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Isaias Afwerki’s “Secret Letter” To Donald Trump

[This article was first posted on November 9, 2016 under a title “Mistirawit Debdabe.”]  

Eight years ago, on November 8, 2008, I published Isaias’ congratulatory letter to the then president elect, Obama. Today I am publishing Isaias’ congratulatory letter to president elect Donald Trump. You will notice the two letters seem to have been written on the same template. I take it Isaias is too busy to pen a separate letter—after all, nothing changed. But first, my introduction.

Congratulation to all Trump supporters; in the last three days before the election, I was afraid Trump would be taken to a useless Tea Party to heal his defeat. The American system, unlike the systems set by unelected repressive regimes, has always been self-correcting and that is the best quality it embodies. I was impressed by the level of (emotional) involvement of Eritrean Americans in the election. I hope that drive inspires them to want to plant freedom and justice in their ancestral home. Donald Trump is now the president. But remember, his victory wouldn’t have been possible if not for the behind the scene efforts and benevolence of the single Eritrean ruling party, the PFDJ regime, to whom the credit for defeating Hillary Clinton belongs. Trump can now have the honor of being called the Isaias of the USA, provided he doesn’t repeat the grave mistakes his predecessor Obama committed.

The following is a letter to president-elect Trump that the PFDJ boss penned. Trump’s transitional administrators were so happy they decided to share it with the readers of After reading the wisdom contained in this letter, I am sure you will feel proud of Eritrea’s statesmanship!

Asmara, November 09, 2016

From:   President Isaias Afwerki
The Presidential Office,
Asmara, Eritrea

To:     king-in-waiting, Donald Trump
Trump Towers, New Jersey

My dear would-be friend, The Donald,

As you might be aware, those who challenge us perish; take note, that is what happened to your predecessor, Obama, who was undeserving to be a king in the first place. We have exposed him in the entire region and, of course, the whole of Africa and the Middle East sided with us against him. We instructed Russia to stand up and defy him after we assured Putin of our unwavering support. As a result, Obama was so weakened to the extent that he couldn’t protect his throne. What a coward! After he stayed as president for only eight years, he left you and Hillary to fight over his position. Yet, he went campaigning to hand over his own throne to Hillary. Only eight years! That is not enough time even to graduate nine rounds of conscripts from Sawa! We are not going to tell you how long it took us to build a dam at Adi Halo, though we must admit it is bigger than the Blue Nile dam the Ethiopians are boasting about.

In Eritrea, we would never abandon our throne like that. But now since we have enabled you to take the throne (by weakening Obama), and you are holding it, you shouldn’t leave it for any useless election drama. Heed our advice and be steadfast in times of weakness. In four or eight years, for instance, you might have the urge to contemplate abdicating it like the Kenyan guy who was not born in America did. It’s the man whose name we don’t even want to mention again. But stay determined and don’t sway from the idea of keeping your God-given throne forever, or, until you are 105 years old.

As you know, we do not believe in the American drama that happens every four years. Unfortunately, you bought into it and decided to busy yourself and waste your time on what you call elections. Had you sought our advice, we would have shown you an easy way to get the throne. We could have installed you last year when a few of our generals were angered by the Weyane incursion into our territories. We were busy and patient, otherwise, we would have invaded America and installed you. Two of our generals were already in the USA, and our decorated general who commands the rapid deployment brigade stationed in Germany, was airborne the moment he heard of our decision to invade America. We ordered him to calm down and to return to his secret base, in Germany. You must know that we have fine commanders who taught Obama (sorry, we mentioned his name) a lesson, though we must admit they were a little too excited in their zeal to imitate us. We had ordered them to occupy a few American buildings in a symbolic invasion; unfortunately, they got carried away and ended up conquering the whole country. We had to calm them down and give up our conquests in a hush-hush. The invasion was so swift nobody noticed.

That illegal alien Agame girl, Gual Rice, who pretends to be an American and sits at the UN headquarters, and who was taunting us needlessly, didn’t help either. She was appointed as your ambassador by what-is-her-name, the wife of the previous king who was your rival—yes, Hillary Clinton who couldn’t even keep her e-mails secret. In our language, we call such woman gesreT, worse than shabby. But that is behind us now.

There are rumors spreading around that you are contemplating on closing down Wall Street. That would be excellent, but you have to acknowledge it is our idea. Be careful though, the Weyane could stand against you in that endeavor because they get a lot of money from it. Don’t yield to the pressure and stay firm. We implore you to heed our advice and destroy the Wall Street. Demolishing a single wall won’t be that difficult anyway. But make sure that Gual Rice, the Agame girl, Susan, is sentenced to hard labor clearing the debris after you demolish the wall—don’t forget to sentence our disloyal subjects who were given refuge in your country along with her. But if you change your mind and want to keep the Wall so that you can run it more effectively, send a team of your finance people for training and we will give them a tour of our banks where we keep all the nation’s confiscated currency bills—you can’t even imagine the lessons they would learn.

