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Yosief’s Messages From the Underground

It is only a narrow-minded or embittered man who can harbor evil thoughts about ordinary people because they are not heroes.  From the novella “A dreary story” by A. Chekhov

A  philosopher is born

If there is a merit for Eritrea and Eritreans in the war in Tigray, it is that it has blown-up covers and torn-off masks. This is most apparent in the case of Yosief Gebrehiwet, the Islamophobic, one-time master of apologia for the defunct Imperial Ethiopian regime and its ugly history in Eritrea. His contention, at the time, was supported by a broken syllogism epitomized in that since the PFDJ regime is such a horrible system of governance it follows that it was wrong to have started the revolution and therefore were better for Eritrea to have stayed part of Imperial Ethiopia. That was his simple message, a logical paralogism hidden deep under a heap of thousands of words repeated over and over, a logic so much loved by ‘Tigray- Media- House’ and sisters as to ordain him a philosopher!. Of course, there was no way for Eritrea to go back to Imperial Ethiopia, even if it wanted, since the Empire itself has already gone down the drain never to come back, making Yosief’s laments just a practice in self-whipping and crying over the spilled milk, if there were any milk, to begin with. Come to the war of Tigray, and quickly Yosief changed his skin and expressed contempt for the Empire, and took sides with its enemies in Tigray, enemies who seem seeking independence from Yosief’s old sweetheart, Ethiopia, just like what Eritrea has once done since, according to them, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and strangely enough, Yosief agrees!.

The blasphemy

But the philosopher didn’t stop here; he has crossed from crying foul at the Eritrean struggle and Independence to outright hatred of the Eritrean people to the extent of calling them wild animals and humiliation worthy: ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ውርደተኛን፣አራዊት ህዝቢ እዩ! These obscene words and more were said in an interview given by the philosopher to one of the Tigray- Media- House’s sisters YouTube channels. If the philosopher is an Eritrean, as he seems to claim, it is only natural for one to think of his strong words as just expressions of self-hate and self-scorn, truly embarrassing characteristics to attribute to an accomplished philosopher and even more to explain! Yet, there is, however, one explanation within the larger context of the Eritrean tragedy that would render him innocent of the guilt. This is the “being a victim” of tyranny like the many others who succumbed to and consider him one of the many unhappy souls of which some are listed here-under.

Messages from hell

In November 2011 an Eritrean living in the UK pushed his ex-girl friend off a bridge to her death. For that he was handed a 12 years jail-time sentence.

An Eritrean teenager, 15, was killed in a “sustained” attack in a block of flats in Waterloo in June 2008 by her jealous ex-boyfriend.

An Eritrean, nicknamed “Ikea killer” was imprisoned for the murder of two innocent people (whom he never met before the incident) in an Ikea store in the Swedish city of Västerås in 2015 the reason being the decline of his asylum application by the Swedish authorities.

A thirteen year old Eritrean female was murdered by her mother’s Eritrean ex-boyfriend in her apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel. (The murderer’s father told the media his son was “crazy” and that he did not care if the police killed him!!).

An Eritrean immigrant in Toronto Canada was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of two Eritrean women one 55 years old and the other 28.

In January 2018 an Eritrean man in Norway was charged with killing his wife and mistreating his .

In 2019 a 30 years old Eritrean living in Holland was brought to court for strangling to death his 23 years old pregnant wife.

These are only a sample from a long list of tragedies defining, among other tragedies, the life of Eritreans in the Diaspora.

How did all these happen? Is this how Eritreans were all along?. The Eritrean who many still remember as gentle and honorable is not the one we have here at hand; a major failure must have taken place along the way and a radical switch followed, and it seems it is not difficult to point out and say with certainty, who brought this failure about, it is tyranny.


What are the forces which contributed to the making of the tragic decisions by these unfortunate people and led to these heartbreaking stories listed above? It is only natural that many people outside of Eritrea know these forces and know that these same forces are wreaking havoc even in the Diaspora with a great thrust. Also, many see and touch the effects of tyranny but these effects seem because of their diffusion- isolated and casual while they in their totality run as a current under and below, undetected, forming our responses while distorting our world outlook.

Perhaps studying the experience of others who walked the way of tyranny before could remove some of the fogs and enlighten us and be of some help for organizing and forming a mental image of what we feel, thus objectifying and consolidating the condition to our mind’s eye.

One helpful tool in this task may be the book titled “ The Nature of Despotism” by the 19th century Syrian-Egyptian journalist and philosopher, Abdurrahman Al-Kawakibi, in which he detailed the features of a society under despotism, describing it with honesty and precision possible only by a man who lived it and closely watched and observed it.

The author indicates, properly, to the victims of tyranny as slaves. There are in the book many pages and long paragraphs which one would think that they describe today’s Eritrea and they would especially be useful in shedding light on the above-described list of unfortunate Eritreans’ destinies, here are some translated passages from this great book:

Despotism deforms the natural inclinations and good manners of the victim; it weakens, corrupts, and effaces them altogether. It makes the slave ungrateful for the natural blessings offered by the almighty to his country because, in reality, he never owned them. It makes him harbor hatred to his fellow slaves because they are an aid to the scourge of tyranny over him; he loses his love for his country and left ever eager to escape it because he is denied a secured settlement in it.The love for his family wanes because he has no confidence in the persistence of this relationship; friendship also is off-limits to the slave because the lack of confidence in others stands in the way between him and this relationship as he knows too well that his peers, like him, have no judgment or resolve of their own will. They may, if ordered, harm or even murder him while, at the same time, sobbing and weeping. he has nothing to care or cry for, because he has no monies or assets which are not subject to plunder and no honor that is not exposed to insult……………

It is strange, therefore, that the victims of tyranny abhor the tyrant but they cannot use against him the natural valor and intrepidity which is acquired by a man at anger, and instead redirect their animosity to different, unexpected quarters like abusing their women or the singling out from their ranks a perceived weaker class[i] (read Jeberti, as an instance in our Eritrean case) or a group of foreigners to mistreat and persecute. In this they are like a house dog, which, when required for watching and guarding the premises, is tied up and left to hunger during the day and set free at night to display its acquired ferocity, it is in this way also that the cruelty and fierceness in the in-fights of the victims of tyranny[ii] can not be characterized as bold or audacious because it is, in fact, only a show of cowardice in the face of the tyrant who drives them to death while they obey him in terror and panic, in the same manner sheep are driven forward to their death by a preying hyena.” …….

 The words above bring to the reader’s eye, a panoramic view, a concentrated display of the effects of tyranny which we normally see scattered and as a result, miss its full mental impact except in a blurred and confused style, the picture of tyranny drawn in this book are like a snap-shot of the reality of at least one layer of the multi-layer that is tyranny.

The Plague

Tyranny is a dangerous social disease, a plague that irrevocably changes and destroys the social fabric of society. Those who were subjected to tyranny for a substantial time, those who were born under it and the lucky ones who almost succumbed to it but somehow evaded and escaped it (like the philosopher), all suffer in different degrees the sickness until death or until, in better times, addressed using different approaches of psychology, legislation, and politics.

Moral effects of tyranny

Because the victim of tyranny lives a life driven by fortuity, randomness and purposelessness, he has no moral life as this is based on free-will and compassion both of which are not in supply anywhere near him. It is because of this that it is not only unwise but also outright foolish to blame and resent people under the slavery of tyranny for their helplessness and submission. It is in this context that what the philosopher’s show of verbal violence against the Eritrean people fall under the category of the classical behavior displayed by the victims of tyranny.

Lasting effects

The variety of deformations caused by tyranny is endless and the longer it reigns the more complex these deformations become, the worst is that the moral effect of tyranny is lasting and may leak down to generations depending on the longevity of its reign. It is from this consideration that it is more than striking that some who claim to be in the “ camp for defeating tyranny” but who, nevertheless, put the spoke on the wheel of efforts to end the conundrum we are in, but, again these can be thought of as members of the above list from hell representing tyranny’s most damaging deformations.


it is soul-crushing to observe and see tyranny victims of the sector depicted by the Eritrean father in Tel Aviv who expressed his indifference, close to incitement attitude, for the shooting of his flesh and blood by the police. This case makes it glaringly clear how ruptured the Eritrean societies’ fabric has become. Under normal and healthy societal conditions the natural reaction of the father would have been crushing despair and deep sorrow.

However, it seems that upon closer scrutiny that there is no difference between this case and the case wherein the philosopher is expressing his verbal violence on the Eritrean people- the first is frankly expressing lovelessness in him, and the latter is displaying attitude towards his larger family- his people- not different than the first. The two are almost the famous two faces of a coin.

[i]  ‘Jeberti’  hate, an instance in the Eritrean context.
[ii] Watch on YouTube for Eritrean refugees’ infighting in Israel, Germany and elsewhere

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  • kokhob selamone2

    Dear all,

    Today US had declared the case Tigray was, Genocide has happened On the People Of Tigray. Even late but that is also nice and correct.


    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      Selamat KoKhobay,
      The little colonel and his advisor DIA are heading to ICC.

  • Brhan

    Hello haileTG &Awatistas

    “We don’t yet know if they (Eritrean troops) are withdrawing” from Tigray altogether, Robert Godec, the acting United States assistant secretary of state, told the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs. He said the US had seen no statement from Eritrea, nor from the Tigray fighters, saying they are committed to the ceasefire announced by Abiy’s government.

    From the news “Tigray forces regain ground, say ceasefire declaration a ‘joke’ ” Aljazeera English June 29, 2021

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ብርሃን ነብሲ
      ህድማ ተጀሚራ!
      መሕፈራት ዝኾኑ ‘ንዳ ህግደፍ። መራሒኦም ዝንቡል ጀነራላቶም ደናቁር: ዝበዝሑ ጽሒፎም ዘይክእሉ [ኣያ ስለዝብሉ ጥራይ ሽመት ዝረኸቡ]: ደገፍቶም ኣብ ወጻኢ መሃይማት ዋላ ‘ቶም ሙሁራት ‘ና ዝብሉ ናይ ስነ-ሓስብ ስንክልና ዝዓብለሎም ‘ዩ። ኣብ ካልእ ከይከድካ ኣብዚ ኣብ ዓዋተ ዘለዉ ‘ንዶ ረኣዮም። መትከል-ኣልቦ ግምጥልጥል ይብሉ ምስ ዝሰዓረ።

      • Brhan

        መሃንድስ – ምዕባለ ነብሲ
        ” A.Ahmed Ali was defeated and thus left Tigray” said Ethio 360’s Habtamu , ” Abi is continuing in his lies” Ethio 360 Zare Min Ale “ከተናጠል የተኩስ አቁም በኃላስ?” Tuesday June 29, 2021

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ዳግማይ ምጥልቓይ
    ከይንርኢ የፍርሕ
    ህግደፍ ከተማታት ገዲፉ
    ናብ ዶባት የምርሕ

    ዳግማይ ከሕፍረና
    ክቕንጥጦ ክብርና
    ከፍትሖ ስረና
    ዚኹሉ ታህዲድ ዶሮና
    ሕጂ ህድማ ተጀሚሩ ናብ ጾሮና

    ኣእምሮ ዘይብሉ መራሒ
    ብቕዓት ብዘይብሎም ሓለፍቲ
    ብዘይ ስነ-ፍልጠት ዘንጸፍዎ ስልቲ

    ህድማ ተጀሚሩ
    ኮር ተገልበጥ ኴኑ
    ጉድ ዝረኸበ መንእሰይ
    ኣጥፊኡ መኣዝኑ

    ኣንቱም ሰባት ህዝብና ደንዚዙ ዶ ሓቀይ

  • iSem

    Hi all:
    What should TDF’s next move be? Should they pursue and weaken EDF? Reda said that they will pursue them.
    EDF is Eritrean Defense Forces, but the name is misleading, it is an oxymoron, EDF has never defended Eritrea, it was under EDF that we were humiliated, our sovereign land taken and EDF was so impotent to take it back until it got help from Emirates and Ethiopia, So this notion that EDF is protecting Eritrea is false. And your know it. you all know it. Of course, EDF is made up of our brothers, sisters, fathers and ayatat, but it is an instrument of repression. I also appreciate that it is made up of forcibly kidnapped teens who should be in school, but EDF is also made up battle hardened veterans, whose livelihood is connected with the survival of PFDJ.
    So an army that bears our name (Eritrea) which is an instrument of repression, of patronage, of corruption, of torture, of rape, which has committed crimes in Tigray, crimes they have perfected in Eritrea. Should not be crashed? We should crash it, and if someone can do it for us for free, we should take it.
    So where does the outrage of some opposition members come from ,when TDF says it want to destroy EDF, and when people like me support that notion. It is like complaining when ELF said we will destroy the Ethiopian army in Eriterea . EDF is an invading army in Tigray, and an instrument of despotism in Eritrea, not only that it is committing crimes that only Boko-harm has been accused in recent years. Should this army survive, is it even good for Eritrea, in protecting its security and sovereignty. And if you are from Tigray and you see the atrocities by EDF on your mothers, and sisters and even daughter, are you supposed to feel sorry for EDF because they are so impotent that IA forced them to commit the crimes
    If EDF is crashed, we cannot blame TDF, if we are honest we have to blame ourselves first and foremost
    About appealing to our emotions, as if we, who will celebrate the crashing of EDF do not care about the conspired in EDF, as if they are alien to us, as if the self proclaimed custodians of our teens are of higher moral courage. I think of it this way: If EDF is crashed who knows it maybe a decoupling of the conscripted/innocent and the criminals, maybe there is an opportunity for Eri during the crashing.
    I am a later bloomer in this forum, and I regretted it that I did not join early and enjoyed the exchange, the debates, but now our smart comments are dwindling (good to have TG back and Sal). Hayat. Serray, Paulos, Yodita, Ayneta, Pappilion ect) but now it has become home of unprincipled Ethiopians. Take Horizon, who was fair minded was so intoxicated when Pastor Abiy came on the scene and lost his senses, and we have those who think with their belly, where their loyalty must be always where their dabbo is.
    There are also who accuse some of us of aiding and abating the Woyane against Eritrea, while the ones against Eritrea are in Eritrea, looking for enemy in far places, when your enemy is in your homeland.
    I have quit this forum for a few months for the reasons I cite above but then I get inspired by the commitment our hosts (Saleh and Saleh) show, and I tell myself that I may add value, but it seems I do not add value, and I have become an instrument of argument, instead of a catalyst for debate due to the unpopular view points I openly espouse. Precisely that is my fear for Eritrea, where the sacred freedom to think of ideas that help your country are held in contempt and land you in jail, and saying the EDF, the instrument of repression should be destroyed may have you murdered. these ideas of anti free thinking are been fostered by some here. Wittingly or unwitty. They rather have the instrument of repression intact, just because it has Eritrea in its name and some one who says that the instrument of repression must be crashed is treasons, which means death squad.

    • Halaf Mengedi

      Selam iSem,

      What should TDF’s next move be?

      TDF/Woyane next move should be secure Tigray and work on priority to address the hunger of cloud over it’s people and the well being of Tigray people. After the war abuse, was not this on the top of priorities for the international and Tigray activists? Work for peace from the position of strength. This is if they care about the well being of the people of Tigray and what they have the heart of their hearts is to bring peace and normalcy to Tigray.

      Should they pursue and weaken EDF?

