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Grave Human Rights Violation in Aksum

Disclaimer: This report is issued by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission which is established by the Ethiopian Government 

Investigation into
Grave Human Rights Violations in Aksum City Report on Preliminary Findings


In its January and February, 2021 reports on the human rights situation in Tigray, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC/the Commission), indicated that it has received reports of loss of lives, bodily and mental injury, instances of gender-based violence, looting and other human rights violations, including in areas of Tigray which it has not been able to access yet. EHRC also stated that it will continue to remotely monitor the human rights situation including in parts of Tigray that remained inaccessible at the time and that it will inform the public of its findings in due course. Citing an ongoing investigation into grave human rights violations in Aksum, its latest communication on February 26, 2021 further reported that it obtained preliminary evidence on destructions caused in the course of the military offensive in Aksum and the killings of unknown number of civilians by Eritrean soldiers.

The Commission has since then deployed a rapid investigation mission to Aksum from February 27 to March 5, 2021. Previous attempts by EHRC to access the city were impeded by the security situation and related issues. The rapid investigation mission spoke to survivors, 45 families of victims, eyewitnesses and religious leaders in the city. It also conducted a focus group discussion with over 20 residents of the city and spoke with local Kebele officials as well as medical personnel of Saint Mary and Aksum Referral Hospitals. The mission also obtained material evidence including video, audio and photographs, from families of victims and relevant authorities. The Commission wishes to state that the full investigation will be informed by discussions with all relevant military and civilian authorities, including with the city’s mayor and deputy mayor, whom it was unable to reach during this mission.

As this preliminary finding report on grave human rights violations shows, EHRC gathered evidence about the death of more than one hundred victims in Aksum. EHRC is still in the process of verifying several more victims whose address and/or photographs are yet to be established and/or identified, including investigating additional allegations of human rights violations in rural towns in the environs of
Aksum city. Number of civilian fatalities and other casualties cited in this preliminary finding report are not final and only represent those the Commission was able to verify at this stage of the investigation.
This report also does not include investigations into allegations of gender-based violence and other human rights violations which, along with comprehensive recommendations, will also form part of the final investigation report. Names and photographs of victims mentioned in this report are shared with the consent of families; while some names and photographs have been withheld or changed. The process of collecting relevant information and response on some grave violations alleged to have been committed by some members of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) is still ongoing and will also be included in the final report.

About Aksum City

Aksum, in Central Zone of Tigray Region, is located 190 km north of Mekelle and 132 km south of Adigrat. With a population estimated at around 67,000, Aksum is famous for its many tourist attractions and the Aksum Obelisks, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

During the period covered by this preliminary report, and especially from November 18 to 29, Aksum was hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs) from other affected parts of Tigray and visitors from other parts of Ethiopia, there to attend the annual Orthodox Christian celebration of Lady Mary of Zion, marked on November 30.

Civilian casualties related to the war (November 18 to 24, 2020)

Starting from November 18, members of the former administration of Aksum city began fleeing the city. Residents say they heard heavy artillery and gunfire all around the city, nearby rural areas and recounted how the area was ‘rocked’ by military air strikes. The gun fire went on until the next day; November 19.
“Residents and IDPs began leaving in droves seeking shelter elsewhere”. Heavy artillery and military air strikes on November 18, caused “civilian casualties and property destruction.” Residents say that in Hatsebo (Morer), a rural town in the outskirts of Aksum, for example, 10 people were injured following military air strikes in the town on November 18, 2020. Five of them died instantly and a sixth person, a priest, died while receiving treatment in hospital. The latter information is also confirmed by hospital staff who treated the injured. Residents also say “The injuries of the five people who died on the spot was such that it was impossible to identify them before they were buried.” In Aksum, around a neighbourhood called ‘Damo

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Hotel’, military airstrikes on November 18, hit the residence of Woynareg Reda, a well-known woman in Aksum city, killing her and three members of her family.

The number of people taken to St Mary and Aksum Referral Hospital with physical injuries (to the arms, legs and other body parts) is “significant”. The hospitals’ medical staff have told the Commission that 10 of the people brought in with physical injuries on November 18, have died. “One 70-year-old woman’s face was severely disfigured with the loss of her jaw and had to be fed with a tube. She died a few days later.” The Commission has seen photographs of the woman’s injuries.

Starting from November 19, ENDF and Eritrean soldiers were seen entering the city. St Mary and Aksum Referral Hospital staff say that they were forced to flee from the areas and their duties because of the heavy fighting. Those who decided to stay behind say that some members of ENDF and Eritrean soldiers looted the hospitals. Saint Mary Hospital staff recount how “on November 19, some members of ENDF and Eritrean soldiers came into the hospital. They looted the hospital’s pharmacy and other medical equipment and destroyed the ones they did not need. They shot a man in bed in the emergency ward. Eritrean soldiers were insulting the staff ethnic based slurs.” Aksum Referral Hospital was also looted by some members of ENDF and Eritrean soldiers four times over several days. They also looted one of the Hospital’s wings that was set up and equipped at high cost to serve as a Covid-19 treatment centre. Eyewitnesses say the Eritrean soldiers even took the hospital beds and mattresses. The Commission was shown a video recording showing the damage the centre sustained.

“Many people died for lack of adequate treatment” because of the looting of drugs and medications. For example, on November 20, a young woman in labour was brought to Saint Mary Hospital. She had lost a lot of blood. She died because there were not enough medical professionals and she could not get the treatment she needed. Two of three women brought to the hospital from Wuqro Maray, a town about 17 km from Aksum, “with injuries from heavy artillery” died for similar reasons. Hospital staff say that the two women died for lack of diabetic medicines which were all looted by Eritrean soldiers”. The hospital’s records obtained by EHRC show that between November 18 and 20, a total of 41 people died in both hospitals from physical injuries, blood loss and from lack of adequate medical treatment. Hospital records also show that 126 people were brought in with medium to heavy physical injuries (bone fractures, injuries to the head).
Furthermore, the hospital’s medical staff believe that “several people may have died without being taken to health facilities”, citing the body of an as yet unidentified man

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who was found with bullet wounds in a sewer on November 19, around a neighbourhood of Aksum known as “Samuna Fabrika”.

Another man, since identified as a staff member of an Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporations (Telecommunications) branch office in Adwa, who had come to Aksum to visit family, told hospital staff who treated him that “on November 19, when the car he was in reached a place called ‘Dayesus’, members of ENDF opened fire and he was injured.” They said he screamed for help and begged for his life to be saved prior to his death. The car that brought him to Aksum was taken by members of ENDF. Hospital staff also said family members collected his body on November 21. A family member and an eyewitness said, however, “Soldiers had warned residents not to collect bodies of the dead that day. So when soldiers came and started firing shots, family members had to flee. A few came back later and were able to collect his body and bury him at a church”.

Damages to civilian property

The Commission visited some of the neighbourhoods of Aksum to assess the extent of damages to civilian property. For example, Berana, a privately owned hotel, has sustained heavy damages. The hospital’s owners told the Commission that “ENDF was targeting another hotel nearby owned by a TPLF general. But instead, they hit our hotel, which has nothing to do with the TPLF general. They fired at the hotel’s windows and shattered them. Then, they went into the hotel and destroyed most of what was inside.” The hotel was still not operational at the time of the Commission’s visit. The hotel’s owners have also shown the Commission a letter they received from the local interim administration attesting to the “fact that the hotel had sustained an unfortunate level of damage” and photographs showing the level of damage sustained.

Page 4

In addition, residents say “privately owned mobile shops, clothes shops, edible oil, food aid reserves and government offices were all looted by Eritrean soldiers”. The breakdown of law and order also allowed other individuals to take part in the looting.

“On November 24, Eritrean soldiers went into the administrative office of Aksum Tsion Church and took a Toyota car belonging to Abune Meqarios. They also stole all the four tires of another car belonging to the office (Code 5, plate number 02223) and the internal digital system of the car.” The church’s staff said they “have informed the relevant ENDF authorities but, at the time of the Commission’s visit, were yet to receive a response.”

Attack on Civilians by Eritrean Soldiers (November 25 to 29, 2020)

On November 25, members of ENDF were seen to be leaving Aksum and on November 26, residents said they could not see any “soldiers moving around the city”. On November 27, however, “a large number of Eritrean soldiers began coming into Aksum”. “They took up posts in three different locations of the city: ‘Maye Kuho’; ‘Samuna Fabrika’ and ‘Tsele’a’. On November 28, 2020, we started hearing heavy gun fire all around the city.”

Most of the residents the Commission talked to say they do not know the reason why the heavy shooting began. Others gave varying explanations. Some say, “armed local militia started shooting at the Eritrean soldiers and that the angered soldiers began firing at civilians”. Others said, “Eritrean soldiers tried to loot Aksum Tsion Church and when angered residents tried to prevent it the Eritrean soldiers began shooting at civilians”. Other sources of the Commission said “some residents joined local militia to attack Eritrean soldiers and the Eritrean soldiers retaliated with vengeful attacks, killing civilians and especially targeting men.”

One local resident told EHRC that “On November 28, I was about to leave Saint Michael’s Church when I heard gunshots. Then I saw young children who looked like they were under 18 years old and carrying sticks and knives, running towards Maye Kuho, a hill not far from the Church. Shortly after, I saw Eritrean soldiers coming from a nearby road known as ‘Adwa Exit’”.

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On November 29, residents tried to recover bodies of people killed on November 28, but Eritrean soldiers prevented them by firing gunshots. The Eritrean soldiers were saying “your people will not be buried before our soldiers are buried.” Fearing for their lives, residents who had come to recover the bodies fled. They were only allowed to come back for the bodies on November 30.

Those who participated in the coordination of the burials said “bodies were left lying on the streets of the city for close to three days and hence some were difficult to collect because parts of them were dismembered by animals or because they were in an advanced state of decomposition.” For example, “the body of one man (name withheld) identified as a resident of Aksum city and who was killed around Kaleb School was partly eaten by hyenas. We only found his head and an arm. We buried him along with other victims whose body parts were also missing. In another area, we also only found the heads of four more victims with missing bodies.” Residents also told the Commission “that they were forced to cover/wrap the bodies in cement bags and other packaging bags and to transport them in manual carts. We buried them in mass graves in Arba’etu Ensesa Church, Enda Michael Church, Endayesus Church and other churches”. Witnesses identified 9 churches where victims are buried, 7 in Axum and 2 in outskirts of the city. The Commission visited two mass graves in Arbaetu Ensesa and Endamichael Churches and obtained some photographs from residents.

Several residents recount how “on November 28, one man, identified as a staff of the Aksum branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (name withheld), left his house around 5:00 p.m. to get food but when he reached an area known as ‘Abenet Hotel’ was caught by Eritrean soldiers who shot him first on one leg and then on his chest and killed him”. “A tank drove over the deceased’s body which was left lying on the street until the next day November 29, crushing the body from the waist down and cutting off his arm and leg” says an eyewitness who saw the state of the body.

