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General Uqbe Abraha

Wikaw Iz Without General Uqbe

EriTV has a slogan: Serving The Truth. Yet, the government-owned national television and its sister outlets rarely engage in serving the truth.  Erasing historical figures and events from the memory of Eritreans, and rewriting history to serve its political interest has become the primary preoccupation of the party that rules Eritrea unelected. The strategy has succeeded in confusing some Eritreans and still today there are few in the diaspora who consume its misinformation. For the overwhelming majority of Eritreans, however, the deceitful practices have become a source of embarrassment.

The government of Eritrea celebrated the 30th anniversary of Wikaw Iz on March 21-23, 2014. That victory was a turning point in the history of the Eritrean struggle; it signaled the beginning of the end of Ethiopian occupation. It is a landmark of Eritrean ingenuity, bravery and sacrifice and a source of pride for all Eritreans. No amount of fanfare will adequately reflect the importance of the event; and it should not be held against the government if it fell short; what should be held against it is the forgery and deceit.

The Eritrean government doesn’t have much use for any prideful event, heroic act, or historic victory if it doesn’t serve its own partisan interests, even if it is at the expense of our national pride, and the honor of those we remember as our martyrs with reverence. The total blackout on the name of General Uqbe Abraha was the most obvious and disheartening. How could one celebrate Wikaw Iz without mentioning the name of its heroes? It is like talking about the battle of Waterloo without the Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon, or remembering the battle of Togoruba without mentioning Abu Rejela. When remembering the victory of Wakaw Iz, no one can overlook the name of General Uqbe Abraha, the heroic commander who led the Eritrean forces to that victory which eventually paved the way to Eritrea’s independence. The story of Wikaw Iz cannot and must not  be told without its main character: General Uqbe Abraha.

On March 26, 2014, Ahmed Mohammed Nasser, who led the ELF in its glory days, when it liberated a large portion of Eritrea, died and was buried in Sweden. Ahmed fought for fifty years: first to rid Eritrea from the occupation of successive Ethiopian regimes and finally against the ruling party’s injustices. The regime doesn’t have the decency to acknowledge the death of an Eritrean hero and a popular leader who had played an important role in the making of a nation: Eritrea.

General Uqbe Abraha 

General Uqbe Abraha was the first Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Army. He was the Commander of the Eritrean forces that defeated the Ethiopian occupational army, Wikaw Iz, in 1984. In 2001 he was arrested together with other senior government officers and ministers known as G15 for calling for democratic reforms. The General  spoke to Isaias Afwerki defiantly, warning of dire consequences for the nation, if the president and his government fail to make timely and necessary changes. In the middle of the chaos that followed 9/11, when the whole world was focusing on New York, Isaiasrounded the G15 and put them in jail. To this day, nothing concrete is known about their fate.

General Uqbe Abraha is presumed dead by many sources. Some Eritreans who have deserted  the regime have confirmed that Uqbe died almost a decade ago and was secretly buried by the government. The regime has not disclosed any information about his fate or his colleagues, or the many Eritreans who are languishing incommunicado in PFDJ’s dungeons since 1994.

General Uqbe was born and raised in Dekemhare where he attended elementary and secondary schools. He studied briefly at the Haile Selassie University in Addis Ababa before joining the Eritrean liberation army in 1972. After completing military and political training, Uqbe served the EPLF in various roles and capacities, which included the Fedayeen units. He was finally elected a member of the politburo in EPLF First National Congress.

In 1977, Uqbe also became a member of the Military Committee, composed of Politburo members, under the leadership of martyr Ibrahim Aafa (military training). The other members of the committee were Petros Solomon (intelligence, and one time commander of the Nakfa front), Ali Sayed Abdella (security and one time commander of Nakfa front), Berhane Gerezgher (medical department), and Uqbe Abraha (logistics and supplies).

General Uqbe is best known for building and commanding the Northeastern Sahel front from 1979 until 1984. The front extended for seventy kilometers, north to south, from Dembebit to Qettan. Its depth extended for fifty kilometers from Mersa Teklhai, on the Red Sea shores, to the Alghena river.

While others rarely commanded a single front for an extended period of time, Uqbe commanded that front for five years, until the Ethiopian Wikaw Iz (Command) was completely defeated and routed out of the region. It was the first Ethiopian division to be completely wiped out of the four divisions in the region, including the Mebreq Iz  that was earlier hit at Kur and Kerkebet.

The 1984 victory over Wikaw Iz was a culmination of several battles that preceded it, including a major battle where the EPLF sustained heavy losses—particularly brigade 84 which suffered heavy losses. But in 1984, Wikaw Iz was decimated and the Eritrean forces captured thousands of prisoners, large amount of ammunition and supplies, including armored trucks, tanks and artillery. That victory incapacitated four Ethiopian army divisions that were stationed around the Northeastern Sahel front, freeing the Eritrean forces to deploy to other fronts, including the Halhal front.

The 1984 victory is significant because it elevated the capabilities of the Eritrean forces to a higher level. Following that victory, Eritrean forces became confident enough and strong enough to start the final push which resulted in the liberation of Massawa, and finally the whole of Eritrea.

After the 1984 defeat, Ethiopian forces had attempted to recapture Northeastern Sahel, and invaded the region towards the end of 1985 in a campaign they dubbed Bahri Negash, a campaign that involved two major battles in which the Eritrean forces came out victorious under the command of Petros Solomon. After Eritrean independence, Petros took several ministerial portfolios until he was jailed together with Uqbe and the other members of G15.

The victory over Wikaw Iz is an important landmark in the chronicles of the Eritrean struggle. The Eritrean forces had suffered heavy losses in previous battle against the division; in the final battle, they were determined to avenge the previous defeat. A veteran who was at that battle explained, “we were filled with the feeling of vengeance, we wanted to avenge the disaster of the first battle, and at the final battle, fear was totally banished.”

Two of the commanders who worked under Uqbe when Wikaw Iz was destroyed were his deputy Philipos Weldeyohannes, (then a brigade commander, now a general, and chief of staff) and Idris Breray, who left in 1985, joined PLF briefly, and then lived in Sudan and Germany. In 1994, Breray returned to Eritrea only to be arrested and jailed for four years—the government never disclosed the reason for his arrest.

Ironically, during the heavily promoted celebrations, neither the government officials in their speeches, nor the state media mentioned General Uqbe’s name. A veteran of the armed struggle who participated in the two major battles that led to the victory over Wikaw Iz said, “it is odd. In fact it is a betrayal and deceitful to celebrate the victory of Wikaw Iz without mentioning General Uqbe.”

The Ethiopian commander of Wikaw Iz was General Hussein Ahmed who is admired for his cunning abilities and bravery by many Eritrean commanders. General Hussein met his formidable foes in the Eritrean forces under the command of Uqbe and his assistants. After fighting bravely, his forces were decimated and he was forced to abandon and escape the scene. General Hussein is now living in the USA ( is working to locate and interview him.)

Uqbe Abraha is remembered by his colleagues and subordinates as a resilient warrior, a good listener, a humble, respectful colleague, a brave soldier, and an able commander. Yet, the senior army officers and administrators of the Eritrean government who were busy celebrating the anniversary of the victory of Wikaw Iz, seemed to have conveniently forgotten their colleague General Uqbe Abraha, the hero who commanded  the victorious forces in 1984–the very reason for the celebration.

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  • Hope

    The Conspiracy thing:
    I thought most of us knew about these-CIA-DIA/kagenw meeting;DIA-East Germany-Ethiopia meeting;the worst and open TPLF_EPLF conspiracy by now and nothing is surprising except the brutal beyond expected betryal of the EPLF and Eritreans by the TPLF.As the Veteran said it,I “admire” the TPLF for being super crooked to achieve what they wanted.I would rather blame ourselves/eritreans for trusting and making an alliance with this type of unpredicted and untrusty worthy group as we are paying the big PRICE now and let Hailat et al know about this legitimate concern and “fear”.
    But reviewing and re-visiting history might enforce our vigilance and our precaution against TPLF and Tigreyans in the long run.
    There is ONE thing that should be added:
    The role of the CIA and Mosad against the ELF due to their Geo-political interest in the Red Sea.If I have to be clear–the CIA and the Mosad did NOT want to see any Arab Inspired Liberatoon movement or Pro-Arab Independent Eritrea,as we all know–even now.The TPLF-EPLF conspiracy is not only for their power but there was indeed a driving force behind them and the CIA and Mosad actually–openly told DIA in 1990-1991 about the future status of Eritrean Independence,which Meles Zenawi–hinted during his interview with his Jewish Master in 1990.
    This is based on facts,not just speculations and I was surprised that Mr Habtegherghis Abraha did not mention it,albeit for security reasons most likley.

    • Haile Zeru

      I thought it would emhance our vigilance against crookes likes Issayas. Do you think he was just unwilling participator in all those events? Or the willing orchastrator?
      You are just like T.Kifle in reverse. I mean just change the TPLF in EPLF and there is no difference between you two.

      • Hope

        Dude,the topic is about the TPLF role in ref to the ELF Vet’s comments.On the same token,we already made it clear about the EPLF Leadership’s destructive role.Read the first paragraph.
        Anghet yetefeterew azuro le-mayet new.

        • HaileZeru

          Dude, the same vet mentioned how crooked is EPLF too. You like to bashing TPLF. Don’t you?
          Ahmed Nasser did mention it too. I saw, as anybody else, the documents that were published by EPLF itself. I did not see the 11 pages that these vets are saying are more damning.
          I know it is history. But it is an ugly experience that the future generation can learn from. If you saw Deceit you reap what EPLF is reaping now.

          • Hope

            Read what I said:
            “On the same token,we already made it clear about the EPLF Leadership’s destructive role.Read the first paragraph”.Damn,what the hec is this nonsense about?
            Haven’t we already reached to a final verdict about the EPLF Leadership?PFDJ now?.
            I would advise you to avoid the blanket use of the word EPLF and would rather,suggest that you use the term “EPLF Leadership”
            Mind you, we are talking about ONE individual ,who messed up the whole Liberation Front and the whole country and the whole people.I care less if you use the word TPLF,as it does not belong to me and it has/they have the right to do what ever is the “BEST” for them and for their survival and they took advantage of it/made it to the maximum,kudos to them,period!

        • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

          Hope, You are absolutely right; let the eplf leadership stand for what it is (lies, deceit, …).

    • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

      Hope, that the CIA and the Mosad did/do NOT want to see any Arab Inspired Liberatoon
      movement or Pro-Arab Independent Eritrea,is a general correct perception. However, at that particular moment the ELF was not an Arab Inspired or Pro-Arab Liberatoon
      movement. More apropriate would be, and taking into account of its expected internal development, the fear of the extended influence of the then USSR.