Are our banks automated with computers and other technology, and sophisticated communication gadgets like your useless Wall street? Don’t even get me started. Save yourself unnecessary headaches; just send anyone who opens his mouth to us. The TV and media people who badmouth kings, especially those guys who make fun of kings on your useless media outlets should be hosted at a place we call Ella-Ero, and you will see how straightened up your subjects would be, and how your national security would be nationally secured.

We don’t think anyone told you that we have two different groups of subjects in the USA— The largest group of our subjects that your country foolishly hosts, the regionalists and Hasusat (Damn it Obama, he should have sent them to us to be housed in Ella-Ero) didn’t vote for you because they do not like our influence on your thinking and your imitation of our character. But our loyal subjects who are like the harmless puppies, did vote for you. They were the swing groups who made your success possible.

Imagine, would you tolerate it if your States considered themselves autonomous and governed themselves? If so, you would run the risk of the disintegration of your country, and you will have California on its own and Virginia on its own. Just like Texas, which contemplates on the idea of secession every now and then. Your national unity will be endangered and you would be worried and busy safeguarding your sovereignty like us. Our advice to you is: criminalize the ancient names of the states and baptize them with new names, preferably numbers or geographical identifications, instead. For example, instead of using a regionalist name like Texas, you can rename it Mexico-border-one zone, and Arizona could be Mexico-border-two zone. California could be renamed South-pacific-coast zone, and DC could simply be renamed Capital-city-zone. We would have suggested you simply name it Center, though it is not in the center—wrong geographical location and city planning. All the states along the Mississippi river can be combined and named Mississippi-zone, etc. That way, American regionalists would not be able to mention repulsive state names and be excited about it. If they do, you need our services at Ella-Ero, and we will offer our limitless help to silence your regionalists.

At any rate, one group of our subjects who didn’t vote for you are larger in number but disloyal to us. By voting for the wannabe queen Hillary, they were hoping to drive a wedge between us and your country. They failed. Importantly, the group of voters who gave you the marginal gain in states like Virginia, are all members of Gnbot-seven, our Ethiopian opposition allies. Obviously, that credit also goes to us. But ironically, even some supporters of our mortal enemy, Weyane, voted for you. We don’t know how, but we will figure it out soon. At any rate, the credit belongs to us.

Dear Donald,

Don’t forget our favors to you. Obama was thankless and he never appreciated our services to him. We hope you will recognize our God-given authority to do anything we please with our subjects, and don’t ever think of interfering in our sovereign rights. Don’t ever mention justice, freedom or human rights to us—freedom is an integral component of our rule. We give our subjects the freedom to die in wars, or, to die carrying boulders to build our nation. We give them the freedom to spend their life in trenches, or end it in graves. We give them freedom of expression to tell their shadows anything they want, and if someone thinks they are insane, we give them the freedom to insanity as well. Take this: we give them the opportunity to die heroically if they wish; we shoot them when they attempt to cross the border. Justice? We are number one in the world.

Many times we heard Obama blubbering about healthcare, he even named it after himself. In Eritrea, we call such projects QebeTbeT, the language of a spoiled brat. Let there be one clinic with two medical assistants in each American city. Give them ample supplies of white tablets and Pomata, any ointment. Your people infatuated with colored tablets, you may offer them that as well. And there, you have your inexpensive healthcare. Excessive expenditure on healthcare and extravagance has made American subjects living in different fiefdoms, or your states, very soft and sissy. If they cannot be cured by taking a few tablets, let them die. But if you are not able to run the clinic system that we are suggesting, call our health minister; she can straighten up your touchy-feely subjects and shape up your health system in no time.

You need to be bold and not worry too much about death, people are created to die. Learn from us, we make our subjects die in the thousands; if we find something we consider important to us, they must die for it. And if you compare the number of your subjects to ours, and compare the ratio of dead-in-action to the living, between your kingdom and ours, you would be astounded. We are proud of our high dead to the spared ratio. There too, we are the number one nation. Admire that and only then would you understand that death in the pursuit of secure borders, and to preserve the macho character of the people, is a noble death. It’s good for any nation.

