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“Tesfai Germen” (wink, wink) explains the motivation of the January 21 “conspiracy”

Alenalki interrupts its usual programming of concert promotion to provide an article by Tesfai Germen. After providing background to Eritrea’s history of the 1940s, where he corrupts the goals Abdulkader Kebire and Woldeab Woldemariam by recalling only their patriotism and disregarding their demand for liberty and justice, “Tesfai Germen” (who is just an ordinary Eritrean with no affiliation to the Eritrean regime (wink wink), explains what was the true motive of the “January 21 conspiracy.”

If we ask what was the goal of the January 21 conspiracy, the answer is simple. Because Eritrea is not what they dream of and desire, it is an act of desperation. That is: to create panic and terror and to disrupt and to stall the national development which has been initiated as well as to abduct the campaign of compatriots..


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  • berhane

    the coment of wiki eritrea is corect.this guy living in Germany not in canada.we cold him ;sni Adgi;cous his theeth is disorder.forget him guys.

  • ali

    You gays toking. For the twontiy years let go back in the fortey fiftey the geret awate mek you wat so coll today. Tigrena or abay tigrina dade anather awate is camine

  • Semhar

    Let freedom ring in Eritrea!


    As much as I hate to give advice to the Eritrean govt….You miscalculated .The moslem thing is not working…,you should have gone the menkaE ..regionalists thing in the first place ,atleast you would have gotten atleast 35% believiebility percentage.Moslems in our country do not have a single fiber of such shameless act ,you tried to paint them with.If colonel Wedi Ali was mujahadeen ,then I am a Christian mujahadeen on his side. You are embarrassing the shameless ,brainless diaspora PFDJites….and that is really low. WE Eritreans maybe brain dead ,but our brain cells are coming back.Get hold of your selves & come up with something believable.

  • rodab

    So what are the major similarities and differences of the events surrounding G-15 and F-13 (Forto2013)?
    The answer would fit nicely on history books, but here are my short and simple thoughts. I will start with the similarities.
    – The messages are essentially the same. Implement the constitution and reform the system.
    – Both movements got extensive publicity and generated public debates.
    – The regime “settled” both by force and painted the reformists as “woyanes”, “CIA agents” (Verdict still out if those same labels will be recycled or replaced this time).

    – G-15 compromised of mainly civilian officials. F-15 is part of the army (EDF).
    – G-15 was much more organized. It’s demands were officially signed by members, published, documented, and archived. For F-13, there is no published documents to refer to – all we have is words of mouth. Moreover, we don’t know how many issues were listed, we don’t have a clear picture of how it all started, who or how many participated.
    – Perhaps the biggest difference is the advantage one had/has over the other. The G-15 had the private press on its side which covered the calls for reform thru interviews, editorials, commentaries and letters to the editor. The F-15 doesn’t have this advantage, but it has one key factor on its side: TIMING. The atmosphere is much more ripe and favorable to F-13 than it was to G-15. Back in 2001, the devastating war had just ended, a significant portion of the population was displaced and living in tents. This gave the regime a maneuvering room to argue that the timing was not right. This followed by high profile arrests and announcements of arrests.Today the “timing is not right” is replaced by the “delay is not right”. And this is the reason the regime is still in hiding from commenting about the ‘incident’.
    Will a 3rd movement surface soon? Time will tell. But if it does, there is a saying: third time is the charm.

  • Hassan

    Why waste time trying to figure out who Tesfai or Tagazai or what ever his name is. Please focus on the big picture and forget about these useless individuals. Our aim should be to expose Issias and not these worthless semi men.

    • haile

      ahhh hassan….worthless semi human??? best to resist the temptation to attack humanity by going over board in a bid to get those we disagree with!! Credibility comes at a price of self restraint.

  • WikiEritrea

    Do you know who this person “Tesfay German” is? This guy lives in a small city near to Tuebingen, Southern part of Germany, He was a fighter of ELF. He surrendered to DERG with his Gun, and used to be spy of DERG in Asmara and around for short period of time. As a prize, DERG sent him to ROM, Italy. In ROM, he asks apology and became member of ELF in diaspora. But he didnot cut his contact with Ethiopian DERG Embassy in Italy. Once the ELF knew about this, they dismissed him from the membership. Now this guy is a right hand of the PFDJ regime. In Tuebingen and arround, nobody wants to talk to this bustard guy.

    • sahle

      he could be the person as you’ve explained..but i do agree with him…the motivation is to disrupt the ongoing investment program…to create chaos so they can escape from their wrong doing…do remember that the Eritrean constitution is going to be implemented soon and once implemented it’s going to be hell for them…there’re so many scenarios that we need to look at…why all of a sudden these people cared for the Political Prisoner??? why the constitution now??? there’re so many why’s..


      Wiki Eritrea,

      Where does he live now ?I used to be a resident of Edmonton. Is he the one ?

  • Eritrea Today more Heinous than Cambodia.
    Victims of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge and Victims of Eritrea ISIAS Regime, seems to me, may have similarity. I ECOURAGE EVERYONE OF US TO READ ABOUT Khmer Rouge the Copy of ISIAS regime. What happening in ERITEA today more heinous than Cambodia.
    FOR many years Cambodia (or, Kampuchea) was at peace. Then, in 1970, Lieutenant General Lon Nol seized power. As a result, communists known as Khmer Rouge, or Red Khmer, rose up in revolt. Lon Nol mobilized everyone he could throughout Cambodia to fight the communists. During 1973 and 1974 the turmoil of the war increased, and people in all walks of life became more distressed by the injustices they saw.
    ISIAS, which tried to impose a certain way of his DICTATOR thinking and living on everyone, Life in Eritrea the place of my birth, seems to all of us so unnatural. Right now every Eritrean disconcert and filled with horror, I am hearing and I am reading about my people grievances, let all of us think and act what we could do about it.

  • henok

    awate only speculates about this guy! we Eritreans demand who the puppet is!


    Awate Staff,

    I request again ,is Tesfay Germen habitant of Edmonton Canada & if so I have the “right” to know my “relatives” ,maybe I have something to say.

    Thank you

  • hgdef

    tesfai haqika

  • dss….can you tell us tesfai germans real identity….is it Tesfalem Gerhatu…