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PFDJ’s Quotable Quotes From Ten Years Ago

The following quotes were first published on September 1, 2005. They were collected between Sept. 2004 and Sept. 2005


“Netom Halewa emmo men yu kHlwom? (And who is going to watch over the watchdog?). As you can see, we have reached a stage where those entrusted with patrolling the border are, themselves, in need of patrolling”.

One of Brig. General Tekhle Manjus’ assistants [name withheld] baffled by escalating numbers of border guards fleeing to Sudan. [A major part of the 1st Command Zone, under General Manjus, is ‘Halewa Dob’ – in charge of patrolling the Eritrea/Sudan border, with the main task of preventing Eritrean youngsters from crossing the border to Sudan].

“Temeharai yhadm, serahtenya yhadm, agelglot yhadm … ntail yu eti tsegem?” [Students flee, workers flee, national service participants flee, what is the issue?]” –

Minister of Health, Mr. Saleh Meki, addressing the public in a seminar in Adi Keih.

“Every boat we send out for some errand ends up on the Saudi coast. Even those we send to pursue them follow suit. ‘knserrH ayka’lnan’ (we are unable to do our job)” –

top official in the Eritrean Navy, on the increasing number of Eritrean Navy servicemen seeking refuge across the Red Sea. They normally flee on navy boats or using fishing boats operated by the Navy.


Asmera wala titselmit ayg’dsenen ‘yu! AisemAkkan ‘ye! [I don’t care if Asmara goes dark! I won’t listen to you!]

COLONEL ‘WEDDI WELELA’, who coordinated the infamous gffa (round up) of the 4th of November in Asmara, responding to pleas by the Eritrean Electric Authority manager for the release of detained staff of the Authority.

“Look, we were asked to help because the police could not deal with the level of crime and draft dodging. Right now, I have about 4000 or 5000 prisoners in my custody!”

General Gerezghiher Andemariam (Wuchu) responding, in the PFDJ Expo seminar of 12-13 April in Asmara, to queries about the heavy-handed tactics of his forces in Asmara.

“It [Awate/Asmarino reports that people died at Adi Abeyto] is not only false, it is a smear campaign. There was no incident. It is totally baseless. These [allegations are made by] agents of the Ethiopian regime”. [The report] might as well have come from the Ethiopian news agency”.

ALI ABDU, Acting Minister of Information, November 6, 2004

“Ms zei mezanuna akkibkum Adfirkumna” [“You made us meet with our juniors and subjected us to their disrespect.”]

An annoyed General Gerezghiher Andemariam (“Wuchu”) addressing Mr. Yemane Ghebreab, the PFDJ’s Political Director, in a follow-up meeting of PFDJ senior officials convened to assess the EXPO seminar.


“Why don’t we simply seize this money?”

GERGIS TEKLEMIKAEL, Minister of Trade and Industry, in a cabinet meeting, referring to dollar bank accounts belonging to private businesses.

“This week I went to the shop at 5:00 a.m. and there were 300 people queuing in front of me. Some people come even during the night and sleep there, waiting for the shop to open.”

shopper in Asmara talking to AFP reporter.

“The government will really have to compensate for vehicles confiscated and broken contracts. … Since we are donors, we can always deduct from other programmes.”

Western diplomat in Asmara, as reported by Reuters.

“These coupons remind me of the time when the Derg ruled,”

An Eritrean woman, resident of Asmara, on the new ration cards introduced by the Eritrean government.

“I admit there are queues,”

Eritrean [acting] Information Minister Ali Abdu, to AFP – adding quickly that the country’s only political party, which is running the shops, would soon more than double the number of outlets to ease congestion.

“We haven’t had diesel for weeks, while our Energy Minister is busy cutting birthday cakes”,

Disgruntled TAXI DRIVER in Asmara referring to the Minister’s extended tour attending festivals in North America.


“Do you know what’s making these girls reluctant to go to Sawa? They are so spoiled they don’t want to leave their warm beds. They resent the fact that they have to get up at six in the morning. Mai mwrad, encheyti mskkam tseli’en! [They don’t like going to the countryside and fetch water or wood]”

GEN. SEBHAT EFREM, Minister of Defence, in a seminar, in reference to the widespread shunning by female students of theWarsai Yikaelo School.

“Maybe she thinks that, having been ‘emancipated’, she has ‘graduated’ into a Man!”

A LADY irritated by Ms. Askalu Menkerios’ repeated standoffish reference to Eritrean women as ‘them’ (in an interview with Government media on the occasion of the NUEW silver jubilee).


“Therefore the Ethiopian peoples have legitimate right of wrenching their democratic rights if the regime is not abiding by the rules of the democratic game. Also the opposition parties in Ethiopia have to bear their historical and moral responsibilities to defend the Ethiopian peoples and in compelling the regime to succumb to the rule of law and respect of the voters will.”

From a Ministry of Information Editorial dated 15 June 2005.