Other families of victims and eyewitnesses have told the Commission “Muluberhan Gebremedhin (Wedi Gonyo), 38 years old, was killed in front of his pregnant wife and children; Mekonnen Temi’a was killed in front of his children; Guash Mekonnen, 38 years old and a veterinarian, was dragged out of his house and was killed in front of his son who was crying; Bitwoded Tadesse Kebede 51 years old, was shot in the neck and chest and killed while trying to collect bodies of other victims (it was not possible to inform his family so he was buried along with others); Mulugeta Te’ame (Wedi Wukro) was shot three times and killed on November 29, around 8:00 am in the morning during a similar attempt to recover bodies of other victims.”

Page 6

Members of his family told the Commission “Mulugeta Fisseha, a 14-year-old child, who witnessed his mother, Techawit, getting killed by Eritrean soldiers, was shot while trying to run towards her”. Residents also recount how “a young man called Ephrem Alem and two of his friends were shot on their way to Ephrem’s house to celebrate the baptism of his new-born son. Only one of them survived. Another young man, Berihu Gebrerufael was at home celebrating his son’s first birthday when Eritrean soldiers came and dragged him and four other people out of the house and killed them.”

“Eritrean soldiers went into the house of another man Berhane Gebreegziabher Abraha, 70 years old, “dragged him out of there along with his two sons, Shishay and Mekonnen, and took them to a nearby water tanker where they made them lie on the ground. The soldiers shot all three of them in the head and killed them” says an eyewitness. “Lisaneworq, his son Biniam Lisaneworq and his daughter’s husband, ‘Memhir’ Ghirmay, were all killed inside Lisaneworq’s house by Eritrean soldiers” say members of the family the Commission spoke to.

“On November 28, Eritrean soldiers who went into two adjacent residential houses, in an area of Aksum city known as “Seattle Cinema”, found two residents whom they confirmed could not speak Tigrinya and let them go, while they dragged the remaining residents, out of their compound and shot them dead. They also killed one Tegen Bahta whom they found sleeping in his room.” The Commission visited the said compound and the room where Tegen Bahta was said to have been killed including the mattress which appeared to have been soaked with blood.

The Commission also talked to residents who said they have been detained by Eritrean soldiers. On November 29, Eritrean soldiers “rounded up a large number of the city’s young men and took them in areas known as ‘Meshelam’ and ‘Zero Zero’. They remained detained the whole day inside a pit until their release in the evening. The Eritrean soldiers told them ‘Tomorrow, Aksum Tsion celeberation is also marked in Eritrea so we will let you go and bury the dead today’”. Eyewitnesses say “Eritrean soldiers who were rounding up young people found a young man inside the compound of Saint Mary Church. When they asked him to get up, he explained that he had a disability and could not move an arm and a leg. ‘Should we kill you then?’ the soldiers smirked and the young man replied ‘yes kill me!’. So the soldiers shot and killed him.”

Residents also say that “although the November 30 Aksum Tsion holiday was marked within the Church’s compound, they have been saddened that the media did not report the state of grief the city was in.”

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The Commission also visited survivors who sustained physical injuries during the attack. One man explains what happened to him as follows “On November 28, around 10:00 a.m. in the morning, Eritrean soldiers rounded me and other young men from our houses and the streets and took us to an area known as Megabit School. They shot me three times, but I survived. Others who were with me all died.” The Commission has verified a detailed list of names of victims which it obtained from this survivor and seen the physical injuries he sustained.

Another survivor says he went looking for his son whom he was told was killed when Eritrean soldiers caught him and shot at him and six other people who were with him. All six of them died but he was only shot on the leg; so, pretending to be dead he waited for the soldiers to leave. “On November 28, around 10:00 a.m. in the morning, I was walking towards an area near the Aksum Stelae, when I came upon ‘close to 15 Eritrean soldiers’. They shouted at me to ‘come’ but I ran away and kept running even though they shot at me many times. I was hit on the back and was bleeding but I did not stop running” recounts another survivor. He has shown the Commission said bullet wounds.

“On November 28, I decided to leave Aksum city and join my family in a nearby rural town. I had just gone past Saint Michael Church when I came upon Eritrean soldiers who were hiding inside the cemetery of the Church. They shot at me and hit me on the right leg and the left thigh. Another bullet hit my left arm. People who found me bleeding carried me home. It is only three weeks later that I decided to seek medical help in Aksum Referral Hospital.”

In addition to physical injuries and loss of civilian life, the attack also caused damages to civilian residences and religious institutions. “On November 28, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., an unknown number of Eritrean soldiers went into the cemetery of Saint Michael’s Church and were shooting directly at the church to destroy it. They shouted “hit it’ in Tigrinya and shot at the church all day” said eyewitnesses. On November 28, the residential building where Aksum University Medical Doctors stayed was deliberately and selectively targeted and shot at. The Commission has obtained images showing the extent of damage on both buildings.

Page 8

Residents deplored the perceived inaction of members and authorities of ENDF who were in the city during the attack on November 28, which they say has worsened the extent of the damage. Residents and church officials say however that a month after the November 28 attack, on December 23, an attempt by Eritrean soldiers to enter Aksum Tsion Church to loot it was foiled by the combined efforts of members of ENDF and residents.

Information collected during this preliminary investigation confirm that during the two days of November 28 and November 29, grave violations of human rights were committed and that in Aksum, over one hundred residents including visitors from other parts of the country who came to mark the annual Aksum Tsion celebration and internally displaced persons from other parts of Tigray, were killed by Eritrean soldiers. As the residents, families of victims and eyewitnesses described to EHRC, “civilians were killed in front of their children, spouses and mothers.” Eritrean soldiers went door to door asking women “where their husbands or children were” telling them “to bring their sons out if they have any” and asking questions in Tigrinya and shooting at civilian men they dragged out of houses and caught on streets even as the men pleaded saying they were not armed. Families of victims and eyewitnesses identified the attackers as Eritrean soldiers by their distinct Eritrean Tigrinya accent, by the uniforms and shoes they were wearing and a distinct cultural marking on the face of some of the Eritrean soldiers.”

These widespread human rights violations are not ordinary crimes but grave contraventions of applicable international and human rights laws and principles, marked by intentionally directed attacks against civilians who were not directly taking part in the hostilities and including intentional looting, destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity (including religious institutions and health facilities). As these grave human rights violations may amount to crimes against humanity or war crimes, it underscores the need for a comprehensive investigation into overall human rights situation in Tigray region.

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Images related to the enforcement of curfew rules [not posted here]

Authorities imposed a curfew in Aksum which curbs vehicle and pedestrian movement between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Action taken by security forces on people seen on streets during curfew hours has caused loss of life and physical injuries. On January 19, 2021, around 7:30 p.m., Teklay Seyoum, was caught outdoors by soldiers who started chasing after him when he tried to run. He went into Aksum Tsion Church compound, but the soldiers followed him inside and shot him dead inside the Church’s premises. The Commission has also obtained information that, on January 25, two as yet unidentified people were killed in a similar manner; one of them around The Ark Hotel and the other around Megabit Primary School.
On January 22 around 6:30 p.m., Berha Reda, 35 years old, was returning home with a friend after work when he was shot on his doorstep by soldiers wearing ENDF uniforms. Berha had to undergo a 6-hour long surgery at Aksum Referral Hospital first and then referred to Ayder Referral Hospital for a second surgery on the jaw to treat the extensive injury he sustained on the face. He has lost sight on both eyes from the injury and has trouble breathing. He has shown the Commission photographs of his injuries.
Another man, identified as a security guard head of Aksum University, who is said to have returned to his post along with other colleagues following a call by the University, was killed in a controversy with soldiers while three of his colleagues were severely beaten up by the soldiers.

The Commission is highly concerned that actions taken by security forces to enforce the curfew continue to cause loss of life and physical injuries with the use of disproportionate measures including lethal weapons to enforce curfews and ensure security of the city. EHRC urges for an immediate stop to such disproportionate measures and use of non-lethal weapons as necessary. Investigations into human rights violations related to the application of curfew regulations together with reply of the security authorities will be included in the full investigation report.

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o In accordance with the commitment of the federal government for the joint investigation into all allegations of all human rights violations in Tigray Region by the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), all relevant authorities should facilitate and provide appropriate enabling environment and full cooperation for the investigation,
o The Commission also urges for the immediate start and strengthening of the rehabilitation efforts and provision of humanitarian assistance to the families of victims and affected persons and communities,
o Health facilities should be given particular attention for their full rehabilitation and resumption of full services,
o The use of disproportionate measures by security forces that put the security and safety of civilians at risk must be stopped immediately.
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    3. – For decades the West supported the Woyane thugs to the bitter end. But after they realized that the tide against the Woyanes was unstoppable and irreversible, the Western Powers sided with the tide of change and showed their support for the Abiy government – hoping the Abiy government will continue to pursue the old Western policy – a policy of bloodshed and human misery in the whole Horn Region.

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    A. – Started flirting with the Chinese and Russians

    B. – Made peace with every country in the Horn Region – bloodshed in Eritrea, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, inside Ethiopia stopped. And UNITED people of the Horn Region started their baby-walk march towards stability, friendship, trusting each other and economic recovery.

    C. – And that was not acceptable to the Susan Rice et al West. So the West started propping-up and resuscitating their old friends (the Wowanes), to bring them back from the brink of death, to the Menelik Palace.

    5. – Well, with an affirmative nod from the West, the Woyanes tried their level best to get to the Menelik Palace (helm). And they even got close but felt short – thanks to the coalition of the Ethiopian and Eritrean defense forces. Today, the Woyanes are completely defeated; they are as good as dead; never ever to come back.

    6. – Now that the Woyanes are six-feet under, what choices does the Western countries have? What policy are Western Powers most likely to pursue in light of all that? Well………..

    A. – They can line-up their 100-150 thousand invading army and have a regime change in Ethiopia and Eritrea. But that is very very very unlikely – too expensive, too time consuming, a lot of unknowns, a potential for internal and external backlash

    B. – Punish Eritrea and Ethiopia with harsh economic, military, diplomatic sanctions and – support military insurgency in Ethiopia and Eritrea – by the Woyanes ONEG and Eritrean opposition alike. Again that is very very very unlikely; simply because economic, military, Diplomatic offensive and sanctions won’t be effective – when China and Russia are more than willing to fill in the gap.

    7. – The prudent option for Washington and EU seems to be – to stay engaged. Preach democracy, make all kinds of promises, work with inside forces, push for National elections, recruit corruptible people who would advance Western interests to came to the helm – all while making loud noises and shedding crocodile tears about the suffering of the Tigrean people.

    8. – Now, the million dollar question that comes to mind is: there is an election coming in Ethiopia; and the Western powers could be persuaded to wait until the next election; what about Eritrea?

    Well, I don’t know for sure, but it is possible that some deal could be struck and,

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    B. – Eritrea and Ethiopia me depart and go their separate ways – even go into confrontation

    C. – But, but, but even if a deal is struck with Isaias Afewerqi, and even if Eritrea goes to the polls, 90% of the 30-40 opposition organizations that exist today, won’t participate in the process, and won’t support the post Isaias government. That is for sure.