      No one seems to confirm but it looks EDF is back on the borders. To effectively pursue EDF, they have to cross the border and invade Erena or try to do so. As we know, TDF/Woyane could have their war plans, just like PMAA and PIA did. But we know war has it’s own plans. The chain of events during the war create a new dynamics and invading Eritrea and fighting to “crash EDF” in Eritrea is a different story. I just hope, they are not that stupid. It could bring them back to square one or even worse. Basically, extending the misery to every one involved. Working for peace from a position of strength could be a valuable strategic asset for all the poor people.

      EDF has never defended Eritrea, it was under EDF that we were humiliated, …

      In my view, this is extreme nonsenses. It is your view. My view or your view not necessary is the reality. Yes, the misery Eritrean is in and the terrible role it played inside Tigray is the work of PIA and his yes men. Blaming the rank-and-file … 80-90% are victims of the PIA’s brilliant security operations. I wish the devil was as brilliant for peace, human rights, and development.

      … Should not be crashed? We should crash it, and if someone can do it for us for free, we should take it.

      There is no such thing a free lunch. At the core TDF is Woyane. Woyane is the other side of the coin HGDEF. May be more domesticated and civil HGDEF. I could not even image what Eritrean will look like and the cruelty Eritreans will be subjected too if Woyane will be capable roaming Eritrea freely. And you think, they will listen to iSem and say … now Eritrea is free of the cancer PIA, EDF crashed, please Eritreans take care of yourself? Really?

      I don’t think, Woyane has all a sudden handed power to the young generation which saved their lives and bring the current reality in Tigray. Mostly thanks to PMAA and PIA cruelty. If the people of Tigray were treated fairly and left to mind their daily lives, I don’t think the young Tigrians will give their lives to bring them backto Mekle from Debebit. Me thinks no. Anything PIA touches changes to ashes.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam HM,

        If the invading army, both EDF, ENDF, and the chauvinistic Amara Liyu force retreat to their respective borders, I don’t think TDF will continue the war far beyond the borders. The primary objective of TDF was to free Tigray from the invaders and then to create enough space to the flow of international aids. Then it follows the rehabilitation of their own people, the reconstruction of their cities and towns that are destroyed by the invaders to bring the people of Tigray in to normalcy. The Tigray people are forced to go to a war by the invaders. It wasn’t their war to begin with. They were focusing to the development of their own state.

        HM, for me the good thing that came out of this war, for us Eritreans is: the dream of Issayas to bring Eritrea in to the Ethiopian fold is foiled with the collapse of Abiy and its government, who became his ally on the conspiracy from the Ethiopian side. Eritrean sovereignty is reassured and prevented from the enemy within. As to the enemy from outside, the Eritrean people will defend it in unison. Now the theory that says “we are one people”- an absurd concept of conspiracy is crushed and relegated to the dust bin of history. You remember our despot saying we can not defend our Red Sea alone, in order to bring Ethiopia to constitute a naval base in the coastal line of our sea, one of the conditions to integrate Eritrea with Ethiopia. Remember why the despot was chest beating in his Addis visit. It was because he find an ally for his project. Now when the TDF defeat the war of invasion, it also meant they defeated the conspiracy against our sovereignty. The Tigray people stood with our cause from the armed struggle until this date. TDF’s commanders reassured their unflinching position on Eritrea and Eritrean independence even in their worst time being invaded by the Despitic ruler of Eritrea. So I am optimistic that the relationship of Eritrean people and Tigrian people will not be affected by the war of invaders. Better days for the two people are ahead.


        • Halaf Mengedi

          Selam Amanuel,
          Thank you.

          If the invading army, both EDF, ENDF, and the chauvinistic Amara Liyu force retreat to their respective borders, I don’t think TDF will continue the war far beyond the borders …

          I hope this is the case. But how would one know? I don’t understand or know the dynamics of TDF/Woyane leadership as it is now. I think, little is known, if the last 8 months brought a complete transformation or this is the same old Woyane carried by sweat and blood of the young generation? Are the younger and educated generation part of the decision making? Not sure? In any organization there are extremists/hardliners and the minute such elements get the upper hand, they don’t listen to reason and think logically. The power of Intoxication with arrogance, ignorance, hatred should not be under estimated.

          … the good thing that came out of this war, for us Eritreans is: the dream of Isaias to bring Eritrea in to the Ethiopian fold is foiled

          Indeed. PIA happiness, facial expression, body language during his visits to Ethiopia was intense and genuine. It must have been something deeply dear to his heart. If that was the “alleged” PIA’s dream of unification Eritrea with Ethiopia? Personally, I have no clue. Imagined or real – this is not a threat to Eritrea’s survival for now. Unless PIA is dead, he should never be underestimated. He is still fully armed and no one knows how PMAA and the Amhara could be re-grouped.

          …Tigray people stood with our cause from the armed struggle until this date. TDF’s commanders reassured their unflinching position on Eritrea and Eritrean independence even in their worst time being invaded by the Despitic ruler of Eritrea.

          EPLF and TPLF alliance was strategic. It was give and take. Their combined forces defeated Derg. I think, it was mutually beneficial relationship. I do happen to believe on the “Abay Tigray Theory” is real threat to Eritrea. I respectfully disagree with you that Woyane has always have the best interest of Eritrean sovereignty. When they will have the opportunity and the hardliners dominate, they care about “Abay Tigray” and that could be at the expense of Eritrea.

          So I am optimistic that the relationship of Eritrean people and Tigrian people will not be affected by the war of invaders. Better days for the two people are ahead.

          Amen to this!

    • Fanti Ghana

      Selam iSem,

      What should TDF’s next move be? Well, you tell me-:)

      If TDF goes after IA and agelgeltu inside Eritrea and succeeds:

      1. If TDF stays until new government is installed and normalcy restored:
      a) TPLF’s plan was to invade Eritrea all along
      b) Installed a “poppet government”

      2. If TDF withdraws quickly to reassure Eritreans that it has no intention of occupying Eritrea:
      a) Power grab will ensue, and chaos will follow
      b) TPLF’s plan was to see disintegrated and divided Eritrea all along.

      3. If TPLF stays put to avoid all the above and opts to demand justice from the international community instead:
      a) IA re-groups, re-arms, and gets too strong for the opposition to tackle:
      b) Another gotcha! If TPLF really cared about Eritreans, they would have finished PFDJ while they had the chance.

      4. TPLF, in an attempt to avoid most of the above, arms the opposition and wishes them good luck and they succeed:
      See problem #1 b!

      Thanks you folks, TPLF have neither the option of doing something nor doing nothing.

      • Dongolo

        Selam Fanti Ghana. You say that one of the TDF’s (TPLF) next moves could be to install a puppet government? Are you referring to the GiE? Nice that you sometimes dream in the fantasy world.

        • Fanti Ghana

          Selam Dongolo,

          I didn’t say that at all. Re-read my post again, correcting errors as you do, and you will see that I am simply soliciting suggestions as I am pondering what TPLF should do that will be acceptable by all.

          • Abi

            I never expected a long list of fantasies like “መልካም አስተዳደር, ሰላምና መረጋጋት ወዘተርፈ as the next movies by the drama queens.
            No surprises here.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Fanti Ghana,

        The Eritrean problem will be addressed by the Eritrean people. What we need from Tigray people/or government is political and moral support to the opposition camp.

        While at it, let me say few things about the current war (a) TDF should continue the run until the invaders are limited to their borders (b) TDF should dislodge the invading Amara forces from Humera and its environs to open an access to all your efforts that includes to bring aides. Once you secure that gate for emergency the rest will be dealt with the political solution in the near future (c) the public jubilation should stop and focus on the assistance of your people. When the war finds it final stage and let the stage for a political discourse to determine your fate, the real jubilation can be recognized.


        • Fanti Ghana

          Selamat Kibur Mr. Amanuel Hidrat,

          I will use this opportunity to thank you for all the lessons and wisdom while remaining steadfast to your core values.

          (a) and (b) are underway, and let’s hope for TDF remaining behind the border and attend to the wounded instead.

      • Haile S.

        Selam Sanctity Fanti,

        Congratulations to you, the Tigrayan colleagues here and the Tigrayan people. Their resilience and resistance paid off. The weight of the war and all its burden was removed from their heads and I hope will never come back again. Thank you for listening and continue to listen to us your “detractors” too. We are not stopping until our squabbles become a story to narrate.

        Now to your Sanctity, you said: ኣዝግተነማርያም the patron of the Tigrayans doesn’t know what do of the DShK on its shoulder, please give advice?

        Ask Mary Magdalena, Joanna and Susanna (Luke 8:1-3). Saints listen to their peers. It is neither the time nor the place for me to give any advice to ኣዝግተነማርያም. If I may, I would say to open genuinely its ears to its people first and foremost.

        • Bayan Negash

          Dear Haile S.,
          You may have given Fanti G. a lifetime advice (while humbly stating you are in no position to offer advice), an advice that is so dense that it would take an article size of a response to unpack. Suffice it to say this: Hope that the people of Tigray will rise above and beyond the base instinct that wars tend to engender, that our region seems to be infested with. It’s best to raise the bar very high when it comes to the sanctity of human life.Therefore, not to let this apparent military success become a spoiler of the region. In other words, choosing to shine in the language of diplomacy is mightier than resorting in the language of one-upmanship under the barrels of guns, tanks, and ammunitions. Well said, Haile S.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Ustaz Bayan Negash,

            That advice is as deep as you said and more. I hope you are not missing an inside joke about what Hailat is referring to by “እዝግተነማርያም” toward the end.

          • Brhan

            Selamat Ustaz Fanti Ghana
            Can you shed light on “እዝግተነማርያም”

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Ustaz Bayan Negash,

            I think I may have equated እዝግተነማርያም = TPLF at some point in the past and Haile S is making sure I pay for it as long as I live!

          • Bayan Negash

            merhaba Fanti Ghana,

            I did miss the inside joke, indeed. It can be a curse and a blessing sometimes, but our region is replete with people who have long, I mean very long memory. Someone will continue be held accountable to something you said when they were a teenager as though they’ve never evolved as any human being matures with time. In this case though, Haile S., is putting the joke in its proper context. In the parlance of basketball, no harm no foul. You are taking it in good spirit and in good stead. May the universe gives us plenty of such spirit of goodness and humor each other that stems from a good place.

          • Abi

            How do you say “ፈረሱም ይሄው ሜዳውም ይሄው” in Tigrinya?

            I heard there was a non stop jubilation when Getachew Reda arrived at Mekele Airport.
            I also heard that he walked from the airport to mekele palace surrounded by በሚወዱትና በሚወዳቸው ህዝቦች::

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam Abisha,

            It is not a surprise if Mekelle residents feel euphoric for any amount of light since they were in absolute darkness for 8 months.

            “ፈረሱም ይሄው ሜዳውም ይሄው”

            From the top of my head, I can’t think of an exact idiom in Tigrigna. Haile S. might know an equivalent one. I will post if I remember one.

          • Abi

            ጋናዊ መሆንህን ዘንግቼው ነው:: ሁለተኛ አይለመደኝም:)

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi
            Here it is : እነሀ ፈረስ እነሀ መዳ, the original Tigrinya saying before plagiarism 🙂

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            እባክዎ በነካ እጅዎ አንድ መርቁልኝ
            “ቁጭ ብለው የሰቀሉትን ቆሞ ማውረድ ይቸግራል” ይበሉልኝ

          • Saleh Johar

            It hould be the other way around. But since all logic are lopsided, you could be right. Who cares about logic? Not you I mean not me 🙂

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            You got that right!! Ras Abi and logic in the same book? That doesn’t happen!

            It is what you call ውስጠ ወይራ ንግግር::
            The logic is, things we do or say nonchalantly now, can have a devastating consequences in the future. It is kind of warning .
            ኢሱ ጥሩ ምሣሌ ይሆናል:: ኢሱን ቁጭ ብለው ያነገሱት አሁን ቆመው ማውረድ እንዳስቸገራቸው ለእርዎ መንገር አጉል መዳፈር እንዳይሆንብኝ ሰጋሁ::

    • Brhan

      Hello iSem,

      I do not know the plans for TDF concerning EDF’s presence in Tigray, but commentators in this forum do not have to be intelligent politicians to give their views on the issue. We have to open the recent history book to understand the present time.

      You remember how the Badme war ended. Before the late PMMZ and DIA shook hands in Algeria to end the war, Ethiopian forces were deep in Eritrea and reached the city of Teseney. Do you imagine that happening again? The objective of that incursion was to humiliate DIA and nothing at all. DIA’s generals at that time told us that they were retreating as they can’t protect the open lowlands with no mountains. They even told the residents of Teseney to go to Sudan as they can’t protect them from the advancement of Ethiopian troops.

      There was a division among the TPLF on what to do to DIA at that time. Deja vu for the TDF? Back in then, some in the TPLF suggested going after DIA ( these people might be saying the past seven months, look, we had told you!) But with the US pressure, the late PMMZ chose to drop the idea and decided to march through Eritrea’s lowland route to humiliate DIA. I am not sure if that is the objective of TDF now. What makes this war different from the Badme war is its allegations of atrocities, war crimes, and genocide. Already international investigations have started, and those who committed those crimes will be persecuted.

      As it was before, the international community represented by the UNSC, which ended the Badme war, expect that a specific resolution will come in this Friday’s meeting to stop more bloodshed. Peacekeepers between Tigray/Ethiopia and Eritrea can be one of the agenda items. Unconfirmed news says that the regime in Eritrea has raised this point to the US’s HoA envoy. The government knew that the U-Turn (’s title for the news of June 28, 20121) was coming a long time ago. Another ingredient for war is the issue of building new trenches along our southern border. I think the world won’t allow another war, and hopefully, we will see a lasting solution.

      So to answer your question, What should TDF’s next move be? Nothing but preserve the international support given to the people of Tigray, and this by working with the international community’s involvement and the investigations. If it does this, it won’t lose anything.

  • said


    First Tigray is in Tigrayan hand and congratulation for liberating Tigray proper and above all Tigrayan people to live in peace and harmony with its Neighboring People .

    John Maynard Keynes observed that, “Perhaps it is historically true that no order of society ever perishes save by its own hand.” Sadly, history has shown that to be true, time and time again.

    Ethiopia and Tigrayan deserve , Much better leaders . It might warrant fresh consideration.

    Ethiopia and Tigray had an alternative to chose from, They deserve bright and visionary leaders . that stand for justices ,for humanity ,for real Progress, Development, Cooperation ,Democracy, Peace? For Freedom ,liberty and open society. Instead we have the anti-democratic forces of the past and present old men of TPLF/ EPRDF/ and façade regime of PP ,on both side of the group, there is no hope with them . PM AA and TPLF leaders who were making preparations for a civil war that engulfed Tigray in devastation . And it is given TPLF/ EPRDF/ PP ,and that they are the most reactionary and outright proto fascist and dictators , they are at very least authoritarians. They practice an outdated and reactionary political system and they are good only for war and never for peace and only when one defeat the other, after capitulation . Ethiopia democracy still remain a mirage with those old leaders. a unified Ethiopia does not really exist and that resulted in political fragmentation that morphed into civil war in November 2020 . that last eight month and it was “worst mistake to go to war ” what is it to fight for and for what reason , there is no national resources like oil and gas deposits in the floor of in Tigray ,non what so ever , there is nothing to secure those resources, conquer a poverty in poor Tigray , there is zero interest in Tigray civil war that appears both geopolitical and economic interest that will benefit Ethiopian .other than war for the sake of war and the reliance on force to squelch TPLF . Abiy master fabulists, able to construct narratives to go to war and can spin out a fable a day and made Ethiopian make believe, it is worth it . Ethiopia preparing soldiers for upcoming deployment to Tigray .what a sick man The Tigray War had obviously not gone exactly as he expected and he failed miserably. A real setbacks and disappointments for Ethiopia forces and for the foreseeable future seemed a foregone conclusion. No more bravado to speak about eat your word . Among the lessons of history Ethiopian itself, nothing ranked higher or seemed more obvious than the civil war of Tigray November 2020 . Ethiopia needed to exercise self-restraint and to give in easily to go war with itself and there are many to come soon., Ethiopia using force became little short of a compulsion and it is normalized . Affirming Ethiopian imperialism and that include TPLF stand in the same podium with past war mongered Ethiopian rulers, they clung to the illusion that military might testifies to national greatness of Ethiopia. . Somewhere along the way .Whatever happens, happens. So it goes. fate is arbitrary, destiny inexplicable, .some how TPLF contributed to this humongous and war readiness army . A history or a random affair. it come to hunt them directly ,the same forces they have lead and continuously engaged in civil war in Tigray since. 2020 . As Ethiopia wars became longer and more numerous ,within itself . While offering little in terms of remedies,? Ethiopian crises without easy solutions continue to accumulate from the past to the present ruling class ,they ignored and enriched themselves .
    Ethiopia . Ethiopia problems besetting the nation and being multiplied, while the solutions on offer proved ever flimsier and far away from peace solution . TPLF/ EPRDF/ and façade regime of PP ,they never spread of freedom and democracy as we understand those concepts.

