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The Eritrean Opposition & Its Upcoming Congress

The Eritrean opposition organizations including the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), which has been shedding member organizations since 2011, have agreed to come under one umbrella.

Since August 2013, the opposition groups were engaged in discussion in a dialogue forum created for the purpose.

On January 29, 2014 the EDA issued an initiative calling for an expanded umbrella group and has been reaching out to former members to resume their membership in preparation for a congress which will be convened by the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change (ENCDC) in April.

The three organizations that split from the EDA, and the background for the rift, are as follows:

1. Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP):  The organization withdrew its membership in January 2011 in large part to protest the timing, the structure and goals of the Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change (ENCDC), also known as “Bayto” or “Mejlis.” The Bayto/Mejlis has been in a state of crisis since its formation. Now, the EDA and the EPDP are in negotiations for the latter to resume its membership in EDA.

2. Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF): The organization withdrew its membership from EDA in 2012. It had also argued that, with the formation of ENCDC, there was no longer justification for the existence of EDA and the entire umbrella group should be disbanded. Now the ENSF is renewing its membership with EDA.

3. Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK): The organization’s membership with EDA was suspended when its leader, Qernelios Esman, chose September 1, 2012, the launch of Eritrea’s armed struggle, to attack the initiator of the revolution, Hamed Idris Awate and then refused to apologize. EDA and DMLEK have reconciled and DMLEK’s membership has been reinstated.

The strengthening and expansion of the opposition umbrella structure is in preparation for a congress being convened by the Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change in April 2014 in Ethiopia.

ENCDC has organized a 23-member preparatory committee to prepare for the congress.

inform. inspire. embolden. reconcile.

  • Thomas


    Unless you have a credible data, careful statistics can be deceiving. I sense you are simply throwing statements/conclusions without gathering a valid sample. I think you will have to present your survey to a population who can tell if the news submitted is true or not. Limit the number of years the news were broadcasted. Whey think it is a factual news or non factual news. So many things to go along. I think you took the survey to your self and decided to make this bogus statements.

    • Saba

      I can be tempted to call newbie to anyone who challenges me but I would not use it even as a last resort. But I have to admit that the “baldonga” comment really made me laugh:) My high
      school friend used to say that but the phrase was“baldonga titiko”.
      Statistics is powerful, it is very helpful but it can be deceiving or boring. I got the result using stat software analysis. It will take me long time to do it manually. And I am not here to improve my resume; for sure you will not use my result as a reference to show the reliability of gedab news. If you are really interested to know on how to do it manually, here is a simpler method as an example:

      Based on my scoring system in the above post, give a score to each news and calculate the score for each month and the whole year. Let’s say you got the following data for months from jan to december:
      63%, 61%, 38%, 52, 74, 31, 95, 57, 29, 54, 56, 40
      54.17% ±1.96 x 18.6/3.46
      Based on this study, the reliability of the news is 54.17% (95% Confidence Interval 43.64% – 64.7%).
      As you can see it is doable with this simple method. The more complex is your analysis, the more accurate is the result. As you increase the sample size, the more accurate will be the result. But if you want me to include all the news from 2000, well that will never happen, as newbie as i am:)

  • Saba

    Good point s michael.

  • RealIdeals

    S Michael has made some very good points

  • saay7

    Selamat S. Michael:

    1. Could you re-post what was deleted? A lot of times people blame us for filter issues. If your posting doesn’t violate the guidelines, it will be posted: that is the only standard, guidelines, and not my personal taste or preference.

    2. What are we? We are activists with a point of view. The best way for you to look at us is the way you would look at the Wall Street Journal in its reports about the Obama administration. Do they hate their country because they are critical of Obama?

    3. Whenever we lament that the great people of Eritrea are being governed by a lumpen imbecile like Isaias Afwerki, we are not just insulting Isaias, we are expressing our care and love for the Eritrean people. We do that every day.

