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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Perils Of Dependency


1. Straw Man Argument;
2. Recycling Gedli;
3. Perils of Dependency;
4. Are we a Failed State?
5. Need for a Transitional Plan

An article appeared on whose content did not surprise me considering ‘the Sobering Times’ we went through these days. It appears some latter-day ‘activists’ are deliberately confusing themselves in order to confuse matters and create a stage for their Ethiopianist tendencies. For instance, I found it astonishing why someone had to voice his objection over Eritreans singing the national anthem abroad. Why not? Isn’t that our national anthem? Perhaps it would have pleased the writer to hear the Eritrean refugees sing ‘wedefit gesg‘shi wud enat Etiopia’. ‘Anything the government endorses has got nothing to do with us’ mentality is immature, to say the least. If that is the case then we will have to repudiate public holidays just because the regime commemorates them, for instance.

As an expression of their fretfulness those who are being ‘inspired’ and supported by Ethiopia will continue to sink lower as they belabor their neo-Andinetist stand. Just read and learn how they do that – they are raising lurid and sub-national issues such as region, religion and other social deformities our nationalist struggle dealt with effectively in the past.

Those who would like to move house to Ethiopia remind me of the carpetbaggers. I see them as insidious ‘activists’ with questionable objectives meddling in our patriotic politics. We have to stand up to their reactionary social agenda and be counted now. That is where our patriotism comes in.

Another writer by the name of Ghirmai S Yebio who paraded himself ostentatiously wrote an article under the title of Independent Eritrea, a crumbling nation and a tragedy: ‘The Architects of Destruction’. He preposterously stated:

The quagmire that Eritrea is in today is directly related to what transpired during the 40s, 50s and 60s and the ideological beliefs that the forefathers of the movement espoused.

Doesn’t this sound like the antiquated argument the Ethiopians used to use in the 60s? I am referring to the Eritra l’Areb atsheyeTm … and their Ajewjew argument. This argument is a typical example of the Ethiopia-led campaign which I have been highlighting in my recent articles–a futile effort to render Eritrea history-less by making a mockery of our history. In other words not a smidgen better that the straw man argument.

The logical fallacy of the argument presented is obvious and I am going to hate myself for being lured into this straw man argument – to clarify how real our people’s struggle was in the quest for freedom. There is no need for me to reiterate the fact that Ethiopia was the architect of destruction in our country; however, I just want to use the article as an example why neo-Andinet thinking is prevalent among those with backward-looking attitudes and beliefs.

What are the new perspectives gained by the passage of time–perspectives that attempt to debunk the history of the Independence Bloc? Eritrea’s freedom project started in the 40s and it was completed in early 90s when Eritrea freedom fighters drove the Ethiopian occupying forces out of Eritrea all together. The list of sacrifices Eritreans made to free their country is not for the faint hearted. The author deliberately skips crucial aspects of our history in order to validate his claim–that our forefathers and liberation fronts heralded Eritrea’s destruction. Yes, there was a lot of destruction because war is destructive by its very nature. However, let’s look at the bigger picture–despite Ethiopia’s superiority in manpower and arms, it failed to crush or weaken our struggle. Actually, in the end Eritrean freedom fighters destroyed the Ethiopian army in order to save Eritrea from total destruction. The Ethiopian forces were decimated in all their eight offensives, weren’t they? Throughout the conflict Ethiopia used anti-personnel gas, napalm, and other incendiary devices. And they still lost. Does the author know our history? Does he want us to include this historical fact in his list of myths he listed out in the article? Just because we happen to be struggling with the PFDJ government at the moment we cannot change our history to suit Ethiopianist analysis, can we? I thought the Tekeste Negash theories were dead and buried!

Let me avoid polemics and look at who are the architects of Eritrea’s intended ‘destruction’?

1. As it is well documented, the 40s and 50s marked a drastic rise in banditry for Eritrea. The Shifta, Unionist and Andinet groups worked together to see the destruction of Eritrea. Moreover, there were roles: a) the Ethiopians (through Colonel Negga); b) the religious establishment (through Abune Markos) terrorized Eritreans into submission. How can we forget the fierce and bloody campaigns the Shifta, with the help of Ethiopia, the Unionist Party and the Christian clergy, led against members of the Independence Bloc? Apparently, these issues are not pertinent to the author’s straw man argument.

Does the author realize that governors of Axum, Adua, Shire, Adiabo and many more had links with notorious Shifta leaders like Assresehey Embaye, Ghebre Tesfazion, Hagos Temnowo and the Mosazghi brothers? Besides, many of the Shifta gangs made Tigrai their second home during those turbulent times.

In response to the increasing numbers of Eritreans who wanted to see an independent Eritrea, the operations of the Shifta in the highlands of Eritrea began to accelerate.
Didn’t Eritreans have the right to fight for their rights? The twisted history and dismissive attitude of the writer cannot deal with the reality of the time and what ensued afterwards.

2. I was really saddened by the fact the author chose to desecrate the history of Abdulkadir Kebire. According to him “Kebire never espoused a nationalist agenda beneficial to the Eritrean people at large but rather a narrow agenda based on past grievances.” He concluded his vilification by stating he was ‘killed by an assassin’ … finito! How the bloody hell did it happen? We are talking about one of our giants here, aren’t we?

My fellow Eritreans, one incident that can very well describe the political edge of the fracas that existed then and was a pivotal fixture in Eritrean politics was the assassination of Abdulkadir Kebire, the president of the Muslim League of the Asmara branch. Kebire’s assassination, which resulted in the suspension of the Andinet group, was the culmination of iniquitous politics the Ethiopia-sponsored groups were engaged in prodding members of the Independence Bloc. How and why do you think Kebire was assassinated? He was assassinated in the main street of Asmara on 27 Mar 1949 as he, together with the Muslim League delegation, was getting ready to travel to New York to explain his party’s position against any form of Ethiopian trusteeship over Eritrea. Both Colonel Negga, the Ethiopian Liaison Officer, and Ghebreselassie Garza, president of the Andinet Movement, were implicated in Kebire’s assassination. The British absolved Negga and Ethiopian involvement in the assassination of Kebire. Guess who rescued the Andinet group, the perpetrators? In November 1951, the Unionist Party and Abune Markos both made representations for the successful release of Ghebresellassie Garza and Habtom Araya, ex-President and Secretary respectively of the Andinet Party. Bonds were signed for £500 with two sureties. The sureties were Tedla Bairu, Secretary General of the Unionist Party and Mebrahtu GoneTu, President of the Hamasien section of the Unionist Party, a rich Asmara merchant. Both prisoners were released on 26 Nov 1951.

When the US sponsored federal agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia was adopted by the UN to have Eritrea enter into a federation with Ethiopia in 1952, a third wave of Shifta activities began to take shape in the country. The aim of the Shifta and their Ethiopian backers was to annex Eritrea with Ethiopia. The remaining few patriots had to be hounded, pushed out of position, and at times eliminated in order to put the finishing touches on complete annexation.

Now you tell me who are the architects of destruction? Eritreans? To me such disclosures are important because they show me the latter-day problems of our society and the gullibility of some sectors of our communities. The neo-Andinet article I mentioned above is a typical example how Ethiopia is walking all over our history with a purpose. To do that, allow me to be rude here, they need the services of our fifth columnists – the likes of Girmai S Yebio, Tesfai Temnewo, Yosief Gebrehiwet, Amha Domenico and others. dey Isayas men yedfrenna’lo! I wish President Isaias had the wisdom to see what he has exposed us to! To a pack of riff-raff! To tell me the ‘irrelevance’ of our forefathers who paved the way for the Eritrean armed struggle is revolting; to tell me the ‘ineptness’ of our liberation fronts is irresponsible; to promote Ethiopia’s interests is simply contemptible.

The president, who has forgotten the way things were and continues to monopolize power by driving away his former comrades-in-arms, associates and confidants is mind-boggling. He is the main culprit in this tragedy. All the miseries we Eritreans are experiencing now are happening on his watch. The disrespect our martyrs are receiving from Ethiopian officials and their marionettes can be traced back to him. The isolation Eritrea is suffering from can also be traced back to him. Who is he left with now? Almost nobody! Some are sidelined (‘frozen’), some are incarcerated, some are driven out of the country, and others are made to expire. Where are the veteran fighters who were with him in Ala? Where are those who took part in the 1977 Congress? If Zewdi, his secretary of 37 years, could only one day tell us the real story of Isaias and the musical chairs he played with the veteran fighters!
The tyrant, just like anybody else, will one day die and his rule will be over, but Eritrea will remain. And it will remain in the hands of Eritreans. However, the death of our martyrs is not death as we know it because it is that very death which should inspire us to look forward to better days. We have to constantly remind ourselves that Ghedli is the basis of our struggle, not Isaias. We relied on our own dexterity to defeat Ethiopia, and now we should think of new ways to reclaim our passion for our liberty. The president exploited ghedli, but we have to recycle it in order to rediscover ourselves. Avoid dependency on Ethiopia all together.
Perils of Dependency

To me debunking the myth that we cannot do without Ethiopian support in liberating ourselves from PFDJ inhumaneness is important. My belief is that we are better off without the Ethiopian ‘support’ because I have seen that very support turn into manipulation. Our weaknesses (discords) made us easy targets–easy to be controlled, easy to be manipulated. If we Eritreans fail to learn the tools of the trade, what it takes to drive the PFDJ lifeless and off the cliff, then we will have to bear the consequences of our failures. If we simply continue to follow our hopes, without any contributions to our campaign – that PIA and his henchmen will one day simply dissipate, then that makes us vulnerable. That is when we fall prey to Ethiopia’s structured deception–I call it the perils of dependency.

Dependency on Ethiopia will just have to run its course, unless we change our course now. We, sitting on the poorer side of the formula, are being locked into detrimental political position. This introduces a paradoxical effect on us. Our campaign will be shunned by folks back home. In a future perspective, Eritrea will have no opportunity to improve the quality of life of Eritreans once sucked in the Ethiopian sphere of influence–a country that is losing tens of millions a year due to lack of access to our ports.

I know this issue of dependency requires deeper studies and careful analysis which I hope we will delve into some day. For now I just want to highlight a few facts: there is a political penetration in our opposition politics by Ethiopia; this penetration is producing an unbalanced structure between our opposition groups and Ethiopia; this imbalance is leading to limitations on self-sustained growth from our side; this limitation is creating certain patterns of woozy relations which is exasperating our people; therefore, we are required to change our ways immediately. We need to articulate our needs on the basis of demonstrable needs of our people and philosophy ascribed by our martyrs–Eritrean solutions to Eritrean problems.

I am tempted to have one more go at those who are depending on Ethiopia to resolve our problems. In order to gain the trust of the yes-men, Ethiopia had to cajole them first and then herd them into its own base. Once in base, it began to introduce them to simple instructions such as walk, halt, jump, sleep…, etc. Soon after that the Ethiopians started using the bridle and then the saddle in order to prepare ENCDC for a mount with the aim of leading them into a gallop towards battle. How?

Declaring Eritrea a Failed State

My fellow citizens, the situation is becoming more menacing than ever, to say the least. Our growing softness towards Ethiopia, our increasing lack of intellectual, organizational and political fitness, is a menace to our security. Not knowing what is going on is a menace to our future.

Here is a sketch how the Ethiopian officials have been dealing with us:

• Entice the opposition groups into Ethiopia;
• Buy the opposition off until they are ensnared and then train them to become Ethiopia’s yes-men;
• Set the stage for infighting and splits;
• Eventually have the yes-men declared as incompetent buffoons;
• Bring other groups (ENCDC and then the intellectual clique, Debrezeit, Smerr…, etc. all Ethiopian products’) while the infighting, splitting and side-lining processes take place;
• Set the stage to sideline the veteran fighters as useless (obstructive) elements; embolden the young to go after the veteran fighters;
• Nurture (concoct) a network of key people to provide ‘intellectual leadership’ (the likes of YG);
• Provide funding selectively-fund media outlets to serve Ethiopia’s plan.
• Launch campaigns to sully Eritrean history for independence;
• Under the cover of ‘support to the Eritrean people’ launch the unimaginable ‘go get him, we are with you’ campaign.
• Frustrate Eritreans until they are disorientated and succumb to Ethiopia’s wishes.