    Any number of motives to go to war is well known narrative in both side,is nonsense , most of them utterly wrong-headed, had prompted Ethiopia to go to war ,simply wrong . It did not constituted a vital national security interest for Ethiopia, even when TPLF pre-emptive ,they attacked Norther command, was not worth it. it became one, ipso facto
    As it happened, in past civil war the so-called lessons of the Derg Time ,that War were soon forgotten. Although that conflict with Derg ended in humiliating defeat
    There is a famine lingering a poverty and hunger in Tigray and as well in and Ethiopia . Tigray is not a tempting geopolitical prize far from it today ,Abiy should have left Tigray to controlled by Tigrayan, nothing to loss and everything to win without going to war.
    Ethiopia need a Peace and competent government that will require political institutions that all Ethiopian, and that including Tigray and their foreign patrons like US And EU , that they can live with. Everyone and every ethnic concerned needs to be at the negotiating table to create them.

    For three decades and continuing today , a blinding darkness has spread across Ethiopia and the blinding flame of Ethiopia Empire is with us. We witness today Ethiopia bloody war and political massy ugly seen.

    No one has yet risen to shine light on the road to progress Ethiopia embracing either Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad on one side, or his controlled counterweight TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael ,it was real trap (TPLF/ EPRDF, syndicated criminal group, Mafioso Family fighting for power ) A political system that has such severe structural flaws that it was antithetical to democracy and surely detrimental to the promotion of the common good for Ethiopia .
    Poor Ethiopian(including Tigray) thought they had to pick either one of the two eviler antagonistic war monger , without ever considering for one instant that either choice was a real trap ,or from same old one party system and was not good for all Ethiopian (including Tigray) and never a better third choose .
    Would it not have been better to look to for better future leader available within Ethiopian(including Tigray) that will lead ass in free society .A choose and one that follow the example of those great men in history an individual to be chosen from all over Ethiopia and to chose new leader and a new progressive party from outside of (TPLF/ EPRDF warmongers ). who understood those goals of Progress, Development, Cooperation and Peace? A new party under progressive leader and an inclusive party ,choosing democratically fairly .An new political presentation of new project for a constitutional republic to liberate all of Ethiopia to a new direction of 21 century .Away from war and famine .
    By the end of the day. That That was not meant to be at any rate . Whether you were for or against TPLF is not important, or for Abiy and previous regime .Leaving aside DIA darkest man and hopeless regime in the world and hopefully Eritrean will take care of him.

    Today, there no spirit of development, optimism ,democracy and no peace represented by the leadership of PM AA nor TPLF have forwarded prior to war and after the war. To come Win the war or lose the war, nothing in between ,Ethiopian politics to come to that.
    Abiy Machiavellian well is known hypocrite and he a liar and he rules by iron fist , if you will, as emerging dictator joining the club of DIA,he still have a mile to go , Abiy by choosing to go to war with Tigray ,that could easily being avoided and with given any signal and no intention to invade Tigray. .
    there was a lot of built up and resentment in both side preparing to go to war .Those who controlled the central power TPLF want regain it back, in the same old way and those who regained power Abiy and his cohort Amhara want keep the old way too. Nothing new it is about power exclusively for how ever way to hold on power. Abiy rule by jailing every potential opponent to him and not let any one to emerge .
    Ethiopian are always the same. Ruled by Authoritarians and despots :No thing have changed ,the same old backward Empire .Those who carried big guns ruled Ethiopia throughout its history.

    TPLF/ EPRDF and PP reactionary and warmongers no different from the past ,they kept their bigger gun and political legitimacy by killing . TPLF/ EPRDF and PP ,They never allowed and let Ethiopian chose their government. simply put , Let’s start with one of the basic principles of democracy which is “one person, one vote.” It is not applicable to the case of Ethiopian, it was ““always flawed democracy”since 1991 till today

    democracy was crushed by TPLF/ EPRDF and PP warmongers. with only one aim of installing in power the “preferred of TPLF/ EPRDF/PP ” candidate of the ruling class. Essentially doing casting a vote for their preferred TPLF/ EPRDF /PP party’s To be sure, it is A democracy’s of ugliest anachronism. Yet, perhaps an even bigger insult and injury to the body politic of ( “democratic” anomaly) and intended to promote conformism, ignorance and apathy about public affairs ,Taking everything into account, It was a shameful flawed and Froude .How do Ethiopian deal and live with with cheaters and basted thief that blander their country and have elected Themselves to rule and assume to be their real government, what kind of government do that “always practice flawed democracy”

    “TPLF/ EPRDF criminal clique”. As the leading member of the four-party coalition that ran Ethiopia for almost three decades until 2018 and nothing change since , when Abiy took office, the TPLF had played a decisive role in national politics then without making any political reform ,it suited them very well .
    When will the Tigrayans learn from painful and devastating past history not to repeat itself and Tigrayans have ,over 80 years a long history of fighting the regime in Addis Ababa. In recent living memory ,They did so in the 1940s against Emperor Haile Selassie in the so-called Woyane rebellion. Forty years later, they led a successful guerrilla war against the Marxist Derg regime, coming to power in 1991 after marching into Addis Ababa. Beside the border war with Eritrea that was not resolved peacefully. And now most devastating civil war that affected Tigray and with an known consequences . Today at last Tigray is in Tigrayan hand and congratulation for liberating Tigray proper .

    Tigrayan showed learn from past political mistake .A political correction is needed not with old guard .But with new blood that Tigrayan can offer and there are plenty of them ,a world class ,that I mentioned above , to a passe to new ways of politics and forward bright future, lead by bright and visionary men .The same for Oromo and Amirah ,and others ,they deserve much better leaders.?

    As old saying go what is good for the TPLF party is good for Tigray, this out dated — provides a perfect encapsulation of the Tigray under present leadership Debretsion Gebremichael ,the old guard of TPLF. That started early 1970s, to power 1991 and ended 2018 . TPLF’s ideological positions began from ethno-nationalist fervours, and that later adhered to the most regird ‘Albanian socialism’ and then alluded to ‘revolutionary democracy’ after the fall of the Berlin wall. And then TPLF party was the champion of the ‘democratic developmental state, China model ’. Roughly, four ideological allegiances occurred in five decades.
    What surprised me most was ,Why TPLF applied the ‘Chinese model’ .TPLF ideological turns and twists kept going . that are directly related to control of power and thus domination in the process. , and it fitted its purposes of power concentration. And There was an element of Arrogance and Triumph  . It doesn’t matter how PM MZ was smart and wise he was. And a real showman and a man of outsized ego That’s dangerous politically . TPLF Instead of putting public interest above their own interest ,was wrong and it was very obvious .
    Now that there is a relative peace . Can any one explain to the public Tigrayan about TPLF and MZ his political vision and foreign policy to the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. Whey they were hated rightly or wrongly I am ready to be corrected ,by those humble followers of truth and not TPLF hardcore blind supporters

    TPLF emphasis of the one party-state on group rights and the ethnicization of politics. was simply wrong . Meles Zenawi was the TPLF ideologue which included the worst kind of communist ,anti Christiaan , reactionary and blood thirsty and fascist politics of the past era of Soviet Union, China and Albania and ethnicism , why TPLF applied three to four kind worst of ideologies .TPLF party played a significant role in consolidating power both within the EPRDF party and absolute control in Tigray ,the only party.
    TPLF remained ethnonationalism ,groomed by communist ideology of Marxism–Leninism and Maoism . Why would TPLF apply state party like China . well known TPLF top cadre and what they know with reference they studied in filed of war .TPLF know what traumas ranging from a famine in the late 1950s and the cultural revolution of 1966-76 — each of which killed tens of millions of people like Tigray famine in 1980th — to the bloody suppression of pro-democracy protests in Beijing in June 1989.
    TPLF party that advocated state intervention in the economy, reciting leftist ideologies and then the ‘democratic developmental state’, remained an ethnic vanguard party, TPLF party has for decades billed itself as the only political organisation that serves Ethiopian people . it did not serve as role models unfortunately ,self correction is and was needed. if TPLF believed they progressive political agenda
    Even then, TPLF party was never a workers’ and peasants’ party it claimed to be . some of TPLF top leader become super rich , Non of TPLF leaders were born to greater privilege and wealth . But it’s not just about them .it is about people. TPLF has not done a great service to the poor people and the country they claimed they loved .
    There are no different voices inside or outside TPLF party. As a result, there are no checks and balances  and no liberal western-style democracy . TPLF Marxist hardened guerrilla fighters who, won a political revolution and was launched .under TPLF leadership of MZ ,even then there was No “collective leadership” no ethos and no two-term limit on the prime mister, is just one of many

    “there was no political transformation” TPLF believed in the primacy of the party period , and No democracy ,no orderly succession. Nothing was done. has TPLF been by playbook pursuant to which authoritarians and despots have taken and maintained power Those are the main contributors to the downturn of TPLF. TPLF never give Ethiopians people democracy and to have more freedom to choose what they want to believe .

    As is the case with Abiy PP party today ,the same applied to when TPLF smashing and beating their political opponent violently, becomes the goal, because it supposedly furthers TPLF cause… and that let bad behavior slide, and to pave the way for worse behavior and Enabling most evil horrid behavior and to be more evil. And eventually that built to a massive murder machine and to go war and invade neighbouring country and exterminate innocent lives in a matter what in just a handful of years ,less than ten years for TPLF and Three Years for Abiy PP .
    When eliminating the right to vote and do not promote real democracy becomes the goal because it supposedly furthers TPLF political cause…
    When making sure all citizens around you know they had better obey your command and respect , and to never disagree, never tell the truth that counter lies you’d rather tell… and otherwise you believe without question the greater good is served by being their executioner.
    As is the case with Abiy PP party today as is case for TPLF era , they Trash the right to vote and real elections . election was fraud, stolen elections and voting irregularities; was common
    As is the case with Abiy PP party ,TPLF typical political approach was very simple, you are either for us or against us; TPLF govern for the party coalition in power, united under the banner of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) not for all the people only for sellout elite which still rule Ethiopia ,the same old gung in both side, do not expect any change to come, we Eritrea know this very well from early time ; The goal of TPLF/EPRDF authoritarians was to control all branches and functions of government; to conform those minds of the people to the party EPRDF goal in line of its backward ideology. The people do not count, the Constitution that does not count; the Rule of Law becomes the Rule of Lie.
    TPLF era in power, it was in control of the army and intelligence services dominated by Tigrayans, who moved swiftly to consolidate their control in other sectors. Economies as well TPLF in power, they intimidate, bully, marginalize and crushed all the opposition.and went war with Eritrea and invaded Somalia to bring down in behave Imperial Ethiopia

    This tell you in part .TPLF Inspired by Marxist-Leninism , By 1978 the party had around 2,000 fighters Among them was smart Debretsion Gebremichael . History tell us TPLF’s success owed nothing to chance. Its leaders were ruthless and canny. They fought and destroyed rival rebel groups in Tigray .within short period TPLF’s rise and only took 16 years, to dominance of Ethiopian politics and lasted nearly twice as long . How TPLF they rose, how they fell, among other thing I listed many times.

    Ethnonationalism of TPLF, which came into being as a party in February 1975. since its inception and has persisted until today .And this lead to ethnic federalism as a political system, Conveniency in shifting ideologies by the TPLF, it showed that ideologies are used to consolidate power within the Ethiopian four ethnos party and later imposed domination at the state level. In other words, ideologies were used just for purposes of consolidating power and projecting domination, not necessarily for serving the people. This should be viewed in the context of how the TPLF and its elites managed to cling to political power much longer and control economic prominence.
    TPLF ,wisely as small minority, by adhering the ‘ethnic card’ has been used for divide and rule. And every party was restrained . The effect of all this is the same: there is no self-correction mechanism in the system. Where TPLF came from humble backgrounds, and how they achieved to rule Ethiopia with arrogance and “flawed democracy.” And that actually subverts the will of the common something to contemplate .As Oromo people you will have the answer.
    TPLF long trapped under the cultural, economic and political cage of the Ethiopian Empire .Sadly TPLF hasten its own destruction through a process of top-down ossification that engenders widespread apathy, and it was wide spread with Ethiopian.
    TPLF Top-down decision making is to blame for political indifference AND FOR MOST ETHIPOIAN they were afraid to voice their true opinion — everyone just repeats party propaganda and it was part of their own downfall .

  • Dongolo

    Selam all. And with TPLF now having concentrated and celebrating later into the hours, one has to wonder what is happening on the western flank. Pincer movement? Really no need. Address food needs and attend medical and basic needs in Tigray, but tighten the circle and control fuel and communication lines. Without fuel and supply lines, Its difficult for a terrorist guerrilla army to survive over the short to mid term. One has to realize that life will never be the same in Tigray as long as they continue to be led by rag tag elements of the terrorist TPLF and hold out from full Federal Government cooperation and inclusion.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    The despotic regime in Eritrea was obviously not part of the decision by PMAA to wave the white flag in Tigray yesterday. It must be that the coordination is no longer there at the highest level.

    Yemane G. Meskel tweets:

    “TPLF trolls – & their enablers – are incapable of reading/inferring from contemporary history: Igri Metkel, Adi-Begiao, Assab front, Tsorona/2016 & recent military debacles. By the same token, they cannot comprehend the profound meaning, dimensions & manifestations of “GAME OVER”…”

    This is of course a reference to major offensives towards Eritrea that failed during the border War. It sure sounds a ceasefire call or a leave us alone or else warning. Time will tell…

    • Halaf Mengedi

      Selam Haile TG/Awetawian,
      An interesting observation. It makes sense to me (“… leave us alone or else warning”). Though, in the grand scheme of things, nothing is making sense. The speed and scale of changing events is catching every one by surprise.

      Do you think EDF is still intact and capable of stopping Woyane/TDF (if and very big IF they decide to march toward Erena? Was there much of engagement between EDF and Woyane/TDF during the recent battles? Given it was said that there were 40 or more divisions in Tigray and the recent engagement did not highlight a major EDF encounter.

      If Woyane/TDF have the capacity/capability (Like PIA they are masters of miscalculations too) as it now, do you think there is a high probability they will try to invade Eritrea? Just like PIA did to Tigray? Extend the stupid war and the suffering of the people?

