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Nevsun Resources: Slave Labor At Bisha Mine

On April 9, 2012, (Gedab News) reported that a class action lawsuits have been filed against Nevsun Resources [i]

Below is a summary of a securities fraud class action lawsuit brought on behalf of those who purchased the common shares of Nevsun between March 28, 2011 and February 6, 2012 inclusive, against Nevsun Mining Company. The plaintiff, claims that Nevsun, in violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the Exchange Act knowingly, or at least recklessly, made materially false and misleading representations about Nevsun’s only revenue-producing property, the Bisha Mine, a purported gold and base metal mine in Eritrea.

Bisha mining company is jointly owned by Nevsun Mining (a Canadian company) and Eritrean mining company (owned by the Eritrean government).[ii]

In January 2013, Human Rights Watch issued an extensive report titled “Hear no Evil: Forced Labor and Corporate Responsibility in Eritrea’s Mining Sector.” The following is what came in the report:

Nevsun’s experiences show that by developing projects in Eritrea, mining firms are walking into a potential minefield of human rights problems. Most notably they risk getting entangled in the Eritrean government’s uniquely abusive program of indefinite forced labor—the inaptly-named national service program. Through this program the Eritrean government keeps an enormous number of Eritreans under perpetual government control as conscripts. Originally conceived as an 18-month program, the national service scheme now requires all able-bodied men and most women to serve indefinitely, often for years and with no end in sight, under harsh and abusive conditions. Those who try to flee risk imprisonment, torture, and even reprisals directed against their families.[iii]

There is ample evidence that Nevsun has long crossed the “risk of getting entangled in” the abusive slave labor program, the Bisha mine is operated by state owned subcontractors whose work force depends on forced labor. This is a breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Canada signed in 1948.

Eritrean workers do not have the right to organize and negotiate their working terms, but are forced to work without pay in gold mines and other construction projects. Ex-victims of slave-labor are scattered all over the world but are very reluctant to speak out fearing retaliation and persecution of their relatives by the Eritrean Government.

Since no one can fight for the rights of the victims better than the victims themselves, we encourage people who have been subjected to forced labor, and those who have concrete information of the matters related to such exploitations and violations, to come forward and present their testimonies either publicly or confidentially.

Testimonies can help hasten the pursuit of justice. Gross human rights violations, crimes and abuses, should not be issues that are listened to and forgotten, but pursued through legal avenues. The ordeal of Eritrean victims is crying for justice and resolution. Those whose labor was extracted forcefully should be able to go after the entities that collaborated with the enslavers.

We also call on Eritrean human rights activists, particularly those in Canada, and Eritrean lawyers, to cooperate in pursuing this issue.

Please contact us at the following address:

[ii] Nevsun resources website,
[iii] HRW Report :
Summary (To read the full copy click here)

1. This action is a securities fraud action brought under Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder by the SEC, brought by Plaintiffs on behalf of a class of all persons and entities which purchased the common shares of Nevsun between March 28, 2011 and February 6, 2012 inclusive (the “Class Period”).

2. Defendants (as defined below) in violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the Exchange Act knowingly, or at least recklessly, made materially false and misleading representations about Nevsun’s only revenue-producing property, the Bisha Mine, a purported gold and base metal (copper and zinc) mine in Eritrea, a small country in the horn of Africa (the “Mine”, “Bisha”, or the “Bisha Mine”).

3. Throughout the Class Period, Defendants represented that the Bisha Mine had approximately 4.651 million tons of gold ore reserves and 919,000 ounces in the mine’s top layer (the Oxide zone), that Bisha was producing 1,000 ounces of gold per day, that Bisha’s gold ore reserves set it apart from competitor mines because Bisha’s gold ore reserves were high quality, abundant and easy to access. Bisha’s gold ore reserves and actual mining and production of gold at the Bisha Mine were material to investors.

4. The Bisha Mine’s gold ore reserves were also important to Nevsun’s partner in development of the Mine, the government of Eritrea. Through the Eritrean National Mining Company (“ENAMCO”), Eritrea owned 10% of the Mine, and at the beginning of the Class Period, was negotiating with Defendants to purchase an additional 30% interest. Bisha’s gold reserves would affect valuation of the Bisha Mine.

64. In December 2007, Nevsun announced that the Company had entered into an agreement with ENAMCO, under which ENAMCO owned 10% of the Mine and agreed to purchase an additional 30% interest at fair value that would be determined at the time of Bisha’s first gold shipment.

65. A mining license for the Bisha Mine was issued to Nevsun and the Bisha Mining Share Company in 2008 and construction of the Bisha Mine commenced in 2008.

66. On January 4, 2011, Nevsun issued a press release and disclosed its “successful first gold pour” at the Bisha Mine.

67. According to Defendant Trebilcock (in an April 14, 2011 presentation at the Denver Gold Group European Gold Forum), the Bisha Mine’s first gold shipment occurred on January 28, 2011 and triggered a 90-day valuation period for ENAMCO’s 30% stake.

68. On February 22, 2011, after a ramp up during January and February, 2011, Defendants caused Nevsun to begin commercial production at the Bisha Mine.

69. At the beginning of the Class Period, on March 28, 2011, represented gold reserves at the Bisha Mine increased by approximately 15%, to approximately 4.6 million tons of gold ore and the Bisha Mine contained approximately 1.14 million ounces of gold (throughout all zones), including 919,000 ounces of gold in the Oxide zone.

71. By the beginning of the Class Period, material negative trends were adversely affecting Bisha’s operations, and red flags had already appeared, that put Defendants on notice that Bisha’s reported gold ore reserves were materially overstated.

72. Unknown to investors by March 31, 2011, Bisha’s Strip Ratio was 4.9, approximately 81% over the 2011 Strip Ratio.

73. Also unknown to investors, Defendants caused operations at the Bisha Mine to mine through the Oxide zone materially faster than reported because there were significant pockets of worthless waste rock, instead of gold ore. The Bisha Mine’s waste rock was placed in waste dumps located to the east and south of the Mine pit.

74. This was material because acceleration of mining through the Oxide zone indicated that Bisha’s gold ore reserves would be exhausted sooner than reported, negatively affecting cash flows from gold sales and the Company’s valuation.

