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Geneva Forecasts A Political Earthquake On June 26

The pivot, the momentum, dear I stipulate, critical mass has been reached vis-à-vis the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI), which was published earlier last week. The larger hearing had begun this morning in Geneva, the epicenter of political earthquake reigning down on the PFDJ, it is panic time. Of course, we have seen yesterday the loyal or the coerced crowd out and about with its loud speakers and colorful images to accompany the compunction.

Prima facie, these noises may seem impressive, but dig deeper it is nothing more than desperation of the PFDJ gone busted. Yesterday’s opening remarks by the UN delegates, many of whom censured the Eritrean representative for the language unbecoming of a diplomat. The kicker was for the PFDJ to think that just because it has a wielding power over some Eritreans in Diaspora felt emboldened to intimidate and threaten Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) delegates in their hotel rooms. Needless to say, this did not go well for the PFDJ as several delegate attendees were ready to investigate.

Security has been beefed up in the premises. Whatever little credibility the PFDJ might have had left in its arsenal was just dashed away, save the delegate of China, which is predictable that it would come up with unsavory excuses. What matters to those of us who are on the side of justice is to do our part now and make the Amen Corner crowd appear dwarfs in comparison. But, of course, this requires discipline, organization, mobilization, all rolled into one. Can Geneva become a place of culmination in what is right with those who are on the side of uprightness? Yes it can. Yes it will. Yes if we allow it to be.

The CoIE’s report is one area all opposition groups and individuals can agree on. Justice does not have religion and every religion known to mankind advocates for justice. Justice does not have ethnicity. Justice does not have gender. Justice does not have grey area. Justice is blind to all of these. Therefore, if none of these have any influence, which at times have been part and a cause for fracturing, what then will keep Eritreans who are in Europe from participating in the impending June 26 demonstration? I can think of one at surface level, but peel it a little deeper there really is no reason why all fairness minded Eritreans should not participate.

Ramadan – Fasting You Say?

Fasting is supposed to be a time of reflection, a time of introspection – A time of purifying one’s soul. For that reason alone standing for justice in Geneva and showing our righteous indignation to the PFDJ, just one day, not only would it be inspiring, fulfilling, and straight out invigorating, but also that’s what the spirit of Ramadan would call for. To my Muslim compatriots throughout Europe, from Norway, Denmark, Sweden to Germany, France, Great Britain, and Italy; I urge you to spend a day and do your part in Geneva, and while you are at it connect with your brethren from all corners of Europe. Perhaps, Eritrean Muslims in Geneva can be your host for when you break your fast after spending the day with your brothers and sisters in Geneva seeking and supporting reasonableness on behalf of your countrymen and women. I know you do not need me to tell you that justice has been sorely missing in Eritrea, almost a quarter of a century and counting – spending one day of your fasting isn’t much to ask. In fact, that probably would go in the annals of good deeds like no other.

To all Eritrean Ethnic Groups

To the various ethnic groups of Eritrea use this action toward retributive justice as your chance to meet other ethnic groups from your countrymen and women. Remember your ethnicity is not meant to shield you from socializing with those who have vested interest of the country that you love most. My Afar brothers and sisters, my Jeberti brothers and sisters, my Afari brothers and sisters, my Saho brothers and sisters, my Kunama brothers and sisters, my lowland brothers and sisters, my Kebessa brothers and sisters, this is our chance to show our vehement disapproval over the mistreatment, insult, malice, indignities, all of the sense of injustice that was visited upon us by the PFDJ. It is time we meet it out by staring it in the face while we have the support of the international community that we tell it evil by its real name; and this can only be effective when we all come out in droves, in unison, because the PFDJ has been a master at dividing us along all kinds of societal fault lines, but we are going to show up in Geneva on the 26 of June to say no more!!!

To the Various Regions of the Highlands

I say to you justice has no bounds, it traverses all boundaries. No Hamassen. No Seraye. No Akele-Guzai. No Logochuwa. Bring the pride of your region with you as that is your identity. After all hiding one’s identity to seek justice is contradictory in terms. Spend a day in Geneva with your intra-regional members of your society as well as with the inter-regional and inter-religious Eritreans across all geographical barriers. Plan to come for justice but stay there to network with your compatriots.

To the Gendered and not so Gendered Eritreans

I say to you come seeking for justice as justice knows no gender borders. There is no male or female when it comes to justice. Justice sees no gender as it judges based on right and wrong. Come to Geneva on the 26th of June, a day in which Eritreans from all walks of life will come seeking justice for their Eritrean brothers and sisters. This is a day of solidarity, a day in which it matters not what your gender is, but it matters a whole lot when you are seeking a lasting sociopolitical justice. Come to join your brothers in this good fight, a fight that will define the future of Eritrea as the PFDJ will not go down without a fight.

Finally, I would like to pose the following questions that I attempted to pose to the PFDJ supporter, it applies here to you justice seekers just the same:

  1. Do you, in your heart of heart, believe the PFDJ still possesses the moral compass or the moral imperative to lead the nation anymore?
  2. Do you think the PFDJ has the political acumen to lead the nation, considering the disastrous trajectory that it has been taking the nation in the last 17 years? (Please do not try to refute this by giving me the notion or the circumstance of the opposition, that’s not the question, the question is solely on the PFDJ’s competency.)
  3. Do you sleep soundly every night fully knowing that Eritrea is in good hands with the PFDJ? In other words, if you were to be in your deathbed tonight (God forbid), would you absolutely be serene in knowing your country has been blessed to have a supreme leader who possesses all the wisdom and the right answers of his nation’s woes?

So, all Eritreans who are seeking justice, who want to see the change they believe in, this is the first step toward reclaiming that “city upon the hill” that took thousands upon thousands of Eritrean lives, almost half a century of endless misery, this is the critical mass that had been lying in wait, the pivot of which and the momentum to which begins in Geneva – be there! No exceptions and no excuses. This is the rallying cry for all those who lost their lives that I am certain would rather have us stand shoulder to shoulder against impunity. We certainly do not want them turning in their graves in sadness and disappointment. “This”, in President Barack Obama’s words, “is our moment. America” [make that Eritrea], “we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do.” The 26th of June “is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment” to take Eritrea back from the jaws of tyranny and fulfill the promise of its people who paid so much with very little in return. The rule of the PFDJ is on its demise and its days are numbered, but we must all do our part by coming out in droves to show the world that the rudderless and compass-less regime must go. Must go now! Impunity no more!

About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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  • Berhe Y

    Selam All,

    Between the Desert and The Fire

    With all the jubilation and vindication that I feel right now, I saw the above documentary yesterday about Eritrean refugees in East Sudan and it’s really, really sad.

    I was so ignorant at their situation and I feel ashamed that I haven’t taken a close look of their ordeal have went through for the past 40 plus years.

    If there is any reason why Eritrea needs to get rid of this monster there isn’t anymore reason than this.

    They need to go home!

    Dear Beyan thank you for inspiring message, we just need to focus and continue this fight.


    • Semere Andom

      Thanks BY:
      The refugees, the suffering have been and even the kidnapping has been going for a while now, but this one, our won is happening under the watch and even by the collaborations of the Eritrean government. That is the saddest part. This is worse than the slavery that happened 2000 to the Jews, worse than the slavery that went for 250 years in the USA, it is our Holocaust
      We know the PFJD is complicit in these crimes with the Rashaida. Everyone is trying to cover their behind, they have to read the disclaimer that only handful Rashada families are in the human trafficking business. This is of course not true. If you witness racism and you are silent , you are one, if you see suffering and you keep quite, you are accessories to the suffering by your silence. For sure the crimes are not the same, but let us call it as it is, the Rashaidas are human traffickers and they have been doing it for decades, it is just now that it is being exposed. A family kidnaps people, all the village knows about it and it keep quite about it.
      Here is where the opposition fails, attacking the human trafficking and the criminals is a direct attack on PFDJ, yes the opposition do not have the wherewithal to go to Asmara and assassintate IA and PFDJ officials, but they can go to Sudan and liberate their people from the slavery, they can sneak in to the Rashida village and liberate their people and punish the people.
      So there is bigger problem than the UNHCR and Sudan.

      • Bayan Nagash

        Kbur Haw Berhe,

        I concur with your statement completely both in its essence and spirit. In fact, I have proposed something similar to some of what you stipulate above about Dr. Rezene, Noel, etc. Let’s give them a little time to recoup, thereafter it will be time to hanker down and bring our heads together. I am developing some ideas that I would share, in due course, what must be the short and long term plans post June 26, at least as I conceive of it.

        Indeed, this one belongs to those organizers and mostly the young Eritreans who have been, for the most part, the victims of the brunt of PFDJ’s wrath. They need to lead the way, we will (I know that’s how I see my role) serve as their abbo gwylatat, if you will, to cheer them and support them in any way that we possibly can.

        Stay tuned brother.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear SA,

        I brought the link as a means to share the information and understand the suffering of the Eritrean people in East Sudan (among the many other places, Europe, Israel, Egypt etc.). Eritreans have been leaving their countries via Sudan for a long time (it’s the ONLY way out) until Ethiopia become a preferred route recently (may be over 5 or 6 years ago). And all that time, I could be wrong but I have never heard, Eritreans were being kidnapped by the Rashaida – criminals (I think it helps to qualify it instead of blaming the entire society (will explain later), and tortured or their organs harvested. I personally heard this problems, when Eritreans were going to Israel (when Lybia was not an option) and were being
        caught crossing the Senai Deserts.