      For any eventuality, i will stay put in “miknany tirah miknay” mode for the coming three months :).


      • haileTG

        Hi HM,

        News coming out from Tigray indicates that TDF has now taken effective control of all towns from Shire to Humera. This is significant as Shire was under Amhara forces and controlling Humera means that after eight months of blockade, Tigray has opened a corridor to the outside world through the Sudan. Encircled no more. This will have major turn of fortunes. Your EDF questions are still not possible to to answer. As you say, the coming weeks and months will tell.

        • Dongolo

          Selam haileTG. በራያና ወልቃይት በኩል የአማራ ክልል ልዩ ሀይል በልዩ ትዕዛዝ መሰረት በተጠንቀቅ እንዲቆም ታዟል:: የኤርትራ ሰራዊትም በሙሉ ድንበሩን ዘግቶ “የእርሻ ወቅት” እስኪያልፍ Badme እና Zalembessa ሆኖ ቡናውን እየጠጣ ይገኛል።

    • Brhan

      Merhaba haileTG Arkey

      Tigray rebels vow to drive out ‘enemies’ after capturing Mekelle
      Aljazeera June 29, 2021
      Some of the news segments say :
      Despite unilateral ceasefire declaration by federal gov’t, Tigrayan leaders say they ‘will carry out all the tasks necessary to ensure the survival and security’ of their people.
      “Our forces are still in hot pursuit to the south, east,” said Getachew Reda, spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF),
      “Our primary focus is to degrade enemy fighting capabilities … So if going to Amhara is what it takes, we will do it, if going to Eritrea is what it takes, we’ll do it,” Reda told Reuters by satellite phone.

      I believe YGM was replying to the above
      And according to BBC Tigrinya ሃገራት ኣመሪካ፣ ኣየርላንድን ብሪጣንያን ቤት ምኽሪ ጸጥታ ውድብ ሕቡራት ሃገራት ኣብ ጉዳይ እታ ብጎንጺ ዝተሃሰየት ትግራይ ቅልጡፍ ኣኼባ ክገብር ጸዊዐ።
      እቲ ኣኼባ ዝመጽእ ዓርቢ ክካየድ ከም ዝኽእል ዲፕሎማቲክ ምንጪታት ብምጥቃስ ወኪል ዜና ኤኤፍፒ ገሊጹ።
      I hope the UNSC takes the issue of Tigray seriously and stop more bloodshed.

      • Abi

        I heard news report that USA is not happy with the withdrawal of the federal army and provincial government of Tigray.
        Please shade light on this information.

        Looks like PMAA pulled the rug out of everyone leg.

        • Brhan

          Good. Can you indicate the source?What I know is that USA is not happy with the presence of Eritrean troops in Tigray.

          • Abi

            I heard it on Ethiopian news. I was expecting you to share any information regarding this issue. ( አልጀዚራ ምን ይላል?)
            Eritrea has already removed its soldiers from Tigray.

            I think it is time for Ethiopian people to admit that Tigray people and Tplf/TDF are one and the same and act accordingly. It is also safe to assume every Tigrean who lives in every corner of the country is a TDF member.

          • haileTG

            Hey Guad Abi,

            “…Eritrean soldiers, accused by witnesses of some of the war’s worst atrocities, left the towns of Shire, Axum and Adwa but it was not immediately clear whether they had left other communities, where they were going, or whether the retreat was temporary. The information ministry of Eritrea, described by human rights groups as one of the world’s most repressive countries, did not immediately respond to questions.” CTV NEWS

          • Abi

            Both Ethiopia and Eritrea should pull out their armies from Tigray proper and stationed in their respective borders. Tigreans should be encouraged and forced to form their own country.

          • haileTG

            Guad Abi,

            I fully respect your sovereign right to do as you wish. But, you forgot the Amhara forces.

          • Abi

            The Mighty Amhara Forces should be stationed at the border monitoring everything. The same applies to the የቁርጥ ቀን ደራሽ Eritrean Armed Forces.
            If the TDF ventures out of its borders , እንደተለመደው እሳተ ነበልባል ከሁሉም አቅጣጫ ይወርድበታል::
            Both Eritrean forces and the Amhara PP said they are fully ready to defend themselves from the TDF.
            They will make Tigray even smaller.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            You forgot the wall 🙂

          • Brhan

            Nope. Aljazeera said nothing about that but will share it with you if I find one.
            Eritrea removing its soldiers from Tigray is a puzzle and still need to be solved. We are expecting Osman Saleh to say something about that.
            The last part concerns Ethiopians, including Tigrayans. And I wish they solve it now peacefully. Peace in one country of the horn is peace to all.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Selamat HaileTG,

      “…they cannot comprehend the profound meaning, dimensions & manifestations of GAME OVER…”

      Poorly veiled admission of war crime?

  • Abi

    Hello All residents and visitors
    Apparently, most Awate resident analysts have been clueless and will conveniently, proudly and comfortably remain clueless in the future.
    Now that the TDF is allowed to leave the caves and roam the cities, all I want to know is how many of the political and military leaders are on this side of the earth?
    I hope TDF and its leaders will shorten the dancing sessions and get back to farming .

    More importantly, I hope that the Amhara region keep recruiting and arming its young men and women. All Amharas should be trained and retrained in regular basis and equipped with the latest armament. All Amhara family should keep reminding its children that TDF and its followers are the number one enemy that should not be trusted . The Amhara Military Force should be vigilant against any encroachment or other activities from TDF , its leaders and followers.
    የነቃ የተደራጀ የታጠቀ አማራ ያሸንፋል!!

    • kokhob selamone2

      Dear Brother Abi,

      Don’t wish to see the bloody war again. Wish the best lovely years let us enjoy peace and tranquillity.


      • Abi

        As I told you before, you are a person with two tongues. I’m not sure if I have to call you a serpent or a person.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Selam Abisha,

      እነዛ በመረጣ እኛ በቆረጣ
      ተጠምደን ሰንብተን ቡና ሳንጠጣ
      አቢ ብቅ ኣለ በቁጣ ቁጣ
      ዛተ ዛተ አማራ ኣስታጥቆ እስኪመጣ
      በማይ ጸብሪ በሰቆጣ
      ጸልይልኝ ወገኔ ራሱ አንዲመጣ
      የወይን መድሓኒት ኣብሮ ሊጠጣ

  • Kaddis

    Hello Awate and members of GIE
    Few pointers

    Many here still debate on whether to engage TPLF/Tigray and literally waste time.
    TPLF, regardless of few awkward awate editorials in the past weeks declaring its death, is a power base that Sudan, the West and many in the region highly factor while making decisions

    TPLF has many flaws, check T.Kifle’s posts of their mistakes, defects etc…, but compared to any groups in the region they are predictable and formidable enough to deal with.

    Look what Abiy risked just to try his clueless imperial dream, he offered: Al fashqa, part of Gondar to Sudan, the dam ( rescued partly by TPLF), Benishangul (Kemashi zone), the Amhara militia, the destroyed cities and towns, the telecom at garage sale price, the sanctions, endless number of soldiers, invaded by foreign army, arab drones …

    Think of what GIE can offer the region, Tigray and the West to get their firm alliance?

    …maybe Tsio port ? Not even Assab according to Meles,.. Then fly to Kenya, be part of the deals, negotiations, engage the west (I am sure at least tplf is getting intelligence support ) …and the West is working day and night in the background

    I don’t say this lightly but I am being realistic and pragmatic. The new TDF leadership like General Tsadqan and Jobe ? ( forgot his formal name ) have a red sea understanding (not sure ambition). They think Tigray/Ethiopia won’t get peace without dealing with its red sea access or some sort of arrangement ( could be a 99 years lease like Djibouti ) ..just saying

    Engage with them …make deals …it wont be perfect but our region is a living hell. It can not be worse than this. We will be on earth maybe the next 20-40 years …deal to just make the region better in the short term. A fraction of the coastline won’t make a difference for the youth in conscription in both sides. But it will change the power dynamics of the region, will make Tigray a sub-regional state or nation that can help stabilise the anarchic Amharic center and the wild souls in Eritrea…and more . Tigray have proven itself it can be loyal partner to Eritrea.

    Tplf, unfortunately for some and fortunately for many, will influence the region …it’s a principled group ( sometimes too much, undeservingly for Isias+Abiy) …it’s a group government of Kenya, Somalia, Sudan ( both) Djibouti relied on every fora …including the 9 Nile countries during the CFA times..
    GIE will not be the first and last one to risk a deal …go for it…don’t wait a perfect moment ..

    • Hashela

      Hi Kaddis,

      A small progress in the battle field is enough for the reptiles to creep from their forced hypernation and spread their venomous hallucination.

      GiE exists only in the mind of sell-out and Tigrayans how pretend to be Eritreans. Let alone against a fragmented and weakened Ethiopia, Eritrea was able to defend its coastline when Ethiopians were united by greed.

      I hope everybody reads carefully what you have written, simply disrespectful for everybody who has a drop of Eritrean blood in his/her veins. Do you know who Awate was?

      • Abi

        You got the audacity to call Ethiopia a nation of beggars. Don’t be offended when I call Eritrea a nation of PARASITES.

        • Hashela


          we are used that our neighbors are ungrateful. It is less than 8 months that Eritrea saved your Army. The value of Eritrea’s support is highlighted by the fact that once Eritrea substantially reduced its army presence in Tigray, ENDF lost the battle. Eritrea is magnanimous and altruistic.

          • Abi

            Thank you very much for your help.
            Long live Isu!!

          • Desbele

            Selam Hashela,

            Why live in alternative facts while the real facts is :
            “Eritrea triggered the border war with Ethiopia when it attacked its neighbour in May 1998, an international commission in the Hague has ruled.
            Since there was no armed attack against Eritrea, its attack on Ethiopia could not be justified as lawful self-defence under the United Nations charter.

            Eritrea is now liable to compensate Ethiopia for damages caused.”
            I feel that you are ‘patriot’ but patriot in defending a tyrant. Do i have to tell an “advanced lecturer” patriotism is to stand for justice and truth? ሕሰበሉ

        • kokhob selamone2

          Dear Brother Abo,

          Hi brother.


          • Abi


    • Desbele

      Selam Kaddis,

      Thanks for bringing in back GiE as the discussion always shifted south

      Not a good idea for GiE to make a deal about a sensitive issue of territorial integrity.
      In fact their preamble is whoever respect the territorial integrity of the country , Eritrea.
      Non-transparent backdoor negotiations always fire back. PMAA is a good example , he promised GERD to Egypt, Tigray to DIA, Land to Amhara and failed miserably.
      Good to make partnership based on principles of mutual trust and benefit for peace and development. Not from the point of bargaining power.

      • Kaddis

        Selam Desbele,
        I agree principled and transparent agreements are the best…but you should see our region as a highly volatile region that is fighting with itself to forcefully rearrange its geography.. It has been deadly, the last 30 years you can see Eritrea, south sudan, somaliand, tigray, oromo, somali region of Ethiopia etc… are fighting endlessly for some sort of major reconfiguration of the status quo. Try to find Professor Medhane’s presentation around 2019 or 18 made here in Addis
        So covering with cliche of sovereignty etc…wont cut it. Major and bold decisions needed in the short term to get workable solutions …if you heard the Minnesota rep Ilham yesterday, ‘Ethiopia is the heart of the horn ( I am just repeating, not showing off at all ) so its volatility shakes the region and the last 3 years is a testament. And trust me, backdoor deals are probably common than the transparent ones even in the most developed, democratic system. GIE can do many and will do even when its a legitimate government.

  • haileTG

    Hello Awatista,

    According to the UN, there are about 23 million Ethiopians need assistance this year. Obviously, all of these are not in Tigray. So, please expect tomorrow morning further withdrawal of Ethiopian government administrations from other parts of Ethiopia in order to help the population to receive humanitarian aid. PMAA is full of surprises, I never heard of a government leaving a region for humanitarian purposes. If that was the case, most of Africa would be self governing by now;-)

    • T. Kifle

      Selam haile TG,

      of late, I am thinking if people are not aware of their own lies, believe in them and the are absolved of all shames.
      Since he assumed office he kept lying incessantly. The others followed him obediently. His two ministers had no shame to declare before a glaring media hype that ‘they invented a cure for corona virus’. They never talked about it since then. I think this man would have made it to the Genius Book record had someone compiles all his lies and present it to the publishers.

      Is there any established theory that helps us understand him ?

      • haileTG

        Selamat T. Kifle,

        To be fair to PMAA, it is not that he is telling untruth all the time. It is just that we only hear what he says 98% (untruths) of the time, and we keep judging everything else he says by that:-)

        • Saleh Johar

          So, you would rather judge him by the 2% “truth” as opposed by the 98% lies? Pls correct me if I got it wrong.

          • haileTG

            Haha SGJ,

            It is a polite joking way of saying that he is always untruthful, I.e. almost all the time. You need to think of him not us to get the joke:-)

          • Abi

            በአብይ አህመድ ሥም ስትምል የነበረበት ወቅት ሩቅ አልነበረም::

      • Saleh Johar

        According to your comment you already understand him, I think. But if you decide to try to understand him more, I don’t know what is left to understand, you will end up with a liability. You would know if you are more confused or understand him more. My advice? Remember the Mai Z’Haqone saying

  • Brhan

    Hello Awatistas

    Three respected world media outlets have one name on the news of June 28, 2021. The three agreed to name it :

    Aljazeera= New turn

    The New York Times = Major turn

    Reuters = Dramatic turn

    Can you come with details about the above terms concerning semantics or idiom? Sometimes words can help us understand the reality if our eyes are deceiving us of what is in the ground.

    • Saleh Johar

      On behalf of awate I name it the U-turn

      • T. Kifle

        Dear Saleh Gadiji

        Where is Ali Salim?

  • iSem

    Hi All:
    Watch AAN Media network personal attack on Amanuel Assenna , and bigot against Tigray people.
    I declare AAN network a PFDJ propagate. Do not be fooled by one or two words anti PFDJ. He also attacks other activity

  • Semere Tesfai

    Selam All

    “TDF (or if you notice the TPLF in the news above) has now entered the foray of the political power battle field. The fact that PMAA offered a unilateral ceasefire tells me the battle field losses was catastrophic. He is literally waving the white flag.” HaileTG

    “The large forward [Woyane] force is now leaving the centeral Tigray to Adiabo digging the usual entrench in Badme and hoping for the best. It is a matter of time before it [Eritrean Defese Forces] faces the TDF wrath in a short while. I heard also it is digging trenches in Betgergis and Senafe.
    Don’t forget the Amhara Militia too. They have the audacity to take land from Tigray by sheer force” T. Kifle

    “Well, I am advocating for both. Crashing EDF [Eritrean Defense Forces] and taking the Badme that TPLF had occupied since 1981. I am and saying that is brilliant idea……. For the record am Eritrean and I believe that Badme is Eritrean. But am not contradicting myself, if that make sense” iSem

    Well, Well, Well. Congratulations to the people of Tigray and all Ethiopians. Congratulation to the people of Eritrea. And congratulations to the people of the whole Horn people and beyond.

    And last but not least, congratulations to all the jubilant Woyanes and their Eritreans sympathizers. After crying for seven-eight months straight, at long least you’re joyful today feeling victorious. Congratulations again for your euphoric moment. Some of the old familiar Awatista Woyanes here are even feeling so victorious, they are vowing to push deep into sovereign Eritrean territories to avenge for the wrong doings of the PFDJ regime. Wow, why am I not surprised!!!!