  • Hayat Adem

    Sal, the lowlanders are talking about hegemony at best and separation at worst. let me prove this…
    “I know “executive summaries” are a struggle for you, because you prefer spinning but you could prove me wrong and tell the readers…”
    -You made it sound as if writing ‘executive summaries” is my job, and that I’ve to falsify every claim coming from you. Is it always interpreted by you as a “struggle” or you also consider one’s unwillingness to write ES every time you ask for it as a legit reason? Remember that you came with your own summary of Yg to beat, but then it was not a happy ending as you expected it. That was a real struggle for you to beat your own summary of someone. There was nothing wrong with your ability to debate and your 2nd to none articulation power, though. It simply was not enough to shake the powerful truth Yg is anchored down with. That was one hint for you to pick that there is no substitute for truth. No amount of brain power or smartness can game honesty and truth. But I also know that you were trying to provoke me and I say you succeeded.
    “What is it about what the lowland leaguers wrote (not from your imagination but from what they wrote) that had you on the verge of reaching out for the hyperventilation bag when you first read it:)”
    -I believe the biggest problems Eritrea and Eritreans are facing today are poverty and isolation. Obviously the victims of this situation are all Eritreans, save the small coalition group of pfdj leadership. I also believe Eritrean
    can easily overcome these problems but they must first create an enabling environment. PFDJ is an obstacle for such an enabling environment to come. That is why all Eritreans together should focus on making that possible by removing all PFDJ or removing the leadership and make the rest of the PFDJ reform friendly.
    At a time when and where we need every able hand to collectively join the national effort of removing the obstacle and wage war at the nationwide poverty, your friends are much exclusively focused on the societal interests of
    the lowlanders and are advocating for either making it better nation for everyone or else they would be separately focused on working on the interests of lowlanders. Worse, at times they sound they have an appetite as far as waging a civil war to secure what they called the interests of lowlanders. Let me quote from this ill-worded initiative of theirs, and yours by extension because of your endorsement:
    “It becomes also necessary now to revise, prioritise and develop strategies that preserve the interests and national role of the society commensurate to the magnitude of the enormous sacrifices being offered and to the human, geographic and natural resources it possesses”
    Unless one wants to spin the obvious, this means, the group has felt a need to preserve the societal interests and national roles of the lowlanders. The group believes lowlanders sacrifice is huge and disproportionate in relative terms. The group thinks that that has to be directly reflected in the national role. It follows that the bigger is the sacrifice, the bigger should be the national role. This group has also said national roles have to be geography and resource proportionate. In plain language, the group’s call is for hegemony of the lowlanders. This small elitist group claiming to represent the interest of a society making up half of a heterogeneous nation, openly advancing a hegemonic agenda is bad and divisive. But, it didn’t stop there.
    “This society [the lowlander] has always stood for the national unity but cannot afford to pay the bill to preserve the unity of the nation on its own and at the expense of its interests.”
    This even makes the intention clearer. It is true that the cost of preserving the national unity has always been expensive. But it has always been expensive for everyone. The only argument the group brought to show that the lowland has paid more than rest seems the frequency of battle fields. But isn’t it true that battles everywhere else are always fought on particular places, and battles are not supposed to be evenly spread over a given geography? Example, reading Ethiopian history, most of the battles against expansionists and other enemies were fought in the northern part. But never have we heard of any group of people of those claiming a bigger role because of their sacrifices. There are also Ethiopian regions with a relatively bigger natural resources or geography or population size. Such things would never be used as a ground for bigger national roles. A request of fair share would have
    been suffice. But with weirdo group, nope. They have to state it: bigger sacrifice, bigger resource= bigger role
    The initiative takers do not accept the interdependence and assimilation of Eritrean lowlanders and highlanders as an organic progression. They believe it was arbitrary installment happening made by European colonizers. The excessive emphasis they put on the difference between lowland-highland is amazing. PARALLEL SOCIETIES- read the last sentence in the quote below:

    “Where the highlands (Kabasa) mostly had come under the rule and influence of the Abyssinian empire, the South Eastern low lands remained mostly under the influence of local and regional Afar sultans while the Western lowlands had gone through successive control of different occupational powers among which were the Blue Sultanate of
    Sinnar and Turkish rule and the combined Ottoman – Egyptian before the Italian occupation. As a consequence, had evolved the development of parallel societies with different cultures, affiliations and loyalties in the different parts of what was to become known later as Eritrea.”
    This is an initiative of discovering and promoting a difference, is it not? We don’t need to read between the lines or retelling by Sal to understand what this group is up to. Because they told us in a not uncertain words, if national
    unity and the lowlanders’ interest comes in to clash, the latter overrides. They are telling us that up to this point, the lowlander has paid a lot to preserve unity but no more if others are not doing the same. Sal accuses Serray of not
    reading the entire article. But with the following comment from him, I would think of him not reading the entire article. Sal, you said, “Their position is all perfectly conventional and perfectly within the national mandate of a united country. They don’t have the “entezeylo kuUsey Hize k’Kheyd iye” threats…” Then what is this, I quote them gain:

    “Therefore, the conclusion that can be drawn is that we cannot overlook or ignore this reality [that maintaining national unity is hard and costly: my insertion] in any way. It is also not possible any longer for the lowland society to continue the luxury of entertaining in self-denial to play the custodian role of a national unity transcending or overstepping the reality in pursuance to such self-appointed responsibility irrespective of the roles played by others and at the expense of its interests and rights”. Of course this is a threat of the “entezeylo kuUsey Hize k’Kheyd iye”.
    Did you read what they wrote under the subtopic “Relations”? Didn’t they make clear their the intent to promote relations with other lowlanders in Eritrea and the neighboring countries. Not a single word about reaching out their
    Kebessa sisters/brothers, or were there one?
    I don’t think I’m in need of writing more to prove my point…

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Sis Hayat,

      While I am admiring your debating skills, you fall in to the camp of critics, rather to the camp of resolution seekers. Critics read every line or sentences and every phrase of a given essay or articles to find something for his/her critics. This is how political pundits do. Sal and yourself are totally engaged in this endless interpreting mode for every phrase and sentence as if every phrase and sentence is a point of argument.

      Myself I don’t dwell on that. What I do is, I read the whole content of the piece and locate the core message of the essay. I go from that either to frame the argument or respond to the grievances not by lumping with others grievances but squarely with their particular grievances. For example when Ali Salim was crying about the dispossession of land of the lowlanders, I don’t take into account his angry languages (land grabbers, neo-Nazi..etc), I just look what makes him angry and pinpoint his grievances. While the whole critics and debate was on the language he used by avoiding his core message (dispossession of property), I did welcome his grievance and call for him to frame his argument to address his grievances.

      Hayat, let me ask you for the benefit for the benefit of your readers, what is the core message of the initiators? do they air any grievance? If so why don’t you focus on the grievances rather on the words they use to explain their grievances? I just want to change the approach of your debate in order to focus on addressing grievances. I am here in this forum just to hear new ideas and new solutions to our intractable problems. We are not hear to score points on debate skills. We are here to find solutions from the diversity opinions.

      Last but not list, I will throw my criticism to the editors of awate. Why in the world use or allow the graphic picture, the scissors tearing Eritrea and collides with the message? AT as we all err, you can’t escape from criticism when we see something is wrong. We criticize each other to correct our mistakes, so is the intention of my criticism.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Hayat Adem

        Emma, yes it is piles and piles of grievances with an attitude of redressing them wrongly: allow us to drive the bus or else we’ll have our own bus, or may be ride with others. That attitude leaves you with the only option of taking turn in sustaining the kind of grievances they are complaining about or to say “hell no”. That why I am very sensitive about such a decisive approach. They are not bringing this out of conviction to be equal but to be more equal. Why? Because the lowland has sacrificed more, and has bigger resources (natural, human, geography).

        I wish I don’t have to debate on such issues. Sal is the kind of guy who tries to make you look like wrong while you are not. In such a situation, one has no option but to try to put the record straight.

      • Haile Zeru

        Well said Emma. Those who applaude YG for the political positions he amply and clearly exposed cannot condemn the Low Land society for saying what they are saying. To some degree they are just a mirror image. Actually, they are saying if we are treated fairely we are here to stay. While YG is throwing everything that is Eritrean in a garbage bin. I cannot understand how one can applaude YG and condemn the LLS.
        If you add Semere Tesfay ideas and the status quo to the mix then you can see that things get uglier. One will contemplate the worst of the low land society.
        While YG and Semere Tesfay ideas do not have any cure other than disintegration or dictatorship most of the Low Land society positions can be satisfied with a fair Constitution and a representative governmet.


    • saay7

      Selamat Hayat:

      I have been chastised by some women who are important to me that my debate with you had too many fingernails (Tsefar neru illen.) So briefly:

      1. When you were doing YG by proxy I couldn’t debate with you because you were like Pinoccio in Shrek. You are so cautious about getting YG wrong that you don’t even know what you got right. You sound like this: “Not that I am saying for sure that this is YG’s position, but if it is, and I am not saying it is….” It was exhausting:)

      2. The Lowland Leaguers have formulated a socio-politico-economic argument. They don’t mention religion or ethnicity: they mention the lowlands as an economic interest group. Eritrean politics is never about the plane, but the pilots, so we will see where they go and how they handle criticism which is coming their way fast and furious from fellow lowlanders.


  • Haile Zeru

    ሐ.3) መሪሕነት ህግ ምስ ደርግ ናይ ውዲት ሰነዳት ዝተለዋወጠትሉ (ኣብ ልዕሊቲ ከም ርኽክብ ብወግዒ ዝተዘርግሐ ሓብሬታ፡ ተወሳኺ 11 ገጽ ምስጡር ሰነድ)፣
    my question below is about this point which is also mentioned by Ahmed Nasser.

    • Hope

      Too late.Does it matter now other than writing history?The only reason it matters would be to learn from the past and to move forward with great caution.

      • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

        Hope, you have clearly said it: a) history, and unless today, people who could tell are passing away. b) The reason it matters would be to learn from the past and to move forward with great caution.

    • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

      Haile, unfortunately i don’t have those documents; but friends who could stand with full authority; and who knows they might have their own copies would be I. Moh Ali, Tesfay W.Michael (Degiga), ..; our decuments were not only in Eritrea.
      መ.1) እሞ ሕጂ’ውን እቲ ናይ ምስናድ ግደ ናባኹም ዓዋተ ቲም
      – ስለዚ ምስ ኣባል ፈ.ሽ ተሓኤ ነበር ሓው ኢብራሂም መ. ዓሊ ቃለ መሕትት ምክያድ ኣዝዩ ኣድላዪ ኰይኑ ይስምዓኒ።

  • Haile Zeru

    Salamat Ato Habtegiorgis,
    Till T.Kifle comes with the answers to your querries could you please consider the following request?
    Ahmed Nasser mentioned in his interview here in that EPLF gave an 11 pages long proposal to the East Germans to dialog with the Derg. do you have any information on that? Could you, by any chance, share with us the content of those pages? The treachery of EPLF and Issayas do not have boundaries. Kagnew station (Asmera), Badime, East Germany are most telling places of betrial and sell out. shedding light on these unholy dealings are very important lessons for future generations.

    • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

      Haile, some of the main contents of the 11 pages secret proposal to the East Germans to dialog with the Derg:

      – EPRP’s (Eritrean People’s Revo. Party – their secret party) decision letting the Derg/ Ethiopia ‘have’ the port of Assab, to let Eth own access to the sea.

      – that they represent the Eritrean revolution as though they also represent the ELF leadership (deceit and betrayal on ELF, Democratic Republic of Yemen and DDR, using the 20 October ELF, EPLF joint agreement)

      And they had already opened dialogue (led by Berhanu Baye on the Derg side, Ato Isayas …)

      If there is anyone who have got good relationship or access to the Yemeni gov., copies would be available to anyone interested

  • H/mariam

    Are you guys talking to each other pretending to be
    against and oppose each other ?
    Your point is one and the same but pretend as if you
    are advocating opposite idea. Is that just to fool us the
    readers ????

  • Kim Hanna

    Dear Commentators,
    Can anyone provide an “executive summery” of the above in English. The drift I got from it sounded interesting.

  • Zuramo Hagerka

    Zuramo Hagerka Temit TeAzeba,
    Habtam b Tefetro
    Adi Wehayz ruba…

  • saay7

    Selamat Habtegiorgis:

    “It is always a pleasure to get a person of such believability and detachment and depth.”


    • Habtegiorgis Abraha

      saay7, sorry for coming back late – nidaboy wefire qenye’ye! It’s a pleasure that you found it valuable; and thank you very much!!!

  • Haile Zeru

    Hello Habtegiorgis ABRAHA,
    These is extremely valuable first hand information. I wish all ELF veterans could tell us their experiences like this.
    Thank you very much.

    • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

      Haile, sorry for coming back late – nidaboy wefire qenye’ye! It’s a pleasure that you found it valuable; and thank you very much!!!

  • Hope

    Knowing and believing in his reasonable mind and attitude,I would not be surprised provided that he believes in real EPLF,as most of us have done.I am talking about the real EPLFites and the EPLF program–the G-15–the wedi Afas,whom I had a chance to sip a cup of tea in Keren along with the visiting ELF Leadership–led by Mr. Ibrahim Totil for the planned but failed “Simur Ghinbar” meeting.
    He already declared it saying” Reformed PFDJ without the head”.
    Every bit he writes makes sense eventhough he is under pressure at times–due to some sort of “Solidarity ” issue.

    • tafla

      Hope and Mr Italy,

      You are not even close to guessing his political beliefs. He’s a nationalist, but he’s far from a socialist à la EPLF. He supports the republican party over the democrats (not that there is much difference), but it’s an indication that he has no leftist tendencies.

      He get’s most animated about andnet and neo-andnet, which I have not figured out, why yet.

