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Government in Exile: Eritrean Integrative Discourse

Over the last three decades Eritreans have tried to unify themselves by creating alliances or creating a new organization. Though some people may have not been considerate, no one can undermine the efforts done by Diaspora Eritreans. But there has been confusions on what our role should be on this endeavor. The divisions and aspirations are idealistic, but they needed pragmatic approach to be solved. Eritreans should work for unity by identifying their unifying purposes. After all, our main problem now is how to get unified. That is where Eritrean Government Peace Commission in Exile gets involved.

Greg Sartell on his how protests become successful social movements writes that, “throughout history, social movements –small groups that are loosely connected but united by a shared purpose have created transformational change.”

The Eritrean struggle for change, can only succeed if it solves the problems in an integrative approach. Awate team has initiated the EGiE project not only as a uniting agenda but as a measurable goal to bring Eritreans together. The EGiE is believed to be a means to achieve and aquire the aspirations of the Eritrean people. The question is, do the stakeholders: Social movements , the Media, Civic societies  and Religious leaders, political and the EGiE know their terms of references.

In his connecting the dots presentation Professor  Mohamed Beshir  illustrates the ideal scenery  of governmental roles on a concentri cirle diagram. The outer most of larger crust represents the people and their roles. 1) Peoples’ Movements, demonstrations, elections, etc. The area (donut) between each consecutive concentric line defines the terms of references or for each sector to play in the government. 2) Media, Civic, religious, advocacy, trade, think-tank, etc., 3) Political Parties: Two or more parties, 4) Governing Body: Ruling/elected political officials, 5) Government: Public

That means one can not serve as civic and act individual at the same time or you can not be a media and civic at the same time. “No dual citizenship”.  Not knowing our roles  in the struggle  has been one of the setbacks  for the opposition. Now, to make the struggle successful, the integrative goal should be to set EGIE as priority.

Eritrea is at a crucial time, people should take a risk to trust each other in unity for the sake of other people. ንክንሰማማዕ ንሰማማዕ!!   The writer suggests an integrative approach to close the gap between Eritrean organizations and politicians.

Integrative reconciliation is relational cross-links representing new relationships between new concepts and existing conceptual structure. Thus, integrating new concepts entails reconciling new information with the old information.  An integrative approach to building participation involves several steps: Linking an organization’s participation-building activities to its core values and purpose by choosing participation goals that support that purpose. Integrative thinking is the ability to face constructively the tension of opposing ideas. And, instead of choosing one at the expense of the other, generate a creative resolution of the tension in the form of a new idea that contains elements of the opposing ideas but superior to each. An integrative discourse does not offer specific recipes or mandates for action, but instead opens spaces for new inquiries and new ways. The integrative argumentation takes a step further, as not all the considered arguments lead to the same conclusion. In this case, more nuanced thinking and weighing of the arguments is needed to draw conclusion. Integrative negotiation—also called integrative bargaining, interest-based bargaining or win-win bargaining—is a negotiation strategy in which the involved parties work together to find a solution that satisfies the needs and concerns of each. Integrative goal (shared purpose)

Bayto will add Enough to PFDJ’S government and Yes to the Eritrean Government in Exile slogan (ይአክል! ጭርሖ) mobilize change seekers to collaborate and create grassroot chapters and transform Eritrean community through the slogan, Yiakl PFDJ! and Yes to EGiE! We would rather argue our differences, political ideology, and hierarchy later.

EGiE/EPRiE will recognize and agree to each other and focus on problem-solving, not advancing a partisan agenda or a particular ideology.

One of EGiE/ EPRiE duties would be to help define the roles and limits each one in the struggle. It should serve as a solution for the confused state we are in.

EGPCiE is expected to work independently to reach out and help narrow gaps and work to resolve conflicts and help reconciliations.

EGPCiE to help Eritreans reconcile differences and work for united purpose. Know the politics of the politics of give and take, avoid issues or problems because others have made them matters of partisan dispute, and learn to forgive each other.

EGiEl” in collaboration with others will work on the renaissance of independence spirit. Use the knowledge of Eritrean Ex- high officials, military officers, and opposition political parties. Use the knowledge of Eritrean Ex-high officials, military officers, and opposition political parties to help the new ideas and efforts put forth to give it credibility and share their long experience of opposition activities in Diaspora and link the Eritrean Government in Exile with their connections and community influence.

Eritrean Peace Commission in Exile recognizes that Ato Saleh Younis’ and group has reinitiated the setting of the EGiE, which Ato Herui Tedla and his group had worked and made progress before fifteen years. The new initiative will be built on that foundation. (አልጊብካ ምህናጽ). EGPiE suggests Ato Saleh Younis to lead the provisionally and Ato Herui Tedla to work as high-level advisor and lead one of the very important roles he deems he should work on. This must be done ASAP.

EPRiE will conduct democratic nonpartisan elections. In nonpartisan elections, each candidate for office is eligible based on her or his own merits rather than as a member of a political party. No political affiliation (if one exists) is shown on the ballot next to a candidate.

EGiE will appoint executive officers to be approved by EPRiE.

The president will be elected within 6 months. Each political party, civic or individual will present a candidate. Every elected must give up his/her organization and be solely for EGiE. The elected will be accountable to the EPRiE.

Suggested action items for “EGiE”

  1. 1. Coordinate our diplomatic activities; Work on diplomacy with neighboring countries governments around like Ethiopia, other countries, US representative and their opposition parties, civic and media.
  2. 2. Condemn all forms of agreements that the dictatorial regime of Eritrea enters with any foreign government or
  3. 3. Call on the Eritrean defense and security forces to stand with their people and be an instrument in charting the democratic change for
  4. 4. Work earnestly in the development and application of a common transitional

EGiE to solicit support from international media, NGO, government officials, influential Eritrean and friends of Eritreans around the globe. The Ethiopian government through its embassy should be approached to sever its ties with Isaias through media and diplomacy.  Isaias can only be defeated with a crisis impacted situation. The closer of the Sudan boarder was the crisis which forced him to make amends with Ethiopia.

EGiE/EPRiE/EPCiE Support and empower Eritrean religious leaders to challenge the government’s injustice supporters and call for repentance and reconciliation. Work on diplomacy with neighboring countries governments around like Ethiopia, other countries, US representative and their opposition parties, civic and media.

EGiE/EPRiE to respond to the general public’s fear of failure and the uncertainty to handle and save the victory post Isaias by building a plan and capacity to survive the Victory by unifying all justice seekers with a dynamic strategy to and create or find common goals to unify Eritrean Political and civics and come up with policies reflective of its diversity in Gender, Religion, Age, etc.

EGiE/EPRiE to identify and support active oppositions and encourage the passive change seekers. The new PFDJ converts should empower not undermine the opposition people who have been invested for decades in the movement. All the new participants of the change should try to be fuels to the fire and accelerate the existing momentum and create a force to push the regime off the cliff. Erode the support of Isaias in our community and garner support from all areas: Media, influential people (Eritrean and friends of Eritreans)

The “Yiakl! May have been stretching more than it ought to be and try to handle civic, media, political party and that is where the EGiE, EPCiE and other initiatives will come to take the load of and create dynamism to the struggle. EGiE, EPCiE  will build on the foundation set  by all Eritreans justice seekers in the past over 30 years. አልጊብካ ምህናጽ!

Non-partisan democracy – Wikipedia
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Non-partisan democra


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  • Reclaim Abyssinia

    Dear all,
    Please see a copy of draft3 of the proposed process. https://ibb.co/dggDzp1
    A couple of Questions.
    So far the comments I received found it to be valuable, any further comments is welcome.
    Is there some information about the progress or updates from the team?

    • Aman Y.

      Selamat Reclaim,

      Sorry for the late reply. I like it very much, lets what NTT would say. On my part I have a few comments and we are working on organizing peace/negotiation team.

      1.Mufti and Abune involvement on the Mediation/Negotiation can hopefully happen after IA. For now, Sheik or Priest in addition to some politically seasoned elderly and young professionals will do the Eritrean Peace/Negotiation Commission.

      2 The life of the two blocks as organizations doesn’t stop or it could be for the life of Eritrea. From my understanding only the executives of B1 and B2 are candidates, and whoever is elected will become non partisan and be part of the GiE while the rest will go to back work through their parties, there should be a quota here.

      3. Depending on the numbers, any other new blocks will be urged to negotiate and work with the two afro mentioned blocks. If they still want to have their own, GiE will recognize them depending on the qualifiers.

      4. We have Eritrean people movements , civics, media, religious institutions which my want to stay independent and keep their identity as swell.

      5.taken from the above post, ” the ideal scenery of governmental roles on a concentric circle diagram. The outer most of larger crust represents the people and their roles. 1) Peoples’ Movements, demonstrations, elections, etc. The area (donut) between each consecutive concentric line defines the terms of references or for each sector to play in the government. 2) Media, Civic, religious, advocacy, trade, think-tank, etc., 3) Political Parties: Two or more parties, 4) Governing Body: Ruling/elected political officials, 5) Government: Public”

      Keep up the good work.

  • Aman Y.

    Selam all,

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarch’s video has grabbed the attention of everyone, every media you turn on is discussing him. I pray we do not say. deja vu, IA has been a bad influence. I wonder why the the Ethiopian catholic cardinal kept quite. The Eritrean Catholic Bishop told his members not to buy loots from Tigray, at the beginning of the war. What say you?

    • haileTG

      Selamat AY,

      Good topic for Sunday. Here is a response from the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It sure looks deja vu, especially when you hear on this link the patriarch being accused of being under demonic influence.


      Doesn’t this show you that religion is something that should be kept firmly out of politics?

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hailat,

        Until Aman gets back to you with his answer, let me try to give my perspective religion vis-vis politics in general and the humanitarian issue as an effect of war in particular.

        First as a conceptual principle, religion should not interfere in the mechanics of politics of a nation. They can only interfere when their religious rights are abrogated by the ruling class and when politics are used for purposes of ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is their moral obligation to defend the lives of innocent citizens that has nothing to do with the wars.

        Now, the Tigray people are facing all kinds of abuses including massacres of religious people in their churches and young kids below ages to deplete Human Resources of the Tigray region. In such scenario the Patriarch has moral obligation to condemn the evil acts of the army and their leaders. The inhumane acts of politics and their war machine must be condemned by all human beings and all religious denominations. Therefore, the Patriarch as a religious leader is doing the right thing. This is my take on the issue you have raised.


        • haileTG

          Merhaba Aman,

          What you said about the people of Tigray is true and the way they are fighting back and standing for their principles merits huge admiration.

          Speaking of religious institutions, there has never been a recorded history where they ventured into the affairs of the world and made any positive contribution. Although, such is true across all religions, we can narrow down to the Christian denominations. In truth, they have always been found complicit in holocaust, genocide, racism, residential school systems of native children, wars, oppressions you name it. Their originally intended role is to organize and nurture spiritual growth and affinity to God. The latter, i.e. God, means universality, while identity means separation. Universality is attained through peace and identity is maintained through violence. There is nothing good in the world, all is born out of self seeking, therefore evil.

          It would appear, in the eyes of men, profitable to have the influential and powerful to be on own side. Yet, that is far from the test of righteous path in the troubled world. Take for example the Eritrean Orthodox Church and their refusal to hold last rites for the victims of Lampedusa. This is because they identified with the brick and mortal of the church edifice and not with the spiritual edifices that are the body and blood of Christ. God’s peace is not the same as man’s peace, it is founded on God’s truth and God’s love is not the same as man’s love. It is founded on selfless sacrifice, forgiveness, the washing of one’s enemies feet and prayer for the well being of one’s killers – “…father, forgive them for they not know what they do”. It is the very opposite of what the world and man stands for. So, how could religion be relevant to the world? That is a deep question, because it is not of the world.

          When the spiritual teaching says deny the world, it means have no interest in it whatsoever. Don’t condemn it, don’t support it, don’t mind it. It is not easy proposal in the world, it is not an easy proposal for those seeking themselves in created things. If you listen to interviews of Helen Berhane, the Eritrean protestant singer who was jailed by the regime of IA, and really listen to her days in jail, none of the violence on her physical body and mind meant much for her. She was singing, praising, upbeat and filled with joy and grace. It is easy to expect her to break down and be scarred for life. Far from it. She is now well educated, humanitarian, singer and teacher of the gospel. As you see, the world and the spiritual life have nothing in common, they mutually reject each other and want or expect nothing from one another. This is why I think it would be best for the growth of the world and the religion side by side, it is best for them to stay out of each others dealings, the gaps can not be breached.

          I am sure the people of Tigray will be victorious soon and they have given enough indications to that effect.

      • Saleh Johar

        Ethiopia has always been a theocracy and many supposedly educated people do not even attempt to reform that. They are preoccupied with ethnic politics laced with bigotry and theocracy.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    It is interesting that the US envoy is very tight lips on the progress of his efforts. It seems that he has met all the parties: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Dr. Debretsion and Mr. Seraqi Tsahli.

    From longer term calculations, who stands to benefit from Eritrean withdrawal? IA is messed either way. Both Ethiopian and TDF longer term ambition seem to benefit from a further weakened IA by bogging him down on costly and useless conflict. How do Awatista evaluate the case?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Hailat,

      Here is my assessment: the reason why the US envoy is tight lipped on their diplomatic talk with the despot is because:-

      (a) DIA is not trustworthy to any agreement. So they will hold their talking point and whatever common understanding they have reached on their talking point.

      (b) They might agreed an undeclared withdrawal of the Eritrean forces from Ethiopia to avoid losses while retreating.

      (c) Since Abiy’s government can not hold together the country and his government can not survive without the Eritrean military force (EDF) and Eritrean security force, they are arranging his exit for exile with his families like Mengstu Hailemariam.

      (d) while securing his exit, they are arranging the custody of the state with the top military brass until they bring the political forces to a round table talk for forming a transitional government.

      What do you think, Hailat?


      • haileTG

        Hey Aman,

        The problem with that scenario seems that it still can’t address the following entangled conflicts:

        i – TDF vs Ethiopian Federal state

        ii – Amhara – Oromo conflict

        iii – TDF – Eritrea conflict

        iv – Eritrea – Ethiopia conflict [post current conflict because Eritrea has committed crimes against Ethiopians under the cover of supporting PMAA]

        Now, to assume Ethiopian military leaders [part of the problem] would resolve all these via transitional set up seems too much to hope for. It also leaves Eritrea unscathed which will be almost impossible to imagine [IA regime will likely pay heavily – possibly with its survival].

  • Aman Y.

    Selam Haw Saay and All,

    A few years ago Dr. Asefaw Tekeste was one of the presenters and said there was a social democrats with in EPLF. At the same podium Dr. Tricia Harper was rooting for socialism can still work as long as it is the right one. Can someone enlighten us on this, especially those from the Gedli.

    The difference between authoritarian socialist and democratic socialist states is with the first representing the Soviet Bloc and the latter representing Western Bloc countries which have been democratically governed by socialist parties such as Britain, France, Sweden and Western social-democracies in general, among others.

    SAAY, I still suggest for your team to deal only with the two blocks.
    Let each block deal with like of the Afar activist. He will of course work with whoever accepts referendum on their program. I do not understand the problem of Arabic-Tigrinya as *OFFICIAL* languages though. The political parties will have the obligation to reach more people and organizations for membership.

    In line with Integrative approach, l had suggested to set up a peace commission to help Eritrean together. At this time I think a negotiating team would work better now. I still suggest each block to it offers the organizations choices for the agreements in a series sequential steps as follows. As an example if organization is not ready, but entertains the idea of joining Block B, it will sign an agree to agree contract to be documented. But instead buys the idea and would like to merge, it will abandon its identity(name Federal ID) and joins Block Band vise versa.

    1. Agree to agree-ንምሰማማዕ ምስምማዕ

    2. Agree to negotiate-ንምዝታይ ምስምማዕ

    3. Affiliation- ንምድግጋፍ ምስምማዕ

    4. Partnership-ንሓቢርካ ምስራሕ ምስምማዕ

    5. Merge አብ ሓደ ንምጥርናፍ ምስምማዕ

    This will help save time and energy. Somebody help with Tigrigna translation.

    Keep up the good work


    • saay7

      Selamat Aman;

      You wrote

      “SAAY, I still suggest for your team to deal only with the two blocks. Let each block deal with like of the Afar activist. He will of course work with whoever accepts referendum on their program. I do not understand the problem of Arabic-Tigrinya as *OFFICIAL* languages though. The political parties will have the obligation to reach more people and organizations for membership.”

      Agreed. In this case, the Afar activist would find a home in Bloc 1 because its charter clearly articulated a decentralized form of government whereas Bloc 2, in the 1997 constitution which it says is the correct path says Eritrea is a unitary state and the relationship between center and administrative areas will be so defined within this context.

      Similarly with official languages. Bloc 1 says absolutely. Meanwhile, Bloc 2, beginning as recently as with the 1997 constitution and as early as its political congresses never acknowledged official languages opting for “all languages are equal”

      The differences are real and issues based. Rather than acknowledging them and creating political coalitions on those basis and presenting them to the people, some of our political organizations have chosen to be vanilla flavors, yielding space on the issues (particularly the culture issues) to fringe groups.

      This is what the NTT and eventually the GiE hopes to address.

      And thank you for your support.


  • Aman Y.

    Selam Haw SAAY

    So, tell us how your Eureka moment went? It took me a few showers to understand the two school thoughts idea.

    Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka!” — or “I have it!” in Greek after he found a way to prove the kings crown was not all gold. That finding made him to be the best scientist through out history, at least in his era.

    GiE with the two blocks idea is very thoughtful and achievable project, except the time constraint. I believe a memorandum of understanding between the two blocks would be a win for NTT, at this moment. If you do more, that would be exceptional. This is a complex undertaking which usually takes years. አጆኩም!

    • saay7

      Selamat Aman:

      I am not sure I had an Eureka moment. In fact I am sure I didn’t:)

      I have now heard from several officials, from ELF and EPLF background expressing disbelief of such a thing as a school of thought. On TV, both Herui T Bairou and Mengesteab Asmerom denied there is or was such a thing. I guess it is only us the supporters of the fronts who were consuming all their periodicals, political programmes and charters and took them seriously.

      Try to meet with any Afar activist and try to sell him a political blueprint that doesn’t have the phrase “self-rule” and good luck to you. Meanwhile, try selling Arabic-Tigrinya as *OFFICIAL* languages to someone who stays true to EPLF ideology and good luck to you. As the political elite try to abandon the position of their constituent foe the sake of fake unity, they keep losing their constituents to fringe groups.

      Yes you are right. It will take a lot longer than I already envisioned but it is so worth it.


      • Aman Y.

        Selam Haw SAAY,

        Saving a part of an old house when building a new house saves you tens of thousands. The reason is the new code doesn’t apply to the new building due to the small part saved. They call it is grand fathered construction or some thing like.

        Now, my Eureka moment was when I thought you did not need to do all or some of what you said you did. And I was literally taking a shower when I thought about this

        My advice at the moment would be to drop the school of thought, but still deal with the two distinct blocks. Have the two blocks sign a memorandum of understanding acknowledging and adopting GiE.

        Bringing Eritreans starting from Citizens, Civic …Parties etc. would be accomplished through the two blocks and their affiliate. They will have different relationship levels for each entity to start and develop it up or keep it the same. But they will at least agree to agree, by the way all these are documentable and can be used to support in the court of law. .

        Improve the process flow chart Reclaim Abyssinia made for GiE. In line with Integrative approach, l would suggest it offers the organizations choices for the agreements in a series sequential steps as follows:

        1. Agree to agree-ክምትሰማማዕ ምስምማዕ

        2. Agree to negotiate-ትሰማማዕ ምዝታይ

        3. Affiliation- ሕውነታዊ ማሕበር

        4. Partnership ዋንነት ሓባር

        5. Merge አብ ሓደ ምጥርናፍ

        This will help save time and energy. Somebody help with Tigrigna translation.

        Keep up the good work

      • Kaddis

        Selam selam Saay –

        Imagine if the federalist and the Unitarian school of thought accepted each other in Ethiopia? Specially while one side was strong enough to lead the conditions ( probably last years of Meles). Or 2018 Abiy, the doggy Unitarian, when he had the support of the Universe. Now it’s a stalemate in hell.

        But one reminder, my reason to comment, – people think the West likes to see a negotiated government formed in Africa. Wrong. Part of me knows in 2005 Ethiopia could have a negotiated government after a fairly democratic election. The West messed it up pushing one side to revolt while knowing Meles’s strength and tendency to be violent, urge to consolidate power etc… Later Meles was made a global statesman without enough push to negotiate with his opponents including the unitary camp, OLF and Shabia. He fell for the West trap.

        The West likes one weak head of government with not much core support base so that they can squeeze one weak guy. The like of Abiy the Musevini types (Bobby who? lol) … They want one winner. Not a government of Debrestion, Jawar and Abiy or Birhanu vetted response for their exploiting demands.
        So – build the coalition government in exile ( love the government part cause its shaking many) with what works for Eritrea; recognising and representing the diversity and the school of thoughts.

        The moment the West see you seriously – they will pick a side – make you offers, that will eventually make you compromise the other side, creates vulnerability, intimidation and fight, splits etc. Your strategy should be to get the West support while resisting the push to create a strong man among you. Its doable.

        You should be proud for elevating Eritrean elites diversity to the school of thoughts, they can just alien to the school of thought rather than a need to join an organisation; you are making it easy for all. More power to you Saay.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Kaddis,

          “ recognising and representing the diversity and the school of thoughts.”

          The above statement is a crucial idea that could transform the Eritrean politics. However, the concept “diversity” always brings a cacophony of reactions of all sorts. The rejectionist to “diversity and fair share” are the dominant force with its base. It also reflects in the social bases of the regime. Those conflicting views brew mistrust among the forces in the opposition camp. So despite the good intention of the “Task Force” to transform our politics, it is very difficult to overcome the hurdles to materialize the project. I am one from the supporters and promoters of GIE. But for various reasons the resistance to it is very stiff with my encounters. I hope the prospect is better from the TF side.