    Semere Tesfai

    • Abi

      ወንድም አማች
      As the official China’s gateway to Africa, Ethiopia is very well protected by China. China is using Ethiopia to spread throughout Africa.
      When it comes to Eritrea, Isu has been there before. He knows how to deal with his adversaries.
      What is the fate of the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia?
      1- move to Sudan
      2- cease to exist
      3- Join the rebel group called ህወሃት
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      Share your two cents.

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam ወንድም አማች

        1. – “As the official China’s gateway to Africa, Ethiopia is very well protected by China. China is using Ethiopia to spread throughout Africa.”

        Yes, Ethiopia is a gateway to Africa; I agree on that; but I don’t agree on the part “Ethiopia is very well protected by China.” The reason: China doesn’t want to protect any country from the West. As far as China is concerned, the West can pick a fight with any country it wanted – except with a country in its neighborhood. In fact, the Chinese knows very well, empires die because of never-ending wars that deplete their resources that eventually lead to internal turmoil. Therefore, the Chinese don’t mind seeing the West bogged down in thousand war fronts.

        2. – “What is the fate of the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia?
        1- move to Sudan
        2- cease to exist
        3- Join the rebel group called ህወሃት
        4- move in the refugee camps
        5- join the new spring project”

        A. – The would love to “join the new spring project”.; except there is no Spring Project on the horizon. The whole spring project was predicated on the success of the Woyanes. Now that the Woyanes are six feet under, that project is as dead as the Woyane itself.

        B. – I want Eritrea to have an opposition; because one party rule leads to political stagnation. And we don’t want that. We want dynamic political competition in Eritrea; we want people to have choices of ideas and choices of political leaders. We want Eritrean political leaders to earn their vote and their place on vote at a time.

        C. – Until we adapt our own – Eritrean custom tailored political Party Formation and Election Laws – in place; until we start practicing National elections based on prior agreed-upon written rules and regulations….. I want the “Eritrean opposition” to remain in Ethiopia. Yes. I want Ethiopia to be a safe place for them. I want Ethiopian governments to accommodate them, and I want the Ethiopian government to function as a bridge between the government in Asmara and the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia.

        3. – The problem is – today we don’t have civilized, responsible, accountable, patriotic, fit to govern on day one…. type Eritrean opposition. What we’ve is vindictive, sub-nationalists, and fanatic people who hate Isaias Afewerqi and PFDJ more than they love Eritrea. Actually they don’t care about Eritrea and Eritreans at all.

        And let me explain why:

        A. – From 1980-1991 – after ELF was pushed from the Eritrean Field – the ELF factions that were opposing EPLF (ShaEbya) never fired a single shot to the common enemy: Ethiopian army. The spent all their time and effort to kill Eritrean Tegadeltis and undermining Tegadeltis accomplishments.

        B. – In 1993 Eritrea went to the polls to vote for Referendum to legitimize Eritrean sovereignty and territorial integrity to be a free UN Member Nation. The Eritrean opposition boycotted the Referendum and, refused to participate and vote. Most of the vocal opposition who are shedding crocodile tears about the suffering of Eritrea and Eritreans here at Awate – most of them if not all – never voted during Referendum

        C. – Around 1994-95 Eritrea went to war with Bin-Ladin ispired Islamist government of Sudan. The Eritrean opposition, intead of defending Eritrea, they sided with the Islamist government of Al-Turabi and blamed it all on the PFDJ government

        D. – From 1998-2000 Eritrea went to war with Woyane’s Ethiopia over Badme. The Eritrean opposition, instead of defending Eritrea – they sided with the Woyane and started blaming PFDJ Eritrea. And to this day, they still are defending Woyane, and Woyane’s occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories.

        E. – Eritrea went to war with Yemen over Hannish Islands – Islands Yemen never claimed during Haileslassie and Derg years. The Eritrean opposition stood with Yemen and started blaming PFDJ Eritrea.

        F. – For twenty long years, Eritrea and Eritreans suffered a lot by the coordinated assault of Woyenes and Western Powers – sanction, diplomatic isolation, mass exodus of our young, psychological warfare, coordinated political propaganda campaign, military incursion into sovereign Eritrean territories, unlawful occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories……… The Eritrean opposition, instead of standing with their country and people, they stood with Eritrea’s enemies

        G. – Even as late as November 2021, the Eritrean opposition was coordinating its planned attack with the Woyanes. Now, that the Woyane dream is dead, the Eritrean opposition is dream is dead as Well. No government in Exile would be possible without the Woyane at the helm

        4. – To be honest, Eritrea doesn’t have political opposition today and never had one before. What Eritrea have is a collection of vindictive sub-nationalists – Islamists and Jihadists who want to marginalize Christians and have an Islamic state; AgAzians who want to marginalize Muslims and have a Tigrignanized state; Unionists who never believed in Eritrean independence and sovereignty on the first place – and today who are fighting the PFDJ regime tooth-and-nail to unite Eritrea with her mother Ethiopia; Ethno-centrists who want to errect wallsw between Eritrean communities; Narrow Regionalists who want to dominate and rule all other Regions of Eritrea; secessionists who want to separate from Eritrea to join kin in the South…… And that is not a true Eritrean opposition.

        Semere Tesfai

        • Saleh Johar

          Ahlan Semere,
          You advised the Eritrean opposition to do stuff as if the opposition is monolithic but if it was a cult they belonged to, the prescription would have been excellent. How come you never thought of giving advice to the PFFJ ? Don’t opposition to the PFDJ deserve to go back home?

          • Semere Tesfai

            SElam Saleh Johar

            “How come you never thought of giving advice to the PFFJ ? Don’t opposition to the PFDJ deserve to go back home?”

            Yes, yes, a thousand yes – they do have the right to go home and compete for power to govern; but with a caveat. They have to be

            A. – patriotic nationals that stand with their people and country through thick and thin

            B. – They have to run on a national agenda – something for everybody

            C. – Their political organization (party) has to look exactly like Eritrea – a microcosm of Eritrea

            D. – They have to reject violence – just try to win – by winning the majority vote of registered voters, and by following prior agreed upon election laws and regulations

            If you believe in those terms and rules; I’m with you all the way to the gates of…….

            Semere Tesfai

          • Saleh Johar

            Some of the opposition that the PFDJ despises held the banners for what you said before everyone else, and you know it. But let me bounce back some question based on you conditions:
            A- who decided who is patriot and who is not? The PFDJ?
            B-do you remember Sheriffo is behind bars for two decades for finishing the task of party formation law? He didn’t jail himself!
            C: can they look like the PFDJ in composition with slight face changes?
            D- this is a constitutional issue in the absence of such anyone has been branded a reformist, a jihadi, a traitor, and an extremist. Don’t you think you should ask for rule of law instead of endorsing the de-facto ruler by the gun?

            I am glad I don’t have to correct test papers Semere. How was your score 🙂

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Saleh Johar

            1. – “Some of the opposition that the PFDJ despises held the banners for what you said [above] before everyone else, and you know it.”

            An Eritrean opposition organization
            A. – that is not religious or ethnic or regional organization?
            B. – that never been on the payroll of Woyane?
            C. – that never rode Ethiopian tanks in 1998 and, that refused to ride Woyane tanks in November 2020
            D. – that stood firmly for Eritrean sovereignty and territorial integrity, and never wavered or compromised on that principle

            No, No. I can’t think of one sir. ….በል ተደረር…. and help me with the answer. Which organization(s) is it? I’m eager to learn!

            2. – “Who decided who is patriot and who is not? The PFDJ?”

            No sir. Not the PFDJ. The Eritrean people – by their unwavering and resolute support. And the Eritrean opposition got none.

            3. – “Do you remember Sheriffo is behind bars for two decades for finishing the task of party formation law? He didn’t jail himself!”

            I know who Sheriffo is; but I didn’t know for sure why he was put behind bars. I didn’t know he was put in prison for “finishing the task of party formation law.” But, I think I’ve read the draft of the party formation law he and his team authored. I believe it was a good one. Would you support the Party Formation Law him and his colleagues wrote back then? If you do, at least you and I have something we agree on. And that is a good thing.

            4. – Can they [Eritrean opposition organizations] look like the PFDJ in composition with slight face changes?

            To be honest with you, I don’t know for sure the composition of the PFDJ regime. But to answer your question: if the PFDJ composition is a microcosm of Eritrea, YES. If the PFDJ composition is NOT a microcosm of Eritrea, then the answer is NO

            5. – “This is a constitutional issue in the absence of such anyone has been branded a reformist, a jihadi, a traitor, and an extremist. Don’t you think you should ask for rule of law instead of endorsing the de-facto ruler by the gun?”

            Two points her Abu-Selah:

            A. – You yourself brand people “Bigots” “HGDEF” “sectarian”….. here at Awate every-time one opines that doesn’t suit your taste. Don’t you have to practice what you preach?

            6. – “I am glad I don’t have to correct test papers Semere. How was your score :-)”

            Sir, I’m ጨጓር-ዳንጋ through and through. There is no need for you to burden yourself correcting my test papers. The expectation is always extremely low and the score is always ZERO. And for score of a ZERO, you don’t even need to look at the test papers – jut put a score of ZERO, and you won’t go wrong.

            Saleh thank you for engaging and thank you for all the respect.

            Ela LqaA

            Semere Tesfai

    • Reclaim Abyssinia

      I’m Sorry ST, I keep coming across your post that is provocative and feel obliged to respond. Nothing personal but we will be there watching over HOA :✌️.

      Point1. – “China and Russia.” They need at least 50 years to get to the stage you assumed they are now. I don’t agree with your statements about the west, it is an untrue and unfair comment against the West.

      The world most concerning issues in the twenty-first century’s are complex bilateral relationship, financial crisis; the global order undergoing reshuffling, environmental issues, health concerns, and other challenges continue to trouble humanity. All of these problems will test ‘the twenty-first century’s most important challenges.

      What’s going on the horn right now is as described by us, ‘an archaic war of the Abyssinia’
      Orthodox against Orthodox,
      Islam against Islam,
      Nations at war with themselves.

      Point 2 & 3, – “Woyane’s Ethiopia was a valuable asset for Western interest.” never been and never will.
      It is your weakness that made them last this long, look into your backyard.
      “The Ethiopian people rose-up in-mass against their rule ” no one knows the strategy behind the rise up, and never underestimate the elite victim of Woyane that spread around the globe.

      Russia will never put a foot in Eritrea or Ethiopia ever again, and if an attempt made by the Russian, please remind your fellow Russians that their ass was whipped in Eritrea once, and this time they will be going ‘six-feet under’ wherever they will be found.

      point 7. ያብዬን ወደ ምዬ please somebody translate this to Tigrigna or English
      Point 8. Ethiopia will only be ruled by the military so it’s not a million-dollar question.

      Eritrea:- that’s maybe a million-dollar question.
      I don’t know any Eritrean diaspora who is dying for power. All they want is the wellbeing and a peaceful country for themselves and their family.

