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Russia Chooses Sudan Over Eritrea

On December 2, 2014, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Laprov visited Khartoum and on the next day he met Ali Karti, his Sudanese counterpart. During his visit, Mr. Laprov openly declared that Russia will strengthen its military and security cooperation with Sudan.

The Eritrean government has been enticing Russia to establish a major presence in Eritrea and be involved in the regional affairs of the Horn of Africa, expressing the need for a super power to balance the “USA’s unipolar hegemony of the region.” At the same time, Sudan has been warming up its relations with Russia.

On December 2, 2014, Sergei Laprov bypassed the standing invitation of the Eritrean government to visit Asmara and arrived in Khartoum where he declared a military and security cooperation with Sudan which is under a UN arms embargo.

In recent years Russia has been planning to reestablish its presence in Horn of Africa which it abandoned after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Eritrea has sensed the move and seriously attempted to lure Russia by offering it investments opportunities mainly in the fields of mining and industry.

To show their commitment to Russian friendship, last summer the Eritrean delegation which included the foreign minister Osman Saleh and the presidential adviser Yemane Gabreab ignored diplomatic norms and traveled to occupied Crimea through Russia. The move angered the Ukrainian government which issued a statement, considering the “visit as an unfriendly step, blatant disregard of international law by Eritrean side as well as a flagrant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and domestic law, of the UN Charter and the UN General Assembly resolution “Territorial integrity of Ukraine” adopted on March 27, 2014, that may have deeply negative effect on further development of Ukrainian – Eritrean relations.

Until a few years ago, Ukraine was Eritrea’s major weapons supplier.

It is not known if any Russian official will honor the Eritrean invitation to visit Asmara yet. It is also not clear whether the competition over Russia will damage the relations between Sudan and Eritrea both of whom have varying problems with the international community.

In December 3, several Sudanese armed and political opposition groups have signed an agreement in Addis Ababa to work jointly to overthrow the government of president Hassen Omar AlBashir. According to an Ethiopian government spokesperson, the Sudanese opposition leaders were invited to Addis Ababa by the African Union for peace talks with the Sudanese government and and indicated that the Ethiopian government disavows the meeting .

Meanwhile, Gedab News has learned that two Sudanese opposition officials arrived in Asmara today morning in what our sources described as a secret visit.

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  • Abraham Hanibal

    I personally do not believe that the Eritrean dictator is interested in the hasty resolution of the border impasse. It is clear to any sound minded person that the PFDJ regime have been using this issue to further its insatiable appetite for power and as a reason for not respecting the human-and democratic rights of its own People. To demand stubbornly Ethiopian withdrawal without considering other additional diplomatic effforts, like talking to the Ethiopian government directly, would not resolve the issue.
    We’ve now waited for 13 years since the passage of the border-ruling and there is no end in sight. In the meantime the Eritrean People have been going through all sorts of adversities, mainly from internal repression, that never seem to end.
    On the Ethiopian side, life is progressing its normal pace, the country is registering tangible economic growth, with improvement of their standard of life, though they also have their internal problems.This stalemate has placed and is continuing to place a heavy burden on the Eritrean People, and the PFDJ regime has the responsibility of persuing additional diplomatic solutions, without jeopardizing the border ruling, instead of just singing the same song to deaf ears. And I believe there is a possibility of approaching the issue through dialogue if there is the political will and honest desire to find a resolution.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Abaham:

      I agree, PFDJ does not want to solve the border issue, demarcated or not it uses both cases to its advantage. When they were campaigning about the Warsay-Yikalo project, they thought that the border would be demarcated and they were pre-empting it by designing how to keep the youth outside the cities. The trick is to keep the energetic youth and youth is defined anyone younger than 55 away from the vicinity of its power. Languishing, starved, fatigued and desperate and ultimately commitign suicide in the high seas. Now the onus is on the people to relinquish hanging on the stupid hope on “dobna ytehantsets”. The way PFDJ keeps the youth away from the cities is the very reason that it is impossible to have an Eritrean spring against PFDJ. The prolonged enslavement of the people is a security threat to the nation, and by security I mean the survival of Eritrean in the next decade. PFDJ may well be in power for the next decade the way things are going on.

      If popular uprising in not feasible, coup is also on the edge of impossibility. The veterans are either literally castrated or serving the regime. Eritreans also must relinquish the hope of a coup from the corrupted and PFDJ diseased generals. The only hope was from the middle ranking military people like Wedi-Ali, but these people actually are just like the rank and file and their bosses are the literate, obedient spies reporting to them on paper. In short the middle ranking people has no power and have not learned their lessons as the Forto incident taught us. For all we know there could have been several attempts by them before and after Forto and could have been squashed. The only hope is outside help, yes even Ethiopia. Those who oppose the outside help to get rid of PFDJ are those who want PFDJ in power. But outside help should not mean we become the implement of Ethiopia, we have to chart our own trek, while recognizing any help is not free and must be willing to pay whatever it takes for the help of Ethiopia except the sovereignty of Eritrea.

      PFDJ will always be what it is created for, a repressive regime. The demarcation of the border will not make it less repressive and the people will not suddenly rise after the border is demarcated because they will be kept where they are now: in slavery and if this continues the will refuse freedom.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Hi Semere;

        I agree with most part of your comment, except when you write: “while recognizing any help is not free and must be willing to pay whatever it takes for the help of Ethiopia except the sovereignty of Eritrea.” I don’t know what you mean that Eritreans should be ready to pay whatever it takes. I believe that it is also in the interests of Ethiopia, if Eritreans manage to form a reliable and democratic governance. It is a two-way relationship, where both sides would benefit from a good neighborly relationship based on cooperation on wide-ranging issues.
        I believe relations between the two neighboring countries should not be based on one side imposing its will on the other, but rather on equal-footing and based on mutual fulfillment of interests.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Dear Nero;

    As I tried to portray to you before I’m not speaking the case in place of the PFDJ-regime. Because just like you, I also have problems accepting most parts of its internal and external policies. I’m trying to see the issue from the perspective of Eritrea’s right of presrving its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The two sides had agreed on arbitraton to resolve their border dispute, and when the result comes they’ve the obligation to respect it. Whether PMMZ promoted arbitration and dialogue as a face-saving gift to the PFDJ or not has no significance in this case. As we know it, the official Ethiopian policy on the issue is still based on the resolution based on the border ruling and dialgue as given by its five-point peace plan. The only factor that is holding Eritrea back from trying to restore its territories by force is the balance of power that has gone far to the advantage of Ethiopia. Eritrea has, just like Ethiopia or any other nation, the right to defend its sovereignty.

    This means even if we are going to have a democratic government in Eritrea, we are not going to stop from seeking control on our occupied land. The balance of power may favor Ethiopia today, but this situation may not continue in the future. It is, therefore also to the benefit of Ethiopia, that it contributes its part to the final resolution of the border issue.

    You’re constantly writting about the root causes-I’m not denying that one has to go deeper as to the other issues behind the border issue, there is no problem whatsoever of trying to identify and solve these issues. What is difficult for me to understand is when you try to put the resolution of these issues as a pre-requisite of your country witdrawing its troops from soverign Eritrean territory.

    I personally don’t have any problem with Eritrea and Ethiopia sitting together and trying to resolve these “root causes”, but at the end of the day, Ethiopia has to withdraw its troops from sovereign Eritrean territory, anyway. And if your country is really interested in resolving these root causes, then t has to contribute its part in creating the right atmosphere for dialogue by leaving those sovereign Eritrean territories. You can, by the way, refer to one of my posts in this discussion page as to how I’wd like the border and bilateral issues resolved between the two countries.

    At the end I would really like to know what these “root causes” are according to you or your government? And why are they so important that they’ve caused your government to occupy certain Eritrean territories, but is willing to immediately demarcate the rest, may be 85% of the border, without reservation. I mean if these root causes are so important for the interests of your country, then why is your government willing to demarcate 85% of the border without pre-condition?

    • Nero

      Dear Abraham,

      I am not saying that you are speaking in place of PFDJ but I am saying that you are continuing to think along the same lines and using their talking points – which would mean that you will arrive at conclusions not different from them, no matter how you choose to distinguish yourself from them. That is why I stress that the points you raise are PFDJ’s talking points. I think, there should be ways, and there are, where you can see how the problem could be resolved without really externalising the problem.

      The legalist argument that you mention develop after 2002/3 post EEBC decision. Between 2000-03, your country had a chance to understand why it went to war and really evaluate the actions of its leadership. All that was succesfully brushed under the carpet, with the arrival of the legalist argument. The legalist argument externalised Eritrea’s accountability crisis for the war, and emboldened the regime to freewheel into a proxy war. (One of the success of IA is totally quash internal calls for accountability of his/govt’s actions in 1998 – the G-11 in a way took a path different from yours – in as far as trying to ensure the sovereignty of your country.)

      By shifting responsibility to the guarantors of the Algiers agreement, mind you not just the EEBC but also the EECC and the whole spirit of the agreement, you are claiming a sense of victimhood where there was no fault on the part of your government for the events of 1998.

      The choice to launch a war is a decision that needs to be first sorted out among Eritreans, and accountability assigned to someone. I know here there will be those that will not agree with me, but I will only base my argument on the EECC decision – I know Eritrea objected to the court’s jurisdiction but the court overruled the objection and gave a ruling on the matter.

      My argument is with regards to the legalist argument – if you don’t support the PFDJ, you don’t really have to make it your central argument of resolving the current problems between our two countries – there are other ways to show your concern for your country. If you do support the PFDJ and see it as the body that can guarantee Eritrea’s soverignity and ‘territorial integrity’ then its all that you have and you should really go for it.

      I think the root causes of the conflict need to be determined by both parties. As long as there is no understanding of what led to such a devastating war to take place, especially at a time where relationships had been very good between the two countries, I think we are not able to provide a long lasting solution. I, like you, am discussing this from the perspective of a citizen.


      • Abraham Hanibal

        Dear Nero;

        The demand that Ethiopia should vacate sovereign Eritrean territory is not only PFDJ’s stance, but every Eritrean’s who believes in his/her country’s sovereignty. I’ve time and again stated that there should not be any problem for Eritrea to discuss the root causes of the border war. And I completely disagree with the policy of the PFDJ that only focuses on demarcation without any dialogue. I perfectly understand that the PFDJ-regime doesn’t want to come to the underlying issues of the reasons that led to war, and the predicament that we Eritreans find ourselves in is partly the result of this desire to escape from accountability by the Isayas-regime.

        You write, “I think, there should be ways, and there are, where you can see how the problem could be resolved without really externalising the problem.” Of couse, it would have been preferable for the two sides to sort out their differences among each other before externalising the issue. But as we know it, sadly, the two sides chose to resolve the issue by force, which culminated in the mutually agreed upon Algiers Agreement. this means that the two sides had already chosen to externalise the issue, it is not only Eritrea that has chosen so.