        • saay7

          Selamat Kaddis:

          Always a pleasure to hear from you.

          Put another way, it’s the conflict of visions between the Unitarians and de-centralizes; Nation Staters and Multi-nation staters. Within the Eritrean context, each vision has its pluses and minuses, which is how it should be, and it should be debated. But for that to happen, we need to have the political leaders actually stand behind their political programs.

          In the case of Ethiopia, I don’t know when the Unitarians will learn that their vision can only be enforced using guns and mythology.


  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    The PBS program, aired yesterday, had one curious point. It was more of a confirmation
    of what saay once said here about the letter of the recommendations by CoIE was
    mysteriously disappeared into a black hole somewhere around the US
    administration’s seat of office.

    The documentary on PBS said that “for unknown reasons, senior officials
    of the US administration stopped the next step.”

    It is well known that the US administration is the main culprit in scuttling
    the momentum of the CoIE. But, was it planned all along or a decision was made
    later to kill the process for that time at least? Listening in closely, it
    seems it was a premeditated step. It was never meant to be pushed further than
    the investigation. Sadly, that is how the US gambles with the lives of millions
    of oppressed people through false hopes and subterfuges. However, you may ask
    what my suspicion is in order to conclude so. Well…

    At the time of the final CoIE press briefing back in 2016, Mike Smith made a
    point that the Eritrean society is “fractured” in his own words. This
    was further fleshed out in the PBS documentary where a segment shows Eritreans
    demonstrating in favor of the CoIE findings and the same number protesting
    against. Why was that point needed to be highlighted? Perhaps to wipe America’s
    dirty hand off by blaming the Eritrean social fracture was/is the reason
    justice is not served? That is cruel geostrategic gameplay and it is noted.
    Down with Imperialism 🙂

    • Abi

      Couple of weeks ago you were cheering the USA to sanction both Ethiopia and Eritrea. You flipped from Viva USA to Down with Imperialism.
      You really flipped on this one before Antony Blinker blinked.

      • haileTG

        Hey Abi,

        Cheering is too risky for we could never know. But, am I against justice for the oppressed? No way! Can’t flip on that because it is about moral conscience. Imperialism uses proxy to fight and perpetuate wars of oppression. What PMAA is doing in Tigray with Eritrean troops is case in point 👉

        • Abi

          You have displayed your bias towards Ethiopia in several occasions. ( Good or bad occasions. You don’t discriminate).
          You were praying twice a day and five times a day during the UNSC sessions in the hope to sanction the countries.

  • Brhan

    Selam Awate.com visitors

    I just watched PBS’s “Escaping from Eritrea”. Here are my inputs:

    PBS brought balanced info about the issue. It outreached the regime as it did with the victims. It brought the two sides of the story. It left the judgment to viewers. I do not know why the regime wanted to stop the program, that includes its own people defending the regime. “Escaping from Eritrea”was professional, neutral, and credible. In my understanding it is simply asking the regime the following questions:

    1) what is your say about the Adi Abeito crowded prison? Why do you keep inmates inhumane way?

    2) Why are they jailed without the rule of law? Why do the prisoners have no access to justice to defend themselves?

    3) Why are they languishing there for years, where there is an inmate there for 12 years?

    4) Why are children jailed in that prison with their moms?

    5) If you, the regime, say there is a change with Ethiopia where peace ended the no war no peace situation, there is no change in Adi Abeto. It is still crowded, and Eritreans as young as 12 years old are jailed there without trials.

    6) Why do you, the regime representative, deny that such things never happened in Eritrea. Instead, why do you not allow organizations such as the Red Cross to visit Adi Abeto, meet the prisoners and their families?

    I appreciate this PBS’s program about Eritrea, especially the director, Evan Williams, and the two brave Eritrens Michael and Desta. They secretly filmed the inhuman situation of Adi Abeto and made the world know what Eritrea looks like from the inside.

    • haileTG

      Merhaba Brhan,

      Nice summary. I was thinking of Semere Tesfai and what he told us about getting ready with his koboro to jump as high as he could. Essentially, that was a good documentary that would help to shape world opinion of the sadist regime. ADI ABEYTO is the more relaxed jail by comparison to the other 350 jails. One similarity is that there is no release or court appearance date. Recently, many business owners have been escaping out of the country because they get picked up by security agents under accusations of cooking up their business account withdrawal and deposit amounts. Once they are in that interrogation room in ADI ABEYTO they are asked to sign a document transferring their properties to the government or will be kept indefinitely. So, if they ran away from the country, the regime can’t legally take possession of their property without their signature.

      What a truly disgusting regime!!

      • saay7

        Selam Hailat:

        The only way to understand the Goverment in Power (GiP) is to think of it as a mafia: a thieving, murderous organization on a mission to control every turf. This also helps you understand the dude you mentioned: like the mob members who refer to their “Cosa Nostra” (this thing of ours), who are loyal on the basis of village identity and fear.


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Saay,

          “loyal on the basis of village identity”. This is a good one – a psychological reading of herd mentality or call it ጦብላሕታዊ ምትእኽኻብ:: By the way, the PBS documentary is a very good documentary, can be used as tool in the current struggle.


      • said

        Selam Haile
        Semere could not free himself even if which to do so ?

        Stockholm syndrome, named after a notorious robbery in the Swedish capital in 1973, is a phenomenon in which the victim of kidnapping or hostage-taking develops feelings of trust, affection or sympathy for their captor. It is a condition that afflict Semere and alike , Semere knows Stockholm syndrome affects him, but he can find a cure. forget that acquiescing to the demands of PFDJ kidnappers only encourages them to take more Eritrean prisoners. don’t be tricked into thinking that Semere becoming something fundamentally different from what he’ve always been.

        This remind me a different kind of Stockholm syndrome, Senator Tim Scott delivered the Republican Party’s rebuttal to President Biden’s congressional address, Biden did not say America was a “racist country,” a major theme of Scott’s speech was identity politics. The senator was rebutting the president’s call for racial justice across all ethnicities, and the reality malice is that America was founded as a country in which owning and selling Black people was justified and legalized on the basis of the racist doctrine that they were part of an inferior race. he is an intellectually dishonest, he pandering to the white supremacist ,what malice .

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ሓሚመ ደኺመ
    ዓዊረ ጸሚመ
    ተኣሲረ ደስኪለ
    ተሰዲደ ባርያ ኴነ

    ምባል ክተርፍ
    ምስትምሳል ከዕርፍ

    ዳርጋ ሰለስተ-ሰሙን ተሪፉ
    ግዝያዊ መንግስቲ ኣብ ደገ
    ተመሪቑ ተባሪኹ

    ክስየም ክውደስ
    መድሃኔ ተወሊዱ
    ወዲ-ሃገር ክምለስ ናብ ዓዱ

    ‘ምባሕ! ክብል ኣፍልቡ ነፊሑ
    ክምሃር ክሽቅጥ ክሓርስ
    ዕያሉ ክናቢ ሰሪሑ
    ብሕጊ ተመሪሑ
    ሰጋእ ኣይትበሉ ‘ቶም ትፈርሑ

    ብተስፋ ንነብር

  • Brhan

    Hello Awatistas
    One of the memories that I have about Aaron Berhane.

    Aaron Berhane (R.I.P)was the editor of Meftih newspaper.

    The newspaper, which started as print media, was the only newspaper that continued without disruption for years until it had become electronic for the past 6 years . It was widely read in Toronto, but its circulation has reached coast to coast to coast Canada.

    What made it so famous was its investigative stories; maybe that was the specialization of the late journalist, Aaron Berhane. For example, there was a hot issue about the Eritrea community organization affiliated with the PFDJ Toronto branch that runs the annual independence day. The issue was related to the organization’s representatives renting a hall for a concert. Meftih discovered that what the rent fees say in the receipt is not the actual pay. For example, if the actual rent was $2000.00, the landlord was asked to issue a cheque of $4000.00.The $2000.00 goes to the pockets of the reps.

    The reps, instead of admitting this corruption, chose to run a campaign against Meftih. They went door to door of business owners advertising in Meftih and threatened them not to advertise. They won some battles, but they lost one important battle. These reps approached a flight agency that promotes its business on the front page of Meftih. One of the reps, their boss, I believe, went to this company and told an Eritrean who works there to stop advertising in Meftih. The Eritrean said to him that she is only an employee and that her manager handles such issues. The manager met him. The rep lis

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Berhan,

      When I heard the news of Aaron passing, I am started to wonder if God is on PFDJ side. In the last few months, we lost Adhanom, Milkieas and now Aaron and may be others I am not aware. All three of them put their life and their family lives on line to see a free and democratic Eritrea and for them to die without seeing the free and democratic Eritrea that they sacrificed so much is really not fair. I can’t get mad at God but it’s really heart breaking, as is the case for many and many others.

      I remember the story you told and I learned so much in the last couple of days the ordeal Aaron and his family has to go through during Eritrean struggle for independence, I only knew about his life as a journalist. But he grew up in bet timhrti sewra, where his entire family (where his father left to meda after he was wanted by the security as he was operating internally). Three of his older brothers where they eventually joined the was of liberation and they didn’t make it back (martyred).

      I know he worked so hard to better himself, including obtaining masters as well as many journalist related programs when he eventually become a professor in one the community collage.

      While at the same time fighting for injustice and being advocate for the journalists. I was really happy for him when he was joined by his wife and three children after he was separated for so long.


      • said

        elam Berhe
        My condolences, to the families
        The passing of Aaron , Adhanom, and Milkieas , They all died for higher cause worthy of their legacy, history will remember them . in their choosing profession ,they wrote with clarity, simplicity and were independent free men , with journalistic “objectivity” This still holds true, what a Great Men Eritrea have lost.
        God is just ,the quintessence of the Jesus Christ love was his central purpose. The Quranic message is justice and compassion embodied in the Oneness of God ( Tauhid) which is unity of creation and the solidarity of the human family.
        He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. He who lives by the words, dies by the words. Every man kills the things that he loves,
        For them a ‘us versus them’ was a dichotomy. IA Identity politics thrives upon such divisions. When great journalistic emphasized common values ,when shared principles are highlighted, it is our common humanity that shines forth. They showed us our one humanity And our humanity will define our identity.
        Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross developed a well-known scheme that came to be known as “the five stages of grief.” When confronted with imminent death, she said, people typically progress through five relatively distinct mental phases: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Denial: “No, this isn’t true, it can’t be happening. There must be some mistake.” Anger: “How could this happen to me? It’s just not fair! Someone is to blame. God, how could you let this happen!” Bargaining: “Please, God, get me through this and I promise to do x, y, z. Or, doc, you have to help me; I’ll do whatever it takes.” Depression: “There’s no use, nothing will work. I’m doomed. What’s the use of even trying?” And finally, Acceptance: “Everyone dies, and I guess my time is up. So be it. Time to meet my Maker.” This schema was first described in her initial book, On Death and Dying (1969).
        Obviously not everyone passes through all five stages, and not necessarily in the prescribed order, but nonetheless, these stages do describe some essential aspects of human response to the looming tragedy of one’s own demise. With some of her quotation I personal do not agree with Psychiatrist Elisabeth

        • haileTG

          Thanks Said for putting it well. Understandable as brother BY pains is, I was to say the same too. God is most just, most merciful and His name most holy. The rule is that the more distressing things become the more praise we shall give to God. RIP to our brothers.

  • Aman Y.

    Selam all,

    The following was an FYI, shared by my young one.

    “Please call your local PBS and voice your concern about a FRONTLINE documentary to be aired tomorrow at 10 pm.
    We don’t have time, we need to do it today.

    Voice your protest against the defamatory PBS Frontline report about Eritrea to air on May 4, 2021 evening at 9/10 PM with the title “Escaping Eritrea”.

    Some detail about the program can be found here:


    The following are talking points you can use when you call them. You have the right to tell them they should STOP broadcasting the program because it is full of RECYCLED LIES ABOUT ERITREA THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    This reprehensible and misleading report will damage PBS’s reputation.

    Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

    1. Based on the documentary’s trailer, it violates the basic principles of broadcast journalism: objectivity, balance and fairness. The report fails in all categories.

    2. The content of the report doesn’t reflect the reality in Eritrea as it tries to portray this keenly independent small African country in a negative light. For example, one can see the absence of objectivity in the report’s misleading title “Escaping Eritrea” at a time when thousands are in fact ‘escaping into Eritrea’ from conflict zones in neighboring countries and to minimize risks from the Covid-19 pandemic.

    3. The outflow of Eritrean youth in the last decade has to do with what is known as the “pull factor “ phenomenon, involving some powerful nations, international organizations, the TPLF and many criminal individuals leaving no stone unturned to hoodwink Eritrean youth to leave their country. All sorts of clandestine networks were employed and human traffickers fielded to smuggle them out. Many were abandoned in the Sinai and Saharan Desert and became victims of rape, torture and other forms of inhuman treatment. Many more risked their lives while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The objective behind this unconscionable scheme was to deplete the country of its productive human resource through brain drain and engender political and social strife internally, as well as weaken Eritrean defense capability. Repeated calls by the Government of Eritrea to the UN to launch an independent investigation on the matter has, thus far, fallen on deaf ears.

    4. Eritrea has an inalienable right to enact its lawfully proclaimed National Service Program to defend its sovereignty from the persistent existential national security threats emanating mainly from the now defunct TPLF and its enablers. The Ethiopian gov’t has now just labeled TPLF a terrorist organization.

    5. PBS, as a publicly-funded media organization, has an obligation to be a positive voice for stability in the troubled Horn of Africa region; PBS should refrain from misrepresenting the historic peace deal signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia that has substantially changed the political and security landscape of the Horn of Africa.

    6. As a frequent visitor of Eritrea, we can challenge the negative reporting of Frontline on Eritrea.
    Eritrea has been and will continue to be a much safer nation than many countries in Africa and other parts of the world as well.

    You can see how Eritrean migration was politicized in this link”

    I self omitted the link which has nothing to do with the project.

    • haileTG

      Thanks for sharing this AY,

      They watched the trailer on media and they know the full story from their own actions. But you have to give it to them on two counts:

      1 – They still have followers who read this and don’t fall head first laughing! Can’t the followers figure it out by now??

      2 – They still keep trying in earnest despite being funfunat the world over for the despicable things they do to their people (and now stealing pots from farmers in Tigray) – do they really think this has any value??

      I think saay needs to intervene here, he usually wraps his head around this kind of stuff much better:)

      Recently we were having an argument with one of the hgdef goons in a small group. I told the goon “well, really making long story short, you have no concern other than serving one man IA”. He said “what do you mean does he ran it all alone? Even his cabinet would be close by to check him”. I said “But the cabinet hadn’t met going for the fourth year now”. He then reverses 360 deg. and says “what is the point of them meeting, you still going to say they don’t have real power!”. And me said “thanks, you’re something else”. 🙂

      • Aman Y.

        Selam Haile TG,

        It is worrisome to learn they can reach the kids. Some of the youth can be mislead, though all the information are out there.

        As six grader my son told me he was going to write about Eritrea for a school project. After a couple of days he told me he was not proud to be an Eritrean any more. “Who is this Isayas Aforki?..”. And I had to tell him as much as I could.

        So, I know it is a futile attempt, but I still wonder if they really believe their actions are justifiable or they are simply emotional nationalists?

        GiE hopefully will be able to deal with kinds of staffs.

        • Brhan

          Hello Aman Y
          But that is what PBS wants too. After all, it wants those who can challenge it. PBS as a professional media organization open to criticism. It is not like a cult organization that imposes its views. The issue is with PF(DJ): They can’t challenge it. The truth is with PBS!
          By the way is PBS central like CNN or every state or city has its own chapter, such as the PBS you watch in Buffalo, NY is the same like LA , CA?

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Berhan,

            Your question made me look it up. It looks like PBS is a UK based non profit organization which partners with public entities. PBS is funded by dues from partner stations, the government broad casting corporation and fund raising drives from private donors. So, PBS/NPR partner stations will run may not all but some of the PBS/NPR programs.

            CNN is a for profit news-based pay television.

          • haileTG

            Hey AY,

            I think PBS is a US public broadcasting service??

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Haw Haile TG

            You are right. The UK one looks like a private vendor to the US PBS. Thank you.

            “PBS America is a British free-to-air television channel derived from the American public television broadcaster PBS. It is a joint venture between entrepreneur David Lyons and PBS Distribution, … Owner, PBS UK, LLC. History … PBS America was launched on 1 November 2011 (as PBS UK) on Sky and Virgin Media.”

          • Abi

            Hello Aman
            Looks like you missed a whole lot of Sesame streets. Good thing is Big Bird ( ኃይለኛው) is here to help you catching up.

          • Aman Y.

            Selam ውንድም Abi

            ምን ይደረግ ብለህ ነው፡ የአባባ ተስፋየ አልወጣ ብሎ ነው።

        • haileTG

          Merhaba AY,

          Yes that is worrisome. But you have to be careful how much your son is exposed to that side of Eritrea at that age. Because they are born and raised outside, it would be difficult to establish the connection later on.

          I have a similar age kiddo. We explored so much of Eritrea’s natural environment, birds and wild life with him whenever we got chance. Every time we come into issues like that your son found, I try to put it on historical and colonial (Italian) context and how Eritreans, as the rest of Africans are heroically fighting to create a just society but history has been tough. I also tell him we all have a role to play but it is ok not to be able to. I also say to him that the only thing is to respect the struggle, wish Eritrea well and know that it is far more than its current problems. He has fairly strong positive feelings about Eritrea now and tends to be understanding and sympathetic towards the subject (actually all the other kids too).

          Unless you figure out some strategy to deal with it, it would be very hard later once they forget about it and write it off. I am sure you’re doing a great job anyway, just sharing my fears and experiences.

  • Dongolo

    Selam Aman Y. If the U.S. were ruled by a brutal dictator and a old group of Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter misfits (mostly in their 60s, 70s & 80s) assembled in Russia to form a Government in Exile, would you call them legitimate and credible or hungry power egoists (even though they would strongly deny this)? Eritrea’s problems must be solved from within and draw upon the power of the nations’ youth and not its diaspora elderly. The GiE effort simply is a distraction and fragments more credible broader based opposition efforts such as Yiakl. And, when it fails, for which it will, where does it leave its participants?

    • haileTG

      Selam Dongolo,

      Are you sure you have followed the rules of analogy here?:) Analogy needs to have clear correspondence between the actual and the analogous. Here is my version:

      Suppose Somalia is broken to pieces, parts of its territory declared independence, other parts occupied. The mainland is devestated, death everywhere, no central government, a terrifying rule of terror by day and night. Now, a group of old Somalians in the diaspora (which I don’t believe this applies to GiE) get together to form a GiE. Would you say good job, do your best, Somalia needs you or would you call them power hungry egoists who should make way to the young? Given the tragic conditions, anyone with the right mind would encourage and support them to stop the miseries and bleeding.

      The condition is similar in Eritrea. The country is on a cliff and all it needs is one crisis getting out hand. That will set an intractable disaster of war, mayhem, destruction and loss of central control. Current Eritrea is under cruel grip that has no institutions, many are disappeared, the youth are not educated, militarized, impoverished, citizens have no right to lead normal lives to work, invest, worship, express their opinions. There is a large dark shadow of a perfect storm brewing. Add to that the undercurrents of regional and sectarian sentiments, it is a time bomb waiting to explode any minute.

      Under such conditions, anyone with the right mind would support and encourage any initiative to avert such an eventuality. Except of course the regime itself because for the regime to do so, it would have to wish for its own destruction. Otherwise, no Eritrean worth the name would wish to imagine what is around the corner. Hence your analogy was misrepresented to lead to your preferred conclusion.

      • Dongolo

        Selam HaileTG. Funny you mention Somalia as I still have vivid memories of the EPLF’s old office in the Bermuda neighborhood of Mogadishu prior to 1991. The Minneapolis spawned Somali Transitional Governments (western backed) which have frequently rotated in and out of Mogadishu have been complete and utter failures which have left the country in wastelands for 3 decades. And why? Because outside -western style- implanted Governments have never been accepted by a majority of Somalis living in Somalia. Again, much needed change in Eritrea’s Governance must come from within.

        • haileTG

          Hi Dongolo,

          Here is a copy and paste of Somalia’s current PM – he is diaspora through and through (including member of the US Republican party). Most of Somalia’s leadership are diaspora throughout the last three decades.

          “Mohamed was born in Mogadishu. Mohamed is from the Marehan, a sub-clan of the Darod, the largest clan in Jubaland. His parents were activists affiliated with the Somali Youth League (SYL), Somalia’s first political party. During the 1970s, his father worked as a civil servant in the national Department of Transportation. Mohamed attended a boarding school in Somalia. When the civil war started in 1991 he claimed asylum in Canada and was eventually granted a Canadian passport. Later, he was studying in the US where he also claimed political asylum and achieved US citizenship.

          While living in Buffalo, in the United States Mohamed was a registered Republican Party member. Mohamed is a Somali citizen. Prior to August 2019, he also held American citizenship, which he voluntarily renounced.

          Mohamed is married to Saynab Abdi Moallim, the First Lady of Somalia. The couple have four children—two daughters and two sons—who still reside in the United States, as of 2019.”

          • Dongolo

            Selam HaileTG. In regards to diaspora Somali TFG members you are simply confirming what I have said. The point that I am making is that -western based- implanted Somali Governments have failed miserably over the past three decades and have left Somalia no better off than it was back in 1991. I know, as I have visited Somalia several times since 1991 and know well the transitional governments that have come and gone. I am not here to argue with that much needed change does not need to come to Eritrea, it is the manner in which this is to be accomplished that I have a much divergent opinion.

          • haileTG

            Hey Dongolo,

            The question is really, was Somalia’s problems due to diaspora sourced leadership or the problems of the previous regime and how it left Somalia? My contention is that it is the latter and diaspora Somali have only helped.

