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Weed Out the PFDJ Beast

As I was about to publish this edition of Negarit, I was hit by yet another news of a tragedy: a few hours ago Mathew Price of BBC reported that today (Friday Oct. 11, 2013) another boat with more than 200 people capsized 60 miles off the coast of Lampedusa. Bodies have been spotted floating on the sea. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boat carried Eritreans victims.

I never thought my people would become the Boat People of the 21st century.

In 1987, I was on a visit to Hong Kong; by then, over a decade after the fall of Saigon in 1975, the Vietnamese had been leaving their country en mass, hanging on the sides of rickety boats and sailing around the South China Sea searching for a safe shore. Many traders and merchants considered bourgeoisie by the Vietnamese government were stripped of their properties and forced to the countryside to farm, a Vietnamese equivalent of the PFDJ’s indefinite agelglot and hate of the middle class and the educated. They all left their country just like our people are doing now.

Daily, about 200 people were landing in Hong Kong. News reports were full of shocking stories about the “Boat People of Vietnam” and it was a daily stable particularly when Hong Kong interned the refugees in camps under squalid conditions, behind barbed wires. To avoid integrating them in Hong Kong, the government had began to classify them as economic refugees, just like Israel is now doing to Eritreans. The miserable stories I witnessed then are no different than what is happening to Eritreans in North Africa, Sinai and the Mediterranean Sea.

Two days ago the PFDJ embassy in Rome expressed the Eritrean regime’s willingness to allow the remains of the Lampedusa victims to be flown to Eritrea—it seems the government had suddenly developed a kind heart for the “illegal Africans migrants.” Upon reading the statement, I couldn’t help imagining being at the airport in Asmara (Massawa not likely) and watching almost three-hundred coffins arrive! I imagined the wailing at bus stations, the funeral processions to places of worship and rituals, sight of coffins being carried to different villages and towns, and the wakes that follow. I imagined parents crying for the loss of their children, and children crying for the loss of their parents, relatives, friends and yes, lovers, grieving in each village, town, street and house. I imagined the gloom that would be many folds what our people are going through right now.

Coming face to face with a coffin that contains the remains of someone you love is profound, it is worse than hearing about their death. And here people would come face to face with shocking number of coffins, not one or two. Imagine the grief, the wailing and uncontrolled hysterical movement of the bereaved… and the grief of all Eritreans! It would be a situation that only the emotionally brave can handle.

For over a week now, we have all been on an emotional rollercoaster watching horrific video footages, and still-images, rows and rows of coffins, mostly brown with a few small white coffins, heart-wrenching scenes. Even the teddy bears that adorned them didn’t help.

And we are wailing some more….

I have always advocated for solving the root causes of the Eritrean predicament; wailing over manifestations is a human reaction, but it doesn’t help. It will not help Eritreans get rid of their tormentor. Never.

A wound festers and creates a bulging sack of puss; piercing the wound and letting out the puss is the first step in curing it. We need to bleed the Eritrean wound and let out the puss represented by Isaias and his minions.

Some years ago, awate.com kick-started a campaign with an editorial entitled “Starve the Beast” which aroused the umbrage of the supporters of the regime. But enough Eritreans had the same view and it really worked—though it took longer time than we expected. However, it was not only the efforts of opposition that managed to starve the beast, the PFDJ beast helped a lot with its own arrogant, corrupt Skunis policies that invited the wrath of the international community that paid it back with a sanctions regime. Following the incident of Lampedusa, we have entered a new phase; Lampedusa ushered a phase of weeding out the beast.

In general, the overwhelming majority of Eritreans have literally put a Dead-or-Alive call on the regime and its chief. News coming from Eritrea are very disturbing; the frustration might lead to an uncontrollable situation where the nation would be immersed in a bloodbath that the regime and its unhinged actions are creating. All patriotic Eritreans agree that the miseries have reached the brim long ago and the agonies are overflowing. In the militarized nation that the PFDJ created, anyone carries a gun; particularly the frustrated youth who might resort to desperate measures. Of course, millions of people suffering because of a clique whose members do not exceed 200 people is just unacceptable by any rational, human or divine—regardless of the calls for rationality and advocating a non-violent struggle, the situation is Eritrea is already violent, it has been so for over a decade. I don’t expect the people to be restrained indefinitely while the regime is wreaking havoc all over the place, causing thousands to lose their lives and millions to be denied the right to live freely. I believe things will take their natural course, any course that would weed out the beast should be more than welcome. Protecting oneself and fighting aggression, be it committed by a state or otherwise, is the right of victims who can respond in kind. That is the relevance of the second amendment of the USA, the right to keep and bear arms—of course that is meant to protect oneself, not to be hanged on the wall as an artifact.

Here is reminding reel that might refresh our memories…

When a boat capsized in the Mediterranean Sea and over a hundred people perished, we mourned, agonized and we become emotionally distraught. Mind you, that is not last week’s tragedy; it is the tragedy of March 2011.

Twelve days ago, a ship was wrecked in the same sea, we began to mourn the death of over a dozen of our own. We thought that would be the last tragedy for the year. But three-days later on Thursday, before the week was out, we were hit with yet another shipwreck. So far, 153 survived and the death toll stands at around 300. Reportedly, the ship carried 520 people, about 85 people are still unaccounted for, presumably dead by now. That would bring the death toll of Thursday’s tragedy to around 350 people. The average age of the survivors is 22 years though they in include children, babies and mothers who had delivered their babies while in transit, while awaiting boats to carry them to Italy, to the ill-fated waters of the island of Lampedusa. A woman had given birth while she was drowning; rescuers found the mother and the baby still connected by the umbilical cord!

But our agonies have not ended yet…

Three days after the calamity of Lampedusa, we heard yet of another incident in the Ethiopian refugee camps where, to-date, there are four wounded and one dead Eritrean refugees, courtesy of bullets fired by the Ethiopian forces. It seems a demonstration held by the refugees to protest their living conditions and appeals to end their plight somehow turned violent. Details are scanty because the camp is closed, but there are many Eritrean refugees in jail after the incident. And we might have more information as we go.

Such sad incidents have been following Eritreans for over half a century. In the mid-1960s tens of thousands crossed Eritrean borders escaping Haile Selassie’s scorched earth policy and ended up in many places, mainly in Sudan where they still live, forgotten in refugee camps—today, the camps are full of third-generation refugees… and still counting. That was exasperated by the Derg’s wanton violence that pushed tens of thousands more out of their homeland.

During the last ten years, the suffering of Eritreans turned a new page in the chain of sufferings when refugees began to trek towards the Mediterranean Sea in desperation. The despicable coercion, repression and organized smuggling was introduced to Eritreans—and the main players are from within the Eritrean regime who trade in human beings and ransom transaction are paid under the eyes of the regime whose supporters claim is “incorruptible”!

And we keep wailing and mourning piecemeal. 

No one denies that wars have their own dynamics; since Eritreans were engaged in a long liberation war against Ethiopian rulers, they considered the miseries and sufferings a tax a nation pays in pursuit of independence. But why should Eritreans continue to pay that tax long after they uprooted foreign rulers out of their country and declared their independence two decades ago? Why would Eritreans suffer from similar fate under a so-called Eritrean government who is bent on outdoing the oppression of the Ethiopian rulers?

We have managed to starve the beast but the starved beast has turned into a worse monster feasting on the miseries of Eritreans.

This is the time to forget our grudges, petty bickering and shun the indifference of some of our own. This is the time to bond together to accomplish the goal of defeating the Eritrean tyranny. Our grief must be turned into rage, immediately. And that rage should be directed towards the cancer that is eating Eritrea from inside. Eritreans need to bleed the puss from the wound. Wailing is not going to end the misery of Eritrea. If it is not stopped, this regime will continue to create more tragedies and turn Eritreans into a sort of helpless widows who know nothing but wailing. Luckily, Eritreans seem to have come to grips with their responsibilities. The victims of Lampedusa, and many others, didn’t perish in vain, their death is the energy that would push Eritreans to eliminate the stains of tyranny from Eritrea. We have starved the beast; now it is time to Weed Out the PFDJ Beast; eradicate tyranny from Eritrea.

Saleh “Gadi” Johar is author of “Miriam was Here” a book that explains the root causes of the Eritrean predicament and why the youth are fleeing their country risking their lives, facing all sorts of death, drowning in the sea or dying of thirst in the deserts and in the way facing rape, torture and organ harvesting.

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of awate.com. Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism Awate.com was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of awate.com is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • jonas

    Talk,talk,talk is not going to topple Isayas nor can he thrive with the support of the traitors in the diaspora. Isayas will soon go from undisclosed illness , check his most recent and recent pics, his cheeks have sunken , his complexion is sort of yellow ,his hair is thinning, his eyes look tired and he has lost weight . Once he dies the legacy he leaves behind will be worst than what he did in life. Eritrea is on a road to a failed state . Like Libya under Ghadaffi , Eritrean dictatorship is more of a one man dictatorship than a party one. There are no strong governing institutions including an army without political interference .This was purposely designed by Isayas so he stays all powerful. Libya is a fake state now, the government has no control of the roaming militias , so will be Eritrea . The damage Isayas inflicted on Eritrea will be felt of decades to come through anarchy and colossal economic and social structure collapse. I do not think Ethiopia has the stomach to interfere, but the stream of refugees may burden Ethiopia to the point it might get involved not to mention a new Al-Qaida host north of Ethiopia. It is not if but when Eritrea will be engulfed with chaos and total anarchy after the exit of Isayas and this is just as Isayas designed it. Staying in power was Isayas’ ultimate goal, so he concentrated all power in hands not caring his departure will haunt Eritrea perhaps for another fifty years.

    • mergemka

      afka kelbi yishinelu.

      • dawit

        That is your devilish wish for Eritrea, for which you have been agitating for two decades, but Eritrea is safe with the help of its hard working and sacrifices of her true sons and daughters and God’s help. Worry about your other Ethiopia.

        Long live PIA and Eritrea!

        • jonas

          That is not a wish ,it is a reality very easy to predict.
          It has started already, a nation was founded with no charters of rights guarantying its’ citizens basic freedom and respect .The constitution was hijacked by one man who made sure there will be no constraint to his thirst for absolute power. What will follow is very predictable .Once the dictator dies, the fear and intimidation that glued the country will evaporate , power did not come from the paper but from the gun . One shot is enough to explode the anger that was brewing. Nobody would want to be fooled again by the euphoria independence.
          After 1776 George Washington and others who came after him led the U.S by what was written on the constitution, that is why the democracy although imperfect is 237 yrs old. Isayas is no George Washington, there is no written law he governed by, he had founded a nation ruled not by law but by fear and intimidation. It is like a plant with no roots, once the dictator is gone ,so will be the fear,there will be years of pain awaiting Eritrea till consensus develop between groups and sects for peaceful Eritrea.

          • dawit

            You have been predicting for years the Eritrea is going to collapse in six months PIA is dead, etc. But Eritrea is standing and moving forward and PIA is alive in spite of your gloomy predictions. This latest one is also going straight to the garbage bin of history.

        • jonas

          My prediction might not be time perfect but it is perfect , it is like watching the re-run of African independent struggles of the 60’s and 70’s…Autocrats over staying their welcome and killing the dreams of the new and young optimistic nations.

          • Nitricc

            No that means you are stupid.

          • dawit

            How do you predict of the future? By looking the residue of ‘final boon’. Did you predict the untimely death of your boss, Zenawi! Anyway keep dreaming, and predicting it is free good you don’t have to pay for it.

        • Nitricc

          Dawit the first mistake any one to make is to undermine your perceived enemy. And what is the most mind bugling is, the so called opposition have nothing to show for, yet, they are so busy predicting the fall of PIA.
          The sad party is, the man, PIA will out last them. The country is not as bad as the opposition are advertising but we know it could be better. Instead of the opposition come up with an idea that will make the country better, they keep coming with worthless prediction after worthless prediction. Let them predict, that is all they are capable for.

          • saay

            Nitricc bro:

            I like you* but it’s no fun debating you: you are a sniper 🙂 you said the opposition is always making predictions about the political demise of Isaias. Prove it with a link, a video, something that shows them (the Eritrean opposition groups, any of the dozens) saying that “by _____ Isaias will fall.”

            Meanwhile, here’s your hero Isaias Afwerki making promises and specific predictions in 2009 (That’s why they call him “Tesfom”: Mr empty promises.) He talks big but he has never delivered anything in the last 20 years.



            * unlike the Merons, who would not be caught dead making a statement before they get the green light, you actually step out of the reservation. Not much, but miraculous by the pitifully low standards of the (NN)^2 club standards.

          • Nitricc

            I was taking to my dad last night over the phone and among other things he asked me if I am still in support of Shaebia after the tragedy of this magnitude. I told him. Yes. And he asked me what it would take for me to be awake and see things.
            And I hear my mom saying ” Gidefo ezi wedi nay hangol xegem alowo”
            I was cracking up, because my mom never said that, ever
            I told him it will take a responsible opposition that offers a better idea and a better poletical programm, an opposition who cares about the country.
            I will tell you the same thing, you keep asking me to open my eyes but you never gave something to open to.
            Again give me something I can work with. As intellect as you Are why is it so hard for you to understand mt dillema? Come on SAAY!

          • saay

            Nitricc ma man:

            I was taking to my dad last night over the phone and among other things he asked me if I am still in support of Shaebia after the tragedy of this magnitude. I told him. Yes. And he asked me what it would take for me to be awake and see things.
            And I hear my mom saying ” Gidefo ezi wedi nay hangol xegem alowo”

            Well, Nitricc, your parents sound so sensible: how did the apple fall far from the tree? I hearby grant your parents an honorary awatista credential. To quote your dad: what would it take? What if the Eritreans who drowned were, God forbid, 1,000? 5,000? What is it that will make you say, “we really have to take a closer look into how our Mad Man is running the country!” What is your threshhold?

            Let me see if I can help by personalizing the issue (sorry):

            1. If your parents moved to Eritrea and they spoke publicly the way they speak to you, they would be arrested and you would never talk to them again.
            2. If your parents moved to Sudan and they were politically active, they would be kidnapped and dragged to Eritrean prisons and you would never hear from them again.
            3. If your parents went to Ethiopia, even if it is to the refugee camps, they would be called Weyane, kedaAt, etc.

            To support Isaias because there is no alternative (when he is the one who made sure there would be no alternative to him not only by disallowing political pluralism but by hollowing out the EPLF/PFDJ into an empty shell) is short-sighted. Only, to quote your mom, ናይ ሓንጎል ፅገም ዘለዎ ሰብ does that:)


          • jonas

            Undermined your perceived enemy?????? Isayas is not my precieved enemy ,he is my enemy. The country is not as bad as the opposition makes it out to be??? If so why did 300 not to mention the once before them perished in the high sea???? Have you heard of such tragedies during Derg’s regime?
            You two Pinokios will have very very long noses if you don’t stop your lies. What do your families write you from Eritrea, no soap, no cooking oil, no sugar..right???…some Eritreans have cut sending money, instead they are sending unperishable foods to Eritrea and some basic stuffs like soap and oil. It is not the western media that is telling us how dire the situation is, it is our families. I know Isayas pays you to come and confuse readers but Eritreans are well aware what is going on in Eritrea from their families.

          • Nitric,

            Listen to your parent’s advice. First dissociate from PFDJ operatives to heed the advice of your parents.Then if there aren’t formidable opposition, then try to create formidable organization with your peers and your likes to save your people.

  • said

    For the sake of the supporters of DIA regime and argument, let’s assume the following to be fact and true. DIA is hero, a world class leader, true nationalist, committed patriotic not a tarter or stooge, a cipher, not an empty head, and He is not incompetent, indecisive, or deranged. He is, in fact, very intelligent, wise .highly human, highly rational, compassionate, caring, purposeful and rational thinking person. Let us further assume that DIA is sincere in his all actions, if not always his long speech and rhetoric, and let see that all his actions crime that speak for itself and list is long from the persecution of top EPLF leaders and to the rank and file. To his agenda with TPLF alliance, the civil war of forcing and vanishing ELF and other national front from Eritrean political seeing, to the elimination and assassination who ever stood in his way of Eritrean citizens, many supporters supported the elimination of the opposition including many described as liberals in recent years. They see the severe crushing of the opposition, not seeing as a sign of a fascistic moment that also includes some nationalistic hysteria.
    This are well premeditated, carefully planned, meant intentional to murder and be taken seriously without ambivalence and that weakened and failed the nation, a backwater of mediocrity and mass citizen humiliation, DIA regime totally failed and incompetent to provide in both the human need for basic security, jobs, food, health and education services is so overwhelming that some time it takes priority over any issues of rights and DIA failed miserably in the path of forging a real democracy, freedoms and dignity in the political realm.
    What do Eritrean make of this? On the superficial and surface, it means that DIA is guilty as culpable as he is capable. His cruel cold and icy certitude has always been his most grating false affectation for regime supporters. Yet there is no one to hold him to be accountable for his long list of crimes against the Eritrean citizens and nation . In the court of low high and low,
    DIA was the choice of the top elites EPLF leaders for many reasons , the man they want at the helm at that critical and fraught moment for objective ,higher goal and ultimatum of independence, today we face cruel dictatorship and his incompetence that makes him so curly dangerous inhuman .
    Eritrea has degenerated into failed and a sham state, a state of the ultmtumum security observed and monitored, from domestic spying to elimination and strikes perceived innocent opponent and no where government operations to be seeing ,do not function even at the minimum services level ,the state is dangerously opaque and extremely menacing. A fascist and criminal pervasive dread seems to envelope the entire country.
    So, in the face of this awful heart ranching dire reality, we face and confront, once more, famous Lenin’s piercing question: what is really to be done? This is not a mere political metaphysical exercise any more, but an existential and practical one of the utmost extreme dire urgent urgency. How do Eritrea act and respond to fascist and criminal an ossified state that serves idiotically foolishly, self-serving abstract interests yet completely remains direly chillingly indifferent to Eritrean decades long suffering? totally failed and incompetent ,Moreover, where do we turn when the united opposition party , civil service ,NGO and that might served as forces of social change are now largely out of the political seen and kaput.?

    The country, overwhelmed by poverty and destitution and punishing poverty thrives throughout the country, for most Eritrean are not schooled ideologically, the cadres of EPLF /PFDJ indoctrination entirely different matter, they belong to the dead ideological schools of Mao and Marxist-Leninist by gone era .
    The sense of injustice that most Eritreans continue to feel towards the dominant PFDJ tiny minority regionalist is a notion that is challenged by many. But it is real composition of PFDJ and has never been seriously discussed, let alone resolved through honest, objective and a transparent political medium overseen by Eritrean Diaspora civil society, opposition and if any remaining a democratic leadership. Eritrean opposition composed of many political parties and factions and is torn by competing leaderships. Having failed to reach unity and any meaningful agreement, decided to “kick the can down the road”, and for not have not being strong and united coalition opposition party a great damage has been done, but zero ground gained. The current PFDJ Party is composed by the secretive mafias type the remnants of the EPLF dissolved leadership ,composed of a tiny NUSO thugs ,afflicted from his own regional trusted inner circle that have totally failed the nation and totally incompetent to rule a diverse nation like Eritrea.

  • Berhe Tensea

    I am sorry for using racial slurs regarding DIA, I respect and admire Tigray brothers and sisters, I have nothing against Temben or any other region of Tigray.
    I am sorry if I have offended any one.

