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Discourse on Eritrea-Tigray Through Personal Praxis

[Editor’s note: Reflections is Beyan Negash’s new column. He selected, edited and presents the following article written by Said on the Awate Forum.]

Intro: For decades our region suffered exceptionally, a grim reality. Those who write simply as an expression of fierce resistance to all kinds of tyrannies related to the Horn of Africa do so at the risk of their own peril. But these are beautiful souls who see and feel writing not only as fundamental as the air they breathe, the impetus of which is social justice, but also because they value human life over anything else. They write against dictatorial and dysfunctional governments and against hypocrites, crooked politicians they despise. These kinds of writers have no interest in vilifying anyone, person or group of a population as a locus of evil. The cause for hope runs way too deep in their souls to entertain any alternative ideas other than one that promotes humanity, diversity, peace, and serenity. They worry about far and near. They write about what goes on in their block and write about what goes on around the globe. They see the interconnectedness of it all. This revised write-up inspired by Said is no exception, it emanates deep from his core being, a journey toward personal praxis via critical discourse, and is made available for readers at large in an article form so more readers can benefit from it. Said write up below emanates deep from his core being, a journey toward personal praxis via critical discourse, and is made available for readers at large in an article form so more readers can benefit from it.  //Beyan Negash

In the early 1990s, very few dared to criticize Isaias Afeworki of Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), it was a definite no-go area. The same went with Meles Zenawi of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which was a definite no-go area. Even today one cannot write about difficult truths that must be addressed. Opinions are based on a preconceived view of the world even when we say we are justice seekers we often conform to a pre-existing narrative. We are not impartial observers. There is a saying, if someone says it’s raining, and another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. The job of an independent thinker is to look out the window and find out which is true. Sadly, and more often than not, the way the narrative is framed controls the story.

Of course, tradition and culture are part and parcel in the way the narrative is processed. In other words, if certain cultural dispositions tend to value the collective as opposed to individual’s independent thought, one could easily see how the latter would be trashed and thrashed to the core and be made to not stand up against anything that leaders do. Standing up for truth becomes a life-or-death situation for those who try to show independence of thought. This is why we see “mob electronic lynching” here when one’s ideas deviate from that groupthink mentality. No space for individualism, which is why writers are hounded by those who can’t think beyond their groupthink mindset.

Writers ought to write in good faith, that there is always another explanation and another dimension to ideas and thoughts.  For over a decade I (Said) stood against Isaias Afewerki (Eritrea’s dictator) and recently against Abiy Ahmed (Ethiopia’s PM) of their serious violations of international law and the illegal use of force against Tigrayans, civilian abuses serious enough to warrant an international criminal court investigation.

The truth, however, remains that I am conflicted on this subject. And, though it pains me to say it and anyone who cares to be free to differ with me on this. It won’t be easy to convince me, however. This is not to praise the monster IA nor the Abiy regime and I am against the war in Tigray to the core of my beliefs in the worth of ordinary human dignity.  The ordinary Tigrayan man, woman, and child, and his/her right to live a full life in a dignified manner should never be up for a compromise, even if they are not members of my community – they are human beings like me. I have no animosity toward Tigrayan people. I had nothing good to say about IA and AA though. Perhaps, my praxis on this subject will be better illustrated by proffering an example of the history of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi (PM MZ) under the banner of TPLF leadership fought the wrong enemy in Eritrea and in Somalia and did not address the core issues and it never won the war. TPLF and Former PM MZ needed to change the narrative before it became tragic for all concerned; that is to say, all of the people in our region. Neither the war of 1998/2000 nor the 2020/2021 that’s ongoing today were just wars. I am referring, as it is commonly known, to the war in Tigray, that is meant by our region. A War that killed innocent women, children, and old men. Wantonly. And more people will die needlessly. Both wars were not just wars, by a long stretch. St. Augustine’s “Just War Theory” stipulates that a war needs to meet certain moral criteria for it to be justified. The two categories are: (a) Right to go to war (i.e., the morality of a war); and (b) Right conduct in war (i.e., the moral conduct within war)”. The 1998/2000 and the current 2020/2021 war fail to meet the Just War Theory.

We all know how this current war started. Abiy ordered a ground and air military operation in Tigray in early November 4th, 2020 after accusing TPLF of orchestrating attacks on federal army camps. And backed by troops from Eritrea and fighters from Ethiopia’s Amhara region, it grieves us to see Tigray being destroyed, with mass killings, and atrocities and devastating effects on the civilian population. with almost two million forced from their homes. As reported recently, a total of 5.2 million people in Tigray region, or 91 percent of its population, need emergency food aid, the United Nations has warned. with “many people” dying “because of hunger.” And There is a serious risk of famine. This without reservation of believing in politicians created a peril for Tigrayans.

Tigrayans’ trust in leaders subjected them in harm’s way, and their innocence employed against them in ways that would ultimately destroy TPLF and Tigray as we’ve known it. Tigrayan gave an unexamined blanket approval of anything done by TPLF and that was not necessary and wasn’t good for Tigray and ours is no exception. Tigrayan if they did NOT support the war with Eritrea, the implication was that they didn’t love Tigray. They were derided to be called traitors, or as cowards, same thing happened in Eritrea. This makes very little sense. The beginning of the end for TPLF didn’t start with the 4 November 2020 war. It started in the 1998/2000 war when TPLF’s power was at its peak.

It appears the TPLF leadership never bothered to ask some of the critical questions. Questions like, was the first war necessary? Was it wise? Was it worth it? Were they really wise? Was the war to the interest of the Tigrayan population at large? What are the consequences of such an action short, medium, and long term? As the border war wore on and the numbers of dead, of Eritrean and Tigrayan rose higher, it was not worth the sacrifices of young men they asked to make; it became more and more clear that those of us who opposed the war were right but to what end? Those who were in support of it were deadly wrong.

Even in the ones that we know the result of which TPLF succeeded in the first border war. The question remains, at what cost. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians have been wounded, killed, uprooted or driven into internally displaced Eritreans. It was a humanitarian catastrophe. Having helped to inflict so much damage on Eritrea, did TPLF succeed in its missions then?

One would therefore expect from TPLF to take note of their win or defeat and no peace no war, in doing so, whether they changed their discourse? Whether TPLF was intoxicated by its own propaganda into improbable demonstrations of victory over Eritrea in the first war. Whether the false victory in 1998/2000 provided the late PM MZ a false narrative by which he was celebrated within Ethiopian proper in general and in Tigray in particular as the new defender of Ethiopian frontier. Contrary to the popular belief, Ethiopians did not recognize it that way. In Eritrea a period of uncertainty opened up for the country that we all know the G15 paid the ultimate price for when they questioned the border war. The only reason IA was able to act swiftly against G15 is because TPLF under PM MZ leadership gave the Eritrean leader a new political life as he knew then that Ethiopia was not going to attack due to the agreement it signed on the border.

The same can be asked today: Did PM Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki succeed in executing the current war? Perhaps.  But was it worth it? If the first war is any guide, it is without any equivocation, NO it was not worth it. Today, TPLF decided to enter the war and played a losing game. IA is still in full control and in power more than ever. In all of this, just like Eritrean people didn’t have any say in this war or in the first one, the people of Tigray never had a say in either of the war ventures. However, the brunt of the sacrifice was paid by the people then and it’s being paid by the same people of both places now: That of Eritreans and Tigrayans.

To his credit, the late PM MZ set out to liberalize and modernize his newly found country Ethiopia. His domestic policy agenda was admired and was supported. Whether we agree with it or not, the late PM MZ will be remembered as an exceptional leader among his ethnos Tigrayans. MZ went from being an ordinary man to the liberator of his newly claimed country Ethiopia in which his party gets to rule Ethiopia, which was never the goal of TPLF to begin with. PM MZ had never conceded that the worst mistake of his Prime Ministerial time in power during the entire war, in entering war with Eritrea. He had the opportunity to highlight the social problems created by the war and to discuss ways to solve them. More importantly, he never sought for a genuine peace with Eritrea and left the border issue in a limbo, figuring that the IA regime will collapse under its own weight. PM MZ should have known real security can only be achieved through mutuality with a nation’s rival Eritrea not via entrenched no-war-no-peace but through mutually beneficial diplomacy.

PM MZ wanted to show with its stated goals of being “tough on Eritrea” None of MZ ‘s foreign and military policy initiatives were condemned, nor were there a vision to be commended; PM MZ’s aggressive rhetoric undermined his own backward Ethiopian security as that played in the hands of IA, the war monger. PM MZ constituted his administration’s foreign policy priority. Mainly PM MZ’s, second major mistake, he prepared the nation toward regional power war chess game in Somalia. The invasion of Somalia was nothing more than playing to the hands of the West who didn’t want to do the dirty war bidding because the Blackhawk down syndrome was enough for them not to repeat such a foolish move. So, they found in PM MZ a mercenary who could conduct a proxy war. Somalia was torn, but there was no conceivable geopolitical reason for such a move. PM MZ just like King Haile Selassie and Derg became excessively confrontational in his policies and actions toward Eritrea and Somalia. Beginning with PM MZ, we have witnessed a pattern of war. Of course, nothing is comparable to IA when it comes to being reckless when it comes to rushing to a war. PM MZ realized this a little too late and followed by being sobered by the dangers and failures of those policies.

Despite PM MZ’s deep differences with Eritrea and with Somalia —some of them profound— he would have done well and should’ve prioritized pursuing mutually beneficial diplomacy and building collaborations in the region. PM MZ, prior to the nightmare of the war, had a solution. However, his personal hatred toward IA and vice versa made it next to impossible for the two to reconcile their differences. A very revealing moment came during an interview in which PM MZ explained about pride, which ended up becoming a war of vendetta. In the end, the war and its aftermath spiraled into an epic abyss extending far beyond the border. No matter how it is sliced, however, it was a senseless war.

In short, the ultimate solution cannot be anything else but PEACE. Sadly, it took the arrival of PM Abiy Ahmed who led the charge for peace and the situation was resolved. TPLF still refused to concede, and that was the ultimate shame to the current saga while the TPLF had some semblance of sway and influence not only within Ethiopia but also with the West. TPLF chose and believed in its fire power. Such an empty bravado ended up becoming a path to its demise. The question that is worth exploring is whether any of the former military generals and high-ranking officials at the highest level in TPLF objected to the war path with Eritrea or they appeared to endorse the costly and senseless war. It is well worth noting that there is no democratic mechanism in place on both sides of the state to give an accurate answer to such a question. This leaves us to conjectures and assumptions, which is why when having a discourse on this emotionally charged war that we come with an open mind, with some dispassion in tow, if we are going to have some fruitful discussion in this forum.