            When the regime of Said Barre fell, it was taken down by an assorted militia numbering 13 (an ominous number:). These militia had deep differences and failed to set up a unified government. The progress achieved so far came about by invaluable contribution of Somalia’s diaspora activists and citizens. I find the argument against that not to have merit. Somali’s internal youth brought abough al-shabab and other similar entities that crippled the nation.

            Based on the Somalia example, Eritrean diaspora activists will prove invaluable to stabilizing Eritrea post IA. We should not fall to the the regime’s self serving fear mongering which is to be expected.

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had western powers not interfered with Somalia politics to include diaspora government implants, that Somalis would have long ago sorted out their problems, though maybe not to the liking of western standards. Such a lost opportunity the Islamic Courts Unions in 2006 was.

          • haileTG

            Hey Dongolo,

            I hope it be understood here that our discussion of Somalia here is to debate that diaspora/exiled citizen do actually contribute positively in shaping peaceful transition. Because, the claim that advances the opposite is unfounded.

            With that in mind, how exactly did “western implants” caused Somali militia and later warlords to disagree? How did western implants cause the ICU to declare jihad on Ethiopia in response to border incursions (around Baidoa-Mogadishu road)? How did western implants cause the ICU to involve fighters from the Afghan and Pakistan region Talibans? How did western implants cause the conflict between Al-shabab and Hizbul Islam?

            As you see, Somalia was already in deep trouble due to internal, sectarian and dictatorial hold-over problems. If you trace the path to current relative stabilization and formation of modern government structures, Somali diaspora/exiled citizens, both young and old, are to be found doing the heavy lifting of the task.

            The IA regime has managed to silence Eritreans in Eritrea through brute and inhumane treatment. The only way it can extend its hold on power is to also isolate and destroy diaspora/exiled Eritreans from making meaningful contribution to end his criminal hold on power. It therefore propagates false narratives to cause Eritreans to be suspicious of each other and prefer the safety of his abusive tenure instead. There is no such thing as western implant with some hidden agenda intending to push his/her country off the cliff. That is IA’s bed time monster TsinTsway that he tells his goons to put them to sleep. But some smart ones are peeping through the blanket and seeing the monster isn’t actually there. It is a made up character 🙂

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. From the days of UNISOM I, western intervention in Somalia has prevented Somali clans and sub-clans from developing their own natural pecking order and in engaging in traditional negotiation and reconciliation processes. The west has thru the years, tried to control Mogadishu port and airport aprons (off and on the case for Kismayo), install puppet diaspora western back transitional governments, and ensured protracted internal conflict and mass IDP movement and refugee exodus. It was only after the TPLF launched an military offensive on the ICU near Bur Haquaba was the declaration of a holy war made. Afghans and Pakistani involvement? Only emerged on the Somali scene after more than 10 years of failed western intervention in Somalia. Al Shabaan and Hizbul Islam? Many of the same faces/actors were at some time a part of western supported transitional government exercises; after many years of external interference in Somali politics, the price of buying somebody off gets cheaper.

            There are so many fronts by which PIA/PFDJ can be attacked to make vulnerable to internal change. However, it appears that many are only preoccupied with change from the outside using a western power base.

          • haileTG

            Hey Dongolo,

            The first US intervention was in response to humanitarian disaster due to the blood shed after Said Barre. 4.5 million Somali exposed to famine and agriculture destroyed. That is 1992 only months after the fall of the regime. The many -soms didn’t come until 15 years of Civil strife. So, to suggest western/Somali diaspora caused it is far from the reality. In fact, Somalis don’t accuse their fellow diaspora children like that. Such is the vocabulary of the despot in Asmara. The Somali militia stolen UN food while starving their people giving reason for protection of ports and corridors.

            Western implant is code word in international politics for double agents. They are high stakes assets and infiltrate many powerful governments. Eritrean case is a tragic vacuum created by the despotic regime. Why would any one stand against any attempt for Eritreans to pick themselves up? That is very cruel that condemn Eritrean children, as yet unborn, to death and misery. I implore you to see the moral and ethical implications of what you are advocating for.

          • Saleh Johar

            Can you name the “many” who “are only preoccupied with change from the outside using a western power base.”? It’s fine if you can’t name them. But since the discussion here is about the GiE, do you consider that part the many you mentioned?

            I would appreciate a clarification.

            Thank you in advance

          • saay7

            Selamat Hailat:

            All dictators leave their country in tatters, and Somalia’s Siad Barre was among the worst.

            As for the role of Exiled Eritrea in shaping Eritrean politics since the 1940s, it was anything but negative or superficial. When the Muslim League was floundering after its split and the the defection of heavyweights to Haile Selasse, it was Exiled Eritrea that put it back on its feet. The Eritrean Liberation Movement (Haraka or Mahber Showate) was founded in exile and connected with Eritrea. The Eritrean Liberation Front was founded in exile and connected with Eritrea. The two “founding fathers” of Eritrea, Welwel and Ibrahim Sultan, spent half their life in exile. The intellectual and financial depth of EPLF (enasae and Bologna mothers) were in exile.

            Thus, GiE is in the grand tradition of Eritrean political history. And those who present it as a foreign agenda have little knowledge of Eritrean history and low opinion of their fellow Eritreans.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            ሰላም አያዲኡ,

            ሓቂ ብሓቂ ታሪኽ ቃልስና ካብ ደገ ተበጊሱ ናብ ውሽጢ ዘምረሐ’ዩ ነይሩ::

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Dongolo,

      First your labeling the X-Presidents is subjective. If we apply the Nationalism grouping I commented above, I would put the Eritrean exiled officials as Rational Nationalists for they stood for their people. Unfortunately, IA would be on the Classism side.

      All in all and literally, the government is in exile including the ministers, civil servants and the youth. I believe also Yiakl is going to be part of GiE.

      Based on these, I believe GiE will garner public support and achieve its goal.

      Thank you for engaging with an “Integrative Approach.”

  • Aman Y.

    Happy belated Easter,

    ERISAT reported a tragic news:Jornalist, Aron Berhane has passed away. It is a shock. Eritrea is loosing her brave justice seekers , Meron Estifanos wrote”a human rights advocate, a skillful journalist, a true patriot. As a co-founder of Setit, he escaped the dungeons of DIA & continued to fight for freedom & his fellow journalists.” Indeed. My codolances, to family, frieds and to the Eritrean people at large

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Aman Y,

      This is a very sad news. We lost another vibrant and brave journalist too soon. I met him at EYC conference in Washington DC. A true humanist and a patriot with a full zeal to emancipate the people he loves. A fighter passed away but his struggles will continue, and his torch is in the hand of his comrade. May he rest at peace and his families get strength in this difficult times.


    • Brhan

      Hello Aman Y

      Indeed a very shocking and sad news

      R.I.P Aaron Berhane. A brave journalist and lecturer in a college. He was the voice of the voiceless. Eritrea lost one of her dearest sons!

      May his family get strength in these challenging times.

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Aman,

      This is really sad to hear.

      I read not so long ago the tribute he wrote for Milkeas in the website he use to maintain meftih dot ca where he published news paper for long time.

      CBC had a profile about him 10 years ago titles “escape from Eritrea” where he was finally connected with his family.

      I think he completed his masters and was teaching at university.

      I wondered what happened, really sad.


  • haileTG

    Selamat AY,

    I was reading a small bit about this stuff recently and it seems the subject is interesting. Actually, Huruy Tedla Bairu was addressing a Q few days ago and said in passing that Eritrea doesn’t have Bher/dominant group rather it is made up of constituents with their own individual lineages. We use bher for Egziabher!

    Nation is a related group by language or culture – Somali Nation, Tigray Nation, Amhara Nation….

    State is the administrative structure of a multi Nation regions – Ethiopian Federal State, State of Eritrea, USSR….

    Government is thus the structure with powers to make and enforce laws atop a State or Nation.

    If someone loves his/her Nation – nationalist
    If someone loves his/her State – patriot
    If someone loves his/her government – loyalist.

    Your expansion of Nationalizm was interesting addition too.

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Haile TG

      Thank you for bringing this up. I never had an opportunity to discuss it. How can we explain then, United Nations, National Team, Inter National, National Language, National Anthem…?

      Can you or some one also say something about Hager, Ager, Awraja…?

      Egzia’`Behier also should have been more than Egzia’Alem. A good
      subject to ponder.

      On my previous comment I was trying to initiate a discussion on why citizens follow leaders “blindly”.

  • said

    Semere Tesfai Your comment(The rest is just pleasant dreams and venting of feelings – which is perfectly fine with me )

    Semere and alike, Rational discussion is out the window . he never address the real issue Eritrea is facing. He is in ‘denial’ stage. Even a cursory overview demonstrates the failure of denial. He serves to obscure the real power structure ,controlled by his evil man . He sees himself as special, different, special ethnicity ‘select group ,’ and no one would deny a people pride in themselves no matter who they . But follower of IA NNNN these extreme statements go far beyond normal bounds. They indicate exclusivity ,a kind of self-absorption, a self-glorification, IA narcissism, and deep conceit. Only chosen people to rule Eritrea , and to be granted the right to rule, ruthlessly, at expense over all other ethnic Eritreans , bespeaks a kind of megalomania that is unprecedented in history. This is the core truth from which all the rest proceeds .I am certainly not in any position to evaluate what continues to be a very problematic area which has been covered. . I am not interested relish making enemies for the sake of making enemies. My criticisms are uniformly blunt and damning.
    You cannot tell the truth to others if you cannot first tell the truth to yourselves. purge yourself of the scourge of wrong nationalism .Admit and make genuine repentance that you are totally wrong, only with repentance you will be avoiding further sin become a habit. that your Master evil man actions traumatized, injured, and killed thousands of Eritrean people. Stop evading responsibility, making excuses for your master , and lying about his crime and other unsavory dimensions of his past 30 years long . You do not want Eritrean name to be associated with (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the formal name for North Korea)
    He need take a close look at himself in the mirror to see that his face staring back at him, his steering eyes filled with self-righteousness, ignorance, arrogance. Freedom is not slavery. his mind polluted with wrong nationalism .While the truth sometimes hurts, it can also be liberating.

    He is disgraceful, he has zero credibility. He have no conscience. Enough has been said, here and elsewhere. many of his comments eminently predictable and also reflect the views of his master .he should know better. Eritrea had no right to be there in Tigray in the first placemat is a foreign invader. It’s that simple.

    Having said that, The hatred he shows and the idiocy that he write ,is nothing new Leave aside the callous, he bring disrespectful imagery of war theater . None of this conveys the full depth of disregard for Eritrean lives .He careless about Eritrean dying as disposables. No one will come forward to speak truth to power. And He careless about the indignity that our people are being subjected to by his master . is there even concern? Eritrean are looking for solace? He is against the accepted ideas of what constitutes civilisation, humanity .development ,happiness and progress.

    I’m all in favor of the freedom for him to choose whatever he wish to be, or think himself to be. But be honest . he believe leading our country to greatness . this how he lies, this is it! He own the Right Hall of Shame. He write as those he is representatives of His master. His master he careless about tens of thousands Eritrean people who were already living precarious lives and have been pushed into abject poverty. This is how it is in this devastatingly poor country of ours .
    Eritrean cries for help often falling on deaf ears And we are paying the price of our complacency in one way or the other . Eritrea is full of people with rebellions feelings with the opposition forbidden to work inside Eritrea from day one and having no right role to play in the political life of our society .this is a terrible time for vast numbers of people of Eritrea . This unfolding story

    He knows what their real agendas were dominates society disproportionately ,in favor of PFDJ . To yield to IA. evil is itself, a great evil. No moral capitulation to a malevolent ruling, It is to condemn one’s own future, life of increasing brutality and of conflict and war. Which we are witnessing .

    Living in dictatorship means that every major aspect of society is affected. IA get away with everything. And in fact dominate key sectors of society.
    IA and Ilk care less about Eritrean well-being, and they are committed to cause mass suffering and mass death. Short Eritrean History tells us that IA and his minions, the scum of humanity will stoop to anything—the most heinous, the most criminal, the most unethical—committed to promote their ends. Even if takes to start a new war.

    30 year history of hatred and contempt for the most of Eritreans is played out in the present day. This is not speculation; most Eritrean all know these facts are well-attested and well-documented. IA evil it is the root cause of virtually all our present-day political ,economical and host of social problems, all of which have been created and exacerbated by IA and PFDJ evil men . We can scarcely imagine what life could be like without their ruling Eritrea.

    Eritrean with a conscience, with a sense of moral outrage, and with a larger sense of justice, Eritrean are utterly appalled at the situation in Eritrea .
    No truly concerned Eritrean can accept this. Eritrean must confront the situation head-on. To fight against IA evil,; it actually makes life worth living. Even if victory is a long way off—and ultimate victory for Eritrean opposition side is inevitable, once we understand the history IA junta. Eritrean innocent people who have been unjustly attacked over the three decade.And victory will be one day closer.

    Despite all this, many of Eritrean opposition persevere. Eritrean opposition realize that public education is one of their primary weapons in the Great Struggle to free us from IA regime, and Eritrean opposition are bound and determined to press ahead and inform as many as possible of the nature of the situation . Therefore, it is Eritrean opposition to understand more precisely how Eritrean people typically respond to Eritrean opposition agenda overtures, to be more effective in their communication. After all, Eritrean opposition are pursuing a great noble cause, and united Eritrean opposition sincerely want Eritrean to be well-informed and, ideally, to join Eritrean opposition mission. Generally speaking, what they have are facts, experiences, and informed opinions and how to go about to get ride IA regime.

    • Brhan

      Thanks, Said,

      I want to add to your comment on a new but old technique that he has used in his last comment to Haile TG. This technique has been adopted and implemented very well by PF(DJ). The instruction refers to depict yourself as anti-PF(DJ) and try to disrupt the opposition and their initiatives. In another way, as long as you achieve the goal ( the disruption), the tool doesn’t matter.

      He is telling that he is anti-PF(DJ) and at the same time telling lies to discredit GiE.

      How others have used the technique

      The Eritrean regime supporters/sympathizers claiming refugee status in a safe country have used the technique, but that has put some of them in danger. They say they fear for their lives if, they return to Eritrea when they ask for asylum, and then once the safe country accepts, their cases and are considered conventional refugees travel Eritrea?

      He can be an American citizen but remember supporting a dictatorial regime in Eritrea that the civilized world, including the USA, has had an issue dealing with is putting him in an awkward position while telling a lie he is anti-PF(DJ). To defend the government as he does means he is but the regime’s representative or strong supporter: careless if he looses his citizenship and ready to be deported from the US!

      • said

        Selam Brhan,

        Thank you for your comment .Semere he is the prophet of gloom and doom and he is known to oppose to any possible change that lead to democracy ,at his heat he is deep hardcore sectarian.

  • haileTG

    Merhaba Awatista!

    Happy and Blessed Easter! May this Easter bring true resurrection to everything that died in our lives and our country. EnkuwaE nab be’ale T’nsaE abq’ana::

    • Abi

      ላንተም መልካም የፋሲካ በዓል ይሁንልህ::
      መልካም ምኞትህን ለሁሉም አዳርሰው:: ይህን ማዳላትና ስስት ከየት ተማርከው?

      • haileTG

        Guad Abi,

        Sorry, not intentional! You’re Awatista, so hoped that you are included. But, selamna bereket lemela yeEthiopia hizb yhunlet.

        • Reclaim Abyssinia

          Hi HaileTG and All,
          I don’t think Guad and religion go together well.

          I grew up in the socialist era, and I would never have predicted to have a prime minister in Ethiopia that follow a religion.
          I was stunned to see AA praying when he was standing next to IA. I thought that will be the end of the relationship.

          Ethiopia is going mad over religion lately, and way too many holidays. putting aside the juicy story of religion, I must admit that I love holidays. Yami foods.., yesterday I was invited for great Ramadan ፈጡር with አደሬ family አብሽ ወጥ (Sauce with’አብዓኬ’ kind of), etc..Today was Easter Feast in a friends house, another feast a little bit of tender ጥሬ,etc. Going to Merkato to buy new clothes for the holiday with the parent was priceless. The West is so boring… you can’t even get your children to move from a couch to buy them new cloth. No excitments.

          Hey kids, let’s go buy some cloth. Kids: can we do it tomorrow?, parent: tomorrow is a holiday, kids: so.
          Parent: you kids continue to watch Netflix, I’m going out to ሃበሻ ሰፈር for a bit of ቂማ kids: we will tell on you, mum, mum, dad is going chewing again.
          Happy Easter to all, I hope you have a great feast!

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Reclaim Abisinia,

            I like the process flow chart you made for GiE. Inline with Integrative approach, l would suggest it offers the organizations choices for the agreements chronologically . Example:

            1. Agree to agree

            2. Agree to negotiate

            3. Affiliation

            4. Partnership

            5. Merge

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Hi Aman,
            Thank you, this is great.
            Looks like this addresses important issues when there is disagreement…, I will do it on the weekend, in the meantime,
            1. If there is an agreement did they have to record the type of
            2. If a disagreement does it need to be in a certain sequence/vector or just a set of data/options?

            Thanks again,

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Selamat Aman and All,

            Please see the link below for an updated version of the process as per your recommendation.
            I have added a layer called junction. I also took the liberty to label it as mediation.


            Regards, Reclaim

        • Abi

          እንዲህ ነው እንጂ!!!

  • haileTG

    Selamat awatista,

    Taking risky initiative vs. Weighing the options

    Since the inception of the GiE idea, many Eritreans jumped to support it while others are taking time to weigh their options. Both responses are fine, but the purpose of this thread is self reflection – as Eritreans and what is happening to Eritrea.

    Suppose you are asked to use a rope and lower yourself from a 30th floor balcony of a high rise building down to the 19th floor balcony, dangling down and tied to the rope that may be a little shaky. In return, you will get $20. Clearly, $20 is not worth the risk. If the rope snaps, you may fly down to your death. Well, how about if the prize is raised to $1000? You may still be not willing to take the risk. What if you were given the option to name your prize amount? Well, you may say a number you are willing to gamble your life with or you may just say pass.

    The above position is very rational, very reasonable, because the risk may not be worth it at the end of the day. Why bother to put your happy and healthy life at risk? Right?

    Now, lets look at the same scenario again. The challenge is the same, i.e. to go down a high rise building at a grave risk to your life and a small possibility that you may pull it off in one piece. The only difference is that your child is trapped on the 19th floor balcony and could fall to his/her death if you don’t try something to rescue them in brief short time. Most people would be thankful for the shaky rope and would attempt to scale down without hesitation. Never mind $20, $1000 or any amount.

    The second scenario involve exactly the same risk as the first, but it is mostly taken up at a heart beat, without a second thought! The main difference is the motivating factor. When people weigh their options, ask too many questions and analyze different outcomes, they are working for themselves. Looking at what would profit them most, what would secure their own interest best and so forth. Imagine if the commitment to help Eritreans languishing in jails for life, Eritreans thrown to battle fields that doesn’t concern them, Eritreans dying attempting to flee the country or in refugee camps, the hopes dashed, the lives destroyed, the opportunities lost and the real danger hanging like a cloud over their heads…was heartfelt and devastating? How many would squander valuable time creating intractable imaginary problems, how many would instead rush and pull in whatever little they have and leave the rest to the almighty God? Many indeed. Unfortunately, if we reflect on ourselves and look hard inside, the truth is not something to be proud of.

    So, as Eritreans are attempting to salvage what is left of what we call home by setting up a GiE, it stands to reason to do all we can – from the small positive comments to huge material and personal sacrifice – not for why we do it but for the sake of who we are doing it for.

    Please watch short and spectacular, heart stopping video, that you might have seen in the past, with the above view in mind:



    • kokhob selamone2

      Hi Haile the great,

      What a link. I am very recommending, in watching it for every reader..


      • haileTG

        Hey Kokobay,

        ባርዕ ኣጋጢሙ ደዊለ

        ኦፐሬቶር ሄሎ ድማ በለ

        ሓደጋ ሓዊ ገጢሙኒ እኖሆለ
        ከይደ’ለኹ ኣነ ብመስኮት ዘሊለ

        እዋእ እንታይ ገጠመካ ከምዚ’ ዘለ
        በል ክንእክቦም ኣባላትና ከምገለ
        ቀዲምና ብተመኩሮና ንፈላለ
        ሽዑ’ቲ ዕላማ ነጺሩ ይልለ
        መታን ሓደ ውሒዱ ነቲ ሓደ ከይዕብልለ
        ናውቲ መጥፍእ ሓዊ ማዕረ ይምቀለ
        እንተኾነ ተልእኾና ካብ መንገዲ ከይእለ
        መጀመርያ ንተኣከብ ብዕስለ
        ቁሩብ ግን ንፋናተት ሰብ ከይወድቅ እናተሓንኮለ….

        ኣነ ድማ

        ኣንታ’ዛ ባርዕባ በጃኹም ከምገለ…

        • kokhob selamone2

          Hi Hailat TG,

          I must ask permission to put the same in Jebena page, Please do that,,


        • Aman Y.

          ሰላም ወሰናይ ለኩልክኡሙ

          ተሓናገር ብመስርዕ
          ግቡእክ አይትረሰዕ
          እንታ’ዩ ዝባርዕ
          ንዓ ጽን በል ስማዕ

          ንሓግዝ ወላዲት
          ይትረፈና መሬት
          ብዘይ ክልተ ምእታዊት
          ኩላ ሃገራዊት

          ንግደፎ ዝአበር
          ንደይብ ብሓባር
          የለን ዝወዳደር
          ንናይ ጽንዓት መስመር

          ከይወደአት ዓቕላ
          ጊዜ አይነጥፈአላ
          ክንድህስስ አስካላ
          በይና ተሪፋላ.
          ወዳ ትጽበ’ላ

          ተወዲኡዶ ትልሚ
          ክየብዛሕና ሕልሚ
          መንግስቲ ይመረት።

          • kokhob selamone2

            Dear Aman Y,

            -ንግደፎ ዝአበር
            ንደይብ ብሓባር
            የለን ዝወዳደር
            ንናይ ጽንዓት መስመር::

            Really nice..