Oh, the fools! Those fools, if they knew what was coming! (The Reprieve, Sartre)

And now, most distressingly, Bereket Simon is campaigning to have Eritrea declared as a ‘failed state’. If he succeeds in bringing the international community to his side that can set the stage for many things, perhaps as far as gaining legitimacy to invade Eritrea. It suffices to go over series of events that took place in Somalia. Once Somalia’s situation was repeatedly declared that it was a failed state, that very declaration paved the way for Ethiopia to invade it in order to ‘rescue the poor Somalis’. Fill in the blanks. Now I have to back off … really going nuts here, am I not?

Is Eritrea a failed state? Or is it a dictatorial state? Is Eritrea more ‘failed-state’ than Ethiopia? Basically, there are indicators to assess how failed is a failed-state. The criteria include a state whose central government is so weak or ineffective that it has little practical control over much of its territory; non-provision of public services; widespread corruption and criminality and so forth.

Please take time to check the list of countries in accordance to Failed States Index and you will see Somalia (1), Ethiopia (19) and Eritrea (25). I will say no more on this subject for now. Let’s wait and see if our fellow Eritreans in Addis are going to join the glee club and declare Eritrea a failed state.

Need for a Transitional Plan

What do Eritreans have to do now before President Isaias and his regime become history? This is a question in everybody’s mind. We have seen entrenched leaders go within a short period of time. And certainly that occurrence will also pay Eritrea a visit one day. Until then what do we do? I believe part of the answer lies in what the patriotic front will do-to devise a transitional plan for Eritrea.

The above statement raises 101 questions. And that is quite natural. A carefully thought-out, well-planned and wide-ranging blueprint for a transition is necessary. It should be bold, inspiring and with a strong vision behind it.

We have to learn a lesson from what happened last January in Eritrea. You remember when Eritrea was thrown into confusion after brave soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information and took over the state-run television service in a coup attempt, don’t you? That didn’t come from Ethiopia-driven activities, did it? That was not inspired by the opposition groups who are flirting with Ethiopia, was it? That came from within. If it happened once it will certainly happen again.

What do we do for now? First of all to have clarity of and rule over our thoughts is very important. We have to stay clear off Ethiopia’s machinations and cling to the love of our martyrs for they are the only ones who can provide the basis of an Eritrean ideology. One needs to enlighten the mind, rein in passion, strengthen the spirit and shake off undesired elements from our struggle. These will be the initial weapons of our patriotism.

We have to remember that if the will of the people is not followed, then the PFDJ government, no matter how strong and roguish, will fall under its own corruption. In the meantime we have to be able to read the wishes of our people, their anxiety over our neighbor’s refusal to honor the ruling of the Boundary Commission, the irrelevance of ENCDC-like groups to their lives and so forth. To nurture the belief in Eritrean solutions to Eritrean problems is certainly worth pursuing.

I will say more on the patriotic front in my next posting.

By Admas Haile
July 4, 2013

NB: The author is an Eritrean observer

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  • danny


    It had been so long since I read a dimwitted article like yours. All the blabbering you have argued on your article is Ethiophobia from the 60s. Times and politics have moved on my friend and I suggest you dislodge yourself from the stagnant politics of the 60s and get closer to the 21 century.

  • L.T

    This house are belong to all even to Tigrawot becouse they have more vioce here than http://www.aifaforum or other Ethiopians site.The can learn here manay things as we had learned much than them when Italia were in Eritrea.Rasi Alula is not a hero to me bcs he killed 300 Eritreans and 200 Italians when they are sleeping and this is not a war but “Cherr Chiree Abede”
    And We don’t have a blood over King Yohannes IV in Metema but a Mahadi Durbush of Sudan.KIng Menelik,Haile Sillasie and Dergue Treated Tigria bad but We Eritrean have welcomed them always.Have I a top point on that now,I anyway hope!!

    • belay

      You didn’t learn that from the univercity of Awate.But l can asure you i learned a lot from the univercity of Awate.
      Today i learned about your ignorance too.As long as you keep visiting you learn.

  • Hagos

    Admas Haile,

    I think you have a lot of learning to do about the Eritrean opposition and how complicated is to organize, galvanize people in the Eritrean context mainly because of the nature of the totlitarian regime, our diversity and the gedli civil war era.

    If you think you have the recipe, then why not creat your own movement? If you are succeful, many will follow you.

    Otherwise bushing others, name calling and character assassination will not help. In the contrary, it is just another diversion from real issue contributing in losing our focus for change.


  • rahwa

    yg may wish eritheria to unit with Ethiopian. Believe me no one in Ethiopia want Eritrea back except some feudal and derg people. The Ethiopian people has moved on. It is very peaceful in Ethiopian without Eritrea in it. All the blood shed that occur in Ethiopia and Eritrea for the last 60 years is enough. No blood shed stay way in your said of the fence. We don’t want your ports. We have a lot of options.

    • bukretsion

      rahwa, totally agree with u.

    • wedi hama

      I totally agree with you Mrs Ethiopian, you Ethiopian don’t need us, not disturb your peace. But, Remember your peace would not disturb by eritrean unless it is cracked. Of course I am not trying to hide our cracks. We have non-sense writers like Admas. “To be called as an Eritrean, you have to insult ethiopian” Wrong definition of Admas and his awate team. I have no clue why education could change them. If you have a problem in your house why you blame your neighbor, make your parents and family sit together and solve the problem. Pointing the problem to wards the neighbor is a sign of political and social immaturity. People who recognize them selves as an Eritrean, please think about revolution against your poor ideology before you think to set up a revolution against PFDJ or claiming Ethiopians as enemies,…..TSEMAM HADE DERFU…..

  • Berhe

    Dear readers,

    Let’s not wast time arguing the hatew ketew of Semere Habtemariam with his pen names Admas Haile and Haile…actually we don’t see Admas on the discussion as much as one would expect. However, Semere is palying with his Trinty games very well. I wouldn’t wast time arguing with him, because he himsels doesn’t beleive in what he is writing. He is doing it for his own interest. Two things I like to highlight here, first he is addressing the Luntic DIA as “The President”, it seems like he is very careful not to antagonize DIA (his pay master). The second thing that is not related to this article, but very much related to what Semere is trying to accomplish is:- If you have paid attention to the AWATE web site under LINKS, the Meskerem web page use to be under the supporters of the PFDJ. However, recently it has been moved to under the opposition web pages group. This is the work of Semere Habtemariam and his Awate allies. How is it “Meskerem” became an opposition web site overnight. Alem Goitom who runs the Meskerem web page has quit his job to work for the PFDJ. He is paid by PFDJ, he is making a leaving out of this.
    Now do you smell the rat…all this phony cry for Eritrea or Eritreans is just the same old
    shitara. Semer’s project assigned by PFDJ to weaken the opposition. His main Targets are the ones that PFDJ dreads the most.

    • haile

      lol berhiyos….is this you or the bottle talking? You keep coming only on the weekends! Just wondering:-)

    • Hameed

      Dear Berhe,

      You have summarized the job of Haile and his likes in (His main Targets are the ones that PFDJ dreads the most.) Their entire arguement recycle around this point. They know very well that Ethiopia will not close its border from the Eritrean opposition so they play the game of frightening both the opposition and the Eritrean people from Ethiopia. Eritrea is a sovereign country and on this bases the Eritrean opposition deals with Ethiopia. The Eritrean indepedence has come through struggle and referendum which its outcome was 98% pro-independence. This result will never be changed by the whims of individuals, groups or governments. And if the Eritrean people want to be annexed to other country, it is better to choose to be part of the USA instead of wasting our time in working hard to be part of a poor country, this really is a curse.

      • Yes Ethiopia will not close her bourder for Eritrean.But some people are talking about HADINET.Who were the pro-hadinnet and also who were and are pro-TIGRAY TIGRIGNU? And who are extrime supporters of Isaias Afkelbi?

        • Abe z minewale

          I love dogs than humans .who is the jury to decide human mouth is a better look than dogs. I thought humans are the ugliest looking animal in this planet earth.

      • Hameed


        If the people of Eritrea wanted to be annexed, it is better to choose to be an American State in the Red Sea instead of (shenkolel) to neo-andinet or tyrany; why do we choose to be annexed to a poor country/countries, which is really a curse. (Miktab bi miktabu shumbash yihayish).

  • belay

    Dawit Mekonen,
    It was not about the past,i wrote,about what Mr Morsi and his ministers said,about using Eritrea to weaken Ethiopia.
    I respect Eritreans your self included.
    As to fighting,who is brave more than who,Jahra Hasot, B’al wana Alewa.
    Please,please spare us.Dawit Mekonen.

    • Dawit Meconen


      “……..As to fighting,who is brave more than who,Jahra Hasot, B’al wana Alewa.
      Please,please spare us.Dawit Mekonen.”

      Ask that question to Mengistu Hailemariam in Zembabwe. He will Tell you what I told you was real and not jahra, in case you are suffering from memory lose.

      • Mengistu Hailemariam has long been dead. He left the world and is applying , as we speak, for a visa to enter Heaven. Hell is a temporary holding place for every one whether you are a saint or not. In short, after you are dead, you are guilt until cleared by the Almighty that you have not done him wrong.

      • belay

        Mr Dawit Meconen,
        Hit and run is different than a conventional war,my friend.
        I do not want to say more than that,because you know.Then again i am not disputing the bravery of Hizbawi Gembar, during the Gedli time either.But you said,”next,if we have to do it again,we will no let you live…bla bla”when is that next time?you are on it for the last so many years.
        I thought you came back to reformed but didn’t take you long to revert to the usual Jahra Dawit.
        That is what i meant by Hasoten Jahran,Dawit Meconen.It was to you and to you only.

        • belay,

          If not “hit and run”, then plead with the Superpowers for help and mercenaries, is that it for you?

          • belay

            Give me a break,Dawit!
            I do not want to say no more.

  • belay

    Zegeremo ,
    Have tried to be one(base of drones) and faild?reviving kagnow!remember?
    This is pure jeleousy,knowing your PFDJ can do for money.I do notwant to spell as it pains people involved.
    Do not find a skapegoat or sweep the problem under the carpet.
    As the Oromos,Amaras etc the capble enough to fight their corner unlike you fighting for your tormenters causes.Wake up,from your hiding and tell the world your name,instead of wondering (zegeremo!)can’t you see the reality?wake up from your dream.

    • Zegeremo

      Non sequitur!


  • rodab

    Dear Sal,
    Your comment of “so and so is convinced of..” goes to show the diversity of views expressed in this website’s forums. I think forum is a breath of fresh air – and I say this because I visit dehai’s DMB section regularly and what you see there is sidi azerarba where all kinds of volgurality is allwed against the “enemy” and against other people. The “enemy” by the way includes, among others, citizens who dared to mention “x-rated” words and phrases like “constitution”, “rule of law”, “election”, “democracy”, “transparency”, “accountability” and so on..
    I would recommend whoever is managing dehai to pay visit here and get a taste of mature and diversified views.

  • haile

    Hi saay

    – I am writing here because the reply is full down there.

    With my self imposed silence, PFDJ style :-), not working (no sooner you started to insinuate that I am sharpening a knife in the same text that you’re talking about abi Ezni, I don’t want the “region” getting together to accuse me of terrorism 🙂

    My bone of contention is related to your item #2 in your reply to Hizbawi:

    “There is no cause-and-effect relationship between Weyane not getting out of our land and Isaias not being bound by constitutionalism and rule of law. We don’t trust Isaias Afwerki: even if the land is demarcated by the letter of the law, he will find some other excuse not to implement the constitution. He had, for example, absolutely no reason at all to delay implementation between May 1997 to May 1998.”

    Your last sentence there, I believe has been addressed by none other than Dr Bereket Habteselssie in Semere H’s interview part I. Going back up from that sentense, The argument you make essentially smacks that Eritreans have no opinion nor stand on the issue. It also calls to question the level of trust you have on the Eritrean people, when you in fact believe that “there is a fight left in us.” Wouldn’t you think that The Eritrean people my have taken legitimate stand in response to the threat they see as posed by woyane? Are you saying that IA would have carried out what he is doing now with impunity, had woyane not lend him “the greatest propaganda tool” PFDJ could have ever dreamed of?

    Doesn’t that amount to an insulting of the Eritrean people, even if in fairness, they can only be praised on how they handled under the circumstances?