75. Defendants and Nevsun’s senior management at the Bisha Mine had access to the mining statistics and production reports through the Skire Unifier platform and, further, observed these negative trends based on routine reconciliations of actual production to the reported reserves and through the day to day observation of production.

76. Nevertheless, in the face of these material negative facts and red flags, Defendants represented that the Bisha Mine’s gold ore reserves were 4.651 million tons and that the Bisha Mine had 919,000 ounces of gold in the Oxide zone. In truth, at that time, Defendants knew or at least ignored with reckless disregard and failed to disclose that Bisha’s gold reserves were overstated by approximately 1.2-1.3 million tons, or by 35% (an overstatement of approximately 190,000 to 220,000 ounces of gold), Bisha’s Strip Ratio was materially higher than the 2011 Strip Ratio and was materially increasing, and Bisha’s production at the rate of 1,000 ounces per day was unsustainable. These material facts were not disclosed during the Class Period.

77. During April, May and June 2011 (the Bisha Mine’s first full quarter of operations), production trends at the Bisha Mine materially deteriorated. Specifically, Defendants knew that the Strip Ratio further increased and was at 5.1 by June 30, 2011, approximately 88% over the 2011 Strip Ratio.

78. On May 3, 2011, Defendants caused Nevsun to issue a press release that was filed with the SEC on Form 6-K that represented that Bisha continues to have a “strong operating performance” and that Defendants and ENAMCO agreed to “finalize the Bisha purchase price by June 30, 2011”, approximately eight weeks later than previously represented by Defendants.

79. On June 30, 2011, Defendants disclosed yet another delay in the finalization of ENAMCO’s purchase price pursuant to the 2007 Agreement.

80. In August 2011, Defendants and ENAMCO agreed to a purchase price of $253 million for ENAMCO’s 30% stake, resulting in a gain to the Company of $242.5 million.

81. During the second half of 2011 (July through December 2011), known to Defendants but not Nevsun investors, Bisha’s Strip Ratio continued to increase and was 6.6 for the second half of 2011, an increase of approximately 144% over the 2011 Strip Ratio and an increase of 35% since the beginning of the Class Period, and was 5.9 for 2011.

82. On September 2 and 6, 2011, Hardie sold 180,000 Nevsun shares – 100% of his Nevsun holdings at that time – for proceeds of approximately $1.3 million, on trading days when Nevsun common shares traded at or near Class Period high prices ($7.30 per share and $7.27 per share, respectively).

83. On September 18, 2011, Davis sold 224,600 shares at $6.68 per share for proceeds of $1.5 million.

84. Unknown to investors, in September 2011, Vickers, Bisha’s Operations Manager, and Pretorius, Bisha’s Project Manager, left Nevsun/Bisha Mining Share Company, and by November 2011, Rogers, General Manager of the Bisha Mine since 2005, left Nevsun/Bisha Mining Share Company.

85. The loss of these key executives was a blow to Nevsun and another red flag.

86. Also in late 2011, Defendants, concerned about the material shortfall in gold ore production that they had been observing since the beginning of the Class Period, caused two engineering companies, AGP Mining Consultants and another engineering company, to rebuild Bisha’s Oxide reserve model.

88. On November 15, 2011, on a conference call with investors, notwithstanding all of these red flags and negative trends of which Defendants were aware, or at least recklessly disregarded, Defendant Davis represented that “things were going very well” at Bisha and reported mining statistics, but he misled investors by failing to disclose the material negative trends that were negatively affecting the Bisha Mine’s operations.

89. Also, on November 15, 2011, Rogers sold 69,000 shares at $6.00 per share. On
December 1, 2, 7 and 9, 2011 Rogers sold an additional 306,500 shares between $6.00 and $6.05 per share. In total Rogers sold 375,500 shares, 100% of his Nevsun stock, for proceeds of approximately $2.28 million.

92. On February 7, 2012 Defendants shocked investors when, before the market opened, Defendants caused the Company to issue a press release titled “Nevsun 2012 Outlook Including Production Guidance” (“Feb. 7 Press Release”), in which Defendants disclosed, among other things, that Nevsun had materially overstated gold reserves at the Bisha Mine by 30-35% (or by approximately 1.2-1.3 million tons), and that the amount of gold to be produced in 2012 would be about half of what Nevsun previously represented to investors, a condition that negatively affected Nevsun’s cash flows and the Company’s net present value.

96. On February 7, 2012, following the above disclosures, Nevsun’s common shares declined by $1.94 per share on the NYSE Amex, from a closing price of $6.34 per share on February 6, 2012, to close at $4.40 per share on February 7, 2012, a decline of nearly 31% on heavy volume.

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  • Zeratzion

    You have a point now; a sign of maturity indeed!
    Sorry and god bless you!

  • belay

    Hi Zeratsion,
    For me,if Eritrea loses i lose and if Ethiopia loses,i lose too.I want both of them to be winners because both are one,seprated in to two for the sake of others.Now there is no going back.
    By the the way,this is Awate International website.You cut off your selves from the physical world and you want to seclude your self from the net.
    Any way,give it a few years and all comments will be,like,by the way i am in Addis making my way to Asmara Tsaeda,if you there,please reply.
    No hard feelings.

  • Hameed


    Really, you understand every thing contrary to its reality on the ground. You don’t realize from things that make people laugh at you or that keep you on the state of composure. The state of complexity you are struck with is very high to the extent of being frightened from your shadow. Exactly, the same as your dummy master.

    The real stooge is the one who helplessly attempts to cover the sun and who dances hysterically in all occasions to support a monarch or a tyrant. The word shame is not available in your dictionary. You need to be formatted and programmed again with the newest programs.

    As you are a hard beaten slave, don’t forget your umbrella to protect you from the rains of freedom that cover the skies of our region.

  • Zeratzion


    This is a site for Eritreans !
    By the way at the end of the Eritrea wins against all odds !!

  • awatestaff

    The Anonymous Awate Forum Prophet:

    Back in 2008, in awate forum 1.0, when many in the opposition were speculating about how it’s all lost now that the PFDJ has access to hard currency from Bisha Mining, a commenter made a prediction. He said that the PFDJ has whatever is the opposite of the Midas Touch: they turn gold into ashes. Anything they touch turns to ashes and therefore, he said, they will find some way to screw things up. We don’t remember his name but veterans from 1.0, like Wedi Ere, may refresh our memory.

