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Agrigento Memorial Service: Monday 21 October 2013

Information Pack for Agrigento Memorial Service

On Monday 21 October at 4 PM in the afternoon there will be a memorial service for the victims of the Lampedusa tragedy in the Italian city of Agrigento. This memorial service is organised by the Italian government for people to pay respect for the victims before the bodies are sent to their final resting place in Eritrea.

All Eritreans in the European Community are welcome to attend this memorial service since Eritreans have been the main victim of this tragedy. It will be an opportunity to pay our respect to the victims in a cultural and dignified manner Eritreans attach to respect for life.

Time of the Memorial Service is 4:00 PM
Place: The city of Agrigento

Airport: Palermo Airport or Catania Airport
Transport: Once you get off the Airport there is around 2 hours drive from the two airports to the City of Agrigento.

The Eritrean Community will be organizing buses from Palermo or Catania Airport if you can inform in the contact details below and you can get to the Airport before 12:00 Midday. There are also public busses that can transport you from the airports to Agrigento.

Hotel: if you need to spend a night in Agrigento please send your email so that we can book for you.

Send your questions to: lampedusatragedy@gmail.com

The mobile number for Enquiries: +39 324 9280549

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  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas;

    “(AGI) Palermo, Oct 24 – The Italian Coast Guard on Thursday rescued 127 Eritrean migrants on-board a fishing boat seven miles off the coast of Lampedusa. Those taken ashore include 19 minors and 63 women, three of whom pregnant. Doctors on the island said all were in good health. ”



    • Hailat,

      Wow! there is no way even to slow the bleeding of the nation after the unimaginable human made catastrophes (Lampedusa and others). It looks everyone is on line to leave the country. We became “boat people” all over the world floating in the oceans and seas to unknown destinations. Is this the curse of independence or what? Even if this self-inflicted crises passes, can we manage to administer ourselves with tolerance and magnanimity? Can someone assess our ability to do that? Is that our nature not to listen each other’s voice? Was the assessment of our indomitable fighter Woldeab Woldemariam “nyken nisamama’e tesemami-ena ina” is true? Even after all this disaster still we don’t have a united voice. Zegerem iyu!!!!!

      • Papillon

        Dear Aman,

        The Vietnamese as you well know were caught up in a crossfire as the great powers engaged in a proxy war in a bid to expand the sphere of influence. As such, the “boat people” as they were dubbed were in a perpetual spotlight where their plight accorded overflowing sympathy around the world. What is so tragic about the Eritrean people is not only the nation is bleeding of her most productive segment including child-bearing mothers but as it happened the world is too indifferent as the other geopolitically “pressing” nations (read: Syria inter alia) eclipse the perennial agony of the neo-boat people.


        • Dear Papillon,

          Yes I vividly remember it. At least the Vets were sailing in the sea to reach to a closer Indonesian islands. Keep in mind, the American warships were there helping the South Vietnamese to cross to their destinations.

          Dear Papillon, look, what makes ours different than theirs – they crossed a vast desert land to reach the Mediterranean before even they start to sail in sea. In this long journey many are died in the desert sands, and many are killed by human traffickers to harvest their organs. Kili! Nahnas nibeynu iyu.”

          • Papillon

            Dear Aman,

            What makes the Eritrean reality so strange is that, more often one would see over flow of refugees covered extensively by the media where the countries where the refugees are flocking out are entangled in a protracted civil war or something to that effect. In Eritrea however, the charade is a brilliant smoke-screen where the grim reality is veiled by a semblance of serenity where people around the world remain stunned and taken completely by surprise when all of a sudden a country which is hardly a classic case of a civil war is the number one producer of refugees as the figures stand.

            That I would say is a fifty years of training where Isaias mustered the art of deception where he kills his enemies including the Eritrean people a slow death. A death that is too horrifying for the world is yet to shudder.


      • haile

        Selamat Aman,

        Here is a video of the latest migrants.


        Frankly, it is very shocking and disturbing to note that many are mothers and their children. This means extreme distress. A mother is instinctively protective of her children. And some thing is very wrong when she she believes this is the safer option.

        One of our main problem, as Eritrean diaspora, appears to be that many in our ranks (pro/sympathetic to the regime) have come to think they can defer their collective well being to an unaccountable group of people (making up the regime) and that they can continue to exist by only looking after their individual well being. That is the sad reality. They need to wake up and recognize that we have responsibility to each other’s well being in order to continue to exist collectively as Eritreans.

        How long can people ignore this and normalize tragedy as way of life?

        Very worrying indeed!


        • haile

          …one more thing: The UN and US express condolence to Eritrean victims of Lampedusa and call on the Eritrean regime to open up for investigations:



        • Hawi

          Nevertheless, Afewerki has essentially offered the United States exactly what it wants: bases enabling its military to strike at anyone in the region at any time, without restrictions. Although the World Bank has questioned the economic viability of a new airport at Massawa with a long jet runway, Afewerki reportedly told Rumsfeld, “The runway can handle anything the U.S. Air Force wants to land on it.” Eritrea also boasts deepwater port facilities at Massawa and Assab, both strategically placed near the mouth of the Red Sea.

          Afewerki told me, “The increasing social and economic marginalization of Africa will be a fact of life for a very long time to come.” Ethiopia in particular, he said, will weaken internally as the Oromos and others demand more power. Its Tigrean Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, already lives inside a vast security apparatus designed for his protection. Meanwhile, across the Red Sea in Yemen, not only water but oil, too, is running out even as the armed young population swells, potentially threatening the political order of significant parts of Arabia. And with fighting terrorism now a permanent strategic priority of the United States, the stability and discipline of Eritrea make it the perfect base for projecting American power and helping Israel in an increasingly unstable region. That, in turn, might foster the Singaporean kind of development for which, according to some, Eritrea appears suited.

          • Papillon


            I suggest you read a great play “Death Of A Salesman” by Arthur Miller. If you haven’t read it or seen it in a movie that is. You will be able to relate Isaias with the main protagonist of the play.

  • haile

    Selamat Awatista

    Here is an audio interview with member of Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Indonesian prison.

    – There are seven of men and women in total, one mother and child. The child’s father is a Martyr of the armed struggle.

    – Their ship broke down and they were stranded in Indonesia. They set off from the Sudan paying a smuggler $5000 per head for the trip.

    – They are now in prison, including the child, not knowing how long they would stay there and what wold happen to them eventually.

    – About 5min interview in Tigrinya



  • Nictric, I am reading some mindless argument with Haile. Regardless, who you are. It seems to me you want to score some points about Bademe on the border issue. According to my understanding this case is looked after by the Border Commission and the decission is already made. Eventhough there was no need to go to war if he was wise enough. We want to cry for the past. We allknow how many deart lives we lost least to say to bad. But we can learn from the past. Now, whats left is to implemented the Border Commission decisssion. Then, it is clear now the Ethiopian government should withdraw at any time and the best time is now. however, the Eritrean government, If it wasn’t mean and crazy enough. It should have solved its enternal conflicts and implemented its’ national crices, like the constitution and others. Here is the problem as crazy as Isayas and likes are holding our country hostage. And all is by the name of Bademe. No peace no war for how long. WE the Eritreans people that we deserve our life back. We awaited so long to see some development in our country. Instead we are witnessing that to see our youth to perish everywhere, like this time at the coast of Italy. And others in JAIL with out any justice even dying every day where ever they God knows how many.And others carrying a gun in their shoulder for no limit time. It is time for change people. We don’t want to live to be humilated everywhere. WE are people of diginity and respect. This governement is not for peace, never had been of its record charactor. It goes to confilict then cry like wolf against any nature but them. Don’t expect a milk from the chicken.I can bet you any thing if Bademe is back I would be happy as you do Nitric. But, believe me he will find somewhere around to go crazy again. Meles is gone for good. And now lets remove our dictator. I am sure we will see peace and security. Lets free our selves from fear tactics from the unfit leaders of ours first. God bless us all!