    Saay, you can’t say that the Eritrean people wouldn’t have challenged the repressive hand of the regime, if they weren’t to be triangulated by a dismal PFDJ, criminal TPLF and unscrupulous opposition. TPLF is indeed criminal for all to see, since it has elected to hold on to Eritrean lands that is recognized by intl. law. If you want to celebrate minute progress by an opposition that can’t even set foot in so far as the parking lot of diaspora hearts and minds let alone to engage it in movement, I would say you have lowered your expectations way too low. This against a decidedly favorable support that it has been given to the hilt by all quarters.

    This brings me to your first sentence that there is no “cause-effect” relationship! OK let’s see:

    1- The ONLY single issue that has been put forth by PFDJ for every single act that it has taken that you oppose.
    2- The ONLY single reason that have completely held at bay any meaningful progress by the opposition.
    3- The ONLY single reason given to explain the current state of our people.

    It defies logic and begs disbelief for you to assess it to not have “cause-effect” relationship with all what you described. I know the opposition had tried the stand that it is not a priority, and I am cool with that and facts speak for themselves the political windfall they gotten from such a stand in the form of popular support.

    saay, I am rational enough to discern the fact that your view neither represents the official view of AT nor the organized opposition groups. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent from forming such an impression on the Eritrean street.

    What is wrong with the following:

    “The PFDJ has failed, diplomatically, to force the the TPLF eviction of our occupied places. We see no contradiction in calling for respect for rule of law and respect for our sovereignty while upholding the struggle for human rights and democratic reform. We are indeed determined to exert unremitting effort to call for international pressure for Ethiopia to vacate all occupied places.”

    as an opposition. Seriously, it is a fool hardy thing on the opposition’s part to stake on PFDJs collapse under the weight of external occupation. It served the opposite purpose in the end, by giving PFDJ undeserved legitimacy and denying popular opposition a well deserved legitimacy. What a tragic twist of events.

    over to you:)

    • Haile,

      What is new in this argument of yours? Isn’t it the same recycled argument only by shifting and substituting words, while the substance of the argument is the same? Keep your stand and will keep our stand. Then move forward. Time will tell us whose position is wrong. The public has not any power on this issue, but the governments are. Can’t be this clear for both sides of the argument? If you are on the side of our people, that will be the common ground for both sides of the argument. We can’t agree on the border issue and it is beyond our (the public) limits.

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Haile:

      ok, over to me. Sigh. Just a warning, I already see my merzen coming when speculating on what would have happened in Eritrea had there not been a war in 1998. My speculation at the end*

      Your last sentence [about why Isaias Afwerki did not implement a ratified constitution in 1997] there, I believe has been addressed by none other than Dr Bereket Habteselssie in Semere H’s interview part I.

      Dr. Bereket was answering why his Constitutional Commission did not include a trigger date, he was not answering why Isaias Afwerki did not implement a ratified constitution. Essentially, Dr. Bereket’s argument–‘clearing the docks’–boils down to: it was a good faith effort on the part of the CCE not to pressure the Isaias Afwerki administration. It was not an unreasonable position to have, if you actually believed that Isaias Afwerki was willing to experiment with democracy–assured with the knowledge that Eritrea may have 10 political parties, but the PFDJ would always have a super-majority (EPRDF style.)

      The argument you make essentially smacks that Eritreans have no opinion nor stand on the issue. It also calls to question the level of trust you have on the Eritrean people, when you in fact believe that “there is a fight left in us.”

      Ah, the people. I spoke about this in a speech I gave Dr. Bereket’s colleagues’ (“Constitution as a door stop”)at some function held in his honor, where I tried to explain why the constitution was orphaned. Here’s my position: there is “the people” (hafash) and “the people” (the political class.) The way the constitution was drafted was through a series of “seminars.” I attended at least 3 of them and I can tell you from personal knowledge that they were no different than the “seminars” that PFDJ officials give now on their tours, except that the people speak more and the speakers take notes. So, to the Hafash (“the people”), the constitution drafting process with its astemhro was was just one in a series–it was preceded by some, and it has been followed by some more. It is an empty promise sandwiched between two empty promises and therefore has left no lasting impression. People are no more likely to remember what it said than what any government official said at some seminar promising food security, gold revenue, salary increases, and Weyane abqiU: seAt Akila: hijis kfdesu iyom. So, if you are used to being lied to and given empty promises, why would one stand out?

      This leaves us with the political class. And that’s where things get really interesting because the political class fall under the following categories:**

      1. EPLF/PFDJ sympathizers who believe that the constitution is already ratified and implemented. (favorite quote from a guy no longer with the regime: anta kemzi natkum Embaban maEteben meQesen gerna dankera zeygeberna ember, Qwam’si ab gbri wiElu iyu::) Some of these guys, particularly in the YPFDJ, believe that PFDJ’s Charter is holier than the constitution.
      2. EPLF/PFDJ sympathizers who believe that the constitution is far from being implemented and should be–at some point.
      3. ELF/non-EPLF sympathizers who were unhappy with the constitution drafting process but think, meh, ok, it is a start: at least it is a constitution.
      4. ELF/non-EPLF sympathizers who considered the whole constitution drafting process a farce designed to legitimize one-party state because it was not done the normal way (it reflected PFDJ values from A-Z)

      Now, from these four groups, the only ones who are passionate about implementation of the constitution are group 2: and even they are split on what justifications are acceptable for delay in its implementation. The rest of the political class, and the non-political class is in a “meh” state. In fact, if Isaias Afwerki stopped arresting, disappearing people; even if he went to go through the motions of taking people to court and having lawyers… People are not even looking for fitHi (justice), they are simply looking for firdi (verdict): so and so whose crime is such and such has been sentenced to x years and will be imprisoned at y. Most people just want to be left the hell alone, is what I am saying:)

      The Cause & Effect: You state that the PFDJ has used the border demarcation as the only justification for suspending the constitution. But this is not exactly right. It has used any number of explanations to rationalize its behavior. First of all, breaking news, the constitution is implemented already (according to Yemane Gebreab’s last “seminar.”) Secondly, President Isaias Afwerki has told you (in English, to Al Jazeera) that it may take 3 to 4 decades for Eritrea to have political pluralism (guaranteed in the constitution.) When asked “when will you have that”, he didn’t say, shortly after the border is demarcated and the Weyane leave our country. No, that would be straight forward. That would be cause and effect. He said, essentially, when I feel like it.

      The Opposition: there are many things that are ailing the opposition. If it was a simple case of calling on Weyane to withdraw from Eritrean land, etc, the EDP would be a household name. Mesfin Hagos would be our new Mandella. It is not. Place yourself in the position of the average opposition member/sympathizer: He is more angry with the fact that Isaias Afwerki stumbled Eritrea into a war, and a war he can’t win, than he is with the fact that Ethiopia is occupying land which has been judged Eritrean ( a land that was always Eritrean but given as mokshish to Weyane by, drum roll, Isaias Afwerki.) You are saying how the opposition approaches it is a disastrous position. Fine, what you are telling me is that there is a political vacuum, an excellent opportunity for an opposition that does exactly what you prescribe (We will call it the Haile Platform, insert copyright sign) that would instantly appeal to the Silent Majority. Instead of trying to get people to mouth something they don’t believe in, what needs to happen is that those of you who feel the way you do (the Silent Majority) must exercise your right to free assembly and association and create an opposition party with the right platform. If you get results, hell, if you show a sign of life, we will follow you.

      I have a different position. What people want is RESULTS. And if they see results, they are willing to hold their nose and support whoever brings relief. If you want evidence for this, all you have to do is rewind to January 20, 2013: all the people who were calling the PFDJ a hopeless organization that can’t be reformed, and that change can never come from there, were the biggest cheerleaders for Operation Forto.


      * If there was no war (and I disagree with those who say the war was sparked to delay implementation of the constitution), the ratified constitution would have resulted in a party-formation law, and press laws that would have created a Virtually One Party State instead of Really One Party State.

      ** A new category is testing the waters. It goes something like this: in the last 13 years, Dr. Bereket Habteselasse has so tainted the constitution by associating with unsavory characters, that its legitimacy is in serious question. Add that to your list of excuses–of baloons that have been floated. Dr. Bereket will become the new Weyane and we will be told that they have uncovered data which shows that the document was dictated by the CIA. And won’t you feel silly then!:) Like the progressive dads who named their children “Semhar” in the 1980s only to learn that it would be a dirty word, signifying backward regionalism and refusal to embrace the new name of Semenawi Keyh Bahri:)

      • haile

        Ahlan saay,

        I give you that you hold far greater debating skill than my modest enterprising in that field. You have quickly moved to limit our terms of references to constitution and the notion of people (one which is gutted out of its basic definition to mean the political class). That was an impressive movement applied on your part, and I must admit it did the trick for now.

        You see, the sewa tsegeb hafash like me get lost when sudden movements like that are applied:-)

        My point was that getting “border smart” (as serray called it once, would be effective. Because every Eritrean has a strong sense of duty to the nation, and such a burden of conscience has been paralyzing to the opposition and held the people back from normal reaction in the face of denial of their rights. Eritreans had dared to insist that the US and its allies change their abrogation of the rule of law when we were federated and later annexed into Ethiopia. We were shown bigger guns and witnessed full scale assistance by the super powers given to Ethiopia, far more than what is getting the woyane get drunk on now.

        Did that stop Eritreans from asserting their call to justice and winning the day? That spirit of stoic and unrelenting determination is still alive and kicking, and my reservation on your assumption that IA could have managed to impose his will this long without the cover of clear and present danger scenario given to him by woyane was borne of such recognition of the nature of Eritreans.

        If we say it honestly, the opposition had taken a huge risk strategy which sadly backfired horribly.

        I agree the constitution issue may be as you said, but constitution no constitution, I would think that Forto2013 would have been a common occurrence had it been not to the border. It is genuine sense of apprehension by people who have paid tremendously for the realization of what we call Eritrea.

        As to the debating technique, it was a great skill 🙂


        Ok, I get your position and that is fair enough. I would like to know though was that you giving your personal view or on behalf of the opposition movement you belong too?

        • Haile,

          One thing I observed lately in your argument is that, there is sometimes disconnection between the premises and conclusion in the subject you try to deal with. So Serray and Saay who always tried to engage with you should dismiss it as Non-sequitur of invalid argument.Watch out the sudden movement Saleh (which is not trick by the way the way you see it) shattered your ability of debate. I think you recognize that…and that is fair from you. Cheers.

          • haile


            zhatetkukha gedigfka’si amakhari saay&serray koynka!

            Anyways, I would like to believe that my debating has been one that is rooted in facts and intellectual honesty, ehi tegagye dye Aman 🙂

            I often run to people who mistake recognition of pure fact for support of the associated premise. Case in point is the example of a youtube clip from Ethiopian paltalk had initially mislead saay to think that I was in support of what was contained in it. I brought that obvious example to help you think how you and me lose each other. Recognizing that in a matter of fact the border issue is proving a hurdle in many ways doesn’t amount to supporting that it should have been used in that way. Just a simple recognition of facts, that is all. But you, more than once, keep stumbling on an invalid conclusion that I am supporting PFDJ simply because I recognized the facts as pertains the border issue and the Eritrean political landscape.

            What I am saying may be clear to some and not to others, i hope you end up in the former group;-)

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Haile:

          Debate’si tHishwo 🙂 You are not so shabby yourself…

          The distinction between the people and the political class is not my invention: blame it on Max Webber; I merely modified it to our context. But Max Webber also said that the populists can always overthrow the political class. In a way, we are really talking about how to bring about change: you are a populist who believes in the power of the people (“silent majority”) and I am one who believes in the power of the political class.*

          Populism requires fiery populists and Eritrea, to my knowledge, really has no history of producing fiery populists. If I am mistaken, I would welcome a correction. My view is that populism starts out as “we the people vs the elite” but quickly degenerates into demagoguery, hereditary politics and ethnic baiting. In fact one of the things that makes our Ghedli great (oh boy here I go romancing that thing) is that it was neither conceived, nor initiated by populists but by what would now be derisively labeled as our elite. Hamid Idris Awate was not a populist; he was a revolutionary.