      Sorry Saleh, If I took the liberty to talk about you eventhough you don’t know me. I have read your articles for years. Have a good day!

      BTW, Mr Italy. I think bringing up personal stuff about family members is not classy, stay away from it.

      • Hope

        I care less about his ” Partisanship” but his brilliant mind and his future potential for Future Eritrea,as long as he stays away from the fanatic extremists.

  • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

    T. Kifle, What do you have in store when you say that you are aware of the ELFites of today are still trying to find answers of their current standing in their dark past. I belong to the experience you seem to know better! As of in my experience and of my position today I am an individual who dream of regional intergration ( እቲ ዝብሃግ ናይ ሰላምን ማሕበራዊን ምጣነ፥ሃብታዊን ጉዕዞታትን ዓቢ ሕልምታት). But not the ‘unionist’ or ‘annexationist’ way!!!

    ኣነ፡ ዋላኳ ብጊዜ እናሃሰሰ ኪኸይድ ዝገብር ንሕልናታተይ ዘየቕስን ኤድያ ኣይቦትኡን ዝብሎ ገለ ኣሉታዊ ስምዒታት ካብ ኣመራርሓ ህወሓት ዝግንዘቦ እንተሃሰየኒ፡ ሓደ ካብ ኣድነቕቲ ኣሰራርሓ ህወሓት (ሓልዮት ንህዝባን፣ ምስ መድረኻት ምትዕጽጻፍን – ኣብ ወሳኒ ጊዜ ካብ ትግራይ ናብ ደብረታቦር ክትሰግር ምብቅዓን) እየ።

    I have been reading your contributions on a couple of articles and ELFites concerns. I liked to share what I believe would give some light to the discussion.

    One important thing, well I think important, is to have the motive of the EPLF-TPLF attack on ELF clear; and here follows my comments to T. K.: ሓው ክፍለ እቲ ኣብ ርእሲ ጅብሃ ዝተወስደ ናይ ውዲት ኲናት ኣልዒሎም፡ ድሌታት መሪሕነት ህግ ጽቡቕ ጌሮም ኣቕሪቦም – ጅብሃ ኣጥፊእካ ኣብ ኤርትራ ስልጣን ንምብሓት – ማዕሪኡ ድሌታት ህወ EPRP ኣጥፊእካ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ስልጣን ንምብሓት ምንባሩ ከመይ ኢዩ ማህደር ታሪኾም ተሰሪዙ፤ በይዛ! እሞ ናብ ጓል ምኽኒት ናብ ዶብ ጥሒሳ፣ ዘርያትና፣ ፊውዳል’ያ ዘውደቖም!!

    Dear T. Kifle, ኣነ ካብቶም ናይ መወዳእታን 2ይትን ናይ ጅብሃ ሽምግለ መሪሖም ምስ መሪሕነት ህወሓት ዝሰርሑ ተጋደልቲ (ነበር) እየ – ምስታ ብወገን ህወሓት ብነፍሰሄር ፕረዚደንት መለስ ዜናዊ (ነብሶም ይምሓር) ዝመርሕዋ ዝነበረት ሽማግለ። ከምዚ ምስ ኣቦመንበር ውድበይ ዝነበረ ነፍስሄር ኣሕመድ ናስር ጊዜ ኪህልወኒ ብዙሕ፡ ኣዝዩ ብዙሕ ሃንቀውታ ዝነበረኒ፡ ምስ ፕረዚደንት መለስ ዜናዊ እውን ኣብ ጽቡቕ ጊዜ ምስኦም ጉዳይ ኣህዛብ ከዕልል እናተመነኹ፡ ካብቶም ጊዜ ዝሓጸሮም ሰባት እየ።

    እዚ ማዓስ ነይሩ?

    ካብ ድሕሪ 1ይ ውድባዊ ጉባአ ህወሓት ክሳብ መወዳእታ ኣዋርሕ ናይ 1979 ዓ.ም ነበረ። ንስሙ ናይ ሓባር ሽማግለ ኢያ ነይራ።

    ሀ) ካብ ዕለታት ሓደ ማዓልቲ፡ ኣብ ሰላሞ (ደቅ ዘርኡ) ዝብሃል ዓዲ፡ ኣብ ሞንጎ ኣኼባና ፥ “ባድመ ትግራይ ምዃና እንተዘይ ኣረጋገጽካልና እዚ ኣኼባ ኣይንቕጽሎን ኢና” ዝብል መኸተ ቐረቡ። ብወገን ሽማግሌና፡ “ነዚ ሓላፍነት’ዚ ኣይተመዘዝናን፤ ንስኻትኩም’ውን ትፈልጥዎ ኢዩ፤ ኣነ ከም ውልቀ ተጋዳላይ’ውን ናይ ዶብ ኣፍልጦ የብለይን፤ ናብ 2ቲኡ መሪሕነታት ኣብ እነቕርቦ ጸብጻብና ካኣ ከነስፍሮ ንኽእል ኢና” ክብል መለስኩ። መልሲ እንተዘይ ሃብካና ንመሪሕነትና ክንሕብር ኢና፣ ክሳብ መልሲ ዝመጸና ግን ኣኼባ ከነቋርጽ ኢና በሉ’ሞ፡ ዝቕርበሎም ዝደልይዎ መልሲ ስለ ዘይነበረንን ይትረፍ ኣብ ሞንጎ ኣኼባ ሽማግለ፡ ስራሕና ወዲእና ጸብጻብና ክሳብ እነረክብን እውን 2ቲአን መሪሕነታት ኣብ ውሽጢ ስራሕና ጣልቃ ኪኣትዋ ከምዘይብለን ኣመልከትኩ፤ ይኹንምበር ከምቲ ዝበልዎ ኣኼባ ኣቋረጹ።

    ካብ መሪሕነቶም መምርሒ ድሕሪ ምውሳድ፡ ኣኼባ ክንቅጽል ንኽእል ኢና፤ መልሲ ግን ብጽሑፍ ኣቕርበልና በሉ። እቲ ጣልቃ ግጉይ ምንባሩ እንደገና ኣመልኪተ፡ እቲ መልሲ ክፋል ናይቲ እንዘራረበሉ ዘሎና ነጥብታት ኢዩ፤ ብፍላይ ናይ ዶብ ሕቶ/ ባድሜ መልሲ ካብ ጠለብኩም ግን፡ ሕቶኹም ብጽሑፍ ሰሪዕኹም ቀርቡለይ በልኩ። እቲ መልሲውን ከምቲ ኣብ ላዕልሊ ኣስፊረዮ ዘሎኹ መሰረት ቀረብኩሎም።

    ስለምንታ’የ ነዚ ብጭልፋ ዘልዕል ዘሎኩ? ብሓደ ቓል ክሳብ’ቲ ጊዜ’ቲ – ድሮ’ቲ ብምስጢር ምስ መሪሕነት ህግ ንጀብሃ ኪወግኡ ዝኣተውዎ ውዲት – ጀብሃ ሕቶ ዶብ ኣልዒላ ኣይትፈልጥን ነይራ። ካልእ ይትረፍ ንካድራት ዝኸውን ውሽጣዊ መምርሒ’ውን ስለ ዘይነበረ፡ ዶብ ብዝምልከት ምንም መምርሒ ኣይነበረንን። መሪሕነት ህወ ካብ ነዊሕ ጊዜ ብጉዳይ ዶብን ምምሕዳርን ነቲ ኩነታት ኣቋሲላቶ ስለ ዝነበረት ግን፡ መሪሕነት ጀብሃ ዕላዊ ብዘይኰነ መምርሒ፡ ብጉዳይ ዶብ፡ ዓድታትን እቲ ሕንጻጽ ዶብን ብዝምልከት፡ ብወገና ነቲ 2ይ ደረጃ ናይቲ ስምምዕ ዝምልከት ጥዑይ ምቅርራባት ንምግባር ኪሕግዝ መታን ሓፈሻዊ መጽናዕቲ ከካይድ ተወሳኺ ዕማም ሂባትኒ ነይራ። ንመሪሕነት ህወ ግን ካርታኣ ዳርጋ መሰታኣ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ክንደይኳ ጽቡቕ፤ ግን ኣብ ጊዜ ቃልሲ ሽፋን መጋራጨዊ ምኽንያትን ውዲት መስርዒን ኪኸውን ኣይነበሮን።

    ስለ እውነቱ፡ ጉዳይ ዶብ ካብ መትከልን ዕላማን ወጻኢ፡ ድሕሪ’ቲ ኩሉ ውዲት’ውን፣ ድሕሪ ነጻነት ኤርትራ’ውን ዘይካኣልዎ፣ ብዙሕ ጻዕርን ትዕግስትን ዘድልዮ ተግባራዊ ሽግራት ነይርዎ። ባድመን ከባቢኣን 3 ጊዜ (ጊዜ ደጀዝማች ፋይቱንጋ፣ ጊዜ ደጀዝማች ገብረቃል፣ ጊዜ ራእሲ መንገሻ)፣ ብዓሰብን ከባቢኣን ካኣ (ጊዜ ደርግ)፣ ናብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራ ዝተኣታቶ ናይ ምምሕዳር ነጥብታት ስለ ዝነበሮ፡ ኣብ ርእሲ’ዚ እቲ ካርታ ህወሓት እውን ሓድሽ ወሰናስን ናይ ትግራይ ሓንጺጹ ስለ ዝነበረ ነቲ ግርጭት ንምብድሁ ቀሊል ኣይምኰነን። ብርግጽ ኣብ’ቲ ጊዜ’ቲ ብወሰናስን ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ዘቲኻን ብተግባር ዘስርሕ ናይ ምምሕዳር መደባት ንምቕራብን ከቢድ ሕቶ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ስለ ዝኸብድ ግን ናብ ውዲትን ኲናትን ዘእቱ ምኽንያት ፍጹም ምርጫን ቦትኡን ኣይኰነን/ ኣይነበረን።

    ስለዚ ኣቋራጭ መፍትሒ ናይ ወሓለታት ኣርኪቡ! መሪሕነት ህወ፡ ካብ መሪሕነት ህግ ዝደልይዎ ውዱእ መልሲ (ባድመን ከባቢኣን ንህወሓት ምርካብ) ረኸቡ። ብድሕሪኡ ግርጭት ብግቡእ ኪውገን ግዲኦም ኪገብሩ ይትረፍ፡ ናብ ናይ ቅንጸላ ውሽጣዊ ጉዳይ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ምእታው’ውን ኣይዓጠጦምን። ምኽንያቱ እቲ ውዲት ኣውራ ኣውራ ነቲ ብጊዜኡ ሰጥ ኢልካ ኪብዳህ ዝነበሮ ክብደት ናይቲ ናይ ዶብ ግርጭት ዘሐንኩል ናይ ከድዓት ሜላ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ብኡ ንብኡ ካኣ ሓቢሮም ናብ ቀንዲ ዕላማኦም – ስልጣን ናይ ምብሓት ሕማሞም – ኣቶው። ብዝላዓለ ደረጅኡ ካኣ ጀብሃ ዘይኰነትስ፡ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ግዳይ ኰነ። መፍትሒ ስለ ዘይተገብረሉ ካኣ ደጊሞም እውን ኣድመይዎ (1986 – 2000)፤ ብፍላጥ ወይ ብዘይ ፍላጥ ካኣ ነዚ ናይ ሕጂ ኣብ ውሽጢ ኣህዛብ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ኣዝዩ ዓቢ ዝኰነ ሽግር ዝፈጠረ ጸረ 2ቲኡ ኣህዛብ ዘትከለ፡ ልዕሲ ሰላምን ቅሳነትን ብልጽግናን ኣህዛብ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ጉጅላዊ ረብሓታቱ ዝዓጠጦ ነናብ ነብሱ ዝተመልሰ ውዲት ኮነ።

