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Eritrean Resistance Forces Need An Effective Umbrella

After almost a year-long polarization, the National Council (NC) of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) will convene an emergency meeting in Ethiopia from December 15 to 19, 2014.

The NC is composed of 127 members, 19 of whom are not available: some have resigned, some have died and some are unreachable.

On December 1, 2014, The EC issued its final call for all NC members to attend. As of last week, 91 NC members have confirmed that they will attend the emergency meeting.


In 2012, the Executive Committee (EC) of the ENCDC formed five subcommittees to represent it in their respective zones in the Diaspora. Some of the leaders of the zones began to act independently from EC by creating autonomous power bases. Consequently, a conflict was ignited between the EC and the subcommittees resulting in polarization between the leadership of the National Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The ENCDC, which was instituted in November 2011 and has a two-year mandate, has been completely paralyzed for over two years.

In the summer of this year, a preparatory committee (PC) was formed to schedule the second congress of ENCDC.  Again, due to differences over technical issues within the ENCDC, it was unable to perform its mandate.

Some argue that the lack of progress is understandable because the ENCDC, a large resistance umbrella movement containing diverse Eritrean political and social groups, is the first of its kind.  This comes even from those who rate its performance as appalling. 

Since its formation, the NA has been ravaged by rivalry. Still, many of its members have shown extraordinary commitment in protecting it, seeing it as a unique achievement and a significant milestone in the long struggle for the democratization of Eritrea.

Vocal critics have dismissed the ENCDC.

Regardless of the reasons, it is clear that the ENCDC has failed in providing the leadership expected from it and inadvertently created a vacuum within the Eritrean resistance camp. This, in turn, encouraged the formation of tens of ineffective, but otherwise well-meaning Diaspora based entities.


One of the reasons for ENCDC ineffectiveness is that, immediately after its formation in Hawassa, another group was launched in Debrezeit. The youth who were supposed to be the torch bearers of ENCDC now had a new platform: the “Debrezeit youth conference” which contributed further to the fragmentation of the Eritrean opposition forces.

Exacerbating this was the aforementioned conflict between the Executive Committee and the zonal sub committees.

The ENCDC’s EC offices are based in Ethiopia. This has been the cause of much vilification by rival forces who live in Western countries, mostly scheduling their activities around their vacation and retirement goals, while the Addis Abeba-based opposition are full timers.

Now, with the rank-and-file applying strong pressure, the spokesman of the NC has issued positive and reconciliatory statement confirming he and his team will attend the emergency meeting.

What Next?

The agenda of the preparatory committee is future-oriented. Still, if past performance is an indicator, there is fear that the meeting will devote most of its time to discussing history instead of planning for the future. The facts show that the differences have been discussed exhaustively over the last two years on public media and further bickering is unlikely to resolve the dispute.

The NC would be well-advised to encourage its members to overlook minor differences, rise to the occasion, assume responsibility, and help the ENCDC move forward.

Transitioning to democracy after decades of tyrannical rule is not an easy task, but that is a road the opposition forces have chosen to travel.

Bringing diverse people from different political persuasion and social background is not an easy task; we hope the experience of the past helps those participating to be magnanimous enough to help advance our common goal of salvaging our people and our country. This is a historic opportunity and taking advantage of it could help us redeem ourselves of past mistakes and move on with resolve, commitment and determination to win against the tyranny in Asmara.

Finally, we hope that the NA will consider the following suggestions:

  1. It’s vital that the second congress is convened no later than the beginning of the summer of 2015. The NC should set a fixed date to hold congress within six-months.
  2. There are forces outside the ENCDC umbrella and the ENCDC should spare no effort to persuade them to join. It’s a known fact that some of them have reservations; if all sides are appreciative of the seriousness of the situation inside Eritrea, and the state of the resistance, they should be willing to break the ice and join hands.
  3. The NA should identify political parties and civil association and determine the conditions of joining. Unknown entities should not be allowed to wreak havoc in the struggle as was witnessed in the Hawassa congress where recognition of a group required only a payment of $100 registration fee. Participation should be limited to serious and known entities.
  4. The task of the PC is serious and it should be manned by competent individuals. Members of the PC who do not see in themselves the skills to carry out the expected duties should be encouraged to withdraw and be replaced by competent persons.
  5. Start to talk about the management of security and military wings and bring them under a unified command.
  6. To advance participatory democracy and allow interactive discussions, we strongly urge the ENCDC to have its meetings broadcasted live in the Internet.

Hoping to see the revival of the Eritrean spirit, we appeal to the wisdom of the NC and wish them a truly successful meeting.

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  • Abinet

    Selam Gud
    Don’t blame the obsessive husband who tried everything to keep his wife and their children together . The thing is , although the wife has full custody, the children are going back to their loving father against every obstacle put by the bitter wife . She is staying by herself now alone , very sad. All the good times she remembers are those times in the courtroom fighting her husband and winning. ( like the demolition of Nadew) . Now in her new life alone, her children are going back to their old but loving home or wherever their destiny takes them . They don’t like the new home and don’t care about the tall fence and the guard dogs. Even if it is an offense to jump a fence, they are doing it everyday in thousands.
    Gud, with all due respect to the wife , it is her children who are very obsessive.
    Go and visit addis. Some places you don’t even know whether you are in addis or asmara. Visit the universities . You find them everywhere. And I tell you these young eritreans don’t give a shit about Badime. It is only those in the west cry about it day and night. Because it is not them dying crossing the borders shot by their own people like the recent ones as reported by AWATE. What is important for you? The land or the people?

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Gud,
    Thanks for the reply.

  • haileTG

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year ! to you too.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Gud,
    I think you speak a lot of truth about the people to people relationship, It is really good, considering what has transpired over decades.
    About a lot of Eritreans in Ethiopian Restaurants and no Ethiopians in Eritrean restaurants phenomena,
    I was not sure if that was the case, however, I searched for my own true feelings on the matter and talked it over with an acquaintance. No one goes to a business establishment if there is a slightest fear you might not be welcomed, least of all restaurants. I have some doubts if I am afforded the same treatments an Eritrean would. That is just a feeling. But from what I gather overall an Eritrean has no fear of being mal treated in an Ethiopian restaurant.
    In fact, perhaps an extra special treatment to develop business, if nothing else.
    It goes beyond that I think, even if there is peace between the two nations, I still have a little apprehension going to visit Asmara as opposed to an Eritrean visiting Addis. I don’t know what the solution is other than time.
    But still coming back to your big point. It is still a nagging point. If tomorrow the Eth. government saw the light and gave Badme up to Eritrea and took back Ethiopian territory Eritrea is holding that is awarded by the same U.N authority, would that solve our problems.
    What will change on the Eritrean side?

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hi Kim Hanna;
      Eritrea is not holding Ethiopia’s land. Eritrea is within the line of the border ruling. After the war, Ethiopia had regained control of all the disputed territories, even further inland towads undisputed land like Senafe. And to my knowledge, the Ethiopian government has not withdrawn its army from all the disputed territories, even those that were given to Eritrea.
      Be honest, speak the truth.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Abraham Hanibal,
        I hope I am not wrong, It is a simple matter of fact. It is my understanding that the final ruling rendered was to give Badme and other lands to Eritrea. At the same time still other land or lands (Ethiopia did not ask or contest) to be transferred from Eritrea to Ethiopia.
        If I understood it incorrectly I will accept the judgment of Mr. SAAY or Mr. Johar.

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Selam Kim Hanna,

          Here you’ve the factual evidence. The superimposed claim lines of both countries and the final border ruling. If you study this map carefully, you will see that both countries were awarded eitherr the same or less than what they claimed to be as theirs. No country was given something it didn’t claim as its territory as far as I can see from this and the other final maps of the EEBC.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Abraham Hanibal,
            Thanks for the evidence. The map shows blue to go to Ethiopia and green to go to Eritrea. Therefore in order to abide by the ruling 100% we need to transfer the blues and the greens accordingly.
            I wish we could just do that and get over it.
            Oh, a question to you. Do you think we need to inform and consult the people who farm and live on those places as to what their options are and based on their choices help them out? Don’t forget, these are not just poor people but dirt poor on both sides, just a thought.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Gud,

    I kindly invite you to watch this Doc prepared to give a cover-up of the evil acts of PFDJ though it has said all what the justice seekers are saying.

    I especially invite you to pay attention starting from 5:42-6:11, the students are my students from the engineering 2008 batch. I told you before that, “while I was back home, I was well informed about the evil acts of PFDJ” and that is what she is saying though she needs to be on the safe side.

    “Come and See” a call, self-contradicted, and full suspection on who to come, made by DIA is a simple proof on how one should strictly put his eyes on the guided places and just say all the positive.

    By the way, why you advertise if there is reality on it. People know if there is any good about it.

    Dear Gud, just watch this doc and many facts about Eritrea will be revealed to you.

  • Deogane

    For a starter you should have shown your face like him, then we go on………….. You know what I mean.