      The old, the young, and the middle age, all they want is for the old to take their hard-earned retirement money to Eritrea, for the young and middle-age is to build something for their family and want to contribute to making it the coolest nation devoted not only to our nation but to our fellow men within the human community (remember aNajashi’s) refer to it only according to the Holy Quran.

      why would any nation turn down such great people from returning to their ancestral place or for many to the land of እትብታቸው ወደ ተቀበረበት?
      correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the actual million-dollar question?

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ብሩኽ ዓርቢ!

    በትሪ-ሓቂ ቀጣን
    —–ግን ተራር
    ካብዛ ቀላል ግን ረዛን
    —–ምስላ ዘይመሃር
    —–ናይ ሕብረተሰብ ቀሓር
    —–ሕፍረት’ዩ ዝጉልበብ ደሓር

    ‘ታ ኣሉ ቀጣን
    ሕጂውን ከም ቀደማ
    ኣይኣተናን ኣኽሱም-ራማ
    ኣበደን ትብል ቃል ሒዞማ

    ኣይፋል ይብሉ
    ኣብ ውሑዳት መዓልታት
    መልሓሶም ሓየኹ

    ትሕፍረት ኣመል ስለዝኾኖም
    ናብራ ናብራ-ቀደሞም

    ኣበይ ከይሓንኩ
    ናይ ሓምሳ ዓመታት ተመኩሮ
    ውጽኢቱ ዜሮ
    ኮለኔል ኣብዮት ‘ውን ተማሂሩ
    ግርም! ናይ ህግደፍ ምህሮ

  • Bayan Negash

    Selam Berhe Y.,

    Is this the same Milkias Mehreteab Yohannes who used to write here at awate? If sow hat in the world happened? Any info you can share?

  • Aman Y.

    Selam Brhan

    AA may have gone to Asmera for a little vacation and get away from the mess he created. He looked he is not getting enough sleep. I hope he somehow gets his sanity back on this trip.

    • Brhan

      Merhaba Aman Y.
      The joke of the day in Asmara : A. Ahmed Ali is here in Asmara , so those who hanged their clothes outside,hurry up and take them inside because it will rain as he has brought clouds from Arab Emirates!

    • haileTG

      Merhaba Aman Y,

      I don’t think PMAA went to get enough sleep?! What is the chances that IA and PMAA would wear exactly the same cloths they wore on the day of arrival and the day of departure? Actually, it was a one day stop over and PMAA left the same day. As per the US demand, the IA regime was required to acknowledge the demand to withdraw and accept it publicly. He had no choice and his press release from Shabait was meant for my friend Dongolo:) The real response to the qetin tiEzaz from Washington was given via the PFDJ Embassy in Japan which stated that as of today the regime will vacate all Ethiopian “border areas”. PMAA only referenced a meeting on 26th, because on 25th he was busy launching the report above and today the 27th he is busy delivering telegram to Washington that the idiot in Asmara is all ready to be whacked with whatever is coming its way.

      • saay7

        Haile TG:

        They are too lazy to even execute a good lie. Have some clothes at Asmara’s dilapidated airport to give it the appearance of a 2 day visit. And you notice all their statements are in English: nothing in Amharic or Tigrinya. Because their rubes have to live in their bubble that the two are waging coordinated attacks against USA and EU and winning! 🤣


        • Berhe Y

          Hi Saay, HaileTG,

          What’s the statement from Abiy facebook page means..
          “In our March 26, 2021 discussion with President Isaias Afwerki during my visit to Asmara, the government of Eritrea has agreed to withdraw it’s forces out of the Ethiopian border. The Ethiopian National Defense Forces will take over guarding the border areas effective immediately”.

          What does this mean for Eritrea / IA ?


          • saay7

            Berhe Y:

            This week Abiy told his parliament that EDF can only redeploy to the border when ENDF is in a position to stand guard across the border because “one can’t do everything at once”, and March 26 he learned that he can. Because the June Tah which was defeated (buried, never to come back) in November 20 was a threat in Dec, January, February, March 1 – March 25.

            Hope that clarifies things.


          • Berhe Y

            Thank you Saay as always.

            I just learned a very sad news today.

            Milkeas Mihreteab has passed away. I really had a pleasure meeting him once when I was in DC area and shared a meal.

            I am paraphrasing and you and iSem will correct me but he coined notable phrases that still relevant today 20 years ago when he had a meeting in DC.

            1) When asked what is the problem with PFDJ?

            ህግደፍ ምስ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ቒም ኣለዋ

            2) When he was asked, what does he thinks about Eritrean opposition?

            ዝኾነ ኣካል ንህግደፍ ዝቃወም፥ ዋላ ክንዲ ጣፍ እውን ትኹን፥ ክድገፍ እዩ ዘለዎ።


          • Bayan Negash

            Selam Berhe Y.,

            Is this the same Milkias Mehreteab Yohannes who used to write here at awate? If sow what in the world happened? Any info you can share?

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Beyan,

            Yes, that’s him. I don’t know the circumstances, I just read it on FB.


          • Bayan Negash

            selam Berhe,
            Thank you. This is very very hard to fathom. May he rest in peace and his family find solace and comfort in knowing that he was a fighter for the principles he believed in.

          • saay7

            Oh no Berhe :(((

            That’s very bad news indeed. Milkias said and wrote many memorable things, some of them at the Awate front page. One of the saddest ones I remember is his narration of an Eritrean mother who would visit Eritrean jails to inquire about her disappeared son, who also happens to be a close relative of one of the PFDJ (might be Alamin M Said or Ahmed Baduri or an equally worthless flunkie) and Milkias’s message was a system populated by cowards that don’t even have the courage to inquire about their disappeared family members are not going to do so about a random Eritrean. In fact, that’s one of the loyalty tests of all totalitarians: when you lose any shred of humanity of decency you have, you are considered እሙን (aka ትሑዝ.) I think a lot about that compelling message.

            He will live in his articles. I hope his family know, as Facebook has sadly developed the habit of “breaking news” with zero consideration for where family members are when they read the broken news.


          • Aman Y.

            Selam Saay,

            Wow! A very sad news indeed.

            He miraculously escaped jail,when his sister, who worked for UNHR Tesene helped him cross the boarder. I used to meet him some times in Keren. A law graduate he worked for the court. I can go on and on. The last time I saw him was at the EYGM meeting in Dc, early 2000. He is(survived or had) by his parents and two siblings, who I haven’t seen 25 years. Finally, I would like to get a contact if any one is able to get one.

            Condolences to all he new him.

          • saay7


            I always lament the fact that Eritrea, which went through 80 years of turmoil has still not produced the Great Eritrean Novel, the way many countries have, its own Chinua Achebe, that tells its stories which transcend time. All Eritrean books are basically biographies or polemic arguments. And I really always thought that Milkias Mehreteab, a life interrupted, had all the talent and experience to do that for us. Alas it was not to be. Awate will republish his articles for its readers this man’s true potential.

            While I am at it, and we shouldn’t wait for them to die before we appreciate them, I recommend people read the great Burhan Ali and Aklilu Zere.

            Today is another day; today Eritrea lost another journeyman. And it’s much poorer for it.


          • Aman Y.

            Selam Saay,
            You wrote,” we shouldn’t wait for them to die before we appreciate them.” Though this is a noble idea, your GiE sounds more promising. This would have been great especially for our Elderly heroes.

            But, it would be best to work on the GiE for now. How did you grade the event you attended the September first event down south. Was it Beyan who came with you? Belated thank you for driving all the way to us. It was an honor. Besides the awards ceremony, the diversity of our people was a success.

            Speaking of the GiE, I am hoping the organization chart and elections would be different to what the Parties are used.

            As the overly used proverb says, “doing something over and over again expecting different results is insane.”

            To be continued …

          • Haile S.

            Selam Sal,

            I agree with you, but ልቡን ቀልቡን ኣብ ቃልስን ሃሰሳ-ሓርነትን ዘለዋ ህዝቢ፡ ከምዚ ንጽበዮ ልቢ-ወለድ ክወልድ ኣይክእልን እዩ።
            እተን ውሑዳት ምቁራት ጽሑፋት ብ50-60ታት ምሕታመን ሃንደበታዊ ኣይነበረን። ተምሳል ሰላም ዝዓሰለሉ ጊዜ ስለዝነበረ እዩ። ሰላም እንተመጺኡ፡ ከምዚ ዝጠቐስካዮም ዓይነት ክኢላታት ንናይ ኣቸበ ዝወደደር ከምዝጽሕፉ ኣይጠራጠርን!

          • Samuel Emaha

            Hi Sal,
            The passing of Milkias is very tragic. I would like to believe that I am a fairly-informed reconnoiterer of Eritrean writers and their writings but I am ashamed to confess that I have not read anything written by Milkias before his tragic passing yesterday. In fact, this is the first time that I am learning his name even though I sort of remember the newspaper he used to edit. My ignorance of Milkias and his writing is symptomatic of a bigger national problem: a problem related to an entire generation of young Eritreans growing up in a political, intellectual, and cultural environment which is absolutely controlled by the PFDJ. I was a middle schooler when the PFDJ closed the nascent but vibrant newspapers in 2001 and illegally disappeared, killed, and exiled Milkias and his fellow journalists and writers. My and my generation’s formative political consciousness and vocabulary, civic pedagogy, and moral instruction was absolutely state-mediated. We did not know daring, independent, and sophisticated journalists, who speak truth to power, except the intimidated, cowardly and uncritical state-journalists. We did not political cadres except PFDJ political cadres. We did not youth and student union leaders except PFDJ-affiliated ones. We did not know enough independent and critical intellectuals except mediocre purveyors of PFDJ propaganda. We did not consume cultural products (Films, plays, songs etc) that capture the complexity, absurdity and profundity of life except cultural works that serve the narrowly framed propaganda purposes of the ruling party. We basically grew up in an intellectual, cultural, and ideological desert that stunted our consciousness and limited our political/civic vocabulary. We grew up without great mentors and models like Milkias. We did not have access to a discursive resources that we could mobilise to understand and articulate our lived experiences under the oppressive PFDJ regime. We did not have access to a political language that could shape our thinking and guide us into organising ourselves against the PFDJ.

            When people wonder why there is no popular uprising against the PFDJ in Eritrea, they should remember the fact of an entire generation of Eritreans growing up and living without mentors, models, thinkers, writers, and organisers like Milkias. Perhaps, this generational disconnect is unique in Eritrean history. The progressive, liberal and nationalist writers, thinkers and organisers of the 1940s and 1950s inspired the revolutionaries of the 1960s. The radical/marxist revolutionaries of the 1960s educated and inspired the young Reeves of the 1970s and 1980s. Those of us whose political formation was shaped in in the post 2001 era are not as lucky.