    Do you remember all the forecasts a couple of years ago about how Eritrea’s GDP was going to grow at double digits, the highest in the world? It is a couple of years later and they have revised their forecasts:

    “GDP is estimated to have contracted sharply to 5.5% in 2012 because of an unanticipated drop in production at Bisha mine, a fall in remittances and a decline in the price of gold over 2011-12…”

    Of course, what matters more than GDP is Real GDP and GDP per capita. So, for 2013 and 2014, Eritrea’s one-sector economy is projected to grow at 3.4% and 2.2%, significantly below the average for East Africa (5.2% and 5.3%).


    Like the anonymous prophet said, the PFDJ has the Reverse Midas Touch. But, hey, Nkid Try!


    • hizbawi

      on the eye of serray; since everything is doom what Eritrea does so, i don’t put it as prophet but it was one of his saying. and to answer your question, Serray said that.

      • Serray


        I am not sure if I did, but if I did, you are right, it is not prophetic; it is a simple extrapolation. Everything the regime touches ALWAYS turns into ashes. This is a regime whose population welcomed it with such an excitement and jubilation but it managed to turn the nation into a pariah state, the youth into enslaves and the general population into serfs.

        But is telling how you guys give lip services to peoples grievances but, at the end of the day, the regime = eritrea to you. You had a question about the youth on the other thread. The reason we don’t hold the them responsible for not fighting is because your former comrades killed their fighting spirit when they decided to enslave them in sawa. For now their instinct is to run, one day they WILL decide to stand up and fight, I pray for your former comrades when that day comes.

        • hizbawi

          ግዲ የብልካን አብ አስመራ ከለኩ ሓደ ካብቲ ሲርሐይ ምዱካን ሪኢቶታት ናይ ተቃወምቲ አብ መርበብ ሕቤረታ ተቃወምቲ እዩ ነሩ. ስለዚ በዚ እየ ካኣ ብርግጽተኝነት እልካዮ ዝበልኩካ.

          • Serray


            Thank you for clearing that up. So what happens to the information; does somebody use it or it just sits there? You know, one of the funniest jokes I hear about the regime is, how it spies on everybody. This is a medieval regime that can’t even provide running water or electricity. Thanks for the laughter, though.

  • haile


    After Amanuel Hidrat hailed the above article as a return to normalcy, thus “focusing” us to the “important” issues, I remain why did a disappearing act on us 🙂 shouldn’t he give us the meat to dice 🙂

    On a serious note, I find such calls for focus, to be bogus and misplaced. Think about it, what does it amount to? Censorship? This is an open forum that hosts user generated comments and debates on ANY topic, provided that posting guidelines (nothing more than protocols of conduct on forum) are met.

    Suppose instead that the AT submits to the whims of “focus” interest group. This has been tried with other websites as and, and the policy meant that the moderator pulls a chair and deliberates whether he/she should let a comment that could endanger the “great revolution” through. No sooner they started doing that, their comments sections were knocked out of service to engage the public, commenters abandoned them in droves and now stand dilapidated and a waste (except for a sign that reads “B’kbretkum abzi mshan ayfqedn eyu” the rest is bears full similarities).

    Debates are healthy, and are a form of activism. Many read them but few comment. Therefore raise public consciousness and form an important tools for dialog of various beliefs and view points. It is indeed a hard work to maintain such a diverse groups of opinions dialog with each other on all sorts of issues. Hats of to AT.

    This indeed is cyber activism, and the pennies are finally dropping in effecting healthy and respectful dialog, with the exception of few die hard agent provocateurs. So Awatistas, what ya all waiting for? blast it…

    • haile

      correct: I remain puzzled as to why he did..

    • Haile,

      No comment. I don’t feel your provocation. But if you want my meat to dice it I will write an article when I feel to do it. BTW all your comments are redundant, most of the time the substance of it is recycled stuff. Sorry Haile.

      • haile


        Glad you didn’t feel provocation, because there was none…just a motivation to prove me wrong.

        Also, don’t feel pity of “recycled comments”. I cherish them 🙂

        You see Aman, here is how the pecking order works

        1 – Original comments/Articles
        2 – Recycled comments/Articles
        3 – No comments/articles
        4 – No comments/Articles and put down those who do
        5 – No comments/Articles, put down those who do and argue with others about “no comment/article” issues

        So, no need to feel sorry for me, it feels great up here 🙂

        Finally, “..when I feel to do it”? watch may be too late by then!!

        • Haile,

          If you are not Admas Haile….I want you to come up with an article just to give me a chance to dice it. By the way I want you to come in any capacity either in short articles like us or in a well researched paper. I am sure that will inspire me especially if you come with a study paper. If it is ranting and fear mongering piece as the above article… you better stop with the commentators to give us the nagging headache. You have the knack if you have the courage. If you do, promise me to come with your real name.

          • correction: I mean the latest article not the above article

          • haile


            I only took the liberty because you are already writing openly. Hindsight taught most of us to be careful with the current climate. I assure you there would have been nothing more I would have liked to do, but I prefer to do the small group miniseries for now. If I write most would be interested about my identity, ethnicity, religion…and never take responsibility. If you were in my position, I wouldn’t take it upon myself to invite you to bring your person into this atrocious environment of cyber war. But since you have already done so, not on my account, then kab saEsaEka teqotsatse…:)

          • Haile,

            I have learned two things from your short comment (1) “small group ministries” (2) “Hindsight lesson.” Is this inadvertently leak from you? I thought that you are independent debater in this form. But you are part of something….it itches and makes me to say hummm. Anyway that is your right and we respect as it is part of our struggle to respect your democratic right.

            Let me echo the words of one comrade in arm if it can help me to reflect the demand of the current struggle: “lebamat kunu Kab gorahat Tikonu.” Your second point alludes that you are “gorah” standing from the save opportunistic position, watching where the ball rolls and swing from the opposite contested football Nets. our people are in search of wise men who can sail the ship of freedom to the promise land. We have too many “Gorahat” who can argue only in hindsight….”the politics of hindsight” always focuses on the setbacks, but when they are challenged to share their vision (if they have any) to no avail. Am I right Haile?

