Where To Go & How To Get There (Part III)

By : Eritrean Unity Movement

Part I exposed the branches of the YPFDJ across Europe. Part II exposed the self assessment done by YPFDJ on the 7th Conference on how they intended to control the Eritrean communities and youth in Europe. It presented their weaknesses, strengths and opportunities as they defined it. Part III shows the strategic the goals of YPFDJ as presented at the conference as where they want to reach and their plan of action how to get there. We need to look closely into it as to how the PFDJ is working to control our future. We need to combat them effectively.

PART III: Where to go & How to get there

7. Strategic goals and action plan

Considering each issue, we have identified seven major immediate and near-term strategic goals that we should focus on:

  1. Build a value centered organization
  2. Design procedures for institutionalization
  3. Develop a Nighat & skills development curriculum
  4. Strengthen and transform our community
  5. Build strategic relations
  6. Ensure financial stability
  7. Serve Eritrea from Erispora and in Eritrea

Our annual work plan is a great tool for our short-term goals. Our short-term goals must focus on YPDJ six work areas or six Euro-wide committees, namely Nighat, skills and development, Media & information, Networking & lobbying, Fundraising, and recruitment.

Our long-term goals are illustrated best by acronym IDEASS:

IDE= identity
A= awareness
S= service

The acronym IDEASS, paints the process of serving Eritrea, realizing your Eritrean identity, increasing your awareness and becoming successful in your field of endeavor. It endows you with the necessary tools to optimally serve Eritrea

7.1 Build a value-centered organization

It is vital to identify our core values; the pillars of our movement on which YPFDJ members find common ground. The core values must be instilled in each YPFDJ member to ensure the end product of YPFDJ is a strong, conscious and patriotic Eritrean youth who is a leader (cadre) in the Eritrean Community.

The core values on which YPFDJ members find common ground:

  • Patriotism=Hagerawinet
  • Unity=Hadinet
  • Camaraderie=Bitsayinet
  • Commitment=Tewefayinet
  • Self-reliance=R’ese Murkosa
  • Equality=Mearinet
  • Innovation=Mehazinet
  • Discipline/ Code of conduct= Sine sirat
  • Lead by example /action oriented=Tigbarawiney
Obj. What How Who When Outcome
1.Create a core value awareness: Instill Core Values in each PFDJ member, and into our organizational culture Identify our core valuesHighlight core values in our every day work Nighat committee and chapter leaders May – Sept 2011 Work method guided by PFDJ core valuesA set of core values serving a common ground for members

7.2 Design procedures for institutionalization

The roles, responsibilities and communication avenues of different committees and and chapters should be mapped out: YPDFJ has to identify factors or tools, which will be able to monitor the progress and measure the development of the organization. It is important to find ways of measuring such progress periodically, by identifying success criteria.


Obj. What How Who When Outcome
2. Organizational overview Evaluate decision-making processes and reporting procedures CC May-June2011 Work method guided by PFDJ’s core values
3. Institutionalize committees and chapters Evaluate Euro-committees(mandate, tasks, candidates) and chapters (establishment and work method)

Clear procedures for nominations and establishments (PFDJ documents)

Templates to chapters for i.e. annual plan, pre-conference preparation, kit, event check lists

An appointed committee consisting of representatives of CC, Chapter leaders, and committee members May-Oct 2011 Decreasing conflicts and misunderstandingsClear and harmonious work procedures

Local acceptance

Consolidating work methods and support to inactive/newly formed chapters

4. Coordinate tasks among committees (Conference, Biddho, TOT Create a joint platform where CC, committees and chapters can work (joint projects, fixed meetings, delegate tasks) An appointed committee consisting of representatives of CC, chapter leaders and committee members Aug-Nov2011 Minimizing redundancy, create synergy and minimize double work
5. Formalize members Analyze membership statistics (formalized, non-formalized? Potential, demotivated members?Handout membership info

(requirements, duties). Standardize membership routines (PFDJ documents)

Clear procedures for formal membership fees and collection of the fees

CC Chapter leaders Aug –Jan2012 Clear picture of membership statusMembership transparency

Consolidate members

6. Joint recruitment strategy for new members and consolidating members Identify 3 levels of recruitmentStandardized routines and curriculum for every level of commitment (develop a package of informal conversations, reading material, social events etc. Recruitment Committee March 2012 Steady introduction procedures to our movement

Eritrean Unity Movement


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