        Again you write, “By shifting responsibility to the guarantors of the Algiers agreement, mind you not just the EEBC but also the EECC and the whole spirit of the agreement, you are claiming a sense of victimhood where there was no fault on the part of your government for the events of 1998.” As we know it the commision has investigated and found out that it was the PFDJ regime that escalated the conflict by attacking Ethiopian position at Badme using heavy weapons. And the EECC has made its investigations and gave its claims awards to respective countries. This issue, just like the delimitation issue is hence also a closed issue.

        Then you write, “My argument is with regards to the legalist argument – if you don’t support the PFDJ, you don’t really have to make it your central argument of resolving the current problems between our two countries…”. I think, I’ve clarified myself that I do not place the implementation of the final and binding EEBC decision without pre-condition as a pre-requisite for improving relations between our countries. I understand the importance of overall identification and resolution of issues of contention through dialogue. But this belief doesn’t mean that I, just like most Eritreans is giving up on the sovereign territories that were awarded to my country by the EEBC-decision.
        My belief is, in short, we can and should persue both paths, ie, dialogue and the boder decision in parallell in order to reach a final peace. And I think, this is the official position of the Ethiopian government by virtue of its five point peace plan.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi All;
    If I were a diplomat and were given the chance to mediate between Eritrea and Ethiopia regarding their border issue and their strained relationship in general, I would suggest to the parties the following peace proposals:

    1-Both sides must agree to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other’s country.

    2-Both sides must refrain from hostile propaganda and provocative actions towards each other.

    3-Both sides must respect and acknowledge the authority of each other’s government. They must refrain from agendas or actions of regime changes towards each other’s governments.

    4-Both sides must refrain from hosting armed opposition groups in each other’s soil, and take appropriate measures to disarm those groups that already exist in their countries.

    5-Both sides agree upon a third party that would serve as a witness to their agreements.

    6-Both parties reiterate their support to the final and binding nature of the legal border ruling of April 2002 of the UN border commision. They agree that any eventual dialogue to address any technical issues of demarcation and other outstanding issues of contension would not affect the legality of that border ruling.

    7-The parties agree to withdraw their regular armies from the remaining contested areas. The militia and police force of both sides may stay to restore law and order in these areas.

    8-An international observer mission that includes the third party would function as a force of confidence building and observe the parties adhere to the eventual agreements that they sign. The observer mission also ensures both sides withdraw their regular armies from the contested areas.

    9-Demarcation on the ground of those parts of the border that are not contentious, starts immediately by the UN Cartographic Section based on the border ruling of 2002, with the participation, and facilitation of both sides. The observer mission monitores the process of demarcation progresses smoothly. This process of demarcation should be completed within a time frame of six months.

    10-Direct negotiations between the two sides, with the participation of the third party start to address technical issues of demarcation and disagreements regarding the contentious parts of the border. They consider the possibilities of land swap, compensation of each other in one way or another, or even presenting to the people who reside in those areas the free choice of deciding on which side of the border they would like to be.

    11-After the parties reach an agreement regarding the outstanding issues, the UN Cartographic Section, in collaboration with the third party and the two sides demarcates the border on the remaining areas. This process of demarcation should be completed within a time frame of four months.

    12-With the demarcation of the whole border, the mission of the observer body and the UN Cartographic Section ends. The agreements that would be reached by the parties, in addition to the UN border ruling of 2002 serve as the final and binding legal coclusion of the border issue between the two countries.

    13-The parties take gradual confidence building measures to restore and further develop their peaceful and good neighborly relationships.

  • Simerrr2012

    The sick president is not even worth enough
    to other dictators. The man is sick beyond anyone’s expectation. A man who act
    as Engineer, as agriculture expert, as middle east expert, as lawyer, as
    university lecturer, as aviation expert, as economist, anthropologist, architect,.
    The only thing what he didn’t give order and advise is about space how to land
    on moon or Mars to the Russians and American space men. Many were convinced
    about his sickness when he gave order to the Eritrean Ail lines to land in
    Massawa…believe me the whole apologist and opportunist like Sofia Tesfa
    Isayas and Gerdion Abay Garbage or Mr.Bidemariam and Dr.Hagos could have tried
    to convince us ..waw that is a good Idea. First you visit Massawa and come to
    Asmara for free and you take buses for 2-3 hours enjoying and admiring the
    beautiful landscape of the country. These people could sell soil for floor if
    Isayas say that. God save them from all their “Tenkolin
    tebelazinet”They were telling us as Russians are our friends as Russian
    bombs and advisers didn’t burn our villages.

  • Eritrea First

    Awate you seem to be worried about Eritrea’s diplomatic progress. Specially in respect its relation to Russia

  • Hayat Adem

    I was talking about wrong choices and bad results here. can you prove me wrong?

  • Hope

    Things do NOT come over night….There is NO quick fix,specially considering the complexity of the nature and the problems.
    Things are relative and Eritreans are NOT between life and death eventhough some people looking for an overnight prosperity and quik fix are exaggerating things and going banana for an over night heavenly life in Europe.

    • Estifanos

      Sir, Please do me a favor change your nick name to “Clue less Dude” or “Heartless Dude”.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Mr. Hope;
      It is easy for you enjoying a tranquil and comfortable life in Canada through Canada’s welfare state and claim that your fellow countrymen should tolerate indefinite servitude, arbitrary imprisonments, deaths, unbearable poverty, and oppression. This shows how heartless and un-Eritrean you are. We know things do not change over night. But we also know that we had started in a realtively satisfactory path of overall development, if it were not for the hijacking of our path of choice by your master dictator Isayas and his followers like you. Now I know that, as usual, you’re going to point fingers at Woyane, US, or UN; but fortunately, this lame excuse of yours is now expired, and the People know exactly who their prime enemy are-The PFDJ and their supportes, period.

  • Hamza Yusuf

    Why is it always the Amara think they speak for ethiopia and the kebessa think they speak for the whole eritrea as if there are no other groups in the country. The kebessa are the Amhara of ER ans Hamasen is Shoa.

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi everyone,
    the truth is Eritrea will never secure powerful friends unless it comes to terms with Ethiopia and the UN. And this is explainable. Of course, there will still be some friends from the near east and middle east, but not among the visible global actors, no matter how our eritrea plays it whorish (blame serray if you have to). eritrea used to have bigger guests than even the russia’s fm. The only new factor now is the one aforementioned.

    • Hope

      Come on Hayat and Horizon.
      You already answered the big question by saing ” National Interest” is what matters.
      Guess what?
      Who owns the most important Stategic area, the BEST,and the busiest Shipping Lane –even the Richest Coastline under the SUN?
      No one but ERITREA.
      Time will tell and just stay tuned.
      I agree that Ethiopia was/has been the one ,which advised the USA to stay away and now China and Russia….simply coz Eritrea has beenin her “Weaker” position…but again,National Interest is what matters–and what goes around,comes around…Yeah might is right—but ,hey,Economic Might ,Might matter as well.
      As I said to Cousin SAAY,Eritrea will never stay the same Eritrea of Eritrea of today.

      • Dear Hope,

        Of course, Eritrea will not remain the same. Simply, she is in the wrong hands for the time being, and her rulers are dragging her backwards. Be sure, once she gets rid of the present regime and its legacy, she will be a different place.

        Have a great time in Ethiopia!

        • Hayat Adem

          I agree. As such I would not possibly imagine our next leaders to be missing the reality and benefits of peace and cooperation with Ethiopia and the world. There is nothing to be gained by outgrowing one’s shoes.

      • Hayat Adem

        Hope, you brought two important issues: the overriding consideration of national interest and the undeniability of Eritrea’s current weaker position. Exactly. The 2nd one is a consequence of bad choices. With the 1st one, I belong to the view that Eritrea’s national interests converge with Ethiopia’s. That means, wisdom and prudence dictate you to see the fact that Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s national interests can and should be advanced in harmony. The world would have smiled at that. So would our peoples inside. Eritrea and Eritreans are suffering because of not doing that, not in spite of doing that.

        • Hope

          Your arguements make lots of sense,provided that we have a partner.
          That was Eritrea’s Vison and Strategy but we know what happenned.
          Be real here…
          Ethiopia was using Aseb and Massawa Ports more effectively and more efficiently than Eritrea.
          My reservation about you and your approach is that your are squarely pointing the finger at the GoE,while knowing fully and well the details behind all these saga.
          I am disappointed by your statement enofrcing the “Terms of Ethiopia”,which itself is against Peaceful Co-existence and Economic Integrtaion.
          And that is what the Dedebit People want,btw- to see Eritrea collapse economically,militarily,etc—
          You are puttimg the Cart before the Horse.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            The most ideal situation for good neigborhood would be for Ethiopia to withdraw its troops from sovereign Eritrean territory, for the PFDJ regime to accept the call for dialogue, and the two sides find a final settlement of that meaningless border issue. Next step would be taking all the appropriate measres in order to normalize and further strengthen the relationships between the two neighbors. But, I’m afraid, there is a big BUT here; we don’t have a regime that is trustworthy and reliable, and answerable, not only in relations with the outside world, but with its own People.
            This means the way to go forward for a lasting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa is to remove this rouge regime i Asmara by all means possible, and replace it with a democratic, and answerable government.

          • Nero

            I have been a silent reader of Awate for sometime, and I really don’t want to be part of the regular conversation as such. I just want to say a few words here, in this instance.

            I really feel Eritreans need to free themselves from PFDJ’s propoganda of the Border War. Unless they do that they will not be able to understand the current crisis in the country, nor even be able to come up with a workable solution to a post Isaias Eritrea. Accept that the war was a war of aggression launched by Eritrea on Ethiopia as the Claims Commission clearly indicated in its ruling. I have seen your elites, even those in opposition or those not supporting PFDJ, repeatedly try to brush this under the carpet. I know it impinges your political credibility but you have to come to the fact that would remain to be on historical records no matter what and you have to face it – one day!

            Asking Ethiopia to withdraw from Eritrean territories (mind you it is a considerably smaller part of the territory of Eritrea, no matter how you cut it), is a bit like asking like a favour without addressing as to the question of why are Ethiopian troops there to begin with. Without dialogue, and creating a road map for normalisation – why should Ethiopia withdraw it forces, even if a democratically elected gov’t comes to power in Eritrea and the new leaders are as trustworthy people as you can get them. Some national interests never change, even if the seat of power has a new occupant. That is asking a big ask from Ethiopian leaders – even if they are willing to help the new government in Eritrea.

            This blaming the rest of the world and never taking responsibility is what PFDJ excels at! Sadly, this mentality is also permeating into the Eritrean psyche whether it be on how migrants/refugees are treated abroad – the loudest question has been why this country is not treating our people fair and this country is racist – while those who question why do people leave the country in such numbers is shouted down by PFDJites and non-PFDJites alike, who have endless conspiracy theories.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Regarding the border issue, I think this issue is in fact a closed issue. The two sides had agreed to accept the commission decision irrespective of the results. Eritrea accepted without any pre-conditions, while Ethiopia accepted in principle. There is a clear violation here by Ethiopia of its original agreement to abide by the ruling. Ethiopia has no right to hold any sovereign Eritrean territory, no matter how small the territory might be.