  • Semere Andom

    The alarming case of Dr. MaHmuday and Ato Wedi Saleh: main cause that prevented him from winning “an awatista man of the year”.
    In my opinion one of the best things that happened this website after Serray, HTG. Emma and Hayat was the recent addition of Tegadalay Mahmud Saleh or in the parlance of his Ghedli times, Wedi Saleh. To my mind he embodied what I imagined about an Eritrean, a former fighter, fluent in 3 of Eritrean languages and admitted the mistakes of the monster that PFDJ has become (Your truly believes PFDJ did not become monster, it was monster by design) and eloquently advocated for the democratization of Eritrea, not now but yesterday. That reputation earned him the accolade of Tegadalay Mahmud and as his affection grew an awatista, I think Rodab popularized the spelling of MaHmuday to accentuate the “H” in MaHmud, a derivative of Mohammed. It stuck.

    Many came to recognize his conciliatory tone, his humor, playful, thoughtful and erudite comments. His expressed his dismay and wearyness at some of the “Testosteronized” debates and called for calm, he gave us a sneak peek of his life in the Ghedli without bragging about it, he expressed and I believe genuinely his lack of regret for wasting his youth for the cause of Eritrea and above all he handled the sometimes harsh criticism of EPLF tegadalaty with grace, dignity and with a great dose of humor. He mentored and mellowed the Acid (Nitriccs) by enriching the ground breaking work that Sal did on the once hopeless Nitricc. Now, Nitriccs is little considerate, little human and a better person and way, way smarter. To amazement of many the seemingly laborious work on Nitricc worked almost like a charm, it proved to be like a compound (medicine) that needs to say in your system for a while to work.

    That was Dr. MaHmuday. Mr. Wedi Saleh is a different story. I remember during the golden years of, “Abu Dunya Al-Asmarani Al-awal” wrote an article titled: “Regression To The Mean” I do not remember the exact year, but it was before “Sayidna Abu Ciham Al-Hashekerbebawi” became the Minister of Information and after the G-13 letter leaked and one of its signatories, Mussie Misghan became the future mentor of Birhan Blata. The article was memorable for me for its word play: “And by mean I mean, both average and stubborn”. Several time I mentioned the word play in a couple of comments to teas Al-Asmarani 🙂
    In this comment Wedi Saleh has regressed to the mean.

    He has not owned up for his role of creating that proverbial sinking sand that he was responsible for by the un-wholly alliance with the TPLF. Eritreans are ready to move on but at least an apology is in order for being part of that shameful history. The problem with the Wedi-Salehs and his organization is that they tell you history is useless, we need engineering to build dams, but when it suits them they refer to snippets of history. Some of the dire divisions and mistrust is rooted and buried in the shallow graves of sand made in 1981, that is why it is easy to uncover. Eritreans cannot, could not move, they need closure and the closure is not revenge, it is admission of a mistake, an apology and the Wedi-Salehs have not done so. They are stuck in their self-righteous past, but pontificate that the reset should move one. This comment is a mockery of the veteran’s fighters who are dying off in exile, who are forced to convene in Boshiftu instead of inside Eritrea. Typical of EPLF/PFDJ of hatching conspiracy theories he is accusing many an opposition as TPLF stooges and sell-outs. Although he criticizes PFDJ as monster in his affable MaHmuday, Wedi Saleh is at libertyto use PFDJ’s play book of creating renegades of heroes. It is alarming. In several comments Ato Wedi-Saleh defended some of the despicable EPLF heritage like denying the enslavement of people, especially women (by crediting EPLF for gallantry and bravery of the Eri women) and the torture chambers in the guise of “Halewa Sewra”. And this one is in line with that intricately woven thinking

    Blaming the opposition for not winning the hearts and mind of 100,000 refuges.
    Wedi -Saleh knows well that the bravery and altruism that made the Eritrean Ghedli to succeed was trashed by PFDJ when it made it worthless by executing founding fathers, murdering war disabled fighters on wheels chairs. If the payback is humiliation and disappearance and exercising your right is a crime why would Eritrean die for the democracy? There is no guarantee, not that I believe the opposition would be like PFDJ, there is no way for the youth to tell the future. It is PFDJ that made dying for liberty and freedom synonyms with stupidity not the opposition. Well the “koboro junkies” cannot be won for precisely what their names implies and it should not be considered a triumph to win them over, they should perish with their creator, the PFDJ.
    As if his organization did not sleep with the EPRDF/TPLF during their intense and sometimes bipolar relationship when they collaborated in hunting down Eritrean business men and justice seekers, now it EPRDF is our enemy according to Wedi-Saleh because they occupy our land. Dr. MaHmuday is cognizant that this is the general relativity of politics: from all the government that Ethiopia had this government is the most friendly government to Eritreans, they unequivocally believe in independent Eritrea to wit. I cannot imagine there is a single Eritrean who is happy that Ethiopia did not withdraw from our land. But Wedi Saleh does not remember that some of the land was given to TPLF for some favors. Hibu Hibu Zegdif…..
    Almost all our problems are not related to the occupations and if Ethiopia decides to withdraw from every inch it would not make them our best friends, neither would it solve our problems that are not caused by the occupation to begin with.

    iSem Andom(Abu Noah Al-Kassalawi i A-Awal) 

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear ABu Noah Al-Kassalawi Al-Awal,

      You did it brother! Dr. MaHmuday (H – put by Engineer Rodab) is good in “hateta” and his hetata are deeply sourced from his hate based politics of Ethiopian people (I am quite sure now on what I am saying and I am responsible for it). He never even admits on his twisted and politically oriented naming Bishoftu as a mistake. These guys do not have humanity. They live by dictating people. They do not respect history and people’s rights. The sal’s school of thoughts is school of “chavounists” based on hate towards dissents.

      Thank you


      • AOsman


        Take is easy, sometimes it is good to pause and think. You are reading too much to every word forumers write (sometimes misunderstanding). Some issues discussed here a persons position can be dynamic and views will swing, but what matters is the overall positions of the individual.

        Also don’t take criticism too personal, as it will eventually affect your debate with those you have grudges with.


        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear AOsman,

          Thank you for the brotherly advice. I would like you to take it easy though I am fine with my grudges. What it makes me happy is that I don’t have any hate towards individuals. My grudge is with the PFDJ ideology. I came to understand very early that the ideology is very bad to Eritreans.

          I believe that I am colliding with people who own such ideology. Don’t take it I am misunderstanding. I do understand but I want to collide and hence people can come and see the situation. This happened many times with brother Mahmuday.

          I said it many times and I will repeat it as much it demands in the future: “I do embrace our history, its black and white but I don’t want to be guided by the past.” Eritrea needs FREEDOM from PFDJ ideology.

          As for my debate, I don’t have have any piece of debating skills and I don’t want it. My objective is to fight and to say “spade is a spade.” Let the skilled debators like saay7 hold that position and I appreciate diversity.

          Thanks to God, at personal level, I don’t have any problem even with all the PFDJ leaders. I have being taught by them, I worked with them. They welcomed me in their school and got a chance to work in their institutions.

          Just like any student, I didn’t find their school suitable and their institution for the Eritrean people. Because, all they have is against HUMANITY.

          Doing this, I am not against history. I do respect all Eritrean history. Just to repeat again!

          This is my way, the way to dismantle PFDJ system.


          • Peace!

            Dear Tes,

            Sorry, your point is pointless.


          • AOsman


            Ajokha, we need people with passion, it is the lack of it that is killing us as a nation. I believe you that you don’t harbour hate of others, my point was on the assumption you made on feeling of your fellow forumers:

            The sal’s school of thoughts is school of “chavounists” based on hate towards dissents.

            The above quote is the reason I asked you to pause and think, and am not quoting you not to hear your defense, but I have an expectation that those you pin pointing will not judge you based on it, but on the overall message and position you have in fighting oppression. With reciprocity and tolerance, the debate is bound to be progressive and the forum will avoid the cycles of unnecessary discussions that exhaust all those involved.



          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear AOsman,

            “ንለባም ኣምተሉ፡ ንዓሻ ደርጉሓሉ” እኩ’ዩ ነገሩ። You did it very well before and I responded accordingly. I do understand from one year of discussion, the sal’s school of thought is school of PFDJ without IA and on its up-dated new curriculum, a school without ‘IA and a couple of enforcers (PFDJ-2).’ For this, I said what you are reminding me to think about it. It is my one year observation. And hence, it is well thought statement.

            Dear AOsman, I do share your concern and I do agree when you say, “we need people with passion.” For this, I could have thanked brother Mahmuday, saay7 and many great people here in this forum which I have great respect with for their passion. But sometimes, passion kills.

            To conclude, my point is towards the “thought.” My words are very carefully put and avoids personal labeling. For this, I said it sal’s school of thoughts.

            If any one is saying “you are wrong”, I am ready to clarify why I said so. And if more detail or clarification is needed, I have full supporting references why I put it that way.

            All respect is on table from bottom of my heart at individual level. And this has nothing to do with past history but from what I am reading from comments here.

            Again I thank you!