        We know that the Rashaida criminals are kidnapping and torturing Eritreans. But we also know that when those Eritreans make a call to their relatives overseas, they are NOT the Rashaida talking to them in Arabic. Other Eritreans who are speaking and demanding them in Tigrina. And are asking to make the payments in the western countries and some inside Eritrea. I know a relative who lives in Toronto, went to a Tim Hortin parking lot and made a payment to another Tigrana speaking Eritrean who lives in Toronto. Rashaida didn’t call her and she didn’t give money to Rashieda but to a criminal Eritrean. After thinking about what you wrote, the Rashaida as people are made up of women, men, children and
        elders. If the population breakdown is like any other third world, and say it’s 25% for each group, we can say for sure that, women, Children and the Elders are have nothing to do with this (that’s 75% of the population), of if they know there is nothing they can do about it except keep quite (who are they going to tell and who really asked them anyway). Assuming the adult men are responsible (that’s a BIG assumption)
        and guess that our of all able male population (say 50% are involved in this) that’s leaves about 12.5% of the Rashaida population responsible for this. I don’t believe the number is that high, but assuming (again with exaggeration) that’s is still a small percentage compared to the who whole society. So to same
        degree it’s good that we made a qualification and address the specific criminals, I don’t know the best way to describe them (SaaY is good at this) but perhaps, “Rashiada Criminals, who are involved in kidnapping”, same way they identified “Somali Pirates, or Colombian Drag dealers etc.”.

        But honestly that’s a small problem comparing to the real problem. The real problem is, the criminal Isayas Afeworki and his gangs and his administration that’s causing havoc to Eritreans. Yes, the Rashieda
        Criminals are involved but those criminals are NOT kidnapping and torturing people in other countries in the region (like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti). I don’t believe Eritrean organs or Eritrean Dollars are any better but those people have government that can protect them. And that’s the crooks of the matter, the Eritrean government is a criminal government and if and when we get rid of this government then, other problems like Kidnapping or drowning in the Mediterranean will STOP.

        As to the video, I was really sad to see that Eritreans who are born in the refugee camps are still there without any future or hope. Its sad to see Eritrean children are not allowed to continue their education of higher learning. It’s sad to see that people are dying of old age or without medical care. It’s sad to see that people are dying of hunger. It’s really sad to see, adult men crying because there is no hope or
        future. When I say I was ignorant, because I thought all the good things that I hear from Sudan by anyone who happens to be there. We hear, how the Sudan people are generous, how they are honest, how they are accommodating etc. I did NOT know there was a policy from the government that DID NOT allow Eritreans to work legally. I did NOT know there was a policy that do NOT allow Eritreans to attend universities. I did NOT know there was a policy that didn’t allow people from traveling. Who could have thought, people who have the same religion (for the most part), who spoke the language, who look the same (I can’t even tell the difference between the Sudanese officials and the Eritrean refugees), who are peaceful and as hard working as any other would expect to suffer as much. My measuring stick is not the USA, Canada or Europe but another countries in the region, like Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola, S. Africa. I mean Eritreans who live in those countries, for the most part are free to explore the opportunities like the citizens of those countries (yes we hear corrupt police in Kenaya) but from official government policy I think they are doing ok. In case of Ethiopia, basically NO different than an Ethiopian citizen (which we are grateful).

        Again this is the result of the corrupt, inhuman and criminal government of IA. And if we get rid of that system, then all this will be solved and our people will go back home and live with dignity. That’s really what I wanted to say.

        I didn’t want to write and argue about this topic, but I would rather respond this once so to focus our attention to the CIO, Refugees and how we can engage and save our people’s future. I have supported long ago, that non-violence movement is the best outcome for our problems, especially for those of us in diaspora. COI and ICC are considered such weapons that we have to fight the criminals and it’s by far most cost effective and have great deal of consequence. We can also advocate for the wellbeing of our
        people to be treated fairly and in dignity in the countries they are heading as refugees, to call upon those countries and remind them to uphold the Geneva convention they are signatories (e.g. Egypt, Israel and many EU countries). With all the talents that we have here at AT and others, I think some of us should
        consider writing in the international recognized media outlets and publish articles to challenge the international community (I am thinking of you SAAY). We need to forge partnership with celebrities
        and known personalities that can help put light to our suffering who are able to convince world leaders and influence public opinion.

        For example there was a topic yesterday in CBC, Cross country checkup “Should Canada accept more of the migrants escaping across the Mediterranean to Europe?” Which we have a lot of real success and possibilities to help the suffering of our people, for example if Canada relaxes and speed up the process (as the Syrians calling today). This will also help our people in Diaspora rally with those people who are seeking justice and help the PFDJ isolated further. I personally will follow up on this (and I am sure you will be one of the people that I can count on) and I will connect with others who I think can do something about this. And I urge those in other countries (Australia and USA) in particular do the same thing.


    • Bayan Nagash

      Kbur Berhe,

      Thank you for sharing. I had not seen this documentary. The plight of Eritreans has been one tragic incident after another. Even the dramatist Shakespeare could not have imagined such tragedy. Life has been one crude and miserable journey for thousands and upon thousands of Eritreans. But, change that we can believe in is coming, it is in the horizon now, coming sooner than we thought possible.

      Yesterday’s Geneva demonstration showed us that we have reached at that point of no return. There is nowhere but to the trajectory of spiraling downward to that bottomless abyss for PFDJ. To the contrary, there is no way but to the trajectory of spiraling upward for justice seeking Eritreans who have sacrificed so much and got very little in return. The train of change has already left the station, but don’t tell that to the clueless PFDJ junta that thinks there was no train that left nor will there be a train that will leave any station. Such is in the nature of a regime bent out of shape to destroy every aspect of Eritrean culture, tradition, and heritage. Yesterday’s event has shown us that the Eritrean spirit is back in track. We are saying no more! Enough is enough!


      • Berhe Y

        Dearest Beyan,

        Kumersi THSho deA. You have shown a great deal of leadership, encouraging, motivating, patience, forgiving and courageous. As Saay said, your last article is a speech that you need to deliver for all Eritreans to hear and call to be counted on.

        Now that people heard the call a follow up message is probably is needed.

        I think we need to have a clear understanding what the next steps of COI and HRC is and what’s that we can and should do next.

        Perhaps a best place to start would be, people like Tes and Haile TG to share with us what the 26th June organizers decided to do (zwaAle Yingerka). If not we need to either invite or consult with Elsa Chyrum and Dr. Daniel Rezene and others who were doing this campaign for a long time.

        Elsa Chyrum in one of her tour she come to Canada and met with Canadian government officials. I think she gave testimony in how the PFDJ operates in diaspora when Canada was considering to ban / close the office and stop the 2% collection (thanks to Ghezae Hagos and company). She held a meeting afterwards and I attended. After the meeting I asked her, where is the HRC and appointment of the special repporteur for Eritrea. She told me I am glad you asked but soon one will be appointed, she said I didn’t mention because it is not public and final as yet.

        I also know that they worked in getting many people participate and submit testimony to the commission. In one of the email exchange I had with Daniel, he told me if they get about 100 people to give statement that’s is really good. When I learned close to 500 and another 200 in writing almost 700 I am sure what they have felt. The testimony questionnaire were translated to Tigrina and English and with the collection, you can imagine how much work was done.

        I just bring this up so that we work closely with those doing most of the work and we coordinate and support they efforts.


  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Hayat,

    My twitter feed will say: The door of emancipation is opened as the despot left the country. We should be vigilant freedom not to be hijacked once more again.


    • selam

      Dear Amanuel
      I really share your idea, we need to be extra vigilant , but who are the hijackers ? Have you ever met Yohannes Kifle ?
      just awatista question for you . What is the mood over there with weyane cronies? I can see hayat hype boiling over and make as if real headlines from any credible news .

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Papi:
    It is really good to have you back.
    And since historically Yodita shows up when you show up, I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will come back again.
    Lot has change din this forum, but also lots has remained the same Papi First the stuff that did not change, the sanitizers, those who hold a clean towel and walk after IA to erase his bloody fingers prints are still around, with every day getting more delusional and ridiculous.
    During your absence an American lady, described IA as a man of 70 years but looks 50 and praised his accomplishment. This lurched the form to a heated debate and Hayat Adem was at the receiving end for calling out the lady and she had no lady to lend helping hand, tegadalit Tzegerda is great but “gizie tihatsra” and she does not come often:-)
    After basking on the lady’s teenage crashes on IA, it has been downhill of the PFDJista.
    I know you will have a moderating effect in the sometimes harsh exchanges her with your tone and gentle mannerism,

  • Abi

    Hi Hayat
    If I remember correctly Shum has already appointed you to be the ambassador in addis. Nitric will serve as a butler. ” Madam Ambassador, may I bring your shoes? I just polished them.”
    You see Hayat, Ethiopia is a very important neighbor. You send the BEST to represent you.
    We will send Fanti to Asmara.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Abi,
      Lol, in this case you are the president of both nations, is that? Gondere siseltn !!

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Papillon, ሓፍተይ ናተይ፣ ሹኮረይ፤ መዓረይ፤ ወለላይ፤ እምበይቲ ዓይነይ፤ running out of adjectives, but not out of love, ከመይ ቀኒኺ? እንኳዕ ድሓን መፃእኪ፤፤ I missed you a great deal. WELCOME BACK!!

    I am so elated the good people of Eritrea are almost free at last. I will throw TiHlo party!!!