Your tax policy sounds like a joke—why go through all the trouble? Make everyone pay 2% of their income (past, present and future income) and confiscate all the farmlands, ranches, housing projects, and every home and plot on which the sun shines. You can then rent the land and properties of your subjects. You will wonder how much money you can collect. Expropriate all business, create something like the Red Sea Corporation that we have, and collect the revenues. Create a company and call it the Pacific Corporation and give it all the holdings and monopoly rights of your economy (Our exchequer, Kisha, is on his way to assist you in that). You will witness your financial problems remedied and your economy can begin to heal a little. If that is not enough to revive your economy, then we can lend you some of the idle cash Nakfa belonging to our people. It is just laying in its tones in our vaults, at least it can blow some life to the replacement of your despicable Walls and Street economy. If you don’t act fast, we foresee your currency dropping down swiftly. But don’t worry, in solidarity with you, we gave our orders and fixed the exchange rate of your weak currency against our mighty Nakfa. We are not sure for how long we can keep protecting you as we protected your predecessors.

On Syria, you know that Obama made a mistake. After we helped his predecessor and him invade and occupy Iraq and pacify Afghanistan, he didn’t even appreciate our role publicly. Instead, he began to act as if his troops can do the job in Syria on their own. If he heeded our advice, and relinquished command of his troops in Syria to us, we would have pacified the country long time ago. Even Russia would have packed and left Syria in fear. ISIS? Our conscripts would have taken care of that. Just remember: the moment Saddam’s troops heard we were part of the Coalition of The Willing, they lost direction and the military crumpled in disarray. When we withdrew our support, the Iraqis had nothing to fear and some of them were emboldened by the vacuum and rushed to create ISIS. That is the result of Obama’s ungratefulness to us. We also did the same in South Sudan and in Darfur. Now Sudan’s AlBashir is just like our lap dog. My friend King Trump, You better learn from Obama’s lessons before you sit on that throne.

We are so unpredictable that some people say we are helping the Houthis of Yemen, while others say we are helping the Saudis. Let them guess, we are not saying, but we are the movers and shakers in the most stable region. Thanks to Yemen, we now have secured the goodwill of both the Sunni and Shia sects. Both are praying to help us reserve our place in heaven. But we are not going there inside a coffin and wrapped in a shroud. If we must, God must send us a limousine—we reckon you would spare Air Force One for the trip if need be! They tell us of a creepy place they go to after death, hell, that is why we need both the Sunni and Shiaa for an insurance prayer, just in case.

Before we end our letter, here are the things we want you to do: 1) Arrest what-is-her-name, yes, Susan Gual Rice, and send her to us after she apologizes to us and AlShabab—the other group that is also praying for us. 2) Take the names of our close servants off your terrorism list. 3) order your warships to bomb out the Weyane and finish them off—in due time we will tell you who else to bomb. 4) Send us enough weapons and we will take care of Russia, Syria, and ISIS (don’t worry about Yemen, our intelligence agents are taking care of it).

Finally, be informed that you are allowed to call us as many times as you want, whenever you need advice, but avoid calling around mid-night when we are always busy. You know, party times are noisy. And not early morning before we get our Fakket-Raas, or when we are meeting with some servants in Massawa.


Our assistant just told us that you have to wait for over two-months to be sworn in! Why? Just like Obama did! This is laughable. Why can’t you just storm the White House and swear Obama out? Trust us, he will not rebel against you. But if you must wait, then it is not a good sign and we will be suspicious of your resolve. However, if you heed our advice and decided to take your throne right away, just call one militia battalion and storm the building on Pennsylvania Avenue. We can provide commanders if you wish. Again, if you need more help, let us know and we will instruct our commander to send an airborne Rapid Deployment Brigade from Germany to help you evict Obama from the White House.

Elect of God,

Isaias Afwerki.

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  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ዝዓበየ ፈጠራ
    ናይ ይሑዳ
    መጽሓፍ ቅዱስ
    ንሕናን ዕላማናን
    ካብኡ ብቑሩብ ዝንእስ

    ናይ መሳፍንቲ እስጦብያ
    ዘነገደ ሰሎሞን
    መንፊት ዘይሓለፎ ሕክያ
    ብንግስቲ ሳባ ዝብል ተስንያ

    መጥለግልግ በለት
    ከም መሎኽያ
    ሰንሰለታዊ ሕልኽላኻት
    ናይ ዘመናት መጻወድያ
    ብዘይ ዋርድያ
    ምንባብ ዘይለመደ ህዝብ’ሞ
    ከመይሉ ክርእያ?

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ኣጋግዘ ኴኑ
    መሬት ዓራርቦ
    በዓል ሓድሽ ብርኪ
    ከመይ’ለ ከርክቦ

    ጽልምትምት ምስበለ
    ዓይኒ ምስጠለመ
    ከም ቀደም ከምዘይለኹ
    የዕርዩ ደመቐ

    ሽውሃት ናይ ኲናት ግን
    ከም ቀደሙ ኣሎ
    ይሸባሸብ ኣለኹ
    ጸላኢ ክቐትሎ
    ‘ንታይ ግበር ትብሉኒ?
    ንሱ ‘ዩ ፍልጠተይ
    ወሪዱኒ ምዘሎ

    ናብዝን ናብትን ይገማጠል
    ወያነ ክቐትል
    ካልእ ደኣ ‘ንታይ ደሎ
    ኣብ ዲጋ ዓዲ-ሃሎ
    ኣረቂ ተለካ ግዳ
    ናብዚ ብሎ!