            It is understandable that Ethiopia might have a great suspicion as to the trustworthiness of the PFDJ regime in Asmara. But Ethiopia cannot make up for this suspicion by breaking international law and its own signature. And if Ethiopia had the reservations that you’re talking about, then why did it enter into the terms of the Algiers Agreement at all? By the way, Ethiopia came out as the strongest part after the two-year war, and it had ample opportunity to dictate the terms in its favor. At the same time it is wrong of the PFDJ-regime to hold a stubborn position on the issue. It should have agreed to a demarcation of the, may be 95%, of the border which is undisputed, and agreed on resolving the rest by dialogue. Because it is historically wrong and unfair to hold the relations of the two Peoples hostage, citing disagreements on a few villages. Unfortunately, the PFDJ looks at the border issue as a god-given excuse to oppress its own People, and it is not interested in a final resolution of the problem.

          • Nero

            Dear Abraham,
            I think you should not conflate the border issue with the border war. A war of agression is a greater violation than a bilateral treaty on dispute resolution of boundaries – we should put that in perspective.

            There is no international police that will settle matters of international law – International law is different from national law, and the observance of its rules and its violations are treated differently – force is the main determinant whether we like it or not. You can rely on the Algier Agreement to further Eritrea’s claim on the territories in question but bear in mind that the same agreement also was meant to provide to issues of why the war started et al.

            The agreement to solve the difference by arbitration that was agreed to by Ethiopia has probably outlived its usefulness – I doubt if it has a lot of supporters in the government. If you had seen the recent commentaries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, and the opinion voiced by Sebhat Nega – it is becoming a cause with fewer supporters.

            So whatever government Eritrea will have, cannot shy away from settling issues of trust building by looking into the root causes of that war – I think its naive to expect that the other party, in this case, Ethiopia will make the first move towards trust building. It is more than naive and belies a lack of grasp of the issues or a feigned ignorance.

            My opinion is the war was a grave violation of not only international law but the rights of the people of Eritrea and that of Ethiopia. No matter how much we would like to wish that it never happened – we need to accept it did and it consequences are still being felt in Eritrea more than any other place.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Nero;

            I don’t really get it when you write “you should not conflate the border issue with the border war
            …”. Without considering other potential causes of the war; the border issue/disagreement as to where the border should be was one of the reasons of the war. Thus to me, the border issue and border war are two sides of the same coin, they are inseparable. Then you write, “The agreement to solve the difference by arbitration that was agreed to by Ethiopia has probably outlived its usefulness – I doubt if it has a lot of supporters in the government”. But the issue here is not what the Ethiopian government chooses to do NOW, but what it agreed upon and signed to at the end of the war. If governments are going to change international agreements they agreed before as they wish, then you can imagine what kind of world we could end up with.
            Now I’m purely speaking out of the legality of the final-and-binding agreement the two sides signed. I agree that Ethiopia might have reservations as to the trustworthiness of the PFDJ-regime in Asmara, but this reservation doesn’t give Ethiopia the right to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory. The fact that the Algiers Agreement had provisions to investigate the root cause of the war doesn’t imply that Ethiopia has the right to hold on sovereign Eritrean land. Because that is another issue, and should be treated seperately in the form of compensation or other war-reparations through findings of the Compensations Commission.
            I think we should not confuse the desire of regime change or the nature of the regime in Asmara with the territorial integrity of the country. I have not ruled out the need of dialogue and futher building of confidence between the two sides. I’m not saying Ethiopia has to begin first, because in fact Ethiopia has not done its part as to the resolution of the border issue. On the contrary, Eritrea has accepted the border ruling without any pre-condition and has settled its part of the compensation claim. As a signal for a good starting point, Ethiopia should have withrawn from those areas that have been ruled to Eritrea. Then negotiations could have followed on the practical matters of the demarcation, and slowly normalizing the relationships between the two sides.

  • Playing with fire by trying to be a regulatory force in world power politics by standing with Russia, China and even Iran against the US is a grave mistake that might one day be gravely paid. Last time, uninvited, they went to Crimea infuriating Ukraine. If the ruling clique in Asmara thinks that it can restart the cold war, and benefit from it, it had better be very careful for messengers are usually dispensable. Pursuing a confrontational politics, against the only superpower in the world is lethal, especially to a small third world country. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have tamed the rulers in Eritrea.

    Russia’s priority (national interest) in the horn seems to be clear for anybody to see. Ethiopia comes first, then Sudan and finally Eritrea, and that is the reason the FM of Russia programmed his visit to the region in that order. Above anything else, national interest is the main factor that dictates foreign policy.

    • Hope

      One more,Horizon and Hayat:
      You know that Eritrea is “Under Serious Threat” and has the right to have a Strategic Alliance with any nation that could be helpful fromthat aspect,besides Eritrea having a right to make Alliance with any Nation like any Nation.
      Ethiopia and the USA might use their “Might” to police or monitor Eritrea to do this and NOT to do that…..
      Eritrea has tried her best to stay neutral but due to the perceived and real threat,she has every RIGHT to do what is the BEST for her Security interest and I guarantee you,we will do what is the BEST for us….even siding with the Devil; and had we made a Strategic Alliance with some ” Super Powers”, years ago,we would NOT have been a victim of this and that.
      But if or Russia or China does NOT want to side with us like what your master,the USA, has done thus far,well,let it be and that will only strengthen us.
      Haven’t we survived it thus far for the last 50yrs now?
      Ideally,we would like to be ” Neutral and Independent” but the Geo-Politics of the day might push us to do what we do NOT want to do.
      Can you,please,clarify the Bogus bluff of saying ;”Unless Eritrea comes to the Ethiopian Terms….”
      What are these terms?The 5-point-plan incluidng giving up Aseb and Reversal of Eri Independence?
      Eat it up to yourself…
      Getting rid of the regime is only and only the Job of Eritreans—just hands off.
      We exhausted this debate and there is NO reason for going back to this nonsense.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Full Cousin Hope:

        I agree. Eritrea is under Serious Threaten”, but it is under this threat from PFDJ not from CIA, not from TPLF.
        And I disagree with you getting rid of the regime is NOT the only responsibility of Eritreans. Get over it. Getting rid of PFDJ is the responsibility of all humanity. PFDJ directly threats Eritreans that is true but to paraphrase the President Kennedy of some of are threatened to be extinct we are all threatened as human being. We must not shy away from getting help from outsiders. Eritreans through heir Ghedli did the heavy lifting but it is a lie to say that Eritrean did it without any help. We did get help from our friends and even from our former enemies and this fight is the same. We allied with TPLF, with Amhara movements, Sudan and many Arab countries helped us through various means. I know you guys brag about your dejen, but the real dejen was Sudan and without this country’s open hands the dejen you brag about would have not seen the light of the day that is just the true. No one succeeds in a silo, not in personal life and not in politics. People have mentors, benefactors and countries and leaders have people before them that allowed them to stand on their sholders.Your perception of outside help is Ethiopian tanks with Eritrean fighter,although I do not object to this, provided the drivers are Eritreans,but that is not the only way to get help to get rid of PFDJ. This will happen when Ethiopia calculates that PFDJ is a threat to its stability and our opposition becomes increasingly dysfunctional. So far Ethiopian thinks and rightly so that PFJD is not a threat to it but once IA makes the decision while in his drunken stupors it will be his end. The ball is not in your court any more ad PFDJ ,your fate can be decided at a snap of a finger by Ethiopia.

        • Hope

          Cousin Sem,
          Let us be relaistic…
          We need time,conducive environment,Contingency plan,,etc–before doing this and that.
          Listen,Sir,I am talking based on the 50yrs of experience Eritrea and Eritreans have gonethru( through)!!.
          Consider the collateral damages of external interference….and the unkown and the unexpected–
          We have plenty of peaceful ways of bringing real change in Eritrea,whihc we have not yet implemented due to our weaknesses and failures..

          • Hope

            Guess what?
            Your TPLFGang has tempted PIA million times to set him up for your wish-and to be a vicitm of “A snap of finger by Ethiopia”,but he remained smarter than you and your Masters…
            Think the other way as well considering the “Consfused state of Ethiopia and the TPLF”.
            PIA will only and only hit when —–,as he has learned now more than ever….
            Your hypocritical approach of the Eritrean problems is but abusrd.
            Your deliberate blindness about the role of the TPLF,UNSC,the US State Dept,IGAD under the TPLF Veto with full support of its masters and its collateral damages to the State of Eritrea as a State and the people of Eritrea as a Sovereign People.

          • Hope

            ….your misguided and biased approach based on your a Centuary old hatred and grudges against the EPLF,etc.all combined,will make you more than a Hypocrit….

          • Semere Andom

            Now I coming to terms loosing my bet and better cousin Sal doe the same;-)
            Hope, really my TPLF masters? PFDJ has no power now, they lost the legitimacy that they claimed. The only thing they are still able clinging to the power is by the barrel of the gun and any child and any imbecile can rule if you give him guns over people without guns.
            First I advise you to do soul searching by doing “honesty stress test” and figure out if PFDJ defends the integrity, safety and security of Eritrea and Erittreans. Forget democracy now, forget elections. Who is destroying Eritrea, do not give me that stupid logic of dawit the blame is shared by many players. Who is imprisoning Eritreans in Ela Erao, from whom are the youth are fleeing, who is looking the other way when Rashaidas are are organ trafficking, who issued order to shoot, who is raping the women is Sawa, who is himulating, insulting people. Who has shot the disabled fighters, who killed the Kerenite Moslmes, who prevented Eritrean heroes from being buried in their homeland.
            You guys seem to be proud at your increasingly silly comments. I give you credit for liberating some of the land, some of the mountains but you are torturing people and I hold your publicly responsible for that, yes you Hope and others who embolden PFDJ by their comments and infusion of 2%.
            The supporters of PFDJ like you may not have blood on their hands but you guys have blood on your tongues.

          • Hope

            With all due respect ,Sir,we are fully aware about those Listings and Litanies.
            That is NOT the core issues we are talking about but about Strategies and meanses as to how to bring a Real Change….taking into consideration all the factors(“All Things Considered”–per your Candian Radio Motto”)including the external factors ….you are conveniently ignoring.

          • hope

            …..your misguided and biased approach based on your a Centuary old hatred and grudges against the EPLF,etc.all combined,will make you more than a Hypocrit….

      • Hayat Adem

        [Hayat: Can you,please,clarify the Bogus bluff of saying ;”Unless Eritrea comes to the Ethiopian Terms….” What are these terms?The 5-point-plan incluidng giving up Aseb and Reversal of Eri Independence? Eat it up to yourself…”]
        1) We can start by not lying. Ethiopia is not claiming Assab and Ethiopia has no policy of reversing Eritrea’s independence.
        2) If we don’t understand Ethiopia and the world’s priorities and weigh Eritrea priorities, and work together on common interests (and Eritrea’s interests can only be compatible and complementary), then not just Assab, not just independence, so much more is being risked. Extinction was the word echoed by the priests.