    • haileTG

      Dear Sem

      I usually only note and move one when Mr/Miss so n so writes about Mr/Miss so and so. Hence, I was to pass up this comment in the usual manner before I reached the second part that analyzed PFDJ from the vantage prespective that it being the only evil entity causing the rivers of blood to flow freely in Eritrea. I said repeatdly that the EPLF tegadelti either organize as independent entity or give up the regime in ways that can be clearly signalled to the people. I truly believ that they are incapable of sympathising with the people because they fatally associate themselves (even you said it always was the same). PFDJ is going to go down, the noose is tightening, it is incredibly hated by the population and only supported by lip service and other hired operatives/thieves. TPLF for what it is worth has opened space to their people and are now passing their torch over in honor and dignity. EPLF’s case is worrysome and it is in a dangerous cross roads. The EPLF side may now be an Eritrean risk factor that might trigger a civil war and usher the disintegration of the nation. They need to know they have run out of time and means to turn the clock. Their (in general) finding it difficult to chart a new politics but play elite division for a regime that is not expressed fully by the word barbarity itself. The barbaric regime has given us ample stories of barbarities and devestating ordeals that we will pass and tell to our children and grand children. Africa rejected the barbaric regime, the world rejected it and so do Eritreans chosing certain death at a young age than to grow under it. The “my land” argument and “fight me if you can” are some of the barbaric regime’s blood curdling vocabularies. It is truly suddening that after practically gambling away everything Eritrea made and squandering it for a heap of shame, they are finally edging to gamble away their history for eterninty. They are speaking up the hand of the regime, and will pay for it. But my concern in this particular aspect is, the intellectuals who should know better are leading them to believe there is a light at the end of a one never ever been lit tunnel that is shining from a magic wand that they don’t have.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan HTG (the galant)
        My bad friend Semere exhausted all the titles, so today I will use a title that has been put away for bad times- sheikh Mahmuday.
        I have seen your finest moments, so I will never judge you by these days’ heavily charged salvos. I’m confident, at the end you will be on my side. The thing is easy. Pfdj, we all know. We all abhor. The difficulty facing even those seasoned opposition veterans is how to challenge it; what’s the most practical way of defeating it. What I say here, and mind you, we are all human beings, is what I feel could contribute to that end. I realize that the defeat of an institutionalized culture could only be done by winning those who rightly or wrongly support that culture or ideology. I believe that in order to do that we need to first ensure how correct and appropriate our strategies are. Before we talk about changing a nation we better change our attitudes. Attempting to do what little we could do to make sure what ever efforts we make become effective (opposition internal health, clarity of purpose and strategies which could result into synergy of efforts rather than divisions) should be taken in tandem with the overall efforts to bring about meaningful changes in the nation. Criticizing opposition is part of these efforts. I don’t go to countering your insensitive attacks to a major player group in our society, and I advice you not to judge hundreds of thousands of dedicated veterans who have every right to ask us ” and who are you? ” by few misunderstood gibberish and loud-mouthing losers, like mahmuday. You remain to be the uncontested great, but at times, you will need to check your temperature, keep it up. For today, sheikh Mahmuday has a prayer for you.
        God the almighty, please give our HTG the wisdom, endurance, judiciousness, foresightedness and patience.
        Allahuma Ameen. Amen.

        • haileTG

          Hello Mahmuday the mighty 🙂

          May you be blessed for praying for me to be bestowed by those redeeming qualities. My they also return to you manifolds to enrich your life too, for they would lift us all in equal measure.

          “Before we talk about changing a nation we better change our attitudes.”

          “I advice you not to judge hundreds of thousands of dedicated veterans who have every right to ask us ” and who are you? ”

          Dear Mahmuday, there in those two sentences lie the very reason Eritrea is broken, her dreams shattered, her children dispersed and her future bleak. What is puzzling is however, the fact that you set your second sentence above in the realms of probable scenarios. How could you miss that Mahmuday? Isn’t because those you said to have every right to ask “who are you?” in fact did so that you, me, and the opposition is here and in this way? Isn’t because they said so that Eritreans are perishing in their thousands? Isn’t that because they said so that Eritreans are camped out in neighboring nations? Isn’t because they said so your comrades are left to rot underground and their children condemned never to see them or the country they died and were maimed for? Isn’t because they said so that we were told we don’t deserve to have a say in our country’s affairs? isn’t because they said so that we are now settled in places we reside?

          “Who are you?” has indeed been said and still is being said, too bad you validated it thou Mahmuday. Let me say I am the the one who washed toilets to support you as hafash wudubat, I am the one I gave you support to be who you are, I am the one jailed in containers and undergrounds, I am the one condemned for wasted youth in your plantations, I am the one who witnessed my father drink his urine, my sister raped, my brother raped and killed, my organs harvested in the Sinai, I am the one who paid my life savings to kidnappers, I am the one who trekked the deserts and died there of thirst with no one to tell my mother about my death, I am the one who slept with rats and trash in Libya to board a rickety boat with my little children and pregnant wife, I am the one who sunk to death at the sea, who saw my children go down one by one in front of my eyes, I am … your brother.

          The TPLF/EPRDF knew better not to avail the forbidden tree of “who are you?” and look where they are and where our “who are you?” have ended up to.

          I would have appreciated it Mahmuday if you told me that “No one has the right to ask who you are?” but you availed to present us a full view of the core of the crime that is wrecking all the havoc.

          When you believe that you know what Eritreans think, when you believe that you can determine the future on how things would span out, when you consider free Eritreans are supposed to follow your strategy to free themselves, I fear you haven’t learned the lesson. I fear your obstinacy in attempting to regulate attitudes and question our birth right by believing that there are those who are entitled to ask me “who I am?” then you are more a risk than an ally dear Mahmud. It is not about me alon, but their children too will ask my children “Who are you?”

          I do humbly believe anyone who believes that can ask me “who are you?” is no different than an an enemy you spent a life time fighting against because it said just that to you. NOBODY has the right to do that and the fact that you believe there are those within their right to say so, explains the bulk of the stand you have on the rights of Eritreans to go anywhere they deem necessary to find solution to their problems. dear Mahmuday if they can say “who are you?” who did they struggle for? What did they struggle for? Very confusing indeed.

          Sadly, that no longer threatens but saddens me. I am at a loss to know if there would ever be a realistic chance you (and most importantly those who are indeed saying it), can somewhat wake up before it is to late. I worry more for them than me, for my cause is just and my support firm.

          May the good Lord open the depths of my dear friend Mahmuday’s mind and help him know who his brother really is.

          As to the ways how opposition can win hearts and minds, I think it is progressing well, let’s first consider how we can win our brothers and really understand who they are.

          I don’t know how you find this attitude-wise, I mellowed it because I am usually conflicted when dealing with tegadelti and don’t zoom at full speed. But, I hope it is within range 🙂


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Salam HTG:

            I am disappointed. You have been disingenuous in stretching it to fit your familiar line of disparaging poor tegadelti. But for the reader, here is the part HTG wants to use for his purpose:
            “I don’t go to countering your insensitive attacks to a major player group in our society, and I advice you not to judge hundreds of thousands of dedicated veterans who have every right to ask us ” and who are you? ” by few misunderstood gibberish and loud-mouthing losers, like mahmuday.”

            I close it here. Continuing it won’t make service to the many who are painfully enduring all types of abuse. My point was not to judge hundreds of thousands who have been equally disadvantaged by the deeds of those crooks in power and, may be, by folks like me who might have given them bad images. Very simple.
            Have a wonderful holiday week.

          • haileTG

            Selam Mahmud,

            Thanks. Let’s close here too, for one day the walls between those who deserve to be abused and those who don’t will fall and all this be history.

            Marry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Mahmuday.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      That was a heck of Harbegna Hateta. If you are sincere enough read again my unsolicited and genuine advice word for word, phrase for phrase, and give mahmuday the credit he deserves; come on melehey. For the products of pfdj, I have no words for now. Suffice to say though you win on your own strength, not merely on your enemy’s weakness.

    • saay7

      Ahlen Abu Noah Al-Kassalawi:

      We have known each other for how long? And this is the first time I know your son’s name is Noah. This is because the classic conversation between Eritreans nowadays is:

      Party 1: Hello!
      Party 2: Selamat! Kemey kemey!
      Party 1: Grm! Werqi! (If ghedli product) or AlHamdulillah/Egzabheir ymesgen (if reformed Ghedli or traditionalist). DeHan dikha?
      Party 1: Allena (if ghedli product) or Alhamdullilah/Egzabheir ymesgen!
      [Awkward silence]
      Party 2: Dehai Addi entay alo!

      So, I think I am blaming…. Ghedli? Yay.

      But seriously, I think in that iSem rant kulu tea’likhu nebere wexiu…. emo, fokhisuka do? : Zef ilka?

      Abu-Adal Alkerernani’s answer to MaHmuday was perfect, as it relates to treats him with respect and correcting his assumptions and I am sure MaHmuday appreciates the correction. But here’s where we are now:

      1. Abu Adal told Nitricc that some of those who criticize the opposition have a problem with opposition as a concept, period. While that might be true, its corollary is also true: now, to criticize the opposition is to be accused of being PFDJ and someone who is against Opposition;

      2. Some within our opposition have become so sensitive to any criticism that they echo PFDJ language. “Where were you?”, “It’s easy to criticize, why don’t you roll up your sleeves and join?”, “what have YOU done?” Whether someone is in the opposition leadership or the PFDJ leadership they are all supposed to be servants of the people. The people are the boss and they do not need to pass hurdles and loyalty tests to criticize those who are supposed to serve them.

