am your brother. Of course if you are really an Eritrean. That’s even though I’m Christian from Kebesa, I love my people Muslim Christian from Kebesa or Metahit. And I see them as single person. And I think you should do the same.
    I’ve been working in the Presidential Palace recentli and I know a lot. Talking about who loves the DIA, the people who love and support him are from all the Eritrean regions . But they share something in common ‘They love their selves than anything . Those who get profit from supporting the DIA. We can’t say neither they are Christians nor Muslims. They are the dogs of DIA from all over Eritrea.
    Please make sure before you write that what you are writing is true and most of all that it doesn’t hurt some one dear. If you believe that Eritreans are your brothers.
    Thank you.

  • Ted

    Is it right to assume you are low land Eritrea Muslim who don’t want any association with “Tigray-Tigrini ,Kebessa Christians” ? If it is, i totally understand it. You just need to pick your battle. Drop HGDEF this, IA that nonsense and more work on empowering “your” people. FYI, Being “Kebessa Christian” in HGDEF world is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    • Nitricc

      TD, he is a product of Dedebit and he is trying to instigate some issue just to divided Eritreans among each other. if anyone should compline about PIA it should be the kebessa Christians. they are the once who are losing the entire generation out of the country. let’s the truth be told.
      so, he is not real, he is one of the those, you know.

      • Ted

        I also believe the most evil and ill wishers come from out side. The silent majority knows that while the opposition deliberately ignore it, that is how they always get burnt to ashes.

        • Nitricc

          TD any reason or meaning in why you spell my nick as you did?

          • Ted


  • Guest

    Read again what I have written. FYI, I don’t need to consult your cousins across the Mereb river for anything. The Weyanes are your kin genetically ,historically ,politically, socially and they are more related to you than to me. If truth is to be told, I have very little in common with the Weyanes. Unlike you, I don’t have anything to connect me with the Tigray-Tigrini project that your fathers and grandfathers fought for; nor do I have any history like where your Higdef has to ally with the Weyanes to destroy a nationalist front, the ELF. But unlike you, I don’t live in a world denying undeniable facts even though certain facts are stated even by your cousins across the Mereb, the Weyanes or the ones who are now protecting your cult leader, Wedi-Afom Biri, the butcher of Sahil and May Habar, DeMeHiT. You know the ones who are members of DeMeHiT are the brethren of the Weyanes. What a warped world view that Higdefites espouse. It is mind-bending, to say the least!

    • Ted

      Guest, why don’t you keep it cool, Anger kills its host. FYI, i sympathize with ELF fighters. But there are some archetypal opposition gangs behind ELF skirt who want to mix regionalism to current Eritrean struggle. i hope you are not one of them(stay away).

    • Gonbel

      What gave away his region? Is that his name? You project as much hate towards Weyanes as the guy you accuse! Take Ted’s advise below.

  • Michael

    Where on earth does “an office manager” become “air force officer”? Looks like another fabricated news “Until his defection, captain Ibrahim Idris Abdulkadir was the office manager of the commander of the Eritrean air force” . Was the so called informant an “insider” in the so called ministry of information?? or Kahrtoum talata hekia??
    An office manager is one who handles the office administration like cleaning, cafeteria and other non essential duties..

  • Abraham Hanibal

    May God/Allah help this guy in his quest for freedom. It appeares, unfortunately, he’s chosen the wrong place to flee to, considering the close contacts between the Isayas and Bashir regimes. Anyway, this shows the desperate situation our people find themselves under the Isayas rule-that even an air force official is willing to risk everything just to come out of the hell which Eritrea is changed to.

  • Peace!

    Hi all,

    Perhaps because the previous defections have proven little or no impact, it seems the dynamics of the news cycle on the subject of defections is no longer on the fall of the government, but it is on how incapable the opposition groups are to capitalize such opportunity. The ironic is some members of the opposition groups are still preaching for weeding out, Dismantling, Eradicating PFDJ and its institutions despite not even limited progress has been made.