          Now, I am not picky. If a populist comes and uses populism to arouse the people, he** can talk about demarcation, Badme, Weyane all day…I am on board, as long as change comes. But I will get off that bus as soon as the inevitable us vs them degenerates into ancestry counting. If I were to assess the failures of the Eritrean opposition in the last 12 years, I would list its descent into ancestry-counting (a weakness that it now shares with the pro-PFDJ ancestry-counters) as the biggest one–far ahead the Weyane-dance–which, come to think of it, are not unrelated. In other words, it is not its refusal to say “Weyane, get out of Badme” that is the issue; it is that some have justified ancestry-based-association (ethnic federation) as a viable option for Eritrea. What I find most encouraging is that even those who may have been open-minded about it change their mind and say “this far but no further.” Long live the proud and stubborn Eritrean who believes in the viability of Eritrea.


          * By the way, in Dr. Bereket’s report about social media, internet penetration, etc, all the reference was about using the entire Eritrean population as a denominator. When we are talking about doctor to population ratio, malaria rate, poverty rate, etc, the entire population should be the denominator; but when it comes to tools of political agitation (Internet, Arbi Harnet, opposition radio, opposition websites), I always use an estimate of the “political class” as the denominator and arrive at a much higher (and hopeful) ratio 🙂

          ** or she, in case Beyan Negash is reading:)).

          • haile

            Selamat Saay,

            Let me start by allaying your fears of sectarianism as a really unfounded nightmare :-). Even if PFDJ or even Ghedli put it exclusively to their wits in rendering such sentiments ineffectual, I tend to believe that it may the make up of the Eritrean society that is really to be thanked for neutralizing them as a serious threat.

            According to the Pew Research center 2010 (est.) for Eritrea:


            Christians 62.3% and Moslems 36.5% (zoba Maekel & Debub is Christian Majority; above 85% and all other regions Moslem majority; above 60%)


            Tigrigna 57%, Tigre 28%, Saho 4%, Afar 3%, Kunama 3%, Bilen 2%, Rashaida 1%, Nara 1%, Hidareb 1%.

            So, in a 60:40 divide along religion (and roughly 70:30 by regional make up) and 85% of Eritreans belonging to mere two ethnic groups, Eritrea will remain a show case for a harmonious diversity. Our diversity has been constantly been targeted for manipulation to render us nonviable, by our detractors, throughout our journey. It failed because our defining make up is stable.

            We are hopelessly dependent on each other, and none of us could do without the other. Hence, we will always be stable at the base regardless of what delusional in our ranks say. Our aslamay is hopelessly dependent on our kstanay and our kstanay in turn is hopelessly dependent on our aslamay. The Tigre are hopelessly dependent on the Tigrigna and the Tigrigna is hopelessly dependent on the Tigre. Nobody needs each other as desperately as we do. It is in our make up.

            The smaller groups among us need to be strengthened and protected affirmatively they add to our magnificence.

            You see saay, zqotseru twldi enteqotseru, waga aythabom, ayserhin eyu. Taking us on our diversity is foolhardy because that is where we shine. Eritrea is the true beauty of Unity in Diversity (TPLF eat your heart out:) and that is why I remain entertained by the metsekum metsekum crowed who have no other viable issue that they can engage the Eritrean people on.

            I believe that such tifishnet of ancestery counting is born out of desperation in the face of taking untenable position as regards entering into agreement with an entity that is officially on war footing with one’s own country. It would be futile, saay arkey hafash neqihu eyu 🙂

          • Abu Saleh,

            Ouch!You are pulling us to a philosophical dichotomy of “Political Animals” enjoy to do. As a matter of fact, right away, the six episode American TV miniseries created by Greg Berlanti – The “Political Animals” flew on my face as I started to type on the key board. Isn’t “populist vs political class” is purely a classical philosophical argument by the way? I love it. Could you save it to our back loading archive and do this time the “pragmatic politics” something action oriented to tackle head on the evil regime. I am not a movie person I watched “political animals” at random to satiate my political taste buds. So don’t load me with others as I know you are avid movie watcher (from your debate). The only this I am afraid… I believe you gave Haile a room to swing into it. I see Haile is smiling.

          • correction: insert “time” into ” the only this I am afraid”

          • Haile,

            Good reading of our society from you. Yes the base is intact and as you put it “….none of us could do without the other.” Yes indeed. Actually it is not only optimism it is reality.

          • Haile,

            Let’s be honest. You are too optimistic. Atleast, give room to other probable occurrences. You are talking as a matter of fact. If you are talking politics, or social issues, the facts are illusive.

            Your argument that there is not going to be any danger of sectarian violence in future Eritrea is a bit simplistic.

            You said,

            Let me start by allaying your fears of sectarianism as a really unfounded nightmare . Even if PFDJ or even Ghedli put it exclusively to their wits in rendering such sentiments ineffectual, I tend to believe that it may the make up of the Eritrean society that is really to be thanked for neutralizing them as a serious threat.

            The reason why there has not been any sectarian violence in Eritrea is in part due to successive authoritarian yet secular rulers’ repression and subjugation of all citizens. In effect, dictators put lid on any kind of violence including sectarian because it threatens their power.

            Removing dictators brings out a long held resentment to the open. Removing a dictator creates political vacuum. Tribal, and religious violence flare up. The violent ideology fills the void.

            Eritrea is influenced like any other country in the world by radical ideologies. Examples abound. Salafist, for example, usurped power , slowly but surely, after Morsy, a member of the Muslim brotherhood, had been democratically elected. What ensued was violence. Thanks to the Egyptian military ,however, the Military gave in to the many Egyptians demand and nipped Morsy and his Muslim brotherhood in the bud before taking root.

          • haile


            No. Your argument is hypothetical that ignores the local wisdom. Let me take up your theory of “bottled up” sentiments and the context, religion, that you provided for it.

            In reality, our make up has resulted in self-regulating behavior among our people. Here is a practical example:

            It is a taboo in Eritrea to have a social event as an aslamay and not to prepare separate dishes for kstanay (nai kristian). Equally, it is a taboo to be kstanay and do the same without preparing dishs that are nai aslam. No government or constitution dictated that, the people regulated themselves to do so out of their recognition that they can’t be without each other.

            If you are talking about externally enforced divisions, then it would first have to surmount Erirean’s fierce sense of independence and their shared history of going through huge sacrifice to bring the nation into existence. Aslamay in power means that they will desperately need the masses of the other sections to oil its machinery, the same for kstanay, if we were to entertain such unlikely scenarios.

            Ethnically, you really talking about two ethnic groups that are closely related in all imaginable ways Tigrigna and Tigre. For the others, a federal arrangement as in EPRDF’s Article 39 is not viable. Although, it must not be forgotten that huge undertaking needs to be done to really boost their numbers and contribution in the well being of the nation.

            So, what I am saying is that internally we have stable center unlike most other African countries, but as far as externally imposed problems, hey we ain’t new to that 🙂

      • Abe z minewale

        All of my family members have Merzen and smart except me even antitriptilan can’t cure it

    • haile,

      Evasion, Evasion, the Isaias Afewerqi style.

      Is there any Cause -Effect relationship Between woyane’s refusal to vacate Eritrean Territory and Isaias Afewerqi’s hold onto State Power?

      Your answer was typical, evasive. You retorted,”…
      The argument you make essentially smacks that Eritreans have no opinion nor stand on the issue. It also calls to question the level of trust you have on the Eritrean people………”

      The Truth is: There is should no Cause and Effect relationship between the two evil deeds. However Isaias Afewerqi is using the border stand-off as a Pretext to hold onto the State Power, not however in the interest of the country and the people but for his own hidden agenda.

      Is accusing Isaias Afewerqi with hidden anti-Eriterean Agenda far-fetched?

      Only if you see it with cursory glance. But if you consider the current catastrophy he has brought upon our people,heritage and country…….

      The destruction he brought upon Eritrean Liberation Front by using foreign mercenaries, the woyanes………….

      The fact that the 1998 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia was collaboratively brought about by Isaias Afewerqi and woyane with an eye to preclude the scheduled implementation of the Constitution. Mind you, if Isaias Afewerqi had the interest of Eritrea and its people and had no hand in the border instigation, he would nipped woyane in the bud by availing himself of the offices of the UNSC. The fact that he did not is an affirmation of his conspiracy. No need of other evidences.

      The relentless crusade he has been undertaking against Eritrean intellectuals in a bid to blind-fold the people and the country into the abyss has plunged them now as means to his progected end…………

      His being First generation Eritrean, his father and mother, his wife etc., all Tigrawot……..

      His Grand Father,Degiat Abraha, known Rasi Alula military officer,……………

      I could go on and on compiling factual evidences to validate my assertion that Isaias Afewerqi has hidden Anti-Eritrean Agenda but these are enough for now; I do not want to bore the readers.

      Are there similar historical occurrence in the past?

      Yes. Adolf Hitler can be stated as an example. He was an Austrian citizen. Nevertheless, during the First World War, he joined the German Army and was decorated for bravery. He later became German Chancellor and annexed Austria, his birth country.

      Isaias Afewerqi grew up without a father with his grand mother, who was local bear brewer in Asmera. As was the case back then, all of her employees must have been from Tigrai, while her customers were Eritreans, who, alcohol induced, might have showered verbal abuse on the employees.

      No one would say Isaias Afewerqi was not subjected to such condescending attitude. It may very well be the case that he joined the Eritrean Liberation to avenge himself and his people( Tigrawot). Considering all things, I think this is the case.

      • haile

        Selamat Dawit M

        You said “Isaias Afewerqi is using the border stand-off as a Pretext to hold onto the State Power.”

        So,from what you say “[cause] the border stand-off (is used) as [effect] a Pretext to hold onto the State Power.”

        Whether it should or shouldn’t is irrelevant. The question is whether it is or is not being used. You obviously agree with me, yet you think that you disagree!

        I am not into Tigray[phobia], my problem is with TPLF. kab’u zhalefe tigrawot ewn ahwatna eyom, himaqat merahti silezhazu ember kem hizbi dea enti kwetsom:)

        I really don’t subscribe to racist vitriolic, I only link such videos to show Eyob that he has to tell his fellow TPLF cadres to smarten up real quick. Otherwise if they trigger a genocide against the innocent people of Tigray by the crazed taunting of other Ethiopians as animals and sub-humans, we won’t be spared either, we have to go in to assist and defend the ordinary people of Tigray. Here, a wired situation you need to think about…

        • haile

          Dawit M

          By the way if I was to replace IA by Meron Estifanos in your final analysis, it is direct paraphrasing of how PFDJ has been playing the race card against her. So, I say believe in the Eritrean people, we always come out victorious in the end. Eritreans are a hell of a powerful people when they are put to the test:)

          • haile,

            Let me clarify my point: There is no Cause and Effect relationship between The Border stand-off and Isaias Afewerqi’s hold onto State Power.

            Isaias Afewerqi is using the border statusque as a Pretext to justify his usurpation of the State.

            Pretext and Cause are not the same. Cause is Objective state of affair, while Pretext is Subjective any perpetrator of a deed states to justify his action. It is false Cause.

            When you said, “….You obviously agree with me, yet you think that you disagree!..” you are wrong. I hope above clarification of the difference between Pretext and Cause has helped you.

            I had stated a number of points to further validate my case against Isaias Afewerqi, such as the unnecessary and illegal war he launched in 1998; his crusade against Eritrean Intellectuals etc.

            However, instead of invalidating them by counter evidences, you jumped into accusing me of ” Tigrai Phobia” just because, to further elucidate my point, I pointed out his true Tigrai lineage. This, again, is evading the issue.

            And what does all these evasions expose?…. Isaias Afewerqi is indefensible, and therefore, Guilty as charged.

      • You obviously agree with me, yet you think that you disagree!

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear Admas,

    You really are up to something! The majority of the “opposition” members live by the sad dictum of “ane dhri meitela dander aitibkela”. Just because the regime does not implement the constitution, does not rule by the principles of justice and fairness or refuses to entertain pluralism and transparency, doesn’t mean that we have to betray our national pride and history.

    Those who preach to us about our historical linkage to abyssinia and thus, we are not entitled to our nationhood, seem to forget that such historical linkages exist almost everywhere..making their argument a bogus one. Now if Ethiopia is willing to support the opposition with no strings attached, that is fine. But that is unthinkable in any political relationship. Therefore, if the opposition is to muster any grain of trust from the people it claims to fight for, a complete revision of strategy and vision is a must. A nation void of nationalism can not stand a test of the times!

  • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

    The fundamental void in creation of a nation called Eritrea was the assumption that eritreans are dynamic and hard workers and don’t deserve to live with backward Ethiopians and thus they will build a great nation at the expense of fragile and divided nation to their south. For this to happen, they have see outlet and strong military myth supported by long time Arabs enemies. Two wrongs with this belief. Eritreans had never been superior than Africans in their thinking and way of life as all of us had lived in underdeveloped Africa. The other one is the calculation that Ethiopia is static and remain vulnerable to their cause.
    Melese proved it otherwise. He showed his people and the world that Ethiopia can be better off and move forward without Eritrea. He answered the assignment given by Arabs and strategically formulate policies which makes this nation the power house of the region. He understood that water is life, food, energy which is the infrastructure upon which industrialization built and the basic blood that can tie the region and beyond. In this way Ethiopia will be the center of gravity upon which others will be dependent. While Eritrea chose the other downward spiral. The question is what will be the dynamic path for Eritrea even it gets good government given its limited resources? I meant by taking out this visionless leader. Can Eritrea be the Singapore of Africa as was thought at its conception?

    • zegeremo

      Lol….there is a huge different between puppet and sovereign nation. Whats happening in Egypt is a perfect example. Sustainable development will only come from within.


      • zegeremo

        correction “huge difference”

        • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

          What’s sustainable development? I am an economist.

          • Zegeremo

            The Egyptian economists had been saying the same thing prior to the revolution. Nevertheless, to me sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Now, do you think the Oromos, the Amharas, and the Muslims will remain oppressed by the puppet regime? Do you think the current economic monopoly by weyane elits will last forever?


        • belay

          Did you ask the Egyptian Economist,why Egyptians see Eritreans as their cheapest means of Aminition against Ethiopia?And they are not even bothered to Elevate the suffering of Eritreans in their land.I think that should be your priority.

          • belay,

            You wrote, “Did you ask the Egyptian Economist,why Egyptians see Eritreans as their cheapest means of Aminition against Ethiopia…….”

            We, Eritreans, crashed and defeated Ethiopians. This despite the total help from the two superpowers and their satellites. We used woyane as our puppet. Do not forget that. If you do, stand before the mirror, you will see your stigma glowing on your forehead.

            Never, again, use bad mouth against our people. If need be, we will repeat it again. But if that necessity comes back again,the outcome will not be as in the past. We will not give you another chance to live; Ethiopia will be fragmented. Remember, you owe your existence ,as a nation, to our forbearance.

    • bukretsion

      Tsegaye,totally agree with u

      • Tsegaye Mebrahtu


  • In a nut shell, Admas is saying “Eritrean is disintegrating” and as a result he is going nuts. If you ask him, “Who is responsible”. You would see it in his article that he blames on not PFDJ, not Gheldi obviously, but Ethiopia. Ethiopia never approached the opposition, it is the opposition that approached Ethiopia, to begin with.

    Admas also performed a cost & benefit analysis and reached at the following conclusion.

    In a future perspective, Eritrea will have no opportunity to improve the quality of life of Eritreans once sucked in the Ethiopian sphere of influence–a country that is losing tens of millions a year due to lack of access to our ports.

    Have you taken into account the opportunity cost, Admas?
    If you consider the opportunity cost, Eritrea, by making the ports off limits to Ethiopia, is losing much more than Ethiopia.

  • Kim Hanna

    Mr. Admas Haile,

    Dear sir, I just have to tell this. This article is so rich, it is nauseating. But, I went ahead, against my better judgment, read the whole thing. I don’t feel so good. From here on I will refer to you as he, it makes it easier to breath.

    The 1st thing that attracted my attention was that Ethiopia was enticing the opposition groups to Addis Ababa to corrupt them. Then, as a side remark, he throws in ….Oh, the fools! Those fools, if they knew what was coming! (The Reprieve, Sarte)… I am sure he did that to give it a little weight, but I did not know that. I thought he was talking about Ethiopians, so I said ZERAF! and started to respond in kind. Later on I realized, he actually might be talking about the Y.G and co., those kind of fools. Well, in that case let them deal with it, it is not my concern.
    The only concern or point I want to address here is his main concern. It is that Ethiopia is going to have Eritrea declared a failed state. He said in so many words: Just like they did in Somalia, they will invade Eritrea and use our ports to save the tens of millions of dollars they (Ethiopians) are losing now. He should have stopped there, but went on…

    … fill in the blanks. I have to back off….really going nuts here, Am I not….

    Well,… Brother Admas, you should really have backed off prior to pressing post on your key board. I mean it. Let me tell you something, now it is a permanent record in your file. The final invasion of Eritrea will take place soon enough. The Ethiopian Secret Service upon reviewing this revelation you disseminated on July 4, 2013 will decide to send you to the plush AMANUEL hospital(Sorry Amanuel)in Addis Ababa.
    Recovery, mind you, is possible but I wont hold my breath.


  • Salyounis

    Selamat Awatistas:

    Admas Haile is convinced there is a new “patriotic” movement emerging. Eyob Medhane is convinced there is a new “sober” Eritrean emerging, whose youth have either a neutral or favorable view of Ethiopia. The average supporter of the PFDJ is convinced that Eritrea is just about to take off economically and Isaias Afwerki is beloved by 99.99% of his people (more than God’s popularity.) is convinced that “the people” are clamoring for implementation of the constitution. (Hzbi ___ ybl alo with the ___ filled out at meskerem’s discretion.) Haile is convinced that there is something called the Silent Majority which is too unhappy with the PFDJ to openly support it, too disgusted with the opposition to align with it. Amanuel Hidrat is convinced that a lot of the subjects we discuss here are of low priority when it comes to addressing the needs of the average Eritrean. Somebody else is convinced that is an Islamist website (we are mourning Morsi’s loss, according to a funny commenter:)

    All these are, I think, the result of what psychiatrists call “The Autokinetic Effect.” Here’s my trusty “The Skeptics Dictionary” has to say about it:

    “The autokinetic effect refers to perceiving a stationary point of light in the dark as moving. Psychologists attribute the perception of movement where there is none to “small, involuntary movements of the eyeball” (Schick and Vaughn 1995: 47).

    The autokinetic effect can be enhanced by the power of suggestion: If one person reports that a light is moving, others will be more likely to report the same thing (Zusne and Jones).”

    The autokinetic effect explains why a lot of people are convinced they have seen UFOs. It also explains why a guy (a very, very nice guy) who is a member of a political party that is dying (you can actually see the daisy pushing out) told me, with complete sincerity, that all the Eritrean youth coming to the US are joining his organization. Did I mention he is a very nice guy?

    This is both enlightening and disappointing. Disappointing because I thought I had made the discovery years ago and named it: the Small Rolodex* Sydrome. This refers to opinions which are shaped as a result of the cocoons we create by establishing friendships only with those who share our worldview. (This is how we get all our political and financial bubbles: people just talking to people who agree with them on everything. See also Mitt Romney voters.) I used the “Small Rolodex Syndrome” to explain why what is written about Eritrea by Westerners is always the same: If they are sympathetic, the narrative is: a revolution started by backward Muslims, corrected by secular Christians, achieved success but then the wheels fell off (Connell, Wrong, etc.) If they are not sympathetic, the narrative is: a revolution started by Arab-funded Eritreans based on flawed basis is doomed to fail. (too many authors and State Department officials to list.)

    The cure to Autokinetic Effect (or the Small Rolodex Syndrome) is to expose ourselves to the widest possible range of ideas and to subject them to intense criticism.

    This is really the whole premise of Web 2.0: user-generated content is much more interesting, more dynamic than that generated by the creator. (After all, the creator of content at a website is most likely somebody who agrees with the vision of the publisher.) For example, the reviews one reads about a restaurant at Yelp are more useful than the propaganda piece written by the restaurant owner. What Haile says about us (thank you Haile by the way, the check is not in the mail) is more interesting than what we say in the “About Us” section of the website. Often, many readers will jump right to the comments section without even bothering to read the article itself. This is, incidentally, why PFDJ websites do not have a dynamic comments section: it is hard to control people’s mind and have them reading them from the same script if every ny bHti Yosief (Private Joe) can torpedo it with a few comments.

    How did I get here? Actually, I was going to write about Admas’s new “patriotic front”, then, to comment about Girmay Yebio’s hilarious assertion that Idris Mohammed Adem was the most influential figure in the ELF because he was in “power” the longest…but it is hard to write something when you are in stitches laughing your head off… Then I read a blog by Samuel Sam about Eritrean websites and, writing about, he said, “ also advocates against discrimination and persecution of Muslims in Eritrea.” When asked where he got this, he said ‘i got that from “the historical dictionary of Eritrea”‘ Luckily, Samuel Sam, to his credit, is open to being corrected and we have sent him a link to our articles (2000 – 2013) to see if the pigeonhole fits. (If you have a whole weekend to kill, you can do the same exercise by going here:*/ Then you can judge whether we are celebrating or mourning the demise of Morsi:)

    So that got me to thinking: both Admas and Ghimay Yebio sound a million percent sure of what they are saying…how is that possible? In the immortal words of Dire Straits’s Mark Knopfler** (from their song Industrial Disease): “Two men say they are Jesus, one of them must be wrong.”


    * Kids, rolodex (not Rolex) is something from the 20th century. You kids now call it contact. Rolodex was an analog list of names, phone numbers, email, etc.

    ** Knopfler: one of the greatest British guitarist ever. His talent not on display here. For that you have to check out “Sultans of Swing.” Excellent “get in the car and drive anywhere” music, which is one form of rebellion since “meda yKeyd alekhu” is no longer an option for most of us. Guitar fireworks start at the 4:59 mark. Phew.

    • hizbawi

      ኺንብርኪት አይኪንብርኪት አብ ማይ ዘለዎ ንብጽሕ. እቲ ኩሉ ሕቶ ኪፍታሕ እንተኮይኑ ኒምንታይ እቲ ቀዳማይ ሕቶ ወያነ ካብ መረትና ኪወጸእ ዘይከውን? አነ ይገርመኒ እዩ!

      • Hayat Adem

        ኣንታ ሓወይ፣ ምብርኳት ደኣ በል’ምበር ኣብ ማይስ በጺሕና’ ንብለካ ኣለና። እታ ዝበጻሕናያ ማይ ግን አይድንቅን። ንስኻ ድማ ንኺድ ናብ ማይ ዘለዎ ትብል! ንኺድ ጥራይ’ኮ ኮይኑ ዘረባ ሎሚዘበን!

      • Salyounis

        Selamat hizbawi:

        aygremka, hizbawi, all you have to do is listen (with an open mind) to your compatriots who think as follows:

        1. Weyane kab meretna wElu Hadiru kweXe iyu::
        2. There is no cause-and-effect relationship between Weyane not getting out of our land and Isaias not being bound by constitutionalism and rule of law. We don’t trust Isaias Afwerki: even if the land is demarcated by the letter of the law, he will find some other excuse not to implement the constitution. He had, for example, absolutely no reason at all to delay implementation between May 1997 to May 1998.
        3. When the Syrians rose up against the tyranny of Assad, the demand that Golan Heights be returned to its rightful owner was nowhere on their list of demands.
        4. In short, there are some things that we say “kenerkbelu ina” because the damage to us (undeveloped land, internally displaced Eritreans) is far less compared to the “hulum neger wede Isaias” focus because his damage, ever day he stays in power, is infinitely more and harder to reverse.


        • WelWel

          The purpose of focusing on the border would only be a way to lure “Independents” to join the opposition. I don’t know how much money the opposition gets from the Ethio-Gov, but if we have the numbers, we can fundraise and make the opposition accountable to us also.

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Welwel (great name):

            I hate that the Eritrean opposition is based in Ethiopia. As I wrote years ago, it is hard to sell vegetarianism when your office is inside a butcher shop. I very much doubt that the Ethiopian government is giving any money to the Eritrean opposition besides “mesarif” (pocket money) and for every Birr it is giving them, it is spending 10 Birrs advertising it 🙂 The issue is not just dependence–which, if persuaded that we have faith in the leadership of the opposition, I am sure we can substitute whatever senatim Ethiopia is throwing their way.

            The issue is proximity: you have to be near your people. This is the answer nobody has answered convincingly: if Eritreans can’t wage political struggle inside Eritrea, if they can’t do it from Sudan (because Bashir will, whenever it suits his fancy, pick them up and arrest/deport them), where do you base your struggle from? Djibouti? Somalia? Yemen? Or “liberated Eritrea”? (Adi Keyih, maybe?)

            I hope you are not suggesting we will do it from Frankfurt, Bologna and DC.


