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Omar Al Beshir Visits Isaias Afwerki

Sudan’s President, Omar Al Bashir, paid a visit to Isaias Afwerki in Asmara today.  Accompanying Al Bashir were Sudan’s Defense Minister and Intelligence Chief.   Isaias Afwerki, as usual, broke with protocol and was not accompanied by his defense minister or chief of intelligence.  The “working visit” lasted a day and Al Bashir returned back to Sudan.

Al Bashir is one of the few African heads of state who visit Isaias Afwerki who doesn’t attend African Union congresses when they are held in Ethiopia.

In 1994, Isaias Awerki, accusing Sudan of trying to destabilize Eritrea, publicly vowed to overthrow Omar Al Bashir.  He declared that it was no longer his intent to seek change in the behavior of Bashir but, he told Western journalists, it was  “regime change” in Sudan.  Since then, the two presidents have “reconciled.”

This is the first head of state the Eritrean president has hosted since the January 21 incident when Eritrean soldiers took over the Ministry of Information to demand constitutional governance.

A similar call for constitutional governance and resignation of autocratic head of states in Sudan’s two other neighboring states, Libya and Egypt, resulted in the downfall of the regimes of Moammer Kaddaffi and Hosni Mubarak.

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  • Eyob Tesfazghi

    Due of the incident in 21 January the feeling and the right of the people after 20 years of hardship public reviewing Government structure of ruling the state had been damage of the state economic , social including international diplomatic. Government Strategic change will save the state from conflicts and involving International source to build future uncertain within the state .
    Wide range of wisdom is required by the Government that had been playing game without any constitutions and rule of Law had not implementing within the state to well reconsidered the state into international prospects. Eritrean People are well reserved to honor the Government based on historical , however had been failed for 20 years to think thank how to engage with all hardship faced the state with effective and efficient manner within the International rule of Law compatible to the state constitutional based ruling the Eritrea. Why Eritrea fail in all International holding value ? Due its Internal Luke of configuration its weakness and improvement. No Nation stand to Isolating Eritrea from International wide diplomacy . Due The Internal Political system and luck of performing the Rule of Law and the Great Value the Constitutions in respective the Eritrean to obey and respect their right.

    Regarding 21 January moment its clarification and acknowledging to the Government to make fast strategic change the essential ruling system for right step course of action regarding implementing the Constitution and human right for all people of the state . Based on that the New investment Plan of the Government will open New Chapter for the State flow of development .
    We Stand for our state at any time based of rule of Law of Eritrean State .

  • Thinks are not as usual in Eritrea seems eseyas is losing power probably 2013 is a a blessing year for real eritrrean mean for those are seekin justice !

  • nurhussein s

    Birds of the same feather fly together ;as the old english goes! Beshier is few years shot to to complete his country’ dissintegration & only God knows what Issays is going to do to
    our country!!!!!!!

  • tesfay

    As reported isias had plan to visit Sudan before January 21 incident..look like Isias does not want to leave Eritrea for fear of repeating the forto incident.

  • rodab

    Al Beshir’s visit from two agnles:
    Shabait version:
    “President Isaias Afewerki today met and held talks here in the capital with the President of the Republic of Sudan H.E Field-marshal Omer Hassen Ahmed Albeshir.

    In the meeting the two sides held extensive talks and exchanged views on the development of various Sudanese issues and issues of mutual concern.”

    Sudan Tribuine version:
    “The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir returned home on Saturday from Eritrea where he held talks with president Isaias Afewerki.The state minister in the foreign affairs ministry Salah Wansi said that Bashir discussed recent developments in Eritrea following a move by dissident soldiers last month who briefly seized the information ministry in Asmara.”

    The two leaders also tackled bilateral ties on the political, economic and security fronts, Wansi added.

    Bashir was accompanied in his multi-hour previously unannounced visit by presidential affairs minister Bakri Hassan Saleh, intelligence director Mohamed Atta al-Moula Abbas and other officials.

  • saad musa

    Al Bashir was received by Abdalla Jabir, if any, not by Afwerqi for the latter’s regime is over with and for ever.


    ዓርኪ ነቓዕሲ ሰባር ይብሉ ዓድና።።።።ሓሕቜኦም ይትሓኻኸኹ እምበር ባባ ኢሳያስ ሲ ጋዳፊ(ማይ ቢብል ላብ ሚ) ምስ ሞተ ቕሂሙ እዩ።ጥዕና ጥራይ

  • Papillon

    Dear Gedab News,

    Am I missing something in the report? I sure was hoping to find something of a substance as Gedab usually brings to the fore something of a curious nature. It seems the report either calibrated the already news in one of Sudan’s pro-government newspapers or it tried to put things in a perspective which needless to say seems to have fallen through.