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The Pretend Tudor Monarch And His Banks

Since late last year when the Eritrean regime imposed tighter controls on the Nakfa currency, the already small Eritrean economy has shrunk, mainly due to shortage of cash in the market.

The acute shortage of cash in circulation has hit the retail business hard and drastically reduced its size—perishable products for instance, a kilogram of tomatoes that used to sell for 80 Nakfa a kilo before the government recalled all the cash in circulation, is now selling at 20 Nakfa.

Surprisingly,  media sources affiliated to, or sympathetic with, the Eritrean ruling party have been crediting the decrease in the prices of perishable items to the “smart economic strategy that the government implemented to lower consumer prices.” However, the government’s role in the decrease of prices is the fact that it pulled a big chunk of the currency out of circulation.

Eritrean vendors who have no proper cooling and storage facilities have to dispose  perishable items fast, at any price, before they rot and end up being thrown away. Vegetables and fruits that start selling at 100 Nakfa a kilo in the early morning end up selling at 25 Nakfa a kilo towards the evening.

Over the last three months, the currency drama has preoccupied Eritreans more than anything else. And though the process of the currency exchange supposedly ended a few weeks ago, Eritreans are still living with the disruption of the economy that the ambiguous decision to change the currency created. That has finally resulted in the government ending up controlling all the currency in the country. In addition, it has meticulously recorded how much each and every citizen owns and in the process, and it has greatly profited from the exchange of the currency.

Out of the estimated amount of 62 billion Nakfa worth of currency that was in circulation, only an estimated 75%  has  been surrendered to the banks. The rest is believed to have turned into valueless paper, and that translates into unjustly earned profits for the government of Eritrea. Unfortunately, in the absence of a free press, according to an observer the losing parties are, ”mainly poor people who have no understanding of how the PFDJ banking system and its other rackets operate,”. Needless to say, the totalitarian regime and the business elite of the ruling PFDJ party has already converted their money to US dollars and stashed the ill-acquired wealth in distant and safe places long before the government announced the changing of the currency.

The regime allows businesses to withdraw only 20,000 Nakfa monthly (roughly $400) from their accounts; the regime insists they can conduct limitless transactions through checks or other banking tools. However, those whose business is located in the countryside, or is mainly based on cash transactions, are almost out of business. A businessman who just left Eritrea for good stated, “Such meager cash cannot sustain a small corner-kiosk let alone a wholesale business.” But it is not only businesses that are complaining, individuals can only withdraw of 5,000 Nakfa monthly irrespective of their household sizes.

It is clear that the ill conceived, greedy, and politically motivated decision to change the currency has created a problem and has already ruined the livelihood of many citizens. The regime, however, claims it’s “smart financial policies will punish and limit the activities of corrupt individuals and businesses.” But so far, the entire population is being punished while the cats that the regime selectively fattened are not deterred . The regime has put the already shaky monopolized economy in a quagmire it is ill fit to navigate through.

Frantic movements to ameliorate the damage caused by the currency disaster that it created, the regime has subjected Eritreans to a barrage of proclamations, clarifications, additional explanations, and more clarification related to the change of currency. But each time, the legalistic sounding clarifications get worse and end up increasing the perpetual confusion. And in its latest bid to counter the widespread discontent and negative publicity, on Thursday, February 10, the PFDJ regime issued further clarifications in relation to the currency exchange.

According to the latest clarification, anyone has the right to pay by check, and there is dire consequences for those who refuse to accept a check: penalties, jail terms, and cancellation of business license. And to lead by example, the regime decided that all its service and public institutions will deal only through checks, no hard cash—could that curtail corruption?

Acting like parents who consider it is their responsibility to safe-keep their child’s piggy-bank, the Eritrean regime decided to keep the wealth of supposedly free citizens. Anyone who keeps cash amounts of more than 3000 Nakfa would be committing a serious crime! There was a chilling clarification: Usually, all cash should be deposited and withdrawn from banks, but in case that individuals and business are found keeping huge amounts of cash, they would be held responsible by “the law and face the legal ramifications.”

Indeed, the main announced reason for the change of the currency and its forced depositing in banks was to decrease the use of paper currency and make transaction through other banking instruments like checks. It was alleged it was to promote the use of banking transaction other than cash, but never to control or limit commercial and personal transactions as there is no limit to the transaction amounts  carried out by using checks. So, if they want to avoid the wrath of the regime, Eritreans have to begin using checks in their financial transactions.

However, the culture and practice of using checks is not something you enforce by proclamations. Imagine a person in a remote Eritrean location in need of buying a bull to slaughter for a wedding party, and the animal costs about 7000 Nakfa, over twice the maximum legal transaction the regime allows the citizens to conduct in cash. Worse, neither the buyer nor the seller can read or write. Such transactions are doomed unless the ruling party ventures into a new business of providing check-writers and readers in each village and hamlet across the country—and given its record of “financialization” of governance, no one would be surprised if it did.

At any rate, the ruling party seems to have already envisioned a solution: it proclaimed 100%  literacy rate and so now it is so. It declared every Eritrean should use checks and they will, by hook or by crook, and for fear of serious repercussions: a threat of jail terms for refusing to accept or write a check! And of course, the clarification “clarified” that  Forex business is still the monopoly of the regime, and a threat: “all exchange of hard currency can only be carried out by authorized, legal money changers, any exchange outside the legal entities results in a serious punishment.”

The best deal for Eritrea would be for the Eritrean tyrant to issue a proclamation to immediately end poverty, stop drought, and eradicate opposition to his injustices, and build a great wall of Eritrea around the country to further isolate it. With no parliament to stop him, the pretend-Tudor monarch can issue any proclamation he wishes!

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  • Dear Hope,

    Why should it always be like that? First you came with the Ottoman Turks, then twice with the Italians, and now you are waiting for the Egyptians. They will destroy Ethiopia if they can, and they will surely enslave you. You will be disappointed to learn that in the last war with the Israelis, they left behind their boots so that they could run faster on the sands of the Sinai desert. I do not know what they might be doing this time over. That is to tell you that it is human beings that win a war and not machinery.

    British journalists are asking and laughing at their government. They say, you have been bombing ISIS for so long; how many fighters did you kill, seven? How much land have you taken back? Why couldn’t you block their way to Libya? Despite this, you are ready to lose everything as long as Ethiopia is destroyed? Here is a person who is ready to decide the fate of 5m Eritreans for the worse. It is really terrifying to have a neighbor who hates your very existence.

    About me being Abi and the vise versa; I wish I could be as good as Abi in writing Qne. I really envy him; and here is Hope who makes me a Qne writer over night. What a luck.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Horizon,

      I don’t think Hope is being serious, but here is an interesting news:

      Egypt Gives $1 Million to Help WFP Assist Drought-Affected People in Ethiopia

      Given the dwindling tourism revenue and economic hardship they have been facing for several years they can’t necessarily afford it, but their attempt to reach out has to be appreciated.

      • Dear F.G.,

        What Hope does not seem to understand is that the old policy of Arab nations towards Ethiopia is gradually changing. They are more practical compared to the PFDJ and their supporters. Having in mind the inherent weakness of the power of oil in the future and the changing world geopolitics, they seem to be using the adage; if you can’t beat them join them. Look how much the polemics towards Ethiopia has changed lately, especially from the Egyptian government side. They are following a double pronged policy towards Ethiopia, the stick policy if they can, and the carrot policy whenever they see that they cannot do otherwise. That is why many Arab nations are investing in Ethiopia, and the government should be ready to work with them. But, what Ethiopians should never forget is that religion and their past history play a major role in their worldview, and therefore, Ethiopians should always be less trusting.

  • Abi

    Hi Hope
    Is this the final correction ? Hope nefsneger , why bother correcting your comment? Nobody read the original version.

  • Abi

    Hope Jigna
    Where is the self reliance? You are waiting for the Egyptians to give you a ride to mekele and addis.
    Eway wurdet!!
    How about using a camel instead? You must be so desperate to wait for the Egyptians. Miskin.
    Hey, these days your comments are decorated with a lot of “xxxxx”. It used to be a lot of !!!!!!!!!!.
    Eway blgina!
    Anta suq bel bilgona atzareb.

  • Dear Wolde ab.

    Do you have any supporting evidence that OPDO is a marionette at the hands of TPLF? TPLF is your nemesis, not ours. We see it as one of the parties of the EPRDF coalition government. Yes, we had a big problem with TPLF at the start until it realized that it cannot rule a country without commitment. Nevertheless, when it started to show that it is part and parcel of the Ethiopian state, and it could be a force that could mobilize Ethiopia’s economy together with other Ethiopian political parties, that was when things changed. In addition, yes, we have a problem with the incumbent EPRDF government whenever it misuses its power; nevertheless, Ethiopia is moving forward. If TPLF has any reason to backtrack on its promises as part of a pro-development Ethiopian government, that will be the day when Ethiopians will have a problem with TPLF. Until then, TPLF will remain your problem and yours only. Do not look for how much democratic third world LFs and governments are, but how much benevolent they are to their people. OLF and PFDJ do not fit in the benevolent category.

    Finally, do not worry about fat fingers, small screens and editing. They are problems of a secondary nature.

  • Abi

    Hi Hope
    What is this zibazinke?
    Where is the addendum?
    The best solution is Weyane to roll it’s tanks in Keren, Asmara, Massawa, and all the major cities. Time to liberate Eritreans from Eritrea. Instead of no war no peace it it going to be WAR FOR LASTING PEACE!!!!!
    Meat me at Keren with the best mint tea.
    Bo ghizie leBahirenegash!!!

  • Dear Hope,

    Sorry, I was not aware of your response to me until few minutes ago.

    Just in few words, the remedy for Ethio-Eritrean ailment is that Ethiopians and Eritreans should realize that they cannot continue to exist forever side by side as two irreconcilable enemies. Period. They should swallow their pride and their arrogance and approach each other for their own sake and the sake of their posterity. Do not look for friends on the other side of the Red Sea or beyond the Sahara desert. They have proved that they are not dependable friends. Even today, despite the animosity of the two governments and elites, Ethiopia is still home for Eritreans, and will always be. If we are to wait until certain conditions are met that are absent for the last fifteen years or so, or until one of the two blinks, and we remain blind to the new geo-political development, then be sure we will be both history. If you see the Islamic Coalition only superficially, then that will be where you would be making the gravest mistake. I see it as a Matryoshka (the Russian Nesting dolls), terrorism hidden within anti-terrorism, and the final endpoint being Islamic Sunni hegemony under the Saudi royal family over the whole region.

    The Ethiopian government is not a saint, but malleable. Up to now it functions under the influence of one of the Newtonian laws of, for every action the Eritrean regime takes, there will an opposite reaction, otherwise, an eye for an eye. When you poke somebody in the side and he pokes you back, both will feel the pain. That is what has been happening over the last fifteen years. Both countries should conquer each other, with good will, friendship, cooperation and a strong determination for peace, rather than with weapons, which they acquire by taking food out of the mouth of their people. That was the essence of Africa’s generation of new leaders, which was blown to pieces by the two candidates.

    • Hope

      This advice should go to your Government!
      You know exactly who is doing and what.
      Eritrea tried to maintain its neutrality and you know who betrayed who .
      It is time for Eritrea to think North and East and to do what is best for her survival and self defense,be it short term or long term.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Brother Hope,

    I wish I could take the credit for the noble cause I think you think I was there for. My trip was absolutely for personal leisure and selfish in nature. However, I had a chance to do a couple of good deeds, so I will take 5% of that wonderful complement.

    Now that the confession is over, I have news for you. I was dragged (its okay; you can drink coca cola) into a nice little bar near our hotel one evening, and there was this loud (to overcome the loud music) but likeable Eritrean guy who seem to know all the secret political trickery of the last 25+ years between Sibhat Efrem – Hayelom – Meles – Isaias and many notable others. He was defending Isaias in all things including explaining how Isaias was mislead by those he trusted, but what amazed us the most was his daring and absolutely no fear attitude.

    We kept going back to that bar every other evening because we liked the kind of diverse music they play and most of the patrons seemed well behaved and mature. We saw the same guy every time we were there, he, every time, spoke about the same general topic with the same looking group of table full friends.

    We concluded that either he is extremely reckless or he knows EPRDF doesn’t give a hoot about bar talks. We saw him for more than two weeks. So I guess he will be okay. I have a few more less intense examples too. My point is that if that guy can survive EPRDF I think you will be totally fine. Compared to him, you are almost a mini-Weyanay.

    • Dear F. G.,

      It seems that there is more democracy in Addis Ababa bars than in Addis Ababa streets. What a child and a person under the influence of alcohol says is forgiven and forgotten. I am worried, alcoholism will be our other problem.

      • Abi

        Hi Horizon
        “Sekaram ayikeses, ayiweqes ”
        That drunk can be a government spy. I don’t trust him.
        I got a real story I heard from Gashe Sibhat G/Egziabher.
        He and BeAlu Girma were drinking in the car outside a bar. A guy approached BeAlu and asked him for some pocket change. BeAlu gave him and continued his conversation with Gashe Sibhat.
        Sibhat: sewyew eko joro ( security agent) new.
        BeAlu: awqewalehu
        Sibhat: tadiya lemin seTehew?
        BeAlu: yalawekut endimeslew.
        A real story. I hope Eyobe knows about this story.

        • Kokhob Selam


          That was during derg..in Mengsus era man !

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Mr. President,

        Oh yes! I noticed those endless bottles of beer too. Most of the little coffee shops during the day convert into beer distribution centers by 5:00 PM. How about the tiny two-sitter bars one after another? On the semi-positive side, there are almost as many meat shops that cater Tibs (good), KurT/brindo (bad), and kitfo (very bad) to counter balance the effect of alcohol.

        However, I did not see a single meat shop where the meat was covered from flies or dirt.
        This is so simple to solve I don’t understand why someone does not come up with a one side glass meat hunger box. I have several health concerns about these meat shops, but when combined with the out of control consumption of beer, it is worrisome.

        • Dear F.G.,

          Mr. President. Wow, this title scares me a lot. There is a saying, if you go out to a market place and shout “Mr. President”, half of the people would turn around, because the commonest thing is to be the president of this or other organization, association, assembly, hunting club, football club, …. you name it.

          As much as Alcohol consumption is concerned, beer and Johnny Walker (especially Black Label) for the wealthy and the middle class, Tej and KatiKala for the ordinary citizen, and on top of this, qchat and tobacco for the young, is the wrong road the Ethiopian society is travelling and a future social-health-economic-time-bomb. I remember friends and past schoolmates who were proud to tell us that they could drink 20-30 bottles of beer a day, without having any idea of the long-term social and health consequences of alcoholism.

          China and Ethiopia are cooperating not only in development, but also in the percentage of people who are developing diabetes, arterial hypertension, heart disease etc. These are the bad signs of wealth accumulation and greed by a portion of the Ethiopian society, and the legacy of Western way of life, imported and implemented as it is, as if it is the sign of civilization and modernism.