    Folks, sorry to ruin your day. Well, dreams are free but what you’re thinking and hoping for ain’t going to happen. The Woyane are in no position to defeat the Ethiopian Federal Forces or the Eritrean Defense Forces – not by a long shot. So let me give you a different perspective; the cold truth; the not so Wayane euphoric perspective – to be exact.

    1. – Let it be known to all that the pre-November 2020 Woyane is dead for good; it is six feet under; it is on the rearview mirror of Ethiopian and Horn politics – never ever to come back. If they can be defeated in seventeen days in November of 2020 (at the pick of their power) they can be defeated anytime by the forces that defeated them then. And the remnants of Woyane knows that.

    2. – If what is left of the Woyanes dared to attack Ethiopian Federal Forces or Amara forces this time around, or if they dared to cross sovereign Eritrean borders and attacked Eritrean defense forces, it would only be suicidal on their part.

    3. – All things considered, the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments did the right thing at the right time. The Ethiopian Federal government did the right thing for declaring unilateral ceasefire, withdrawing from amost all Tigrean territories, and for handing over Tigray to an all Tigrean government. And the Eritrean government for completely withdrawing from sovereign Tigrean (Ethiopian) territories.

    4. – Western powers – though very unfair – made bold threat, and the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments didn’t want to pursue a rigid, belligerent, confrontational approach to the Western policy – they backed down from their stand due to Western pressure. Which was a wise move.

    5. – One of the main reasons to back-off from their (Ethiopian and Eritrean governments) prior position is the issue of hunger. Both governments and the wide wide world knows, even when the Woyanes were governing Tigray, millions of Tigreans were living on food aid. And had the Ethiopia and Eritrean governments stayed in Tigray fighting Woyanes, the months of June, July, and August (during the farming season), The Western powers would have blamed both governments for the age old hunger in Tigray as a new phenomenon.

    6. – Now, all power given to Tireans in Tigray, the Abiy Federal Government can’t be blamed for crop failure, famine, hunger, poor rain season. All the Abiy Government has to do is allow food aid to flow to Tigray and give the Tigrean government its allowed budget. Case closed.

    7. – The Western powers have also a choice to make. To arm the Tigrean militias through the air hiding with Food Aid, incite violence through propaganda, or engage with the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments constructively for mutual befit.

    8. – The Tigrean government has a responsibility to feed its people; to be a true partner for peace stability security and prosperity with its Federal government, with all its fellow Ethiopian neighbors – with Eritreans, with Sudanese, and with people of the whole Horn Region – or to be a menace to the whole Horn people like the TPLF thugs were.

    9. – The economic trade with Tigray which is a precursor for Tigreans economic prosperity is predicated by the attitudes and policies of the new Tigrean government towards its neighbor – be Eritreans, the Afars, or the Amaras. If the see threat, they will close their borders with Tigray – which is not good for all.

    10. – So please, stop your empty bravado, euphoric celebration, and claim of invincibility. Let’s all celebrate the end of bloodshed. Let’s all celebrate the end of carnage on all sides. Le’s give a chance for peace – for a lasting peace. Let’s work for peace and good neighborliness for a change. Let’s think different just for once. Thank you

    Semere Tesfai

    • iSem

      Semere Tesfai:
      How was cutting and pasting for posterity?
      I have a few questions:
      why are you congratulating Eritrean people? For being in war that does not belong them for becoming the Boko-Harm of the Horn?
      the quotes your provided of comments is so unrelated to your comment.
      You should have saved yourself tying the no 10 by quoting me like this: “But now Tigrayans must be careful. Bob Woodward, the Watergate investigator once said when Nixon resigned, his boss the owner of WP wrote to him and Carl Brestein on a sticky note these words: “Beware of the demon pomposity” He said that she had the best stationary in the world but wrote it on sticky note to make a point
      Tigrayans, beware of the demons pomposity now.”
      You forgot to congratulate the Somalis, the Emirates and the mountains of Tigrai.

      Also this line of your is blatant lie, tsaeda hasot (no twhite lie): “hey are vowing to push deep into sovereign Eritrean territories to avenge for the wrong doings of the PFDJ regime. Wow, why am I not surprised!!!!”

    • haileTG

      Selamat Semere.

      After the bullets started flying, the military strategy for success (by the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments) has been to cut them off their supply and communication lines. And so far it has been very successful. And without any communication line and corridor to the outside world, success and comeback of the Wayanes is just a pipedream. Semere Tesfai, 11 days ago

      • iSem

        Hi TG:
        You are a quick learner, but your forgot to underline the bold quote.

        • haileTG

          Hey iSem,

          ሓደ ያታዊ ዕላል ኣሎ

          እንዳ ወዲ’ስ ጓል ኣይኮነትን ኢሎም መርዓት መሊሶማ። ሳንዱታታ ድማ

          ኣሸናይ ላሎ ላሎየ
          ሸታሕ ኢላቶ’ምበር ኣነ’ስ ጓልየ

          ኢለን ክለሃያ ሓዲረን 🙂

      • Brhan

        Hello haileTG,
        At least he is sharing what the PF(DJ) cadres are sharing at the moment with their file and ranks. Of course this will be the narrative that we will hear from Dina Mufti who is going to beg the West to believe him this time that he is telling the whole truth:ተሳዒርና ከይብሉስ ይግባኝ ይብሉ!

        • haileTG

          ብርሃን ዓርከይ ግደፍ እባ እዛ ደደንጉኻ ኦፊስ ምእታው ኣይትልመዳ! ዜና ውሒዱና ውዒሉ 🙂

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰላማት haileTG
            ንበዓል ንዓኻ መፍትሕ ናይ ኦፊስ ከይመንጠልናኩም ሰላም የለን።
            ደንጒኻ ምእታው ድማ ትብሎ ንብርሃን ነብሲ?
            ኣይ ምሳይ ‘ንድዩ ግዲ ካፑቹኖ ክሰቲ ዝጸነሐ 🙂

          • Brhan

            ሰላማት haileTG
            እንታይ ክገብር ኢልካኒ ኣይ ብዓለማ እንድያ ሞያይ ተቓጺጻቶ! ካልእ ሞያ እናሓሰብኩ እየ !

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam HaileTH

        It is not Woyanes might that changed the dynamics on the ground. It is Western bold threat that changed everything. I don’t believe anyone on his/her rational mind believes confrontation with the West is/was the right move.

        Today, the Woyanes are no more of a power or of a threat to Ethiopia’s Federal Government than the Amara or the Oromia militias. They all are a burden/liability to Ethiopia’s national security and Ethiopia’s cohesion as a united body. They all should be disarmed and disbanded by enticing them with a lot of rewords and incentives – in my view.

        Semere Tesfai

        • haileTG

          Selam Semere,

          You are deliberately misreading facts here. No one declares “unconditional, unilateral, indefinite ceasefire” on a random Monday morning after stating that it will not negotiate with terrorists and it only needs two weeks to mop up what is left of them just a couple of weeks before..

          TDF had launched a major operation (not counter offensive) and catastrophically devastated ENDF. Hence, the sudden and unexpected U-turn. This is a result of a battle field defeat. Pure and Simple. Such also makes your last paragraph redundant because that part of the world is secured by military muscle not by arm chair theorizing.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam HaileTH

            “TDF had launched a major operation (not counter offensive) and catastrophically devastated ENDF. Hence, the sudden and unexpected U-turn. This is a result of a battle field defeat. Pure and Simple.”

            Haile: you can believe whatever you want. But the Western threat was as serious as a heart attack. And to the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments, the prudent choice was/is very obvious.

            Now go and celebrate your victory.

            Semere Tesfai

          • haileTG

            Hey Semere,

            The TDF themselves couldn’t believe the magnitude of their military feat. Hollywood is already calling Mekelle for the next blockbuster movie – Paths of Glory II – to be shot there 🙂

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. You state that ‘Hollywood is already calling Mekele for the next blockbuster movie – Paths of Glory II’. Definitely, you have the makings of Executive GiE material. The only thing more you need to say is ‘Trust me’.

          • haileTG


            Go GiE Go…

          • Dongolo

            Selam haileTG. Your cheerleading skills are applaudable as you have been playing the same song and dance since 2002 when you were then pushing the GiE (first movie).

          • Abi

            I hear you loud and clear with “Go Diego Go” theme song in the background.

          • Metshaf Jigninet


            This is true. 🙂

            “the Western threat was as serious as a heart attack.”

          • iSem

            Semere you are funny and not funny in hahah, the other funny
            And to the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments, the prudent choice was/is very obvious.”
            the prudent choice was not to start this war. But Abiy, a former mental
            health patient after his entire group of radio operators were torn to pieces by Eritrea artilleries in Badme, and IA the senile with dementia as can be discerned from his disorientation during the June 20 fake celebration, made foolish choice

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat,

            It is the same story we heard from the senseless border war how the defeated side of the warring forces accept the ceasefire. Issayas was forced to accept the ceasefire and the Algiers agreement when he was defeated. The Eritrean ambassador call the UNSC meeting at mid night. The same thing Abiy has sent a letter to US government telling them that he will make a unilateral ceasefire and ready to site for a talk with the Tigray government (a government he use to call it sometimes a junta sometimes a terrorist). Abiy’s army is totally crashed and their generals are airlifted from the city of Mekelle while the rest of their army escaped (egrey awze-ene) to the afar region of Ethiopia.

            So Senere’s narration is indirectly lamenting for the unexpected defeat of the Ethiopian defense force and the unexpected survival of the Tigray government to be back to their city – the center of their government. The nature of the and how it is defeated the Ethiopian army and their alliance have surprised the entire world. The Tigray generals excel them in the strategy and tactics of the war. They made them to come after them to the hills and mountains of Tigray to crash them and make them prisoners of war – in a typical military science approach. Now the not only the battles but the war is won decisively.

            Most importantly, the Tigray government and the central command of TDF knew, that the world will not come to help to the needy Tigrian people, unless they won the war and create a space for humanitarian assistance. They did it as planned and executed skillfully and successfully. The war of conspiracy has lost. Though it has been painful, the Tigray people and their government who were trapped and condemned to be annihilated have turned the war in their favor and won it astoundingly with full surprises. The vanquished Ethiopian federal government will possibly seem to lose Tigray, after allowing foreign forces to kill them, loot them, and destroy everything, in the Tigray region. How does a government conspire against its own state and its own people. It was new phenomenon in the intrigues of politics.


        • Brhan

          Hi Semere : FYI
          (CNN)Less than a week into an intense offensive by Tigrayan forces, the Ethiopian military has withdrawn from the war-torn regional Tigrayan capital of Mekelle on Monday, a UN official told CNN. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisal from the Ethiopian governmen.
          CNN June 28, 2021

        • iSem

          Hi Semere Tesfai:
          The Ethiopian Federal forces are new, jsut 3 years old, it is being built as we go. Why? Because TPLF deliberately did not create strong Federal DF. If it was not for the and drones and Eritrea and Somalia, TPLF would not have been defeated in two weeks in Nov. So do not brag about stuff you have no clue. Why do you think the Kilil have their own army. You could say western pressure, it is not like they are leaving peacefully, they are been hunted. I agree with you Tigray is not out of the woods yet, war can continue and a drawn out war disadvantages the mercenary Ethiopian army. The heavy lifting has been done by the popular uprising, their slogan wsa not our struggle is long and hard, it was our struggle is short and hard. Short and hard it was.
          Ok, even if your all purpose explanation of western pressure is true, how did TDF survived 8 months while encircled in all directions. Tell me mr. smart

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ሰላማት ሰመረ

      ኣኩሮባት ላዕሊ!
      ቀልጢፍካ ቆብ ኣበልካያ
      ሎሚ ከምዘይኮነት ትማሊ

      ትማሊ ንውግእ
      ሎሚ ግን ንበል ህድእ
      ዝብል የስምዕ
      ኣንታ ረሲዐዮ
      ከመይ ከ ቀኒኻ?
      ጠፊኡና ኔሩ ደሃይካ

      ሰላም ምባል ቅኑዕ
      ግን ኣይተዘውትራ
      ምስበለትካ ጭንቕ
      መርዓ ተሓሲምካስ ጭሉቕ
      እዋይ ክሓምቕ

      በል ደሓን
      ክንብል በለ ‘ምበር ኣይተኻዕወን
      ኣብ ሰላም ስመር
      ስድራኻ ‘ኳ ኡስ ኢሎም ኣይኮኑን ሰመረ ዝበሉኻ
      ትሰምዓኒ ዶ ለኻ ሰመረ?

    • Dongolo

      Selam Semere Tesfai. Some of these same Woyane supporters who are now making truly audacious comments in support of the TPLF/TDF, are the the most active and strongest supporters of the GiE. This truly instills one to place full trust and confidence in the GiE, doesn’t it? It will now be interesting to see if the US & West start to change their position in terms of supporting Ethiopia in regards to the hotly brewing GERD/Nile theatre. There has been a heck of a lot of Western packed bartering and negotiations going on over the past few couple,weeks vis a vis Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt & Saudi Arabia.

      • Semere Tesfai

        Selam Dongolo

        Good to see you around and it is pleasure to read your comments.
        Having said that, this is my take on the current Ethio-Eritrean reality.

        1. – “Woyane supporters who are now making truly audacious comments in support of the TPLF/TDF, are the the most active and strongest supporters of the GiE his truly instills one to place full trust and confidence in the GiE, doesn’t it?”

        Yes, indeed they are; and that is sad. But to be honest, the GiE project was never an Eritrean project. It was a Woyane project. Exactly like the EPRDF Coalition Project during the Woyane Revolution – around 1988-1991. Some use to call to the few non-Tigrean in the “EPRDF Coaltion”, Woyane’s Amharic Department (የወያኔ ያማርኛ ክፍል). The EiG was an appendage of Woyane, and as it is obvious to all፣ when the carring body dies the appendage dies with it. And that is the story of the EiG. It was a stillbirth. And it was long dead before it was announced its existence.

        2. – “Today Tigray is a liability to every government who owns it. The possibility of hunger of millions of Tigreans is more than real. And the Abiy Government has made a very wise move – which caught the West off guard. The Western Powers plan was, to use hunger in Tigray – which is inevitable in the coming months and years – to scapegoat and accuse the Abiy government with crimes against humanity. Remember: Korem during Derg times; remember London: WE”RE THE WORLD. Exactly. And Abiy and Isaias throw Tigray and its problems in the hands of Tigreans and Western Powers, right before the start of the farming season (ግዜ ዘራእቲ). Now, what is there to like about owning Tigray – directly or indirectly? Do you blame the West? Absolutely not. Let the Tigreans and their Eritrean stooges celebrate euphorically now, and watch them later – when the Tigrean leaders in Tigray start finger-pointing, squabbling and and at times killing among themselves tomorrow.

        3. – I’m preaching to the choir so to speak here, but in todays reality, Tigray is a lot smaller than it was in November 2020. Woyane military hardware is a lot smaller in size and quality than it was in November 2020. Tiray is economically poorer today than it was in November 2020, Its infrastructure is badly damaged and in need of repair more that it was on the past few years. And reality has thought Tigreans to humble themselves; that they are not the invincible that they thought they were. Now tell me: why would they even think about opening another warfront, be against the Amara, the Federal government or Eritrea? I doubt it very much. Six months from today the story in Tigray would be about hunger- not war and war victory.

        4. – As to the Nile politics, any Ethiopian government would be pressured, enticed, cajoled, arm-twisted by the West, Egypt, and the Arab world to make concessions. And that is up to the Ethiopian government to decide what works for the best interest of the Ethiopian people.