    • Nitricc

      Our internal situation is none of Ethiopia or Tigryan problem, it is Eritrean issue.
      Every Eritrean is mindful about the Border.
      For one it costed 20k lives, untold priorities distraction and most of all it was settled legally.
      I know the toothless opposition are comitting crime by siding with Weyane on this issue just to get to PIA. As far as I am concern the government of Eritrea is 100 percent correct on this issue.
      The Weyane agreed to finall and binding and look what they are doing.
      They are our source of every problem. And the day of gudgment is an avoidable to whom sided with Weyane on this clear cut issue.
      As far as the Tigryans, what goes around, it comes around or as the saying in Amharic
      Beseferut Quna Mesefer Ayqerim
      The Amhara and the Oromo are waiting for pay back.

      • Nitric. You better cool off, and learn more. If you are that mad about Bademe now. Where were you all those years from 1981-1998. Bademe was at the hands of Wayane. And the Eritrean government was very friedly with them, Don’t you remember? He was dancing in Mekele and Adiss. More than that he was telling us calling them /Chewa Hizbi./ May be you weren’t born then, if you didn’t hear this slogan /Nehina Nesoum and Nesoum Nehina./ Sort of Hde Hizbi Hade Libe./ Regardingless, for repeating the song of DIA it isn’t a solution. Do you think the opposition you are blaming that they have the power to bring back our Bademe now. Not at all. May be when theyget to power. And do you know WHY they are in Addis? Because of the DIA one policy greedy and foolishness. AS I mention in my previuos comment Bademe is ours. And it is given to us not to Wayane or USA. Believe me, when we have a trusted system instead of the dictator. we will get our Bademe. If it happens now will be fine too.And the other thing bad wishing to WAyne by Oromo whatever others not good. If you wish good for your people whyn’t for others. As for me I wish peace and security on our neighbours and others as well.Your wish not welcome at all. In the opposite,I will tell you this I wish my neighbors to live in peace as we do. This big problem of Bademe, and countless of our Eritrean citezens suffering injail and dying, and many of our youth leaving the country to unknown danger places,and all other crsiss, we should avoid it now. We know already these problems did n’t come from Wayane,or oppostion or from the West. It is white lie of the DIA. It is the system of the DIA. Believe me he is going to pay the price soon. Now, I well come you, and others to join the Movement of Change. The only way out of the problems we have. At least this is my veiw. Woo Dahanka.

  • haile


    I am responding to “Haile so much you stand for the border” and let’s see if others can add to it too:)

    You might have thought, simply because Weldai told us that he was an Ethiopian from Tigray, it was necessary to bring “border” to him. To my understanding, his point was that Eritrea was headed to danger. Here are the problems that Eritreans are faced with and reasons given by the regime for the problems. May be you would help me pin point which problem needed to be addressed by the “border” and we can take it from there;

    1 – Eritrean low income civilians were evicted from government rental residences around 1994/5 that they were living in under dergue and before. The places were taken over by PFDJ/Tegadelti families.

    Reason: The regime claimed that some were cheating the system and stayed there for years without paying rent.

    2 – Eritrean elderly were revoked pension benefits around 1994.

    Reason: The regime claimed it doesn’t afford it.

    3 – Eritrean construction workers were frozen.

    Reason: The regime claimed that some contractors were evading proper procedures

    4 – Eritreans were suspended from any private business activity

    Reason: The regime claimed that they were ineffective and artificially hiked prices

    5 – Eritreans were banned from using or dealing in hard currency

    Reason: The regime claimed that they undermined the economy by engaging in black market exchange

    6 – Eritrean diaspora were banned from sending hard currency or machinery to their relatives directly except rice, oil, cereals in barrels

    Reason: The regime claimed that the diaspora were flooding the country with trash or outdated equipment

    7 – Eritreans were banned from selling their crop produce or fishery harvest in the market

    Reason: The regime claimed they were being greedy and over priced

    8 – Eritrean doctors were banned from practicing in private clinics

    Reason: the regime claimed that they tended to value their private work than the government one

    9 – Eritrean youth were confined in an indefinite military service that limited their movement through the requirement of ID (menqesaqesi)

    Reason: The regime said wefri warsay-yekealo

    10 – Eritrean civil servants pay was frozen for over a decade and half at 700ERN or 900ERN with harvest (maetot duty) to date

    Reason – The regime claimed the economy doesn’t afford it

    11 – Eritreans under 50 were banned from obtaining exit visa

    Reason – The regime claimed that it was used to dodge conscription

    12 – Eritrean diaspora were banned from entering Eritrea using visa as nationals of their adopted countries (only one chance) and have to go as an Eritrean risking arrest for national security reasons as Dawit Isaak

    Reason – not given

    13 – Eritreans are banned from importing and exporting goods

    Reason – The regime claimed that it was used to intensify controband

    14 – Eritrean students were banned from choosing field of study for higher education, they are assigned

    Reason – The regime claimed to have plans for human resource development

    15 – Eritrean students were denied the privilege of intl. accredited higher education

    Reason – The regime shut down the only such university for lack of “staffing”

    16 – Eritrean diaspora were thwarted from organizing as communities to better themselves by controlling their traditional communities by dividing them and running it from embassies

    Reason: the regime claimed sections of those who oppose its control as spies, agents, rats, anti-Eritrea…

    17 – Eritreans were denied freedom of expression and constitutional rule at home

    Reason – the regime claimed such was an enemy plot to destabilize the country

    18 – The regime gave sanctuary to a UN wanted terror suspect Dahir Aways linked to al-qaida and brought the nation under international condemnation and sanctions.

    Reason – The regime claimed at the time there were no terrorists in Somalia and al-shebab were merely trying to unite Somalia by taking advantage of the nation’s common faith

    19 – The regime refused to allow independent investigation by SEMG thus continuing the sanctions regime on the Eritrean people (al-shabab massacred civilians in Nairobi few weeks ago)

    Reason – The regime claims that it is being punished for being a “bad example of good” to the rest of Africa

    20 – The regime instituted special courts in Eritrea to bypass the civil/high courts

    Reason – the regime claimed that corruption was wide spread and hence had to deal with cases severely.

    21 – Thousands are in jail without a day in court

    Reason – The regime claims they’re security threats

    22 – The UN is poised to take additional punitive measures against Eritrea on account of the regime’s human rights violations. Evidences of participation in the Eritrean human trafficking saga by its officials has been deposited at the UN by its special rapporteur, awaiting verification by gaining access to Eritrea

    Reason – the regime states that it would not allow investigation as it has ulterior motives

    23 – Tens of thousands of Eritreans are in refugee camps in many countries

    Reason – the regime said “it is not a big problem”

    24 – Many Eritreans are exposed to horrific deaths at seas, deserts and borders of would be host countries

    Reason – the regime claims the USA is engaged in the human trafficking of Eritreans

    25 – The regime mismanages the economy by running it from the President’s office with no national budget

    Reason – the regime says it has unique economic practice that is not explicable standard international practice.

    26 – Water supply and electricity are in shortages

    Reason – the regime says that people need to go to where the water is and need to put up with the lack of electricity

    27 – The nation is facing crisis and the regime doesn’t tolerate criticism

    Reason – the regime states that any criticism can only be coming from CIA, Eritrean sellouts and woyane.

    So, Nitricc, please help us out here by showing us which of the above and more problems of Eritrea would be made better by us discussing the border.


    • haile

      … after reading the above, I insist you and everyone listen to the world’s greatest ever speech here;



      • Abrham

        Soldier Nitricc

        This is for you man!! you are clever but not kind.That’s why your blind hate reveals when you read the word “Tigray”. And Support a dictator whose plan “B” for the border issue is let the people of Eritrea perish.

        Indeed the greatest speech!!

    • Papillon

      Dear Haile,

      You’re a radioactive. You are causing a fallout in PFDJ’s turf. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


    • Nitricc

      Haile I am going to ask you simple questions and I expect you to answer me with an absolute truth.
      I understand you are trying to be diplomatic and all that with the Tigryans, I understand that, as of me, I suck in diplomacy. Because diplomacy is nothing but an art of lie and deceit.
      Now, I am going to ask you and your answer will tell me who Haile is.
      If the Tigryans won’t refuse to implement the border
      Do you think Isaias could have done what you are telling us did?
      If the Tigryans won’t hold us hostage, do you think what happens in Lampudusa would have happened?
      Out of the list you have how many of them are directly a result of The Tigryans refusal of the border demarcation?
      Haile I respect you and I expect you to tell me as is.