About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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    Didn’t we defeat and beat the woyane/tpf
    decisively in 2011 2012 0r 2013 ?
    How and where did it manage to survive
    that a war is waged against it in November
    2020 and news is it is going for 6 0r 7 months
    now ?
    Who saved and protected them after we completely
    defeated them that they could not recover in Ethiopia
    and took the premiership from MZ and then from HD
    and came up with a completely new and different
    political blueprint and enlightened political dynamic
    for Ethiopia.
    All what I see now is Revisionism, Duplication and
    injustice on some patriots who paid a big sacrifice
    sidelining them for the benefit of and to get onboard
    some unrepentant Woyanes who should rather should
    be in jail.
    I am shocked to see and witness that Birhanu Nega
    is thrown to bring Abraha Belay on board. And it is
    equally shocking when some Eritreans support this
    kind of moral and political bankruptcy by the system.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ምንቃፍ ኣብዚሕካ ከይትብሉ
    ጀሚሩ ድማ ከም ኣመሉ
    ገለ ምልስ ክብል

    ልበ-ወለድ ዛንታ
    ቀያሕ መሶበይ ብወዲ ኣዶናይ ኮታ
    መኸተ በቲ ውሩይ
    ሰለሞን ድራር ሰዓበታ

    ኣብ ዘመነ ህግደፍ ከኣ
    ከም በዓል ኢሳያስ ጸጋይ
    ሚለኑ ትማሊ መሰልቲ
    ኣብ ምዝታይ
    ሕጂ ድማ ደበሳይ
    ተታሓሕዝዎ ትውራይ
    ‘ቶም ዓረብ ትኽእሉ ድማ
    ወስኹላ መታን ከይፍጠር

    ትዝክርዎ ‘ተለኩም ጥቐሱ
    ናይ እኩባት ሃብቲ ሕፈሱ
    ዝተረፈ ትምልእዎ

    ሕልሚ ጥዑም!

    • iSem

      Hi MM:
      My red Moseb was a masterful by M Adonai, it depicts the scarifies and risk Eritreans took with their lives to work under the belly of the enemy. And we do not celebrate them, we celebrate other pagan symbols that PFDJ created like May 24. My fav line is “Yacob messenaglley keytisbreni.” 😉
      I am sure your read it Sal, because minnchitattna said cousing Gheteb gave you a copy, so what is your fav line.Or he may have gave you the audio version 🙂
      But Meket by Solomon Drar is something of a shame, though it depicted the Eritran fight/struggle it strayed from art and lit when it made the overtures of EPLF was better than ELF and also painting IA as strong and righteous leader. Yea he put these words on the mouth of the characters, but still
      Adonai went to the gutter when he wrote Frdi Gobo Arey, which came second to Meket in winning awards That book is disgrace. The third was Dehan Kuunni enda Afras.
      Michael Adonai needs to apologize for that book, he has not last time I heard him, he complained about his work in IA’s residence, suspended like Angelo

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Hi iSem,
        I see your point. I was presenting these gentlemen, purely from the artistic side. I may disagree with some or majority of the contents on each books. However, these gentlemen can write and/or direct.

        • iSem

          HI MM:
          the little harsh comment is not direct to your comment:-)
          I just vented when I remembered that
          But since you brought it up, art specially wiring has a them, and fiction is a lie that tells truth, in this case it is a lie that tells a lie, if am making sense:-)

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hey iSem,
            Not at all!
            To me, Fiction is like having 6 degrees of freedom because you can twist it to the direction you want.
            Some say fiction nurtures creativity but as you know fiction is not about true stories.
            BTW, does Not true story is equivalent to a lie? Something to entertain 🙂

  • said

    Woldu hadgu and T Kifle sorry to respond to you late

    “In Reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another.”
    -Friedrich Engels
    “All power is truly in the hands of the people, and in the end the people will win.”
    -Kuwasi Balagoon

    Woldu .Your Statement (You seem to oppose IA but inadvertently and unintentionally I suspect you are falling into his trap. )

    With all respect you. You cannot tell the truth to others if you cannot first tell the truth to yourselves. purge yourself of the scourge of wrong support to oppressive regime no matter who they are .Admit and make genuine repentance that you were totally wrong, only with repentance you will be avoiding further wrong sin. become a habit. Which I will do the same

    T Kifle Your Statement to iSem, (TPLF is not a holy cow. it it doesn’t fit to the current call of Tigreans, we have no problem to ditch it any time. Tigray Unity at the moment is at its peak. TDF doesn’t belong to TPLF, in fact, it saved TPLF. So there is no love lost. )( and you said to me .P.S: Please consider that TPLF is not fighting a war. It has been a political party. what does it take to acknowledge this glaring fact? )

    But the report says ,As many as 250,000 soldiers and militia serve under regional commanders in Tigray, according to the International Crisis Group. So what happened to Tigray’s forces: to The TPLF. 250,000 soldiers under regional commanders in Tigray

    You are entitled to express your opinions and you are granted as human you have free will or free agency if you exercise it ,I hope you have the ability to live according to the reality perceived by reason. You have an Intellect and the capacity to know the truth from false . There is objective value and objective truth.

    However, you may have good intentions and I understand you and despite after the huge catastrophes visiting upon every human soul of Tigrayan citizens, the raising of the above valid and legitimate question of the shape of a truly of misunderstanding that could follow is interpreted as tantamount to treason; bordering on the taboo in the jargons of progressive resistance forces, inviting suspicions and readily minted accusations of “Playing the Agents of DAI hand “ I am very familiar with kind reaction
    ,in ” readily labeling their proponents of “Defeatism” and “negative Reaction.”

    Therefore ask me: on whose behalf I am acting? Certainly on behalf of people ,the Tigray people, which, as you know by now,.
    How is it possible that TPLF have been able to stay at the head of the of Ethiopian government for so long despite their actions being against the interests of the Ethiopian people and Tigray people? My understanding , Ethiopian were no longer standing for the kind TPLF politics practiced and this an issue?
    Leaving such questions not satisfactorily responded to would leave the gates wide open for of renewal of the inferno strife as it could potentially, anew, take us back to the dark alley of political uncertainties that could eventually reproduce similar forces of disruptions and political instabilities in the continuing absence of a consensual social contract, the election of truly representative Governance System and the assiduous application of a system of equitable social justice.
    Ironically, in the still ongoing cataclysmic ravaging wars in Tigray region the dominant prevalent political discourse and the public debate seems devoid of questions as after all the devastating calamities befallen on Tigray ,what’s the form or shape of a reformed Democratic Governance System would come after the war .
    Before the war tooke place , it wise to create , A real Pluralistic Democratic Governance System based on a widely shared New Consensual Social Contract that guarantees a future of Sustainable Accountability, Transparency and guaranteed equitable social justice for Ethiopian and Tigrayan .Before the ravages of long-protracted civil war started we see today it was inevitable, the war would have avoided is my point .
    There was 5 election all was rigged . TPLF/EPRDF, lost the election. during 2005 Ethiopian election inquiry has found that the killing of 193 unarmed protesters victims were shot, beaten and strangled to death in a “massacre” by the security forces. These demonstrators were unarmed yet the majority died from shots to the head “many people were killed arbitrarily.” 800 wounded, and 30,000 arrested. . The inquiry’s report obtained by AP says that among those killed were 40 teenagers, And according to Reuters, the government refused to concede defeat. As reported Martin Plaut, BBC ,flagged: “TPLF’s tight rein on political freedoms and human rights, while giving privileged access to resources to the prime minister’s core constituency in Tigray. As the BBC reported, TPLF declared the Prime Minister “an illegitimate leader, because his mandate ran out when he postponed elections due to coronavirus.” The fact is was decision of the NEBE. On November 3, TPLF launched a surprise attack against ENDF. Report mention that the ENDF was attacked from within by officers of Tigrayan origin, who slaughtered their fellow soldiers who hailed from other parts of the country in their sleep
    All this would have being eastly avoided with being antagonistic and seek peace . This what I am trying to portray and simply put . This is how TPLF governed Ethiopia for 27 years.Had TPLF political legitimacy and we would in peace and property and i wrote about it in great length in this regard


    SHALOM !

    What is the reason that PMAA came to a
    standstill or a sudden stop when it is the
    due time to start the real job or work. The
    previous work of the past 3 – 4 years work
    was not to do the real job expected of him
    but only a time to secure a place and a spot
    for him where he can execute or discharge
    his job or work. I am right now weighing on
    his stamina and strength if he is ready to
    meet the expectations of his job as it only
    is starting right now only.
    So far, the journey has only been to secure
    the spot and the ground from where the real
    job can be discharged and executed and not
    an end but a start by itself.

  • Abi

    Hello Awatenation
    Why doesn’t TDF show the world
    – the shot down fighter jets
    – the thousands captured soldiers
    – the roast chicken they generously provided for the captured soldiers
    – the captured tanks and all the armaments
    – etc

    Why do they show the world
    – the lonely Getachew Reda
    – the dancing gun carrying children
    – all the photoshop thingy they found at Mr Google

    My theory is that the TDF cameras refused to capture the faces of sad soldiers. The cameras are trained to capture only happy and dancing members of the TDF.
    Share your theories.

    • kokhob selamone2

      Dear Brother Abo,

      Come on, please see practically, be honest and accept the reality.

      I saw. it now EvenC-130 Hercules was burnt US made gain plane which is possible to load on it 1000 solders. Even Tanks, You can see it by typing the same now,

      I saw it on captured TPLF soldiers very high quantity. search it in Google search engine.

      come on please. Be practical

      Abo, become more advanced to see things. I am loving you only when you talk lovely things, See now your own society are talking now.


      • Abi

        You love me only when I say lovely things . Kokobe I love you all the time.
        Coming weekend I will bring you “Part Time Lover” by Steve Wonder.

        I need to see Getachew Biru’s photograph with a burning Tank or Fighter jet as a background. It should be a nice picture. All I see his some kids dancing.

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      The problem that you can’t see all these is you are tuning to a different channel.
      Have you lost your remote control?
      Or, it is about time to switch to Pale Ale 🙂

  • said


    TPLF never Lead by example on human rights . ?

    In the middle of the Cold War or hot war in Vietnam , when Martin Luther King Jr. denounced the U.S. government as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” and criticized U.S. hubris fueling the War, liberal outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post and many other ,furiously condemned King—in essence, telling him to leave foreign policy to the establishment. King criticized the “arrogance” of US , that it has everything to teach others and nothing to learn from them.
    Today we find, that supporters of TPLF ,they have everything to teach others who don’t conform with TPLF . One would hope for some humility and non to be found .And they keep propagandizing the public and their right to lecture us .when one remind them . It’s indefensible that TPLF has imprisoned and killed many of Ethiopian opposition figure .The same goes for former PM MZ ’s terrible mistreatment of Ethiopian ethine group. All you have to do is look at what TPLF did with its power and they abused it . For TPLF it did not mater Legal or not, moral or not, It was consistent with TPLF values and agenda or not, honestly or blatantly dishonest, TPLF did whatever it takes to seize and hold on power for as long as possible and that what mattered most..