    4. The issue of sanctions and our position: I will tell you that in every country, there are people–including those opposed to a regime–who say that sanctions don’t hurt the regime; they hurt the people; and there are those who say that sanctions, narrowly targeted sanctions, hurt the regime and not the people. We simply disagree with you and your moral outrage does not demonstrate that you care more for Eritrean than I do; it just shows you are not capable of debating.

    You don’t have to say God/Allah, that is redundant. Allah is Arabic for God and Christian Arabs refer to God as “Allah.” Keep up:)


  • saay7

    1. Gedab News has posted news that is verifiable and has high predictive value (the expulsion of USAid, the demotion/rotation of the G-15) and it has posted news that cannot be indpendently verified. But the reason for the latter has to do with the fact that Eritrea is a police state and the regime denies everything categorically.

    2. When I said “the man whose name you do not want us to mention” I was addressing your pre-emptive strike that you don’t want to hear any explanation if it includes the word DIA or Isaias, etc. Or did you forget? For the record, we mention DIA because it is impossible to discuss Eritrean politics without discussing the one man who is responsible for everything that goes on in Eritrea.

    3. Your attack against assenna is unfair. assenna dispenses with lots of news and information; much of what it disseminates is true and verifiable (including its reels of interviews with disenchanted regime royalists and Eritrean victims of the monstrous regime.) It gets a few things wrong; I am not aware of any media outlet anywhere in the world that doesn’t make mistakes.

    4. Funds: we, the awate team, self-fund We also solicit and accept donations from our readers. We have not received a penny, red or otherwise, from any institution, government or non-government, in the last 13 years. Is that categorical enough for you? Let me see: you will want PROOF, right. But how do you prove a negative? It is up to you and people like you who hint at, and make straight accusations, to make your case and show what funding we received, from whom, on which date and which account it went to.

    5. Our standard for credibility is not (with all due respect) based on your standards. Your criticism that we we “help outside powers to grab eritrean territory” is woefully misinformed and typical of a low-information reader. Apparently, in all your years of reading awate, we haven’t made much dent in your thinking. We will keep on trying.


    • Saba

      Hi Saay,
      1. I made some statistical analysis for the predictive value of gedab news and i come up with 57%(adjusted for number of news/month and years, similar to Pack-year in in cigarette smoking). If you dispute this result please tell us your estimation. If you see this result as getting it right 53 out of 100, it is good. But you are misleading 47 out 100 cases. May be this is not bad because each wrong news has made the public to believe it for a certain period of time and then there is no one to verify it and people move on, except for some fact checkers. And if you repeat it a wrong message 100 times, may be 10% might stick. I know it is hard to get news from Eritrea but i am evaluating you based on your achievement, not on how much you worked hard. The other reason for low achievement is due to intentionally twisting the news, and sometimes cooked news.
      2. I was refering to the “CYBER” opposition parties in which 100% of their agenda is DIA. At least i wanna hear 50% about their party. We should not focus only on DIA, we need to prevent future DIA wannabe or groups who want to divide Eritrea into pieces.I do not think you are fighting for this.
      3. The same thing goes for assenna as in number 1. BTW i am not attacking assenna, it is criticism based on facts.
      4. Lack of transparency of awate team, i heard it from reliable sources. Still if you want to be a reliable news information, it is up to you to show transparency, not up to the reader. As a seasoned journalist, I do not expect you to ask me on how to show transparency, Anyway if you share some of your funds with me, i would have created to debunk you and others..
      5. I read as i read and neither of them have been able to sway me on my thinking, not because i am “low-information reader” as you said but for the lack of factual content. is way better than shabait in terms of creating the context/background of the news/opinion, but when it comes to the core content of the news/opinion it is twisted, or with hidden, subtle or subliminal messages.
      6. I know you did not have item number 6 but i added it to tell you that as a seasoned journalist i would not expect from you to trash your readers easily by labeling them clueless/”low-information reader”, etc. That is a sign of frustration. I know you guys you worked hard for many years. But we are debating about the results you claim to have achieved. It is not about me or you personally. That’s all.