          For the butchers, it is the duty of the health department to solve the problem of keeping meat and other perishable items at room temperature exposed to flies and contamination. The ministry of health can help them learn how to implement healthy methods of meat preservation, facilitate the importation of equipments etc.

  • dawit

    Geetings to all Awatistas,

    I see the war against among Awatistas is expanding. The coordinated war against Mahmud lead by Ex-General Amanuel Hidrat has now opened a mini battle between Kokhob and professor tes. The professor claimed he was the one who first discovered Mahmud as PFDJ sympathizer and deserve the AT award for discovery. Now ex-general Kokhob challenges tes claims and he is the first to discover it. Please Honorable AT judges, just split the prize between the two co-discoverers to stop this mini-war escalating to a full blown war inside the Justice Revenge Seekers Opposition Camp(JRSOC).
    Mahmuday, I see JRSOC is pushing you out to swim towards Dawitism., because you seem to have failed the JRSOC requirement or litmus paper test to be full member. I noticed that they want to deny you yours and your children identity based on where you reside. It is funny how people in ‘planet illogic’ think. They can live outside Eritrea and oppose GOE, but they deny GOE supporter to do the same! There is no way you can join their rank unless you completely deny your Eritrean soul. I know the ocean is wide to reach all the way to the shores of ‘Dawitism’, but I think you can sail your boat half way and anchor it on the island of Justice Seekers, where genuine Eritreans and PFDJ Justice Seekers could join you and who knows even dawit could sail his boat to join your, at the true justice seekers camp to launch Fenkil II for Justice for Eritrea.
    Good Luck

    • Kokhob Selam


      Lol! even though I don’t want to read you comments, I don’t know why I am reading. Now, you are fanning the fire. መሽረፈት ተቀይርካ ! don’t ask Say7, ወሪድዎ he even don’t know how to pronounce it sometime he writes መርሽፈት but he knows dawitism none among us has described it the way he did. today there is another description add by you.

      Mahmduay is my friend and I will remain admiring him. forget about our past arguments we have more common land to enjoy. He respect our long tough struggle and he has clearly announced it. that in itself if enough to be comrades. it is because we have such a common ground that we argue like two brothers.

      Now, I once wonder watching at two lovers and asked who loved first, the girl answered to me “It doesn’t matter who loved first, but didn’t you see we love each other equally? ” እእእ ወይ ደቂ ሎሚ I said and move. do that, don’t worry who found out the propagandista nature of Mahmuday.. we both love mahmuday and tes and me love to see him to be in highest level. tes is examiner, and wants to filter to get clean and clear stand. .

      at last you said “….where genuine Eritreans and PFDJ Justice Seekers could join you and who knows even dawit could sail his boat to join your, at the true justice seekers camp to launch Fenkil II for Justice for Eritrea.” ኣፍካ መዓር ይምላእ please see the software of Saay7 may be it will be “mouthka honey full ” this time you didn’t chew that thing..Lol.

      I know you are dreaming to be in Addis. ask Fanti how Ethiopia looks like after EPRD deported you. don’t worry just be against war and join as on the peaceful ocean with some pfdj supporters and you will enjoy both nations with your Dawitism doctrine.

      regarding Amanuel, to be honest I want you to know he is the teacher you should learn a lot. he was never against any one and he replies to you gently – never changed from his gedli days.

      • dawit

        Dear Kokhobai,

        I know you can nor resist Dawit’s writing because he writes with convictions, logics supported by facts. I like your new description of Dawit, “Meshrefet”. Waw I like it seriously!. Do you know what መሽረፈት does? It helps the fire burn fast and hot. I think that must be one of the best Eritrean useful utensils we have invented. Thanks to Eritrean mothers and sister who make them from our natural resource Arkokoby tree leaves. So you see Kokhobay, AT needs a meshrefet to make the fire catch fast and hot!

        Don’t worry about my house in Addis. Have you heard what people say ‘you cant your cake and eat it, at the same time? Dawitism defies that rule.! One of the building at 22 that Fanti is complaining about may be mine, The last time I visited two years ago every thing in Addis was dug up and traffic was horrible. Now the light train is complete things might have improved.. I am planning to visit Addis next July.

        When I visit Ethiopia I travel every where, North to South to East to West, I usually fly over the country and rent a car (4WD0 and a driver through villages and towns in rural areas. . I visited many of the universities in the country (Mekele, Jima, Awasa, Nazret, Ambo, Haramaya) I was very impressed for opening many education opportunities to many Ethiopians. But in most other things I was not impressed at all with what I saw, I saw farms in the east where people used to grow sorghums now plant chat for cash, I noticed chat plantation as far north in Godjam province where they used to grow tef and wheat. The land west of Addis where people used to grow tef, wheat and chick peas leased to foreign investors growing flowers for export, and the small farmers who used that land turned to daily labors . The same was true travelling east of Addis. Travelling from Nazareth (Adama) to Shshemene and Awasa land been fenced by investors, the land that local herds men used for grazing their animals. There are few tract of land for farmers to take their cattle drink water at the rift valley lakes. You can see the ribs of the cattle and this was in the middle of the rainy season. Same in the South, large tract of coffee and tea plantation owened by one Saudi investor Alamodi. Addis, yes it has grown in size. You observe tall glass buildings everywhere, my wife and my children were wondering how those building are safe, because some of the buildings were leaning to the side.Inside Addis practically every other business and building is owned same one person, gas stations, hotels, car rental travel agent you name it is Sheck Alamudi or Saudi star. I visited a night club in Addis near Bole Airport, never seen such a huge night clubs any where in the world, where NGOs spend their evening dancing. There are 1000s of NGOs in charge of the countries development. They hire few Ethiopians university graduates with decent salaries. There are also some gated foreign owned (Chinese) industrial parks along the way to Debre Zeit and Resort hotels near the lake Bishoftu..
        It is true those investors are accumulating few dollars in their foreign account, but it was clear to me farmers’ granaries were empty . So you see my friend Kokhobay, don’t try to sell me how Ethiopia is developing, because I was there and saw it. Very little has changed since Haile Selassie’s or Derg time, for the great majority of the people. Any sensible person would have seen the youth uprising in Oromia and other places. I saw a great famine coming to the country, and I wrote about it here at AT, and I remember every Ethiopia at AT pounded me for predicting the drought and famine for my ill wish to Ethiopia. Why would I Dawit will have an ill wish to a country I was born at and the people I grew with? It is just mind boggling. My support or opposition to Eritrea or Ethiopia is a question of fairness as simple as that. From my own life experience Ethiopia has been unfair to Eritrea as a country, and unfair to its own people, throughout, HS, Derg or EPRDF rule and when your not fair to your neighbor, you cant practice fairness in your home. Finally you seem worried about the coming of a next war and you should be, but let me tell you also If there is going to start a new war in the region, it will be started again by Ethiopia and not by Eritrea. Despite the cheap propagandas, Eritrea never started a war against Ethiopia or any of her neighbors.



        • Kokhob Selam


          too much to read. I will put a reminder to read it on Friday – do you won publishing house or company?

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Bxaay Dawitom
      Arabs say AlQafla teseer walklab tenbaH; if I translate it; our friends will jump ” ለካስ ብቐደሙ!!!!!!!!!!” because they think bxaay IA invented the saying; oh, sorry Ngoos IA. Anyway, the problem I face is that there are people I really respect, and who have been working to to unite efforts. If I come swinging full force and play it nasty, it may appear as if I’m writing irresponsibly. The other problem is this, and let this be disclosed now that I’m out there as a paid PFDJ propagandist, I mean, there is nothing I can lose. it is the fact that the people who hammer me here are the nicest people you could find when it comes corresponding privately. OK. tes is a gentle young man, and actually, a joker. Amanuel is an encyclopedia, and very loving person. Semere Andom, well you guys know how satirist he is. KS is very nice and encouraging. I do love them and I respect them. I have discussed issues with them, with some very deep, others just at exchanging info and experiences….We are civil outside the forum. By now, they know I’m a PFDJ; I have received another promise that I will get one Kisha of KCL from Caluli when it starts production.
      Back to you: I think I feel warm and secure in my place. I will keep rattling both posts just for getting some energy. At the end when the time of ሰብ ናብ ሰብኡ ዝብኢ ናብ ገረቡ comes, when reason reigns and when the sense of responsibility increases, people will recognize that we don’t have any choice but to talk to each other. Therefore, dawitom, I’m where I’m; time will pull you half way. The other side also the same, whether it is today or tomorrow, they will realize that serious dialogue will have to take place. Hint: You dialogue because you have differences. Yes, Fenkil II is coming.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Mahmuday,
        believe me, you have important rule and place in our heart. remember, we have lost people who killed each other just for simple differences. Today, we regret all and we know we could have lived happily if we have tolerance for each other. Here, the words flow are hard and difficult but it is like vaccination.

        remember , big and important things we have exchanged with you? if I think you are serving PFDJ do you think I will openly talk to you about everything. Not at all. But when we debate here we are not debating as Mahmuday or Kokhob Selam only, this site is the most important site not only in opposition camp but right in president office. there big boys are discussing about what we talk about. in fact they are facing problems as you guys mind is too big to play with.

        You will face always aggressive challenge and you should tolerate Marshal, (ተክበር ወተንሳ ድዮም ዝብሉ ዓረብ) – how do you want us to know we have strong and gentle men like you without testing you left and right. Lol.

        some time you make things purposely, the other day Hayata replied to Sara…do you remember what you have done, እዝስ እንታይ ይብያል ? my poor queen was helpless and she try her best answering to you, “HADA HARAM” Lol, Sara said something that you should correct and when you address to her I thought you will do so. with your highly advanced mind you came to victimize Hayata and yes some small minds just your words and start to hammer her in other posts. typical IA style! Lol. but what can we do, about it, that is Mahmuday the great who is my half part.

        imagine now you and Hayata will given a position in new democratic Eritrea ! I want you to think in such way and reconcile things.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam tes, and all

    Keep going buddy, I have already told you that you have a false belief of your self. You think lies and fumes can burry truth. Time will tell you. And time will teach you about the resolve I have. Just a quick reminder, I know you and your lots hate this, but unless you quote me, or summarize a comment or anything that I have said, you are acting dishonestly, and I will remind you not to LIE.

    1. a/ I don’t call it slavery, but I acknowledge it is a program that has exposed our young people to abuses

    b/ I called for its overhauling; crimes to be investigated

    c/l called for returning it to its original 18 months

    d/ I explained that the abuses and misuses of power and authorities that take place in National Service are part of the overall political problem our country is experiencing; therefore, I called for an overall change that also takes care the illegal elongation of National Service .

    c/ Therefore, I called for a civilian oversight for any future national services

    d/ I underlined the fact that commercialization of the fact serves nothing except NGO; that if people are serious, they have to work on educating and giving tools (training on how to organize and resist, or, material). This emanates from my belief that we have already armed young people inside who are ready to take care of their problems if we assist them in circumventing state securities; I underlined that, except headlines and may be fundraising, graying lawmakers of European countries are not going to do about it; it should the armed and unarmed Eritreans inside who should be encouraged and empowered to take care of themselves; I believe on the potential of Eritrean people; and I believe Eritreans are putting up with the system because they think the nation is under threat; calling our young people slaves don’t really play well with empowering them to rise up.

    e/ I call it an illegal elongation of the service designed to elongate the life of the system; same as dismantling the nascent democratic activities we saw in the late 90s, same as muzzling voices of citizens; same as writing off democratic process, same as the propaganda that the world is against the nation; same as seizing a total grip on the lives of citizens including political….I advocate for the

    i/ dismantlement of PFDJ political philosophy

    ii/ the weeding out of criminals; investigating the wrongs that were exacted against the people and nation so that future generations will learn from them

    iii/ the restructuring of state apparatus, trimming them lean and modernizing them.
    I’m glad my opinions are open, and many awatistas will remember this lines. Therefore, my friend this is not about a small talk that took place between you and me, but an open forum. Don’t lie.

    Here is the article that you are exploiting. I’m confident that you are not for a purposeful discussion. If so, discuss line by line. Do not take words and sentences out of context.

    2. You said I opposed COI, ውጹእ ሓሶት። You said I was against Geneva, New York demonstrations. This is also another lie. I really have to recalculate my expectation about you. Because you are lying on things that I can prove you wrong within a click of a button. It show how irresponsible, clumsy, and careless you are. This is an open forum and it’s electronic my friend. Please don’t lie.
    3&4. SEMG and sanction: I’m against sanctions, I don’t believe in SEMG report. I explained why sanctions could solve Eritrean internal problems; how it could delay and complicate the change that I expect to come from within (remember, while you wait for change to come to you from the NGO’s which are commercializing Eritrean real problems, I put my faith on the hardworking people of Eritrea. Now take this to the bank. I state this to restate the fact, other than that, tewsaKitka, no body gave you the honor to be the gate keeper, be humble my friend. Get out of your slumber and get involved. I’m involved with justice seekers of my area, and everything you say is just laughable.
    5. LIE, if not quote me, bring the comment
    6. I will never let people like you, the born again, to mutilate our heroic journey never. I understand why you are toying with this “ELF” thing. Let me just reiterate this: ELF is an Eritrean history. I narrate my history, you yours and those who were in derg occupied Eritrea, or in the Diaspora do the same. At the same time I’m on record saying that ghedli comes when history is raised otherwise, its regurgitation is not going to solve today’s problems. I actually go further, and call on all ghedli era leaders to let young people and women take their rightful place.
    Sorry, I’m in a hurry, but this should be enough. I may edit it later.

    • tes

      Selamat Mahmud,

      I am busy this time during working days. I may come back if I found it necessary to digest your PFDJ propaganda style. For the time being, you reminded me DIA’s interview with Al-Jezeera. When everything was put for him by the journalist, he was asking her “where are the evidences, where are the evidences”? And to shut her up he was repeatedly labeling her as a liar.

      Just an alert:

      One should not necessarily be quoted. The message contained within the context matters.

      And plus:

      You left Eritrea in 1994 and national service, aka National Slavery, was started when you left. You have no idea what it. Hence your narration on national service is void and irrational. The first time I read your article forced me to resist you.

      Just to quote from your PFDJ hateta of 2014 (not moved an inch even by witnessing such a terrible youth exodus who are the first victims of PFDJ):

      You wrote:

      ““STOP NATIONAL SERVICE SLAVERY IN ERITREA,” is one of the latest dumb and mad campaigns of the season; a blitz campaign that has reached all types of mass communications, just google it. The officially stated objective is to end slavery in Eritrea. The campaign defines National Slavery as an enslavement and calls upon the world to rally for the emancipation of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of young men and women who fought off Africa’s largest onslaught. The campaign implies that for reasons unknown, these well trained and armed young men and women of National Service have failed to recognize they are slaves, and thus, these well trained and armed members of National Service need enlightened heroes from capitals across Europe to emancipate them. That is how this “stop national service slavery” intends to recruit supporters. It is an outlandish cry. Isn’t it?”