          • Samuel Emaha

            Hi Sal,
            The passing of Milkias is very tragic. I would like to believe that I am a fairly-informed reconnoiterer of Eritrean writers and their writings but I am ashamed to confess that I have not read anything written by Milkias before his tragic passing yesterday. In fact, this is the first time that I am learning his name even though I sort of remember the newspaper he used to edit. My ignorance of Milkias and his writing is symptomatic of a bigger national problem: a problem related to an entire generation of young Eritreans growing up in a political, intellectual, and cultural environment which is absolutely controlled by the PFDJ. I was a middle schooler when the PFDJ closed the nascent but vibrant newspapers in 2001 and illegally disappeared, killed, and exiled Milkias and his fellow journalists and writers. My and my generation’s formative political consciousness and vocabulary, civic pedagogy, and moral instruction was absolutely state-mediated. We did not know daring, independent, and sophisticated journalists, who speak truth to power, except the intimidated, cowardly and uncritical state-journalists. We did not political cadres except PFDJ political cadres. We did not youth and student union leaders except PFDJ-affiliated ones. We did not know enough independent and critical intellectuals except mediocre purveyors of PFDJ propaganda. We did not consume cultural products (Films, plays, songs etc) that capture the complexity, absurdity and profundity of life except cultural works that serve the narrowly framed propaganda purposes of the ruling party. We basically grew up in an intellectual, cultural, and ideological desert that stunted our consciousness and limited our political/civic vocabulary. We grew up without great mentors and models like Milkias. We did not have access to a discursive resources that we could mobilise to understand and articulate our lived experiences under the oppressive PFDJ regime. We did not have access to a political language that could shape our thinking and guide us into organising ourselves against the PFDJ.

            When people wonder why there is no popular uprising against the PFDJ in Eritrea, they should remember the fact of an entire generation of Eritreans growing up and living without mentors, models, thinkers, writers, and organisers like Milkias. Perhaps, this generational disconnect is unique in Eritrean history. The progressive, liberal and nationalist writers, thinkers and organisers of the 1940s and 1950s inspired the revolutionaries of the 1960s. The radical/marxist revolutionaries of the 1960s educated and inspired the young Reeves of the 1970s and 1980s. Those of us whose political formation was shaped in in the post 2001 era are not as lucky.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰዓይ ቁጽሪ ሸውዓተ
            መቸም ‘ታ ቁንቁኛ እንግሊዝ ሕጽር ስለተብለኒ [ደሓን ኣይትእቶ] ነታ ሊስታኻ ታደሰ ኪዳነን ጎደፋን [ጠፊኡ ሕጅስ ታይ ከምዝኺነ] ወስኸላ። ምልከት ትግርኛን ኣቀራርባ ጽሑፋት ትግርኛን ዘድንቕ ጌሮም ‘ዮም ዘቕርብዎ።
            ታደሰ ንስነ-ጽሑፍ: ጎደፋ ድማ ን ቅርበት-ፊልምታት ዝኸውን ብቕዓቶም ኣዝዩ ልዑል ‘ዩ: ይብል ብናተይ ርእይቶ።

            ፖለቲካ ገዲፍካ ሰመረ ተስፋይን ዓሊ ሳሊምን ሓቢሮም ፊልም ተዝሰርሑ ሪጋ ኣብ ሲነማ ኦድዮንን ካፒቶልን ንያላ ሆቴል ምስበጸሐ ኔሩ ዝብል ግምት ኣሎኒ።

            “‘ዚ ጠሪሱ ክኸውን ኣይክእልን” ትብሉ ማይ ቀሪበልኩም ኣለኹ ‘ሞ ጎርዳዕ ኣብልዎ።
            ማይ ጥዑም!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            I don’t know if his surer had something to do with escape, unless you know for fact, I doubt it’s the case.

            He was chair of the Eritrean free press so he was in constant watch of the PFDJ. But Mikeas (Miestrie / Master) as he was known, he was popular for his articles, particularly during the war, writing about TPLF, that got the attention of the highest party members on both sides.

            He was detained briefly after the publication of the G-15 letter and interview, where international organizations such as CPJ and HRW start asking the government about it.

            The director of African desk of CPJ had flew to Asmara and interviewed some people, and the government released them right and on the agreement that they write positive story where they admit it was a misunderstanding.

            So I think in his case he had an early warning to what would come, and he was avoiding places as well as moving around.

            When the scooped the journalists, I think him and Semere Taezaz where already in Keren by then and eventually escaped to Sudan.

            The PFDJ where after them even in Sudan and searching for them where they were hiding and where assisted for their eventual arrival to Washington. He didn’t talk about that publicly, that I know, so I am not going to say further about that.


          • Aman Y.

            Selam Berhe

            The way you wrote your comment is more thorough than mine , I am sure you know better. Please help me understand what is missing. Yes, he was the president of Union of Eritrean Journalists, a lawyer and a judge. He lived and worked in Asmara and Keren. And he fled to the Sudan with in a day or two after the other journalists were arrested. And he grew in Addis. .


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman Y.

            You are not missing anything. I just didn’t know if it’s necessary or if it’s true to mention his sister in your comment.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selma Berhe,

            Very sad news. A great journalist has left us to early. I met him in a meeting in the metropolitan of NYC when he fled from Eritrea and came to the US with his colleague journalist. A good person always the Eritrean people at his heart. He will be missed. May his soul rest peacefully in the Lap of God.


          • haileTG

            Hey BY,

            Just to add one more point in regards to your question what it means to Eritrea, it may be relevant to look at the wording: “Eritrea has agreed to withdraw its forces…” To my understanding this means that Eritrea had taken a previous position in the matter and has now agreed to change its position. In other words, Eritrea has admitted to incursions/invading Ethiopian territories based on its own initiative. When it comes to damage calculation at the end of this war, Eritrea is responsible for everything that it has caused in the course of its incursions in breach of international law/notifying the UNSC. Expect the deaf tone PFDJista to argue that rockets had been fired [even if it was congratulated for restraining itself – falsly claiming so] and it makes it justifiable. No it does not as per international procedures in regards to interstate conflict. So, what this means to Eritrea is that it accepts full responsibility. Period.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear HaileTG,

            What I don’t think understand is IA thinks he can outsmart the whole world. TPLF gave him perfect excuse if he wanted to get involved by firing the rockets. Doesn’t Eritrea has the right to defend itself, if it had informed the SC, which has clear evidence.

            Why kept quite then and now after so much huff and puff admit and get humiliated.

            What I wonder is why, Abiy Ahmed tolerated the abuse on civilians, if the target was the TPLF in the first place.

            It seems to me that, based on the report of the Et Human Rights, he may be going along to trap him where he wants him to be.

            On the other hand, Ethiopia applying on G20 debt relief on its bond of 1 billion due Dec 2024, in other words it will default.

            Economically things don’t look good for near future.


          • haileTG

            Hi BY,

            I wonder too. You see, if you go back to how IA could have avoided the military debacle in Badim when he refused to withdraw and only accept it in the haste of retreat; how he could have avoided being sanctioned to only later condemn Al Shabab, how he could have avoided this current disaster only to do u-turn and comply….I think saay has great dossier on all these things…. tells me to question if we are the ones being trapped?? Why lie about duration of PMAA stay? Why sneak in his acceptance notice via Japan Embassy? In the end look where he’s got the country to. No University, refugee camp generation, no economy, no political structures….this is a wanton assullt to destroy Eritrea and its viability. The question is why so many Eritreans enabled him on the way.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Selamat haileTG
            Speaking of your last sentence, please take a look these our Bay Area hgdf parrots. Not sure what else to call these herds.

        • Brhan

          Merhaba Saay7,
          Did you also notice A. Ahmed Ali was walking with his hands inside his pocket! And Iasyas ( as if telling him to take it out). Yfshalu neyru msleni

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selma Haile-TG,

        I was a little bit busy and was away from the mass media including from Awate. I just listened today the speech of Abiy to the parliament admitting the presence of Eritrean army in Tigray and beyond. Equally, he admitted the atrocities ( killing and raping) on the civilian Tigray people. After months of denials, he felt the international communities pressure to make him admit the reality on the ground. The lies of the Dr witchcraft is mind boggling. He told to the parliament, that he blessed the people of Shoa and Gojam with enough rainfall to continue their way of living. He is a good caricature of grotesque for comedians.


    • Abi

      ኢትዮጵያ እንቅልፋም መሪ አያስፈልጋትም:: ጊዜው ተግተው የሚሰሩበት ወቅት ነው:: እንኳን ታላቁ ንጉሥ አብይ ይቅርና የአዋተው ራሥ አቢ እንቅልፍ አጥቶ አገር እየጠበቀ ነው::
      እንቅልፍ የተስፋ መቁረጥ መገለጫ ነው::

      • Barolle

        Hello Abi and welcome back from space,

        Jokes aside, I would like to know what there is about AA that makes you so infatuated with him as a leader?

        The purpose of the question is no more than to understand if it’s love/admiration based on the love of your country, or him specifically.

        For instance, the overwhelming majority of the ones who are PFDJ supporters belong to the Tigringa ethnic group. Likewise the overwhelming majority who favours Abi are the Amhara and Gurage ethnic groups.

        With the majority of the other ethnic groups feeling excluded, he becomes the caretaker of the few. And as such, a King for the few..

        Are you Pente and feel religiously obligated to support him? Sorry for the crude question, but many in our region practice the Saudi Salafi extremist version of Christianity, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

        • Abi

          I thought you knew me well. Apparently, you don’t.
          ታሪኬ ባጭሩ..
          I’m በናቴም ባባቴም ጭልጥ ያልኩ አማራ ነኝ:: ወላጆቼ ኤርትራውያን ከአገር ሲባረሩ adopt ያረጋቸው በአባቴ ስም የሚጠሩ ሁለት ኤርትራዊ እህቶች አሉኝ:: አሁን በትላልቅ ስልጣን ላይ ይገኛሉ:: ዘሬ ከአማራ ቢሆንም ለአንድም ቀን እንኳን በአማራነቴ አፍሬም ኮርቼም አላውቅም:: የኔ ዘር ከአዱ ገነት ነው::
          ሃይማቴ ኦርቶዶክስ ቢሆንም እድገቴ ከሁሉም ሃይማኖቶች ተከታዮች ጋር ነው:: የእስላምና የክርስቲያን ሥጋ የሚባል ነገር እንደሌለ በልጅነቴ ነው የተማርኩት:: በረመዳን ፆም ወቅት ሃደሬ ጏደኞቼ ቤት ነበር እራት የምበላው:: እነሱ በፆሙት እኔ አብሬአቸው አፈጥር ነበር:: ሁሉም ሃይማኖቶች እኩል ናቸው::
          አብይን የምወደው ኢትዮጵያን ስለሚወድ ነው:: ሌላ ምክንያት የለኝም:: ኢትዮጵያን የሚያስቀድም ሁሉ ወንድሜ ነው::
          በዘር ,በሃይማኖት,በጎሳ, በነገድ የማያምን ሁሉ አጋሬ ነው:: ባጭሩ የአዲስ ወስላታ ነኝ::
          የአዲስ ልጅ ሰፈር እንጂ ዘር የለውም::
          ለዛሬ ይበቃሃል::