          • WelWel

            Haw Saleh,
            I hate the Idea of Eritreans killing Eritreans, be it PFDJ or The opposition. It is still the conscripts that get killed. I don’t buy the argument that, they only target strategic PFDJ-positions. Even the most sophisticated military powers can not avoid collateral damage. How much military sophistication does our opposition have? Awate’s banner reads INSPIRE,EMBOLDEN,RECONCILE. We can raise some “hrkam” and air ERI-SAT from Frankfurt 😉

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Welwel:

            When I said proximity, I wasn’t even thinking about the military aspect. You have to be near your people so you can know what is going on (right now, Ethiopia has more intelligence about what goes on inside Eritrea, than the Eritrean opposition does, which is why the balance of power is the way it is.) What is missing for the opposition is the first part of our banner (INFORM) and they shouldn’t be relying on awate or ERI-SAT, they should be our sources. In addition to information, proximity gives them a chance to do what the Ghedli was: hope and refuge from the gun-toting, giffa-loving government of the day.


          • WelWel

            Sorry Brother! I miss “INFORM”, eza rgmti ergan indya. “Intelligence gathering”, I never thought of it, Now it’s more clear to me. I didn’t mean AWATE should do the work of the opposition by the way. Thank you and keep up the good work you’re doing!

      • Hizbawi,

        You need to make the priorities in order.

        Kidimi Meriet Hizbika Adihin. Hizbi then Merriet not the other way around.

        What would Eritrea be used for if you lose all its inhabitants at the expense of a barren land , Badume?

        In fact, at present, Eritrean can not mount an attack against Ethiopian army and return Badume. Eritrea does not have people willing to die for land, but has many Eritreans willing to save their lives.

    • haile

      Selamat saay,

      It is sometimes a hardy thing to do to summarize so and so’s views are …. but I don’t feel hard done by your representation of my core belief, as consistently argued for years over hundreds of comments. In fact, I consider it a fair assessment. Notwithstanding that some names were curiously omitted from the parade, and yet strangely, I was surprised to find that saay’s views were missing!

      Substance wise, I couldn’t agree more, and I hope that as Dr Bereket continues to dissect the issue of our cyber discourses over the years, hopefully we get more opportunity to reflect and learn. Whether we like it or not, Eritrean political hearts and minds in the diaspora are won or lost in the cyberspace. ATs strategic patience over the years to allow people to continue to dialog, by maintaining a safe zone for all viewpoints has, in my view, began to pay off. Mind you, many other real life events have also been taking place that have influenced the cyber world at different levels. Likewise, the cyber word has been influencing real life events by shaping public viewpoints.

      I guess what has been shown so far is that those who tried to muzzle the free flow of views (PFDJ and the neoandinet oppositions) have ended up suffocating themselves to point of death, while life thrives in this side of the fence where anything goes so long as one signs up to common human decency. This is a token illustration of how freedom enriches those who cherish it and control and confinement kills off those who try to dance to its tunes.

      So, let freedom ring on, let freedom ring on assenna/asmarino.coms, let freedom ring on, let freedom link on PFDJ bunkers, let freedom ring on neoandinet hideouts! Let a new era of free flow of ideas dawn. Only those who have something to hide would want to run away from that.

      By the way, my cheque has been erratic lately, I hope you’re not riding on leather seat buses with my earnings 🙂

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Haile:

        Did we tell you that you were our inspiration for one of our polls*? You use the word “silent majority” so often (it has a disturbing similarity to Jerry Falwell’s moral majority) that we actually did a poll asking awate readers this:

        Which statement comes closest in describing you and most of your family and friends?

        For the most part, we support the Eritrean opposition. (46%, 655 Votes)
        For the most part, we have reservations on the government and the opposition. (35%, 498 Votes)
        For the most part, we support the Eritrean government. (19%, 271 Votes)

        It doesn’t appear that the silent majority is silent or a majority:)


        * our polls are not scientific in the strictest definition of “scientific.” We can’t vouch for two critical requirements for a poll to be scientific: is it random? Is it representative?

        • haile

          Selamat saay,

          I am still reeling back from disbelief and astonishment as regards your reply to hizbawi. I will respond to that separately (the resulting suspension is deemed a fair penalty in this case ;-))

          The Poll thing is flattering, I always count on AT’s “af-dege biet tsihfetna nrEytokhum kfut eyu” motto 🙂

          If you hold a survey outside a bar to determine if smoking be banned in public places, the results would be significantly different from the result of the same survey outside a GYM! This is an opposition website and 54% have expressed misgiving towards the opposition. Such a result is equivalent of an MP losing in his own constituency, very bad indeed. Now visit the Facebook fan page named “We are all IA” and lets compare the results.

          One thing I noticed from the poll is the fact that more people visit than comment here, and shows you how the primary motive of this medium (garner support for the opposition) has failed to achieve a mere break even by margins of 8%. You know how the Kenyan election was lost/won don’t you? 8% is a far more potent killer than that 🙂


          • Salyounis

            Selamat Haile:

            karaka enda as-Halka, consider this: hzbawi told us that he is sure Serray is the author of a disputed piece because, while he (hizbawi) was back home, his job was to log what the opposition are posting on Eritrean websites. I hold the view that messing with people’s head is not a good sport, but the only thing worse is if it is a one way game. I particularly like the fact that it was written in Tigrinya (which, presumably, gives it more authenticity and is the case of Ezni making sure than Abi Ezni is not listening:) Apparently the NSA does not have Tigrinya translators. Otherwise, bring it on.

            Advance warning though, so you don’t think I am rude: I do not engage in discussions about Badme, who started the war, etc. God knows that I have exceeded my quota on that:)


    • Abu Saleh,

      I like the wayback archive with its graph. Please keep updating that archive with the recent and upcoming documents. It will be references for posterity ( for historians and politicians).Saleh, good summary where we stand.

      • Salyounis

        Hi Emma:

        We rely on Google Analytics (and, when we can afford it, Hubspot) for analytics on our website. Google Analytics says that our average visit is 5,000 (on weekdays). On days when Eritrea has breaking news (Forto, Isaias-is-dead rumors), the visits climb to 20,000 and overload our bandwidth (which is then followed by zero visits for a day, a week, or more. It sucks to be poor:)

        Google analytics gives raw numbers on visits, source of traffic and what countries (regions, cities) our visitors live in, but Facebook insights is more awesome for data mining. Here’s Facebook Insights from today regarding our facebook page:

        Fans: 2,022
        Friends of Fans: 424,164
        Weekly Reach: 3,244

        Reach by country:

        1. United States of America
        2. Ethiopia
        3. United Kingdom
        4. Saudi Arabia
        5. Sweden
        6. Israel
        7. Canada
        8. Norway
        9. Sudan
        10. Switzerland
        11. Germany
        12. Eritrea

        Demographics (excluding users under 18 and over 54):
        Age group: female, male
        18-24 5.8%; 10.3%
        25-34 10.1%; 35.9%
        35-44 4.3%; 16.2%
        45-54 2.1%; 6.4%

        Most viral posting in Q2: 4/10/2013
        “Eritrean half-marathoners smoke the competition”

        Most reach posting: 5/18/2013
        “Meron Estifanos’s speech at Oslo Freedom”

        Most engaging story: 4/20/2013
        “From child soldier to businesswoman: Yordanos Haile-Michael’s story”

        We will post this comment in Dr. Bereket Berhane Woldeab “Appraising Eritrea’s Social Media” article.


        PS: Please note that Canadians still haven’t discovered facebook:))))))))

        • Merhaba Saleh,

          I am not from a statistics back ground. I am from science background.For fact I am learning from you all kind of statistics. Thank you for enlightening us the areas of your expertise. At the same time keep the slogan of “hangofay” as a marker of your politics which is rare in Eritrea politics today. Cheering you!!!

          • hizbawi

            “Thought is primarily practical; and only in the second place theoretical… without theory there would be a few rudimentary types of practice, but without practice there would be no theory at all”

            So Stats is not a science?
            right Amanuale? I guess when you call melles a moral leader, nothing we can expect from you.

          • Hizbawi,

            The work of sciences (life science and physical science) unlike social science and others ( that are based on estimates and errors) are based on accuracy and precision. There is a big difference just to give you a glimpse. But once your way of thinking is contaminated by the waste product of Issayas’s politics…what can we expect. Since Your quoted conceptual argument will take us to the argument of materialist vs idealist let me stop it here. Not now but hold it for peaceful Eritrea.

        • semere andom

          Selam Sal:
          the equivalent of Facebook was actually conceived here in Toronto in May 2000, three years before Facebook was launched. Also like Facebook, the Canadian version was conceived in the Harvard of the North (University of Toronto), but after a couple of weeks the kids crashed it and the founders did not have money and it died. It was named ConnecXus, a play of the word connect us.


          • Salyounis

            Diskul Tegadalai Semere:

            This ain’t the Olympics; no silver nor bronze for losing.

            In the words of the great philosopher Nelly: “what does it take to be # 1? Two is not a winner; three, nobody remembers 🙂


            PS: video not included. It is too explicit and Ramadan is too close:)

  • abel

    Adma haile &…

    Thank you for the daycare history of ghedli eritrea,eventhou it is a rerun of demtsi hafash(sorry i mean Demtsi Issayas)
    The irony is the marriage of convenience between HIGDF cadres such as Haile and the muslim Brotherhood advocates of Awate(Poor Awate team they must be in their midst of deep mourning for their mentor mohamed Morsi Is deposed from power and thrown to Jail).
    A Quarter of a century has passed since independence and the entire hierarchy of HIGDEF from Issayas all the way to the bottom the likes of Admas Haile are blaming Ethiopia for their own ills,Perhaps Eritrea is the only country in Africa stuck with such lame excuse for all problems faced.Most Africans have managed to move on and become masters of their destiny.
    So mr Haile,Forget Ethiopian, “Haile,KEM TUB ADEKHA HIREMA/KIBETSA TOBIA”, there will never,ever be a Union with Eritrea again.Ferngis say, fool me once shame on u,twice is shame on me,Ethiopia will not be fooled twice.

  • Hayat Adem

    FYI, the time in which you are writing these articles is 2013. That means Eritrea is independent and Ethiopia is no more. This has been a reality now for 2 decades plus. The only relevant question at this time should be “has Eritrea been doing better since separation?” If are on the “yes” side of the answer, keep your satisfaction to yourself or else show and enlighten us to encourage us join you. If you are on the other side, however, throw your penny on how we can improve the situation. I do have few taboos on foods. I never have one on ideas, views, opinions…I’m being tempted here to pick one on yours. ከምዚ ቆለ ሒዝዎ ዘጉርዕ ዘሎ ሰብ’ኮ ኮይንካና! ‘ታይ መዓቱ’ዩ ደቀይ!

    • zegeremo

      Yes you are right it is 2013 a new era of re-colonization in which shockingly Ethiopia is betraying Africa by becoming an important transition hub, by providing base for drones responsible for the death of thousands women and children, by occupying Somalia and torturing and raping its people, by promoting divide and conquer in our region to please her masters, by oppressing its own Muslim for money, and of course she is a beautiful Barbie of AFRICOM; in return, US and Israel provide her with $800m and $250m respectively . This is exactly how puppet government looks like. The sad part is the clean-up process will take another 3000 years.


  • L.T

    In their day dream if Awate was shifta and than our struggle were also Shifta,.We must find one hieraki.

  • seliho

    brothers and sisters, what admas is putting is not a priority in this venue of history. the eritrean people is in need of untying the yoke of gedlei generation with their arrogant out looks toward us (the new generation). lets get rid off them first by all possible means. Admas is very judging. he undermined Smerr and other movements and personalities. he tried to make us swallow his stands and judgments. may be he is an innocent lecturer in a technical college.

    but i support undermining our own history is not justifiable. lets not hate our history.
    but admass is trying to undermine the struggle for change by undermining organizations and personalities, well read b/n lines.