  • Papillon


    Damn–will take that back and say Dear Nitricc,

    You know what though Nitricc, it will be uncool if Sal gets you back 100% into the justice seekers camp. Simply because you will be a boring person and I like to have one fav pro-regime kicking around and that is you. Stay pro-regime for a while so that you add more fun into the Awate family.


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Papillon,
      I always say so. in fact Nitricc should be there in free democratic Eritrea after death of PFDJ’s idea defending PFDJ. the only guy certified pro PFDJ is Nitricc in entire universe.

  • haileTG

    Thanks Papillon and welcome back sister. You’ve been greatly missed.

    • Papillon

      Dearest HaileTG,

      Many thanks for the warm welcome. Great to be back to Awate family and higher learning institution as well where I am looking forward to attend your much coveted class.


  • S.Tesfa

    Greeting to justice seekers,

    “It is the first time Eritreans feel that the world is finally listening to us. The findings of the report are not new to us, we already know this. But it feels like the world is starting to understand our suffering”
    Nagash Osman

    “It feels like someone has actually validated what we have been saying for 20 years!
    They used to just dismiss us and label us as traitors. Well they have to deal with this new reality and stop using the old rhetoric”.
    Buthaina Nasser

  • Nitricc

    Greetings; not again!
    I am sorry to ruin your party but when are you going to learn? So what; the toothless UN says something and all of you are acting the same way you did during Forto incidence. Do you remember that week; all of you were predicting the end of PIA. Well; let me give you one more fact; that is, PIA flourishes at time of crises and hard times. He is at his best managing crises. So; keep your hope down and learn from the past; you know like the Forto; when you were showing us a clip from every country in the world and you jumped with joy for nothing? I am trying to save you from another broken heart. You see I care about you.

    • haileTG

      Selamat Nitricc,

      I am sorry to ruin your message too, but look at this and tell me what the toothless hgdef can do about it:-)

    • saay7

      Selamat Nitricc:

      You really are a caring person and I am touched 🙂 I guess it’s true what they say: “it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.” In fact, there was a song from the 1990s with those words, link below.

      I am concerned that your prophetic skills, of late, have not been stellar. Leaving sports aside, your blunders deal with a fundamental misunderstanding of to strength and weaknesses of Isaias Afwerki. It’s that miscalculation that makes you make bold predictions that Eritreans consider laughably off: like predicting Isaias Afwerki will release political prisoners on Independence Day. You think that Isaias Afwerki makes the right decisions at crucial stages when Eritrea’s post independence history is cluttered with his bad decisions and avoidable mistakes that are too long to list here. The skills he developed over 40 years to rise to unrivaled power depend on these critical factors:(1) information monopoly; (2)ruthless punishment of real/potential/imaginary enemies; (3) people’s short memories. If you have information monopoly, you can make sure that only his side of the story is told; it doesn’t have to be it just has to be yours until you begin to believe your own lies (the U.S. Instigated the Eritrea-Yemen war; the U.S. Instigated the Eritrea-Ethiopia war, etc). If you have total and complete control over the security system, you can keep tabs on all your enemies. And since only few with obsessive personalities can remember things, you can rely on people’s short memories to do the rest.

      All of these tools in his tool kit are old and showing wear and tear. If he was a reasonable person, even for his own power preservation he should know that he should change and reform. But he likes to defer decisions until the last second because he thinks this gives him maximum leverage and in many cases his sense of timing–his calculation, his judgement–is way off.

      The pictures I saw on June 21 and those I saw on June 26 are of highly motivated people with strongly held and clashing views. In the rest of the world, these would be called political parties or coalitions of political parties debating their points of view in a campaign or in a parliament. But not in Eritrea. So now we have gotten to the same tradition we picked up from the Ghedli era “Eritrea is not big enough for divergent views.” And the group that has been told you don’t belong, you are not welcome, is fighting back. How will we harness this energy into a viable movement? You are betting we won’t; I am hoping we will. The question is, Nitricc, if we were able to, is it a good thing for Eritrea?

      Welcome back Papillon. You were missed, particularly by Abi who was shedding tears in your absence:)


  • S.Tesfa

    “We must take sides(the silent majority).
    Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
    Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”.
    Elie Wiesel

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi S. Tesfa,
      Anta abey nerka? Thank you for the appropriate quote!

      • S.Tesfa

        Dear Saleh Johar,
        ኣለኹ ፣
        ብድህሪትኹም እንዳጎየይኹ፤
        ምእንታ ከርክበልኩም፣
        ኣብቃልሲና ሃገዝ ክገብረልኩም።
        ፍትሒን፡ ራህዋን እስካብዝመዕእ ኣብሃገርና፣ ናብህዝብና፤
        እቲ ጨካንን ገፋዕን ህግደፍ እስካብዝጎሃፍ ካብዓድና !!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear S.Tesfa, well said and here is my one minute poem for you.

      ብሰለይቲ ናብራ ተኸቢቡ –
      ወዮ ውጹዕ ፍርሓት ተጎልቢቡ –
      ንዓመታት ሕልና ኣዕሪቡ –
      ተሳቅዩ እዩ ብዙሕ ተጻቢቡ ::

      እቲ ስቅታ ደጊም በቃ ይእከል –
      ድምጹ የስምዕ ንኽብሪ ንመሰል –
      ምስ ጀጋኑ ኣብ ቃልሲ ይካፈል –
      ኣይግዛእን ኣይርገጽን ይበል::

      ሓጺን ብውዑዩ ደጋጊምካ ህረም –
      ህግደፍ ይሰበር ካብ ርእሱ ይፈገም –
      ስመር ወገን ምስ ስብ ፍትሒ ርዓም –
      ክወግሕ እዩ ክግላህ እዩ ጸላም ::

  • Papillon

    A question to Awatewian including editors: What do you say the sadist’s next move would be in a bid to salvage himself from the tightening rope in his neck? Looking for a scapegoat as in a couple of Generals or would you say he may as well pack up and flee? Your input is appreciated.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Papillon,
      is that the original or new Papillon !
      I really don’t know the answer but I know the journey to ward free democratic Eritrea will never allow any fake change it seems.

    • Bayan Nagash

      Selam Papillon,

      O mai, I was yearning for your voice Papillon. Glad to see you back. Well, you know one can never tell what paranoid, sociopaths, bipolar individuals like Nsu are capable of doing. I wouldn’t even begin to guesstimate, but you are absolutely right the noose is tightening on his neck to cause a great discomfort. At the root of it, when all is said and done, Nsu is not a brave man, therefore, the coward that he is he will probably follow Mengistu’s path to save his neck when that noose is too tight for him to breathe he will know it, but not yet. I doubt that noose is tight enough now. He will begin to smell it when another attempt at his neck is tried from within Eritrea similar to the late martyr weddi Ali and his group tried to do. The outside noose will cause him a discomfort alright, but not enough to scare him to flee.

      Remember, what Mengistu was saying two days before fleeing, that Ethiopians will fight to the last man standing, and he was one of the first ones to flee. So, when we begin to see Nsu issuing chirHotatn ndderan, when we begin to see him ranting and raving incessantly, I believe that will be the signpost, an indication that he is quietly shopping for a second country that is willing to take him in. His friend Gaddafi is there no more. I am not sure who would host him, do you?

      Welcome back Papillon, I am utterly delighted to hear your voice in this space.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Beyan, if she is Papillon this is a gift for you and for her prepared within 5 minuets. join your article’s title “…Earthquake…..” and here question hence እሳተ ጎመራ . and her question ” would you say he may as well pack up and flee? ” answer found within the poem,
        … እሳተ ጎመራ ……

        ኣለኹም ዶ እኒ ንሕና ንሱ –
        ኣለኹም ዶ ሰላም ተደፍርሱ :-
        ወዮ ስርዒትኩም ተሓሚሱ :-
        ድምጺ ህዝቢ እነሆ ነጊሱ ::

        ድምጺ ውጹዕ ህዝቢ ተጋዊሑ :-
        ኣይተረፈን ቲ ለይቲ ምውጋሑ :-
        ኣብ ጀኔቫ ታሪኽ ተሰሪሑ :-
        ህግደፈይ ተሪፉ ጥርሑ ::

        ሞጎድ ማዕበል ድምሲ ናይ ሓበራ :-
        ውጹዕ ህዝቢ ንኽወጽእ ሓራ :-
        ደጊም ትህደም ዘይትረብሕ ጭፍራ:-
        ዲሞክራሲ ይንገስ ኣብ መላእ ኤርትራ:-
        ብሓይሊ ሓፍሽ ይተሓሎ ኽብራ :-
        ድሕር ዘይብል እሳተ ጎመራ ::

    • selam

      Dear Papillon
      PFDJ are rich to teeth and they can do what ever they want to take the mood but you and me as well as other are becoming emotional more than our work. Our work just started now .whether you like it or not your job even does not start until you and me come up with formidable organization. Do not the hype fool you it is dangerous and evil if you do not travel fast and 3 steps before your enemy. I remember the hype of forto and the speed it get lost. The opposition need to sit and talk unless open your ears for almost 10 years of PFDJ. UN has zero approval rating in the m7nd of Eritreans . We need to take back our case from UN very fast.

      • Mizaan1

        At least 5000 Eritreans have more than zero approval rating on UN (refer:Geneva 26 June 2015) and plus one more (me).