    • belay

      My Respect for you and your parents,who shaped you to be who you are.Respect full and sensitive towards other human beings feelings. Thanks Berhe Tensea

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      We all admire our tigrayan brothers and sisters. Infact the Esayas thugs/ his town men refuse to accept their tigrayan origin rather they mislead Eritrean to insult and demean tigrayan. When we told them to stop such uncivilized attacks they confront us – Are you Agame? I read your posting earlier – it was not to insult tigrayan but to tell esayas he is tigrayan by origin. true eritrean never hide and insult his origin but respect tigrayan. We did not used the liberation movement we won – the last 23 years all wasted because our leaders spread boast than constructive work. At one time around 1992 -1993 Esayas thugs complained being invaded by Seraye and Akeleguzay after they cleaned the tigrayan from their area. Esayas Afewrki himself called some area as original and gave them the example of red indian in America. since then some people began to bloat like Bull frog.
      Esayas thugs/BegaMiDo need to know these.
      1. they cooperated hailslasie to invade us, harass Eritrean.
      2. they are tigrayan by origin
      3. they stole the eritrean revolution as theirs( KzHleKa B’EdKa KwEyeKa BmanKa). Infact the Eritrean revolution is the ownership of Muslim Eritrean – the Jeberti and the MetaHit people Tigre, BeniAmer including Afars and Saho. These people were the most suffered hard and the most shielded the revolution. I appreciate my tigryna people for joining and contributing but truly they are not the beginners, for any reason they are not the top.

      • Zaul

        sheri shiro,

        How come this bigotry against Hamassien and Tigrinya christians is allowed? So are you telling me that my uncles’ and grandfather’s died in vain? they have nothing to do with the Eritrean revolution?

        Why is it OK for muslims to strive for unity amongst themslves and we the christians are always to be suspected because our forefathers chose andnet with their ethnic group (yes kebessa is just another part of Tigray). We might not have joined the revolution en masse in the beginning, but we got the job done. don’t ever forget EPLF was 90% christian! I love my country Eritrea, but I’m a proud Habesha christian too. Enough of these childish grievances and work for a future Eritrea that respects individual liberty.

        • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

          First I so thank you Awate Team for letting us to tell our problem.
          I myself is Christian and tigryna. I am trying to correct the mistake I saw being done that also rubbed my stomach all the time bc no right to talk. At every institution or work division certain people from certain location control everything even the way we talk language all to be right or wrong by them and theirs. Anything they hear that was not from theirs they called us Agame. I myself is seraye and it happened to me I also saw happened to Akeleguzay people. And the muslims treated as nothing useless people- we all confused unable to focus- this is abuse. I became friends loyal to the Akeleguzay and with the muslims because they were my side.When there is promotion the first eye is to theirs.their language is always right and they think true tigryna from theirs. Infact true tigryna is in seraye akeleguzay and tigray. the modern tigryna born from these three locations.
          There are many heroes from hamasien fought for Eritrea I know them but the thing I did not liked is why the hamasien claim they are the true fighters and the true defenders others are not trusted did not worked like them.
          Like all tigryna people the hamasien joined Gedli in the early 1970s.the hardest part of the revolution was done by muslims – all muslims. then things changed grabbing come, calling bad names come, and our mind fooled.
          the last 23 years Eritrea failed why because bad leadership- insulting other tigryna people, hating and discouraging muslims, insulting tigrayan(lead to unnecessary, costly majority from the poor and regrettable war). We all confused and time wasted.
          1. For better future and to correct the mistakes the next leader must be muslim.
          2. All departments must check their employees name, Adi, Awraja and Biher. No secret grouping allowed.
          Personally I have no hate to anyone.

          • Zaul

            Ata gdefena bejakha, entay aynet denqoro seb ikha. A decentralized form of governance that puts individual liberty and rule of law foremost is what we need, then you can hate Hamassien as much as you want and never set foot in their land, your choice. The leader does not have to be a christian or a muslim, he can be an atheist as long as he is competent and democratically elected. If the only competent leaders we can find are all from Bogos, so be it. They’ll lead our nation.

            Do you think I’m trying to control you, when I tell you don’t insult one segment of our society? drbay

    • belay

      Thanks Awate Moderators for shaping Berhe Tensea,no matter what he said before,i respect him,to come round to his real self and appologise

    • jonas

      No mistake is a mistake if you learn from it.

  • Ermias

    Time out! The title of the article is “weed out the PFDJ beast.” But it has diverged to many other topics that are unrelated to our current state of affairs. It would be wiser to refocus our attention to exposing the lies of PFDJ. Haile and saay have been consistent. But nitricc, lamek Tewelde, Meron..,have masterfully hijacked this forum and reshaped it to their liking. I have repeatedly said that if we successfully divorce PFDJ from diaspora Eritreans, the regime will eventually will crumble on its knees.

    • Beyan Negash

      Dear Ermias and Awatawyan,

      You are giving the few and the far in between the credit they so wish to make each and everyone of us think in such a manner. The only person I wanted not distracted is the one who has been a migraine headache to the maniacal regime and his supporters – namely, Haile. I want zero distraction, therefore, we the foot soldiers, our job is to make sure that that does not happen.

      Look Ermias, haven’t you seen one of them crying for reinforcement and begging for Asmara to reappear. I tell you, Asmara is a very smart man and knows when to be mum and when to appear in the forum. He appears when he knows he is fully supplied with a fodder for his cannon. He knows the Lampedusa tragedy is one thing he cannot play blood sports with. So, the few that you mention are desperately clinging to dear life and don’t give the credit they certainly do no deserve.

      I, too, used to get frustrated when the discrepancy between what lies in the dialogue box and the main article seem to be semayn medrin. However, I came to a realization that it is in the nature of dialogue where we seem to be all over the place, but it is as result of such seemingly disparate idea colluding, merging, diverging, that eventually coalesce to evolution of thought. I can site several individuals whose evolution in thinking I have seen transformed completely in this forum.

      So, brother, you are right to point out that the subject matter is about “weeding out PFDJ,” but PFDJ does not exist in a vacuum; it is an entity that had dominated the Eritrean sociopolitical, psychological, economical – as it were, an all-encompassing maniacal governing body – that will require us to address from all those angles.

      The American slavery, for example, that took 400 plus year to undue did not just absolve itself. There were myriad dynamics at work. The now dead white Abolitionists, the Civil War between the North and South and African Americans’ siding with the North, the likes of Harriett Tubman (“the conductor of the underground railroad”) who helped slaves to their freedom as she moved them from South to the North, Fredrick Douglass’s similar struggles, W.E.B. Du Bois, the Atlanta’s Exposition speech man (whose name skips me for now), oh yea, Booker T. Washington, all these and thousands upon thousands more were working in tandem, not necessarily as hands and gloves, but each in his or her own way fought the evil nature of slavery and in the end they prevailed.

      I have not even mentioned the Harlem Renaissance period, the era of the early twentieth century which produced countless intellectual African Americans who shaped this great nation to become what it is today.

      Then, you have the 1950s the works of the likes of “Invisible Man’s” Magnus Opus, whose namesake is one of the founding fathers of this nation when it comes to literary nationalism, again, the name is skipping me for now, but it will pop-up so long I keep on writing – there you go – Ralph Ellison – who credits the 1800 period intellectuals such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Henry Thoreau, and many others for his intellectual quest that led to one of the twentieth century’s master piece work of literature.

      Consider, Ermias hawwey, for example, when Papillon mentions self-sufficiency of this great country do you not see its relevance to our EPFDJ’s convoluted notion of it in the way it wants to arrive at such stage is by subverting the whole idea and creating indentured servitude of the young indefinitely? When in fact if you read Henry David Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government” it is the total opposite of what our version of self-sufficiency has been. As Emerson advanced the idea of the individual being part of the collective population, Thoreau’s case was that the individual epitomizes everything in life.

      Thoreau believed that the individual exists or ought to exist to the exclusion of government. A person left to his own device with the less government involvement in one’s life the better off the individual is. Thoreau’s thinking in its historical context –with slavery and Mexican American war prominently present in his mind and in his time- it would’ve made sense. But, today, the Libertarian party would pale in comparison to how Thoreau envisioned the role of government. He would fit into today’s Anarchist mold than anything else. This “dead white man” is an interesting character and individual. Get this. To show the durability of his idea, the man bought a piece of land, tilled it by producing beans and ate from it while he traded the surplus for two years.

      Now, since Thoreau believed in no government he had some run-ins with the law, because he refused to pay taxes and scorned others for not being self-sufficient. He had no sympathy to those who could not do what he was self- sufficiently able to do – i.e., feed himself.

      Oh, by the way, MLK credits Thoreau and Gandhi for the evolution in his thinking and embracing the kind of civil rights movement that he led this country to self examine its errant behavior. So, you can see the connection among seemingly disparate elements but their connection becomes apparent when they reach into fruition.

      So, brother Ermias, do not despair brother. Finally, If you take the dialogue that Papillon and I are having, its relevance may seem bereft to Eritrea’s predicament but dare I say it is not. After all, what we have been talking about is nothing more than trying to understand the human condition from historical, sociopolitical, and intellectual underpinnings, thereby, helping us make sense of our current predicament.

      Kbret yhaballay zehawway,

      • yegermal

        “The only person I wanted not distracted is the one who has been a migraine headache to the maniacal regime and his supporters – namely, Haile. I want zero distraction, therefore, we the foot soldiers, our job is to make sure that that does not happen. ”

        Hi beyan,

        It is with great respect to your valuable contribution to the struggle for change that I suggest you revisit the above statement. I admire Haile for he has come a long way from the “let’s make the border issue our raison d’être”to “the priority is to rid of the venomous regime of IA”, but I find it unnecessary to exalt any single individual to the level as calling the rest of us “foot soldiers”. Sorry beyan,I personally would never play the role of a foot soldier for anyone. Again, I hope you take my criticism in the spirit it is intended, camaraderie.


        • Nitricc

          Ygermal lol he told you lol
          He is calling you a worthless foot soldier and you are saying to him comaradiery sprit?
          I don’t think you understood it so, let me help you.
          He is saying he is an elit and you are nothing but a piece of you know what. I hate translating things. Ygermal get with it, you are not even a footsildier 🙂
          That is very funny.
          He is superior, deal with it. Every historian they feel that way, as worthless as history it self is.

        • Beyan Negash

          Dear ygermal,

          You’re absolutely right to be leery of any individual being in the pedestal high enough not to be touched by any of us here. I have seen that music played out before as we Eritreans created a monster that we cultivated to such a height that we are now struggling to rid of.

          But, here is slightly different, don’t you think ygermal? The only thing I am thinking of is not whether Haile is going to be in a position of power – the only thing I am thinking of is how crucial it is the information that he has been disseminating for us and we in turn are using the disseminated information as our arsenal to explicate the points we are trying to convey, which would’ve taken us days and weeks to get to, given the kind of life we lead here in the Diaspora.

          You see, Haile is not running for office, he is struggling along with us, but it so happened that he is using what he does best to offer us easy access to information. I have never read Haile’s past posts before the apparent transition into this side of the aisle where truth and justice prominently and rightfully reside. It matters very little where one had been in the past so long we are on the same page now.

          So, ygermal I share your concerns, but I truly believe that we need to arm ourselves in what we are good at to fight the maniacal regime and Haile’s place indispensably instrumental in this fight.

          Truthfully yours,

          P.S. ygermal, did you see that: you just got a dust on your shoulders buddy, shake it off easily before the acid rubs off on us who had already disposed off it and buried it where it belongs – to the dust bin. Good luck on that, please wear some sort of gloves to protect yourself from the acid -:)

      • Ermias

        Selamat Beyan, I now fully understand and I am humbled by the time and historical perspective you took to help me understand the discussions going on here. I am extremely flattered. Thank you!

        Like yegermal said, however, the contributions from all of us here should never be discounted. I was only saying in my previous post that haile and saay have been consistent in this topic. But all the detailed analysis and perspective you have been giving us is invaluable. In fact, in a previous comment, I had suggested that we start a awate.com movement (as in world-wide protest) led by you, yegermal, haile, etc. Your contribution here is as good as anybody’s if not better. Please keep educating us and enlightening with your vast historical knowledge of the civil rights movement and other struggles around the world. I apologize if my previous post was harsh but I am extremely angered by this regime as nearly everybody here and I wish they would just vanish overnight but that is not realistic as you mentioned. I do still maintain that the backbone of the regime is the ill-informed and fearful diaspora Eritreans and approaching and educating these people can go a long way. I am on a mission to do that and I have been going door to door literally. The talking points, the facts, figures, historical perspectives I have been amassing from you, Gadi, Saay, haile etc has been immensely helpful. I had given up since the war with Ethiopia and I was ashamed to say I was Eritrean for so many years but now I felt like I was helping the regime by acquiescing. Not anymore. I am fighting them in my city. One person at a time.

        • Nitricc

          Lol what exactly did you learn from Beyan?
          Are you people capable of telling the truth?
          Ermias or is it bini, what ever you are tell me what you learn from Beyan’s rumbling?
          I saw that stayl of rumbling somewhere though as they say. Bird of flacks ……
          You don’t have to smooth anyone just tell the truth.

        • Beyan Negash

          Brother Ermias,

          Watch out! The relentless dust is blowing with the wind again. It is trying very hard to land somewhere where it can cling to. It did just that with ygermal and it is likewise trying to land on your shoulders. It knows better than trying to land on me.

          May I humbly suggest to you my open secret in plain sight. Please carry a virtual duster, I have one of those right on my desk; and when you see that acidic dust blowing, just dust your computer screen off. It really works. My computer screen is cleaner than ever thanks to this acidic-dust blowing so often and my mind is cleared from such particles in one fell swoop.

          Seriously though, Ermias, what you are doing is great effort by going door to door to awaken people from their stupor. As you aptly put it, “one person at a time.” Whatever it takes this maniacal regime and his stooges must go for good.

    • Nitricc

      [Moderator: Nitricc, slow down with your insults.]
      Why are you dishonest? Or is it you are that dumb?
      If the subject is weeding out the PFDJ then Nitricc, LT and Meron are PFDJ are they not the point of the subject? Is there any so called opposition out there with a little honesty? Dumb.
      If you have any balls call out all the worthless historians who are crowdeding the forum with worthless dead white peopl and talking about nothing but garbage.
      Why don’t you call out Beyan and Paplion, they are the once hijacking the forum.
      What a coward.
      Man up and tell the truth or shut up.

      • Nitricc

        Sorry my bad
        Whenever I see dishonesty I lose my kool.

  • haile

    Selam Beyan

    Thanks. Indeed, you’re right on the mark when you emphasize the power of information based on facts. A well founded assumption here is that if there was to be a reliable source of factual information about many facets of of life in Eritrea today, the regime would be silenced for good in short order. The regime plays a multi-pronged game in the handling of information. In Eritrea, yes there are many TV channels but can not be considered a consistent source of information that reflect on its activities. Internet is sporadic, normally slow and not useful for regular surfing apart for emails and sometimes Facebook. Even those are only available in specified locations. The ordinary internet cafe is typically used to watch movies that are loaded on the computers there. Add to that lack of electricity and other pressing matters as fending for basic necessities, it is safe to say that it is something only accessible to few.

    In the diaspora, the regime uses dedicated operatives to flood social media with manufactured and stage managed presentations that go in tandem with extensive propaganda of fear, labeling and confusion.

    If you look what is happening now however, the regime was starved (self-imposed) of factual and substantive information and those opposing it have become sources of up to date and relevant information. This has also brought about a major turn around in the balance power in the tag of war with those opposing. If you noted the open defiance of the diaspora public in many places that is manifesting in many places, it is the beginning of the end of the regime’s fraudulent claims of credibility.

    I remember when most were cautioning the opposition against loose talk and slip of tongue here and there. Now the regime propaganda is dipped up to the neck in it and the discerning public is fleeing them in droves. Just consider how Abba Musie has naturally become statesman like in the current events and the regime representatives were reduced ti an unintelligible discourses that accuses UN US Weyane border… in lieu of rendering basic government service.

    All the current development is also partly due to the accumulating information dissemination that has been going on in the recent past. The regime does not have a means to control or counter effectively something that the opposition have huge control over. The opposition needs to develop a department of public information that works exclusively dedicated to capturing the internal and external realities of Eritrea and disseminate it in the most accessible and varied ways by which it can seamlessly access the diaspora consciousness. These includes, but not limited to, audio, video, art, music, printed press, word of mouth, themes of activities, events… The regime has used a sense of isolation as a potent tool to paralyze many. It is true that the regime may be tremendously weakened and juncture, but such like developments of information management is likely to outlive the regime’s life span in ushering an important source of collective consciousness among the diaspora.

    So, I would like to add my support to your assertions in that regard and I am sure that it would be taken seriously. It was said that “withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” Either way we look at it, our struggle is essentially about regaining awareness of our collective state of being that was stolen from us in order to serve the will of the few and unaccountable clique of criminals. Information is indeed the right tool to reverse the tide for good.


    • Beyan Negash

      Brother Haile,

      If only a fraction of your dedication is replicated by the likes of me and many others, we could be onto something big. I just hope that something is cooking up behind the scene and as you aptly put it in one of your rejoinders to the impatient bunch, if there was something big in the offing it would not be advertised in public.

      But, seeing the young preacher – in one of the links you posted – I think it was somewhere in Europe, probably, England in which Eritrean Christians and Eritrean Muslims were there to mourn the tragedy in Lampedusa. As Amanuel H. put it, the religious leaders seem to be stepping up to the plate, one hopes it is in conjunction with our learned lot to see to it that this tragedy does not retreat to the background. It needs to be in the foreground and the government should never be allowed to define and cook up facts as it is feebly attempting to do by labeling it “human trafficking” induced tragedy.

      Indeed, brother Haile, the only thing I have at my disposal is to thank you and appreciate the selfless and tireless efforts and your relentless search to unearth credible information for Awate readers. This is a blessing of the highest order and it is to you I solely attribute such an honor. Of course, it is obvious that the AT allowing limitless virtual space for such endeavors as we air-out our thoughts, ideas, grievances, and without them we wouldn’t be here.

      Haile, I don’t want to detract you from important endeavors that you are undertaking, please don’t feel obligated to offer a response. I completely get it. Stay steadfast. Do not let your friends and your foes detract you from the crucial information campaign that you have been doing a marvelous job in.


  • Abinet

    Dear Tezeta, you find them in the developed world .they call it “brain drain .I hope papillon ‘s wish becomes reality and they come back home armed with more experience and determination .when I read Amnuel,Hayat,Papillon,haile,SG,
    YG and others, from both countries,It makes me angry that how much brain power we lost.this is happening in every field of study.let us pray for peace

  • wed garza

    Yes, the beast of our time, the puss of our common moral has to be eliminated and discarded, even though it’s too little too late.
    A parasite who lives on his old merits, obsolete, depleted matrial because it lacks any meaning for its own existence at the present let olone to lead the nation with solutions and vision for future. He lives in a dark vacuum space devoid of any substance than his own old none-related merits of grandios super human-being. A psycopat confined in his own cave, isolated like (funfun) disease infected mammal of Horn Africa.

  • tezeta

    Where are they now?? Where are those smart Eritrean engineers who built bridges and houses in Ethiopia? Where are there now those brilliant doctors who worked in many hospitals in Ethiopia? Where are the Bequretsions (the great defender and goal scorer and Gila (the best goal keeper ever)? Where are the great cyclists who won gold medal for Ethiopia in the African bicycle competition? Where are the great Eritrean minds that sharpened me in elementary and secondary schools in Addis? Where is Haileselassie Asbeha, one of the brightest students in our school? Where are the great entrepreneurs, such as Gebertensae, who changed the economic landscape in Ethiopia Teklu? Where are the great diplomats that represented Ethiopia now?
    I have been associating Eritrea with every thing great, modern and progressive. Now a days the news I hear is depressing and chose not to believe it. Wish you all the best.

    • belay

      All those brilliant minds were produced by Ethiopia and distroyed by Eritrean Nationalism.in the name of freedom.very sad but true,that is how i see it.Sorry if i offened any nationalist.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Tizita!

      They are always in Ethiopia and like the rest of Ethiopians they participate in what they are best for. I’m sure what misled you is that we dont call them eritreans instead we say afars, kunamas, tigrinyas etc.

  • Beyan Negash

    This is not necessarily a response to Amanuel H., and Kokheb Selam but is triggered and inspired by Papillon’s, again insightful comments.

    I hear you loud and clear. This regime knows nothing about human capital. The only humans it knows is those it exploits and places in indentured servitude under the banner of the perpetual national service, which is nothing more than modern day slavery.

