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Eritrean Strongman Blames Washington For Ethiopian Attack

Commenting for the first time about Ethiopia’s March 15th incursion into Eritrea, President Isaias Afwerki told Eritrean state media that the United States is behind the attack and that Eritrea would respond at its time and place of choosing.

He made his comments in an interview with state television on March 25th.

The Eritrean strongman dismissed the US State Department’s claims of befuddlement about Ethiopia’s attack as part of the nature of the “Washington administration” which include “lying, denial, pretense, and deception.”

The president claimed that “everybody except Washington” condemned Ethiopia’s attack on Eritrea.

Ethiopia’s incursion, he explained, is a result of “their” frustration after a 10-year campaign to “disarm, constrain and starve Eritrea” have failed.  The pretext which was being used to isolate Eritrea–its role in Somalia, Djibouti–and the subsequent UNSC measures–the sanctions of 2009 (Resolution 1907) and 2011 (Resolution 2023) –have all failed, he said, and the next step was to engage Eritrea in a war so as to justify these “unlawful and immoral” measures.

“But we will keep our focus on the big picture and we will not be diverted from the path we are on.”

Furthermore, he said, Ethiopia’s military attacks can be explained as “retreat forward”– a military strategy of assaulting instead of retreating in the face of threats– due to internal challenges the Ethiopian government faces from the Ethiopian people and “particularly from Tigray” [province in Northern Ethiopia which is the base of the core of Ethiopia’s ruling party.]

Isaias Afwerki also claimed that the decision by the Western media to report Ethiopia’s March 15 assault into Eritrea as “breaking news” was all “orchestrated.”

Asked about the conflict, the president said, “I don’t want to speak of the specifics.  Those who were there know what happened.”

President Isaias Afwerki categorically denied news reported by some Eritrean and Ethiopian websites that there are plans to have peace negotiations between Eritrea and Ethiopia brokered by Israel and Qatar:

“Let me give you a short answer.  There isn’t, there never was, and there never will be” a dialogue with Ethiopia as long as it is occupying sovereign Eritrean territories, he said.

He went on to state that in the last 10 years there had been nearly 70 such offers from people of goodwill and the answer is always the same: there will be no dialogue or talks of relocating villagers until Eritrean sovereignty is restored.

Qatar is one of the few countries with whom the Eritrean government has superb relations.  Israel has been receiving 1,500 to 2,000 African asylum seekers per month, most of whom are Eritrean youth escaping conscription without term limit.


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  • wed garza

    The prersident of Eritrea in his pattern of speach flourishes boom in speculative talks and speaches just to cause confussions and divisions in views and opinions. However this time he himself is confused to the bones and had feared for a further escalation of the war. For he knew the end would have been his tail like his friends last year. Thus, he prefered to act like a mouse; a big cat we knew turned into that level. seated naked with his head dropped down between his two legs just stiring the ground!!!

  • Zeray

    “Let me give you a short answer. There isn’t, there never was, and there never will be” said, Issays…
    It is this kind of pig-headed attitude that has isolated Eritrea from the rest of the world. Issayas has failed in every diplomatic negotiation and seem to never learn from his mistakes. One man can make one statement to determine the destiny of millions of Eritreans. No one needs to be consulted and there is no accountability. And we seem to accept and live with it.

    In another interview, a few years back, he said, that there will not be any elections or democracy in Eritrea for the next two to three decades. One man can determine our destiny. In the years 1991-1995 we put him on a pedestal and lifted his ego and since then he became Devil the incarnate the head of the PFDJ cult.

    Eritreans deserve freedom not bondage, they deserve peace not constant cold war and insecurity. Yes, we need peace with our neighbors and we should sit down and discuss how we can achieve peace for the sake of millions of Eritreans who are suffering. Yes, we need to re-open Assab port and bring billions per year into Eritrea instead seeing it go to Djibuti and Mombasa. Yes, it should be okay for Eritreans and Ethiopians to trade with each other and open tourism in both countries.

    We can argue we have a land dispute with Ethiopia, but Eritreas sovereignty is intact in the world. In other words it is fixable by diplomacy even at the lower level. But we have to be open for discussion.

    • kaddis

      Dear Awate team- please creat a ‘like’ button so that Zeray gets some. I LIKE.

      [from moderator: yes, we agree, if you mean Seray. Many are asking us what is awate team’s position on Ethiopia’s attack on Eritrea. And we have been saying, well, Seray wrote our Pencil and it is this:

      “You people forget we have reached a new level of understanding. You guys are supposed to throw temper tantrum when a neighbor or a foreign entity does something to the regime and we are to stand up when the regime does something to our people.

      “Most of the people here have come to regret cheering the regime and its wars in the past and they are not going to fall for your used car salesmanship…so sell your obsession with Ethiopia somewhere else. This is not dehai. But when and if you decide to be outraged by those who perish in Eritrean prisons without justice, those who perish in the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea to escape slavery, you will have a respectful audience here.” Our only caveat is that we think Seray was unfair to used car salesmen. We were going to suggest snake-oil salesmen but that would be unfair to snakes, oil, and salesmen ]

  • Teklay

    I have seen the president isayas interview he was crying and he afraid to the Ethiopian govt but he was trying claim for USA b/c the attack on Eritrean base was very systematically and the Ethiopian defense captured the Eritrean generals and colonels with their security captured so president isayas all this things know and confuse him self b/c on the next attack may be president isayas him self so president never gives detail information about the action b/c it is shame for the govt Eritrean the ethiopian govt warns to the Eritrean govt for other attack.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    Remember onething: be sincere & truthful with yourself. Unless you are from the few that benefited it all, then you have seen facts on the ground, how the majority of Ethiopians (in Addis alone) have lived it all.
    who made their life that way? the Few greedy (the feudals, the oligarchies, the plutocrats) that hatched the institutions & the systems that eventually, inevitably destituted the beautiful, dignified, stoic people of Ethiopia.

    And if you argue, rightfully so, that Ethiopians didn’t bring Dergue onto the throne then in the same token Eritreans didn’t (by intention or design) bring PFDJ on. The collective struggle and its fruit was hijacked, albeit in a different way than Dergue.

    It is always easy to talk, judge after the fact. what happens to the people of Eritrea by PFDJ is what happened to the people of Ethiopia by Dergue. that simple. Eritreans’ predicament can be summarized:
    የቆጡን ኣወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ጣለች ! … They fought for independence & freedom and they got’em but in the process didn’t hold on tight to freedom and lost it all, for now.

    remember & ask anyone that is honest who knows Addis well.. Addis residents have lived it all surrounded by our own waste. you deny that fact?. Ask anyone who knows Addis Ababa stadium so well in 1976 right before 10th African cup). the entire stadium’s surrounding was full of human waste. Addis Ababans laborers on the way to their work (that was their releif area we used to joke – what explanantion did we have as kids… as we stood on it to watch our saint George team thru the darn tiny peeholes. ) you deny this fact?

    However, the Few Ethiopians lavishly lived it all as the beautiful people of Ethiopia starved in the mind & body & soul! what do you make of it brother.

    so- understand what a system (African systems, institutions) are doing to us first and instead of swimming in a pool, like Eyob, that is too huge to your making. Eritreans sacrificed too dearly and bravely. who is putting a wedge and hatred between the two people is the system.

    • ”They fought for independence and they got it”

      that is what we and so many observers alike are not sure about. If having a flag and being on the map alone makes you feel independent then an animal farm with a green flag has it too….The fact that your country keeps your entire population hostage with a pretext of another county’s perceived intention itself is evidence enough for your fake independence….the irony is, all people like you can do is pumper yourself with some self-serving words such as “for now” but in reality there is no answer to how long a paranoid nation can remain hostage to a presence of another country it happens to dislike..even if one has to go with your best wish scenario and imagine a dismembered Ethiopia, you will still remain hostage to the presence of Tigray or Amhara….you will never feel free and independent to it’s true meaning, because your journey from the get go began with a sinister plan to be what you are not……perhaps, that is what you have work on instead of barking at a fast moving Addis ababa, cos believe me the more you rant about Addis the farther behind you will be left….

      • sara

        i heard and did a little bit of reading on ethiopian politics of the 70th’s and there was one notable group called EPRP, which has many ethiopians and few eritreans too. today reading the discussion here at awate , i felt that party is some how alive and kicking. look to the arguments of the shoan..eyob.. wikato
        hemam libi… Michael etc… guys this forum is called awate.com not ARENA or nazreth.com

        • Hameed

          Dear Sara,

          I am sorry, you didn’t reply to my comment. Concerning some Ethiopians are discussing here about Ethiopian and Eritrea because of the problem your deity has created. The real one who invited the Ethiopians is you god and not the awate team.

          Your god has not only Ethiopians to awate.com, but he invited them also in the Eritrean TV or you deny that. You see how far you are crippled, the reason your god has frozen your mind from thinking that is the reason you are unable to relate things. Be an independent person and you mind will function properly. If you continue the way you are on, it will be dangerous to you and may be vulnerable to a disease called a’lzhaimr. And I am afraid your failure to relate things is a sign of drifting to that disease, so please take action urgently and stop the way you are acting. Let your mind function, don’t depend on others to make for you the job of thinking and you just acting like a machine. Think independently and you will save yourself from a’lzhaimr.

          • sara

            now, we going out some where, places where i didn’t want to visit. hameed if you are really hameed… this is not a place we should argue about faith and things.We should at least respect the others who are not directly involved in their discussion with you, so save us the unnecessary walk into the unknown.

            As far as i understand there is only one GOD!

      • Alhagiga

        Dear Ethiopian
        I read your comment with great interest , I felt I am obliged to respond to your comment in regards to our independence , our independence is a result of sacrifices , courage and sheer determination and believe on our just cause , the Ethiopians fought tooth and nail to keep Eritrea under their control, however the war in Eritrea coasted Ethiopia dearly under the feudal emperor Haile Selaise and his successor the dictator menghistu . Ethiopia become a beggar country as aresult , through out the world tv stations bombarded the world with dying children and women due to drought , and poor management of resources , After the demise of Menghistu , the TPLF was wise enough to accept the independence of Eritrea , and as a result it is using its resources wisely and growing economically faster than any African country according to IMF for the last few years ,the TPLF regardless what differences one might have, one can not deny at least it is pulling Ethiopia out of the middle ages , the federal system it introduced at least gives the locals to run their own affairs them salves . However my dear Ethiopian I concur with your opinion that we Eritreans we mismanaged our country after independence by allowing madman take over power with out any challenge , as you said today we find ourselves in a situation were there is no constitution in the country that limits the power of the President and specifies and guarantees the rights and obligations of a citizen , Eritrea today is going through difficult time no doubt about that , however I am confident this will not last long , the Eritrean people are very resourceful people and more educated than Ethiopians and more urbanized and hard working ,once the dictator is gone I am sure Eritrea will excel , while still the big village Addis Ababa residents learn the habit of using toilets , and the culture of work and not begging other wise Ethiopians are very polite ,kind ,respectful to others . I sincerely wish for both our people peace and prosperity and governments that respect their wishes and aspirations .

        • Eyob Medhane

          Awatestaff and All.

          Alhagiga proves what I described a “Typical Eritrean, which Ethiopians encounter in their daily lives”

          Thank you Alhagiga, for proving my point.

          Here’s what Alhagiga said “..through out the world tv stations bombarded the world with dying children and women due to drought , and poor management of resources ..”

          That’s always the case. When many Eritreans feel like to be condencending and insulting they throw that unfortunate image on our face and with a connotation that was “..you people are a basket case of hunger, but we were never like that…”

          And then the banging flash point of “..We are better and civilized people…”

          Again I quote Alhagiga… “…the Eritrean people are very resourceful people and more educated than Ethiopians and more urbanized and hard working ,once the dictator is gone I am sure Eritrea will excel…”

          Well…I had a lot to say about that, but I refer you all to the “..cacciavite professor..” of my previous comment below.

          I think however, with a mentality like Alhagiga, I see little hope of Eritrea that is at peace with itself…

          • Alhagiga

            DEAR Eyob Medhane
            I presented the statistics of UN to satisfy your request , if that is not reliable measure, how come professional international body like the UN are collecting it and relying on it , your argument about the difference in population has no merit at all, in Africa there are two nations with more population than Ethiopia, Egypt and Nigeria and both have higher literacy rate than Ethiopia . I am more than happy to see the Ethiopians utilizing their water wisely for the benefit of the people , as for the political parties of Eritrea of 1940s , it was their democratic right to hold any opinion they see fit, in democracy there should be diverse views for public to chose from , during that time Ethiopia was living in the middle ages were landlords , noble class the church and the Emperor were the rulers and the land and who ever lived in it belonged to them ,however today Ethiopia is going forward credit should be given were it is due , however if I have to advice on Addis Ababa that city needs cleaning , and planning it needs strong local governments [ Municipality ] to provide services to the public and good luck for the future my dear Eyob and Ethiopian .