    መጠንቀቕታ:- እዚ, ብዘይ ፍቓድ ቤት ጽሕፈት ፕረሲደንተ ኢሳያስ ክባዛሕ ክልኩል ‘ዩ።

  • said

    America Beyond Repair: A Nation on a Precipitous Decline

    The Lingering Confusions that Surrounded and continue to afflict the latest US Presidential and National Elections point strongly to a Dysfunctional Democracy that is plagued with dilapidating Ills that are emphatically beyond a cure. America remains a Divided Society with an irreconcilable Deep Schism separating the Original early WASP’s early pilgrim immigrants whose descendants, the Neoliberals, remain well stiflingly in control of the destiny of the nation. What the source of the current irreconcilable Divide in the American Society, to put it simply, is of the Neoliberal White Supremacists’ consistent struggle to take their country, Make America Great Again, from the Non-White American Immigrants, a wide amalgam of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims that are increasingly encroaching on the dominance of the Neoliberals, not least by shifting demographics. The WASPs’ ethos predicate on the old Pilgrim Immigrants’ Ethos that defined American wild capitalism, vast open territories for grab by unfettered individual enterprise that in a clean slate America of all the existent impediments of the None Protestant Christian White Anglo-Saxon indigenous natives and all that incidental incomers by consequence are to conform to the WASPs’ ethos. Land and all factors of production, including imported African slaves and later new non-WASP immigrants, are in essence all governed by a system of laws and a predefined governance system that stem from the Original Pilgrim Immigrant WASPs’ intent on dominance and the inculcation of the WASPs’ ethos and value system. This, in short where America’s predicament currently lies; i.e. American Neoliberal White Supremacists trying to take back and continue to dominate an American Society that is inflated with a huge body of Non-White, Non Christian minorities and immigrants; i.e. “Making America Great Again.” During America’s relatively recent years of exceptional economic prosperity spurred by two world wars, significant sustained economic growth absorbed waves of new non-WASP, mostly new Catholic Italian and Irish immigrants at the turn of the 20th century; European and Slavic Jews, as well as, starting with the explosion of job opportunities after the second world war, with the integration of the American blacks and the inflow of Hispanic workers and new Asian immigrants as the later constituted the bulk of the scientific and intellectual core that significantly catapulted America further into prosperity. However, in all situations, the influx of non-WASP immigrants had to conform to the preset laws, governance system and the observed ethos of the WASPs as crowned by the doctrine of the Free-Enterprise, i.e. unfettered wild capitalism where the amass of wealth and naked power are open ajar. Now, with the relative economic secular slow-down that followed a near half a century of exceptional economic growth that the non-white minorities chipped into and greatly benefited from with improved income and higher standard of living, the economic growth began to falter as America, once the sole industrial power was left intact, in the aftermath of the second world war, of all the world’s industrial powers, began to lose world economic dominance and loss of economic competitiveness in the last three decades that lead to American slower economic growth. The American WASPs starting with President Ronald Regan in 1981 began the White American Neoliberals’ long march to anew restore full dominance of the American society and American life; started on a drive to take America back, Make America Great Again, rather, Make America White Again. Ronald Regan launched his ambitious economic program of unleashing unbridled and unfettered the American Neoliberals’ enterprise, the Free-Market Enterprise, under the doctrine of “Reganomics,” embellished and caused a major economic and wealth shift in favor of the Neoliberals under the rubrics of economist Milton Friedman’s open “Monetary Theory” as interchangeably termed “Supply-Side Economics.” Reganomics ran wild triggering the process of the widening of the income and wealth disparities that ultimately lead to the slow erosion of the United States’ economic competitiveness among the industrialized nations and the new emerging Eurasian behemoth economic powers of China, India and the Asian Industrial Tigers. Donald Trump’s crusade of Making America Great Again; i.e., Make America White Again, followed on Ronald Regan- Milton Friedman’s March that started 4 decades ago to consolidate the Neoliberals hold on American economic and political life; further eroding the income and the standard of living of the American workers, the American Middle Class; however, foremost the American non-White minorities. This further aggravated the ever-widening disparity of income and wealth among members of the American society with the American Neoliberals’ wealth growing exponentially. The Government’s intent on policies to significantly curtail social spending, the underfunding of social programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all seemed purposefully intended, on the force of the doctrine of the Survival of the Fittest to further marginalize and weaken the American non-White minorities who since grew to a significant percentage of the total American population surpassing the mark of more than one third of the total American population. Interestingly, and upon visiting America’s recent past, America’s squandering of the serendipitous historic opportunity of being crowned as the World Unipolar Superpower following the collapse of Communism and the Soviet Union, the American Neoliberals, as misguided by the American Neoconservatives, took, by sheer avarice and blind imperialist hegemonic drive to launching many destructive wars in only 30 years. However, what have proven really most devastating to the American economy and the lingering American socio-economic malaise are the pointless and senseless wars that America launched immediately in the aftermath of the 9/11 Tragedy where the US became engaged in senseless, wasteful and extremely hemorrhaging two wars on Iraq & Afghanistan that ended by costing the America treasury one quarter of the nation’s GNP, or close to $5.0 trillion. Ironically, and even shortly before the catastrophe of 9/11, the world’s foremost social anthropologist, French author Emmanuel Todd in an epic book entitled, “Après l’empire,” “After the Empire,” analyzed the factors then pointing to the imminent decline of the US as a World Superpower. At the time, the US, the dominant world superpower in a Unipolar world in the aftermath of the eclipse of the Soviet Union, had not yet entered the two wasteful wars that added substantially to the country’s mounting National Debt with the US Dollar soaring supreme by letting the FED’s spigots run wild printing freely dollars as the US Dollar presided supreme as world’s sole reserve currency. The United States’ latest, just ended National Elections – as the counting continues while joe Biden been declared the new President-elect – the elections showed without a shred of doubt, the US as a deeply Divided Nation, broken right at the seams of a Society, a Nation, that judging based on objective factors, a nation that lies beyond reconciliation. Joe Biden is up to Herculean challenge worth watching unfold. America is breaking into many sub-cultures, increasingly drawn apart by irreconcilable political and societal systems, diverging general orientations that leave the American Society, beside the US’ many inherent ills, deprived of a common sense of purpose; lacking in cohesiveness and strong social bond; common worldly outlook, generally disoriented that could not generally sustain the Drive and Continuing worldly dominance of a once Unipolar Superpower. Electing a President with serious character flaws and seriously lacking in the leadership aptitudes as in the person of someone like Donald Trump in a near Landslide 4 years ago, can only attest to a nation, the US that’s in Decadence. Dishearteningly, this is getting replayed, 4 years later in the recent elections with same character, Donald Trump garnering 71 million votes, or more than 45% of the total votes in reward to a President who has proven negligent, derelict in duty who only greatly added to the Nation’s woes, adding significantly to the nation’s endemic ills. For, beside a ravaging Coronavirus Pandemic causing daily infections surpassing the100,000 persons, the US is suffering from exponentially widening income and wealth disparities among its citizenry; precipitously declining education and education system; worsening racial problems, and a decaying Infrastructure; this, as all, beside other endemic societal ills, squarely point to a Nation, the US, that is in a precipitous Decline. A blinded White Supremacist Donald Trump and the American leaders before him should have deeply pondered over Yale University Historian Paul Kennedy’s epic writing, “The Rise and Fall of The Great Powers, 1988, been offered sufficient 32 2020 years ago, to draw the lessons to avoid the serious blunders they drove their country straight into. In Conclusion, and despite all the harbored goodwill I reserve to the Americans in general, I am inclined, unfortunately, to discredit whatever salvation plans in the offing that are contemplated by the new Administration of President Joe Biden to heal a nation that is deeply divided by two starkly irreconcilable Ideologies: 1) the Have it All Neoliberals; and, 2) the highly marginalized Have-Nots representing more than 2/3 of the total American population.

