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Djibouti and Isaias Afwerki’s Secret Visit To Qatar

Barring any last-minute changes,  Isaias Afwerki is paying an unpublicized visit to Qatar on Tuesday to meet with its Emir to discuss the stalled Eritrea-Djibouti border agreement.

According to our sources, Djibouti’s president, Ismail Omar Guelleh, who was also invited, has indicated that he will not show up unless Qatar provides assurances that Isaias Afwerki will honor the terms of the agreement: withdraw Eritrean troops and negotiate in good faith on the matter of prisoners of war.

The Eritrea-Djibouti agreement has been a diplomatic embarrassment to its mediator, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa AI-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, who staked his reputation and goodwill on its implementation. The agreement was signed on June 6, 2010 (two years after a clash broke out between Eritrean and Djibouti) and Qatari peacekeepers have been stationed along the disputed border for nearly three years.

According to our sources, this is the first international trip Isaias Afwerki has taken in a year.

Qatar is sending a private jet to pick up Isaias Afwerki who lost his presidential jet in October of last year when Eritrean pilots flew it to Jizan, Saudi Arabia and asked for political asylum.  Just this week, a pilot who was dispatched to Saudi Arabia to retrieve the plane also asked for political asylum in the Kingdom.

Article 3 of the mediation agreement calls on the two nations to provide a list of their POWs and missing persons.

The Eritrean regime has consistently said that it is not holding any Djibouti prisoners of war–since it doesn’t admit there was a war to begin with. Neither the military clash, nor the casualties (dead, prisoners of war, missing in action), nor the peace agreement that followed it have been acknowledged by Eritrea’s state media.

However, last year, the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, whose mandate includes following up on the Eritrea-Djibouti agreement, interviewed two Djibouti prisoners of war who had escaped captivity and surrendered to Sudanese officials in the Qorora/Sudanese border on September 2011.

The two Djibouti soldiers, whom the Monitoring Group identified as Privates First Class Ahmed Eeleeye Yabeh and Kadir Soumboul Ali, were on a list of POWs that Djibouti provided in its report (their identity was included as an annex to the report) to the Security Council. The UN found that the Eritrean regime is still not in compliance with Resolution 1907 and extended the monitoring group’s mandate.

It is not clear whether Isaias Afwerki’s trip will bear results or if it is another stalling technique.

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  • It’s funny how HGDF actually thinks they have a say/influence on anything. Worry about providing your own people with water, rather than interfere on issues that do not concern you,,, mot ni HGDF fithi ni hizbina!!!

  • YAY

    Dear Serray: Stop confusing yourself, please

    You said, ” Let me put what you wrote into a proper perspective and see if you are consistent….Say you bought a house knowing that a tiny part of your property was occupied by a neighbor with deep pockets (make note of the word “knowing”). ”

    You want to test the consistency of my reasoning based on two different concepts? A person’s possession of a private property (a house and the piece of land it is built on) and a nation’s possession of territory are not the same. Seeing a piece of national territory equivalent to a private property within a nation’s territory is not the proper perspective to take in understanding the question of Badumma. Seeing the two as the same thing will do you no good but add to your confusion.

    I would not buy a house in any nation’s territory if I know that even ” a tiny part ” of it is occupied or claimed by anyone, deep/shallow pockets. There is no reason for me to buy land/house whose ownership or possession is disputed. I have a choice to look for another one somewhere else that has no history of controversy on it. Eritrea cannot do that with Badumma but deal with Ethiopia.

    If I were to buy a house nobody possesses or has claim on, but later on, as you put it, “a tiny part of…[my] property was occupied by a neighbor with deep pockets”, I would take them to court for trespassing based on the laws of the nation we are in, prove my ownership, and let law enforcers enforce the verdict of the court of law. ER proved its legal ownership of Badumma, the EEBC verdict has yet to be enforced by some enforcing agency.

    Eritrea and Ethiopia are not individuals like my neighbor and I, who live under the jurisdiction of one nation, under one set of laws, and law enforcement agencies. Each of the two States of the two nations is sovereign that recognizes no superior law above its own without its consent. For these reasons, the GoET and GoER, as representatives of the State of ET and the State of ER, respectively, gave their consent to settle their dispute on their borderlines through the verdict of a neutral body, the EEBC, as final and binding.