Ab ma’atot Trai eHeggsuni ‘mber zterrf yellen. Kullukhum ktHalfu ikhum. [Just make make me happy in this harvest season and nobody will fail. All of you will pass]”

Col. EZRA, Director of Mai NefHi Technical Institute/Camp addressing the Institute’s brigades of students.

“This university has not even contributed this much (holding index against thumb) to the country’s development”.

ISAIAS AFWERKI, in a meeting with University of Asmara staff and faculty.

“The minimum rate of transition will be 90%”

From a directive issued by the Office of the President that was read in meetings for school directors and other Ministry of Education officials. The rate refers to the minimum percentage of students sitting for exams in various levels that should be allowed to progress to the next level, whatever their score.


Bzei m’ggnan, [without any exaggeration] our medical services, especially in Zoba Maekel [Central Zone], can only be compared to those of European countries. Comparing them to the services of neighbouring countries is unfair.”

SALEH MEKI, Minister of Health, in a seminar held in Hager Conference Hall, Ministry of Information, on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the National Union of Eritrean Women.


“At the end of the tour, the President gave directives containing the workplan for 2005”.

ERI-TV, DimSi Hafash and Haddas Ertra, reporting President Issayas’ visit to a road building crew as part of his tour of Northern Red Sea Zone on November 27th and 28th, (accompanied by his son – check the pictures in Shabait).


“After touring the two-hectare farm and all thirty bee hives, His Excellency was generous with his agricultural advice to this exemplary lady”. (Hrshawi mkhri leggisulla).

ERI-TV, DimSi Hafash and Haddas Ertra, reporting President Issayas’ visit to the Southern Zone on 20th November, in which he stopped by the farm of an industrious lady farmer, Ms. Abeba.

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  • tes

    Dear Readers,

    Worth to follow document release of our armed struggle. It is a live history.

  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat Awatistas,

    Just testing to see if my privileges to post here are still good.

    “Netom Halewa emmo men yu kHlwom? (And who is going to watch over the watchdog?). As you can see, we have reached a stage where those entrusted with patrolling the border are, themselves, in need of patrolling”.

    This quote here would be a beginning for me, but despite it being a PFDJ quote from long a go, it is not by coincidence that AT would have that one first on the list. It is by design albeit for a different goal AT has in mind. The farce of it or …. okay I shall continue and allow this particular thread as a teaching moment for all of us. Regarding the overseers that is. Lest we be hypocrites as we brainwash the gullible among us.

    It is good to know that I still have the privilege to teach and learn from within the forum once again.

    AmEritrean GiTsaTse

  • tes

    Dear Readers,

    Why Dr. Daniel Rezene became a recent victim of mesherefet and why many are not happy to see him as an activist for humanitarian oriented approach for justice?

    To answer this simple question, first and foremost Dr. Daniel should take time and see the biggest challenge that we are facing in today’s movement for justice. As an educated and good hearted man, Dr. Daniel surely will stand for humanity above everything. And his approach will be based on that basic foundation. Above all, he is a lawyer.

    On the other hand, the justice seeking camp is the composite of activists based on revenge, hate, interest based, opportunists and hopless individuals. Many in the forefront are far away from humanitarian based justice seeking movement and for them, justice is revenge. If Dr. Daniel became a victim, I won’t be surprised.

    What Dr. Daniel should learn is that finally the technocrats matter. He should work with like minded people to advance for the common cause. meshrefet net and for sure he can also be victim of many opportunists and greedy business oriented so called activisists at all time.

    The good thing is, we can’t produce a good politician without defamation, criticism, belittling etc. Such are the ways where a politician or humaniatarian activist should break through. In line to this, Dr. Daniel should know that only those who work are either criticized, defamed or appreciated. Appreciation is the end reward and sure one day will come as far as Dr. Daniel keeps his way;

    On this occasion, I believe that Dr. Danield shouldn’t have responded to meshrefet. People were coming to defend him and that was enough. Only in that way we can produce leaders. if we develop a habit of defending others, that is a perfect moment for mutual growth, trust and harmony. When you defend someone, the other has a check and by having a check there is respect.

    Therefore, Dr. Daniel should not fall in the traps of confused individuals. What they want is to let one be exposed and come just as an individual. When he comes as an individual, it becomes easy to attack.

    In addition, working as humanitarian activist is not easy. Politics is fine as far as you know how you can play the game. Humanitarians have big heart and they don’t know to play the game but to give what they have. Sister Elsa Chrum is one who has been blackmailed occasionally. Yet she managed to survive. Dr. Daniel should learn from here.

    At last, Dr. Daniel did a great job during the geneva demo. I got a chance to record an interview he did with news agency and I present you.


    • Nitricc

      Hi Yes. I know you are slow but isn’t he A Tigryan? You are becoming a useless entity. The truth is your Geneva garbage was the works of Weyane thugs. Deal with it. If it was an Eritreans Stand by Eritreans take. I will support it to the brim. But as confused as you are; you are unable to differentiate. So much for a philosopher wanna be.