        • selam

          Dear mizaan
          I wish you are right but the reality and the evil job of UN doesn’t look to support your claim sir. You may be emotional who is not but the reality is far from what you claim. It is not that you do not know but you want just to pass it to fill your own thinking , i actually know top eritrean politicians in the opposition do not trust UN but lets hope ERITREAN people forget the history of UN. You want clean result lets advocate to have a good organization and good leaders in the opposition. You are looking to may be lets say 500,000 all these doesn’t trust UN plus the Eritrean people who make or break the result are at home , banners and demonstration in Geneva are not going to defeat DIA but the Eritrean people at home . You have no idea how many people are still not hearing what we say and what we do. They are under constant PFDJ propaganda for 20 years. Lets wait just one month and i will just remaind you .

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dearest Papi,

      Welcome back. You were missed, good to see you back sis.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Papillon

        Professor Hidrat,

        Great to be back to Awate family. Miss you all too. Let’s maintain the momentum. A world wide Spring is taking place against the dictator. This is absolutely historic. God bless Eritrea and the Eritrean people.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Papillon,
      I don’t want to be the last to welcome you. Welcome back.
      As for your question to the editors, I can speak for myself only, I am too much absorbed by the excitment of the last few days to even think about that. Let me devour the victory (victories). Not for everything else, or for a quick result, but to witness the number of the lone activists who were much abused for years, to be bludgeoned to this magnitude, is a something that makes me weep. The balance has tilted to the side of justice seekers, enough reason to celebrate.

      Welcome back again.

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Pappion and all,

        I don’t want to spoil the mood and I would like to be on side of caution. If you heard the question period at the end of the hearing, basically the next step are “open ended”. Meaning, what ever needs to happen next is an open question.

        The COI did not have the mandate to investigate if crime against has happened or not. That’s why it kept saying “MAY”, which it has left for the HRC / UN to decide next move.

        It left lots of room for the regime to corrective measures and get out of this as a winner.

        If this fails, the the HRC can move to the next step which is to investigate and refer the case to the ICC.

        At the rate the UN moves, this could take a long while.

        So we have lots of work ahead of us. I think the best we can do is support each other and FOCUS our energy to keep going and press more.

        We have a formidable enemy that we are fighting and at any moment it can change its course so that to by time. If any slight improvement are made for example, change the military service period, crab the migration and give some breathing room. I think, all countries looking at their own interest may be compeled to reward the regime and co-operate.

        This even though it has no value to US, it will reset the clock back.

        I am not counting this will happen because:

        1) the UN will renew the mandate of the special repporteur and they will ask that the visit the country and given access to the prisoners. If you heard Shiela gave example of the G15. As we know some of them are believed to have died so this will NOT happen.

        2) the regime, rather spend all his efforts and resources fighting this losing battle (no matter how much rally it generates), when in reality it could fix things overnight.

        So the odds are in our favor based its past history, but IA being coward that he is he will NOT have any shame to reverse course and accept defeat, as was his legacy all through out.

        I think the UN is mindful what could happen if there is regime change and last thing it wanted is Eritrea 1000km coast turn as launching pad for smugglers and terrorists. For this reason, I think it’s first choice is to work with the regime to change its ways.

        So the question that I would like to ask, if possible all of us to think is, what should we do next?


      • Papillon

        K’bur hawey Saleh Johar,

        Thank you for the warm welcome! It is great to be back to your abode. Perhaps the imperatives of Isaias have always been Cardinal Richelieu’s dictum when he famously said, “Man owns immortality for his salvation is here-after. A nation does not own immortality for its salvation is here or never.” The sadist may have reasoned that preservation of the nation takes precedence over anything else hence his rule with impunity but he has abused and took advantage of the trust that was placed upon him by the kind hearted Eritrean people. I say, the m’Enti mogogo t’Hlef anchwa rationale has lost its validity. One can not build and preserve a nation by destroying it. May God bless Eritrea and the Eritrean people.

      • Saleh Johar

        My first tweet will be:
        Why does a 24 hours flight feel like eternity?
        The second one will be:
        Who serves the best mint tea in Keren nowadays?

        • saay7

          Abu Salah:

          Will there be a direct to Keren then or are you actually landing in Asmara and then willingly, without anyone dragging you, without some social must-attend, voluntarily going to go to Keren to drink mint tea?:). Just had to ask.


          • Saleh Johar

            I have already arranged a camel through human traffickers, straight from Sembel to Adi Halo, where Isaias is supervising the building of a dam, through Adi Neamen, ElaberEd and bam. I park my camel. You can bask alone in your Godena Harenet.

          • saay7

            Haha SGJ:

            By the time you park the stubborn camel, the tea store will be closed. Speaking of camels: a joke and a lesson:

            Two friends, a donkey and a camel, meet for tea (why not, they are talking animals);

            Donkey: quick question: you and I struggled equally. You are everywhere: on the state currency, coat of arms, emblem, passport… me, I am nowhere! Is this fair?
            Camel: whaaaaat? I was a Tegadali; you were Hafash wdbat. No my friend, I did my duty without complaining. You had to be beaten every step of the way. But you can go to Bitsay Isaias and ask him if he can put you on the generals uniforms…

            Pause for you to smile.

            Now. The donkey is unfairly accused of being a dumb animal. This is because he “doesn’t listen” and has to be beaten to do anything. But the truth is that a donkey won’t move, no matter how much you beat him, if he senses danger ahead. And with his giant ears, he senses danger everywhere

            So. Which animal is more fitting the PFDJ?


          • Saleh Johar

            The snake is more fitting, leave the camel and the donkey (and the turtle) alone. And snakes have a way of pretending to be dead when they are not. See! I already hear someone saying bury it deep. Nah, I say weed it out and save yourself future trouble. By the way, camels love weed 🙂

    • saay7

      Welcome back Papillon:

      I think I know. See if you agree, but it requires accepting one premise: Yemane Gebreab is the alte-ego and the articulate version of rambling Isaias Afwerki. A few years ago, addressing YPFDJ, Yemane Gebreab gave a speech that is a window into the ideology of PFDJ and its belief system and what motivates it to act. This is why I have been talking of how sad and pessimistic I am lately because Eritrea has now reached the stage of the “unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.” I have chopped the relevant part for you:

      You can find the entire video here:

      And welcome again, Papillon.


      • Papillon

        Dear Sal,

        If that is a rare window into the cryptic ideology of PFDJ, I say, it is a shrewd businessman selling products to a specific audience. The shrewdness here should not be misplaced for Yemane wouldn’t say the same thing if the audience was say in Asmara to local residents. The theme of his speech is centered on the same mantra of self-reliance with an aversion towards powerful nations where the political liberation takes the back seat if not none existent at all. He is talking as if the grim legacy of colonialism is still holding the countries back from moving forward or from standing on their own feet. The reality after forty or fifty years after independence is strikingly different where globalization is the talk of the day. Again, the question remains, in this globalized world, can Eritrea live in a complete isolation? The answer is a solid NO. Why is that incredibly difficult for the high priests of PFDJ to understand? Understand they do, it is rather a megalomaniac leader amassing power to himself masquerading in a political ideology that sounds too bold and daring but in reality catastrophic.


        • saay7


          To quote something written yesterday by an Awatista:)

          ” I don’t know what is more amazing: that the IA and Isaiasists always make the wrong decision or that they then seem genuinely surprised when confronted with the consequences of their decisions.”


      • dawit

        Selam Cousin Saay ‘

        Thank you It is amazing how AT Censorship office allowed you to slip in the footage that explaine clearly the ideology of PFDJ. I must say it was taken from Tegadalay Isaias’s dream for an Independent Eritrea in early 1970s. Tegadali Isaias with his strong conviction and belief of Self Reliance was able to lead Eritrean Revolution for Independence to its conclusion in 1991. I believe Eritrea will achieve its Economic Independence following the same proven road that brought her Political Independence. Eritrea is a pure gold nation that was tested with fire.
        When Ethiopia secured the help of West and East Super Powers Economic , Military and Diplomatic help and the silence of UN backing , in 1970s to crash the Eritrean struggle and drive its people to drawn into the Red Sea. After three decades same Ethiopians are leading their Wedo gebas in the streets of Geneva. ‘You know sal if the Eritrean singer from centuries ago could have visited Geneva streets, he would have lamented and sung his famous song that stood the test of time rededicating it to all Wedo Gebas who betrayed their country
        “እዞም ዓድና እዞም ዓያሹ ተኣኪቦም እንበኦም ዘፍርሱ ዘይ እምባና እምባ መን ፈሪሱ?

        I believe we are in a similar situation arguing for régime change because it is mainly the agenda of foreign invaders. All the hula hoops of ‘democracy’ ‘human rights’ ‘national service slavery’ are mirages to put back Eritrea to real slavery under foreign domination. Yes there are problems and mistakes on how PFDJ conducts to achieve the Economic Independence, but the solution to Eritrea is not Regime Change, which is a recipe for civil war inside Eritrea.., .