    Meanwhile we all know what happened to a group of Eritrean veteran fighters during liberation time MENKA when it criticized and cartelized their opinion about IA leadership ,they were mercilessly liquidated and we know what happened after .The rest is a living history we are still enduring.
    If you question why in world on the night of Nov. 3 ,TPLF. forces attacked a federal military base in Tigray and attempted to steal its weapons. The TPLF leaders have has said it struck pre-emptively, as federal forces were prepared to assault Tigray. If that is the case why TPLF allowed the Federal forces and EDF quickly seized Mekelle, and other main towns, and then shamefully TPLF. and its armed supporters fled to rural and mountainous areas near Mekelle, and leave Tigrayan people to the mercy Federal forces,
    See the present war in Tigray , and you see the same arrogance supporters of TPLF. They never condemned TPLF of their human rights violation of epic proportions.. Tens of thousands of innocent people were incarcerated . The people behind bars were disproportionately non Tigrayans, understandably ? when we get lectured ,It is an affront to notions of justices ,a “democracy” and “human rights. “believers , However—when lecturing others like me —they deftly forget TPLF past crime ? TPLF can’t even address It’s a human right and let alone solve it .TPLF pundits defend them at any cost , their cherished belief in TPLF is blind . It seem you can not speaking out with self-awareness and humility about human rights issue with any one of them . TPLF agenda was doomed . And first Instead of lecturing and let’s get TPLF its own house in order. Let’s them lead by example on human rights .

    TPLF dominated government has generally been on the wrong side of history when it comes to combating illegal wealth .TPLF accumulation of wealth and they are known and in their corruption in Ethiopia was obvious . TPLF leaders had powerful economic and political interests and control for themselves .
    “business as usual” TPLF “WE WON THE WAR.” So ,They have the right rule as see they it fit for 27 years ,ruling in a dysfunctional political system. And that served very well.

    TPLF had many conflicts with number ethnic communities, it was daily realty .TPLF security forces were involved in extrajudicial executions and other egregious human rights violations, we are old enough to remember, its in human treatment of those who did not conform to its rule And this isn’t just the ancient past. TPLF, they never had a commitment to rule of law . TPLF were at the very top of the governments and never let go and were forced to leave the power by Ethiopian youth . I do not back the deceit of the wolves guarding the sheep? Some chose to close their eyes and have double standard.
    TPLF knew well the war was coming and they lunched the war first and were they well prepared for war .It seems ,they were unprepared, that would be a colossal understatement. One indication of just how unprepared they were when war started ,It was a tragedy In the abstract, we all know this to be true. But the facts on the ground can be disconcerting. And those facts have never been clearer, after seven month of war .

    • Abi

      Selam said
      I stopped reading at the first sentence. You have got an unmatched courage to put
      “TPLF”, “lead”, “example”, “human right” all in one sentence.
      You committed a cardinal sin, Sir.
      ወንድሜ ዛትዘገይ ንስሐ ግባ!! እኔ ላንተ ጨነቀኝ:: መብረቅ እንዳይመታህ ተጠንቀቅ::

    • woldu hadgu

      Dear Said

      A little criticism from one who respects you and I apologize if I misunderstood yo:

      In this time of tragedy and desolation in Tigray, as an Eritrean (if you are), to criticize TPLF is tantamount to conducting asymmetric psychological warfare akin to the drone attack by UAE. In other word you have become an accomplice to the invaders. You seem to oppose IA but inadvertently and unintentionally I suspect you are falling into his trap. That is what IA does. He leavens the dough!!

      Dead people cannot defend themselves. You are constantly attacking Meles and comparing him with the two living monsters who are committing unheard of brutality against the people of Tigray thus against humanity. How soon did you forget the heart and soul sickening crime that didn’t even spared killing milking cows and fruit bearing trees and all the hard to utter savagery against the weak and poor.

      The aim of these two monsters is not only bullets and famine. It is also about dehumanizing the people of Tigray through rape and plague. Don’t forget the marauding armies from north and south came in times of Covid pandemic.

      Then, you are constantly harping to compare Meles (may God rest his soul) with these two evils. Sad indeed sad. Our minds and hearts cannot indulge two contradictory beliefs. If you love YOUR garden then hate YOUR weed. Please concentrate your gift and energy to fight IA and HGDEF. That will occupy you through your lifetime and the result will be the TRIAMPH OF GOOD OVER EVIL. And for sure your current “enemies” would become your friends

      Learn to be Samaritan (see how the TDF are treating the POW). A little kindness to the people of Tigray in their time of despair will not go unrewarded. It is demanded by our Creator that we have the virtues of Prudence, Moderation, Justice and Courage.

      At the end I also want again to remind that YOU and I bear some responsibility because the atrocities are being committed by our kins

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Woldu,

        “ if you love your garden then hate your weed” is a message that snugly fits to the victims of Issayas, when indirectly supporting the atrocities in Tigray that are perpetuating by Issayas and his allied forces. Actually, Burhan’s latest article does explain the mental affliction of the slaves of the tyranny could make them to behave as a tool of tyranny to harm other people. That is exactly what is happening and witnessing in this forum or elsewhere about us.


    • Peace!

      Hi Said,

      It is an overstatement to portray and accuse TPLF as an entity equipped with evolved ideology and institutions capable of carry the dreams and aspirations of the Tigray people. Gebru Asrat, one of the founders, elucidated the anatomy of the organization in a very simple terms that it is a composed of groups that constantly scramble for power. Meles and his group ousted Gebru, Siye, and others, and now Sebhat and his groups also did the same thing to Abay, Samora and other Meles affiliates. The only thing they all have in common is a determination to crash should any genuine opposition emerges and to resist any opening that leads to stable and democratic Eritrea. What we are witnessing is the direct outcome.

      As far as Eritreans concerned, supporting for stable and democratic Eritrea should not be treated differently from supporting the independence. But, as soon as it controlled the security apparatus and dominated the Ethiopian military, even that support for independence started to shrink. They did not want to close that chapter once for all instead kept it open with confusing rhetoric for perhaps bad times. The civilian leader remerged with advocating for revising the colonial basis, the military didn’t stop from treating with force, and now who know what TDF’s position on Eritrea. These are facts the TPLFites are trying to cover with whataboutism and strawmaning.

      It is well known that TPLF shot itself in the foot when Meles sow the seed of mistrust and destroyed the genuine Eritrean opposition for stable and democratic Eritrea, not because it failed to occupy Ertirea and install a puppet government during Badme war as T.Kifle alluded. In fact, it is shocking for any sane person to dispense such unpleasant regret on a platform that is struggling for democratic and constitutional governance.


      • said

        Selam Peace
        Thank you
        Paulo Freire makes much the same point in Pedagogy of the Oppressed where he notes that when the oppressed becomes the oppressor he often becomes even more oppressive than his own oppressor. Frantz Fanon Published 60 years ago in 1961 The Wretched of the Earth ;Fanon saw that the oppressed often attacked their allies and their friends. and killed each other.
        Meles demoted TPLF Inner circle and key figures in the party leadership of the TPLF. Meles removed Front’s leadership the nine-member Executive Committee ,idea behind it was to injecting young blood and including his own wife, Azeb Mesfin , and the upshot was that none of the founders of the TPLF were left. And that include over representation of TPL leaders hailing from Meles’ home town of Adwa .
        The war is not supported by Tigrayans and political parties in Tigray., Arena Tigray, are wholly against the war, and boycotted the TPLF’s regional election, according to Arena Tigray TPLF with no support for the intervention from the general public and political parties who are against TPLF,

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ኣንቱም ሰብ ሓንጎል
    ——ኣንቱም ኣምላኽ ዝዓደለኩም
    —–ኣንቱም ፍልጠት ዘጥረኹም
    ባዕሉ ፈጣሪ
    —–ጽላል ዘውደቐልኩም
    —–እቲ ዘለገሰልኩም

    ፍልጠት ተጠቀምሉ
    ——ደሓር ኣብ ሰማየ-ሰማያት
    ከይብለኩም ኣንቱም መደናገርቲ
    ብኣፍኩም ትዛረቡ
    —–ብግብርኹም ተሰከምቲ ሓጥያት
    ኣብ ላዕላይ ሰማይ

    ሂወት ወድሰብ ሓጻር ‘ያ

  • iSem

    Hi All:
    BBC is reporting that TDF has captured Adigrat. If this is true, it tells us that TDF has a chance to liberate Tigray that TDF is not dead the shallow Abiy was thinking and the mindset of warmongers may not succeed.
    Question is what are Tigrayan elite thinking about the future of Tigray, Ethiopia or Tigray nations

    • Abi

      Seven athletes from Tigray have been selected to represent Ethiopia at the next Olympic Games.
      There is a chance they might represent Tigray Kingdom if their wishes correspond to yours 🙂

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Let see:
        1. Little colonel may not be PM by that time
        2. If he still there
        a. They may not let them participate
        b. If some how how they do, they will ask for asylum

        • Abi

          The little colonel uprooted the giant Tplf!!!!
          I encourage you to Think !!

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ጉራ is in your culture, even at your worst time!
            It reminds the end of Derg era. I see some similarities here .
            Easy now 🙂

          • Abi

            It is not ጉራ at all.
            አቢቹ እዩቤልዩ ቤተመንግሥት ሲንፈላሰስ የወያኔው ገዢ ግን ድንጋይ ተደግፎ ድንጋይ አቅፎ ዋሻው ውስጥ ተደብቆ ፎቶ እየተነሳ ከማሰብ ጋር የተጣሉ ሰዎችን ሲያጭበረብር ይኖራል ::

    • Kaddis

      Hi iSem –
      I think the mentality that the Amharic class owns Ethiopia and can push a community out of the center died . The wish of the Amharic class and Isias was to destroy Tigray first and force tigray to secede, followed by deportation, confiscation etc… The Tigray elite seems to learn seceding makes them more vulnerable and thier investment in Ethiopia is their’s to keep. No one has the mandate to push them out. One possible reason for thier confidence could be – the center have no strong control, physically and narrative wise, to enforce deportation for example in Oromia, Southern nation, Beni, etc. The Oromo and other nations looks empowered enough to resist such acts from Abiy administration…In any case …I dont see a way out of, not only Tigray but all over Ethiopia, this mess without nationwide and regional military crisis before it settles down

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰብኣዊ ርህራሀ ብኣምላኽ ይእዘዝ
    ብቅኑዕ ሰብ ‘ውን ይምረጽ
    ከማና ወዲ-ሰብ ተደቕዲቑ ኣብ ረመጽ
    ኣብ ክንዲ ምስ ሰብ ጸገም

    ከምዚባ ከምዚ ኔርኩም
    ዋላ ብባህልና’ኳ ዘይቅቡል

    ስራሕ ኣረሜናት ወሪስና
    ምዃን ክግረም ኣይነበረንን
    ‘ቶም ዓበይቲ ካህናትና
    ‘ኳ ዘይጠዓዩ

    ንኹሉ ግዜ ‘ለዎ ‘ሞ ብቐዳምነት ሂወት ደቂ-ሰባት ነኽብር
    ነቶም ፈሪሃ-እግዚኣብሄር ዘይብልኩም: ኤእ! ንስኹምን ነብስኹምን

  • T. Kifle

    Dear Beyan,
    Just brought it here for readability
    And thank you for your cordial and candid response.

