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Al Jazeera’s The Stream hosts Ms. Sheila Keetharuth

On June 16, 2015, Al Jazeera’s The Stream hosted her excellency Ms Shiela Keetharuth and three other Eritrean guests to discuss the report that was issued by the UN appointed Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea. The extensive report is damning and it has angered the Eritreans government. The extensive report contains minute details covering the…

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In Spite Of Security Hurdles Somalia Recovering Fast

A stable Somalia is good for the Horn of Africa, a successful Somalia is excellent. The country that has been marred in civil wars since the overthrow of the late dictator Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991. Since then, millions were internally displaced or left their country as refugees. Somalia went through difficult times and became…

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A Documentary: Eritrean Refugees In Ethiopia (Part 1)

Last week Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation aired a two part documentary about the general Eritrean situation. This is PART 1 of it. The documentary is heavy on interview and reports by eyewitness who are now stranded in several refugees camps across Northern Ethiopia. They include, army officers, college professors, housewives, students, conscripts, veterans, handicapped, artists, farmers,…

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The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Socrates, one of the great ancient philosophers, was convicted by a jury in Athens for ‘undermining state religion and corrupting the youth.” His crime was his never ending questions that made people think, reflect and challenge old held beliefs and reasoning. That was too much for some and they wanted to silence him. Hence, he…

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Eritrean Heart And Mind At Work In Italy

“Here is heart and mind in action! Here is the meaning of Independence as depending on one another! Here is the meaning of organizing, one that is for a purpose and not for mindless beating the koboro [drums] in a land that doesn’t wont you and for a regime that doesn’t care for you. Here…

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Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Ismail “Bari Bari”: 1960-2015

A Somali Hero and Champion of Human Rights The tragic death of an extraordinary and valiant diplomat who fought for numerous causes, including the rights of Eritreans and people with albinism. On Friday 27 March, Somalia’s ambassador to Switzerland and the United Nations Yusuf Mohamed Ismail Bari Bari died along with at least 13 others…

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Australia: Beyene Semere of SBS Radio Interviews Saleh Johar

On Wednesday May 6, 2015, Beyene Semere of SBS conducted an interview with the Saleh “Gadi” Johar. Beyene Semere is the director of the Tigrinya service of the SBS. The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is an Australian public broadcasting radio services which also has an online and  television network. According to Wikipedia, the stated purpose of SBS is “to…

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Egypt To The rescue: Isaias’ Game Interrupted

Isaias Afwerki loves speculation, but he loves rumors about him even more. Between April 28 and 29 Isaias was on a state visit to Saudi Arabia. It was not a rumor, he did arrive in Saudi Arabia because it was reported by the Saudi media, with pictures. But though he controls all the media outlets…

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Rallying Eritreans Around One Cause

We are in difficult moments. Hundreds of Eritreans are feared to have perished in the Mediterranean Sea; scores of innocent people were slaughtered in a grizzly fashion intended to terrorize humanity; many more are stranded in hostile lands facing eminent catastrophe at the hands of modern day barbarians.  A sober and composed assessment of the…

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Government Of Eritrea About To Expel Two Americans

06 Jun 2001 Gedab News No comments

For weeks, there have been rumors circulating that the Government of Eritrea was about to expel…

Ali Baabe, Adolescent At Seventy

09 Aug 2015 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (122)

Sometime ago I discovered Banyan is a name of a tree, but I don't know why the Indian community that…

Another Boat Capsizes In The Mediterranean Sea

05 Aug 2015 Gedab News Comments (23)

Many are feared to have died after a rickety ship that was carrying them from Libya to Italy across the Mediterranean…

Eritreans In Sweden Demonstrate Against Tyranny

02 Aug 2015 Gedab News Comments (359)

Eritreans in many parts of the world are demonstrating against the government sponsored festivals. Every summer, the Eritrean embassies hold festivals…




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