    • Saleh Johar

      A nice analogy. It made me think, I wish I didn’t . What if the the father of the child on the 19th floor has denied it is his child though he didn’t make that public?

      The way I see it, there are two perpetual problems:
      1- everyone says “hizbi” but one would think they would talk to every Eritrean individually. They forget you talk to the people through their political entities except in public announcements.
      2- many reject any initiative if they are not on the driving seat—super ego
      3- they do nothing but wait for an opportunity to be vocal even by damaging causes for the common good.
      4- ten man groupies think they have a veto power and believe they can damage initiatives with impunity—it is an opportunity to shine
      4- elite? They forget political initiatives are taken by the elite though they forget every founder of an organization or the initiators of the Eritrean struggle were elite.
      5- ቆማጣ: ቆማጣ ባይሉት ገብቸ ልፈተፍት ይላል , says a certain Ras.

      I think my tolerance for none sense is running thin:-)

    • saay7

      Selamat Hailat:

      In science, what you shared is called “hysterical strength”: a sudden burst of adrenaline caused by life-and-death situation, like the famous cases of women who can lift a car to save a trapped child. Reflecting Eritrea as an entity in that state is not hard (Lampedusa did it: even the conscience-dead were awakened), the challenge is how do you sustain it particularly when people’s built-in survival mode also allows them to normaliaze the abnormal. In fact, one of the things that used to fascinate me when listening to Sawa kids is that they wouldn’t give you the details of their torture: they think they are boring you and they are like say something like ዳሕራይ ፌሮ ኣትየ normal ሽዑ ሄሊኮፕተር ጌሮምኒ normal ዳሕራይ ንሰሙን underground ኣትየnormal…”. In fact one of the saddest stories I heard was of a student asking her teacher “Teacher: how do you say underground in English?”

      PBS has a special on the abnormality of Eritrea. Most Americans who watch it will be appalled; Eritreans will shrug. እዚ ድኣ normal!


    • Semere Tesfai

      Selam HaileTH

      1. – ” Imagine if the commitment to help Eritreans languishing in jails for life, Eritreans thrown to battle fields that doesn’t concern them, Eritreans dying attempting to flee the country or in refugee camps, the hopes dashed, the lives destroyed, the opportunities lost and the real danger hanging like a cloud over their heads…was heartfelt and devastating? How many would squander valuable time creating intractable imaginary problems, how many would instead rush and pull in whatever little they have and leave the rest to the almighty God? Many indeed. Unfortunately, if we reflect on ourselves and look hard inside, the truth is not something to be proud of.”

      That is pure dishonesty in your part. And let me explain why:

      Dishonesty #1. You never cared or scarified a dime during Eritrea’s 30 years independence war. To be specific (a) when Hazemo, Semhar, Sahel, Barka, Gash….. were burning and close to 3/4 of a million Eritrean Muslims were made refugees to Sudan (b) when people were being slaughter like animals in Ad-Ebrihim, Ona, Beskidira, in the streets of Asmara, Wekidba, ShEib, Massawa…………..

      Dishonesty #2. You’re here at the forefront of Awate promoting the Idea of GiE. But under all your blubbers, it is self evident, you yourself don’t believe and don’t have confidence on yourself and the very concept of GiE. ብነብሱን፡ በቲ ሒዝዎ ዝጓዓዝ ዘሎ ዕላማን ዝተኣማመን ሰብ፡ ኣብ ጸልማት ድነ ኮይኑ ኣይምድርን ‘ዩ። ኣብ ቃልዕ ብርሃን ወጺኡ እዩ ዝምጉት። Why promote GiE under a penname? Why not under a real name out in the open for all to see?

      Dishonesty #3: If you’re really, really, interested in having a bright future for Eritrea – a future of good governance, stability, security, prosperity, equality and human dignity, why not sell your vision. Why not galvanize the Eritrean public with your vision. Why not challenge the PFDJ regime, its supporters, and defenders with your vision. Why not make the PFDJ regime powerless and hopeless with your vision for future Eritrea.

      Why sell the wrongdoings and mistakes of the PFDJ regime – that everybody knows. The PFDJ government is incompetent doesn’t mean the vocal opposition are competent. The PFDJ government is evil doesn’t mean the opposition are saints. The PFDJ government is bad doesn’t mean the opposition are any better. The opposition are competent, desirable, and better alternative to the PFDJ government only when they prove themselves to the Eritrean people that they are better. And they haven’t done so, so far. Honestly quite the contrary.

      2. – This is not rocket science. One doesn’t need exceptional talent to figure this out. When we – the likes of Semere Tesfai – say attempting to unite the Eritrean opposition is insanity beyond comprehension, we’re not being blind supporters of the PFDJ regime. We’re just stating the obvious. You can’t make electrons and protons hug and kiss each other with a minimal effort (30 days). You can’t unite opposite charged elements with minimal effort. You cant unite Jihadists and Islamists who want to create a Caliphate Muslim Eritrea with AgAzians who wanted to create a Christian Tigrigna State. You can’t Unite secessionists who wanted to breakaway from Eritrea with Eritreans who wanted to chart a common destiny. You can’t unite Woyane inspired ethnic warriors who want to erect walls between communities to unite and blend with their Eritrean compatriots. You can’t unite Unionists who oppose the very concept of sovereign Eritrea with Eritrean patriots who want to chart their future destiny united. And those are the opposition brands we have today – and accepting some to the GiE while rejecting others says a lot in itself.

      3. – I’m not a betting person; but I’m going to make a bet today. I’m not going to ask Saay to unite the Eritrean opposition however many they may be – fully or partially. No, No, that ain’t going to happen; and I’m not going to ask for that. I’m going to make a bet for a whole lot less – zero organizations united. And this is my bet: If Saay can assemble a GiE Team:

      A. – That consists reasonable, rational people who are a microcosm of Eritrea in
      every way

      B. – Who believe on the cause of GiE and are committed to advance the cause

      C. – Who are willing to reveal their identity and willing to travel all over the globe to
      promote their idea of GiE and to defend it in a mixed crowd – in every

      He (Saay) wins. And I concede defeat; and I acknowledge that publicly here in Awate for all to see. Deal!

      Semere Tesfai

      • Ismail AA

        Selam Semere Tesfai,

        You wrote:
        “You never cared or scarified a dime during Eritrea’s 30 years independence war. To be specific (a) when Hazemo, Semhar, Sahel, Barka, Gash….. were burning and close to 3/4 of a million Eritrean Muslims were made refugees to Sudan (b) when people were being slaughter like animals in Ad-Ebrihim, Ona, Beskidira, in the streets of Asmara, Wekidba, ShEib, Massawa…”.

        Never mind Haile didn’t do what you are accusing him of. But, is it not for keeping the “3/4 million Eritrean Muslims” away from returning to their homes in their own country that you are committed to supporting the regime of Isayas Afewerki because it satiates your passion for sectarian majority mindset? I think no one in this forum is unfamiliar about your position on this issue.

      • haileTG

        Merhaba Semere, Rhus Awdeamet!

        I know too well your mumbo-jumbo acrobatics usually fails to deliver:) This one is no different.

        #1 I haven’t contributed to Eritrean independence:

        The false distinction between those who contributed and those who didn’t is just that. False. Did those who were killed in the tragedies you like to use for cheap and vain arguments actually contributed?? Well, in your convoluted view, may be they did by getting killed and raped! You see how empty your rhetoric is? All Eritreans have contributed and the sadist is claiming it as his own. Worse still, you support that simply to maintain your unholy fear of part of Eritrea.

        #2 why use a pen name:

        The dishonesty on your part is that you only don’t support anonymity when it is on opposition side. Do you know all regime infiltrators are anonymous? You’re OK with that? Actually, don’t you know that the reason Eritrean political landscape was destroyed by the regime’s fielding many anonymous operatives at all levels. I speak far openly against the regime here and in Eritrea and observe its activity way closely. All western countries have legal protection for anonymous work. Whisleblowers, protection of innocent family members and security reasons allow for that. What we fight against in Eritrea is not so much political, rather cruel criminal actions. Yes, the GiE one thing that I will be working with and doing so doesn’t require anonymity because the time and situation warrant it for me. But, I was much effective in Eritrea in 2019 updating people what is happening outside than when I did arguing here. So, is well and all is balanced. However, when we benefit from anonymous privileges, we should not abuse it by using it outside of its immediate remit. Not for insulting, confusing and disinformation as you do even without or the PFDJ do anonymous.

        #3 why not sell my vision:

        Eritrean problem isn’t matter of political vision and choice. It is humanitarian problem where children are incarcerated, organ harvesting and human Trafficking is state sanctioned, disappearance, mass exudes and violence on the defenseless. To change it doesn’t require better political vision but a human conscience.

        2 – not possible to unite Eritreans:

        You’re slow here. GiE needs all to work for common goal. No one need to change, hug, kiss…blah blah

        3- your bet:

        You’re a betting man. You just don’t know it.

        Good day.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Semere,

        Though it is not necessary to respond to a recycled argument and baseless accusation, but it is imperative to respond to some questions you have raised, for letting them without answers might be indicative of weakness to a challenge. So knowing you will twist and veer it to your usual game, as you did to Haile-TG, I will attempt to answer to some of your question.

        A – You asked: “Why sell the wrongdoings and mistakes of the PFDJ regime – that everybody knows”.

        First, an opposition organizations fight for the wrong doings and mistakes of the regime in place. That is their primary job, in the hope the regime will correct its mistakes and admit their wrong doings. This is the first stage in their overall strategy. Second, when it does not look to happen, then they fight by all means to remove it, taking it up one notch in their opposition. Third, in the process you assemble all the opposition forces to rally to one goal – the removal of the evil man at the helm. The United front of EPLF and TPLF was only for one purpose – to remove the evil derg regime. They hadn’t similar visions and philosophical views. The purpose of GIE and Haile-TG is to create similar political and strategical realities.

        B – You asked to Haile-TG: “ If you’re really, really, interested in having a bright future for Eritrea ………….. why not sell your vision”?

        If he found a proposal or a vision presented by someone that he could support, promote, and defend, there is no need to go for his own. And it doesn’t show that Hailat couldn’t able to promote his vision by any means. Your question can not be a test of his intellectual acumen, and he shouldn’t do it to satisfy your motive, if he has already something at his disposal to fight for.

        C – Finally, if you believe Haile-TG is a pen name, how do you know whether he contributed or not in the 30 years of armed struggle, as there are many in Awate forum who use pen name and did contribute their share in the army struggle? Second, when did you contribute doesn’t matter if some one have or is contributing at his choice of frame time. ሕጂ ዝተቃለስካዮ አብዚ ኾይንካ አይተጉባብዓልና:: ምስቲ ሓራድን ቀታልን “አጸገዓዮ” እንደባለ ንህዝብና ዘጽንት ዘሎ ኾይንካ ዘራፍ አይትበለና::

        • saay7

          Selamat Emma:

          I don’t know why you and Hailat spend 5 minutes wasting your time with the Former Tegadalai and now a hard core apologist for Isaias. Everybody has a right to be a waste. To paraphrase the United Negro College Fund whose slogan was “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” well sometimes “a waste is a terrible thing to mind.” Let him wither on his vine: he made his choice.

          Now something inspiring. EriSat has a tribute to the great and gone too soon Milkias Mihreteab. They have created “The Milkias Mihreteab Yohannes Award for Independent Journalism and Courage” in his honor, to coincide with tomorrow’s international recognition of the fighters for free press. Please listen to the video where his former colleagues (including our own GiE task team member Habteab Yemane) paying tribute to him, exemplifying the best of Eritrea. It will inspire, embolden and cheer you up. It is time well spent, instead of talking to those who should be institutionalized for their moral depravity.

          It’s on EriSat’s Facebook page and it’s less than an hour.

          One of the things I am most proud of Awate is that when Milkias was forced to leave eritrea he considered Awate U as his home and penned many awesome articles.


          • haileTG

            Haha saay! “a waste is a terrible thing to mind”… anta mexelel eka! Can’t stop laughing:) Rhus beal and thanks for the heads up.

          • Saleh Johar

            All Semere got against you is that you didn’t disclose your real name. However, I will have you instead of a dozen a dime cult members who use their real names. It’s character and integrity
            It’s not names because peoples positions are judged by their view and yiu have been stellar sine you graced this forum. I just wanted to register my view on that

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Hi Saay,
            You just remind me the ድዓ (no offence) we used to make when you said “a waste is a terrible thing to mind.”

            የአላሕ ያረዛቅ
            የማይበጀን ኣሩን ይዛቅ

      • said

        Selam Semere ,

        If “by their words you shall know them. applies to PFDJ regime supporters like you and the confess to be true Christian and faith IA adherent . The False and ugly distortions of Christ’s message of true love, tolerance, charity ,compassion ,empathy and brotherhood. Kindness Goodness and love your neighbour do not seem to follow you all of those thirty years and not now . and it seems very dubious proposition they will be found there should anyone go looking for them in IA kingdom of Eritrea ,let alone in heaven after they are gone from this earthly realm.
        You and alike Regime supporters who believe they are true Christian are truly lost soul.

        You may think of yourself ,Politically savvy individual .As always your of Vilification is Nonsense. you stand opposed to Eritrean people aspiration and hope , you are not so fine with it you are still live an ethno-sectarian cultural identity and exclusionary forms of narrow nationalism . sadly you feel you will be losing a special status if your master IA is gone, you are against peaceful coexistence of Eritrean . you reject and oppose a Eritrean unified civic national identity this kind of extremist you are .you stand for injustice period . It’s ridiculous. you stand opposed to multiethnic society to succeed. Equality to all religion, culture, language, ethnic background, etc Eritrean people want A civic nation must include all those who reside within Eritrean border.
        Eritrean citizens—unified by a commitment to basic democratic ideals post IA — patriotism is not rooted in ethnicity, Eritrean civic national identity,an inclusive , that bond citizens of different ethinc backgrounds to one another, who desire to share not only membership in a political system but who will recognize obligations to one another and to a common good that benefits the whole national community in post IA.
        Ask yourself what ‘ve done in your entire life, besides bashing and criticizing Eritrean opposition. Whatever victories Eritrean opposition will be achieved in the long struggle to achieve the political representation, human rights, dignity, economic justice, equality, inclusivity and other causes dear to the hearts of those who have struggled to bring changes , Eritrean opposition and Eritrean people at large will be victorious . the PFDJ knows on thing how to put our population submissive. Eritrean people face problem of poverty, inequality, and inequity and the survival of future generations is at risk. Eritrean people feel overwhelmed by all of these dire crises. Eritrean people they want a 21st Century economy, they ‘re going to have to at least catch up to what other countries have been doing since the middle of the 20th. Of course, that is a very tall order . As we are all well aware . Eritrea of IA is bottom of index .

        IA dictatorship has the real power over anything that matters in Eritrea. and brings to mind one of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous lines: ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

        You are known entity . Even a forgiving and patient God isn’t likely to be tricked by their love of Jesus and protestations of love for Jesus so one like who call yourselves Christians, but are you true believer of Jesus message ,what you are more extreme and reactionary, fake , backward and not enlightened PFDJ regime supporters you breed ignorance, extremism, hatred. The number of lost souls in Eritrea seems to be smaller than ever. they seek the subjugation and annihilation of those who don’t supporter them.

        Immanuel Kant defined “radical evil” as the drive, often carried out under a righteous façade, to surrender to absolute self-love. Those gripped by radical evil always externalize evil. They lose touch with their own humanity. They are blind to their own innate depravity.

        Though I’m very much of a believer in the afterlife, there is a place hell, for those spicily the criminal tugs ones who took innocent Eritrean lives .there is lot of space there will be reserved for these heartless and soulless hypocrites who pretend to observe a faith about which they seem almost entirely clueless and dead soul .
        IA godless legitimized soulless people like himself and yourself , and that legitimatizing of soulless people spread even to those who were, unlike IA atheist , Those who themselves regular church attendees and readers of the bible. How much they real understood of what they read is, of course question.
        PFDJ regime supporters like yourself ,Many lost souls do not dive deep into the bible, but at same time seeking hope for redemption. Forgetting The commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself” is perverted to “Love PFDJ criminal fellow Christians as yourself.
        The simplistic IA message was always the same. Eritrea was divided into us and them, divided between comrades and enemies, neighbors and strangers. the blessed PFDJ regime supporters and the damned who oppose them, you are an agent of evil.

        what Augustine calls the grace of love, or volo ut sis (I want you to be). It replaces it with an ideology that condemns all those outside the magic circle. There is, in relationships based on love, an affirmation of the mystery of the other, an affirmation of unexplained and unfathomable differences. These relationships not only recognize that others have a right to be, as Augustine wrote, This sacredness of difference is an anathema to PFDJ regime supporters like yourself and many others.

        You and your like have to say We’re sorry.
        If only supporter of PFDJ people could take those words to sincere heart, undertaking to finally pressure their PFDJ regime to echo these words, and themselves say, “We’re sorry. We’re so very sorry.”
        We’re sorry for coldly viewing Eritrea to target Eritrea rich culture of tolerance environment and then PFDJ systematically destroying our peaceful society .PFDJ are in destroying Eritrean electrical facilities, , all kind if civil infrastructure, health care, education, and livelihood.

        We’re sorry for believing PFDJ somehow had a right to the resource in our land, and 1950 our fathers relatively lived reasonably well and to some degree prior to forced confederation and annexation we’re sorry many of us lived in peace and lived so well because we were producing our consuming our own precious and irreplaceable resources and better in environment in every sector of economics
        We’re sorry for PFDJ sending our youth to be slaughtered in thousands to avoidable war and IA your evil master made Eritrea through action face economic sanctions and then you want us and expecting PFDJ to thank us for liberating Eritrea and be slaved again . We’re sorry for wrongfully accusing Eritrean innocent opposition for treasury of while we looked the other way as Ethiopia have still interest in Eritrea Atrocities of war accumulate, horrifically. We regain supporters have yet to realize the war of 30 year for independence and continuation of war was both the futility and immense consequences of war made by IA regime.
        We’re sorry for again traumatizing our youth and no future to the children born today and sadly forgotten how to laugh. We’re sorry to remind you Ethiopian realities of war by bombing, that maimed. mutilated, , exhausted and traumatized our people and our fighters have not yet healed and bereaved survivors of the vicious bombing and causing enormous wreckage day out day in anticipating a terrible aerial bombing . There are no words for how terrible it was. Then PFDJ inept and causing more suffering and continue to so with their grand mama Ethiopia.

  • Aman Y.

    ሰላም ሰላም

    ንዑ ንወሃሃድ ንክንሰማማዕ
    ማሕላ ንእቶ ንሰማማዕ

    አይንሰሓሓብ ንቅድሚት ንድሕሪት
    ብጽምዲ ንስራሕ ክተፍሪ መሬት
    ንተክል መንግስትና
    ነወፊ እጃምና

    ምጥርጣር ንሓድ ሒድና
    ይትረፈና ክይተፋለጥና
    ንቀራረብ አብዛ መአድና
    ገጊደና አሎና ኩልና

    እቶም ናይ ቀደም ብህያው ተሞኩረና
    እቶም ናይ ሎሚ ብተበጉሰና
    ሓቢርና አሎና

    ንኽንሰማማዕ ንሰማመዕ

    Aman Y. My first ever

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ኣማን ብኣማን!

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ንፍሽኽታ [ጸቕጢ የጉድል ስለዝብሉ ‘ቶም ዝፈልጡ]

    ወርሒ ዶ ጸሓይ
    ሓዊ ዶ ማይ
    ጎራሕ ዶ ሃላይ
    ኣድጊ ዶ ብዕራይ
    hgdf ዶ GiE
    GiE ይብል ሰዓይ

    ‘ምበርዶ ብጥዕንኡ ‘ሎ ዝወዲ?

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ኣብ ድስቲ ዶ ጻሕሊ
    ክኽሽና ‘ዛ ዝግኒ
    ገለ ስሚ

    ናብ ቤት ጽሕፈት ዓዲ ሃሎ
    ምቅርቲ ‘ያ ‘ንታይ ከይትብሎ
    ጻሕለይ ኣውቶማቲክ ክትስበር
    ነዚ ተረገም ግን
    ዕዝር ከተብሎ

    ቅድሚ መዓልቲ-ናጽነት
    መታን ዜጋ ክረክብ ቅሳነት
    ሰብ ስደት ክንረግጻ ‘ታ መሬት
    ‘ዛኹላ ህዝቢ ብዘይ ገበን
    ዝገርም ‘ዩ ናይ ህግደፍ ጥልመት

    ኣይትሓዙለይ ታ ጻሕሊ ኣብ ዲዛይን ያ ዘላ። ቀሪባ!

    • kokhob selamone2

      Wow Handesa,

      -ቅድሚ መዓልቲ-ናጽነት
      መታን ዜጋ ክረክብ ቅሳነት
      ሰብ ስደት ክንረግጻ ‘ታ መሬት
      ‘ዛኹላ ህዝቢ ብዘይ ገበን
      ዝገርም ‘ዩ ናይ ህግደፍ ጥልመት ::-

      what a poem man, Nice keep it this way please. But I wold request you to come to Jebena page..


      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Thank you, Ustaz KoKobay!

  • kokhob selamone2

    To All,

    I wish part of our participants are Ethiopians too.


  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ፍትሒ ‘ተትልግስለይ
    ሰላም ‘ተተስፍንለይ
    ሓርነት ‘ተተዕምብብለይ

    መን ኣሎ ከማኺ
    ክብል ኣይምደኸምኩን
    ኤረትራ ሃገረይ ኣይትደናገሪ
    ዝምሕጸና ‘ኳ ኩሉ ‘ዩ ንዓኺ
    ክንነብር ክንጠፍእ ምሳኺ
    መንዶለና ‘ዩ ግዲ ብጀካኺ?