    • Lebam

      Selam Said,

      You’ve been told many times to make your posts reader friendly, yet you continue to post these very long blocks of texts without visual separation inbetween, which makes it difficult to read.

      I assume that you want the readers to read the posts you’ve put much time on writing?

      • said

        Selam Lebam

        You are good observer ,Don’t get me wrong, YES, my written should be reader friendly and in conformity. Like many i have a bad habit complacency and not rereading and make changes ,and seem to defy rationality, some times, maybe I taped more easily into “the primitive brain,” which is irrational. I give up my agency and rationality. But it is important to recognize, I realized that not by design , mostly unconsciously or consciously not being attentive , too late – realising catastrophic mistakes were made. it seem I stops growing but I begin to putrefy and addicted to these patterns of self-delusion. Unless I actively fight back, the stagnation will suffocate me Now that it is finally clear. of which I am capable .I am not asking to believe in “alternative facts”. and the more untrue this belief, the more insistently do cling to it. verfy youreslf I ‘should put a disclaimer like this at the end of the article it make it inherently flawed. I question my sanity for forgetting

  • Simon Kaleab


    Experts at NASA have discovered a large object heading towards earth, made up completely of Joe Biden ballots. After calculating its mass, the scientists concluded that the meteorite contains approximately 19,000,000,000,000 galactic mail-in-ballots. An astronomical number, indeed.