      • haile


        Let me recap some facts:

        1 – Soon after independence, Eritreans were so proud of what they had achieved and started to pour everything into their country. In the words of Mr. Kibrom Dafla, head of 09 at the time, the country was awash with hard currency the people were bringing in and at times they had to tell people to wait from bringing equipment, machinery and transport vehicles until their feasibility studies were considered for the businesses that they intended to invest on. Many put down payments for housing and it was a granted thing to do to exchange your hard currency either at the central bank or other PFDJ or privately run Forex dispensaries (there were close to 30 only in Asmara).

        2 – Eritrean youth fought valiantly during the war and businesses were paying employee who were serving the nation at the front lines. The diaspora poured tremendous amount of money to the regime. The world was taken aback to witness the sheer power of the Eritrean people to not only overheat an economy that came out of 30 years of war but virtually sustain and overcome hugely costly border war.

        3 – The end of the war not only brought peace treaty but also the placement of UNMEE along the border to prevent further conflict. This however created an unwelcome presence of strangers to the regime of IA that was planning to implement a wide spread destruction of the Eritrean society.

        4 – Sure enough the regime first blocked fuel to the UNMEE, this was followed by the expulsion of Western nationality members of UNMEE and finally the ejection of the whole mission stating that there was no further reason for their existence.

        Now then Nitricc, if as you state Tigray was holding us hostages, wouldn’t it make sense to let and strengthen the mandate of the UNMEE?

        5 – Soon after the ejection of the UNMEE, the regime intensified the threat of war propaganda, allowed wanted terrorists into the country, turned the country into an international outcast and made life unbearable to Eritreans.

        The UNMEE was externally financed by the goodwill of the international community towards the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. The regime, scumbag that it is, squandered all of that.

        Today Eritreans are described as boat people, a word coined for the Vietnam refuges at the height of their distress.

        The Eritrean people stood no chance whatsoever. They were ambushed from inside. Corrupt army commanders turned their guns on them and greedy/coward diaspora gave political cover and IA run for a kill. Today there is nothing you can do to salvage this regime. Its reputation with al-shabab is rendering it liability to any self respecting nation and people to take its side. Its refusal to have investigations into the involvement of its ranks in human trafficking of Eritreans has rendered it the most heinous regime in the eyes of the world.

        If Tigray was the problem, the world did actually offer to pay for its personal security guard protection (UNMEE:). The Eritrean people and their distraction was however the main thing on the agenda, hence the counter intuitive action in that regard.

        Please square that circle for us and we can see how fair you are…


        • Nitricc

          Haile can you address the questions please. I will get to it, I just wanted direct answers for the questions I have stated, please.

        • haile

          …before I forget, virtually none of Eritrea’s problems are due to to border. The use of the border as a pretext is the actual problem.


          • Nitricc

            So, what is the cause of the assumed border pretext? You can do it , you are almost there. There must be a reason, what is it?

          • Araya

            Don’t bother the man has neither the character nor the principal to deal with your honest and to the point inquiry. What is even equally preposterous is he told you
            “The use of the border as a pretext is the actual problem”
            The above statement answers all of your questions. That is the whole point.
            Haile will never have the courage to answer your inquires directly, however, safe to say he has answered you unconsciously. I am telling you this guy started as pro GeO and pro the border issue, then overnight he turned in to staunch opposition and now, he is pro weyane-Tigray. I am wondering what is next.
            I cannot stand people who have no stand.
            Haile get a life.

          • haile


            It appears that you didn’t get to follow my discussion with Sabri on the very question “why the pretext” that we had some months back.

            The reason for the pretext was the need to hold on to power AND abuse the nation’s resources for personal gain. Refusing to give a transparent account of one’s dealings is not an alibi for evading the veracity of a legitimate accusations.

            The regime was able, because of the pretext, to subject the youth to endless labor with little pay to implement public projects that were financed through loans and grants. If you know much about life in Eritrea, you would not miss how military commanders control large sections of man power and means of production. These corrupted officers signed up to the racket of embezzlement.

            Let me illustrate with an example. Take the construction of Massawa airport for example. The World bank loaned Eritrea (that the nation is now responsible to settling) $30 million, the Italian government loaned $21 million and the regime was expected to offset $6 million (a total of &57 million project). Most of the spending for that project was claimed under “civil works” in the report that is made available by the World Bank. The regime had its own companies to complete the “civil work” which of course were National Service.

            Now here is a direct accusation: The amount of money paid to the national service workers was significantly less than what was declared for “civil works” to the World Bank. The regime will not make this information available (mind you, only its side of information on how much in total it paid to the national service – what it claimed is available via world bank).

            Now suppose that the regime didn’t have the border pretext, what would be the grounds for forcing the young to slave away indefinitely?

            Many and many projects were embezzled like that. The Med school took a loan of $17 million from the Chinese, the enda korea housing complex was part of large scale human resource development loan from the WB of $100 million. Why were the homes sold to diaspora – unofficially. Because the WT is made to think that the Eritreans in Eritrea were given affordable housing!

            The regime was able to bankrupt the nation to its current state of contraband economy, a devastated youth that earn us the name boat people, a pariah state under sanctions and international isolation, no water and no electricity! The regime also obtained millions of dollars for upgrading water and electricity services, yet the regime has now told you that it is incapable of meeting basic demand. Today, Eritrea imports less than have of fuel volume it did some 16 years ago, electricity demand only grew marginally over the last 15 years, yet supply nose dived substantially.

            Nitricc, the regime can only depend on people who have little real connection with Eritrea to push its murderous policies. When you said “let it burn”, I have many many many family and friends there (unlike Araya who is a moonlight patriot:), that sends shivers down my spine to even contemplate that. But, that may be Ok for some one who only counts on Eritrea for dance nights and wishy washy nationalism.

            The border pretext was used to emasculate Eritreans to serve brutal dictatorship. This why I argued with many in the opposition that the resolution of the border would take away that excuse. However, it is too late now, the regime is in deep crisis and can’t utilize that pretext effectively any more. Hence, the dynamics on the ground has shifted and I still believe the border issue (as an important aspect of state definition) would need to be resolved as per what is laid down by treaty. However, its political capital has now expired and is only useful in YPFDJ and mekhete get together. You have seen how the regime rep. Gerahtu was slammed down by the entire panel of UN HR commision…it is a spent one.


        • Papillon

          Dear Haile,

          Awate team hit the jackpot the day you walked in to Awate.com. I am afraid Nitric and the MAPFDJ (as in Middle Age PFDJ) Araya are not your league. No wonder they are foot-soldiers of Isaias. As Spaghetti Western has it, “Hang them, hang them high.” Not literally of course.

          • Nitricc

            Haile I will get back to you. Let me think it over.

            Paplion please stay out of this. If you can add any value please do, if not go to your chaildish dearest John Doe and to dearest jan whatever you do to kiss thier rear end .
            I know you are having sleepless times because your currputed Weyane and backward Ethiopia is the subject.

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    The African Union Commission has declared November 03, the Continental Day of Mourning to honor the tragedy at Lampedusa.



    • Hailat,

      Once more this tragedy will recorded in the archives of AU as the worst tragedy of Eritrean escapees (escaping from the iron grip of dictator) in the history of Africa.

    • Serray

      Selamat Haile,

      Now we will wait and see how long it will take the dictator to declare a day of mourning in eritrea. I mean, the victims are almost all eritreans and if africa is giving them one, you expect the dummy to do the same. This monkey once lectured the AOU; now they are probably looking at him in amazement saying to themselves “how does this talking monkey managed to stay in power this long?”.

      Talking about monkeys, I wonder when the hamburger version of the regime are going to raise the issue. They are probably playing video games and stuffing their faces with junk food while falling asleep on the sofa to even notice the devil they worship is hiding; I bet you some of them are not even aware of lampedusa.