          • Sissay

            Dear Eyob i feel really u r teaching them if they r willing to learn. But be littling ethiopians is not for asmarinos only but from awate staff too u can see it if u read “gadi”s the manquins &plastic u can see that when in addis there were a miracles construction boom but his observation was about manquins & billboards of Addis no more .because I write this from mobile phone with my shortages of language i couldn’t express myself. By the way am ethiopian

          • awatestaff

            Dear Sissay, a litle humor will help you relax. For those who might be wondering what Sissay is talking about, see if you can find any offending remarks in the following article. But if you are humorless, stiff, and angry, it might not help you. But Sissay might have disclosed his problem when he wrote, “my shortages of [English] language i couldn’t express myself.”

        • ha,ha, ha, I was kind of sympathetic to your comment up until the point where your trade mark got the better of you and you said ”Eritreans are more educated than Ethiopians”..really ??????? where did you get that data from? or are you confusing the good old Italian inherited basic mechanical and bakery skills (which in truth most ethiopians of the 1930th didn’t have) with true education? or in what statistical measure do you consider yourselves more Educated than Ethiopians? Is it the number of higher educational institutions you have, Is it the number of doctors you have, is it the number of scientists you have, come on bring it on and let’s go through the lists…..
          my friend, just for future reference, always make sure you have some thing to show for what ever you claim you have…for example Somalians have couple of stunning internationally renown beauties to brag about beauty, even south Sudanese for that matter. i don’t want to upset you by talking about ethiopians though, cos i owe you some thing for proving us right after all this mambo jumbo to get our point across….
          another point i want to credit you for, you said EPRDF has done the right thing in accepting Eritrean independence and it has put Ethiopia on the right path..that is absolutely true. not many eritreans admit how Eritrea kept Ethiopia behind, instead they are known for bragging the opposite…
          last but not least, do not take pride in not being known……the fact that you were not on global political map when Ethiopians were starving does not mean you were not starving, needless to say you are already at your infant age becoming famous for all the wrong things…we have a saying in Amharic..always remember” neg bene”…imagine us Ethiopians laughing at the recently starved Somalian kids just because some Somalians might have in the past laughed at us, but in-fact i have never experienced Somalians being as nasty as many Eritreans when it comes to bad mouthing…perhaps it has some thing to do with the fact that Eritreans were the most loyal askaris of Italian colonies..I really don’t know what it is going in you mind, but obviously it has given you international recognition as the most pain in the ***

        • my response above is for my lost Eritrean cousin Alhagiga.

          • Alhagiga

            Dear Ethiopian
            I was responding to your disparaging remark to our independence which was achieved by great sacrifice by our brave people despite the US support for the feudal Emperor ,and soviet union to the dictator Menghstu , the Eritrean people solely depended on itself to achieve the miracle , today we find the children of the emperor who burned our villages , murdered our people forced our people to flee to Sudan and yet again you dream of Eritrea like a lost child to you , you have to wake up and face the realty ,as far as education is concerned , the UN development program report of 2011 lists Eritrea at no. 96 with 66.6 % Ethiopia at 121 with 28% Somalia 118 with 35.9% this is UN report , actually you don’t need any report to realize the difference however you want a prove and there you have it . Ethiopia is only above South Sudan and Mali,according to the report , as far as drought goes ,drought happens to many countries but it doesn’t result to such massive famine unless there is problem with managing the country and its infra structure and educating farmers to be more productive , we shouldn’t forget that Ethiopia is very green country and receives good rain almost 80% of Nile comes from Ethiopian plateau and yet countries like Egypt benefit from the water while Ethiopia suffers , the new Dams proposed is good idea it provides certainty of food supplies and electric power to the rapid growing population and industries , as far as our mechanics and bakers they were our export to you , when there is no Injera you eat bread and if your donkey is sick or tired you use bus or truck and your export to us where laborers especially from Tigray region they used to come to help with the harvest of cotton and sesame and the wild fruit called Beles and in doing so we helped each other economically ,however I admit today you are in abetter shape than us at least you have taking step forward to Democracy , one should not expect from a new Democracy to be perfect , but at least the Ethiopian government opened the possibilities and the opportunities for the Ethiopian people to have their say , ironically in Eritrea in 1940s and 50s we had political parties , independent news papers , there was election for MPs and independent judiciary , and today after half a century we find our selves hostage of a mad man driving the country to the edge , I hope things will change for the better in the region with leaders that respect the wishes and desire of their citizens .

          • Eyob Medhane


            I wish you could see that many of your argument points are superficial and fail to hold water.

            * In your UN statistics, you compare the percentage from a country that has 5million people, which is yours with another country with 85million people, which is Ethiopia. You understand that your ENTIRE population fit just in Addis Ababa and it’s environs, right? So do you think the percentage match is a good measurement to show the ‘superiority’ of your people? Tsk tsk tsk tsk…I think supremely educated and civilized people like yourselves should find some other measurement, my man… 🙂

            *Drought causes famine. Unfortunately, Ethiopia had a leader, who behaves exactly like Isayas is behaving now. Therefore, he failed to do what was needed to be done to avoid that. Oh,,, and it’s exactly 87% of the water of Nile that goes from Ethiopia, and you’re right Ethiopia has not used it, because it was distracted with successive war to defend itself from those, who wanted to colonize for centuries or from internal forces, who many Ethiopians believe carried the mission to destabilize it, so it would get distracted from using it. When both threats subside, as you see now, it moved to use the Nile water. Aren’t you happy for us?

            *As far as your Mechanics and bakers are concerned, come on. Don’t flatter yourself, you were not exporting them to us, they just came to look for a bigger market. Period. You understand the dynamics right? Instead of selling your bread for ten people, it’s better to sell it for 25. They did exactly that, got benefited.

            *Oh your political parties of the 40s and the 50s. If I am not mistaken, it’s one of those political parties that insisted, screamed and kicked to be united with Ethiopia. The “Uncivilized” people? And some history books tell it had a lot of public support. (This has a lot of debatable facts, which I don’t care to get in to)

            The point I want to make is you are in a bubble, my friend. Let that bubble burst, before reality burst it for you.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


    I am throwing my two cents worth about the on-going thread between you and Eyob Medhanie. The victory of Adwa of course changed not only the rule of engagement on the ground but also challenged the age old “Scientific” convictions or credos of the day where the Black Man was viewed as a biologically inferior to the White Man. Social Eugenists of the day went out of their way to assume that, the Ethiopians must had been Caucasians genotypically otherwise in principle it is not plausible for them to defeat the Italians.

    The victory of Adwa moreover had far more ramifications where other nations under the yoke of colonialism found a new incentives to fight against the White Man’s rule as the annals of history is replete to that effect. Present day Eritrea or Eritreans however seem to be an exception to the phenomenal watershed as the world celebrates the event with a paragon of all victories.

    Eritrea which was later to be morphed onto Eritreanism under the present regime is not only downplaying the event, it tries as well to associate the victory with the successive Ethiopian leaders as opposed to the sweat and toil of the Ethiopian people. The line of thinking however seems to have a life of its own where it is imperative to put it in a historical perspective.

    When Italy was defeated by the “downtrodden” “backward” and “savage” Ethiopians, it was a humiliation beyond any measure where Italy was determined to avenge with any way possible. In the mean time, when Italy got possession of Eritrea under colonial terms, it indoctrinated (read: intoxicated) the inhabitants with a sense of self-worth far more loftier than the people down south where the sense of self worth later on morphed onto a superiority complex. The hyped up and deluded self worth was exacerbated when the people down south started to trek to Eritrea in search of a better life as they were being punished by Emperor Hailesellasie when he was determined to punish them for revolting against him when he got back from exile.

    That as it may, when the first generation Eritreans of the colonial era took great deal of gratification out of the dread of colonialism, their sons and daughters as well carry with them the same bigoted mentality as they took their political cause to the mountains and terrains of Sahil. That is, still twenty years after the fact, apologists of the regime alike and Eritrean intellectuals would still reflect their contempt and empty disdain towards the people down south where the legacy of Colonialism is incredibly hard to let go.

    One doesn’t really have to travel an extra mile to elaborate, rather, any interested person could go through the plethora of articles which were penned by Eritrean intellectuals during the Badme war to see how contemptuous, disdainful, self-serving and condescending they are towards the people down south. I am not sure if that is what Eritreanism is all about but what I am certain of is, Eritreanism is what Ethiopia is not (read: identity by subtraction).

    • shoan

      As in a girl with a dragon tattoo,

      i hear u, i hear your wings and your slow flight…….

      it is the immense hope and forebearance trailing out of darkness into sidewalks of the day.

      u sound like the voice of a new generation. please declare for all to hear the war is over. the smart money is on NORMALIZATION: compromise, live/let live.

      i know with afeworki, a sad thing happen to eritreans/eritrea. sadder yet to ethiopians.

      i don’t think afeworki hauled the gold of bisha to foreign banks, i don’t think he is scheming to cut eritrea into tribal entitlements to stay in power, i don’t think he staged a “democratic election” with 99.6% victory. to mention just a few gross crimes commited/being commited by the midget.

      this is not to praise afeworki, i don’t believe he has lost his mind. he is like sadam, it is not that he doesn’t understand his brittle position but he is unable to overcome his anger and pride.

      the spectre of war still haunt ethiopia as much as eritrea. woyanie wise guys/in mafia parlance// purr with pride how they destroyed amahras. it is the amahras with other ethiopians that destroyed amahra feudal system, including many eritreans. my advice to woyanie thugs is just calm down and/wait.

      the great patriotic ethiopians: tigrians had rejected woyanie. now the midget and his thugs in addis are cornered. his power base has been eroded dangerously thin.

      he is heavily recuriting among eritreans for his security. he doesn’t trust tigreans any more. he is in an advanced stage of preparing for another war. he suffers from episodes of panic and/paranoia, and many sleepless nights.

      many eritreans had sacrificed their life for ethiopia. a lot of mistakes were made on our side. it is more out of feudal/stalinist incompetence than any malice towards eritreans.

      we will be better off if we just concentrate on the issues of today, and the future. let us leave the past for historians. let us be pragmatic, handle the issues of the day with care and sound judgement not out of passion/emotion.

      let us not hate, let us live/and let live.

      let us be proud as ethiopians/eritreans, we deserve better than a failed state, let us reclaim our rights/fredom. let us fight the common enemey together.

      the only thing we lose is our dictators.

      • kaddis

        Shoan –

        The issue of Eritrea becomes hopeless when we see of your kind claiming being an opposition to Isayas. Read Eyob and awate staffs conversation for more emphasis.

        You prefer no election than fake elections.

        In fake elections; you can at least tell the woyanes – you are not capable of this and that …In Eritrea you dont even know if you can talk to the government on any issues let alone criticize. You have a fake nationality conditional to your religion. If you are jhova you are not entitled being Eritrean. As the Eri’s with wisdom put it you want to normalize the abnormal here. In any case..
        I wish you a great success in your next perfect election (if you are young enough to see one) – make sure it is not fake or violent either – hope the opposition do not freak out to enter the parlama (not Asmara) like ours. If you can not find the opposition office in Asmara – please call your doctor.

      • WegaHta


        To start with, I will take a ‘fake’ democracy than none at all, any day! No one, logic would dictate, no one could start exercising an impeccable democratic society, particularly with a 3000 years of fuedalism (or quasi). It is a process. You always start from nil. Today, neither Greece nor Italy can boast of flawless application of democracy notwithstanding both countries exercised it in their Repubblics over a couple of thousands of years ago. A TPLF member who was asked (before indepenence) how can they pretend to replace a feudal society by a democratic one with elections and all? He assured us that it was not gonna be a piece of cake, but it will be the greatest legacy of TPLF rule to have started the Ethiopian people on that direction. He said you cannot maim a child and deprive him of uttering a word until such time he speaks correctly. Neither will you throw a person into a swimming pool and expect him to perform instantly. There is a process. Ethiopians today are doing what is best for them, learning (who said learning was easy) that real power lies with them, may be not now but as soon as they practice enough and grasp the true meaning. Add to that 25 univeristy students who, we are told, will be 50 pretty soon and Ethiopia has by far a better hope for democracy than Eirtrea with its Warsai in trenches and the youth wanting to leave their home for uncharted waters, risking what they do.