      Two points to highlight.

      The reason is unknown to you as you have no idea what national service in Eritrea is for you but for the victims we know our reason for campaigning against it.

      I know why you tried to externalize it but the campaign was strictly directed to PFDJ regime.

      Oh, what put me puzzled is on your thought rational mind:
      Instead of listening what Luwam was saying, you argued her to call the Ethiopian government to demarcate the border. You gave her a deaf ear and put an order on her something that she not a direct victim from. Here is what you wrote:

      “In addition to pressurizing your government, I feel Eritrea would be better served if you told Ethiopia equivocally to get started implementing the ruling of the Arbitration Court.”

      This very childish call. First and foremost, you called the campaign as:

      ““STOP NATIONAL SERVICE SLAVERY IN ERITREA,” is one of the latest dumb and mad campaigns of the season; a blitz campaign that has reached all types of mass communications, just google it.”

      You called it a dump campaign and has already disturbed you. You didn’t welcome it. And to show your dismissive argument, you are pretending as if it is also an equal responsibility for Lawam to call Ethiopian government to end the border issue. If you were a rational person, first and foremost you could have acknowledged Luwam’s campaign and then encourage her to expand her campaign. Unfortunately you did’t.

      Ok, I am just giving you a highlight/alarm on your lip-holes. Since you are harboring into your dismissive behaviour by calling me a lier, I won’t let you move an inch without exposing your PFDJ propaganda.

      Dear Mahmday, I know your politics and I am dealing with your politics. Do not go out from political line. If you continued as you have done so far, all I can conclude is that you are nothing but typical PFDJ politician. I won’t say more. On personal level I could have said more and attack you brutally but I won’t do it as I am not that low quality personality owner. I respect you as a person but not your politics. And I am all against your politics.


  • Hayat Adem

    MEM is a media and no matter who owns it, it can not be a first-person-source by its inherent status. Any source that is not a first-person-source who claims to be to the decision making or an eyewitness or a party to the actual transactions reported. The other point is “from the Horse’s mouth including MEM, means there are also other first-person mouths besides MEM. That means you are counting MEM as one and implying of your knowledge from others. You are in no position to recieve figures from any Horse. Don’t lie for the sake of it and when you are caught, don’t try to lie your way out. I tend to lack patience with people who lie effortlessly and try to defend it.

    • Hope

      Ok Gual Aboy Afem:
      I repeat: those figures are OFFICIAL
      It is your obligation to confirm or refute them,not mine!
      Hint : just Google on Saudi -Egyptian Relationship and Saidi-Sudanese relationship and Funding.
      The Qatari-Sufanese investment Fund is a public news.
      Check it out!
      There is no need of questioning and Lying.

  • Kokhob Selam

    … ትእዛዝ ስውኣት ….

    ሰባት ይግረሙ ንነዊሕ ጽንዓት ተጋዳሊት :-
    ብዙሕ ይዛረብ ስለ ዘይተንበርከኸት:-
    መዓስ ይርደኦም ቃል ከም ዝ ኣተወት :-
    ሕድሪ ከም ዘለዎ ዓበይቲ ትእዛዛት ::

    ንሱ ውን እቲ ብጻያ እቲ ተጋዳላይ :-
    ቃሉ ዘይቀየረ ኣብ መርገጽ ጸነዓይ :-
    መዓስ ኢዱ ሂቡ ንገፋዓይ ጸላማይ :-
    ምስ ብጸይቱ እንሆ ናብ ዓወት መራሻይ::

    እንታይ ኮን እዩ ነይሩ ለበዋ ምስ ትእዛዝ :-
    እቲ ዝተረከብዎ ጸጸኒሑ ዝዓዝዝ :-
    ዝገበርካ እንተገበርካ ዘይድምሰስ ዘይድለዝ:-
    እንታይ ኮን እዩ ሚስጥሩ ፈጺሙ ዘይብረዝ::..

    ትእዛዝ ጽንዓት – ቅድም ጽንዓት ኣብ ጸበባ:-
    ኢድካ ንዘይምሃብ ኣብ ግድል ከበባ :-
    ንህዝቢ ምዕዳል ናይ ፍቅሪ ዕንባባ:-
    ንጸላእ ሰላም ምእሳር ኣብ እሾኽ ዛሬባ :-

    ጽንዓት እወ ትብዓት ፡ ልቦና ዘለዎ :-
    ብህድኣት ብብስለት ጨካን ክኣልይዎ:-
    ካብ ሱር መሰረቱ ዝፈጠሮ ባይታ :-
    ጌጋታትካ ምእማን ኣብ ክንዲ ጫውጫውታ::

    ‘ቲ ትእሳዝ ብዙሕ እዩ ዕረፍቲ ዝይህብ:-
    ምህሮ ክትመሃር ፍልጠት ውን ክትእከብ:-
    ምስራሕ እሞ ምዕባይ ሃብቲ ውን ክትድልብ:-
    ክትወልድ ክትፈሪ በዚሕካ ክትቀርብ::

    …..ኣይትሕመቑ በርትዑ ኣብ ኩሉ ዓውድታት:-
    …..ቃልሲ እዩ ኩሉ ጠቅሚ ወሎዶታት:-
    …..ተሳትፎ ብኹሉ ዝረአ ስራሓት :-
    …..ኩሉ በብዓቅሙ ኣብ ኩሉ ኩነታት:-
    እዩ ‘ቲ ትእዛዝ የለን ፈዘዝ መዘዝ:-
    ትወንጨፍ ተወርወር ኣጉል ከይትነቅዝ:-

    ሽዑ እናገዓረ ዝበለን ቃላት :-
    ሓጸርቲ ክንሰን ኣዝየን ውሑዳት :-
    ሚዛነን ግን ከቢድ ናይ ዛ ኩላ መሬት :-
    ናይ ባሕሪ ናይ ኣየር ናይ ውቅያኖስ ምልኣት:-
    መወዳድርቲ ኣልቦ ዝእንግድ ንጽንዓት::

  • dawit

    The UN also once said Eritreans do not deserve to their own country. People take a stand on what they believe right, if not what is the meaning of independence if you are dragged wherever they take you?
    Just one thing? Well he is leading a nation called Eritrea and millions follow him. Berhe could you mention what you did for your family?

  • Peace!

    Dear kokobai,

    Like wise my great uncle:) I am here to read and learn from people like you with 40 years of struggle experience. But to my disappointment, needless to say, I have not learned a single thing from you perhaps because i am too young to remember what happened in 1981. Your problem is you sound you have determined to take a revenge against PFDJ, which I don’t have problem with that, but not at the expense of my beloved country. Trust me move on from that old mentality and I will be by your side to get rid of PFDJ

    I will keep reading your amazing poems regardless!


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Peace,

      if you guys only hear the past is a teacher. if you reject the action of EPLF leadership from the beginning and you couldn’t suffer today. what happened in 1980’s is good lesson and it could have been a lesson at the same year, people ignore it and try to forget all those killed, and even they ignore it after the so called freedom and go dancing again they pay for it. No respect for all the few heroes call and a lot of educated people went to Eritrea even try to draft constitution, they pay for it. again you my young brother is telling me that is all over. My soon you need to come to zero and start to make inventory. PIA and PFDJ are only results. now everyone want to blame one group even those who are leaving Eritrea all try to tell us all it is PIA only that who is committing crime. the problem is within all of us, and it needs a bit tough journey to fight the ego within. If I get power today in Eritrea, I will never kill those who are on power when they are powerless. for on simple reason, they are just the result of our thinking. I know it is tough for most to go out of the thinking accustomed for such long time but that is the only way out. adding love on this tough journey will do wonderful job – the journey toward truth. history should be exposed and we have to say sorry like our great WEDVACARO fogive self first and ask for all those perished – we have done a lot of historical mistakes son.

      • Peace!

        Dear Kokobai,

        Thank you for the wonderful and mature feedback, lesson learned. The sad thing is that, given a lot has been said, discussed and debated at this forum, we are stuck on judging people rather than narrowing differences and work on things we agree. I always assume that we are talking about post PFDJ era till someone pulls me back and drag me into unnecessary exchanges. Trust me I am with you in this journey except that I strongly oppose any form of intervention, call it sanction, surgical attack, NGO sponsored uprising….


        • Kokhob Selam

          Thank you son,
          thank you for understanding. Honestly will set us free all.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Everyone!

    Just back from Addis, lost my iPhone 6 and still drowsy either from the time change or the spoiled eating habit I formed in those three weeks.

    I read you folks a little in the last couple of days. Over all, you are behaving nicely, and the most notable highlight was:   
    The gentle and calm Berhe Y kicking the notorious and obnoxious Abi out of school?

    AgenaE Berhe Arkey: I owe you one.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Selam FG
      Welcome back brother and it is good to see you back. Hey, the next time you plan going to Addis let me know. TK has been missing and I don’t want any Harbegna wayanay to throw me into jail.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Ustaz Mahmud,

        Throw you in jail? Over my dead body!

        The latest where abouts of Harbegna Weyanay TK was shuttling between Addis and Mekele trying to change government bodies. I believe he is up to his neck by now.
        My vacation this time was almost unexpected, to spend valentine’s day in Addis, last minute decision, but I shall notify you next time Mahmuday.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Ante? Bileh bileh demo be Abi Metah? Woche guuuud.. 🙂

      I have to admit I have a little weakness for Berhe..A nice dude. But, as he “kicked out” Abi, he has to bring him back.. 🙂

      Welcome back. I myself came back from Addis few weeks ago..

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Eyoba,

        Do you play chess? In the game of chess there is an attacking technic called ‘forking,’ and that is when a single piece attacks two or more pieces which force the opponent to lose one of them. When I read Berhe and Abi’s recent exchanges, I was dumb founded by Abi’s reaction. So, I came up with an idea that either I shock him enough to bring him back to explain his real reason or if he is still determined to stay away for a while I get to move from number 2 to number 1 position in someone important’ s heart. Either way, I win.

        Eyoba, I love Abisha, but I just need a little more time to get a head start. That’s all.

        What’s up with those sidewalks around Hayahulet? Although it is under construction now, there doesn’t seem to be a future solution either because the buildings are too new to force them to move back in and there isn’t enough space for side walks. I am worried.

        Welcome back too; Brother.

        • Hayat Adem

          St Fanti,
          Forking is a killer attack. The best forking is when you force the capture of the queen by also checking the king at the same time. You see, the queen is capturable, and she doesn’t have a 2nd place. hearts do or don’t. No grey area.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Hayata,
            I use to go around the nation for chess tournaments until I grew up and cooled down. In one of my recent internet chess games, I was plotting to fork my opponent’s king and queen when my opponent ended up moving a knight to the only place where he would smother his king and get mated instead. I was so wired on capturing the queen by force it was a bitter sweet victory.

            There are times I rather capture the queen and lose the game than lose my queen and win the game.

          • Abi

            I also love playing chess. My best move is when I use my horse to attack both the queen and the king at the same time. Of course, the lousy king run for his lousy life, I put my queen on my horse …Che ferese che… Sound familiar? Loser.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Wow! Abo,

            who is there? is that Abi or abi? now it is with capital A.what a nice moment to see your posts ! we miss you man? Okay, before saying anything I want to know what was your feeling when people keep searching you? were you feeling proud and important? or were you feeling how much people here are lovely and we all think like one family? how do you spend your days without writing? I really want to know.

            you welcome!

          • Abi

            Hi Kokobe
            After winning a long distance competition in US this Ethiopian athlete was giving interviews in the derg time
            Journalist: Imperialismn endet tayewaleh?
            Athlete: yegoriT!

            Kokobe: hizbu sinchacha min tesemah?
            Abi: chuhet.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Abisha,
            What can I say, you are tougher than I thought!

        • saay7

          Selamat His Fantiness:

          I am reluctant to welcome you back because you may disappear as suddenly as you have arrived:)

          With respect to queens and moving from #2 to #1, never mind chess and its artificial royalty: go to the animal kingdom and see how the “slave-making” ant conducts a brutal coup d’etat. But read it after you have had lunch: it is pretty disgusting:)


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Brother Saay,

            I promise to stay put for a little while this time. I had busy few months followed by a quick vacation to keep my sanity intact.

            It is amazing how tolerant (a million pawns only one queen) and brutal (cannibalistic slaver) ants can be. I was extremely gentle with Abi though; wasn’t I?

      • Saleh Johar

        Abi is pulling a trick on us; he is camouflaging his enrollment in a monastery somewhere around Gonder to brush his rusty Addis Ababa type Qnnie. He will come with authentic Gonderie qnnie. You will see 🙂

        • Abi

          Endet senebetu yemshit zebegna
          Erswo zeb qomew antegnam egna
          Sishaw tenkolegna
          Sifelig qeldegna
          Andandem guregna
          Feqadwo bihon ayTefam dagmegna
          Bikefawum enkuwa yiqerbal kedagna
          Abi tselotu new yihunu Tenegna.
          Good to see you.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Abichu Naga Naga
            Tokira mar’marini
            Tajitu faya naga
            (Forgot the rest of the lyrics 🙂 )

            I am so glad you are back…bel yaz engideh.. 🙂

          • Abi

            Yaz ejuwan
            Ziga dejuwan
            Sam gunchuwan
            ( bahru qagnie?)
            Shumet yadabir bilenal.
            Kaba biTe derebk alu. Akasi?

          • Eyob Medhane


            Ha ha…I wish..They were about to give me kaba, but they found out that you are my friend,my he kelekelugn.. 🙂

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dearn Eyobay,

            የጳውሎስ ነኞን ቦታ የሚተካ ፍጡር ቢኖር ኣቢሽ ብቻ ነው:-

          • Dear Abi,

            Happy to see you back! Hope you had good time. No AWOL permitted in the future. Nice you have already apologized to the Dean of the University. Look at the big commotion your absence caused. Who else can give us our daily Qne, except you and K.S.

          • Abi

            Hi Horizon
            Ageren kewerariwoch, Nigisten kemeltiwoch lemekelakel temelshalehu.
            Ras Abi.

          • Hayat Adem

            Abi, You are awesome. A man got know his duties.

          • Abi

            Endet keremshilign anchi yene qonjo
            Esat hogne meTahu lamoqew yan gojo
            “To Protect and Serve” yilal alu ferenj
            Egna qedmenewal zeb bemeqom kedej.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Abi,
            Good to hear from you. When I noticed Eyob back from Addis, I knew you wont be far behind. BTW, he didn’t get the governorship.
            Mr. K.H

          • Abi

            Hi Kim
            I don’t know how I missed your massage? Sorry. You got it wrong this time. It is not Eyobe who forced me to come back. It is the other guy ( the shoemaker). He was hovering over the queen. He was dangerously close to my comfort. I had to mark my territory. Don’t blame me . It is a lion’s instincts. To Protect and Defend…

            Yefyel weTeTe…

          • Kokhob Selam


            we all cry and shout to let you come back but only when SGL said”Abi is pulling a trick on us;” and seemingly challenging us ….. within an hour you are here. not only that what he said was so perfect and you came with authentic Gondere qnnie. how did he knew all this? በጾም በጸሎት ይሆን ?