  • hizbawi

    Just curious, what was the reason for awate-team to move from government sympathizer’s web site group to the opposition web site one? As far as I am concern, Meskerem is the only web site demands that Ethiopia’s withdrawal from Eritrean sovereign land while every other opposition are demanding what the TPLF demands, the halting of the mining. So, in that regard, awate team was right to designate as “government sympathizer’s” web site. But why the change though?

    • rodab

      “what was the reason for awate-team to move from government sympathizer’s web site group to the opposition web site one?”
      I would say because (1) Meskerem classified Asmarino as “Andenet” (see at Meskerem’s links section) and (2) the website is sooo laser focused on going after the regime’s excuses to implement the constitution and behave as a normal government (Sebeyti: ata meAs eka tmrAweni?, Sebay: diHri ayselam ayquinat, Sebeyti: grmba memeKneyta).
      Seriously though, Meskerem, from time to time, might step on about every Eritrean’s toes but it is a patriotic opposition website.

  • Hameed


    I see, you are very much obsessed about what is going on in Egypt, but relux well and search for an escort for your master as your coward master can’t go for a war or victimizing the Eritrean people without being shouldered to others. Egypt will never relapse again to dictorship or military rule. Make this as a cornerstone to all your contemplation.

    I know you are a parasite that can’t live without a host. Sure, you are in search of a host to survive. The skies of our region is raining freedom, don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you to protect you from the showers of freedom in our region. You worshipped a feudal in the past and a dictator at the present and who will be your next master, poor slaves?

    • haile

      Hameed, here is a free advice,

      There is no way you can take up your issues directly with me on this forum (I sixth sense radars are still sharp and in good working order). I say to you live and let live. Keep watching out from your hole, in case I make a real blunder here or there and then you can come back and try your luck. Else, your tired old master master…razzmatazz is getting incredibly boring, as it lacks substance (other than vengeance!). Bye

      • Hameed


        First of all include your advice in your breakfast burger as spice. Nice and delicious breakfast, for your health. I think you don’t know the characteristics that qualifies a person to be in a position to give advice. I will give you just a clue, one of the reasons that makes a person eligible for giving advice is honesty, and you lack this traits. You are the kind of person who calls a broad daylight as night and injustices you call it as justice, you enjoy blind vision with par excellence. You consider a tyrant who rules a nation without the consent of its people and without constitution as a god that should be worshipped. Precisely, to be qualified for giving advice, you must have credibility.

        Our region skies is pouring freedom, don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you or your slavery dance to the tyrant will be disturbed.

        • haile

          Hameed, I always knew you’re one of ’em. Did you say “Our region skies is pouring freedom”? Sure your region that is! I have a country called ERITREA, sorry I don’t need to hide behind your “region”. We know what your likes are good for. Good luck with your “region” and old umbrella…although not sure why you needed two in the first place. Region my foot Mr sell out stoog.

  • Obsessed

    [Moderator: It is becoming too much with you. You used Yemane, then Zererom, then Jamil and now Semere-Obsessed. You cannot do that and since you seem to have a problem sticking to one nick, we will choose one for you. We have changed you nick from ‘Semere Obsessed” to “Obsessed.” From now on, your nick is Obsessed. Any comment that is signed by another nick will be deleted… no, you will be banned. This is the last warning, please help us. Cooperate!]

    sI endorse His Excellency Salh Ghadi to be the next Egyptian President!….just kidding….Well, Awate-staff has a point these days. At-least,they are unraveling from the so called intellectuals obsession and are now concerned of the Eritrean People…That is a good start to expose Nevsun and hopefully the recently deserted Ex-vice-Hagos Kisha may have more concrete stories too.

  • Awate team,

    These is the right battle to wage against the regime. if all the mighty pens and debaters focus on it, it is a worthy project that enhances the strength of the resistance and speed up to the collapse of the regime. Halleluya!!!!

    • L.T

      Where have you been since 1981-82 Ato Amanuel?strenge enough with your books in hand in field there you couldn’t save your magical mistery with full chance to fight EPLF.EPLF is bold are fish in his sea of people.Your age just gone at Bla …bla stage without any concrete bonus of debtera.

    • Amanuel Hidrat,
      These is the right battle to wage against the regime……………


  • Gedim Tegadalai

    After watching what’s happening in Egypt right now, United States must be nervous about overthrowing anymore dictators. It is not what’s cracked up to be.

    It sounds a lot better in theory than it does in practice.

    And when true democracy comes to those countries, they don’t like the results. Democracy came to Palestine and then who won? Hamas did. And then they said, “Well, that is not what we had in mind.”

    I say leave these countries alone. Including Eritrea.

    • haile

      Gedim Tegadalay,

      I was following this development with interest today and the matter, in my opinion, is sealed if you’ve heard Obama’s press release few hours ago. The summary:

      The US didn’t condemn the action just was “concerned”. Obama said that he will review US laws as relates to bilateral aid in light of what happened (meaning likely that there is a windfall of aid for reversing the tide).It has called for return to democracy to happen “Responsibly” (means take your time). It affirmed its support to the Egyptian people and not to “particular” people or parties (meaning bye bye Morsey). It assured the Egyptian people that it would be with them along the process of democratic transition (meaning the hit-men are on site).

      So, Morsey has left us for good, we won’t hear much again.

      P.S. Hameed…whatever…

    • Tegadalay,

      Egyptians removed Morsy from power , not Americans? I have never seen or heard of Americans protesting to oust Morsy. In the protest against Morsy, there was only one American who was stabbed to death. Was he a CIA agent? I don’t think so. Your assumption therefore is basically wrong.

      Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood have one thing in common: they are extremists. The former is a militant organization while the later is a radical Muslim party.

      On another note: Why would the constitution of Egypt use Sheria law in a country where there are diverse religions? It’s a bad thing. Coptic Orthodox might have felt as second citizens. Who knows the copts and other non-Muslims may have also been asked to pay “Jizya” just to live in their own country. Paying “Jizya” might be a sheria law. I hope Eritrea won’t be governed by “Sheria” law in the future.