    ለ) ኣብ ምሕዝነት ዝምልከትውን፡ ጀብሃ ኣብ ልዕሊ ናይ ውድባት ኢትዮጵያ ምርጫን ወገንን ኣይነበራን። ንኹሉ ጸረ ፋሽስታዊ ስርዓት ደርግ ዝልዓል ንዝነበረ ውድባት ተተባብዕ ነይራ። ሓደ ካብቶም ምስ ጀብሃ ጽቡቅ ምሕዝነት ዝነበሮ ውድብ TLF ምንባሩ ካብ ርኽክባቱ ዝርድኣኒ ነገር ነይሩ። ምኽንያቱ ኣብ 1976 ዓ.ም ውድባዊ መደበይ ኣብ ኣከለጉዛይ ስለ ዝነበረ ብዛዕባ ምንቅስቓሳቶም (ዓሲምባን ከባቢ ዓድግራትን) ክፈልጥ እኽእል ነይረ። እቲ ናይ መጀመሪያ ውድብ ናይ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ስለ ዝነበረ፡ ጅብሃ መጀመሪያ ዝምድናኣ ምስ TLF ምስራዓ ታሪኻዊ ናይ ጊዜ ሕቶ ነይሩ። ወከልቱ ኣብ 2ይ ሃገራዊ ጉባኤውን ዝተሳተፉ ይመስለኒ።

    TLFን TPLFን ኣብ ግርጭት ምስ ኣተዉ፡ ጀብሃ ክትሽምግሎም ኣብ ዝገበረቶ ቅኑዕ ፈተነ፡ ብሰንኪ ግጉይ ኣዳህላሊ ናይ መጥቃዕቲ ስጉምቲ ናይ ህወሓት (TPLF) ዕድል ኣይገበረትን፤ ብዓቢኡ ካኣ TLF ብ TPLF ተቐንጸለት። እዚ በቲ 1ይ ኣቐዲመ ዝጠቐስክዎ ሽማግለ ጀብሃ ዝተገብረ ፈተነ ነበረ። ብስዉእ ተጋ/ ፍስሃየ ገብረሚካኤል፡ ኣባል ሰውራዊ ባይቶ (መሪሕነት ተሓኤ) ዝተመርሐ ሽምግልና ነይሩ።

    እዚ ቅንጸላ ተገይሩ ከብቅዕ ግን፡ መሪሕነት ተሓኤ፡ ሚዛናን ቅሬታኣን ኣምቢራ፣ ከም ሽግር ካኣ ውሽጣዊ ጉዳይ ትግራይ/ ኢትዮጵያ ምኳኑ ብምእማን፡ ናይ ቃልሲ ዝምድናኣ ምስ ህወሓት ከምቲ ዝነበሮ ኪቕጽልን ኪምሓየሽን ጻዕርታት ወሰደት። ስለምንታይ’የ እዚ ዝጠቅስ ዘሎኹ፡ ተሓኤ ኣብ ርእሲ’ታ ብነዊሕ ዝተዛመደታ ውድብ ዝተኻየደ ቅንጸላ’ውን ምንም ጣልቃ ከይኣተወት ጸረ ፋሽስታዊ ስርዓት ደርግ ብሓላፍነት ቃልሲ ተተባብዕ ምንባራ ንምብራህ ኢዩ። ምስ EDU፣ EPRP ዝነበረ ዝምድናታት እውን በዚ መልክዕ ዝተርርዐ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ኣነ ኣብ ክንዲ መሪሕነት ተሓኤ ክምልስ ሓላፍነት የብለይን፤ አሰረይ ዝሓለፎ፣ እፈልጦ’የ ዝብሎ፣ ጥራሕ’የ ዘልዕል ዘሎኹ።

    ናብ ዝርዝር ምእታውኳ እንተዘየድለየ፡ ምስ EPRP ዝነበረ ዝምድና ኣቐዲሙ ዝተሰርሓሉን ኣብ ከተማታት ኢትዮጵያ ናይ ሓባር መደባት ዝኣሳሰሮ ተግባራዊ ባይታ ዝነበሮን ኢዩ። TPLF ናብ ሜዳ ቃልሲ ክትጽምበር ከላ ግን ፍርቂ ነብሳ ነጸብራቕ ህ.ሓ(ህግ) ኰይና ኢያ ኣትያ። ይኹን ‘ምበር፡ ተሓኤ ጽቡቕ ዝምድና ኢያ ኣሚታ። TPLF ኣብ ዝሓለፈቶ ቦታ ኣብ ልዕሊ ጀብሃ ተኣፋፊት ኢያ ነይራ።

    TPLF ምስ ኣብ ኣድያቦ ዝነበረ ኤትርራዊ ትሓልፍያ ነበረት። ንምግላጹ ዘጸግም ሽግር ነይሩዋ። ከይወግሐ ካብ ኣብ ልዕሊ ፋሽታዊ ደርግ ዝቐንዕ ብረት፡ ኣብ ልዕሊ ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ናይ ቃልሲ ውድባት ኢትዮጵያን ዝቐንዕ ይበዝህ ነበረ። ኣብ ኣድያቦ ናብ ጅብሃ ዝተሰርዐ ሚሊሻ ስለ ዝነበረ፣ ብውድባዊ ወተሃደራዊ ዲሲፕሊኑ ጌና ዘየልተዘመ ስለ ዝነበረን፣ ሽዑ ወያኔ ዓቕሚ ኢዱውን ስለዝነበረትን፣ ምስኦም ትጓነጽሞ፡ ባዕላ ብዝፈጠረቶ ሽግራት ናብ ጀብሃ ተጸግዖ ነበረት።

    ቅድሚ 1ይ ውድባዊ ጉባኤ ህወ ኣብ ሞንጎ መሪሕነታት ተሓኤን ህወሓትን ኣብ ዝተገብረ ርክብ፡ ብወገና ዝቐርብ ዝነበረ ነጥብታት ኣብ ናይ ህዝቢ ስርርዕን ሚሊሽያን ነበረ። (ኣባል ናይታ ናይ ዘተ ሽማግለ’የ ነይረ) ብወገን ህወ ኣባላት መሪሕነት፥ ተጋ/ በሪሁን ተጋ/ ስየን ተጋ/ መስፍንን ነበሩ። እምብኣር፡ ክሳብ ክንደይ ዘዕግቦም ነይሩ ኣይፈልጥን፤ ግን ብስምምዕ ተወዲኡ፣ ናይ ሓባር መደባት ተገይሩ፣ ድሕሪ ጉባኤኦም ነቲ መደባት ናብ ዝለዓለ ደረጃኡ እተሰጋግር ናይ ሓባር ሽማግለ ክትወጽእ ተፈራሪሞምን ብሓባር ናይ ዝተበጽሐ ኣዋጅ ቅዳሕ ሒዞምን ብጽቡቕ መንፈስ ተፋነዉ።

    ቀጺሉ፡ ብወገን ጅብሃ ኣዋጅ ኪዝርጋሕን መሪሕነት ወይኔ ኣዋጅ ክትቀድድን ከምዘይትፈልጦ ጐስጓስ ከተካይድን ጉባኤኣ ኣርከበ። ካብቲ ዝተበጽሐ ስምምዕ፡ 2ልተ ቀንዲ ነጥብታት፦ 1ይ ደረጃ ጽቡቅ ባይታ ናይ ምሕዝነት ምጥጣሕ፤ 2ይ ደረጃ ካኣ 2ቲኡ ውድባት ኣብ ኤርትራ ይኹን ኣብ ትግራይ ናይ ስርርዕን ምምሕዳርን ጉዳይ ክምልስ (ኣጻሓሕፋይ ትኽክል ቃላት ዘይዝክር ኪኸውን ይኽእል ኢዩ)። ዳርጋ ድሕሪ ናይ ሓደ ዓመት ናይ ሓባር ስራሓት፡ እታ ዝተመዘት ሽማግለ ጸብጻባ ብሓባር ከየቕረበት፡ ብወገን ወያኔ ዝነበረት ክፋል ሽማግለ ከይሓበረት ሃንደበት ኣንሰሓበት። ህወሓት ቀጺላ ናብ ወተሃደራዊ ምፍትታን ኣተወት።

    ሐ) እዚ ኣብ ከመይ ዝበለ ኩነታት ነይሩ?

    ሐ.1) ስብሓት ኤፍረም ናብ ወያኔ ተላኢኹ ብምስጢር (ክሳብ ሎሚ ሚስጢር) መሪሕነታት ህግን ህወሓትን ጀብሃ ንምቕንጻል ናይ ውዲት ውዕል ዝኣተውሉ፣

    ሐ.2) መሪሕነት ጀብሃ ናብ ሶቭየት ሕብረት ዝገበረቶ መገሻታት ምኽንያት ብምግባር፡ መንግስቲ ሳዑዲ ዓረብ ኣንጻር ተሓኤ ተጻብኦታት ዝሰራዓትሉ፤ መንግስቲ ሱዳን ካኣ ቀጥታ መሳርሒ ናይቲ ተጻብኦታት ዝነበረትሉ ጊዜ፣

    ሐ.3) መሪሕነት ህግ ምስ ደርግ ናይ ውዲት ሰነዳት ዝተለዋወጠትሉ (ኣብ ልዕሊቲ ከም ርኽክብ ብወግዒ ዝተዘርግሐ ሓብሬታ፡ ተወሳኺ 11 ገጽ ምስጡር ሰነድ)፣

    ሐ.4) ኣብቲ ጊዜቲ መሪሕነታት ተሓኤን ህግሓኤን ብዛዕባ ዘተ ምስ ፋሽታዊ ስርዓት ደርግ ዝምልከት ናይ ዘተ ርኽክብ፣ እዚ ዘተዚ ብብሩህ ተዓጻጻፊ ውዲት ኢዩ ነይሩ (ሐ.1)፣

    ሐ.5) መገሻታት መሪሕነት ተሓኤ ናብ ሶቭየት ሕብረት፣

    ከም ተሞኩሮ ኣተሓሒዝካ ኪርአ እንከሎ፡ እቲ ናይ ሶቭየት ሕብረት ጻዊዕታት’ውን መዳህለሊ ውዲት ኢዩ ነይሩ ክትብሎ
    ዘኽእል ኢዩ፤ ምኽንያቱ፡ ሶቭየት ሕብረት ምስ ደርጊ ኰይና ነጻ ከተማታትናን ህዝብናን ዝወቕዐት ኢያ፤ ፖሊትካዊ መርገጽ ጥራሕ ኣይነበረን። ብ1977 ዓ.ም ኣብ ሮማ ቆንስል ሶቭየት ሕብረት ኰይኑ ዘዛራረበና ሶቭየታዊ ኣብ ልዕሊ ሰውራ ኤርትራ ዝነበሮ ጽልኢ ብነድሪ ስለ ዝገልጽ ዝነበረ ኣነውን ነገር ናይ ሰብ ኣብዘይዓቕመይ ነደርኩ። እቲ ተስፋ ዘቊርጽ ዝነበረ መርገጹ ካብ ሓበሬታ ምሕጻር መሲሉና ሃለውለው በልና (ምስ ተጋ/ጅምዕ በኺት)። ኣብ መጨረስትኡ ግን፡ “ኣብ 2ይ ኲናት ዓለም ኣብ ሓደ ማዓልቲ ክንድቲ ቁጽሪ ህዝብኹም ከሲርና ኢና፤ . . . “ ድሕሪ ምባል ቤት ጽሕፈቱ ክንገድፈሉ ነገረና።

    ሐ.6) ብርግጽ ተሓኤ ኣብ ውሽጣዊ ግርጭታት ነይራ፤ ንእሽቶ እውን ኣይነበረን። እቲ ግርጭታት ካኣ ጉዕዞ ልዑል ምዕባሌታታ እትሰርዓሉ፣ ኩሉ ጊዜ ምስኣ ዝነብር ዝነበረ፡ መግለጺ ውሽጣዊ ባህርያታ፣ ኩሉ ጊዜ ካኣ ብዝሓሸን ዝለዓለን ናይ ለውጢ ውጽኢት እተመዝግበሉ ዝነበረት መስርሕ፣ ንምቁጽጻሩ ካብ ማንም መድረኻት ንላዕሊ ካብ ሕሉፍ ተሞኲሮታታ ዝተማህረትሉን ብዝላዓለ ደረጃ ዝተቐረበትሉን መድረኽ፣ ‘ሞ ናብ ዝለዓለ ሃገራዊ ሓላፍነት እትሰጋገረሉ ዝነበረት እዋን ኢዩ ነይሩ። ኣብቲ መድረኽቲ ውሽጣዊ ቃልስታታ ልሙድን ብዝለዓለ ደረጃ ኣብ ትሕቲ ቁጽጽራን ዝነበረ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ብኣንጻሩ እኳድኣ ኣብቲ ፍሉይ መድረኽቲ ኣብ ርእሴኣ ተጻብኦታት ካብ ግዳምን ውሽጥን ኪጠማጠምዋ ምጉያዮም ክሳብ ክንደይ ዘፍርሖም ምዕባለ ኣብ ጉዕዞ ምንባሩ ሓባሪ ኢዩ።

    ሓው ተኽለ ውድቀታ ተሓኤ ብውሽጣ ጥራሕ ምንባሩ ዝተኸስተሎም ካበየናይ ኩርናዕ ናይ ቃልሲ ስለ ዝተበገሱ ኢዩ? ዋላውን ኣብ ሜዳኣ ኣብ መዛግባ ኰይና ምስ ሽግራታ ክትመናጨት ኣይከኣልን ነይሩ? ንTLF፣ EDU፣ EPRP ብሓይልና ሓግሒግና ኣባረርናየን ኪብሃል ጸኒሑ፡ ጀብሃ ግን ብውሽጣ እምበር እዚ ኩሉ ውዲታትሲ ኣይምዓጀባን ድዩ ዝብሃል ዘሎ፤ ካበየናይ ናይ ሓይሊ መምዘኒ መርትዖኸ ይብገስ? ሓይሊ ጀብሃን ዝነበረ ናይ ውሽጣ ሽግራትን ዝፈልጡ ይመስሉ ኣሎውሞ፡ ቤዛ’ባ ሓበሬታ!