        3) The only disagreement you may possibly have with Meles’ five point proposal is the one that states about implementing demarcation of EEBC’s ruling through dialogue and with a spirit of give-and-take. It is all about the border and demarcation. Nothing about Assab, nothing Eritrea’s independence. My view is Meles’ didn’t want to let go of Badime that was given to Eritrea, and he wanted to negotiate about swapping territories with Xorena area that was given to Ethiopia.
        4) We’ve more problems of existential scale in our hands now and Badime/Xerona are the least and last in my list of worries, Hope.

        • Hope

          Thx Hayat for your response,though sounds a bit contradictory an dhere is why:
          1)The 5-point-plan is more than what you said….
          a)It includes a “negotiation” about the Long Term use of both Eritrean Ports
          b)It Includes about the elimination of the “Opposition Groups”
          2)Ethiopia has repeatedly threatened for Regime Change including by Invading Eritrea
          3) Baduma is NOT in my Agenda either
          4)I did not question or challenge my OWN Catholic Bishops and their belated Letter,who are/were my own Pastors and Lecturers…
          5)The Ethio-Eritrean prblems should be resolved based on Mutual Interest,Respect and within the International Norms,NOT based on the “Rule of the Jungle”,or based on “Unilateral Terms and Preconditions”.
          6) I did not deny the “wrong choices” and its consequences but the wrong choices by the Eri Regime should NOT be resolved by the wrong and misguided approaches either.
          Ezi wedehanki…
          I rest my case here as we are repeating over and over and over the same issues here and there,which by definition,is called “Insanity”.

          • Hayat Adem

            We can rest the case but not before establishing the truth about the content and context of the 5-point peace proposal Ethiopia floated a decade ago. Because the document is public, recent and alive. Here are the points in letteratim:
            1. Resolve the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea only and only through peaceful means.
            2. Resolve the root causes of the conflict through dialogue with the view to normalizing relations between the two countries.
            3. Ethiopia accepts, in principle, the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission decision.
            4. Ethiopia agrees to pay its dues to the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and to appoint field liaison officers.
            5. Start dialogue immediately with the view to implementing the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission’s decision in a manner consistent with the promotion of sustainable peace and brotherly ties between the two peoples.
            You see, your point on number five and the content of this 5-point proposal rhyme well. There is none about negotiation on ports, nothing on opposition forces, none on regime change here in the proposal. So, I think you must have been misled. Look out for the truth and sensibility.

          • Gud

            In AdiGrat’s perspective, that looks like a simple 5 point plan. But in actual fact:

            1. We already have solved the dispute, first by force, then by peacefull means, and you were told to pack and go. What other peacefull means is there except for you to hand over the disputed place

            2. Root cause? Ummmm, what would that be? You mean there is something else beside Badme? Sea outlet perhaps? Ummmm? No mention of Asab did you say?… The must be the way you manipulate things AdiGrat style,

            The fact of the matter is you (as in Woyanie Gov.) have to solve the Border dispute first, abiding by the ruling before we can jump to other stuff. No mixing up things.

            3. What principle? We thought you said you want a lasting peace, right? Shouldn’t you display your claimed absolute commitment for peace, by unconditional acceptance of international ruling? How else are you doing to show that?

            4. Here is the only point that seems to show an absolute decision with no ambiguity. Sure, we know why you want to do something uncharacteristic of you, But, regardless we will accept this one as a positive (we are generous, we are Eritreans)

            5. Dialogue is fine. But nothing justifies your military presence on areas proven to be Eritrean. The give and take is fine too, but first you have to remove your military presence from the Eritrean areas, accept the ruling unconditionally (no, “in principle ” nonsense) and then dialogue, in good faith, with no strings attached, and work the give and take and other normalization stuff, outside of the confines of the border ruling.

            As for the “brotherly people” stuff, please spare us. We want to see the claimed brotherly in practice. They say, “fikri bi gibri ”

            You see, your five point is actualy a five million twisted and ambiguous points. So, do us a favour, sell you crap somewhere else.

            Finally, for a guy who claims to be an Eritrean, why in the world are you talking on behalf of the Woyanie?

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Gud,
            Yours is a different take from that of Hope’s. So don’t present as if you are saying the same thing and as if yours is a continuation. You’ve a clear tone as to from where you are coming but don’t come shielded and stand by your own. I’ve no problem treating you separately if you have enough apetite and energy to argue it out.
            1) if it is solved then fine, no complaints, no cry. But you know that Ethiopians are on Badime and we are asking them to demarcate. The border is still militarized and hostility is on-going. No peace, no trade, no normalcy, no cooperation. Does this sound a solved problem to you?
            2) You are entitled to be interpreting it as wildly as you can. But you can only know it when you are able to talk tot hem and ask them what they mean..
            3) If that makes you regain your sleep, they did updated their proposal and they accepted the ruling without conditions on an official letter they communicated to both the EEBC and UNSC at later time. I can reproduce the letter for you should you task me to do it for you.
            4) That is obsolete though. Now, no EEBC, no UNMEE and no Algiers. Well, no problem because you said, it is already solved, anyway.
            5) Dialogue would also have addressed the 85% of the demarcation which the Ethiopians agreed to implement without dialogue and immediately. They asked dialogue only on the rest 15%. We refused to take them up on their offer so now we didn’t get the 85% nor the 15%. In any case, now the worry has shifted to whether we can survive as Eritrea and as a society. Border is now at the back burner for most of us,

          • Gud


            Mr Hope gave you straight up, with out bothering to entertain your deceptive 5 million points plan. (I just gave you AdiGratized version, so that you get it better) Otherwise it is the same. Your Woyanie wants to twist Eritrea’s arm using the border to get what its predecessors could not achieve by force. No need for guessing or speculation, it is as clear as day light.

            1. This is a typical woyanies reply. What you and your pals are saying is this: “we took Badme by force, we refuse to abide by international ruling, & we are openly breaking the law, so what are you going to do about it?Either accept our terms or else we will keep on chocking you till you die”

            And damn right, the dispute is solved in a court of law. And there is nothing more peacefull way than sitting togather, discussing things and agreeing to be mediated by an international body, the decision of which would be final and binding. There is absolutely nothing more peaceful than that.

            What we have Now it is violation of Eritrean sovereignty by Woyanie. And if you guys think you can force Eritreans into submission by force, well then you are more ignorant than your previous leaders. When do you, Ethiopians, learn that you can not take things by force, nor can you force people to be part of you, is beyond any body with a sane mind.

            2. Oh, we already know. And besides we have already sat with you guys, and we saw you swear by all the Ethiopian Debris that you would abide by the final and binding ruling. remember? But, rest assured there is no guessing or wild interpretation here. We know, even a child could easily know what you are upto.

            3. Aha, so there is a twist! Ok, let me see if I get the sequence of events right: First you claimed you got Badme, then when you realized that is not the case, you rejected the ruling outright (who cares about the Mahlan tahlan during the agreement for a final and binding, right?). Then you suddenly remembered your woyanie skills of deceiving and manipulation, and with the help of Uncle Sam, you came up with this “we accept in principle” scheme, and tuned that with your all time ambition to break Eritrea. Remember that “ab zitenawhe kuinat kindimsisom ina” fekera, of your dwarf leader? The no war no peace is there as per your design, solely put to choke ERITREA into submission (not for Badme, silly). Now you are saying, woyanie slipped the “we accepted without any condition” thing under the door, huh? Nice. Perhaps now they beleive Eritrea is broken enaugh, right? Perhaps now they beleive they have initiated some ERITREANS who can give them a cover, some useless Eritreans who would wash the crimes of WOYANIE using the border. See, you also said, now the border is not an issue, Eritreans should worry, right. It is the same technique dope dealers use to legitimize their drug money, use a cover.

            4. We have you one out of five, but you would have to trash that one too? Ummm, aye nay AdiGrat neger.

            Come to think about it, leaving our sovereign land alone, wouldn’t be enough now. Ethiopia’s no war no peace, choking ERITREA, and all the damage Woyanie created could not be easily washed out by just handing over Badme. I don’t think this crime against Eritrea could be erased from Eritrean’s brain for a long time to come. And here you are talking about cooperation and stuff. The last thing we worry or bother is any lack of cooperation with your woyanie land. All we want is for you to stay put in your side of the border and live and let live. We wedged a bitter struggle to break away from you, knowing well with a certainty that we can not only stand on our own, but also excel among our equals. You can shove your cooperation up you know where, if it is not a healthy cooperation. And beleive it, no Eritrean looses sleep because we are not trading with Ethiopia. We just don’t want to do anything with Ethiopia, for now. At least untill you guys settle for mutual, on equal terms, peaceful and healthy relationship

            5. Here is another typical Woyanie’s (and some lost souls’s) reply. You see, You make this sound like a charity. You make it sound as if we have to solely depend on Ethiopias willingness and generous its. Why don’t you guys try to get through your thick head that there are rules and laws that you have to abide? The border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is delimitated and is clear as any clear border can be. Just abide by the ruling, 100%

            Finally, your “we” keeps on confusing your readers. You see, everything you write in this website can make some sense only if your “we” stands for “we, Ethiopians” (more like: we, the Woyanie, but let us not play with words now), otherwise, you definately have some brain issue or something

          • Hayat Adem

            Gud, guduad eto do kibleka, give me one good reason as to why I should continue this conversation with you.

          • Fnote Selam

            Dear Hayat,

            From the things that you write here I can tell you are a sharp person, which makes wonder why you seem to choose to be naive about Ethiopia’s 5-point plan.

            I have to say, though, at this point, the border thingy is a non-issue and the least of our worries…


          • Hayat Adem

            Selamat Finote Selam,
            There is something good in your name (pen name) that inspires positivity. Names are entry points of first impression, so they are that important. But once there, it is all the quality of character, thoughts and civility with which you are also matching well.
            Thanks and my beef with that proposal is never related to its validity and intentions. I was only trying to correct Hope’s misrepresentation of the content, a problem that seems to be overly prevalent among Eritreans.

          • Fnote Selam

            Dear Hayat,

            Thanks for the kind words.

            I now understand your approach to Hope’s (and many Eris) misgivings about the 5-point Ethiopia’s proposal. I would say though that addressing the proposal with regards to its validity and shortcomings (there are quite a few of them), and more importantly what both countries could do (but especially Ethiopia could do since they are putting forward the proposal) to help overcome the uneasiness and misgivings on Eris side could be more effective in communicating your message across to Hope and others.