    When asked how they are so sure the ballots aren’t cast for the incumbent, a NASA employee said that there is no evidence that pro-Trump mail-in-ballots even exist in the universe.

    • Abi

      I hope you go through the grieving process smoothly and quickly.

      • Simon Kaleab


        The USA is a land of laws, vote recounts are allowed and irregularities are investigated.

        By the way, how is Ethiopia doing?

        The other day, I saw a YouTube video where young women are being auctioned off to the highest bidder in Addis Ababa night clubs.

        The ethnic gangsters are also playing the never ending game of ’Target Practice’ against each other.

        • Abi

          Ethiopia is doing just fine.
          Soon, the ethnic infighting will stop with the demolition of the weyane thugs.
          Stay tuned.
          ወያኔ እንደ ክምር እየተወቃ ነው::

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            You live in America with your family. Not nice to advocate for war.
            Since you started it though, soon GERD will be demolished [of course by the colonel’s] and he will try to blame weyane.
            After that, Ormoia nation will be realized and the rest of other regions. The question is who will keep the name Ethiopia?
            For that, thank our dictator!

          • Abi

            You can wish anything and everything to your heart’s delight. I’ve heard it all. If you think you are pioneering in this regard, you are not thinking at all.

            Ethiopia is going forward!!!
            Yes, I advocate for the total eradication of Tplf thugs.
            Ethiopia in general and Tigray in particular will be free from the cancerous Tplf soon.
            Sorry for disappointing you.
            You need a comforting song?

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            We have old proverb [ዘይስንኻ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ] and you are just doing that. At this age and the level of education you have, you should be better than that. If I am not wrong, your speciality is toward education, not war. What made you to lose what you have learned. It certainly is not America. ESAT perhaps?
            Anyways, as an educated person, you should be better than that.
            No one wins from war. Never happened.
            What I am worried is that our DIA will send my nieces and nephews to your baby dictator’s aid. These are Martyries kids and don’t want them to die for senseless war. Not again.
            BTW, you have lost one fighter jet today. Not sure if it Bezabeh Petros’s again.

          • Abi

            Yes, heroes will die to keep the country together.
            Total demolition of the thugs will also protect your nieces and nephews. Enough of the thugs creating chaos in the whole region.
            “ህልም ተፈርቶ ሳይተኛ አይታደርም”

            What fighter jet you talking about? See, I told you before that you are poorly programmed:)
            If yoor source of information is the ever drunk Getachew Reda ( ምላሴ ረዳኝ), you are desperately ill informed.
            Total demolition should be the outcome. Nothing less.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abo,

            You didn’t hear? wait and see.. fighter jet today lost from your side..

            There is no internet to fallow the war …connection is gone..from Tigray side..It may open on those 2 days..At the beginning there was no light but within 2 days now all streets are on.. Fuel was not there to move transportation but now but it is all solved..I think those 2 days internet will ope.I am not sure but there is news …


          • Abi

            ለወያኔ ቅጥፈት አዲስ ነህ ልበል?
            ኮኮብዬ ምነው ጭለማ ዋጠህ? ወንድሜን ምን ነካብኝ?
            ኧረ መላ ምቱ ሰዎች!! ተጋግዘን አንድ ነገር ማድረግ አለብን:: እንዴት ኮኮቤን ያህል ሰው በጭለማ ሲዋጥ ዝም ይባላል?

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            That was ጓድ መንጌ was saying for so many years and you saw and tested the end result of it.
            Applied math is not the same as theoretical math, if I can use that analogy.
            Be careful what you wish, my neighbor.

          • Abi

            I don’t know whether to call it applied or theoretical mathematics.
            All I know is that ጏድ መንጌ is applying historical laugh at your independence hoax.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abo.

            War never solves problems..Never and it is the cause of death..No one wins in the war the poor farmer will lose..You will see a tragic when over then see the entire Ethiopia will be as our dictator said and once also you said it “GAME OVER ” Will be the end of the story..Be calm and ask God to provide us peace..


          • Abi

            Repeat after me:
            GAME OVER!!!!!!!!
            Colonel Dr PMAA የጦር ኃይሎች ጠቅላይ አዛዥ is liberating Tigray from the Tplf thugs.
            You should join me in congratulating my PM.

            I have read the article twice before. Nothing special about it.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abo,

            ይመችህ “GAME OVER!!!!!!!!” We will see who will won..