          • Barolle

            Selam Abi,

            Absolutely fantastic! 💯% 🔥 🔥🔥 👌🏾👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላም ከይብለኩም ይነብዕ
    ከመይ ዘይነብዕ
    ‘ናረአኹ ኣህዛብ ክጠፍእ

    መዓስ ደስኪሎም ህዋሳተይ
    ሕማቕ ክሪኡ ክሰምዑ
    ክጠፍኡ የሕዋተይ
    ኣብ ቤተይ
    ኣብ ዘይናተይ
    ኣብ ጎረ-ቤተይ

    ይነግሩኒ ከመ-ቕጽበት
    ጨካን ግብሪ ዓቕሊ-ጽበት
    ናይ ክልተ በላዕቲ ሰብ
    ቆልዓ ሰበይቲ ጎረቤት-ሃገር

    ከም ቆጽሊ ክረግፍ
    ህዋሳተይ ይብሉኒ
    መዓስ’ዩ ዝነግር ከዕርፍ

    ኣይትንባዕ በሉኒ
    ክሓልፍ ‘ዩ በሉኒ
    ኣብ ከምዚ ናተይ ከምዘለኹም
    የግዳስ ክሓልፍ ‘ዩ በልኒ

    ኣብ ርሑቕ ኴነ ከድምዕ ዘይክእል
    ይነብዕ ይሓዝን ነቶም ሰብ-ስቅያት
    ራህዋ የውርደሎም ይብል
    ካልእ ዓቕሚ ስለዘይብለይ
    ንግዜኡ ስጋዕ ግዜዊ-መንግስት
    ሃገርናን ህዝብና
    ብሰላምን-ራህዋን ክዕንገል
    ኣነስ ከምኡ ይብል

  • haileTG

    Qustion for Wendim Abi,

    Now that PMAA has admitted that parts of Ethiopian territories is under Eritrean occupation for the latter’s security considerations:

    1 – Is Ethiopia too weak to defend its sovereignty

    2 – Is it that Tigrayan territories don’t really count for much

    3 – Is it Eritrea is not foreign occupier because Eritrea is hagerach’n and Dr Aby Meriach’n

    Otherwise, the only such situation that happened in recent history is in places like Somalia where the central government had collapsed and countries like Ethiopia and Kenya were making incursions under security considerations.

    Please be honest and enlighten us if there is any other alternative rational for Ethiopians to be OK with this.

    • Abi

      1 No, Ethiopia is not weak. Help is always welcome.
      2 Tigray territories do count. There are no less than Addis or Bahir Dar.
      3 we don’t consider Eritrea is a foreign land. ኤርትራ is በክፉ ቀን ደራሽ ወዳጅ አገር ::
      As the PMAA said the other day, when ሰላም የማስከበር ዘመቻ is completed, Eritrean army will go back to their country. እስካሁን ድረስ በታማኝነትና በፍፁም ቆራጥነት ስላገለገሉን ምስጋናችን ወደር የለውም::
      የቐንየለን ደቂ ኤሪ!

      • haileTG

        Selamat glad Abi,

        Thanks for answering this important Q. You see Abi, this is a straightforward situation of rejection of any form of foreign occupation in any part of your territory unless it is invited or disputes a territory. However, you couldn’t honor that basic tenet because there appears to be something for your position in your letting it happen without clarification of its legality or morality. This is what I call the willful allowance of the blocked water to stand. It happened to us in 2001 when we justified the incarceration and disappearance of G-15 and nullification of promised election. We thought something was in for our deeply valued position at the time. 20 years later we find ourselves swamped by that rotten dirty water. Don’t let go what intuitively is right, what PMAA said was not help rendered but Eritrea taking up lands to defend itself. But you read your advantages into it and are not questioning it (even if it makes you look foolish for the time being). It would open doors to further abuses and you will be trapped. I respect your opinion and your choice to go along with your perceived advantage than the right thing. We’ve been there, wish you wouldn’t be there too.

        I hope I made myself clear on that analogy.

        • Dongolo

          Selam haileTG. LOL. Are you trying to bolster the credibility of GIE? So concerned you now are with foreign occupation of Tigray, whilst for 20+years you did not give a hoot about TPLF illegal occupation of Badme. Instead, you chose the TPLF as your bedfellows in financial, strategic and military matters against Eritrea and her people.

          • haileTG

            Selamat Dongolo,

            We really need to have common/shared meanings to terminologies (as they are commonly understood) if we are to stop talking past each other.

            Yesterday you were using “treason” out of its basic and accepted definition. If a PFDJ General happens to be covertly working with TPLF, then yes treason is a charge you would be justified to use. Eritrean opposition are not loyal to Eritrean regime, thus they can not be charged as having betrayed a regime they didn’t have loyalty to. May be they have a different policy, that is that. But you keep saying treason as some sort of swear word, when in fact it is a well defined legalistic jargon.

            Now, again you say Eritrea was occupied for 20+ years. Wrong! A disputed territory is not occupation. There are tens and tens of countries around the world with disputed territories going on for decades. India/Pakistan; Russia/Japan; Ethiopia/Sudan….many more. Again, Eritrea is still sitting in disputed Ethiopian lands that were awarded to it for 20+ years. Disputed territories are settled by border mechanisms but in most cases they drag on because the rulings don’t get accepted by both parties. So, heck no, Eritrea was not occupied, only PFDJ airwaves were occupied by their delusional arguments. This is why nobody talks to IA. He is an idiot only good to speaking to his cult following. Also, read my comment above as regards to “unless invited or disputed territory”.

            So, the same advise goes for you. You are agreeing to something you would not in rational mind. If you believe Eritrea was occupied (not disputed territories of both parties) then prove that point. Otherwise, you would be red-herring despite the glaring truth.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam haileTH

            “Again you (Dongolo) say Eritrea was occupied for 20+ years. Wrong! A disputed territory is not occupation. There are tens and tens of countries around the world with disputed territories going on for decades. India/Pakistan; Russia/Japan; Ethiopia/Sudan….many more”

            1. – Haile: that is pure dishonesty on your part. for a whole century – from Menelik until Woyane (1900 -1998) there was never any ambiguity with regard to Ethio-Eritrean orders. None whatsoever. The map of Eritrea remained consistently the same for all those years.

            2. – “We didn’t go to war with Eritrea because of border dispute” Those are Meles Zenawi’s words. Don’t be defender of Tigray more than the Tigreans themselves.

            3. – But let’s assume you’re right, there was an honest border dispute. Well, the honest solution for an honest border dispute was to solve it per agreed upon colonial treaties and colonial boundaries – as it is clearly stated on the Charter of the African Union. But the Woyanes rejected the AU Charter and went into “we were administering it for so many years therefore it belong to us” argument – which is not an honest argument.

            4. – In 2000 Eritrea and Woyane’s Ethiopia agreed to solve their border dispute through the arbitration of a neutral body – per the colonial boundaries and colonial treaties (1900, 1902, 1908) – which both agreed the verdict to be final and binding.

            5. – The Woyanes rejected – in every practical sense – the EEBC border ruling and (a) they were sitting on sovereign Eritrean territories (b) they were resettling the areas awarded to Eritrea, with new Tigreans even after the EEBC border ruling.

            6. – “Eritrea is still sitting in disputed Ethiopian lands that were awarded to it for 20+ years.”

            That is a lie; a deliberate lie. But, but, but I want to learn. So please, please give me the names of the sovereign Ethiopian territories that Eritrea was sitting on for twenty plus years. I know you won’t because there are none; but I want to ask just for the benefit of our readers.

            7. – After the EEBC border verdict, the Ethio-Eritrea border was put to rest. The only thing that is left is putting physical markers at the border. And in this day in age, thanks to modern electronic gadgets, physical markers are not important – only law abiding good hart of a neighbor is needed. Our skies and our vast sea territories are clearly known to us and to the whole wide world; but they don’t have physical markers. And our land borders are no different.

            Semere Tesfai

          • haileTG

            Merhaba Semere,

            You know more than anyone how much we exhausted this debate long ago. I didn’t see you support my position when I argued it out with Haya A and Serray at the time. This tells me that in reality the territorial issue is not a big deal for you. You only move the goal post to suit how it helps to perpetuate IA or sabotage a just quest for democratic change in Eritrea. This is akin to how the regime supporters argued few years ago that advocating for Eritrean refugees was politicizing it to hurt Eritrea and now advocating for Eritrean refugees is a measure of patriotism! Sure they don’t give a hoot about refugees, just how it helps their pay master.

          • Abi

            You forgot to mention ( not purposely) one of your adversaries in your fierce debates that dragged for months regarding the illegal occupation of Badime. Amanuel Hidrat was on the reserve bench cheering for the home team.
            Hayat! Hayat! Hayat!…!…!..!….

          • haileTG

            Ay..ante gudegna! Min ale selam behon qenu:)

          • Abi

            ቀኑማ ሰላም ነው ::
            I dropped you off at the emergency room when Hayat knocked you out. You did not make it to the final round. It took you some time to recover. You dropped the case altogether after that.
            Your ( all ባድሜ ይመለስ ተሟጋቾች) were not well organized and properly coached unlike your opponents who were reading from the same book with AG ( Angel Gabriel) advising behind the scenes.
            ሰላም ያውለን ጌታው!

          • Hashela

            Haile TG

            Without a question, you are erring on this. TPLF occupied vast and fertile Eritrean territories after the EEBC verdict. About 2-3 months before he got shot in the forehead, Seyoum Mesfin openly admitted that TPLF was creating new settlement west and south of Badme. His justification? Because Eritrea is building houses in Tserono!

            And you wonder as to why the opposition has an huge acceptance issue? In contrast to the opposition, people see a difference between the regime they hate and their ancestral land they love so dearly and paid for it so much for so long.

          • haileTG

            Selam Hashela,

            Acceptance issue or not is really not a problem The regime has huge acceptance issue both among Eritreans and the world community. After all, IA has used the war to hang on to power against the backdrop of horrendous violence he inflicted on Eritrea. And, sure enough he is now leaving the country hanging to dear life by threads. But the key point here is that we can’t debate properly if we don’t have common references to basic terms and definitions. “treason”, “occupation”, “border dispute” and so forth are clearly understood terms. The sandal clad Junta from Adi Halo didn’t only turned our beautiful capital into a dilapidated ghost town, but he also raped the minds of so many bright Eritreans with so much potential. Speaking in standard language is a basic necessity to get on with normal life. More so in politics and diplomacy. Emotions and feelings are mutual, but the bottom line is that arguments lose sense and meaning when they are not grounded and properly encrypted to deliver the intended message.

          • Hashela

            Selam Haile TG

            With regard to the nature of the regime, I agree with you.

            When it comes the border, it is solved using precise legal terms and accurate geographic coordinates. In fact, Eritrea has one of the most precisely delineated and internationally recognized border to the south.