      3. When one steps into the leadership position or when one uses my name as an Eritrean to advance my cause, then I, citizen, should not feel any reservation to take that person to task. I should not be guilted by “well, look at YOUR history” or, “well, look how long THEY have been struggling.” This is classic opposition organization blackmail.

      4. One of the criticisms of your hero, YG, about Ghedli is that other than its focus on removing the Ethiopian occupation, it was clueless about what it wanted to do after that. Well, here people like Mahmud Saleh are saying, “I know PFDJ is bad, but you can’t tell me remove the bad PFDJ and we will work out the rest: show me. If you are going to bring democracy to Eritrea, show me you can be democratic. If you are going to bring justice to Eritrea, show me you understanding of justice. Bgbri (sorry for borrowing an EPLF word:)”

      To be continued.

      Abu Dunya Al Asmerani

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Saleh:

        The classic exchange is classic, but your forgot, “kemay’ and sirah kemay alo’;-)

        Yes, it has been exactly 12 years, but Noah is less than one year. So it was not because we followed that classic dialog, but we have not talked since and face book has not made it to Canada yet:-).
        You usually make my day, but I hope you are kidding about wexu cus I di not see a smile and it is only “nqole zelow tray ika kwexalu timine”.

        Your comment of the other day where you referred to yourself as Abu Dunya was one of the best since the year Abu Noah visited Italy, so I liked it so much that I had to use it here when I remembered the regression to the mean article in the middle of the rant. That was it.
        I hope in 2015 you improve your isem comprehension, we have known for how long now? And Emma improves his comprehension of you

        I will/may comment on the other points when your finish your comment

        • saay7


          I hate, hate, hate the phone…but it has been less than 12 years since we talked. I know because I know exactly where I was when we discussed “Mujahda” and “Ane gwal aboy Qeshi.” And FB has made it to Canada, cause I see Ghezae “Halaf mengedi” there all the time.

          Please note that I referred to myself as Sheik Saleh “Abu Dunya” Al-Asmerani when I was organizing my coup (DEMOCRATIC!) on awate team. I am sure Abu Adal has taken note of this.

          Ah, “Regression to the Mean”…that article was written 12 years ago. I just re-read it after you pointed it out and….it’s not bad.

          As for the rest, baldongay wedi’e alekhu so Qedem bel. Bring on your Khebid bret:)


          • Semere Andom

            12 years since we know each other and did not talk since Noah was born less than a year. We talked 2 years 🙂

  • Abinet

    Mrs/ms Gud
    There is a high level of mistrust between the two people. You can deny it but it is there if you see a little dipper.
    ” I do not trust an eritrean anymore ” is a common expression I always hear from a moderate ethiopian . You don’t want to hear what the nationalist would say.

  • Saleh Johar

    Okay, Weasel-like, if that is how you feel then challenge Saay on the merits of his views without burdening him with issues that are irrelevant to the debate. Don’t bring other issues just to weaken your debater with the intention of wining an argument. That would be cheating 🙂

  • saay7

    Selamat Gud:

    Thanks…ummm, while I am “good” and still have your attention, here’s a request:

    Instead of taking on the sniper role and aiming for the heads of people you disagree with, why don’t you make a case for what you believe in, the way Dawit (where are you Dawit?) does? I take it you are a supporter of the Eritrean government. Why don’t you make the case for it, why you continue to support despite what, to many of us, is a series of decisions and indecisions that disqualify it from running s tiny municipality much less a small but diverse country.

    In short, the Awate University is missing a few courses…how about you step up instead of staying at the pit and booing the orchestra of the opposition?


    • Gud


      Interesting. First of, no need to thank me, I did not comment to get that. Just keeping it real. Saying good when I see good, regardless where it is coming from, I am a supporter (whatever that means), after all, right? we are like that (Wink, Wink). Besides, this is not the first time it happend.

      Invitation? Looking for elective course on PFDJ? ummm, FIGURES!! I was wondering why the usual booting or kicking out from the forum did not happen this time around, like it had been the case ….for how many? years! (Yea, yea, posting guidelines and shit, but we been here long enough to know that is bulls***, no disrespect. Besides, it doesn’t even protect Eritrea, I mean why would it be ok to allow any one to come here and degrade the core values of Eritrea and Eritreans, while pretending to protect people who chose to chat using a nic names from some harmless name calling? I mean I would rather see the posting guidelines protect Eritrea more).

      You know I laughed last time when you said awate entertains all Eritreans including supporters (Whatever that means), and I said to my self, poor my friend Dawit! Mesheketi Geromo! (Hey, that Dawit guy is extremely cool, by the way. If he is a supporter, I want to be like him. He was standing tall and fending off all kind of insults, disrespect, ganging up and all, and always comes out on top. But hey, we never saw neither the moderators nor their posting guidelines ever came to do what it claims it does).

      So, let us do some lousy arithmetic: hundreds of woyanies, a thousand or so “woyanie subordinates”, a couple reasonable people, and one Dawit, (Well, Nitricc is strangely working hard to find an excuse in that extremely fictional narration of Dejen , but he is still cool) and you called it an inclusive forum. Nice! But, may be you saw the light now or something and you want to change, which is good

      But hey, let me do a a couple of sniping and booing now before it gets late, and before the targets disappear. Nah, who am I kidding, after the moderation and all, and after deciding it is good or not, even this comment will not make it till tomorrow :). So don’t worry my snipping job is lousy, it always misses its target, by 24 hours 😉

      Make a case as to why I support the government?, ummmm Would posting the link to Shabait, Hadas Eritrea, Dehai, Raimq, Madote, Tesfanews etc. do?
      But seriously Saay, shouldn’t you take off that silly “We are Opposition” banner first, if you want to attract the whole Eritrea? Think about it, why would a supporter, as you put it, come all the way here and dump his heart out, in a place which has already identified itself as an opposition from the get go? to what end? I mean, even those websites you call supporters, never say they are “Supporter websites”, that would be really silly. Make it an ERITREAN website, without any identifiers, then and only then you might be able to call it a university or something. Now, almost all Eritrean websites allow their readers comment and say whatever they want, pro or against the Eritrean gov. So, why is awate special? Nowadays, almost all Eritreans go to all the websites where people are talking about Eritrea, meaning traffic is not a good indication that an Eritrean website is doing fine. For instance, awate is flooded with Ethiopians, so invested in their government so much so that it makes you wonder, if the website is really doing its intended purpose.
      So, it is good to attract more Eritreans, and I can sense your desire to be inclusive. Which is good.

      • saay7

        Selamat Gud:

        Invitation, part 2.

        Yes, we are serious about the posting guidelines. It helps us greatly. We just had a huge discussion at awate where tempers were flared, stern words exchanged, cans kicked, but in the end: nobody got red-carded, nobody got suspended or banned. We are kinda of proud of that.

        So, please Gud, I know you don’t think this forum is any different from all the other Eritrean forums (we disagree), but observe our posting guidelines. It would hurt your fingers to start with a salutation by addressing whom you want to address by their chosen name or by their term of endearment earned at awate. (It is our way of creating a community.) You have very good debating skills…but you remind me of some of my friends from my much younger years: they measured how much of a good time they had at a club not by what they did, but what the club did. “I was 86ed” was their proudest achievement. It appears that you delight in getting banned and using your ingenuity to get reinstated. Isn’t there more to these discussions than that?



  • haileTG

    So wishing Peace and Prosperity to Eritrea and Eritreans make me a traitor? huh… ዘጣቕዑ ኣይሰኣኑን ይኾኑ፡

    እንተ ንሕና ግን ሰቲ-ሰላም ነስኒስካ፡ ዘማእማእካዮ ህዝቢ ከም ጡብ ላም ይሕለብ፡ ከም ቆፎ ንህቢ ይብርበር። ነዚ ገልቢጥኩም ተዋጣውጥዎ ዘለኹም ብልሒ ሴፍ ግን ጽባሕ ንግሆ ከም ኣጽዋር ሳኦል ብደጉሒ ጸልሚትኩም፡ ነቲ ብትዕቢት ዝተወጠረ ደረትኩም መሊሑ ከንፍሶ ምዃኑ ክንዲ ፍረ ኣድሪ እውን ጥርጥር የብለይን።

    • Gud

      “So wishing Peace and Prosperity to Eritrea and Eritreans make me a traitor?” Wow, where did that come form?
      And no, wishing peace and prosperity to Eritrea (If you are doing that, you have a funny way of showing it. Perhaps you mix-up Woyanie with Eritrea) doesn’t make you a traitor. Actually it makes you a HGDF, a supporter, a hagerawi or something on that line 🙂
      But, you should know, your sickness of acute hate of PFDJ and equally acute desire to “Weed it out” , doesn’t equate to wishing peace for Eritrea. Most of all bending for woyanie , definitely is NOT the right way to express your love for Eritrea.