    As sheer coincidence would have it there is a report that shows modern day slavery taking place today. In fact, what the U.S. got right in addition to what you stipulated is the fundamentally inherent rights that the individual has to his sovereignty. If you notice in the link the countries that top the list of modern day slavery are countries that do not respect individual sovereignty, personal space, and personal liberty.


    In Kern’s “The Culture of Time and Space”, Deloria’s “Indians in Unexpected Places”, and Castillo’s “Cold War on the Home Front” that unambiguously tie them together is the Columbian Exposition (“Chicago’s Exposition”); the reference of the exposition is used in some capacity to show how pivotal the end of nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century were to the technological prowess that was emerging on this side of the Atlantic.

    Kern chose to reference this decade in question to give his readers a window to the technological future through the eyes of Henry Adams (1838-1918) who attended the Chicago Exposition in 1893, who a year earlier, at the age of 54, “solemnly and painfully learned to ride a bicycle” (p. 93).

    Kern’s book offers not only a glimpse of how technology was bursting forth at a neck breaking speed as human beings but that the United States was feeling confident again, especially post-Civil War America that was scathed by the horrors of the war and its aftermath, which claimed thousands and thousands of Americans’ lives; the war was behind them now, now is the time to not only to move forward and show the world American imperialism was ready to conquer the world and mold it to its ideals.

    Deloria’s “Indians in Unexpected Places”, message seems to suggest that the urge for pause is unequivocal as he reflects on the anomalies of such technological miracles that seem to emerge at the expense of the people who were the rightful owners of America and its land. Deloria’s harrowing narrative and account magnify that Kern perhaps, not intentionally, leaves out but clearly shows how these technological miracles had to come at the expense of real human beings decimation.

    This idea of control seems to appear and reappear in some of the books that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, but suffice it to mention here that mankind seems to have been at the forefront in trying, not only to control nature, but also its inhabitants.

    The horrific way in which Native Indians were made to reach at the verge of extinction was only the beginning. We all know that Native Americans, more or less, have become ostensibly, as living ‘museums’ that one knows their existence in the Reservations sparsely scattered throughout the U.S. away from view – but one does not necessarily need encounter. Slavery was yet another horrific way in which Africans were subjugated and forcefully abnegated to a point of being denied from speaking their mother tongues; though many may wish to see it from economic standpoint I shudder at the thought that that was the sole reason. Slavery was, in fact, only one facet of that insatiable human urge to dominate and control anything, everything, and everyone. (There is a movie that is coming out as we speak, “12 Years of Slavery”, which is receiving rave reviews that is wroth watching).

    Kern may have been right about the new technological frontier that the U.S. was undertaking seeming unstoppable, but dig deeper as Deloria did it was not that difficult to see there were undercurrents, which were worth narrating. Deloria did not stop just at the issues of control on the aforementioned groups but expounded further in how territorially the U.S. was expanding as it charged forward.

    Deloria, unlike Kern, makes clear that the America’s global technological scene did not just abruptly appear out of nowhere; there were domestic and international actions at work, such as “pacifying” the Indians and other minorities as it appropriated Hawaii into the fold and internationally, the U.S. made sure that the French and the Spanish had no “holdings” and/or any influence in the Americas. Historians like Turner were happy to mediate, corroborate, and supplement this new found America’s political, social, and technological hegemonic force.

    It is clear that America’s modernization was not just a result of technological prowess that Kern wants his readers to believe, but there were elements worth considering as Deloria lucidly articulates. Thus, the question that begs answering is whether modernity can be pinned down to one epoch, one period, and one thinker. Going 60 years forward and 60 years backward in time from this significant date of 1893 can shed light at how utterly difficult it is to attribute modernity to one person, one country, or one event.

    It so happened that I also read “J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Cold War, and The Atomic West” authored by Jon Hunner, in how a kid from New York, whose parents were German Jews who immigrated to the U.S., was instrumental in the making of the A-bomb. That’s the human capital that you rightly point out, Papillon. Needless to say, towards the end of his life, Oppenheimer was conflicted about the creation of such a bomb. Here is a link that captures that inner conflict.


    • Nitricc

      Dear smart and scientific Beyan. You must be a history teacher since you are bombarding us with a philosophy of dead whit people. Dude, get to it, no one cares about dead whity people. You must have a very unsatsfying life. I repeat no one cares about dead white peopl. Take it easy quoting those masters of yours . What a slave mentality. Free your self would you?

    • Papillon

      Dearest Beyan,

      Insightful needless to say educational as well. As much as I am not well versed in history or the main factors that have shaped up history, my angle may suffer an intellectual handicap if you will but once again, I appeal to your intellect to bear with me as I try my very best to shed some light on the notion of–America as the sole harbinger of modernity as we know it today.

      The need for hard work, strong work ethic, self reliance and utilizing the human faculty to its utmost potential can be found in the credo of Calvinism where it became one of the strongest pillars of America’s defining identity (read: Max Weber-The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism). Having said that however, the irresistible urge to appeal to the human potential was tragically limited only to those who were designated as true Sapiens where the others (Coloured people, Native Indians among others) were eclipsed as the American intellectual sphere was crippled and dominated by the notion of eugenics (read: Francis Galton).

      The tainted history as it may however, still the genius of America was illustrated by the fundamental question posed by John Quincy Adams when he asked, “Can a nation that began its life in rebellion against the most powerful empire (British) of its time end by trying to become a still more powerful empire? As he defined American foreign policy (read: Isolationism), he answered his own question when he said, “If America crosses the oceans in search of monsters to destroy, she will no longer be the ruler of her own spirit.” Close to a century later, Hannah Arendt as well captured America’s reluctance of entanglement when she said, “A country’s violence can destroy her own power.” As such, when the other part of the world was engaged in an insatiable orgy of destroying the human capital by virtue of racial purity, America instead capitalized on those who came to her shore as they found a beacon of hope in her.


      P.S. Some in fact alleged that Oppenheimer might had been a Soviet spy.

      • Beyan Negash

        Kbrti Hafter – Dearest Sister – your lyrically composed notes and intellectually laden pieces, to the kind of tone they emit, and the voice that emanates whence when reading them on the screen, one can literally dance to such a tune – unfailingly – each and every time. Far be it for me to claim any intelligence other than the hither and tither – jack-of-all-trades – type of read-up I do, lest it come across as anything other than what it is. Modesty and humility are the two virtues I do not wish to depart from – away, stay away – I rebuke thee – hubris with all energy that I can galvanize. Come down to earth self and enjoy the Muse, the Dialogue from heart and from with Eritrean sister, no less.

        Taking stock of technological modernity without its discontents our conversation will suffer intellectual emaciation. It is with that in mind that I attempted to take a quick survey on the build-up to the American prowess. However, it would be a remiss if one does not point out the three themes that emerge from those books: the advance of technology, control of nature and its surrounding, and how individuals and groups of people within it attempt to negotiate and renegotiate sociopolitical reconciling points; a foreground in that process was the way the U.S. handled it is not short of a miracle. One also must give due considerations to the malleable nature of any modernity. So, kbrti haftey, lest anyone make erroneous surmising that I am somehow anti what this country stands for.

        Therefore, allow me to whittle down your notable note, for brevity’s sakes the notion of Puritan’s “strong work ethic,” Thoreau’s “self-reliance,” and rugged individualism’s “utiliz[ation] of the human faculty to its utmost potential” that you concisely and meticulously brought to bear, but in this posting I will focus on the last two.

        In the 1833 of the United States what one would find is a nation struggling to define its literary nationalism and at the center of it all is Ralph Waldo Emerson who had resigned from his ministerial post a year earlier to pursue his literary interest. Emerson’s conception of Transcendentalism helps an emergent American culture to define its literary national identity.

        Prior to Transcendentalism, thinkers such Washington Irving looked to Europe’s past to create literary legends for the United States – by extension to their Puritan heritage; but this looking back to Europe for America’s past made it difficult to move forward out of the shadows of the old European influence.

        Emerson’s Transcendentalism helped the country to look forward to the future, to new horizons and to new possibilities for its people to dream the American dream. Nature offered Emerson a way of connecting to the world. Emerson conceived wilderness as a way that connects humans to Nature/God.

        “Nature” Emerson says “is already, in its forms and tendencies, describing its own design. Let us interrogate the great apparition that shines so peacefully around us. Let us inquire, to what end is nature? […] Nature, in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the air, the river, the leaf.” What Emerson wants is to enjoy nature as it exists while “interrogating” it; For Emerson, the shared experience only goes so far, beyond which the individual must decide how to live life, how to connect to God/Nature, how to interact and interrogate his/her world. But, all these ideas, concepts, and perceptions that Emerson brings forth have their triggering points and these triggering points, at least for Emerson come from Goethe, which

        Indeed, on this side of the Atlantic literary giants were emerging, giant thinkers like Emerson who wanted clear delineation from their Puritan forefathers who arrived in America in the Mayflower. The disassociation was not of their past lineages, but for wanting a nation that could look forward and onward to the future, a future that would jump start a heritage called American without any hyphen attached to it.

        That is precisely why the connection to Nature in its own terms was appealing to Emerson and those who followed his ideas. Emerson did not preoccupy himself with the past as anxiety inducing component. In fact, Emerson wanted to disassociate himself from the past, and wanted a space in which Americans of his era would have a chance to create their own past as they lived the present to its fullest. That’s why Transcendentalism was one way in which he felt such feats can be accomplished. What becomes apparent in the Emerson’s narrative is that, he, too, had been influenced by a thinker who preceded him, thusly, making the idea of pinning modernity to one person or event as mitigating factor next to impossible.

        Therefore, can one confidently say that modernity’s pivotal moments were in the late nineteenth century without making the connection and the influences American thinkers like Emerson, Irving, Thoreau, Fuller, Dickinson, Hawthorne, and Whitman had on those who proceeded after them much as Emerson’s influence clearly came from preceding generation, such as Goethe?

        Let’s now move forward in time. Inversely, if we fast forward sixty years from 1893, we will land into mid twentieth century, 1953 to be exact, and Greg Castillo’s “Cold War on the Home Front: The Soft Power of Midcentury Design” is there to explicate for his readers how the idea of modernity has shifted its focus. Only the focus now has some nuanced approach to it.

        The American-can-do attitude remains at play; only this time “The New World Order” is being displayed not through hard power –armaments of guns that it used on American Indians to pacify them, but a soft power – kitchen wares, household goods, fridges, washing machines, ovens, and model homes – are being used to mesmerize Europe and the former Soviet blocks; what future can hold for those who believe in freedom, liberty, and democratic system is clearly depicted in quality bells and whistles that America was producing.

        Exhibitions became the new soft power arsenal in the world stage for the U.S.’s power hegemony. West Germany, after surrendering to America and its allies, became the center stage of this soft power diplomacy as waged by the United States. Here, too, without due consideration in what transpired from early twentieth century, literature-wise, science-wise, technology-wise, one would be hard pressed to find adequate justification to claim modernity’s influence occurred during mid-twentieth century as likewise would be the predicament for those who would wish to claim modernity might have occurred during mid-nineteenth century America.

        Thus, modernity and its discontents could only be understood in their historical contexts as well as the influence that gave trajectories and traction for any momentum to rise to the level of modernity; that, indeed, would give a far better picture than any given event, period, epoch, or one individual.

        I was going to bring forth Thoreau, an American original, to the fold as far as self-reliance is concerned; I realize it is just beyond the scope of the nature of posting we are engaging in. I am afraid I may be transgressing the length requirements. I will try it anyway to see if it makes it in one piece.

        P.S. There is no shred of evidence that Oppenheimer was a spy. The only thing his detractors could concoct on Oppenheimer was one by association, because his brother was involved with a woman I believe from Russia, thusly, his enemies, especially, one individual was out to destroy his reputation and he almost succeeded. Oppenheimer was an original American all the way around (of course, in my estimate, that is).

        • Papillon

          Dearest Beyan,

          It is precisely 8:10 A.M. in my part of the world. I got of my bed and headed to my kitchen to make coffee in the mean time I feel a cool breeze faintly sneaking in through the window where the sound of Fall is still in tune.

          The aroma of the fresh coffee in the relatively wee hours in an entourage of breeze air is what one could possibly hope for in this otherwise rowdy world of ours. But imagine in this particular spur of a moment one gets invited to sail on a sea of knowledge. In an encyclopedic mind. In a complete awe, I gaze into the giant intellectual in you and the razor sharp insight that you afford us as we strive to live to the timeless adage, “Unexamined life is not worth living.” Thank you Beyan hawey. Thank you memhrey.

          • Beyan Negash

            tHishyyo dea zahaftay,

            Awate used to be a site that I visit when I had the luxury of time, but the time we live in does not proffer us for such a luxury anymore. The first thing in the morning I do, just like you, is open the Awate site.

            If the Lampedusa tragedy couldn’t impact us to the core of our beings and push us to examine life, retool, re-purpose, rethink the ideology we’ve upheld up-to that point, then, indeed, life is not worth living for we would be no more than charlatans or goods and chattels.

            I forget how it goes but here the gist of the maxim that goes something like this: A mother and child are over a grave watching it being dug, and the child asks, “what is life mom?” and before the mother can utter a word, the voice comes from ground underneath, as the gravediggers says, life is a step you take toward the grave.

            And for no apparent reason but just for the word association with gravedigger I am reminded of Shakespeare’s Hamlet where he strikes a conversation – in awe – because the gravedigger was just singing as he dug. Such nonchalant manner of the gravedigger Hamlet finds amazing and is enthused by it and strikes a conversation with the gravedigger. The gravedigger seemed to know much as an archaeologist would know his artifacts, piece by piece, the gravedigger unearths the skeletons tells Hamlet how old those skulls were and the exchange is full of wits in the face of morbidity and death.

            And here we are gathered together in this august site by a morbid topic, a topic so morbid that we are helplessly glued and couldn’t even think of anything else but of what good news we may hear or see the maniacal regime’s graveyard.

            I would be the first one to volunteer to be the gravedigger, new shovel, brand new fas mekhAte from Home Depot nearby, those would be the only tools I would cargo straight to Eritrea; I would gladly sing and dance as I dug the grave in which I would give them their due respects as one would for a criminal. Oh, of course, I would be glad to be of help in finding a perfect site for a cemetery.

            So, I totally understand the predicament you espoused and morning mist you captured. That is just part and parcel of our lives now until we rid of the monster hovering amidst our people.


          • Papillon & Beyan:

            your exchange is very interesting. It is an exercise of our luminaries to emit the enlightenment of truth and the necessary ounce of practice – a well balanced nutritious diet to those who are ready to feed. For some, it is a direct class and for others (the deniers like Nitric)is an indirect feed to their soul. It is an exemplary exchanges, many to emulate as we go forward.

            Michel de Montaigne in a much modest way ask a single question over and over in his essays:”What do I know?” If every one of us ask him/herself what he/she knows, it is easy to know our shortcoming in terms to know the unknown to us, and do the necessary effort to know and use it to to the well being of our people.

            The scant understanding of Eritrean politics is always made us to remain floating and colliding each other. Therefore, one who want to learn should emulate Rene Descartes, who tried to begin with blank slate, bare minimum of knowledge like “I think, therefore I am” to challenge the notion of self-hood in the process of acquiring knowledge.

            So ahwat, bring all ideas and we will test all assumptions to challenge all traditional opinion that hold us from moving to get closer to the truth – as knowledge is always growing, always subjective and never absolute.
            Well done Ahwat and thank you for the stimulating intellectual exchange.


  • haile

    Selamat Awatista

    A sad occasion



    • haile

      ..and here is some of the reasons that lead people to flee


    • Haile,

      The link you posted earlier today at 11:53, from shabiat(ministry of information of Eritrea), that tells the regime is waiting for clearance from the Gov of Italy to take them home was only for political consumption to their base. In reality it becomes a bluffing. Here now our victims – thirteen bodies are resting (buried) today in Italy. From my side it was an expected matter, except to those who have undiminished hope on the regime to do the right thing. Our soul is aching. let us pray only their soul to rest in peace.

      Amanuel H.

      • Nitricc

        Who are you? Your soul is aching? I bet you you never miss a meal and you never lost any sleep.
        ” Government of Eritrea again asks for speedy corpse identification of nationals victimized by human trafficking crime”
        What the hall do you want? What ~#}{|\] hypocrit.
        I know your wish was the GeO to say no so you can drip your hypocrit tears.
        Dude, you are with a corrupted soul which I have ethier respect nor tolerance. Go live your miserable life and leave the freaking situation to the people who cares.
        To bad Melles is dead to pay for your vacation
        }#~<^**££^ hypocrit.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Nitricc, is that the reason the goe stormed Lampedusa on the 4th of october? Or are you still on ‘the illigal african immigrants’ even after all the survivals 155 of them are eritreans? Speedy corps identification! And you buy more time till Your boss is becomming sober!

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    these in a standby to remove Esayas and his BegaMiDo(thugs)need to move. Great ideas already have been said nothing left. They need to move – show us start.

  • Papillon


    Are we being duped? Is it a real deal? If it is in fact a real deal, it sure is a small step for the world and a giant step for Ethiopia. I can’t help but wonder what Isaias actually sees when he gazes up into the final frontier (as Captain Kirk has it). I wonder. Any takers?

    That was actually precisely my point when I treaded about human capital in another post. The young Eritreans who are roaming around the world in search of a better place could potentially split the atom to harness energy; could potentially see reality with in the Event-Horizon; could potentially decode the one hundred billion neurons in human brain; could potentially discover the “God particle”, could potentially…………..


    • Hayat Adem

      Yes, in deed, Papillon. small step for the world and a giant one for Ethiopia. It is a notable stride for our region, as well. These days, knowledge and technology are becoming increasingly fluid and transferable. Whatever good thing happens next door, it is considered almost as a home grown knowledge.
      The most mind-boggling part about Isaias is not whether he is bad. That part has become crystal clear to everyone by now except those who are late to open up their mind or those who are in pursuit of personal gains by defending Isaias’ crimes. What has always puzzled me though is why he wanted to be bad while all political conditions favored him to be a good one. When most Eritreans trusted him and gave him a blank check support, he abused and soiled it badly. When his neighbors and friends gave him what he wanted and trusted him to be at peace, he stabbed them on their back. kula siriHu siginTir’ia. He is a very interesting piece of human being. He and PFDJ should have gone yesterday.

      • Papillon

        Dearest Hayat,

        The following quote or verse is from the Book of Daniel where Daniel was brought by the courtiers of the King to interpret what the King had seen written on the wall as he was indulging himself in a banal of festivity.

        “Your Majesty, the Most High God gave your father Nebuchadnezzar sovereignty and greatness and glory and splendor. Because of the high position he gave him, all the nations and peoples of every language dreaded and feared him. Those the king wanted to put to death, he put to death; those he wanted to spare, he spared; those he wanted to promote, he promoted; and those he wanted to humble, he humbled. But when his heart became arrogant and hardened with pride, he was deposed from his royal throne and stripped of his glory. He was driven away from people and given the mind of an animal; he lived with the wild donkeys and ate grass like the ox; and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven, until he acknowledged that the Most High God is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and sets over them anyone he wishes.

        But you, Belshazzar, his son, have not humbled yourself, though you knew all this. Instead, you have set yourself up against the Lord of heaven. You had the goblets from his temple brought to you, and you and your nobles, your wives and your concubines drank wine from them. You praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or understand. But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways. Therefore he sent the hand that wrote the inscription.

        This is the inscription that was written:

        mene, mene, tekel, parsin. Here is what these words mean:

        Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
        Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
        Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

        We have seen how Saddam Hussain and Gadaffi not only treated their “subjects” with contempt and utter arrogance but most of all they lacked compunction as they felt beyond reproach and off limits to the wrath of the Most High. But as their respective ends (when they fell from glory to being chased like astray dogs) were terrifically a semblance of God’s prophesy, one would be surprised if Isaias crosses over to the other world unscathed due to a natural cause. Simply because what he has done to the Eritrean people is way beyond redemption to say the least.


      • Tamrat Tamrat

        The constitution happened! The Eritrea isaias has pictured in his mind and the constitution are in head on collision.