  • Nitricc

    I have never figured it out why the oppositions are not only easily swayed and amused but they act like a child in a candy store. Here we are again the oppositions are counting down the Callapse of PIA and his government. Till you figured it out what made the government stand in a first place then don’t bother predicting the end of the era. Now, what is so traumatic if one singer chosed to make a living working in a parking lot or sing in a run down restaurant in Oakland, a mother of ghatto in Cali? Nothing. As an artist he should have stayed clear of politics. He is not PFDJ singer, his Eritrean artist.
    Stop the crazy stuff and find him work.

    • jonas

      I will tell you what made the government stand, stifling control, you can not buy a cell phone without a government approval , movements are restricted unless you have a permit , there are spies even within your own family let alone schools and cafes, ask recent visitors who came back from Eritrea , they will tell you fear is what Eritreans breath in and out everyday in their lives. What is astonishing is even after reaching the shores of the west and in relative safety after being granted refugee status , Eritrean refugees are very reluctant to talk about the government.

  • Sami

    Weditkabo, if what we hear is true. Please rewrite your famouse song “yegermenalo” .Yegermenalo about PFDJ

  • haile

    Selamat all

    Lampedusa protests, Agrigento services and Rome remembrance by Eritreans….the word is that the young in Eritrea see no hope and hence are leaving in droves: (about 2min)



  • Papillon

    ህግደፍ ሰረቕቲ

    Important announcement from
    Eritrean Community Cultural Civic Center of Oakland

    The ECCCC of Oakland, in an effort to satisfy the wishes of its community bought a
    spacious community Center. In order to help reduce the expenses of this newly
    purchased building, ECCCC planed two months prior to the tragic accident in Lampedusa
    that has claimed so many Eritreans with the help of the Eritrean cultural troupe Salina
    that came all the way from back home for October 26th
    2013. This tragic incident in
    Lampedusa has brought so much anguish and heartache on all of us Eritrean. Thus given
    this great sorrow we all fell for the dearly departed, the survivors and the family of the
    deceased, this pre-planed event of October 26th
    with Salina Band has been postponed for
    another day yet to be announced.

    Efforts to retune the remains of our brothers and sisters to their final resting place in their
    birth place of Eritrea with great diligence of the Government of Eritrea and its people has
    not been concluded as of yet. Nevertheless, Eritreans residing in Italy have designated
    Monday October the 21st
    as a day of internal prayers for our dearly departed brothers and
    sisters and while commanding them for their initiative to remember and mourn them, we
    say to them that we are all with you. We would also like to take this opportunity to let
    you know that have our own internal prayer service at our ECCCC of Oakland CA.

    Place for internal prayers:
    ECCCC of Oakland
    Date: Monday October 21th, 2013
    Time: 7፡00PM

  • Guhuy Eritreawi


    Does any body know “Ba’alege” Haile Abraham? Please read his message (below).

    1. While it is known to the whole world that 368 Eritreans died in Lampedusa, this
    man has the nerve to say 100 Eritreans. I am saddened to the limit.

    2. Instead addressing the cause of the problem, this man is trying to shift the
    somewhere else.

    Does anyone know who this person is?

    Please read below

    From: Haile Abraham
    Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 21:32:36 -0400

    October 20, 2013

    Since that fateful day of October 3rd, 2013, when about 100 young Eritreans lives perished at the hands of the notorious human trafficker in Lampedusa, Italy, many Eritreans have been grieving deeply and are still wondering how so many of our young citizens could vanish in a single night and in one over crowded boat. Right after the incidence, the Western media went on its new blitz to highlight the “drowning of mostly Eritreans” just to score its usual cheap shot of propaganda on the Eritrean government, pretending to speak on behalf of the victims as “escapees running away from a repressive regime.”

  • Papillon


    Talk of the town has it that, Wedi Tqabo headed straight to the nearest immigration office and asked to talk to an officer. The officer availed himself and asked Wedi Tqabo what was it that he wanted, and Wedi Tqabo said, “I want to defecate.” The officer led him to the washroom right down the hallway. Hope you found it funny.

  • MG


    if you the Ethiopians(Tegaru) leave and left Eritrea and the Eritrean people alone since log time a go NItricc and Eritrea would have left you and your Ethiopia alone. Nitricc did not came to your house/website(AIGA Form), you did. this is to all you Tegaru could you mind your business and leave Eritrea and its people alone for once, until you do that it will never ever will be peace and harmony among Eritreans and Tegaru. just learn to mind your Business then we can be friends with good brotherly neighbors. Just a reminder incase you forgot your blunder in Eritrean Business.

    • jonas

      it is the half Tegaru dictator who uses Ethiopia as a threat so he can steps every head in the name of security.

    • Hawi

      General Franks, on several visits here, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, during a visit last December, have held long talks with Afewerki. “The meetings were superb,” Afewerki told me. “I mean that they were frank, without pretensions or flattery on either side. I share the strategic view of the Americans in the region. French forces in Djibouti have been a stabilizing factor, and U.S. troops will add to that. You need outside powers to keep order here. It sounds colonialist, but I am only being realistic.” Issias afwerki (http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200304/kaplan/2 )

  • Abinet

    Nitricc, ante netraka ,don’t you think 30 universities are better than one SAWA boot camp ?Do you miss Asmara University? In the old good days ,it used to be a great place to learn until your good for nothing dictator distoryed it . He thinks a university is an enemy camp that should be distryed.

  • Serray

    Selamat everyone,

    The Italian government seems erratic even by Italy’s chaotic governing style. Canceling the state funeral the prime mister promised, burying the dead in places far from lampedusa, barring the survivors from attending this ceremony, making the identification and claiming process almost impossible for relatives, it just doesn’t make sense. Even the mayor of lampedusa was complaining about the change of plans.

    If it is true isaias has friends in the italian government; dirty politicians might be taking advantage of the chaos to move things around. Taking all these actions together, and given the fact that each of these actions resulted in taking the attention away from the victims, I think some his friends are messing this thing on purpose to help their client, the pimp in hiding. Unlucky for them, eritreans are not what we used to be; slowly but surely we are finding our voices.

    Here is an article on Worldcrunch; it perfectly sums up what we are to the italians and to isaias as follows:

    “It’s the perfect end to a non-story, made up of non-men, non-women, and especially non-children. They’re just numbers lowered down at random into the stomach of the universe. Wasted. Without any distinction”.

    What makes the pfdj even more repulsive is, they might take this as a victory and, when no one is looking, they might be giving themselves high fives. But, even if the victims are “non-men, non-women…non-children” to the regime, the world or the italian government, they are not to us or to their families. I hope we do something about it.


    May they rest in peace.


    [Moderator: Rahel, your intention might be good, but we do not encourage people to speak on behalf of a third party on their own. You posted the same copy under different names (one of them Yonas)… no one will take you seriously]

    WANTED. The victimis of Pampedusa Italy are calling an XXXXXX XXXXX for any person living inside ERITREA. XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX .This call is for soldiers ,special security ,pilots (civilian ,airforce)doctors ,restaurant bar owners ,to help end the misery of ERITREA. ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    • RAHEL

      I ONLY POSTED by my name ,i live in houston tx,you better ck the writting .you ommitted the most important word (INDIVIDUAL)i am not happy about that .ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    • Yonus

      I am the one posted the same comment from Assena, because I like the comment. I don’t even know who Rahel is. I live in Colorado. I think you should post the whole message, it is loosing the meaning of the phrase.

  • haile

    Selamat saay and all

    Tagging…hmmm:) It is reported that there has been protest at the presence of the regime representative at the memorial service today! Video…



    • saay

      Selamat awatistas:

      Here’s Reppublica TV for those of you who understand Italian. One of the signs (a demand that the surviviors attend was in English.)



      PS: Here’s google translate of the news summary: “In Rome, 350 Ethiopians and Eritreans have gathered in Rome for a prayer vigil to remember the dead compatriots in the shipwreck on October 3, off the coast of Lampedusa. Just today in Lampedusa there will be a funeral ceremony. At the numerous signs also reads “Respect the Dublin Convention” or the law of the European Union on respect for the right of asylum.”