      • haile


        “In conversations between senior Egyptian army officers and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, senior Egyptian army officers pledged to put a civilian government in place quickly, if not immediately, after removing Morsi from power, the U.S. officials said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak by name about the private conversations that occurred over the past week.”

        yes the Egyptians may had a part, but,,,,,ahhh

        • Haile,

          Here you go again , you are thinking just like a PFDjites. Why don’t you stop hanging out with PFDJ stooges. 😉

          Remember , the Americans just like many, were caught by surprise. Listen to what Obama had been saying before Morsi was ousted.

          The US had never expected that Morsi would be ousted. However, it’s undeniable that America will use its leverage-military aid. Egypt is one of the recipient of American foreign aid; this aid can be effectively used as a diplomatic tool. In this case, the US is using this leverage after the fact.

          Currently, the United States is grappling with the U.S. law in which the the law forces the U.S. to cut off military as well as economic aid if a coup d’etat has occurred.

          • haile


            Hanging around with PFDJ?…that is an improvement of sorts in the trust ladder I guess:-)

            The link I forwarded and the section I paraphrased above tell us that the US was in contact and actively discussing the takeover, a week before it happened. And you say they were taken by surprise!

            PFDJs difference with US is opportunistic, mine is based on my basic center/left views in politics. The Brits say we should encourage the lone superpower to engage the world positively, by submitting to it….I don’t know if you’re from that school of thought. However, the Germans and the French believe in calling the spade a spade.

          • Haile,

            I will let Obama convince you “U.S. President Barack Obama has expressed his country’s “deep concern” over the toppling of a democratically elected leader and the suspension of the constitution, and said he would instruct officials to review aid contributions to Egypt as a result.”

            Reference : Click Me Please

      • Muhammad

        If you really believe in real democracy, let’s first talk about how to guarantee the same rights that the 10% of the Egyptian people (Christians, at least they can cry loudly for their rights) enjoy to the more than 50% Eritrean population (the Muslims) in Eritrea.
        Otherwise you can’t compare apple and …!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      For Ethiopia it was good the islamist run Egypt With their warmongor policy because the west could take care of them. But if the west instll thier puppet in Egypt like before then Egypt can continue its war in africa without too much press from the west.

      Anyways for the timebeing it is a reliefe for ethiopians and a blow right between the eyes for elf and awateains.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Gentle men,
        What we 3rd world miss is where the change should start. Egyptians need to change their way of thinking. Removing Mursi will never change anything. After all leaders removed in those nations were not from Mars. Every leader comes to reflect the people. if you bring your leader democratically or just he came by others means still remains your reflection. We should accept this truth and work first within each of our minds.
        DIA just managed to live all those years because he was smart enough to use the people around him. Means still people gave him chance. If we want change we have to start to think different way and close all the chances that allow the dictator to be around. Gadafi had been killed and still Libya remain in trouble, Hafiz Al Assad is still managing to stay leader by using the people around him. Soon he will go but the people may not be free of their own corrupted mind, we have seen them how they kill each other.
        Change has to be change first within each of us. So we have to stop dreaming change when we don’t change ourselves. If you don’t start to think properly don’t expect change. What do you say?

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          What stop you from chaging yourslf? You preach always you dont believe ‘in ‘if this,or if that bla bal’ and you tell us you have a problem of changing yoursefl.

          One of Your problem is grassping reality. The Whole Egypt is saying the removal of morsi and his islamiter is bringing a termoil of change and you tell us there will be no change. And dont you ever try to compare Egypt and Eritrea.

          • Kokhob Selam


            I just gave to you one day to see what will happen in Egypt. By now you have seen the result. I hope you have learnt a lesson. My friend what I am saying is, we have to learn from the past and come up with new way of solving problems and the starting point should be within.
            And you my friend, what problem do you have with word “if”? I am allergic with the world “if “ when used for the past to be modified (which is impossible) . But I am happy when people use it for present and future. Like this…If you join your wonderful government (Ethiopian) to build the dam, you will be appreciated.
            You also try to tell us about ELF as you have been around when it was created. ELF is Eritrean front not Egyptians. Love it or not the entire Eritrea is ELF. ELF represents the good and the bad the beauty and ugly his history of Eritrea. So stop talking about our history. It is better for you and me to talk about now.

  • awatestaff

    Background Information to the Nevsun-ENAMCO agreement

    The information we provided deals with the details of shareholders class action suit against Nevsun. The following is a primer on the agreement between Nevsun and ENAMCO (the Eritrean National Mining Corporation, which was created by the Eritrean regime in 2006) and how Nevsun management’s alleged misrepresentation may impact ENAMCO:

    (a) Agreement 1: Eritrea to receive 10% ownership (free carried) of Bisha Mining. Eritrea to provide security and, of course, labor pool.
    (b) Agreement 2: Eritrea given option to buy 30% of Bisha Mining. With the new purchase, the ownership would be: Nevsun (60%) and ENAMCO (40%). ENAMCO’s 40% is classified as: 10% free carried and 30% interest carried aka contributing carried.

    The purchase price for the additional 30% would be based on what two appraisers say is the fair market price. (Not based on market capitalization, but what the appraisers say is fair market price.)

    Based on the recommendations of the appraisers, ENAMCO agrees to buy 30% of Bisha Mining for $253.5 million USD. Nevsun would get this money from the “after tax cash flow” of Bisha Mining. That is: the after-tax cash flow that is generated by the company would entitle ENAMCO to receive 10% (based on its free-carried ownership). Instead of collecting the money, ENAMCO would give it to Nevsun which would apply it towards the 30% contributing carried ownership. The money that Nevsun would credit ENAMCO would be net of its pro-rated share (30%) of expenses related to capital outlays.

    How long would it take for ENAMCO to pay the purchase price of $253.5 million? That is entirely dependent on the price of the metal and, specifically, gold. And the case here is that Nevsun had far less gold in Bisha than it claimed and that its executives knew it, acted on it (by selling their stock) and hid it from their investors. Did they hide it from their partner, ENAMCO? Would ENAMCO have agreed to pay $253.5 million had it known Bisha’s potential? And, since it has essentially agreed to the same terms with the other mining companies, has it compounded its miscalculation.