      • saay7

        Hi Saba: I didn’t make it past point 1 in your list. Now, since you have been hectoring us about transparency and credibility and the rest, I am sure you will share with your readers how you arrived at the 57% figure.

        You have the floor.


        • Saba

          Hi Saay, thanks for giving me the floor but i would like you to be around:)
          Oh you have not read item 2-6 in the list? Is that repression or suppression? Well you tell me if you want.
          I do not know if people really want to see the details but if you insist here is how i got it.
          TRUE and Factual news_______________________________________+1
          TRUE and Factual news that even the layman is reporting _____________0
          False/twisted/deceptive/cooked news_____________________________-1
          News that give you grade 0 are discarded and not considered in the denominator.
          Let say you have 3 news in 2 weeks and you get -1, +1 and 0, your accuracy is 1/2, instead of 1/3.
          And then in order to factor in for all the months, years, i used statistical softwar analysis and it got a predictive value of 53-61% with mean value of 57%. The p value is 0.04, which is good.
          Well if you had news that amounts to Watergate, i would have given you 100% but you have not.
          Now is your turn to have the floor and tell us your reliability/predictive value based on your judgement or based on how your readers judge you. That’s why i said i would like you to be around:)


          • saay7

            Saba: not to burst your little bubble but not much for me to hang around this thread. The problem with some blind people who regain their eyesight is they think the world didn’t exist before they learned to see. You made a bold statement; now instead of trying to cover it with a fog of buzzwords (hint: not impressed), here’s what you gotta do: take the entire Gedab News product since 2000, sort it into ur three categories, give your reasons why, then present your case. Until then, you are just another person impressed with her meager resume.

            By the way, you are find of using words like “frustrated?” when debating your opponents. You seem to have not given due consideration to another word, namely “bored.” You may think you have stumbled into something original and earthshaking insight is painfully boring

          • Dawit

            That indeed is a penetrating , clear and sharp comment. Saba needs to either put up or shut up !

          • Ermias

            Hi Saba, please excuse my interjection but I find you extremely interesting and engaging hence I can’t help myself. I apologize to Younis also for jumping in and engaging his current subject. Anyway, Sabita or Sabina. I like Sabita because Sabina has been overused. I have so many questions for you but in the interest of time and space, I will list just a few. I am not trying to defend AT or discredit you but just trying to make sense of your claims.

            1. How do you determine that a news item is true and factual or false/twisted…as you describe?

            2. What is your population size (meaning how many news items did you use and how far back in time did you go)? how do you know that you’ve sampled a big enough population that your statistics are valid?how do you know that you’ve sampled a big enough population that your statistics are valid?how do you know that you’ve sampled a big enough population that your statistics are valid? How do you know that you’ve sample a big enough population that your statistics are valid?

            3. I tried to come up with a null hypothesis that you may have used but I couldn’t go anywhere. What is your null hypothsis and how did you test it to come up with your p-value?

            4. Can you do statistical significance test without actually doing any experiments? You only
            have past evidence (of Gedab news being mostly accurate or mostly inaccurate thus far). You can’t automatically generate Gedab news items and put them to the test.

            5. Can we actually predict future behavior of Gedab news accurately based on what we know from the past 14 years?

          • Ermias

            Excuse me but # 2 should read as (I typed on word and copied and pasted but some thing weird happened there):
            2. What is your population size (meaning how many news items did you use and how far back in time did you go)? how do you know that you’ve sampled a big enough population that your statistics are valid?

          • Dawit

            Ermias, I thought you knew you could edit your comment. You didn’t have to add comment to correct your errors

          • Ermias

            Dawit, really? I had no idea. I will see if I can figure it out. But I normally try to type nice and easy so I don’t look like a fool.

          • Dawit

            Click where it says edit. (You will see under you comment the following choices: Edit.Reply.Share.

          • Thomas


            Ermias cannot edit his comment if it is already being replied. Of course, I did try to edit mine several times, but I was not able to do so after some people replied to it. So, edit is available only if no one replies to your comment. Correct me if I am wrong.

