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Eritrea: Chiefs and Ambassadors

Chiefs of Staff

The Eritrean regime has announced that it has appointed Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes, one of its zone commanders, as Chief of Staff.

He succeeds Major General Gerzgheir “Wuchu” Andemariam, who passed away on March 4th. One of Eritrea’s zone commanders, Wuchu had been sick (illness not disclosed) for some time and he had been getting medical treatment for months in Italy.  He was returned to Eritrea when doctors determined that there was nothing further they could do; upon his return, he was promoted to Chief of Staff, an announcement that Eritreans learned about posthumously.

The Chief of Staff position had been vacant since September 18, 2001 when General Ogbe Abraha, along with the “G-15” reformers, was arrested. There has not been an official word on his whereabouts although credible sources have reported that he died in detention.

Nation Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS)

As part of the announced “restructuring”, the Eritrean regime reshuffled all the executive officers of NUEYS, including its chairman, and directed them to report to their units in the Eritrean Defense Forces.

It is unclear whether NUEYS, one of the ruling party’s oldest mass organizations mobilizing youth and students, will continue to exist or how its mission differs from Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (Y-PFDJ.)

Ambassadors’ Accreditation

On December 25, the Eritrean regime announced (via the twitter handle of the president’s chief of staff) that 14 ambassadors have been shuffled to new destinations. The names of the 14 were not listed and it takes, on average, six months for the host country to approve an accreditation application. So far, France, Egypt and Sudan have responded with approvals.  In the meantime:

* Fasil Gebresellassie, who had been the Ambassador to Egypt before his transfer to France, has returned to his previous appointment in Egypt.

* Osman Mohammed Omer, who had been an Ambassador to the UAE and had been in recall for years, has been re-appointed to the UAE. The UAE which has not responded to the approval request.

* Mohammed Sheik Abduljalil, who was a consul to Qatar has been promoted to Ambassador to Yemen, but Yemen has not approved him yet.

* Mohammad Saeed Mentai, who was Eritrea’s ambassador to Sudan, was appointed to Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi government has not responded yet. If Saudi Arabia does not accredit him, he will not return to Sudan as his previous post is now filled by Suleiman Al Haj. The latter was the deputy of Mustapha Nurhussein, who was arrested shortly after the “Forto” incident–the failed coup attempt by Colonel Sied Ali Hijjay. Unconfirmed news indicate that ambassador Mohammed Omer Mahmoud, the current Eritrean ambassador to Riyadh, was recalled back to Eritrea. He hasn’t returned yet. The ambassador had strong relations with Abdella Jabir who allegedly had a hand in the “Forto” incident–he was arrested after the incident and disappeared in the jails of the regime.

Isaias in Qatar

In his last visit to Qatar, Isaias Afwerki openly complained to the Qataris that the rest of the Gulf States are punishing him for his close relations with Qatar and that they should compensate him for that.

Qatar, as Gedab News reported earlier, has been the subject of an isolation campaign headed by Saudi Arabia for its position in Egypt.  It is the only Gulf state that has not shown support to the new Egyptian regime and it is suspected of having been a major booster of the Egyptian Islamists who had very briefly held power after the removal of the Hossni Mubarek regime.

Dr. Ahmed Dehli, an Eritrean official with no clear portfolio, accompanied Isaias to Qatar.  He complained about Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisel, Saudi Arabia’s former (until 2001) Director of Intelligence, who now runs the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, a think-tank in Riyadh.

Dr. Ahmed Dehli’s complaint is related to accusations lodged by Saudi Arabia and Yemen against the Isaias Afwerki regime for being a conduit to the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.  Saudi Arabian and Yemen joint forces have been battling the Houthis in North Yemen.

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  • AMAN

    Why are our intellectuals not discussing about the future
    of Eritrea as a result of PFDJ’s actions of today. They
    are supposed to predict and show the future scenarios
    than dwelling only on the past and the present reality.
    What are the implications and effects of today’s actions ?
    Are they worthy following and rationalizing them or not ?
    Would they bring closure and sustainable peace and development
    as per the aspirations of the Eritrean people or they are only ploys
    and tricks just to get to what PFDJ wants as primary goal and leave
    the future to unpredictable scenarios and uncharted horizon may be
    for yet another new struggle again for the third time….?
    Medias and scholars should concentrate on those future scenarios
    and enlighten us the public the merits and demerits of our choices
    and descisions of today than dwelling and being fixated on things
    of the past and today only.
    I am curious and want to know what the real objectives of pfdj as a
    leading party and representative government of the Eritrean people
    and nation so that I and others can make informed conscious descions
    and provide full support if it is for the best interest of the Eritrean people.

    • Saleh Johar

      Aman, are serious? Do you really follow what appears on Eritrean media?
      What you claim doesn’t exist is in fact saturated. Check it out fora change 🙂

      • Aman

        Ok, can somebody help enlighten me/us where exactly
        we and our nation are ?Pleas ! I am getting confused and feeling
        left out now ! No one is doing mercy to the silent majority/us.
        I feel the silent -the majority of our people is betrayed by both
        the ruling and opposition parties and left behind. They are both
        distant and unreachable to them.

        • tes

          Aman, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, take two weeks holy water to get rid of this trauma. PFDJ was dead 13 years before, just now they are dissapearing physically. may be you were sleeping, but where Eritrea is going is quite clear. Just sip a glass of French wine and an Italian cheese to come-out of your shock.