          • Abi

            Qne meqagnetun emokakralehu
            Azerarefun gin kante emaralehu

          • Kokhob Selam

            Wow abo, really this is from FASILEDES

            I am going to beat you now…

            የቅኔ ኣዘራረፍ ኣቤት ስታውቅበት :-
            ዘራፊ ነህ ብለህ እየተሳደብክበት ::

            ኣዘራረፍ እማ ማን እንዳንተ ይወቀው :-
            ዘመቻ ኣልወርዱክ ሲወረር ከተማው :-

            ምን ይደረግ እና ፍቅር ይንገስ ብየ:-
            ምህረት ኣደርጌ ልለፈ ራሴን ኣባብየ ::

            come on abo !

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Fanti,
      Nice to hear that you have been in vacation…I know you had wonderful time in such wonderful nation. Natural life and friendly people.

      I love apple 6s and now, is going to govern the world, is is Apple man! http://www.cnet.com/products/apple-iphone-7/

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello, hello, hello Dr. Kokhob Selam,

        I like Apple too. I ended up upgrading to iPhone6 Plus for a fraction a month more on my monthly bill. The only draw back was that the last time I backed up my now lost phone was a year ago, and I lost all contacts I added since then.

        Speaking of friendly people, I met two super friendly Eritreans at a sidewalk coffee shop. One of them knew more about diaspora politics a lot more than I that it was embarrassing.

        • Kokhob Selam

          My brother, I am sorry. but you could have transferred to your google account, isn’t it. you could have simply transferred all contacts to you gmail even. any how don’t worry even the lion iphone 7 is roaring and will be ready to use.

    • Hayat Adem

      Your Saintliness,
      Good to hear from you. You should have stayed in Addis a bit to grace the government with a spray of holy water to develop wisdom over handling the violent protests.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Princess,

        Speaking of Sainthood, a few days after I got there, I watched news about Oromia Kilil teachers volunteering to teach overtime to make up for lost time during the protest. What I gathered from national news sources, a few ‘normal’ people I talked to, and from Oromia TV is that things have calmed down in the country, but the investigation regarding who did what when to organize the hooliganism that took place along with the peaceful protests is underway.

        The food distribution effort is highly organized and it is going very well. According to the government, thus far no human life has been lost due to starvation.

        So, you see, my work had already began even before I sprayed my holy tsebel and shout ‘seyTan wutsae mel’akh eto.’

        • Kokhob Selam

          you gentle man,

          I respect you and I love you. Let us work for peace of our sisterly nations.

        • Nitricc

          Hey your fitnessssssss. what is your take about the city of Addis? i mean do you think Addis can sustain the influx of exploding population and the frustrating traffic jams? from what i see, i don’t think so. but what is your take.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Gen. Nitricc,
            It is funny you asked the very question I was discussing with a friend a couple of hours ago. They have started placing traffic light on all major intersections, but it is nowhere near completion.

            There are virtually no side walks around most of the new buildings I saw, and people are forced to use streets to walk around while the number of people and cars keeps growing too fast. On some of the old side walks, they have trees in the middle. The roots of these trees bulges up pushing the concrete sidewalk upward which makes walking very tricky.

            On top of all that, almost all the trees I saw seem to branch out to the side faster than growing straight up which means you have to bend your head down as you try to avoid the concrete hump.

            Most of the new buildings do have what is supposedly a parking garage, but many of those owners are converting them into shops and renting them instead. Most of the decent sized side walks in front of big buildings are used for parking cars too. In some cases, they even fence it to prevent pedestrians from squeezing between cars to get through.

            Although the areas I visited are less than half of Addis, the total disregard for pedestrian throughout the city is unmistakable. Something needs to be done very soon.

            Having said that, there is a certain charm about Addis and its people I just can’t have enough of. The traditional coffee vendors in every corner alone are enough to keep me wanting to go back more often.

          • Nitricc

            Hey Your fitness, speaking of a traffic lights; I think they are making the traffic jam worst. the red lights are very long while the green are to brief, this is creating a long lines of cars and traffic jams. some red lights can be as long as 250 seconds while the green lights lasts only 60 seconds, at least from what i observed; the flow of Addis traffic was smooth with out the new traffic lights. I have no idea what the reason behind this long red lights logic is. the other disturbing thing i observed was the accumulation of garbage in every corner of the city. Smokes are every where people trying to burn their garbage; what is the government doing? never mine, your fittness, don’t answer it, the government is busy killing the Oromos and harassing Eritrea lol hhahha, seriously though, it is a great concern to public health; don’t you think the government should have done something? If i was to invest in Addis i will start a business of garbage collection, you know how the Italians came so powerful and rich in America; yep, they monopolized the garbage collection business of the big cities like NY.

    • Tzigereda

      ክቡር ተናፋቂ ፋንቲ፣
      እንቁዕ ብደሓን መጻእካ።

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello birhan khulen Tzigereda,

        I read your beautiful article while in Addis. Coincidently that was the only morning I had time for surfing the internet and what a pleasant breakfast that was!

        On top of my three possible retirement towns is called Tsigereda. It is googleable. They have plenty of fruit farms and a water reservoir called Gindae. Is that spooky or what? Most of the people there consider themselves ‘royal family,’ and I am enda Atse Yohannes by complex marriage entanglements.

        Thank you embeyti khulen.

        • Saleh Johar

          Antum Fanti!
          Kemey enehekhum? Your absence was so loud it was very noticeable. How is the shoe demand in enat ager 🙂

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Memhir,
            I was about to ask Saay how you were doing when I saw your beautiful name. I saw a line up of your mannequins around Hayahulet and took a picture of them to someday show you how fast they were multiplying. The supply of chama is greater than the demand these days. Lucky for us poor souls!

          • Abi

            Hi Melti
            Ale silut yelem, hede silut meTa
            Melku yezinjero bahriw yeToTa
            Chama eyasweleqe alga lay sayweTa
            BemeTabet egru feTen bilo yiwTa
            Abi sayiqoTa.

            Fantaye Teftobign sazin sinseqeseq
            Alga sir tegegne kifu amel ayleq.
            Awareduh alu eneziya qonejajit
            Egir eyanesu ej endemensat.

            Good to see you back.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Abisha!!!!

            በርሄ ቀርቦ አቢ ከራቀ
            ቴዲ ከተንደላቀቀ
            ዳዊት ከተራቀቀ
            ጥርሴ እንጂ ልቤ መች ሳቀ

            ይቅር በለኝ ስለ ንግስቲቱ
            የማታ ጨረቃ የቀን ጣይቱ
            ባልጋ ባልጋ ማራኪቱ

            መች ነበር መልኬ የዝንጀሮ
            መች ነበር ባህርዬ የደንቆሮ
            ተጠያቂ እሷ ናት ዘነድሮ

            እነኳን መጣህልኝ አቢሻ
            ሀዘን ማሰርሻ
            የቅኔ ወገሻ

            Oh my God! Now I am going to sleep like a baby.

          • Abi

            ” balga balga marakitu ”
            Nigistitu chewa fetsmo atbaligim
            Kalga wedqa atawqim.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Fanti Ghana,
      Welcome back. You have to sprinkle the changes you have seen and heard from back home.
      Good to hear from you.
      Mr. K.H

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Brother KH,

        I was amazed by the speed the rail road was finished. I was there when they started it three years ago. I was there last year when it was almost finished. This time I just sat in one place for a while timing how often the trains arrive at a given station. I was impressed by the promptness. And of course, there are the endless new buildings. For every one that is finished there seems to be two starting up.

        Regarding the political atmosphere, everything seemed calm and people seemed unconcerned one way or another. The few people I dared to ask about the recent protest seem to believe that this is an isolated problem and it will be solved peacefully. In comparison, what we hear out here seems extremely exaggerated.

        To be fair though, I only had a chance to talk to people I already knew sympathized with the government. However, I tend to believe the above statements not because of who said it but also how I felt about the general atmosphere of the city as a whole.

        • saay7

          Hey Fanti:

          I heard this joke, confirm if you heard it:

          Addis Abeba’s lightrail had originally been given an awful word-for-word translation (qelal babur). But now, thankfully, the Addis humor has taken over and it is named after a person that could carry 700 individuals and take them from point A to point B: Molla Asghedom.

          Whatever happened to that dude, btw?


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hey Brother Saay,
            Now you made think that I have been surrounded by humorless friends for three weeks. No, I haven’t, but I was referring it as babur when I was politely asking people “would they please take our picture with the babur in the background” and no one corrected me. Damn it!

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Fanti Ghana,

      Welcome back, it’s always a pleasure to have you around.


      Welcome back as well. I was feeling a bit guilty and glad to see you are all rested.


      • Abi

        Hi Berhe
        Thanks. As you Can see I’m rusted.

  • dawit

    Kokhobay, going bananas! Please check to Amanuel

    • Kokhob Selam

      you need to learn a lot and first stop hating nature. stop hating the place where you grow up and eat and drink . love people learn discipline even at the end of you life, at least you will stop your bad mouthing.

  • Hayat Adem

    It is always good to speak the truth unless you are an exceptionally good liar. And you are not a good liar. That is not a complement. Horse’s mouth has never been meant the media. You mentioned four transactions that involved at least 7 countries. The Middle East Monitor reports only about the diverted 5 Billion worth weapons from Lebanon to Sudan. The MEM doesn’t say about the other transactions. And the MEM is not the Horse.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Emma and Berhe y

    I see you guys making a deal out of my not responding to Berhe. I forgot it, the forum was busy, sorry Berhe. Here are the answeres to your questions. But before that:

    Dear Emma: While you accuse me of making blanket statement, you too are doing blanket statement by saying “Mahmuday loves to make blanket statements.” The fact that UN is an instrument of the powerful is something Africa, India, Brazil and others are also talking about. In our case, you may find very few Eritreans who have good impression about the organ. Thanks for the free psychoanalysis, although it was unnecessary. Following are the much talked about questions of BerheY.
    1. “How do you explain when the Ethiopia invaded Somalia that the entire leaders of the Islamic courts, Al Shebab and others packed and left for Eritrea. Eritrea did held an international conference where over 200 guests attended (probably paid everything for them). Among them, Awyes, who was a leader was in Eritrea and Er-TV have reported his attendance. He was on the International Terrorist list at the time.”

    Answer: I have repeatedly criticized the government regarding its foreign policy and particularly hosting individuals like Awey. If you insist, I will pull out a comment I made in Bayto Meskerem, in 2006, which basically said Somalia did not have an immediate strategic interest where we have to go to the extent of compromising the legal leverage we had by the rule of the EEBC. But the remnants of ICU who went to Asmara who subsequently formed ARS included the future president of Somalia. For more please read the timeline* that follows the answers.

    Question #2. Concerning IA reaction to Djibouti: “ንሱ እንድዩ ዘብክየኒ ዘሎ” Only IA can explain that. But I never condoned it. Actually, I said the issue is bigger than Qatar, and should be handled by an international body, something like the court of arbitration. If you push for sanctions based on IA behavior, it’s your right and some people will just keep opposing and arguing against you. I have never seen an opposition that sides with the other side on territorial disputes. But if one can argue for the wisdom of a military intervention by a foreign country, why not consume what the disputing foreign country says. Sometimes the rule of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not work. The enemy of your enemy could also be your worst enemy in the long run. History tells us that, and don’t go too far to confirm it (wink, wink).

    3. Qatar mediation did not work, no concrete achievement, no POWS exchange…

    Answer: So, is this a basis for a sanction? OK, the toothless UN said so. As an Eritrean, at least you don’t even try to verify the allegations? How come you act as a Djiboutian official? You know, Djibouti can totally abandon the Qatari track and refer the issue to UNSC.


    The Road to Alshabab

    (I will skip the Collapse of Siad Barre (1990), chaos and Warlords ensue; American intervention (Black hawk)
    ostensibly to help famine stricken Somalis…continued activities of clan based
    unrest and civil war; Islamic Courts)
    1. Around 2000, fed up with unrest and war lords, Islamic Courts in Mogadishu
    form an alliance to put the unrest under control. Secular war lords were ousted
    out of Mogadishu; they eventually form their own alliance, “Alliance for
    the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARCPT). They were backed by the
    USA and Ethiopia. Eritrea comes into clash with the USA right here. Eritrea had
    been supporting different factions and trying to consolidate a viable broad
    based political forum; that did not happen. But the Islamic Courts Union of
    Somalia rallied Somalis around peace and security. They loved the ICU. Ethiopia
    felt Eritrea was getting the upper hand and the USA, just felt it was Islamic.
    Period. So they form the ARCT. There also was a parliament and a charter that
    produced the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia around 2004, it was in
    exile and toothless, propped up, by you know who. Up to this points many hands
    have played in Somalia, many, and particularly Ethiopians. Under the waves,
    young Somalis were getting infuriated because of the meddling their historical
    enemy, Ethiopia, was making in their affairs.

    2. The US accused the ICU of sheltering
    three Al Qaeda operatives that were allegedly responsible for the 1998 US
    embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania.

    3. The ICU opposed the Alliance for the Restoration of Pease and
    Counter-terrorism (ARPCT).

    4. Ethiopian government invaded Somalia to topple the ICU. Somali men in the
    diaspora considered this a threat to Somalia’s stability and returned to the
    country to fight.


    5. -“From the start there was nothing ideal about the ICU; it was holding

    together a coalition of interests that ranged from the best of the moderates to
    the worst of the militants”


    December 2006 TFG and Ethiopians oust ICU.

    “Ethiopia, with the approval of the United States, subsequently invaded Somalia
    and splintered the ICU, with the moderates going into exile and the militants
    forming Al Shabab. (ABOVE SOURCE)…” what should have been a Somali problem,
    requiring a Somali solution to address militancy within the ICU, became an
    Ethiopian and American problem. The end result was more anarchy in Somalia that
    now had no chance at a central authority, and the birth of al-Shabab.”

    Soon after, ICU splits into moderates who

    opted for more diplomatic solution and hardliners who were furious that
    Ethiopia, considered a historic enemy by most Somalians, invaded their country.
    The militancy begins here, but it was to continue for some time as a national
    resistance. The moderates move to Eritrea and Djibouti. [Up to this point
    Eritrea is within its right to support whichever group it wants, and there was
    a general good will from Eritreans towards Somalia. It was the only country
    which never closed our offices; it was the only country on our side when the
    world condemned us to death in 1982. Yes, it could be argued Siad Barre was
    doing it for his own interest, many others would have done that, but they did
    not. Even Sudan sealed our fate.]