    One of the main issues in the Ethio-Eritrean politics is the lack of objective assessment on both sides of the equation as the developments unfolded in the past 50 years. I understand the constraints in conveying one’s messages in such a platform as people focuses not on facts but on premeditated thoughts of political proclivity.

    Now I limit myself to the TPLF & PMMZ saga as I have understood it.
    To focus on the relationship of TPLF vis-a-vis the EPLF/PFDJ and the EPRDF/PP first:-

    1. TPLF should have finished the 2000 war to its logical end. They made grave miscalculations by leaving us with a wounded IA. Now you go figure what he is currently doing. Strong criticisms levelled against it and resulted in breaking up of the leadership in 2001. Only Siye got imprisoned where many people were against it. He just served 5 years in prison and now kicking in well.
    Compare this to your PFDJ that he put his comrades-in arms behind the bars and never seen their day in court. Where they might be? A man as cruel as he is for his comrades can doesn’t surprise me if his cruelty is doubled in Tigray.

    2. The main weakness of TPLF is that it is not proactive. It also dies for principles not focusing on interests. Supporting Eritrean independence was the most unpopular issue in the political space of the time (in Ethiopia). Nonetheless, it never wavered from the right question of the Eritrean people for self-determination. As a result, it has been the punch bag of the opposition since the transition period.

    3. Once TPLF lost the majority vote in favour of AAA, they just provided him with a full support not knowing that he had been conniving with IA to put an end to the federal governance order which is TPLF’s cardinal objective achieved as the result of the armed struggle.
    The AAA-IA-Amhra state conspired to tear down the constitution in favour of some other arrangement. It is only because Oromia region is against this move; the constitution is alive at least on paper. They hate legal solutions to problems facing the country. The seek political solutions which is absurd, how politics can resolve differences without referring to legal provisions.

    4. TPLF contributed almost nothing to the current war. Its only failure has been ignoring the level of threats the two dictators might cause and match it with due preparation. It failed us big time here. AAA worked diligently discounting TPLF while he knew that he would never made it to the helm of power had they played the usual medieval game.

    5. Equating TPLF to EPLF/PFDJ and PP on equal footing is disingenuous. TPLF listens to its constituents. It conducts its congress regularly. You can criticise its chairman and still have no problem to have a good night sleep. PP never conducts a congress. It is literally illegal had it been any of other opposition parties in the country. AAA fears criticism like a sword. He is yet to face the media as a head of government. You know your PFDJ is a one man org. I better say nothing about it.

    6. You also claimed TPLF is on its death bed. I advise you to get your assessment right. TPLF is not dying. The Ideas TPLF espouse would be carried forward by the new generation parties where their main critic (apart from the weakness as an incumbent) is just being of ‘’Less Tigrean- Centric & less nationalist’’. They mostly agree on the over scheme of things. Many members of the four opposition parties operating in Tigray have joined the fight and politically declared that Tigrean problems will not be solved in the current governance order, hence, vowed to struggle for the referendum of an independent Tigray by invoking article 39.

    7. This war is an extension of the ideological wars between PP, PFDJ & TPLF. In his attempt to assuage the chauvinists, AAA practically suspended the constitution and keeps seeing Tigray territories are annexed to the Amhara state-IA’s long standing project of putting a wage between the two peoples and states.

    8. The fact that people are dying of hunger, well, they were supposed to die anyway, when all roads leading to Tigray were blocked, refused to help in fighting the desert locust, and blocked the equity of the federal subsidy…, doesn’t make their desire for autonomy superfluous. AAA said to BBC yesterday that ‘‘there is no hunger in Tigray…’’.

    9. You also alleged TPLF as it were a non-Ethiopian. I would like to know your reasons but it had been Ethiopian to the core. I feel it is a gross judgement on passing who is Ethiopian and who isn’t.

    10. As far as the border war was concerned, MZ did everything to redress the problem peacefully. IA refused, not once but many times at the AU levels and beyond. Remember the so-called ‘kab badme wetsa’ena malet’ jab, it was a just war for us and it was a war of aggression for Eritrea. The ball was in the court of IA. He strongly refused to roll it.

    11. Now, I repeat, don’t forget that TPLF is an Ethiopian political entity. Many Eritreans get angry at anything TPLF does. It is their problem. But it fails me to understand, the only party that supported the self-determination of Eritreans is their number ONE ENEMY.

    • iSem

      Hi T. Kifle:
      It is indeed wrong to draw wrong equivalence between TPLF and PFDJ for these reasons that I have also said before unless some “reseeAn” do not remember
      1. Take Menkae Yemin in EPLF, where are they and take the equivalent Menkae and Yemin in TPLF where are they. In EPLF case all Yemin and MenkA are dead, most of TPLF’s are alive, some of course have been killed like Bezabe (correct me if am wrong)
      2, Take G15 in Eritrea, where are they, take TPLF G15 where are they in Harvard and working in UN
      So let us give the devil its dues.
      3. The TPLF scandal was the 1998 abuse of innocent Eritreans and the thieves that stole Eritrean wealth. I am not talking about those who were PFDJ supporters, they should have shot them, this is national security and the favorite line is, the color of their eyes. I am talking about the thieves in TPLF.
      4.The stupidity of TPLF for allowing IA to survive that tells me their support of Eri of only Eri independence and not its liberty. Imagine now if we had a friendly government in Eri, Tigray will not suffer, they probably in in government now
      5. TPLF’s dithering, they should have invoked separation before they left without removing IA, they had the power to dispose him for their own interest. so TPLF should die, i tis dead, but Woyane of Tigray people is Not dead and should not die. While waging war for dignity is not guarantee for success, I am sure Ethiopia will not sustain this war, it come its knees by the guerrilla of Tigrayans. Sad to see Tigray go back to their 100 years suffering, which is a TPLF failure. And in my view all Tigrayans should support separation, no one should live with some one who tried to cleanse them ethnically cleanse them. Tigrayan should bring Abiy to court of human right violations.
      I hope intellectuals like Mehari Yohannes will have future in Tigray. Tigray does not need Ethiopia, they can use tech to produce food like Vertical Farming, so this notion of Tigray cannot survive without Ethiopia is wrong. Ethiopia needs Tigray not for wealth, but for unity, If Tigray separates, others will be inspired and needled country like Ethiopia that is blood thirsty does not deserve to be a country.
      But for Tigray to succeed they have to make peace with Eritreans, collaborate with them and profusely apologize and even compensate them for looting by the thieves in 1998

      • T. Kifle

        Dear iSem,

        TPLF is proven stupid in many fronts. Even its political theory on its constituency, the Tigray Nation, has been flawed. It appears it harped much on the ‘national question’ but failed to articulate it as applicable to the Empire.
        The national question never been strategic. It is a tactical manoeuvre, where in the end, it aspired to build a common socio-economic-political society based on the super-national- identity -Ethiopianism.

        But the chauvinist elites opposed everything from the get go. Their entire effort wasn’t to provide constructive critics but to delegitimise it. They keep fighting on the matters that I call ABSOLUTES: selef-determination, Ethnic federalism, equal recognition of languages, cultures, and what have you.

        This time around, the national question has come to the fore front at the level of strategy. We have come of age that Ethiopians have less in common than one would like to admit. So, instead of wasting, life, and opportunities every other decade why not we try things on our own?

        Tigray is in no-return path to independence. Ethiopia lost Eritrea by abrogating the covenant of the Confederation. Now it is losing Tigray as it failed to live upto promises of the federation. But this time it may not be only Tigray but many nation states would opt to go their ways.

        therefore, iSem, TPLF is not a holy cow. it it doesn’t fit to the current call of Tigreans, we have no problem to ditch it any time. Tigray Unity at the moment is at its peak. TDF doesn’t belong to TPLF, in fact, it saved TPLF. So there is no love lost. I agree completely with whatever you had to say.

        • Abi

          Selam Ayte T Kifle
          If 15% of the population support the idea of independence, you should be encouraged to start packing and book your one way ticket to Mekele.
          What we have learned in the past three decades is, Ethiopia survived without Eritrea, the people and the ports. Of course, there were glitches here and there. This time around, if you decided to make the short bus trip a reality, no glitches expected we can’t overcome. Less glitches expected this time around.

          If Tigreans can’t live as equals, they should not be allowed to stay in the union. Actually, they should be forced to leave the union. Ethiopia should never entertain “First Among Equals” mentality. It is as simple as that.
          Your self aggrandizement and righteous indignation has become unbearable.
          ማስፈራራቱን ትተው ለህዝብዎ የሚበጀውን በጥሞና አስቡበት::
          የማስፈራራት ዘመን አክትሟል::

    • Bayan Negash

      Dear T.Kifle,

      You seem to follow the principles of reciprocity to the T, which makes your rejoinders a delight read. Reciprocity, for the benefit of those who may not necessarily know the context in which it’s being used here is in its social norm, where in a kind of give-and-take among various people when sharing ideas, which tends to follow this pattern: The action of one is usually responded to by comparable action from another.

      But then there is also the anthropological side to reciprocity that I have read as a student of Anthropology during my undergrad years. Some ideas hatch another. Here it goes. Marshall Sahlins (1965) identified 3 types of reciprocity that he thought take place around human beings of the world. Generalized, balanced, and negative. Prior to Sahlins, Claude Levi-Strauss (1949) gave his version of reciprocity in kinship context though.

      I don’t know if these concepts can be applied to politics. I am no political science student. Therefore, I have no idea if there are such principles of reciprocity in politics, the only thing I’ve seen and read about are what we are witnessing in our region – the reciprocity of eliminating thy brother by conspiring with one’s brother’s enemy. The reciprocity of enmity is all that is see in politics.

      That aside, I completely agree with your notion that “people focus not on facts but on premeditated thoughts of political proclivity”. This is why it makes it very difficult to have any kind of constructive discussion of political nature. So, allow me to respond to each of the ones you enumerated in your note.

      1. I saw no logic and still don’t see any logic to why the war was not concluded in complete victory. Wounds heal. The man not only was he able to heal but has destroyed what Tigrayan people were able to gain in the last 27 years under the leadership of TPLF-turned-EPRDF.

      2. I’ve said it in the past, I say it again and again. TPLF/EPRDF put its political life on the line in its unwavering stand as it supported Eritrea’s independence come hell or high water.