        You say let us not hate and use an extremely offensive word ‘midget’ to a leader which when I compare with ours is a Giant (with a capital G or quasi). We have no university students to ensure a better tomorrow together with the people, we have young people trained to war. The Tigreans are doing sound work in Ethiopia which is evident to see today but are also demonstrating that they work for a long term vision of a country with much education and development, and yes democracy. With this do I absolve PM Meles Zenawi from a craving for power? No. But from Julius Ceasar to our days (Tony Blair being pushed out by Gordon Brown, inflexible G.W. Bush who may have constrained Al Gore to step back) power is the most coveted by some humans and the behaviour of most who exercise it is to cling to it.

      • Yemane Johar

        I hear you loud and clear! Well said brother/sister!

    • Sis Arwe,

      You rolled the ball to the net. What a magnificent and plausible argument it is ! Well done sis.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Dearest Amanuel,

        I am glad you agree. And many thanks for those kind words.


    • Yemane Johar

      b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo
      You are a Gem of hope and a voice of fresh air! I have being reading your post for quiet some time and i am so proud of your contribution! Keep it up sister!

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Dear Yemane,

        Many thanks for the kind words.


    • Saleh AA Younis

      Selamat Dragon Lady:

      When I read your writing, I feel like the sailors must have felt to the songs of the mythical Greek sirens. And sometimes (metaphor mixing alert), you are like the Dragon slayer and I am following your chase until I stop and notice, wait a minute, that dragon (“…plethora of articles which were penned by Eritrean intellectuals during the Badme war…”) looks remarkably like me. So the dragon is no longer mesmerized and the battle is joined.

      Although I am addressing b’Alti W’qatto, part of this reply will attempt to address points raised by Eyob, Ethiopian, Sara, Mahmoud, etc. We will, for the sake of argument, pretend that this has anything to do with the thread which is about our strongman in Eritrea.

      The Battle of Adwa is remarkable in the sense that it turned over people’s expectations: that whites always prevail over blacks. It was a huge psychological boost to millions of people of color (I hate that phrase.) But from a military standpoint, there was, as we pointed out tongue-in-cheek at awate’s facebook, “On March 1, 1896, one country with 100,000 well-equipped soldiers defeated another country with 18,000.” And if you have a vision that this was Ethiopians carrying spears and Italians with heavy artillery, just go to page 190 of Pankhurst’s “The Ethiopians.” (http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Ethiopians.html?id=8mNnXC_oVmQC)

      Now, before Eyob says, “aha! You Eritreans are the only people who don’t celebrate Battle of Adwa…” and before we accept that the Battle of Adwa was “the sweat and toil of the Ethiopian people” let’s drill down further.

      Eritrean conscripts fought on the losing side. And how were the Eritrean prisoners of war treated? Their limbs were chopped off (as opposed to the Italian POWs who were treated humanely.) Now, we–conscripted–are on the losing side and our POWs are treated savagely and we are supposed to overcome this personal experience, rise over it and say, “oh, well, it was good for black people all over the world?” We are human and we react like human beings do.

      Lady Arwe, you claim that this victory was the “sweat and toil of the Ethiopian people” is a bit sketchy. The major reason that the Ethiopian king was able to afford a well-equipped army is because of his conquest of Oromia. Are you telling me that the Oromos, who were dispossesed of their lands and taxed through the nose to finance the armaments, were then celebrating the Adwa victory? Can you elaborate further on what you mean by that?

      The “plethora of articles which were penned by Eritrean intellectuals during the Badme war” were not, as Lady Arwe says, “contemptuous, disdainful” towards the “people down south.” They were directed towards the rulers of Ethiopia. Here’s why:

      We had endured the tyranny of Haile Selasse, the tyranny of Mengistu, and now we were being asked to accept the tyranny of a partner. Sometimes, I wish that there should be mandatory courses that taught Eritreans and Ethiopians about what happened at Basik Dira, Ona and She’Eb. War is hell, yes, and terrible things happen in war. And as long as both sides are armed, people will accept one side using even chemical weapons (as Ethiopia did) to attack armed people. What happened at Basik Dira, Ona, and She’eb was the massacre of the innocent. At Basik Dira (11/30/1970), hundreds were rounded up to the local mosque (on the eve of Eid, by the way), the doors were locked, and the building razed. Survivors shot down. At Ona, hundreds of people were gathered up in their huts on December 1, 1970 (on Eid day, by the way) and their huts set ablaze and those who tried to escape the fire were mowed down. Women and children. The crime? “harboring rebels.” This was done by the sainted king of kings, Haile Selasse. Mengistu carried that tradition on 12/5/88 at She’Eb–400 innocents (again, nearly all women and children) were killed for “harboring rebels.

      These are some of the more horrific ones; there were many others at Hazemo, Elabered, Weki Duba, not to forget Massawa (in 1990) which was cluster-bombed. As some of our Ethiopians never tire of telling us, we are a small country, which means we Eritreans are one-degree-of-separation: everybody knows everybody which means these victims were all related to us. So given all these horrors, and given that, after independence, Eritreans were denied any closure by Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi (who told us not to open our scab wounds) and Isaias Afwerki (who told us that we should move on, “our curses are enough punishment”, he said) and then to learn that our former partner was going to continue the same tradition, except his would be uprooting and deportation of Eritreans? Yes, he apologized, and yes, we have a right to accept or reject his apology. What matters is, for some of us (including Mahmoud) the message is that when the s*&t hits the fan, Ethiopian rulers go after the innocent. This is not based on hate, it is a simple observation of recent facts.

      As for the screwdriver story, again, some of you continue to confuse Eritrea with a tiny subset of Asmarinos who, when they are not making fun of Ethiopians, are also making fun of fellow Eritreans who are not from Asmara. Actually, they make fun of everybody. Is this really unique to Eritreans and shows we have a superiority complex? There are millions of Indians who idolize the Brits. There are many Egyptians who still mimic the attire of their former Turk rulers. So what? At least Eritreans, unlike, say, Indians, did not say that our official language is Italian with local accent:-)

      There is also the usual confusion of independence and liberty. We have one (independence), we don’t have another (liberty), therefore goes the argument, it was all a waste. The armed struggle was clear about this: Natsnet (independence) and Harnet (liberty) were the immediate and long term goals. The fact that we don’t have liberty now does not negate our achievement: independence. To be independent from Ethiopian rule which we considered the last in a long succession of colonialists.

      If we are going to move on past this uneasy relationship we have, we need to have closure about the past. Unfortunately for us all, we can’t have that because we are always in a state of war. The next best thing we can do is what we are doing: talk, with some measure of civility.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Good to hear from you..

        You said,

        “…some of you continue to confuse Eritrea with a tiny subset of Asmarinos…”

        I made sure that everyone understood that I was talking mainly of these “Subset Asmarinos” in my previous posts. Especially on the thread that tells the screw driver story. Let me quote it.

        “….political and identity conversation between a disagreeing random Ethiopian and Eritrean. Usually, it comes down to Eritreans (Particularly Asmarinos) declaring how better and civilized than the Ethiopians are, because of their colonial past. ….”

        “…Many Eritreans, especially the highlanders, particularly “Asmarinos” prefer to flash their Italian “connection” than their “highlander, Abyssinian” identity, especially around Ethiopians, because they seem to believe that is a sign of their “superiority”. That’s what Ethiopians see and that’s what Ethiopians resent. Not the typical highlander farmers and church and mosque going elders and villagers…”

        So where is it that I lumped all Eritreans at the same time?

        As far as the punishment that Janhoy Menelik gave to Eritreans POWs, yes you are right. It was cruel. However, the rational behind it was, “..how could you serve a foreign invader against your own?..” I am not justifying it or agreeing with the punishment, I am just stating the rationale. Sometimes zeal does go overboard. I know that you know that. History is full of so many such abominable incident, that are overshadowed by the glorious tales, which happened at the time. In other words, yes the treatment of black Italian soldiers by Menelik was wrong, but that incident has overshadowed by his glorious victory over his mighty enemies.

        As far as Menelik “taxing” Oromos to the teeth and forcing them to fight, don’t you think you are stretching it a bit? One of the main Menelik’s genera’s, who was instrumental to win the battle of Adwa was Ras Gobena Dache, a ruler of Oromos, who had a conflict Menelik himself only few years prior to the Adwa Battle. Actually, he was the one that gathered the Oromo army and followed Menelik all the way to Adwa. I think you are going out of your way, just to minimize a monumental event, which you probably don’t care much to recognize the achievement.

        • Saleh AA Younis


          When I was a kid, the license plate on trailer trucks (I was going to say N-3 (enne-tre) in Italian but I don’t want to sound superior) was “te” for tesabi, amharic for trailer. In our part of the world, the people are tesabi: we go to war when our kings and queens, princes, warlords and dictators tell us: it is time.

          I was questioning Wqato Arwe’s “romanticizing” (to use the favorite word of the yg university alumni) of Ethiopian history. Wqato Arwe’s prose is smooth as silk, but it is really gauzy, like glamor shots, when it comes to Ethiopian history. What does she (and you, and Ethiopian) mean when you talk of Ethiopians during the era of Emperor Menelik? Are you talking of the Ogaden people? The Oromos? The people of the south? What I told you about how Menelik taxed the recently acquired territories (expansion, it is called euphemistically; when white people do it, it is called colonialism) to prepare for his war with Italy comes from the book I mentioned: “The Ethiopians: A History”, by Pankhurst, who is an an Ethiopianist par excellence. I think you should take your argument with him. If Pankhurst is not your cup of tea, here is another Ethiopianist, Harold G. Marcus who, in his “A history of Ethiopia” has this to say about Menelik preparing for the Battle of Adwa: (I am quoting at length to make sure I don’t get accused of quoting out of context, if you are in a rush, go to the last sentence:)

          “The expansionism of 1891-1893 helped to end the immediate crisis [famine] but also confirmed the shift in economic power in Ethiopia from the north to the south. Begemdir, Gojam, and Tigray, long fought over and often devastated, would never recover their earlier power, except in combination with Shewa. At Ethiopia’s center, the province was the geopolitical gate through which the south’s economic resources were transferred to bolster the north’s sagging economy and to ensure the continuation of Amhara-Tigrayan political and culture hegemony. More important was Menilek’s use of the region’s gold, ivory, musk, coffee, hides, and slaves to purchase modern weapons to defeat Italian imperialism.”

          It seems that history has given us stubborn Eritreans the task of being the thorn of Ethiopia as it pitches itself to the world as the enlightened corner of Black Africa. It is up to us to point out that “Ethiopia” meant Tigray and Amhara regions, with warlords pulling the tesabi, and the rest of the regions annexed by force (colonized but euphemistically called “expansion”); it is up to us to point out that, contrary to Ethiopia’s presenting itself as the center of pan-Africanism and free blacks, slavery existed in Ethiopia until the UK forced Haile Selasse to give it up; it is up to us to point out that an African (Menelik) participated along with Europeans in the scramble for Africa; it is up to us to point out that in all the wars it brags of winning, Ethiopia was a beneficiary of somebody else pulling the strings for its own reasons (Portugal, France (in the Battle of Adwa), Cuba in the Ogaden war, the entire Soviet Union satellite states in the war against Eritrea.) It doesn’t bring us (certainly not me) any joy to point out these annoying facts, but they are facts. As Sara pointed out, these are late-night debates we used to have with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) cadres in the 1970s that we thought were behind us, but every time you feel the need to knock Eritrean “superiority” or that our Eritrean identity is that of “identity by subtraction”, or based on “hate of Ethiopia”, we feel the need to point them out. And this is why when our strongman accuses the US of fighting Ethiopia’s war now, many Eritreans automatically believe him, no matter how crazy it sounds to your ears.

          Depending on which generation he is, an Eritrean will greet you by saying: “Alora?”, or “ahlen”, or “tadias!” or “kemey kemey!” Just like many of you Ethiopians find in this an attempt to appear superior, I find many of the behavior you show that of monolingual people (in the US, the monolingual types are extremely uncomfortable with anybody who speaks any language besides English) very rigid and intolerant and reveling in ignorance. In Ethiopia, if you don’t speak Amharic, they actually think that you are pretending not to know Amharic because you hate Amhara. (This is a different topic, but we have the same disease in Eritrea now, where Tigrigna has replaced Amharic and if you choose to speak, say, Arabic, you are accused of “wanting to be an Arab”, just like in the bad old days when you refused to speak Amharic you were accused of being an Amara-hater.)

          We named this website not Kebire, not Ibrahim Sultan, not Woldeab Woldemariam, but awate. It is named after Hamid Idris Awate. Awate became necessary not because we “hate Ethiopians”, not because we were trying to be Islamists or Arabist, but because we were, like a people colonized, looking for a national liberation organization, after we had exhausted every peaceful means to regain our dignity. We got it on May 24, 1991. The dignity is not, as Ethiopian dismissively said, the right to fly our flag (although that is no small thing), but the right to self-determination FREE from colonial occupation. We did; and now we have been betrayed by our strongman and his band of mafia thugs, and we are bitter, and we are trying to change it. We would like your understanding and support, and the best way to do that is to stop scratching our wounds.