    6. September, 2007, The moderates form the “Alliance for the Re-liberation of
    Somalia.” Meanwhile the hardliner nationalists continue engaging Ethiopians and
    the TFG of Somalia which was an Ethiopian made. Jendayi Fraser, U.S. Assistant
    Secretary for African Affairs, accused Eritrea of militarily supporting the
    ICU, citing the presence of Dahir Aweys at a meeting in Asmara as evidence that
    Eritresponsors terrorism. A report by the Rand Corporation claimed that Dijibouti,
    Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Lebanese Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia, and Syria had
    provided weapons, training, and logistical support to the ICU, with Yemen
    arms-trading networks sending arms almost exclusively to the ICU after its
    ascension to power

    7. January 2009, Eritrea loses to Djibouti,

    Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the former head of ICU, and later head of the Alliance of
    the Re-liberation of Somalia, moves to Dgibouti, a deal was struck between the
    Dgibouti based Alliance of Re-liberation of Somalia and the Transitional
    Federal Government of Somalia. Sharif Sheik Ahmed was chosen as the President
    of the TFG. The UN recognizes it.
    Note the game. Djibouti and Ethiopia relations are well known. Therefore, it was obvious to Asmara that the cause of
    a United Alliance against the Ethiopia backed TFG was lost. This is the turning point.
    PS: Emma I don’t mean to confuse readers.
    Berhe and Emma: You accuse certain individuals of not understanding your take, well, the thing is, if you are thinking for us and spoon-feeding us with your “information”, how can we develop critical thinking? So, you need to let us do some practice on our own. The concepts of Justice and democracy are not mere abstract constructs. They are expressed through individuals’ and groups’ daily life and interaction.
    I hope this helps.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Mahmuday,

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I understand and you have been very busy. First I want to apologize if I have been a bit harsh on you. I will be honest with you, I can’t stand what the PFDJ stands, specially when it comes to the interest of Eritrean people and that of our future as a nation. There is absolutely nothing this regime / leader has done now or in the past in the interest of the Eritrean people well being and I don’t believe there will ever be in the future. So my support of Sanction, opposition or otherwise is that, I want this person removed and gone for good from the face of the earth so that our people can have some future. The easiest and perfect solution for me would be, to have Isayas Afeworki “wanted Dear or Alive” and we do what we can do to go after him, like a wanted criminal.

      Now going back to your points, I think we do agree as far as the “Eritrean government/Isayas actions goes”. I am not advocating for the other countries, be it Somalia or that of Djibouti interests. What I am advocating is, as they say “past behavior predicts future behavior” and it’s the behavior of Isayas of Afeworki that I am against. Like you said, if there is issue with boarder or otherwise, why isn’t Eritrea goes to the international community / SC rather than be the first to shoot?

      Tell me any country who does that and get’s away with it, agains another country. With the exception of Israel / Palestine…

      You know like we say “Chamaka maEre egriKa”, for all purpose and intentions…WHY is Eritrea in this mess to begin with. Are we really that important and that big we have to constantly challenge t;he International community and we have to be at constant war.

      I am 100% sure if we have a reasonable sane government and sane leader, that all those countries would NOT hesitate to support us and be on our side. There is no country, may be exception of N. Korea, that got away by disappearing three former government minsters from the face of the earth and got away with..can you please name ONE?

      If there is a country and it can get away with this, it’s NOT a normal country. For all intense and purpose, it’s a lawless country. And that’s the reason why the International country or the SC council or the AU act and treat as such.

      Let me ask you this simple question, before the war, when Haile DuruE was our FM and Haile Menkorios was our Ambassador, can you honestly make an argument if the SC, the UN or the AU, EU or US, China or Russia or any other countries went out their way to take sides and be against us and support Ethiopia. Especially after Eritrean accepted the modalities or something on the advise of our own “Saleh AA Younis”. To the best of my knowldge it was seen “Eritrea started it but Ethiopia wants to continue with it” and they tried what they can, without using force to stop it. But I think it was balanced approach and encourage both sides to sort their problems peacefully.

      Note: Sometimes I really wondered if Isayas Afeworki had any role during our armed struggle and if he was at any point in time was a leader who led the revolution. I really, really wonder how he was able to pull that through with the kind of leadership that’s at display there. But a good fried by the name SA have a good theory and I let you ponder with it, since you may be able to reflect, he said:

      IA was in charge of security (Helewa Sewra – those who were disappearing, torturing and jailing of Eritreans) and money (any money that was raised abroad or inside the country) not him directly but he controlled these two aspects of the front. He didn’t care about the liberation of towns or people, he didn’t care about the military operations or poletical movement. He didn’t really care..


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam BeheY
        Thanks but please stick to the discussion. You are all over grueling me as if you have caught IA. You asked me three questions and I answered them to the best of my knowledge. Just to add: I opposed the hosting of individuals like Awes, then and now. Of course, I’m not SAAY to produce series of articles I wrote as an evidence. But I did it in my own way. If you need evidence I can get you some. But here is the twist: For instance Mr.Awey was part of the ICU and when Ethiopia ousted ICU from Mogadishu, he along with the man who used to be the head of ICU (Sheik Ahmed Sherif) headed to Asmara along with other moderate elements of ICU. This is the interesting thing,because both Asmara and Ethiopia/USA were competing on winning the ICU, because it had good reputation and they knew it that unless they win influential members of the ICU, they can’t control Somalia. The militants had already declared Jihad on the Ethiopians back home. Djibouti was acting as the host of the negotiations that took between ICU and the TFG which was installed by Ethiopia, but lacked Somali support. Sheik Ahmed was persuaded to go to Djibouti and he did. Eritrea was left with the more militants.
        Regarding IA and his role. Much has been said. SA has not seen IA. May be once in a meeting of the youth Association. But he got doses of youtube and pal talk. At the end history and the Eritrean people will give their verdict. But that’s off topic, anyway. Just curious, why do you feel I have to be put on trial as a defendant?

        • Berhe Y

          Dear Mahmuday,

          On the topic we were discussing, I didn’t drill on it because, as I said I agree to your analysis. The resean I responded was for what you said about the UN and their role and how they are tool for America and they are just to punish Eritrea for no good reason and I gave you those examples.

          As I said to Hope, I am not going to drill on AlShebab or Aweys and their role, which I don’t thin its Eritrean people problem to begin with. And I think SAAY has really gave the whole story behind the sanctions, so there is no point to continue.

          I am not putting you on trail but you are here defending the policy and the involvement of the Eritrean people by Isayas Afeworki. You call him “my president, I don’t know by what legal measure, he is still the president”, you defend the policy Sawa slavery service, a name coined by non other former EPLF Adhanom, when brave young people setup a campaign to end it. You say the same thing what Sophia TESFAMARIAM says about the UN and the sanctions. That opinion is the one in trail not Mahmud the person.

          Just to make a point I asked you to look at example any country in recent history that does reckless provocation with another country and that got away with.

          Anyway, I admire your energy but honestly it’s really a lost cause. I am convinced that there is nothing IA does for the benefit and interest of Eritrea. So I just hope we will see the end of this devil. It’s just a matter of time.


          • dawit

            Just one country example? USA
            ” So I just hope we will see end of this devil. It’s just a matter of time”. What a wisdom Berhe. I think you can be a good candidate to study ‘Dawitism’., ‘Znegese Ngusna’. Believe me one day PIA will die.

          • Berhe Y


            If you are comparing Eritrea with the USA then, all I can say is “ezi endiyu zeybke zebkiyeni Zelo”.

            By Dawitism, I take it you were cheering and supporting Mengistu and the DERG even though they were burning your villages.

            Enough said.


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear haw Mahmuday,

      Reading your long hateta and your acknowledgement to the recklessness of DIA, any sensible person you could have opposed the sanction on the ground of severity, that the action of DAI does not warrant for sanction without denying the facts. Sensible people will differ on weighing the action of DIA as to whether his action warrant to put him and his administration on a sanction. Defending the recklessness of DIA is not defending the interest of our nation. It is this your overlapping answers that put you in a contrarian and ambivalent position. Think about it my dear friend. Again short precised answers will help you to avoid unforced errors in your judgements.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Kboor wo Hfoor Ghedeem tegadalay Ato Emma
        Haha…The classic Emma, diversion…diversion….ኣተሃዳድማ ዕቡያት።
        Let’s do a final and binding agreement. But you will have to honor it.
        1. Bring on the contradicting thoughts you see in my position. FYI: You can’t let go making blanket statements while you are advising me not to do so. That was my thrust. Just bring it on. Tell me where I made contradicting statements. How about forming a committee to judge us, OK. You choose one and I choose one and third one will be a neutral person that both of us agree upon. If you win, I will grow my hair.
        2. Now this is the serious one:
        a/ ambivalent position? Could that be holding an independent position? May be it is something you will have to revise. I don’t have to agree 100% with either side, because both sides suck. Your traditional opposition just sucks Emma, honestly. My hope is on an organic, domestically grown change. Now, you can speed that up if you play it safely. If you become an echo chamber of the Ethiopian regime and its financiers, you are playing a delaying role.
        b/ defending IA and his government? Not really. Just get me an evidence. Yep, you hate that but there is no way around it. Opposing Susan Rice initiated anti-Eritrea policies and not accepting unverified reports generated from the rumor mills of Addis Ababa does not make me supporting PFDJ. My criticism for PFDJ policies are reflected in the same comments. That’s fairness my friend.
        One final point: I don’t have to agree with anyone’s stuff in order to feel good about what I do. My sole commitment is to my conscience. As long as my conscience is clear and I’m not going to the bed with conflicting heart, then I’m doing the right thing. I understand there are good people in both sides. They need to communicate with clear conscience. The problem is their voices are drown by extremists.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Merhaba Mahmuday,

          At the risk of repeating myself, I will give you my general observations on the issue at hand and your vacillating positions on the issue. let me jot them out:

          1 – This topic is recycled several times, and even when the the situation of our people is worsened by the day, defending the regime (directly and indirectly) never changed for a decade. You are from those who defend the regime indirectly because you are defending their policy. Never mind, it is your right and is respected equally with those who oppose the evil regime. Just to remind you, that DIA is ready to take us down (the nation and its people) with him, as Ambassador Andebrahan explained in his book.

          2 – Saay has done a phenomenon job to the forum, in dismantling your argument by giving the time line and the sequences of the events, and the act of the regime respectively. I can not do better than Saay who excel us in pulling documents instantly (that could take me weeks btw). But I assure you that the forumers can easily segregate and glean the facts from the pile of the documents he attached with his argument. He opened the holes of your arguments for us and yourself to see it. I believe you are capable to find out the deficiency and the fallout of your arguments, just by putting your argument and saay’s argument side by side. I do not want to recite for you what saay had said in his argument. Your position clear, defending the policy of DIA and his government. You can’t walk with justice seekers while you are supporting the policy of the evil man, and please note it, that this precisely, put you in a contradictory and ambivalent positions.

          3 – You can not defend the policy of the regime which yourself have already characterized him as reckless individual and his policy as reckless policy. And do not forget that, his reckless policy and his confrontational behavior that put him on sanction.

          4 – All forces be it “political or civil organizations” who are fighting against this evil regime are my alliances. And I support any force be it from “inside or outside” that ends the ruling of this regime and give way to constitutionalism and rule of law. I am not at least like you who only dream for change to come from inside only what ever your the reason behind it. I do not live or die to one option only. I leave all the options to play as they should.

          5- There is no echo chamber of Ethiopia in the opposition camp, and here again you love to play from the playbook of the regime, as you did in your argument against COI and sanction from then playbook of DIA. Nothing new as far as the regime exist. The entire world is at fault except Issayas and his supporters (direct and indirect supporters).

          6 – No “ኣተሃዳድማ ዕቡያት” in my argument. It is only that I don’t like endless dancing without “Simra”. You know what I mean by simra. For anything there is an end to it, and I know that we do not acknowledge of losing anything (be it a debate or else). So my friend Mahmuday, the debate so far on the subject is more than enough and is on the record. We will leave it for history to give its verdict.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Emma
            At personal level, I’m sure I respect you. Therefore, I’m not going to go into unnecessary argument. You have not brought anything new. All the five points boil down to your accusation that I support the regime’s policy. You are not alone. And that’s the sad part of the state of our political discourse. You are wrong. If you think you are right support your allegation. Number 6 takes us back to the above sad state of our politics. Every time you make an accusation, I launch my “bring your evidence” request. You don’t bring evidence. Instead you shower me with advices. That’s ኣተሃዳድማ ዕቡያት my friend. Again, you accuse me of supporting the policies of the regime, yes? Get me examples. I know I criticized the rumor mills of Addis and the show of Susan Rice. Now, if criticizing the UN is such a big thing to you to label me as supporting the regimes policy, that’s a purely preposterous accusation. What you will see is that I criticized the GOE for what it should be criticized and I tried to explain the unjust nature of the sanction. But reading about respecting people’s views in text books and actually observing them are totally different Emma. Please practice 10% of what you lecture us about the right of self-expression.
            Emma, to be frank with you, I respect you; but I’m afraid you and your are displaying acute irritability to dissenting ideas. You could not display a dictatorial behavior and argue for justice and democracy. Ironically, the group that is accused of supporting PFDJ are more tolerant and more solution oriented. Don’t forget to bring your evidence that I support the regime’s policy, if you ever want to reply to me.
            With deep respect.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam haw Tegadalai Mahmuday,

            Are you kidding! Since when did opposing once view makes someone a dictator in the Eritrean politics? This is news to me. Mahmuday I showed my disageement to your views and that is all. If you are really worried about dictator, you have it at home and tackle him with all political tools you could have with the rest. I have a profession that I enjoy and I have no other ambition just to make it clear for you. But I will never sleep until our people emancipate in the current fight.

            So Mahmuday, l love your personal demeanur and enjoy your style of engagement, though I do not agree on some of your views. Keep fight for your views and I will keep fight for my views. I wish the rest PFDJites were like you in engaging in the battle of ideas.
            The respect is mutual and I am not a dictator.

            With respect
            Amanuel Hidrat

    • tes

      Selamat Mahmud Saleh,

      Is this what you call critical thinking? Think about it.

      If you were free from your EPLF ideology, you could have thought the motives that let PFDJ invite the Somali dissidents. You may swim again into your hallucinating hateta that I am bored to read all except scanning them nevertheless for what ever PFDJ does is a proxy-war. PFDJ calls all forces that oppose Ethiopia. And he knows exactly what is the bitter history between Somalia and Ethiopia. Do not let me again bored with the ‘Historical brotherhood” between Eritrea and Somalia. I know it and I know why Somalia helped Eritrea.

      Ok, since you are an analyst after the demise, you have no critical thinking to ask the basics but a critical propaganda writing skills.


      +I read your response and all I can say is it was all again boring.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        What’s up tes
        I know that you think know it all. But again, that was not meant for you. Take care of yourself. Please don’t get bored by my earthshaking, nerve-rattling and tail -wagging Hatetas. It’s not obligatory to read them. Ok. Take care buddy.
        From zekbreka pfdj propagandist.