    The EEBC verdict is part of each State’s law as well as international law. ER and ET also agreed that the enforcer of the EEBC verdict would be the authority of the United Nations. The UN is neither a national nor a global (or super-national) government to enforce the EEBC verdict like any national government would have done on sections of its territory within its boundaries. The UN as an authority does not move as the central authority of a nation would. A nation’s law is structured and integrated with its law enforcement institutions, while international law is sort of anarchic. UN policies/actions are often influenced not strictly by international law, justice, democracy or human rights but by international politics, and powerful nations’ interests and/or pressures weigh heavily in these politics. That is one of the main problems in this case.

    Brother, it is fine to test how consistent my arguments are, but please stop confusing yourself, and may be others, by equating different types of possessions (personal and national) as handled by different categories of law or their enforcement (national and international).

  • Ghezae Hagos


    First of all, the bone of contention is just Badima the town which currently stands 700 meters from the percieved border. So don’t put words into what I didn’t write about more concessions. I stick with 700 meters. Not any more concession whatsoever. So don’t misquote me.

    Let me add few remarks on the what the great debater Serray wrote. You, YAY, simply HAVE NOT proposed how you will get Badima apart from condmening Ethiopia and lamenting about the lack of international community for its neglect of EEBC? Many times you were asked what is YOUR strategy to get Badima back? There is nothing in your part; of course, because you have nothing that we didn’t say in the past decade and more. Period. That is why, five years from now to, you most probably will have nothing, of course again apart from from condmening Ethiopia and lamenting about the lack of international community for its neglect of EEBC.

    It is not rocket science and it is simply strightforward logic, sir. I told twice. Let me repeat it one more time: There are two ways of getting Badme back; Full implementation of EEBC or use of force. None of them will get us Badime at this point or forseebale future. Rather the other side of it because of Badima, (rather 700 meters) its horrendous costs to the nation. The nation is literrally in the brink of extinction in my view. The unmentionable human, politcal and other costs can be ultimately attributed to PFDJ’s stubborn but devastatingly wrong policy on Badima. So if you still want us to continue that way, can you please be an example..go to Eritrea and be member of the Eritrean defence forces.