            “You should join me in congratulating my PM.” No I will not join you on this one…Me and MM are telling you war is not good..if you don’t listen to us what can we do? Nothing…. except wait and see.. [ዘይስንኻ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ] and we see you…


          • Abi

            ኮኮብዬ የወያኔ ጉዳይ እንቅልፍ ነሳህ ምነው? ወይ ዘንድሮ

          • Kokhob Selam
          • Abi

            That beautiful building is AAU Law School. That is all I understood from the crying.
            አይዞህ በቅርቡ ትግራይ ነፃ ይወጣል::
            ምን እያለ ነው የሚያለቃቅሰው?

          • Germay Berhane

            Hope you understand it. National days, election results are formal and routine and most of the time ready available letters are sent by the office of Presidents, Kings, Prime ministers and they don’t bother to write every time unless there is special situation.

          • Simon Kaleab


            You are talking like an armchair general.

            Will the night club auctions stop?
            I must say that you have a rotten society.

  • Selam All,
    Evil is defeated in america. The world is relieved trump is gone. Ethiopia thanks God, because one more enemy is vanquished. To his supporters we wish them strength in their disappointment. They shouldn’t lose hope. He said he will come back in 2024, and they should wait for him.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    Just today the news is that the information minister of PFDJ is blaming Saudi Arabia for the news of Arab News that shows the roll of KSA… for peace that was given the same by USA president shows it is president of Eritrea –is also in trouble for this ugly information today,,


  • mokie berhe

    Salam all. Airport at Khartoum now closed and flights have been suspended. Fighting now ongoing inside of city though not sure at what level; seems to be isolated.

  • Teodros Alem

    3A in his visit to south Africa today said to south African President ” i call u my president”, what is that mean “be’ eritreangna “? Is that mean “ramaphosa” the south african President is ethiopia’s president too?, how do u interpret it in eritrean or tigrai way?

  • Abi

    Selam Ato Saleh
    I read this letter 3 years ago and said አሁንስ እኝህ ሰውዬ አበዙት! የአሜሪካውን ተመራጭ ህፃን አደረጉት ወይስ እኛን ነው እንደ ልጆች የቆጠሩን?
    Honestly, I didn’t even want to comment back then. Now I say እኝህ ሰውዬ ጉደኛ ናቸው! እንዴት ከሰው ቀድመው ( የዛሬ ሶስትአመት) ለትራምፕ የንቃት ደረጃ የሚመጥን ደብዳቤ ፃፉለት? አሁን ቢፃፍ ፈፅሞ አይደንቀኝም::
    Liverpool VS Spurs!!
    God created the weekend for soccer.

  • Michael Tesfamariam

    Hi all
    I don’t just get it why folks all over the world are angry and shocked about Trump’s victory. I did not see or heard anything this mad did bad things to anyone apart from his vulgar and inappropriate languages. Why can’t a man with extremely successful business career be a president? Or, in order to qualify for politician, one has to be trained in political science. I don’t just understand, may be I am wrong, I never heard or read about this man having committed any sort of crimes. I don’t think the vast majority of American people are irrational to vote for a man who is not fit to become their president. How about the ‘cooked woman’, and the negro man who left the ME in chaos and bloodshed? Believe me, the world under Trump and Putin will become more stable, peaceful, and prosperous than ever before.

    • Amanuel

      Hi MT
      My 9 year old son came home last Wednesday and told me ” Dad a bad man became a president in America” I asked what makes you say that? He said ” He is anti-muslim, anti-Mexicans, racist and sexist”

      As per your claim he is successful business man. He made six companies bankrupt. He inherited a lot money from his father. If he simply put the money in a post office saving account he would have been worth double what he is worth now. This is why the REST OF THE WORLD is shocked. Well, what do you expect from a developed country only less that half of its population has a passport.

      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam Amanuel,

        By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a corporation is allowed to continue running while restructuring and reducing its debt. By allowing the business to continue, employees still have their jobs and the business is still making money. Corporate debts still need to be repaid but they may be reduced. The corporation must develop a repayment plan and corporate budget. Both must be approved by the creditors and by the bankruptcy court.

        Running a business involves risk. Smart people who work on the essential aspects of the real economic world learn from their mistakes. Look at Hillary and Obama, they never had a proper job or have done
        an honest day’s work in their lives. They are economics illiterate, who have been parasites, totally
        unfit to run a country’s economy. I can’t even enumerate the long list of illegal activities by the Clinton crime family.

        Trump is not anti-Muslim. He said he wants a proper vetting of those new comers who hail from countries hostile to America. He is not against those law abiding Muslims who have already settled in the country. Furthermore, Trump is a pragmatic businessman who has lots of business dealings in the Middle East.

        Trump is not anti-Mexican. He only wanted illegal immigration across the porous border to stop. Illegal and unmanaged immigration will hurt those migrants who have already settled in the country. It puts a downward pressure on wages, housing, schools, transportation and law enforcement. Would you like to try and demand unregulated immigration from Japan … or Saudi Arabia, for example?