          • Dawit


            Well I can still edit my comment . See above.

  • Hayat Adem

    Do you want to know the real secret why our youth are fleeing?

    “If there is anyone who is thinking of politics outside of the People’s Front in this country, he better look for another place to fantasize about such an idea.”- President Isasias, Feb 2014.
    How do you feel about that?! This was typically declared by EPLF in the early 1980s upon the annihilation of ELF: “The Eritrean ground can not carry another political force beyond EPLF” was the slogan of the Front then. 30 yrs later, it is the same. Think of these: The bi-polarity of the world had ended. The cold war is over. Eritrea has become independent. USA has seen 5 presidents since. Eritrea has has has has clashed with 4 of its 5 immediate neighbors. Eritrea lost its cream generation and gained pariahdom.

    After a lot of water has passed under the bridge, you come out and say “it is my my my way or no way” loudly and in the open? My Gosh! This guy’s brain is mercilessly stuck and has never been updated for so long. He still speaks of lastro in this digital time. And he keeps on giving us his old and scratched lastro. Anyone still wondering why the Eritrean youth has been fleeing non-stop? I think I now know: I’ve come to believe that PIA’s interviews are a significant push factor. Researchers should consider this factor seriously. How do you stand this guy’s boring-to-death and blubbering-to-make throw up idiotic interviews year in, year out? Nitricc, you are now safe. We found someone who out-blubbers you.

  • haile

    Selamat Awatistas,

    Beware the new gimmick “I am bored of DIA bashing…” line being thrown around. Actually, the same compatriots also ask to “hear the opposition’s vision”. Well, here is a quick answer…”why don’t go and ask them?” As citizens, our problem is the brutal regime of IA and we, as citizens, will shout about it at the top of our voice….plug your ears if got a problem with that. No Eritrean is obliged to be a spokesperson of an “opposition organization” that can speak for itself if it so wishes. If you are “bored about IA atrocities, may be you should tell him to stop.”

    For today’s interview, well it shows you that the guy is confused, desperate and plain inhuman…check the following to see how cold blooded this arrogant #$@% is really:

  • saay7

    Saba: your cluelessness about journalism is showing. When you say “show evidence”, are supposed to have you listen to tape-recorded conversations of our Sudanese diplomatic source or the Eritrean source? Do you know that in journalism most of the investigative work is done on “background”: you guarantee your sources anonymity and they give you the truth, and then you decided if what they are telling you can be corroborated by somebody else?

    I dare you: name one awatista who came from DMB. There is Dehai, there is Dehai News, then there is DMB, which is the enda swa version of Dehai. We work very hard to make sure that our discussion form does not degenerate into the lumpen culture of DMB and that means sparing our readers from their lumpen postings.


    • Saba

      Do not get fired up and label me or define me from one sentence:”Show evidence” I am not ridiculing your 13+ years of work. I did not ask you to reveal your sources and endanger them nor to publish tapes. What i am saying is that the reliability/predictive value of your news/articles is low or unverifiable. That is my opinion and you will respect that if you are different from the regime but you can prove me wrong with evidence( again not asking for tel num or address). Even assenna claim to have reliable anonymous sources and for me they are not reliable. What makes your news different? I am not looking things from your perspective, i am being OBJECTIVE! So my motto is UNRELIABLE UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.

  • Saba

    Dear Awate Team, i give you credit for trying to follow your own rules or code of conduct but sometimes you exaggerate your credentials as journalists because
    1) you are biased toward Ethiopia and the CYBER oppositions on many of your articles(softball, not hardball)
    2) you do not seem to defend Eritrean sovergnity including badme(DIA is not Eritrea or Eritrea is not DIA, lets try to separate between state and government)
    Prove me wrong, but please do not try to explain me in terms of DIA, i am tired of that..