  • saay

    Selamat awatistas:

    Here’s an excerpt Aljazeera (English) report on the Agregento Memorial Service:

    “A memorial has been held in Sicily for migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this month, but survivors of the disaster, being held on the island of Lampedusa, were unable to attend the service.”


    “Survivors of the tragedy however held a sit-in at Lampedusa refugee centre in protest against being unable to attend the memorial for the victims in Sicily.

    “We have lost wives, children. Why won’t the authorities let us attend the ceremony, to grieve and say goodbye?” one of dozens of Eritreans protesting told SKY TG24 television.

    “Al Jazeera’s Simon Mc Gregor-Wood, reporting from the island of Lampedusa said that the survivors held their own memorial on the island and that it was “very moving” with Muslim and Christian Eriteans joining in prayer together.”



    • haile

      Hi Saay

      Here is about 1min video related to the funeral today:



      • saay

        Oh Hailat:

        You are pretty good at tagging videos (length, subject) but that video should come with a warning. SO YOUNG!


      • saay

        Haile and awatistas:

        Banner carried by Eritreans (sp?): La presensa del regime eritreo offend I defuntie mette in pericolo I soppravissuti. Google translate says: “the presence of the Eritrean regime offends the dead and it places in indefinite danger the survivors.”

        I know the banner is for the regime presence in Italy…but that applies, anywhere, doesn’t it? ESPECIALLY IN ERITREA: PFDJ offends the dead and endangers the living.


  • Woldai

    ወዲ ሰብ ኩሉ ካብ’ዛ ዓለም እዚኣ ብዝኾነ ይኹን ምኽንያት ክሓልፍ እንተሎ ብኽብሪ ክስነ ባህላዊን ንቡርን ግቡእን እዩ ስለዝኾነ ድማ ኣብ ዓዶም ተስፋ ቐቢፆም ዋላ ኣብ መንገዲ ስደት ቦዙሓት ይሞቱ ከምዘለዉ እንዳፈለጡ ናብ ኣፍ ሞት ምኻድ መማረፂኦም ኮይኑ!ንቡር ንምፍፃም ካብ ኩሉ ኩርናዓት ዓለም ናብ ኣግሪጌቶ ምኻድ ግቡእ እዩ። እዚ ንበይኑ ግን ናይ ዓድኹምን ህዝብኹምን ክብሪ ትሕልዉ ኣለኹም ማለት ኣይኮነን። ምኽንያቱም እቲ ነዚ ምኽንያት ኮይኑ ዘሎ መፍትሒ ኣይረኸበን ዘሎ! ኣነ ከም ትግራዋይ እዚ ይኣክል ኢልኩም ከም ሓደ ዜጋ እዚ ኣብ ዓድኹም ዘሎ ዘስካሕክሕ ኩነታት ለይትን ቀትርን ከይሰልኬኹም ዘብቃዓሉ ምኽንያት እንተትደልዩ እዩ ንህዝብኹም ናብ መንገዲ ክብሪ ክትመርሑ እትኽእሉ።

    መንግስትኹም ኣብ ልዕሊ እቲ ንቓሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝካኣሎ ዝገበረ ኣብ ልዕሊ ወያነ ክዘምት ከሎ ፣ውግእ ኣብ ዘየድልየሉ እዋን ውግእ እንዳተወለዐ፤ኩነታት ናብ ሕማቕ ገፁ የምርሕ ከምዘሎ ተረዲኦም ዝሓተቱ ኣብ እስሪቤት ከምጨው እንዳሓቐቑ ወዘተ ሱቕ ኢልኩም ሪኢኹም! ሕጂ ድማ መራሒኹም ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ሓደገኛ ኣካይዳ ማዓዝ ከምዘብቅዕ ኣብ ዘይተፈለጠሉ እዋን እውን እንተኾነ ካብዘረባ ሓሊፍኩም ዋላ ሓንቲ ትገብሩ የለኹምን! ኣነ ከም ጎረቤትኩም፣ሓውኩምን ናይ ህዝቢ ክብሪ ዝሕሉ ብሕግን ስርዓትን እትምራሕ ዓዲ እንተመስሪትኩም ጥራሕ እዩ። ናይ ዓድኹም ኩነታት ናብ ሕማቕ የምርሕ ኣሎ! ዓድኹም ቆራፅ ዝኾነ መስዋእቲ የድልያ ኣሎ! ኣብዝሕጂ እዋን ኤርትራ ኣብዝዓበ ሓደጋ ኣላ’ሞ እዚ ሓደጋ’ዚ ቀልጢፍኩም ጠጠው ካብ ምባል ሓሊፉ ካሊእ መማረፂ የለን! እንተፀኒሑ ንኹላትና ሓደጋ እዩ!

    • haile

      ሰላማት ወልዳይ

      ብሓቁ እዚ ኣብ ኤርትራ ተፈጢሩ ዘሎ ኩነታት፡ ናብ ሓደጋ ዘምርሕ ዘሎ ዘይኮነ’ስ፡ ኣብ ወሽጢ ሓደጋ ሸሚሙ መዋጽኦ ዝጠልብ ዘሎ ጉዳይ እዩ። ምስ’ዚ ስርዓት ደው ኢልና ዝብሉ ዘለዉ ውልቀሰባት ድማ፡ ውዒልካ ምሕዳር ከም ህላወ ዝንየቱሉ፡ ከንቱ ስኒ-ሞጎት እዩ። እቶም ብውልቅን ብጉጅለን ቆራጽ ተበግሶታት ክወስዱ ዝጸንሑ ኣካላት፡ ከምዚ ኩሉ ዝተዓዘቦ፡ ኣብዚ ናይ እዋንና ሕማቕ ተረኽቦ እውን፡ ነቲ ዓኒዩን ተነጺዩን፡ ክንዮ በዳዕ መልሓስ ካልእ ጣቋ ዝጸንቀቀ ስርዓት ከምዘየሎ ኣልዮም፡ ኣለይቲን፡ ወከልትን፡ መራሕትን ህዝባዊ ንጥፈታት ኮይኖም ተራእዮም እዮም።

      ኩነታት ኤርትራ እንትርፎ ብሱር በተኽ ለውጢ ዘመዝግብ ኣብ ርእሲ’ዚ ስርዓት ዝውሰድ ደምሳሲ ተበግሶ፡ ብዝኾነ ይኹን ካልእ ኣማራጺ ክፍታሕ እብዘይክእለሉ ኩነታት ኣትዩ እዩ። መራሕቲ’ዚ ስርዓት፡ ብዕድልን መጻእን እዛ ሃገርን፡ ናይ ከባቢ ኣህዛብን እናተጣዑ ኣመት ድራሮም ክምእርሩ እንተዘይኮይኑ፡ ካብ ሕጂ ንደሓር ዝኾነ ይኹን ተበግሶ ይኹን ፍታሕ ናይ ምምጻእ ዓቕሞም ማህሚኑን ጨሪሱ መኺኑን እዩ። ካብዚ ሓሊፉ፡ ህላወኦም ናይ ምርግጋጽ ተኽእሎ፡ ብውሽጥን ደገን ዓንዩ እዩ። ኤርትራ ናይዚ ዝመጽእ ናይ መሰጋገሪ ኩነት ኣዝዩ ልዑል ዝኾነ ኣህጉራውን ዓለም-ለኸኣውን፡ ሓገዝ ከድልያ እዩ። እብዚ ሕጂ እዋን ናብዚ ምዕራፍ መቐይሮ ክመርሑ፡ ሓያሎ ሃገራውያን ኤርትራውያን ይንቀሳቀሱ ኣለዉ። እቲ ስርዓት ብሰላማዊ ኩነታት ክብረት ህዝብን ሃገርን ከይተፈታተነ ዝእለየሉ ድልየት ኣየርኣየን ዘሎ። እዚ እብ ግምት ብምእታው ድማ፡ እታ ባሑጊጋ ትብንቁሮ ጽፍዒት እብ ምቹእ እዋንን ቦታን ክትውሰድ እያ። ከም’ቲ ባዕሉ ዝብሎ “ደጊፎም እንተላሀዩዋ፡ ዘላ መሲሉዋ” ስለ ዝኾነ ነገራቱ፡ ትዕግስቲ ከድልየና እዩ።


    • Nitricc

      I was expecting Haile to tell as Is but I guess the defender of the truth Nitricc has to do the job.
      If wasn’t for you and for your government by refusing what you agree for, none of this could have happened and we will never let happen. But you and dishonest government is directly responsible for this all misery. Trust me, get the hell out of the Eritrean land and see how long Isaiass can last.
      You people are our sources of misery, our source of pain. Why can’t get out of the land that you occupied illegally and see what happens. What tick me off is you have the nerve to come here and lectured me about being a good neighbor and all that carb. If I were you, I worry about being a Tigryan in Ethiopia than Eritrean problem all to gather.
      Now, get out of the Eritrean land and mind your own business.
      Haile so much you stand for the border.