        Dongolo: it is getting late in my time zone. I’m going to make some editing tomorrow. It was pleasure and an honor conversing with you. Thanks

        Semere Tesfai

        • Saleh Johar

          Selam Semere,
          I am amazed how you keep a straight face accusing other whimsically. It’s evil. I don’t know if what I say will help you revise your position but I will try.

          I am involved in the GIR project and claiming it’s a Weyane project is an evil intentioned claim. Oppose something but be honest about it. And don’t level accusations on issues you don’t know about. It’s okay to admit you know nothing about an issue.

          You see, I am here and you are accusing me is something with no knowledge, no proof, no integrity at all. Be honest.

          For your information, the proposal is purely Eritrean initiative and no external element is associated with it. Everything you said is an extension of the defamation campaign the PFDJ and it’s supporters waged against every Eritrean who dared to air their views and act as free citizens. Towing ropes you have no clue where it comes from is the work of the meek. No meek person is associated with the initiative and they are Eritreans to boot. Take that to any bank, ever to the Red Sea corporation. And please restrain yourself from such defamations.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ቅድሚ ሓደ ሰዓት ኣቢሉ ይኸውን ደሓን ኣይእቶ ምንቅጥቃጥ መሬት ሸይ-ሸይ ኣየብለንን።
    ደሓን ኣይእተዉ ወያነ! ድማ በልኩ።

    ደሓር ሕስብ ‘ንተበልኩስ: ለካ ልዕሊ ዓሰርተ-ሽሕ ማይልስ ‘ዮም ካባይ ዝርሕቁ።
    ምስ ኣምላከኸይ ከባእሱኒ ‘ዮም ‘ዞም ርጉማት ወያነ ድማ ዳግማይ በልኩ።
    ጽንሕ ኢለስ ወሪድዎም ወያነ።
    ወይ ኣብ ግዜ ህግደፍ ምዕባይ ክረግም!

    • Fanti Ghana

      Selamat MM,

      You almost made me cry somewhere below with your post about your loved ones, but you immediately brought me back to normal with this one. We are even now!

      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        Thank you, Fanti!
        ኣይትሓዘለይ: ሎም-ዘበን ይተሓዋወሱኒ ‘ዩ ዘሎ። ከምዚ’ልና ከማን ‘ተሓሊፍናዮ።
        ሰናይ ንፋስ የንፍሰልና።

    • Samuel

      Selam MM,
      I can’t stop laughing. That is great political satire, you summed it up well. Thank you for the late night laugh.


      • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

        መርሓባ ሳሚ
        ጸጸኒሕናስ ‘ባ ክንነብር ክንጅምር 🙂

        ከባቢና ሰላም ክዓስሎ
        ጸሎትና ኣምላኽ ይቀበሎ

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ፋርማቻ ኬደልኩም ክገዝእ ሽሮቦ
    ን ኣምብሬዛ ዕረፍቲ ‘ተሃቦ
    ዘየቋርጽ ውጽኣት ስለዝሓዞ
    ዘይፍትሓዊ ውግእ
    ባዕሉ ዝጠለቦ

    ኴናቶ ኣዝያ ረሳን መጎጎ
    ክትስንክት ውዒላ
    ገጂፍን መርዛምን ጎጎ

    ኣብ ስሪኡ ክሸይን ጀሚሩ
    መእሰሪ ዘይብሉ
    ክዛረብ ውዒሉ
    ተለኺፉ ደኣ ከይከውን
    ብደቂ ሕድርትና?

    ኣነ ‘ንታይ ፈሊጠ
    የግዳስ ሰሚዐ

    ደንጎሎ ሓቂ ድዩ ዝዘረባ?

  • iSem

    Hi All:
    I am waiting for the AAN media to issued its editorial after the people of Tigrai register major win against 3 invading forces. One editorial said that TDF’s retreat is not similar to Eritrea 1977 retreat.
    I still cannot reconcile how Akria Activism became AAN as their missions are so divergent. AAN is a twist of PFDJ otherwise crude campaign: They say, we believe in Eritrea independence” This is so deep. I have never found any Eritrean who does not believe in the Eritrean independence. By address in our emotions with may 24 an June 20, AAN wants to rehabilitate us , it is a sublet ploy, do not be fooled by the guest like Bolissy they host.
    “We believe in Independence”, I called it deep, it is sarcasm, it dumb. Every Eritrean believes in independence of Eritrea except problally the impostors like Kisha, IA, Monkey and Charlie

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    As celebrations run into the night in the capital Mekelle, the flag of Tigray has been raised atop the city’s Martyrs statue.

    • T. Kifle

      Selamat, Haile,

      The following is an excerpt from a press release of the State’s Commn. & Media Secretariat
      Posted in mid November a declaration littered with references to a uniquely Tigrayan experience and memory:

      ”The illegal, unitarist and, personalistic dictatorship currently in charge of political power at the federal level, in a move that reaffirms the adage that history repeats itself, finds itself repeating the injustices committed by the previous imperial and military regimes, conspiring with external actors with the sole purpose of bringing the people of Tigray to their knees.”

      ”It is well known that you, the people of Tigray, have continually tolerated the numerous acts of injustice perpetrated against them thus far and have paid tremendous sacrifices for the sake of saving the country from destruction…we call upon you to make extensive preparations to, as always, counter your enemies and make a glorious history in the process.”

      ”Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!’’

      • iSem

        Congratulation. I doubted that this will happened. Hope it is not a fluke.
        Now here are your tasks not chorological, I give this as a friend of the Tigray people and enemy of PFDJ, sworn enemy of PFDJ
        1 Securing the country and cleansing it, healing s people
        2. TPLF deliver profuse apology to the people for letting them down, for their visionless, leadership and actions, for their smarmy confidence that borders on arrogances
        3. Bring Abiy and IA to court
        4. Listen to Dr. Mehari Yohannes
        5. Remove Abiy from power from neighboring country
        7. Get compensation from Ethiopia and Eritrea
        8. Apologize to Eri people and build bridges for peace, trade and education
        9. Declare independence
        10 Rebuild Tigray

        • T. Kifle

          Hi iSem

          Thanks. Actually, it is a hard-earned outcome of popular resistance of epic proportion. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the brutalities of AAA & IA.
          The youth of Tigray left with no option except to fight and die an Honorable death.
          ሓንቲ ታሪክ ክነገረካ፡፡ ወዲ ገዛይ መንእሰይ እዩ፡፡ ምስ ሰራዊት ኤርትራ ጎች ንጎፍ ይራኸቡ፡፡ እዙ ወዲ ድንግጽ ኢሉ “በጃኹም መሓሩኒ ብልጽግና እየ ይብሎም”
          ሓደ ወታደር ብረቱ ‘ዐሚሩ “ንህወሓት ዘይጠቐምካስ ንብልጽግና!” በምባል ዓረር አብ ግንባሩ፡፡
          That has been the fate of our youth; Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

          Your points are well taken except if the Eritrean people owe us apology.
          Rest assured that Tigray will do everything that help us come to terms with our tumultuous past.

          • iSem

            Thanks. No Eritrea and not owe TPLF an apology, an apology, TPLF owes Eritrean people, that TPLF needs to do the apology. I knew what you mean, I am just being factious with the language 🙂
            Apology for the following reason:. For stifling Eritrean democratic aspiration of Eritrean by kidnaping and killing opposition members. For lumping PFDJ supporters and innocent Eritrean to deport and humiliate theme

          • T. Kifle

            Hi iSem,

            If I am not mistaken SGJ asked MZ for apology. What he said was closer to this: ”Even if we can’t turn the clock back, at least I can explain why we did what we did”

            I really understand what you mean. Governments always have excuses for their failures. During those fateful years, Ethiopia widely opened its doors for PFDJ operatives. I am not well aware if the government knew and approves of the kidnappings and killing of the Eri opposition stationed in many towns in the country beforehand. But it was a grave mistake to let people got killed whom you promised them to protect.

            In any case what I can do for you is to pass the message to the people I know in the TPLFite ranks since I am not of a TPLFite anyway. 🙂

          • iSem

            Hi T.Kifle:
            I remember MZ smart answer and I am not if Saleh meant for the deportation, deportation was on the national interest of Ethiopia, but thieves stole Eritrean hard earned property and that MZ may not have control on, but targeting PFJ only he had control.
            MZ did apologize on behalf of Ethiopia immediately after independence: I am ashamed of my country did to you, he told Eritreans in Asmara.
            Mind you, he was apologizing for things he was not part of, some of them when he was not even born etc.
            yes, he dam know of the kidnapping and killing, he looked the other way. Actually he did one thing good. On behalf IA he arrested scores of ELF (revolutionary council all over Tigrai) ad Seyoum Harestai appealed to the international community and MZ thought better of it and instead of handing them to IA, he house arrested them for a couple years in Addis and then UN gave them asylum in US, Australia and Europe.
            Please do pass to you colleagues and ask, nay, tell Gen Mgbey and others to learn Arabic, it is in their national interest and when they do to stop calling ELF Amma. That is just dumb.
            TPLF is filled with bigots, who call every turbaned Eritrean Sudanese
            Maybe they should hire me in Mekelle University to open Middle Eastern/Islamic studies department for them.

          • Kaddis

            thanks for a needed smile after a long anxiety filled day..
            a hopeful day indeed

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam iSem,

            Your last sentence, perhaps being humorous, is probably the most important sentence of the day. What we really need in our region is to educate our respective peoples who their neighbors are and how to best relate to them.

            At least, then, even when we disagree it will be on something that will make sense. Nonsense is killing us!

          • iSem

            HI FG:
            As you know, it was hectic day for political junkies like me, so I owe (is it I owe you or you owe me, Kilfe confused me LOL ) you an answer for one comment today. I also say this: let the Internet record for eternity, indelibly that I have missed you too

          • T. Kifle

            Hi iSem,

            It has been long since I realise that ignoring a language spoken by hundreds of millions in the neighbourhood with all the historical ties since biblical times is a sheer ignorance on our part.

            I tell you, I will be the first to be enrolled in your class.
            iSem, I plead with you to excuse Gen Migbe. You didn’t see what he saw. You didn’t go through his pains. He is a good man. When the impulses are gone he will be like you and me if not better.

            He was retired early on health grounds, underwent through multiple supine surgeries and still not quite resolved. He was leading a life of relative comfort but decided to face the enemy. Now, walking through all the ravines and mountains day and night, witnessing the agonies of his people wherever he sets his feet. What would you if you were in his place?

      • Saleh Johar

        T. Kifle,
        My wish is that people like you get involved in planning for the future. The centuries old bad bloodshed needs to clot. Are you listening Fanti? This time the region has to graduate on wisdom and not insist on re-enrolling into grade one to learn medieval type of coexistence. The region deserves a long break.

        • Fanti Ghana

          Selamat Memhir,

          I know exactly what you mean. I am not sure if I shared this before, but when I was 7th grade, my much older brother walk me up in the middle of the night and we started running toward our home town (60km away) as if we were being chased by a hyena or something.

          I didn’t know what was happening until we stopped by relatives house on the way some 20km later and definitely didn’t understand it until many years after that.

          All I heard my brother tell our relatives was “so and so shot so and so.” The grown ups knew what that meant and they didn’t ask for details and I didn’t learn.

          Several years later a well informed cousin explained to me our family’s issues with that other family adding with no particular feeling “no one knows when or how the first killing happened but we have been at it for several generations.”

          Where I grew up this type of issues are common. Not only on individual level but also village against village in some cases. I think that was the first time I started thinking about the inherent fallacy in the idea of revenge.

          I don’t know if I am making sense, but what I am trying to say is that I totally agree with the need for long, hopefully permanent, break.

        • T. Kifle

          Selamat Gash Saleh,

          Your wish is my wish too. I never thought then we fight Eritrea until kingdom comes. This Tigray war was of course visible since the ascendance of this pathological liar man and the twist he made to befriend DIA.
          The problem is it wasn’t our choice then, it is not our choice now. As they say, it takes two tango to live in peace.

          The Above communique was released during a raging war where Tigray has been burning in a full circle by enemies from near and far. You , Eritreans, were supposed to hold your horse off from ravaging the neighbourhood. what can we do?

          of course, given the behaviour of that unhinged dictator the people in power should have done better making sure that they were leaving the country in good hands. There is where the entire issue lie. I hope this would be the last war with Eritrea. But don’t think me as if I enjoy wars and revenge.

  • iSem

    “I was a staunch supporter of the Ethiopian idea. But now we are no longer interested in helping to determine the fate of Ethiopia.” Getachew Reda

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ፉሕፉሕ ኢላ ዓዋተ
    ኮለኔል ኣብዮትን ከኣ ተዘምተ
    ዓለም ክልምኖ ጎሮሮ ዝላሓተተ
    ሕጂ ንሰላም ሓተተ
    መሲልዎ ዝተበላሓተ
    ካልእ ግን ይፈልጥዩ
    ምኽን ያቱ
    ናይ ሰራዊት ትግራይ መኸተ

    መቐለ ተመንጢሉ
    ኣላማጣ ድማ ስኢኑዋ ሕጂ
    ‘ቶም ዘዕልሉ
    በሉ ተጋሩ
    የዕሪኹም ዓልሉ
    ‘ምባሕ በሉ
    በዓል መትከል ይዕወት ይብሉ
    ር ኢና

  • haileTG


    Getachew Reda, spokesperson for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), told news agency Reuters the city was now under their control.

    • iSem

      GR said yesterday to the Swedish journalist that this will over soon. he knew something. This is big fit. I excepted this to drag on, but TPLF were always saying ab zhatser gizie. Egrom ab afom neru as Sal would say 😉

    • Kaddis

      Selam Haile
      Alex De waal already told us in 15 minutes zoom video Abiy Army will not recover 4 days ago…and it was about Eritrean army capability how far the war was suppose to continue …so now starts the hard work of sitting down to settle this peacefully …not sure Abi + isias have any credibility left among the power brokers to sit down, they lied too much in a very short time. Will they try other tricks like killing another oromo or amhara or tigray figure to disrupt the center to manage it later? Super fluid. If opdo/Abi was the only factor I would predict something workable …the fact that Isias is in the center of things make every steps reckless and unpredictable

      • haileTG

        Selamat Kaddis,

        This is of course a fast moving situation. I would say that it is the start of a major storm. TDF (or if you notice the TPLF in the news above) has now entered the foray of the political power battle field. The fact that PMAA offered a unilateral ceasefire tells me the battle field losses was catastrophic. He is literally waving the white flag. What does this mean to IA? I would predict an end to his grip of power in Eritrea and exiting the stage in Ethiopia. That leaves PMAA weaker from security and military angle. In terms of actual peace dialog, PMAA will also be pressed by the Amhara land dispute (regional layer on top of the national one), so he will be caught between a rock and a hard shoulder. We still do not know the full military loses by Eritrean side and that would also have an implication in how fast things will move from here on.

        • Kaddis

          Selam Haile –
          Isias apparently was stationing around adigrat and above from the information I heard, not positioned to protect meqele he might save some army exiting ….I agree on your points …but not sure all the stakeholders, oppositions, in Eth and Eri politics are ready not to be manipulated again like 2018 ( the oromo in particular ) and maybe in 2000 in your case of the G15s. It takes diving into the power play now that is shifting away from Abi+Isias .. including by the gulf for the first time in 30+ years for Isias …the GIE should be aggressively present now …its a great opportunity

          • T. Kifle

            Selamat Kaddis,

            The largest EDF Units were deployed to the Centeral Zone: Temben, Adwa and Axum. Many divisions have been decimated in the Southern front too. About seven divisions tried to rescue the ENDF in the Operation Alula Abanega too. Significant harm is meted out but not to the extent of the home side.
            A small unit entered Adigrat before 5 days I don’ t know the developments bc all commn is down.
            The large forward force is now leaving the centeral Tigray to Adiabo digging the usual entrench in Badme and hoping for the best.

