“Tesfai Germen” (wink, wink) explains the motivation of the January 21 “conspiracy”

Alenalki interrupts its usual programming of concert promotion to provide an article by Tesfai Germen. After providing background to Eritrea’s history of the 1940s, where he corrupts the goals Abdulkader Kebire and Woldeab Woldemariam by recalling only their patriotism and disregarding their demand for liberty and justice, “Tesfai Germen” (who is just an ordinary Eritrean with no affiliation to the Eritrean regime (wink wink), explains what was the true motive of the “January 21 conspiracy.”

If we ask what was the goal of the January 21 conspiracy, the answer is simple. Because Eritrea is not what they dream of and desire, it is an act of desperation. That is: to create panic and terror and to disrupt and to stall the national development which has been initiated as well as to abduct the campaign of compatriots..



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