          • AMAN

            So in whose hands is Eritrea and the people…………I mean there should be some form
            of governing body even if it is weak . There can not be a state without governing body
            even for a minute or a day let alone for a year ?
            Can you explain if you were one of those who were not sleeping.
            If there is no PFDJ there must be some one other administering the affairs.
            may be it is beyond your ability to understand that ? Yes ……………..! NO………….!

          • REME

            “The State of Eritrea” is in the hands of its owners and you are not one of them. FYI, Oxford dictionary definition of state vs republic…..
            – State is when a group of people where at least one person has all the power and authority over an
            entire nation or territory. ·
            – Republic is state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected
            representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a
            monarch or dictatorship

          • AMAN

            Thankyou ! that is what I have been working for too. I didn’t know you were so far behind. While you were dreaming of singapore I was advocating for Malaysia. Now I understand that you have been learning from me for 20 years and are coming back to teach me my own writings as yours.

            All what you are trying to teach others is what we have taught at Tigrian Online forum for the past 10 years. And it is fine with me as long as my ideas won and got acceptance.

  • T..T>

    Hi Serray,

    Based on the Eritrean revolution history, the Isayasists cannot be trusted. Any organization that signs a contract with the Isayasists is doomed to fail. The Isayasists never respect their contractual obligation nor keep their words. The
    question is: who are these people?

    Indeed, the Isayasists’ organization is a single celled organism (harmful bacteria) composed of two perceptions. People vividly remember how the two PLFs (the PLF-Field executive committee and the PLF-Foreign Mission committee) tricked the ELF into prolonged confusions seeing one side of them honoring the signed contract while the other side not only dishonoring but not recognizing the signed contract. That Isayasist body still unchanged and is led by Solo Isayas and a group of Massawis.

    The solo Isayas is fully in control of internal power and the Massawis are fully in control of money that follows from the outside world: Arab world. As it may be deduced, the Solo Isayas internally has the right to hire and fire while the Massawis as a group they approve of any ambassador appointed by the ministry. Internally, the solo Isayas is above the authorities and externally, the Massawis are above all the authorities. If it is said the approval of a host country is needed, that approval is two layered: the Massawis and the host country. The Massawis through the Arab Gulf countries protect Isayas against any unfavorable actions by the West. The Arab Gulf countries even neutralized the government of Sudan in order to give Isayas a breathing area and as a result, the Sudanese government is suffering every minute, every day. If one utilizes the IKEA principle of focusing on the screws that hold the parts of Isayasism, just work on detaching the Massawis and you find Isayas taken down in a minute.

  • Dawit

    You implicitly categorized the romantics in to two : “the ghedli romantic of both types”: referring to the romantic view of the past ELF and EPLF. How about adding those people (the likes of NITRIC’s and Mussie Ghebreab) who are giving PFDJ an excessive attention and reverence as the third category of the ghedli romantics.

    Accordingly, we can divide the ghedli romantics into three:

    1. ELF fetish,
    2. EPLF fetish,
    3. PFDJ fetish.

  • Serray


    The musical chair at work, I wonder how many remained standing after this reshuffle.

    Doesn’t it bother anyone that the medieval regime sends only people with muslim names to arab and islamic countries. I say muslim names because they belong to shaebia, a godless organization if there ever was one, and calling them muslims might violate the laws of nature. This is pandering at its worst. Before someone responds while half-asleep chewing his lunch, let me close two nonsensical excuses. An ambassador is a choice of the designating country, not the host, and there are many shaebias with habeshas names who speak arabic.

    Allow me to address again the half-asleep slob before he goes back to sleep. This is bad to muslims themselves because it pigeonholes them to these countries and miss out on fine countries like putin’s Russia. If it was up to me, I will send deeply religious muslims to vatican, Ireland, Israel and all right-wing christian nations; devoted christians to saudi arabia and most muslim countries.

    Some people take offense when we compare isaias’s diplomacy to that of a street whore; isn’t this pandering whoring at its worst. He is not sending people with muslim names because they have special ability but because he wants to project a false image on the arabs long enough to pick their pockets. By the way, the opposition is no better. A few years ago, the ENCDC sent a delegation to egypt who complained about the regime’s abuse of muslims. After their meeting, they proudly announced receiving several scholarships to islamic universities. I am sure the ghedli romantics of both types, a bundle of contradictions that they are, see no problem with this pandering. It is smart business for them to be a chameleon…when in Rome…and screw the hade libi, hade hzbi crapola.

  • AMAN

    N’ Ethiopia
    N’ WOYANE…………….. AYGONBAHH !!
    ( From the book of Wisdom )

  • SOLL

    Hmm….DIA´s lunatzic behaviour is again turning to Yemen and Saudi?….NO SURPRISE!….@Mussie FERA-ab!….since when are you able to to say for certain that is was “..speculation”…?. do you have an ear to DIA or you yourself are speculating??.

  • John Habtom

    All this information is rehashed from other websites with heavy speculations added by awate. Face it “Gedeb”, you’re losing the information war. You’re just rehashing information from other more credible websites and pretending like you still got sources in the government when you don’t.

  • Peace!

    Interesting, thank you awate.com

  • T..T>

    What news! Saudi Arabia against Isayas must be
    a misleading but something of a surprise turn of event that one would pray for.
    As a matter of fact, Isayas still makes yearly more than a billion Saudi Riyals
    in tax levying and consulate services fees from Saudi Arabia.

  • Mussie Gebreab

    It looks like that you deliver cut out the news of the appointment Ato Weldemichael Abraha as Eritrea vice president. the rest of your gedeb news is just pure speculation.