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Seyoum Haregot’s New Book: A Critique

The Bureaucratic Empire Serving Emperor Haile Selassie Red Sea Press For over a century, successive regimes in the Horn of Africa, have served their respective populace the Tantalus cup of freedom and prosperity. It has become a vicious cycle; a never-ending season of conflicts which has rendered many much worse off than they were a…

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Lessons Of January 21

Nothing sours the mood of dictators like the appearance of not being in control. A total loss of control is preferable just as a quick death is to a slow death. According to the logic of dictators the fear of government is the beginning of security. History amply attests that when fear is eliminated, dictatorial…

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Dying vs. Killing In The Name Of Faith

Where is my anchor? For some inexplicable reasons, I was inspired to go to church last Saturday evening. Glad I did; it was an awesome experience and like to believe that I came back home, at least, a little bit more spiritually and morally uplifted. The few times I had been to the house of…

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Zenawi’s Mixed Legacy

Unlike his predecessor who was widely condemned for his failure, brutality and poor governance, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia has a mixed review of his legacy and that is, frankly, an achievement we cannot ignore. Meles Zenawi has been praised for his economic and educational policies by almost everybody (at least those who matter…

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Got Dignity?

If you’ve lived in the US as long as I’ve, then, you would remember the old milk commercial. Two simple words followed by a question mark: Got Milk? The commercial is credited for increasing milk sales in the US. The dairy industry later came with an equally catchy message: Milk: it does the body good!…

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An Eulogy Of Naizghi Kflu: A Translation

This morning I read an eulogy of Naizghi Kflu’s published at in Tigrinya and it moved me so much and overwhelmed me with sorrow and indignation. I applaud the people who prepared the eulogy; they succeeded in capturing the true sentiments of the overwhelming majority of us. There are certain things that transcend politics…

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More Reflections On The Eritrean Opposition

Not fit to lead Isaias is mentally unstable and unfit to lead. He is stuck in a cemetery of dead ideas and it’s foolish to expect him to change. His arrogance and ignorance knows no boundary. Who among us could have imagined any head of state to openly boast: “I don’t have an employment contract…

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