      3. On this point, I’m not sure if there isn’t alternative read of it. How much of it the TPLF/EPRDF knew. I have not come across one reliable reading material that I can cite comfortable to speak definitively. The narrative is too fresh to say with confidence one or another.

      4. Not to adequately assess and project the lethality of a man that you are crowning to the helm of political power is of monumental import. With the security apparatus at its disposal, TPLF/EPRDF had ample opportunity to leave no stones unturned on this matter. To hand power readily, something that took 17 years of revolutionary war, and the subsequent 27 years of governance chance to boot, I wouldn’t characterize it as an “only failure”. This huge, T.Kifle. Look where such a failure is leading the region. It’s destabilizing the entire region.

      5. The only reason one equates TPLF/EPLF/PFDJ/PP is because they are at war. The now seven-month-old war is showing us they are compatible on so many levels. The extent of the brutality that each is willing to go might vary but at the root of it they all failed their respective population. No matter how democratic, no matter how civilized, no matter how humanitarian one is, if they are drawn to a war of attrition that they all find themselves in, you can’t absolve one at the expense of another. TPLF allowed the war to be conducted in its province, you don’t fall for such a trap if you care about your population. There are many parallels that are incongruent in this comparison. The war in Yemen (it is not Saudi that’s paying the brunt of the war, it is Yemenis). The war in Afghanistan (it is not the US that’s paying the brunt of the war, it is Afhani people). You see where this is headed. You don’t invite others to come to your territory when waging a war if you can avoid it, by all means you should. If you can’t then you seat and negotiate, compromise, do whatever it takes to avert it.

      6. As Aman H. earlier said, for posterity let us leave this with our respective positions. To my knowledge, well, let me speak for myself. I am no military analyst; therefore, I will leave the scenario until the outcome of it is conceded by involved parties. If invoking article 39 was going to be the ultimate card that the people of Tigray will use. Why get into conflict to only end up using article 39? Does it make sense to destroy your province when you could’ve left the union with your killil and your people intact?

      I will skip 7 & 8 as I don’t have anything of value to add to it. I don’t recall making such a statement as claiming that TPLF is not Ethiopian. I may have said that TPLF may have created confusion wanting it both ways. To Eritreans it would tell them it is IA the only problem getting between Eritreans and Tigrayans; To Oromo, it is the Amhara who are the main problem. To Tigrayans, perhaps a mixed bag of both. That Tigray won’t be part of Ethiopia if it cannot rule the nation. This may have been meant for local consumption. But the confusion remains no less.

      10. If the late MZ tried to “redress the problem peacefully”, you know IA would anything to rebuff such an effort because it has political currency for him. He continues to fool Eritreans by creating a boogieman in TPLF for two decades. People bought it and they supported him. And now he is telling, see what I have done. I bided my time and eliminated your mortal enemy, game over, jinni-janka rhetoric. It worked for him. Unfortunately, it put the people of Tigray in monumental peril.

      11. Unfortunately, Eritreans, in many corners, appear to wanna show their superficial superiority over Tigrayans, which has no merit in reality. If the perception of enmity is there it is created in the reciprocity of political enmity that IA ingrained in their brain. How can one hate one’s heritage? Nobody who claims from Kebasa, including this one, worth his salt could refute his/her heritage. Tigray is where all of the kebesans hail from. They are killing their own brothers and sisters.

      Kbret yhaballey, T.Kifle for your genuinely enjoyable rejoinder

      • T. Kifle

        Selamat Beyan,

        I always enjoy reading you. It pains me we are still fighting each other in the 21st century because of some stupid decisions of dictators here and there. I have also a problem to understand why Eritreans shoulder the dictatorship of IA this far. How is that some internal disobedience is not attempted in all this years is a riddle to me. Of course, I don’t forget Wedi Ali’s but it is to little a try given the sufferings this man is causing. Having said this let me say few things as per the sequence you provided.

        1. You are right, there was no logic. But there was a decision by Meles Zenawi who sees things from his ”bigger enemy theory” i.e. poverty. Meles believed that IA had learned his lessons. Because the international community was also pressurising to stop the offensive, he saw no reason to pay further lives so ordered his commanders to stop the advance. He always fall short of capitalising on the victories achieved at the war fronts. so I am in complete accord with you.

        2. OK

        3. What can be said at the moment is the entire EPRDF executive members then had no idea things would unfold this way. Even those who honeymooned on the short-lived Oromara fascist bandwagon had little understanding of the man they laboured grooming. After few months of his premiership, He keep going away from the fundamentals of the federal constitution and the culture of EPRDF. The media is full of conspiracy theories espoused by the Amharanized elites where all sorts problems the country is facing is because of the the constitution. SO the solution is tear down this constitution and come up with a new one. But many of the regional states are against it, and one can safely conclude that unitary government will be a disaster for the country. Of course now it is too little to late anyway.

        4. I agree, actually, that was what I was trying to convey to you. They knew everything about the man. But like they failed on IA, they also failed on AAA. That’s where they are oblivion to strategic interests. They lack the determination and courage to face things as they are. undermining one’s enemy is a disaster.

        5. Beyan, I can tell on this point that war is used as means of last resort in the TPLF playbook. Perhaps, there was a choice, they could relegate the cardinal objectives that took them to the bush, pick arms and fight for 17 years. If they were to surrender, the outcome would have been a disaster. It simply is multiplying the results of the struggle by big zero. though too late and at a prohibitive human and material cost, they are closer to their objectives and soon will claim independence which would have been unthinkable had they remained silent. The fact that they are doing the bid doesn’t put them on the sides of the two dictators. They are in the war because these two leaders wanted it badly to destroy the Tigrean Nationalism by way of destroying the protector they would tell you: TPLF. Had assault been laser focused on TPLF, the majority of Tigreans wouldn’t have a problem. But they came against the pride and dignity of the entire Tigrean Nation. So, they refused to be undermined by a leader they help assume the highest office. They refused to let their autonomy for self rule. The minimum they can take is a loose federation. But, at the moment, they seem gave up hope even on the federal arrangement. In their struggle to an independent nation, they are paying unthinkable sacrifices, thousands of women raped, hundreds of thousands are killed, and millions of people facing a colossal hunger & famine.
        6. It is not possible to do that while the two leaders are against it. The war was meant to avert even the minimum exercise of power as a member of the federation. The people of Tigray will prove them that no earthly force would make them submit their hard earned rights. It seems you are the opinion that the TPLF led government could avert the war. That wouldn’t be possible unless Tigray gives up all its rights to whims of new dictatorship.
        7. The thought that TPLF tells to Eritreans IA is a problem to the Oromos Amhara is the problem etecetera, is not unto the mark. TPLF is known for its bold political analysis on its rivals. it was in 1979 E.C that TPLF declared EPLF would be a burden for the Eritrean people come independence. Though Saay thinks that IA equals PFDJ, TPLF doesn’t have such a belief that a single man can flog the entire nation without enabling systems. So there is nothing TPLF can tell to the Oromos that they didn’t know. I will tell you one story. There is a controversial statute of a severed breast named Anole which is a memorial for the peopled maimed by Menilik . The then OPDO wanted to erect the statute. Meles as EPRDF chairman and a PM suggested that they better stopped doing that as it simply promotes rift and division between people instead of unifying. They didn’t heed his judgement and went ahead erected the statute. Now, you can find written book, movies and news anchors repeatedly claim that TPLF encouraged (literally ordered) OPDO to erect the statue. such thoughts are formed to fit certain narratives that TPLF used to decide on every bit & pieces.
        10. MZ can do nothing on Eritreans brainwashed by IA. Eritreans were supposed to challenge him and establish alternative narrative. Even those of you in the Diaspora are contributing to that confusion and just align with line of thinking of the chauvinist camp here. So, it is morally and politically correct to claim that you hold a mistaken belief because someone made you to hold so. I can see with the cruelty of the Eritrean army. They are oblivion to moral scruples and have little understanding of the world politics. The current Eritrean involvement it seem you are subscribing to the notion that it is caused. No, it is not. it is war is IA’s only vocation. that’s it.
        11. ok

        These are my two cents anyway, thank you.

        • Bayan Negash

          Selam T.Kiflu

          What a delight read! As far as I am concerned, bringing said’s piece into an article form is paying off handsomely. Look at what it brought in you, and now, in woldu. Not to mention to those who may be reading the discussion in solitude. Your approach to expressing your ideas laced with historical, political, and social piquancy is an absolute intrigue.

          There is nothing of value I can add to your rejoinder. Thusly, allow me to ask some questions that I hope you or others from the forum can shine some light on. For brevity, here is what you said: “…they [the people of Tigray, I presume] are closer to their objectives and soon will claim independence which would have been unthinkable had they remained silent.” Now, if such independence is going to bring peace, stability, and security for all involved, there is nothing more one wishes to see than such forward looking co-existence.

          1. How do you reckon Tigray as an independent nation with neighbors both to the north and to the south having created an enmity among each other so intense that they would find amicable resolution ?The kind of bloodshed that has taken place since 1998 will take generations to rectify, hopefully, without more bloodshed. So, how do you reckon we will be able to see beyond that? Do we have the capacity and the capability to overcome such challenges?

          2. I am assuming you are a Tigrayan, such being the case, what would be your vision of Tigray as a nation? Will it be any different than what Eritrea has gotten or Ethiopia for that matter? What makes Tigray so unique as to become a success story in the Horn of Africa when those who tried to go it alone do not seem to give any light at the end of the long winded and tortuous tunnel? Can Tigray prove to be the exception to the rule? I certainly wish and hope so.

          Reading Burhan’s article, which seems to have this ominous yet incisive perspective of how Eritreans have been victims of their own success by becoming in the end “victim[s] of tyranny.” That Eritreans have been transformed to something we cannot seem to have the capacity to comprehend.

          Burhan asks the question of “How did all these happen? Is this how Eritreans were all along? The Eritrean who many still remember as gentle and honorable is not the one we have here at hand; a major failure must have taken place along the way and a radical switch followed, and it seems it is not difficult to point out and say with certainty, who brought this failure about, it is tyranny.”

          He squarely attributes the mess we find ourselves in to tyranny. Can an independent Tigray become the center of peace maker between Eritrea to the North and the rest of Ethiopia to the South? So many questions but not one clear answer that I can think of. Anybody from the forum can pitch in.