    እዚ ኩሉ ውዲታት ብሓባር ወይ ብተናጸል፡ ኣብ ልዕሊ ተሓኤ ብሕሱም ዝዓጠቐ ኢዩ ነይሩ። ሓንቲ ካብ ስግኣታቱ ካኣ እቲ ኣብ ውሽጢ ተሓኤ ዝነበረ ግርጭታትን ምዕባሌኡን ኢያ ነይራ።

    እዞም 2 መሪሕነታት ካብ ሃገራዊን ህዝባዊን ዕላማታት ወጻኢ ብዘብለጭልጭ ፕሮፖጋንዳታት እናተሸፈኑ፡ ጉጅላዊ ዕላማታቶም ዝፈለጡን ሜላታቶም ከይወግሐ ዝሰርዑን ንምርግጋጹ ካኣ ኣሎ ዝብሃል ዝኰነ ኪብዝበዝ ዚኽእል ሕማማት እናላዓዓሉ ን2ቲኡ ኣህዛብ መሳሪሒ ጉጅላዊ ጥቕምታቶም ዝገበሩን ኢዮም።

    ብርግጽ ኣብ ስምዒታት ውድባት ኤርትራ፡ (‘ጠባቦች’፣ ‘ተገንጣዮች’፣ … ዝብል ፕሮፖጋንዳ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ መንግስታት ኣብ ሕልናታቱ ስክፍታታት ዝፈጥረሉ ዝነበረ ጉዳይ ኢዩ) እቲ ኣብ ልዕሊ ውድባት ትግራይ ዝልዓል ዝነበረ ናይ ‘ጠባብ ቢሄርትነት’ ፕሮፖጋንዳ እውን ከምኡ። ንዓይ ከም ውልቀ ተጋዳላይ ኣብ ሕልናታተይ ብዙሕ ስክፍታታት የሕድረለይ ነይሩ። ነቲ ዝግበር ዝነበረ ዝምድናታት ግን ብምንም ዓይነት ዝትንክፍ ኣይነበረን። ነዚ ስምዒታትዚ ህወሓት ከምዚ ሓው ክፍለ ዝብልዎ ዘሎዉ ኣብ ውድባት ኤርትራ የንጸባርቕ ምንባሩ፡ ንኣቃላልሳ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ሓጋዚ ምንባሩ ‘ምበር ክሳብ ሎሚ ብቒም ኪኰማሳዕ ዘሎዎ ነገር ኣይብሎን። ብዝተረፈ ሓው ክፍለ፡ እቲ ናይ ትግራይ ምግንጻል ‘ጠባብ ቢሄርትነት’ ተኣሪሙ እንተዘይኰይኑ፡ ሎሚ ወያኔ ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ስልጣን ኢትዮጵያ ምውናና እንታይ መግለጺ ይህልዎ ከብርሁልና’ዶ ይኽእሉ?

    ንምድምዳሙ፡ ካብ ነብሳ ድዩ ዝነቅል ነይሩ ወይስ ካብቲ ካብ መሪሕነት ህግ ዝነበራ ጽልዋታት፡ ድሒሩ ካብ ዝተመስከረ ካኣ ክሳብ ኣብ ውሽጣዊ ጉዳይ ህዝቢ ኤርትራውን ንነብሳ ብውዲት ጣልቃ ክትኣቱ ዝፈቐደት፡ ሽግር ናይ ዝምድና፡ ብሓቂ መሪሕነት ህወሓት ኢያ ነይራ።

    መ) መዘኻኸሪ

    መ.1) እሞ ሕጂ’ውን እቲ ናይ ምስናድ ግደ ናባኹም ዓዋተ ቲም
    – ስለዚ ምስ ኣባል ፈ.ሽ ተሓኤ ነበር ሓው ኢብራሂም መ. ዓሊ ቃለ መሕትት ምክያድ ኣዝዩ ኣድላዪ ኰይኑ ይስምዓኒ።

    መ.2) ንዘላቒ ባህግታት ኣህዛብ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ዝኸውን ባይታታት ምርዕራዕ . . . . . . !

    መ.3) ኣብ ሞንጎ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ዘሎ ግርጭት ንምፍታሕ ኣህዛብ 2’ቲኡ ሃገራት ግዴኦም ኪገብርሉ ዘኽእል ባይታ ንምፍጣር ብወገነይ ተገዳስነተይ እናገለጽኩ ምትብባዕ ኪግበረሉ አማሕጽን!

  • tafla

    If you (as I do) have trouble finishing reading YG’s articles, here’s an audio version of
    “(2)Eritrean Independence: Is It Worth All the Sacrifice?”

  • AMAN

    Were ELF, EPLF and even TPLF goals that much different about Ethiopia ?
    I think it was to liberate the northern peoples of Ethiopia that their government
    being continually shifted to the southern parts of the country illegitimately.
    ELF started and pionered this opposition. EPLF built on it and continued it.
    TPLF supported it with full heart. So where is the different goals of these orgs.
    that you are talking about ?
    The difference was only on the STRATEGY and TACTICS rather than the GOAL.
    Those who think it is the Goal are only sectarians because recently as a result of
    Ethinic federalism in Ethiopia the sectarians and Extremists has come to dominate
    organizations and start to direct the orgs. in a sectarian and Extremist ways and
    agendas. That is to mean that it is only recently the orgs are narrowing their bases
    and running their course along narrow lines with sectarians at the top. This is a
    regress for all the orgs.
    Actually , Is not this agenda EPLF was opposing in ELF and similarly TPLF on EPLF.
    Is not because of that the EPLF chose to separate and form a progressive org. in 1970.
    Is not this the hallmark of the org.
    All what I can say is due to the mutual destruction these orgs. played on each other;
    they have diminished themselves and chose to retreat to their narrow bases ( as in any
    case of organizational crises for fear of being dominated by the other) as their last line
    of defence abandoning much of what they have attained and accomplished previously.
    Thus it is not a NORMAL condition but an ABNORMAL (PATHALOGIC) condition for an
    org. to be in a regressed situation.

  • saay e shaebia nel suo cuore

    saay is EPLF at heart. I don’t believe he has ever sympathized with ELF. Furthermore, ELF would not have been a natural fit for him. His style is far closer to the EPLF. He is urbane, intellectual, seemingly secular and sympathetic to the ideals of liberal nationalism. Why did he end up in the opposition? My guess is because he has family members arrested by the government and have not seen their day in court. I believe his father is still under custody. Absent Carcere (Italian for bet maHbus) he would be wearing a T-shirt with “Hade Libi Hade Hizbi” emblazoned on it. Or may be “Nhna Nsu.” Don’t led him kid you. He is EPLF in his heart of hearts. He could be described as discontented EPLFite.

  • Amanuel

    Hi Saleh
    I hope by now you have the opportunity to reread the article and find out that I have read that “General Uqbe Abraha was the first Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Army” from the above article written by AT. I am disgusted that the regime in Eritrean is trying to rewrite history by excluding historical facts because simply to avoided embarrassment or don’t fit in to its current political status. It is right for AT to correct this historical unjust and put correct information based on veritable facts. I am a supporter of Awate and your work. Awate is better comparing to other Eritrean websites but It needs to aim to be the best it can be and the difference between better and best organisations is that the best take the feed back (from clients) in Awate case from readers positively. As a moderator I expect you to give me the benefit of doubt and read the article for your self before accusing me that” Or not read what is not written”. AT is writing about historical facts and has the responsibility to get them right first time if not it has to acknowledge that it made mistakes and correct them. It has been two days since Mahmud Saleh sent his feed back about Brigade 23 and my self about G. Uqbe not being the first Chief of Staff, however nothing has been done about them (as far as I can see).

  • Saba

    1. He was an hero but he and other members of the G-15 group enabled DIA to be where he is. So it is inaccurate to present them as better just because he jailed them. The same goes to wuchu.
    2. It is interesting that it takes a little dose of reality for the TPLF-dependent opposition to bash their TPLF masters. Please follow T.Kifle’s posts.

  • saay7

    Selamat Papillonn:

    When Eritrea was professionalizing its army (from Ghedli era to post-independence), Mesfin Hagos requested that he be transferred from military to civilian administration (governor of Debub before Debub was called Debub:) That was a weird time when Sebhat Ephrem was both the Mayor of Asmara AND the Minister of Health.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    SAAY7: Thank you for the cool answer. I believe the brigade mentioned as 84 is brig 23.

    Amanuel Hidrat: Thanks, and also I have to tell you I follow your works, too.

    Haile: I did not get this: “…Becareful, his family are always on the lookout for fresh info. and wouldn’t be nice to mislead them, albeit inadvertently.” Could you tell me where I tried to mislead them?

  • Haqi

    He was defense minister in the early 90’s before rank was given to tegadelti. i could be wrong but I think he was a minster like Petros Solomon.

  • Cursed Kilil

    [Moderator: bigotry and insults are not allowed. If you want to enjoy the privilege of posting on Awate Forum, act civil]

  • Saba

    I am against deromanticization of ghedli but enough with REromanticization of ghedili. The so called opposition is stuck with the past.

    • Haqi

      You are a weirdo like your self elected cult leader. Did you read what you wrote before you hit submit.

      • Saba

        That is typical tactic of your self elected cult leader, kab koloka aywereden allo! Can you please reread my post?

  • AMAN

    Kitiemeka B Manka, kikefiaka B Edika ?
    What some PFDJs and Woyanes are attempting to accomplish or has been and still doing is that : If possible Totall erasing and eradication of Eritrean peoples heroic history and pride in their culture and history so as to make them a subjugated subject at the
    mercy of Ethiopian history, or, If not possible To whitewash or dilute it with some lies and talking half truths without acknowledging the truth ( subtle way of diluting historical facts ) by misplacing facts or telling half truths to compromise and reduce its value.

    pfdj and woyane! please come clean with clean hands for building trust and better future together! They are not yet ready and prepared to accept the truth about or
    of Eritrean history and Eritrean people’s bravery and heroism!