  • Horizon

    Can anybody imagine a Jew in Hitler’s death camp say Heil Hitler, unless forced with a gun on his head? I am not sure if the author is saying that Eritreans are running away from truth, freedom, and progress mentioned in DIA’s anthem. The people should write their own national anthem, and the words should be true to what they say. It is indeed odd when people who run away from the iron grip of the regime sing the regime’s anthem. There are thousands of ways to declare their love and allegiance to their people and country; and praising the perpetrators of their misfortune is not one of them.
    PFDJ will not dissipate by wishful thinking, with a magic wand, by distorting the real picture, and especially, when there is no front confronting it. How are you going to bring a change in Eritrea with the opposition in disarray, the Ethiopian factor an anathema as much as you are concerned, the Sudanese government that does not want to see you in their land, and Eritreans within the country who have become weak and pathetic under the weight of injustice and the burden of everyday life? In addition, it takes more than a hundred soldiers who occupied the MoI for some hours, to bring down the regime, unless of course, the author has to wait for DIA’s natural death, which unless there is a transfer of power to his entrusted colleague could lead to a chaos? How intimate is the connection of the opposition with Eritrean military officers to be able to bring a peaceful change?
    No my friend, it is Eritrea that is losing tens of millions of dollars from the redundant Assab. Despite landlocked, Ethiopia is one of the countries with the highest GDP growth south of the Sahara and in the world. Ethiopia is already partially compensating for her lose for port services by the increased trade with Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan and SS.
    The issue that has become a nightmare for this author, i.e. Eritrea’s opposition dependency on Ethiopia and Ethiopia resolving Eritrea’s problems, is over-inflated. He does not seem to be aware of Ethiopia’s priorities. Right now, as much as Ethiopia is concerned, the ball is in Eritrea’s court and should be played by Eritreans, and Ethiopia has her own problems to attend to. She is focusing on the sustainability of her economic development and confronting any danger that might come from the hegemonic dreams Egyptian regimes. The author should have been much more worried of the economic gap between Ethiopia and Eritrea that one day could be too evident to miss. There is a possibility that future Ethiopia’s economic power could make her one of the countries of the region around which the rest would be revolving? Look. Ethiopia is trying to clone herself in the image of China (if I may say so), albeit in a much smaller dimension. The West, East, North and South are queuing to invest in Ethiopia. What would the author make out of this fact and what would its effect be on Eritrea that he wants to keep away from Ethiopia by all means possible?
    What do you call a country, which is facing a mass exodus of its young, enslavement of its people by the regime by committing them to spend their lives in trenches, work day and night for no pay, and when people do not have drinking water, electricity, or education? Ethiopia, a country on the road of development has the chance to come out of the maze of a failed state, but PFDJ’s Eritrea has a much slimmer chance when compared to your nemesis Ethiopia.
    Now, who is making a straw man’s argument?
    Therefore, the final conclusion one draws is that you condemn the culprits, you will tell the people who they are, but you will not give them the necessary weapons, because you are afraid, the people might incapacitate or kill the regime that keeps Eritrea intact for you. What can one do, everybody has his/her own weakness. Condemning will appease the masses and of course, it will not harm the regime. That is what walking a fine line or leaving no incriminating evidence means. Wow, it is so smart.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    ‘eritreans’ stopped the ethiopians from destroying Eritrea said you. Hmmm. ‘eritreans’ destroied the ethiopian military, you said hmmmm. In short the wohle article is the same old song that ethiopian this ethiopian that, beware the uionist is what you are doing. Dont you know by now that most of the eritreans know the difference between propganda and realities. Which of Your prpoganda is supported by the fact that hundred thousands eri live in ethiopia, ten thousands visit eri visit ethiopia, more eris invest in ethiopia than in Eritrea or Egypt (lol), ethiopian athlets represent many Rich countries whle sawa graduates ‘invade’ the Whole world including ehtiopia. The sun never sets Down for eritreans !!!


    ክቡር ኣድማስን ካልኦት ኣድማሳትን፣

    ኣብርሃም ያየህ ኣብ ደርጊ ኢዱ ሂቡ ንወያነ ¨ከቃልዖም ከሎ¨ብዙሕ ቅመምን ሓቂ ዝመስል ወርቃዊ ሓሶትን በቲ ላዛ ዝመልኦ ቃላቱ ኣንኳይዶ ንዘይፈለጠ ኣምሓራይሲ ነቲ ይሕሱ ከም ዘሎ እናፈለጠ ዝሰምዖ ዝነበረ ተኸታሊ ታሪኽ እኳ ይምቅሮ ኔሩ።ሓደ ገረመድህን ዝብሃል ምስኡ ኢዱ ዝ ሃበ ህዱእን ሓቀኛን ቃላቱ ከም ስብከት ናየቦይ ቀሺ ገሬሱስ ምዓስ እዩ ዝውዳእ ኢልካ ጽሃቐለሉ እዩ ኔሩ።በዚ ምኽንያት ክኣ እዩ ¨ካብ ሓቂ ናይ ገረመድህንስ ሓሶት ናይ ኣብርሃም ያየህ ይእመን ኔሩ ዝብልዎ¨።ካብቲ ዝተደጋገመ ሓሶት ኤርትራ ናይ በይና ሃገር ፨ክፍሊ፨ምምሕዳር ዝነበረት ብተጋደልቲ ዝቐርብ ጽውጽዋይ ወጺእና፣ገሌና ነቲ ሕቶ ኤርትራ ከም ናይ መሰል ሕቶ ጌርና ተቐቢልናዮ ሃገርና ኢልና ተቐቢልናያ።
    እቲ ናይ የዕብዮ ኣቃራርባ ብሓቂ ሎጂክ ዘለዎ እዩ።ጀበርቲ ብቐረባ ጭቃነ ሃጸይ ዮሃንስ ስለ ዝተፈተኑሉን ዝተባረሉሉን ኢትዮጵያ እንደገና ሃይማኖታዊ ጭቆና ከይትደግሞም ኤርትራ ንበይና ክትከውን መሪጾም ፣ብኣቦና ወልደ ኣብ ወልደማርያም ዝውከል ፓርቲ ድማ ፣ናብቲ ብተንኮል ትግራዋይ (ህዝቢ ከበሳ ዝሓወሰ)፣ሓይሊ ኣምሓራ (ሽዋውያን) ገቢቶም ይሓጕምዎ ስለ ዝነበሩ ሽዋዊ ሓይሊ ብምቍዋም ኣብ መትከሎም ጸኒዖም ፣ነጻ ዝኾነ ትግራዋይ ኣብ ኤርትራ ኮይኑ ነቲ (ትግራይ ትግርኚ) ጠርኒፍካ ሓያል ሓይሊ ንምፍጣር እዩ ኔሩ።
    እቲ ብጻዓዱ ዝተጻሕፈ ይኹን ፣ኣብ ዝኾነ ታሪኽ ዘየለ ፣ኣብ ትሕቲ ዓርኮብኮባይ ኣብ ገድሊ ዝተማህዘ ታሪኽ፣ ብሓሳዊ መዛሙር ኣሰንዩ ዘእመነና ሓሶት ኣይንቕበሎን።ኣነ ኢትዮጵያ መዕቆቢትናን ፣ሕንፍሽፍሽ ምስ ተፈጥረ መዕቆቢትና ክትከውን እምበር ከም ቀደም ኮይኑ ብሓደ ክነብራ ኣጥቢቐ ይቃወም።መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ እውን ነዚ እንተተቐቢሉ ጽልኣት ህዝቡ፣ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ፣ ከም ዘለዎ እዩ ዘርኢ።ጣልያን ይፋተዉ እሞ በብያትኦም ዝብሃል ዘረባ ኣሎ ።እታ ብያትና እኳ ክንደየናይ ፣ግን ከም ኤርትራውያን ነቲ ጥሜትን ጽምእን ስደትን ግፍዕን ስለ ዝለመድናዮ ክንነብር ኢና።ብባሌ ኮይኑ ብቦሌ እታ ኤርትራ ተፈጢራ ኣላ፣ኣሕዋት ህዝብታት ኤርትራ ድማ ብጭውነትን ሰላምን ክንነብር ክንፍትን ኢና።ሓሳዊ ታሪኽ ግን ጽባሕ ንጉሆ እቲ ሓሶት ህግደፍን ሓደ መርገጺ ዘይብሉ ፣ፈጠራ ምህዞ ናይ ተጋደልቲን ክቃላዕ እዩ።የገበያ ግርግር ለሌባ ይመቻል ይብሉ ኣምሓሩ ¨ጸላእትና¨።ንመሰልና ተቓሊስና።¨ተዓዊትና¨።ኣብ ዊልቼር ዘላ ኣደይ ግን ኣቤት ማራቶን ጎያስ ስዒራ ዝብልዎ ኣንጭዋ ትበትኮ ብፈጠራ ሓሶት ዝተፈጸመ ሞት ብዙሓት እናሕዘነና ግን ከም ኩለን ሃገራት ሃገር ስለ ዝኾንና ፣ንነብር።

  • Salamt Adma
    Eritrean Continuing to Miss Historic Opportunities?
    One could never mature to the realization of the truth of the Eritrean –Ethiopia relations, historically and at present, unless one succeeds in ripping off the façade; peel off the layers of make-beliefs of apologetic niceties bearing no real evidence to the indelible truth. And you have done that to great extent. I just wish added what role the Western powers played.
    As most Eritrean who are victim, in the real term of meaning of the word, of the misconceived and misperceived realities governing relationships Eritrean –Ethiopia for nearly over a Half century, we are coming to the full realization that we Eritrea as whole at same juncture of time we start from a wrong premise, incremental, tactical, knitting of the pieces, in approaching and analyzing the whole “Eritrean –Ethiopia Question”. This in many ways finds a parallel and is reminiscent of the once much touted concept of the “Ethiopia imperial power hegemony Question” As the vultures of regional Powers, at the height of the Imperialist Age were readying to slice the inheritance, the patrimony, under all pretenses, of the “short Man of Africa Haile Selassie “
    It is a White Wash of a deeper reality that at the essence of it remains the very indelible historic truth of the make-up of the Ethiopian polity; their backward philosophical and very narrow ideological leanings; the intricate web of interests of the ruling Haile Selassie feudal capitalist elites, the ultimate movers; and the Bozos of indigenous players posing at times as legitimate rulers on force of the limited political culture of the cult of personality king Haile Selassie.
    Balance of Power dictates, and ever since the start of history, the truth that governs international relations. Power vacuums, like vacuum in the physical space, are bound to be filled with the next adjacent force. Ethiopian Empires, Strategic Alliances with US, the west and Defense Blocks, represented all through history and continue to represent the realities of the political power structures in the imperial Ethiopia. At the helms of those political structures the Amhara elites with their intricate web of interests and relations rule supreme with conveniently contrived systems that fool the disinherited masses to believing in a genuine sharing of power.
    The imperial Ethiopia acted and behaved with extreme inhumanity and savage brutality in dealing with Eritrean people , in the same manner as European Colonialism .Quite ironically, at the threshold of the age of Enlightenment in Europe, another façade dictated by socio-economic evolution and the requisites of the industrial revolution, the Age of European Colonialism swept all across the none-western world with vengeance and extreme brutality. What a contradiction in term as the Western world stood to truly benefit by its privileged endowments – not the least being the governing philosophies of the Age of Enlightenment – the least developed nations and in the process achieve an equitable win-win sharing of the ensued benefits of a cooperative, collaborative and consensual mode of international relations.
    The narration in and context two facets of the reality of the controlling ruling elites of then imperial Ethiopia of the time: First, their inherent prejudices born by carefully instilled doctrinaire elitist Amhara culture reinforced by the elitist educational and religious cultural institutions; and their condescending elitist attitudes that are both readily dismissal and desensitized to the welfare and the wellbeing of the downtrodden and less privileged. In that, for the mislead imperial Ethiopia apologetics the names you listed and others , nothing had ever changed with regard to the mind-set and general world view of the elitists currently in control of the with the conveniently interchangeably slapped terms As a –Christian nation and friend of west, and they may add falsely inheritor Greco-Roman Worlds.
    As well as specific flagrant utterances by the King reflecting a premeditated prejudiced and ever condescending mind that tends to desensitize the person rendering him/her apt at the dehumanization of the conceived lesser Eritreans , much in the inherent mind in the concept of the imperial Ethiopia in the parlance of the sweeping generalization of the demeaning and the dehumanization of the Eritrean people.
    King Haile Selassie was head and “a Practicing orthodox; proud to using family long ties and high titles.”
    As with regard to preconceived condescending attitude towards the Eritrean that ultimately desensitized him to their welfare and wellbeing finding profound expression in the plan to slice and fragmenting of which explained well
    “Haile Selassie had only contempt for the people of Eritrea as an Arabs as “Eloquent, cunning, excitable and cowardly; they present to his mind the most deplorable picture one can see in the East Africa .”the king called Eritrean “diseased;” “contemptuous;” “idle beyond all hope;” “Vicious as far as their feeble bodies will admit;” “insolent yet despicable.”
    Haile Selassie totaly backed by his crony Andenat Mafia and by western government thus, the supposedly materially and scientifically advanced Western world of the Enlightenment Age taking the less privileged so-called non-Western under developed nations by hand to educate and teach them the tricks to enhance their self-reliance and empower them to improve their human and economic standards, as a benign guardian, the Western powers, the elites in the control of these countries destinies, elected instead to plunder and exploit.
    So no wonder with the League of Nations issuing Great Britain with the Mandate for Eritrea, the glossing theme was to see the Eritrean to joining the nations of the advanced civilized world through the caring guardian of Great Britain.
    With widely shared convictions and attitudes by decision makers among the elites ruling over the destiny of the Western powers in the example of Haile Selassie, no wonder Eritrean lost their lives, homes, country and identity through the systematic ploys and schemes of a trusted Mandate power meant to help them develop self-reliance and empower them to join at par the advanced nations of the world.
    The Western powers never stopped since to Miss Historic Opportunities to leverage their privileged positions to establish mutual trust with the less endowed of other nations on the basis of equity, fair dealings, and, foremost, humanitarian considerations for the lesser others

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      I can summerize what you are saying in short: What you and pfdj are doing to Eritrea is the policy you wanted us to believe what the ‘back ward Ethiopians’ used to do. Do you see the difference. Even the ‘back ward ethiopia’ have not done to Eritrea what you are doing now. The day you Wake up you will be surprised that 22 years have gone With Your endless talk.