          • Eyob Medhane


            I may not be as well versed as you are in Ethiopian and Eritrean history, but I think it’s a bit farfetched and “high on the sky” of you to say, and I quote, “…It is up to us to point out that “Ethiopia” meant Tigray and Amhara regions, with warlords pulling the tesabi, and the rest of the regions annexed by force (colonized but euphemistically called “expansion”)…” Hummmmmm…Don’t you think, Ethiopians have a legitimate right to tell their own version of their history, instead of you pointing it out to them, because history gave you a task to be their thorn? Ethiopians tell their history the way they believe it is correct, and you tell their history they way you believe it is correct. At the end of the day, though the relevant party is the owner of the history not those, who volunteer to tell the history on their behalf. That also goes for both Pankhurst and Harold G. Marcus, what they wrote is from their perspective not as owners of the history they wrote. Though, I have a great deal admiration for all three of you, I read and consume your writings with a bit grain of salt.

            I have no problem with different generation Eritreans throwing Italian or Arabic words here and there, when they talk. Heck Ethiopians do that all the time. The problem is, when they start to patronize me or to put it blatantly, when they try to put me down, because they believe the knowledge of those few foreign words give them a privilege to declare their superiority over me. Case in point, one of your bloggers Alhagiga. His evidence of civilized and urbanized society, who are superior of Ethiopians are Mechanics, bakers and political parties of the 40s and 50s.

            Atrocities have been committed in Eritrea by successive Ethiopian governments. That is well documented and extremely sad and dark fact. What many Eritreans conveniently forget and usually don’t mention is the same kinds of atrocities have been committed by the same governments in Ethiopia the same way. Villages were burned in Gojam, Gonder and Tigray for rebellion, by Haileselassie. People were executed in mass in Wolyta, again during Haileselassie for alleged cooperation, during the Mengistu Neway Coup attempt IN 1953. Do we have to talk about Derg’s atrocities on the Ethiopian people? Do we have to talk about Red terror?

            My point is both peoples are victims of these governments. Every time one talks about the era or discuss the history of the time wounds get scratch, because we all have wounds.

            Thank you~

          • Saleh AA Younis


            Tadias! Alora! MerHaba, keifek ya sayed! Kemey kemey!

            I hear you, friend. Although I keep addressing my comments to you, the intended audience is larger, really, and it is all the Eritrean history-revisionist, and the ones who get their thrills psychoanalyzing us, and saying that Isaias is not just a product of our diseased ghedli culture, but an even more terminal culture disfigured by Italian colonialism. So I hope you don’t take it personally.

            Yes, of course, history of a country should be written by its stakeholders. If, for Ethiopia, that means Ethiopians then I submit, for Eritrea, it should be Eritreans too. And not just Eritreans who hate their Eritreanness, and are ashamed by it, but Eritreans who, just like you Ethiopians are unapologetic Ethiopians, Eritreans who are unapologetically Eritrean. The two historians I referred you to are considered great Ethiophiles and, if anything, they are accused of being biased in favor of the perspective of the ruling classes of Ethopia. If you want all the stakeholders to write their pieces, well, here’s one that is completely at odds with the mythical “and Ethiopia” that I am not sure you will like, but it was written by a group who claim to speak for the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia:


            If somebody wants to approach me and say “nationalism” is passe, and we should look beyond that, then I am going to be open minded and say, “what do you got?” But if all they got is for me to trade my nationalism for theirs, one that disfigures Eritrean history and legitimate yearnings for independent identity by saying “artificially created”, “identity by subtraction”, “based on hate of Ethiopia”, and all other psychobabble, I am going to get off that bus. Not only am I going to get off that bus, but I will fight back which, incidentally, were all the “plethora of articles during the Badme war” that Lady Dragon mentioned were all about. They were not unilateral shots, they were counteroffensives. You can search in all our writings for weeks and not find anything that demeans the Ethiopian people, but there was plenty from the other side calling us (the Eritrean people) “banda”, “shift”, “little fascists”, “superiority complex”, etc.

            I am aware that the atrocities committed in Eritrea (Beskedira, Ona, She’eb, Weki Dba, etc) were replicated also in Ethiopia. The same year of the She’eb Massacre was the Hawzen (Tigray) massacre when the Derg bombed a marketplace. But don’t you understand, that was the cause for all our rage and fury during the Badme War: it was us saying, Meles, we expected this from Haile Selasse and Mengistu, but you?!?! Yes, I am aware that there were similar sentiments expressed in Tigray when the Eritrean Air Force bombed Ayder Elementary School, in Tigray. The difference is there was a debate that Ayder was accidental or deliberate: there was none when it came to Beskedira, Ona, She’eb, Weki Dba, Massawa and, yes, Hawzen.

            So, if we are going to move forward as a people, my request to Ethiopians is to resist the urge to call us an “artificial country”, “banda”, “identity by subtraction” and all that hulabaloo. It is in bad taste to come to a website named after the initiator of Eritrea’s armed struggle that was based on legitimate national aspirations and to dismiss our dreams.

            Lastly, one of the most common words used by Addis boys is “fara”–and it is used to dismiss somebody who is not up on his fashion, cuisine, arts, style, etc. The Asmarino attitude is simply the addis attitude, on steroids. Eritreans attitude towards Italians is mixed: it certainly was NOT adoration. (The biggest insult you can give an Eritrean is “lbi Tilyan”)

            Do not take the worst representations of Eritrea as the face of Eritrea. And if you do, do not be surprised when we do likewise.


          • Eyob Medhane

            Akam bult’aani.

            Salaamata, Sal Goft’a ko (You see I also can show off my language skills, just like you 🙂

            Of course I have no problem and objection, if Oromos tell their story. They certainly are entitled to it. As I repeatdly told you, however, My family are born and lived in formerly East Shewa of Shashamenne (Today’s Oromia), which gave me a great deal of exposure to the Oromo people, culture and language. What I can tell you is that there is no a general consensus of the Oromo history between the “Intellectual version, which you have given me the link for and the Oral history that is passed on from one generation to the other, which most of the every day people rely on. I am not saying one is correct and the other is not. I am just saying there are two version of the story that is being told by the stakeholders them selves.

            You certainly earned a right not to be be called “banda” or your country labled a “fake country”. I have never said that or alluded to that kind of sentiment. If I have, I am sorry. However, I reserve the right to defend today’s Ethiopians from being called “expansionist” “hypernationalist” “ultranationalist” “Chouvanist”….etc…

            About the Asmarinos and those, who Addis Ababan’s call “fara”, I will clue you in a little secret. Don’t tell anyone. Many Addis Ababans, actually believe that Asmarinos are kind of “fara” 🙂 They discribe them as, “Tight jeans with pointy dreas shoes wearing, Only with Teddy Afro songs dancing, ‘faras’. 🙂 (Don’t kill the messanger, it’s ‘Yarad Lijoch’, who say that not me…

        • WegaHta

          Eyob Medhane

          Further down in your post, I wish to thank you for stating that ‘My point is both peoples are victims of these governments.’ Villages were razed in Eritrea but also in Ethiopia. The Regime’s response to any dissent was razing villages no matter where the villagers may find themselves. This attests that there could be no lingering bitterness and hatred between the two peoples as they both shared the same horror.
          SAAY says his comments are intended for a larger audience and for that reason alone, in my modest view, it should point out that the horror that happened in Eritrea also happened elsewhere in Ethiopia, that it was the response of a regime to dissent no matter who, in order to be inclusive and binding.
          Today, we need men and women (particularly the very learned ones), who soar high and take us with them to a newer and better horizon! A new and inclusive today is paramount for a more just tomorrow. Scratching the wound and ‘with a measure of civility’ sprinkling a little bit of salt will do us no good at this point in time.

          we need leaders.

      • timnit


        Thank you for the well articulated address!

        “Sometimes, I wish that there should be mandatory courses that taught Eritreans and Ethiopians about what happened at Basik Dira, Ona and She’Eb….”…. and countless other Eritrean villages I personally witnessed, which were burnt to the ground by Ethiopians (regime one might say) in the late 70s.

        Not only does DIA and his goons expect the Eritrean people to act as feeling-and-memory-void super humans in the face of brutality, but we have “opponents ” of the regime bending backward to validate the baseless gripes of the “magnanimous” and “heroic” Ethiopian people. I don’t even know where to begin to address such an attitude. In any case, what is the use of relitigating established and settled issues of the past, when we have gargantuan tasks at hand in the present ?

      • wed garza

        Thank you Saleh; you are a living history and revived my memory with a profound feelings.
        Thank you Saleh.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    Reading Eyob Medhanie & “Ethiopian” makes a person (be it a Eritrean/Ethiopian that grew up in Eritrea or a Eritrean/Ethiopian that grew up in Ethiopia in particular in Addis) with a VERY sincere conscience sick to the stomach.
    If truth to be told, neither Eyob nor “Ethiopian” really know about Ethiopia let alone Eritrea & Eritreans.
    Here is why:

    One of the sad reality about the stoic, beaten up people of Eritrea & Ethiopia is the fact that there are these type of the Few (the Eyobs, the “Ethiopian” ) who don’t know that they don’t know that they don’t know!

    Let me leave “Ethiopian” from this rant for now.

    But Eyob Medhanie from his previous blogs stated:
    a) that he is married to an Ethiopian (nothing wrong with that since my siblings do as well but is he being bias for lack of knowledge or something else? Let us move on:

    b) He seems to sounding knowledgeable about Eritreans but the reflection of his train-of-thoughts, his hacking Eritreans off, are surely foot-printing a sign of total ignorance, even hatred. Eyob seems to hate Eritreans more than the Ultra-nationalist & politicized Ethiopians do. The reflection & attitude of his is purely legible. they say, your attitude determines your altitude!

    c) Eyob in his previous blogs also stated:
    that he is from Addis but he also said that he doesn’t know Addis the way we the street kids of Addis (from Eritrean parents, Ethiopian parents) deeply do. And that in itself tells it all.

    Remember if one is truly from Addis and who truly is from it-around it-orbit it, then one NEVER can be so blind, so oblivious, so dark-minded for not being able to witness & experience and tell-it-all-as-is:
    (i) how millions of Addis residents ‘ve’bn reduced to become beggars since the emperor era
    (ii) how millions of Addis residents ‘ve’bn reduced to become lepers since the emperor era
    (iii) how millions of Addis residents ‘ve bn institutionally destituted in both the mind & stomach and surrounded by the waste & pee that they released then… you have to question people like this if they are actually endowed with a healthy mind let alone conscience.
    (iv) how even the Ethiopian church moral institutions have even joined in the institutional theft & neglect of their dignified human citizens …

    (v) how the millions people of Wollo/Tigray were made starved in 1974 & again 1984
    (vi) how Dergue, in the name of revolution, had butchered tens of thousands of youth in the streets of Ethiopia (remember both Eritreans & ethiopians) and even had to demand compensation for the bullets it used to kill the youth…

    (vii) How Ethiopian soldiers sliced pregnant women’s stomach in half in the streets of Tigray, and in Eritrea
    (vii) how Dergue (ethiopian) soldiers strangled so many Eritrean youngsters with Guitar strings in the streets of asmara alone… forget about the country side. As a young kid i witnessed the air-bombardment of forto, Mendefera in Jan 1977.
    (viii) how Ethiopians youngsters (our childhood friends) were reduced to aboslute destituion in the streets of Addis and had to selll Qollo, Injera in the Gullits to survive.. some srtealth kids even made it and today proudly to say they are lawyers…

    These are the story of millions of ordinary Ethiopians. And countless Ethiopians (especially from Addis) can be forgiven for lack of their knowldge about what happened in Eritrea, the Eritrean struggle, that Eritrea was never part of Ethiopia, and the attitude, persona, characteristic of Eritreans. so forgive “ethiopian” for his lack of total

    But those Eritrean born like Eyob – what a skull and Idiosyncrazy. it has got be something else that pins them down. If he cannot feel the pain of millions of Ethiopians (alone in Addis) who have been made institutionally destitute in both the minds & the stomach, then what merit does he have to claim that he knows about Eritrea?

    sigh a sigh of relief and accept your ignorance and admit your arrogance. Stop pretending.
    Ignorance is a bliss my brother!

    • Eyob Medhane

      Ok..Usually I try to humor you, because a mumbler like you can sometimes get an entertaining. But, since you chose to dissect my identity, I’ll save you some time to go any further trying to figure me out.