        • tes

          Selamat Mahmud Saleh,

          If it was earthshaking, nerve-rattling and tail-wagging I could have gone through each of your lines.

          To tell you frankly I am preferring to stay away from this lovely website instead of reading your hateta. I feel these days as if reading at madote and tesfanews. I am really really bored.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hey tes
            It’s weekend, take it easy. The decision is yours. I feel no obligation to beg you to stay here, but as a matter of courtesy, I will be happy see you around. I have not seen you using your potential fully. Instead, You have been provoking me for two years. My rationale was to avoid unnecessary back and forth personal arguments, and because I’m confodent my comments contain evidences that automatically cancel out your baseless accusations. What I’m going to do is giving appropriate replies to any transgressions you make on me. That’s all. Let’s respect each other.

          • tes

            Selamat Mahmud Saleh,

            I laugh always when you use “potential” while addressing me. Is that your non-acknowledgement for what I address?

            I forgot, the Yikealo-Warsay; aka, Master-Slave relationship design by your front that they have devised to undermine the kinetic capabilities of the young generation. And I won’t wonder if you use again and again the word “potential” from you.


          • PTS

            entay gber tblo aleka. Like any anyone else, it is his right to hold whatever view he believes in. He is not representing you, he is representing himself. He is a private citizen who is entitled to his views. Leave him alone!

          • tes

            Selamat PTS,

            Ok PTS, let what you stated be accepted in the norms of politics. Just lets suppose. If so, what PFDJ is doing to Eritrean people is according to what they belief. Can we then leave them alone? Do not try to tell me that PFDJ is an organization and MS is an individual citizen.

            And to extend it more, as we know Saleh AA Younis, aka saay7, writes most of the time about DIA. Can you tell him then to leave him [DIA] alone to do what ever he believes?

            Dear PTS, As much as he has a right to hold his own believes equally it is my right to oppose for what ever he believes. Therefore do not expect to let him be free to bombard us with his hateta.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,

            you have full freedom to say what you feel. in fact I have totally opposed Mahmuday many times. the reason is because all his Hatatas take you to one place – to his PFDJ camp. but then I decided not to read anything written by him recently. I will read when I get chance if I have to read. I didn’t announce that I will not read and and I know he will not care if I read or not. He is also free not to read mine but things go automatically. my advice for you is do the same and take peace of mind. Mahmuday is the 3rd man and I was trying not to stop reading our Mr. peace posts but it seems I will also close that today. very polite way of rejecting views of opportunists. you still remain friends –

            But again if you want to continue reading those Hatetas don’t be disappointed and keep opposing and exposing without any hesitation till you put him in his corner and close the chapter and never leave awate…Never. Be strong, learn and teach as usual.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam KS
            That’s what the neo-democrats? Huh!! If you could not tolerate my comments, then what is the fass about democracy, justice and what not? Not that I care embargoing me, but it cuts into your character. The more you guys go after me the more you are making yourself naked. The truth is none of you has the aura of tolerance. But, then, why am I replying to you? Aftrer all, you are not going to read it.

          • tes

            Selamat Mahmud,

            Just to put this in case you are wondering. I have zero tolerance on PFDJ and PFDJ sympathizers. If you call this anti democracy, let it be.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Tes,
            those PFDJ’s are strange people. they kill, arrest people and they expect tolerance, Lol,

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmuday,
            admit, the first man who smelled your PFDJ character was me and I have tried my best to let you know you will be exposed (i was telling you you can’t serve the devil and God at the same time- you got to have clear stand) , and that is what happened, people are forcing you to take stand but are doing it diplomatically unlike me and tes. I know you are intelligent, I know you want to be modern, i know also you like to attract people but it is just you are not able to jump from the fence of PFDJ that you still couldn’t manage to be part of honest justice seekers. I am also afraid you will never be able to join the mass till PFDJ’s last minute. the good thing with you is (as you said once) you are taking care of you children busy far very far from the battle field. wish you long healthy life. you should not be angry with me, if it wasn’t serous subject I could have jumped it. I will remain your friend and I will respect your unique quality and flexibility always.

          • tes

            Selamat Kokhob Selam,

            Since I landed here I opposed MS and I will never never stop till he stops his PFDJ styled politics. For what ever he puts, though these days boring, I will expose his lines. And I happy that you are still challenging him though sometimes you tolerate him simply because you want to create peace.

            As for me, no peace with PFDJ type mindset/or those who advocate for it.


          • T..T.

            Hi PTS,

            I think, what tes is saying is that Mahmud’s Hatetas are not squaring with the views of the pro-democracy and pro-justice views. Impliedly, the Hatetas are cover ups of crimes committed by the tyrant in Eritrea. As more and more cases of abuses by the tyrant and those organized abuses outside Eritrea by his agents are coming to light and into the eyes and attention of the UN and the world, any Hatetas campaigning to discredit the truth on the ground in Eritrea won’t take a minute to fade away as big and cheap lies. In that case, PTS you’re right let the Hatetas flow defending and justifying Isayas’s actions against his own people. BTW, do you consider the standers for Isayas as his gloves in the crimes committed?

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam T.T.
            Let me tell you squarely. You are lying stating that I’m defending “Issayas crimes against his own people.” It’s a lie and it’s abhorrent. You continue and I will challenge you to present your evidences right here in this forum.

          • T..T.

            Hi Mahmud,

            Sorry. I am not judging you by the groups you are flocking with, but like many awates I am wondering that most of the issues that hold you back or trigger you to responding are drifting you to the side where Nitricc and Hope are positioned. The only difference is that they are loud and clear in their support for Isayas. However, there can be double meaning when one defends or stands for the 99% of EPLF within the PFDJ and that’s, I think, what you are standing for. But for those of us who know the hammer and anvil (the people against Isayas), the 99% EPLF [or PFDJ minus Isayas only] are just victims of their choice to be placed in between the hammer and the anvil exposing themselves to blows from both sides. I know like the others do, you are just fighting to raise the dignity of the pre-PFDJ EPLF. Good luck if any dignity can be raised from what Isayas has done to the Eritrean people under the name of EPLF.

          • tes

            Dear T..T.,

            You have put it clearly. That is what my intentioned message is to MS when I oppose him. His sole purpose is to save the 99% of EPLF within the PFDJ.

            I thank you for putting it in an explicit way.


          • T..T.

            Dear tes,

            Frankly speaking, I don’t know if Mahmud was one of them but I am sure that everyday history of the Eritrean Revolution is concluding that those who were immediately around Isayas were illogical, unreasonable and self-centered to let Isayas the beast and his Isayasism sprout on their watch, their participation and under their noses. Because of them, Isayas has become irrational and true enemy of the Eritrean people. I am sure the Eritrean people will not forgive them for the coming 1000 (one thousand) years, i.e. if they revisit earth or be reincarnated for 15 times.

            The EPLF and its biggest achievements were made by the lower in ranks and the small men and women of the EPLF and not (repeat not) by Isayas and those his immediate in ranks whose wrongs destroyed and is destroying Eritrea and its people every minute of the day.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hi tes &PTS
            Dear PTS, I appreciate that and thanks. Now back to you tes
            Potential? I don’t mean it on national level. That’s up to you, but please rise to the great expectation of developing the next draught tolerating crop in Eritrea. You don’t need to dismantle PFDJ to do that. You can do it right there in France. When I raised “potential” I was refering to your participation in this forum. You could elevate the debate if you choose to do so. Instead, you have been sparring with everybody on minute issues, in most cases, with Betrey habuni type of thugish behavior. OK, that’s what I’m refering to. Except cherrypicking words and sentences, you can’t point to a substantive analysis or a sober engagement you made. You spent time fighting with every awatista, and yet act as if you own this forum.
            On my front: My front was dismantled in 1994, thanks to your front (PFDJ). Look, you were fed, schooled and indictronated by PFDJ. i don’t even know it; and actually, I accuse your front (PFDJ) of hijacking the ideals of my great front. You served benefited and served PFDJ, I did not. If you believe warsay-ykaalo is a slave-master system, well, you were a slave owner my friend, or, at least an enabler. You were the cream of the system, professor tes. You were rewarded for it; they sent you abroad for study. I didn’t have all these previledges. Therefore, you were the enforcer of that “slave-master” system, if you like. You blame current civil servants for acting as enablers of the system. I don’t make that blanket statement, but if there is anyone who should appologize, it should be you.

          • tes

            Selamat Mahmud,

            Never expected you to go that low. Better when you are propagating.

            On the PFDJ issue: well, according to PFDJ class system I am Warsay. I went for military training in the 13th round. Therefore I am not in the Master Class category. Please take a humble correction.

            Well on the thing that you are that low to accuse me, you did before and it is not new thing coming from you. As I said before, I have been in the forced labour market of PFDJ since 1996, a year that I went for Summer Works. And I ended being a slave in the year of 2012, the year I left Eritrea. And if PFDJ trained me, it was not my choice. For six years (2006 – 2012); I was in the academic sector. I did what I could with my limited capacity.

            And my experience under PFDJ administration is what it keeps me awake to fight against people like you. I do because I know the message you convey. Who else can challenge you more than one who lived under a system that he was slaved for more than 16 years.

            Look, these young people never accepted your narration. Take Lamek for example. What Lamek reads from your lines is not different than my take. Mine is exceptional. I am fighting against your ideals for the last 2 or more years. If I am doing consistently for this span of time then you should acknowledge that I differ from your perspective.

            Regarding my potential: I am not Crop Production Expert. I am rather a Food Technologist. If there was good environment in Eritrea I could better have worked in developing meat Industry, Fish industry, Fruit processing industry, Camel meat and milk, poulltry processing industries, etc etc. In fact I have enough knowledge to transform food industry in Eritrea. And to do this my first dream is to establish food Science and technology College/University. therefore have a good understanding of my expertise. These days I am working in Meat Processing Industries in France. dawit, your favorite awatista (you know why) was mocking at my work. I laugh when I read his lines. Just to give you an insight about two companies that I have worked since I graduated: 1. http://www.charal.fr/entreprise/ and 2. http://www.savel.fr

            I have a deep cry when I spent my time on skirmish fights but what to do. I can not work back home as I wish and then I have chosen to fight against the dictator that is blocking my dreams to come true.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam tes
            The gloves are off, my man. Keep it on. Now, back to the issue. Your problem is the following. You are not a man who takes responsibility. And I hate when I see hypocrit who want to blame others for failures they made. Here we are talking about an adulkt man who was fed, schooled and selected to be indoctrinated as a cadre. Now that person serves the system. The system rewards him by sending him abroade for study. For whatever reason, this hypocrit now tries tom assert his place over persons who had been opposing PFDJ through brute force and thugish behavior. You have the temirity to label people. Tell you, what you have no gene of tolerance, no fiber of justice. Your thoughts are as bankrupt as the system which babysat you and previledged as a chosen cadre. Your thoughts are as archaic as the dams you designed.
            You have nothing of freshness to show, nothing of energy to bestow. Always argumentative, accusatory, and hotheaded. You tal about justice, fine thoughts, and democracy, but you display none of them. You would the one people should feel afraid of my friend. You don’t represent the hardworking young Eritreans who are putting up with a tough situation. No, you don’t. You were the cream of the system, the priviledged who willingly collaborated and enabled the system. You were a professor, a cadre, a project manager….I mean, come on. At bleast you were adulkt enough and educated enough noit to be enslaved. Everything you show here is clumsy defense mechanisms including denial, displacement, projecting…whatever that is itching you. Perhaps, guilty feeling?

          • Nitricc

            Hi Mahmuday; i have no idea why you are engaged with mentally disturbed, culturally dejected and morally bankrupt individual. remember Tes.s “monumental achievement in his life is rearranging furnitures of a school cafeteria” what do you expect from such delusional individual?

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Nit
            It’s not somethign I enjoy. It has been imposed upon me. For two years, I prefered not to answer in kind. Everybody here knows this, I hope people appreciate the patience I have displayed with tes. I would to prefer to discuss issues. But for how long can someone play Jesus?

          • saay7

            Hi Nitricc:

            This is the story of Tes. Let’s please give each other wide latitude and not give up on one another:



          • Nitricc

            Hey SAAY; what up? I agree we should give wide latitude within each other but nothing is possible with out the due respect to our elders, fathers and older brothers. They have done something bigger than life it self and they lived the way a purposeful life should be lived. I am not going to sit back and watch degenerates like Tes disrespect my hero’s. I have no problem he is expressing his views but why is hitting the roof when other people express their views different than his? if you asking he is toxic and morally corrupted. let’s tell the truth once in a while. If tes has the right to disagree and hate PFDJ, then, he can’t oppose my stand in loving and expressing my support and love to PFDJ, if i chose too. what is worst and the problem is he thinks he is smart. tragic!!!!!

          • tes

            Seelamat Nitricc,

            First of all welcome back.

            On the issue of respect: as all forumers know you, you are the one who disrespected even dead body, the Lampedusa victims. You can’t therefore talk on the issue of respect.

            If you come to MS, at a personal level, I have utmost respect. What I do not have any respect for is his politics. Unlike Hayat Adem and alike, I do have utmost respect for our freedom fighters and Eritrean history. What I do not have is respect to PFDJ mindset.

            On opposing: I have a right to oppose a stand that I do not agree with and this is what politics is all about. If I was not opposing to any political view that I do not agree with I could not have stand aainst PFDJ.

            Nitricc, aren’t you the one who is famous for your ardent opposition to the justice seeking camp? What is then different for me when I oppose?


            +Advice: better to stay on a safe place than putting your hot leg among us. If you decide, no choice than exposing you.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Tes,
            I have respect for tegadelti and you don’t have to roast anyone to get along with another one.

          • tes

            Dear Hayat Adem,

            I apologize for putting it in a wrong way. What I mean was on the Ghedli narration*.

            It is good to mention that you are one of my most respected Awatista with the exception of one thing and you know where I differ with you. Else, every line you drop are very enlightening and voices of the voiceless Eritreans.

            Hopefully to accept my sincere apology.


            *Even for this since your reasoning are very logical I respect the way you narrate it.

          • Hayat Adem

            Likewise, I do you respect you, too, for all the good points you make the inspiring energy you have.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam SAAY
            Any story that he may have lived does not give him a license to bully and disrespect people, period. Each of us has a story to tell.

          • saay7

            Hala MaHmuday:

            Agreed. But, if you noticed, I wasn’t reminding you; I was reminding Nitricc whose language tends to be extreme. I have also reminded Tes, often, that his “you are with us or against us” didn’t work for GWB and it won’t work for him. Human beings are much more nuanced: they are not binary systems.

            Happy Sunday!

          • tes

            Selamat Mahmuday,

            When it comes to personal level I believe utmost respect to you. What I not you any traces of respect is your politics. Remember I am an advocate of “Weed-em Out camp”. If you are expecting me to be respectful to your political line of thinking all I can say is that I am not naive.