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Deqi Eri

          እዞም ዓድና ክንደይ ይዕሽው
          ሓዎም ጣኦት እና አምለኸ
          ኢዶም ኣጣሚሮም ዝዕዘቡ
          እዞም ዓድና ክጭክኑ
          ዳዊቶም ሒዞም ክይደግምሉ
          ንቁዳሳን ተማህሊሎም ከይልምኑ
          ፈውሰይ-ፈውሲ ዓሻ ተመሰለሉ

          እዞም ዓድና ክንደይ ይዕሽው
          ሓውና እምበር ሓዊ መን ዓቢዱ
          ሕማቕ ሰብ አይ ሓንቲ ሰበይቱ
          ሕማቕ ካህን ሓንቲ ዳዊቱ
          ሕማቕ ኢርትራዊ ሓደ አምላኹ
          ደቂ ዓደይ ንዑ ምሳይ አምልኹ
          እዞም ዓድና ክንደይ ይዕሽው
          ባዕሉ ንሱ፣ ንስኹም ንሱ
          ኩላትና ንሱ
          ኮይና እንኮ ደርፉ
          ሓሰብኩም፡ በጃኹም ፡ ዓሌኩም ኣልህ
          ሃሌ፡ ሰላት አዘውትሩ
          ጽዋ ሓዉኹም ክይትኸውን ክም ናይ ኢሱ

      • Pass the salt

        Dear SAAY,

        On the clip, YG said we have to acknowledge our weaknesses. Dandy! But it seems to me we the people and the government have a different opinion as to what these weaknesses are. The regime does say ‘we can’t say we are perfect, we are not, we do have shortcomings’. But that is as far as they can go. If you press them on details, shutting the press, jailing people for their views, subjecting the youth to indefinite service and robbing their lives, destroying families’ livelihoods, restricting all kinds of citizenry rights (that of opinion, movement, belief), hostile diplomatic approach,….They don’t see all of these as weaknesses or the wrong things to do but rather as necessary steps to protect the sovereignty of the nation. Even on the recent damning CoI report, aside from outright rejection, the regime didn’t show a slight acknowledgment of any wrongdoings. It is the whole universe, and not the regime, that is lying. So if they don’t acknowledge anything that we the people know to be wrongs, I am wondering what it is YG is referring to as weaknesses? On PIA’s annual interviews, I have always wished he be asked to list he biggest mistakes or weaknesses of his regime for the past 20+ years. That would’ve been a refreshing question.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear PTS,

          I don’t think we Eritreans recognize our weakness at all. Defending our weakness is part of our character and it clogs the possible correct political discourse that gives us an exit strategy from the current predicament. The problem is not only Issayas and his party but we the people as whole.

          Amanuel Hidrat

        • saay7

          Selamat PTS:

          Well, a couple of points:

          1. I was trying to address Papillon’s invite to speculate on how Isaias will respond. And I am speculating they will do their “Nkhid Tray” for reasons specified in the video by Yemane Gebreab: they are wired that way. If one believes that in time of crisis the process is (a) self-doubt followed by (b) self-confidence, well that leaves no room for self-correction.

          2. There is nothing unique about PFDJ the passive “mistakes were made”: All politicians and political organizations in the world do it. There is even a wikipedia entry for the phrase:

          The New York Times has called the phrase a “classic Washington linguistic construct.” Political scientist William Schneider suggested that this usage be referred to as the “past exonerative” tense, and commentator William Safire has defined the phrase as “[a] passive-evasive way of acknowledging error while distancing the speaker from responsibility for it”. A commentator at NPR declared this expression to be “the king of non-apologies”.

          The PFDJ has refined this to passive admission into the even more classic ጌጋታት ኣይተገብረን ማለት ኣይኮነን (this doesn’t mean mistakes were not made.) So, I wouldn’t expect any admission of an error like “We made mistakes.” In fact, IA has gone on record with “we never made a mistake.”


    • Mahmud Saleh

      What’s up Papi
      Welcome back, t’s good to see you again.
      ፓፒ ጓልና ፓፒላ
      መጸት በሉ ደበኽ ኢላ
      መጸት ፓፒ ፓፒና
      ወሊዓቶ ነቲ ዳስና
      I know SAAY is going to make fun of my poem, but I will say “bideho”
      Papi, I see your signature “HaftKa/HaftKi” has been all over the forum today. That’s nice.

  • haileTG

    hi all,

    ብሓሶት ህግደፍ ዓዊራ፡
    ሕውስዋስ ዝሕብሩ ጉራምራ፡
    እናውለብለበት ዘይትፈልጦ ባንዴራ፡
    ንሓቂ ክትክውል፡ ብሸፈጥ ሰኺራ፡
    ኣብ ፊት’ቲ ቀጽሪ ጂኔቫ፡ ብሪጎለ ተሳዒራ።

    ካብ ዶባት ኤርትራ፡ መዓስከር ስደተኛታት፡
    ክሳብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ፡ ናይ ኣፍሪቃ ባይቶ ሃገራት፡
    ኣብ ማእከል ቴል ኣቪቭ፡ ቀጽሪ ኣውሮጳዊ ሕብረት፡
    ብዋሽንግቶን ዲሲ፡ እናቃልሔ ናይ ህዝቡ ምረት፡
    ንጄኔቭ ውሒዙ፡ ብጻዕቂ መደርጋሕ ናይ ዓወት።

    ህግደፍ ገበነኛ፡ ዝባኑ ዝቐልዔ፡
    ደቀባት ኤርትራ፡ ብጻንታ ዝበልዔ፡
    ነቲ ዓቃል ህዝቢ፡ ዘይምለስ ዘቖጥዔ፡
    ብዓንቀሩ ተታሒዙ፡ መስጣ’ቲ ኹሉ ብደዔ።

    ዘየሻሙ ደገፍ፡ ንጸብጻብ መርመርቲ፡
    ካብ ሓፋሽ ህዝብና፡ ተሪር መልእኽቲ፡
    ብመንእሰያት ደቁ፡ ስለኡ ተጣበቕቲ፡
    ካብ ጄኔቭ ቀሪቡ’ሎ ናብ ዓለም ምልእቲ።

    • Bayan Nagash

      MerHaba Haw HTG,
      The poet in you is now gracing us in the nick of time, at absolutely the right time. Poetry the perfect medium to express one’s feeling in times like this. Keep it coming while the muse is on your side bro.

      Well, If this demonstration find its way into Eritrea proper, let me tell you HTG, Eritreans inside will be inspired and another tsunami might already be in the offing, and no technology can predict when that tsunami hits. PFDJ knows now the end is near, it best leave town packing before the people rise up and show it the way out in humiliation, humiliation probably should be the the least of its worries. As you know when the flood that comes from tsunami hits any city, the end result might as well be an annihilation and extinction of PFDJ as we know it. That will be music to my ears.

      • selam

        Dear bayan
        Lets hope tsunami takes what is an wanted and afer tsunami lets hope the builders are not puppets of weyane or lets hope there will not be copy of libya too. It is very easy to demonstrate in the street of Geneva after all this is after 15 years of suffering. People are on hype and who can blame them but we must be not fool ourselves with empty drums. We need organizations that can take our case from UN. We need that badly

        • Bayan Nagash

          Selamat selam,

          I am in complete agreement with your sentiments, the danger that lurks in the unknown is always worrying. You’re right to say we must begin to chart and begin to conceive and make meticulous plans toward that end. Adherents of destabilization are superb at smelling a power vacuum.

          I worry about that a lot. This demonstration is only the beginning, and it is at this junction where we should be putting our opposition house in order. There was a question asked about a possible shadow government being formed from exile at the CoIE’s hearing. Of course, the chairman cannot openly be supportive of this kind of operation, and wisely he did not give an answer to that as that question pertains to us Eritreans.

          Therefore, starting tomorrow, once the dust of the demonstration settles, the kind of talk that you have in mind must begin in earnest. I am certainly going to do my part to see to it that we take this momentum, this critical mass, this pivot as a mandate for Eritreans from all walks of life to say: So, what’s next? It is a huge question that will need collective efforts from Eritreans the world over to begin answering immediately.

  • haileTG

    Selamat awatista,

    Voices of justice are rocking Geneva in this historic day de-facto referendum on the opinion of Eritreans to COI. hgdef has been defeated hands down. look at the non-stop flooding of people in this video. It takes one back to 2010 when nhna nsu was declared in NYC. There it was only dozens of brave justice seekers against the loud and many supporters of evil. Those few dozens are today vindicated, even if they had to do the heavy lifting on behalf of all of us, today the burden is shared. The minority hgdef clique can no longer impose its will on the MAJORITY! In the spirit of Geneve, I must add:

    Down! Down! Dictator

    Isaias Must Go! 🙂

    • destaa

      Dear Haile Tg
      I am proud and jealous of you Eritreans. Success for freedom lovers. And I think most of the new things Ethiopia has seen are brought first from Eritrea. Now Your hope democracy will be my hope too

    • Bayan Nagash

      Tseba stayu, Tseba astikhumuna. I lack words to describe the feeling I am feeling today. Absolute victory to the CoIE and the Eritrean who are on the side of justice; and hand down defeat to those who decided to be on the Amen Corner and on the side of injustice. Thank you brother HTG for making it easy for Awatawyan to watch this historic event.

  • saay7

    Hala Ya Bayan:

    Mn ayna leka haza? I have been reading you for two decades (wow we are old) and I had never seen this style. I can imagine you leading a rally, megaphone at hand, with call-and-response. Can we do it? Yes we can? I think HTG’s School of Heart/Mind has found its valedictorian:)

    From the 3 questions you listed, the third being the most powerful, how do you think those who carry the Nehna/Nsu pics would answer it? To answer that question, ask a 4th question: if Isaias split from PFDJ and started an organization, whom would you support? The answer to that question would clarify for you (and my good friend Emma) that it is not about PFDJ vs US but Isaias Afwerki vs US. It may be a distinction without a difference for many (the PFDJ is just as culpable for allowing one man to kidnap their party, to which the PFDJ will reply but yeah he did that thanks to you the people) but I think it’s a distinction with a difference. Don’t you think so Bayan?