    • saay7

      Selam Saba: I don’t know if you are discussing awate news (Gedab) or awate opinion (Pencil, awate team, negarit, alnahda.) If you are talking about Gedab News, we have a 13+ year history and we will let it speak for itself. If you are talking about opinion: yes, we are very biased against the despotic regime of the man whose name you do not want us to mention.The “bias towards Ethiopia” is a strange one because a considerable part of our time is spent proving to some of our misguided compatriots that we have no “bias against Ethiopia.”

      To us, (and to the dictionary), sovereignty means “supreme power residing in the people.” That’s what we struggle for: to pressure the Eritrean regime to surrender supreme power to the people and serve them. That is how we believe we are standing up for sovereignty. This means that the people, to whom sovereign power belongs, should have the right to hire and fire their government. It also means that ONLY the Eritrean people should have the power to decide what to do with their land: sell it, give it away, or fight for it to death. We are about EMPOWERING the people. You, regretfully, have a superficial understanding of sovereignty.


  • Nitricc

    I will have a lot say for the next few days, including about the current PIA’s interview but first is first. It is imperative for my beloved awate team to declare formal apology to thier readers about their current Gadab news informing their readers that PIA and Eritrea were asking for Sudan for normalization with Ethiopia . Since we heard from the horse’s mouth that absolutely untrue, awate, step it up and apologize for the false news you have provided. It happens and I have told you that it was Assena’s moment in my beloved but I am not here to tell you I told you so. No, that is not the point. The point is, you provided the wrong news and have the gumption to say, you were wrong.

    • Papillon


      Either you’re too naive or I should say, no wonder you’re a certified Isaias’ lackey. You need to wise up. Do you actually expect Isaias the sadist to admit that he is actively seeking normalization with Ethiopia? He has to show a bravado so that people like you would still keep singing the songs. Awate’s Gedab news is spot on. There is no question about that.

    • Hayat Adem

      Nitricc, the only time you could ask Awate what you are asking them to do now is 1) if you knew the trusted source they were quoting for their story and you have a sure way to know that s/he didn’t say it or s/he couldn’t have said it or s/he denied the fact that s/he said that to Awate as quoted, and/or 2) if Awate had said in their news that PIA would never come out to a TV screen and say something to the contrary of the news they were reporting. Do you have any off this, or did I make it more Chinese to you?
      And remember that your Horse has said one thing on DimtsiHafash/TV only to do a different thing million times before, which listing them here would cost us several rolls of toilet papers.

    • saay7

      Nitricc: Game on! I strongly recommend that you read our Gedab News beginning to end, and comprehend it. Then, I want you to read the statement that the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs said about the possibility of reconciling with Isaias and compare it with what we wrote on Gedab News days earlier. Then (and this will be hard for you), consider how often and how pathalogically your favorite horse’s mouth is locked in lies and obfuscations. Barring time constraints, I will unload my whole canon so do not engage unless you intend to stay for the duration.

      Game on.


      • Hayat Adem

        ሕጂ ምኽረይ ስማዕ፣ ትም ኢልካ ጭራኻ ደጉይልካ ሃርቫ ጥራሕ ኢያ ተዋጸአካ!

        • Araya

          Hayat Adem to saay7

          • 19 hours ago

          ሕጂ ምኽረይ ስማዕ፣ ትም ኢልካ ጭራኻ ደጉይልካ ሃርቫ ጥራሕ ኢያ ተዋጸአካ!
          Is Hayat is calling out SAAY? hahahahhahah

          • Hayat Adem

            No, I was not and could not be possibly talking like that to Sal. Of course, that was obviously to Nitricc. My friendly warning and advice to Nitricc to run away in time was out of a friendly worry for his weak and timid heart when Sal said he would unload his whole canon. I think it seemed to have worked as he has yielded since then.