  • L.T

    Oh,What a “Yodita Haftey,Papi Mearey,Hayat Natey is this?You can only write like this comment in a lifetime.
    What is the Edaga Haile Hamus,Dancer Areza and Tesfom Saleh Ferrovia Asmarino Style?
    I like Amharik love songs with Zibib Araki,Axumite kingdom/100-600 AD/Asmera /1200-1300/,Mussolini,Saba Sabina,Jebena,cockereles(Ku Ku Ku Lu)fresh fish fm Massawa,Injera Taff,Quantta drying meat,Nigdet,Timket,beles and mahzel.

    To Tamrat Tamrat:-
    “Egypt couldn’t put up dams out of its own pocket.Where are we supposed to find the funds for our dams?”
    As soon as the work on the dams is done,
    Wealth will accrue to everyone!The Emperor by Ryszard Kapuscinski..page 130.

    “The Emperor’s lions,locked in their daily portion of meat.P 164

    The Ethiopia Herald

    Addis Abeba ,August 28,1975.Yesterday Haileselassie I the former Emperor of Ethiopia,died.The cause of death was circulatory failure.

  • L.T

    Out of the books from left to right

    “When a barking dog comes charging at you,you throw at him a piece of bone to mollify him”Then the whole group went to the Emperor.Page – 275,Dr Seyoum Haregot in “The Bureaucratic Empire.

    “Thank you”I said,shaking his hand.Page-222.Dr Bereket Habteselassie in “The crown and The pen.
    Lamedusan Popillonen doing good.

  • Abinet

    Dear papillon ,I just read your response to daw it and genre .you are the best .

  • L.T

    There’s no doubt that I ‘ll go to Lamedusa,but it will be at same time in future,when it is God’will.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear all,
    I would suggest using this thread to strictly and exclusively to post info and announcements related to the funeral and our participation thereof. How can we make it so loud and visible? How can we make it a convergence gravity point of honoring the victims while using it as a spring board for messaging the truth around the event? Although it might be too late to get it ready for the DAY, can we collect commentaries, photos (of the victim), poems, cartoons and compile for publication to be circulated at the funeral place (post event) and all over the world, possibly (we can use the network structure of aArbi nHarnet to smuggle copies to Eritrea)? Can we plan about dispatching and funding a team to produce a brief documentary on stories of the victim?
    I am worried of our human weaknesses of settling down our emotions and sending important events such as this one to a back-burner until we are provoked by another tragedy.
    Although I am mindful that the mother solution is “weeding out the beast” altogether, there should be certain things that we can do to minimize such tragedies and handle it in gracefully and in an organized manner should it happen in the future. For example, can we set up a shuttling team in Italy, Egypt and Israel- since those seem to be most frequented entry points- (or revitalize if there is an existing one) to respond to such disasters and manage them in a dignified manner that reflects our values as a society and the dignity the victims deserve?
    I would insist this particular thread be dedicated for such ideas.

    • haile

      Hi Hayat,

      That is an excellent point and couldn’t agree more. Also, the organizational and response capabilities that are developed through such efforts leave a legacy beyond the resolution of the problem that necessitated their invention. In other words, they are assets in themselves. For example, all of the diaspora Eritrean organizational structures were the legacy of the independence struggle era. True, the regime never added a single dime to it except to reduce it a a pure cash cow and grounds for breeding divisive and polarizing discourse among Eritreans in the diaspora. Given the backwardness of the regime, if it wasn’t for the legacy of the work done by Eritreans during the armed struggle period, the regime would never have created a small hub of gathering place by itself.

      The main bottle neck, however, appears to be the time, money and energy commitment. Small scale activists can easily be inundated by the complexity and scope of the job once they sit to actually implement it. They also have to deal against highly frustrating and dubious diaspora that puts the self above anything else. What is interesting to me is that, the legacy of such organization from the armed struggle era may still be there to depend on after the regime is gone. It appears the regime may fall down before much of a united front is set up, and in the absence of a new set of organizing tools and themes, we may still have to fall back on the only thing that we have.

      Most of the things that you outline could have been implemented easily and in co-ordinated manner without much ado, but it seems things are failing at the implementation level. I know this is not to say that there are no individuals and small group of activists who are doing great work, yet as a national issue, it could have been done in a bigger, better and highly organized fashion.

      Thanks for the reminder though!


      • Why not crowd map all this incidents with names and reports … it gives awareness and credibility to the magnitude of the problem. Need the underlying data and story to convince people of your argument. Why not crowdmap all the incidents with the names and the stories. Do you/we even know the name of the people who persihed? Do we care? If we do why isn’t it being tracked? It is the least a group of concerned citizens can do. Here is a free tool that takes seconds to setup and start

        It might even help track survivors and connect families. We built this for migrant abuse in the Middle East using the same tool
        Maybe this way you can put a name to the faces … just an idea

  • Papillon

    Dears Dawit and Gebre,

    You have raised a valid point. My intention was not to allude to the “fact” that outright cruel authoritarianism invariably exhibited by leaders is a direct reflection of their failure in their private life. Even though one can get tempted to come to that conclusion when history attests that two of the notorious leaders of the twentieth century happened to be a failed artist and a drop out from a School of Seminarian (read: Hitler and Stalin respectively).

    Dawit throws a sort of hypothetical curve where he challenges us if the notable and successful entrepreneurs of the twenty first century who happened to have dropped out from colleges would have turned into maniacal dictatorship had they gone into politics. My answer is: I don’t know. However, in the business world particularly in a system which celebrates and sanctifies a motto “winner takes it all”, those who are with a Machiavellian bent do well where one would assume that, the said entrepreneurs are ruthless with no moral qualms what so ever in the strict sense of the word. To be more precise, when cut-throat is the buzz word of the day, when profit and more profit is an end by itself, one would be terribly misplaced if one extends a faint heart in that kind of intensely competitive world.


    • belay

      That is why i like SAAY,he also says the +ve side of  him(isayas) to be fair.personally ,i hate what he (Nesu) does,his cruelity,gruges etc.But about his univercity ,drop out thing,it could be,because of his involvment in politics as well,or any thing.At the end of the day,Isays put 60% of the Eritrean population on his belt, ofcourse with ELF and delivered Eritrea to the people.you can’t take away that from him.Now oviously he is sick in the head.He might need help in any means possible.

  • What is the point We aren’t arguing about Mr.Isaias level of education. Even the expierence he had would be plus to lead our country to peace, security,prosspority. As my veiw his intention,his charactor,his curelity,his personality,his hard corness,his self prideness.etc.is the problem with DIA. My honest advice is lets save our country by forcing him out from power. And lets bring some one humble, wise brave,geniune.etc. There is no need to waste our time argueing in this matter. Thank.

  • Papillon

    Dear Cyber Cure,

    All props to Awate-land for accommodating spectrum of views where some of them are thought provoking. Yours surely is not an exception. Heads up however is in order. Rabid dogs of Isaias are still on the loose. They will call you a Weyane stooge in a Trojan horse. Invariably, one of them will show you a sign that will direct you to “Andnet.com” as if they own a license to silence the veracity of truth. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If a man wants to change the world, he should first start with himself.” I concur. Change of an attitude will bear fruit of a different outcome for what we have tried so far has been in vain.