  • YAY

    Dear Serray: No wonder we have a differences

    You said, ” Wrong, the first question to ask is, is Badme worth the sacrifice…[Weyyane-Ethiopia] is exacting on the Eritrean people? Badme is not a cause, it is a piece of land that is given to us by a court of law …. It is not worth sacrificing the freedom of the entire nation. The war that was fought for is a gimmick the dictator used to hold the youth and the nation hostage.”
    ” Badme is not a cause, it is a piece of land”? Our people say “ሰብ መሲሉኒስ እምኒ ቈንጢየ::” We have to start from the basics. ሓደ ናይ ብሓቂ ዛንታ ኣዘኪርካኒ። ሓደ ግዜ ሓደ ዓርክና ምስ ካልእ ቀረቡ ኮይኑ ነቶም ኪበጽሕዎ ዝመጽኡ ኣቦኡ ንኪዛናግዑ ኢሎም ጸወታ ኵዑሶ እግሪ ክርእዩ ገንዘብ ከፊሎም ኣትዮም። እቶም ኣቦ ትዕዝብ ውዒሎም ምስ ጋበዝቶም ብሓንሳብ ናብ እንዳ ወዶም ተመልሱ። ኣቦይ፡ እቲ ጸወታ ከመይ ኔሩ ፈቲኻዮ ዶ፧ ትብሎም ኣብ ገዛ ዝጸንሐት ጓሎም። ኣንቲ ጓለይ ነዚ ድኣ እንታይ ኪፈትወሉ፡ ክንዲ ሰብ ዝኣኸሉ ጠላዓት ሰብኡትሲ ኣብ ክንዲ ዝሓርሱ ወይ ዝምሕሱ ደድሕሪ ዛ ብንፋስ ዝተመልአት ፍሕኛ ቈርበት ኪጎዩ ክንርእይ ውዒልና መጺእና ንብለኪ። ነዞም ሃላያት ክንርእይሲ ያኢ ንሰለስተ ስድራ ነናይ ሰሙኖም ቀለብ መግዝኢ ዚኸውን ገንዘብ ኣጥፊእና ተመሊስና። ዝገርም እኮ እዩ ብሀሉዋ። May be you do not know what a cause is or how a piece of land is related to the people and the State of Eritrea. A cause is a reason for a purposeful action. As you’ve also agreed, Badumma was legally awarded to Eritrea by the EEBC and ER’s purpose is to make EEBC’s verdict a reality and make peace with ET, and for at least that reason the question of ER having control of territory within its legally determined borderlines (including Badumma) is our cause. Badumma is not just a disposable object of nature but a piece of land that Eritrea(ns) want to have our sovereign rights on, and have to act to achieve that goal. Woyyane-Ethiopia is occupying our legally awarded land by force, and what is legal is just, and as a result we have a just cause to demand that ET troops get out from our territory according to ER-ET treaties, so that we have legitimate control over our possession, a right equal to every other nation on earth. This equal right will be ER’s, the nation, for now and forever, whether PIA or Serray or Gheza-E or anybody elected/selected is our leader. Hence, putting “Badumma” under ER’s sovereign control is our national cause.
    Badumma is certainly a piece of land like you are, or I am (by implication every member of the Eritrean people is), a talking animal, or a piece of meat with two fluid (air and blood) pumps. This is also the basis of ET’s minister’s (Bereket Simon) false propaganda that ER puts emphasis on land instead of on people. Land is important because people live on it and use it. Talking about demarcating land is talking about people and the people’s business. All these are facts, but where do these facts take us in making a national policy about Badumma (or all occupied Eritrean territories), that two nations had conflicting claims on? Eritrea and Ethiopia are also two pieces of land, each with its State (people and central government) that has the ultimate say within the piece of land it possesses (its territory). You are talking about Badumma as if Eritreans as individuals or collectives have absolutely no value or meaning (rights to possess, use, control, and allow/prevent others from using it without consent) attached to it. One could say many things about Badumma, but the main point of discussion here is: who has the legitimate right to control or use that “piece of land” called Badumma?

    We should also see Badumma in the historical context of ET-ER relations. The central issue of the ER-ET conflicts is possession, or sovereign control of a piece of land (a part or the whole of ER). Emperor Haile Selassie of ET had openly declared that ET’s interest in ER was the piece of land and not the people. (See Ruth Iyob’s The Eritrean Struggle for Independence: Domination, Resistance, Nationalism, 1941-1993). Our cause of regaining Badumma is just one incidence in our cumulative struggle for national freedom. As struggling for our national independence was part of our living in peace with ET, our efforts to ascertain ER’s sovereign control over Badumma is also part of bringing about peace between ET and ER. It is when ET completely renounces any of its claims to the piece of land called Badumma or any part of ER that there will be permanent peace between the two nations. That is why, in my view, that “Badumma” is both a piece of land and at the same time our cause.

    Serray and Gheza-E Hagos get sarcastic by saying why ER is not going to war at this time to regain Badumma by force as we did for ER’s independence. ER has already fought a war and gone to a court of arbitration to delineate ER-ET borderlines, and has successfully ascertained that Badumma is legally ER’s. Our policy must be that going to war is an option of the last resort, and our efforts of regaining Badumma by all other means continues for now. But that does not mean that there are some Eritreans (e.g. Gheza-E and Serray) who have different solutions. Serray wants to postpone the cause of ER regaining Badumma until PIA is overthrown (and says would resolve it through negotiations with ET without specificity, may be a code phrase for giving Badumma to Ethiopia). Gheza-E, however, is openly for what he calls “land for peace” policy: ER will give Badumma to ET and ET will give ER peace. Serray thinks the first question to ask is: Is Badumma worth it? I say that the answer depends on who is evaluating the worth of Badumma. Is Serray calculating the worth of Badumma as a piece of land (an object of nature) or as an incidence of ER’s national freedom to have control over its territory (a sovereign right of a nation)? If Badumma is worthy to ET, Serray needs to answer why it is not worthy to ER. Serray and Gheza-E Hagos seem to have one and the same conclusion: ET and the West are putting too much pressure on ER, and the EEBC decision is not going to be implemented, ER is not going to war to acquire Badumma, the U.S. and allies hate PIA and will not pressure ET to abandon that “cursed” piece of land called Badumma, so let us give Badumma to ET and save ER. They argue for ER’s submission to ET’s intransigence and arrogance. That is known as defeatism.