          • haileTG

            Hi Hashela,

            I think you lost me there. I am aware of the the border situation ( I spent many months/year or so debating it here back in those days), Dongolo is claiming that Eritrean opposition who worked with TPLF are guilty of Treason. I am saying not so. It is not a matter of preference, it just doesn’t apply. Again, we can’t say Eritrea is under occupation on account of an unresolved border dispute [from the point of TPLF’s non-compliance with the EEBC ruling) however we don’t like the situation. It is still considered disputed territories and spans 1000Km. So I have been pointing out to Dongolo that by clarifying his accusations, he is more likely to defeat my position – just helping out here.

          • Hashela

            Hi Haile TG

            “Again, we can’t say Eritrea is under occupation on account of an
            unresolved border dispute [from the point of TPLF’s non-compliance with the EEBC ruling)”.

            The verdict is legally binding and final. TPLF refused to hand over lands that was legally awarded to Eritrea. It was an occupation. TPLF paid a price for the refusal. I am sure you saw the gruesome pictures of Mesfin and co.

            There is one core principle that ought be to accepted by any Eritrean party. Eritrean sovereignty and territorial integrity, as defined by the international law and recognized by the UN.

          • haileTG

            Hi Hashela,

            The core principle you mention is beyond questions. In fact any party that plans to not stand for the nation’s territorial integrity should be shown the door faster than they come in. I take no pleasure in brutality, it is not the way forward and most Eritreans are decent and God fearing. I have never come across any Eritrean party that agreed to TPLF/Ethiopian position officially. At the same time, none had called on the then Ethiopian government to honor the final and binding rulings. But from hindsight, I don’t believe it would have made any difference for the regime supporters as it is getting clear now that they were playing us all along. They don’t give a hoot for the country. REALLY!

          • Hashela

            Dear Haile TG

            But we do care!

            If a crazy neighbor comes over to your house and claim your lovely and beautiful wife. You would pull your sword and perform a warrior dance!

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. You do not have to agree, accept or support a particular Government to commit treason against a State.

          • haileTG

            Hi Dongolo,

            Definition of treason

            1: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

            2: the betrayal of a trust : TREACHERY

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. You need to look beyond Merriam Webster’s definition:). Not everything is published in, nor conforms with the West or is predicated upon English Common Law. Anyways, you belong to the State of California, no?

          • haileTG


            OK then let’s consult Haile S’ fluent Tigrigna 🙂 The reason I am arguing this with you and also discussed “Ethnic cleansing” with the forum last time is that we need to stop, as a recent phenomenon culture, to utilize misnomer in political discourse. It may serve heated emotions well for the moment but doesn’t advance politics. #2 – Yes

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. Thanks but I don’t need to consult with Haile S, for at least to me, the matter is vividly clear.

          • Abi

            Hello Dongolo
            Big mistake !!!!!
            Haile TG was known for his fierce debate regarding the occupation of Badime. I and many in this forum are his witnesses.
            He thought PIA was using Badime as an excuse for his tyranny.
            Haile TG can correct me on this matter.

          • haileTG

            Thank you Sir!

          • Abi

            ገንዘብካ !

          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Dongolo,

            Do you admit that, according to various sources, Eritrean soldiers have been involved in the wanton killing and raping in Tigray?

            If so, in what way does this help Eritrean ‘sovereignty’?

          • Dongolo

            Selam Simon Kaleab. Yes and to be confirmed. Crimes against civilians are always unforgivable and shall be punishable to fullest extent of the law; there are simply no excuses.

  • haileTG

    Hello Awatista,

    Just to indicate how fast the rag was pulled from under the feet of PFDJ, yesterday one of the PFDJ stooges and big mouth in YPFDJ North America, Simon Tesfamariam was being interviewed by their friends at Black News. It was published today and in regards to EU sanctions, he says:

    “Whereas the UN sanctions were focused on Eritrea’s alleged war crimes in Tigray, the sanctions by the EU instead cited “human rights violations in Eritrea.” That’s because they were unable to come up with any evidentiary support for claims of Eritrean crimes in Tigray.”

    As saay shared this morning, just a day before PMAA confirmed Eritrean incursions into Ethiopia, another PFDJ stooge Yared Tesfay of UK Embassy wrote to a TV channel in the UK, challenging them to bring evidence of Eritrean presence in Tigray!

    The point is that when all is done and dusted, these individuals starting with Ghideon Abay, need to be persecuted for their part in ‘agitation’ and ‘support’ throughout the years, which must have contributed to as one of many factors, for what we are seeing and about to see now.

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haile TG,

      Wow! I couldn’t help it but weep at the middle of my reading. People left to be eaten by a hyena and and run over by a tank. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission deserves a credit. This report is going to be more than a weapon against Abiy No wonder, he was not himself at the parliament

      As per the sanction, it might just be to reinstate the previous one. It was lifted per Abiy’s request. It will take some time to research and discuss the UN the current atrocities. After every thing is said and done, I am afraid Ethiopia will be on the list.

      By the way, id I miss the sexual related crimes?

    • Bayan Negash

      Selam HaileTG and Aman,
      Let me take this opportunity to welcome you back, HaileTG. A much needed voice has appeared in the nick of time is what I thought when I first saw your entry.

      Back to this ominously dark report.

      One very difficult read that leaves one numb to the core not because the report hard to read but the thoroughness with which the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission delivered its mandate. It is way too damning of an indictment for anyone to ignore and a healthy undertaking for Ethiopia’s body-politic. A huge legal, moral, and ethical stain on all involved in general and for Ethiopia’s politician elites who not only invited the criminal enterprise but allowed it to continue its atrocities on innocent citizens of Ethiopia as it did. The Ethiopian leadership let their people down in their decision to invite a notorious criminal syndicate who has been holding Eritrea and Eritreans hostage since the inception of the nation.

      This report is coming from a friendly nation to Eritrea, however short lived that friendship. When an independent entity does its investigation, one could only anticipate far more dire and graver report that our region had seen. A regime that devours its own sons and daughters, one cannot expect anything less what it would do to a people from whom all of the highland Eritrea hails. Hard to fathom. Difficult to ascertain.

      • haileTG

        Merhaba Haw Beyan!

        Great to see you too! You’re right that my response to Aman Y got swallowed up by Disquis, I am just giving it some time in case AT pull it out from the ditch:)

        Ethiopian HRC is […] astounding for the fallacious allegations it peddles as well as timing. What is mind-boggling in this whole sordid affair is the variations/mutations the fabricated story has undergone in the past few weeks.. said the Eritrean regime today.

        It is interesting that the regime can’t notice how its claims have undergone from we are not in Ethiopia since it is Ethiopia’s internal affairs into No, the bodies were not eaten by hayna or the days and numbers of formal assessment doesn’t match with the one given earlier as an informal assessment without field investigation.

        Another interesting indication is that clearly PMAA can’t dismiss this report (as he has probably worked hard to make it securely tied to Eritrea). As he hasn’t responded yet (the next breaking news), I expect his response will be the first public distancing from the Eritrean regime. I am sure the reality would have been shown be much worse if they hadn’t redacted the atrocities of ENDF too. PMAA owes it to the office he holds and strongly condemn at least what has been shared in this report as an attack on the entire people of Ethiopia.

        • Bayan Negash

          merHaba HaileTG,

          Well, the big guns appear to have put the noose a little too tight on PMAA’s neck. Bloomberg is reporting that Eritrea agreed to withdraw effective immediately.

          “The government of Eritrea has agreed to withdraw its forces out of the Ethiopian border,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in a statement on Friday. “The Ethiopian National Defense Force will take over guarding the border areas effective immediately.”
          ©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

          • Barolle

            Selam Bayan Negash,

            I would like to contribute with another theory for Eritreas withdrawal, if you may.

            AA couldn’t handle the pressure from the big guns, as you put it. That lead AA to blame Eritrea and the army while essentially obsolving the Amhara militia and their federal forces from taking part in any unsavoury activities, more or less. Could that have ledd IA to leave AA to his faith? Just a theory.

          • Bayan Negash

            merHaba Barolle,

            That’s plausible scenario, too. If this scenario is taken to one of its logical ends, then, the regime in Eritrea would have to resort to something that it is a master at: create chaos in the neighboring countries. Switching alliances can be done on a fly with the man at the helm in Eritrea. He could be a real headache for Ethiopia via Sudan, for example, where there is a continuing clashes. Sudan Tribune has reported as recently as last Wednesday of such a clash between Ethiopia and Sudan. Word has it Ethiopian have pushed in close to 10 kilometers with many casualties between the two. So, this can be a very fertile ground for the regime in Eritrea.

            PMAA is under tremendous pressure from the EU, the Dutches, the UN – all pressing him to distance himself from Eritrea, it appears. Ethiopia’s-360 is now reporting that Ethiopian government was/is paying Eritrean soldiers salaries for their military service in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s-360 gives detailed figures based on the military ranking that Ethiopian government has been paying.

            The official letter from PMAA states that the bilateral relations with Eritrea will continue to be a neighborly one at the root of which is mutual trust and that they will continue to have strong economic ties. This, of course, could be diplomatic speak, but beneath this the fact remains PMAA is navigating one highly complicated political bombshell. Whether he will be able to make it through this one politically unscathed remains to be seen.

            Bottom line for Nsu is to create chaos and through that chaos create a new reality on the ground like he’s done in Tigray so that it is very difficult to undo. He will create another headache for the region if PMAA tries to put him under the bus. The letter that

          • Barolle

            Selam Beyan Negash,

            Very well put! The whole Tigray state is a war zone and TDF were reportedly pushing in successfully. The Ethiopian air strikes lacks precision and failed to suppress them, which explains their success since they’re well versed on the terrains, not to mention formidable on the ground.

            We then also have OLF activities that may gain momentum. All and all, it won’t be easy for AA, which is perhaps stating the obvious.

          • Abi

            Hello Barolle
            You got the audacity to put “TDF”and “formidable” in the same breath. I’m sure you are not talking about the TDF that miraculously run 700 KM in two weeks backwards.
            Rumor has it the leftover members of “flying” TDF are suffering from neck injuries due to the high speed የነፍስ አድን ሩጫ. The only thing formidable here is the neck breaking speed they were able to achieve. 0-700 in two weeks!!!
            Any idea what kind of gas they used/ released in their Paris-Dakar version of race?

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Abi,

            I wouldn’t even compare their formidability to the trio Did you follow AA’s reporting. He asked for protection guarantee for his life As you he doesn’t care about the people. AA also reported the EDF alone . I would suggest to deploy UN Peace keepers as a buffer.

            By the way I Admire your dedication. How about adding Info. sharing to your list. The Ministry of information is vacant. As AA is desperate, you could help as the Minister of info. please Help us put some moral senses Minister Yemane G.Michael. I suspect your trip for an orientation.

            Sent with gentle effect,.

          • Abi

            I appreciate your vote of confidence. However, I have to humbly decline the position since I have already accepted another important position, Governor of አሰብ ራሥ ገዝ.

          • Hashela


            For your people, the new “Assab” is Wolkait and Tzegede. With a restive Tigray, forget all roads that go through the heart land of the latter and connect Eritrea and Ethiopia.

          • Abi

            Hello Hashela
            You and I have already discussed and approved this trade route.
            I believe the gate is called ኦም ሃጃር.
            Correct me if I butchered the name.