      1) I never said I don’t know Addis. It’s a place where I was born and raised. I don’t have to know every ditch and every corner, where everything unfortunate happens to proudly claim that I belong there.

      2) I never shy away, NEVER to say that I am a proud ETHIOPIAN. Period. As I stated before, I have a family history that would make me even prouder to be part of Ethiopia. Find out what it means and who the Shashemenne and Yirgalem Eritreans are. Many of these Eritreans are those who are confident of themselves and refused to be “askari”, during Italian colonization. A decision that helped them not spoil their Abyssinian identity.

      3) I pay attention to and discuss Eritrean issue, because of family connection and a somewhat “enlightened” understanding of the issue that connection brought to me.

      Understand that?

      Sometimes, when you try to be profound and knowledgeable, it shows that you are a bitter man spitting his frustration out on everyone, who he thinks they have it better than him. I hope you got my drift….

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


        Serray sure will have a field day. You’ve finally spilled the beans. I thought you said you were an Eritrean married to an Ethiopian. And now you’re saying that you’re in fact an Ethiopian. Just to give you heads up, you need to buckle up really tight for the comments will be really bumpy.

        • Eyob Medhane

          My Lady,

          You don’t think I didn’t know that? Knowing the type of Serray, I know exactly what ticks them off. They spend much of their time dissecting who people are instead of what’s been said and done. …Ye you are right that I said I am married with an Ethiopian of non Eritrean origin, where as my parents are Eritrean origin. That’s where my reference of Shashemene Eritreans came from. You may have missed it, but this is the second time I clearly stated that I am in fact an Ethiopian. And actually once Saleh, sort of scolded me by saying “…If you claim a belonging a thousand miles away from your ancestral home, why not us?…” or something to that effect… 🙂

      • kaddis

        I live in Addis – but currently I know for sure only 60% of the town and usaually circulate around 30 %. Do not forget its a city of 3-4mln dwellers. This is not Sawa.
        The issue about kids and beggars in the street – nobody is denying they exist but the issue is what is being done as a remedy. There are programms run by the gov and NGOs. If you expect a reply as your eritrean gov spokeswoman on Aljezeera – saying the young is leaving Eritrea for thier aspiration to get an ipod – its crap. No denial here.
        As for Eritrea was never part of Eth – who do you think will be left out of history? Ethiopia? So what was Eritrea then? A country with out flag or province , Awaraja, federal state? – there must be a definition to it.
        The funny part is you got your independence in 91 and became a full country. That would have been a great sucess – but its not enough because it wont be complete unless Ethiopia suffers due to your departure. Trust me you can not speak about Eth as you used to – as if just a glance on the street or the newspapers is enough to know the country. May be read by sectors or region if you will.

  • another abesha

    The top-10 outlandish claims by Kim Jong-il available at the following website could have been that of Isaias Afeworki.


  • Fah-fah

    Issais Afwerki is Interior, Foreign, Information minister and spokesman of the Government of Eritrea. He is Totalitarian. No one can challenge him as long he is strong. He is strong because the people around him are weak. Abay alo eti Jigna hizbi zebahal?

    • rodab

      I find it funny when PIA references the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statements in his interviews when infact he is the author of every statement and every press release. Isaias basically uses the Ministries names as his nicknames to pick fights. Poor Osman Saleh probably doesn’t know about the press releases that are issued in his name – untill after he reads them on Hadas Ertra or EriTV.


    It is truly perplexing to read most of the comments disagreed with what the Eritrean president has to say. The truth is the Ethiopian government won’t eat their lunch without informing the USA, which is the truth. If you think the Ethiopians attacked Eritrea without the permeation and blessing of the USA, then you are nothing but a solid rock. Don’t you find it really strange the silence of the UN; the comments of Susan Rise and the announcement of the TPLF acknowledgment committing crime?
    What the Eritrean president saying is 100% the truth. It is your right to oppose what the man is saying but you have no right to dismiss the truth.

    • Michael

      You *****, who the heck told you if Ethiopians don’t eat their lunch before informing the USA? Is that the mad dog Esayas? I don’t understand why you prefer to dream a day dream with this ubud merahi HGDEF…don’t u at least try to remember all the lie he has been telling to the people since the day of independence…does he has the answer why he is killing our young brothers and sisters when they try to cross the border? do you have any idea the where about of our golden leaders of the generation? why is people shipping macaroni and pasta to back home, instead of industrial and agricultural machines? Please wake up before it is to late….NEFEZ!!

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      It shouldn’t be a brainer. It is rather a simple logic to comprehend. The reason the international community opted to give measured comments about the recent event in Eritrea is simply because Isaias is a menace to the region. Isaias is the culprit left and right. Isaias is an incorrigible leader who sticks his stinking nose everywhere and anywhere. As such, Weyanes action is justifiable in teaching him a lesson where he is too arrogant to put the blame solely on the Weyanes. You should also keep in mind that, the incursion is not going to let up unless otherwise Isaias chooses to behave.

      • HILLINA

        Dear Dragon Lady; you said

        “””Weyanes action is justifiable in teaching him a lesson where he is too arrogant to put the blame solely on the Weyanes. You should also keep in mind that, the incursion is not going to let up unless otherwise Isaias chooses to behave””””

        There is a difference opposing PIA and opposing what is the best interest of the country and the people.
        It is your god given right to oppose the government of Eritrea but to say the blunt crime against the nation is justifiable; well, what can I say, except You are an excellent writer bus sadly you are too shallow and naive on your thinking. if you oppose injustice then there are no exceptions. Injustice is what exactly happening to Eritrea.

  • Ethiopia attacked President Isaias Afwerki, not Eritrean army.

  • Hameed

    Dear Sara,

    You have proved to Isaias that you are a true cultist. You have quickly grasped the guidance of your god and started to practice it on me, but I would like to inform you that your bullet missed its target. Isaias with his full haughtiness told you that you are the winners and your enemies are in a total stress and nervousness. I knew the message of your stressed god before it reaches you, therefore when you practice it I reach to the conclusion how far you are hardly beaten person. In fact you are a distressed person and I feel sad to say it, but it is the reality.

    Today you have come to tell me that I am nervous and you said that my comments are out of the news on which we are debating. I don’t think I have commented out side the issue, the reason you have proved it by your comment above that concluded I am nervous. Such a comment from you directly is related to the advice your god has transmitted to you in his interview. He told you don’t divert by secondary issues, you are the owners of a sacred project that is called “Nehnan Alamanan.” Everything comes beneath this sacred project, the death of Naizgi Kiflu, the incursions of Ethiopia, the death of the youth, the Eritreans who rotting in dungeons, the misery of the Eritrean people, the refugees who were denied their homeland, etc. are secondary issues, therefore don’t miss your path for the sake of such marginal issues. If you are to drift with minor issues then you are not challenging, not only that but you are out of the sacred path that leads to the success of our project. This was the message of your god and you have already grasped it and started to practice it on the poor guy Hamada. Isaias will give a medal for your intelligence.

    Sara, you have to understand one thing, Isaias has made the whole world you enemies and I don’t think you are strong enough to fight such a big war. Isaias is guiding you to hell and you are telling him “Nikhid Nikhid Niqidmit.” You have to understand well that by this time you reached the suburbs of hell and you are drifting to it very quickly. When you reach your destination, the hell, please, don’t forget to comment. Surly, the people of Eritrea will thank you very much for giving them feedback from hell. Don’t forget to give a detailed report about hell and how you are doing “mekette” against the angels. Please, don’t forget to tell us about satan and the pharaoh of Eritrea. Sure, you are enjoying the play with fire.

    At last, please don’t forget to pass the warm greetings of the Eritrean people to Janhoi, Pol Pot, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Gadafi, and to all whom I forgot to mention their names.

    • sara

      i read and heard, about khazafi, Stalin , Hitler , Mussolini ,pol pot but never heard ..so. called Janhoi is this African, Asian, or Europe x leader, or is he/she some one, you only know?
      Hamada…Azizi, i know you have access to books and periodicals which i don’t, i would like you to see a recent released book called Body of secrets, by author James bamford and wants you to honestly come back to us with your thoughts in view of the on going discussion here at awate.

      • Hameed

        Dear Sara,

        I am not going to answer you like the hegdefs do. Do you know what they say to an Eritrean who don’t know the Tig-tribe language? They tell him, are you an Eritrean?

        The name Janhoi is famous name in Eritrea, mostly all Eritreans know this name. This is a name for Haile Sellase, the Emperor of Ethiopia. I don’t know whether this name is famous in Ethiopia or not.

        I am sorry to tell you, your boss has thought to be liars and I think you are perfect in it. You said that I have an access to books and periodicals which you don’t, then you forgot what you have written within seconds and you requested me to read a book which is recently released. The question is how do you reached and read such a latest released book? You see how you are a liar, but the problem is you become forgetting very quickly and this a sign of a disease called a’lzhaimr. It seems you are going to have disease early in your life. I advice you to stop lies and depending on others.

        • sara

          there is no tig-tribe, there is tigrina nationality (QUAWMIAT) as far as i know but there maybe a tribe within that nationality. as for they tell you ..are you eritrean if you don’t know tigrina, i am astonished to hear that.i myself do not speak tigrina with proficiency, and no one ever doubted my eritreaness, i don’t know where you are but where i live temporarly there are so many eritreans in the community and we all speak casually different eritrean languages and nobody asked or showed any sign of denying our eritreaness. you wouldn’t believe if you see those i know and mingle with except one nationality every one is around me… and i enjoy the mosaic, to an extent now i could talk three eritrean languages and also could communicate in one other language with basic every day used words.it seems you live where there are few eritreans and most are from one nationality, and if that is the case i really understand your feeling.
          As for the janhoi… is the x-king of ethiopia etc, wow …honestly this is not what i knew , i know the emperor… the king… haileslasie etc but not janhoi… of-course after i read your reply i asked one of my friends and she told me janhoi was not a commonly used, but is a word (title) in amharic etc… any way thank you for the input…the book… newly released, hameed… believe it or not i do not have access to such block buster books, i only have assess to books which are related to my profession, our library at work is huge but the only different printed material you see are newspapers, the rest are…… books, periodicals, magazines… papers… papers…. so no lie’s.

          • Hameed

            Dear Sara,

            What really we have in Eritrea are tribes and these tribes may affiliate to different large ethnic groups. For example, the tigrinia ethnic group includes those in Ethiopia specifically those in Tigray, therefore those in Eritrea are part of that large ethnic group. And you have said yourself there may be tribes inside the Tigrinia nationality, so since those in Eritrea are part of the whole ethnic group which is found in Eritrea and Ethiopia, therefore those in Eritrea are a tribe of the whole ethnic group. This is the reason I call those in Eritrea a tribe, and if Sara wants to confiscate the name and make it for only those in Eritrea, then this will be a kind of cheating.

            You know Nesu, Sara’s god, has engineered this things to complicate things in Eritrea. We have lived thousands of years in Eritrea as tribes and we will continue as tribes. The engineering of Nesu has created in Eritrea a big problem and to solve all the problems we have to drop all the engineering of Nesu.

            You know Rashaida is a tribe from the Arab nation. They descended from Harun Al-Rashid, the fifth Arab Abbasid Calif. He ruled Iraq from 786 – 809 AD. The Rashaida tribe also known by the name Zubaida, the wife of Harun Al-Rashid.

            If you tell the Arabs the Rashaida or Zubeidiya is a nationality they will laugh at you or will consider you an insane person. The Arab nationality has thousands of tribes and Rashaida or Zubeidiya are a fraction of that nationality. You see how your god, Nesu, is a liar and how far he is ignorant. He tried to fool the hegdfs and regretfully the fools believed the fool.

            I realized in you that you take everything to your size. If you are illiterate you think all the people are illiterate and if you are a liar you consider all the people are liars. The same continue with you in everything. I told you hegdfs criterion to be an Eritrean you have to speak the Tig-tribe language ( I hope not to be angry for using tribe after all my explanation).

            Concerning whether I live in a place where there are a few Eritreans from one nationality or live in the jungles of Africa is not a problem for me. There is one thing I know and I am sure you will also approve it that I read your mind set perfectly.

  • well said wedi afie we are always proud of you .A man is a man if he is always on his principle so is PIA unlike the woyanes sometimes they say something and they change it tomorrow.You people who are simply giving comments try to understaand history and my advice for you is to readthe book dirty works of the CIA in Africa i think that will giveyou the answer for who the US areand what is is their policy of kindling crisis and managing ,they are the most evil in the planet earth ,We shall see their downfall also like the british empire .As of us eritreans we are always ready to pay our lifes for our land under the leadership of wedi afom .Try to understand the situation pls on what areas are we going to talk with woyanes while they are illegaly occupying big chunk of our territory .FINAL AND BINDING WEDI AFIE IS RIGHT

    • Saba

      If Isias had blame you for the war, I am sure you have said “very well said wedi Afom” even if you know you had nothing with it. Why because he is “NSU”. One thing I noticed from the interview is he is running out excuses.