      • haileTG

        “Grandiosity refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority—a sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior—as well as to a sense of uniqueness: the belief that few others have anything in common with oneself and that one can only be understood by a few or very special people.”

        Show me your special birthmark, so I can believe the corrupted hgdef and its diaspora skimming operatives are the judges. Did you know Gaddafi use to consider his country men rats, well in the end the average tripoli rat got a better sent off than him. He even had to squat into a rat hole for cover.

        • Gud

          Grandiosity? nice word.

          – Unrealistic sense of superiority

          -A sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior

          – A sense of uniqueness

          Hold on a sec, I have a perfect example that better describes all that. Oh, yea. It has to do with a couple of comments right in this thread. One commenter, “Hager” claims to have just come from Eritrea, and listed what he saw (Some good some bad, according to him)

          Then there comes a dude who perfectly fits that nice word above, who came and changed all 11 points into all negative and came up with his modified list (In reply to Abraham Hanibal, whose question was actually directed to the source of first hand information, Hager. But, our Grandiose guy did not wait to hear the reply, he has to jump in and modify stuff before any damage is done, which according to his mind, people are stupid and hence need a clarification from him)

          But, the list is not the funny part, the part that is strangely amazing and that reflects the grandiosity is this: (It is a reason this idiotic lost soul gave us as to why he is jumping and bypassing “Hager” to reply to Abraham. Please make a note as to how he is brushing the testament of Hager as not enough):
          First he goes explaining the his greatness

          “We sure like to hear Hager on recent update, but let me add some from what I think. No scientific research here, but I try my best to process things whenever I am there [which is 2, or 3 years ago?]”
          Then he goes on diminishing Hager’s testament, and why it is not enough, hence needs his impute and corrections. Here you go:
          “….But mind you, with hectic schedules [of Hager], a lot of things can easily pass you[Hager] by or your[Hager’s, in this instance] ‘normals’ can get adjusted when you stay there a bit longer and unless you keep an eye for such things the real things can pass you by……:”
          All in all what this idiot is saying to Hager is this: Your testimony is not that useful, compared to what I am going to give, (I was there three years ago but, unlike you, I am smart and have an eye for this kind of things) because of your hectic schedule, and because you could be one of those junckes, who go blind and dumb the longer they stay
          But hey, that dude reflecting grandiosity is none other than HaileTDD, doing what he does best, drool
          Let me know if you want me to give more examples. But thanks for the word

  • Hayat Adem

    “But in all seriousness, what is happening to you? Your new love to Ethiopia is scarily amazing.”
    So you think loving Ethiopia is scary and amazing? I would say hating Ethiopia is scary and amazing. Loving is normal, hating is not. It is you who is scared of loving and who should be seeking help. It is even amazing-square that you came out naked and accuse someone of loving a neighbor, and you assume you are in a better position because you belong to the hate camp. What is circulating in your blood, people?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Hayat A,

      They failed to differentiate between “love” and “hate”. They failed to understad Love costs nothing but Hate takes all.


  • Gud

    Oh yea, he is. So?

    May be you don’t know but that is one of the beauty of Eritrea. Two of my family members lost their life for the noble cause of Eritrean independence. One was ELF the other EPLF. Both are honored by the Eritrean people and the government, and you will find both of their honor pictures hunging in our house. Oh, how proud we are.

    So, again, what is your point?

    • weasel-like

      Gud – ok so why are you so cruel to saay’s family then? How come you never wanted to ask your relative, DIA, to realize those in his detention center and why are you voicing your support while our people are disappearing each day then? Why Gud? We are not in the 1980’s when were fighting against one enemy, the ethiopians! What is your fantasy, Gud? Do you like multiple choices/objective or subjective/where you have to explain? Again, why are still bending for murderers, interest or backward sub-national belief?

  • Saleh Johar

    And whose brother are you, Weasel-like?

    • weasel-like

      To use hope’s term – your majesty (as a metaphor:))
      Great question? My brothers are those are deprived of their basic human rights, those who are drawing while running away from the evil/oppressive regime, my Eri citizens of children/women/men who are dying/drowning in the seas/deserts while running away from the assassins, those who are living in a depressing environment/voiceless/made to always carry guns to protect the mafia without their consent & those are made to serve like slaves in the 21st century and what more? You see your majesty: these are all secondary to you and saay, right?

      • Saleh Johar

        Your serfdom 🙂
        I am not a “your majesty” but I kind of dislike the way you try to make Saay accountable for his grownup brother, simply because he is his brother. We have sees people who adored Ali Abdu and taunting and reprimanding Saay to be like his brother and not a “traitor”? All of a sudden he is now responsible for his brother? That is wrong and if you think about it calmly, you would understand where I am coming from. No one should hold you for what your brother are.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Gud,
    I am not a Woyane. Please do tell why is their acceptance of Eritrean independence a mockery? Gud Fela, don’t you want that?
    Did you hear the rumor that our esteemed leader, Meles, was half Eritrean?
    Tell me again, why are we splitting hair on a dead body?
    Wishing you and yours a better and a great new year.

  • Dear All,

    Eritrean independence is not an issue for Ethiopians of 2014. Ethiopia is in the middle of an economic bonanza, and Ethiopians are tasting the fruits of this unexpected manna from the sky. They are now addicted to big money. They are competing in businesses, becoming rich and millionaires, dwell in high rising buildings in Addis, Mekele, Bahr
    Dar, and other places, and enjoy the comforts of modern life, albeit a small percentage of them. They are connecting the four corners of their country with roads, railways, fiberoptics, electric grid etc. No Ethiopian and no Ethiopian government for that matter, present or future, would exchange these for war, destruction, and stagnation. It is out of
    the question that Ethiopians would leave their comfort and prefer to die in an effort to annul Eritrean independence or acquire a sea outlet by force.

    Those who are politicking have become more of businessmen than politicians, and they would rather increase their wealth rather than going after Eritrean independence, even if they are in the opposition. Big words do not have weight, and for the sake of scoring points in politics many things are said, but never carried out in practice, because it is untimely and they do not have the clout to do it (read different opposition sites). Provided that Ethiopia’s nemesis (the PFDJ regime) is checked in its cage, no war is going to take place, because of Eritrean independence. If the PFDJ and its supporters want to see war, they would have to start it themselves, for Ethiopia will never start war with Eritrea unless attacked. Future Ethiopian governments, even if it happens to be the opposition (a very small chance for that), will travel on the same trodden path. The enemy is poverty, backwardness and ignorance, and not Eritrean independence.

    By the way, as much as Assab is concerned, there seems to be two schools of thought on the Ethiopian side. Those who say, Assab is Eritrean, but Eritrea will not get a penny for it from Ethiopia, as long as the present or a similar government in the future is in power in Asmara, and are working to nullify its importance to Ethiopia (mainly the Ethiopian government), and others who say, why should Assab be of no use to nobody, and is not made an engine that would move Eritrean economy from its stagnation. Have in mind that some Eritreans believe that Eritrea and Ethiopia can prosper without dealing with Eritrean ports. It may and may not be true. Ethiopia is showing signs of prosperity, albeit still having a long long way to go; but what about Eritrea. Can they tell us when that prosperity is going to start? They should spare us of the notion, when PFDJ2 comes to power and DIA is gone.

    • Abinet

      Selam Horizon
      Eritrean independence is the best thing ever happened to ethiopia . Now, if it comes to war , the only reason ethiopia should go to war is to keep this independence . When it comes to assab , it is theirs to keep it useless. I always say we should never use assab even if it is free. The area is too hostile to do business . The security cost outweigh the benefit.
      besides, there are newer and much more friendly and dependable ports around us .
      Imagine if we let go eritrea 50 years ago. It was a bad marriage and even a worse divorce.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Horizon,

      I assure you, Eritrea will prosper. No matter how hardship we are passing, Eritrea will be on the right track.

      Meditation Time:

      My fight is for system change because I see anti-peace and Development within the PFDJ system.

      Change is a matter of ideology. Just hear recent Obama’s speech reagrding Cuba. Who do you think will benefit? Cuba? NO, it is USA. Obama is wise enough to revise the old policy of confrontation. And I believe Melles was an Angel to Ethiopia. Ethiopia was blessed to have Melles Zenawi.

      Again, I am not saying Melles Zenawi is good with all. But his prioritazation and on-time good policy adoption made him to be the MAN-of-AFRICA. He is courageous enough to consider Eritrean Border out of his business. he was not kept a hostage by HATE based politics and still he remained wise on his political approach. He played his skill to outcast Eritrea.

      And, my call, when I say system change is the same. Eritrea and Eritreans should forget Ethiopia by all means. Eritrea should delete the word Ethiopia from all political terms and put it in the same wagon of other nations. For me, Ethiopia is the same as USA, France, China, Djibouti, Vatican etc. When I talk about Ethiopia, I take it from this dimension. If I am courageous enough to appreciate Obama, or the Chinese leader, or the Cuban Russian, the POPE, etc, why not to Melles Zenawi.

      Yes, Ethiopia is brave enough to focus on here internal issue and still not neglecting her interest. Why not Eritrea. Why PFDJ is barking to a closed door?