          • Barolle

            Hey Abi,

            I was occupied and couldn’t reply. Your ability to add humor to such serious things is a talent, I’ll give you that much.

            Based on that they lack modern equipment and keep advancing the way they do, I’d say it means they’re capable. I think you agree deep down, but would never say it.

            I will refrain from taking sides, or the like…… for now. 😁

          • Hashela

            Hi Barollo

            I agree with you. Without Abi, this forum would lack humor and entertainment and would be mainly populated by boring “ወያኒ ኣፍቃሪ ኤሪትራዊ” to use one of the countless, memorable phrases of Abi.

          • Barolle

            Hi Hashela,

            Your comment about Abi finally released him from AA. His ego got so huge he temporarily floated away to another planet. Fetari ymesgen! Well done Hashela 👏🏾✔😁😁😁

          • haileTG

            Hey Abi,

            Is this how the US and EU got PMAA to wear his political mask properly?


          • Hashela

            Haile TG

            the US seem to do a better job in enforcing rules and regulations abroad than at home

          • Abi

            ምነው ዛሬ ያለወትሮህ ግራ ገባህ ?
            The USA and EU are trying to unmask him while USSR and China encouraged him to keep his mask.
            ይህን ነገር የተገላቢጦሽ ማንበብ ተወኝ አላልኩም?

            I like to see this kind of enforcement in Ethiopia ASAP.

          • Bayan Negash

            Bro, this is hilarious if it didn’t border to the brutal side in the way people just take it in and follow orders. A little whack goes a long way. I was just observing those who saw the whacking, they found their masks at a lightning speed. My daughter couldn’t stop from laughing, of course, she is 17, that’s very telling.

          • haileTG

            Mehaba Bayan,

            Since PMAA is officially a flip flop, let’s pay attention to his word “agreed to withdraw”?? So, Eritrea did actually invade northern Ethiopia from the sound of it. How far is it going to withdraw? And what does it mean “first trust based people to people relationship between Tigray and Eritrea” on his PR?? Thanks to him that will take another century.

            Please help us decipher this brother.


          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Selamat HaileTG
            Which means they will change uniform.
            “if you fool me once shame…”

          • Abi

            It will be the most beautiful thing to see the የቁርጥ ቀን ደራሽ Eritrean army in Ethiopian uniform.
            May be it is time to perform joint military training, ቅኝት , intelligence gathering, mission, … in all sections of the military. Air Force, Ground Force, Navy, …

          • haileTG

            Hey RA,
            Good idea, but not easy. Protection of Tigray civilians is something being discussed at NATO. There will be monitors and if IA steps anywhere nearby, he will be crashed with a million tons train.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Hi HaileTG,
            I don’t believe NATO/anyone will choose to make military interference about it, not only Tigray but anywhere in the Africa region. I believe there is also an allegation of the use of a cluster bomb in the area, which is very serious. IA, knows what the international community can/can’t do, because Eritrea was in the receiving end.
            @disqus_OpSl7Ee8sN:disqus Navy is already established they undertaking training in Baherdar, I don’t know which island they gone be sharing, I don’t think it’s Hanish.

          • haileTG

            HI RA,

            The next move as per US demand is ceasefire. There is going to be some kind of monitoring [read military boots on the ground]. Could be peace keepers, but the US is always present in the shadows as in Somalia. We still are not sure how/what blowback Eritrea is going to get out of this one.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            I think they can achieve/enforce a ceasefire, not sure about peacekeeper but the USA shadow idea is appealing.

            Have you had the chance to look at the monster ship that got stuck?
            The lineup will reach Massawa if the sea tide is not gone rise. I think they meant to use the anchor to free the ship, instead, they are trying to dig.


            inviting you all to the below link
            Dr Shashi Tharoor MP – Britain Does Owe Reparations

          • Bayan Negash

            Thank you RA for sharing the youtube link. This is what I love about this forum. It brings infinite stuff of interest. I watched. Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s fantastic debating skills. However, when he was challenged by Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, who flipped the issue on India’s atrocities in Kashmir, Dr. ST chose defensive posturing – classic case of what any hegemonic power does. The doctor certainly didn’t expect such a bitter medicine that took him to seek refuge in the political trenches of nationalistic position. Here it is:


            This place addicting, I better leave now.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Thank you Gash Bayan for the link. I cant wait to pass that link to my intellect Indian friend.
            The ability to acknowledge a wrong that has been done to simply say sorry will go a far far longer way than ..

          • Bayan Negash

            You’re welcome, RA. There, indeed, is more than one side to any story, eh. Hope your “Indian intellect friend” won’t side with the good doctor and that he will be receptive to the idea of abuse of political power needing not be applicable only when it is done by European outsiders. That internal abuses, which we have been seeing in our region, should be looked at with the same lens that we see it when it’s done to us.

          • Bayan Negash

            Selamat HaileTG,

            I know when you embark on something with passion you come up with original ideas for the forum to think about outside the norm. Indeed, I seem to recall before the medemer approach to politics there was the love approach a la HaileTG. I wish that was made into an article, so it would’ve been easy to revisit, which I wanted to do, but it’s tucked under DISQUS archives somewhere. Seeing love as a tool for equity in politics as opposed to war and mayhem of the current approach it seems to me is what we need. We already have it in our tradition – the goodness of heart tradition – be it in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, etc. I know you can probably come up with a book size idea on this critically important topic.

            At any rate, we have to thread the conversation terrain ever so gently here. The PR of our virtual house (here that is) supersedes the real PR between the two-top so-called leaders in our region. On the former I am thinking of our own Abi because nobody beats his biting humor. As I’m penning this there is the residue of my laughter lingering after seeing the link he shared in the other thread- it’s hilarious. Had to save that link to induce my kids into appreciating physics.

            On Trust and Mistrust in Politics

            Now, to trust and mistrust in politics and its attendant consequences are far too consequential for it to be a subject matter only for this forum. Amanuel Hidrat’s passion lies in this arena, he will probably be far more equipped to address it than I am. For whatever its worth, here is my two cents.

            The trust and its flip side (mistrust) are age old issue our region has never been able to appropriately tackle. We are suffering as a result of it and we will continue to do so until we get a grasp of it. Our history (I am including Ethiopia here) is replete of one historical figure who dominates the political landscape must emasculate the rest of its own region, a region that could’ve been living in peace and harmony, it matters not. Our deeply entrenched positions on those who are loyal to a certain political climate and their composition based on the imaginary and those who are against it tend to feed into the frenzy of fear and mistrust, albeit of the unknown. So, it’s down spiral of epic proportions is where it goes from there.

            The TPLF mistrust and fear of being made politically irrelevant made them feel being cornered to the wall, most of which was, arguably, in the figment of their imagination. So, they opted to preemptively strike not realizing that could as well have been a trap calculated politically, most likely, by our evil genius in Eritrea. TPLF took the bait and the rest is as we are witnessing now untold deaths and displacement of the innocent. Couldn’t TPLF, for example, have said, we’ve gotten enough out of the nation by being the political honchos for 27 years. Now, let us take care of our people as we function within the emerging wave of the leadership taking over the country. When the mistrust and fear kick in our reptilian part of our brain is hard at work choosing to fight or flight instead of giving it enough distance to objectively assess the situation.

            Your assertion that references Abiy Ahmed’s notion of “first trust-based people to people relationship between Tigray and Eritrea…Thanks to him that will take another century” is spot on. I just hope and trust it won’t take us that long to make amends. So, the PR on people to people would have to come precisely from the average people to people doing what they do and what they did to live in a neighborly manner that dates back for ages.

            The PR of the politicians relying on trust between two individual leaders, on the other hand, would never work. Isn’t that what happened in the field of Eritrea – a brother killing a brother. A sister killing a sister so it can dominate the landscape. Isn’t that what happened in 1998 – the trust between the two leaders fell apart, what took place thereafter continues to haunt us to this day. What happened back last November was nothing but the assumption of politicians attempting to out-do one another. Any agreement needs to be official, one that follows clear protocols. Short of that, the public will continue to suffer and pay the brunt of the politicians stupidities.

          • haileTG

            Thanks Brother Bayan, what a great read, it is something we need during these dark days. We need tolerant and broad minded people such us yourself more than any time now. Thanks for reminding me about my Heart vs Mind debate some time back. Look at the mess we end up in when we are obsessed with limited mentation as opposed to principles that flow from the depth of the heart. Having a heart doesn’t allow for the kind of ruthlessness we are witnessing right now. It wouldn’t allow for the continuation of the horrors that the Eritrean people going through through denials and dogged support to a bankrupt regime. Hopefully, we get to renew our discussion on this sometime; because the heart is ever fresh, ever truthful and always not wanting of its own.

            Thanks again,

          • Bayan Negash

            Kbret yihabellay ezi Hawway! Speaking of “the [depth] of the heart.” Haben Girma killed it when she gave an apt response to those who were making impish comments about her inability to see and hear inability to talk all along forgetting that she has that heart with infinite reservoir and that’s exactly what she said: “I have a heart” with which she could see, assess, evaluate, and take positions on behalf of the unfortunate people of Tigray and Eritrean refugees who are caught in the midst of yet another senseless war.

            Another must see, watch, and listen with all one’s heart is an interview Yoel of Fanus Network did with an Eritrean activist out of Canada. What a fellow! My plan is to watch it again. I am no fun of watching interviews longer than half an hour. This one must be the longest one of them all – over an hour. I finished it in one session. I plan to watch it over the weekend. It will be worth everyone’s while.


          • Abi

            Hello Bayan
            Now that is what ራእሢ አቢ calls የንጉሥ ብይን/ብያኔ!

          • Bayan Negash

            እሶዎ ከ በየኑት ሌላ ብይንም ኣያስፈልግም::
            እግዚሄር ይስጥልኝየኔ ጌታ

          • Abi

            አብሮ ይስጠን ጌትዬ
            “ስምን መልአክ ያወጣዋል ” ይላሉ አበው::

          • Aman Y.

            ይቅርታ ጌቶች

            No wonder you declined the position. You will have all the power to make decisions. On your way to Assab to be Crowned in Addis, please visit my late girl friends family in ደሴ: በወልዲያ ታጥፈህ በኮምቦልቻ አልፍ ስትል ደሴን ገርመው የሚባል ህንጻ ታገኛለህ፤ መንጌ ሳይ ጨርሰው ሄዶ ነው። Her family is from Tgray. I hope she is better off witnessing the genocide. Saay may also need you to deliver a message from GiE.
            As of today all treaties including Assab will be signed by the GiE.

            A Boleyan politician is a rear to meet in Addis. I never met one except high ranking military officials. Kazanchis through እንደራሴ፤ አዋሬ በሚስማር ፋብሪካ፤ አራት ኪሎ እስከ አፍንጮ በር። was where politicians spring from. Dr.Daniel Bekele is from Aware. I hope people believe his reports. He said he is short handed and his budget only four million Birr. I know him as a very principled person. He is also known for not signing when EPRDF asked him to sign and get released from prison when he was Birtukan Demeksas lawyer.