  • Araya

    It is interesting to watch all the EPLF hatters gang up in to the fantasy of Nuvson leaving Eritrea.
    I really advice you to tend to your cholesterol count and to your diabetes two. The more you fantasize about Eritrea’s failure the more the damage to your health. It is one thing to oppose the government of Eritrea, I get that and that is your god given right but who the hell are you to punish the entire population? Who gave you that right?
    Just you know there is a day of judgment. That is if your cholesterol holds up.
    I suggest; you leave the Eritrean people alone!

  • haile

    [latest] PM Morsi of Egypt has been overthrown by the Egyptian military. The country’s constitution has been suspended few hours ago. Is this going to be a return to the Islamist backlash of the 90’s Egypt and Algeria?

    • haile

      …MR Morsi calls, through his facebook page, that Egyptians reject the “military coup”. According to BBC his whereabouts is not clear. Reports indicate that his TV station managers had been arrested and four people died in running battles in the northern neighborhoods of Cairo…

      • Hameed


        Definitely, you are contemplating and hoping the change in Egypt to be for the benefit of your psychopath master so as to get (zerai) against Ethiopia. I am sure, this kind of thought that compelled you to write several comments. It is better for you to understand the era of Hossni Mobarak will roll back again. Don’t throw youself to delusion without practical facts on the ground.

        Don’t forget your unbrella to protect you from the sky that rains freedom and damage your beloved dance for slavery.

        • haile

          ha…who now think that kind of gem of an idea! gudameNa..r u clever or crazy?

    • After having witnessed Egypt’s spectacular event, will the Zombie Tegadeltis who have slavishly been agreeing with their superiors rise up against the tyrant?

  • Tzigereda

    The fastest Team, Awate-team, thank you for your tireless efforts. Eritreans in Canada, it is again your turn, ditribute this call for action please everywhere. I think a translation into Arabic and Tigrinya would help.

  • Serray

    Thanks Awate Team,

    Not sure what made the executives of Nevsun to play with the numbers. I mean, the investors of this blood stained gold (and the regime) would have been happy even if they used conservative estimates about our gold reserve.

    To the pfdjs: the lawsuit will drain resources and affects the regime by reducing its share of the profits. This is good news for eritreans. Let me explain. The moment the blood stained gold started to flow life for eritreans got even worse. The loss of water and electricity coincided with the regime start getting the gold revenue. You see, in dictatorship, corruption (and misery) is inversely proportional to wealth; the more money the dictatorship gets, the less of everything people get. The other good news for the eritrea people is, gold is plunging and some expect this trend to continue. The best scenario would be to shut down all mineral activities until such time when the cannibals are out of power. This will do for now.


    I am watching the egyptian coup, beautiful! The brotherhood seems to be losing steam. I have a feeling the savages torturing and killing our people are card carrying member of this brotherhood. Why else would they cuddle them?

    • haile

      Selam Serray,

      @”…are card carrying member of this brotherhood”? Care to elaborate on that? I hope you don’t believe the rumor that Osman Salih went to deliver a message of solidarity with Egypt on the Nile. That is actually a false piece of info. and as far as I know even PFDJ’s head IA was on record telling the Norwegian media that Eritrea actually supports Ethiopia’s position of new negotiated agreement on the Nile that would benefit all parties. Any thing else happened since?

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Serray, you missed the point. The issue is between two mafias: Nevsun and PFDJ. PFDJ blackmailed Nevsun and got a bigger share of Bisha Mining Company, to counter that, Nevsun inflated the forecast and collected their money first. The arrangement was to pay for the PFDJ’s share from the first gold bars sold. Thus, Nevsun collected its money upfront and PFDJ was outsmarted. Nevsun played a sophisticated trick.

      • Serray

        Selamat Saleh,

        For some reason, I never thought the regime or ENAMCO is a party to the lawsuit given it didn’t buy the shares in the open market. Is it? That will be fun…a brute and crook going at each other’s throat.

      • semere andom

        I remember you wrote a ground breaking article regarding this company that makes money from slavery and blood of Eritreans. You were ahead of everyone on that.
        It also delighted me that PFDJ was outsmarted and it is not a surprise that they were outsmarted. PFDJ has lost and Nevsun will most likely lose, both scenarios bode will for the Eritrean People.
        Also something is going here in Canada that may end up as a TV documentary (still preliminary) on the slave labor at Bisha.


    • T..T.

      From get go of framing the constitution, some people warned that there will be clashes of values in Egypt. So, now like they warned the pro-democracy forces are removing the democratically elected president. The other clash of value that they saw, a brotherhood when elected to the highest office is imam and cannot lie or instigate in order to advance his party’s interest. So, what is next? This is the end of brotherhood party in Egypt. No party bearing religious name will be allowed to participate in politics.

    • Araya

      “””””The other good news for the eritrea people is, gold is plunging and some expect this trend to continue””””””

      people are just evil. Serray, hold on to your Ethiopian passport. that is what exactly your masters the TPLF wanted. hold on to it so you can celebrate with them.

      • Serray


        You ignored the statement above it…The moment the blood stained gold started to flow life for eritreans got even worse. The loss of water and electricity coincided with the regime start getting the gold revenue….

        Seriously, check when water and electricity started to disappear. By defination, what is good for the regime, is bad for eritrean people.

        • haile

          Selamat Serray,

          …what about all the tihte qirxin tsirgiyatatn?

          …rahsi kblukha kemzi, kab siraH abakhuwruka zemsi 🙂

          • Serray


            It is funny, almost all officials responsible for fixing the bridge took no responsibility…kisrah medeb tetahizulu kemzelo azekirom.

            They are killing what used to be one of the most beautiful cities in africa.

  • bruke

    Dear awate team,
    That would be a noble plan – to speak on behalf of the voiceless. I am one of your admirers for your relentless effort to expose the atrocities of the dictator. I think your current idea is a good apportunity to help the victims of the irresponsible regime. Drive the wheel. You have the potential to do so.

  • Lemlem


    That is exactly why the United States has changed its stance and now doesn’t want regime change in Asmara.

    It has seen that it is very easy to overthrow a government that is deemed dictatorial in Africa or the Middle East. Case in point: Libya, Egypt, Iraq…etc.

    So the dictator leaves and what follows? Pure chaos and anarchy. Moreover, post-dictatorship, the countries become a breeding ground for terrorism.