    • Seif,
      Shiekh Osama bin Ladin also died on his principles. So did Hitler ,Gadaffi …etc.,I am not sure how many of us read “the dirty works of the CIA in Africa “,However ,”WE”still prefer the dirty cia than the clean pfdj. I would rather have a “dirty”bread instead of a clean urine/p#@*p.And it is not that Isaias is a man ,it is we that are weak & galluble..

  • Alhagiga

    There is a great saying , that every society deserves the government they have, Isaias was a leader during our armed struggle ,under his leadership many military and political caders perished and liquidated those who opposed him,hundreds of young well educated members of menka where executed ,no objection or concern expressed by any leader from EPLF , what was happening in the field continued after independence , the EPLF failed to transform it self to civilian government which abides by rule of law , the same violent culture which we practiced in the field become the norm in our civilian life , we remember what happened to our war disabled fighters when they tried to demonstrate against the conditions in which they were living , they were gunned down in the streets of Asmara , to make an example of them , over 200 teachers from Islamic schools from all towns of Eritrea were detained nothing to be heard from them till now since 1995, in Senafe in 1997 the security come midnight to detain a man called Ali Gura veteran fighter of ELF , his wife tried to stop them as they were covered with balaclava to cover their face ,the women pulled the face mask of one of them and recognized him , the security guys shot the women which was seven months pregnant, they took her husband and not to be heard from him again , many atrocities have been committed in our country and every one seems afraid,timid , indifferent , self centered , opportunistic and with this attitude it is very difficult to get rid of cruel Dictator, change needs sacrifice and commitment and most of all trust and unity ,it is not good condemning Isias we have also to shoulder same responsibility for making him feel like small God , we as a society we have abandoned important values like JUSTICE,EQUALITY ,TOLERANCE, PEACE . LOVE for your country man/women these values bond people together and to live in peace .

  • Mohammed Aderob

    Strong message to all Eritreans who love their country!

    As all we know no body loves president Isyas and the way he behaves, however, be aware that this dictator is killing our national dignity and history. In the other hand, there is no doubt that Ethiopia is our rough neighbor that always dreams to conquer us – and this time Ethiopia is exploiting the weakness of the government that is deserted by its Warsay. But stay warned and don’t think that Ethiopia has a good will towards Eritrea and Eritreans!
    Therefore, all true Eritreans must be united and put our ideological differences aside and give priority to our nation. The only genuine way to stand by our own hands and legs is to overthrow the HGDF and its cruel leader. Let’s influence our brothers in the military ranks to overthrow this crazy man and to restore our lost dignity. Isyas will not go unless he kills Eritrea . And our country will be under woyane’s indirect control and we will live in total regression. Let’s overthrow Isyas and stay away from the dirty heart of Woyane!

    • Eyob Medhane

      With such kind of hateful, twisted, resentful and very dark attitude, towards 85Million people on the south of your border, which you will never be able to avoid living next to for ever and ever and ever, there is very little chance to see a different Eritrea in the hands of people like you than the current Eritrea in the hands of PFDJ…. (Oh by the way, those the “dirty heart weyanes” and their counter parts are very much closley related to you genetically, geographically and culturally. (I know, it drives you crazy, even to think about it, but that is a very shiny, shiny reality, which also can not be avoided…)

      • Well said Eyob,
        Of all the blander the Woyanees have made, no one can deny their success in proving how irrelevant Eritrea is to Ethiopia unlike their predecessors who misled both Ethiopians and Eritreans by exaggerating Eritrea’s important to Ethiopia. But of course it is not as though Eritreans went in to a 30 years war for independence without knowing those geographical or sociological facts. It is just that they hoped Ethiopians to remain as naive as when they sow us right after their good old colonial days..hence they envisioned Eritrea based on dominating the “back-ward and uncolonized Ethiopians”…then by the time Eritrea reaches destination ”independence” a lot has changed and reality hits home. they realize that they are no longer dealing with people farther south who knew them too little..emmmmmmm, now what next, cos even with Woyanee’s initial offer to to work together it is not going to be easy to prove all the myths Eritreanism is built on. the superiority, the invincibility, so what next? let’s stay on a war-footing and sing self reliance even if we can not win it, at least we would have an excuse for not proving those myths……………….
        I know a lot has been said about this by a lot of people and i don’t want to bore you with the obvious, but that is all there is to Eritrea’s dilemma my friend….Eritreans are fighting to reverse the irreversible!

        [From moderator: Ethiopian, isn’t it ironic that you are accusing Eritreans of the same sins that you are committing right here and right now? You claim that all Eritreans are guilty of having a monolithic and negative view of all Ethiopians. Setting aside whether that is true or not (and it is not; the 30 year struggle that you are mocking was obsessively insisting that our problem is not with the Ethiopian people but Ethiopian rulers), aren’t you blaming us Eritreans, all of us collectively? Why does every hyper-nationalist Ethiopian feel the need to play psychoanalyst when it comes to Eritrea?]

        • Dear moderator, we are not playing psychoanalyst, we are simply trying to understand what you yourself as an opposition don’t understand, why a small nation of 5 million would do every thing in it’s disposal to antagonize 80 million people it can not avoid living next to, if not with. I don’t care how you calculated your ”independence” but surely you didn’t expect us to shrink upon your arrival and Ethiopia is in every sense larger than Eritrea so what is that your little country is trying to prove to us beyond independence? that is all we are asking and I don’t think you would be crying from the opposite corner if you had the answer…and believe me you, any one would be forced to be a psychoanalyst when it comes to the irrational behavior your country has been known for.

        • Eyob Medhane


          1) I wish you’ll be able to see, while on the other side.

          Let me explain what I meant.

          You said

          “….You claim that all Eritreans are guilty of having a monolithic and negative view of all Ethiopians….”

          I agree with you. You are right. All Eritreans don’t think the same and don’t have the same view of Ethiopians. However, Ethiopians don’t see, hear from and get to know the view of these Eritreans. The loudest voice is of those, who scream arrogant and self inflated bravado of the myths the Ethiopian described. If you lived in Ethiopia and have political conversation with many Eritreans, that would be the core of the dialogue. The very strong belief of Ethiopians that “..Eritreanism means Hating Ethiopia..” Or the Identity of Eritrea is born out of hate of Ethiopia came from that.

          2) You said

          “…the 30 year struggle that you are mocking was obsessively insisting that our problem is not with the Ethiopian people but Ethiopian rulers….”

          You certainly may disagree with me on this, but for many Eritreans very little distinction was made between Ethiopian people and Ethiopian governments. Many Eritreans were told or implied to them that it was the Ethiopian people their enemy not only Haileselassie and Derg. Hence, the resentment of many of those, who never even met an Ethiopian in their entire lives. So I am not sure how much it has been insisted from the Eritreans side that there is a distinction between the Ethiopian people and their successive governments.

          3) You said,

          “.. Why does every hyper-nationalist Ethiopian feel the need to play psychoanalyst when it comes to Eritrea…”

          I think one should have a legitimate right to be whatever kind of nationalist for the country he or she belongs to, and harbor any kind of belief, as long as they don’t harm or threaten anyone. Aren’t the hyper nationalist Eritreans, who jump to dehumanize insult and degrade Ethiopians, in order to inflate their identity, let alone psycho analyze them? (I understand that most of them belong to PFDJ fan club, but still I believe that right should spread for all nations, don’t you think?)

          To conclude my point. I really do believe that awate.com has a responsibility that

          1) To dispel the wrongly held belief among Ethiopians that “..All Eritreans are the same and hate Ethiopia…”

          2)To understand that the cheap shots insults and excessive bravado mostly coming from some highland Eritreans throws Ethiopians off and make them see Eritreans in a bad light.

          3)The thirty years struggle is not seen the same way in Ethiopia as it is seen in Eritrea. Please understand that. I stated repeatedly before that, though I disagree with their objective, I don’t believe their sacrifice was in vain, because they helped to bury one of the most brutal regimes at the time. Not all Ethiopians see them that way, however. You need to remember the saying that “..One’s freedom fighter is a ‘shifta’ for the other…” You can’t make other people to have the same reverence for them as you may have.

          • awatestaff

            Hi Ethiopian and Eyob:

            Most of Ethiopian’s statement would not be objectionable if he put qualifier words such as “many”, “some”, “most Eritreans I read”, etc.

            The claim that “Eritreanism means hating Ethiopia” is something you (Ethiopian) need to spend a little time scrutinizing. If we ask Ethiopians to make a list of things they are most proud of, somewhere on top of the list would be Ethiopia beating Italy in the battle of Adwa, followed by Gura, Gundet, etc. In fact, if you look at historyorb and look for Ethiopian history, almost all of it is battles that Ethiopia was engaged in. In fact, we did it for you, check it here:


            Similarly, if you ask an Eritrean what s/he is most proud of (excepting for the Yosief Gebrehiwot outliers), the Eritrean armed struggle and how it prevailed over Ethiopia against all odds would be right on top. We take it that for an Ethiopian to take pride of Adwa, Gura, Gundet does not mean “Ethiopia defines itself by its hatred of Italians, Egyptians, etc”, does it? So why doesn’t the same courtesy get extended to Eritreans, particularly when our victory is so recent?

            When we told you about what the armed struggle preached (hate the Ethiopian regime, not the ordinary Ethiopians who are also oppressed by their rulers), we thought that was our way of dispelling the wrongly held belief among Ethiopians that “all Eritreans are the same and hate Ethiopia.” The “excessive bravado….” that you are talking about has nothing to do with the culture of Eritrean highlanders. You should know this because for most of our lives, Ethiopians told us that Eritreans and Ethiopians are “the same blood” so there is nothing inherently arrogant about our culture. And if there is, the same explanation would then have to be applied to Ethiopians, now, wouldn’t it, given the logic of “the same blood.” You are mistaking the PFDJ culture with highland culture.

            Finally, you do not have to view Eritrea’s freedom fighters the same way Eritreans do. It would be unnatural for Ethiopians to have fond memories of combatants who were responsible for the death of their brothers,fathers, and sons and dismembering their country. In time, all the wounds will heal (although, we are afraid, Ethiopian’s comments–perhaps said in anger–do not help.) Please try to separate Eritrea from PFDJ, otherwise, you are falling prey to the propaganda of those who say “Nehna-Nsu: We are he.”


          • Eyob Medhane


            I don’t know how long I can harp on this, but I want to make a point and please allow me. The point I am trying to make is that the chance is very rare for Ethiopians to hear a different point of view of Eritreans, which is different than the widely known views of the “hade libe, hade hizbi” crowd. Trust me. It is very limited. Please also bear in mind that a good number of these Erireans, who encounter Ethiopians are not necessarily PFDJ supports. Take the above commenter Mohammed Aderob, as an example. He hates PFDJ, but he hates Ethiopians even more. Therefore, for many Ethiopians it’s difficult task to distinguish between PFDJ supports and the rest, when it comes to hateful attitude towards them. So that may be the reason it is difficult for many Ethiopians to use “many”, “some”, “most Eritreans I read”, etc., as you recommended to describe Eritrean views.