          • tes

            Selamat Mahmud,

            Ok, let’s suppose that I am the one who benefited from PFDJ administration system. Then is it because of the same reason that you are against the “Stop-Slavery Campaign”? Is it because PFDJ gives a chance to 16 people (chosen) in a year out of 6 million people to continue for Masters degree (not even for PhD) that you are acknowledging their achievements?

            Are you then counting as a something good when PFDJ allows people like me (chosen) and not for the majority?

            My take is different. As I have said before here many times Eritrea should not be for the chosen but for everyone who has a will. Yours, I am afraid though you live in the land of opportunity, you are proud to count the good deeds of PFDJ when you see people like me?

            Oh, on the responsibility issue: if I was not responsible, I could have kept quite from opposing PFDJ. I take my responsibility and I am here to expose PFDJ mindset. That was my starting point here in this forum and I will always do till justice prevails in Eritrea.

            As a reminiding, you could have condemned PFDJ of producing chosen intellectuals like me. Rather you are joining the crowd of PFDJ to accuse those whom they are called ‘traitors’ according to PFDJ politics.


          • Peace!

            tes my man,

            What’s even more frustrating is that, despite we agree on our common enemy, we are failing to focus on things we agree and do something about it. It is totally fine, and even good, to entertain diversified view of changes, but name calling PFDJista, PFDJ Elite ( new one) is not going to do any thing good to help us move forward. This forum is tough and diversified in terms of what type of change is the right change for the country perhaps that’s the problem why ezi kulu shenkolel.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam tes,
            I will paste soon the article you and BerheY are talking about and I will show the reader how shallow you guys have become. Because I opposed campain “Adhinuna” or “Stop Slaver”, it does not mean my article failed to criticise the abuses that occur in the program and its illegal nature. Everything is there and I will bring it up. But for now:
            Now, you know 18+ is considered an adult. Say, upto 2nd year you were somewhat misled or confused. But by 3rd year University, you must have noticied there was somethiung wrong about the system. Ok, let’s say, you did not act then how about after graduation? How about years later? My friend, either you were fine with what took around you and you were indifferent; or, you knew something wrong was going on around you but you kept laying low and using thew benefits thew regime gave you; or, you were from the cadres/enablers. My guess is you were a cadre. And yes, we know who goes to cadre school. OK. The man you are abusing has been in the fight, opposed the war, opposed the arrests, opposed the derailment of the democratization process; pposed the Somalia debacle; opposed NS and Sawa Camp as they stand. I have all the evidence you need if you care. The problem with you guys is simple. When you roar about justice and democracy, it’s just a lipservice. It’s not in your ethos; it’s not in your blood; you don’t live it. And you can’t be pioneers of the idea. Worse, your strength is at twisting people’s ideas and condemning them in blanket erms because they don’t confirm to group thinking. Very sad.

          • Dis Donc


          • tes

            Selamat Mahmuday,

            Aha, you are still forgetting what PFDJ is?

            You wrote, “My guess is you were a cadre. And yes, we know who goes to cadre school.” Well, let me tell you how we went to Cadre School.

            In the year of Summer 2008, an order was sent from PFDJ central office to our college to send Graduate Assistants (12) and Students (115). From graduate assistants, each department was ordered to sent one and the school nominated me as a candidate. I don’t know what criteria they had but I was selected. And if the college was selecting on graduates that were determined in their academic work and seniority base, for sure they had to chose me. By that time, in my department, werwere 10 GAs. Two had left for scholarship to India, one was on a waiting list to China and another one was on process. The other four were junior to me. Only two were on the same batch. From two of us, I had good better score (in case) and who knows what other stronger criteria I had. My name just appeared without prior notice and got a letter to go for the Cadre School.

            If you are interested on the student selection criteria, just the best 5 or 6 students from each batch were selected.

            Just nominated!

            And when I went to the Cadre School, the same as I do here, I brought all the problems and challenges our college had. I had asked what I had to ask on my level capacity at that time. Not only asking but also did a research on higher educational system with my group which we stood second in over all performance. One of college’s critical problem that I brought to the school was student life challenges. When I finished I continued to make a change and I believe I did some positive changes to student life. Even as an extension I designed and supervised student and staff club in my college. Not only this I built a basketball field that is still serving the students.

            On the other hand, I was openly demanding for structural changes on the Ministry of Agriculture as I argued for its inability to absorb our graduate students. This single question and other related issues forced Arefaine Berhe, the minister of Agriculture, to conduct meetings in our college.

            But all these activities were not done blindly. I was some how conscious on the regime’s administration system. Ok, I was not well informed as I am now. Hope you won’t say that I was a university student. If you still believe that I was able to be fully aware I afraid to to say “your blind submission to EPLF culture is not letting you free”.

            Dear Mahmuday, do not be that much blind. Even when I started to organize students simply for demanding basic student life changes, I was taken by security guards from the streets of Keren and spent one night in Forto Keren. After spending one night with hand cuffs and was forced to sign a paper that I should stop organizing again, what more do you think one can make his life at risk?

            Not only this, I stayed under surveillance for additional two years simply because I stood for the rights of students. Security men in the streets of Keren threatened me as I had a role in letting my sisters leave the country. Police car chased me during late sun-set in the streets of Keren.

            I could have told you more life challenges that I faced simply because I stood for the rights of students. Most of my college staff members pissed at me as if I was serving PFDJ, some even went to label me as a spy. Very few knew what I was doing and they were caring me. If I was late down town, then they had to check by calling if I am ok. There are more that I can tell you on how I survived safely.

            Dear Mahmuday, I never expected you to go that low and be toothless (to borrow Nitricc’s words). Ok, since you have no idea what PFDJ is, what ever the young people tell is nothing for you. It is because of such misunderstanding on PFDJ that you are against any move the justice seekers are doing.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam tes

            Thanks for the explanation. “ዕዳጋ ከምዝጸንሓካ” እዩ እቲ ነገር’ምበር ናብዚ ትርኪ-ምርኪ ክወርድን ክላኸፍን ጠባየይ ይኹን ዕድመይ ኣይመፍቀደለይን። You throw every now and then big lies. Here is one of them.
            “It is because of such misunderstanding on PFDJ that you are against any move the justice seekers are doing.” OK. You are just exposing your utter disregard to basic rules of engagement. I’m against imposters and opportunists, people who exploit the situation our people are going through for their ulterior motives. I’m engaged, and am fully grounded regarding my wish to see a better Eritrea. I don’t have to prove anything to you. I don’t need any special respect, just basic human decency. I wish you all the best.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Madam Hayat, Monsieur Mahmut, et al.

    Many of the comments that I read about the Oromo and their disenfranchisement is detacthed, at best very uninformed. We are talking about century old long standing issues. Whatever this govenment did or didn’t do to spark, the current uprising, has little bearings. Many of the cities that we now know used to belong to the Oromor settlements; along with their farms and pasture land for grazing. Names like Finfine, Holeta, Addis Alem, Ambo, Nazret, Debre Zeit, Bulbula, Welmera, Menagesha, Ginda Beret, Muger, etc…. You can imagine how the Oromo lost these lands and got shoved to the furtherst outskirts. There are also many other factors, amongst which is the environmental impact that these cities incurred to the trees, in which the Ormos believe firmly in. Culture, language, religion, etc all do come into play when these cities began to interact with the Oromos.

    I spent my formative years in the Oromia region. I once spoke the language eventhough now I don’t even remember Tigrigna let alone Amharic and Oromiffa.

    • Hope

      A nice one DD;
      Can U CC this to:
      –PMHD and his masters in the TPLF
      -Kokhob,HA,Sem Andom,Abreham Hanibal

  • ‘Gheteb

    A Set-To Of The Cousins: A Brawling Afternoon Of Sturm Und Drang

    Selam All,

    Sturm und Drang
    /ˌSHto͝orm o͝on(d) ˈdorang
    – turbulent emotion or stress

    noun: set-to; plural noun: set-tos
    – a fight or argument, often verbal

    Apologies, first. I have to drag this all the way up as it is buried all the way at the bottom. I promise to quote my 2nd Cuz SAAY as conscientiously and as meticulously as I can to keep the fidelity of his assertions and claims as intact as possible. Again, my apologies.

    You say:

    ” Please don’t get Salem Solomon in trouble with your former comrades, particularly the hoodlum/troll elements of the PFDJ): look at all the pieces she writes at NY Times, how she profiles herself on Twitter and how she is presented in TV interviews: she is “an Eritrean-American journalist who runs Africa Talks, a news and opinion Web site covering Africa and the global African diaspora.” The job of a journalist (and I have to state the obvious because it is outlawed in EPLF/PFDJ/GoE and people haven’t had an orientation) is to give both sides of the story. Her job is to present the narrative of the GoE and the Opposition objectively, which she does. That is NOT the job of the Opposition and yes, your claim that Salem is “someone who opposes the Eritrean government as strongly as the next opposition figure” is a wild exaggeration simply because she doesn’t present herself as opposition and, as a matter of fact, her paycheck depends on her not presenting herself as opposition but as a journalist. But I can see why her form of “opposition” appeals to you”.

    All I said about Salem Solomon was based in an opinion piece she penned for NYT and I am going to quote yet again to show step by step why I consider her opinions are one and the same with all that the soi-disant oppositions figures mouth and spout ad nauseam. Well, here is the quote:

    ” Eritrea is no innocent. It has closed itself off, stifled dissent and forced its young people to choose between endless military service at home and seeking asylum abroad. But I believe that the Security Council, with Ms. Rice’s support, went too far in imposing sanctions on Eritrea in 2009 for supporting extremists”.


    Here was the take home message I was trying to impart:

    (A) It was an opinion peace and NOT news reporting where she has expressed her personal views, opinions and beliefs. Here she takes the GoE to task when she claims that ” Eritrea is no innocent. It has closed itself off, stifled dissent and forced its young people to choose between endless military service at home and seeking asylum abroad” and expresses her belief and opposition to the UN sanction on Eritrea, when she says, ” But I believe that the Security Council, with Ms. Rice’s support, went too far in imposing sanctions on Eritrea in 2009 for supporting extremists”.

    Now, can you tell me which part of Salems’s assertions about her critique of the GoE doesn’t jive and comport with what all the opposition figures have been saying for the last 25 years. Or, does one need to be baptized in some special waters to get the certificate of being recognized as an opposition figure?

    (B) Last time I checked, most if not all, of the opposition figures that I know of, have a job where they earn their paychecks from. Whether as journalists, professors, and whatnots they are dually performing their day jobs and posing as opposition figures.

    (C) Journalists do write opinion pieces where they express freely their views and political beliefs. That is what Salem Solomon precisely did and expressed her political views which I found to be congruent with what the Eritrean opposition figures mouth hook, line, and sinker.

    (D) What was refreshingly new about Salem was that she stated her opposition to the UN sanction on Eritrea. That is so novel coming from some one who goes through enumerating the litany of the GoE political malfeasances.

    (E) I see that you are unable or unwilling to cross this conceptual barrier that someone who has stated her positions by critiquing the GoE has simultaneously stated her opposition to the UN sanctions against Eritrea. I don’t know what else to dub such a resistance to accepting a glaring fact save to say that it is the walking and talking definition of an epistemic closure. Well, I hope I don’t incur the wrath of ኣባ ጓይላ ክተዕ, Amanuel Hidrat, who seems to be dizzyingly elated to have found a new song for all the ጓይላs he may lead in his ‘ኣባ ጓይላነት’.

    (F) Forget about my(????) “former comrades, particularly the hoodlum/troll elements of the PFDJ” what their take would be about Salem Solomon. I am talking about a publicly stated political opinion that was published in one of the world’s most newspapers. I am not talking about her personal or private life. None at all.

    You also asserted that Isaias’s involvement in the Somali issues boils down to:

    ” it was, hey, they helped me out with a passport back in the day and now I feel like helping them, and damn the consequences”.

    I hope you are not being ‘too clever by half’ here. Do you seriously believe that the Somalis availed Eritreans through using the Somali passport ONLY. Even if that was the only help they gave to Eritrea, have you ever asked yourself who else lent the Eritreans their identity when they were in dire straits. Even if I was going to submit to your claim that the Somalis ” for its own self-interest (to bleed the Gov of Ethiopia) decided to support the EPLF”, can you mention one country who has done supporting the EPLF and by extension Eritrea so consistently as the Somalis did?

    I won’t go here and assume that you are too incognizant about the Somali’s role in helping the Eritrean Revolution for I am so sure that you are intimately familiar even the minutest minutia of the Somali contributions to the Eritrean armed struggle until the attainment of independence. Therefore, I will not attempt to rattle off the litany of help the Somalis gave to the EPLF or the Eritrean Revolution, although I would like to add just a bit of a caveat here. Please, DO heed your own advice of “no revisionism in the age of Google”.

    Your take on my views about Africans and the OAU/AU is:

    ” well, this is just a manifestation of an ugly EPLF culture that Africans are all inferior to Eritreans. You are also stuck in an old image of the OAU/AU: it now has a peace and security council that, with UN encouragement, has been trying to shoulder most of the responsibility for African issues”.

    What am I reading here? I can’t believe what my eyes have taken a gander of ! You are saying that “…. this is just a manifestation of an ugly EPLF culture that Africans are all inferior to Eritreans”. What? In which EPLF culture did you notice that? Can you proffer anything to flesh out this wild allegation? I hope you do, otherwise I will chalk it up as nothing more than pure tomfoolery.

    The roles of OAU/AU, I would just remind you to revisit and read all the memorandums that both the ELF and EPLF sent that have fallen either on deaf ears or the trash bins of the OAU. The AU’s anti-Eritrean bias are a dime a dozen to enumerate here. However, it just suffices to remind you that the AU passed that recommendation of calling for Eritrea to be sanctioned in direct contravention of its own charter or rules. Eritrea wasn’t there to present its side of the issue and Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Uganda participated in the proceedings and the meetings that was chaired by Ethiopia. That is what is called passing a recommendation or a call against a member state which is done against the very rules of AU borders to being deemed as ILLEGAL.

    Anent SEMG you assert that:

    ” Ah, about SEMG and the 2,000 Eriterans. This is classic tactic perfected by debators: to find one mistake to invalidate the rest. Recently, NEVSUN showed that it had learned its lessons from its host: when Canadian Broadcast Corporation program Fifth Estate interviewed its VP relative to Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) report on Nevsun’s role in hiring conscripted Eritreans, the nervous-sweaty VP had one piece of paper he kept referring to: CoIE made a mistake in describing an open-pit mine as one with tunnels”.

    No, I wasn’t talking about the weird claim by SEMG about the 2,000 Eritreans. Nor it is a mere debating tactic. No. I mean NO. I have quoted five such weird and bizarre allegations made by the same SEMG that shows a clear pattern of lies and manufactured “political facts”. I will repost them below.

    (1) The case of the “2000” Eritreans fighting “alongside the Union of Islamic Court”.