    “Land for peace” was a deal that was made to attain an Israel-Egypt peace in 1979: Israel (occupier of Egypt’s land) returned Sinai to its legal owner Egypt and Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel. In Gheza-E’s proposal, it is in reverse: ER (the legal owner of Badumma) must give its land Badumma to ET (the occupier of ER’s land). Gheza-E doesn’t seem to realize/care that he is giving Weyyane-ET a license to take more land from ER: put ER in the pressure cooker, and people like Serray and Gheza-E would readily accept defeat, and believing that ET would give them peace, relinquish 700 meters more of ER’s land. ET, having that tool, would apply it 2, 3…1000 times until ER exists no more. Gheza-E’s solution is not a solution. Gheza-E presents his defeatism sugar-coated with a semblance of an objective assessment of ER’s challenges. He calls any ER’s politician foolish if (s)he refuses to accept his defeatist proposal. He doesn’t understand that submission to injustice brings you neither freedom nor peace. It is resistance to injustice that provides ER peace and stability. Even U.S. President Reagan used to say that peace is secured through strength.

    Gheza-E’s defeatism could be an objective assessment of some of ER’s problems , but Gheza-E’s defeatism is not an objective assessment of ER’s potentials. That is where his proposal meets its failure. It does not objectively assess ER’s challenges and potentials in a balanced way and takes one to a dead end. Defeatism is not wisdom or courage. If Serray and Gheza-E are afraid of fighting for ER’s territorial rights, the rights of ER to claim its sovereign rights equal to others, and the continuation of free ER, they are free to so choose, but nobody would take them seriously if they ask our nation to submit to injustice. Freedom is not free. We have to pay the price that our freedoms demand. I urge Serray and Gheza-E stand up to ET’s and demand to remove its troops out of Badumma and negotiate for the normalization of ER-ET relations, then, we proceed together in building a democratic Eritrea. Taking your secondary conflict with PIA (who is trying to do his patriotic duties) to the extreme is a detriment to our national cause. Our people’s sufferings are caused by what Weyyane-ET and its backers are doing against ER . Why are you disliking PIA for asking ET to get out of ER’s territory as the ET-ER peace treaties demand? What is unjust about it? Why aren’t you siding with the victims PIA, ER, and the ER people against the deliberate victimizers, ET and the West?

    • Serray

      Selam YAY,

      Let me put what you wrote into a proper perspective and see if you are consistent. Here in America, a man’s home is his castle; it is where he raises his family, it is his pride and, for most, it is the single most important asset they own.

      Say you bought a house knowing that a tiny part of your property was occupied by a neighbor with deep pockets (make note of the word “knowing”). Now you have a choice to either take your neighbor to court and get back that tiny piece of shit legally or try to get it by force (sort of sneak into his house at 5:30am and punch him and then move back the perimeter). You decided the force thing and it backfired on you terribly. He pin you down until you agree to every condition he put down including not to come 5 feet close to his perimeter. You agree and walked away with your tail behind your legs to lick your wounds while waiting for the court to decide.

      Here is the weird part, instead of raising your family in peace, you turned into unbelievable prick. You turned your children into virtual slaves, you lost your job, you lost respect of everyone who knows you, you squandered your family fortune and, while the court decided in your favor, your neighbor still occupies your land. To make matters worse, you have no ability to force your neighbor. So now, everybody hates you, your children are running away one by one, the house is in complete disrepair and there is no joy in your life and the lives of everyone around you. All that because…you know what I mean.