  • Semere Habtemariam


    It was after September 18, 2001, when I first heard of Amaha Dominco and since then, on and off, we have continued to have a healthy relationship. Although, I did not agree with his political activities in the last few years, it never occured to me that Amha would, one day, be characterized as neo-Andnet. I know he is not but I like to know how you even came to that conclusion. I think you owe us an explanation. Amha has stood for justice and is among the first Eritreans to raise his voice against the regime in Asmera and for that he deserves our respect. Amha like many Eritrean leaders in the opposition has gone to Ethiopia because Ethiopia, for all intents and purposes, is the only available option and like all of them, he also is responsible for both the failure and success (however it is defined), but that does not make him neo-andnet.

    Please explain, Admas. I hate to see, a fellow activist who has invested a lot in the struggle for change, being portrayed negatively without any effort to provide clarification.

    Semere T Habtemariam

    • Semere T.H.

      Well, what makes one a neo-andinet? You seem to know.

      Amha has stood for justice and is among the first Eritreans to raise his voice against the regime in Asmera and for that he deserves our respect. Amha like many Eritrean leaders in the opposition has gone to Ethiopia because Ethiopia, for all intents and purposes, is the only available option and like all of them, he also is responsible for both the failure and success (however it is defined), but that does not make him neo-andnet.

      • haile


        You asked “what makes one a neo-andinet?” I have my views, others do too and yet others have some more views. You’ve asked ‘the’ most fundamental question that is at the heart of the beleaguered opposition. A question, that is worth more than many questions that have been asked so far put together. It must not go unanswered. I will let those more than klte hirkam answer first, and the rest of us teenagers 🙂 will have a crack at it. I believe many see the neo-andnet for different reasons. If I borrow SG’s term, that is how most “lose each other”. So the question for me is “what makes one see a neo-andnet?”

        Is it the border? Is it ethnicity? Is it religion? Is it personal background? Is it stated facts?

        You’ve asked a brilliant question, with little or no clutter to it!

        • Haile,

          Let me take a shot at it.;-) From what I have observed & gathered, one has to meet at least some or all of the following criteria in order to be labeled as a Neo-andinet (unionist).

          You receive the badge of honor:

          1. If you always eat Injera
          2. If you always defame “ghedli”
          3. If you have not continued to have ” a healthy relationship” with Zakunay Semere habtemariam.**Pls refer to Zakunay’s comment above for more info.**
          4. If you are not “raising your voice against the regime in Asmara” . Again refer to Haleka’s comment above.
          5. If your Purpose of visit to Ethiopia is political related
          6. If you are “inspired by Ethiopia”, refer to Adam’s “hatew ketew”
          7. if you have a “Back looking attitude and belief” Pls “tewekes” adam.
          8. Last but not least, if you feel habesha and know no word of Arabic.

  • Admas Haile, and others like him are stuck on the Pre-independence era:

    What are the old days of thinking the irrational bunch keep regurgitating? There are many, of which these are some.

    1. We have destroyed Africa’s strongest army with out any one’s help, despite present day Ethiopia’s victory over Eritrea in the recent wars.

    2. Ethiopia has done us bad things in the past so we still have to harbor hatred against Ethiopians.

    3. There are “unionists” among us we have to watch out for. They are less Eritreans than us.

    4. The youth should not cozy up with Ethiopia because they are “young and disillusioned”.

    5. The youth should not listen to Tesfay Temnewo, YG, GY because they are twisting the history of ghedli.

    All the above statements are scare tactics used by the old generation Eritrean tegadeltis to drive away the youth from searching the truth about the ugly face of ghedli.

    Young Eritreans have come to see Ethiopia not as an enemy but as a potential future partner in the world where globalization has continued to make countries’ borders irrelevant.

    • zegeremo

      So what? In fact all your sarcastic points are valid and legitimate, except that you put Tesfay Temnewo with YG $ GY which is obviously very strange. Nevertheless, since Ethiopia is not a sovereign nation (puppet if you wish),any attempt for regional integration will be doomed in no time. And you said I believe the direct quote was: “globalization has continued to make countries’ borders irrelevant” First of all Globalization for whom? and if you think it continues to make countries’ border irrelevant, you are dead wrong: Sudan is an easy example.


  • Haqi

    How come you won’t my post my humble comment. we have the same people posting and its boring. Pls allow others to participate

    Thank you

    • awatestaff

      Haqi and all others not having their messages posted:

      WordPress keeps sending your postings to the spam section. Try typing directly on the comments window; if you type it on a word processing software (like Word) and then copy/pasting it, the machine thinks you are a spammer and trashes your message to the spam section.

      Additionally, please make sure that you are using a computer that has the proper antivirus and anti-spyware; if you don’t, your posting comes surrounded with virus and our machine sends it straight to the spam bucket.

      In short, use your Abu Selama (and we are talking to you Semere Andom.)


      • Haqi

        I am using iphone5, anyway thank you for taking the time to explain. Keep up the good job

  • Hagos Berhan

    Hi Adma,
    I appreciate your concern, your explanation is educational to say the least, however; I have to push back and challenge you on a number of fronts of your piece:
    1- You seem to be preoccupied with the current relationship between our Eritrean Ethiopian based opposition parties and the Ethiopian government. Take this as a fundamental rue of law, before these parties step one political step forward, they need to earn and gain the trust as well as admiration required by many Eritreans inside Eritrea, as I type these words, I don’t think that is the case, and I don’t think this will change anytime soon, I guess my point here is that, you can plot and scheme as much as you want with evil minded Ethiopian politicians, whose main objective is to divide and rule, if the people inside Eritrea do not see you as a suitable substitute to the Al Capone regime in Asmara, then you are out of luck and you will always be that way. This mind set is guided by history, please read my point number 2 below.
    2- I can assure you that Eritrean people are not fools, I can never forget the silent funeral of my lynched uncles, brothers, sister and the destruction of life by the Ethiopian war planes, amongst other crimes committed against innocent civilians as well as brave liberation fighters, having said that, I am willing to forgive, but ask me to forget a million times and I can’t, the scar is too deep just to forget because Eritrea is free (I will allow you to question this one!!!)
    3- What occurred in January of this year will reoccur again, this is a fact, if DIA thinks it’s over, then he is wrong, I am in total agreement with you on this point, my dilemma is how we can support whoever comes forward succeed next time round.
    4- The question that I would like to ask here is where would the opposition parties’ base themselves? Sudan? Yemen? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Somalia? Where exactly? The wisdom of the late PM Meles Zenawi convinced the opposition parties that Addis is the place to be and they saw it fit to build their tents in Addis, I really don’t know what the answer is.
    Bottom line is, as Eritreans, we have to be proud of our history, be alert, let us push this religion, regional, tribal etc issues aside, and make sure that our unity is our main strength; anything else is a road to disaster.

  • Haqi

    Eritrean struggle against the illegal mafia regime must be free of Ethiopia or any other non Eritrean to succeed. we have to find a away to be free and independent in order to remove the illegal regime. I personally think pfdj and woyane are identical twins hence you can’t hate one like the other. They are both the enemy of the Eritrean people infact call me crazy but they work together in secret to destroy the Eritrean people.

  • He is doing it again :”The British are coming , the British are coming…”;-) and the “sky is falling”

  • I was wondering who is responsible for this all problems after the long strugle for our independence? It is wise to look at the root of the matter at its root. Then we can look what the solution would be. Ghedli was the solution for our strugle and the leadership of the Ghehdli is the problems of our freedom. On the Ghedli time was dependant on our people, but after the independece day. It said my way or the highway.It was eseaier and proper to listen to the people of the state. Now brothres and sisters, lets deal with the cause first and we can deal with evnts next. No doubt some Ethiopian poltiations wishes to put us under thier control or push as to failed state as ussual. But it is to late for them I think. They can try but they will fail for sure. DIA and his cronnes are the problems in to days Eritrea.The other qeution to ask is Why he block the freedom of political organazations inside Eritrea.Then, we will never been in Ethiopia or Sudan to be called names like pro-andenet and mujahedin etc.Please lets aim our attention to the root of our problems.

  • Eyob Medhane

    I love it, when Admas Hailu go bonkers in response, when sober Eritreans (YG, Germay Yebio…) say something. His r reaction is comical and really entertaining…Wait a minute. If Ethiopia is a failed state, as he thinks it is, why is this all screaching and squeaking? What is he afraid of this ‘poor failed state, called Ethiopia’ do to him and his people?…..

    His almost weakly whining ‘please, please pretty please hate Ethiopia’ campaign seems to push, especially the young to the opposite side of his wish. Admas, Ask the good majority of the young about what they feel about Ethiopia. Their response will give you some more good material to your weekly warning and whining of your upcoming articles. Or..not really, don’t ask them. Their response might give you a reason for despair and depression…And I really don’t want you to be depressed, because I want to be kept entertained…… 🙂

    • Zegeremo

      Your intelligence is staggering— kemzein anisti weigud ne’ethiopia tseliu abey keatu eyu… Blah blah..

      • haile


        His advice of “don’t hate Ethiopia” is misplaced. Listen to this TPLF Cadre’s lecturing in paltalk

        May be he should rid of TPLF supporters hate speech towards Ethiopians. The guy speaks in Amharic with intermittent Tigrinya.

        • bukretsion

          haile how we know he is ethiopian what if he is eritrean?

          • haile

            bokretsion, …his tigrinya:-) actually, this is nothing, if you care to explore through all other such ethio-paltalks it is much much worse…

          • Haile is a psychic. Can’t you tell?

        • haile


          I am this Dawit (Moderator – HE teqalasay Dawit 🙂 ) or Dawit Mekonen. Please distinguish is for me, I seem to have misplaced my zaegol:)

          • haile

            Apology, ignore my clarification request, it was me who overlooked to properly register the byline name…zaegoley tesheriba eko gud rekhibe:)

        • abel

          you picked your perfect fit.I see what you enjoy listening and reading.Your hatred of Tigray/Ethiopia has some deep rooted origin somewhere.You were born , raised in and still suffering from acute COMLEPLEX.

        • zamu

          You went to Ethiopians in Amharic and Tigrayans and in Paltalk, and …
          This tells a lot more about you than the speaker.

          • haile


            weyane bdem zhitet guhila eyu…no rest for the devil.

        • bukretsion

          haile..i did explore to ethiopian(tgrai)paltalks,talking about country’s development.on the contrary the eritrean paltalks preach hate about eth for abvious reason to divide,weaken and …

          • haile

            bokretsion…NEVER. No Eritrean is capable of the TPLF style hate orgy…you can never find an eri paltk talking about eth like that. I last checked youtube and TPLF getting kicked out from ever meeting it organized with ethiopians…

        • bukretsion

          haile, thanks for correcting my name.anyway