            You are right Eritreans should proud of their heroes and their battles. But interestingly, as you thought they would, that is not what comes up in a political and identity conversation between a disagreeing random Ethiopian and Eritrean. Usually, it comes down to Eritreans (Particularly Asmarinos) declaring how better and civilized than the Ethiopians are, because of their colonial past. I remember a story I read about an Eritrean professor, who was educated in Ethiopia. He was in a panel right around Eritrean independence. He was explaining how Eritreans are different and better than Ethiopians. He came up with an anecdote of his college days in Addis Ababa. He said that, when he arrived in Addis he was roomed with an Ethiopian young man. Few minutes after he arrived, he realized that he lost the key for his luggage and had to break the lock, so he asked his Ethiopian room mate, if he had a ‘cacciavite’. The Ethiopian said, he had no idea what ‘cacciavite’ is, and the Eritrean was appalled and really felt sorry for him that this young man didn’t know what ‘cacciavite’ was. He eventually found a screwdriver and waived it on the face of the Ethiopian guy and said “you see, this is cacciavite..” and the Ethiopian replied “..No..this is Tebenja Mefcha. of course I know what this is, I would have given it to you, had I known you meant this..” The anecdotal story telling professor was going around and still telling that story, believing that, his former roommate from Ethiopia was so ignorant, because he didn’t recognize screw driver as “cacciavite”, but knew it with a different term in his local language. The good professor told that story after so many years, because he understood that incident, as an example of “uncivilized” behavior of Ethiopians. The irony is that not only the Ethiopian had proudly used a local phrase to describe a random item or that the Eritrean, who later became a professor went to a place, where people he seemingly looked down live to learn and go to school. I told this story (I believe by the way, I read it in one of YG’s articles) because this is a kind of attitude of many Eritreans, who Ethiopians encounter in Ethiopia and elsewhere. So, when you say that if Ethiopians believe there is no difference genetically and geographically between us, therefore, the “excessive bravado” I mentioned should be attributed to Ethiopians also, because of the virtue of the Ethiopians claim of similarity of our genes, I’d say that is false equivalence. Many Eritreans, especially the highlanders, particularly “Asmarinos” prefer to flash their Italian “connection” than their “highlander, Abyssinian” identity, especially around Ethiopians, because they seem to believe that is a sign of their “superiority”. That’s what Ethiopians see and that’s what Ethiopians resent. Not the typical highlander farmers and church and mosque going elders and villagers. I believe this is a good dialogue, which most of the time get overlooked. Sorry for the very long thread.


    “መመሊሱ ዝዓቢ ዘሎ ልምዓት ኤርትራ: ጭንቀታቶም’ዩ ኣዕሪጉ”

    ዲክታቶር ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ
    This is the one of his quotes from his recent interview. What development he is talking about? look his arrogance and still the people suffering of his regime.

  • Teshome

    I wish Ethiopia restored the Temporary Security Zone(TSZ).It was wise to demand it in 2001 as the mad dog will never sleep with a peaceful,tranquil rural area in mind.For Him it should be roamed with Tanks instead of tilling oxes.Peace is when TSZ restored,and the route to slipping out of the hell make shorter for the Eritrean youth.Let the tyrant rotten alone in the hell he created.

  • Nardos

    Didn’t know countries need permission from the USA to defend their people.

    • Alula

      Don’t believe everything you think you read! 🙂

  • Sam

    Man……this dude is the worst!!

    Worse than Sadam Hussein, Gaddafi, Stalin, or any tyrannical dictator you can think of except Hitler. Most dictators are satisfied with holding power by terrorisng their own people. But for this dude that is not enough — he has to terrorize people of other nation as well! So many nations to encompass an entire region and a nation across a completely different continent! Wow!!

  • Sam

    He is befuddled a country would attack terrorist camps sponsored by an outlaw regime?? Ohhh it makes sense…he is a crazy terrorist, what else do you expect!

  • Gudus

    I dono some ppl still watching that mad dog’s interview on that none sense satelite.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    The gaunt-looking and paranoid Isaias says, “We will not be dissuaded or talked into destructive venues as our eyes are fixated on specific goals we set out to achieve”. Isaias was responding to a series of staged questions presented to him during the recent interview with Eri-TV. The recalcitrant Isaias never changes. He has perfected the art of lying. He is not capable of telling the truth as if “the center for truth” in his brain is atrophied.

    As I tried to make any sense out of his run-away mumbling, I couldn’t help but wonder, what could be the goals that he is talking about? Are the goals keeping the Eritrean people hostage ad infinitum? Are the goals hemorrhaging Eritrea of her young and productive citizens? Are the goals to isolate and insulate Eritrea from the real world? Are the goals to see Eritrea bare naked of her dignity and pride? It is just unbelievable.

    The reporter is terrified. One could clearly see that, he keeps nodding his head in a coerced agreement to what ever Isaias says. To be on the safe side, he would address Isaias as “K’bur President” with every question that would even met with emphatic refusal to elaborate or answer. It is only Isaias who has the licence to say, “I don’t want to talk about it” even though it is the people’s right to know about a national matter of a dire gravity.

    Isaias is displacing or projecting his failure and misery on the Weyanes as if the world stops functioning with out him. He inflates the specific goals of the incursion to a non-existent dimensions as if the attack was designed to weaken his grandiose goals.

    He says, hassadat qeniOm’lna. Why would any nation be jealous of Isaias’ Eritrea when he is isolated like a quarantined entity. Why would the world be jealous of him when Eritreans are roaming the world in search of a better place but in Eritrea. Why would anybody envy him when he is a cruel sadist second to none. If he has any sanity left in him, the incursion had specific goals: To teach him that might overrules the rule of the jungle. If I could borrow a line from one of his lieutenants in Diaspora.

  • Endawit Obahara

    I still fail to understand Isaias. Why does he do and say things that harm him at the end: he dishonored his honor by denying what he once said on Video for all to hear and see, for example! What kind of demon has possessed my olf friend to say things even the super powers of the world cannot say without being called riding their high horses. what kind of fantasy-land does he talk bout while ruling a people with an iron fist and in the most hellish manner and still thinks he has a goal to reach and there are others who follow him regardless why. What is preventing him from seen that he is destroying himself and the poor people of Eritrea? The end justifies the means: means lies and murder, and ends selfdestruction and the destruction of a people who are ruled by a self-destructive man that destroys them as he is being destroyed by his inner demon. May God save the people of Eritrea from destruction.


  • Michael

    Esayas is a mad dog….always bark, but never bite. He has never been a man and will never be… His tenure is at the hand of weyane and they surely know if they want, they can avoid him in less than 24 hours. Let us pray, they remove this blood sucker parasite from the back bone of Eritreans sooner. Otherwise he and his few followers will work day and nigh to harm Eritrea and Eritrean. God bless Eritrea!!

  • awatestaff

    According to Isaias Afwerki, the fact that the Western media reported on Ethiopia’s attack on Eritrea on March 15 is evidence that the “big media corporations funded by the CIA were employed to disseminate and fan up” Weyane’s press release.

    Yesterday, Isaias Afwerki gave an interview to Eri-TV. Today, the following “big media corporation” have reported what he said:

    Reuters (Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, and hundreds of news sources that subscribe to Reuters feed)
    CBS News
    AP (San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, Seattle Post, and hundreds of newspaper that subscribe to the AP feed)
    Washington Post
    Huffington Post
    Jerusalem Post
    etc, etc, etc….

    There are only two possibilities. The CIA funded the “big media corporations” to make it look bad. Or, the other possibility, Isaias Afwerki is being delusional. Because we want to be “objective” and “neutral”, we will just say now, that either one is a possibility:-)

    PS: We also reported it, before they did. But we are not funded by the CIA. We are funded by…shush…we will confess in binary code:
    01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110101 01101110 01110100 01110010 01111001
    Don’t tell anyone!

    • rodab

      The CIA funded western/eastern news organizations to report woyane’s attack with ‘sbret zena or breaking news’, and now the same agency is funding the same news media to report on the President’s interview.
      Clearly, the CIA has crossed the line and has gone too far!

      • John

        wake up dreamer.

        • mehreteab

          emo dea haile ayer eritrea awafirna. nezom tselaetie hezbie eritrea hamed zeynegebrom.

      • sara

        Apart from the CIA there are 16 intelligence agencies working and by extension there are so many …called NGOs one way the other involved in this , to name few//the american enterprise, the national endowment, the american new century, the international republican institute, national democratic institute, freedom house..think thanks foundations, etc.etc.and many shoddy corporations.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Remembering when EPLF was sent by Americans to hunt democratic elements, I laugh a lot by your words above. Who could explain to you that PFDJ only fail to be friend with all the world including who brought them up like CIA?

        • zegeremo

          Hi Sara,
          Tell us something we don’t know other than your real ego problems with CIA and voiceless Eritreans.

  • wed. garza

    Please read the word “failed” as absolutely “succeeded”, then one can grasp the substance if any. He says frustration that’s why Ethiopia hit him, what about the one who failed to respond to protect his realm and territory? = hundred times frustrations.. degraded, relegated below the existence as a state!! shame as a leader to say the least.
    He quoted among his known qualities though disgusting nature of his as per se; lyining, denial , pretense and deception to U.S.A Amninistration at least he shares it.

  • yax

    Isayis thinks American behind the march 15 attack that’s really funny AHIYAWEN FERTA DAWLAWN

  • hailemichael

    I think that IA has not learned the lesson of not to say never. We like it or not we are out of Badime, and the sun is still up there! By putting himself into such a narrow corner, I fail to see the wisdom other than sheer emotional chaos. No need to say there will never be negotiation, none at all. Does Eritrea have the wherewithal to defend such a position? We have seen far too much to bet on the optimistic. The only solution now, due to unstable opposition, is a military takeover that would put down a firm timetable for transition. IA is in a tight corner. Too bad.

    • Truth

      lol military take over huh? Great idea…how about you try that and see the outcome. I would love to see what kind of army you are referring to. Maybe you could lead this “army” or join it. I will sit back and wait on your plan to come to fruition.

      ps. dont even dream of including the eritrean army because they would never turn on his excellency president isaias afewerki. not on a million years. but please let me stay quiet and await this “military takeover” you alluded to.

      • hailemichael

        Dear Truth, with due respect:

        I can understand your zealousness getting ahead of you. Calm down, relax and take a deep breath. IA is a dead beat. He is a finished story lined up for the trash recycling bin. Trust me, I say this as much sobriety as I can muster with all my life. He is in a dead end. He said “there will never be….” to seal his fate. Eritrea my find a way other than his, to settle the boundary issue with him long gone. His declared enemy is the USA! Eritrea WILL never prevail over the sole super power under the current conditions. The USA will be able to prevail over Eritrea under any conditions. He is in a position where his nation’s territorial integrity has been violated left right and center, and is unable to find a single voice that would lend support. It is a desperate situation. He is in a death spiral, either he would take us down with him else the only organized force that could salvage the basic control over our country, the armed forces, could remove him and institute a transitional period. This window of opportunity may not be there for very long. Please refrain from small talk. The situation is dire and when you hear some one say “never” in a manner beyond their means to implement, that means they have lost control. Think again, IA is finished. A matter of time.

        • Truth

          Like I said before the eritrean army are with him. Dont be delusional in thinking they are otherwise. You people have been saying he is over for 10 years now…some even for 20 years! And you continue to say this every year. He is right to say no negotiations will never happen, because they shouldn’t. Eritrea and Ethiopia both knew what they were signing. They knew that it was final and binding. They knew that any reversal of the agreement or refusal of the agreement was not an option. They knew that it is illegal to do so and that economic, political, and military pressure would be enforced onto the the country that breaks this agreement. Its all there for you to read. Both knew all this and signed the agreement. 10 years later, it is still not implemented because of Ethiopia. That is the only issue. The Commission must come in and demarcate the border on the ground but Ethiopia refused this. Ethiopia wants negotiations which is illegal and breaks the terms of the agreement! Eritrea complied with every article of the agreement. It is at no fault in this issue.

          • zegeremo

            Your point is, pointless!

  • Truth

    Jigna Isaias!! You tell em! We are going to continue to stay on the right path of development. No negotiations period! When a man breaks into your house and occupies your couch and that man wants you to negotiate in order for him to leave is the stupidest thing ever! There is a reason why it is called final and binding! Negotiations in any form are forbidden in the agreement. Woyane can kick rocks!

    “There has been any negotiations, there aren’t any negotiations, nor will there ever be an negotiations with Woyane” Point blank!! Shoot down any rumors in one phrase. Clear cut and to the point.

  • XYZ

    But who cares any more about what Isseyas says? He’s irrelevant as far as solutions to the problems he helped create any ways.

  • asmerom habte


    [From moderator: lower case, please, asmerom.]

  • danny

    I just cant watch Isaias’ interview any longer. Every interview is the same… the same set up, the same interviewer, the same topics and the same response to the point of hearing the same words over and over again. It is like eating a poorly cooked Habochboch day and night for the last 20 years. Boooooorrrrriiiinnnggggg!

    • Truth

      then dont watch it. no one forced you too..

      • zegeremo

        It is a sad fact that you and the president are suffering from foot in mouth disease.

        • Truth

          He’s not just my president. He is the President of Eritrea. The most beautiful country on earth…but you wouldn’t know that, because you either never been there or you have been there in decades. Can’t be mad at stupid person for being stupid…

          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of the confused YPFDJ brats.

          • John

            yea beautiful prison on earth where there is no rule of law.

          • The most beautiful woman no one wants to touch, the most beautiful every one is running away from…does she exist?..

          • sara

            He is not only the president of Eritrea. He is the leader of Eritreans.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Truth, you and me had a lot of arguments till we came to some agreements if you remember. why don’t you relax and leave the real people say it?