      • tes

        Hi Nitricc,

        To label justice seekers as Tigrayans is old fashioned. if you have something new, bring it like what Ambassador Estifanis did.

        haile TG has just shared one of disguisting pfdj reporter’s record from Geneva June 22. That was what it was for you.

        Abd did you know tat Ethiopian terrorist group supporters were with PFDJ supporters in Geneva?

        Since you have no idea on food science, will continue to teach you though


        • Nitricc

          Dear Tes; you never get it,do you? If Eritreans have a problem with the current system; let the Eritreans deal with it. It is not the concern of the TPLF thugs. It is not the business of the corrupted UN and it is not the any-once’s doing but Eritreans. Regarding food secince,well since your dream is to feed Eritreans with engeenierd food, I have no choice but to make a deal with Gojam and Eritreans should be fed organic food. I rather pay for the food than paying for the Heath care. I know the idea is blank to you. You are obsessed with impractical things.

          • tes

            Hi Nitricc,

            Do not worry about Gojam, Elias Amare, professor Asmerom, and Sophia were on behalf of you making the deal with the terrorist group.

            Did you read what Elias Amare wrote about the Integration of Eritrea with Ethiopia? PFDJ is working hard for that.

            Elias Amare wrote, Cooperate now and then we will integrate (a message to Ginbot 7), cooperation is to remove woyane and then “Ethiopia Tikdem” we will integrate — haha funny. Nihnan Elamanan finally exposed by themselves.



      • tes

        And look!

        PFDJ is trying to build a sense of homeness to the 500+ prisoners (it is only in one prison center).

        Just watch the first 1:50 minites. I don’t want to take your time that is dedicated against justice seekers.

        If one prison center has 500+ prisoners and according to the number of prison centers we have (Bayan negash has shared with us here) are more than 350+, then

        Just assume on average we have, 100 prisoners in each (compare it with that of Sembel 500+), roughly we will have 35,000 prisoners all over Eritrea.

        To repeat:

        350+ prison centers (I know more than 70 of them in person)

        Lets take that of Sembel as an exception though not (hazhaz prison center is also always full, Jufa prison center is also always full (found in Keren), jsut to mention some,

        and if each has 100 of minimum prisoners,

        350 x 100 = 35,000 prisoners are just living in prisons right now.


    • haileTG

      Dear tes,

      Dr Daniel has done great work and so did his colleagues. The key for his continued success would depend on his realization that only a determined the hard work will do the trick. There are many entities trying to feed from the latest serving presented in a pig trough. Countless people are behind him and support his work. He need to stick the hard work and let it blow over or else those feeding from the trough come forward to the public. That way they can kiss goodbye to whatever is left of their credibility.

      ሓወይ ኢልካ ሰብ ኣይትእመን፣ ዱሙኻ’ኳ ተምጽኣልካ ተመን!


      • tes

        Dear haile TG,

        I can’t agree more.

        Just to add on my previous post, meshrefet net is like a serpent these days for our political movement. It is like how Jesus was tempted by the serpent during his fasting period. I don’t know why Dr. Daniel responded while he is surrounded by his own people. His comrades where responding to that (Gezae Hagos did a great defence). He is a lawyer and his friends are all lawyers.

        These guys are well equiped to dismiss meshrefet’s deceiving and tempting call. Anyway, Dr. Daniel as good lawyer as he is, he must stay conscious in the future.

        hahaha, the cat thing …. aytekealkan


    • Bayan Nagash

      Selamat Tes,

      You make a lot of sense. I showed similar sentiments in the FB world where there was an overwhelming support from Dr. Rezene. I think it was Ghezae who first alerted his followers at the attempt of defamation campaign against the good doctor. We have to come full force to act swiftly and kill the rumor. Part of that swiftness should also entail boycotting the website that posts innuendos, rumors, and red herring without any evidence to support the claim being made.

      My take was to humor these people much as what Obama did when the likes of the American moron, Donald Trump was on a bandwagon claiming that the President was not born in the U.S., what later became to be known the “birthers” when referring to these lunatics. You get the point. So, here is a sample for humoring those who try to defame a person because they cannot stomach seeing a man succeeding at what he does best as, Dr. Rezene was clearly the man of the hour and he should savor that for what it’s worth.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Apparently, the HGDEF sponsored Geneva protest was a leg work by its own cadres and Embassy staff. Here you see the notorious PFDJ ambassador to France blending with the crowed inside the fake “people’s demo”.

    • tes

      Dear haile TG,

      When I saw this report, I hesitated to share it for readers but soon after I realized that it will be out of respect of Awatawyan. Now it is ok even their guru Yemane G is just messed-up. At least we have as appetizer for the worse to come.