      If you are this kind of a guy, I think I understand where you are coming from. Before I go any further, are you this kind of guy? Do you do what this guy did for a piece of land?

      • I read the comments of serray and yay .it is really interesting for me as an individual.what serray wrote was just agroup of words which have no facts . which didnt follow and understand the rule of low and its verdict states.first of all apiece of land and property are totally different.eritrea as a whole is a piece f land comparing to the whole could you accept to let the main issue badimma to ethiopia while the rule of low assured it is part of eritrea for the sake of fake peace. second you your self agreed the fact that badimma is not the main issue in this conflict if it so how can you make sure that there will peace after eritrea let badimma to ethiopia for the sake of peace.what if they will ask assab later after you AGREE letting badimma.your text as a whole is disgusting and defeatism as yay said .why would we engage in another war while the rule of low assured once again badimma is belong to the prave esayas must be proud for not lying to his people for the sake of power.this time around ethiopia and people like serray are mislidind the people of eritrea and themselves.

  • Serray


    Wrong, the first question to ask is, is badme worth the sacrifice the dictator is exacting on the eritrean people? Badme is not a cause, it is a piece of land that is given to us by a court of law after the dictator failed to bring it by force. It is not worth sacrificing the freedom of the entire nation. The war that was fought for is a gimmick the dictator used to hold the youth and the nation hostage.

    As long as badme is used as an excuse and you guys buy it, eritrea will never be strong; quite the opposite, eritrea’s viability will continue to be compromised. Plus, and I find this strange, if eritrea is not given to us by whining and bitching, why do you believe that the woyanes will give back badme if we continue to do nothing but whine? What happened to the medda credo that if you want it, go get it?

    Funny, after 22 years in power, you call the isaias regime temporary. When will it be an adult responsible for its actions?

    Finally, the opposition should never take the badme mantra; it is bad enough you guys and the regime do. The less we factor badme into our struggle, the better. But I can understand why you or haile say that. Thanks but no thanks. Nice try, though.


    I like the way you guys define freedom north korean style. One is free until he disagrees with you.

    Back to isaias, I have a hard time believing that he was any different in medda. In the last 22 years, isaias was tested in peace and in war, he failed on both. I think ghedli won despite his stupidity. If he got a couple more C’s and stayed in college, ghedli would have achieved its goal of liberating the land (I hope you agree with me the people are not yet free) much earlier.

    In a free and accountable eritrea, are we going to have impartial judges or sewrawi justice where you guys are both the prosecutors and the judges? In the former case, where the merits of the EECC decision are considered, I think I will have a fighting chance against people like you who claim to free us from the ethiopians only to turn us into their puppets. Imagine, 22 years after you guys told us we are free, your world still revolves around the ethiopians; “if only they let demarcation happen we will really, really, really, be free”.

    Tell me Hizbawi, how long do you think the eritrean people should be held hostage to badme? When do you think the scale that values human life and freedom finally tilt our way, or are we stuck in a world were land rules? I have this badme argument with my tegadeli friends and relatives many times. The weakest point they make is when they compare badme to sewra. Badme is a piece of shit that isaias used to ignite a war. Badme is where the ethiopians ended up occupying one third of our country; displaced on third of our population; killed tenth of thousands and finally managed to create a 25km security zone totally inside eritrea. Badme is where eritrea youth turned into slaves and eritrea in a pariah nation. Badme is given to us in court of law. Now, tell me how does badme resemble sewra?

    • haile

      Selam Serray,

      The problem as I see it that you define everything as pertains Eritrea in second and third person. Here is a simple way, you own IA, you own Badem, you own Human rights issue, you own development issue, you own security issue, you own diplomacy issue…. as it relates to Eritrea and you. I admit this is can get subtle to really understand. Yet, there is no other way around it. It is your issue, when all said and done. IA doesn’t have jurisdiction over any other peoples in the planet, just you. None of the other issues identified are related to anyone in the planet other than you. It did affect you in the past, it is affecting you at present and it will continue to affect you in the future, regardless of in what way.