          • Truth

            Ahhh Kokob Selam! My friend, long time no see. Yes I haven’t forgotten our arguments. As you can see from my first comment all i said was “then dont watch it. no one forced you too..” thats all. Nothing confrontational. Just gave him some sound advice. If he feels that way about the interviews then the logical thing to do would be to not watch them anymore. He was acting as if it wasn’t his will to do so. If he enjoys them then he should watch it but if he doesnt then leave it alone. He can change the channel. That is all i wanted him to know. But zegeremo decided it was appropriate to give insults. I think you should have a word with him! Hope all is well.

            Yes you are right , but I included all Eritreans when i said Eritrea.

            b’Alti W’qatto Arwe :

            “says the person who thinks there is no dictatorship in Ethiopia”

            your country has enough problems of its own. Take care of them first..

            And people please please, as flattered as I am, I’m that important for you to give me all of you attention. Thank anyways.

  • danny

    Isaias belongs in a mental institution. It is a tragedy he is in a position of power.



    [From Moderator: Samson, please use lower case (including in your name). Netetiquette 101: upper case signifies yelling.]



    [From moderator: please use lower case; do not capitalize everything.]

    • John

      your master is the dictator. there is no dictatorship in Ethiopia.

      • Hanetay

        You don’t know ethiopia or you are refusing to know…

        • mehreteab

          samson and hanitay. nay reasikum giberu. ethiopia kea nayreasa tigber.
          i hope both you are forwarding this message from one of the western country where you are living in confprt while the miskinay hezbie eritrea is in a life not even betterthan hell. what that surprised me is, thos who lived in realtively minimum relaxed life style is three kind of people.
          1. those wha are assisted be thier family in the diasbora.
          2.those who are in the raw of HGDF
          3. who those are running a controband a corruption and have participating in any kind of black busness.
          my friends other than this above mentioned, all are in misery. asha dehan alo zemed asha kefeuwo alo. but those diasboras, please do us a fevour, we now that you are far from the flame, how ever if you don’t mind the suffering of your people, please be away. other ways please don’t [put a gasoline on our ollready kanza,. if you are wainting to see a an eritrean Mohamed Bouazizi, you are foolish, you may remember the how the life is back in 1990-92. the eritrean people had suffered more than even this, but no one has commit a suecide. ab akria gejerte maytemenay sembel gejeret. kindey reana. gin what makes this worst is , this is come from those we called them yehwatina. if i would sustain in life passing all this conspiracy and “abesa” which is commited arround Akrea BY THOSE OF HGDF KADRETAT i will write a book. by the way if the eritrean revolutionj is going to spark, it is in not in tiravolo not in maytemenay or sembel, it is either in akrya or godaife.

  • asme

    This laughable notion of “Ethiopia is retreating” reminds me off a religious tale i heard from my grand fathers. The tale goes likes this:there was a fight up on the heavens when God created the universe, Satan along few other angles, instigated a mutiny against GOD. Then a fight broke out up up on the heavens. One party lead by the arch angel Micheal to save the throne of God and the other side led by Satan. When the party of angles led by arch angel Micheal start to win the battle and chase Satan and his followers down to the Etorotos( shiol), Satan, the source of all evils, the father of all liars- scream and said ” God is retreating along with all his angles”.

  • Hassan

    “we will not be diverted from the path we are on.” which is humiliating, oppressing and killing of the innocent Eritrean people.

    • Hameed

      Dear Hassan,

      Isaias said in his interview, “we will not be diverted from the path we are on, the path that led us to many success.” He didn’t say for humiliating, oppressing and killing of the innocent Eritrean people. I wonder from did you bring this explanation. The point you quoted from the interview of Isaias was the main message of his interview. He intended to restore confidence to his worshipers who were shocked by the issue of Naizge Kiflu and the attack of Ethiopia by telling them don’t divert from your main path that we designed decades back and established for us a firm success. Don’t go astray from the main project of “Nehnan Alamanan”. Don’t be distracted with issues that take you away from your main purpose. If you diverted with some skirmishes then you will lose your way and perish.

      The shocked rat came out of its burrow when it felt that it is on the verge of losing its worshipers. The traumatized rat came out to say to its followers your project is more valuable than Naizqi Kiflu and limited skirmishes. If you are to be distracted from your main project with secondary issues, then you are not challenging. As usual we should have patience and bend when we face violent winds. A tree that doesn’t bend in front of storm will be broken.

      • Hameed

        Dear Hassan,

        Isaias came out from his den to say, your “Nihnan Alamanan” project is more valuable than the perishing youth in the deserts and seas, it is precious than those who are in Era Ero, containers and underground cells. Your project is more dear than the refugees and the hungry Eritrean people, therefore don’t be shocked; we will succeed. I advice you to be cooooool and to have composure.

        • Hameed

          Dear Hassan,

          Yes, they want to succeed on the expense of the Eritrean people. Isaias sees Eritrea as his property and to those who serve him. Yes, they in mission of destroying the Eritrean people. They dream to build their kingdom on the expense of the Eritrean people.

          All who seek for change should understand that Isaias will not move an inch from his project and those dream that he may give in to negotiation are under an illusion. Isaias without force will not leave Eritrea, he is waiting for the fate of his friend Gadafi.

    • bla….. bla……

      you should say “we will not be ONE from the path we are on.” which is humiliating, oppressing and killing of the IGNORANT Eritrean people”……

    • sara

      i am curious why hameed gets nervous when sara, abudi and hassan write positively of eritrea and brings issues not related to the news or articles under discussion, and he goes on to write a marathon of replies with dear this, habibi that…

      • Hameed

        Dear Sara,

        I am also curious why Sara gets nervous when Hamada gives details and exposes the real mentality of Isaias and worshipers.

  • turi

    Issayas gives to much importance to himself. In international politics he is nothing, zilch, Nada and nonexistent.
    The guy must be really delusional!

  • mihretab

    what a sham full eritrea,atum sebat etie zelenayo bealina ina nifelto, harbituna alo chenikuna alo nigebro siena. abey zelo angaf kea halewlewlewlew lew lew lew endabele ay kumneger ay meshak. ayee eritrana.the youngest country eritrea, our country, becouse of your insane leadership, your destiny becomes a hell, shamfull leadership, he always fight with SIA, look last time ther was no electric power for 24 hours arround akria, maytemenay, half Aeradizo, edagahamus and the visinty of sembel and godaief(good life) this is becouse of CIA. all the month of marchbecomes a hourable cold during night and mrning, this also is a conspeiracy of the damn CIA. Esu wala negerkie ayteberehenin.. akemakima chogrkie ewin teina kemezeyrekebkie eyu zeriena. ehi eydehankin dikie esu. halewlewlewlew tibil neza hantie zelatina asmerino shikor bebomba nay CIA mahres adizagir keytemsilelna, timewit intedeakoinka beynika telie oke do.

    • mahari

      dear mihiretab you need to correct what you insult and what you want inform is nothing so you must go to school to know more

      • John

        what school? how about you? why dont you go to school? I love writing in tigrigna in my language. Hope one day awate will provide access Geez for us who never went to school of English so that like mahari would never insult my country man. XXXXXXX.

  • Selam :- Brothers and sisters Awatista, the man called Isayas Afewerki is a certified liar. Every of his speech for new year is a complete lie. Doesn’t matter what happens between our country Eritrea and Ethiopia, he would never tell us the truth as he did during the war of 1998 – 2000 and the truth is that this war was his fault, it was provoked by him. In reality, Badme has never been the flash point of the real problems, he only chose it because it was administrated by Ethiopia. In 1997, he wanted the Ethiopians to get their currency into a one to one rate with Nakfa. This meant to control the Ethiopian economy fully but the Ethiopians never agreed. Isayas only wanted to control the economy of the horn of Africa and this is why he started the wars against Sudan, Yemen because of the Hanish Islands, Djibouti and of course Ethiopia. And the truth is that he lost all of those wars. Now the Ethiopians told the truth and said that they attacked three camps inside Eritrea. If they wouldn’t have told us, is there any one who believes that Isayas and his PFDJ would be the first to tell us that Ethiopia attacked those camps? Who believes that has to be retarded. The truth is that wedi Afom is really sick. He isn’t normal but just a crazy man. Who could forget that in 1998 he told that Ethiopia invaded Badme but in reality, Badme was occupied by three of our Eritrean battalions. Administration doesn’t mean loosing the territory, you can get it back through international border laws. And the international judiciary said that Badme is ours and we weren’t surprised because we knew that Badme is our territory. But the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission also said that the war, in which we lost 20.000 of our brothers and sisters, was our fault, and they are right. In our country there are people who play it down because of the compatibility of language. It has nothing to do religion because he never was a Christian, he is just a Maoist communist and if people can’t define between good and bad, if there are people who ignore the suffer of others, they already are on the route of ill.


  • I was kind of puzzled by Isais’s assertion of “specially the people Tigray”, then a minute later I bumped in to a recently released Ethiopian video by ex ethiopian oppositions in Eritrea that exposes how Shabia eliminated all pro-unity Ethiopia ‘forces’ and replaced it with Tigrian liberation front…. emmm, So much for his leadership experience he actually thinks splitting hair is easier than dividing hairs.

  • this retarded ex-askari is acting as though he has a border dispute with the USA rather than Ethiopia..his child like psychology of trying to portray himself as some thing relevant to the US is laughable to say the least..

    • mahari

      do you mean you dont know about ethiopia? if you dont know let me tell you about that.ethiopia is a country under usa and move by the remot control of washington.

      • kind of the same with what Eritrea is to Qatar, but at least it takes more than just a phone call for Ethiopians to release white prisoners they accused of illegally entering their country…you see they took them to court, they made them suffer, and they haven’t yet released them and even if they do, it is according to the law of the land that allows pardon, but what did your defiant and self reliant ERITRO do with the british sailors? release them upon a phone call from the Amir of Qatar. even worse It was the Qataris who got thanked for it…….com on hypo, where is your self denial, oooops reliance!

  • Fenkil

    As th great dictator said Ethiopia is defeated and it is retreating while Eritrea defeated it. Also thousands of Ethiopian soldiers surrendered to the EDF near the border. This means, because Ethiopia has retreated Eritrea will have Badme back as an Eritrean territory. A nice explanation out of the blue. Isyas is really a prophet of the highest calibre.

  • Hasab Rebi

    What a matured and wise explanation is this!!!!!!!!!Absolutely true, Ethiopia is retreating!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Our commen world enemy are the special interst group from USA and most of them are Israeli and he is right.

  • totlly from 3 military camps atleast 2800 eritrean soliders must have died,more 1400 wounded and 4900 catched up by ethiopian soliders.the eritrean military movement has a full information that ethiopian journalists(military)have pictured thewhole operation with video.if isayas gives adistoted information ethiopian government may transmite the whole operation and casulities to the internationaledia.

    • mahari

      have learned man this is never can be if eritrean soliders died do you know the retio can be like this if 1 eritrean solider died 100 ethiopian soliders will die at that time.this is true of eritrean history even the 1 die by the help of usa you know it so dont decieve your bady man.

  • what is better people ? isayas is always denying.the answer is like mali.keep the near qudeta.

    • The answer is no.We have no such politic culture in Eritrea.We are not like Ethiopia,Sudan and Kenay.the point are full of stop here!!

      • Eyob Medhane


        Are you telling me that “peaceful power transfer is the norm of political culture” in Eritrea? For heaven’s sake, Eritrea was under colonialists, until 1952 and after federation was done away in 1961 /62 it had only a resistance movement, not it’s own government, which couldn’t enable it to form a history of peaceful power transfer vs Coup de etat…..And according to recent article, which we have read on awate couple of days ago, oh….there was plenty of coup going on the these resistance movements. Hence, if you count the resistance movement as a government and its members as the entire people of Eritrea, yes. Eritrea had a culture of coup de etat, just like those bad bad Ethiopians Sudanese and Kenyans. Therefore, my brother whip out that experience topple the heck out of Isayas and be, as you put it like “Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya”…Try it. It’s fun. Those people in Ethiopia Sudan and Kenya, they love doing it now and then. It’s like their hobby, y’know. Once you get the hang of it, you really wanna do it, over and over and over again. If you want a lesson how to do it, grab some Ethiopian Sudanese or Kenyan off the street, and ask them how it’s done. They have an instructional manual, they will give it to you….

        • Timnit

          Let’s not fall for the diversionary traps that are being set by some in this forum and focus on the problem of our times. The issue of Eritrean identity and territorial independence has been already settled, and no amount of revisionism or hyper-analyzing will reverse that reality. Our only problem now is to figure out how to unseat the brutal regime of DIA. Let’s press ahead and let historians labor over the past!

  • Kibrenegest

    Hmm.. So Ethiopia is retreating, … a nice explanation!!!