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Kubur Saay,

      I am feeling your provocation. While I am still enjoying our relaxed diplomatic relations, let me give you an all round answer from the concept of interdependence for survival – two organism rely on each other to survive and thrive. Issayas needs the PFDJ party and the party needs Issays in order the unity of Issayas and the party continue to survive. There is no Issayas without PFDJ, and there is no PFDJ without Issayas. Period. They will survive together or die together. That is the rule of authoritarian system. You can’t save PFDJ without Issyas or you can’t save Issayas without PFDJ.

      Indeed, our struggle can not move forward without understanding the natural co-existence of the two and the strong bond of a leader with his/her party. Therefore haw Saay, I don’t think you miss the rule of politics pertinent to an authoritarian leadership, authoritarian regime, and authoritarian party that hold them together as a system. All in their pyramidal hierarchy, they know their share of pie from the common interest of the party. In politics a party is formed to enhance the interest of its members both in political power establishment and economic entrenchment. PFDJ is formed specifically for that purpose, taking in to consideration their type of rule of law and the governing nature of the system they build. I have no clue when you will stop begging to the regime to change its character while you know more than anyone an authoritarian regime and authoritarian party never open their clenched fist – an attitude for perpetual fight.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Pass the salt

        Dear Amanuel,
        I agree Isaias can not survive without the PFDJ. But are you sure the PFDJ won’t survive if Isaias is not around? What do you mean, I mean what will happen? I think you are wrong about that. Welenkiel Abraha, Philipos or unknown Coloniel could fill in and carry on.

        • Mizaan1

          Eh daa nsikas.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Pass the salt:
          Remember the central command that all dictators create and in our case is even so centered around IA, will be hard for PFDJ to survive in a sense that it will rule the country as it does now. All the people you mention have no power, the defense minister has no power in his ministry, a very junior person has all the power, yet this junior person for the most part is a button pusher, a spy on the minster. This was how EPLF was configured. And more of than not the junior person with more power them the minister or kfleserawit leader has not caliber, and what it takes to be a leader. So when IA is gone, the embryonic freedom to breath and cleavage that opens up will usher in a different dynamic , chaos and fighting.
          But PFDJ will and can continue to exist in a different form: a crime organization. All the organ traffickers, the human smugglers , some we know of, some we do not will use their finance , their cruelty
          , the propensity for crime that they have learned since their EPLF and PFDJ days to protect themselves, their blood wealth and their lives. PFDJ without IA can continue in this form, but it will be less likely to rule the country and that is the beginning of the darkest ages in Eritrea, PFDJ;s legacy, but with some luck and depending on geopolitical situations and how our region is doing the darkness will can slowly be lifted, one shade at a time. If someone thinks of IA as Jesus, you can bet that when IA is gone he will tell us he is Jesus and the last time someone claimed he was Jesus in Texas we know what happened. We are dealing with madness

      • Dear Amanuel Hidrat,
        DIA and the PFDJ system are like Siamese twins. As you said, DIA is the system and the system is DIA; the one lives for the other. If the dictator goes, the PFDJ system will simply clone another one, and on his part, DIA will sustain the PFDJ system as long as he lives. It is similar to Siamese twins where, if one of the two is lost, the lost one somehow lives in the one who has survived. Even if DIA dies, he will continue to rule from his grave through the system he has created.
        In addition, a PFDJ minus DIA, that is going to be reformed and becomes democratic, is equivalent to expecting a dove from a serpent’s egg. The crime against the Eritrean people is committed by the long arm of the dictator, who are none other than members of the PFDJ system. The crimes are the albatross around the neck of many PFDJ officials. They know very well that short of absolute authoritarian power, they are as
        good as dead, and they also know that they can survive only through more crimes. Therefore, if Eritreans want to free themselves, they should get rid of both, i.e. DIA and the system he created. It is not possible to get rid of DIA by sparing the system.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Horizon,

          I can’t agree more. Issayas as a social cancer is already metastasized in the body politics of PFDJ. As most Neoplasms (secondary tumor) can metastasize further, Issayas the tumor and the body (PFDJ) where the neoplasms metastasized must be removed before it becomes an incurable societal problem. The often you read that if Issayas is gone the politics of PFDJ will be cured is a naive argument and it is like a cancer patient who decline to take the proper treatment.

          Amanuel Hidrat

    • Bayan Nagash

      Ya merHab ya Sal,

      Indeed, two decades and kicking. Sal, as you insightfully
      surmised, this was an attempt to narrate with an imaginary speaker in a podium
      as though he is speaking and not writing necessarily. You identified one of my
      schools, “School of Heart/Mind” of HTG. If you were not that critical of H/M
      school of thought you would’ve acquired this style of writing, you see, give it
      a shot – it will unload a lot of emotion out of your system, bud. The second
      one that you may not know, but let me clue you in, is no other than SGJ, who
      put the last “Midas Touch”, if you will, is to blame for this new voice. He
      made slight adjustments to the piece, and let me tell you it made a world of difference.
      So, there, you made me spill the bean now and in return you are making him
      blush. Hey nzgeberelka entezey geberkallus ngerellu endyu, that’s what I am
      doing here.

      At the risk of switching the theme of the conversation, but is
      worth giving it a stab on the notion of “distinction with a difference” versus “distinction
      without a difference” that you pose above. Look, for me it is a clear cut. Let
      me use an analogy to illustrate the point. In corporate America, if any company
      loses, and loses badly, the first one to go is its executive either he resigns
      or the Board and/or the stakeholders will fire him, of course, with a severance
      packages that boggles the mind that will allow him to live in comfort for the
      rest of his life, save the latter for another day. I doubt the PFDJ executive
      has a fixed salary, does he? I doubt he earned a living in his life?

      With the above scenario as a backdrop, allow me to add
      another backdrop to this important question you pose above. My friend Ismail
      Omer Ali’s last piece dealt with this topic, one in which he seemed to
      stipulate that the case of EPLF/PFDJ/Isayasism are all one and the same, hence distinction
      without a difference. I beg to differ on that big time. First and foremost, we
      must be willing to acknowledge, hence separate EPLF from PFDJ, because the
      former was, like its archenemy, ELF a liberation front, both of which had
      identical goal for Eritrea and its people, to bring territorial integrity. EPLF
      accomplished that task. End of the story. The struggling/liberation era has its
      own historical trajectory, political context that is best left for historians, sociologists,
      and political scientists to address. If, for example, ELF was the one that
      brought independence, what form of governance would we have had post-independence
      is too hypothetical to merit addressing and it is a separate question besides.

      Back to your original question, is PFDJ salvageable, if its
      executive is fired, would it suddenly turn to a rule of law, developmental
      democracy (that you and others have addressed before), I am of the opinion that
      PFDJ is structurally not suitable for governance, its modus operandi that
      should’ve been shunned once it brought independence, was not, which is why, in
      large measure, we are in the mess we are in today. But, just because its modus
      operandi is from EPLF era does not necessarily make the two one and the same.
      Put simply, EPLF that brought territorial integrity to Eritreans was unable to
      transform into nationhood. The culprit is PFDJ. There are hundreds if not in
      the thousands former tegadelti who belonged to EPLF that left the country because
      of PFDJ and are now fighting it tooth and nail. We may question their motive,
      but we cannot definitively claim they are not fighting against PFDJ along the
      side of many opposition groups.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Dear The Secular Socialist State (TSSS)

    Thank you for pointing out the weaknesses to my plea. To be honest with you TSSS, haven’t we tried the Imperial Justice of His Highness Haile Selassie, it did us no good. Haven’t we tried the Dergue style socialist justice, it did us no good. And now, what we knew to be our own is doing us more harm than any of them combined – that’s the crux of the matter TSSS.

    As your pen-name implies it, the only thing we have left at our disposal to try, it seems to me,is to try the Secular, be it socialism, capitalism, or any isms you would like to add to it, all I care about is that Eritreans get a chance at something akin to peace, justice, serenity, and security. Eritreans deserve some semblance of peace, they have been on this trajectory that can only, in the end, lead to annihilation, if the rate of exodus continues at the rate it has been for a number of years now. We need not argue on semantics, the overarching message to my note is to plea to Eritreans from all walks of life to come out in droves not only to outshine those of the Amen Corner, but also to show them that we have the moral high ground, the ball is in our court now – they need to be on the defensive moving forward. We must own the conversation, we must own the transformation, we must own the momentum. We have to keep this pressure through the year until next UN gathering, which will be sometime next year. That’s my hope and my resolve, I sure as heck will do my best to keep the torch of hope and the torch of justice on…


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Beyan

    እንተስ ንጾም ንጾሎት – እንተስ ንእንግዶት – እንተስ ንስራሕ ቁሩብ ምሕድግ እንተኢልካ ክም’ዚ ዝ ኣመሰለ ዓንቀጽ ብውዕዮ ይሓልፈካ ‘ሞ ከም’ቲ ተማሃሮ እንከለና ብሕማም ይኹን ካልእ ዝሓልፈና ኣርእስቲ ቆጭቆጭ እዩ ዘብለካ :: ሽዑ ወሃብቲ ርእቶ ዘዝንብዎ ሓሳባት ተወሲኹዎ- ሓንቲ ብሓንቲ ከተንብብ ቡኑ ይኹን ሻሂኡ ምስ ዝሓለ ኢኻ ት ዝክሮ ::

    ኣንታ በያን – እዞም ኣቦታት ሲ “ንዘረባ ዘረባ ይምጽኦ ንዱንኩል ዱግሪ የውጽኦ ” ኣሕጺሮም ዝምስሉስ ክም’- ዚ ናትካ ጉዳይ ጀኔቫ ከም ምንቅጥቃጥ መሬት ሰሚኻስ – ኣብ ተሳትፎ ነቲ ድምጺ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ከርእይዎ ዘለዎ ሕብረት ኣብ ምጥቃስ – ወጻዒ ንፍሉይ ሕብረተሰብ ወይ ብሄር ሃይማኖት ዞባ ወላ ‘ውን ጾታ ዘይፈሊ ገባቲ ምዃኑን ኣብ ምግጣሙ ‘ውን ናይ ኩሉ ግዴታ ምዃኑ ዘጸሓፍካዮ ዓንቀጽ ምትእስሳር ነገራት ብንጹር እዩ ዝርኢ:: መዓስ እሞ ኣብ ውሽጢ ሃገር ጥራይ ግደ ዞናን ዓለምን ሲ መዓስ ከይጠቀስካዮ ሓሊፍካ !!