  • said

    woldu hadgu and T. Kifle
    woldu hadgu in your statement you said (Please show humanity and compassion to the people of Tigray ) a Thousand time yes and TPLF leaders is an issue I have with and I full agree with you
    Yes you said A little kindness goes a long way, NO a lot compassion and kindness and help is required . and are you wrong when you said (Your writing is indirectly encouraging the evil doers)
    My write is against every evil doctor you can think of and not preference or exemption ?
    I ask my self .What could possibly justify these deaths and killing field of Targaryen people ? we know from recent and past. Each cycle of killing leads to another.?
    After all the dead they were someone children, we do not enough for us to truly know the depth of suffering those dead Seeing those people faces in TV and the newspaper for the last 7 months bringing the horrible reality of that madness and moral outrage a bit much closer to home . though not nearly close enough for us to truly know the depth of suffering those innocent people represent, the Targaryen people. It is hard to contemplate understanding of the breadth and depth of the tragedies of thousand of lives lost in Tigray .
    International newspaper media ,they write a piece here and there , Tv report and analysis do not convey the true message no matter how eloquent or how stark, will never ever be able to convey the horror in Tigray. The pain and suffering, the tragedies the loss, the never-ending grief of parents , community . grandparents, those so prematurely dead, should those families of the youth parents or grandparents have survived themselves. Some did. Many thousand didn’t. Tigrayan parents, Eritrean parents. This include Oromo ,the Somalia and Amhara parents and others group in Ethiopia other civil war ,with out exception, civilian are paying the price . The pain for their families are indescribable. We read about it the on going war and we see pictures on TV of famine and hunger, I am mortified ,
    when I read their grotesquely foreshortened stories with deep sadness and sorrow that I feel ,at time feels that is a bit abstract, a bit distant, We can only try to imagine .We know media put news that are easily sentimentalized before putting on TV and paper. That’s a hard path to forgiveness, there is a huge barrier to peace.. after all, we all are descendants of the same race and culture. And that I belong and connected in many ways .Their suffering pain me
    IA and PM MZ leadership provide an opportunity to compare and contrast IA and PM MZ in a very specific way knew each other well and they were allies —namely MZ his influence on Ethiopian system of political parties . TPLP was dominant .while IA What matter most personal loyalty to him. And his personality mattered greatly in this endeavor . There were no ideological or policy grounds that define the two leaders . There are certainly strong parallels between the two group and there were also ideological grounds similarity at least in past .and initially their shared vision was similar . Past and recent events bear little resemblance to the divide vison .

    what we see today, each used Ethiopia against other to wreaking the other to the benefit of Ethiopia as I wrote number of time as above border war testify to that .
    As below debate and we all can draw our conclusions as above and below we can see the deference in political stand , past crime repeating itself. unpleasant historical observations past border war and present war in Tigray are barbaric must be condemned ,it is circle of war decided by non elected leaders It happens all the time. this is barbaric war what we are currently witnessing in Tigray , and the comparison it the same precisely barbaric aggression visited upon hapless Eritrean in 1998 2000 war and no place safe to hide for civilian .
    in Tigray nothing is safe and TPLF should have known better that ,more than any one. ,sadly today in Tigray nothing is safe, the warship place, Schools, hospitals, were obliterated, nothing was off limits. Thousands of civilians, many of them helpless old men young women and the youth, were annihilated without mercy and this what is happening in Tigray today
    Absently and Undeservedly . However ugly, is completely appropriate to compare of the all our dictator adhere to the same criminal nature ? some more some much less, the similarities is not same to the TPLF to the degree and its past history well known to all and become so appallingly obvious that ignoring such a fact becomes an exercise in absurdity? And what happens when those similarities are in fact an indirect result of histories greatest horror visit ed up on the two brotherly people past and present ? The rotten fruit of the past TPLF crime ,killing innocent civilian it is totally criminal and is happening in Tigray is also criminal and barbaric .
    Are we to ignore such inconvenient truths? And if so, at whose expense and to whose reward? It is uncomfortable comparisons hard to tell .Both and all side zeal for sadism and distraction knew no bounds. In spite of how we may feel about them. especially when you consider the intimate connections between the two former alliance EPLF and TPLF , their misguided sin of arrogance and pride, both saw sees fit to punish the other regime and sadly collateral damage to the entire civilian innocent population in both side of the border paid the price .
    Yes TPLF ?TDF have all the right to defend the Tigrayan people who are the victim of war .

  • woldu hadgu

    Dear Beyan:

    I felt, correct me if I am wrong, you are using your power in this website, to post whatever agrees with your opinion. Your snafu in your previous article is forgiven. Everyone of us make mistakes.

    Today in Tigray, it is not about politics that we should discuss. It is about empathy, compassion, humanity and relief from brutality unheard of in human history that we should cry, lament , pray, fast and contribute whatever positive thing we can that it should pass quickly. We should feel the suffering of the aregtot, tnusat, harasat, metbewti, koluu, homless, zeketim,akale sinkulat widows, deke anistiyo, kusulat, denagil, akshishti, shekat, isurat Tigrawot and NOT ABOUT useless grievances that cannot be supported by historical facts.

    If some Tigray leaders voiced opinion that upset you, think their situation. Put your feet in their shoes. They are not sitting comfortably in far away place like you and me. Their world is turned up side down. They lost EVERYTHING but their determination, identity and resilience. As a matter of fact let us Eritreans learn from their unity of body, spirit and heart in defending their humanity. They are in a dire situation that I will never dream even to the to my worst enemy. They are in dire life or death situation. To defend and then exist and reclaim their GOD WILLED existence.
    So please Beyan hawey rectify the evil thoughts that is lurking in your heart. Time will come to raise, discuss and resolve if you have issues.

    Also don’t forget, you and I have to bear some responsibility in the brutality for it is committed by our kins.

    Thank you

    • Bayan Negash

      Selam woldu,

      Let me correct you haw woldu. I have zero influence. The Awate Team (AT) decides to publish on the merit of one’s writing, whether that writing is something worth discussing and enriches the dialogue. Anyone, to my knowledge, can post anything they wish so long it meets the criterion set forth by the AT. What you characterize as “snafu” might be characterized differently by others. At least it brought a dialogue, didn’t it? At the end of the day, 20+ years ago, this website was conceived for inkan haban. And that’s how I see it. Now, we may disagree on our priorities. Yours might not jive with mine. By all means, that’s fine.

      Now, for example, your point in the next two paragraphs is something I would like to take you up on. Let us find a way to share each other’s emails and develop our ideas related to what you say below. I will be more than happy to join hands with you and write that article be it in a conversation like, or in a question-and-answer form. If I don’t write about something that others consider a priority it doesn’t mean I don’t have the compassionate heart that you speak of. Let us engage, man-to-man, heart-to-heart, see what may come of it.

      Kbret yhabellay ezi haway

      The two paragraphs that I can already see developing into an article:

      ” Today in Tigray, it is not about politics that we should discuss. It is about empathy, compassion, humanity and relief from brutality unheard of in human history that we should cry, lament , pray, fast and contribute whatever positive thing we can that it should pass quickly. We should feel the suffering of the aregtot, tnusat, harasat, metbewti, koluu, homless, zeketim,akale sinkulat widows, deke anistiyo, kusulat, denagil, akshishti, shekat, isurat Tigrawot and NOT ABOUT useless grievances that cannot be supported by historical facts.

      “If some Tigray leaders voiced opinion that upset you, think their situation. Put your feet in their shoes. They are not sitting comfortably in far away place like you and me. Their world is turned up side down. They lost EVERYTHING but their determination, identity and resilience. As a matter of fact let us Eritreans learn from their unity of body, spirit and heart in defending their humanity. They are in a dire situation that I will never dream even to the to my worst enemy. They are in dire life or death situation. To defend and then exist and reclaim their GOD WILLED existence.” (woldu hadgu)

  • T. Kifle

    Dear Beyan,

    Do you confer with this article’s content or simply you do an editor’s role so that the responsibility rests on Mr. Said?
    I just wanted to know your take before I do mine

    • said


      You start by questioning if Br Bayan, confer with this article ,it really does not matter and you go ahead state your opinion relevant to the subject he raised and you have an opportunities to disagree, and your common reasons to oppose it , and your valid opposing viewpoints is welcome . And your opinion formation are valuable for all of us . There’s more to be written on above subject . The writing above carefully chosen and well assembled, in this particular context, and modified accordingly . it is about our region and its complex war events . Br, Bayan will respond to you. If he wishes
      We are here to build bridge and learn from each other .No room for personal judgment and no interest in disinformation and misinformation.

      Like most us who reads and thinks and I form opinions in a carefully considered way and hopefully for common good . And any one who is able to intelligently defend their own ideological and opinion positions, I welcome disagreements as along it is truthful and honest reflection for justice and to identify with equal right for all, and any ethnic group not deny them basic rights, even their existence.

      War and peace is important debate and about how to go about them ,is chose to be made between life and death. And Peace is the first choose And there is truth to that. simply put for me any war is unpopular war and it is very distractive .

      In Tigray the fighting is currently spreading like a bushfire from village to village and no end to it and at end of the war. Both side will discoverer their massive cost. But Tigrayan people will be the most to lose . it spells catastrophe who pinned their hopes in TPLF and their Tigray’s future on hand of the leaders of TPLF .
      TPLF may be they are struggling. Short of ammunition and supplies, as logistical back-up melts away. Yes TDF and TPLF are fighting fiercely and may be they are wining at the moment . On the contrary , what they have achieved and will be achieved ,will be little comparing to what will be lost . Even with Total victory. And add this civil war, hunger and refugee surges and internal displacement ,and add to this ongoing uncertainty .Comparing it before the war .is my point .You do your calculation ?
      Hard core pro TPLF supporters shield their eyes and close their mind . They don’t want to see the catastrophe that have falling on Tigrayan people, let alone discuss what’s about to happen before the war started . they do not want to admit TPLF ,major short coming in regard the war in Tigray. Catastrophe stalks the Tigrayan people and always people pay the price?

      The outlook for the vast majority of Tigrayan people is bleak , At end of day what will be achieved? That could not be achieved peacefully ? Compromise .Give and Take and lose politically and will changed in time .

      There is no peace deal in place, no power-sharing based on equity. What to do? I’ve been writing since November 4th 2020 never before did I wrote about TPLF .Beside seeking peace I personally. I don’t know the answer. Who does? Well, we don’t really know that, do we? Does any of this matter?

      We should not take it lightly. we have individual that are quick to take offence ,if opinion do not agree with their perceived notion but also they are easily drawn to being vicious or cruel, and one in which people are rarely seen as acting in good faith. Some time I rightly denounces the self-righteousness of many of my critics. And without making any kinds of generalizations
      Silence may be golden, but it’s also insidious. We find ourselves living in a complex time when lots of people are being fed daily infusions of lies confirming their own prejudices “and they see themselves more patriots” These hard core people are a clear in their hate to other who do not conform and they present danger to our society to live in peace . Regime supporter of our region dictators. There was plenty of evidence to be found for their blind support . and desperate gullibility of their flocks. Our superego dictators are power hungry, are killers ,war monger, blind to the truth , dead consciously , greedy, immoral, soulless, narcissistic, psychiatrically schizophrenic, narcissistic, and they are deeply twisted being

      The hard core people . their noise is loud everywhere, but things that need to be said or written in response to that is urgently need to be said, loudly and often. They don’t know nothing but they seem to think they know everything, much more than people who actually read and think and reflect deeply and if you exchange views and they would not change their views in the slightest, Most of I write like this one, simply evaporate, of course. That’s what words do. That’s why we shouldn’t shut up. The existential point of all this scribbling is to throw being against nothingness, to assert what we believe and think and we’ve learned, though our live time. to share what we think we know. for common good, and the unexamined life is not worth living ?
      The hard core people. These are truly radical .like those religious fundamentalists. And in the sense that they are fundamentally stupid and ignorant . they do not know words of love and compassion. they prefer to put their faith in DIA , TPLF and Machiavellian AA. Let’s think about those politicians what have they done for our people ,Nada . you can’t help feeling a sense of revulsion.