    • tes

      And, for the Ambassador,

      I am working hard to trash her into pieces haile TG. Already one city is free from her influence. I am now to a second city breaking her network. I know her close cadres and her landing stations. In Paris, she is just a crap. She has no juntas. Since 2012, she managed to build lots of Chogar danga who wanted to bring their family from Eritrea. Some of them succeeded and already distanced from her. Some became under the control of justice seekers and very few are now conducting meetings by moving from one city to another. Her era in France won’t be that much long.


  • Bayan Nagash

    Selam to All,

    For those of us who are frustrated by lack of sense of coordination, lack of sense of urgency, we should seriously be considering of finding ways to engage people within Eritrea, someway, somehow, especially those who still have connections inside; here is something that might divert our attention, a scholarly work on theories and practice of coups, yes the overthrowing of regimes like the one we have at home. It is 10 pages long, if you, however, find it too long, please read the Abstract, introduction, and conclusion, that in turn will stimulate you to read the paper in its entirety.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Beyan,

      There is nothing new in it except duplication of what have been said. We Eritreans are good at duplicating and replicating of doing things. Instead joining to what are existing and making more energetic with clear vision – we are in a mindset with a motto, that if someone do that let us do ours – like “mahber Equb.” We are not really good at politics. Second I don’t think this group have a good picture of our social contradiction – absolutely not. I am sure they will learn when they start into practical application of their plan. Their mission doesn’t say anything on how to built trust to hold our rainbow intact and coexist harmonously. Look as they say, their approach will be based on scientific research (socio-pilitical research), but they haven’t done any research on our society to understand our socio-political contradiction that persist for generation. Besides there are many contradictory remarks in their mission if you read it attentively.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Bayan Nagash

        kbur Haw Amanuel,

        Your referencing the Assenna piece. My bad, I should’ve elaborated more. This is a scholarly article written in one of the Open Access (, which deals with theories and practices of coups. I found it interesting, which is why I shared it here in hopes of shifting our focus toward Eritrea. I didn’t bother to read the piece that you are referencing because as you said, there couldn’t possibly anything new there other than, well, I don’t want to belabor the points as you said it best…I will just leave it at that. If you were to copy the link and paste it, I believe it will be worth your while, Aman Haway, please give it a read.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Thank you Beyan,

          I couldn’t open the link from work computer. Bad of me, I simply thought the assenna piece. definitely, I will read it from home later this evening. Thank you again.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear you teachers,
            I love the conversation and how it ends. I couldn’t control my happiness. I want to have a poem under your posts. I am so interested, I want to attach my work here my handwriting. it doesn’t matter if it is about the same topic but it should be original work written by the Gedli injured hand. and what, it should be fast within short time, so you should not criticize my handwriting. but say something about the idea. I love you. give me 15 minutes. thank you,

          • Bayan Nagash

            Dear KS,
            tHisho da’ tHisho. I am sold on the idea. Let’s hear our Poet in Residence.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Bayan,
            to complete within the time given. I have attached it already but light picture. I am going to attach again deleting this one after adjusting my system some time after 15 minutes.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Beyan and Amuni,
            this copy seems better.

          • Bayan Nagash

            Selam KS,
            I magnified it several fold and was able to read the content -incredible talent. I will have something to say about it later. I bet you Sal will beat you at fixing it though, don’t be surprised if that is already happening as we speak -:)

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            ይበል ዚሐወይ ንበረለይ ከአ ቀጽልውን እቲ ዝዓበኻሉ ቃልሲ መታን ኣብ መዕረፊኡ ከተብጸሖ

            ኣማኑኤል ሕድራት

    • saay7

      Selamat Beyan:

      Because we don’t have access to your C drive; unless, you want to give us access, here’s the link you want to share:)


      • Bayan Nagash

        selamat Saay,

        Thank you! As for “access to my C drive”? Not a fat chance, bud. I wouldn’t let you touch my laptop with a “bargepole” to borrow the British equivalent of “I wouldn’t ” let you “touch it with a ten-foot pole”. You resourcefulness scares me to no end -:) You’re just awesome, Sal, the speed in which you pop-out stuff is just amazing. I mean that with all sincerity.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Beyan & Saay,

          The essay is a summary of three books on how to stage a coup and the mechanics of a coup. Despite the essay gives some account on the authors books, for anyone of us who is interested about a coup (especially Saay) need to read the entire three books to educate the forum. I still don’t believe a coup from “an army entrenched in a governing party”. I bet the “coup manual” as they call it (at least to one of the three books) didn’t include the impossibilities of coups from an army entrenched in a party like China, North Korea, Vietnam etc. Eritrea is in the league of these countries. The Eritrean defense force (EDF) has full political and economic interest from the policy of the party – the PFDJ party. Saay, don’t forget there are classes within the army. The interest of the middle class and the upper class of the army is intact with the interest of some civilian technocrats. And there is no way to stage a coup with the lower class of the army. That is my reading from the reality of our EDF.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            Bayan has done it. Let me explain. Remember you were dismissing my democratic coup idea as one that has not been studied. Well, Bayan came up with three additional scholarly books. So the validation has increased by 300% 🙂 I think u should read all three books and give us your summary. This will give us w chance to change the subject from rear view mirror to the windshield.