          • Hope

            Fnote Selam and Hayat:
            My naive and sincere reaction was to:
            Hayat’s own words saying:

            “Hi everyone,
            the truth is Eritrea will never secure the friendship of powerful friends unless it comes to terms with Ethiopia and the UN…”
            Hayat Adem • 4 days ago

            Fnote Selam:
            And we are being asked to”Trust” such a kind of people.Being peace-lover does NOT mean to obstruct Justice or,better said,to be “Indifferent” towards Justice.!

  • Hope

    Challenge my arguments and refute them with facts, not with emotions.and name calling.
    Here are few facts:
    -The Danish Report deliberately skipped the abuse by the same Tigreyans
    -But the Report partially admitted how badly the Refugees are treated-like Detainees and PoW and only 3000 out of the 100,000 Refugees have been registered as ” Safe” Refugees and are allowed to hang around in Addis but strictly monitored not to work and these are the lucky one who were able to bribe the Tigreyans Officials.
    As to Tigreyans being resettled to the well selected Third Party Countres,it has been well documented and witnessed and it is “Ye-adebabay Mistir”- a public secret!
    As to the negative impact of the EU opening the Door for the Eritrean Refugees selectively,you do not need to be a Rocket Scientist as it is a plain fact a Third Grader can figure out.

  • T..T.


    Russia’s favoring The Sudan over Eritrea may not be a surprise. If you look at The Sudan’s
    isolation and being trapped in civil wars, you will find that both were imposed by the West. The Eritrean isolation came at the request of the African countries.

    In foreign policy arena, Eritrea is linked to the Arab Gulf countries (examples, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, a few to mention), whereas that of The Sudan is independent. Based on the African Union records, Eritrea always plays bully in its foreign relations, whereas The Sudan is seen as a victim of anarchy created by old clients, of which Eritrea has also a role besides being known as a promoter of anarchy in many other African countries.

    Therefore, favoring The Sudan will help Russia to cultivate a specialized relationship with all countries that intend to put a lid to anarchy and unreasonable regime change rebellions in the world. What else attractiveness can be identified?Of course, Russia does not want to be at odds with the African Union that badly hates Isayas.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Awatistas,

    I am really happy to see such developments in the Ethiopian politics. EPRDF leaders are brave enough to allow democracy to flourish even when there is high tension. No matter how, unlike PFDJ, Ethiopia is allowing dissidents to excersice their rights to oppose the ruling regime. I am very hopeful this policital development is a good lesson to whole East African countries.


    PFDJ is locking dissidents behind bars 24/7 and Ethiopia is allowing 24 hours demonstration against. Very professional policing. No matter how the journalists report, considering where Ethiopia was, this is a big move towards democratic governance.

    Some tips to Ethiopia

    The next move to Ethiopia for its prosperious economic development should be to allow border demarcation without pre-condition and thereby to be the strongest nation in Africa. If the border dispute is not settled peacefully as soon as possible, political extremsim will arise and thereby affecting the whole region of Africa. This is because some will try to exploit illusioned opportunities by the name of opportunity cost.

    Border demarcation is not a favor of power but a matter of peace and development. Only after Ethiopia will be respected in the International media and I am very optimistic to see a developed Ethiopia within the next decade. Ethiopia should learn that the conflict has costed her a lot for the last 500 years. Ethiopian leaders are born to fight with Eritrean people. Be them the Turkish, Egyptians, Italians or Nubians, the war happened in today’s geographical location of Eritrea, the North. Ethiopians should stop heading to North and build their country.


    • Semere Andom

      Hi Tes:
      Thanks for your comment:
      Here is what dawit will say to you so brace for it;-)
      Tes, you are made from the same material that SEM is made off. Please go back and read your history. When the liberator of both Eritrea and Ethiopia was fighting he did not allow dissidents and that is the secret sauce of the victory of our great gheli in the face of USA and Sovien support. Now the liberation of Ethiopia has been hijacked by the TPLF but stay assured that the Sunami is coming to Ethiopia soon because they are selling their lands to Moslems while persecuting their own Moslems. Ethiopia will disintegrate before you have a chance to split your the lentil DNA to create nutritious food. Growing up in my other country of Ethiopia when I disagreed with my siblings my mom used to tell me dawit “weliye” “hasebka” do not disagree and fight with your brothers and sisters even if they make your nose bleed. They are your blood and bones and that lesson stayed with me until now.
      Mark my words you will be disappointed by Ethiopia and you will change your mind about PFDJ when the miracles of killing mosquitoes and building bridges, dams and “wefera” of tsahYai” finally wins your heart by its success and your lentil scientific recipe comes redundant as Eritreans will move on to new dietary flavors that their taste buds will no tolerate. IA will in your life time put guns and the lentils in the museum as symbol of that peace is reigning and hunger has been defeated. Eritrea will be in a position to donate some of the lentils from the museum the your future hunger stricken , poor and destitute Ethiopia

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        I don’t think dawit will disagree on how you read his mind. It is not far from what he is saying anyway. Therefore, I expect dawit to react positively and concur with what you have said. Not on choices of words but on the concept of his ideas and his perception on others.

        Amanuel Hidrat

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Semere A,

        This is a response to dawit,

        It is a mere chance that Sem and me are from the same pool of gene. I am happy for that. Thanks that you put us together. You are different than PFDJ in this regard though I am afraid for you as you might lose your membership soon and be blocked from getting your ID.Take care dawitom, truth is coming to you.

        Let’s come to your daily mantra:

        I know Eritrean history for you is right after 1970. Years before is not your business. You are not familiar with the Eritrean history of 1950s when Eritreans had a chance to form political parties and were able to form a government with its constitution. You failed to know Eritreans were brave enough to fight against Italian land grabbing system.

        Today, your eyes are closed and you only hear Eri-TV propagading war and chaos. Your eyes became closed to see what is going on within your country. Within less than 10 years, PFDJ shared with 17 companies like Nevsun to exploite your own natural resource. Your ears remained deaf because of the extreme drum beatings and whole night dancing and thereby you failed to hear the cries and torture of innocent dissidents beneath your vilas constructed by the blood of the slaved youths.

        Dear dawit, your eyes are not able to see far from Eri-TV. You are wasting your time to watch your “Zinegese-Nigusina DIA”. Can’t you come-up and use the other live body senses. Oh, I forgot, your sensorial analysis has dramatically reduced to useless because of expired foods. I was sorry to assume you as a live human being.

        Your mother was wise enough to teach you the right wisdom but you misunderstood here. She told you to fight for your rights. She taught you a great lesson but you were a bad student. You just crammed it, you failed to dijest what she said to you. I feel sorry to your mam.

        You forgot that, it is much easier for the sun to die rather than the guns and lentils to be put in Museum. You forgot that according DIA’s philosophy, hunger is the means to let people fight. You know why? a starved soldier has nothing to lose. If people are feed well, they will think more and openly, ask more and demand. This is not welcomed by DIA. People are not allowed to think freely and ask more. It is natural under normal conditions but DIA made it abnormal under oppressed condition. Is it a strategy?

        Worse is, people like you failed to be feed well. The reason is, you are only ordering McDonald as you don’t want to spend a single minute away from Eri-TV.

        poor dawit hawey. Come to France ske, I will let you drink for one month and clear your blood totally hoping that your soul can be recovered.


      • Hope

        Unitl dawit shows up here is my take:
        Though sarcastic,I am afraid that things might turn like your sarcasm is predicting..
        -Potash is booming more than we thought
        -The three Major Gold-Copper-Zinc-Silver Miningg is Booming up faster than we expected.
        -The EU is dealing with the GoE for a-5-yr-plan–to start with Euro 200 Million.

        • Hayat Adem

          Was it 2yrs ago, or so, Dr Berhe was being hosted in one pal-talk room. He said this in Tigrigna: when i was a child, i used to dream of counting imaginary amounts of money. I used to think in my head about a big salary and imagine about spending some and saving a lot, and saving more and saving more…now I am doing it again with the 150 billion dollars worth potash deposit Eritrea’s is endowed with. Just like I used to do in my childhood, I running these figures in my head and what Eritrea can do with it…
          If our refined and educated thinkers could hallucinate that much in public, I can’t blame you. But you need someone closer to wake you up to the frosty reality for your own sake. I’m not wishing it on you at all, but, such hallucinations usually border craziness.

      • Nitricc

        You are exposing your ignorance when repeatedly trying to undermine the real danger of Mosquitos and the difference malarias that can cause death and misery. Try to learn something before you display your ignorance. Do you know how many Africans die every year becouse of those Mosqitoes? Why not give the credit when is due, before you unload your stupid remarks. I am happy that the people of Eritrea are about to become mosquito free and malaria free. And the government of Eritrea should be given the credit.

        • Hayat Adem

          My favorite humorist and philosopher from early times, Nasserodin, was scheduled to debate another philosopher which was fixed to take place at Nasserodin’s home. The guest debater arrived on time but the host was not there even after minutes passed and his house was locked. The guest was furious about it and he left a note at the door that says, “IGNORANT!” Later, Nasserodin rushed to meet the offended opponent to place a proper apology for failing to show on time. Up on meeting him, Nasserodin said, “I’m really sorry for not being there on time for the debate. I completely forgot. I only remembered it when I saw your signature at my door.”

    • Hope

      Poor tes,
      Have baked– democracy….
      Democracy should be democarcy,not a way of targeting Democrats or Opposition.
      The way I see it here-the TPLF Style Democarcy:
      The smart TPLF tells people to go out na demonstrate but only to target its Opponents—-
      Democracy is NOT equivalent to:
      -Just Allowing Demonstration–then kidnapping and arresting people
      -Going to voting sites and throw cards–
      It is beyond that:
      Have you ever heard about :
      Social(Socialist) Democarcy? For sure you are, as you live in a Socilaist Democratic France.
      Define Democarcy from Social Justice point of view as well.
      Remember now,I am not talking about Eritrea.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Haw Hope,

        I lived in China, the communist country, Romania, former communist country and now in France, socialist country. All these three countries have their own contribution to my understanding of Socialism beside what I have experienced in Eritrea.

        A very quick summary:

        China: be rich by all means (pure materialistic) but don’t talk.

        Romania: Still fighting to come-out from their communist mind-set, still nagging.

        France: Talk what ever you want but you are not allowed to be rich.

        Eritrea: Neither allowed to be rich nor to speak but actively learning to nagging (like Romania).

        Ethiopians are way out of this. They are learning to speak, to be rich and stop nagging.

        Hope you got my point.


        *Take care yidan Hope, I am not saying Ethiopians are democratic, they are learning it.
        *I have more than enough about Social Justice

        • Hope

          BTW,we can sponsor you to come to the USA so as to speak freely and to be rich at the same time as much as you can…after you are done with your MA or Ph.D,until the PFDJ System is dismantled..for good,when we all will have a chance to speak as much as we want and to thrive to be rich as much as we are able to.
          BTW,the State Dept can sponsor you for free as they are good at Brain Draining.
          Check this out:
          Radioblina.com–an International Radio Broad Casting -via Ytube every Saturday at 1 PM USA EST( 8am Paris Time??) from Washington,D.C. and spread the Word.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            selam Hope,

            Thank you for the invitation. I am ok here in France, you guess why? France is the center hub of great ideas and I want to learn from these great people. But I may come to USA to pursue my study (PhD) in democratic governance. For Social Justice, no other country is a better place to learn than France.