    ኣየ ህግደፍ ! ከም ኣመሎም “ዓለም ከም ኣመላ በዲላትና ” ዝዓይነቱ መታለሊ ቋንቋ ክንደየናይ ከቀንዮም ኮይኑ :: ኣካይዳ ጀጋኑ ብቀሊል ዝግጠም ኣይኮነን : “ይንዋሕ ይሕጸር ሓፋሽ ህዝብናን ህዝቢ ዓለምን ፈሊጥክን ዛን ዛን ኣቢልና ጥራይ ኢድክን ከነትርፈክን ኢና ” ብምባል ንዓመታት ብስምዒት ንተታሕዙ ደቂ ገርሂ ልባ ኣብ ምርዳእን ብዘይሕለን – ነዊሕን መሪርን ጉዕዞ ኣብ ክንዲ ኩናት ሕድ ሕድ ኣብ ልዕሊ ድሑር ኣተሓሳስባ ህግደፍ ዝተገብረ መጥቃዕቲ ይዕወት ምህላው ዘርኢ ብሩህ መድረኽ በጺሕና :: በርትዕ ኣንበሳ ::

    • Bayan Nagash

      selam KS,

      kemay T’um ezi Tgrinyakha. I read it several times just so to enjoy its content and its rhythm. We have indeed allowed this system to flourish because the majority felt it deserves to get that chance of leading the country. After all EPLF brought us the ultimate territorial independence, and we thought it would do the same with our personal sovereignty, boy were we wrong. It is up to us now to change the system band build one in its place, one that would respect the rule of law above the human frailties and unsavory tendencies that we have now seen gone awry. The kind of justice we want is the kind that Eritreans for generations will enjoy in knowing they can think what they like, they can say what they wish, they can go wherever they deem important to them. We want Eritrea that would let its inhabitant live in peace, security, tranquility, so on and so forth. This is not really much to ask, is it?


      • Kokhob Selam

        ክቡር በያን :-

        “This is not really much to ask, is it? ”

        ኣይፋሉ! ወዲ ሰብ ብሰላምን ራህዋን ስኽን ኢሉ ናይ ምንባር መሰል ኣለዎ :: የግዳስ – ኣሽምባይ ጥልመትን ጭካኔን ከም ባህሊ ዝወሰዱ ውልቀ መለኽቲ ወላ ‘ውን እቲ ውርዙይን ዓቃልን – ኣብ ገበን ዘይካፈል ሰብ ‘ውን ይንኣስ ይዕበ ናይ ምውናንን – ነብሰ ምስፍሕፋሕን ባህርይ ስለ ዘይሰኣኖ ድሕሪ ክብርታትን ውርዙይ ባህልታትን ‘ ውን እቲ እንኮ ጠርነፍን ኣተሓቛቛፍን – ብሓባር ተሰማሚዕካ እትነድፎ ሕግን ስርዓትን ክህሉ ኣለዎ ::

        እምበርኣር እቲ ጠለብ – ሰላምን ራህዋን ዝዓሰላ ሃገር ንኽት ህሉ ዘይደሊ ሸነኽ ክንዲ ጎቦ እምባሴራ ይጸዓኖ : እንተ ነቲ ደላይ ፍትሒ እዚ ጠለብ ክረኽቦ ዘለዎ ብዝግን ሰብን ቅቡል ዝኾነ ጠለብ እዩ ::

  • selam

    Dear Haile
    Ok , where do we go from here is the question ? Do you ever think PFDJ will change their stand ? Or do you expect the opposition to sit and negotiate on which side they can compromise to move ahead. Or do you expect the heinous UN and their puppets try to buy our struggle by dealing with some crooks. Protesting is easy but organizing to build a formidable opposition is what we miss. Untill all of the opposition sit and listen to each other such demonstration and such help from UN is going no where except to give some talkative people to talk more.

    • haileTG

      Dear Selam,

      No doubt that organization and leadership is good for stability, yet protests and disobedience are the real currency of change. These powerful show of force in those opposed to the regime have a significant role to play is facilitating change. They are clear demonstration that the regime is nothing more than a network of spies and agitators. These demonstrations are specifically targeted at giving emphatic and resolute support to the indictment of the regime of IA on grounds of the crimes it committed against Eritreans. When we have a court case, we don’t insist in getting the type of court we wish or like but go to the one that is available. PFDJ had held a forged demo last Monday by misleading many elderly people that the independence war they fought half a century ago had been re-ignited. The poor elderly people, many in wheel chair and with their oxygen inhalers, turned up in Geneva with sticks and berbere. They thought the CoI hotel was gimbar adiresso and Mr Smith commander of the Derg 2nd revolutionary command. The youth are now doing the right thing and lending support to the CoI findings to the last dot. They are also apologizing to the world for the acts of hgdef to let out 300 senile segment of our older generation on the streets of Geneva.

      Where we go from here, well I understand what you say is correct. The masses are speaking up, they need appropriate leadership to take their matter to fruition. I also support your idea that talking, negotiating and putting Eritrean interests at the forefront is a key to success.

    • sara

      Dear selam
      can you imagine eritreans demonstrating in front of the UN offices in johannesburg during the apartheid era.
      do you know the jewish state of israel is encasterating a whole population of palestinians under its Racist policies
      for the past 60+ years.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Beyan,

    Thank you for this inspiring message. In deed, diversity is strength, it is an opportunity for alliance, an alliance for coming together to stand for our mutual dignity and each other’s liberty. Thank you brother for articulating that beautifully and purposefully. Well, I have a news for you, the critical mass is here with us, Eritreans are massing in support of the CoI’s historic indictment of hgdef. Today in Tel Aviv

    • Bayan Nagash

      Selam ezi kbur hawway HTG,

      Nskhan Sal Younisn mechem gorgirkum trekhbuwo d’a. This demo in Tel Aviv was just the right elixir our brothers and sisters in Europe need to get galvanized. The power of the visual, the message, and the energy that the young exudes makes you feel like you wanna be part of it all. I cannot wait until tomorrow to see some such energy magnified to the n’s degree. Indeed, “the critical mass is here” to stay brother. At long last we have arrived at that junction, we must keep the message going from here until the country is emptied of PFDJ. It is our time to keep on the offense as the IOCE has given the needed mandate to keep the torch burning.

      Thank you for sharing the clip brother. This is just a sign of what’s to come on the day of reckoning in Geneva tomorrow.


      • haileTG

        Selamat Bayan,

        Things seem to be heating up in Geneva. Here are hundreds making their way to place…

        • Bayan Nagash

          merHaba HTG,

          Indeed, things are heating up down in Geneva. This is when one can say, if a still picture is a thousand words, the moving picture is a million words. I am moved just looking at the sea of humanity delivering their message in humane way. No threats, no intimidation, no coercive measures – a simple desire and yearning for peace and justice.

          Simply put, how beautiful is that. Keep’em rolling please folks who are out there you are doing a marvelous job, and those of us who are watching you with glee and smile from ear to ear, know that we are just in cloud nine right now overtaken by the solemn sadness yet glad that you are there on behalf of all Eritreans who couldn’t be there with you, and those whose voices had been muffled, for those who are in the dungeons hoping and wishing we do not forget, forgetting them we won’t until this menace and cancer is eliminated from the face of Eritrea.

          • haileTG

            Hi Bayan,

            Is this our friend tes? If not, that is a striking resemblance:-)

          • saay7

            Hey Hailat:

            Looks like it to me 🙂 If one descended from Mars and could read no signs, one can tell who is pro-dictatorship and pro-victims of injustice just by looking at the pictures that demonstrators lift up. The flag-on-umbrella, flag-on-bandana, flag-on-handkerchief, flag-on-wrist band crowd is a gift that keeps on giving. First they alienated the Human Rights Council by intimidating and harassing its employees (CoI) and now they have provoked the largest gathering of pro-justice Eritreans. I can’t wait for their next gathering probably in New York in October to protest the UN General Assembly meeting.

            VOA had coverage on the Eritreans who demonstrated in front of the AU headquarters. That nexus of HRC, UN, AU is being drawn and the PFDJ is, as usual, too slow and too enraged to see what’s coming.