    መንግስቲ ክንተክል ይብሉ ‘ለዉ
    ኣብ ደገ
    ስለዘይኣለዩኹ ሰብ ዕደ
    ብሰንኮም ጸማልያ መሲልኪ

    ኣለና ይብሉ ‘ለዉ
    ‘ቶም ዝሓልዩ
    ንብዓትኪ ክሕብሱ
    ማዳኺ ክኣልዩ
    ግቡእኪ ክትረኽቢ
    ስርሖም ብግቡእ ክዓዩ
    ቁስልኺ ከሕውዩ

    ሓንጎፋይ! ኢልኪ ተቐበልዮም
    ሰቲ-ሰምሃር ነስኒስኪ
    እትዉ በልዮም

    ናይ ሎሚ ኣጋይሽ
    ጽባሕ ግን ሓርኮትኮት ክብሉ
    ናብራኽን ናብራ ደቅኽን
    ኣዝዩ ክሓይሽ

    ፍሽኽ በሊ ኤረትራ ዓደይ!

    • Brhan

      MM Nebsi what a poem!

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Thank you, Brhan nebsi!
        This is my biggest wish for the year and I hope the big guy will grant it! 🙂

    • haileTG

      Great one MM, no wonder you took time out. Time well spent. And your wish – let it be so.

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Hey haileTG,
        I am in the middle of hectic new projects and as a result I am going nuts. Awate is my therapy and decided to visit for few mins today. Oh boy, I am glad I did! 🙂
        I am now fully charged but I don’t want to go back to work 🙂

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Mehandsay,

      ይበል እንታይ ክወጾ መሃንድሳይ:: እቲ ሕልምኻን ትምኒትካን ናይ ብዙሓት ሕልምን ትምኒት ስለዝኾነ አጀባ ንብለካለና:: አይተጸምወና ኸአ::


      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Thank you, Prof. Emma!

  • Aman Y.

    Haw Semere
    After all these testimonies , it sounds you have been found guilty in all counts. If I were your public defender I wouldn’t mind asking for a lenient sentence from the Awate land.

    • Abi

      It is a mistrial at best. When the prosecutors, jurors, the Honorable Judge and the aggressive bailiff and the bribed witnesses are all hand selected by the accuser, and when the defendant has not afforded enough time to defend himself, it is going to be a mistrial unless you are running a kangaroo court.

      • Aman Y.

        Wedem Abi
        የሳናጣራ አናስርም ውሳኔ ነው’ጂ ከእስክንደር ጋር ቃሊቲ ወርዶ ነበር። ዳኛው እንደሆነ መዶሻው በጁ ነው።ደሞስ የኔን መከላከል ምነው ናቅከው። የስደቱ መንግስት የበቀል መግስት አይደለም።

        • Abi

          ገና ያልተወለደውን የስደት መንግሥት እድሜውን ያርዝምልን: ላገሩም ያብቃልን::
          I have to read your መከላከያ ሃሳብ::

      • haileTG

        Guad Abi,

        GiE will not play kid gloves. The court, the bench, the judge and all in between is ours. We are claiming it all. Thanks to EZEMA we are resolved to Play it tough. Think about it, how could they propose yebahir ber tiyaqe and Eritreans to fight their wars with the same breath? Beqa elim blew tegnitewal alun ende? We are starting with Semere to send clear message:)

        • Abi

          ቀይ ባህራችንን ባገሩ ሰው ነው የምናስጠብቀው:)
          እልም ብላችሁ ከተኛችሁ እኮ አመታት ተቆጠሩ:: አላወቅህም እንዴ? ተኝቼ ነበር እንዳትለኝ:: እኔም የፈራሁት ይህንኑ ነው::
          እንደ አማን በሬ ድንገት ስትበረግጉ በኢሱ ምትክ ሰመረን አዋከባችሁት::
          እዋይ !!

          • haileTG

            Haha…good one!

          • Abi

            I agree with you 💯!!!

          • kokhob selamone2

            Dear Abo,

            Please be around, nice one.


          • Abi

            I will be around until Berhe graduates:).
            እኔ ከሌለሁ ማን ያስተምረዋል?

          • Brhan

            መርሓባ ኮኸብ ሰላም
            ግርም ገርካ … ምእንቲ ክምሃር
            እንተዝይኮይኑ ዓቕሉ ከተዕገርግር
            ምዃና ኣይትጠራጠር

        • Brhan

          Hi HaileTG
          I think the EZEMA and et al are either cheating them selves or the rest. How come they talk about access to the sea while the Amara won’t have access to Fin Fine. I know you are following the Amharic social media , but all except ESAT are talking about Amara genocide.

          • haileTG

            Hi Brhan,

            You are right. Isn’t it so volatile breathtaking how fast things change! I have never seen so much condemnation of PMAA on social media as these past few weeks. Nur’ln wede wuTal’n 360 degree zore!

      • Semere Tesfai

        ሰላም ወንድም አማች

        “It is a mistrial at best. When the prosecutors, jurors, the Honorable Judge and the aggressive bailiff and the bribed witnesses are all hand selected by the accuser, and when the defendant has not afforded enough time to defend himself, it is going to be a mistrial unless you are running a kangaroo court.”

        ወንድም አማች: Don’t you worry. Yours truly ጨጓር ዳንጋ is very comfortable with the imaginary guilty verdict, from an imaginary court, by imaginary giants. But…………

        Under all these dark clouds, fogs, and mist, there is undisputable fact that matters the most

        The GiE ጎማ ኣስተንፍሰዋል። ኣበቃለት!!!!
        ግን……….. እዚህ in Awate ያበጠ ጎማ ኣለ

        The rest is just pleasant dreams and venting of feelings – which is perfectly fine with me

        Semere Tesfai

        • Abi

          ሰላም ወንድም አማች
          From the little information I gathered from the articles and discussions, I visualize GiE as a bicycle. Let me explain
          1- it has two wheels ( eplf + elf )
          2- balancing is extremely important
          3- it is a rear wheel drive 🙂 ( you said it)
          4- the ride is bumpy
          5- the rider is known to have a thick skin and helmet ( in case of falls)
          6- some are proposing a training wheel ( additional wheels) in case of flat tire. አንተ ጎማ እንደምታስተነፍስ ቀድመው ጠርጥረዋል::

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            Semere opinion about GiE or any other opposition does not matter much. He doesn’t have to support them, and he can be critical of them all he wants.

            But he is a liar, making up stories he can’t back up with facts and he sleeps well at night knowing that he is lying in public trying to mad sling people name and reputation.

            “What you wrote, “the Whitman through Amnesty and other channels that I’m not privy to know, promised the GiE folks to celebrate their reign before May 24, 2021 at Asmara Palace. What’s your source for the above?”

            When he was asked to back he lies and who the source of this false allegation he said Saleh AA Younis.

            I don’t know if you knowingly supporting this liar or not I don’t know but I am providing the context as I read it, since you are jumping to defend him.


          • Abi

            It is apparently clear that you failed to pay attention. What Semere is referring to is the first article by Saay where he said that the GiE should be established before May 24 or something like that. Of course, you don’t read properly or you don’t understand what you read or you don’t remember what you read or a combination of some or all.
            For additional information I suggest you politely ask Semere T. ካልሆነ ደብዳቤህ በግልባጭ (CC) እንዲደርሰው አድርግ::

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            He is the master of quoting people and reply line by line “so he doesn’t be misunderstood” according to him last time I checked. So he should bring the quotes that he is attributed to Saay.

            As for you for so much for your claim that you are master of “paying attention”. What happened this time and instead of bringing the exact words of saay, you are stating “something like that”.

            Something like what?

            Yes, Saay come up with the article to establish the GiE by May 24. It’s a goal (a lofty goal as that) but nothing or no where he said, that this lair has accused of doing and by extension you too are doing.

            You need to pay attention.


          • Abi

            You know I don’t like spoon feeding my students:) You are more than capable to read it yourself. My duty is to point you in the right direction.
            Let me pay attention to the upcoming game.
            Man U vs Roma
            Now that is something I need to pay full attention for.
            Did you watch yesterday’s game? PSG lost at home to Manchester City.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            Ok, I take it this is your Gendere megderder, or that you don’t admit and on your deflection mode.

            The number one witness has become a liability to the accused:). I rest my case.

            Yes I watched part of the game. PSG were no show after the equalizer.

            Will catch replay game later tonight.


          • Brhan

            Hello Berhe,
            You know the proverb that says: Birds of the same feather fly together. Look his denial to the genocide that is happening in his own country , including to his own people, the Amhara…..to him it is fake news!!

          • Brhan

            Eritrea and GiE made you forget you country’s misery…Let me ask you Is Amara genocide by the Oromo fake news?

          • Dongolo

            Selam Abi. Problem is that the bicycle relies on 2 antiquated wheels (ELF & EPLF) whereas it is not supported by neither Yiakl nor most Eritreans under age 50. Please refer to Snitna.com and their response Response to Sal Younis’s article, “It’s Time for Unity Government in Exile”Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement (GI), March 3, 2021.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Dongolo,

            May be good idea to invite the GI to come to awate forum and discuss their ideas including their opposition of GiE.

            Just reading their response, clearly they are confused in what Saay proposed and what they are interpreting it to be.

            The two organizations (not ten, but two) then create a Unity Government In Exile, representing themselves as an alternative to the Band of Misfits and Enslavers in Eritrea. This will not enable them to do all the things a government does, but it will empower and legitimize them to do some of the things governments do including meeting with foreign dignitaries and fashioning alternative policies to the suicidal ones pursued by the PFDJ.

            They are saying he said :

            The elected leaders of EPLF and ELF will then form “Unity Government,” that will “temporarily” assume power once the regime is removed. We find this perplexing. Our understanding is that, it is change agents inside the country who can remove the dictatorial regime. We do not believe it is realistic to have a temporary transition government that does not include those who are instrumental in removing the regime.

            He never said :
            – GiE will take power when the government fall

            In fact what he said is, by forming the GiE, he believes it will kick start (my word) those inside the country the change that we want to see happen.

            The fact that Global Yiakle or any other organizations who are not political organizations (by their own statement) can not possibly form a government in exile or inside the country. If they want they must be a political organization, the reason why GiE focus is to those who call themselves political organizations and who want to take power legally.

            2) He never said yiAkle or who ever civic organizations to stop working what they are doing.

            3) what exactly are they proposing that we do. Well their last paragraph says it all.

            We need to recognize our first priority is to get rid of Isaias and his cronies. Eritreans in the Diaspora can play an important role in contributing to ending dictatorship in Eritrea by working together under the banner of the Global Yeakel Movement. Let’s learn from our Tigray brothers and sisters who are doing miracle speaking with one voice.


            In short they are saying to all the political parties, NTT and GiE “ cease and desist” ባዕልና አለናዮ::

            ጻዕዳ ይጽናሕኩም: እዩ ዝበሀል::


          • haileTG

            Hey BY,

            I don’t know what their position is now. The one Dongolo shared is from March 4. That was less than two weeks from the time of inception of GiE formula. All the public discussions, press releases, follow up articles, public feedback and clarifications happened after that. So, it is likely that their initial position has evolved since then. In any case, it would be notable progress if Eritrean organizations develop the habit of reaching out and discussing prior to making public commitments whenever an idea comes up. Clearly, they didn’t understand the proposal fully at the time. That is understandable given the short time they spent studying it. I hope this would be a teachable moment for them.

          • Abi

            Have you noticed the endearment “Sal” throughout the long hateta? I believe whoever wrote the response is a big time awatista who has been around for a while. I’ve been around here for a while and never promoted to call him “Sal”. Only a number of awatista use “Sal” when addressing him. I was expecting the GI to address “sal” formally.
            የደብዳቤው ቁምነገር አይመለከተኝም::
            I can’t handle a Saaytanic response at this moment.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            Long before Saay become Saay (in awate forum) he is known as Sal. So the authors are addressing him as what he is known as.


          • Abi

            When you officially address a person you don’t use nickname and endearments. ስንቱን አስተምሬ እዘልቀዋለሁ? ኧረ ጎበዝ እንረዳዳ! ብቻዬን አልቻልኩም::
            I remember when Sal changed to Saay7. I believe it was when Awate switched to disqus ( or something like that) .

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            Ok, you know what you are taking about then. I was thinking way before awate everyone knows him as Sal.

            Anyway, I don’t long time awate person would hide behind name to criticize or support Saay for what he wrote.

            I do believe they are group of people from within the yiAkle who wanted / shocked by his bold approach that they are running to short circuit his approach.

            Soon after Amanuel Italy of Assena invited few people and come up with a plan to fight the regime with the following two criteria ONLY

            1) IA is the number one enemy of Eritrea and the fight should be to get rid of him.
            2) They gave to fight along side the Tigray people as they have common enemy.

            This are a must… their last statement, praising the people of Tigray fighting as one unit, really gave me something to relate to what followed by Assena.


          • Abi

            I have to admit that you are paying attention lately. ( I take full credit for the outstanding improvement you are displaying)
            I also caught the last paragraph where they praised the brothers and sisters of Tigray. I told you several times before that ይአክል is a creation of Tplf. ( በስተእርጅና ወልዶት ሳያሳድገው ሞተ) It came to existence as Tplf was sent back to the Dedebit caves.
            I don’t see any difference between Assena , Tplf and Agazians. They are all the same.

            የገድሊን ገድል ተጋዳዮቹ ዞር ሲሉ እንጫወታለን::

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            I don’t think I can stand the world cup / euro cup during Covid. Yesterday’s game was so boring, even though so many goals were scored, I couldn’t take it. However cycling have no effect, I can stand hours and hours:) Tour Romandie. >

            You know the TPLF / EPRDF use to say to any and all kinds of opposition and label then as “Loud Diaspora” and they use to dismiss all their plea, including to Dr. Berhanu, ESAT.

            Now it’s your turn to say “Fake News” or “TPLF” sponsored etc.

            I agree TPLF may have some influence and infiltrated some members but by no means they have created the yiAkle movement.

            The reason any kind of opposition exist in Diaspora is because they are not able to express their opinion freely in their own country. And honestly, that’s not on the part of the opposition but whom ever is in power.


          • haileTG

            Guad Abi,

            የደብዳቤው ቁምነገር አይመለከተኝም:: spot on! We are only too pleased to notice the PFDJ has found an unloving relationship. I’ll tell them wedesh ketedefash, biregtush aykfash….awaredun eko!

          • Abi

            ተዋሪድና ጥራይልካ!!!
            እዋይ ውርደት!

          • haileTG

            Abichu..ok ok don’t stick it in 🙂 Enante mechem one mile sisetachu 100 mile mewsed nat chewata … ayzoh chigir yelem, w’sedu edme le ISU chisu!

          • Abi

            ከግመሏ ተምረን ነው:)

          • Dear Haile TG,
            Let me ask you a question, your 2 cent.
            According to Bg. Tekeste Haile, all the big boss, militaries are from outskirt of Asmara, whereas security, led by Abraha Kassa are from Akele.
            what do you make of it?

          • haileTG

            Hey Tesfu,

            Guad Abi would say “yezefen dar daru eskista”! Let me say that our beef is with the brokenness of institutions, not with individuals or their region and religion. That is Medharhari poletica. We are too small as a country and blood relatives if you count back to 14th ancestors:-)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat,

            The global Initiative movement is a bottom up grassroots movement, originally started in North America. I don’t know whether they are still active. But Dr Araya Debassay was one of the proponent of the idea and who drafted the structure and the mission statement of the movement. Actually, it is the continuation of the spontaneous movements that was lead by Wedi Vicaro, lately transformed into an organized Global movement.


          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰላማት ፕሮፌሰር ኤማ/ኣርካን-ሃይለ

            ግኑን ኣብ ኤረትራ ምጉዳል
            ሕጊ /ንዳባ ኣይተልዕል
            ምሳና ወይ ኣንጻርና
            ኢሂን ምሂን ንበል
            ግናይ 🙁

            ኣብ ኢድ ኣግኣዝያን ከይንወድቕ
            ወይ ምሳይ መርሽ ወይ ርሓቕ
            ንኺድ ጥራይ
            ጥንቅቕ ንበል

            ደለኩ ደኣ

          • saay7

            Selamat HTG and all:

            I can’t speak for GI but I don’t believe they have changed their views. Based on my conversation with its leadership and some of the comments I have heard Prof Araya Debessay make publicly, their opposition to GiE is on two grounds:

            1. Why government, why not an umbrella movement
            2. Why ELF EPLF why not Yiakl

            Those who oppose government in exile argue that there is no precedent for successful GiE other than World War II exiled governments. To which I reply: can you give me a precedent of Diaspora opposition that has worked? If your answer is none, then why are you struggling? Why aren’t you applying the same measure of history to both? No answer.

            As for the the why not Yiakl: this is a typically very American-European centric view of Eritrea. Yiakl can be an important component, as soon as it realizes there are many other Eritrean civil society groups that are not based in the US/Canada or Europe. GiE has offered to provide technical support to connect all the disparate Eritrean civil society.

            At the end of the day, the two blocs GiE proposed have significantly more constituents than all the other contenders. And if government is about representing the people, it has to go where the constituents are.


          • Dongolo

            Selam saay7.
            10,934 days from Friday, May 24, 1991
            Regarding your GiE Concept Note, a few questions:
            1) Will there be any safeguards to ensure that CC members and elected EC members do not come from only one or two countries?
            2) Will there be any safeguards to ensure that CC members and Elected EC members have reasonable age and gender parity?
            3) Is there any room for the Concept Note to be tweaked in such a manner that’s it allows for at least one strategy arm to focus on possible change from within the current regime (i.e. by disgruntled PFDJ) or from within the country?

          • Haile S.

            Selam Saleh Younis,

            I am varying my calling you, as how one calls you is becoming a Blues Clues 🦋🐦🐳:-)

            Coming to my point, you mentioned two grounds on which there is opposition. Based on what I read or watch the media, grossly seen, these might not be limited to Prof Debessay. Let me mention the first as the second point for me is a subset of the first. The first says “Why government, why not an umbrella movement”. Un umbrella movement presupposes a formal invitation of representatives of the movements to the core discussion of forming a unified movement or even GiE. The NTT’s for GiE call is a call on a voluntarily drive of individuals to contact the NTT. In this regard, the leaders of the already formed movements my see a firewall infront of them. I am not saying there is no real opposition to the idea of GiE itself, but the opposition’s resistance, if due to approach and decor, is there any possibility of explaining there is no real wall behind the perceived firewall and if any reapproachement of the ideas of invitation from NTT and picking the phonepad or keypad to NTT? Just a reflexion!

          • Abi

            According to Dora the Explorer, you are not a suspect at this moment. If we apply the Blue’s clues strategies in the investigation process, we are absolutely safe to conclude that this person is a typical tplf አኮርባጅ:: You are the farthest Eritrean from this entity. Of course, one has to pay attention to figure out who is who in this virtual land.

          • saay7

            Selamat Hailat:

            It’s Saay in social media and Awate U.

            I am not sure I understood your question. But, broadly speaking, the GiEs position is we are happy to go for UiE instead of GiE if that’s what our people want. The only study done on this was a survey by Setit Media which shows overwhelming support for Government in Exile. So my invite to those calling for Umbrella in Exile is “will you yield to what the people want including if they want Government in Exile?”

            What you are calling a firewall I prefer to call barrier to entry. A 10-member organization with 7 in its leadership has to be really honest with itself and admit it is 10-member organization and form a coalition with one of the three blocs. An organization that is unsure whether it’s a civil society trying to influence policy or a political organization vying for power has to assess its mission and what it wants. The incentives for fragmentation have to disappear and the incentives for coalition have to increase. And the only way to do that is to set rules. Fair, transparent but still rules. It’s an affront to Eritrea to have 3-man orgs with big names and no constituencies claiming to speak on behalf of Eritrea.


          • Haile S.

            Selam Sal,

            You understood my question and answered it. Yes, how to eliminate the feeling of barrier was what I was getting at. How to convince those who might feel they are not driving if they don’t first hand touch the steering wheel, if you will. I agree with you there should be rules and one has to come owning the cause.

          • saay7

            Selamat Hailat:

            And that’s where “radical candor” comes in: we should be able to say to the 3-man groups “I love you, I appreciate that you are on the side of justice, but you are not going to make a dent unless you are willing to form a coalition with other groups, and we are going to ask by the way how many members do you have and who exactly is your constituency?” Love them or hate them the two blocs we are talking about can answer that question convincingly. The others, from my 20-year of front row observation cannot.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Saay,

            It is a perplexing political behavior to watch in the discourse of the Eritrean political landscape, that when a proposal comes up from any corner, the practitioners of the existing political orgs or movements do not try to find a middle ground and engage to refine the objective of the proposal. Rather, they go to find all kind of excuses to reject the proposals, if the proposal isn’t from their own political house. Now the GI and the other umbrella orgs will go to their retreat mode, to oppose the timely issue you have raised, and that is what I am seeing as an acute observer of the Eritrean politics for decades. I am afraid, this will be another lost opportunity and another “ዓሕ” – an internal reaction – that is familiar within any conscious mind who strives for change without preconditions.


          • saay7

            Selamat Emma:

            Don’t worry: our team is made up of no-ego people. Our question is do you have something better and more acceptable to our people? And if they can show us they do, we will join forces with them. It’s all good.

            I forgot to thank Bayto chairman Negash O for supporting our initiative: thank you! The rest of building momentum and I accept similar endorsement from Block 2 soon 🙂

            Happy Friday!


          • haileTG

            Selamat saay,

            On the point of contention, it seems a normalcy bias or cognitive bias, which argues because something has never happened thus it will never happen. It is a fallacy. My 2-cents is however, we do things in response to what is needed rather than what is available. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a means to move forward.

            The actual construction work of GiE is not for the faint hearted, there are a lot of moving parts as they should. It would be a terrific opportunity for aspirants to show their creativity and foresight in helping to build it.

