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Exile and Exodus from Eritrea

A Personal Testimony and Reflections on a Brutal National Service and Political Repression The following is an annotated text of a speech made in a public seminar in Hanover, Germany, on June 5; organized by an Amnesty International working group on Eritrea and the roots of human exodus from the country. It is more a…

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AlJazeera: The Tragedy of The Eritrean Refugees In Sudan

[The following is the translation of the Arabic text report by AlJazeera that accompanied the video report. bears responsibility for any errors in translation] From the frying pan into the fire: The Tragedy of The Eritrean Refugees In Sudan A Report of the episode by They left their country because of war and…

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Awate Forum Harvest: Emancipation Of Eritrean Women

The following is selected comments made by Awate Forum debaters over the last few days. The topic is regarding the role and emancipation of Eritrean women. The comments were slightly edited to make it better focused on the topic. //Awatestaff Semere Andom: Do the overwhelming majority Eritrean women really support the regime that enslaves them?…

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Australia: Eritrean Community Network Hosts Dr. Joe Venosa

Eritrean Community Network Australia Presents Joseph L. Venosa Asst. Prof. of African History, University of Salisbury (Salisbury, Maryland, USA) Topic: Eritrea during the critical period, 1941-1961 Place: Flemington Community Center 25 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington, VIC 3031 Time: Saturday, August 30th at 6pm. Contact: Ahmed Heyabu From Australia: 0402 520 142 International call: +61 402…

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Dejen: The Man YG Chose

A piercing Gaze:YG attempted to fuse Kafka’s parables with Dejen’s history with the aim of creating an imaginative political fantasy. But the concepts were altered from their original meaning in a very significant way. In part he discussed the theme of, “A Message from the Emperor” whose core meaning is about messages going to nowhere.…

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Dejen: A Chosen Man

Introduction I long time came to understand YG’s mindset in devaluing the reality of Eritrea and Eritrean historical legacies. His mindset is a result of rejection. This rejection is as a result of personal observation. I once wrote my understanding on YG’s work on reading as: “YG’s objective as a thinker and smart writer…

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5 Reasons For The Bologna Hurdle

5 Reasons Why Our Cause Could Take A Leap Forward With The Bologna Summit “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Are the famous words of Victor Hugo. In Eritrean opposition politics – it requires a follow up sentence, maybe something like:…if it can withhold the storm. An idea… Most of…

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Betrayal And Predicament Of An Eritrean Artist

“During the struggle era [Pre-Independence] I was also painting, telling the story of the struggle, the culture of the people and scenes of battles, and such works. My concern was to make sure that I reflect my ideas properly to achieve my goal of getting the message of the struggle across.” […] “…In 1997, [six-years…

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Sample Views On Ethiopian-Eritrean Relations

12 Nov 2014 awatestaff Comments (69)

The following is a two part digest of some comments in two parts that appeared on the Awate Forum. The…

Eritreans in Tri-State honor Swedish MP Arhe Hamednaca

11 Nov 2014 Semere T Habtemariam Comments (11)

In an unprecedented spirit of fraternity, a group of Eritreans from the Tri-state area, Pennsylvania and Delaware met to honor…

"Crusaders" Branding Others, "Islamists"

10 Nov 2014 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (249)

Today's Negarit is about Yosef EFND, coincidentally, there is an Egyptians word that sounds like it, Effendi (افندي); it is…

Belgium: Eritrean Refugees In Limbo

07 Nov 2014 Gedab News Comments (42)

Belgium, considered a relatively good destination for refugees, is now where many refugees are staying in a limbo for extended…




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