            Here’s the deal Emma. With the exception of a negligible few, (Isaias and company) the PFDJ is no more confused and contradictory than your average opposition group. And that we can work with. Therefore the solution is a democratic coup. A reminder: “democratic” doesn’t refer to the process but the outcome.


          • Bayan Nagash

            Greetings Gentle Giants,

            I am loving this. I may have stumbled, inadvertently at that, into something you two gentlemen had conversation about the topic before. I will be all ears for now to hear the viability of such an attempt. The Weddi Ali case (aka the Forto coup attempt) was an expose that showed anything was possible under the sun in Eritrea then, and two years later so much has changed that one better planned coup may as well be in the cooking stage. Experience being the teacher of it all, it might be more potent and more palpable now that whoever tries it would have made meticulous plans to execute it to its fullest. Because history shows any entity that attempts to overthrow any srAt best be prepared to do it with a force of “shock and awe”

            I couldn’t help but be reminded of a coup attempt that was concocted in 1989 while Mengistu was in East Germany; apparently, in Forto, the same Forto of 2013. Well, Mengistu whereupon his return regained power and those who attempted the coup were hunted down one by one. I am relying on memory, thus, I am fully cognizant of its fallibility, and I would be the first to retract to any misrepresentation to the veracity of my facts. But, herein follow two links that may give a glimpse and corroborate to the possibilities of changing srAt Hgdef being tenable. As we know the corollary to the coup attempt was that 1991 Mengistu fled choosing to live in exile than face the inevitable. NY Times captures it in quick succession. and the video clip also provides a glimpse as to what could’ve transpired had Dergue chosen round table talk with EPLF as the General suggests.



          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saay & Beyan,

            I will still argue a coup isn’t feasible from the inner circle of PFDJ party. Though I gave my reasons in my article as a response to Saay’s “democratic coup” prescription to overthrow Issayas and his party, I will use William Akoto’s essay to further my argument without reading the books of the three authors he analyzed them. According Akoto, the books are not of rigorous academic account of coup d’ etat and as a result they couldn’t be full account to the genesis of politico-military take over of a state machine. But no question the books have contributed to the overall study of various coups just from reading the summary of the books as depicted on the essay.

            What Saay and Beyan should have to do now is to give us the macro-level and micro-level accounts of the EDF and the possibilities of the mechanics as specific as to the realities of our EDF. If you read the exposition of the mechanics as outlined by Fecadu in the essay requires seven phases to execute a coup. Can somehow (both of you) argue or show us how the macro-level and micro-level accounts of the EDF gives the necessary conditions for going through the seven phases coup preparation as required by Fecadu? Are these phases of mechanics of coup doable in “an army entrenched to a ruling party”? My take is I don’t think so. Fecadu’s account was the causal inferences from the diverse universe of coup that doesn’t include when the army is entrenched in the party’s political and economic interests. In such scenario it requires a full blown revolution with an armed struggle akin to ELF/EPLF army struggle or TPLF for that matter that overthrow the derg regime. Even with that, if it wasn’t the interference of USA that facilitate a peaceful exit for Mengistu, it wouldn’t end the way the Mengistu regime ends.

            The failure of the Forto coup attempt did in fact taught us that it wasn’t well prepared as Fecadu described for the need of preparation stage of a coup (months or a year). The reason can not be other than the security apparatus of the party and the entrenchment of the army in the party that could hinder the requirements and the preparation stage to run a successful coup. The forto attempt was failed of lack of preparation. And to attempt preparing for coup in such environment is a suicidal in itself, like that of the many attempts during the derg regime of Ethiopia.

            Amanuel Hidrat

        • Solomon Haile

          Selamat Beyan
          “Not a fat chance,…” Nice back and forth you and Saay are having. QeniAie… just saying from within once again. Lots of funny things has been happening to my C drive. and your conversation caught my attention. I do enjoy heavy weights toying around.
          AmEritrean GiTsaTse

          • Bayan Nagash

            Selamat Haw Solomon,

            mechem zeQeniAie aywweled endyu eti negeru. It’s all good to have a little diversion here and there and in the process to have a little brother enjoying the bonding between his older brothers, eh.

            kab Abi Hawka,

    • Peace!

      Dear Bayan,

      Ok. But what would be the roll of the opposition groups? So far every attempt to address change without addressing the specific mission and structure of the opposition groups has achieved nothing, if not limited progress; consequently, despite PFDJ’s brutal oppression, most people remain less active and carefull to become too distracted by “CHANGE” without a critical eye toward what the change entails.