            For radio, yah, thank you and I am following it, it is a very great program. thanks to those who are broadcasting. No single society be left without voicing its voice. All dimensional approach for consciousness is my motto, no unilateralism.


          • Hope

            Ok Tes,
            Would you mind to be interviewed by Radioblina then?
            But it is “NO Bolitica Zone” though ,at least for now to avoid some confusion but people would like your input about “:Healthy Nutrition”.

      • Hope

        Read “have baked” as “Half baked”–Gosh–I can’t help this hitting submit button w/o editing my comments..

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Awatistas,

    Below is a link that shows a short argument and rebuttal by our prolific journalist Habtom Yohannes against the “flimsy and harmful report” made by the so called “anonymous Danish researchers.” The so called anonymous researchers will be also challenged by UN special Rapporteur for Eritrea. While I am applauding for Habtom for his argument against the fabricated report, I am also linking his argument to share it with Awatistas. Good reading.


    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Hope

      I thought SAAY already posted the link to the Original Site called “the Local(Dannish Journal).
      It is ok though to enjoy it further.
      Here is the Good Out Come of these rebuttals:
      The Minster demanded a CLARIFICATION form the Authors/DIS after those serious rebuttals and pressures.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hope,
        I hope you will understand finally that the Denish report is bogus, and I have no doubt they will be proved as a baseless and mediocre report by their peers. Just remember your reaction when it came as news, it was a lesson unlearned to you. But now let alone to be a researched document something to learn from it, it wasn’t even a news worthy for consumption for the bystander.

        • Hope

          I am fully aware fo my immediate reaction but backed off after the details showed up, BUT:
          I stand firm on my long term stand that it does have some TRUTH and its benefits could have “over-weighed” its risks in minimizing the “Exodus”.
          Think positively,not just on politicizing things….for the short term “benefit” of “Dismantling the PFDJ System”..It is a wrong way of Struggle.
          And here is why:
          If the EU keeps opening the Door for refugees and specially for Eritreans for an automatic Asylum approval,think about its long term consequences,not to mention the abuse of this “offer” by others claiming to be “Eritreans”—-where in a day light your Colleagues in Mekele and Adigrat are officially, at the Government level, registering and shipping Tigreyans in the name of Eritreans for a secondary gain…
          As articulate as you are, and as well informed as you are,as a big time Politician as you seem to be and as Patriotic as you are or seem to be,think about the conspiarcy and motivation behind opening the doors and offering free Visa to the Eri Refugees —and its Long Term negative impacts in the “Collapse” of Eritrea as a Nation and in the “Gypsinization” of Eritreans.
          You are a US Citizen, I believe,and you know the Foreign Policy and the Rationale behind :
          -offering more 10,0000 Free Visas to Eris–thru kenya
          -The implication of the Lottery Visa(Brain drain)
          -The Policy on Syria,Iraq,Libya,etc—
          To be blunt:
          The Western Intelligence Services use this tactic to destroy Developing Nations with a Potential of——–fill in the blanks.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam hope

            Instead complaining to the “cause of migration” you are complaining to the countries that are offering and extending their help to our immigrants knowing the dire situation in our country. Remember Hope that will make you at odd to the reality of our people who are forced to leave our country by the unbearable circumstances. The lottery visa is not created for Eritrean as you know it. In any case, it is not only the brain drain that we are concerned about. Even the bystander who are apolitical and are not from the intelligentsia section are leaving in a drove. Those who are leaving are of all strata, all colors and stripes of our society. So to avoid the long term effect, we have to focus on the cause and that is the regime. Don’t blame to the countries who extend their help to our immigrants, blame the regime you are supporting like your cousin who advocates for PFDJ’s statecraft now and for the future.

            Second we living in the diaspora should not be hypocritical from our comfort zone and tell them to stay and live in the horrible circumstances they are in back home. When you talk, always be on their shoes and feel their circumstances and their life under the current regime. The least you could do is to go back home and share their pain and argue from there to stop their immigration.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            Merhaba Aman,
            -I complained from both ends as both have contributed immensely to the mess and both problems should be tackled at the same time–NO convenience.
            -We are the ones,who are in the comfort zone, making things “more convenient” for the Youth at home to flee the Nation and we are squarely responsible as well.
            -No need of questioning the Policy of the USA and its negative impacts on the developing world,and if you are advocating it or denying it,then,that is what we may call :” Hypocrisy”.
            -My Cousin is entiltled to his Opinions as much as you are; and your job should be either to challenge his opinions and/or come up with better ones.
            -I was trained and advised “NOT tojudge,lest to be judged” and if I did so,well,I was also advised and trained to:” apologize and to forgive” and I do apologize if I did so,though not my intention to do so.
            This is an open debate /Forum and there should NOT be such a kind of restrictiopns..to say this or not to say that,as long as we abide by the guidelines.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Mr. Hope;
            If you really care about the well-being of Eritreans and the continuity of Eritrea as a nation, then you yourself should stop supporting the PFDJ, which is the cause of the problem. By supporting the PFDJ, you’re contributing to the destruction of the country and People you claim to support. And whatever arguments you bring “in support of Eritrea” doesn’t have any meaning, when you in reallity are helping to keep or worsen the status-quo.
            Possible that you’re one of those who’ve bought shares in the Bisha Mining Company; but try to look beyond the tip of your nose; you’wd reap more benefits in a free and democratic Eritrea than being egaged with a bloody group that relies on slave labor.

  • hope

    let me give a break here,if the AT is ok with it and we can debate on this noble cause of “Proper Self Reliance”—Vs Neo-Colinialism and their implications:
    Eri-TV’s Open Mic host, Raphael Giuseppe, interviews novelist and filmmaker Andre Viltcheck, who is in Eritrea to make a documentary to show the world the real situation in the country.
    Raphael: Mr. Viltcheck, as you know Eritrea has been the target of deliberate and relentless demonetization campaign. What are your thoughts on this and how do you see your role as a filmmaker and truth seeker?
    Andre: For those spreading the propaganda, Eritrea is a virus. It’s worse than Ebola because a country like Eritrea that stands on its two feet, which is serving its own people, is the worst nightmare the imperialism or savage capitalism can imagine. Now imagine the countries we mentioned before, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, will get contaminated with the idea that the government should actually use its resources to serve their people; to feed their children. Can you imagine the entire system of African neo-colonialism that is being re-introduced from Europe and the United States – this entire project would collapse.
    Read more: http://www.madote.com/2014/12/eri-tv-interviews-journalist-and.html#ixzz3LB5UVpOC

  • said

    Considering the
    importance of Pepe Escobar’s article in the Link below,

    Pepe Escobar an investigative, well-learned Journalist and political analyst – Well Ahead in the game of investigative journalism -has written, as in the Link below and as attached an in-depth analysis worth heeding, especially by some of the extremely few and very limited enlightened political thinkers in Sudan (With the exception of some African ,middle Eastern, Iran and to a limited extent Turkey) to envisage the correct and long-term beneficial positioning of their
    countries strategically for the future.

    Escobar’s article reveals the high vulnerability of the US & NATO militarily vis-à-vis the more technologically advanced Russian-Chinese Sophisticated Military technology and hardware. That, by and within itself – notwithstanding the closer
    economic cooperation and build up between Russia & China – bode well for the countries of like Sudan that are not in alliance with the West and the potential impact the evolution of the changing of the new strategic map would
    ultimately have on the future of East Africa .

    Escobar essay is worth careful reading and deeper pondering.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    Forget about Adi Kuala, and Mendefera which were much nearer the war-region; police and administrations of towns as far innland as Segeneiti were seen to pack and run away at that time.

    • Semere Andom

      Then in that case we will rely on the wisdom of enemies not to abuse us when PFDJ lets us down as they have being doing. And it is a matter of when and not if that PFDJ will stupidly provoke the Ethiopians

    • Hope

      But that is War though…and there is NO way to predict things other tan doing you r best—until—
      If the rationale is to blame Shaebia for making us to be in such a situation,well,I think we should also apply the principle of :”All Things Considered”.

  • Hope

    Yeah—why NOT? Everything is possible…
    Did you hear that S Yemen might declare Independence and Iran might control the Bal el Mandeb??
    Here we go:
    -Russian Navy in Port Sudan
    -Iran’s Navy in Bal el Mandeb
    -Independent S Yemen
    -Sudan at Odds with Ethiopia
    -Egypt in Juba-S sudan
    -Egypt and Uganda-doing Military Business
    -Culluli Potash to start exporting to start in 2015
    -The Three Major Precious Metal Mining Sites to start production and Export in 2015
    —-PIA leads the Game and will be soon a Multi-Billioner
    -Qatar In Aseb
    -China to explore the N Massawa Off-Shore Oil
    -The Bristish to explore the Dahlak Gas
    -Russia and China to monopolize the Eri Precious Metal Mining
    -The Ex-J C Morgan/Chase Bank Banker to buy the Nevsum Mining for a $Billion,Eritrea to get some Tax…
    What else…

    • Abinet

      Eritrea becomes Singapore
      Eritrea becomes Japan
      Finally, Eritrea becomes Eritrea!
      Zoro ,zoro kebet !
      On a serious note, how would you reconcile the above statements with the neo colonization theory. On one side you are telling us about the advantages of self reliance, on the other hand you are ready to give away everything .
      Assab to Qatar , Dankal to British, mining to China , Russia , Nevsun to some banker…..
      You are like”Gone with the Wind”
      Nefsu, it is ok to have a firm stand on things you believe are true.

      • Hope

        Abi TG:
        I took it forgranted that your articulation could have done better in uderstanding my stand and my points….
        Refer to your basic English Dictionary about “Self-Reliance”….
        It is a principle and a means,NOT an end..
        You do what you can and you share experince mutually with others,when you cannot doit by yourself or when there is neough resources–in the short term,then you thrive to be self-reliant on that aspect when you have the resources and the know-how…

        • Hope

          Read as:” “or when there is no enough resources” inthe short term”..

          • Abinet

            Hope nefse
            Now I understand your point better.

          • Hope

            Hey Abi,
            I need Kidus Ghiorghis Birra treat….along with Quanta Firfir or leb-leb Kitfo–well done though—-NO Tapeworm,pls.
            I miss Piaza and Randezvou–
            I am heading to Addis in few Months ,and please,do NOT tell any body–specially Rahwit et al.
            Am ok with Dr Fanti Ghana and Kima Hanna and my buddies,Horizon and Eyobay.
            Hey Eyob:
            Can you help with Marcos-Bahir Dar–Gonder Tour,please?
            I already arranged for Nazreth-Soderie-Awash/Langano Trip.