    • Nitricc

      Papillon come down if you know anything about research what exactly can you accomplish with 3.4 million dollars? I know you get excited anything Ethiopian but if Ethiopia can spend 35 million dollars on One SU-34 then what exactly is for you to get excited 3.4 mil for a research?
      I got to give to Alamudi though. He takes every once of Ethiopian gold and he opens something like this for public consumption. Smart man dump government.

      • Hayat Adem

        ኣድጊ ዘይብሉስ በቕሊ’ማቱ ይንዕቕ! You hate them for this, too? You hate them for spending less, you hate them for spending too much; you hate for spending right. You hate them for everything. You support the beast for destroying Eritrea and Eritreans; you support him for his enslavement projects; you support him for turning Eritrea to a giant prison; you support him for driving the youth out of Eritrea and forcing them risk their lives in the deserts and seas; you support him for dragging the nation to an existential cliff. Do you apply an ounce of sensibility in you utterances; What are you up to man?
        Look the central purpose of participating in this discussion forum is not to show how loud you can bark; it is not how hard you can nerves of the other side, either. It is not about recycling your own acidic saliva. It is supposed to be an ideal market place for exchanging and merging infos, ideas and actions all geared towards saving Eritrea. If you have nothing to offer along that line, retire.

      • belay

        Do you remember when PIA said,Electric Ya kesheyet,this was when Ethiopia planned to build dams for electric for domestic and export..Now PIA wants to buy.
        You see,every journey starts with single step.
        Respect,and no hard feelings.

  • zegeremo

    Woo…Who… 424 comments!!!!

    Thank you for the constructive comments and discussions. But the ironic is that all comments are pretty much the same nothing new, and in fact it is getting boring: DIA is bad, DIA is brutal, YPFDJ is Yemane’s,puppet… Listen!!!The need to weed Issayas and his cronies out is no longer a question or debatable, period. The dilemma we are facing is there is no well organized opposition with practical plan in the immediate aftermath of DIA; consequently, Eritrea is heading to become a failed state and will ultimately fall on the hand of Ethiopia which is the dream of Papillion, Yegermal, Yodita, Hayat Adem, and Amanuel Hidrat unless we stop revising DIA’s resume and focus on the real issues.


    • haile

      Selamat Zegeremo

      444 rounds was the total fired at the time I was firing this one out 🙂 Yep, lots of exchanges, updates, shared and shredded views. The key is however, this website is what it is supposed to do, most commenters are doing their part too, they comment on issues and subjects, messengers of Africa’s newest failed state are also here, desperately trying to make awate.com a failed website. Everything is going through the normal motions really.

      The change of situation in Eritrea is neither going to be launched from this comments boxes nor would it be halted by the wishes of desperate PFDJ here. Things have been getting bad to worse in Eritrea, the regime had repeatedly announced that it is facing dire straits, it did so directly and indirectly in 2013 and late 2012. Those who support it come up with useless rhetoric, but it doesn’t need that. If they really support it, they need to massively mobilise the diaspora masses, for the latter to make decisive intervention in the political and economic (and therefore social) problems.

      If IA had been removed in 2007 for example, the nation would have been preparing for its second elections in a row by now. The Eritrean people are civilized, PFDJ is savage. The removal of PFDJ would usher an era of civility and shared problems and blessings for the Eritrean people.

      So let’s not conclude that the regime, that has been knocked unconscious, is in full control and the opposition have neither plans or control simply because it hasn’t been announced here.

      IMO it may be best to use this comments section, for the primary purpose that they’re set up for.


    • Zegeremo,

      Wey-gud! “temen zere’ayes bilehe-tsi tedahle” became the issue of you guys. Zegeremo, let me assure you unequivocally that our sovereignty is irrevocable and will stay there for ever. That is my believe and the believe of all Eritreans. Let me assure also how the Ethiopian think about it: They have learned from the thirty years of war that it is not worth to die in a protracted war while their interest could ascertain with mutual relationship and economic cooperation.They have reached to that conclusion long ago.They have proved themselves that Ethiopia can’t live without Eritrea.In order to prove that, they have already built an alternative infrastructure for goods and services with other neighbor countries.Good for them.

      The problem I see is from our side that we still can not learn from 30 years of war. The regime of Asmara is still in a state of war – with the propensity of war of adventurism with all our neighbors, and beyond up to Somalia and Congo, either directly or indirectly. All the wars after independence is a self-inflicted war of choice. Eritrea needs peace at this time more than any other nation. If you don’t understand the culprit of all of our national disaster at this time, I could only say watch the religious leader and listen to their messages….they become not only the spiritual leaders but also the renaissance of Eritrean courage to fight the evil man in Asmara. You can’t miss it if you watch assenna.com. You can’t redeem others if you can not redeem yourself from the traps of your perception.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Moderator,
        please change can’t to “can” to read as “Ethiopian can live without Eritrea”
        [Moderator: Amanuel, please keep you comment for a while before posting. Such correction, though we would like to do it, they are time consuming. More careful editing of your comment saves our time and yours.]

    • yegermal

      Menew yhe hulu agew gew? Ere zewer bel!

      Shoot , how do you say “agew gew” in amharic?

      • saay


        “atchemalek ebakeh” is the universal phrase for “ajewjew” aytbel. Gerfafa at’hun. This reminds me of what the Tor Serawit used to lament about war zone Eritrea:

        kesew — gerfafa
        kemekina — Effa (the letter f in Italian, could be the Ford F-130)
        kmegb – Fafa
        keterara – Nakfa
        kehulu yekefa::


        • yegermal

          Thanks Sal! It sounds great and I am gonna add it to my amharic vocabulary. I can see Nitric losing it because I would be adulterating his native language:)

      • Zegeremo

        Hi yegermal,

        Agew gew= At’keded

        Gen m’en Meseleh endih yemibal neger alle
        “Yegermal A’hia K’jib Y’kermal Berie K’ene Araju Yguazal” shear it please!!’


    • Nitricc

      Thank you for your honesty Zigeremo.
      That is exactly the situation.
      Thank you sir.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Why Shabai.com has no ‘leave Your comment’ for debating!

  • Berhe Tensea

    Who the hell is Henok, this person is a well known anti people [xxxxxx], people like him are registered, and will be accounted for their actions. Pen names will not save you for sure you know your surroundings and with who you associate, and you think that you are too smart.
    Remember being anti people and supporter of [moderator: no slurs] xxxxxx xxxxxx] has a consequence.

  • Berhe Tensea

    There is no survival with out weeding out the brutal [xxxxxx] regime in Eritrea. People need to rise up and defend themselves, otherwise the agony will continue, that is a given.
    [Moderator: no racial slurs please]

  • haile

    Selamat All,

    “Government of Eritrea again asks for speedy corpse identification of nationals victimized by human trafficking crime”


    The above is a title that would pass for the regime’s political stand on the matter. Could it have said “Eritreans who died in Lampedusa” or “Eritrean dead from a shipwreck”…

    Why is L.T. accusing abba Mussie, the important figure in this whole issue, as human trafficker over at dehai? Why is it that Abba Mussie was told about the State funeral on Monday, and the regime hasn’t or keeping quite? Why is that The regime has nothing to say as to who survived of these “nationals victimized by human trafficking crime”? Is it that it only cares about the dead? Wouldn’t the families of the survivours need to be informed? It is amazing that Radio Assana, with limited resources, is the leading source of information to Eritreans. ERiTV is the only misleading entity in all this.

    It is somewhat unexpected that the whole of the issues related to the Lampedusa and Ethio refugee camp problems is being dealt with by people and entities that oppose the regime. Even communities decided make a united stand avoiding PFDJ altogether. The only thing the regime is trying to do is block the return of bodies behind the scenes (check abba Mussie)! Strange and shameful.

  • Abinet

    LT ,I am humbly honored to find my name with these good hearted people . Congratulation in your achievement to write from left to right . Good job !

  • L.T

    Poor Gezaei Berhe Hagos!If only he could know that his boss Meles had died-
    Amanuel Hidrat(Kuda Areza),You are a man of much wisdom,and yellow pessimism;it is an illness of the age.
    Ab(i)net Adinet!Abi!Oh,Abi
    Yegermal;I have nothing to say to Amhara

    Hayat;I see that you have no joy in life

    Papi-llon,You are right to be angry,but it should be with yourself,not with Eritrean.
    Kim-Hanna ,choose to be something other than a Weyane.
    Good-day my Weyane Tigria

    • jonas

      Yellow pessimism????? Yellow is may favourite color? I could tell how unpopular DIA has become looking at your battle on the comment war, One for seven. You listed seven names.

    • yegermal

      I thought you loved Kinjit:)

    • welde

      Hi LT,
      Even IA will not apperciate your comment, actually he will be annoyed by it.He will say, life sucks,of all the great and good this is the only guy who is defending and standing by me; afterall my sacrifice to free Eritrea, i am left with LT. Oh, Eritrea please forgive me for all my ills, i thought i was doing good for my country; perhaps, my best is not good enough to bring the population to my way of governing. I am left with LT, WOW! I wish the maleria had killed me back in 1991/92- I would have neen immortalised, oh!!!!

  • welde

    Hi all,
    The tragedy at Lampedusa, Sinai, Libya etc, is very disheartening for all people who care for their new country and the population at large. However, there is one fundamental question that needs to be analysed before demonising the Isayas Government; the people of Eritrea, excluding those inside the country , those who run away from the regime, are not seen to be opposing IA government , on the contrary they become neutral. It seems for outside observer, Eritreans are fighting to free oneself not the whole nation from the grip of IA. They are running away from poverty not dictatorship. That is why; we don’t hear anything from those lucky escapees who were at the centre of power: ministers, diplomats, pilots, footballers, atlets etc…
    Where are these people? Why don’t they show their disgust of the government for the entire world to see? Why don’t they complain openly about the treatment of IA to the world?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      “And I look forward to the day when I am able to sell part of my catch freely on the market”

      This is an eritrean fisher who can fish with the smallest boat available a tone of fish driving 8-10 km into the sea. He did not even say all my cach! He must sell all his Catch to erifish (pfdj property)and gets 22 nakfa per killo. You know how much is that in real value because the government sells the same fish in a real Money $25 or above per killo depending on the world market.

      Who makes this fisher poor!? Shall he fight for the nakfa not to be inflated or concentrate on his Fishing and demand for the right price. This is just a simple fact from a simple Google and you can imagine the Whole cenario from 1991 upto now.

      The late marine minster had said in 1996 that Eritrea can export more than 380 thoudands tones of fish to Europa beside the turist atraction of the islands. He said this on the occasion of announcing that an american org. signed for ivasting around $220 million resort center in Dahlak. Can you imagine this was said and done in 1996. How much that fisher can wait while he is there, the fish there….

    • yegermal

      The paradox can be addressed using the ‘Manslow’ Hierarchy of Needs” which analyzes stages of human development as related to motivation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs

      1.Physiological (breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis and excretion)

      When EPLF entered Asmara in 1991, the Eritrean people was confident and hopeful and looked forward to give its all to make Eritrea a prosperous and peaceful country (likely between 3rd and 4th stages). Unfortunately, DIA had a completely different plan – wipe out all vestiges of hope and culture and render Eritrean independence a hollow symbol. Twenty two years later (2013), under the cruel DIA’s regime, the Eritrean people has endured untold human rights abuse and economic hardship and slumped to the bottom stage (1st) of survival. The youth, having been the main target of DIA’s destructive policies is logically in worse shape than the rest of the population. Once it escapes DIA’s grip and lands in foreign countries, is more concerned with recovering lost ground in survival than lofty issues such as democracy etc. With few exceptions, survivalists do not make good political activists.

    • Zmeroro

      Some one I knew who watched the football game between Ethiopia and Nigeria in Addis Ababa about a week ago or so, told me that the supporters of the Ethiopian football team were chanting many slogans; among them was “wene yellelew Ertrawi bcha new”. I will let you figure out the translation. Taking the recent past into consideration; probably they are right, when one could witness lousy arguments from the likes of L.T. denying the suffering of the Eritrean people including the Lampadusa tragedy and those who have migrated to America and other developed countries and fill the “taisa form” immediately upon arrival regretting the mistake they have done to leave the beloved fatherland under the rule of DIA forgetting the immense suffering of the population and the hardship they went through to reach their destination for safety!!!


      • belay

        What is that to do with foot ball? They have their independence,that was BEWENE, AYDELEM ENDE?I wouldn’t say that but i might say they are tired of all of it.

  • Papillon

    Dearest Beyan,

    Isaias T/Brhan and the young Priest from Manchester are signs. They are signs of the future. They belong to the future. When the rest of us dwell on Monday morning quarterbacking, the two young souls see the future with clarity, as in every wavelength of the entire spectrum. Isaias has lost them but Eritrea never have. Let me try to put it in a perspective. Please scoop to my level to capture my take.

    Perhaps the defining moment of World War II was not the clash of empires in need of Lebensraum per se but the manifestation of evil where Nazi Germany massacred millions of Jews and other “alien” ethnic groups as well. The manifestation of evil was borne out of an intellectual curiosity where Germany got intoxicated with racial purity to the extent of an Arian race not only to reign over the Reich but in the entire world as well. The Jews had been Germans at heart for generations.

    When the lucky ones made it to the New World, the US saw in them top notch Nuclear Physicists, Polymer-Chemists the world has ever seen among other things. And the US became the first nation to acquire the A-bomb. That is precisely what human capital is all about. That is precisely the genius of America is about-investing in human capital. The A-bomb not only gave America an edge and a leverage but a deterrence for the next fifty years during the ensuing Cold War era. If Nazi Germany understood what the very people she massacred in cold blood were to offer to their country, the entire geopolitical dynamics would have been fundamentally altered. But that is of course, how an abject arrogance and extreme bigotry overshadow rationality.

    Isaias says, Globalization is an equalizer. He says, the missing gap can be filled with experts from abroad. Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos. What he doesn’t understand is that, the foreigners offer their expertise because they are getting paid. Their hearts however remain in their respective countries. If the otherwise fleeing cerebral young people were to remain in Eritrea and offer their very best for and to Eritrea, they would do it with a burning nationalistic zeal to put Eritrea not only in a competitive edge but to put her on par with other great nations in the long run as well. Isaias the arrogant and the menace can not grasp the rational but future Eritrea does. They will come home to future Eritrea. They will.


    • Kokhob Selam


      Papillon, but what is in the mind of some intelctuals still supporting PFDJ? can’t they see like Isaias T/Brhan and like you people? you may have to work more than what you are doing Papillon, you may have to let your voice high some how. thank you.

  • henok

    Well, I guess Lampadeusa must be the new Forto.

    You are all over it like a cheap suit.

    Yup! You will get tired of this one too eventually.

    Just like you got tired of Forto and hardly ever mention it now.

    Remember when all you guys thought Forto was the end of the “regime” and you were thumping your chest?

    • Yodita

      Most thought Forto was the begining of the end of your Masta’s regime not the end. Most think now that Lampedusa may be the end as it is appearing to be everyday and everywhere. Henock: Thank God you are not everlasting!!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      I thought only the mass has been saying ‘THIS TOO WILL PASS’. But now i have learnt Henok and his pfdj have their Version also ‘this too will pass’.

      Ya, in a very crooked and twisted way during the good for nothing war of pfdj of 1998-2000 isaias was almost on the run’. I can imagine how he panicked not only by the lose but the imposible task of scilencing everything about the war. He kept silent (just like he is doing now) and suddenly the generals, journalists must kept in prison for ever and blame ethiopia for invading Eritrea with the help of CIA. Surprisingly that passed well for pfdj People.

      Instead of directly solving the boarder problem which was agraviated by the war he has engaged himself with all possible wierd ways from militerizing and paralaizing all the nation to arming all possible ‘Liberation fronts’ of east africa off course minus Eritrea and in the process exposed the country for sanction. Hard to say this has too passed well but for the pfdj People as long as the king is in Power,ya this has too passed well, off course he is the president still.

      Then the historical 21 feb of 2013 which sweated the pfdj followers all over the world more than the preisdent himself. They thought it was over suddenly without warnning to do their all sorts of transactions both mterial and Family matters. That too passed well. Since then they are ready!

      Now Lampedusa the symbol of all the silent flee from the grusome pfdj iron rull spoke laud and pfdj like untreated rotten tooth is wigling too and forth. How did not the pfdj People see this comming after all whats happning to eritreans immigrants since 2000?

      Shall this pass too Henok!? And if it does how much deos it cost? And who is going to pay? Shall we lable them some illigal african immigrants and seal the Whole massmedia or face the facts 359 eritreans kids, mothers and Young adulst perished on the way far far from pfdj. This time is not the non sens ‘where is the evidence’ or ‘did you enjoy the ceremony’. This time where is the president of the country who lost 359 its own Citizenships? What is he going to say for the 155 survival who live in shelter and still griving by the grusome loss of Family members, friends, countrymen? Is he prayin ‘this too shall pass’?

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas

    French police clashed with hundreds of protesters today. The protesters were expressing anger at the treatment of migrants in Lampedusa (they’re not Eritreans, these lot are more fired up type:)



    • yegermal

      German police?

      • haile


  • Berhe Tensea

    We don’t have to be surprized. There will be more victims, and Isu will be happy and dancing in Sawa. The youth are more interested in braving the waves and the harsh desert than to confront the Tembenay, that is their sworn enemy bent on destroying them.
    The only thing that can stop the disaster temporarily is the winter, and that is a given.

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      people have enough of fighting themselves or their family that is why Eritrea will not see Somalia like. All want smooth out this is good also indicates people are tired of fighting or catching violence. Since 1999 tens of thousands Eritrean flee the nation and some died outside Eritrea like the last week sad that made all of sad more than before still I having hard time sleeping, soaked in thoughts.
      Do you know that some families totally ruined – have no HadGi. the young died in the war the mom and dad died of age.

  • saay

    Selamat awatistas:

    Keep on keeping on.

    I just want to say, in the immortal words of L.T. “Stop your animal tests football and don’t clash with me.”

    Indeed. Wiser words were never spoken*


    *Haile, I am glad your wise counsel was NOT followed. At awate.com, we are trying to create a vibrant community and every vibrant community has its Keren which, per capita, has the highest number of, um, different people.

    • yegermal


      Them “different” people are called “special” where I reside:), and indeed life would be really dull without them.

    • haile

      haha…saay…very true!

  • henok

    [Moderator: henok, consider this your last warning. Such defamation is not allowed in this forum… go somewhere else for that. We are determined to keep our forum clean and honest. We do not tolerate street language and Skunis culture here. We have deleted the name of your victim and included your comment so that forum visitors can see what you are up to.]

    …..she is a former wife of a Tor Serawit who moved to Asmara in the eighties. She ran a successful Segreto that catered to Tor Serawit while attending night school to erase Mehayminet. Following Eritrea’s independence in 1991, she moved back to her native Tigray and married a Weyane official. A few years later she made her way to the United States, earned her G.E.D and now works as a paid Weyane troll on Eritrean websites spewing nonsense. She is a poseur. Don’t let her fool you.

    • yegermal

      With supporters like henok DIA needs no detractors:)

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Good thing I learned here in this Awate discussion is there are great people who have – BsuL HaSaB. When is the practical time to work/move to obliterate Wedi Afe and his Clique/his hometown Men? I hate his hometown men. I wish to do it but I have no the necessary things to start and finish the job. Can the weyane help to do this work Or can the WudBat copy the Libya or Egypt or Sorya revolution. 2014 AyTgaDeFeNan G’Di KeteFlt Alowa – Gize Bwaza K’HaLf Ezi SaHsaH Esayas K’Ele Alo. The Awate team need to write about this.

  • haile

    Selam Meron

    I think it is about time we face the logical conclusion of all of this and see what your take would be.

    Do you think IA would eventually be afforded a burial ground in Eritrea? Do you think he might have an idea one way or the other?