      • Bayan Nagash

        Dear Peace,

        You raise important questions. Seen from the prism of Diaspora, the only conceivable thing that the various opposition groups can and should do is to begin to think outside the box, in a manner of speaking, to shift the momentum gained here toward Eritrean proper. I don’t profess to know how that might be accomplished, but if all minds were to focus in how to transpose the momentum, I am certain, there would be more than one tenable plan that could change it all.

        Who would’ve thought the CoIE would come in such a forceful manner that has shaken srAt PFDJ to the core and at every turn the adviser is facing from the Western media, interrogation, really, making him look like a badly wounded charlatan who seems at a loss for words to say. And this was one of their eloquent speaker for the regime. Seeking asylum could as well be the better option instead of attempting to defend the indefensible.

        As for “the critical eye toward what change entails”, again, this, too, would require a great deal of urgency from all opposition groups to line up around one cohesive unit that can speak – with authority – on behalf of all opposition groups, thereby showing the world that there is a viable alternative that can fill the potential void. Short of that picture clearly depicted in the Western mind, it would be very difficult for them to support regime change, however brute, without existence of such alternative.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Nitrickay,

    As much as I love you, I will never stop to give you an advice. My advice today for you is a reading from a philosopher (our own) Amanuel Sahle, titled as “ውሽጣዊ ኣእምሮ ውልቀመላኺ”. The language and the content of this piece will make you to say “alewuna” that justify your pride on our people. The piece will remind you how our people are suffered under the man as described by Amanuel. Below is the link. Senay Nibab Yegberelka Ezi wedey.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • T..T.

      Dear Amanuel,

      Politically conscious Eritreans believe all those who intentionally close their minds and continue to do so are known to be suffering, deep inside their hearts and minds, from weakness and inability to respond to situations that demand fast reaction to the sufferings of our people.

      Because their brains got stuck in a perpetual loop of submission, they are not ready to join those are fighting to defend and save our youth who are dying in the deserts and the seas. Although every once in a while they look like real and lively, they are not better than a dead person to those whom they betrayed into the hands of the tyrant.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Dear T.T,

        Nevertheless, we still have to find a way to pull them out from becoming the refugee of ultra-nationalism to moderation and common sense of engagement in order to defend the victims of the oppressive regime.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Aman and T.T

          ሓቂ:- ኣማን ብኣማን !! ንምዃኑ ትርጉም ቃልሲ ንተቃላሳይ ንሱ እንድኣሉ :: ግድል ኣንጻር ድሕረት- ግድል ኣንጻር ኣንበርካኺ- ገባቲ ጎባጢ : እንtኾይኑ ኣብ ኣእምሮ’ ቶም ተንበርካኽነትን ተገዛእነትን ሰፊኑ ዘሎ ኣተሓሳስባ ሓግሒግካ ናይ ምውጻእ ስነፍልጠት ዝተሓወሶ -ክብርታት ዝሰረቱ ልቦና ወኒንካ ሃኾት እንድኣሉ ::

          ኣቤት እወ ወዮ ነቶም ቀቢጸ- ተስፋ ዘይርኣዮም ኮይኑ እምበር :- ነቶም ሰብ ተስፋን ሓቦን ‘ሲ እቲ ቃልሲ ክንዲቲ ዝስመዓካ ስቃይ ዘሎ መቀረትን ደስታን ርእሱ ዝኸኣለ ባህታ ኣለዎ :: እቲ ምንታይ ሲ ዓወት ንተቃላሳይ እቲ ጉዕዞ ንባዕሉ ‘ውን እዩ :-ጉዕዞ ዕግበት ::

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            You are right for one who said
            “ቃልሲ ህይወተይ እዩ ዝበለ ”

            ኣማኑኤል ህድራት

        • T..T.

          Dear Amanuel,

          My argument was based on the old Tigrigna adage that says “those who fake to be sleeping soundly are more or less like dead persons and nothing can wake them up.”

          Like mothers who co-sleep babies who have bedtime fears, the co sleepers with the tyrant are part of his fear elimination process. Indeed, the co-sleepers are helping in toughening up his abusive policies by providing emotional support here and there including among us here.

          To many of our people, like the adage says, the co-sleepers are faking to be sleeping soundly and, like a dead person, they incapacitated and deprived themselves of self-control because they are like a ring in the tyrant’s finger. They are much like a dead person until they wake up, open their eyes and regain their capacity to make decisions for themselves, their elderly, mothers and crying babies, who are compelled to cross the border.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear T.T,

            I understand your take. But like “the parable of the lost sheep” we still have responsibilities to bring them to our loop (the justic-seekers-loop). If not all of them we will pull some of them even at the eleventh hour.