            It is a matter of time before it faces the TDF wrath in a short while.
            I heard also it is digging trenches in Betgergis and Senafe.

            Don’t forget the Amhara Militia too. They have the audacity to take land from Tigray by sheer force.

          • iSem

            Hi T.Kifle:
            Are you saying they will also take Badme: That would be brilliant
            Rational for occupying Eritrean land available upon request
            I am not being provocative

          • T. Kifle

            Hi iSem,

            My point is that EDF must be crashed. IA will be paid in bits and pieces. I am not implicating about borders. It never been a problem, in the first place. It is about leaving IA naked in the cold.

          • iSem

            Well, I am advocating for both. Crashing EDF and taking the Badme that TPLF had occupied since 1981. I am and saying that is brilliant idea, am not saying your are implicating borders. For the record am Eritrean and I believe that Badme is Eritrean. But am not contradicting myself, if that make sense

          • Woldegabriel Tesfamariam

            Selam T. Kifle
            Here comes the real Alula campaign. No surprise at all!

          • Berhe Y

            Dear T. Kifle,

            I hope TDF / TPLF learn from the mistake of Abiy and IA.

            1) I am glad Tigray is free and the people get some relief.

            2) IA /Abiy mistake was to continue the war when they had already won (sending TPLF to the mountains). They should never had committed any crimes to infrastructure, people and civilians. They changed the war and made it people’s war. No one ever won fighting against the entire people, be it the US in Vietnam, Russia in Afghanistan or France in Algeria or Ethiopia in Eritrea.

            3) Now that TDF have the upper hand, I hope they stoop the war while they have won. If they decide to continue the war North, by wanting to crush IA and EDF, then the war will change its direction and it will become people’s war for Eritrea.

            If IA is left alone, he will not survive this ordeal and I am confident the Eritrean people will take care of him.

            It’s for both Tigray and Eritrea long term interest if they create a peaceful relationship.

            I want the TDF and TPLF prove us wrong those who doubt TPLF long term plan war to disintegrate Eritrea and capture Eritrean territories including its ports and install a puppet government.

            I will be the first person to congratulate you and to accept the humiliation for becoming the bigger person and organization if you save and spare the lives of many young people and the Eritrean people who have suffered enough.

            By this I don’t mean you spare criminals go free.

          • haileTG

            Merhaba Berhe,

            Let’s have a quick heart to heart here pls:-)

            Were you not, until yesterday, a voice trying his level best to subdue our argument that a real conflict was taking place in Tigray with realistic chance of TDF victory? By such argument we were trying to rally the people of the imminent danger and to condemn the war unequivocally. However, you opted to side with the shameless liars such as AAN media who were feeding false information to our people. You belittled us saying ኣዲኣ ገዲፋ’ስ ሓትነኣ ትናፍቕ! Do you feel remorse for your choice to needlessly align yourself with forces of hate and misinformation? Why would Tigarayan or TPLF activists listen to you when they know the true heartbeat of the Eritrean people is not in sync with those who were denying that their children were in harms way and could be encircled anytime? I think your emotions against Tigrayans/TPLF had taken the best of your rational judgement and instead of condemning the war in its totality, you opted for twin approach of prematurely declaring victory on one hand and taking a confused stand on the war on the other. The latter lead you to even go as far as insinuating some are less patriotic than yourself. Well, we are here now and it is good to learn a lesson. I am looking forward to hear the next editorial of AAN media 🙂

          • iSem

            HI TG:
            I am already looking forward to the future. What will the next 7 month bring. TDF almost liberated Tigray and it will liberate Eritrea as some asserted before, sarcastically saying that they cannot even liberate themselves, as if liberating yourself is unique to certain ppl.
            But now Tigrayans must be careful. Bob Woodward, the Watergate investigator once said when Nixon resigned, his boss the owner of WP wrote to him and Carl Brestein on a sticky note these words: “Beware of the demon pomposity” He said that she had the best stationary in the world but wrote it on sticky note to make a point
            Tigrayans, beware of the demons pomposity now
            Many smart Eritreans said the demise of TPLF was good for Eritrea, still they have not given me cogent. coherent, logical answer to that shallowness.
            Do not start me about AAN, I learned about them.
            Today is a good day and I hope Amanuel of Assena goes to Tigray and reports to us
            I am going to say this controversial issue, the allegation of Tigray wants to occupy us is absurd. However, they may have hidden agenda to create a nation state with some part of Eritrea, if they do that with other means and people buy it and their dream comes true that is good thing, we want ppl o buy into ideas. But the delusion of Tigray want to forcibly annex highlands is absurd.
            But the Boko-harm crimes, I hope we do not pay for it and hope that cool, reasonable minds prevail in Tigray.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Selamat iSem,
            “ጽጋብ ትወልዳ ለ እኪቲ” poor man’s Geez!
            These are my take:
            1. DIA hates Eritrea and its people. Why? I have no concrete idea. However, I didn’t know he hates Tigray as well. The top of HGDFs are direct descendants of Tigray but now I am confused by this senseless war. Maybe they are insane or insane and stupid? I don’t know.
            2. This unjust war shouldn’t even start but the evil Abi + DIA have some strong hatred for Tigray. Maybe DIA is jealous of their success. Maybe
            3. Since I say #1 is true [according to my theory], DIA wants to humiliate Eritreans. How? By losing badly in this senseless war. After that, good luck of having high moral ground
            4. AAN has nothing to do with Akhriya movement. They are simply 03 agents.
            5. Berhe Y. is so confused after you guys [the Canadians] have approved the green leaf 🙂

            To Sami & T. Kifle:
            I have two Martry’s brother/sister’s kids in this senseless war. Anytime you said we will crash EDF, I feel sharp pain in my stomach. Their parents fought with you to topple the criminal Derg. My brother has died around Ambo region in support of your cause [You also did the same in SaHel] . So, even though I see your pain, you should think above that.
            እዝ ‘ውን ክሓልፍ ‘ዩ።

          • woldu hadgu

            Dear Berhe:

            you wrote”….however, they might have hidden agenda….”. might….might,,,,,might…. will take you no where but to madness, oblivion and nothingness. Liberate yourself from senseless and detrimental fear first and then think about your people. Simply you need Free mind; Free Spirit and learn it from the people of Tigray

          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            I think what AAN said about ዕሱባት seem to hit home really hard. All what I write is open and you check for yourself and show what my stand was. In fact the first exchange I had with was sharing a video of Tegaru exchange with the following:

            1) we had to destroy the country called Eritrea
            2) we have to restore our sea, and break up Eritrea
            2) the Muslim can go to Sudan or what ever they like but the Kebesa will be broken.

            And I askEd you, AH, and other what’s the end game, to the people such as Amanue Iyasu, as Eritreans, why want to end the war in Tigray and bring it back to Eritrea and cause the same destruction.

            I can say you did even one day break, and I doubt even if you slept the whole time advocating for the people of Tigray and without knowing the consequences that will befallen to our people.

            My stand was clear, and some of my arguments were:

            1) Eritrea should withdraw to the international demarcated boarder.
            2) Eritrea future government will be responsible for the damage it has caused against civilians and properties
            3) Tigrayans and other Ethiopians should stay out of internal Eritreans issue (including overthrowing the government)
            4) Eritrea has the right to defend herself from any attack including the missile launched by TPLF.

            I hope the Tigray people do not listen to you and take your advice.

            As far as AAN is concerned, they have the same stand as me. They are not for the war either.

            But in your world, if someone doesn’t say ትግራይ ትዕውት is automatically labeled as PFDJ.

            By the way, they can do what ever they need to do and Eritreans know what they need to do as well. You can cheer all you want and it will not change anything.

          • haileTG

            Selamat Berhe,

            I have no doubt of your competency to list 25 points to show how patriotic and concerned Eritrean you are and another 25 points listing how a sell-out , anti-Eritrean and unpatriotic you believe I am.

            That is beside the point and I can sleep like a log trusting Eritrea is defended by patriots like your self.

            My question is that you were actively promoting false information regarding the Tigray war that was disseminated by the likes of AAN until yesterday. Your actions does confuse and misinform Eritreans from rejecting the war unequivocally because you were promoting the AAN story. Facts have abandoned you and you are back here pleading with people you promoted to us to be non-existent. Dear Mr. Patriot, can you clarify to this unpatriotic, sell-out, Tigray T’Ewet guy who wishes nothing more than fellow Eritreans to save lives and limbs that yo regret your actions or not.

            Feel free to add more lists to your gallantry but it sickens me when you wish it on the back of helpless and impoverished youth of Eritrea.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            ናተን ገዲፈንሲ ናይ ሓማተን ድዮም ዝብሉ ደቂ ዐድና:: How and when did I wish harm to our youth.

            I didn’t went to dwell more than it needs to for your AAN destruction saga that you still are not satisfied and your mission is not completed you still didn’t want to let it go.

            You brought something that was read in the network and concluded:

            1) It’s an editorial of the network
            2) AAN was created after Akria incident and their contribution was over rated
            3) and that they are PFDJ (not your direct word but you endorsed) with those who do.

            I listened to the video myself and reached my conclusion which is totally opposite of yours.

            1) it’s not an editorial but someone wrote it and read / prepared the video. I agreed that they should have a disclaimer and they should include name of the author to avoid confusion.
            2) Akria had nothing to do with it and I don’t know what you brought it up and you tried to belittle the incident.
            3) I listened few more videos and I saw nothing that indicate they support the PFDJ in any form.

            You are the one who brought them and you are the one who listened to the video and you brought it to discredit them and to destroy their reputation because they have an agenda to protect and promote the well being of Eritrea.

            መርዘን ኮይንካ: በቲ ዝርደአና ቃንቃ ጌይሮም ኩሉ ሓደ ብሓደ ስለ ዝትንተኑ: ከምቲ ዝተለምደ ስልበጣ እዞም አስልም: ሸሪዓ: ጥባሕ ጥባሕ ገለ መለ ስለ ዝይሰርሔ

            Why don’t you save me the trouble and show me
            exactly when I did this.

            My question is that you were actively promoting false information regarding the Tigray war that was disseminated by the likes of AAN until yesterday. Your actions does confuse and misinform Eritreans from rejecting the war unequivocally because you were promoting the AAN story.

            I don’t know who they were and I don’t know what they do but thanks to you since last week I had a lot to learn. ጸባ አስትዮምኒ: and you are to blame for that. ወይ ስልበጣ: መውሲባ ይበሀል::

          • haileTG

            Selam Berhe,

            Let me just be on the record that I find your continuous references to Eritrea’s religious diversity as part of your political hassle distasteful. The reason I ignore it is that ብሻላ ማላ ዘይተናኸፍ ክብሪ ናይ ሃገርን ህዝብን ስለ ዝኾነ እዩ።

            ሳላ በርሀ ደው ኢለ ኢሉ ዝኸይድ ኣስላማይ የብልናን። ሃገርካ ከም ሃገር ኣኽቢርካ ተዛረብ። ብሃይማኖትን ካልእን እናዘናጠልካ ኣይተልዕላ። ክብሪ ሃገር ምፍላጥ ካብ ክብሪ ሓውኻ ምፍላጥ እዩ ዝብገስ። እቲ ኣኽርያ ዝበልክዎ ይቕረታ ዝሓተትክሉ ጌጋ ሃሊዎ ዘይኮነ ንሓውካ ይቅረታ ኢልካ ምድዕዓስ ክቡር ባህልና ስለዝኾነ እዩ። ንሓውኻ ደፊርካ ባሕሪ ዋላ ጎቦ ኢልካ እንተመሓልካ እንተጠሓልካ ሃገራዊ ኣየብለካን እዩ። ጓና እውን መዚኑ እዩ ክንዕቕ ወይ ከኽብር። ንMJ ትማሊ ዝጽሓፍካዮ ተመሊስካ ኣንብቦ። ከመይ ኢልካ ከም ዝዘንጠልካ ድማ ምስኡ። ብዝኾነ ክብረይን ኣካል መሰረት ሃገራዊ መንነተይን ዝኾኑ ክቡራት ኣስላም ኣብዚ አናልዓልካ ነዚ ዘረባ ሚዛኑ ኣይተፍኩሶ። ኣብ ኤርትራ ነውሪ ስለዝኾነ ኣይተልዕሎም።

            If you have the decency, reflect, humble and apologize. If not, don’t let me interrupt your pleading with TPLF to leave the red sea alone.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            If you can quote me what you are accusing of doing then I have no problem to apologize. I was reiterated what transpired that lead you to my responding to your AAN comment. I am defending myself from you accusation that I have hand in the lives lost of young people Eritrea losing by propagating of AAN propaganda.

          • haileTG

            Hi Berhe,

            The combined effect of actions like yours is partly responsible in narrowing the chances of advocating opposition to war, this is a lighter way to put it. The implications of which is nothing other than strengthening the hand of those leading our youth to their destruction.

            Click on your avatar and see your comments. Scroll down to your recent reply to MJ (just one example):

            – you purposely promote AAN
            – you call it information to soothing the heart
            – you then compare it to the presumably bad information here
            – you close by accusing those not on your side as working for Tigray (aunt)
            – now when confronted, you try to appear as protecting a section of our population from sectarian and religious attacks. Of course, without considering common decency to avoid suchlike lowering of your country’s stature by association with such crass.

            Eritrean youth can be defended by rejection of war imposed on them, not your insatiable appetite from paranoid imaginings.

            Berhe, it appears you will have no intention on reflecting and adjusting your ways. No point in back and forth here with a stubborn goat mindset. Unless, you wish to understand the other side.

          • Berhe Y

            Selam HaileTG,

            I have no intention of continuing with you as I have nothing to reflect on and adjust my views except to see my country and my people spared. You have through so ምንያ ኮለል
            by avoiding to quote what I exactly said that you accused me of having. I well I followed your instruction and this is what I found to my reply to MJ.

            Selam MJ,
            Can I prescribe you AAN if you don’t mind? ከምዛ ሓኪም ዝአዘዘልካ ኩሉ አብ ልብኻ ዘሎ ትምኒትን ሓልዪትን ከም ኤርትራዊ ክትሰምዕን ክትረክብን ኢኻ ብግብሪ::
            ካብዚ አዲአ ገዲፋ ሓትኖአ ትናፍቅ ክትድሕን እንተደሊኻ::

            Now since I interjected between the discussion you and MJ were having when I wrote him, you have every right to imply that the message was intended for you. I was not targeting you particularly, I was introducing MJ to AAN if he hasn’t because his back and forth arguments with you and others, I felt was in line to my kind of thinking and that of AAN. All I can say, I am sorry if you felt that way and I could have done better to say what I wanted to say to MJ directly.

            If’s up to you to believe what ever you wanted to believe, but I was not referring to you particularly but to all Eritreans who are siding with TDF and “self admitting guilt” as well as “fueling the rage that will befallen” as a reason of their “campaign” against PFDJ but inadvertently creating a lasting hate and animosity between the two people.