      • Nitricc

        Greetings SAAY.
        One thing you are absolutely right. I tend to disappear in the middle of engaged discussions. Not that I don’t want to engage and finish the ongoing conversations; rather, I have no control over my life, yet. For instance, I went to work Monday morning then I was pulled right to what we call it, the vacuum for the past 52 hours. So, it is the nature of what I am doing right now. So, just you know.
        Anyway; I just read your response to my post, asking awate-team to apologize and I can not stop laughing when you said “ I am Fenji Regach”
        Seriously Sal!
        Before I go on, would you mind explaining what you mean by I am being “ Fenji-Regach”
        I don’t want to assume what you mean, so kindly Sal, what does it mean regarding to me?
        Regarding your appeal for me, to read gedab-news carefully, absolutely. I will read Gedab, I will read what Ethiopian FA has to say and I will listen to PIA’s interview and I will share my finding with you. If I feel I was wrong, I will apologize and I will learn; if I think I am right, I will see you in the ring and fight you to the end! :-)
        Sal; since Haile got away i have been itching to get to the ring. lol

        Hayat, I am gunning for you :-) just wait.
        Pappi, where have you been? nice to see you around.

        • saay7

          Hey Nitricc:

          “Fenj Regach” is what our Amara cousins say when referring to what the Americans call canon-fodder. This is the context that I use it in:

          Rule 1: Eritreans are now being ruled by a slave-driver, by the name of Isaias Afwerki. He imprisons, tortures, disappears, kills Eritreans at will. Not by the hundreds, not by the thousands, but by the hundreds of thousands. Psychiatrists will figure out later why he does so–the most likely explanation is that he can’t help it, he was born that way, he is a psychopath. But that is for the future generation to figure out.

          Rule 2: While we are in this REALITY, there are those who have recognized the menace and want to get rid of him by any means necessary; there are those who want to get rid him by some but not all means; and there are those who have a nuanced view–he is not as bad as advertised–and there are those who believe he is PROBABLY as bad as advertised but the alternative is worse and then there are those who believe it is all a lie and he is the best thing that has happened to Eritrea.

          Rule 3: Those who have a nuanced view of Isaias Afwerki; or those who are not really sure have come with clever ways to deal with it. There is the Semere Tesfai/ etc view of the world: beat up on the opposition. This way, you can say, “well, I knew Isaias was bad, but I just didn’t think there was a good alternative to him.” Remember, these guys never praise Isaias Afwerki or his sadistic regime, they just focus their attention on the shortcomings of the opposition to him (as if opposition to him was a royal family and they don’t have an obligation to create an opposition that works.) Oh, they are a clever bunch and you see them everywhere, including our latest “beAl hadis meter’as ab mengedi ytr’as” sis who is trying to dazzle us with her latest semester class in statistics.

          Rule 4: There are those who are huge fans of Isaias Afwerki and they are the ones referring to the rat as a lion, the hope of Africa, etc etc. These are the people I call the fenj regach. You see, eventually, the magnitude of the man’s crimes will eventunally surface and it will dwarf every single crime committed by every petty tyrant that Africa has produced. And these people–I am sorry, that includes you–will have no explanation, no apology, nothing: they will just call it lies, fabrications, exaggerations. I call them “fenj regach” because Isaias Afwerki himself thinks of them that way: useful idiots. Morons. Imbeciles. And when it comes to you, Nitricc my brother, what is it they stay in Star Wars: “The Force is what gives a Jedi (and Isaiasist) his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”


  • Kim Hanna

    Debesay Tewelde,
    I understood everything except the new item. “What about the Red Sea Dam?” What about it, please explain.

    • s michael

      Until Debe say responds,I can give you an idea as to what he meant by the Red Sea Dam.
      I read an article recently as Tesfa News or Madote by Professor Hosanna about the huge potential of using the Red Sea around Dankalia depression as a natural Dam.
      The good Professor’s article, in fact was published in an International Scientific Journal.Just go to Tesfa News opinion section and enjoy the exciting article.The GoE is already working on it and will surprise us soon after the feasibility study is completed. We are just waiting for some funds.
      Do not be surprised if the Chinese start working on it.soon.

  • Hayat Adem

    And we should not remain permanently married to DIA because we fear the opposition might be as worse. All the fear to embrace the opposition comes from suspicion and analysis. But the rejection for DIA comes from real tests and experiences of failure and misery.