    If your answer is on the affirmative:

    – All those who ask redress from his acts of injustice
    – All Sinai victims families
    – All Sahara/Libyan desert Victims
    – All Mediterranean victims
    – All Pente/Jehovah victims
    – All National security victims
    – All G-15 related victims
    – All oppression and abuse victims
    – All Lampedusa related victims
    – All armed struggle period victims
    – All future victms

    Need to be neutralized somehow! There has never been a dictator of his level of controversy, who have been buried in his home soil. Do you think Eritrean supporters of the regime have the realistic capability to guarantee that indefinitely for the future?

    Here is the worrisome aspect, despite your probable reasoning, he probably has a fair idea about its unlikelihood. So, how safe is it for the future of the Eritrean nation and people to be at the mercy of someone who helped to bring a nation that can’t afford him a small plot of ground for eternal resting ground? Very dangerous!! I know you are good at managing perspectives to justify that which is evidently immoral, it would be interesting to get an insight of your perspective, managed or otherwise, on such dangerously conflicting scenario.

    In fact, what would motivate IA to work for a people and nation that he knows are unlikely to agree to have him rest in Eritrean soil once his time is up?


    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar


      this part caught my attention: “So, how safe is it for the future of the Eritrean nation and people to be at the mercy of someone who helped to bring a nation that can’t afford him a small plot of ground for eternal resting ground?”

      Given the developments around us, you can ask that question more seriously.

      • haile

        Hi Sal

        It is a terrible case of a blatant means being orchestrated to justify an immoral end!

        Damn if you do, damn if you don’t:) I get claustrophobic with such catch-22 scenarios 🙂

    • Selam Haile,

      I think we need to agree on how we should understand and deal with the word ‘immoral’ first before I proceed to react to your question. Through that mechanism I believe we can have mutual understanding whether your question at first place is immoral or not; and that could led me on how to respond to you on mutually understood moralistic way.


    • Hyatt

      How about the moslim victims from asmara and metaHit? Are they not Eritreans? Why every kebesan forgets them? Tell me haile.

      • haile

        Hi Hayat,

        My list is a shortened version (call it a tip of the iceberg) of his crimes. BTW none of those listed were suffered exclusively by a section of the society. Victims came from all walks and diversity of life in Eritrea.


        Our next talk is very much around the corner, may be this evening 🙂


        Immoral is not conforming to the basic terms of moral standards. Removing a father and a mother from small children, never to see them again. Removing the basic rights of man to defend his innocence. Removing the basic ability of the young in the family to look after the old (an Eritrean farmer’s son can not be in his father’s farm without menqesaqesi!). Meron, as I said, you have found refuge in managing perspectives. To you the choice between certain waste of life and 50/50 chance of die or or survive, is a ” logically justified choice”. In Mengistu’s time, I heard some parents were paying for the bullet with which their children were executed. There were many Merons at the time to manage the perspective and deny all knowledge of morality! Nothing is new under the sun.

        The point is that you are serving a man who knows that the nation he spent his life on, will never come to terms to afford him a small plot of burial ground. A stray dog in Asmara has far better chance of that than IA 🙂


    • Nitricc

      Selam Meron
      I think it is about time we face the logical conclusion of all of this and see what your take would be.

      If your answer is on the affirmative:
      – All those who ask redress from his acts of injustice========== what is your evidence. The known injustice committed by GOE is the case of G_15
      – All Sinai victims families============ what about them? Adult people made adult decision. The end of the story. Why are you accusing the government for this?

      – All Sahara/Libyan desert Victims=========again stay home with dignity. The government have nothing to do with this.
      – All Mediterranean victims===========I am trying to be nice and respectful but you leave your country and anything can happen to you. Stay home and fix your country if there is a problem.

      – All Pente/Jehovah victims====== religion should be eradicated from the face of the earth. The most hence crime, they were committed in the name of religion. Please save it.
      – All National security victims========== you are watching to much C-span. Please!
      – All G-15 related victims======== they are not victims. They are heroes who stood up for what they believed. They are victims of injustice. And that one PIA and his people better answer it.

      – All oppression and abuse victims============= you can not just make blanket accusation and get away with it. Who is repressed and who is abused?
      – All Lampedusa related victims=========== people made the choice and did not work out. It was an accident, and they were the victims of the accident. The GOE has nothing to with this
      – All armed struggle period victims============= what are you tring to say?
      – All future victms========== what futur victims?
      Need to be neutralized somehow! =========== if any stop aiding Ethiopian positon call for demarcation and the day after demarcation you will see.

      • Nitricc:-

        I was waiting to learn what moral or immoral stuff he was talking about. And you come up with more logical reaction than the moral or immoral battle i was awaiting. So long us it is difficult to create agreeable terms on defining morale on such chaotic blog with the virtual foes, it is rather better to fight with logic that is in use by you.

        I am moved


      • saay

        Hey Nitricc:

        Speaking of morality…Do you know this dude?

        “I am a die hard supporter of the government of Eritrea. However, I am not indifference. When the government I love and protect does something wrong I have a moral obligation to voice my objection. I have no problem the government detaining the G-15 and the journalists, no problem at all, it is done in every nation but to deprive them the chance to defend them selves; to deny them to face their accusers is wrong. We are not talking about any John Doe; we are talking about the people who gave up their entire life to create a nation which the same nation they have created detained and denied them the very basic due process. I had all hopes that PIA will set them free on 20th Independence Day. On that occasion it would have been a great opportunity for the nation to heal. Once that did not happen I come to understand PIA has closed the file and I am not going for that. NO! I can not be that indifference.”

        This guy knows right from wrong. He also knows that to be indifferent when wrong is being done is wrong. I wonder what is it he can show us as evidence that he has not been indifferent for 12 long years? That he voiced his objection?

        Now, since this guy knows right from wrong and is also incapable of being indifferent, it means he is a moral being. An intelligent one. And using his intelligent mind, he would ask, “if this government I am such a die-hard supporter of can inflict this much pain on its closest colleagues and their spouses (who are also their colleagues) and their parents and their innocent children, how exponentially more cruel will it be to the ordinary Eritrean?” Remember, most of the pain is borne by the loved ones of the tortured and the disappeared (their parents, their spouses, their brothers and sisters, and their children.)

        But I don’t want you to walk before you can crawl. So: do tell us what is it you have done (using your real name) to fight indifference. I will take “Lol, sal, I am so busy..” as “ouch, I got none.” In which case, it is a good time for you to take a moral inventory of the man behind nitricc (Man in The Mirror.)


        PS: by the way, by Isaiasists standards, it’s a heroic feat for you to register your objection to what Isaias has done– even if you have to do it under the cover of anonymity and even if you have to surround it by a full band orchestra hymn to the dictator–you excusing and understanding and shrugging off the arrest without trial of thousands of your fellow citizens. You see how low you have set the standards just to pass minimum requirements of a moral man? Do you see now why not only must Isaias be gone but the stench of Isaiasism must also be if our Eritrea is to return to its old tradition which instinctively knew right from wrong? There is another words for knowing right from wrong: being civilized.

        • Nitricc

          I do understand you may feel cheated because I have never followed through any conversation we initiated. On my side, time is a problem for me. At times I try to post and doing something and I can even understand what exactly I just posted.
          Anyway, when I give you that short response that is the case.
          You brought the quote of mine what I have said few weeks ago.
          You know sal, I stand by it.
          There are few problems between me and you , when i say you i don’t mean you personally , rather to mean the opposition.
          I support the government not that the government is wrong free and democratic but by supporting the government I am trying to save my country. My main objective is the nation.
          For you guys, regardless what, as long as this government and PIA goes down, anything is acceptable, even the country to go down with the government. I am not making it up. This is the reason the opposition act like a deer in a headlight when you ask them for road map.
          So, what I am saying is the same thing what I told Haile, let the house burn,
          it is too late to do anything and let them run thier course. I am not going to help to destroy my country. I know we are at the YPFDJ, we are nothing but a bunch of nazi but we talk about this with crystal clarity. We understand the situation and we are not gambling with a nation untold price tag.
          I will contu….. Got to go

          • Selam Nitricc,

            You make it crystal clear.

            One question please:- what happen to that guy called Asmara. That guy was pretty headache to the [moderator: some of you are becoming high maintenance commentators, civility is required to stay here] xxxxx in here. Any clue please……


          • Nitric,

            There is a saying: If you want to lie you got to have a good memory.A good lair must have a good memory. Otherwise you couldn’t serve your master for lying – as all your effort shows clearly. If you can’t recall what you have said to Saay (your political adversary) and more than that, if you can’t remember the argument you made in earlier debate with him, you can’t be a debater. You will be always loser. A good debater must have a reflective memory, otherwise you are always a loser.Here is unsolicited advice Mr. Nitric: You could be punished more than you would be if you lie and say you were stuck to your master.

          • Moderator:- accepted

          • saay

            Selamat Nitricc:

            It’s all good; I understand time pressures, especially when the Man is taking you to distant places to fine-tune and calibrate drones 🙂

            Don’t worry about “cheating” me in a debate; that’s small potatoes. The point is: you (you = the die-hard supporters of the Isaias regime) are cheating the Eritrean people. Kemey? kemey zibil lebam. If my son and I are visiting a friend and he breaks their window, he is not allowed to say: “I am not saying that a window was not broken.” And I am not allowed to say, “my son may have some explaining to do.” My son needs to own the problem, and I do too. That’s what responsibility means. When Isaias arrests, disappears, tortures Eritrean citizens, and when you (you = die hard supporters of the Isaias regime) say “you are on the right track”, “We are you, you are us”, you, by definition, own the problem and need to take responsibility for it and then, if MORALITY means anything, make amends for it. Anything less than that is cheating and betraying the Eritrean people who count on you to stand up for them. That is the minimum requirement of citizenship.

            This is the kind of stuff people who are 9 years old know. The job of dictators is to make their followers unlearn what their parents taught them. And Nitricc, my friend, you have unlearned a lot.

            By the way, whenever you say, “let the house burn”, could you please tell me what it means? I fear I know what it means but you are a straight-shooter: tell me what you mean.


        • Nitricc

          Aman what do I said that you found out a lie? If you have a dementia or some kind of disorder I can not help you. Would you please direct me where I have lied? Please.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        ‘religion should be eradicated from the face of the earth. The most hence crime, they were committed in the name of religion.’

        Aye Nitricc!

        How are you planning to do it? By teaching or irradicating the believers? You never finish a paragraph without contradicting yourslef anyways. By the way Your best budy isayas has a picture kyssing a cross a tradition christians do in honoring their religion so what are you going to do with him i mean concerning irradicating religion?

  • Papillon

    Dearest Ghezae,

    If history was to be written according to the vanquished, it would be a replica of Meron’s ranting and raving where she is not only morally impoverished but intellectually bankrupted as well. It is an atavistic nostalgia to extend a faulty credit to Isaias as the man who led Eritrean independence. But if one is to dig deep into the cleavages of the Front, it is the masses that liberated Eritrea with their unbridled commitment to the noble cause where Isaias in the mean time, eliminated dissidents who elected a viable road map that would have guided the nation post independence in a democratic venue.

    Sure enough, historians will wrestle to answer the question- when exactly things started to go wrong for Eritrea. People who have made a Faustian pact like the person (Meron) will always sing the border issue with a hubris of mendacity. But the truth of the matter is, things started to go wrong for Eritrea, when Isaias set his foot on the plains of Eritrea. This is not a melodrama, it is a hard fact for anybody who is interested to dissect the anatomy of Eritrea’s political history.

    Sure enough, the best-selling ticket is the border issue. For all practical purposes, if the border was to be demarcated per the demand of Isaias, it will be naive to expect for things to go back to normal. Simply because, entropy can not be reversed. Simply because anaplasia can not be reversed. The system where Meron is brandishing as a well organized is reek-rotten to its neck.

    A. The Constitution is yet to be implemented.
    B. There is no freedom of press, speech or worship.
    C. There is no rule of law what so ever, where thousands of Eritreans are languishing in dungeons with out a day in a court of law.
    D. The economy is practically run by companies under the ruling party.
    E. It is a glaring and heart wrenching fact that, the productive segment of the society is either under a military service with no end what so ever or its fate is either in deserts or in the high seas.
    F. The social fabric of the society is horrifically weakened where the regime caused mistrust and a sense of suspicion with in family members and close friends as well.

    When the above cited painful realities of the nation are the true colours of Isaias’ Eritrea, to credit Isaias for running a well organized political party is not only mendacious but an accomplice to a historic crime as well. The day of reckoning is not far. It is not far at all.


    • Nitricc

      Papillon why are always say Haftika when you post with people agree and never with people you don’t. We all are Eritreans, it does not matter what I support or what you oppose but at the end we all want what best for Eritrea. So when post your take, with one you are infatuated
      You will say dearest
      For less infatuated one Haftika
      For PFDJ supporters well I can say it in here.
      Learn to understand we all are Eritreans. Stop this childish dearest and Haftika bull crab. Do it for all or don’t do it at all

      • henok


        Papiloon is Eritrean? That’s news to me!

        Come on Nitricc! I thought you were smarter than that.

        This is a woman who misses Meles dearly. If it walks like Tigray, smells like Tigray, quacks like Tigray…then guess what Nitricc?

        It is Tigray.

        • jonas

          You are as classless as the dictator u support. Personally shredding someone to make a point is a typical subculture of Isayas and his stooges like u. Argue in the merit of facts not on “nimender worea.”

      • Papillon

        Dearest Nitric,

        I will do that Sir.


        Happy now?

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dearest Papillon,



      Ghezae Hagos

    • Beyan Negash

      Dearest Papillon and Awatawyan,

      I was working in making the partial note you see below of making it a full length article, but after reading your insightful note below, I thought, what the heck, this is for you my Eritrean sister.

      Tragedy at the Mediterranean Sea: Reflections on Lampedusa’s Egregious Disaster

      Tragedy at the Mediterranean Sea – our version of the titanic – has gripped us all across the globe. Eritreans in North America, Europe, and Israel have shown resolve, fortitude, and sheer courage to speak out as they traced the culprit, hence culpability to its source.

      Awate and Asmarino upped the ante so much so that the regime in Eritrea did not know how to react. The line between brinksmanship and one up-man-ship were amalgamating on the regime’s lap leaving it in perpetual state of indecisiveness. Such is how perpetually and wounded regime acts. We’ve seen some such film before in Mengistu when he frantically fled the country at the 11th hour to save his life.

      Kudos to Awate Team for rising to the challenge and staying on Lampedusa 24/7 and thanks to Haile for keeping us abreast of the latest information bringing myriad media outlets right to our virtual doorstep, it is time we recognize the epitome of team effort. Of course, majority of Awate.com participants kept their cool with the exception of handful individuals who thought they could shake that resolve, but no amount of perfidy was going to shake Awatawyans’ resolve.

      The pain too fresh to contain yet handful Eritreans who decided propagating and heaving on the same wavelength of the perpetrators as their preferred option was tragically comical at its worst. Some even went as far as cheering and jeering as they danced the night away with such derisiveness that left us aghast and in state of perpetual disbelief and perplexity.

      The epitome of such preposterousness came by way of some individuals who claim genetic disposition in the Eritrean sphere, but it is doubly hard to even fathom such creatures occupying the universal human space of this earth. When someone makes derisively egregious comments over any innocent lives lost, let alone one’s countrymen, women, and children, then it is rather obvious not only these creatures have given away their moral compass to a complete abyss and the absurd but have – then and there – transitioned to maleficence.

      Little do they realize, however, that the ostensible suffering too egregious to ignore shall come to pass. The disaster never experienced before both in its magnitude and scope, in Eritrean context; but to some it might as well had been out of this world phenomenon and if they could they would’ve fought its veracity tooth and nail; but what little substantia grisea – i.e., grey mater – left in them must have worked adequately to alert them than to fight a losing battle.

      Thus resorting to perfidious act, derisiveness, jeering, and cheering is the only ammunition left at their disposal to mock at their brothers’ and sisters’ suffering as they wrongly surmised beating the dead horse was the way to go.

      But, we are not dead, we won’t be silenced. Intimidation, innuendos, and red-herring no more: Eritreans who are standing tall in the face of such obscene political-power-ploy seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. All one has to do is reference the first few minutes and the last few minutes, courtesy of Haile to see the young man who unequivocally and in clear terms places the blame and the culpability squarely where it belongs to which elaboration is screamed to be donned.

      Isayas Tekle-Birhan is his name. There is a great deal more that can be extracted from this national mourning in Israel that these young Eritreans organized. But, for the purposes of this piece watch between 27”– 31” and to 1’32”– the end and you can see the determination to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs – Eritrea, the country and its people who are suffering under this maniacal regime.


      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear beyan,

        each drop was a book and we have got millions of love that let us think beyound the differnces we use to see. this memorial ceremoney was a teacher to every one of us including supporters.
        Thank you brother.

        • Beyan Negash

          kburat Ahwatay, kbret yhabellay,

          I hear you loud and clear as well. Kokhob Selam – kem shmkan kam tmnitkan ygberelna eta selam weghe tsebhe knriya ezi hawway.

          And Aman, you just alerted me to a topic worth entertaining in depth. Indeed, our religious leaders have stepped up to the plate and are calling evil by its real name now. Unlike in the past where their silence was too deafeningly unsettling in light of the evil’s wrath that was unleashed on their brother and sisters in faith – i.e., Jehovah Witness and a little Muslim Eritreans with long beards and slowly but surely the net of horror kept widening reaching critical mass.

          One must go way back to the early nineties to clearly see where that generation’s religious leaders fault line was pressed and submerged beneath the surface. This generation’s young religious leaders seem to have some gravitas to call evil by its real name.

          Haile would be a great candidate for this kind of undertaking; did you just see about the Evangelical persecution clip that he unearthed. You see one has to be armed with such an ability of researching tools and capabilities to really do justice to this rather important topic you raise, Aman.


      • Dear Beyan,

        Please elasticize your comment in to full blown article. I saw a light of mass movement by the religious leaders….you could elaborate their role and their outrage at this tipping point of time. While our intellectuals are still at a deep sleep our religious leaders came to the forefront to fill the vacuum….Isn’t it an irony of ironies! It is only our religious leaders who understood that our people are without a shepherd… the kind and caring shepherd leader. To our intellectuals, every “possible rude awakening” we tried to shock them like “shock therapy” still they can’t avail. So try to make your thoughts along that line.


  • Ermias

    Meron, Nitricc, L.T., and the like,

    You all know PFDJ is on its last throes but you are hoping to revive it. I just had a CPR training today and even that will not resucitate the ‘not breathing and unresponsive’ DIA. He will die soon, one way or the other.

    Awatistas: Our aim should be the diaspora Eritreans who are brainwashed and who do not know better. We need to do leg work. House to house, literally campaigning to emancipate our people of the fear of PFDJ. They are at a point of no return and we need to speed up their downfall lest we lose more lives. We need to speed up their downfall so that we can free up all the innocent Eritreans suffering so much in prisons, containers, under ground detentions, you name it. How we speed up the death of PFDJ is educating the diaspora because back home, they have no support whatsoever. It is the diaspora ill-informed and fearful Eritreans who are carrying the beast on their backs. They are so afraid they will be left with no country if Isaias falls because they have been brainwashed that ‘Woyane’ is waiting for that opportunity to march in to Asmara. Ethiopians have bigger fish to fry. They may not all necessarily have our best interest in mind but our public enemy number 1 is DIA.

    Everybody here should make a concerted effort to free up our people of their fear of PFDJ. That fear is changing into rage as we saw in the videos in the UK and Atlanta and elsewhere in the world. As Machiavelli observes, “the temper of the multitude is fickle, and … while it is easy to persuade them of a thing, it is hard to fix them in that persuasion.” Eritreans are finally waking up but why we had to wait for the incident in Lampedusa is beyond my imagination. We are at a point of no return on both sides – PFDJ will not stop its mudsliding and the masses will not stop their revolt until IA and his small clique leave our country and go where they belong, that either Tigray or hell. Pick your poison.

  • Abinet


  • Abinet

    Meron , just because two people have civilized discussion , they don’t have to be one and the same . Reagan once said ” if two people agree always , one is not thinking “.And you ,my sister, advanced the theory and implied ,if two people have a civilized discussion , one does not exist . This is what happens when the only higher institution of learning in the country is SAWA university . I thought you were an educated person unfortunately you are just an instructed one . Too bad .

