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A Rudderless And Decrepit EU Courts A Tyrannical Regime

Following up on its decision last December to engage the Eritrean government, the European Union (EU) recently signed a cooperation agreement involving the provision of €200 million in development assistance to the regime. Scheduled to be disbursed over the next five years, the aid package is intended to stem the flow of Eritrean refugees to…

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Talking Mountains, Thanking Eagles, And lyrics

There are mountains that talk, eagles that thank, and lyrics that speak to non-humans.  And I still remember where I was and what I was doing, when for the time I heard someone talking to an eagle and the eagle responding. Wedi Ghebru was singing, “Abba-Gunbah Berekha ab Homib entay re’ikha…” I did not know…

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“Mistir Leyti”: Secret of The Night

During the struggle (Ghedli), the Tigrinya phrase for “password” was “misTir Leyti”: secret of the night. Usually, it was the name of a martyr, shared and circulated per whisper up to the tegadalay (combatant) serving in the frontline. Practiced throughout the whole Liberation Front and renewed on a daily basis, it was crucial for the survival…

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Growing International Consensus On Realities In Eritrea

The October  2015 UN Security Council (UNSC) decision to extend the mandate of the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group, hence retain existing sanctions on Eritrea’s dictatorship until December 2016 was a major victory for all who struggle for democracy and human rights in the country. Passed just six months after the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) released…

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Securing Common Understanding On Our Core Issues

Securing Common Understanding on our Core Issues – National Language, Land Proclamation, Refugee Repatriation, Ethnic and Minority Issues, Developing Human Resources – for United and Stable Eritrea. The paper below is meant as an accompaniment to the video presentation I gave recently and it is not a replacement to it. Therefore, I urge readers to…

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Of Water, Women and Wind: The Three Ws of Eritrea

Semere Andom, the child of the Ontario water, wiring from Toronto–fresh is its breeze! The Water Isaias Afwerki told Eritreans that water does not come to where people are, it is the people who should travel to where it is available. He was predictably belligerent in the context of the question given his habitual disrespect…

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The Shingrwa Of Eritrean Politics

Just to make things clear first: ‘Shingrwa’ was the American idol of Eritrea, and the word which is borrowed from the Blin language, means ‘Star’. The first time it was aired on Eri-TV in 2009, I remember when we surrounded the TV on Saturday afternoons eagerly waiting to be entertained. To be honest, the first…

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They Spoke Truth To Power

There is no dearth of honest, courageous individuals who, at various stages of the evolution of Eritrea’s current dictatorship, spoke out and stood up to injustice. General Bitweded, whose historic 1997 speech exposed PFDJ’s brutal rule; Seid Ali Hijay (Wed Ali), and his colleagues, who paid the ultimate price in search of freedom and constitutional…

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The Saleh Younis Reader: His Craft and Politics

I would bet that most people if asked to introduce Saleh Younis, they would just say one sentence: Saleh Younis does not need introduction. I disagree. He needs a lot of introduction. And if you want to talk about both his craft and politics, the introduction will be excruciatingly long. So I will skip the…

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EU Pays For What It Imported From Isaias

The men and women in the European Union first did what all bureaucracies do: they dithered for months, then they did what Europeans always do: they gave a tyrant a much needed lifeline, siding with the PFDJ, a group of criminals not unlike the Mafia, who are tormenting the Eritrean people. With the 200 million,…

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Eritrean Victims And An Illusive Justice

18 Apr 2016 awatestaff Comments (140)

On April 14, Eritreans in the UK started a weekend of activities as Commemorating Eritrean prisoners of conscience. Many Eritreans…

April 14: Commemorating Eritrean Prisoners of Conscience

13 Apr 2016 Gedab News Comments (160)

On April 14, 2016, Eritreans around the world will commemorate their imprisoned compatriots. Four years ago, a group of Eritrean…

Strengthening The ENCDC

12 Apr 2016 Awate Team Comments (9)

This editorial was published on April13, 2006 under the title "Strengthening The EDA which we changed to "Strengthening The ENCDC".…

Yemane Gebremeskel Speaks Untruth

08 Apr 2016 Awate Team Comments (67)

Yemane Gebremeskel broke his five-day silence with untruth. It has been five days since Eritrean government forces killed conscripts in…




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