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Documentary – awate.com: The Journey – ዓዋተ: እቲ ጉዕዞ- عواتي: المسيرة

This is a production of Zantana Productions, a friend of awate.com. It’s a brief history of awate.com–its goals, aspirations, trepidations, and hopes. Please join us in thanking Zantana Productions for the superb job.

Note: this production was conceived, initiated, and produced by Zantana Productions. As you know, awate is a labor of love and we admire all kinds of volunteer work, and we look up to volunteers. Thank you Zantana and thank you our patrons for staying on our side thoughout the journey.

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The PENCIL is awate.com's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Saleh,

    Thank you for the recap of awate journey for the last 20 years; and thanks to Zantana production for setting and compiling this interview. Awate.com has been the source of information for the Eritrean people; and that is why both supporters (the opposition) and detractors (the regime supporters) visit the website on regular basis. I believe you have fulfilled your mission on informing, inspiring, and emboldening in the fight for justice. That in itself is a hake of success.

    Reconciliation requires the “will and recognition” of the Eritrean people to happen. Even with that understanding, you have contributed in the struggle for reconciliation to happen. Your letter of appeal of May 23, 2001 to a list of government officials and opposition leaders (on the name of your foundation) is self-explanatory to your effort on the subject. When historian opens the files of awate, they will find admirable efforts and contributions towards justice, peace, and equality for the Eritrean people .Where our intellectuals are not dealing each other as individual men, but as symbols and creatures of a system in which the two key words of political game “loyal” and “disloyal” awate.com has contributed in the breeding of conscious intellectuals for the case of civil disobedience for the tyrannical regime at home. By doing that awate.com asserted that the case of ccivil disobedience is the case of individual conscience. keep up awate.com, the struggle is struggle of history making and you will remain the forum of history making.

  • Haile S.

    Selam SGJ,

    What you built, this Awate thing, is a monument, a solid marble one at that. It is a monument that speaks, sees, palpates, listens, smells and frequently farts, I have to say. Not that it is smelly and invites one to leave, but on the contrary calls us to sniff hard. It makes us interrogate ourselves saying ‘what was that?’ That smells a little bit southy, that one is typically YPFDJ-northy, this one ELF-cozzy, that one very confuzy!
    Thank you, SGJ, for giving us the medium through which we are able inform ourselves, exchange ideas with our compatriots and neighbors. Some of us mark what we read with our own transparent varnish adding more luster to it. Some of us tarnish with what we thought would embellish. Some of us never dilute our paints, we just paste it there and obscure what was visible. Some of us like to shred what others meticulously put together. Rare are the articles that pass without getting brushed by our feathers, fingers or scissors. I see us like a bunch of cute vultures waiting for the next exquisite corpse to fall among us.
    As you mentioned SGJ, Awate has thus far fulfilled its mission to inform, to inspire & to embolden, remains the mission to reconcile. Not your inattention or fault, but rather the unpreparedness of the camps, unreadied to reconcile till now. Our political camps are comfortably stuck in their old cushion-less hard chairs that have molded well into the shapes of their butts. The next mission of Awate and us its vultures should be to think and try to unglue them from these chairs.

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear HaileS,
      It’s such gentleness, even if it is once in a while, that make us stay the course. Believe me, we learn from our experiences, but treading a very sensitive and complicated maze of Eritrea, and its social fabric, is so mingled that one is bound to goof on occasions. Whatever it is, one good should not be the only thing that two decades of journey should be judged on. Yes, there are farts, and I am sure you know that, because of your profession, creations would explode. The exhaust is more than what we make it mean, it is very important.

      I thank you for the favorable appraisal and now, let’s work to find something that would destroy the glue you mentioned.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Haile S.,

      Thank you for saying what many of us wish to say about this great outlet and its forum. These days, I am in a kind of sabbatical – reading and reflecting on what people write. If you were to ask me why, I would say Awate.com’s burden of tolerating a few untamed mouthpieces deserve to walk to side and let them have space free. Having said that, however, the word reconcile is written in may be four times larger characters when compared to the other three. This denotes, my crude insinuation tells me, the final mission of this web site is to open space for the conflicting side(s), and the at one stage turn it around and bring them to dialogue and iron out their differences. The mission has thus far proven to be huge, which the very person who volunteered to carry the burden has consciously stressed. Let us hopehe will continue to enjoy the power and summon the patience to survive the toll of the journey.

      • Haile S.

        Selam Ismail,

        Welcome back and stay AMAP.
        Ismail, the thought should live and be propagated, even at the risk of leaving large crumbs that sustains the deliberately thoughtless and blinded regime follower & apologist. This kind of followers depend on what you give them, because they have chosen to not live fully on their own rational thought. I understand, as we have recently seen several times it came to a point that they drag many unprepared to respond in kind, further provoking others to react instinctively in a snowball effect, but the head should brew, the hands write and the fingers click to send. We don’t stop eating to deprive our “parasite”. The hope is it evolves as we in our social situation are commensals, as in dinner companion.
        On the reconcile, in trying to bring it on stage, I perhaps have given a weight that separates it from its base(s), the other three, but the intention is a call to everybody to start blunting the thorny history instead of sharpening it at every corner of discussions here and thereby get ready for higher reconciling ambitions. I understand, we cannot have enough of inform, inspire & embolden. In fact they are pedestal, the most important path to reconciling. One of our largest camps, the regime, has ensnared these three ideas and preventing any of its adherents to think other than through the regime’s mind. Inform, inspire & embolden should continue incessantly, thus the need not to leave the Awate-land to get barren (ከይቃድር).
        Having said that the hope, is Awate to continue as an institution of larger ambition beyond the pressing issues of the moment.

        • Ismail AA

          ሰላም ሃይለ (ለባም)፣
          ሓቅካ ሕልሚ ፈሪሕካ ከይደቀስካ ኣይሕደርን። ክብሎ ዝደልኩሲ ክፉእ ነውርን ምስማዕን ምንባብን አእዛንን ኣዒንትን ክወልፍ ይክእል ይኸውን ኢለ ኣልግስ ምባል ይሓስሽ ኢለ እየ።

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Brother SGL,

    Nice explanation and thank you..

    This site is the only Eritrean site that I will hope to updated to next years to come,,

    I am very much optimistic this site continue long years to come and generations over again and again without losing the quality and perfection it owns.