  • Ted

    The Awate deserve a hats off for letting Diaspora Eritreans let off some steam. It is like therapeutic for some. The problem is the “steam” has become so toxic no one want to come near it.These two sites(Awat and Asmarino) and their regulars relentlessly evoke hate towards the government and authorities of the GOv as sole means of changing Eritrea for a better. Every argument about the state of Eritrea in a coffee shops or our living rooms comes to the articles and comments posted in Asmarino and Awate. Things are getting worse, even those serious opponent of Shaebia lately doesn’t want to quote these websites for fear of being portrayed as vindictive people with personal grievance. I see some insightful comments in this website with genuine concern for the welfare of Eritreans but they are few and far between. As for the rest, one can beat their argument just by broad brush stroke as ” Weyane” because whatever happens to Eritreans after shaebia is gone doesn’t matter to them, just a collateral damage. Their hate to Shaebia is the only thing make them feel alive, the same as Weyane. No matter how philosophical you can get to explain your stands, those who consider yourself in a opposition camp have burnt many bridges in Eritreans important matters. You people ruined it for Eritrean people who desperately seek favorable change in their country. We need change for sure but not the way you people do it. Now, we all want is, sad but true, just a few good news just to wet our appetite and to save some faces. If you use these sites as therapeutic venting , all powers to you but please leave us alone.There is nothing can come out from constantly magnifying our misery and making a mountain from molehill, let leave it to Weyane( how hard is it to see Eritreans has deep distrust with Weyane, Lets acknowledge that and go from there ) and easy on the Anger and hate, Anger only kills the host.

    • Guest

      So you are saying that you and “the Eritrean people who desperately seek favorable change in their country” want to hear “just a few good news just to wet(sic) – whet- your appetite and to save some faces..” My friend, if you want to read and hear about what I call ‘feel good news’ about Eritrea, may I suggest that you visit websites such as,,,, and many more. Here you will find all the news that will make you believe that not only everything in Eritrea under the wise leadership of Wedi-Afom Biri and his organization, Higdef is fine and dandy, but Eritrea will soon become an Earthly Eden. The feel good stories that these pro-Higdef website report will lull you into a deep slumber so much so that by the time you will wake up — if that is even possible — it may be the end of the 21st century. But, if you want to be informed, I mean really informed, about Eritrea, you got to keep an open mind and got to sift through facts from fiction; reality from myth; objective from subjective, using your God given mind. No amount of sugar-coating is going to change the reality in Eritrea. What you also need to realize is that a fact is fact no matter who utters it. For example, if the Weyanes were to declare that 2+2=4 and the sun rises in the East or the Earth is round, how much one detests the Weyanes, the facts they have stated will still remain as facts. So, a little dose of reality about Eritrea is what a doctor will precisely prescribe for every Eritrean.

  • Hope

    By TesfaNews:
    Mod to Haben aka liar
    Unless you read my report backwards or upside down, there isn’t a statement anywhere that says the project is currently in progress. My report is all about highlighting on the signing of a 400m dollar worth port development project with CHEC on Jan 28, 2014. I gave you the source link to verify the veracity.
    Seriously, I don’t get it why and where you’re complain at? Could it be from the negativity that obsessed you or because you fail to understand it? BTW, Who pass on to you the info about project credit denials? Can you really pull a rabbit out of your hat? Be positive and optimistic brother. That won’t hurt you.”
    Courtesy of TesfaNews.

  • Hope

    But you know that there are lots of technical issues.
    Why would it take two more yrs for the Tekeze Dam to be built?

  • Hope

    I told you that not to worry ,man.
    Dr Saleh Mekki deserves more than a Doctorate Degree and I am entitiled to call him with any name or title I want to.
    I know the respected man more than any body else not jsut more than you, hassad and jealous.

  • Hope

    I am happy for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.I wish them the best.
    Am not jealous as well but envious positively.

  • Hope

    Yonas,I think you nailed…it.
    It looks like has been a Policy of the website NOT to mention any thing negative about Ethiopia and we complained about it over and over and they said that it is none of their business to talk about Ethiopia,which is well respected.

  • Semere Andom

    The Riddles of PFDJ.

    The enigma of PFDJ and is supports is mind boggling. They disable mosquitos there by lessoning some suffering and saving some lives, but they go around and kill and inflict suffering to the people who were saved from the excruciating pain and death.

    They invite diaspora Eritreans to invest in the country then they go around and push resident Eritreans to leave the country escaping the slave labor and torture.