    • Selam Abnet,

      Right now i get a new instruction from Campo-Bolo, PFDJ’s head quarter to tell you this: That apology to Hayat also belongs to you.

      Cheers Abnet

      • jonas

        Wait a minute all of you.
        Who said PFDJ is the most organized political party in Eritrea. It is an organized crime unit that has monopoly of power in Eritrea. It is an organized crime syndicate which has agents abroad that use extortion to extract money from expatriates and also uses illegal means to earn money through enslavement of the citizens. Isayas is the crime boss , he is not the leader of the country but the strongest crime boss in Eritrea unchallenged by others. Eventually wither his followers want him for stability or not, he will rot and fall like all organized crime organizations.

    • Nitricc

      Don’t you ever go to SAWA. Why are you people Lulu-wing at what ever the government does? Here is this guy taking out his disappointment in life on Eritrea. Are you telling us you are educated and you want to University? Big ~<#}{%^+*^% deal. What a loser.
      Leave SAWA and Gedli alone.
      By the way are you from Canada by any chance? Your symptoms says so.
      You people are fragering me. Frustrated and angry = Frangry 🙂
      Leave SAWA alone

      • Hyatt

        It is not funny!

      • jonas

        What is fragering? A word only used at Sawa University I guess.

  • haile

    hi Meron

    haha… 1- it is the message not the messenger that is important. 2 – Please don’t kid yourself, pfdj has never drove into a serious ditch like this one, there is no way out and the stress level is understandable…i hope it kills it off without fanfare. 3 – there is nothing virtual, it is all real, face the realities not your hallucinations. This is real, now and here! the manifestations are varied but the end result is the same – burying the dead donkey [pfdj] for good, its stench is discomforting the whole world. It sure is a rotten thing, but an Eritrean rotten thing, and regardless of how you and me are responsible to burying this rotten thing that is giving our nation a bad name, of place where things are rotten and are now disturbing others. Time to bury this rotten thing [PFDJ] for once and for all.


    • Araya

      Haile, what exactly is your beef? I mean you started as pro-government, more precisely, for the border issue. Now, you are completely against the government and the border issue is gone and forgotten.
      What is the deal? Do you have any hidden agenda or just flat out gut less unprincipled?
      I don’t mind people taking sides but I hate when people are cunning and devious.

      • haile

        Araya oh..Araya…

        The border issue is an Eritrean issue that I have a firm stand on. The regime is not an Eritrean asset, just a criminal entity. Criminals are often opportunistic and users. If I were to say border border out of my own interest, the PFDJ would be tantalized and would drop its jaws hoping it found someone to use and abuse. There are many decent and upright Eritreans who understand the territorial issue that our nation is facing. The criminal entity is using it as a cover to kill our people and destroy our nation. PFDJ neither understands what territorial issues are nor has the capacity to do anything about it. Please listen to what a high ranking TPLF/EPRDF figure said recently, IA is a dead beat criminal good for nothing. Eritreans have been lowered to the lowest of low under his watch. And now he has killed newborn, women and children in front of the world.Had I have any reason to support it in the past as you wrongly claim, I have every reason to wish him face justice now. Every free person (except for PFDJ servants for life) is free to believe and do what they please. So, your new tactic of dehumanizing Eritreans and trying to sow mistrust has been torn to pieces on the 3rd of October when a newborn baby died for us so the we live in new ways.

        Since you took liberty to question my integrity, let me take the same liberty with you. You were brought up in Ethiopia. You took your life necessities from Ethiopia, you were educated in Ethiopia, you were given all life and dignity in Ethiopia to this date. I have never been to Ethiopia except for few days transit long time ago in my life. I have lived through the full armed struggle period in Eritrea, I can never muster any thing remotely close disrespect towards Ethiopians as you do here! What that make you? You talk and support the killing of Eritreans in my goddamn country and you go to vacation to Ethiopia! You think I give a freaking monkey’s rare as to what you think? If you betrayed the people and country who did everything for you to be what you are, you are never to be trusted with anything else. Every one can yap all day long, your actions speak louder than words. Stop pretending.

        • Papillon

          Haile Z Great,

          That is what I call a real knock out. The referee (Sal) will have to ask him how many fingers he (the referee) is holding out, what his name is or where he is at right now to see if his PFDJ-infested-and-knocked-down-good-for-nothing-brain is still intact. Do you know what I see every time I come across PFDJ “men”-lackeys? I see men who have lost their virility. Hameyti, meTaqaEti, moshamush.


        • Ermias

          Ouch…I am glad I am not this Araya character.

        • Ghezae Hagos

          Dear Haile,

          That was a rage that howled from the soul. Hence, it goes into the soul of everyone who has…a soul.

          Ghezae Hagos

        • Hayat Adem

          Araya will never survive this. The cost of pretentiousness is death (in the form of worthlessness).

        • Hailat,

          That is a merciless fast ball hit. I could visualize Araya “tenkelala’e kibil kolo bi’Hiqu’e”. Keep up the un diminishable energy. Stay tall.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Awatistas and Meron,

    “Let time take care of itself, I better stick to the only organized political organization proved in the modern history of Eritrea.”

    You keep on repeating yourself that the reason you support the Issayas regime is because it is the only organized political organization while the opposition groups have no ‘plans’ or are not ‘organized enough.’

    First of all, just because a political entity is the most organized one is not a reason to support it especially when it is the same organization that prohibits and criminalizes other stake holders from forming political organization in their own country and the fact that it is organized meant nothing less than churning out failed policies and bringing untold misery to the people.

    By your logic, you would support the Nazi (National-Socialist) in Germany in 1933-1945 because it was the most organized political organization that was seen in its first years as saviour of German state and champion of German nationalism; while saying nothing about its insanely murderous policies. (your Das Auto is your MDG.)

    By your logic, you would support the Khmer Rouge (Communist Party of Kampuchea) (1975-1979) because it was the most organized political organization that was seen by some as the epitome of Khmer nationalism while saying nothing of its failed social engineering and its genocidal records. (your PFDJ is textbook little Khmer rouge as the latter combined “…elements of Marxism with an extreme version of Khmer nationalism and xenophobia…” Eerily familiar!

    By Your logic, you would support African dictatorships, like Uganda’s Idi Amin of 1970s, Gaddaffi’s Libya till two years ago, just because they also criminalized dissent and alternative voices of the citizens of their nations making them the most organized political organization in these countries while saying of their self-aggrandizing policies at the expense of the wealth of the people.

    By your logic, you would support (to bring closer to our history) Mengistu Hailemariam’s ESEPA (EWP, Ethiopia’s Worker’s Party) because it was the most organized political organization in Ethiopia though you very well know it gave no space to possible competitors to try their luck. Your and your like’s obsession with the national/ land sovereignty is another imitation of Mengistu’s supporters similar and oft-repeated argument that in spite of his faults, ‘sewyew is fighting the mother of all of fights for the unity of one Ethiopia.’

    The lists go on.

    No matter the state of the opposition, (which ironically was not given a chance to exercise its citizenry rights inside Eritrea), supporting the PFDJ regime solely on the lack of organized opposition, is wrong, worse ahistorical.

    We, at the opposition/ resistance, are proven right every single day, that is tragically saying. As long as Issayas is there, it will be more misery for Eritrea. We were proven right last two weeks at the Lampedusa mega-tragedy. We will be proven right by history as the above Issayas rubs shoulders with the tyrants mentioned above in the eyes of history. But, one thing one needs to know, it is one of the things in life we don’t want even pray NOT to be proven right. Tragically, as long as Issayas is at the helm, we will all perish one way or another.

    Eritrea is a political entity; Issayas is a political leader. Its fate is the fate of the nations. His is the fate of tyrants. Period.

    Issayas could be long/tall ‘newih), and ‘red’ (Qeyih) and history when it deals with him could take time (yinewh yikewn..) but make no mistake, it will not discriminate, ‘Ayeqayihn iyu…’ “Iseyas newih, qeyih iyu; tarik dma yinewh ember ayeqayihn iyu!

    So, instead of “..I better stick to the only organized political organization proved in the modern history of Eritrea…” don’t stick with the opposition either. fine. Stick with History…and you will find that you joined us.

    Ghezae Hagos

    • Dear Geza’ee,

      Thank you for your interesting analysis though it was all wrongly constructed. I appreciate your brilliance in manipulating history just to serve your case. That is your mind, your knowledge and your liberty but not general truth.

      In my outlook the truth tells me I am sticking with history. According to Eritrean history (reference is me) it is EPLF who manage to build the most organized and successful political organization to unite the independence loving nationals of different nationalities and set Eritrea in its proper place in the international arena. If comparison is needed we should better search equivalent liberators and their post-independence approaches toward the national cause than comparing them with political organizations of other traits. So your long list of comparing PFDJ with those of your chosen cases to strength your arguments is totally wrong.

      I am sticking to history. According to me (sorry for the ego) post-independence Eritrea has witnessed one organization to stand firm for the sovereignty (people, territorial integrity and its mechanisms). The same history is witnessing the so called opposition to hang out with the ‘elephant in the room’ in Addis, Hawasa, Debrezeyti, Mekele…. long list. The same history is witnessing the so called humanitarian activities to campaign against whatsoever the government do while tightly zipped their mouth on the miseries of 1 or million nationals displaced from their natural and legal land. The same history is witnessing the so called opposition media outlets to suppress crucial national issues while drumming illegal activities against the nation. (you know this web well and you know where it stand in matters of sovereignty and Ethiopia, read SGJ’s honeymoon report from Ethiopia).

      History doesn’t betray and human nature would not be changed. PIA is not PFDJ and PFDJ is not Eritrea. PIA is an entity in PFDJ and PFDJ is similarly an entity in Eritrea. PIA is human and his fate is the fate of human beings. He has played phenomenal roll in the struggle for independence and in the post-independence period. Because of his human nature he did what human beings are capable-to at his best, and he committed what human beings are prone (mistakes as well). He is mortal bro and sooner or later will go once and for all.

      Does replacement of Issaias in the PFDJ mean Eritrea will be changed to CANADA – no. Does the replacement of Issaias mean the fall of PFDJ – no. Is the strength of PFDJ eternal – no. Does the fall of PFDJ mean our challenges will disappear once and for all – no. Does my support to PFDJ means I am against Constitution and Constitutionalisation – no. Overall Does I support PFDJ and its deeds 100% – how come. Do I think everyone in the echelon support every PFDJ’s activity 100% – no. Biden doesn’t support Obama 100% but give his 100% service.

      Why I don’t support PFDJ 100% but I support it? Because at this juncture it stands for that great nation which is greater than all of us and our personal narrow interests; because it stands firm against all the odds by upholding capable organizational apparatus in the ground; because it is doing what this day required Eritrea to do; because it is organized far beyond tribal, regional and parochial politics; because its leadership is not compromising for the narrow benefits – check where they live, where their children study, and what kind of life they live and compare it with Mr. Gadi’s friend’s family (Meles’s) in Ethiopia.

      Do you know why I don’t support your case? The reason is just because you guys would love to put the curt before the horse for your narrow best interest; because you have never showed me that you are concerned about the fate of our sovereignty; because you have not gut to say a spade a spade in the violated sovereignty of the nation; because you are Ethiopia apologists – simple case you don’t have gut to talk about what’s going on in the refugee camps in Ethiopia. I don’t support you because you have loud mouth when the conspirators in the international community pass resolution against the nation….


      • Ghezae Hagos

        Selam Meron,

        Summarized you support PFDJ because it is EPLF for our time and you don’t support opposition because we/they never care about the sovereignty of Eritrea and follow narrow interests.

        The followers of the regimes I mentioned were exactly like you. Just copy paste, with slight modification. They would justify the present malady by glorious past. They hope against hope, fantasize and mistake that PAST with all its real or imagined glory would come back but sadly it is OVER. That is the march of time. That is the cruelest but most resilient LESSON of history.

        In a nutshell, who in his right mind would believe that this little Mongolia of today sandwiched between China and Russia was at one point brought these two nations to their knees..(to boot) was the biggest land empire the world has ever seen, conquering nations after nations, galloping as far as Asia could stretch, posing to annihilate both Islam and Christianity? (I endlessly read Mongol history to imagine how crazy this world is and sometimes bet with myself who would rise three hundred years from now) Who would think now that Turkey, and Portugal fought in present day Eritrea for supremacy?

        I will be closer. Ask Nazi supporters; they would tell you Hitler made the German nation as most feared nation, after the confusion and humiliation of Wiemar Republic. Stalin saved Mother Russia from Hitler in the Great Patriotic War; Mao brought the Chinese back to the map. Brother number 1, was endeared for saving the nation from imminent civil war between King Sihanouk and his opponents. And he tapped into the the alleged uniqueness of Khmer nation (who gives you that, of course, the Colonialists, there the French) as distinct and more enlightened than its neighbors…” Nh’na Eritrwayan..” Again eerily familiar.

        All had their moments. So had Issayas. It is gone. Long gone. Get used to it. Let us get used to it.

        Meron, if you are going to dwell into the performance of PFDJ in the past decades, certainly you will hung your head in shame; so will I. Bring any file at your leisure, the result is miserable failure. Economy, speaks for itself (meaning read Haile); Politics (read SAAY); Law (read Bereket H. Sellasie); regional politics (read UN SEMG and sanctions); human rights (read your relatives and citizens); Society/ the youth (read Lampedusa) and sadly my favorite ever, the late Naizghi Kiflu (read the late Naizghi Kiflu)…If a dead, I mean a dead PFDJ leader is treated that way, what chance do you have Meron?

        Think of that he is already dead. He is not Naizghi Kiflu anymore; he is a dead Eritrean who happened to die in London, England…PFDJ leaders, like Yemane Gebreab also thought he would be buried in Meqabir Harbegnatat, but who is the Lord, talk of Isayas as simple entity? Where are yesteryear’s PFDJ leaders as Abdela Jabir, Ali Abdu and Mustfa..talk of PFDJ as entity? Think of it always. That of Naizghi Kiflu’s bizarre case.

        Yes, I know, you don’t support it 100%. So didn’t most Nazi supporters who balked at some of Nazi policies; so didn’t Gaddaffi supporters who agreed he should have shared the power with others. But at the core, all of you are all the same. You will remain supporters in spite of the noted ambivalence.

        Some of us were there and we hope you will be here. That to quote Lady Caroline Lamb, Isayas is ‘bad, mad and dangerous..’ to follow…not that it stopped her from falling under Byron’s charisma; hope you do better.

        Nobody said you should join the opposition by the way. You don’t have to. It is a choice. Do it your own way. But supporting tyranny at this point even less than 100% is wrestling against the tide of History.

        Be kind, dear Meron, after all, this life of us going to end at some point. Remember it is not personal as we/most of us are all doing extremely well in the West, with our families and kids, like you; the concern is the fate of our endeared nation which we all can agree doesn’t deserve the rule of a cruel Feudal overlord called Issayas Afewerki..at least if you hate the opposition, ask and settle for Magna Carta of 1215, err, 2015.

        Ghezae Hagos

        (BTW: I am doing this to give a break to the great bloggers of this forum, Haile, SAAY, Papillon, AH, Hayat Adem and others..hansab kenebriyom:)

        • saay

          Selamat Ghezae:

          You said:

          Summarized you support PFDJ because it is EPLF for our time…

          For your consideration:

          1. In Tigrinya and Arabic, the two words shared between EPLF (Eritrean People’s Liberation Front) and PFDJ (People’s Front for Democracy and Justice) are “hzbawi gnbar”/”jebhat al’ShaEbia.” (People’s Front.) Whenever PFDJ (“the rotten dead donkey” in the words of HaileTheGreat) wants to exploit the legacy of EPLF, it refers to itself as “hzbawi gnbar”/”jebhat al’ ShaEbia.” Probably also because it is self-aware of the missing words: “democracy and justice.” (I once wrote PFDJ stands for Please Forget Democracy and Justice but I was wrong: the lumpen criminals would never use the word “please”)

          2. Have you seen the moving permit/menqesaqesi of National Service/agelglot kids? I have. Next time you see one of them, ask to see their ID which they keep for posterity. The card is issued by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. Not the PFDJ, but EPLF. Yep, an organization that ceased to exist in 1994 is still issuing moving permits in 2013–to kids who were not alive when it was (19 years ago.) The Diaspora kids that do NOT need a permit to move around Eritrea–the YPFDJs, the Merons, the Nitriccs– (who are required by the National Service Proclamation to enlist and be subjected to the same treatment the local Eritreans are), visit those who need a permit to move around an inch (and are put in containers when they do so without bribing their corrupt bosses), and tell them, “we are very proud of you for protecting our sovereignty!”

          Why is the PFDJ issuing cards with the name EPLF on it in 2013? There are only two explanations for this: (a) this is the PFDJ being its usual grossly negligent self; or (b) the is the PFDJ being its usual deceptive, criminal self. That should be the slogan of the PFDJ: We Are Criminally Negligent or Plain Criminals. In fact, every time PFDJ is mentioned, we should play the theme song to the Godfather.


    • Serray

      Selamat Gezae,

      Your response to meron is perfect in every sense except one – it ignores the nature of evil. There are people who support isaias, the Nazis, Khmer Rouge, idi amin and mengistu not because they confuse them with something else, but precisely because they fully grasp and appreciate their nature. One of these days we have to accept the fact that there is pure evil at work here and no amount of reasoning is going to dissuade the regime or its supporters from their mission of destroying our country. The regime’s ambassador to israel said it best, you want us out, come and get us out. When the dummy gave that interview, it was to tell us, “we are this bad, so what are you going to do about it?”.

      The ball is in our court: fight evil or perish. Sal wrote about us lacking a compelling narrative down there. Well, here it is, the choice for our people, specially the youth, is to to fight or perish…Eritrea or Lampedusa or Sinai.

      • Serray,

        You have said “no amount of reasoning is going to dissuade the regime or its supporters from their mission of destroying our country.” Yes, once they are part of the criminal activities, there is no detour. The only path they have is live or die even to the extent emptying the country. The argument of Meron with Ghezae could be capsulated as – PFDJ is well organized so is my stand with the organized – no matter how evil that organization is. The intentional act of PFDJ is compared with unintentional human errors.

      • haile

        Selamat Serray,

        Yeah, I would agree that such is the case with the declared one’s. But, what I have been hearing recently is a little disturbing and hope that those people take good personal care. I for one am always discouraged when things devolve to uncivil levels. But, some people are dead and others are very very angry. Trust me.


      • yegermal


        I agree! I reached that conclusion quite a while ago and make no effort to have a substantive debate with DIA’s humanoids, although at times I can’t resist the temptation to ridicule their lightweight and audacious arguments. One thing is for sure. These well trained shrillers come here not to debate but to derail. Medakemya eyom!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      I like this ‘Meron’ man or woman because he or she represents all sorts of dummies who follow pfdj with out any Clue. Since it is difficult to know what is going on in all pfjd followrs mind having Meron is just like a short cut for making mannuals how to avoid bliving in pfdj with out understanding what pfdj is upto.

    • eritrea first

      You forgot the biggest evil of all, USA!! Did u forget the native americans, that were killed by the millions. How about England, the gangland, the biggest terrorist country on Earth. British Empire the killed hundreds of millions of people.

  • haile


    It has now become clear that the regime operatives are desperately attempting to regroup by employing the following two cheap tactics:

    1 – Resuscitating the border issue that we now agree that they are not trustworthy entity to resolve on our behalf. Only few weeks ago they were singing la la with regional this regional that and that they are naked now, they want to use the border card again. Any Eritrea that willingly dances to that tune has blood of the innocent children and babies that perished recently on its head, and the head of his/her children and grandchildren. Death and misery will visit them and their children will be dispersed and scattered without trace. Cursed shall they be.

    2 – Ratcheting up hate speeches against Eritreans, Ethiopia, USA, UN… no Eritrean shall allow that to thrive. Those who do let that need to learn from the enormous costs that we’ve paid because we allowed that to thrive. Such expressions are not forms communication intended to exchange views but rather to dishearten, demoralize and entrench divisions.