            You said two important things:

            GiE has offered to provide technical support to connect all the disparate Eritrean civil society.

            At the end of the day, the two blocs GiE proposed have significantly more constituents than all the other contenders.

            The second one is a good way of looking at it, well put. The first one is also a great idea, would be nice if you could elaborate more on what the nature of the “support” is. If you prefer a longer article, well we’re all ears 🙂

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Saay and Haile TG,

            I agree the GiE doesn’t need to be compared to the other countries experience. Eritrea has different political experiences and cultures to help achieve the change. Some kind of research is needed to support GiE. It is not enough to state to GI.

            GI has always been about social movements and I believe, it can have it its own share within GiE ones it is negotiated. A movement like GI would be instrumental to give power to the vehicle, but needs a driver to get to a destination. People, movements, civic and political should be approach(ed) differently.

            GiE’s wisdom depends on how to identify and fit each component of the justice seekers categorically. The question is if the GiE can be flexible and negotiable with all the constraints.

            The above writing tried to help GiE deal with the usual issues arising at the in Eritrean opposition landscape. It had suggested the formation of an independent and diverse third party EPCiE (Eritrean Peace Commission in Exile) to help on negotiations, reconciliations and narrowing gaps of recognizing each other.

            Finally, I beg to differ on calling Yiakl as a “centric view”. Yiakl, I believe, is a household name for Eritrean oppositions at this moment and It may have more registered constituents than both blocks.

            Now, the priority for us looks like to have a polling system for EiG.

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Haile TG

            I think you agreed with what Saay wrote, “GiE has offered to provide technical support to connect all the disparate Eritrean civil society.”

            I would suggest for GiE to deal with each entity separately. They should work on their civic duties independently No interference from the government needed.

            He also wrote, “At the end of the day, the two blocs GiE proposed have significantly more constituents than all the other contenders.”

            My questions are:
            1. Do we have the data to claim that one has more constituents than the other ?

            2. Doesn’t it make GiE seem to care more about numbers?

            I am hoping NTT to gain something from their constituents discussions at Awate on Integrative discourse agenda. ንክንሰማማዕ ንሰማማዕ።

            Thank you

          • saay7

            Thanks Aman Y:

            We take our claim that we will hold discussions with every organized group seriously. We are after all a group of who took an initiative and we are aware nobody gave us the mandate or or elected us to do what we are doing. Every weekend, we have discussions with any Eritrean organization fighting in its own way to bring about positive change, anyone big or small. This weekend we have a meeting with 5 of them. After that, we will have meetings with every “influencer” on social media. Not just to talk, not just to explain, but to listen and when necessary to adjust. The goal is to have a GiE that has broad support and you can’t do that by antagonizing or dismissing anyone.



          • Aman Y.

            Haw Saleh,

            Thank you for reaching out. That will help me have a goodnight. While you are here GiE needs to assign a communication officer for Awate, I nominate Haile TG.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman Y.,

            Since you seem to know about Global Yiakle and what their objectives are, I thought I ask you about, ጽምዶ አብ ቀዳማይ ስትራተጂ. I am hoping my good friend Ghezae Hagos can shed some light as well.

            In order to have a good understanding, I had spent two hours listening the two interviews with Global Yiakle members interview.

            I wish I have come to understand what exactly the purpose and objective of it.

            I think one of the leaders said it has three parts to it.
            1) public owned (hizbawinet)
            2) focused on number 1 enemy (public enemy)
            3) I don’t know what the third is and I was confused what it is.

            I will give you an example.

            1) The whole yiakle was in response of Eritrea first enemy which is IA. Isn’t that obvious, that IA is the number one enemy. In other words, all the yiakle members, supporters or sympathizes already know this. So why focus on the converted and why yiakle (which has already become a house hold name) needs another word ጽምዶ for the same purpose. So I think the “public owned – hizbawinet” is already achieved by yiakle so I don’t what it really means.

            2) all those interviewed spend almost all their time explaining what IA, HGDF and how evil they are, but they did not explain what ጽምዶ is and what it wants to achieve. Again this is really preaching to the converted.

            3) What in the world does it mean ጽምዶ mean? I have never heard the word used in any political context before? I know about መጳምድቲ, as in someone looking for relationship AD, unless I am missing something. I will ask to the language experts to help me out here, but even if that’s the case, why chose such a word that it’s meaning is not well understood. (I am not making a claim that I am expert or judging but as an average person, I can see the challenge/ confusing this can create). If this was done purposely to confuse people and obstruct the real intention, all I can say is a very wrong approach.
            “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Leonardo da Vinci

            3) GiE – elephant in the room.
            With the exception of one person, none of the three people have raised the topic / issue. I was impressed by the host quality of presenting the topic but he also failed to ask a question in relation to GiE. Questions such as:

            1) When was ጽምዶ created and what was the reason for it?
            2) Is it created in reaction to GiE and the discussion that’s going on or was it existed all along?
            3) Did it had any discussion with NFT and if there is any opportunity to merge / align the objectives of NFT/ GiE with Glibal yiakle, ጽምዶ strategy?

            4) Uniting Eritrean Forces aligning with the struggle in Tigray.

            – what role does Global yiakle see with the AI initiative and the role of ጽምዶ?

            I personally see huge advantage Global yiakle if they align with NFT and GiE. I will write more another time.


          • Aman Y.

            ሰላም Berhe

            Though I was involved at the time of inception ,I have not been active with Yiakl for a while. A few weeks ago, I had reached the US Yiakl chair and shared my opinion on GiE. I did not get confirmation or negation for my information yet.

            ጽምዶ ማለት ተላፊንካ ምስራሕ ይመስለኒ፤
            1)ሰረት ህዝቢ ሒዝና
            3) አብ ቅድሜና ሓደ ጸላኢ’ለና

            ** አብ ህዝብና ተሰሪትና ፡ ብጽምዶ እንዳዓየና ናብ ሓደ ጸላኢና that is my interpretation. To respond to your questions : here is my opinion

            1. Yes, you are right it is confusing. What is the purpose of getting to the public, to present the same thing.

            2.The whole Yiakl for me was in response to all the evil in Eritrea. Yiakl as a slogan, did not specify the number one or three enemies. In other words, it did not have an ” integrative goal” as a shared purpose to achieve. On a message I presented then, I proposed to put removing IA as a Yiakl’s shared purpose.

            3.Now, GiE-Eritrean Integrative discourse was written as an advice. Yiakl to take an advantage for transformation and change its name to Eritrean People Representatives in Exile(EPRiE). At the same time GiE can use the already established community base. That would accelerate the momentum to reach more cities and more people for GiE through EPRiE .

            4.It is going to take more for GiE -to be the discourse, The Eritrean mainstream and social media will need more information to address the elephant in the living room.

            ስለዝሰማዕ ካና
            እንተ ተጋጊና
            ንሒድ ሒድና

          • Bayan Negash

            Selam Berhe, Aman Y, and all,

            Interesting that the Yiakel question is being brought in one of its various iterations. I didn’t follow their evolution as closely as I should. But I did listen to the Global Yiakel’s Chair, Seged’s conversation he had in Tewolde Siele’s Global Yiakel show when the Dina Mufti controversy came to the fore. Sam Y. has given you a response on hizbawnnet and Tsimdo and how they connect.

            Hizbawnnet needs to be understood as part and parcel of the larger struggle that cannot be dropped until the objective is accomplished, which is the removal of the regime and a true form of a people focused Eritrea takes hold.

            What I found striking is how quickly differences are put aside when the perceived enemy from without suggests that Eritreans are ready to unite with Ethiopia. Any hints that threaten the sovereignty of Eritrea trumps any differences the diaspora activists may espouse. So, when the Speaker of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia asserted that, were Eritreans to be given a chance, they would prefer to unite with Ethiopia.

            Seged and Tewolde’s discussion was held, I believe the very next day after Dina Mufti’s statement. So, I thought then, what a befitting template that all of us could imagine using if we had GiE in place. There are so many iterations that one can bring to draw a parallel but will suffice to mention the need to have an organized, unified, and authorized entity speaking on behalf of us all. Granted, we have no such entity yet, but it is sorely needed, and what one hear in the discussion between Seged and Tewolde is exactly what would’ve happened were we to have a GiE.

            I’m summarizing what I heard in the show. Seged (The Chair of Global Yiakl) says our focus should not only be on the effect but on the cause of it (ኣብ ሳዕቤን ዘይኮነስ ኣብ ጠንቂ). This maybe the third one that you are missing, Berhe. So, Seged takes his listeners to the beginning of the cause, to 2018, when the regime in Eritrea unilaterally decides to go on the peace initiative. Layer by layer, brick by brick, the Chair lays out the cause that has led to the effect that we are seeing today in which an official Spokesperson from Ethiopia openly transgressing Eritrea’s sovereignty through his irresponsible speech.

            What was the measuring yardstick used by the Ethiopian spokesperson? If Ethiopians had such affinity toward Eritrea, it is to be expected. What does the deafening silence of the regime in Eritrea on this matter mean? Unlike the regime in Asmara, Dina Mufti did appear the next day to reexplain what he meant. That’s what governments accountable to their people do.

            The discussion between Tewolde and Seged continues to when PMAA and IA made peace based on these two leaders’ personal interests. T&S’s conversation consists of some rich ideas that a listener can appropriate for good measure or to quote it when necessary and appropriate it when one must. The conversation veers toward what the American Embassy statement meant. What should the Global Y’akl’s role be in particular and the general public in general. They talked about the urgency these kinds of commentaries made by Dina Mufti call for. Seged states that we should stop fishing for side enemies, let us instead focus on the main culprit, the regime in Eritrea is our enemy, not Ethiopia or Tigray.

            Now, if and when we have a GiE, this is the kind of stuff we would expect where GiE Chair would come to the fore immediately following Dina Mufti’s statement. This kind of a leading statement would shape the conversation that would ensue by the public at large. The theme and the discussion that we can have would emanate from a place of knowledge instead of endless and baseless monologues that the FBs, the YouTubes, the Twitters, etc., are replete with.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Beyan,

            You are always generous with your positive outlook. If my comments appear to be critical, I understand and was not intentional. I am glad you are able to shed some light to ጽምዶ, at least you answered one of the question I had, that it was a campaign/ program that was created before GiE, if I understood correctly what you are saying (Re: Dina Mufti reaction).

            One more thing, ጽምዲ ብዕራይ is another example that I have heard about the word as it means “pair”.

            In fact, I checked the Tigrinya dictionary yesterday and I didn’t see it (may be I missed it). Today I looked up the word “pair” in the English / Tigrinya / Arabic EPLF dictionary and it says 1. ጽምዲ 2. አጻመደ (ንእስሳ) which I don’t think I was far off.

            In light of its true meaning, how is this relevant to the struggle for justice / democracy, I still don’t see it. May be someone else can explain it better. I hope I am not offending my friend Ghezae :). I still don’t see how this is better than yiakle. yiakle is very obvious, it’s yiAkle to PFDJ and all the problems that it created, and continue to create. And I don’t think the people are confused about it (may be the NNNN are) but they are not the priority, they will follow him to his grave.

            My reaction was really, the whole discussion was correct and today (last one was on Friday abs the other was a week before), and I wish someone would have either ask a question or explain :

            1) the whole GiE thing in relationship to yiakle?
            2) the relationship to AI groups

            In short I think I am asking is what is yiAkle position. I can read between the line and I can make my assumption but I think it’s better to leave to those who know to answer it accurately.


          • saay7

            Selamat Berhe:

            My understanding, based on my convo with the leadership of Yiakl USA, ጽምዶ (engagement) is one of the 9 departments Bayto has. The purpose, as its name suggests, is to engage with any entity so as to create synergy. It’s actually a cool concept.

            And I did try to watch the Ghezae Hagos & Seghed interview with Global Yiakl TV. Half saved for later. One of the pieces of advice I am going to give to all our interviewers is to be more like Sishay from Erena: do your homework, you don’t have to be adversarial but don’t be too friendly or it sounds like idle chat, break in and cut our soliloquy, ask tough follow up questions, cross examine. That’s the only way we the guests will get better and it will make for a more enjoyable show for viewers. And yes “live” is overrated: record and edit filler talk!


          • Haile S.

            Selam Berhe and all,

            ጽምዲ = in addition to pair = in-tandem. And ጽምዲ ቁጽሪ = even number.

          • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

            Selam Haile S.,
            “Tsmdo” as defined to mean “pairing” or “in tandem” infers a political thought of a parallel political force deemed to negotiate as an equal partner.in other words, the GIE cannot pursue any action without the consent of Yeakle or vise-versa. That puts us once again to the old Pandora box of the last decades. As the NTT clearly explained, it is ready to engage all parties political parties, political movements, civic organizations etc. to extend their cooperation
            in achievingg the GIE mission. But, if any of these forces ( particularl Yeakle) demand that they are the sole Representatives of the people then Yeakle has to come out of its hide and seek game and proclaim itself a political party contending for power. Notwithstanding the existence of a hard core group within Yeakle that covet power ambitions, I believe, most members of the Yeakle movement are genuine Eritreans whose objective is to dislodge higdef and establish a democratic Eritrea. As a movement, it would be appropriate, if Yeakle continues to work as an ombudsman to the ongoing GIE discourse and align it’s infrastructure to ensure GIE’s success. Otherwise, at this juncture, putting a wedge into the moving wheels would be harshly judged by history.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Dear Woldegabriel,
            How about engaging an independent mediator even engaging a professional mediator to overcome the anticipated wedgie.
            What do you think of expanding the agreement layer for an Independent Mediation layer when an agreement is not reached. Option for mediation when there is no agreement?


          • Haile S.

            Selam Woldegabriel, Reclaim and all

            I completely agree. As you said, there seems to be a confusion between the objectives and necessities of GiE and the possible future plan of individuals, groups, movements or fronts. In addition, second guessing could be one of the major hurdles.
            Reclaim, I am not sure of the necessity of a formal mediator at this stage, but as Woldegebriel put it, yeakle as a popular movement playing the role of ombudsman while promoting GiE would be a plus.
            Everything comes down to the objectives of the GiE. The need of GiE is because the not exiles government in Eritrea has become exclusionary from year to year. My way or the high has been its modus operandi, enclosed in uncrackable shell. The only way to counter it by showing it, there is another way, an inclusionary way. Thus the tough challenge to the different movements and the need of coming together and resolving differences in a way that was Not done by the present regime.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Haile S. and Woldegabriel. Does not a key (not the only) difference rest with Yiakl supporting change from within rather than from external forces? The possibility of effecting change from within Eritrea seems to be something that the GiE seems totally unwilling to discuss or entertain.

          • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

            Selam Dengolo,
            You don’t need such fliers. It’s elementary politics. Please be informed that ELF-EPLF have much deeper, longer and wider roots in Eritrea than Yeakle.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Woldegabriel. Eritrea’s median population is now 19.2 years old, so I really doubt that they care so much about the last time the EPLF or ELF were active in Eritrea some 30 or 40 years ago. The EPLF and ELF’s time to lead change has long passed and the reigns must now be given to Eritrea’s younger generations, though the elderly should always playa nurturing role.

          • Hashela

            Selam Haile and Woldegabriel

            As Woldegabriel alluded, the guiding principle of most Eritrean political organizations can be aptly summed up as “It is not enough that dogs succeed. But cats must also fail”. How different is “GiE” in that matter?

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hashela,

            Welcome back! ኣዚ ጎቦ ጎቦ ምዛር ኣጥፊኡካ።

            Since the fight has been playing for long the way you described it, GiE can be perceived by others playing in the same way. But I haven’t seen that attitude in GiE’s communications. GiE has been calling and reiterating its message for coming together to devise a central government or governance that brings together the disperesed voices and build a structure that functions like a government.

            Following the example of the four pawed trusted companions you used, Yes, You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Hello Haile and Hi to all Awate,

            Please help me understand this.

            I am a bit confused about Eritrean who call others “old” and I believe they see themselves as ‘young’? and demands exclusive power internally/externally?
            I also start to hear this comments in my circle of Eri-friends.

            Are they thinking like the Russian revolution,
            the Ethiopian Meriet larashu, (መሬት ላራሹ)
            or is this some kind of Chauvinism?
            We know how the elite got shot by the peasants!
            We know that the rich got lotted by the socialist!
            We know የወጣቶች ማህበር, haha
            All these young revolutionists destroy the wealth and prosperity of the good people in the community/country by the name of -ism-ism ism,
            Is this something that is back on deck again for a shortcut?
            Are they looking for free lunch?
            ሊበሏት የፈለጏትን አሞራ ጅግራ ናት ይሏታል
            አለ ሳልሕ በትግርኛ

            What is that really means when they refer to people as old, and young, is that discrimination or attempting robbery?

            Is this a slogan for ‘Short live, old people’? Wow, how mature are this

            Who are these young people Yiakl referring to?

            Are this young bloke that walked across Sahara, and their relatives had to fork out $10k whenever they get caught cause they can not defend themselves after all that military training, now they are calling fellow citizens old in a dishonourable way. Or the one ቪዛ ስደደለይ?

            I think young, youth community, etc is a bad influence of socialism, and a bad culture that wants something by hustling?

          • Haile S.

            Selam Reclaim,

            Interesting point you raised. But no time to delve into this. For now I suggest you to watch a game (kind of Jeopardy) by Erisat (bravo Erisat!) With two young men. Between the questions, they talk about the difficulties and bittetness felt by the young and the gap between the old and the young…. It was entitled “Erisat ቀንዴል/ ናይ ዕማመይ ውድድር ሓፈሻዊ ፍልጠት ኣብ መንጎ ኤርምያስ ኣለምን በላይ ርእሶምን”

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Berhe,

            ምቑራን= ምልፋን= ምጽማድ ሓደ ድዩ፧

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            From political point of view, I still don’t see it’s relevance. As I mentioned, two of the most important questions what ጽምዶ objective is that I don’t know the exact answer.

            1) What is it’s position on the work that’s being done by GiE? As I said, no one was asked and no one elaborated, with exception of one person. What he said was “I am not sure it has positive outlook”, as I how I interpreted it. I hope to hear.

            2) Ghezae was asked, what it means if it’s going to work with others, including external forces. He said they will work with anyone who believes ኤርትራን ኤርትራውነትን:: I don’t know what this means in real terms. For example, TPLF believes in ኤርትራን ኤርትራውነት as based on their past history. Does it mean they will work with them (external forces) such as those AI initiated groups?

            So far it seems to be, Tigrinya word Acrobatics.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba AY,

            I am glad saay interjected here because he vindicated what I was to say before I saw his response. So, I will say it anyway. I don’t know how far back you go with saay, but from a couple of decades of following him and exchanging views with him [from both sides of our politics], I can say one thing about him. Saay is someone whose words are typically lagging his actions. He is not some one who speaks ahead of himself or ahead of what he is doing. As we learned from his response here, what he said about “supporting” civil organizations actually refers to a much intensive and substantial work in the ground as he listed. That is saay for you, he says little and does far greater. This is why many of us are excited to see him in this great work. I am glad he has put your mind to rest.

            Just to reciprocate to your kind nomination of myself to the role you mentioned, I also see you as a great addition to the work of the NTT and nominate you to be the PR person so you can bring about the much needed agreement to agree 🙂

          • Dongolo

            Hi Berhe Y. Thanks for you comments. The GIE Concept Note points a much different picture than the interpretive picture that you cast forward.

          • Dongolo

            Selam Abi. Please find below copy-paste for ease of reference:
            Sal Younis is among the highly respected Eritrean intellectuals who had written extensively addressing Eritrean issues. We believe it is his frustration with the ineffectiveness of justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora that prompted him to come up with his recent proposal advocating the formation of a “Unity Government in Exile.” What Sal is proposing is the formation of a unity government in exile composed of the leadership groups of EPLF and ELF. Although we would have loved to enthusiasticcaly support Sal’s proposal, we at GI, do not think Sal’s proposal is workable or practical as we will explain below.

            1. Sal suggests “exiled Central Committee members of “PFDJ”, and those who were Central Committee members in the last (1987) EPLF congress should convene an Organizational Congress, the 4th EPLF Congress, as soon as feasible. Its purpose is to address the hijacking (and renaming) of their organization at the 3rd congress.” ELF members in the Diaspora will also convene an organizational congress to elect their leaders. The elected leaders of EPLF and ELF will then form “Unity Government,” that will “temporarily” assume power once the regime is removed. We find this perplexing. Our understanding is that, it is change agents inside the country who can remove the dictatorial regime. We do not believe it is realistic to have a temporary transition government that does not include those who are instrumental in removing the regime. How realistic is the idea of convening an organizational congress of ELF and EPLF members in the Diaspora at this time? Some of Central Committee members of EPLF in exile are not even on talking terms with each other. Moreover, it is our understanding that some members of the EPLF have joined other ELF members to form new parties. Is Sal expecting these former EPLF members to divorce themselves from the new parties they have formed? According to Sal, “the idea of holding Organizational Congress is to have a democratic election where it elects its leadership, who then elect the executive team. This ensures continuity and grants the new leadership something sorely lacking in the Eritrean Opposition: legitimacy.” We are at a loss to understand the relevance of the “legitimacy” of the newly elected EPLF and ELF members. What Sal is proposing ignores a big chunk of Eritrean activists including Eritrean youth who are neither members of the EPLF or ELF but who are active members of the Global Yeakel Movement.

            2. We do not agree with Sal that what we need at this time is a “unity government” composed of elected EPLF and ELF members. What we need is a legitimately elected leadership group that represents all justice seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora. To be legitimate this leadership group should be elected by all justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora. This means all members of political groups, civic associations, women’s organizations, youth, musicians and artists, human rights activists, intellectual and professional groups and other activists should participate in the democratic election process, starting at an all-inclusive local Baito. These legitimately elected Baito leaders then form country-wide leaders to form Global Leaders. This is exactly what the Global Yeakel Movement is trying to achieve and it is making good progress gaining momentum daily despite COVID-19 and other obstacles from agents of the regime and others.