          • Bayan Nagash


            “Looks like” to me bro Sal, I, too, underestimated in calling it earthquake, this is more like a tsunami that seems to be streaming, make that bursting out of the ocean engulfing Geneva with its powerful wave after wave gathering momentum at each camera angle, a force to reckon with, indeed – ain’t nothing going to stop us now seems to be the unequivocally clear message and the sea of humanity must shaking the entire city with its peaceful, no coercion nor intimidation needed here. The moral outrage is apparent and the moral high ground is now squarely on the side of those who are on the justice side.

    • dawit

      Dear HTG,
      Nearly 2000 years ago there was a political rally in Israel to hung an innocent man called Jesus of Nazareth. They were chanting ‘Down! Down! Jesus”. To day the crowed was not asking the Romans to hung Jesus of Nazareth, but they were asking the UN government to hung the another innocent man ‘Jesus of Asmara’ in Eritrea.

      • haileTG

        Haha dawita,

        You see, the Jesus analogy is a hard to sell fit for a self serving dictator. Jesus was all about giving up all he had (down to his last breath) for others. Our wedi shuq from Asmara is the opposite, i.e. about making everybody lose everything for his selfish desire to rule for life (down to taking the last penny of a mother of 4 martyrs home that someone else gave here). He is not the “Jesus”, rather one of the two criminals that were crucified one on each side of Jesus:)

        • Bayan Nagash

          selamat HTG, Dr. Sarah, Semere A., and Hayat

          Gezye zeymtsio tsegem yellen mechem I am, hence reminded of the joke that goes something like this: An Eritrean visitor goes to Asmara and as he is strolling through the city sees posters of various kinds, the juxtaposition of Jesus and Nsu’s pictures catche his attention, and asks for their price:

          Gezai: kenday kon wag’a eza sieli elu yHattit while pointing at the Jesus’ picture,

          ShayaTay: $7.00.

          Gezai: ez’a khe elu yHattit pointing to Nsu’s poster, the seller, with no hint of irony says $14.00.

          The buyer is now puzzled, kemay gddi eyyu eti negeru nai seb s’ieli Etsfi nai Yesus Krostos. The seller sizes the buy and knew immediately only a clue less visitor could ask such quedstions, after looking left and right Qes elu, anta
          Hawway kte’isrenni dekha metsekha ways ktgezzie?

          Slezi Dr. Sarah, don’t be shocked desperation knows no bounds of decency. Perhaps the moderators at AT are fasting and are not paying attention to this as this really transgresses decency, not necessarily awate’s guidelines policies.

          Gezye zeymtso ybellun emmo here is a song I just heard that deals with gezye:

          The voice, the melody, the lyrics, and not all but some of the images accompanying the song are interesting to watch.

        • Bayan Nagash

          selamat HTG, Dr. Sarah, Semere A., and Hayat

          Gezye zeimtso tsegem yellen mechem I am, hence reminded of the joke that goes something like this: An Eritrean visitor goes to Asmara and as he is strolling through the city and sees posters of various kinds, the juxtaposition of Jesus and Nsu catches his attention, and decides to ask for their price.

          Geza’ay: “kenday kon wag’a eza sieli” elu yHattit while pointing at the Jesus’

          ShayaTay: “$7.00”

          Geza’ay: “ez’a khe” elu yHattit” pointing to Nsu’s poster with not hint of irony

          ShayaTay: $14.00.

          The buyer is now puzzled, and says: “kemay d’a ezi negeru kemay zbele gezye dina zellena lomis nai seb s’ieli Etsfi nai Yesus Krostos” The seller sizes the buyer up, and immediately knew he is dealing with a clue less visitor, after looking left and right Qes elu, dimma “sma’Eske anta Hawway kte’isrenni dekha metsekha ways ktgezzie?” Slezi Dr. Sarah, don’t be shocked desperation knows no bounds of decency. Perhaps the moderators at AT
          are fasting and are not paying attention to this as this really transgresses
          decency, not necessarily guideline policies. At any rate, gezye zemTso endyu here a song that might just be the right one to listen to right this moment:

      • Hayat Adem

        entai de’a kindizi difret! mark twain said, Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.

      • Sarah Ogbay

        Dear Dawit,
        I think this time you have crossed the line of sanity and logic in your desperate attempt to protect the unprotectable. Saay, Haile and the rest of the discussants here may have been wasting their time discussing with you thinking you are one of them, but a normal one.

        • Semere Andom

          Dr. Sarah:
          I cannot agree more. And you can image what these guys will do to us if they keep the power indefinitely

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dear Beyan,

    You hit the fiber of regional distrust and social distrust that exist and held us hostage from fighting our common enemy. I salute you for your bravery, honesty, and your appeal to unite our effort to meet the challenge. Thank you brother and keep the right attitude to heal our societal fault lines.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Bayan Nagash

      Kbur Haw Amanuel,

      Kbret yhabellay for your kind words. I know this are of inquiry has been something that you come back to, time and again, and we are on the same wavelength on this. The societal fault lines have been abused by all previous systems, and this one has the most notorious of them all. But, we cannot be fooled no more.


  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Ever since the independence the Eritrean people has been enduring all kinds of abuses including child, youth, elderly, family and individual abuses at the hands of the Isayasists violating all known laws.

    Now, the UN, after investigation, finds the abuses of the regime to amount to heinous crime and as such intends to hold the regime accountable.

    What makes the Eritrean case totally different from others is that there is no any known law with any rights of protections to start with talking about improving it. So, everything is off-talk and there is nothing other than outright condemnation of the ongoing torture and ill-treatment of the Eritrean children and the elderly, who are currently on mass crossing the border to the Sudan and Ethiopia.

    It is expected highly urgent calls to be issued demanding immediately stop of all arbitrary arrests and disappearances as well as to stop denying food, water, and electricity in order to impose the rule of “Not-Even a Word, just do as told.”

    Yes, let’s all be in Geneva on June 26 and let’s stay vigilant against bunches of the regime’s thugs who will be there to disturb the peaceful demonstration of the day.

    • Bayan Nagash

      Indeed, T.T., “let’s all be in Geneva on June 26 and let’s stay vigilant…” from your mouth the gates of heaven T.T.

      • Saleh Johar

        Let me translate that for you with an Arabic dialect of Sudan Tsebab, from the outskirt of Keren: mn khesmek le bab as’sema.

        • Bayan Nagash

          Ahlan Saleh,

          You know Saleh, something I will always count on for sure is that the linguist in you will always come up with something original. I know better. Mine was a feeble attempt at translating the Egyptian sayings: “mn bu’aak lbab al-sama'” (From your mouth to the gates of heaven). But, I like one with Eritrean twist a la Kerenites.


        • sara

          Dear khalee- saleh
          let me help you with the translation mn maaser it is- mn’booek le bab al sema,
          you know the kheshm thing in the gulf has different meaning… as in mn kheshmee.. like mn eunee. etc
          Ramadan Kareem!

  • selam

    Dear bayan
    Your call is timely lets hope the people listen to your call. But how many Afar are there in Europe , just make it simple The highlanders are there with hundreds of thousands lets hope they come with force. This call is to the young who crossed the sea , they must show up at this moment . We should be better than before , we should excerise the highest decency . We should use the right languages, lets hope the seb zuria and seb teway cheguri come out in force. There is no way the demonstration can be effective with out the younger generation come out in force. The timing is little late but hi lets do it. I urge the highlanders to come with force. With out them this can not be taken seriously. We need them now and always.Avoid unnecessary signs ,we need to have a united voice against PFDJ .Stop the sanction thing it will boil over other topics and will reinforce PFDJ play book. PFDJ are preparing a 100 million campaign and we need to be prepared , the campaign is already taking its initial steps in Eritrea.

    • Bayan Nagash

      Selam selam,

      We know the overwhelming refugees in Europe are from the highlands of Eritrea, however, the point here is to show the mosaic Eritrean culture, no matter how small, if one Afari is out there and comes out, if one Dankali is out there and comes out to join the demonstration, so on and so forth, it would show the moral high ground, no matter what one’s ethnicity, no matter what one’s religious disposition, no matter what one’s gender, we are speaking in unison on this. I am in complete agreement with your sentiment, let us bombard the day with our signs, logos, motto, what have you. I am extremely encouraged by Eritreans strong showing in the streets of Tel Aviv and I know Europe’s will be just as overwhelming, if not more.


  • tes

    Dear Bayan,

    Your call is going at light speed. May all Eritreans who love justice come together disciplined and with full decency to show the world Eritrea is not what PFDJ is all about.

    I will be there to be the voice of the voiceless!

    I will be there to air justice

    I will be there to tell the world my people need freedom

    To Moslem brothers, yes Ramadan Kareem and it is yes time of praying and helping the needy. Remember thousands of your familiy members are not getting what they should at least eat after whole day of fasting. This is time to remind the world Eritreans are living without justice.

    Thank you for your timely call


    • Bayan Nagash

      Kbur Haw Tes,

      I just saw what HTG posted above, a demonstration in Isreal. I am moved beyond words as I am sure the justice seeking Eritreans in Europe will not disappoint to show their despise to the system that has wreaked havoc for so long – Eritreans do not deserve what they got from the current srAt. I know the clock is ticking for you, it’s the demonstration eve. Please be safe out there. I know the hooligans might try to do something unsavory – be vigilant, yet polite; be assertive, yet respectful. Tomorrow is our day to outshine the coerced and the herd that were flocked like sheep via remote control. Unlike them, you are coming out willingly and gladly to show your support of those who have been caught in the unsavory system that had turned their world into topsy-turvy – well, we are saying topsy-turvy no more.