    We need to support the avalanche that is coming to sweep our diaspora communities to call for democratic change in Eritrea. Eritreans have risen up, and you will witness how they will trounce the regime to the ground. Our existence is not merely virtual but part and parcel of the work we are doing to kill off the insidious parasite in a manner most appropriate. There is going to me manifestations soon, and the question will be stark: are you for the destruction of our people or against it.

    A regime that is rendering the nation to be a source of huge refugees on par with any other country that happen to be at war and distress is sinister and genocidal. It is not in a position to provide anything to Eritreans, the region, Africa and the world. We shoulder the responsibility to fight it from every corner and from every rooftop… As we speak, many Eritreans of influence are rallying together to do something about it, the question to each of us (especially undecided) is that: Do you have a moral duty to call for democratic change in Eritrea? i.e a duty to your own values, a duty to your immediate family, a duty to your people, a duty to those who perished and died silent death till now, a duty to the newborn Eritrean boy that has come out from the darkness of the womb and stepped to the horrific darkness that IA, corrupted army generals and diaspora embezzlers unleashed on our very existence. There is no way out from here on, for the blood of the innocent would be on the head of our little innocents.


    • Strong virtual message from a strong virtual Haile in the virtual world.

    • Hailat,

      This is not a new thing.They always dance back and forth as in “cuda Areza”. They have said at once we don’t need to talk with Ethiopia b/c we have got virtual demarcation.So border issue was quiet for sometime because their boss had said so. when the sanction hits them then again the border issue came to the surface to play for their politics. Not to far, recently in his interview DIA again dismiss the border issue and start to talk about regional economic cooperation to the extent that he is ready to buy electricity from the millennium hydroelectric energy. So it is something we expected the “cry baby cry” the border issue will come to the forefront to defend their failure on handling the tragedy of our young. I don’t think they will get an exit strategy from this scandalous exercise as our people are enraged by this agonizing event. I saw the tipping point for change especially when the priest in Israel agonized about our people of lacking a shepherd…”guassa Hizbi.” Hailat now is the time to galvanize and organize the mass movement in the diaspora…..I hope we will not lose this opportunity as we did many times in the past. Keep the fast ball to hit them without mercy. If the religious leaders stood on the fight I don’t think there is any kind of retreat to take him out form power. Watch the wrath of our people in every significant cities they reside. It is quite encouraging.

  • L.T

    Weyane Tigria are nothing but”brainsick”old crones and these poor souls should be put in the care of good Witches”End’ba Gerima”church.Their traditional mental health are inherently unstable.
    Their political Mugraee or Buda Hizuwo(classic hysterical fit or damage nerves)needed electric shock(Mtslaw)and their mystery of hysteria(Qolo) can solve by “Aytenaeknan”diagnosing.

    • Papillon


      Do you know what you’re? Hamayi (gossiper). Where I came from real men do not gossip. Men like you disgust me! I bet what you do all day long is sit around in coffee-shops and talk about people. Sebeytai hamayi. You disgust me. You’re not a man at all.

      • L.T

        Yeah Papilloney;you makes me very sad:_)
        You are no bigger than small cats you little natives of Tigria
        Stop your animal tests football and don’t clash with me.Ok,I’ve been part of your problem-let me be part of your solution.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Meron,
    You said: “I think Abnet is the other of you, may be with a different name and a different IP address.” And then you pushed farther more assertively and said: “I beg you to ask yourself more through Abnet and lecture us through Hayat.” I wouldn’t take that risk if I were you. Because, if I’m not sure about it and I am wrong, everything I say afterwards would be questionable. And that where you stand now exactly.
    First, it was kind of a probability guess, then it grew to be a fact of your thought. Now it is a solid knowledge in you. Interesting transformation of a “wild imagination” into a “maybe”, and then into a “hard fact”! Is that how you guys, in the PFDJ circle, process and analyze thoughts? Is that how you convinced yourself on becoming a die-hard supporter of this criminal Front? And more importantly, is that what you do (doubling yourself) when you feel the need to “lecturing” this forum?
    I really don’t know and it would be a witch-hunt exercise for me trying to know what made you think that Abinet and Hayat are the same person, but there are at least the three of us here who know for sure that Hayat is Hayat and Abinet is Abnet: the two of us and the moderator. The rest is left to your wild analysis and that is only exposing your imbalances a bit. It only shows your eagerness to scavenge on your twisted perceptions than to engage on substances. Your focus is more on the who than on the what. If we were not at hard times and still traumatized, I would lough out loud on your badly calculated risk of “I get you” move. Forget me and the issue whether I can clone myself to set interviews. You just have undone a fully breathing person. How do you feel when you tell Abinet that he doesn’t exist? Or is it okay in the PFDJ book to act as if people don’t exist, whether they are alive or drowned; whether they are Eritreans or illegal immigrants from Africa; whether they are buried home or elsewhere? What does matter in your world, Meron?

    • Selam Hayat,

      I think you are right i was out of balance to forward you that comment. This virtual world and with virtual counter parts imbalance is more likely to happen than not. The good thing is it is still virtual, you can punish the ego and can easily come to your senses when you got a strong virtual opponent like you.

      So let me claim some balance. I or the moderator definitely have no mechanism to know whether you are interviewing your self or not. As you said this is not relevant issue and apologize for drawing you in to it. I have moved.

      But there is one thing i want you know: whatever i say in here doesn’t represent PFDJ but the virtual me. PFDJ is not in a virtual world. It is a real organisation – actually the most organised and successful organisation Eritrea have ever seen – in the ground called Eritrea. It has official operatives that you can hummer them mercilessly than trying to hummer it through me – neither PFDJ’s Card holder nor member of its operatives.


      • Hayat Adem


        • Hayat,

          You won the debate against Meron aka “Berhane Alazar” (in real world). There is always a moment for anyone to change heart. You changed the heart of Meron as he also watched the mass defection of PFDJites. Meron claimed that he is”neither PFDJ’s card holder nor member of its operatives.” Just few days ago he wrote an article in Dehai defending the regime, arguing the tragedy of our youth has nothing to do with the regime. He was saying it is the fault of the regime or his family that brought to all this tragedy.

          Sad, but he still has the chance to join the fight if he is not member of the regime’s operative. Meron, redeem yourself to redeem others. By that I mean you know what to do the regarding the redemption process. We will be your strength in the process of redemption for human has propensity to err.

          • Hayat Adem

            So Meron is a “he”? Interesting!

      • Yodita


        You say ‘ … neither PFDJ’s Card holder nor member of its operatives.’

        If the above is true, my sisterly advise is that you ‘hammer’ it into your head to go see a shrink at your very earliest because it is not normal to be free and independent and worship at the alter of pfdj the way you do.

    • L.T

      To start with fm left to right and you know what?Sibhat’s big brother Col Belay Nega was my boyhood at school and he was cleaver,learned and enthusiastic humanist Aduwain.He hoped to make a brillant career in Dergue and after his humbler service to Dergue,Dergue killed him for co-worker with Eritrean.Who had left?Col Bela’s half brother Sibhat Nega.
      The baby came at last Hayat.

  • SA

    Apparently the YPFDJ sent a team to Lampedusa on Tuesday, and they seem to be disappointed, 12 days later after the tragedy, that things were not as bad as they thought based on media reports of the Lampedusa tragedy. They prepared a report and the first sentence reads as follows:
    “The Y-PFDJ team has been in Lampedusa for almost 24 hours and the facts and situation on the ground is nowhere near hyped hysteria and propaganda depicted in the media since the unfortunate tragedy unfolded.”

    More than 300 Eritreans have perished in a single day and these people think that Eritreans and others were being hysterical in the way they reacted to the tragedy! I guess, according to them, the type of “hysteria” depicted in media reports was probably only appropriate if thousands of Eritreans had perished.

    PS You can read their report about their and the GoE’s new–found interest in “illegal african migrants” at:http://www.alenalki.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8214:update-report-from-lampedusa-tragedy&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=53

    • jonas

      Unbelievable and incomprehensible how people who call themselves Eritreans will sale out their own motherland. It is mystifying how YPFDJ and their likes choose a dictator over their motherland. Are they really Eritreans?

  • Woldai

    ወያነ መን ምኽዋኑ ትፈልጥ ኣይትመስልን! ወያነ ኣብ ኤርትራን ህዝባን ዘለዎ መርገፂ ኣትፈልጥን! ኣብዝሕጂ እዋን ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካብ ህግድፍ ወያነ ከምዝሕሾ ኩላትና ንፈልጥ! ህግዴፍካ ንመንእሰይ ኤርትራ ከጥፍእ ይሰርሕ ኣሎ ወያነ ግን ዩኒቨርስቲ ዝደለዩ የምህር ኣሎ ናብ ኣሜሪካን ኣውሮጳን ክኸዱ ዝደልዩ ድማ ኣብሓደጋ ከይወደቑ ተራኦም ተፀቢዮ ኣብ ዘዝበፅሖም ይኸዱ ኣለዉ ፣ወያነ ቐዳማይ ንባዕሉ ኢሉ ካልኣይ ድማ ንቓልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኢሉ ብዓሰርተታት ኣሽሓት ዝቑፀሩ ዕሸላት መናእሰይ መስዋት ዝኸፈሉሉ ታሪኽ እንዳሃለወ ወያነ ንምንታይ ዝፅላእ?ሓንቲት ንእስቲ ኤርትራዊት ካብ ህግድፋውያን ክትሃድም ብብዙሕ ጠያይት ተወቒዓ ሓከምቲ ወያነ ዶ’ኣይኮኑን ዝተቐበሉዋ! ስለዝኾነ ብፅልኢት ወያነ ትረኽቦ ነገር የብልካንሞ ውሽጠሚስጢሩ ፈሊጥካ እንተተዛረብካ ይሓይሽ። በቲ ኾነ በዚ ግና ብዙሕ ተስፋ ዝነበራ ዓዲ ዳብ ሳእኖም ዝርሕቕ ራኢ ብዘየብሎም ህግድፋውያን ከም ጭራት ድሕሪት ተሪፋ! ሓሲብካን ፈሊጥካን ምዝራብ እዩ ዝሓይሽ!

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      Ezgi AfLeteKa. WedeY Kemzi Do Zkonu Meselena. KeDem Weyane Shawya Ma BurjWa Eya Elom Eyom. ZseM’Om S’EnoM.

    • belay

      Dear Weldai and Mr NITRIC,   People like Nitric only think with PIA’s brain.They are coward individuals covering their own failure and defeat with hate and gruges. Basicly they are cowards and panaroid .Are they worth talking to ? Yes and No.Yes beacause they might infect others.And No because they are coward haters and they know it,they are running away from them selves all the time.Nitric, Eritrea is better of under any body but not PIA, leave alone Wayane Tigray who fought side by side with fallen Heros of HIZBAWI GEMBAR IN THOSE TESTING TIMES.Respect the fallen heros,they do not need your stupid comments on their behalf.

      • Nitricc

        Belay you are kool though. You don’t Haid with an Eritrean name. That means, I respect you.
        Although as every people of yours, you love to deceive people. You are asking me to respect your fallen heros but is not ironic you are asking me while your government even does not acknowledge the fallen Tigryans? Let me remind you what your PMMZ said about your fallen heros. If they did not made home, that means they are dead. Is there any way more disgraceful than this?
        At least my government not only respect the fallen heros but knows their name, when they died, how they died and there is a special day designated to my fallen heros.
        So, belay you may full the likes of Hayat and Amanual Hidarat but not me.
        FYI I do respect every Tigryans heros who paid their life for what they believed in.
        So who is the coward now?

        • belay

          Nitricc (FYI,is it ur surname? U wrote that) Any way u said PIA(gvt) respects the fallen Heros of EPLF and knows their names.Really? Why did he shoot the  disabled (SENKULAT) Heros in Myhabar for asking relatively decent living standard?How was and is  PIAs gvt treating the grand children of the fallen Heros ? is your gvt looking after the parents and orphans of the fallen Heros? Let me tell you what PMMZ said, Sewe’atna Be’lmaat Kenedebsom Ena.And he did.Unlike your GVT giving Lip service,year in year out.Lip service and promises are only comfort for a fool like you my friend.I am not in a position to full you,you are openly fulling your self.Good luck.

          • Nitricc

            You don’t get do you? You don’t have Suwuat let alone to do something worthy in their name. You greedy people made you fallen heros, faceless, nameless just like they never existed. Like I have said you people mind your own business and we will do the same. Just make sure you get the hall out of Eritrean land, that is all.
            As far as I am concern, you are sandwiched and no secret why you people all over Eritrea. If I were you I won’t brag about the aid and saplmentary economy of yours. If any western nation to suspend aid, you will be dead let alone to talk about economy. If Meles talked about what you saying then he just did it the wrong way. It is wrong for Tigray to develop at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia and it is wrong to develop through begging and aid. You see, it is all wrong. And only time will tell what the rest of Ethiopia will do when they wake up.
            Economy, economy my foot.

    • Ermias

      Woldai, that is very good advice if he understands it. All of us Eritreans, we need to stop saying woyane from here on. WE should refer them appropriately by saying the Govt of Ethiopia. Whatever their actions are for or against the Eritrean people, they are the Govt of Ethiopia. They have done much better for their people than the Eritrean regime can ever dream of. With all due respect, we need to rid of this unfounded Eritrean pride against Africans in general and Ethiopians in particular. We are at the bottom of the list for any measurable achievement so we need to learn humility collectively as a people if we are ever to achieve our dreams of decomcratic Eritrea.

  • haile


    Here is a 25 min video with a powerful message that EVERY ERITREAN IN THE DIASPORA must watch:



    • Papillon

      This is a watershed. The era of the inveterate liar and deceiver is over. As the young priest boldly put it, it is sad that, close to four hundred souls had to die for us to acknowledge the presence of the Elephant in the living room. No more cry for me my own private Eritrea. The era of Ezi’wn k’Half eU has disappeared into oblivion. God Almighty has heard the cries of the innocents and Eritrea is about to rest on green pastures and shine up on the hill for the world to see. Rejoice Ertra hagerey, rejoice Ertra hagerey, rejoice Ertra hagerey. Your time has come hagerey.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Haile, this is indeed a confirmation that the lives of the victims was not wasted in vain. They paid their lives for such an exhibit of rage. We have traveled a long way, but finally we have arrived. We have arrived at a junction where we do not have to work in exposing the regime anymore–it is there stark naked for all to see. Such a popular consensus would certainly result in weeding out the monster and his tiny clique. If no such outpouring of honest emotions come through, the lives of the victims would have been wasted in vain. Thank God it was not. They lives contributed greatly to our unity and clarity of our goals: weeding out the monster that has been the root cause of our miseries for too long. Today I am sad for the wasted lives, but a content man for what it achieved. May they rest in peace and may their misery usher the end of all our miseries.

    • Ermias

      Everybody should watch this. The very last fight we have is to emancipate diaspora Eritreans of their fear of PFDJ. I will tell you like this, your house over there is just a structure, it will be there for decades if not centuries so don’t be afraid of losing it. Your family too – they would rather have you fight for them so they can enjoy the same political and economic freedom you have rather than going to visit them every other year or so. They would rather earn their living rather than waiting for your meager remittances. You have a lot of power if you exercise it to depose IA and PFDJ. If you have sectarian fears, it won’t get worse for you because look who we have in the regime.

    • haile

      Selamat SGJ and Papillon

      Lampedusa FAR too complex to fully comprehend. Its implication to Eritrea and its future would undoubtedly be profound. It summons the core of our moral make up and renders it liable to what should unfold from here on. Never has it been so publicized the graphic details of death and demise of the young and the newborn putting humanity in the docks. The world was shaken speechless and the Eritrean diaspora will never be the same again. Ever!

      Lampedusa is far beyond ushering the ultimate demise of the brutal and most inhumane dictator from the face of our beloved nation. It would define a milestone in the collective consciousness of our people, the way we relate to each other and the way we relate to our conflicted realities of the day. We have allowed the evil of denunciation and labeling of each other accumulate till it burst open and gush out unspeakable horrors in front of humanity. We know the regime can only spew venom to survive, much like a snake. However, nothing less than mutual Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility and Truth shall set us free and allow us to pull together as people and nation of called for redemption.

      The grip of the evil in our nation and our people in the diaspora has been broken and is desperately trying to link back the shattered chains again. It will be much like trying to gather strewn leaves while the wind is gusting without a letup. It is a lost cause.

      The saying goes “It is better to shown an example than be made an example of” but we weren’t the types, as a diaspora mass, to learn from examples – we colluded to hush the evil meted out in a far away land of ancestors. And, sadly, we were MADE an example!


      • haile

        correct: …as people and nation who are called for redemption…

    • Haile

      Indeed it is a must watch video. I hope all readers will have a chance to watch it. I think the ERA of CRYING would be over soon.

  • haile

    Thanks Atlanta, we know it was the few operatives, the rest of you are all great people 🙂


    • Ermias

      Great message. I saw the priest at a religious conference too before lampedusa. He warned people to stop worshiping a human being, terrible one at that.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    these WudBat trying to be the next Eritrean government must check everyone
    1. Adi&Awraja
    2. Biher
    So we would not terrorized by certain clique and unqualified GfTfaT(junkies)

  • Sabri

    In today’s VOA tigringa program Abba Musie said before the bodies of eritreans transferred to Eritrea their family in Eritrea should apply at Italian Embassy in Asmara. Moreover Abba Mussie said nobody is buried yet. They are in a temporary place. He has got this information from the Italian authority according to him.

  • haile


    Look at the foolowing:

    “More than 30,000 migrants arrived in Italy and Malta in the first nine months of 2013, compared with 15,000 in all of 2012, according to the U.N. refugee agency, with many fleeing dictatorship in Eritrea and civil war in Syria.”


    Now, it is justified both as an Eritrean and a world citizen to plan to stop the current source of tragedy in Eritrea – IA and about a dozen other individuals. The UK has many political parties with differing plans for the country, so do other democracies. But it would be telling of how narrow your perspective is. It would be unlawful for me or anybody else to announce a sure plan for post IA Eritrea. First they need to go though party formation rules in Eritrea proper and present their plan to their constituancy, explain and educate the public about it, till election date. You could have 50 such parties, and 50 such choices of plans, the more the merrier. IA has really duped you fundamentally to the point of asking such crass question from me, saay or anybody else. Who is anyone to tell you what the plan for Eritrea is before they are legitimized to do so by contitutional powers.

    If you are worried about the quality of Eritreans post IA, you just need to take cursory look. All those opposing IA are the creme de la creme of Eritrea’s best and brightest and IA and his brain dead cabinet are the worst, useless, ignorants that Eritrea can produce. Come over, you’ll be fine…


    PS: You use “gave up” not clear what you mean but I am 100% gave up in investing with PFDJ owned business, that is what I said I gave up on (pre 1998 many people like me attempted to make Eritrea the dream we have…09 took over the whole economy and bankrupted the nation)

    You said about people in western democracies staying in their country to solve their problems. Please get this, THEY HAD/HAVE SHARED PROBLEMS. Ours is not a shared problem of the country, it is one side causing it on the other and hence the nation is on the brink of total disintegration unless the IA regime is overthrown one way or the other. So please not the subtle difference in the type of problem, you’re comparing apples and oranges.

    • Nitricc

      Haile I don’t know if you get this but no Eritrean wants Weyane to run Eritrea. And that is exactly will happen if PIA to step down unplanned. For this reason we asked you what your plan is and you are giving us your wish lists. Hope and wish is not a plan nor a strategy .
      Why is it so hard to understand?
      I rather die than witnessing Weyane run Eritrea. After what we paid? Absolutely.

      • Danny


        You don’t know this yet, but as far as fair minded people on this forum are concerned, you are dead, your mind is definitely rotting. Weyane does not need to kill an already dead soul.

        • Nitricc

          Nice try, if Eritrea is already dead why finance the toothless oppositions?
          The truth is your Tigray is dead with out Eritrea. Meles died trying to talk to PIA.
          I wonder why? At least tell the truth, Danny boy.