      • Serray

        Selamat Haile,

        (Moderator, my apologies, I meant this as reply to Haile)
        I wouldn’t go as far as owning the dictator and the things he choose to do, but I get the gist of what you are trying to say. What makes north korea and other paranoid states unique is how they make one aspect of the nation, security, dominate the very existence of the country. If you look at every state that subordinates the welfare of the people in favor of security (grudge against an enemy is a better term), you will see the nation is not secure at all. In this case, the role of the citizen ought to be to challenge the security obsessed mindset, not to parrot it.

        The owning thing applies to you, too. Since you guys rationalize a neighbor obsessed hostile existence, you can’t disengage from its consequence to the people. Cheering the badme mindset comes at a cost; you can’t say I disagree with the dictator on everything except badme because, if you agree on badme, you might as well agree with him on slavery, military ownership of the nation, shelving of the constitution and everything else. The dictator uses badme to do all those things and more. But here is the worst thing about parroting badme and demarcation; the solution is completely outside our control. You should own that, too. You have condemned the nation to something it cannot do by its own (forget YAY’s self-serving claim that the if we unite and all yell at the woyanes, they will comply) and you put it at the mercy of others.

  • hizbawi

    Dear Serray, how do you think we won our independence? Many said mission impossible, the only time I have hard time opposing PIA is the way he led the Sewra. He did an mazing job. Sure, you and like you who has never witnessed the great Sewra can ridicule and scorn the Sewra and PIA, for the majority who fought the fight know better. We won because we were united and we fought. You and your likes are serving the TPLF to the brim. Just you know, in a free and accountable Eritrea, you will be hold accountable for your actions. You are supporting TPLF.
    Like the Americans say, aiding the enemy or obstruction of justice will be your charge.

    • sara

      saudi arabia the best friend of america have this rule for those who support an enemy, i.e article 13 of saudi citizenship law stipulates the withdrawal of citizenship of any one found working in the interest of a nation at war with the kingdom….it also states any one leaking information to an enemy, thereby compromising stability of the country is a criminal and an enemy of the state.
      what do you think of those who claim here to be eritreans and somehow help the enemy.i mean the weyane/ethiobia…

      • Kokhob Selam


        Saudi Arabia has rule and Allah has helped them to survive happy. your government that is nice country for it’s citizen. read the news letter of KSA and compare it with that damn Hadas Eritrea you will see the difference.

      • Kokhob Selam

        please read your government don’t care about it’s people KSA is nice country for it’s citizen.

  • Eritrea2

    Hayat Adem
    When and where, did Eritrea, officially or otherwise, say that it favors Egypt to Ethiopia regarding the Nile?

    Now, don’t you bring’s fabrication as a fact here?
    Issayase’s stand on the Nile is well recorded, so where is this coming from?

    And, haile, why in God’s name are you echoing what a unionist who always talks negative about Eritrea, is saying in this regard?


    • Hayat Adem

      This info’s origination source was not from Assena. It was from EGYPT State Information Service, Cairo, openly quoting President Mursi talking to the face of the Eritrean delegation led by Eritrea’s foreign minister and praising Eritrea for supporting Egypt’s position on the Nile.

      • Kokhob Selam

        PFDJ can’t provide clean water to it’s people but keep talking about NILE. the case of Nile is so big there are international eyes on it.PFDJ is trying to find a way and get attraction.