      • woldu hadgu

        Dear brother Said:

        Unlike you, you current diatribe is misplaced and mistimed. Please show humanity and compassion to the people of Tigray and their leaders who are tethering on life and death situation. A little kindness goes a long way.

        There is Time for everything. Now the time is for sorrow, lament, fasting, prayers and contributing positive support to alleviate the suffering of humanity.

        By the way, don’t forget you a I bear some responsibility in the atrocities because it is caused by our kins. We cannot absolve ourselves from it.

        Your writing is indirectly encouraging the evil doers.

      • T. Kifle

        Selam Said,

        Let me ask a question as I did to Beyan. You said:
        ‘…On the contrary , what they have achieved and will be achieved ,will be little comparing to what will be lost…’
        who do you think should be the judge on how to respond to the war befallen on the Tigrean people?
        What if the people are fighting fiercely by choice?

        P.S: Please consider that TPLF is not fighting a war. It has been a political party. what does it take to acknowledge this glaring fact?

        • Mez

          Dear T Kifle,
          You said ” …tplf is not fighting a war. It has been a political party”
          What do you mean please explain.

      • Peace!

        Hi Said,

        You have clearly distinguished TPLF from Tigray people and effectively demonstrated who is responsible and who the victim. I wouldn’t bother a bit by any TPLFite’s reply given they do not have high moral ground to criticize anyone. These are the same people who were clapping:

        When TPLF looting and raping the country
        When TPLF executing protesters including pregnant women and children in a broad day light
        When TPLF invaded Somalia and raped and killed women and children
        When TPLF elected itself with 100% every five years
        When TPLF invaded Baruntu and committed war crimes including rape
        When TPLF arresting and torturing leaders and members of opposition party (Arena)
        When TPLF marching to the current disastrous war

        What is really depressing is not the gross flip-flop or hypocrisy or double standard rather the existence of such toxic mindset that keeps contaminating the struggle against PFDJ gangs to save Eritrea.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam T.Kifle,

      Of course he agreed on the content of the article. Even before he brought it to the front page, he commented on it positively. If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t bring it to the front page. The forum is divided between the criticizers of the Tigray government and those who oppose the ethnic cleansing of the allied forces. It is as simple as that. Humanity is eclipsed by wanton politics in front of our eyes,


      • Bayan Negash

        Selamat T.Kifle, Amanuel, and said,

        Many thanks T.Kifle for asking. There are times when you see someone responding related to whatever subject matter. It strikes you as something original, something you don’t wish it to be buried in the archives of the forum as it will be buried for good, should one try to google it. So, there are moments when you wish the person tries to put it as an article. Over the years, the AT had done such moves where they brought pieces for discussion and avail it as an article. That’s what I tried to do.

        Of course, when one likes an article it doesn’t mean whole heartedly agrees with every little item contained within it. My feeling was that said’s note would be useful for a fruitful discussion. The reply said gave is a good example. The exchange you and I had as a result of my preemptively sharing excerpt from it is what enriches a dialogue. I can see why you are asking, but since it’s intricately interspersed, it is rather difficult to know who stands where. Therefore, I encourage to heed said’s suggestion and respond to the content of the subject rather than me or to said, per se. For clarity, here is what I stated when I tried to ask said’s permission, and he kindly gave me permission and I tried my best to stay true to his ideas. So, here is my initial impression to the original comment

        MerHaba said, (6 days ago)
        I really, really enjoyed your entry above. It has a great deal that one can unpack from it. It is obvious to any reader it is flowing from a genuine heart in a free writing spirit. Therefore, there are elements that need some adjusting and others that one can afford to dispose of. In fact, I started responding late last evening but had to retire for the night. So, I just upvoted it to acknowledge that I have read it since you were addressing it to me personally. So, the first thing I did this morning was re-read it with a much fresher lens and well rested mind. To keep your privacy I wouldn’t ask for your e-mail here in public. However, if you feel comfortable, please pass your e-mail to the AwateTeam.

        If you still don’t feel comfortable sharing your e-mail with anyone, please kindly create an e-mail for this purpose only, that’s is because I need your permission to borrow liberally – and in most cases word for word – from the ideas you are advancing here. Obviously, in the event that I do that, I want to acknowledge and give proper references of my source. Unless, of course, you want to cut through the chase and give me the permission in this space, then, we wouldn’t need to do all of what I’m asking of you to do above.


        P.S. Kbur Haw Amanuel, your harsh rhetoric I wouldn’t try to dissuade you from believing what you wish to believe. The inability to make a distinction between the people of Tigray and those who put them in harms way, TPLF/HiwHat/EPRDF is astonishing to me.

        To his credit T.Kifle at least acknowledged in one of our previous exchanges in which he clearly wanted to confine his thoughts to the last three years, and that the 25 years of EPRDF’s blunder he will hold them accountable when the fire is extinguished for good. I respect that.

        Now, let me ask you the same question Haw Amanuel that I asked of Sal and HTG. Do you or have you placed any blame in the role HiwHat played in this current war? Forgive me I don’t read every little things that everyone writes as I am sure you don’t. I stood corrected when sal responded. Is there anything you said that remotely resembles to criticism related to the subject at hand of HiwHat’s role in tripartite war? I know you said plenty about AA and IA. I am specifically asking of the third. What about it, Aman?

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Dr Beyan,

          It is not the right time to make assessment about the Tigray government and the Allied forces. This is the time to stop the ethnic cleansing and gang raping that is still going upon the civilian people of Tigray. It is not the time to play games of politics at this time. Humanity should override politics and the interest attached to it. So you could ask me that question after the ceasefire of “war of ethnic cleansing” and hunger as instrument of war of genocide.

          Second, I had criticized EPRDF of not opening the public sphere and loosening their political grip. The problem with Eritreans is: if you don’t say their vocabulary and their way of saying, is not critics. I hope you are not, though I know your tendency of your criticism. You can hold any political opinion but you can’t construe my political position. I will be reserved from responding in kind.

          Third, isn’t because it reflect your political opinion you brought the comment to the front page? What did I say wrong in my comment? Aren’t we divided between those who focus on the crime of inhumanity and those who criticize the warring forces based on partisanship?


          • Bayan Negash

            Selam Haw Aman,

            The sliding scale you use to judge people is rather curious. From considering me “to be in the league of intellectuals akin to a group of panel discussion – on how to stop ethnic cleansing – a clip that I sent you last night” to being mind boggled. Be that as it may, I take your statement as an honor to think highly of my capabilities.

            At any rate, let your mind not be boggled too much. Here is a simple example for you. Remember what we were told by the Asmara regime and their supporters be it in dehai or in any forum when they would say, this is not the time to discuss issues about governance because it is at its nascent stage. Every time the regime made a blunder from the Jehovah Witness being not only incarcerated but their businesses being shutdown because they chose not to vote in the referendum for conscientious reasons.
            The public was saying ጽቡቕ ገበርዎም – this was an answer of the mob mentality.

            Now, I would have no inkling of a boggled mind as to where you would stand based on your writings at awate even though I didn’t know you back in the nineties when dehai was the only medium to go to.

            Needless to say, the same went when it went into skirmishes with Yemen on Greater Hanish Islands…guess what we heard then was no different than on JWs እዚኦም ኣጅባል ሮፉዓት ደፋእቲ ዓረብያ. We’ve been hearing the same demeaning stuff about ahwatna Tigrawot since the 1998/2000 war. We’ve been hearing similar intimations about anything that the regime does was covered by it is not the right time.

            Clearly, you are giving your input and mine way too much of a weight. We are merely discussing issues. If you are going to choose to ignore critically important aspects of the ongoing war, which the three involved are the main actors, then, ignore everything else and focus on the humanitarian crisis unfolding. Then, you will have others’ ears.

            But, when you blame only the two entities and never the third, which are equally to blame in the cause of this unnecessary war, we are going to have credibility problem. So, let us get into a pact right here and right now. That you can stay away from criticizing any military actions and speak only of the humanitarian crisis, I will follow suit.

            P.S. I don’t know Said. Nor do I know his political stand. I tend to confine myself to the piece I read and respond based on the piece at hand as I am doing with you right now. I don’t go on fishing expedition to figure out where one’s stand is politically before I respond. I read an opinion piece and I respond to it on the ideas being advanced. Even then, it doesn’t mean I endorse everything that one says. I address issues that I feel will add value to the conversation. I don’t harp on every little details.

            The only thing I know is what he wrote I found it sensible that others may benefit from reading it in an article form, so I did what I had to do so it received wider readership. I have no political agenda. The only political agenda, if it can called that, I believe in is one that could lead to peace in our region. We’ve had three thousand years of history of war in our region. Let us try the politics of peace.

            I just now offered an olive branch to woldu, who I’ve never had a conversation with before this day – at least to my knowledge – and I asked if he wanted us to discuss issues based on what he wrote, I would be more than happy to see if we can write a piece together that we can submit to awate for an article. Not a clue where he stand on political spectrum. It doesn’t matter so long we are able to discuss issues genuinely, heck, we can even co-write a piece that will enrich our understanding.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Dr Beyan,

            I will not respond to this entry of your comment, for you are saying the same thing, and my answer will be the same thing, if I try to do it. But I am disappointed when you try to compare my argument with those of PFDjites of Dehai (which I have never be part of them). To advocate for good governance, it in itself is politics. So to do politics in peace time is relevant. To advocate to stop ethnic cleansing and gang rapping is calling for humanity. To do politics in this circumstances is questionable to say the least. These days, your sliding scale (to use your phrase) is not working good. This days you lost your focus of priority. There is time for “humanity” and there is time for “politicking”. With that I close my case on this issue, unless I am poked to react.


      • said

        Greeting, Amanuel
        Your statement about the forum is divided between the criticizers of the Tigray government/TDF and those who oppose the ethnic cleansing of the allied forces .Your classification, simplification and by implication directly or in directly is clear , you are free to name them and be direct .or you might think that I may support the ethnic cleansing of the allied forces and you are totally wrong and find me one sentence that celebrated with your ideas .