      Eritrean Self-determination is a closed chapter only PFDJ is keeping it OPEN, just like that of North Korea. South Korea closed her chapter but North Korea is barking for more than 50 years for nothing. Instead of developing Nuclear weapons, NK could have built massive technology just like that of South Korea.

      Therefore, dear horizon, rest assured, Eritrea will be on the right track soon. Our vision didnot vanish. We had the same vision with that of Melles Zenawi, just a PFDJ junta is struggling to let this vision down.

      just an advise to you, don’t loss hope on Eritreans. As a people, we have a vision. Our vision is PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT. Only PFDJ is trying to let down our vision.

      Regarding Assab, again, be assured, we will MAKE IT. When we make it, it is not for Ethiopia, but for our own. Let the Ethiopians work hard to keep Assab useless. You know what “Natural Selection” We, Eritreans are able to secure own position in the international business throgh different means.

      Dear Horizon, do not write here what the chavounists dream about. I know your approach is very POSITIVE. stay on that line. I like your analysis but I am afraid that you may be sucked deep inside the findings. Don’t be like saay7. You are much wiser than this PFDJ2 ideologist. Ethiopia is blessed for having you Horizon but Eritrea is cursed to have people like saay7 and dictator Issaias and the PFDJ ideology.

      I respect humanity! and I like your approach because I sense quality of super humanity in you unlike saay7 who works day and night to label individuals, valorise enemity and still wants to install ideology of dctatorship.

      To my surprise, I still love saay7 and may be it is because I fight for human FREEDOM. He has all rights to think what ever he wants but to install his thoughts on US is against humanity and I fight for it. We human beings should free of IMPOSITION.


      • Dear Tes,

        I have no doubt at all that Eritrea will prosper, because her success lies just one step away from the PFDJ. In addition, her people are hardworking and they will no doubt succeed, only that selfish politicians are spoiling it for them.

        I do not see Ethio-Eritrean relations from an antagonistic and confrontational point of view, but as two countries that through peace and cooperation can complement each other, for a great future characterized by development and prosperity.
        Through cooperation, they can change the fate of their people for the better. That is why, even if Ethiopia has managed to go it alone up to now, in the end peace and stability will not be possible in the region, unless Eritrea also moves towards development and prosperity. Somebody mentioned the danger of ISIS and other terrorist organizations exploiting the void that might occur unless Eritrea is developed as well.

        Dear Tes, Ethiopia and Eritrea cannot delete each other’s name from their vocabulary, because of history, culture, religion, proximity etc. The fate of both peoples is tied
        together, and they will always have some sort of relationship, somewhat different from other countries of the region. This relationship should better be founded on peace, stability, cooperation, and friendship.


        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Horizon,

          Just one point to clarify: When I say delete from politics, it means, the hate based vocabulary. PFDJ has put lots of negative words that can stay for generations to come. And second, deleting is not from history but on the system approach and negative policies.

          For this, my knowledge on Ethiopian politics is just based from this web-site and what I read is hate based politics. I want these to be deleted.

          Just to add on your name, not only our strategy designed horizontally but vertically too. Again, Eritrea and Ethiopia should work for peace and development, this is my call though my fight is Eritrea to have it. For Ethiopia, just I wish. The rest is Ethiopia’s choice.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Tesfabirhan WR;
            I think when it comes to “negative words” and negative propaganda it was not only comming out of the PFDJ or Eritrea, rather it was a tit for tat action. There was a lot of destructive comments comming from the Ethiopian side as well. The late PMMZ, whom you’ve a great admiration for, was quoted as saying “We’ve the right to deport Eritreans from Ethiopia just if we don’t like the colour of their eyes”.
            Reconciliation is a two way process, and it is pathetic to put all the blame only on the Eritrean side.

          • haileTG

            hey Abraham,

            To be fair, can we also say that the late PMMZ also said:

            1 – We were wrong and we are sorry

            2 – Those who lost their property should come and reclaim it and those fired from employment should be re-instated to their jobs until the remaining time in their contracts ended

            3 – The investors can continue with their previous businesses but if they wish to sell, they can only take their money in Birr unless they privately sell in their chosen currency (i.e. Ethio banks wouldn’t convert their money to hard currency, but private buyers it is up to them)

            4 – Most of those people have gone back and settled the issue???

            What is the value of digging old and dead issue. እንድሕር ኩልግዜ ክንጽሕትር ተራኢና፡ ንግሆ መጸ ድማ ሓደ ዓይነት ናቋ ንንቁ ኲንና፡ ሰባት ተጋግዮም ደርሆ ከይብሉና ምጥንቃቅ ይሓይሽ።


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Haile;

            My respone to Tesfabirhan was mainly centered around his claim, “PFDJ has put lots of negative words that can stay for generations to come”, a claim that just hits the PFDJ, or Eritrea’s side. If we’re going to be trustworthy, I think we’ve to have a balanced approach to the issue. And if it is true that PMMZ had apologised for his language and deeds, it is indeed very welcome. I was just refering to the animosity and destructive propaganda that was waged by both sides, and it has to be acknowledged that both sides had a stake on it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham,

            I thought that my statement was enough to respond your worries. “Regarding EPRDF policies, I said it, it worked in isolating Eritrea.” Is there any more to say? Even, I am not saying, both parties should be balanced. Man, we can not regulate “hate”. Hate simply multiplies.

            The point is, “Ethiopia didn’t stop in black-mailing Eritrea”. It went further useful step to her own peace and development and still maintained the confrontation with Eritrea. How about PFDJ? Did he work upto that standard or just became a sacrifice?


          • Mehari

            I agree with you here
            But my question to you is….
            Should the violation of those Ethiopians of Eritrean origin only be seen
            through material and property glass only ? These people are Ethiopians
            more than most of those claiming Ethiopian. And more than the property
            and material what is their Ethiopian identity that has been attacked and
            violated. How is it replaced ?
            Obviously these people are more Ethiopians than anyone who came to be
            Ethiopian in 1991 under EPRDF. Those from Tigray, somalia,Benishangul,
            so and so you name it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham,

            First of all, regarding MZ, I admire his double brain approach. Was it goo to Eritrea? NO, not at all by all means. But, the question is, did DIA/PFDJ came upto that level to challenge him or not? This is my simply curiusity based admiration. It is not POLITICALLY ORIENTED ADMIRATION. EPRDF and PFDJ were on the same level on many things before 1998. MZ was the close ally of IA. Once, the war broke-out, IA, used his “one-brain man” strategy and MZ used his “Double-Brain Man ” strategy.

            Regarding EPRDF policies, I said it, it worked in isolating Eritrea. It is very clear. It is their policy, we can not interfer in their policy decision making. My stand here is, Eritrea under the leadership of the dictator, did it manipulate this Isolation oriented policy for its own advantage or just was victimized by it?

            The failure of PFDJ is on his rigidity policy of “No War-No Peace”. PFDJ, had it being wise, he could not have applied this on its domestic policies and International policies.


        • Abraham Hanibal

          Dear Horizon;
          I endorse your peaceful and friendly approach in this comment. I see that gradually but surely you’re moving out of that crazy Assab or no peace ideology. That is a good indicator the “Awate University of Decent” is working well.)) Keep up! There i a sea of opportunities for all Horn of Africa, just we need to focus on the right priorities.

  • Rodab

    Hey Gud,
    Yes I believe so. Keep in mind we are talking in comparison to other Ethiopian political groups. So why are they better? Since you instructed me not to mention some of the reasons, how about this: aside from the Woyanes (EPRDF) there haven’t been ‘solid’ political parties so as to scrutnize their policies on Eritrea. Last election there was a qinjit, I think there was something else before that, and something else now. That creates unreliability and uncertainity. With the current government in Addis on the other hand, you kind know what to expect.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Ms. Christine Umutoni, a UNDP Country Respresentative in Eritrea under a microscope

    Why PFDJ is good with this lady, a Rwandan citizen, who worked in Seralion, Zimbabwe and now in Eritrea?

    From a naive observer, reports coming from Asmara concerning UNDP activities look very interesting. Yah, a UNDP country representative residing in Asmara is serving as a hand-shaking diplomat and an artificial contact person of international visitors.

    Here is the news today that kept me thinking about her background. In fact, it is not only this report but many similar reports caught my attention to question the unquestionable. Enjoy this beautiful artificial report from Asmara.

    Do you find it interesting?

    Let me go then to share with you what I got about her work experience. Finally, I will close my analysis by giving a friendly advice to consider the UDP office in Asmara to consider his approach if he really cares about the youth.

    On September 2, 2012, the then outgoing United Nations development Programme country representative, applauded Youth for their resilience during the country is economic problems. The report written at says, “The challenges faced in Zimbabwe could have forced people to engage in violence, leading to civil unrest.

    The reading goes: Speaking at a Zimbabwe Youth Council press reception and her farewell party in Harare, Ms. Christine Umutoni said the country was experiencing difficulties when she arrived. ‘When I came here when things were not well for the nation, but the spirit of resilience that has been shown by the Zimbabweans Youth during my three-year –stay in the country must be applauded. If they did not have that spirit of resilience there could have been a civil war in Zimbabwe.”