            Amanuel Hidrat

    • Nitricc

      Hey Aman; I thank you, sir! Thanks for sharing and thanks for looking out for me. Just you know; I do appreciate it very much when you take your time to share something it might benefit me and I hope you will do that more of it. I know; I don’t show it but deep inside ; I am greatful and thankful for the guidance. Just hope and pray for me I will get out of it. Lol. Anyway; I will read it over the weekend ( I can’t read GoEiz on my phone) and I will share my take with you as soon as I read it.
      Again thank you.
      Nothing but respect;

  • Nitricc

    Wow I just found it on Ethiopian web site. Are the numbers true or some one is playing games?

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatistas,

    The UK’s Channel 4 News Man John Snow challenges Yemane Gebreab on CoI. The Latter thinks CoIE report is copy and paste of 2004 AI report (most of the events detailed in the CoIE are recent):-)

    • saay7

      Haile TG:

      Very informative piece. I learned that there NEVER was indefinite conscription in Eritrea; that the PFDJ discusses in its press the issue of Eritrean migration ALL the time, that every Eritrean has the right to return home. And if a journalists doubts any of this, they can come to Eritrea to see for themselves.

      Now, bringing in my Yemane Gebreab translator: it may have been INDEFINITE to the conscripts but it was VERY DEFINITE to us that the term is as long as necessary and only we get to define what’s necessary; we discuss MIGRATION mostly to blame the U.S. and the West for human trafficking (it’s not our fault); every Eritrean DOES have the right to come to Eritrea because Eritrean prisons are IN Eritrea. And when you the journalist come, we will have minders that will escort you to our three Zobas: MDG 4, MDG 5 and MDG 6.


      • haileTG

        Hey saay,

        Let’s cut him some slacks and take him for his money’s worth:) by that he tells us that Eritrea’s migration is “a drop in the ocean” by considering the global crisis in migration. If so why does Eritrea has to make gov level press about it then (if it ever did at all – zeyhigawyan africawyan sidetegnatat) ? Apparently he doesn’t care. But he also ventures to capitalize on the border war which he claimed to have started on account of harassed farmers, how could a callous man try to double like that? I don’t think the concept and vocabulary of “wurdet” has entered the regime dictionary after all this time.


        • saay7

          Hey Hailat:

          It’s not just they are making stuff up; it’s that they are now contradicting each other. The Ghedli propaganda ethic has been upstaged by this little invention called Google and they just haven’t caught up to it. To wit: I give you the other Yemane (Gebremeskel) interview with AFP:


          “The national service has been prolonged because of the war and because the state of the situation,” Yemane said.

          Each month, thousands of young Eritreans flee the country into neighbouring Ethiopia and Sudan as refugees, according to the UN refugee agency.

          Yemane however insists “it is not a big issue.”


          Political Director: national service was never indefinite
          Presidential Office Director: it has been prolonged
          Political Director: we talk about migration all the time
          Presidential Office Director: migration is not a big deal.
          Political Director: any Eritrean, but especially the coffin of an Eritrean, can fly home
          President: no he can’t.
          Political Director: the constitution is alive and kicking
          President: no it is not; it is dead

          Etc, etc etc


          • haileTG

            Hi Saay and PTS,

            I know, I know.. the Yemanes have no more balina left to play with. However, if you look from the point of view of debating (where he already knows he is there to be challenged), I would say he is a very poor debtor. He lost from the get go by retreating to defensive answering mode. He lacked an argument to counter the tide of the questioning he faced and he was there idle and waiting to take direct hits time and again. Considering what PTS said about the silenced cabinet meetings, I would think his debating skills never developed, he has never had an opportunity to air his views and fight for his corner, Hence, he has reduced him self to act like a 5th grader in a principal’s office accounting for his misdemeanor. If Eritrea had parliamentarians that would have been in their second decade by now, many would have cut their teeth long ago and we would have seen heavy weight debaters from the PFDJ side. Sadly, we now have simpletons who would call you Baathist within few lines of opening exchanges. For YG to go and look for clips and docs to furnish John Snow with, had it happened, would have gone to prove what I have just outlined in a sort of a practical joke way:-)

    • Pass Z Salt

      YG promised the interviewer to send him a clip showing his regime debating immigration. I think the interviewer should do a follow-up and ask for the clip. You remember how the Yemanes make us watch silent lip movement of the cabinet ministers? Well may be that is it! We will finally hear actual voices when YG sends that clip.

      • saay7

        Hey PzS:

        Don’t hold your breath. The press clippings they would send him are the press releases from MoFA and the presidents communique with the UN demanding an investigation of the human trafficking. Remember the PFDJ has outsourced Eritrean sovereignty (peace with Ethiopia) and Eritrean migration (exodus of our youth.) to the UN.


        • Pass the salt

          Sup SAAY,
          That’ll be a huge let down if that is what he is refering too. I did like the bluntness of the journalist. He should have asked him why ppl in Eritrea were not allowed to discuss the CoI report, and that would make my day…I mean tommorrow it’s night now.
          Anyway, even China is not safe place from tough immigration questions.