          • Abinet

            Hope gerageru
            Some traveling tips
            – stay out of Addis. It is a big construction zone
            – if you fly EAL make sure to request Sheba miles . You get one free local flight. Use it to Bahir Dar. Kuruftu is a nice place to stay.
            – do not drive
            – if you haven’t beee there lately, it is a lot different now . Specially addis is crazy. Get ready to be shocked.
            – Randezvou? Really? I’m sure Eyobe is laughing at you . It is very old. So many places to be if you stay in addis . ( please don’t)
            Enjoy your vacation .
            On your way to Nazreth, stop by for a good Tire Siga .
            Please don’t use kitfo and ” well done ” in the same sentence . It is called ” yesiga firfir” you are wasting the meat.

          • Hope

            Thx Abi..
            I already went thru the Documentary—about Addis,GCMS,Bahir Dar–so am ok.
            My only other question is about Currency exchange ??
            I have not paid my GCMS Alumini Dues for 4 yrs now…as well…but the Univ does not care about the currency any way as they can accept both.

          • Rahwa T

            Selam Hope,

            I and my comrades will be at the Bole Airport as of Feb. 1 and do every thing to identify the junior PFDJ cadre. Don’t worry. Of course it is to make sure that your tour south and north-west of Ethiopia is safe and secure. I know north will not be in your list. But it is ok. Hoping that your hatred would fade shortly after your tripe.

          • Hope

            hahah Rahwit,
            Mission accomplished as I was trying to spot you.
            I am going with an under-cover FBI Agent.
            I will make sure the AT will not provide you with my ID Info..

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hello Awatista:

    My take
    1. Eritrea has every right to align itself with countries it sees respect its sovereignty.

    2. Sudan-Russian relationship is older than the State Of Eritrea; Russia has been involved in various projects in Sudan, and this could be seen as a normal continuity of that long standing relationship, both countries face hostilities from the west (although both of them are to blame for that hostility). Google it and you will see this is a long standing relation.

    3. Lavrov’s visit to Khartoum doesn’t indicate that Russia has chosen Sudan over Eritrea, there is no enough information to suggest that. All the news tells us is the Russian foreign minister visited Khartoum on his way to attending Arab League Summit; it’s not his first visit and it won’t be his last. Russia has a long standing military cooperation with Sudan, and Lavrov is quoted saying “We have a project and a plan to develop military cooperation in a way that will not disturb the balance of power in the region.” That’s a signal to Sudan’s neighboring countries that Russia’s military cooperation with the Sudan considers their anxieties. So far pretty much a normal narration.
    4. We have very limited information with regard to the trajectory of Eritrean-Russian relationship; we know Eritrean FM lead a deligation to Russia, and then he leade another delegation to Creamia, which is against established diplomatic norms and Eritrean value. Here you have a country that had fought hard and paid dearly to get out of occupation and now you see its leaders cheering up the act of Russia occupying a sovereign nation’s territory. We also know Eritrea invited Russian officials to visit Asmara. What we don’t know is if this visit to Khartoum is an indication that Russia has turned Eritrea’s invitation down. We don’t have any information that supports that. The visit could have been scheduled. There was also a piece of news which had reported Russia’s choice of Eritrea’s Red Sea for military maneuver drills; no official say on that from Eritrea, which by itself is not unusual, anyway.
    5. Russia can have the same level relations with both countries; there is no indication that both countries are in a competition to win Russia’s complete attention. Russia could have interest based varying degrees of relations with both countries depending on what each country could best serve Russia’s engagement; it’s a trade off.
    Naay lomi Hateta abzi ywdae.

    • Hope

      Thanks Mahmouday for the ” Balanced Editorial/Hateta” and reporting.
      I think you should be a “Consultant” for or an Advisor to the Team..

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Half-cousin Hope
        Thanks but that too heavy for me. However, I consider all Awatista as members of AT advisory board. ክስከሞ ዝኽእል ደኣ ለጥጠኒ ዓርከይ ካዝነይ ናተይ።

        • saay7


          Really? ካዝነይ ናተይ? Do you have a post-it note on your refrigerator which says “drive SAAY slowly insane” 🙂

          Now that was a great Hateta. Eri-TV’s Asmelash was taking notes and saying እዛ ማሕሙዳይ ሓልውዋ ትቀዳደም ኣላ ቦታይ ክትሕዝ, according to Haile TG.

          But after we are done talking noble words like “sovereignty” that our brutes use for Telata Waraga (three-card monte), I would like you to re-shuffle your cards and add these to your Hateta Stew:

          1. Begin with Yemane Gebreab’s excellent interview with Arabic services of Russia. It was so awesome, we translated it from Arabic to English at awate.

          The original video in Arabic: http://arabic.rt.com/prg/telecast/659487-اريتريا_روسيا_دول_الجوار/
          The translation to English: http://awate.com/from-moscow-with-lies-yemane-gebreab-interview/

          2. Note to Semere A: When I say “excellent interview” I am using this standard: when Eri regime spokespersons speak, do I get embarrassed as an Eritrean? It doesn’t mean “do I agree?” We cool? If we are not, please refer to Girma Asmerom’s interview with the BBC. And that guy is mine and your representative to the United Nations.

          3. In the interview, Yemane Gebreab talks of how Russia has been missed in Africa in the last 25 years and how it would be good if it would re-assert itself. Now this is where it all goes down the rabbit hole because:

          4. Yemane G seems to be pining for the era when Russia was “balancing” the United States. Yemane G was talking of how he would like Russia to be involved in infrastructure-building in Eritrea. This appears to be completely misreading of Russia and confusing her with the Soviet Union (famous for its white elephant projects in Africa) and here’s why:

          5. Russia is essentially a two-industry state. It sells energy (oil and gas) to the West. In huge numbers, in the billions. And it sells ammunition to Africa, in small numbers, in the millions. It is not in the infrastructure-building business (that’s China.) Thus my disappoint with Yemane G.

          6. That Russia would risk its major industry (selling oil and gas to the West) and build up its second (stand up for Africa at the UN so it can win construction contracts and military bases) is a misreading of the Russian priorities.

          7. All this sovereignty talk is bunk (sorry Mahmuday.) The whole of the world passed a new arms treaty in April of last year. (154 for: 23 abstentions (including Russia) and 3 nay votes (North Korea, Iran, Syria.)) Remember, Russia is the world’s largest arms exporter (after the US.) in the 70 billion dollar business.

          8. Fast forward to 2014 and Crimea and sanctions. The Europeans and the US passed a series of sanctions against Russia, NONE OF WHICH had to do with their primary interest (energy) and almost everything to do with Russia’s other industry (selling weapons to Africa.) Rosoboronexport, Russia’s private arms export company was sanctioned and its CEO placed on a sanctions list (Wanted: Dead or alive, etc, etc.)

          9. Russia’s counter moves are to go around Africa (mostly three countries: Morocco, South Africa and Sudan) and making deals for its sanctioned company to sell arms. It’s just business. All the talk about how Russia will be sensitive to regional balance of power simply means it wants to sell arms to Sudan AND South Sudan.

          10. Meanwhile, the Isaias regime is still thinking that Russia can come back to Cold War politics and establish a base in Bab el Mendeb, etc. It may, but that’s Russia last card, not its first card. Now its entire economy is based on selling energy to Western Europe. But don’t tell that to Yemane G: when the whole world has embraced business, he and his party (mostly him and Yemane Gebremeskel) are living in “ideological mist”, to borrow a phrase from Herui T Bairou, where Russia will go back to being the USSR.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan SAAY (zgreat)
            BTW, my “drive saay insane” fridge sticker is missing since last night. May be my wife threw it away. She thinks that part belongs to her and our kids; she sticks every little photos of the kids, my 22 year old son’s photo is still there holding a basketball when he was 8 years old. Then you have every little souvenir stuck there. I was told in 1993 by one of your favorites the same thing, I guess I have that part of me.
            I appreciate your time, that’s why I call you the “facts” mill. Now, are you telling me my Eritrea can’t afford buying weapons with all its POTASH? My half-cousin Hope, do you see what your cousin is saying?

          • Hope

            Ahlen Mahmouday,
            May i ask you,kindly,to be my “Full Cousin” and/or my “Big Bro.”,besides being my mentor and Inspiration,BTW?
            To start with your last question:
            – Big Yes–no matter who is ruling Eritrea tomorrow.
            -the Multi Billion Mining Business–of Potash,Precious Metals,Tourism,Fishing and salt industry,etc–will make Eritrea,NOT only to buy weapons,but to buy the EU,the USA,China,Russia,India,Israel,etc–for obvious reasons–the potential is right there.Just stay tuned!This is NOT fantasy or dream or wish bu Facts in front of our eyes.
            -As to the Sudan over Eri;Short Term Vs Long Term priorities:
            Here is my take:
            -You “Editorial”still makes a perfect sense,irrespective of the AT’s access to the classified info or agreements and only Time will tell
            -Russia might pick those Three counties over Eritrea for obvious reasons Saay argued about but still we do NOT know the real Facts–and again,even if the AT “has an access to the classified info between Eritrea and Russia”.
            -But still Eritrea,not only can afford buying enough weapons worth of $Billions over the next 5-10yrs,it can be
            a major Strategic ally of Russia in all aspects–including but not limited to,Energy,Infrastructure,Industry,Mining,Tourism,Defense(Naval,Air Base,Unique communications (Intelligence) Services,etc—
            -Considering the above Potentials,in the Long term(Second priority),Russia will choose Eritrea over any African Nation–for its own Interest,of course!
            As to Yemane Ghebrab’s Interview:
            -I think SAAY went beyond his limits coz it is only Yemane and the GoE,who can clarify themselves about their own interview…and its purpose..
            -What Yemane,PIA and the GoE have said about balancing the Affairs of the World and the crisis it has gone through,is but a perfect arguement by all standard,irrespective of few hiccups,Grammars,etc—
            -SAAY cannot speak for them–,rather ,let them clarify what they mean…but he has a right to express his opinion,but no authority to judge or to make deductions.
            To make the story short:
            -There is NO better or suitable Country in Africa or even in the world, from Economico-politic-Startegic point of view under any circumstance or standard–for obvious reasons that we all know,hence,Eritrea and Eritreans have remained the vicitms of this “Strategic Convenience”–
            As to why Russia,or China,etc— might be reluctant to take advantage of these Strategic Convenience,and might bypass Eritrea,could be:
            -The Sanction Saga and its incovenieince to do business
            -The Market/consumer/Buying Capacity Factor
            -The Ethiopian Factor
            -The Long Term Trust issue and the Spirit of Self-Reliance and the GoE’s tight Policy as compared to open Corruption and easy manipulations available in other Nations.
            Be this or that,SAAY’s “short-sighted and seemingly biased” analysis is devoid of
            Long Term Strategic Significance of Eritrea in all aspects;plus,Eritrea will never remain the same “Eritrea of Today”,rather,will be the Out-Shining Morning Star of the world in the near future…and our duty should be :
            “To work hard” to realize that DREAM,rather than gossiping,belittling,mis-analysing issues and facts,for PR consumption and Political reasons.