    It goes further by saying, “we have seen conflict areas in many African countries because the Youth’ energy has not been fully utilized. That energy can be used against a nation, but when fully utilized in a positive way, can help develop a country.

    Of course what her country [Rwanda] experienced in 1994 is in her image and her reference is always her people.

    She must have similar experience in Seralion too. She has a sound experience in countries with potential of civil war and it is commendable to have her in Eritrea.

    But I see the dilemma here:

    First, UN has put sanction on Eritrea. And second, through UNDP projects on YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, UNDP working to create resilient Youth, Youth that never ask the tyrannical system. What a double standard is this?

    If there is a real threat of civil war is in Eritrea, then, the source should be identified instead of covering the case under-ground. Eritrean Youth are already exploited, slaved and forced to leave the country. There is no single energy left on them. And the source of all this is the EVIL SYSTEM that is dictating Eritreans. UNDP should work hand in hand with UN Security and Human Rights Watch to oust PFDJ and end dictatorship.

    The double oppression here is, PFDJ has already enslaved the YOUTH through indefinite military conscription (National Service) and the second, for those who are in schools, through UNDP funded projects, the Youth are oppressed to remain resilient.

    Why Eritreans are facing such double standards? UNSC is putting sanctions so that everyone out Eritrea knows there is no way Eritrea to act freely. And inside, Youth are sanctioned through UNDP projects to remain silent.

    Why this kind of double oppression to Eritreans?

    My advice to Ms. Christine Umutoni:

    Here firsthand experience about civil war and genocide in her country Rwanda, her work experience in Seralion, a country deeply affected by civil war, and her stay in Zimbabwe must have thought her a big lesson though she doesn’t look that way. She missed a great lesson that the governing power was the source of such miser among the people. Instead of continuing to channel her funded projects in silencing Youth, she could have worked hard to end dictatorship. A simple lesson she could have learned was from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is under dictatorship for 3 decades or more now and the economical situation is deeply affected by his wrong policies. Youth are forced to stay idle. Idleness is potential for anything. Hence, the policies should be changed to use the energy of the Youth instead of trying to kill or keep the energy dead through programs that are never sustainable.

    The sad thing is, National Service was started in 1994 to keep the Youth outside the cities. Youth were considered as potential threats to the national security. And similarly, UNDP is channeling his funds to keep the Youth silent. What is then the difference between 1994 National Service project and 2012 up to now and continuing UNDP projects in Eritrea?

    Her Excellency Ms. Christine Umutoni should learn from her past experience. Trying to keep the youth resilient is not the solution. The solution is change that brings these Youth to be idle.

    To know more on Ms. Christine Umutoni, please google and here are some of her presence on web:

    UNDP should stop worrying about possible civil war out-break instead, must work on sustainable system changes in Eritrea.


  • saay7

    Selamat weasel-like:

    Here’s my favorite quote about weasels and what we can learn from them, by one of my favorite authors, Annie Dillard:

    “And once, says Ernest Thompson Seton–once, a man shot an eagle out of the sky. He examined the eagle and found the dry skull of a weasel fixed by the jaws to his throat. The supposition is that the eagle had pounced on the weasel and the weasel swiveled and bit as instinct taught him, tooth to neck, and nearly won. I would like to have seen that eagle from the air a few weeks or months before he was shot: was the whole weasel still attached to his feathered throat, a fur pendant? Or did the eagle eat what he could reach, gutting the living weasel with his talons before his breast, bending his beak, cleaning the beautiful airborne bones?”

    And then a life-lesson for all of us:

    “I think it would be well, and proper, and obedient, and pure, to grasp your one necessity and not let it go, to dangle from it limp wherever it takes you. Then even death, where you’re going no matter how you live, cannot you part. Seize it and let it seize you up aloft even, till your eyes burn out and drop; let your musky flesh fall off in shreds, and let your very bones unhinge and scatter, loosened over fields, over fields and woods, lightly, thoughtless, from any height at all, from as high as eagles.”

    Thank you for being a weasel and, everybody, embrace your inner-weasel. Here’s my petition to change the Eritrean animal from a camel or a tortoise to a weasel. ኤርትራዊ ምስ ነኸሰ ኣይገድፍን ኢዩ, according to Ghedli.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    I don’t support the PFDJ, nor do I support the continued occupation of Eritrea’s territories. This has nothing to do on whether we have dictorship, or democracy in Eritrea, it is a matter of one side, Ethiopia, rejecting to fulfill its obligations, and, thereby, contributing to the suffering of the Eritrean People.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awatistas ,

    the case of Eritrea is more than that all and we can’t keep blaming others like PFDJ. forget about boarder issue as that is just a normal simple problem. PFDJ is against humanity and has to be removed. No conditions and no other choices at all. in fact if we don’t move as people any small party of any kind will move which might be out of our control as PFDJ is moving against everyone joining even the worst Ideologies. the movement of Iran inside horn will let the Suni move and that will be a big mess, wake up

    • Saleh Johar

      KS, I feel sorry for governments that this Dr. Mustapha is advising, he has no clue what he is talking about but copying a page from the seventies and eighties concerning Israeli-Arab paranoia.

      1. He is wrong on :Israel was the first to open an embassy in Eritrea. Sudan was first.
      2. A base close to Asmera and Bab Al Mendeb at the same time? Boy, he doesn’t know the map of the region.
      3. Nuclear waste in Eritrea? Both Israel and Iran are burying their waste?

      Well, so much in 4 mints.

      • Kokhob Selam

        you might be right but what ever said will affect us and horn may go burned. we Eritrean people are making a lot of excuses not to challenge our own problem while a lot of developments are taking place in our area. stories are created and modified and are becoming realities everywhere. Eritrea is in danger as the war zone is expanding. we can blame others as usual but the price is to BE paid by us. we are still talking about boarder issues and we are opposing against those who try to do something at least to fight PFDJ, and sure it is a challenge you will remember me when you see our case will be exploited if our nonsense reasons will continue not to clear PFDJ.

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Kokhob Selam;
          Yes, we’re still talking about border issues, because our territory is still under occupation, our People remain displaced, and the issue continues to be exploited by the PFDJ.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abraham, which problem should we solve first. Tell me now which one should be solved first. shall we solve border issue first? if you convince me, then you and me should pack and move to support PFDJ.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Kokhob Selam
            I see the resolution of the border impasse as a very important weapon in support of the struggle against the PFDJ. The non-resolution of the issue is causing:
            1) Constant displacement of the population that used to live in the occupied areas.
            2) Constant mobilization of the population, esp. the youth who are the economic muscle and the driving force in the struggle against the PFDJ. This is again contributiing to the exodus of our youth.
            3) Serving as an excuse for the PFDJ not to abide by the rule and reject the rights of its People.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abraham, I wish too. but that is not possible simply because you and me are not leaders of Ethiopia to do it. convincing Ethiopian government peacefully or by force is simply impossible for both opposition and PFDJ. PFDJ don’t represent Eritrean people and have no any legality to come in front of any external or internal force. making PFDJ legal by reforming was not possible and will never be. so the way out is to use force but by using wise methods. crazy and corrupted leaders always have followers but worst than that they use other sensitive things like border and external enemy. so, we have to remove from our mind the fertilizer that gives more life to dictator or new dictators who are on row waiting. you see change should be within each of us. it is possible to solve border issue when you are on power peacefully. The two sister nations will work together (no doubt). we can solve all problems only if we are willing. I feel some of us are trapped by dirty politics and tactics of PFDJ. The problem now is that our case may go further as the area all is in trouble and un know international forces may use the chance. ISIS is roaming around and might not be difficult for them to use the fed up mass. and you know groups like ISIS they can eat Eritrea in just days.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Kokhob,

            All was good except your last remark. ” ISIS is roaming around and might not be difficult for them to use the
            fed up mass. and you know groups like ISIS they can eat Eritrea in just

            Ahaha, other form but in the circle of PFDJ politics. You are much aware about Forto 2013.

            Dear Kokhob, I rather see ISIS will hatch in the hearts of DIA’s presidential office, just like that of Al-Shabab. As long as justice is suppressed extrimism will get hatched.

            Dear Kokhobay, the problem we are not able to identify is the viral multiplication of FEAR. Abraham took the border as main threat and now (I can’t say as the way I say it Abaraham) you came up with ISIS.

            By the way, PFDJ politics revolves around three major points:

            A. Jihad and now ISIS
            B. Invasion
            C. External conspiracy

            The sad thing is,
            1. PFDJ created Jihad in Eritrea and now he can for ISIS. He has no shame to fund such tendencies.
            2. Conflict with Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti all have facts to expose PFDJ tendencies to wards others.
            3. The worst conspiror is PFDJ. Do you know that all books written about conspiracy theories are purposefully dissiminated and read inside Eritrea? PFDJ research and documentation center are filled with such books. Zemhret Yohannes is at the center core of such project of conspiracy theory.

            Therefore, Kokhobay, Let’s strengthen our domestic politics and make them free of FEAR. I like because it is FEARLESS to accomodate all views and yet the core mission of the website is maintained by its admins. This should be the model of our free Eritrea.