    • Rodab

      And you thought it was easy to walk away from “enda swa” 🙂

  • Mahmud Saleh

    “Petros Solomon was in Europe and they said GET PETROS ONLY HE CAN SAVE US NOW. (Ask tegadelti from the era….) ” He would not ask for such an exaggerated depiction; true, he was as brilliant as most of the commanders of that era, he may have had some advantages of getting intelligence on relatively real time. Having said that…..(‘GET PETROS OR WE’RE DONE’)!!!!!!!!!! ኣይግድን።

    • haile

      “…he was…” is this confirmation of is widely feared??? Becareful, his family are always on the lookout for fresh info. and wouldn’t be nice to mislead them, albeit inadvertently.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Mahmud Saleh,

      If Saay has real info, it is not unusual. Because there are always those who “exceeds” even among the talented ones, as there are many scientist in the world but few of them are those who are very creative and contribute that change our way of lives in this dynamic world. No surprise as far as it has validity.
      Amanuel Hidrat

    • saay7

      Take it easy Mahmuday:

      I was doing the “izia quinat wedi Solomon iyu zkhela” type of oral legend that was uttered by Tegadelti; it was enough rumbling to get him back from Europe. Remember the context: I am talking about G-15 (Petros, Oqbe, Mesfin Hagos and to some extent even Adhanom): the absurd case of people who distinguished themselves for valor are accused of being cowards in 2001 by people who, according to Derue: “Tiyit toquisom aygelTun kbehal yetsegem ekhwa ente khone…”

      Hayat, please revisit T.Kifle’s bulldozing of history. Remember, the “official” position of his party, TPLF, was that it had never, ever, anything to do with the Eritrean civil war. Here, he must have gotten the green light to speak more candidly: he is saying, oh, well, it was about our survival and, we felt no qualms about crossing into the Eritrea border because it was all part of Ethiopia proper then. You are also missing the point about the one-party domination in Tigray (again: deja vu, we have discussed this!): the point is that the T.Kiflu’s discuss this (absence of political pluralism in Tigray) with the same sense of so-what that a PFDJ supporter discusses lack of political space in Eritrea 22 years later. Again: NOT detached but party hackery and cheerleading.

      And the Lowlander League’s paper gives u some odor that they want to be separate from Emama Ertra but YG’s constant “Emama Ethiopia! I miss you!!” wailing is all just imaginary, you don’t see it, read it, smell it, feel it. It is simple: the Lowlanders League are saying we have paid a lot for the territorial integrity and oneness of Eritrea: our land was torched, our people exiled for generations, our ancestral land distributed, our history and contribution deformed. We have accepted it all for the sake of unity, but we no longer want to pay the disproportionate price and are, therefore, calling on our people to unite so we can get stronger and have our voice heard.

      It is all perfectly conventional and perfectly within the national mandate of a united country. They don’t have the “entezeylo kuUsey Hize k’Kheyd iye” threats that come from the Ghedli defamers, your “gospeler authority” dude leading the charge.


  • saay7

    Selamat awatistas:

    Watching the show and watching the show being watched. That is the difference between general seats and balcony seats. I had balcony seats. Ghezae hagos; ask our Haggye audience about the balcony seats of Cinema Croce Rossa:

    1. T. Kifle is chiw zbele harbenya weyanay who can explain every TPLF anamoly and strangeness with a straight face. Including the fact that 22 years later, Tigray State Assembly is made up of one party, 100.00% TPLF, and this is its platform to warn against party atrophy and denial of democracy and justice. When he was giving us a story of TPLF that was at odds from the story that the late Ahmed Nasser told us, Hayat Adem wrote T.Kifle: “It is always a pleasure to get a person of such believability and detachment and depth.” Detachment. Wey gud! Harbenya T. Kifle is soooo “detached” that he explained TPLF’s stomping into meda ertra to take part in our civil was as, well, it was all part of Ethiopia then, don’t you know.

    2. As a way of differentiating himself from the Sons of the Lowland League, Semere Tesfai wrote: “Land: my argument is very simple. If I’m Eritrean enough to to sweat,
    bleed and die at every square inch of Eritrean land, fundamental
    fairness says, I must have every right to till the land to make ends
    meet, at every square inch of the land with no strings attached. And
    that was the basis of our principle when we fought for Eritrean
    independence.” This is what the “Lowland League” write: “We believe Eritreans have the right to live in any part of the country,
    be it in the lowlands or highlands but organised settlements are not
    accepted. Yet such right needs to be based on consultation with the
    locals and with their consent and acknowledgement.”

    3. Our good friend Serray did not read the article of the Lowland League; he just saw the graphics that awate editors created for them (an unfair graphics at that) and wrote: “I was surprised, however, by the romantics who never lose a chance to go
    after yg when he says ghedli turned out to be bad for eritrea and yet
    they keep quite when ghedli romantics like them say the fruit of ghedli
    is horrible and that they want out. At least Yg is internally
    consistent; ghedli was wrong and so is its result. The romantics who
    threaten to split think ghedli is good but its signature achievement,
    the nation, is bad enough they want out. My only question is, if they
    split, who gets to keep the name eritrea? They do? Why does the story
    of king solomon comes to mind?.” Read the article again Serray: nowhere do these guys say “we want out.” It is impossible for a Ghedli romantic to want out of Eritrea. Make a long list of those who want out: Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization, Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama, the Yoseph Movement for the Protection of the Highlander Womb, whatever: the ones who want out are always always always the Ghedli defamers.

    4. Our good friend Sem translated a euology given by Degiga of his late colleague. And, in the process, shared a piece of history of how high the drive to rid ourselves of Ethiopian rule was: “In 1986 the civil war came to an end and when the time came to start a
    new dialogue with the EPLF, he was the one who traveled to Sahel leading
    the Dialogue Committee. During this time, the then Assistant Secretary
    General of the EPLF, Isaias Afwerki, pointed out that they were
    suffering from a shortage of anti-aircraft weapons and asked us if there
    was anything we could do to help out. During the civil war, our
    weaponry was under the control of the Sudanese government but we had, by
    this time, regained possession of them. Our position at the time was,
    “Our presence has been severely weakened and we could not much use our
    heavy artillery. We should therefore support the EPLF and let them use
    them.” This does not mean there were no questions about the possibility
    of the EPLF using them against us. But, we took the decision that,
    “regardless of what kind of action will be taken against us in the
    future, we should not keep the heavy artillery in the storage; we should
    let the Peoples’ Army use them in their fight to rid the Eritrean
    people of colonization.” All the artillery in our possession such as the
    36 mm Anti-aircraft machine gun was given to be used by the Peoples’
    Army. Martyr Ahmed Nasser was the leader of this decision and its
    fervent defender.”

    5. Ogbe Abraha and Wiqaw Iz. I have written about this before: if you want to know that the enda Isaias are insane, all you need to remember is this. In 2001: Eritrea had two full generals: Sebhat Ephrem and Ogbe Abraha. And in 2001, enda Isaias was telling you that 1 of the 2 was a traitor. If you want to know why the EPLF have more right to be disappointed in the people than the people have a right to be disappointed in them, consider this: in 2002, Ogbe Abraha attempted suicide using mirrors from his prison. He was rushed to the hospital at Glass, “saved”, was on suicide watch, died, then he was burried with the whole frigging 21 gun salute of a Harbenya Tegadalai. And when we heard this news years later (thanks to a guard who escaped to Ethiopia), the Eritrean people shrugged. Have you ever wondered why Wiqaw Iz was not celebrated in 2004? I mean that would have been its 20 year anniversary. Or in 2009? That would have 25 year anniversary. Those are good numbers? Why? Because people would have asked about him. Maybe?

    6. There was Mesfin Hagos and Nadew… there was Sebhat Ephrem and SrHit Commado. But way back, there was Petros Solomon and Selahta Werar? 1982, the EPLF was getting decimated…Petros Solomon was in Europe and they said GET PETROS ONLY HE CAN SAVE US NOW. (Ask tegadelti from the era….) Back in October, I was in New York at a TV station seated next to kids named Meaza, Zerai, kids named after people Petros Solomon lost at that atrocious campaign…Petros’s kids…talking of their missing father (since 2001) and mother aster Yohannes (since 2004)…in the control room is a pimp from CPJ whispering his questions to the naive reporter, who asks me: “would you like to apologize on behalf of your brother to these kids?”

    haluma jera


    • Papillonn

      Hey Sal,

      I thought Mesfin Hagos was a four star General as well.

    • Hayat Adem

      Selam Sal,
      we’re missing you and I know why as I was reading your spicy note above.

      1) I found T. Kifle to be a very cool and very collected guy. He is well attached to TPLF and he has declared that himself without hesitation for us to know. I was not possibly saying he is detached from TPLF. I was trying to indicate that although he is a declared TPLF member and he speaks of TPLF with authority, he was not very biased and trying to defend his party for the sake of it by bulldozing truth when he was telling us about the relationship between his party and other forces such as the ELF. Hence my “detachment” praise to him.
      2) Tigray, still one party field after 22 yrs: you are right and that is not a very good political growth. But you are hanging on this point too much to show that all is not well even in our neighbors to the south. Don’t forget that Tigray is just one region (not a country). Although the results don’t reflect and show a competitive process, don’t forget that elections do take place in Tigray as in the rest of the country and opposition parties compete for office. Don’t forget that regions or states that are part of even a mature democracy can be totally dominated by one party representatives.
      3) I’ve read the article on lowlanders once and repeated it selectively. And i say you can smell the wanting out in letter and spirit everywhere and you can not only blame it on the tearing scissor. The scissor was just saying it explicitly and honestly what the words in the article were albeit with a more complex way.

      • Jo


        “Don’t forget that regions or states that are part of even a mature democracy can be totally dominated by one party representatives.” True. Or it could be because of the “…use of a bogus anti-terrorism law to incarcerate journalists, harassment of the opposition during elections etc…” as Horizon alleges. It comes down to the wave length your ears are tuned, doesn’t it? Hamed Nasser vs T.Kifle: what makes T.Kifle believable and unbiased more than Ahmed Nasser, it is because he is propagating the tune you want to hear isn’t it? History can not be adulterated at wanton, specially the one that is written with blood.

        • Rodab

          Hayat is consistent in her sympathy to one side over the other, and that is her God given right to which she doesn’t have to explain.

      • T. Kifle

        Dear Hayat,

        The problem of the likes of Sal is that they want have us believe that they are liberals: moved by ideas while we know them that they are not, for history is merciless for the unrepentant sinners.

        Sal, as intelligent as he is, has yet to come with explanation of his version of ELF’s predicament. Most of the ELF romantics (not Ghedli as such) wouldn’t tell us why their front actually did vanish to oblivion from that height of fame it had once been in no time. I don’t think they believe internally that TPLF was a decisive factor in ending ELF’s Meda expedition.

        Just because you( by you I mean including YG, Serray and others) question their moves and when they have nothing more to say on many pressing issues, they resort to brandishing and name calling. Why the late Meles and by extension the entire TPLF was brandished as more Eritrean is because they stand clear on these issues which have been detrimental to the existence of both sides. TPLF/EPRDF rejected the old “source of pride” Ethiopian political elites have been dancing to tune: unwarranted war cry and is currently trying its best to inculcate intrinsic sense of worth that emanates from our toil to become self-reliant people and our contribution to great humanity no matter how small that may be. It’s not by some magic that Ethiopia is in a relative peace today than any conceivable time in its history with a less number of jails than Eritrea have. For sal, this doesn’t amount anything because TPLF, unlike the EPLF, is cunning doing the same thing but through different means. This is really a sliding position always keep on moving and no meaningful lessons can be drawn from such kind of wilful imposition of ignorance.

        Hayat, I am not that naive to believe that you bought all of my expositions regarding the ELF-TPLF saga. My understanding is that you have a space in your mind for hearing another version of it for whatever it worth. That’s all there is in it. I found sal’s concern over your desire for curiosity superfluous.

        • saay7

          Selamat T. Kifle:

          Me thinks the lady dost protest too much. You are free to believe whatever you want to believe, and Hayat is free to believe whatever she wants to believe. You will just be called out on it. My point is that when she describes your point of view, which is as TPLF-partisan as they come, as “detached”, she is mistaken. nr’esa tegagiya seb tegagi ala. Essentially you and the late Ahmed Nasser were having a debate about something that happened 34 years ago (our civil war); Hayat could just have easily said, “yep, I believe your version of events my harbeyna weyanai friend.” Instead, she tried to make it look like your input was a dispassionate version of events. Detached.

          Of course, Hayat has a record of this: spinning. She once described that having observed YG’s writing at a “microscopic level” she found it “married to facts and with gospeler authority” and when I asked her for details of such gospeler authority she kept hemming and hawing until she made it crystal clear that she had no understanding of YG’s writings and thus, couldn’t tell, whether it was married to facts, divorced from facts or had an open marriage.