            3. Let’s be clear, the Global Yeakel movement is not a political party. It is a peoples’ political grassroots movement. The role of the Global Yeakel Leadership is not to assume power once the regime is removed. Its role, to the best of our understanding, is to facilitate the removal of the regime by coordinating the activities of all justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora and the formation of all-inclusive transparent and accountable transitional council. Speaking with one voice, the Global Yeakel Leadership will be able to conduct effective lobbying activities by engaging Eritreans with impressive resumes in the diplomatic arena and foreign relations. The fact that this is a legitimately elected group, with impressive resumes, will help them to be well-received by leaders of countries, and at international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU), the Arab League and other settings. Of course, given the first priority is the removal of the regime which has to be done by forces inside the country, the Leaders of the Global Yeakel Movement will be expected to provide, moral, material, diplomatic and public relations to the change elements inside the country.

            4. It is worth emphasizing that the Global Yeakel movement is an all-inclusive movement of justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora who have formed their local Baitos of all justice-seekers in their respective localities. It is true that the conceptual framework of the Global Yeakel movement is unassailable, in terms of its being all inclusive and democratic grassroots movement. It is in the process of actively mobilizing all Eritrean justice-seeking Eritreans world-wide in spite the obstacles created due to the coronavirus pandemic and other obstacles it has been facing including from agents of the dictatorial regime.

            5. The other important role of the Leaders of the Global Yeakel Movement is to prepare the necessary framework for a smooth transition to democracy after the removal of the dictatorial regime. The Global Leadership Team should work in collaboration with the Eritrean political parties, change elements inside the country, and other stakeholders, to the extent possible, to prepare the groundwork so that there will be no confusion or political instability when the dictatorial system is removed. In other words, it will be critically important to avoid the situation that happened in Somalia when Said Barre was removed or the situation that happened when Gadhafi was ousted from power in Libya. It is encouraging to see members of the political parties are having close working relationship with the Global Yeakel.

            6. The Global Yeakel Leadership team should raise financial resources from its members. But in addition, it should have a fund-raising team that will approach countries to support the process of democratic change in Eritrea. Countries that have been flooded by Eritrean refugees will find it to their best interest to support those who are trying to bring about democratic changes in Eritrea and end the flow of refugees to their borders.

            7. In conclusion, GI believes that what all justice-seeking Eritreans should do is to come up with brilliant ideas to strengthen the Global Yeakel Movement that has more members than all the political parties put together. What Sal Younis is proposing is marginalizing a big chunk of activists who are serving as the backbone of the Global Yeakel Movement. What Sal seems to have overlooked is the fact the Global Yeakel Movement has a huge opportunity, potential, and responsibility to unite the diverse Eritrean Diaspora for a singular objective of Eritrean salvation and democratic transition. Just remember the Yeakel Foundation has raised over $800,000.00 to deliver to Eritrean refugees the necessities for Covid-19 protection as well as food and supplies in an efficient and transparent manner. This amply demonstrates the potential of the Global Yeakel movement.

            8. We need to recognize our first priority is to get rid of Isaias and his cronies. Eritreans in the Diaspora can play an important role in contributing to ending dictatorship in Eritrea by working together under the banner of the Global Yeakel Movement. Let’s learn from our Tigray brothers and sisters who are doing miracle speaking with one voice.

            Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement (GI)
            March 4, 2021

          • Aman Y.

            Selam Dongolo

            Good to see you even though the new comer.ከኅዋላ የመጣ አይናውጣ ቢባልም

            Your name reminds me of the bridges before you get to Massawa. First time I saw them I knew I was in another country for I had never seen such. I wondered if the arched concrete beams added load to the bridge. The truth was the bridge as well as the vehicles and everyone passing was comfortably supported by the arched structure. I believe the engineers took time to consider all the dead, live, wind and seismic etc loads. Now, imagine that first Italian driving his car or that Eritrean camel owner looking at a skech of the bridge.

            I think that is what we have about GiE wright now, a sketch. SAAY said it himself it is a “concept note.” Let’s wait for the working document for the challenge. There a lot of them around, SAAY has to decide whether they “radical candors” or “brutal honesty” The above essay has raised some similar suggestive advices. It would have helped if the forumers give thier two cents.

            It has been a while since I heard from GI. Gi with its Prominent Eritreans from pre-independence to the G-13 had done remarkable. The Global initiative document was an appealing working document. Though we have not heard of it four or five years. This is not to undermine GI’s effort, in many ways they are bellwethers in the diaspora struggle.

            But I would say the points raised by them above are an inessential concerns about Bayto Yiakl. Bayto Yiakl can talk for themselves. Like noted on my writing above GiE and Bayto Yiakle are indispensable to each other.

            And every organization has to decide where to be in concentric illustration suggested on the writing above.
            During the founding of Yiakl some GI related people were opposing the Election process of Yiakl, saying Yakl was as a social movement and was not supposed to have an organizational structure.

            Now Yiakl is an institution with a 503c or 504 . It has yet to identify it self; as a movement, civic or political. I would ask all organizations the same for I do not think there is an Eritrean organization with a political party license.

            So if you can call legal names yourselves, why not GiE?

            Peace to all

          • Dongolo

            Selam Aman Y and thanks for your comments. The GIE Concept Note went out on ERISAT on April 24th and should therefore be considered fair game for comments, no?

            On a major point of contention, am I correct in my understanding that GI and Yiakl do not support external governance for Eritrea but rather they strive to effect change from within? By not focusing on effecting change from within, does not the GIE risk further fragmenting Eritrean diaspora opposition efforts?

            The Concept Note calls for the its Executive Council to be comprised entirely of technocrats. Do you believe that Eritrean, especially those living in Eritrea, will accept to be governed by a diaspora group of (highly likely) elderly technocrats who come with a lot of indelicate luggage?

            Hasn’t history taught us well that technocratic governments erode democracy and keep bad politicians and political groups in power? Technocratic Although governments have sometimes been long-lasting, are most often illegitimate and democratically dysfunctional.

            Thank you for your time.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Dear Dongolo,
            I think you are raising valid points.
            If I may comment from a quick read..: 🙏🏾
            This reads for me more like that you/organisation are trying to advance your agenda/concerns. From a neutral point of view🤞, I see that there is a request for a roleplay intact with its agenda and seeking recognition as a participant with the proposed strategy at the initial stage, like many others.
            Like many of the Eritrean organisation, or community in the diaspora have a cloudy vision🌥; from my observation some want self-glory, some see it as an opportunity to contribute something, others they want to be the one, some want to be part of the big picture of change that is needed. Ethiopian proverb የዝንብ ጠንጋራ አይቼ አውቃለሁ, I think my observation is right. There will be a long bumpy road to achieve the common goal that everyone wishes to see in their lifetime. I have no doubt the current executive team inside and outside the country want to see a better Eritrea but the big question seems HOW? Offcourse capability is the main things, people that have been in a war-torn country for almost half a century, are reaching out in every direction to find a solution. It requires a certain level of capability, both financial and intellectual to bring the desired change as quick as needed.
            Some Question from your point 1. “We find this perplexing. Our understanding is that, it is change agents inside the country who can remove the dictatorial regime. We do not believe it is realistic to have a temporary transition government that does not include those who are instrumental in removing the regime.” I don’t believe the ‘instrumental in removing the regime’ will hand over or share power with anyone, let alone the people. ዞሮ ዞሮ መዝጊያው ጭራሮ . Where is your risk analysis ? 🐑
            Point2 “election process, starting at an all-inclusive local Baito….” at what stage of the process do you propose for this to take effect?
            Point3 “to facilitate the removal of the regime …” at what cost? when an armed struggle started for independence did they foreseen the cost of freedom to the people? No need to look back but, when you facilitate destroying a regime, and if you succeed at what capacity are you gone guarantee/restore peace and security? 🤴🏿🔥
            4,5,6,7,8 for next time

        • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

          Selam Semere Tesfai,
          You put every Eritrean in the most unenvious position of being selected as a juror because they will unanimously find you guilty as charged; Or assigned as a prosecutor because he/she will ask for capital punishment or life banishment or 10 yrs. community service in Era Ero ; Or a judge because he/she has to uphold the law and sentence you to the maximum. Rest assured, even Abi will applaud the “guilty as charged” convicton when he realizes when there is no way he will get his sea-side estate he is vying for. But by that is not the issue. An inward introspection would save you from much eye- twitching obfuscation. How could you live with yourself with such opportunism and adulation? Is there something in your background (I mean hidden in your subconscious) that is triggering such a blatant misconception to the realities in Eritrea. You are entitled to your views but must also own responsibility of your decisions. You can’t have it both ways.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Woldegebriel,

            He will stand with the despot even if his own family are dying in the foxholes of EraEro. In the twisted world of PFDJ land, it is not unusual to give their own as sacrificial lamb to their demigod. I remember Dawit’s sibling (brother) was on the side of the regime’s supporters and was angry when the justice seekers were demonstrating in Sweden and advocating for his release. Look how these brainwashed lots act and behave, when the whole population is suffocated in the darkest era of Eritrean history.


          • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

            Selam Amanuel Hidrat,
            True, indeed!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Amanuel,

            I remember Dawit’s sibling (brother) was on the side of the regime’s supporters and was angry when the justice seekers were demonstrating in Sweden and advocating for his release.


            I have heard the same story a while back as well. I don’t know if Dawit has different brother or if his brother has changed since that event, or if he was on the side of the regime at all.

            I know his brother named Esaias Isaak who lives in Sweden has been speaking on his behalf for a while now. If you google “Esaias Isaak Speaks on Dawit Isaak” after Dawit was awarded “The Golden Pen for Press Freedom” is one of them. Another occassion is speaking as guest in European parliament along with Mr. Louise Michel, where among the attendants were Dr. Daniel Rezene Mokonnen. He wrote his account in asmarino titled “An Afternoon with Louis Michel in the European Parliament”.

            With regards to Esais Isaak, he says “The speech of Esias Isaak was so heart-breaking, as it narrates the anguish the entire family has sustained since the arrest of their brother.”.

            It interesting what he has to say about Mr. Louise Michel speech, if you haven’t read the article. He give us a glimpse to the president state of mind according to him, which is very important to have an deeper understanding why he does what he does.

            I will share the links if necessary on the weekend. Sorry for the long replay, it was not intended but I thought I share what I learned since just in case you are not aware.


  • haileTG

    Selamat awatista,

    There is a certain entity called Ma’Ekel Sened’n Mermera’n” in PFDJ land. Its main task is not to document and analyze anything (just like PF democracy & Justice – has nothing to do with D & J). Rather, that sleazy entity picks up any threat to the regime from its implants throughout the diaspora and releases information meant to poison the minds unsuspecting Eritreans so they can turn on each other. Perhaps, Eritreans will go down in history as the most played/messed with these type of PSYOP by PFDJ.

    Anyhow, back to my point, today the “Ma’Ekel Sened’n Mermera’n” came up with similar poison to overcome the increasing interest on GiE. If you go to their facebook page, you’d find a couple of paragraphs of their usual nasty and menacing words about how now the Woyane is doing this and that and how hgdef is standing for sovereignty and how others are working against it under Western/Woyane payroll. What is telling is who is their target and what is subtle connection they want to impart. The images they use is: Saay, SGJ, Kalid Abdu and funnily enough Eritrea’s previous head of the MoI – Mr. Ali Abdu. In fact, their target is saay who is the current chair of NTT and this is how the genocidal regime of IA attempts to violate the inherent right of Eritreans to organize politically.

    The second point is an observation, not linked to the above. Recently, we saw interview by Getachew Reda and images of Dr. Debretsion. What every PFDJ should ask themselves is that if the same invasion is conducted on Eritrea, would IA and his stooges be able to be guarded, fed and moved around by Eritrean youth while the entire Eritreans at home and diaspora root for them?? Quite the opposite! Probably they will be the first ones to be shot between the eyes by ‘friendly fire’. This is how hated and reject they are by Eritreans at large and humanity as a whole. TPLF leaders however, they may have done much wrong to their people and later apologized, and are showing that Tigray is indeed their land and Tigrayans their people. PFDJ are tourists to Eritrea and Swiss bank is their beloved. The difference can’t be more glaring.

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haile TG
      Eritrean Research and Documentation Center was headed by Zemhret. Does it have anything to do with him?

      • haileTG

        Hey AY,
        I doubt the institution, as envisioned originally, works. Just about every institution is hijacked. Now this department works on defamation through “egele Menyu” campaign. It is like commercial bank of Eritrea and Hagos Kisha really.

        • saay7

          Selamat HG and all,

          At least Hagos Kisha is a party official. This organization with an impressive name is one free lancer named Simon Hagos who is trying to get Isaias attention by using the Sophia Tesfamariam method: write a lot of toxic stuff. He once wrote on Twitter he is happy that Ciham Ali is in jail and he hears she is going thru terrible ordeal.

          Those are the type of people who are still loyal to the crazy old man who calls himself President: sadists and serial liars.


          • haileTG

            Selamat saay,

            One regime loyal guy I know recently asked why I oppose the regime and tried his cheap woyane this and that with me. So, I said to him: ኣነ’ኮ ንኢሰያስን ስርዓቱን ዝቃወም ብፖሎቲካዊ ሕሳባት ወይ ጨለነት ዘይኮነ: እቲ ካብ ሰብኣዊ ሕልና ዝዘለለ ኣነዋሪ ተግባራቱን፤ እሱ ዘስዕቦ ትውልዲ ዝሰግር መርገምን፤ ንዓይን ንደቀይን ከይትንክፎም ኢለየ በልኩዎ። I think he paused for a moment because it hit closer to his home.

          • saay7


            My guess is the moment of deep thought and reflection will disappear in minutes after his head is pumped with feel good nonsense. Part of their problem is they don’t even have the vocabulary for moral terms like slavery, rape, occupation. A people who serve a man who has been looting our own children’s freedom and lives for decades are offended that this same weirdo is accused of looting pots and pans. They are deeply aggrieved when a corrupt man who has stolen peoples power and is using squatter’s rights to hold on to the presidential palace since 1997 is accused of occupying poor Tigrayan farmers land. In short, they are a collection of misfits in the service of a degenerate. This is why they find comfort in allying with Ethiopia’s fascists.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Aman Y.,

    Good reading. Thank you for coming with this piece that will enhance GIE project.


    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Amanuel

      It is a build on You, Haile TG, Beyan and ofcourses SAAY’s articles.

      Thank you

  • Brhan

    Merhaba Aman Y,

    Thank you for you effort to write the article in our dialogue of GiE. Yiakl/Kifaya’ has made the issue of addressing the gross human rights taking place within Eritrea under PF(DJ) rule as one of its goals. It also have worked in repairing and strengthening relationships with the Eritrean community. These goals are among the reasons why the GiE initiative came. Due to this I believe it will find a good platform in Yiakl. It is a movement that has been hosting free debates, discussions and expressions of diverse opinions , where ELF an EPLF veterans sat side by side. Welcome aboard to GiE from Yiakl/Kifaya/Enough!

    • Aman Y.


      Berhan the Yiakle movement needs to change gears and accelerate its momentum. Yiakl as a vision seems to be broad and embarking on this initiative will serve its purpose of mobilizing .

      At the same time, like you said GiE could benefit the people by using the Yiakl platform for its reach out. The success of GiE depends on the participation of all sectors of the Eritrean people.

      May be SAAY can share how the NTF plans to make people participate on this promising endeavor.

  • Semere Tesfai

    Selam Aman Y.

    Let me tell you the cold truth. The GiE Project is dead on arrival. It won’t even make it to the operating-room to have a chance to be resuscitated by its real doctors. Your call for simple efforts such as mouth-to-mouth breathing and pressing on the chest for a dead heart and lungs is a waste of time. If the folks at the NCDC with their minimal differences can’t unite themselves for almost a decade, what makes you think ELF – EPLF offshoots will easily unite in a month or so?. Trust me, few months from today, Awate (this website) will blame the failure of the GiE in its front page for all to see. Anyway…….

    These are the reasons why the GiE or Regime Change project won’t work:

    1. – No people, no territory to govern, no legitimate government. Period! Pursuing such act by any foreign power(s) is pure racist; and it is outright violation of the sovereign right of a UN member nation. It is illegal for AU member nations, it is illegal for EU member nations, it is illegal for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)………… or simply it is unacceptable in today’s world. And no enslaved mind can sell this bogus GiE product to any intelligent, self respecting, proud Eritrean – or any decent human being for that matter.

    2. – The very concept of GiE neither represents nor serves the interest of Eritreans inside or outside Eritrea. How could the folks in the GiE in the West, represent and serve the interest of Eritreans inside Eritrea when these people (a) never been to Eritrea for 3-4 decades (b) neither sacrificed nor contributed a dime for the existence and wellbeing of Eritrea for decades (c) were conspiring and working with Woyanes and all Eritrean enemies for decades?
    How could the GiE in the West, represent and serve the in interest of Eritreans – in the Arab World, in Africa, in Europe, in Australia, and in North America, if they are not going to take all Eritreans back to Eritrea with them? Which they are not. Now explain to me: how are the two dozen GiE members who would be flown to Asmara by one Western military airplane – who are citizens of many Western nations – going to serve the interest of Eritreans inside the country or outside the country? The whole thing is a sham!

    3. – To tell it like it is: the GiE project is a foreign interest project – at its preliminary study phase to be exact. It is a regime change project – like the Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Somali,,,,,, projects – for the same purpose and with the same outcome.

    4. – If the regime change project reaches to its implementation phase – which I very much doubt it – it will be coordinated, funded, armed, and directed by foreign Powers. The locals are just messengers of their handlers. And hand in hand, with the bloody armed conflict, the propaganda smear campaign will be led, coordinated, and disseminated by the Western corporate media. Western politicians and diplomats will be busy muscling through the Au, UN, SC to legitimize the unlawful act – which they will never subject their people or country for such a heinous act

    5. But we are not going to see Western boots in Eritrea – no Western blood. If regime change is going to happen, the regime change project will be outsourced to some poor neighboring country. Some poor neighboring country will be pressured bribed and arm-twisted to implement the regime change project on their behalf

    6. – But I confess, there is one nagging question that I can’t make head or tail of it. And that is: If the regime change project reaches to its implementation phase, who will do the actual fighting? መን’ዩ ነታ ድሙ ኣብ ክሳዳ ቃጭል ዝኣስረላ? ጻማ ዓስቡ ኸ ‘ታይ ኮን ይኸውን? – so to speak

    A. – I don’t see any other country capable of doing this project other than Ethiopia. And,,,,

    B. – All things considered, I don’t see Ethiopia doing such projects in the foreseeable near future – specially in the time frame the trial balloons by the local messengers are being flown – in the next 1-6 months that is.

    Semere Tesfai

    • Abi

      ሰላም ወንድም አማች
      The Founding fathers of GiE have been antagonizing Ethiopia for the last several years. You can easily conclude that they have got nothing to do with Ethiopia now or in the future. All the mouth to mouth efforts ( you may call it propaganda or fake news) to resuscitate Tplf was to use Tigray as a launching pad to put the ቃጭል on the cat’s neck.
      Ethiopia and Ethiopians are forever grateful for the generous and timely help they received from the Eritrean government.
      In short, Ethiopia is not in the equation in any attempt to remove Isu from power by GiE. That opportunity has gone with Tplf. Just like you, I’m dying to know the unknown variable that is willing to put the ቃጭል on the aging ድሙ ::

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Abi,

        Hope you are doing good. I heard in some youtube channel that Dr. Berhanu party issued a statement and it wanted Eritrean army to remain in Tigray. It said, without Eritrea, the Ethiopian defense forces is not capable to contain the war in Tigray and TPLF may make a come back.

        At the same time, we hear that the Eritrean army commanders doing the following to their own army.

        1) 15 Eritrean soldiers who were wounded, instead of transporting them to get medical help, they were ordered to be shot and killed by the security arm within the army.
        2) The middle officers of those units, were asked to falsify the condition of their death and the place they died and were asked to fill it in the boarder of Tigray.
        3) The middle officers refused and many within the army are currently being detained secretly.

        Why do you think opposing the regime of IA and the relationship with Abiy government which is working against the wishes of the Eritrean people is wrong.

        Why should Eritreans die to secure peace in Ethiopia?


        • Abi

          Selam Berhe
          You are just propagating the fake news.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            Are you sure, everything is fake?

            Is the demonstration in Ethiopia is also fake news?


          • Brhan

            Selam Berhe,
            Some times frustration can lead a person to deny facts that are building like a mountain. It is hard for him to believe. The issue with him, is not “what he need to know but what he wants to know”, so sympathize with him. Sing his songs. Others he will disappear from this great website that he has enjoyed for long time.

          • Abi

            ልትናፍቀኝ ነበር!

          • Brhan

            Bingo! I made you come back to awate again.

          • Abi

            ቀድሞም እኮ አልሄድኩም:: ወደ ጏሮ ዞር ብዬ ነው:: መድረኩን ለአዲሱ መንግሥት ምስረታ ሲያደላድሉ እኔንም እንዳይረመርሙኝ ዞር ልበል ብዬ ነው ጌታው::
            አብይን የሳተ ጅራፍ አቢ ላይ እንዳያርፍ …

      • Aman Y.

        Selam ወንድም አቢ

        ሰሞኑን ጠፋህ ብዬ ሳስብ ነበር። Good to see you. እኔ ምለው በዚ በትግራይ ህዝብ ምን ያሀል ቢጨክን ነው?የኢዮፕያ ሕዝብ ክዚህ ሁሉ እልቂት፡አስገድዶ መደፈርና ውድመት በኃላ ኢሳያስ ኢሳያስ የሚለው? እረ እግዚብሄርን ፍሩ ልብ ግዙ። I am sincerely bewildered. What my friends from Ethiopia are telling me, they can’t stand the fact that 6 mil. people ruled over 110 Mil.