    • Saba

      For me DIA is out of the equation from long time ago. But i am not embracing another DIA lite or worse than DIA. These CYBER opposition will bring us 60 years back on the clock. Why we should depend on them? Why do you have to depend on old ideas, and on groups in which their strength is only in the CYBER area? May be they have one more strength i.e. to tell you what DIA did to you :)
      And here is the latest news from CYBER opposition:-
      This year rainfall was so bad because of DIA!
      One of the reason why DIA is still in power is because these CYBER opposition are very weak with no real agenda. Most people are SILENT, that does not mean they support DIA. Why we can
      not have new parties based on the current problems we have like
      education, health care, political stability, border issues, etc. Lets
      create a REAL opposition with REAL vision for the 21st century.

  • Kokhob Selam

    This time they should come with new way, openness, no hidden agenda and straight forward.

    • Rational

      We have to use the Ratified Constitution as a guideline so as to be on the same page and discrad the DMLEK and RSADO(the Red Sea Afar Secessionist Movement) and they have to be crystal clear on the issue of Ethiopia,and the issue of self determination upto Secession,which unfortunately is going to be impossible as Ethiopia is the main engineer, fianacier,etc–for all the cyber opposition groups–crying for Mama etiopia—with a final agenda of reversing Eritrean Independence or annexing Aseb to Abay Tigray–based on their own words.
      The majority of the Eritrean people,especially those at home wil never trust the Ethio-based opposition.
      You have no idea what the Al Islah al Islamia, DMLEK, the Red Sea Afar Movement —and now the Saho movement have been doing to our innocent Warsay–using RPGs,AED–remote detonators,—-at least there are 8-10 warsay deaths per week besides the destruction of materials/heavy trucks used ofr development,at the Aseb and Gash-barka Fronts.The DMLEK were spotted as far as Anseba Region even upto Halibmental Semi-urban area with their AEDs/hand grenades and flexible AK-47s–these are facts.
      Wecho ente ghelbedkayos wecho.

  • alellah

    True Democratic Movement is when parties (members) are allowed to critique other parties agendas openly…the coming of many parties with extreme ideals under one umbrella to just replace DIA is doing the Eritrean People the same UNJUST again, and majority Eritreans will not take you seriously. Openness is the only way.

  • Zegeremo

    Well said!

  • Dawit

    What do you mean by “Unit is not in our mind? Don’t you believe in “unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation ?” In addition, you said “We have millions behind us…We need ethnic federalism,,,”. Implicit in your statement is that you are representing some kind of party, possibly DMLEK.

  • Dawit

    If history is a guide, these political parties may temporarily sweep sticking points under the rug until eventually the underlying causes of conflict resurface and become causes for yet another breakup. One sticking point for example is the question of type of government. In its political program, DMLEK (Democratic movement for the Liberation of Kunama) adopts a form of government akin to Ethiopia’s federal arrangement as a potential remedy for ethnic conflict. It states:

    ብሄር ኩናማ ብሰውራዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ኣገባብ ኣብ መሬቱ ዘለዎ መሰልን ክብረትን፡ ሃገራዊ ሓድነት ንምሕብሓብን ንምዕቃብ “መሰል ርአሰ ውሳኔ ብሄራትን ብሄረሰባት ክሳብ ምግንጻል” ዝብል ዕላማ ሙሉአ ብሙሉአ ንክረጋገጽ ምቅላስ፡ ስለዚ መሰል ርአሰ ውሳኔ ክሳዕ ምግንጻል ዝብል ፖለቲካዊ ኣምር ንሃገራዊን ብሄራዊን ሓድነት ዋሕስ ብምዃኑ ሰብኣዊን ዲሞክራስያዊን መሰላት ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብሙሉአነት ዝረጋገጽ በዚ መንገዲ ምስ ንክተል ጥራሕ ምዃኑ ዲምሓኩኤ ይኣምን፡፡

    Unless outstanding issues such as the form of government, the question of Idris Awate, and the issue of official language are resolved once and for all, the next congress could just as well be another get together party.