          • Haile Zeru

            Hi SAAY,
            To add more to your list Sal,
            If T.Kifle is a representative sample of the prevailing mode of thinking (mentality) in TPLF, I came with the conclusion that for TPLF the end justifies the means. And if the end is grabbing power then everything is legit to achieve that end. No human, ethical or moral principles can stand in between. I came to this conclusion when T.Kifle wrote how EPLF operatives eliminated (“combed”) opposition leaders in Ethiopia.
            He simply puts it in politics there are no permanent friend or enemies. People were assassinated in Ethiopia and TPLF knowingly did nothing to protect individuals in its territory. I do not mean political protection. This is basically human existence. It shows also that all opposition leaders in Ethiopia are at the mercy of anything TPLF considers expedient. TPLF had choices to tell the leaders of the Eritrean opposition you are not wanted here. Either leave our country or cease your political activity. If they refuse TPLF could have used the Ethiopian laws and legal system to take legal actions against them. Instead they left EPLF security kill them one by one. And it is perfectly OK for T.Kifle. According to him in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies.

            If one goes a little bit back few years, what we had is that TPLF helped EPLF to drive out ELF form Eritrea. Mind you not from Tigray. And helped EPLF close the gaps in their defenses in Eritrea when the Derg campaign intensified. I do not have exact numbers to say how decisive the help was. From Issayas’s position it was a consolidation of power without any need to compromise politically with any Eritrean entity. You can trace here the origins of an Eritrean dictatorship. He presented EPLF the only force to counter the huge Derg army.

            For the Eritrean people, the demise of ELF was a loss of thousands of their children and a loss of a political alternative. It was a damaging enterprise by any calculation.

            For TPLF the pay back came later even if they try to play it down now. EPLF helped TPLF fight their way to Addis. And assisted them to eliminate/weaken the Oromo Front.

            Here the outcome was very favorable to TPLF and eventually very unfavorable to EPLF.

            About the benefits/losses to the people of Oromo and the non-tigrayan Ethiopians I cannot say much. I lack a lot of data to draw any conclusion. I am sure that an external interference never benefits the affected people. I am sure many Oromo families are still morning their children and cursing EPLF/TPLF.
            If past history is any lesson for future developments and T.Kifle ideas are any indication of TPLF mentality we will continue on the road of back stabbing for some time to come. We will see some highs (for TPLF now) and steep lows for the tigrayan people like the 70/80 years prior to 1991.
            For us Eritreans the highs never came thanks partly to TPLF and the lows are as bottom less as they are now.

          • T. Kifle


            It’s terribly frustrating that you understand things the way you did here, given your articulation in writing. In electrical Engineering we call it filtering.

            Let me repost my replay to Hayat on another article here and which you tried to quote me for all the wrong reasons and see if your distortions stand the judgements of Awatistas

            “Dear Hayat

            Ha! I am not really “closer to the power circles” but I think myself as closer to my TPLF. Now, to the points you raised.

            1. I am aware of the movement, EPDM, which was hoped it would challenge the EPLF in a democratic independent Eritrea.

            2. The liquidation of the high profile members of the EPDM is a kind of unfortunate circumstance that ashamed well-meaning people. I am aware of their misfortune where EPLF had been given a free ride of the country , assassinate opponent figures through its hidden cabals of the time. Can the EPRDF government justify that level of crime committed by EPLF killing squads in the heartland of sovereign Ethiopia? From insiders point of view, I can say nothing because I am nowhere closer to that level of influence.I am not aware if those crimes were effected under the vigilance of the the authorities. But, I can explain why EPRDF allowed EPLF to mess up the whole country, in all aspects of life including the mentioned atrocities, smuggling of goods, illegal trading of hard currencies etc.

            At the time EPRDF faced two equally destructive challenges: a) Ethiopians of all hues were more than eager to stereotype EPRDF as a messenger of evil, division and destruction. At the top of their agenda were the two Eritrean ports and Eritrea proper. Fully cognizant of the scale of the Eritrean problem, EPRDF tried to ensure, at least, that the ports serve their intended purposes and convince Ethiopians that nothing was lost as a result of Eritrean independence. so for that (b) It had to keep the EPLF happy at any cost. In the process EPRDF succumbed to the incessant demands of the spoiled EPLF. It digressed from the central መትከል of keeping the distance from EPLF that it passionately held for years. EPLF knew this. It’s continuously kept demanding privileges that otherwise wouldn’t have been demanded. EPRDFites abandoned their ambitions of “democratizing” Eritrea where EPDM was expected to deliver it home, and learned their lessons that in politics of state interests, “there are no permanent friends and/or enemies”. As a consequence ዲምሓኤ was neglected and its members and leaders been combed out by the crime-hardened EPLF. That really was a bad omen for the two fronts and countries.

            Whether that particular scenario happened under its knowledge or not, the EPRDF government cannot be exonerated of its responsibilities of ensuring safety to those who put their trust in it.”

          • Haile Zeru

            Here is the filtering…

            “EPRDFites abandoned their ambitions of “democratizing” Eritrea where EPDM was expected to deliver it home, and learned their lessons that in politics of state interests, “there are no permanent friends and/or enemies”. As a consequence ዲምሓኤ was neglected and its members and leaders been combed out by the crime-hardened EPLF. ”
            …and what conclusion would you draw from this?

          • T. Kifle

            Dear Haile Zeu,

            That’s my evaluation of EPRDF and not necessarily correct nor do I endorse it if it happened to be one. At the time, though I had some discontents on how things being handled with regards to Shaebia, it was understandable that the government was under pressure from within and outside so that it kept mums on many pertinent issues. In hindsight, we can see many holes that finally snowballed to the bloody conflict as a as a result of wanting to maintain the status quo from EPLF side and EPRDF’s shrug off.

            In any case, you care to know, I don’t endorse any wrong doings be it in my government or anywhere else.

          • Jo

            Selam T.Kifle,

            “In any case, if you care to know, I don’t endorse any wrong doings be it in my government or anywhere else.”

            Your suffocating complacency with your organization (TPLF) and its crimes renders you an endorser if not an apologist. You can try to beautify your darling (TPLF) by painting it with as many layers of colour as you want, but the bloody stains will not disappear. In trying to mitigate (TPLF) form the crimes it committed, you try to explain its actions or more like trying to justify it by invoking political expediency: the expediency that lead TPLF to seek the help of ELF then to turn around and bite the fingers ( of ELF) that fed it, and seek the protection of EPLF and its guidance all the way to Addis, right? First, pumping your chest, you are trying to rewrite history by glamorizing TPLF, then, when you are called on it, to preserve yourself, you turn around and tell us that you don’t endorse “any wrong doing”. Talk about self serving ala TPLF. Writing your history the way you want it and believing it is one thing, trying to seduce others to believe you, for political expediency, is adultery. “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

            Luwam zelewo leiti!!!

          • Abinet

            Ato kifle
            Do you know how many Ethiopians were inhumanly kicked out of Eritrea in 1991? Eritreans always talk about the 80,000 deported from Ethiopia ,
            So many wrong things happened at that time leading to the war. I don’t want to preach for the convert.however , those deported ones is by far the biggest mistake eprdf made for ignoring them .they were like refugees in their own country . All these in the name of keeping peace with EPLF . Those people deserve apology and compensation from the government

          • T. Kifle

            Dear Abinet,

            I know more than the mere numbers dear. It was very painful and the major challenge that faced the TPLF leadership in Tigray at the time was its negligence to the plight of the deportees. In fact, it denied the role of EPLF on the matter and simply attributed it to regime change. I understand why it did keep quite in the face of such a challenge. What is bad is not the leadership’s ምእንቲ ሞጎጎ ትሕለፍ ኣንጭዋ type of ዓቕሊ but the ሞጎጎ didn’t survive for long as it’s supposed to.

          • Rodab

            T. Kifle,
            On EPLF/TPLF relationships, your writings appear to suggest the EPLF was always the bad guy who took advantage of the earthly angel TPLF. Can you think of an event or incident where the two groups for once swapped roles with EPLF being right and the TPLF was wrong?

          • Saba

            Wow, where is your “TPLF wudassie”?

          • T. Kifle

            I am all ears, in case you have something to say on that,

        • Saba

          Thank you again for giving us your version of ELF-EPLF saga. Your version goes to the point and answers the questions. ELFites will not touch this topic because they say too old but then they talk about it when it suits them. I have family members who were ELF and i can see that they have still resentment but they can not talk about it. Plus ELF remnants are on life support by TPLF so it is better they do not talk about it.

        • Hayat Adem

          Dear Kifle,
          It seems to me Sal has slowed himself to a creep from learning. I found him being carried away by, and more interested in his ability to articulate than speaking to the empiric. As any one who would easily trace it from the re-posted reply of yours to me, you were not shy to hold EPRDF accountable for the mistakes they did with regard to their failure in duty to protect the EPDM leadership. Without even a word of reflection or sympathy to the loss of those brightest and best sons of Eritrea, he jumped on the little comment of admiration I expressed of you. “We made a mistake” is something that is rare among Eritrean loyal supporters of political organizations. The moment you said to the effect that TPLF made a mistake of allowing EPDM leaders perish on his watch, I only recognized that and I have no regrets. What is there spinning about it? Who am confusing with this?

          Look at how he belittles Tigray politics. I am not saying Tigray’s politics is something that shines from the hill, but you can’t compare it to Eritrea’s level, as i can’t also equate Gedeon Abay, (a man who sniffs, smokes and talks PFDJ in-out) with a fairly rational guy, like you.

          Speaking of spinning, I saw you trying to do just that in your comment on the lowland politicking. That is not a good bet for you because the authors of that initiative are not going to allow you to rewrite it for them. And if they are, I am not going to allow you to to tell me while it is there openly displayed for all of us to read it.

          • saay7

            Selamat Hayat:

            I know “executive summaries” are a struggle for you, because you prefer spinning but you could prove me wrong and tell the readers what is it about what the lowland leaguers wrote (not from your imagination but from what they wrote) that had you on the verge of reaching out for the hyperventilation bag when you first read it:)

            All Eritrean political organizations have risen and fallen not on the basis of the content of their programs but their proximity to Weyane and within weeks we will find out how close the Lowland Leaguers are to Weyane (were they in the Weyane assembly line? are they totally independent?) and that, more than anything, will be the kiss of death.

            It is a free country and you can praise T.Kifle every day (twice on Sunday); you just are not allowed to do it on the basis of falsehood. You called T.Kifle “detached”: he is anything but detached: he was, is, will always be a hard-core TPLF flunkie. And yes, there is a GREAT deal of similarity between a TPLF and PFDJ loyalist: the only criticism they wage against their organization is for not being “diligent” enough; for being “too trusting.”

            I don’t know why the TPLF allowing the EPDM to be slaughtered by the PFDJ is new to you and why T.Kifle’s equivocal on-the-one-hand on-the-other-hand explanation is impressive to you: I guess you are easily impressed. The 1990s was open season on each other’s opposition: the Isaias-Meles letters of 1997 dealt with Isaias telling Meles hey, when you are chasing your opposition into Eritrea, could we at least pretend that that is an international border?

            “I am not saying “Tigray’s politics is something that shines from the hill”–nice trick. This is where people admit an error by saying things like, “I am not saying I am perfect”, or “I am not saying I am an angel.” What are you so afraid of Hayat? Liberate yourself, for God’s sake. It has been almost 21 years since the TPLF has been running Tigray politics. In 21 years, Tigray is what it has always been: a one-party state which sends 100% TPLF members to the Federal parliament and elects 100% TPLF legislature to the state parliament. So, in 21 plus years, it has made zero progress towards political pluralism or democracy. Tigray is a microcosm of Ethiopia: every kilil in Ethiopia is political monopoly of one political party which happens to be a member of the EPRDF coalition. Is pointing this out “belittling” Tigray?


    • T. Kifle

      Selamat SAAY,

      I am aware that ELFites of today are still trying to find answers of their current standing in their dark past and that is not much unexpected. While you seem comfortable with the late Ahmed Naser’s understandably single-sided political narrative on TPLF, why the double standard when I do the same: defending TPLF,according to my perspective, a front I am part of?