        Trump is not a racist. He employs people from different ethnic groups. Trump has retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, who is black, lined up for a cabinet post. I think, there are more to come. He wants the black and latino communities to stand on their own two feet, by creating jobs, housing, decent education, advice and training against drug usage, crime prevention, teenage pregnancy and freedom from perpetual welfare dependency.

        Trump loves women but he is not a sexist. When he said that women fall all over you and allow you to do anything related to love, he was telling the truth. Women in the West who come from non-traditional
        backgrounds, will do anything to attach themselves to rich, famous, powerful and glamorous men. They love the public attention and the gravy train associated with fame. I have seen so many beautiful women attaching themselves to barely literate, scary looking, bad mannered, multi-millionaire footballers.

      • Michael Tesfamariam

        Dear Ama,
        Well, your son was right to feel sorry to see Trump elected to become the 45th US president, based on disinformation campaign waged against him for a year and half by the main stream media owned by handful rich and powerful men in the country and around the world. They have been denigrating him with unbelievable coverage by manipulating some of what he said about Muslims and Mexicans. The media, the politicians do not just want him running for president let alone elected as president. Not just because he said some awful things about minorities or women, but because they were completely petrified about the fact that he would end up mobilizing a movement against the very existence of their career as corrupt politicians,but thanks God finally they got it!

        How about the Crooked HC, with her fake smile, and criminal and corrupt behavior? She is white like him, she served as senior politician under many white administrations, her cynical foreign policy is still destroying countries in in the Middle East and else. Trump did nothing comparing to her villain and corrupt history. People folks like you were bombarded with distorted information made up by the media to make you accept their lies as true, and Trump fought to emancipate you.
        Regarding his business accomplishments, I think your assessment is wrong, whether the money came from his father or lending agents, it doesn’t matter, he used the money to build a successful business company called TRUMP ORGANIZATION, his name has become expensive brand through out the states and the world, hired thousands of employees for years no politician did. He made an enormous contribution to the country he loves. He built luxuries hotels and golfs in the US and outside. He is one of the most successful businessmen indeed, and the people have finally chosen the right person. Of course, in business, it is natural to see people having some difficult times, there is an avoidable risk always attached to any form of business, but the question is, did they manage to come back or not? He did, “the art of comeback’? Eritrea is desperately looking a leader who loves his people and his country like Trump.

    • Abraham H.

      Hi Mr,
      This is also to Simon Kaleab, i hope someone from the Trump nazists spits on your faces while you’re walking in the street; then only then you would understand Trump’s victory has almost nothing to do with economy as you want to portray it. Trump won only because he took out the hidden rage and hatred in the white community towards the various minorities. The truth is thanks to Obama and the Democrats, millions of Americans recieved health care insurance, millions of jobs were created; a lot of “too big too fail” companies were saved, thereby saving millions of jobs, after the financial crisis of 2008 which was the result of mismanagement of the Republican Bush administration.

      • Michael Tesfamariam

        [from the moderator: begin your comment with salutation. Message deleted]

  • Barentu

    I used to think this web site was a platform for those elderly who wish to discuss their feeling about our country “Eritrea” and share their wisdom with the young ones (with experience or age). But now it looks like a media for those who wish to showoff their linguistic skills acquired through their long journey of their life in the lands of honey and milk. I am not a politician and never wish to be, but life dictates here I am wishing to learn from the seasoned diaspora politicians. But now even this website is losing its old ways and longing to be litreature forum. Esh whre is my Sidney Sheldon novel

    • Barentu

      Dear Sir
      Where may I find the guidelines and the statements, Sorry I couldn’t find it except for the slogan. Regards

  • Peace!

    Selam awatista,

    On Sunday we set the clock back one hour and on Tuesday, set the country back 50 years, what a shame! Buckle up and hold it tight it is going to be a long ride.

    Mr Saleh,

    Thank you for the creative and thoughtful letter, except you forgot to mention the pattern with their own supporters that DIA, too, has ethnic kkk version supporters whom are clueless and believe him every thing he says even when he is drunk.


  • Solomon

    ሰላማት ሳልሕ፥

    You forgot to mention IA’s gift to USA President Elect Donold Trump. The G’eez charecter በ. All traffic signs in America will read: በ – Turn.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Solomon,

      How can I forget something I never thought about? It’s your idea and you have to run with it 🙂

      • Solomon

        Good Morning SJG,

        You must have been Ccd the earliest version. An edited letter attached to the cargo of boxes containing the በ-Turn road signs, manufactured at Medeber, Asmara with Eritrean Wars Steel. The boxes read: “To The Don Trump: Gifts from The State of Eritrea-The Free Labor State.”