    They offer clemency to the war prisoners who were captured trying to kill them, treat them humanely, allow them recreational activities, but they go around and torture freedom fighters who merely disagreed with them and implored them to improve and refine the system, they keep this freedom fighter under dungeons for decades and murdered them in cold blood.

    Peaceful opposition is for bidden and Eritreans are forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries, but they allow TPDM to roam Asmara and round-up Eritreans and then arrest and intimidate Eritreans who reminisce and whistle, “tekal ewuan may neaqweb Asmara do bdemhit tihlo.”

    They bury the history of Eritrean heroes, they cannot find even one founding father or a giant of the nation to honor, yet they snap their fingers and locate hero in Timbuktu and build him a monument worthy of a giant.

    They import teachers from India to teach the future generation of Eritreans and then employ university grads, who more than qualified to teach high school in menial and demeaning jobs.

    They tell people what tribe they belong to, they reconfigure provinces and every aspect of the society: how the society mourns its dead, how it conducts its ceremonies of jubilation, yet they brag about preserving the Eritrean culture.

    They sleep with TPLF but they make it illegal for someone to even visit the vicinity where TPLF lives.

    They close universities and open colleges. They tell you the constitution was ratified by popular participation but one man kills it’s with a one liner.

    They graduate medical doctors and then arrest and disappear them. They graduate lawyers and do not allow them to defend when PFDJ arrests a citizen. They graduate a journalist and bar him from writing, a craft that he honed during this studies. They train a pilot and prevent him from flying planes, not only that, as if he is able to fly planes while they are slumbering they lock him up in high security prison for a decade.

    They quote Gaddafi, but when a gullible Eritrean thinks that quoting is “kosher” and rhapsodizes about Thomas Jefferson he is arrested indefinitely.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hope just brought it because he was shaken by the news of defection, not because he thought he found a new news. So, please be considerate to his sensitivity.
    * “u” doublet vowels?, unusual!

    • Hope

      Gual Aboy Adem,
      I feel bad for you to go down with such an intelligent brain!
      Come on,girl,you could do better.

  • Hayat Adem

    How many gaps do you see in the above one paragraph note?
    1) all news stories that are not supported by pictures, and names of sources all the time are not credible.
    2) is NOT credible (with emphasis)
    3) always fabricates news and this is one of them.
    4) Awate posts three fabricated news per week or every week.
    5) The purpose of of Awate to have posted this fabricated news is to numb the defection of Ethiopian Air Force pilots to Eritrea.
    6) Awate shares the pain of the Ethiopian Air Force and fabricates and posts news in their support.
    7) Only in recent months 14 Ethiopian airforce pilots defected to Eritrea.
    8) Awate is Islamist.
    9) Islamists have thin skin.
    10) Awate will not post my comment.
    Oh, Yonas, you need help!

  • Nitricc

    I am trying to determine if this article is authentic or just bogus. If this is true, I can even imagine.
    Regarding this guy defecting to Sudan, well he could have done a better job. I suspect he is undercover. He could send by GoE for a mission. There is no way he will be safe.

    • Hayat Adem

      Determine the authenticity of Gedab news story with a dumb ability? No, thank you.

      • Nitricc

        I know you are too stupid to notice but i was questioning the link I have provided. What a dumbazz stupid.

        • Hayat Adem

          We made agreement. you signed on it. You are dumb and fearless. and I am smart and dedebit grad. You can’t take that away so quickly. You can be smart if you want and open up your self, but I can’t be dumb. So no regrets.

          • Semere Andom

            Maybe you need to write/remind him about “Nitricc’s constant” the one he stipulated the relationship between dumbness and fearlesseness and your own equation that proved his correct 😉

          • Nitricc

            Dedebit I know you are incapable of anything remotely complex but what I am saying is this document supposed be from amnesty is real or fake? Can you understand that? How hard is fro a Muslim ERITREAN woman from Low land to understand? Lol you funny Stick to Adi-grat you will be fine. now is the link real or fake?
            Dedebit is always Dedebit.

          • Hayat Adem

            Good luck and let the smart dedebit girl know about your findings.

  • ppp

    may be he is wayane

  • Hope

    Dude of the dudes,
    Wether it is old or new.,news, the Project will be executed in 40 months .
    How about that Mr Jealous?