            Find me one Ethiopian (Tigrayway, Amharay or who ever) who was on the side of Eritreans when thousands and thousands were deported? They were supporting their side and we were doing the same. When time went by, and peace resorted, they people hugged and kissed and made up for the lost time. WHY? Because the war was seen as a war of the warring parties (PFDJ and TPLF) and the people, the Ethiopian Army (including Tigray army) and the Eritrean Army were not singled out as the culprit but ordered to do so by those above. In this conflict the Eritrean opposed to the war and the regime, have failed to see and make a difference. IA and his inner PFDJ are responsible and they should be the only target instead of EDF, TibaH TibaH, deki Hamasien, etc…

            I can you give many examples, the likes of Amanuel Assena, Seltene (talk show) and the many guest that have appeared in their programs including as guest in TMH, such as YG and others and lately including my good friend iSem (he is even going further by advising TPLF what to do next in their path to incorporate Eritrean people and land and in the process crushing EDF). What do you call that, if not ኣዲኡ ገዲፉ ሓትንኡ::
            These are the Eritreans that I have in mind, and I find AAN is the opposite of all these Eritreans with clear objective and plan. You don’t have to agree with my sentiment, it’s your right. But it’s also my right to subscribe to what ever that I want to believe.

            Well I think I was correct in my prediction and you can see the response I got from T. Kifle and Kaddis and other Ethiopians.

            They will continue their “Alula Aba nega venture” and you know where this is headed, until they crush EDF.

            Are you expecting me to “cheer” viva “TDF” if they are headed to my country.

            There is nothing for me to cheer or apologize, the night mare for Eritrea just started. It’s not that, Eritreans have no power to defend themselves and their country, it’s the price that we will pay in the process of defending and that will include the many, many lives of Tigrayans.

            This may be a worthy cause for TDF and price worth paying in the short term but it will have long term consequences in the long term. Getting rid of IA is one thing, but creating a lasting animosity with the Eritrean people is another thing.

            Anyway I have said my peace and I will see how things unfold and let the pieces fall as they may.

          • haileTG

            Selam Berhe,

            Well, if you did not intended it to me, then I have no particular issue with you. It sure felt that you meant to undermine me. You could also have put in brackets or between sentence that your message had nothing to do with me. But, since you say it is not targeted at me, I take your word for it.

            The many faceted and deep rooted divisions in Eritrea will cost us heavy price. Things can be argued from different angles, but I felt you were wrongly headed to lock horns with me. That is why I retreated then but then ሓመድ ልሒሸ ተንሲኤ እኔኤኹ 🙂

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam Berhe Y,

            “IA and his inner PFDJ are responsible and they should be the only target instead of EDF, TibaH TibaH, deki Hamasien, etc…”

            How does one target IA and his inner circle and avoid confrontation with EDF at the same time? Are you suggesting that TPLF should only deal with them in courts henceforth?

            “Getting rid of IA is one thing, but creating a lasting animosity with the Eritrean people is another thing.”

            What subsequent actions by TPLF would amount to “create a lasting animosity with the Eritrean people?”

            I am asking these for better understanding of your suggestions and/or position.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Fanti,

            What I said to T. Kifle is what I think, TDF should do. As much as a lot of Ethiopians and Eritrean opposition regret for Melles Zenawi agreeing to stop the war, I always thought that was the right move and the best options for TPLF at the time. This isolated IA and the Eritrean military and political elite stood up against him. It was a lonely world for him and had we had coordinated (without TPLF meddling, albeit helping) he was almost would have gone.

            The boarder ruling and the refusal of TPLF to demarcate gave him life line .

            On the other hand Ethiopia prospered and it was on the right path. Had it bogged down on the war, who could have predicted how the war would have ended. IA was ready to go to Sahel and it could have been TPLF end as the drags on and the EPLF gets the support from the people and justify.

            IA was caged and was no o threat to TPLF or Ethiopia all those years. The problem that happened was, TPLF failing from trasition of the country to democratic state and gave rise to Abiy that, even the intelligence had no file on what he was doing.

            Now it’s tempting to go after IA, but that’s what he excel at. He will say “You see what I mean” and I can guarantee you that no matter the good intentions, war never goes out as planned. It’s not hard to lit the match and get the Eritrean people to rise.

            Tigray will be better of having a democratic and free Eritrea. It’s not TPLF decision to choose winners and support anyone.

            If Eritreans are not for the job, leave them to suffer until they decide to fight in their own.

            The only obligation is your people, you don’t have to worry what happens to Eritreans.

            Do not fall for the false apostles, who have nothing to lose except wanting the Tigray people to pay the price to secure them power.

            I ask you this question and reach your own conclusion, and I want you to use the Tigray people experience as an example.

            1) what percentage of Tigray people supported TPLF before the war.
            2) What percentage do you think was supporting them after the invasion?

            Now do the same excecise and only apply Eritrea.


          • Fanti Ghana

            Selamat Berhe Y,

            I am with you on this. Actually, I am with you “almost” always, but the occasional poking is related to areas I think you may not have had a chance to consider.

            For example, you stated “If Eritreans are not for the job, leave them to suffer…” Now, imagine those Eritreans who may not agree with you on that point and believe that TPLF should assist us a little to dismantle PFDJ so that “peaceful and democratic Eritrea can be realized sooner.”

            So, whatever TPLF does, it will have only solved a subset of the problem, if that, but not the whole set. That is very much my appeal to all Eritreans to consider the no win situation TPLF, by extension Tigrayans are in vis-a-vis Eritrean relations.

          • Berhe Y

            Selam Fanti,

            I don’t think there is any thing wrong with getting “little assistance”.

            1) That assistance should be driven by the desire of Eritrean without involving the people of Tigray (at least militarily). Tigray/ TPLF should not risk their people’s lives to save or make Eritrea democratic because of some Eritrean people ask for it.

            2) They have to be very careful in choosing sides and pick a winner to support selectively. This will turn out to be a disaster in the long term.

            My good friend iSem on his advise to T. Kifle and TDF said, “ they should listen to Mehari Yohannes (I am assuming he was referring to Mehari Yohannes from Tigray university) may be he has read his book. I haven’t but I saw some pages from his book with regards to the relationship of Tigray with the region and in particular with Eritrea.

            Even the great Saay has dismissed Mehari Yohannes vision based on his party performance in the election, but I must say he is prophetic in his vision and what comes ahead. I think the table has turned upside down now and today, he would have won in landside victory.

            ትግራይ ሕጂኸ ናበይ?
            ብርግጽ ህግደፍ እቲ ዝገብሮ ዘሎ ናይ ጻዕረ ሞት ፈተነ እንተምኪናሉ፥ ውዒሉ ሓዲሩ ካብ ምፍራስ ዘይድሕን ሓይሊ እዩ። ድሕሪ ህግደፍ ዘላ ኤርትራ ብናትና ረብሓ ቓኒና እንተአማእዚንናያ ዝበለጸ ፍረ አለዎ።

            1) እንተኾይኑልና ትግራዋይ ብሄርተኛ ኤርትራዊ ሓይሊ ኣብ ኤርትራ ንህግደፍ ተኪኡ ክሕዝ ስልጣን ክንዲ ዝከአል ዋጋ ክንከፍለሉ ዝጠልብ ዋኒን እዩ።
            2) እዚ እንተሰሊጡ ምስ ተጋሩ ኤርትራ ብዛዕባ ቀጻሊ ዕድልና ናይ ሓባር ዕላማ ንምስርተሉ አጋጣሚ ክንፈጥር ይኸአል።
            3) አብዚ እንተዘይሰሊጡና ግን ልዑላዊነት ኤርትራ አኺብርና ምሳና ክሰርሕ ዝኽእል ዴሞክራስያዊ መንግስቲ ክፈጠር ዝከአለና ክንገብር ኣሎና።
            4) ኩሎም እዞም ንብሎም ዘለና እንተዘይቐኒዖም እሞ ከምቲ ሎሚ ኣንጻር ህላወና ኮይኑ ዝቅጽል ዘሎ መንግስቲ ዝበለ ወይ ባዕሉ ዕንቅፋት ኮይኖም ዝቕፅልሉ ኩነታት ምስ ምስ ዝ ህሉ፥ ንምዕዋት ብሄራዊ (It’s next page and I don’t have the rest page).

            Mehari Yohannes case for Tigray nation is not his desire to harm Eritrea or Eritreans but he make the case that it’s impossible to live in Ethiopia being from Tigray, where he makes his case from a facebook page post that I found.

            #ጸገም ትግራይ ኣብ ሃገረ ኢትዮጵያ ሸንኮለል ብምባል ክፍታሕ ኣይኽእልን እዩ።
            #ህዝቢ ትግራይ ህልውኑኡ ኣብ ሓደጋ ካብ ዘእቱ ጉዕዞ ተናጊፉ ንሓንሳእን ንሓዋሩን ብሄራዊ ሕልሙ ክገሃድ እብተኾይኑ ፡ ካብቶም ቅድሚ ሎሚ ኣቦሓጎታቱን ኣያታቱን ዝፈፀምዎም ጌጋታት ኣዐርዩ ክመሃር ኣሎዎ ።
            #ተቃሊስና ጎይቶት ነብስና ከይንኸውን ካብ ብሄራዊ ሕቶና ናብ ጓል መንገዲ ኣላጊስና፥ ምስ ፀላእትና ኣብ ሓደ ዓራት ክንድቅስ መሪፅና።ነቶም ዲሞክራሲ ዘይርድኦም ፀላእትና ኣብቲ ብምኽንያት ቁፅሮም ብልጫ ዝረኸብሉ ሜዳ ዲሞክራሲ ደቂስና ተፀቢናዮም። ንሶም ድማ ኣብ ከበባ ኣእትዮም ናብ መዋጥር ሸሚሞምና።ኣብ ሜዳ ዲሚክራሲ ስዒሮም ድማ ንታ ሃገር መንጢሎምና ።
            #እሞኸ ሎሚ ብሄራዊ ሕቶና ደርቢና ናብታ ናታቶም ሃገር ዶ ንፀምበር ወይስ ካብ ጌጋና ተማሂርና ብሄራዊ ሕቶና ናብ ዘይተርፈሉ ደረጃ ነብፅሓዮ ?
            #ኢትዮጵያ ንሕና ደለና ኣይደለና ካብ መፈጠርታኣ ጌጋ ስለዝኾነት እቲ ዘለዋ ቅርጺ ሒዛ ትቕፅል ድያ ኣይትቕፅልን ካልእ ጉዳይ ኮይኑ … ካብ ድሕሪ ደጊም ኣብ ትሕቲ እቶም ብጉልባብ ዲሞክራሲ ንሕና ክንዕብልላ ኢና ዝብሉ ኣህዛብ ኣትያ ኣንፃርና ኮይና እያ ክትቅጽል፡፡
            #እወ! ልምዓት ሰላምን ዲሞክራስን ንደሊ ኢና፡፡ እንተኾነ ምስ ፀላኢኻን ክወረካ ምስዝህንደድ ህዝብን ሓይልን እናነበርካ ከመይ ኢልካ ብዛዕባ ምዕባለን ብልጽግናን ትሓስብ ?
            #ሰነፍ ክነሱ ንስኻ ጽዒርካ ብርሃፅካ ዘፍረኻዮ ምስ ዝምንጥለካ፥ ከመይ ኢልካ ብዛዕባ ምህዞን ሓድሽ ሓሳብ ህንፀት ምልን ክትሓስብ ትኽእል ?
            #ሰብ ብእምኒ ቀቲሉ ምቕታሉ ከየሕዘኖ መሊሱ ብሓዊ ምስ ዘቃፅል ወይ እውን ንወዲሰብ ከም በጊዕ ንቁልቁል ኣፉ ደፊኡ ምርኣይን ምስ ዘሐጉሶ ህዝቢ ከመይ ኢልካ ብዛዕባ ሰላም ትሓስብ ? ንዓኻ ንምድቃቕን ኣብ ልዕሌኻ ሕነ ንምፍዳይን ምስ ዝሓስብ ህዝብን ሓይልን ከመይ ኢልካ ብዛዕባ ዲሞክራሲ ትሓስብ ?
            ስለዚ ፥ሃገረ ትግራይ መጀመርያ ኣብ ሕልና ተጋሩ ጀሚራ እያ ክትህነፅ ዘለዋ…

            Note: I have not read and validated these for accuracy.

          • iSem

            Hi HTG:
            This is what I find absurd about the logic that TPLF/Tigray will mess with our diversity. I say this, they too are diverse, not as diverse as us but diverse enough” Muslims, Orthodox, Catholic, protestant, Kunama and Saho, they do have all these.
            If they are not doing it by bloodshed, and if Eritrea is so fragile that it falls for the fiction that BY and others peddling then it does not deserve to be around. The second absurdity is that the threat to Eritrea both to its diversity and sovereignty is PFDJ not Tigray.
            The smart people get this, it is not rocket science, it is just to be in the popular/mainstream crowd, as what you and I an others are saying is coherent, but unpopular. Take Semere T, he is old young enough to remember when EPLF with the support of TPLF chased him with his clothes deranged in blood to Sudan, and he did not have issue when it again hunted down his comrades in Addis Abeba, probably his Kicha is with PFDJ, and now when PFDJ broke up with TPLF he was too blessed PFDJ, now PFDJ is in bed with the killers of his grandfathers and his colleagues and he is ok with it.

          • NewDawn

            Selam berhe, it really doesnt matter who wins. All that matters from our perspective is how badly damaged ethiopia is and will be. I hope this is Isaias’s end and he has atleast left with a shattered ethiopia.

          • T. Kifle

            Selamat Berhe,

            Thank you for the goodwill.
            1. I read you doubting the involvement of Eritrea until you heard it from the horse’s mouth. Was it an innocent overlook? you were also arguing that the rockets launched to Asmara were the precursor of Eritrean involvement into the foray when in fact it was written on the wall that it was a retaliation for its involvement. Before TDF launched the rockets, Humera is already destroyed by the mechanised units of EDF

            2. You also said that if TDF tries to fight in the depth of Eritrea, it would be a popular war and the guns would change direction. This is where you seem detached from the reality of Eritrea. Eritrea mobilised already what it can to. EDF will be routed in just a week and by then the Eritrean people would shrug off the the chains of operation by the so called liberators.
            3. You should have known better that TPLF is the only political party that respects the sovereignty of Eritrea. speaking of myself, I would fight on your side if Tigray encroaches on the sovereignty of Eritrea.

            In any case you appear to me a ላንጋ ላንጋ closer to a PFDJ apologists which ain’t sexy anyway.

          • Metshaf Jigninet

            Selam T. Kifle,

            1) The reason for Eritreas involvement wasn’t clear at the get go, so blaming Berhe Y for supporting his country is ridiculous. He was vehemently arguing for EDF to leave Tigray and that the civilians should get aid.

            2) Eritrea did not mobilise what they have. IA mobilised what he has. See the difference?

            3) Focus on making friends! Trust is of higher value than any military might.

            4) Request deals for the PoW. What they should be is yours to handle. However, I will suggest the release of Jawar for a significant amount of the PoW.

            Rest assured it will give you an unthinkable advantage

          • Metshaf Jigninet

            Hello T.Kifle,

            EDF doesn’t need to be “crashed”, nor does TDF. Avoid putting yourselves in a position that isn’t fruitful for anyone.

            IA is not EDF!

          • Kaddis

            Selam T.Kifle
            Glad to hear more areas being liberated including invaded parts of western and south tigray + eritrea border areas. Finding where Eris were located was very hard for many of us who were doubting the decision of TDF to enter meqele …fearing Eris might attack with heavy artilleries …
            I could not sleep with huge anxiety and praying many I know in person and online from tigray re-appear ….I am terrified as well to learn how devastating the last 7 months has been …
            TDF, with the right partners, should ensure another crazy, wounded animals are not left to regroup, be it in Eritrea or 4 killo