    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Hi Papillon,
      You quoted Ghandi, ““If a man wants to change the world, he should first start with himself.”

      Let me give you one from the Qura’an: Surrat’Al Ra’ad (13:11):
      “Allah changeth not the condition of a folk until they (first) change that which is in their hearts.”

      • Kokhob Selam

        and me this is the way i understand it.

      • Papillon

        Dear SGJ,

        I sure don’t mean to second guess Mahatma Gandhi but he might have taken the quote attributed to him from the Holy Book. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.




      My love & respect as usual, this is your brother the former Singapo Eritrean ,Yugoslavo -Eritrean aka M.HABTE.When we think of people or a nation we have to think broadly is my motto ,not to be named the brilliant of the year (I already awarded that to myself) ha..hga..ha..but when Kunamas eyes are poked so are the eyes of Dimbezan & guHiChaAA were my relatives reside..I understand this principle thanks to north American & European democratic philosophy ,” If I want to defend my relatives of evil ,I must defend the “gwanot” /strangers that I do not know .God , I am really brilliant ,how do I gey more brilliant by the minute !!! ha..ha..ha

      my love & respect

      • CYBER CURE

        correction …I am really brilliant ,how do I gey more brilliant by the minute !!! ha..ha..ha is not correct ..
        -the correct sentence is..I am really brilliant ,how do I get more brilliant by the minute !!! ha..ha..ha

  • Papillon


    A failed and drop out electronics student who was commonly known as Saloth Sar* for a given name later on in his life told his people (read: victims) that, “To destroy you is no loss, to preserve you is no gain.” The failed and drop out Engineering student Isaias is echoing the same eerie mantra as the three hundred fifty seven souls are crossing over to a better world. May their souls rest in peace.

    *Pol Pot. It is short for Politique Potentielle. The name was given to him by one of the Chinese leaders.

    • Selam kibirty hafti, Papillon,

      I would not dismiss all college dropouts as criminals (losers) if that’s what you are suggesting.

      Many successful business men (perhaps women as well) of our time much less past philosophers and inventors are college dropouts who achieved fame and prosperity through ingenuity and hard work.

      The likes of:

      1. Bill Gates
      2. Mark Zuckerburg
      3. Michael Dell
      4. Shahid Balwa (Indian)
      5. Roman Abravomich (Russian)
      6.Amancio Ortega (Spain)
      7. Mohammad Al Amoudi (Ethiopian/Saudi Arabian).

      have no PhDs nor they have business degrees yet achieved fame and prosperity. The above list is not exhaustive.

      Pol Pot, Hitler, Issayas would have most likely been successful in business world had they chosen the business route as opposed to politics given their persuasive speech and leadership skills. Likewise, the Bill Gates, the Michael Dells and other self made college dropout millionaires and billionaires would have likely turned out to be the worst tyrants had they been born and grown up in African nations like Ethiopia or Eritrea. They would have unleashed their talent in such a way that others would have not only blindly followed them but also executed their orders. They would have ruled the countries with iron fist, punishing those who challenge their authority or stand in their way. Note that: This does not mean that I approve of Issayas’ or other’s tyranny.

      I can’t wait to see this evil despot die of natural causes. The devil we don’t know seems now to be better than the devil we know. Any alternative government is better than the status quo. We may see a total confusion, anarchy and disorder after the tyrant has gone; but, order comes after chaos (decay) in a social dynamics. Coming to order is societies natural state of being (I presume). So, we would rather see a brief chaos that 40,50 or 60 years of fear and humiliation. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” . It’s about time that PFDJ fears the looming mood of Eritreans all over the world. The people are now swearing to take vengeance on PFDJ.

    • Gebre

      Dear Papillon,

      You write nice comments; your English is beautiful too.
      But today your comment on failing and dropping out of a university raised my eyebrows. If you mean that was the reason for the Eritrean president to be a brutal dictator is very unlikely.

      You see, Papillon, I have seen many PhD hats sitting comfortably on wrong heads. Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has SEVEN academic degrees. The great writers like George Orwell and Maxim Gorky never made it to the gates of any universities. The universities that those wonderful and courageous people went through were the lives of the trodden people at the lowest strata of society.

      There is no direct relation between an academic appellation and being a good and passionate person. Unfortunately many crimes are committed by well-educated hypocrites. The Renaissance Popes and other well educated religious figures of all religions are good at preaching celibacy by day and sleeping with their concubines by night. To be a good person doesn’t necessarily demand university education.

      • Gebre,

        Right on spot. I don’t understand why Papillon default herself in to such argument. Every one has his/her areas of strength, though most people do not know exactly where their strengths are. For instance Churchill wasn’t good at school. When he struggled in school, he joined the Royal Military Academy. And lately he become a good statesman. Once people find where their strength they are always successful. Though Issayas wasn’t good at college, he found his strength in the struggle and that is “the ability to organize formidable organization” be it for good or bad. No one should underestimate his organizing skills. He is not winning by idea but by organizing skills.


    Fellow Eritreans & friends of Eritreans ,

    This has affected all of us, I truly did cry like a little girl as I see Eritreans the age of my son & younger siblings with their picture…..I will say what I have been saying for years ,We are responsible for these ..people 50 years old & older.
    We need to own our herrondeous mistakes…have a national dialogue.
    ኣሕዋተይን ደቀይን ዝኾንኩም___እቲ መፍትሒ ኣተሓሳስባና ምቕያር እዩ።
    እዛ ቅድሚ ነጻነትና፣ ሃብታ ብምውናንን ኣብ ማእከል ሃገራ___ካብ ትግራይ ክሳዕ ጎምጎፋ __ንግድታታ፣ካብ ዓበይቲ መካይንን ሪስቶራንተታትን ጋራጃትን ጀሚርካ ዝበለጸ ገዛውትን ፋብሪካታትን ብምውናን ብኮሎኒ ንገዝኣ ዝነበርና ___ ብደቃ ወያነን ሻዕብያን ኣብ 1993 ንዓና ንካንሰራ ቆሪጻ ነጻነታ ዝኣወጀት ኢትዮጵያ እስከ ንርኤ። ጨርቃም ነበር ኢትዮጵያ ፣እናሓደረት ብምዕባለ ቴክኖሎጂን ትምህርትን ት ሃጽጽ ዘላ እንታይ ስለ ዝቐየረት እዩ።ባንዴርኣ ስለ ዝቐየረት ድዩ ወይሲ መዛሙራ ፧ ኣይኮነን ኣሕዋተይ__ኣተሓሳስብኣ ስለ ዝቐየረት እዩ።
    እቲ ካባይ ጀሚርካ ንጨርቀሉን ነላግጸሉን ዝነበርና ውይይት ናይ ወያነ__ንሱ እዩ ኩነታት ቀይሩ።ጥሙይ ትግራዋይ ከብዱ ጀዊዑ እናተፋሕሰ ከሎ ምግቢ ቅድሚ ምሃቦም __ወያነ ብክፉትን ምሃርን ዝኾነ ውይይት ስለ ዘእመንዎ ብ2% ከየፋራርሑ ንዝሃደመ ውላድ ሕነ ንወላዲ 50. 000 ብምቕጻዕ ኣይበድህዎን እቲ ጉዳይ።____…..ስም መለስ ክልዓል እንከሎ ካብ ትግራዋይ ክሳዕ ከምባታን ኦሮሞን ወላይታን ማንም ከየገደዶም ዛባን መጻሕፍትን የልዕሉ ኣለዉ።ንሕናኸ ኣይንቐንእንዶ፧ ሓደራኹም ንሕሰበሉ።
    እዚ ናይ ላምፔዱሳ ግፍዓዊ ሓደጋ፣ኣብ ኮምፕዩተራትናን ኣብ ተሌቪዥናትናን ስለ ዝተዘርግሔ ኣሕዚኑና__
    ምስክናይ ዓፋርከ (ቀይሕ ባሕሪ ከም ፒሳ ፣to go ዝውሰድ ይመስል)__ባሕሪ ሒዝካ ክትከይድ ወጢንካ ተባሂሉ ኣብ ክንደይ ሑጻታት ዘይተደፍነ፣
    ኩናማ ሓውና___መልክዕ ናብራኻ ድሑር ስለ ዝኾነ ብዝብል ፍግሪ መሬቱ ንኳጃታት ህዝበ ትግርኛ ተዋሂቡ ንሱ ግን ማሕረድን ስደትን ዝተፈርዶ ህዝብናኸ_፧
    ባዕሉ ሻዕብያ ነታጒ ወጢኑ ምስ ኣባርዔ__ኣንታ ጂሃድ ኣስላማይ ንስኻ ዝፈጸምካዮ ኢሉ ንህዝብና ህዝቢ መታሕት ኣደዳ ማእሰርትን ማሕረድን ዝገበረ ናይ በረኸኛታት ስርዓትከ፧
    ኣሕዋተይን ኣሓተይን እታ ሓገዝ እንተረኸበት መሊሳ ትጠሚ ዝነበረት ኢትዮጵያ እትገብሮ ዘላ ትኣምራታት__ትማሊ ትማሊ ጃህራ ተመሲሓ ጉራ ትድረር ዝነበረት__ከምዚ ንሕና ሕጂ ናደው ይመስክር ዝብል ጉሓፍ ደርፍታት ንደርፎ፣ጨርቃም ኢትዮጵያ እውን__”ባሳየው ጀግንነት ባድዋም በማይጨው” ክትብል ጽሓይ ዝዓርባ ዝነበረት ሃገር እያ።ሕጂ ግን ነቶም ሕማማ ዝነበርና ፣ንዓና ንካንሰር ,,,ዝኾንና ኤርትራውያን፣ ናይ ሕሶት ነጻነት ተዅባ ንሳ ብምዕባለ ትውንጨፍ ኣላ።
    _____ብዘይ ባሕሪ ኤርትራ ኣይንበርን እዩ፣
    ኤርትራ ተቖሪጻ ማለት ክሳድና ተቖሪጽና ማለት እዩ (ክሳድና ዝተቖረጸስ ንሕና ድኣ ይባ)
    __ጸላኢና፣ሶሻሊዝምዶ ፊውዳሊዝም ወምበዴዎች__ ኣደይ ማርታ ዝነበረ ጉሓፍ ኣተሓሳስብኣ፣ዕድመ ንወያነ ናብ ቀዳማይ ጸላኢና ድኽነት እዩ ምስ ቀየረቶ ርኤይዋ ከመይ ትውንጨፍ ኣላ።ንሕናኸ ምኣስ ኢና ውይይት ንገብር እሞ እቲ ናይ ኣእምሮ ድኽነትና ንዕንግሎ ?????????