    • s michael

      Keep dreaming Mr Kernelios.But we did not sacrifice 100 thousand precious lives to give up our land to your masters.

  • Dawit

    EPDP (secular) + ENSF (religious) +DMLEK (ethnic) = WATER + OIL + WATER.

    It is probable that the umbrella will fall apart and the organizations will go their separate ways.They have irreconcilable differences.They are as immiscible as the above liquids.

    • Explorer

      I disagree with you regarding your analysis and I think it should be as follows:

      EPDP (religious/regional) + ENSF (religious/regional) +DMLEK (ethnic/regional) = WATER + MILK + sugar.

      Of course they have differences but they reconcilable for the following reasons: .
      1- They fought together under one organization against the Ethiopian occupation.
      2- Now .. all have a common enemy… the enemy of the Eritrean people DIA and his failed PFDJ party.
      3- The sufferings of the Eritrean people reached its peak… the cries and calls of the Eritrean people cannot be neglected anymore.
      4- They have experience and are more mature now.
      5- They have to look for reconciliation, common ground and fair and working “formula” that will help form a practical and efficient opposition based on rule of law, justice and equality.
      6- We are all Eritreans and have to live in Eritrea as a sovereign and free nation, united etc… our continuous discussion is essential to reach consensus and agree on the constituents to keeps Eritrea united and build upon it a state base on institutions and rule of law.
      There are Ethio-philes and die-hard DIA supporters who wish and pray day and night to see a failed and fragmented Eritrea to continue the tyrant in power or to join mother Ethiopia under any pretext.
      We have to struggle tirelessly towards progress and unity of our people without giving up and being hopeless towards our designed and noble goals. We will never forget the entrust of our martyrs and the struggle of our heroic fighters who fought for Eritrean freedom and independence..and we promise to follow their footpaths to honor their struggle and sacrifices.

      • s michael

        Nice wish and try.Is the Awate Team trying to be diplomatic or purposely trying to discredit the role of the EPDP and it’s ladersjip for their re conciliatory effort?
        AT,please clarify.

        • saay7

          s michael, please clarify what is it that you want AT to clarify.

      • Zegeremo

        Spot on!

    • Hayat Adem

      Obviously, there is no way to exactly know if the nature of the oppositions’ chemistry is as apart as water, oil and water. But group interests, values and priorities are at times as divergent as they can get. Some political priorities are never meant for finding a common ground but compromise. Of course, Dawit’s equation suffers inherently from the pfdj weird perspective syndrome- hade hizbi, hade libbi- pfdj’s a ridiculous expression and claim even by a hyper-metaphorical standard. Pfdj’s uniformity-or-none is against a social biological existence. And they don’t keep and stop it within the national boundary. That is what they know and they try to apply when dealing with neighbors and the world. That is how they invite trouble to themselves and Eritrea. I hope the opposition is clean from this disease. It is all a matter of managing differences and making compromises for the sake of the greater good. My favorite example of compromise is (and I’ve mentioned it here before) the one that happened in US in the 18th century when the wrote the constitution. The northerners wanted every human head to be counted for one vote. The southerners didn’t want the slaves to be counted as human beings at all. A constitutional compromise had to be reached and they agreed each slave to be counted as 3/5th of a full person, 5 blacks’ vote was counted as 3 vote.

      • Zegeremo

        Challenging the cyber opposition has nothing to do with DIA. Dawits’s concern is credible and perfectly makes sense. Now, could you challenge him without putting DIA in every sentence? I mean it is boring DIA does DIA did DIA will DIA is brutal.

  • Saba

    Here you again, shekortet ad DAS adina, one group chasing the other with no real substance. Nothing is new, the same people with the same agenda. This time DIA might dance with them if he is invited:) I am waiting for the REAL opposition, till then i will be sleeping SNNNNNNOOOOOORRR

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