    The last thing the United States and Israel want is chaos and terrorism at the mouth of the Red Sea and in the country lining one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

    They look at what the post-Kaddafy Libya, post-Saddam Iraq and post-Mubarak have turned into and are willing to stick with PIA.

    That doesn’t mean they want PIA to criticize their policies or openly castigate them or what have you. They want him checked. But not overthrown.

    As for the opposition? Can you say Ahmed Chalabi. Yes, the United States knows about that too. About the tendency of the opposition to exaggerate things.

    • haile


      It is true that such policy-conflict scenarios started to surface way back in the 90’s in Algeria then later in Palestine even post 9/11 policy shift towards Pakistan’s Musharaf.

      Considering, however, the linkages of such pertinent event to our particular case, I believe that EX-PMMZ’s relationship with the US and his determination to see the conclusion of the real objectives of the border war on his terms were the main driving forces of what has been transpiring over the last 12 or so years.

      No sooner that he passed away, the plug seemed to have been pulled on that front and the Ethiopians seem to show little interest to pursue his policies. Cited examples are, that the TPLF openly telling the opposition that IA may be a better choice after all, sudden rupturing of the opposition and most abandoning the pro-neoandinet ship, many reports made about the PFDJ and the TPLF seems disinterested to ran frenzies with them as they used to do….

      So, the vocal opposition seems to be entering a period of reflection and rapprochement with the Eritrean people. It is to be commended that this year they have joined the celebrations of independence day and martyrs day. I hope they carefully start to develop true, patriotic/nationalist democratic values that can galvanize the people and lead them to better future.

      Undesired government and undesired opposition are having a marriage made in hell for now:)

      • haile,

        A. The uppermost interest for the United States in the Middle East and nearby areas, the Red Sea included, is the Security of Israel. The current choas in Lybia, Iraq etc., therefore, does not , as you think, perturb the USA at all. In fact, it is a welcome development because the relative balance of power in the area is effectively tipped toward Israel…………..

        B. Woyane and the USA may have relaxed their negative attention on Isaias Afewerqi but not because of change of heart but because , among others, of the following two facts:

        1. He is degraded so low that he has become harmless to their interest;

        2. He is doing their bidding by destroying the economy of the country and social fabric of the people.

        C. The participation of some Eritrean Oppositions in the celebration of the Eritrean Independent Day is not, as you imagined, a sign of pessimism and change towards rapproachement with Isaias Afewerqi but a correct rectification of the past error and a new resolve to wage the war in the belly of the beast and resurrect the people from his jaw.

        • haile


          A: I think you confused my views with Lemlem’s. Actually, I think your reasoning is correct to some extent. This is why I called it policy-conflict not conflict-policy, because the latter position actually proves IA’s narrative to be right! (do you see the logical trap you fall in?)

          B.1. (le ezbar hade :-)) very difficult to conclude that with no evidence whatsoever. The first mistake of in politics is to underestimate your opponent.

          B.2. You claim “destroying the economy of the country and social fabric of the people” implicates the the opposition’s association with woyane as partners in crime.

          C. It is sad that they wouldn’t consider going just to pay respect. So, are saying they were there to manipulate public perception and not simply there like anybody else, to affirm and commemorate?

          • haile,

            Replying to part A of my statement, you implied USA Policy generally is spreading Conflict around the world, of which, you stated, IA ( Isaias Afewerqi) correctly spoke of…….

            Needless to say, this view of Isaias Afewerqi is an old dogma of the now defunct Communist block, and highlights his frozen world view, and the reason he is plunging our country into the abyss…….

            –On account of alleged lack of evidence you rejected part B of my assertion………..

            If woyane could militarily penetrate 18 miles deep into Eritrean territory and not only returns back having fulfilled its evil plan but also holding Eritrean captives…………

            If woyane could get away putting Eritrea on sanctions after sanctions at the UNSC with patently false documents……………..

            If the Air Force pilots, one after the other, abandon their country…………

            If the neighboring countries are being flooded with fleeing Eritrean youngsters………….

            If the farmers are complaining desperately to the Agriculture Minister, Arafaine, that unless help is forthing comming promptly, they will pack up and go anywhere seeking food and water………….

            etccccc… wouldn’t you, unless cut out to defend The One Man, the indefensible Isaias Afewerqi at any cost, in utter disregard of the agony of the people, affirm the fact that Isaias Afewerqi is so degraded that his oppenents do not consider him worthy of their penny?

            However, I am not excluding the fact that he could be their subteranean ally doing their bidding veiled with Eritrean Flag. After all he is first generation Tigrawai, married Tigraweit, surrounds himself with people of Tigrai descent etc.

            By the way, I am Dawit Meconen, and not dawit.

  • mickielle


    ‘ A very interesting case study of post dictatorship chaos’. this is not a chaos. It is the people’s will and march towards democracy. Woe to the army if it tries to do anything else but facilitate the process. If anything, this latest episode is a sign that the Egyptian people are on the driver’s seat.

  • mickielle
    The Brave Souls! Keep it up and try to ask for contribution to seek legal corporate advise.
    This, indeed is a noble undertaking no matter and which ever way you look at it.

  • haile

    [Breaking News] Egyptian military impose travel ban on PM Morsi, the latter refusing to step down and the generals are said to be holding meetings with civilian representatives. Military takeover may be launched soon. A very interesting case study of post dictatorship chaos.

  • Bravo Awate!
    It’s a very hard hit to HGDF. That’s why the followers of the evil regime are barking. Great job! God bless Awates! Keep it up!

  • haile

    Selamat AT,

    I thought that the class action was being taken by former “Investors” (or owners of NEVSUN). How much are they going to cede to allegations that they earned the dividend that they are complaining about shouldn’t have been given to them in the first place! You will effectively taking everyone involved to court, including the govt. of Canada and Eritrea. That will need skill, a lot of it. Just like how Aboy Osman control wild Elephants


  • belay

    WEYANE was paying you ONE BILLION Dolar every year for port services.Because you do not know what to do with the money or you do not care or yuo missed your old jop,you started fighting with your own customer,knowing that was your only best customer in town.
    Stop blaming weyane,blame your own stupidity and confussion.Normaly people can learn from their mistakes but you(not every body) do not learn even from your mistakes.
    By the way i am not blaming the ordinary GEBAR(HARESTAY) population of Eritrea who lost every thing because of SHABIA.Shabia doesn’t allow his own refugees to retun back home from help me here,these people,fleed to sudan etc, because of H.Selasie or Dergue,Now they are still,in the Sudan because SHABIA does not want them back.So Shabia librated the country for him self not the people.
    Kuhalo meselen menkoro.