    ኢትዮጵያ ግን May 24 1993 ሓራ ስለ ዝወጻእኪ እዛ ዕለት እዚኣ ከይትርስዕያ !!!!!

    • Nitricc

      You not only short sighted in vision but your reasoning is corrupted to the core. If Ethiopia to mean Tigray ane Addis Abeba then you are toxic to the core to dismiss the rest of the Ethiopian people. Next time think before you write.

      • CYBER CURE

        Brother /sister Nitricc,

        I am assuming Tigrinya may not be your mother language & please allow me to make the over all point.This was not a blank check endorsment on Weyane or EPRDF..actually that was not even the core message!!!
        ..WEYANE & latter organized parties as EPRDF is a government & governments by nature are oppresive & do not give democracy in a birthday cake package…At times I feel like the Ethiopian govt. tips towards treating Eritreans fairly..while Amhara settlers being evacuated other kilils take a distance 2nd & I,in my routine brilliant comments have mentioned it.And You are right Tigray & Addis Ababa are not the only Ethiopia.Last time I checked Abay river was in Gojam & the admirable progress being done in Gonder ,Debremarikos , Oromia &surrounding .specially the rural areas..is not only happenning in Tigray & Addis Abeba .
        Nitricc, I am not sure how old you are ,I am 55 & can compare things & view them relatively..,I used Weyane because they was the organization helped Ethiopia change attitude & atleat economically & relative democracy seems the norm in the new Ethiopia.Does the government of Ethiopia favor Tigray & Addis Abeba ? I leave that to Ethiopians & I only make points to warm the Eritrean mind up to follow suit & have a national dialogue.
        Ethiopia ,since it’ s independence from Eritrean colony has shown such progress ,
        1)# 3 cofee exporter in the world beating Columbia
        2)#4 producer of Sesame in the world (# 1 in Africa)
        3)soon to inaugurate solar wind power biggest in sub saharan region
        4)from one lousy university close to 30..I need a dictionary to list all the progress..If all are in Tigray I stand corrected.
        And if they tilt slightly towards Tigray like one weyane Tegadalay said after some Ethiopians complained (just 6 monthes after Weyane ceased power)that all materials & riches are being directed towards Tigray..He stated…ድሓን ይበሉ ፣እቲ ክንስዋእ ከለና ዘየሰከፈና ሕጂ ርስዕቲ ትግራይና እንተተኻሕሰት ኣየሰክፈናን’ዩ በለ።
        ምንም እንኳን ኢትዮጵያ ከኤርትራ ኮሎኒ እና ስድብ ከተላቀቀች ብኋላ ኣማርኛው ቢረሳኝም ትርጉሙ___”በረሃ በሂወታችን ስንከፍል ያለ ሰቀቀን ስላረግነው፣ኣሁን,የተረሳችው ትግራይ የማተርያል ካሳ ብታገኝልን ሰቀቀን ኣይይዘንም” ኣለ።
        Please take the issue in a broader context & I am on your side that Weyane now EPRDF did not decent from heaven ,that is why I am telling fellow Eritreans & friends of Eritreans like yourself..have a positive envy ..this are the same ex-fellow citzens that were known as the beacon of hopelessness & now they are advancing ,of course with mistakes some intentional.

        Your’ s truly ,
        the almost always brilliant
        CYBER CURE

        • Nitricc

          Some times I wonder how things we evaluate. I am not going to tell you I know stuff, I don’t but I am a staunch student of Africa and how it operates.
          Now, let see Ethiopia, blessed with nutural resources, be it human, be it fertil land, be it water, you name it, Ethiopia have it.
          But what they do with it, instead of develop their own peopl and use the fertil land to feed themselves, they kick out the natives and sell the land to India or who ever bribes the most.
          Is this what you call development?
          Ethiopia’s entire economy is based on budgetary subliment by donors. Why can we be honest and call things as they are.
          You said they have 30 university. What is good then if you can’t produce the next generation youth that will take care the country. Every work is done by outsiders while the Ethiopians watch the outsiders work. If you have a country like Ethiopia gifted, in every meaning of the word and what is the point if you can’t use it by your people to your people?
          Work ethic is nonexistace
          Corruption is out of control
          Once the Indians get the hold of the country, Ethiopias will become second citizens in their own country as the Kenyans are.
          I can go all day but please don’t judge by highly flashy buildings and highly diluted educational system and of course Aid addicted economy to be egxamplery development for Africa. Tell me one thing Ethiopians do in their own?
          Nothing is done with out the green light of the USA.

          • rahwa

            nitric the acid mind your own business. leave Ethiopia to the Ethiopian.it is very funny a person from the failed state of Eritrea trying to analyze Ethiopian politics. Yeraswa arobat ye tamaslalech. Yilal yagere sew

          • Nitricc

            Rahwa the truth hurts, huh
            You said Eritrea is a failed state, really?
            How could Eritrea fails when tried nothing. Everything is on hold. And the Eritrean flag is a true flag worthy flying, poetically independent.
            Do you think your country will say no to the USA? Let alone to say no, your officials won’t eat their lunch with out an okay from state department.
            Trust me.
            Now, let me give you an advice. Since the Indians going to take over your country and about to become a second class citizen in your country, please learn an Indian language now. This will give you an edge within the rest of the populations.
            Get ready.
            Rahwa, one question you have 80 million man power and 30 university why not do the job your self rather giving every fertil land to outsiders?
            My bad I have to mind my own business.
            Hint, work ethic.