  • Hope

    I hope he gets an asylum approval through the UNHCR before he gets kidnapped back,,as he is a great Future Asset for New Eritrea.
    Some Good News too:
    USD 400 Million New Massawa Port Project Contract Goes to Chinese Company CHEC

    Orotta School of Medicine Graduates 57 Medical Doctors

    • Guest

      In the 1980s, in the Sudan, about 300 medical doctors were graduating from The University Of Khartoum, School Of Medicine. That was about 35 years ago. Yes, a generation ago. Here you are in 2015 taking this bit of information as Good News. Which world do you live in? Are you that naively and hopelessly hopeful dude living in some la la land? No wonder you call yourself Hope. Someone has to really wake you up from your deep slumber fast. I mean really fast.

      • Hope

        Make sure to consider that Eritrea is only 20 yrs old besides all the evil things and odds she has to go.
        The AAU was graduating only 120 doctors until 1990 despite it was more than 50 yrs old at that time and with no kind of obstacles.
        You seem to be articulate but so dumb when it comes to the basics.
        Hate has nothing to do here man.
        Grow up.
        For me as an Eritrean, graduating 50-70 doctors every year in a devastated Nation with only 6 million people is beyond achievement despite the hiccups,the atrocities,the misgovernance,etc..,
        Had things gone as planned per Dr Saleh Meki et al and Prof Dr Haile Mezgjebe, Eritrea could have achieved better and Erotrea could have been the Carafiac Center of the Horn.
        The WHO and the HN proved things in Erotrea and go and challenge them if you have the gut and courage.
        The Doctor-patient ratio in Eritrea is now well better than most Third World countries and am satisfied with that eventhough we are still behind on the Tertiary Care,which will be achieved in the near future.
        I will never belittle the effort and hard work of my people and my own Colleagues, who have achieved all these with no incentive at all!

        I know the reason why we have not achieved what we should have thus far and you do not have to lecture me as it is none of your business.
        But every piece of good news from Erottea is Great and Good News for me irrespective of the magnitude.
        The hypocrisy is that you did not comment on the Massawa Port Development Master Plan and investment! Coz you might have had heart attack before you commented on it!
        God bless you and Have Mercy on you!

        • Abinet

          It is really good news. It is a good investment by any standard. Last time I heard there is heavy congestion at the other ports. I said why don’t they build another one? Good move. I hope it is big enough to accommodate the export – import demand of the nation. Bring us more hopeful news like this one.
          You beat AWATE by bringing this news. May be they are waiting to confirm the news.
          For some reason I can not explain , I tend to trust news coming from AWATE . They never disappoint . They are always on top of things . I wonder how you beat them this time. Good job, Nefse.

          • Hope

            Gu’ad Abi,
            Sayterut abiet saylikut wediet…aydele yemitilut!
            You declared that you will only comment when mamma Estopia is bitten.
            It is none of your business then to comment about the Good news in Eritrea but you are confirming to me that you are sleepless about Eritrea’s Achievement.If not,Hazen bet kifetuna console each other buddy.
            Well,to your dismay,wait for a yr or two, and we can discuss further,unless you are going to die of acute Mi/Heart attack when you see the best news about Eritrea.
            Please,stay close to a nearby Hospital with a Cardiac Care Unit as acute excitement -positive or negative including “Andebetawi Dinnigatie” can lead to deadly non-ischemic Acute MI and acute cardiomyopathy called Takosubu Syndrome.
            The next project is Upgrading the Aseb Refinery and the main Port Facility to make it the best International Shipping Lane—-China, Qatr and Dubai Ports are competing as we speak.
            This is besides developing a newly upgraded Port for the huge Potash export for the next 200yrs.

        • Hayat Adem

          20 Yrs old? Shake it off, Hope. This argument is the most foolish you would often here from Pfdjites. You mean since PFDJ started riding Eritrea wild crazy? Otherwise, Eritrea and Eritreans are as old as those in the neighborhood. If you switched your mobile phone contract to another company or you change your name from Hopeless to Hope two yrs ago, it doesn’t mean you just sprung into life and you can claim to be a toddler now. The question is not whether Eritrea is a newly born, but whether it is doing better since it decided to be independent and whether it is moving alone for a better. That question is also for you to give it an honest reflection. The thing you are trying to neutralize Gedab news with stories from tesfanews, the crime-face polishers, speaks incredibly into what length you may go to protect PFDJ.