          • Danny

            You are not Eritrea by any stretch of the imagination; you are just one delusional sick individual with a rotten state of mind like your master IA.

      • Kim Hanna


        With all due respect to everyone, Please give us one good reason why Weyane/ Ethiopia want to run Eritrea? And please don’t say “to use our ports”, that gives me headache. Whenever one runs out of points of arguments, they bring out the Bogeyman.


        • Nitricc

          Kim if Weyane to make in Ethiopia, they need Weyane controlled Eritrea.
          Trust me, right the feel like a sandwich between two sharp teeths.
          Forget the port it is no an issue. They need Eritrea for there own survival.
          Do you ever wonder why the TPLF is wasting millions on Eritrean oppositions?
          I forget they care about Eritrea. Stupid me.
          Wake Kim.

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            When you say controll, wasting, Ethiopians need etc you sound as if you mean the eritreans as dormant,idle and any organized Group can do what ever it wants. I can not imagine that you ever have a live debate With any opposition Groups and i understand Your worry because the culture of debate in the pfdj and the participatns (followrs)you have has convinced you that eritreans are dormant.

        • eritreafirst

          kim hanna said,” Whenever one runs out of points of arguments, they bring out the Bogeyman.” Perhaps you should direct your question to Ethiopians. They have over 300k strong army posted right by Eritrea border. And yet they get 1 billion in food aid every year. Why they do that?

      • Zegeremo



      • haile

        Hey Nitricc you can’t wait to see IA out, can you? 🙂

        OK to just set your mind at peace, here is the lowdown of things. IA has burned the last bridge. The world is angry, Europe is angry, Africa is angry, the pope is angry and above all the Eritrean people are angry. His error loop has finally crashed his system. What is happening to Eritreans may be good business to some Eritrean human smugglers and PFDJ operatives in the diaspora who are shaking down the the future of our people and country with cheap Photoshop Eritrea. He is going to go. Even if you were to give him some sort of fantastic support, it just wouldn’t work. Things are too messed up and Eritreans have got shocking wake up call.

        When he falls, there is going to be a transitional government that will iron out the practicalities for contested election in the country to hold state power for specific term period. That is not the problem. We have huge capital in the form patriotism and love of country by Eritrean masses. So, yes the fine prints will be negotiated and settled with in specified time frame (may be brief extension, no more than 6 months should it be needed).

        The main problem is the economic side of things and restoring basic services and adequate emergency provisions. The regime has most of Eritrea’s money and other assets in off shore PFDJ owned front companies and entities. The Eritrean central bank has probably nothing more than some hundred thousands in hard currency. When the regime falls none of the front companies will surrender any asset, they will melt away. Example: Ethiopia’s state reserve in hard currency is close to 4 billion dollars, Eritrea’s is roughly 100 million (the bare minimum needed to service its Sovereign credits). I also presume there is severe hard currency shortage now that is unsolvable with IA in charge and renders him incapable of solving the precipitating factors in the current crisis (he told you he is in “crisis management” recently).

        So, the transitional administration, with international,bilateral and diaspora Eritrean actors will have to deal with such immediate matters. Long term Macro economic and other policy schedules would of course be the prerogative of the governing party at the time in point.

        There is no real danger that the State of Ethiopia is planning to invade the State of Eritrea anytime. Ajokha, alona 🙂


        • Ermias

          Enlightning on one hand and depressing on the other.

        • haile

          PS. The reason I brought up the currency reserve comparison is actually to show you what an incoming Eritrean government would have to play with as it compares say a new Ethiopian government if there was to be a change of government in those places today. Close to 97% Eritrean businesses are registered as private sector (I have provided link before – I can dig it out for you). But you and me know what “private business” means in Eritrea, one that is owned by PFDJ front companies. This include the HCBE bank share company and all other construction and supply companies as ambereb and others. Consider a total melt down of the entire private business! because they will run away. Other countries have many profitable state owned revenue generating assets that can cushion transitions, not IA Eritrea.

          You know how Eritreans come together when there is big challenge, and I believe that is our state owned asset. Look at how the PFDJ desperately try to break that by using the ugliest of foul languages and thriving on suspicion and mutual disrespect. Hey Nitrric, stop sleeping with the enemy 🙂

        • Nitricc

          Haile I was going to say a few things but I will wait for the MJ moment.
          You undermining the Weyane . Again I will wait after the current incident settles down.
          Till then 🙂

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            Lucky thos americans and cia People, they are off hoock for the time being!

      • jonas

        So a ruthless dictator is the best out come for Eritrea in order Eritrea won’t be run over by Weyane. Weyane’s hands are full in Ethiopia. You are running with Isayas’ paranoia and use his scare tactics. Eritrea is dying by the hour under Isayas’ misrule, the sooner he falls the less fragmented Eritrea will be, the longer he stays the likely chance Eritrea will become a failed state because of the bitterness he will leave behind which could lead to a civil war. The time is now to voice opposition and organize before it is too late. It is not force but good will that will win the day. Trying to topple him is better option than the status quo.

      • yegermal

        What happens if DIA croaks tonight? Don’t get upset it’s a hypothetical question, geez! Does weyane still run the Eritrea?

      • sara

        haile started here writing about the border issue and sounded a bit like a patriot,now he has sided with those who advance the interest of the border occupiers, what do you think happened to him…

    • Sal,

      After Nitricc’s request for any ‘opposition’s plan Saay instantly came up with 8 points ‘plan’. That plan was actually a reversal plan for what is supposedly PFDJ’s plan. Then he reversed position and argued political parties don’t have plans but political programme. Wow, so it is possible to realize political programmes without a plan!?

      And you came out of bloom and telling me it is unlawful to draft a post PIA plan. Why are you jumping to post PIA without having a plan to realize that? Why are you thinking that far without having a political organization, constituency, roadmap discussed with a constituency or endorsed by its mechanism, and objectively verifiable plan (unexaggerated and unambitious)…?

      Hailat, please get one political organization first, try to have or maximize constituency, come up with a sounding political programme and plan. If you can help me to visualize a sovereign and better Eritrea beyond wishes and hopes you will have me.

      Hailat, what has that Constitution and law to do with a plan of a diaspora opposition? Do you mean a diaspora ‘opposition’ could not have a plan to kick the dictator before the constitution implemented in Eritrea proper? Ok if that is so the plan is EWK (ezi win kihalif iyu) or ‘time will tell’.

      Let time take care of itself, I better stick to the only organized political organization proved in the modern history of Eritrea.

      • Correction… it was intended to Haile (Sal in context)

      • yegermal

        “Why are you jumping to post PIA without having a plan to realize that? Why are you thinking that far without having a political organization, constituency, roadmap discussed with a constituency or endorsed by its mechanism, and objectively verifiable plan (unexaggerated and unambitious)…?”
        “objectively verifiable plan” …IMPRESSIVE! So you care about of of this and you still support a dictator that runs a country with sporadic decrees? I take you’re talking about the “plans” that come out of the “cabinet” meetings where a man sitting at the head of the table gestures to mute men and women, and the plans he gestures about remain a top secret. I tell you what. Bring a plan (or give a link to it), e.g., 2013 budget plan I assume the “cabinet” dealt with recently and share it with us here. Deal?

      • Nitricc

        Hi Meron
        They will never answer it, the will dance around it but never the answer because there is none.
        I am not, sure you too, change is good and we must but how?
        What are the costs?
        In to what are we changing?
        How would play out the safety and integrity of the nation?
        Who are the major players? As now, the Bereket Simons are the big dogs.
        Am I ready to overthrow PIA to bring BEReket?
        Hall will freeze over before that happens.
        I know the People in here the likes of SAAY, Haile and the rest when they say change they have nothing but good intentions but what worries me is that their hate to PIA is so strong they forgot the well being of the nation. They are grumbling and I can not do that.
        Personally I could careless with PIA but I am worry to my bones with what then.
        Sometimes hate and emotions can override reason and common sense .
        Sleep with one eye open is the word

        • saay

          Hi Nitricc:

          Is your question: “what is the plan of how to overthrow the Isaias Afwerki regime?” or is it “what is the plan on how to govern Eritrea after Isaias Afwerki regime is overthrown?”

          If it is the former, all the laments that you hear from us is self-criticism that we don’t appear to have an effective plan. So we are first in line to criticize ourselves and we do it loudly and frequently. The only time we take a break from criticizing ourselves is to criticize those of you in the Nehna Nsu Club: you have absolutely no plan to strengthen the regime you love by demanding reforms: you are a passive bunch who are good at circling the wagons, and you are waiting for a spent man to come up with ideas to reform himself or his party, um, I mean his “broad-based movement.”* Your questions are that of a tumor which occupies a body and taunts the white cells: what are you going to do besides die slowly?

          If it is the latter, all your worries about post-Isaias Eritrea are because the Eritrea you have constrcuted in your head is the Republic of Isaiasistan. As I have written previously, you can take a random man you meet at Edaga Hamus and he would make a better president (more just, wiser) than Isaias Afwerki. Qsen. All the sleepless nights you have about what will happen to Eritrea are really “what will happen to Isaiasistan?” It is what every tyrant who has ever ruled programmed his people to think. History tells us that there was massive wailing, including at labor camps, when Stalin died. People, including the self-declared independent ones, are creatures of habit: they love their addiction more than their well-being.


          * The PFDJ calls itself a broad-based movement, not a party. A movement which has made itself broad by economic extortion: if you want to get subsidies and coupons to buy things at my party, I mean movement, owned shops, then you must be a member of my party. It is not is “vision” that has gotten it 600,000** members but its extortion.

          ** the 600,000 “members”: that’s the only number published in Eritrea. We don’t know it’s population, it’s budget, the inflation rate, the unemployment rate, but we sure know it has “600,000” card-carrying coupon users.

          • Nitricc

            The republic of Isaiasistan lol
            No, Sal
            When I try to respond while I am doing something at the same time, what ever I am trying to say, never made sense. As is I am the worst writer there is:)
            Enqan Zembobish Drom Teza Nesh like they say in Amharic.
            . So, let me respond when I free up some time. You are saying something interests me.

  • Mengag Dmu

    Hey Sal,

    Here is the deal. My old man had a thingy with Adgi and Dmu. As it happened however, the Adgi was cherini and Dmu was mengag. My old man would always say, the physical shortcoming was a sign from heaven for him to attend Church regularly as he had been missing out beyond redemption. He reasoned, if he doesn’t start attending church, the shortcomings will be turned to us-his children. As a child I sort of grew fond of the animals particularly Dmu. Adgi however almost turned itself into a human where he started getting excited every time he sees Mengistu Hailemariam on TV* (during the Dergue era that is). Fate had it they (Adgi and Dmu) got expired and I promised to myself to honor their animal-self by using Cherini Adgi or Mengag Dmu for a nick in the vast kingdom of Awate. As per the guidelines, I will stick with Mengag Dmu here-in.

    *Hope Eyob Medhane doesn’t take offence.

  • Berhe Tensea

    Yes weeding out the The mafia Temben regime is the only solution.Failture to weed weed it out means more death and agony to the Meskin Eritrean people. People must understand that that the the Tembenai is not yet done and he will do everything to anihilate you.
    The Eritrean people has become the people that is paralyzed and and a herd of the dictator.
    The dictator for sure thinks Eritreans are no better than herd, and that is why he is telling us to go where the water is located than complaining.

  • Abinet

    Ehit Hayat thanks for the response . I hope one day we live in prosperity and peace like USA and Canada .however with the likes of Meron and others like her, who are benefiting from the system , it is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible .ayzosh berchi. Wondimish Abinet

    • Hayat Adem

      Thank you. That day will come, sooner than we think. No bother about guys like Meron. Some Merons will get on broad soon, some later, and there will be few who will remain confused and paranoid to the very end. But, no matter how they try, they can’t hold or slow the wheels of peoples’ wish. We’ll get there.
      Antem berta. Ehtih Hayat

  • dd

    Sorry, the correct one according to the news is the following: four women died and 11 people were taken into custody after a boat with more than a dozen people aboard — including Haitians and Jamaicans — capsized early Wednesday in the waters off South Florida.

  • L.T

    Your romantics movement with Bitsai Isaias of 70s and 90s transformed into a holy martyr war.Entay Ena emo’kingebr sister?Hayat, he was a powerful mythmaking a number 1 on any scale-and he inspired you and was even affirmation guidance for you.Enay ena’mo kingebr? Back in the Renaissance like Meles.
    Stop to calling each other you and Isaias “Lady this”and”Sir That”.Trouble woman:

  • L.T

    The terrifing painful news of Aboy Sibhat Weldessillasie Nega at Starbucks.
    To public enemy number 1 and the visioneries and prophtes of Weyane man kind Aboy Sibat Starbucks was a horror not like a kind of big-village Addis cool.There manay concerned Ethiopian in USA starting their view”Liba Sibhat,Ante Wisha Weyane,ante animal imperfect stupid maffai.It was his ultimate catastrophe and the poor old souls who confessed had actualy been quite mad so suddenly of this result the monkish luring them by sayingno”I am not maffai” and when he went over the car he was terrified and they continue him wild ride into car-not guite human.
    The poor evil old Weyane admitted his quilt and will prosecutions in USA.The story was being replayed again.The tragic case of Aboy Sibhat did not mark the end,nor even the begining of the end like Meles.
    Bravo Sadik Ahmed!!

    • jonas

      L T
      It looks like you wrote your comment from right to left like Arabic, please write from left to right so we can read it. What you have there is just a collection of words. I am guessing you don’t like Aboy Sibhat Starbucks.

    • Hayat Adem

      L.T.- medkemi libi zikhonka fiTret,
      Do you ever care of being understood in what you say? Most of us do. It is a normal thing. “Did what I say make sense at all”, we ask ourselves all the time. I don’t see that in you. Wait a minute- do you play it both ways on yourself: you say it and you understand it, and you don’t care if the rest of us get your message?
      Honestly, I have never understood what you wanted to say. And later, I found out I was not alone. When Haile came up with his intelligent guess, you could hear all us sighing in relief “Owww…!!!” I expected either of the following two to happen after Haile’s revelation: less of your comments or more of understandable English. Nope, my expectations failed miserably and here you are again.
      So, what exactly happened to Aboy Sibhat? Oh, no thank you, don’t give me anything. I am okay not knowing it or I’ll get from somebody else.

      • Yodita


        It is a wild guess, but I smell the thick heavy smoke of weed when reading L.T.’s wierd posts (with flashes of brilliance sometimes!)


        • Hayat Adem

          lol,,,flashes of brilliance! That was how I was fooled. When I followed those flashes, they started becoming farther and farther apart. When I was about to retire on LT altogether, this Haile dropped this thing and made me say: ahha kem’u diyu?!!! And then I laughed at myself remembering my struggle to understand him. eh…tir’aylka:)
          Good luck with flashes, Yodita!

      • Dear Hayat,

        If you have once reached that someone is from “medakemti,” avoid them by saying “Ye’Areza neger medakemia” to quote Adey Mulu’s saying. They aren’t worth to your reply.If you did reply them, they are having fun b/c they are neither sensible human being nor the ability to understand the crises of our nation.


        • correction,
          please correct to read ” nor do they have the ability to understand the crises of our nation”

        • Hayat Adem

          Noted. Thanks.

        • Araya

          Aman why are you keep saying not worth it? What are you worth for? Do we have to pay for your vacation to Ethiopia to be worth something?
          you are the weekest link in the opposition, ever. all Eritreans are worth something, just you know. every human is worth something.

      • Haqi

        I laugh so hard tears are flowing…

        He is old forgive the cult member

    • Fev

      Here is L.T giving an interview:



      • Danny

        EnetezeyHafirka TuUm eyu mechem. Ashan xibuQ alo zemed Ashan kefiewo’lo eyu koynuna negeru.

      • yegermal

        lol, this video got me in trouble with awate once:)

  • Abinet

    Dear Hayat,somalization should be avoided at any cost .From what I see it is the dictator and his blood hungry generals want it. I think this is why he armed the population (I hope I am totally wrong).My question for you is do you think normalization with Ethiopia and May be unity of some sort is a better alternative ? I am worried . I do not want this to happen to our brothers and sisters in Eritrea .It also affects us (Ethiopia). Give me your honest ,unbiased opinion as always. Akbarish Ethiopian.

    • Hayat Adem

      Thanks Abinet,
      Yes, without a doubt, every single day Isaias is left there hanging in to his power, Eritrea is inching towards somalization. And our problem is even worse than what it looks now when you think of a situation where the ugly becomes uglier towards the end. For that, Eritreans have to be ready to answer. In the end, I have no the slightest doubt that Eritrea will pull itself out head held higher, better and stronger. Given a normal situation and an enabling environment, building Eritrea to catch with what is lost and even go beyond would not be too hard. Eritrean are hard-working and innovative people and they have all what is necessary for building the nation and building a quality life. They can skillfully swim in the sea of globalization and be comfortable to be part of this world. They can rise up easily. But, you need some bed ground of threshold to bounce. If we are waiting for Isiasais until he himself calls it enough and get tired of ruling and weakening us, it might get too deep, too late to uncover ourselves of the dirt and mess this guys has been piling all those years over us. That is why the urgency of removing this guy should be a laser-point focus of all forces against the status quo.
      Normalization is a must. These countries’ natural default is set for all kinds of cooperation. In other areas, cooperation is felt as a necessary evil and countries have to invest a lot to make that a possibility. They set cultural exchange programs. They build roads and portal points for movement of people and goods. The invest to overcome language barriers etc. With Ethiopia and Eritrea, there is no need for such things as most of the environment needed are there naturally. It is only an organic necessity to do so. The benefits from that are listless. Of course, you can’t possibly think of doing that with Isaias for obvious reasons but it is absolutely a must thing to do the next regime.
      “Unity of some sort”? I don’t think it is time for that and I don’t think it is “must” option. I am not saying unity is necessarily a bad thing but if it has to come it should be out of mutual need and based on equal footing merger of partnership. It should not come as a dictated agenda in order to save Eritrea. And frankly, there is no need for pushing that project affront if normalization and cooperation is allowed to take its natural course. The best cooperation project I have in mind for Ethiopia and Eritrea is the one similar to that of US and Canada: two economies, two political centers but totally operating in sinless harmony.
      akbarih Hayat

      • Hayat,


        I think Abnet is the other of you, may be with a different name and a different IP address.

        It is like interviewing your self having saay in mind.

        Actually it is a good move to adjust yourself on the subject with Ethiopia.

        However, the bud thing is it is not easy to change the impression – Ethiopia Wahabee – you gave us in your interesting rebuttal with saay few weeks a go.

        I think i have to learn from – i need to correct some of my exposed views through interviewing my self with a different name and IP address.

        • Hayat Adem

          Meron shikor,
          Let me understand you: what adjustment? What Ethiopia Wahabee? Are you playing the L.T. game. Meron bejakhi’ ba- hade beynu’kua adkiiiiiim abiluna’lo. nisiskhis ba temelesi, nabey tiwiiwy de’a beli tog abili’ya mber! Talking straight head on is cool. Lets keep it that way.

        • yegermal

          Paranoia, the hallmark of DIA’s goons!

          • Araya

            what is your hell mark? XXXXXX Ras.

          • yegermal

            Seriously though Araya. Why is that some of you amiche pretend to love Eritrea more than the Eritrea-born Eritreans like moi, but you never abandon Mama Etobia?

      • Hayat,

        Haha… it is not straight – Ok let it be.

        But that piece of self-interview is really fantastic. I beg you to ask yourself more through Abnet and lecture us through Hayat.

        I hope I am not straight again.

        • yegermal

          If this was not tragic it would be hilarious.


          “Call made for popularization of hand washing

          Asmara, 16 October 2013 – In connection with the Hand Washing Day, the Health Ministry’s branch in the Central region today called for the popularization of the practice vis-à-vis proper application of soap with a view to doing away with contamination.”

          Isn’t water need for hand-washing?

          Eway entay aynet aghewat eyom zghezwa delwu Eritrea!