        And things are changing fast back home, I do not think Aby and Isu are going to be here for long.

        በቀርይ ባህር ርስት ክሻህ
        ወደ ስደትመንግስት መንግስት ጠጋ ብትል ይበጅሃል

        • Abi

          አገር አማን ነው?
          Good to see you too.
          Looks like the bull missed Isu and went straight to the stop sign. I’m not surprised. Missing a target is part of the business.
          Abiy and Isu are here for a long time. I expect Isu to rule for the next 15 years.

          • Bayan Negash

            Selam Abi,
            A snake oil salesman doesn’t change his habits. Once that’s discovered he goes to another con art business. Isn’t the intention exactly as you describe it – for the bull to miss the target and hit anything that looks like blood, smells like blood. I am trying to be facetious here, but I can’t do it as good as you do. In fact, bulls don’t see colors – they are colorblind. What irritates them is the movements that bullfighters exhibit.

            In the case in question, however, the con artist is showing bloody stop sign which is serving a dual purpose. Making the bull miss his target while telling Aman Y. to stop writing, my imaginary mind thinks. This is just based on the image accompanying the piece. From what I can gather in the forum, Aman Y. comes across as someone with an adroit mind and fingers that seem to match it. I have read some of the responses, he has quick jibes like boxing contenders. Every crisis we face, it brings individuals with some talent to the surface. We may have found one at awate. Let me go read the article now so I can judge for myself.

          • Abi

            Selam Bayan
            I have to be honest with you here. I haven’t read the article yet. I haven’t followed the discussion on the GiE with full attention. I need someone to remind me to pay attention.
            I enjoy reading opposing views and fierce debates which are being extinct from this website.
            Soon, the mandatory salutation will be replace with “ I agree with you “. Do you agree with me?
            I hope Aman’s quick jibes do a better job in hitting the intended targets than the bull.

          • Aman Y.

            Selam, Beyan, Haile TG , Amanuel H., SGJ. and SAAY

            It seems like you have a beef with semere.

            What protocol does GiE has to come up with its citizens like him? Lincoln said, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” Would that some how be applicable?

            Thank you Beyan for the complement. A lot to learn from you guys yet. You professors are the one who need to write often.

          • kokhob selamone2

            Wow Abi,

            Most welcome my dear and I am enjoying your presence.


      • Semere Tesfai

        ሰላም ወንድም አማች

        Good to hear from you sir. On my end, this year, things have never been any better. I started jumping like a kid with joy starting December 2020 – at the Woyane funeral service to be exact. And still, I haven’t stopped dancing and jumping yet. All – while the treasonous Weyane stooges are biting their nails hoping and praying the Whiteman to resuscitate their dead Woyane and bring them to the helm of power.

        I don’t know if you know this, but, the Whitman through Amnesty and other channels that I’m not privy to know, promised the GiE folks to celebrate their reign before May 24, 2021 at Asmara Palace – with the Woyane bigwigs. Now that the Woyanes are six feet under, I’m hearing it is postponed to next fall (six months from now). Poor losers!

        Anyway, speaking of joy, your truly ጨጓር ዳንጋ is warming up to dance his heart out this coming Eritrean Independence. As always, I can’t wait to jump sky-high beating my Koboro (drum) – with all my Koboro Junkees. Do you know some tooooo-educated Eritreans don’t celebrate Eritrean Independence – don’t ask me why.

        Hey ወንድም አማች: how is the preparation for Ethiopian Independence Day this coming May coming along? Just curious!!

        Wishing you in advance a wonderful Ethiopian Independence Day. Chao for now

        Semere Tesfai

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Semere,
          What you wrote, “the Whitman through Amnesty and other channels that I’m not privy to know, promised the GiE folks to celebrate their reign before May 24, 2021 at Asmara Palace. “

          What’s your source for the above? Of course you don’t have a source, so, why do you lie? You can oppose the initiative (you never had a position contrary to the PFDJ) but right out lies and defamation is beyond outrageous. Fight a clean fight and stop using lies as tools to discredit others.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Saleh Johar

            What you wrote, “the Whitman through Amnesty and other channels that I’m not privy to know, promised the GiE folks to celebrate their reign before May 24, 2021 at Asmara Palace. What’s your source for the above?”

            Saleh AA Younis

            Semere Tesfai

          • Saleh Johar

            At Semere, Truff!
            Okay, “you are an NNNN operative”. If you ask about my source, here it is:

            “Semere is an agent of the PFDJ cult” Yemane Gebreab

        • Abi

          ሰላም ወንድም አማች
          This time around we celebrate the interdependence day.
          As you know, my grill is hot, my cooler is full…

    • haileTG

      Merhaba Semere,

      Thanks for your input. I am grateful for affording us the chance to refute what you’re mulling here because it is the type of information fed to the less educated and decent people of Eritrea by the cruel regime that should have opened opportunities for them to learn and explore new horizons. So, with that said, let me move on to show you how your opinions are dead on arrival for anyone with about average IQ.

      ELF and EPLF have deep divisions

      This point you made betrays your lack of understanding of the matter you came to discuss here. No one wished or expects the ELF and EPLF to unite! Not the GiE nor anyone for that matter. The GiE is a government of unity. It values the differences of these two organizations, it celebrates their differences, it accepts and legitimizes their differences and proposes for Eritreans to identify their political roots to one of the two. So, your point is dead on arrival, no need to argue it. They are not asked to resolve their differences, rather develop them further and deeper as they represent choice for our people.

      #1 [No people, No territory, racist, illigal, yada yada…]

      The very name GiE suggests it is a government outside of its territory, representing the will of the vast majority of its people. There is no reason why global powers and countries would not work with such a government even if there are technical legal issues. Technically it is illegal to work with Somaliland, yet it has tremendous relationships with multitude global governments and agencies. The world needs some one to work with, not a monster dressed in legality of UN membership. IA is on borrowed time for the world because Eritreans have not stepped up with an alternative. GiE is just that. As long as it plays its cards right, the sky is the limit for GiE.

      #2 [The GiE is made up of people who don’t know Eritrea…]

      This shows how you came misinformed and and ill-prepared to this debate. Do you know one of the NTT member defended Eritrea in Bure front and helped and lead it to codify its civil and criminal laws? How well do you measure up Semere?? I want you to bring me any PFDJ diaspora goon who contributed to Eritrea like the giants in the opposition. So, this is dead on arrival too (qebri bezihu:)

      #3 [GiE is foreign interest…]

      The only foreign interest we have is Eritrean youth dying in Tigray fighting in service of General DechBele and God know who. Why are our brothers dying in Tigray today Semere? This is what is clearly foreign interest, why would Eritreans forming their own government be foreign interest by someone supporting a sellout like IA? Dead on arrival!

      #4 [If GiE reaches implementation, it would be financed by the powers…]

      Why do you contradict yourself so much?? Did you not say on #1 that no one will help it?? I think you seem scared and confused – these are commonly co-factored conditions, if you have fear you get confusion or vice versa.

      #5 [If regime change happens, regional forces will be used]

      Forget how the regime is going to get knocked down, GiE is about what happens when it does get knocked down. GiE is the best option so far to give hope to our people and we are blessed such a wonderful group of people are leading and organizing us. So, this too is dead on arrival, GiE is not war making path, rather away forward to peaceful transition.

      #6 [Who is belling the cat..]

      GiE is belling the cat!


      [A] & [b] are redundant


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hailat,

        I don’t think this confused and brainwashed individual will understand your argument. Your argument is only for sensible people, and not for people like Semere. However, you have teared out his argument in to pieces in front of our eyes. Amazing!


      • Saleh Johar

        You are selfish HaileTG:-)
        Traditionally, when we bury the dead, everyone throws a handful dirt into the grave. Usually, people who hold spades wait until everyone throws a handful of dirt. In the west, tractors bring loads of dirt and fill the grave in no time. You don’t feel you participated in the burial because the tractors have done the job and you just pray and leave. You acted like a tractor and buried Semere alone. Now we have to pray and leave without throwing a handful. See why you are selfish?

      • saay7

        Selamat Hailat:

        I am always amused at how seriously people take the man you are attempting to educate just because he was once upon a time an ELF fighter. If life is a ledger card, what he has done to Eritrea far far far outweigh what he did for Eritrea. Once you understand that the PFDJ, NNNN chapter, has people who have been in its service longer than any other loyalties they made have, and that, like all converts, they are more devout cultists than the OG, people would remember reasoning with him is as futile as reasoning with Sophia Tesfamariam and any other cultist. Because lying and dishonesty comes oh so naturally to him, and he tries to substitute his confusion with faux certainty (bold, underline, word repetition) about things he is clueless about. But he made for a good punching bag for you, an exercise that could have been used in a more productive endeavor. Such hopeless compromised people are irredeemable: save your considerable talent for something with worthwhile: Mohammed Ali never boxed featherweights.


        • haileTG

          Haha saay,

          The other ትንዕ ትንዕ ዝብል has rather surprised me with going so far to the other side – I was once encouraged by those ቁሉዕ ደብዳቤታት he used to write though. And he is likely to believe what he is saying. Semere is a different chap, I would bet my last penny that he doesn’t believe a word he says. The grand sectarian tendency is what suppresses his truth.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat & Saay,

            Two important remainders from your comments:

            (a) converts are devout cultist than the original members (Saay). Absolutely true. Devout cultist do not have principles to argue with.

            (b) Semere ……..the grand sectarian tendency is what he pushes him to suppress the truth (Haile-TG). Absolutely true. Your statement reminds me, his first article in respond Ali Salim ( Hussein) at Awate.com that exposed his sectarian tendency.


          • haileTG

            Selamat Aman,

            There is a theory where religion and psychology agree on: telling the truth is a cause for internal peace. Because, when the brain has to suppress truth, the actual biological processes for doing so involve, also, stress hormones! So, telling the truth is good healthwise too.

            Let me illustrate. I know you have the long held belief that an Eritrean political should be created in such away to ensure equitable access by all social groups.

            Now, Semere also used the same ideals back in the days to argue for an inclusive government that builds on the unique identity of each ethnic group.

            One would say that there is no discord between your two positions.

            But when you dig deeper, Semere was only using such ploy to curtail meaningful discussion on one other significant social diversity in Eritrea, the religious one. Ones, he went as far as insinuating that one main concern to people in Gash Barka is overpopulation! (Say that to the long term refugees in Sudan). When he made it obvious is though on his exchanges with Ali Salim. Now, he is PFDJ, the very organization he has nothing to do with and spend a good part of his life attacking. This is a stress induced movements and hyperactivities when someone is trying to hide something.

            Your position is however based on your own truth and causes you no internal conflict. This is why you sailed all these turbulent decades with out any need to flip flop. Truth is peaceful, strong and steady indeed.

          • Aman Y.

            Haw Haile
            I do not know what to respond to that, except educational.

            Thank you.

          • haileTG

            Hey AY!

            Sorry for the name mix up, that was a response to Aman H. But since you’re here and you asked earlier “what protocol GiE should use for citizens like Semere”, I will answer you before SGJ beats me to it.

            I don’t think GiE would give us (those listed in your response) the power to decide on what protocol to use for people like Semere. But, if I was to imagine having that position to decide for GiE, I would recommend Semere to only reside in Eritrean lowlands post our re-liberation. He is also to take a research course, and complete it with at least a pass grade, on the topic “how the two main religions of Eritrea found peace and mutual respect and support throughout our difficult history”. Finally, Semere would come to AT and write an article on how GiE re-educated and re-integrated him to Eritrea proper, and freed him from his fears and confusions…[now don’t sweat it AY…it is a pipe dream I know].

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Semere,

      The alliance of PFDJites and the Amara elites is so vivid in this twisted world of ours. Your echoes are the product of that relationship. But the truth of the matter is, it won’t last long, in the protracted war of interests. Switching of alliance from time to time even with those who contravene and transgress with the Eritrean sovereignty is your modus operandi, and is always in an attempt to sustain the life span of our despot. You will be remembered as one who support the war of adventurism of Issayas everywhere, throwing our young in the war that has nothing to do with the interest of our nation. You are doing this keeping your kids out of that, in a comfort zone – an act of hypocrisy of the highest order.

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Semere

      The GiE Project is a revival for the alive to advance them to the next stage of a common diversely unifying goal. Every entity will keep its identity and form a non partisan leadership(GiE). GiE will be divorced from their respective organizations to avoid conflict of interests. We have learned enough to avoid past mistakes. Unity in diversity will be the call of the day.

      A friend of mine remarked, the opposition parties problem is like playing cards. One doesn’t know what the other one is holding. So, they fear each other suspecting and assuming the other has a joker. Where as in a soccer game, each team knows what the other has and collectively prepares players for the national team as a shared purpose. GiE is our shared purpose.

      These are the reasons why the GiE or Regime Change project will work:

      1.Isayas has been ruthless to his people and a unhinged disturbance for the region. The westerners would readily work with a viable opposition. And according to my reading it is acceptable to from a GiE with out territory to represent the aspirations of your people.

      2. – The GiE with the political parties and Ex-Eritrean officials will formulate program and policies post Isayas. Most of the Ministers, commissioners, Military officers and diplomats have left the country. With their prior knowledge and foreign exposer, Eritrea will be in better hands. .The diaspora will be represented by expanding the constituency by the Yiakle movement.

      3. – Of course, the GiE project like any other major projects will have foreign interests – and of course GiE seeks a regime change and will learn from the failures of like the Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Somali,,,,,, projects and avoid the same mistakes for a successful achievement….

      4. – Unfortunately, you know there has not been a government change in Africa, with out foreign involvement. I am hoping the GiE does’t get into unwise covenants. A journalist is said to ask Meles how is that Isayas refuses and you accept western donations? Meles’s response when translated to Amharic goes like ” ያኮረፈ ብልጥ ልጅ የተሰጠውን በልቶ ያድራል፡ ሞኙ ልጅ ግን አክርፎ ጾሙን ያድራል”

      5.My hope is a coordinated effort from inside and Diaspora will be enough to topple Isayas. A few years a go I met an official and challenged him. His advice wa s for the opposition to work on the boarder issue. ሃገር ከይትፈርስ ፈሪህና’በር ፡ ኢሳያስ ደአምሳና’ድዩ ሓንቲ ጥይት’ያ ተአኽሎ። I hope he does not die without convictuoin.

      6. The way things are going in Ethiopia, it looks like there is going to be a simultaneous regime change in both countries.

      7.GiE’s success depends on the constructive criticism of high caliber and objective people like you And the GiE will represent your aspirations when you bring them to the table and join the cause. I believe you have enough information, people in prisoned for decades for reading a bible, teenagers and old people as a collateral, … I can not even count

      I beseech to think of them and stand for justice.


      Your fellow citizen.

      • Ismail AA

        Selam Aman Y.,
        “I beseech you to think of them and stand for justice”. እና ፈለጠ ዝጸመመ ከመይ ገርካ ለሚንካ ተስመዖ?

    • said

      Selam Semere,

      First it shows you have a disregard for Eritrean human life. and you do not defend Eritrean people and their human rights, your are anti-freedom and liberty .your message is an old message being recycled . You being groomed to warship your evil man. you are true solder in living abroad comfortably . never in my wildest dreams I expect you to advocate for Eritrean people at large. You demonise anyone who steps out of line who do not agree with your master . you have no future .Make no mistake about it.
      For you promoting social justice and democracy is dead end. You want to eviscerate and hope for democracy and civil society, Your master drawing ever closer to his grave, you will stricken with sorrow soon. You will be tormented when know he is dead. You will need a tranquilizers. You have been remarkably untouched by the o going war, regardless what Eritrean youth paying price your master entered war with neighbouring countries .
      consuming dear blood and treasure. thousands were killed or wounded and continue to do so today. And this death and carnage has occurred in one of the world’s most poorest countries in the world.
      Especially given the resources needed to address festering problems on Eritrea .
      your master have turned this once-great nation into one of wrothest nation and make it a grave yard and grievances for our people . Your master do not have strong support and nor plenty of staying power.

      GIA may not command armies and in time GIA will provide the bloodless revolution. They have the moral high ground. Eritrean at large want to see their country a stable democracy with fair elections, a free press, an unfettered civil society, and equal rights for all Eritrean. The opposition have an indigenous roots and It has a political agenda and it appeal to many Eritrean . Unlike you.
      Eritrean opposition are realistic ,they remain confident they can take power by peaceful means. These would include democratic elections and institutions building . Eritrean will have a new Constitution, supreme court, the senate, provincial and district assemblies. Be assured they would build a democratic and modern Eritrea.

      your war scenario is fantasy. even if they have fighters they know geopolitics well and they would not permit it and it obvious clear the vastly Eritrean defence army, is their army at end of day. They know ,many are veteran of war ,they will be outmatched in numbers, mobility, supplies, transportation, and the caliber of their armaments. Nor do they have the jets, helicopters, and to bombers to fight their own Eritrean solders.
      Today those demoralized young soldiers are forced to fight in Tigray in behave of mamEthiopia. As you can see it happened, your master simply joined and started another war and will consume yet more young lives

      I hope you will find some of the things I will say in my opinion to be offensive. You are complicit in many serious injustices, You do not believe that’s a key to getting Eritrea back on the right road — the road to democracy freedom , liberty, peace, prosperity, and harmony with the people of region. where the non-aggression principle is the foundational principle and individual liberty. clarify this are what is at stake . “That’s the way it is.” Your are on the wrong side of pretty much each of those issues. Eritrea occupy the bottom of free press rankings, .find out the truth by yourself and you do not believe in free speech is a universal right and including democracy.
      IA have, poisoning your hearts, minds, and souls. If you’ve retained any capacity for outrage at willful ignorance, lies, irrationality, stupidity, malevolence, mean-spiritedness, treason, and incompetence, you surely know how little good he is

      Your scourge of dishonesty have no limit and even when you know the fact ,to one-man rule dictatorship is deadly an acceptable to Eritrean from the start . I do not intend to convince your wicked mind , you know our populations sank into widespread, death, and poverty. you are highly valued member of godless communist PFDJ. IA is hard core student of Mao Zedong
      Well known . an ignorant, arrogant ,stubborn, psychopathic individual with a mind that focuses only on power and himself . You cry is—“Our country, right or wrong!” “Up with the wrong and down with the right”?
      fighting for a good cause is when you defend invasion . fight to free your country , however grim and bloody, But when Eritrea invade is wrong patriotism . Seek and you won’t find a persuasive answer.

      Let’s acknowledge at the outset that Eritrean soldiers at the bottom of the caste system, your sadistic master want to get rid of them and sacrificial lamb for Mama Ethiopia and war in Tigray remains at the bottom of the western news agenda sadly .

      For vast majority Eritrean are fighting injustice and human rights increasingly became a central issue . to give you selectivity.one example Eastern Europe change peacefully from oppression to democracy . you selective approach that agree with and you .create a convenient silence of your master crime.. the epitome of evil. You are diverting attention from crimes committed ageist Eritrean civilians by your sadistic master.
      Are you able denouncing atrocities and by your sadistic master, Eritrean dictator and free yourself and cleaning up your act, the denunciation of PFDJ will be the first part and second you have to attune for your past sin and redeem yourself managed to get out of PFD authoritarianism and strict adherence to them, AS a hard-core member of the regime and as a political soldier. fighting for the cause of your master . it is time to start reflect you are openly admits your addiction to criminal and violent regime and start to promote and defend justice. And you can be strong forces for good. It would be naïve to imagine you will denounce your master. Your dead and outmoded ideas have gathered dust and of no use . your delusions mind and impressions pile up rather than taking them to slumber in a faraway landfill of garbage. .it is about time disowning your reputed unintelligent brainchild. and unfit for the responsibilities of Eritrean citizenship.. and stop thinking of yourself as superior stock.
      dehumanizing the opposition as enemy is an effective weapon. You are trying in make Eritrean opposition to make them an enemy of Eritrea

      • haileTG

        Hey Said,

        You nailed it! Good job brother.

        • Brhan

          Said, thank you!

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Aman Y.
    Notable effort. But the question is how much time will the bargaining and calibration take? It seems each will pose as stakeholders in own right and would fitst evolve through complex processes before reaching an integrated stage to unify and integrate the myriad social and political base stakeholders.

    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Ismail,

      The bargaining and calibration will be between the few organizations mentioned here and there recently. To make the process manageable we can start in USA. Similar to what was done with Yiakle. The main players for now would be GiE and Yiakl. I proposed Yiakl to transform itself to Eritrean People Representatives in Exile/Diaspora. Political parties without restrictions will present their programs and post Isayas policies to the people through Yiakl. Yiakl also will help with election, rallies etc. In the mean time GiE can be the provisional GiE and appoint officers with Bayt(EPRiE) approval as needed. The rest of the countries or continents will establish a regional branch of GiE. And hope fully we will be home soon.

  • Aman Y.

    Selam Haw Saleh,

    Thank you. The GiE weapon will get sharper and more pointed to the target.

  • haileTG

    Dear Aman Y,

    Have you had any meetings or discussions with the NTT or anyone connected with GiE as of yet?


    • Aman Y.

      Selam Haw Haile TG.
      No. May ask what made you ask?

    • Aman Y.

      Dear how Haile TG

      I did not mean to be brisk earlier, but I believe the NTF has a lot to do and many others to meet. It is not going to be to be on them. Lets all be their extensions some how.

      • haileTG

        Merhaba Aman Y,

        Sorry for disappearing on you like that! Something urgent came up, nothing to do with you brother. I just felt that with all the ideas and enthusiasm that you are showing, it would be great if you would reach out to the NTT and confer with them at first instance. We need not/should not expect NTT to knock on our doors individually. I am sure the NTT are doing more than their fair share and the least we can do is reciprocate in good faith (not questioning your motive or anything like that). Frankly, those ones wanting/waiting to be invited are clearly showing that they feel entitled, rather than privileged, to represent our people. I hope you don’t take may comment too harshly. It is a brotherly call for reflection:-)