  • L.T

    Mr Selih”Nezii’do kitgeatta kindizzi,..trihxxa”temesilu!!
    We got the gold from our god before the death of Meles Zenawi and we are below god and above Weyane:-)This Article are one medioker games fm your side a little one anti-klaxim.Now it start pennibelt.Ein Volk Ein Reich”Hade Hizbi Hadi libi” und Ertra ube alles”Eritra leali Kulu”

  • sad awate

    Planning to shor the stock and make money? Good luck fighting the 70+% institutional investors. No other gold/Cu mining co can beat the returns on this stock. they will not let it go.

  • Araya

    Awate why can’t you stay within your limits? good luck counting on Gezaei to this dirty job. Gezaei himself is a burden of Candaian socity; how is he going to do this job?
    I know Melles died trying to do the samething and you must pick up where he left off? huh?

  • Araya

    Why not. Melles died trying to starve the Eritrean people now, the awate and the Gezaeis are trying to finish the job what their masters started. Awate people know your limits, not that your empty shouting will stop from the white man making his money but it makes you look foolish. And you want Gezaei to carry this plan? Well, Gezai’s wall-fair check comes just from that; you guessed it, the likes of Nevsun. Gezaei himself is a burden of socity, how is going to tell what to do the bread providers?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Araya! Then you are agreed that many must work like slves so that others live a good life on ‘welfare’ by the Money collected from the slaves sweat and blood.

  • Lemlem

    This is a way of starving the Eritrean people and beating them into submission before turning Eritrea over to Ethiopia.


      ለምለም ሓፍተይ ፣
      ሓደራኺ ጡፍ በልዮ እዚ ዓይነት ኣተሓሳስባ።ሻዕብያ፡ህግደፍ Abuse ጌሮም ምስጸገቡልና ናብ ኢትዮጵያ ክድርብዩና እዮም ??? !!! ቅድሚ ሕጂ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝተገፋዕናዮ ይኣኽለና ።ናይ ቀደም ከይ ኣኽሎም ሕጂ እውን ንህዝብና ከጸልልዎ፣መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ (ወያነ) ፣ከምቲ ጣልያን ክሳዕ ራብዓይ ክፍሊ ፣ሻዕብያ (መንግስቲ ኤርትራ )ድማ ክሳዕ ሳዋ ንበጽሕ ጥራይ ዘምሃሩና___ወያነ ግን ካብቲ ሳላሳ ዝኸውን ዩኒቨርስታቶም፣ ኣብቲ ብኣማእታት ዝቑጸር መደብ ልምዓቶም ሓዊሶም ምግቢ ብምግቢን ፣ራህዋን ፣ሰላምን ፣ዘይትኣደነ ትምህርትን ሂቦም ክገፍዑና ኣይነፍቅደሎምን። ሓደራኺ ጡፍ በልዮ እዚ ኣተሓሳስባ እዚ ጉድጓድ ምዅዓትን ትሕቲ ማኪና ኣቲኻ ቡሎነ ምፍታሕን ዝመስልዎ የለን።

      • Lemlem


        YOu completely missed my point. May be you didn’t take your prozac today. Trying to get Nevsun out of Erirea is the work of the evil of Weyane and its lackeys. Get it?

        • CYBER CURE


          I did take my prozac ,only when I take my prozac I am brilliant ,when I do not then I am like everybody.
          The point was also made by me,it is possible & EPLF is Ethiopian force (evil force).But ,I do not think Isaias wants to throw us to Ethiopia, we are mere gloves or condom on his way to lead ethiopia that includes Eritrea.
          Isaias /EPLF/PFDJ has always hated weyane & thought of them as giving too much rights to the common man (at least basic rights)…DEMHIT & KINIJIT are Ethiopian forces that are waiting to defend EPLF/PFDJ on a critical hour .
          I was just making a brilliant point ,do we want the Ethiopians that put us at Era iro ,or at mekkele university as the opposition is useless .i did not mean harm.
          take care sis

      • L.T

        Cyber cure;
        You can be Eritrean and welcome to our club but but Sawa are a fature Taiwan.We are glad that you have manay university in Tigria and atleast we are ready to hear that you stoped to see up Mereb Milsh north of you as your enemay.
        Italiano say”Ahwat nikown gn de-distina”

        • CYBER CURE


          thanks for the invitation ,I already paid $75 dlls for citzenship ,so I am already an Eritrean.
          The thing you said about sawa is possible ,I hear the goverment has already introduced Riocket science & Rapid Trench Digging Technology in sawa ,If that does not make us Taiwan I do not know what will ?

          take care

          • L.T

            No.Our all youth since 1994(Kedamay Ziyria)are born again becouse first they refirsh their mental culture on study manner and the second are they are ready to defend their country in any time.Thatsway Gospel of Weyane cry-song are no limted.
            For information Sawa are not new in Eritrea but were keep save gaurd camp to Jebha the Great too.Sawa introduce people of fature.
            It was good time you paid $ only 75 for 66,000 people who paid dare and huge price for you citzenship ni wedi 40.I am EPLF and HGDF but to give a citzen like you while like Salih Kadi …..who lost his…It is so ..

          • CYBER CURE


            If I were wedi 40 I would have been in Eritrean leadership or in the diaspora defending the garbage Sawa .Actually ,i am wedi 400 not 40 ,my ancestors came from dembiya Gonder.
            but ,we are in the same boat & i am glad I was not one of the 66000 martyrs ,I would not have accomplished anything except suffering. But thanks brother /sister L.T.

  • Zeratzion

    This is CIA + weyane’s plot trying to weaken Eritrea.It has nothing to do with human rights

  • Henock

    Wedi Hagos, hurry up!

    • daniel

      Sorry Henock that reply was meant to be for Zeratzion not for you I made a mistake when I reply.

      [Moderator: the reply you are referring to is deleted. You can’t insult people and call for their extermination. Consider this a warning.]

      • daniel

        Yes Sir