      My friend, I, in no way, have no confusion on the difference between armed rebellion and democratic experimentation. Any armed struggle isn’t inherently democratic. We generally say they could have a just and justifiable causes. At best, when managed properly, could lead to democracy. It is also a fact that countries who come of a revolution rarely democratize. I believe that TPLF’s handling of the armed struggle was exemplary. It knew well the leverage and limits thereof. It accurately predicted the nature of the political actors of the time and managed to shield itself against all adversaries from every direction. And it did prevail. My support to TPLF of today is not unconditional. It has to live up to its promises and deliver results in order to count on my vote. The day I am convinced that it regressed or digressed from the original conviction the martyrs had die for, I have no qualms to stand against it. That would happen without undoing the old TPLF’s history and achievements. If it failed to democratize Ethiopia as it’s hoped, it would go to the annals of history as a political force successful in pulling down the legs of a ruthless regime in the best possible way, introduced the notion of inclusiveness and diversified unity. As a front that somehow restored the pride and dignity of its citizens that Ethiopia actually can develop and prosper if slight change in priorities are made.

      Now, can TPLF evolve itself to a higher plane of democratic governance leaving its long held revolutionary culture or simply cling to power at any cost? When one tries to answer this question they have also visit the other political alternatives currently floating up in the country.

      1. The vast majority of Ethiopia accept the federal structure and constitution wholeheartedly; whereas vast majority of the political parties are against them.

      2. The vast majority of Ethiopians have come to terms with issues of the port of Assab. But the only opposition Tigray mustered to have in the past decade or so revolves its ideologies on the familiar old patriotism of “bringing back Assab” to its “rightful owner”. The other parties also have almost the same stand; waiting an opportune day to fight for Assab.

      3. Ethiopia’s political mix is a kind of the most polarized one that one oppose or support not on merit of ideas but based on whom these ideas belong to.

      4. Add to all the political upheavals the fact that we are at the bottom of the economic scale in the planet.

      Sal, it is unlikely that you would appreciate the role of TPLF/EPRDF short of considering the complexities of Ethiopian political situations. until you do that homework, we would struck the gentlemen swing of “agreeing to disagree” but labeling my political stands as “cheer-leading” invokes the Tigrinya adage “ናታስ ንሓማታ”

      • Ermias

        Let’s just simply put it this way. I am opportunistic and before I judge any entity, I always ask, “what have you done for me lately?” EPLF/PFDJ has caused me tremendous stress and depression lately (23 years (that I know of) and counting).

        TPLF/EPRDF is better than EPLF/PFDJ in every measure. The facts speak for themselves. No ifs and buts.

  • Amanuel

    Just to add. General Uqbe Abraha was not the first chief of Staff of the Eritrean Army. Please get your facts right AT.

    • Saleh Johar

      Amanuel, and where did you read Uqbe was the first chief of staff? Guess who needs yo get his facts right? Or not read what is not written? Certainly not the AT.

      • Erale


        General Uqbe Abraha

        General Uqbe Abraha was the first Chief of Staf

      • Amanuel

        Here you go Saleh.

        “General Uqbe Abraha

        General Uqbe Abraha was the first Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Army. He was the Commander of the Eritrean forces that defeated the Ethiopian occupational army, Wikaw Iz, in 1984. In 2001 he was arrested together with other senior government officers and ministers known as G15 for calling for democratic reforms. The General spoke to Isaias Afwerki defiantly, warning of dire consequences for the nation, if the president and his government fail to make timely and necessary changes. In the middle of the chaos that followed 9/11, when the whole world was focusing on New York, Isaias rounded the G15 and put them in jail. To this day, nothing concrete is known about their fate.”

  • said

    Eritrean are fed-up, exhausted, discouraged, confused,
    frustration and unwilling to engage in any political topics of conversation. It
    is hard to get any political sense, People are reaching beyond their limit! DIA
    criminal act of the disappearance of a national heroes like General Uqbe Abraha
    ,is just one of many countless number , This
    a kind of an article people like YG ,Tegadelty bashers will be happy to
    read in their codified message ,I told so
    “ it was better before?”, in bringing and searching of our
    collative memory of Ethiopian golden
    days , recalling long bygone days putting it selectively . During the
    Ethiopians everything was better, much better! Student went to their schools,
    framers went to attend their farms and so on and on, many Eritreans had good
    jobs and there were decent salaries, pensions… all that was needed, simply
    living normal life. by indicating and implicating that some Eritreans are
    dreaming to return to the good all days of
    Ethiopian era, and that there is
    great nostalgia for mother Ethiopia from some segment of Eritreans, If only it
    could be re-cycled, re-done ,re-called,
    re-shaped and the political concept improved differently for the YG and his
    adherent Tegadelty bashers, by doing so ,his segment of Eritreans will live happy
    after, forgetting everything that happened, This disparate bunch of ‘national traitors, In
    fact these are the very different ,the ‘others.’ Pretending that they act in
    the interests of Eritrea and care of our citizens, they serve in realty the
    interests of completely different interest and agenda. Their idea does not
    respect cultural and ethnic differences nor do they believe in reflecting
    diversity and inclusiveness. Oppositely they feed on from the same plate of DIA
    the fever that feeds on ignorance, Ignorance is a primary fuel of nationalism
    and aggression. Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrel, as Dr. Johnson
    observed, and the first platform of fools. They will not admit political fact.
    They are dogmatic and dishonest about it. This kind of sorting has real
    national consequence, the vast Eritrean
    are in keeping with the values of equality, equity, justices, pluralism, compassion and human dignity
    enshrined within both Islam and Christianity What Eritrean want at very minimum ,some real change ,a practical
    improvement in their own lives . All they
    have heard, again and again for the past twenty three years is that things will come and improve gradually ,nothing changed, but it got
    much worst. It is really hard to believe how much people are suffering silently.
    The true reality on the ground differed very sharply and completely from the
    nation marvellous ‘fairy tales’, propagated and fully indoctrinated by DIA
    regime and strictly toe the FPDJ line. Twenty three Years after its
    ‘independence, Today’s Eritrea is demographic disaster and nightmare, no
    official statistics and censuses have being taken, the number of young people
    living Eritrea are in droves. what a night mare there is nothing to compare to
    ,only country like Somalia devastated by brutal civil war are experiencing
    similar population decline. The regime is not capable of improving the economic
    situation and not able of defend the interest of its people. Many feel that
    they were lied and today’s thousands of disgruntled Tegadeltes feel
    frustrated. Instead of bring Eritrea in new era, they do feel shamed for not
    saving the country, they sold empty ideological ideals and slogans, and feel they
    betrayed their own people. And even their own living standard and their own
    lives went from bad to worse and uncertainty about the future is bleak. May be
    inside regime or a ‘mutiny’ against dictatorship will save the country. Eritreans
    are waking up to reality. After two decades of total misery and darkness, the
    hope and aspiration is on the horizon and is emerging. No matter what the lies
    and propaganda says, reality is clearly well known to most. The result speak
    for itself and Eritrea is on its knees.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    As usual, well done.Thanks. Just correction: I think you were thinking of Brigade 23 when you wrote Brigade 84; I mean the one that was hurt in the first attempt. I don’t think there was a brigade known by the number 84. That’s just for fact check, thanks again. The composition of the picture says it all, too; you have made a point.

  • Haben

    No court found him guilty of anything! That is what happen when someone considers himself a hero for life and calls others at whimp. Now, who is treasonous? I think not the General.

  • Oakland

    Weldone Awate Team!
    I can’t wait to read General Hussein Ahmed interview.

  • Hope

    Are you insane? You seem to be very articulate but not to grasp this simple fact?I hope you are kidding–but hey, no kidding with Heros like Gen Uqbe—and I beg your pardon, who are you,BTW?

  • Hope

    Congra AT for giving the credit where it belongs.I hope the EPDP learns something from this and try to treat out heros equally.I think you quoted Gen Mesfin Hagos indirectly(form thhe VoA**) and at least for the sake Gen Mesfin,EPDP should briefly mention the heroism of the late Generals–including the two Brig Gens and Gen Oqbe Abreha,irrespective of their partisan approach—–as one of their cadres–mentioned in their website,where he tried to balance things and advise us that we should treat our heros from either camp–be EPLF or ELF.As a courtesy, we should extend our condolence to their family besides rememebring them for their heroism.
    It is only common sense.
    **: “it is odd. In fact it is a betrayal and deceitful to celebrate the victory of Wikaw Iz without mentioning General Uqbe.”

  • AMAN

    Issayas has made one movie called ZEYIDENIN MAEGER
    to help build a cult for his dictatorship though I am not sure
    about whether he was or was not bowing for woyanes behind
    the curtain.

  • AMAN

    It is true. But also it is a trick dictators use it to keep other
    contenders away and below. Issayas should not have to
    mentioned hero also.
    If issayas is called hero, Uqbe Abraha is hero too. There
    is not any reason to say he is not.
    But dictators built a cult by diminishing or demonizing and
    trivializing the works,personalities and sacrificices of others
    and building their own just like we have been seing it yesterday
    and today for your future.

  • Seare

    I respect General Uqbe Abrha and all the Patriots who fought to liberate the country. However, mentioning individuals for success or failure of an operation was and is not a tradition of Eritrean forces’, who happen to destroy Wikaw Iz. How about the hundreds of Eritreans, who paid dearly few weeks earlier (the first operation) , in March 1984 and through out the 5 years of north eastern front, before and after Wikaw Iz …

    Individuals are often portrayed as heros to put them in contrast with individuals not necessarily for the heroism sake. I hope you are not mentioning Ibrahim Afa and Gen. Uqbe Abraha for that purpose.
    By the way your todays villains and heros from the eritrean forces were slightly different in the way they are commanding the army and operations. The responsibility of an operation was distributed equally on all sholders of peers.

    • Peace!

      Reread the article,ugh!

  • haile

    Here is some time tested mafia culture in PFDJ, the minute their boss gobbles you up they don’t know you anymore. Say if “awet” above was to go to Eritrea and I get hold of some corrupt colonel to lock him up aka “atsnHaley”, that is it. None of his/her HGDEF friends would give a rat’s behind (gele geyru/geyra tKewn!!). Remember Naizghi Kiflu vs Gerahtu, Sophia and Monkey visting the family and telling them the GoE would foot the bill for burial (testimony of family members). The next morning, it was “oh well screw him” and business as usual (i.e. woyane this, woyane that, woyane came, woyane went, woyane up, woyane down …). Apparently, the same happened to one HGDEF woman (grand ma) from Bay Area and guess what, all the YPFDJ and PFDJistas ditched her. Gosh, these people, can you even call them that? Where is the bodies of the Lampedusa victims that the human trafficking HGDEF was supposed to pay and transport to Eritrea?

    • Elsa

      The women was turned in by her own sister in Eritrea for human trafficking. In this instance, I actually support the regimes action. I heard she was caught red handed.

  • Peace!

    Shame on you:(

    • Awet

      Shame on me. Why? For telling the truth. Anyone who was in the know in Asmara during those days knows what they did or were trying to do. No sleep was or will be lost for traitors, criminals and crooks.

  • Haqi

    Give us some evidence and facts of treason to support your case. 03 bela below will not work. Awate great article as always and I hope you educate is about the other g15 and contribution with in eplf.

  • Koboro

    A genuine article as usual. My Hats-off to you Awate Team. I am always eager to read all your news, and other articles. It gives me full insight about the contemporary situation of Eritrea. This is one of the best but having a sad reality content article about the Hero Uqbe Abraha. I have seen General Uqbe some time in the mid nineties when he was Minister of Trade and Industry HQed near Cinema Roma. I was an ordinary citizen who wanted to open a small business in Asmara just after I left Addis to Eritrea on the bright years of independence. When I met, the soft spoken Minister, in his office I was very captivated by his humbleness, integrity, and confidence. I left Eritrea after the government shutdown all small businesses and closed import-export businesses and controlled the market and hard currency under its custody and shattered the window of business and strangled life of the nation. I am living now in a better place in diaspora but the veteran fighter and hero Ukbe is no more in Eritrea and his history of patriotism is deliberately erased and disappeared as this articles clearly implied. Very very sad. I feel ashamed to be Eritrean and not proud to be Eritrean as long as the real Eritrea and history of Eritrea is restored to its proper place.

  • Awet

    Just because you were a hero once, it does not mean you’ll be a hero forever. The man committed treason and no one is losing sleep over it except the author and the readers of Awate for their own political agendas.

  • Rahel

    It’s a shame! R.I.P. General Uqbe, your true story will be told and written by the true Eritrean