            Just like, our country needs guide-lines (hence Rules) and to make guidelines work, we need dedicated people (the guardians), the AT. Then, all can be accomodated.

            To conclude, no FEAR politics now. We are what we are now because of FEAR and it mus be ended. My stand is, “let even the demon come, I can handle him to be respectful for humanity!” To do that only I need a set guide-lines ‘Rules. That is all what politcs actually should be.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Sorry for reading your comment late. what you are saying is correct too. and still what I am saying is we should do more instead of standing in one station trapped. by the way one month back or more I had one poem. please read it in Jebena. just single stanza here under title . . . .ኣትኩሮኻ ወገን . . . . which starts ኣደይ ራህዋ ኩነታት ዞባናን : ኩነታት ስግር ዘለው ሃገራትን ብዙሕ እዩ ኣሻቂልወን :: and ends –

            ናይ ብሕሶት ጉጅለ ወዲባ ወዳዲባ :-
            ዘይፈልጡ ግሩሃት ኣእትያ ተጣቢባ :-
            ከይትፈጥር ኩናት ልቢ ሰብ ሰሊባ :-
            ተጠንቅቕ ተመልከት ዕድል ኣይትሃባ ::

            ብሰንኪ ገባቲ :-
            . . . ማእዘና ከይንስሕት :-
            በዚሖም መዝመዝቲ :-
            . . .ኣድቂቕና ንጠምት :-

          • Hope

            Abraham and Kokheb,
            What will be the practical solution then?What shall Eritrtea and Eriteans do if:
            1)the Weyanes do not want to respect the border verdict for their own benefit-to keep Eritrea and Eritreans to be the vicitms of that impasse by :
            a)enforcing the no War ,No Peace Policy and by tightening the existingSanction and for looking for more tight sanctions,so asto strangulate us.
            b)by default,making the PFDJ to stick to its stubborn position of using that Border excuse/Impasse to use it as a pretext for NOT implementing the Constituion,Not allowing Private Sector,keeping the National Service for ever….leading to Socio-Political-Educational mess,including the Exodus of the Youth.
            2)if the PFDJ is stuck with its contradictory and flip-flopping arguement of “Border Resolution First” and is using it as an excuse to keep us hostages of that position with its messy consequences–for ever?
            My point:
            Both regimes are using that Border excuse for their own benefit and has worked well for them.
            My opinion would be:
            -Since the Border impasse is legally resolved and that Baduma is Eritrean,then let us put aside that issue and move on with our business of:
            -Implementing the Constitution and National Reconciliation
            -Reviewing our Policy in all aspects–Economic,Educational,Foerign,etc—
            But then the PFDJ does NOT want to do that.What shall we do then?
            The only/Inko solution is :
            -To have an organzied, and United Peaceful and Political Mobilization of our people,Opposition,Activists,Media,etc…
            But then we have failed on that too.So, what can we do then?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hope, yes we fail but sill I believe there we have gained a lot in saving the life of people through different ways. now the question remains why do we fail? there might be reasons and reasons. but on the top of all there is on big reason – unwillingness to take action. we were talking and working for common ground. you and me thought united and well organized opposition will do the job. but we ( at least me) found the dictator is not really the main problem. dictators are just results, those days I found out we should work very hard first within each of us. and very important point I learn is that we should not wait to see united fronts as most of political leaders are living in the past, everybody is trying to save his ….and is blaming complaining talking nonsense. so, I think we have to concentrate on one party who do things practically – I think. otherwise we will keep talking without any result till Eritrea changed to ash. Any party that will live his comfortable chair and go the field will win PFDJ. But we need to make sure that will represent the mass and will not create another dictator.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Hope;

            Well, I don’t think we’ve other option than going fully for your proposal “To have an organzied, and United Peaceful and Political Mobilization of our people,Opposition,Activists,Media,etc..” We should not be discouraged by our previous failures, we’ve to work hard to overcome our silly differences, and focus on the main issues. The alternative is watching our nation sink in front of our eyes.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham;

            I do not agree with you when you say, “I see the resolution of the border impasse as a very important weapon in support of the struggle against the PFDJ”.

            PFDj introduced mass slavery since 2000 by the name of border issue. And once, Eritrea under the dictatorial leader of PFDJ accepted the VIRTUAL DEMARCATION. Whether we agreed on not, we can not change that statement. Eritreans didn’t want to go to war except PFDJ junta. And PFDJ ended the case through virtual demarcation. That is all!

            What is then coming back to that issue and how can we just go back before 2005 and again use the border case as an issue. Border case is closed! No file need to be opened.

            We have many tools to fight against this regime. Border case is PFDJ agenda. PFDJ never hesitates to open a chapter closed. He wants to open.

            By the way, old people are good to revisit what they closed and this is what PFDJ is doing.

            Dear Abraham; I think you need to change your Foreign Policy!


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Dear Tesfabirhan;
            First a correction: it was not the PFDJ that ended the border case through virtual demarcation. Rather it was the EEBC, because it could not fulfill its job of actually demarcating the border on the ground as the result of Ethiopia’s incompliance with the ruling.
            I agree that the border issue has reached a final legal conclusion through the EEBC. But the ruling is not implemented, hundreds of thausands of solidiers still face each other, at a huge economic, and human cost to both countries. Our people are still displaced. The PFDJ is still using the issue as an excuse for not abiding by the rule of law and not respecting the rights of its People. Hence, one cannot underestimate the significance of the resolution of the issue.
            My view is that if and when the border issue is resolved, the PFDJ would be faced with the challenge from its People should it choose to continue on the path it is following regarding its overall policies. The Eritrean People would find it unacceptable that its youth be kept constantly in mobilization and servitude without an end in sight. They would find it unacceptable of the monopolization of the political and economic spheres by the PFDJ. In short, the Eritrean People would be further emboldened to stand up for their rights and take the fight to the PFDJ. This struggle would then finally lead us to the democratic, and just Eritrea that we all dream about.
            PS. This is not foreign policy, rather an opinion that aims at the peaceful resolution of the border impasse, and that culminates in the eventual removal of tyranny from our country. My idea regading foreign relation is simple, it should be based on mutual respect and co-operation with all countries.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Abraham,

            First,, EEBC ruled it out and PFDJ accepted the virtual demarcation. This is my point.

            Second: As a well informed person regarding PFDJ politics, I always endorse your domestic analysis. Just recently, we are discussing on foreign polcies and I found some minor differences and it is correctable.

            My point regarding the later is staright and very simple. let’s prioritize on PEACE and DEVELOPMENT. Unlike Eritrea and Ethiopia, NK and Sk were one country but divided into two. The result did not block SK to develop when NK was constantly complaining on the “NO War – No Peace” policy. Can’t we learn simply from these? Why we are following NK’s way?

            Dear Abrhimo, we are able to own a double-standard policies if we think that Ethiopia is a threat to us. We can have human FREEDOM and we can protect also.

            Look! how Israel managed to survive in the middle of the fire. do you think that they are not protecting? Israel has the best technology in all levels. Let’s not be fooled by saying USA is behind or the other world. If they are behind, it is because of Israel’s foreign policy. The same goes to SK.

            Look to Rwanda, a country remembered in history at the level of genocide. A country with only 26,338 km² (Eritrea: 124,320 km²) with population of 11,055,976 (ER: 6,033,000), is now booming in PEACE and Deevelopment. Do you think that Rwanda is free of threats, any kind of threats?


            {I have a Rwandan classmate, who once was a victim of the civil war and managed to survive from the genocide. He still remembers the shock, and yet, he always tells me how his country is booming}.

            Dear Abraham, I know you are better than your foreign policy. Oh, by the way, when I say, foreign policy, what I mean is your view on foreign countries (especially Ethiopia).


    • Hope

      This is absurd…What channel is it?
      We heard all these nonsense,even endorsed by some Oppositon Groups telling us that both Israel and Iran have Bases in the Eri Red Sea.
      Iran and Israel also damping Nuclear waste in the Eri Red Sea??
      I remember that the TPLF Gang was using few Arab Figures/Politicians/Journalists to dessiminate this nonsense since yrs.
      KS,this is NOT a new propaganda.
      But who is saying what?
      Israeli Amb to Ethiopia said it recently that Iran has a Naval Base in the Eri Red Sea so as to appease the TPLF Junta and Eritrea protested this and the Gov of Isarel recalled his Arrogance.
      Since few yrs back,some Arabs also were diffusing the false propaganda saying that Israel has a Unique Base in Dahlak and at Emba Soira…..
      BTW,the “Good Doctor” for NOTHING is no one and Nothing!

      • Kokhob Selam

        I don’t have to say you are not right as I don’t have any evidence. one thing is true, PFDJ can do anything, anything that will save them. any tactic that can prolong their life. may be they even can do it temporarily to gain time, or get attention an play it. Yet, in front of the Arab mass Eritrea is against all Suni Muslims. and that feeling is dangerous for us.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Dear Nitricc,

    Quote: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

    Do you have the gut to look at your boss? The courage of asking (nisu) will follow of having the gut to look at (nisu)