  • Eritrea2

    What is up with these Unionists and Woyanie subordinates these days? Judging from this Sirray guy’s attitude and his elevated emotion of hate and kind of urgency, it is easy to guess that something is cooking in the Woyanie gora. I mean either Woyanie it about to change its ways and is leaving the subordinates hanging and exposed in the open or after the death of the hideous ex- Woyanie leader, nobody is giving these fools any attention. Or maybe the Woyanie realized there is no way it can break the Eritrean people and relying on these sorry asses is just pointless.
    In any case, the usual “ dialogue is the only solution” and “Ethiopia is right and cares more for Eritreans more than Eritreans themselves” is somehow gone and in a dramatic shift of gear, the sirrays are focusing on the “final and binding”. Wait, not the whole package. They are actually talking about EECC aspect. Oh, wait – but they have to make sure Eritrea is to blame for the whole border issue. Wait, actually they are not talking about solving the border issue (Who cares about the Eritrean people!) they shamelessly want the border ruling to zoom in and on the president of Eritrea. What? Again who cares about Eritrea and the Eritrean people? This is about vendetta, this is about grudge, this is about power, this is about acute unionist tendencies, and this is about acute subordination to Woyanie. Again to these fools, Eritrea and the Eritrean people are not the focus
    Back to the border, all the Eritreans who are true to themselves clearly know that the Eri Gov. did not start the war. But even if we assume Eritrea started it, it went to war for something which is legally its own. Just check the border ruling. The Eritrean government, and the Eritrean people (We all cheered and stood alongside our government during the war, didn’t we? ), took the course of action that felt right and rightly so, Badme is Eritrean. So unionists, suck it up.
    But, peace loving as they are, law abiding as they are, the Eritrean government and the Eritrean people accepted the border ruling in its totality unconditionally as the promised and signed for
    So who is that fool who wants to punish the one who is standing on the right side of justice? Eritrea, with the leadership of the President is on the right side of justice – so go find and kick the one who is not abiding by law

  • YAY

    Dear Serray: I am looking for the best solution and yours is not

    “There are more than one ways to skin a goat.” Likewise, there are more than one ways to solve every Eritrean problem. I am not searching for any solution, only the best solution will do. You think that those who challenge your views are normal but cannot grasp certain things. I feel the same way about you when you say, “You guys sound normal but how is that you fail to grasp that as long as isaias is alive the woyanes will never agree to demarcate and the world will not force them.” I just wonder if you grasp the concept of struggling with commitment and determination to win. Did you think that the Ethiopian State or its superpower backers would have agreed to ER’s political independence without some hard work and sacrifice from the Eitrean people?

    The first question to ask is: Is our cause just when we demand for ET to abide by the court verdict and abide by the law? In my opinion, we certainly do. So, let us work at it, and make ourselves stronger. You also desire to make ER stronger, but after you clean it up of “parasites”. I don’t know what you mean by that. In ER there is a ruling party and not a ruling class that uses the State of ER to its private interests. I see no economic class that you can call “parasites”. The GoER tries to support and subsidize the disadvantaged masses of people in ER. The GoER also has institutional weaknesses because it is by its very nature a transitional government. Let us build and reform its instutitions and make ER stronger. Your method of making ER stronger is by destroying what already exists and rebuilding it. That is any solution and not the best solution, because it disrupts peoples lives further and makes ER much more weaker, to the extent one could visualize, and incapable of meeting its current challenges successfully. I understand it might sound stupid to you, but ER’s problems would best be solved by utilizing the GoER that PIA is leading while at the same time improving it.

    Once we make ER stronger, we would be more effective in making ER’s policies more responsive to domestic and international circumstances. Weyyane-Ethiopia would not demarcate and remove its troops from territories determined by EEBC to be ER’s for our sake or because they care for us or because the love us. They will be compelled to do it for their own intertests. What we have to generally do is convince them do it quicker by narrowing their best alternatives. Neither them nor us would be able to foretell how long it would take us to accomplish our goals, but we have to be persistent. The Ethiopian people would be of greatest help in supporting ER-ET peace. Tactics (sometimes active other times passive) would vary depending on situations and circumstances.

    One of my tactics would be to challenge the ER “opposition” to take Eritrean patriotic stand and clarify their political platforms. Either they would be compelled to be completely dependent on our adversaries so that our people can clearly identify them or cooperate with patriots and pursue the just cause of the ER people to a successful conclusion. This tactic is public and aims at splitting the ER “opposition” into (1)patriotic and fighting the Eritrean cause, or (2) Weyyane instruments and serving anti-Eritrean causes. Then, Serray & Co. as well as our people would choose which side to take and how to adjust/re-adjust their efforts. This tactic will weaken those who collaborate with our adversaries and strengthen the patriotic side. Your solution does not strengthen the State or Nation of Eritrea to pursue its just cause. Side with the patriotic side, brother Serray.