        I stand against DIA and war monger PMM AA ,what you said is mind boggling and remotely and utterly false . I guess ,If you are not for TPLF political speaking, by implication you are against Tigrayan people.

        No one with his sound mind and moral stand will accept with ethnic cleansing, I can reference you many of my opinion in this regard I stood firmly with Tigrayan people, more than you can think I wrote the opinion below about people Tigrayan people are the true victim .I deeply sympathies with Tigrayan people. And brewing famine and atrocities in Tigray is tragedy .

        I have disagreed with your arguments, in a number of issue but never without the gut feeling that I was simply protecting myself against uncomfortable truths. Uncovering these kinds of truths, in fact, was a hallmark of honesty, my interest in finding out “the truth from false narration ” and it is really a way of showing us how unstable truth can be, how it changes from person to person and from time to time .take your pick .I try to conduct myself with humility and honesty the best I can ,And always more sensitively and I am always for the people regardless .

        To repeat . Yes I am deeply concerned that ethnic cleansing that is underway from day one. and my condemnation of Abiy is clear read the above what I said ,( I stood against Isaias Afewerki and recently against Abiy Ahmed of their serious violations of international law and the illegal use of force against Tigrayans, civilian abuses serious enough to warrant an international criminal court investigation.
        You will read almost in every international media that TPLF had dominated Ethiopia since 1991 in an authoritarian system and the cost of basic civil rights is well known to you. And TPLF banned opposition parties.
        As an example and reported The last time Berhanu Nega ran for office, in 2005, he performed so well that he ended up in jail. The then ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, rattled by a strong opposition showing, declared a state of emergency, fabricated the results and threw Berhanu, who had been elected mayor of Addis Ababa, into prison. Berhanu, an economics professor once designated a terrorist and sentenced to death in absentia during years in exile. And Thousands like him languished in the jail and tortured and you find report with human right for reference .The last election in 2015, where the EPRDF “won” 100 per cent of parliamentary and TPLF had dominated EPRDF. It was their last chance ?

        I criticized TPLF in the going war and TPLF should not had dominated Ethiopia and they have promoted real democracy and human rights and ester . Ethiopian polices and politics featuring many very different realities. One reality — the reality each represent .for years we have pro TPLF and now we have pro Abiy, and of course pro IA .They are ,immersed in a different reality. It’s one thing to believe in an alternate universe, where PM AA is not able to tell the truth from the fact .he is a masterful Lier a domineering leader who dreamed to the king and that would ‘crush the evil’ and ‘get rid of the rotten apples. His supporters aren’t coherent enough . His followers will share his falsehoods . PM AA misinformation will continue to divide Ethiopian and poison political environment .Beside the Tigray on going civil war . Ethiopia sliding towards civil war
        Until 2018, that is –non-TPLF Abiy Ahmed reached out the hand of friendship and signed a peace agreement with IA instead of MZ .The Momentum have changed immediately in favor of Amhara and they have being waiting to rule Ethiopia for decades at least since 1991.
        They are united against Tigrayan ,their grievance. They believe that TPLF controlled the state and Tigrayan were getting way ahead at their expense. Amhara subscribe they have being replaced by Tigrayan to rule Ethiopia .This is one major reason for The launching of military operations by the Ethiopian Government against TPLF and has led to intense fighting, the killing of civilians Tigrayans which iam totally against . We know for fact Abiy Ahmed and IA were preparing for war ,that is beside the point. TPLF should read the Tealeaf
        Realty dedicate TPLF politicians should have sued for peace without attitude of a confrontation and win your war peacefully ,and not to give a reason and pretext for war . But even before the guns fell on November 3rd 2020 .the idea of peace is to save Tigray and compromise and for sake of Tigrayan people and let normal life continue peacefully .It is a lot much better than a disastrous war, with unknown result . Why TPLF accept the worst fighting that will take place in Tigray backyard . known very well that civilians Tigrayans will be a major causality .
        Did TPLF its military leaders had lied to the people of Tigrayans about the preparation and progress being made toward “real defence and assured of the coming victory.” Tigrayan who’d been fed a steady diet of mighty TPLF and it preparation and progress and readiness for war and its past victory and their arrogance of military display and show off .
        Ask yourself .Then who was responsible for the defeat of the TPLF finest military in the horn, a myth? That crumbled and defated in Mekelle in days.TPLF prefer the comfort of big lies. for almost 28 years they dominated Ethiopia, what was the out come at end , retreat to Tigray ,TPLF mighty force such myths worked to shelter TPLF from radical reforms, ensuring an ongoing business-as-usual attitude and profiting from it and sadly without legacy, TPLF missed the opportunity in introducing real democracy and that could have benefited Ethiopian and for sure would have be good Tigray and good for the region. .
        We’ve seen versions of this before . This was yet another easy-to-disprove lie, but all too many Tigrayans. And desperate for scapegoats and undoubtedly proved eager to believe their lies.
        Tigrayans need a day of reckoning that shows no sign of coming yet?. Politically to hold TPLF senior leaders, military accountable for their defeat and lost the war. TPLF and the decisions to pre launch a war and then its pathetic performances that followed was catastrophic and lost of lives was an imaginable in its magnitude that followed .And now sadly as expected TPLF did their unprincipled best to absolve themselves of responsibility and no regret.

        The insidious falsehoods of bravado and arrogance that led to an almost total lack of accountability. TPLF politicians who were significantly responsible for the Tigray ‘s defeat and its disastrous war that has befalling on innocent Tigrayans people. They should answerable to the people .
        TPLF militarily speaking has lost but the war will counting . Among TPLF supporters, it’s remarkable how seldom anyone notes how badly that TPLF military has bungled the war in Tigray . The defeated TPLF , in the sense of suffering setbacks, seems not responsible for defeat ,we hear all kind of senior for its defeat and accuse who criticize the way war conducted and the find scapegoats . As in the past in essence, TPLF have been sold on the idea that TPLF military might has been undefeated in the field ,and that defeat mighty Derg.
        Then who is to blame for TPLFs loss in Tigray ? If responsibility for defeat is not to be assigned to TPLF their military commanders, then who? who is to blame? For this badly mismanaged the war ,and for being weak on defense and above all defending people , who exactly? Here’s the simple truth of it . But the truth is far harsher . TPLF Senior leaders ? and their lackey supporters . They are not prepared to admit TPLF top leaders bear the major responsibility for the situation in Tigray and TPLF finds itself in today civil war. TPLF need an honest self-reflection that would require a serious course correction within TPLF military and politically too
        While creating or exacerbating ongoing humanitarian crises and disasters in Tigray as on going war . But such lies fed the anger and fattened the grievances of the Tigrayans people, and in addition they were driving by massive economic dislocation. TPLF did not study in part because the past provides insight into potential futures, in retrospect, what is at stake ? innocent Tigrayans people paid the price .
        As saying goes. The first casualty of war, so it’s said, is truth, and since this country has remained perennially at war with itself , they continue to eternally torture the truth as well. lies that in their own way helped to facilitate the Civil war in Tigray
        Amhara mainly saw TPLF as, manipulative, liars, thieves, and murderers and in control of the state that do not deserve as small minority. . .
        Those and replacement and other lies, in large and small, along with systemic corruption in Addis are precisely why so many Ethiopian have been driven to despair.
        AA lies were readily embraced in part because they fell on well-prepared ears. Throughout Ethiopian history.Amhara and Tigrayan both were militaristic empire bent on domination of Ethiopia .
        The rise of PM MZ may be have not being demagogue. and who might indeed be described as a very unstable genius, and visionary and power-hungry, without principle or limit, by “genius” , I mean his uncanny ability to tap into and exploit the darker passions of his Tigrayan people.
        Amhara moment come with the rise of Abiy a man from nowhere, The immediate context is the coming to power of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in April 2018, Machiavellian Abiy’s ,put a new cloth, liberal reforms, anti-corruption drive, and ambition to create a more unitary political movement and none of this happened. But more importantly what was involved the marginalization of the TPLF, once the dominant faction in the ruling of EPRDF which had been in power in Ethiopia since 1991. In December 2019, the EPRDF was abolished and replaced by the Prosperity Party, which the TPLF declined to join and the new chapter started that lead to civel war .
        Question one aske .What gave TPLF the right to rule Ethiopia for 27 years an interrupted without being elected in honest fashion .TPLF did they derive their Powers from the Consent of the Governed Ethiopian. Did TPLF get a Political legitimacy? TPLF did fleshed out and ignored the idea of “consent of the governed” The political legitimacy as determined by the consent of the governed. TPLF in essence, become a military dictatorship devoted to total victory at any cost to rule and it was perceived that way by most Ethiopian.

        To repeat , I most emphatically do not hate Tigrayan people who are victim
        But I am not in camp of TPLF military adulation and rejection of TPLF militarism adventure , some are still defending and even admiring nring TPLF military despite its defeats?
        From day one 1991 TPLF should have reject Ethiopian militarism and megalomaniacal dreams of Ethiopian empire. They lost the opportunity to reform the nation .
        TPLF should have known better with no major stake in the coalition system, ignorant of history, incurious about Ethiopian political habits and traditions. TPLF were they blind to fact they knew well Ethiopian militarism that they lead for decades . That potentially harsher, far more violent future was about to come?. Were they were well prepared ?

        The war in Tigray have up sated the way of life of normalcy and has been destroyed in a devastating, I n irrevocable fashion ,All essential facility and industries torn out from under them, ecosystems razed, and everyone left suffering not just material deprivation but an expansive social and cultural collapse that can only be characterized as apocalyptic.
        Tigray and any ethnic group of people, no matter how small or marginal should and would always have the right to secede from the majority to explore their own vision of encourage them to dream of a better world and debate the details until it can become a reality.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Haw Said,

          First you can disagree million times on my political views. I don’t mind. But to play politics when people are being massacred everywhere in the Tigray region, including in churches and mosques; women being gang rapped, looting their properties, loosing everything including their daily food, is not a healthy mentality, to say the least. You could do those kind of politics at their right time not now in my opinion,

          Second, making a long redundant comment does not make your argument plausible. One has not to dig in to it, to find your points in the loosely connected but thickly worded of your comment. Help us to make a concise and cogent argument to understand you, wether we agree or disagree to your opinion

          Third, ones truth is others false. Ones front loading issues is others back loading issues. Don’t judge yourself as true speaker. If you do, it is repulsive on the receiving end. Leave your opinion to be judged by your colleagues. What we need is to hear from you an unambiguous opinion from you to understand and engage you politely.

          Fourth, wether you love or hate to the Tigray people, Show your pain, your allyship, and advocate to voice their predicament. At this critical struggle of life and death, attacking the governing party and TDF, who are fighting and giving their ultimate sacrifice, to push out the abusers and killers of allied forces, is not a help nor does it emits sympathy to their predicament.


  • Bayan Negash