    • tes

      Dear haile TG,

      Yemane G. is funny. He has been the Guru of excuses for such long time bbut now a a monkey liar.

      Statistics is the most hated subject by PFDJ. Even wwhat they tried during Sawa graduation revealed that. They have no idea what the subject matter is. What makes them more ignorant about statistics is that even now Yemane G. looks statistically confident when he compares world immigrarion with that of Eritrean.

      Let me take his number: 20 million per year world wide, Eritrea: 5000 every month, 60,000 every year

      The former is 20 million out of 7 billion = 0.2857%, about 3 from every 1000 world population

      60,000 out of 6 million = 1%, about 10 from every 1000 Eritreans

      Now lets compare: 3/1000 Vs 10/1000

      This is what Yemane G is calling it a drop from the ocean.

      I know stat is not their favorite however Yemane G. seemed proud when he compare Eritrean migration with that of the world and I want to liquadate his claim.

      The other most important point is; Newt to Syria, Eritrea is the second largest producer of immigrants to the world.


  • Solomon Gezahegn

    To all,
    That is how everybody lost the track from the beginning. Undue name for undue phenomena. This has to change in order to rectify the past and talk the reality about what to do next.

  • haileTG

    Hello Awatista,

    Here is a soon to be released single by the famous singer and song writer Kiros Asfaha. He has recently joined the justice camp by joining the hundreds of thousands fleeing Eritrea and arrived in Ethiopia safely.

    • saay7

      Hi HTG:

      So… the “MeAt Were” song in his “MeAt Were” album was prescient? 🙂

      Here’s my fave of his songs…it has no autotune and it has a fat sound: fat drums, fat keyboards. “Emodma sleky”… I think Tes will call it chauvinist:)


      • tes

        Dear Saay7,

        haha, oh no* in fact I feel sympathetic with the singer when ever I listen this song. One reason could be his cool face. And I remember one night spending a good evening enjoying his new song played live on his visit to Keren.


        ++ I have stopped now reacting and calling(?)as Abi is officially dead after so many fierce fight. I feel sorry for him as he was once my active on duty and hard working man during Emma and alike departure.

        ++ I think Emma is not yet resurrected. We need something to awaken our dead awatistas. If not, the room will be suffocated. Abi’s environmental (Awate’s) impact is getting worse. We need someone to take him away. Peace! and Ted are not doing justice to the already dead Abi. Why they are playing with body corps; It is not our culture. Dead body is highly respected.

        Photo description: Abi’s fatal fight with the x-Newtonian tes, Prof Tes, Tuss, Tes (got lost finally -even he couldn’t caatch him. tes, Tes, what ever it is, is like mercury to Abi.

        • Abi

          You always find some ghostly thing. Some months ago you were a grave digger. Now you are a ghost. Amazing.
          I never expected someone to be THIS FARA.
          YeArada lij yigdelegn !
          Ted is yeQera lij. He can’t deal with you. You are too fara to understand what he is saying. You are extremely boring. Fara!

          • tes

            Dear Abi,

            You see, I always find something (as per your own word) and I never failed to let you get mad (my own words). This is hilarous. I am sure no one has such skill. You are great with your poemetic sarcasy but when you come to me, you lose everything, every every thing.

            This is the power of FARA, tes, Tes, Tuss, Prof Tes.

            I love you Abino (nay deki Asmara kingebra – as what Asmarnos say). You are my favorite chuck.


          • Abi

            I never get mad specially by you
            I missed the joke.
            It must be one of those ” na korkuregn” jokes.
            A ” na korkuregn/ tickle me joke is where the joke is so lame you need to be tickled by the telling person to laugh.
            I have to teach you so many things just to make you presentable in social gathering.
            Seriously Tes , you need some social skills. Learn how to talk to people. Don’t embarrass yourself.
            In Amharic we say afih yishetal. It doesn’t mean you have a bad breath. It means you are offensive.
            Tes, afih yigemal.

  • Ali

    TO TT
    10Qu for your expression of the bad HIGDEF who is dividing Eritrea.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    What the Isayasists are missing:

    Isayasists, from top to bottom lack discipline. What they don’t know is that discipline is a reflection of remembering favors and forgetting grudges. Even those ultra-dedicated members if they question Isayasism about its lack of treating comrades well are considered traitors or Weyane sympathizers.

    Indeed, what the Isayasists are do not know is that as John Maxell stated, “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” The question that follows is: Are the Isayasists learning from their mistakes or correcting their mistakes? Nope!

    This shows that the Isayasists are not using their heads. If they did, they would have demonstrated a behavior fueled by a commitment to serving the people and not their own individual interests. Thus, what they really lack is head and heart dedications to serve the people and the interest of the nation. Nelson Mandela, the great African leader, is remembered as saying that, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

    That’s why the Isayasists’:

    Empty hearts deny them humility, and

    Their empty superiority like empty vessel produces empty boasts combined and driven by conceits, arrogance and lies.