          • Hope

            I took it forgranted that Russia is rushing for sure for making up the lost business with the West.
            The “Editorial”or the news did not clarify about this issue other than trying to politicize issues.,and that is where we are focusing,as you,Mahmouday,did well in “Re-editing” the Editorial.

          • Hope

            Please develop the culture of re-challenging and counter-arguing SAAY’s counter arguements…even though he has a capcity of convincing you that a stone is a bread.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Half-cousin Hope.

            ክሳደይ ንኻራ spirit comes to me when a principle is in question. Here, no. I have unshakable respect for the man. No need of rebuttals; readers can judge for themselves once a point is made, and then it would mean I am acting more patriot than others which doesn’t go with my personal beliefs. I know, you want cousin SAAY driven even more insane, ኣይፋልካን ካዝነይ ናተይ ናይ ብሕተይ። “ኣከይ መቅርሕ” ኣሕዋት መስሓቕ ተጻይ ይገብረካ። ኣከይ መቅርሕ = ዘይምቅዳው (correcting myself before saay jumps on).

            I ask your cousin saay to have this dropped at the door of Russia Today;


            If this is done, I predict the next tour of Lavrov will start with a stop in Asmara.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Alas, think if we had a government in our country that puts the interests of our People in premium position, it looks there are lots of promising resources waiting to be exploited. However, our experience with Bisha, has so far been grief, more poverty, slave labor, and exodus.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ease up and take it in the spirit of w/end and the flow of conversation between my half-cousin, his cousin and myself. The political component of the puzzle is understood.

          • Hope

            No way jose!
            I never intended for a “Rebuttal” of SAAY.
            My intentionis that you have to continue the debate to flow—not just cut it off.
            I know the AT has some “Uinique” access to the info that most of us have no clue about….but that does NOT mean that we have to take it at its face value…

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Hope;
            You see, I smelled it. I knew I would not win the “full cousin” status. Better to resign to my “half cousin” status.
            I got your idea although we could not have milked that thread any farther.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Saleh:
            You did not have to go to that paint to explain, My say comprehension is highly almost to in part o my comprehension level of Sal AA Younis, the Outrage Manufacturing s seasonal business because of Woyane “tetsabeeO 🙂

      • Hope

        Come on Full Cousin.–Naye we Huye
        This is prob the easiest job ever you could do….
        On a serious note though,I second Peace–you are INSPIRATIONAL.
        I think you could win the Heart of the US State Department and that of the Weyenti,for real!

    • Semere Andom

      Al-Raelil Al-Awel Mahmuday:

      All the points are logical except number one and here is why

      When we say Eritrea we are talking about PFDJ, there is no entity called Eritrea now and PFDJ in its 20 years history ( 20 years because today is Saturday, but it is really 40 :-)) always gambled with the sovereignty of Eritrea so this statement is a misnomer, an oxymoron. Everything it does, it does is to protract its survival so do not call PFDJ Eritrea.
      During the last Iraq war PFDJ bent backwards to entice USA and failed, but still it supported it as part of the coalition of the willing. One is hard pressed to truly give even one case when PFDJ worked to preserve the sovereignty of the Eritrea that you have in mind. It always endangers it. It always humiliates it, it mocks it.
      PFDJ has unwittingly revoked its right to speak on the behalf of Eritrea and Eritreans by revoking the right of its people of liberty and dignity.
      P.S I know I am making a “emba Bidho” from this molehill but you know what I mean;-)

      • Nitricc

        Semere, I personally believe that 90 % of human limitations are self imposed; I think you break the record at 100%. Have you ever looked at things objectively?

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan teg/Sem A

        Thanks for declaring me MaHmuday logikay for the first time ever!!!!!!!!! Are you sure you mean this “…When we say Eritrea we are talking about PFDJ, there is no entity called Eritreahen…” I respectfully disagree. There is an entity called Eritrea. Semere TsaEda, I know you don’t mean it. Anyway, when I talk about Eritrea, I am not talking about PFDJ. ente naay hgdf dergefgef Qoxirka aywdaen eyu.
        By the way, where have you been hiding? I have used multiple hot buttons to smoke you out to no avail. Angafaw SGJ and your friend SAAY have been hinting to something in the making, hopefully shanTaKa Akat meliaa tKewn.

    • Peace!

      Dear Mahmudai,

      You are doing a heck of a job. Your comments are worth of reading and even re-reading. Keep it up!!!


    • Abraham Hanibal

      Dear Mahmud;
      I think your aalysis regarding the relationships between the Rssian Federation and Eritrea could have a meaning if the latter had a reliable representative government. It is possible the Russians have come to understand that they could not engage in a serious diplomatic and further relations with the Eritrean regime, which in effect is at the mercy of a drunkard, who passes and withdraws policies in split seconds.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        With due respect, your speculation would have been in the right direction had there been a cancelation of a Russian envoy’s schedule to Asmara, or there emerges a new development which tell us things have changed. To my understanding, since the establishment of diplomatic relations on May 23rd, 1993, both countries have had a normal and uninterrupted diplomatic relation. There are things done behind the doors that we don’t see which lead to big news, like the visits of high level officials. It’s also important to note that schedules of this type take time to arrange, may be years. What we know is that an invitation was extended, and the Russians responded positively. That’s all. We don’t even know if a schedule has been developed. So it could be a work in progress. All I am saying in my original comment is that we don’t have information that convince us to conclude one way or another. There is no information to suggest that the Russians have changed their mind; there is no concrete schedule cancelled, no shipment stalled, no press release to that effect, etc. In addition, countries have assets to size up their counter-parts early on, so whatever behavior of the regime you could think of would not have been new to them. That’s what embassies do. One more point: Here, in my original comment, as you can see, I am restrained by the information available, and my take is that Russian FM to the Sudan doesn’t take us one way or another; as far as assessing negativity and positivity of Russian-Eritrean relation is concerned, Lavrov’s visit to Khartoum remains to be neutral.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Here is another interesting regional news. Expansion of the military industry in Ethiopia. Eritrea being under arms embargo, how far does this go to change the balance of power in the region and vicinity?


  • Abraham Hanibal

    The question here is why would any sensible state consider to have a serious diplomatic engagement with a regime that is under the complete control and whose policies could change any time at the free will of a single mad man? Dictator Isayas Afewerki is a huge liability not only to the interests of the Eritrean people, but also to his own PFDJ-regime. And the fact that the organization of PFDJ has succumbed to the absolute control by this man is a death sentence to itself and the nation of Eritrea.

    • dawit

      The Policy of Eritrea never changes, it is the same in 70s as of today. Never gamble Eritrean independence.https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gt1bBuiQ4vM

      • haileTG

        hi dawit,

        Actually, in 1975 we didn’t have “Eritrean Independence” meaning we were gambling it 50:50. Now, we have it and we are gambling its survival 50:50 because of a brutal regime and its supporters. So, your statement should be read as:

        The Policy of Eritrea never changes, it is the same in 70s as of today. Gamble Eritrean independence.

        See, makes better sense now…


      • Abraham Hanibal

        You know Mr. Dawit, dictator Isayas has always been gambling with Eritrea’s hard won Independence; the numerous reckless wars with neighboring countries are your examples. If it were for Isayas’s decision, Assab would now be in the hands of Ethiopia, because he had given the order of withdrawal. But thanks to commanders like Riesi Mirak, and his brave Eritrean soldiers, they rejcted the dictator’s orders, and said they would not leave Assab, they would rather defend it until Ethiopian tanks roll on them.
        Do you really think Eritrea is capable of securing its Independence under the fatal policies of Isayas? As the result of his utter disrespect of the rule of law and human rights of his People, the dictator has broken the unity and moral among the People and army, resulting in mass-defections and exodus. To be honest, “aywred de’amber”, if the dictator provokes any military action from Ethiopia now, I think it would be a matter of 24 or 48 hours before the Ethiopian army rolls into Asmara.

        • Hope

          We have to be realistic and practical,not just wishful and Metaphysical.
          Facts on the ground dictate..
          On the eyes of the 181 Plus UN Member States,Eritrea is represented by the current “GoE”, and as such,the GoE is recognized as “THE” GoE” and it will be responsible for the State related business,irrespective of their quality.
          We are talking from that point of view.It is up to those UN member States to decide what to do and what NOT to do with the GoE,by default,the State of Eritrea.
          Moreover the national Interest is what matters.
          And as you know very well,most Third World Nations,particularly African States and their Heads are NOT heir respective peoples’ Rps;and in fact,mostf them are Puppet Heads executing and protecting the Ntional Interest of the other Special States or Super Powers.
          The question you have to ask is:
          Does Eritrea,as an Independent Nation,benefit from this kind of Alliance or NOT?
          Our goal should be to debate on the risks,benefits,legitimacy,etc—of these diploamtic gestures and maneuvoring by the GoE coz these issuesaffect Eritrea as a Nation/ Eritreans a People.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Hope;
            To be honest with you, I don’t support any diplomatic, economic or political relations between the PFDJ-regime and the outside world at this stage of our history. Because I know, the only side that benefits from such relations would only be Isayas and his PFDJ and would contribute to prolong the life of dictatorship. I’ve one exception, though; diplomatic efforts to resolve the deadlocked border issue would be welcome, as they would help Eritrea ultimately restore sovereignty over its occupied territories, and thereby deny the PFDJ its lame excuse to use the issue and oppress its people.
            What is needed now is to push the PFDJ regime which is standing at the tip of the cliff into the abyss.

        • haileTG

          Dear Abraham,

          You are spot on in all of the points you made. We also really have to come to terms with the notion that IA is a sell out, a saboteur of the Eritrean dream and the day the truth is revealed on how he played the most sadistic games on the Eritrean people, I can assure you that the sob is going to be chopped into fine pieces.


        • Hope

          You have the “Audacity” and the gut to say that but nothing to say about the other side of the coin…..at all–Just DIA and PFDJ….and advocating literaly that Ethiopia can and should do this and that coz of this and that.
          Obsolete and expired Psyco-Warfare?
          The only thing you might have succeeded is:”Appeasing Haile “TG”.

  • Hope

    How do you rule out the possibility of underground agreement among the three Nations?
    PIA might have advised The Sudan and Russia to do the secret deals.
    Do not underestimate the agreement between the Sudan and Eritrea for their own interest and survival.
    The Sudanese Red Sea is under PIA’s complete control and Port Sudan has been the main transit to Karora and there was a purpose of expediting the Karora-Port Sudan Hifhway.
    The AU is facilitating the military overthrow of Besjir?
    Fishy here?
    May be Ethiopia is aware of ,about something between PIA and Al Besjir

    • Hope

      Or the CIA might have advised the TPLF to overthrow Beshir before he finalizes the deal with Russia,