    (2) The case of the Illyushin-76, Evgueny Zakharov and “Eriko Enterprise”

    (3) Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)

    (4) Attack on the African Union

    (5) Eritrea’s soldiers fighting in Yemen these days.

    I am still saying that these unsubstantiated claims can NOT be taken as conclusive evidence that the GoE was arming Alshabab at all. I am again, asking those who find SEMG claims to be credible to show me the beef.

    You also wrote about the Shaebia ethos when you said:

    ” It is the pursuit of policies “notwithstanding our limited capabilities” that has stretched Eritrea all the way to Congo. It is the flattery it received that “Eritreans are the Israelis of Africa” that has made it think that it can outsmart, outfight, out-hustle, bigger countries. It is a dogmatic belief in the righteousness of its causes that has repeatedly got it to head-but superpowers. It is a belief that it defeated the USSR and USA and it can do it again that has gotten Eritrea into the mess it is in”.

    Here I will attempt to capture for you what the Shaebia ethos means by way of rendering a simple example. The way the EPLF gave help to the TPLF even when it’s resource were meagre attests to the fact that it has done its best in helping the peoples of the Horn region. This ethos is deeply ingrained in the EPLF ‘psyche’ so much so that some erroneously ascribe it to an adventurist tendency, No, you gotta look deeper than that.

    Apropos “the intellectual malaise in Eritrea” you write:

    ” Finally, when I talk about the intellectual malaise in Eritrea, I speak about how its best and brightest always have two personas: one that is “nationalistic”–which refrains, at all costs, from criticizing EPLF/PFDJ/GoE policy when it matters most (because it can always say Gegatat aytegebren malet aykonen: zsereH ygage” later on)–while, in private, and among trusted friends, it says exactly what I am saying now. This is very common among closed societies and groups”

    I admit that you got a point there, but that doesn’t capture the whole picture there. I think those you are accusing of displaying an “intellectual malaise” are in a certain stand popularized by non other than my 2nd Cuz SAAY, “Twig…. M.”. If these cohorts are accused of displaying an epistemic closure, I can make an equally compelling and cogent case that the denizens of planet illogic live in and breath ‘epistemic closure’ day in and day out.

    The weakest example you proffered to buttress your claim was when asserted that:

    ” I am afraid Cuz Gheteb suffers from epistemic closure when it comes to his EPLF: no empirical evidence, no matter how damning, will ever sway him. And he is not the only one–as we saw recently when Tzigereda came up with her evidence and people resorted to go back for counter arguments to their “epistemic closure” and thus Eritrea’s dilemma”.

    Okay, even if I plead guilty as charged of “suffering from epistemic closure when it comes to his EPLF”, I just can’t wrap my head around your assertion about “Queen Tzigereda” (“እተጌ ጽጌረዳ”) evidence. I have been clamoring and asking to be shown “empirical evidence” and so far I haven’t gotten any from her ‘እተጌ-ness’. No. All I have so far gotten was a lecture that her ‘እተጌ-ness’ was in no mood of talking to and being taught by a mere mortal that is of a less stature.

    Lest I commit a Lèse majesté against her ‘እተጌ-ness’, I have to unwillingly accept her judgements. I eagerly await the day that I will be shown the “empirical evidence”.

    Finally, let me just say this regarding the “nervous sweaty” Nevsun VP that you have rendered your verdict of GUILT because of his sweating or profuse perspiration. I am not sure if you are aware of a medical condition known as “hyperhidrosis”. I thought it may help you in your ….

    ” Hyperhidrosis, also known as polyhidrosis or sudorrhea means excessive sweating; sweating too much. Hidrosis means sweating, while hyper means too much, or excessively. The excessive sweating may be either localized in specific parts of the body, or generalized (everywhere)”.

    • saay7

      Selamat Cuz II Gheteb:

      Baw! Your brought the heavy weapons, Sturm und Drang? But I am a vulcan, allergic to emotions and I am as stress-free as a Maharishi Mahish Yogi. Ok, quick takes:

      1. I have nothing more to say about private citizen and successful Eritrean-American journalist Salem Solomon. I have given my exhibits: how she is introduced in NYT and VOA TV. Her profession–unlike that of the rest of the opposition who are employed in occupations that are indifferent or complimentary to activism–preclude her from being an opposition. Maybe I am a bit sensitive because I read what the goons write about her whenever she attempts to write an objective narrative. (In Planet PFDJ, if one doesn’t support the government wholly, one is an opposition.)

      2. Please educate me on what Eritrea’s national interest is in Somalia in comparison, to say, South Sudan.

      3. I believe that “personnel is policy” and the EPLF view towards African politicians in general was expressed to me (in private) by many senior Eritrean government officials (some alive, some dead) and it was extremely dismissive. It was borne from decades of frustration that the OAU never brought up the Eritrean issue as an agenda item.

      4. Sorry, cousin, but I am not going to re-litigate SEMG as I have written dozens of articles on it either in my column (Al-Nahda) or part of the Awate Team (Pencil.) Here’s one that has proven prescient (if I may say so):

      History of Sanctions

      The UN is slow to impose sanctions, and even slower to remove them. Since the first one (on “Southern Rhodesia,” now Zimbabwe) to the most recent, the nations involved had to comply to specific terms to have the sanctions lifted.

      In Haiti, deposed president Aristide had to be reinstated; Yugoslavia had to disintegrate; Sudan had to have the forgiveness of Ethiopia and Egypt (for trying to assassinate Hosni Mubarek while he was in Addis Abeba) and turn in the suspects; Zimbabwe and South Africa had to give up their race-based rule; Sierra Leone and Coite d’Iviore had to stop their blood diamond money and their civil wars, and UNITA had to dissolve and its ruler, Jonas Savimbi, die before the sanctions were lifted.

      What will it take for the sanctions to be lifted from Eritrea? Whatever they are, they won’t be suggested by the “intellectuals” of the PFDJ. On the eve of the sanctions, they were organizing petitions and demonstrations, long after the train had left the station. The PFDJ had and has able and learned intellectuals who know how the game is played and exactly what it takes for the Isaias Afwerki regime to escape the sanctions—but they will never suggest it, because they would never dare tell the ruler of the gang to mend his ways. And so, just as there are Palestinians now who, 40 years after the fact, are still lamenting “Resolution 242”, there will be Eritreans who will be decrying “Resolution 1907” for a decade more.


      5. On epistemic closure, what I re-state is that in closed groups, like EPLF/PFDJ, the narrative that exists–always self-flattering–is that it cannot be changed even when presented with empirical evidence. The quality of the evidence is always lacking–the CoIE’s evidence is lacking; the SEMG’s report on Djibouti prisoners of wars who escaped from Eritrea, complete with their names, ID was debated here and the Great Mahmuday (Awate Forum’s Man of The Year in 2014) found it lacking and went to great lengths to discredit it. Recently, I was teasing Ted on a devastating report by Sahan on the human trafficking industry and, yep, its evidence will also be found lacking (plus, horror of horrors, it was funded by IGAD.) In your case, when Tzigereda presented her personal testimony, and gave footnotes of others with personal testimony, you went straight to the EPLF narrative of “bahlitatna” and “kbretatna.” Clear now?


      • Ted

        Hi Saay, it will be a long way till AU to be master of their destiny and as weak as it seems, it lent all its wait against Eritrea in favour of Ethiopia. Maelesh, it comes with territory. The Sahan link you provided made think, it is “yep its evidence will also be found lacking” as if you read my mind:-) it categorically denied Ethiopians claim to be Eritreans for asylum reason and it doesn’t account or mention of Ethiopians who left to italy coast. here is the news from Norway Just to show Shahan is not unbiased report.
        “800 Ethiopians living in Norway without having legal residence may now be forcibly returned to Ethiopia, according to news channel NRK.
        Ethiopia has previously refused to accept the returns, but authorities in the country have now changed their minds. Ethiopia entered into a return agreement with Norway in January 2012, but has so far only been willling to accept people who return voluntarily….”
        My point is when the guy like Matt Brayden are team of the contributers of this organization, it is likely the truth will get lost in all the noise. This IGAD paper has a purpose than it makes us believe and i won’t be surprised if it is used as damning reference against Eritrea one way or another..

        • saay7

          Hey Ted not Cruz:

          Are we reading the same report? Because this is what I read:


          In fact, I expect this quote to be on page 1 of meskerem.net in baldonga size font.

          Matt Bryden was the best investigator SEMG had: a fearless man who scared PFDJ you-know-what less. He made one mistake: wrote a letter of recommendation for you-know-who on UN letterhead. GoE pounced and he was forced to resign. His replacement, a scared man, ended up writing watered-down versions because he too didn’t want to lose his job.

          Umm, what do you think of SAHANs report that the human traffickers were seen at the Eritrean embassy in Libya? More lies?


          • Ted

            Hi Saay, Sahan report could have scored a little points with me if it included the # knowing half of those Eritreans are Ethiopians, just simple maths , don’t you think.
            Matt, i think he is employed man in one form or another for the reason you mentioned “the best investigator”.;-) “One mistake ” is a wise way of looking at it;-) He got sloppy; it happens when he felt cocky and confident the world, UN, is his oyster. Even UN has limits; they couldn’t tolerate he going over their head.
            I won’t believe you if you didn’t find the CBC reporter did a terrible job. How? it might work for foreigners but it did definitely made most Eritreans i know cringe even oppositions. The gunrunner in Kenya Mogadishu street is borderline comical. Add Matt’s assertion the money is flowing to al-shabab after The monitoring group absolved Eritrea from wrongdoing should tell us something.
            The Libya thing, it is possible, but they need to have a smoking gun( money transaction,,etc) otherwise it won’t have weight.
            You almost lucked out, you won by skin of your teeth, OT, against nobody Thunders!!! oh boy.

          • saay7

            Ah, Ted:

            I will concede some points if you, Mahmuday, Peace, Gheteb promise to read the SAHAN report with an open mind instead of zeroing in, laser like, on the mistakes. The report is about the entire Horn of Africa migration via the Mediterranean and it reveals a lot of new information, including the the network of Eritrean human smugglers (names and pictures); the role of Eritrean “diplomats” and their cozy relationship with some of the smugglers; the magnitude of the danger Christian Eritreans face from DaEsh (the numbers are much higher than reported; most of those identified as “Ethiopians” who were beheaded by DaEsh were Eritreans)….

            Now then. The Fifth Estate reporter was straight out of “60 Minutes” casting. Some journalists consider their calling in life to expose the perfidy of multi-national corporations and if you take that was what he was going for–to embarass Nevsun–he did his job. After that, it is a credibility story: On the one hand, you have the VP of Nevsun and his deny-deny-deny robo-speak; he is supported by Eritrea-based diplomats (the American charge, the Canadian ambassador, the South African ambassador) who are hosted for corporate PR show and testify, yeah, it is all good: nothing to see here. On the other side, South of Mereb, you have two Eritrean refugees in Ethiopian refugee camps testifying that they were conscripted employees and one of them is so terrified of Eritrean intelligence he won’t show his face; and both are suing Nevsun.

            I find the two Eritreans credible; I find the Nevsun VP to be a lying robot (I think I saw the battery on his forehead flashing low:) and I find the Western diplomats in Asmara to be useful idiots vindicating Nevsun without interviewing a single Eritrean.

            About the gunrunner in Mogadishu-in-Nairobi, (Leigh street, the base of Al-shabab) testifying against Al-Shabab? The person who is so frightened he is constantly looking around, according to the reporter, when the guy doesn’t seem to have a worry and if he were to testify against Mogadishu Street in Nairobi he would be dead the next day? You mean THAT guy?:) What about him? :)))))))))

            I hope you can see my poker face. Anyway, here is the report: please read: http://igad.int/attachments/1284_ISSP%20Sahan%20HST%20Report%20%2018ii2016%20FINAL%20FINAL.pdf


          • dawit

            Cousin Saay,
            As cousins we debated the UN Sanction on Eritrea extensively and reached a common understanding that each will hold to his position, and concluded the debate. Today I am tempted to reignite our debate based on the new report you provided in support of UN Sanction on Eritrea.
            Even though I was not assigned to read the new Holy Grail book the SAHAN report another respected international reports along with SEMG and COI that confirms the legality of UNSC Sanction on Eritrea. The new report tries to link Eritrea and its government lead by PFDJ to the Human Trafficking by compiling some closed circuits reports, as usual from anonymous sauces.

            “Human smuggling and trafficking between the Horn of Africa and Europe is controlled by sophisticated and integrated international networks that derive massive profits from the mass movement of thousands of migrants and refugees, often in aggravated circumstances. These networks, frequently interlinked, are formed by key individuals in communication with each other and operating mainly between Europe (notably Italy), Libya, Ethiopia, and Sudan. The principal smugglers and trafficking kingpins who dominate the Central Mediterranean Route are predominantly Eritrean in nationality, but they collaborate with ethnic Somalis, Ethiopians, and Sudanese in order to be able to operate easily across border. These include a number of well connected Eritrean smugglers operating from Khartoum, who conduct complex international smuggling operations, organizing flight connections to remote international destinations, from where European visas are obtained for their “passengers”. Chief among them is an Eritrean individual known as “John Habtu” (aka “Obama”),
            who allegedly holds citizenship in the Netherlands, but who owns a property in Leeds, and who for a price of $20,000 or more per head is
            organising travel of people from Sudan to Singapore and the Philippines,
            from where his clients are issued European visas and flight tickets to Europe”.

            I am surprised this latest report compiled by consultants for IGAD and AU, did not mentioned a major US policy reported by President Obama in combating the problem from Eritrea. Could those well connected Eritreans are part of the Eritreans opposition figures, receiving fund that President announced to sanction Eritrea as the worst abuser of Human Trafficking in the world?

            Cousin, frankly, this SAHAN repot is another garbage repot to supplement the 500 page COI cut and paste repot report. Just unidentified Eritreans visit their embassy in Libya does not mean they are smugglers. What was the name of these individuals, were they carrying sacks of cash delivering to the Embassy? At another point the report raises that Eritrean Embassies issue Eritrean ID and Passports to Eritreans the country illegally crossing the border in to Sudan! What a brilliant discovery by SAHAN experts.

            Here is partial list of sources used to compile your IGAD/SAHAN reliable report: included Meron Estefanos # 31. The other sources are also mainly UN sources, compiled with similar fashions from anonymous sources and news reports from Sudan Tribune, WSJ and BBC all very friendly and unbiased sources about Eritrea..

            14 Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 2015..
            15- Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 13 Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 2015.
            17 Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 2015.
            18-Interview with a senior Tunisian researcher, Tunisia, August 2015.
            19-Focus groups carried out with Eritreans in Calais in August and September 2015, and in Rome in October 2015.
            20-Telephone interview with a senior international contact who worked in Libya in 2014.
            21-Focus groups carried out with Eritreans in Calais in August and September 2015, and in Rome in October 2015.
            22-Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 2015.
            28 Interview with a senior international contact, Tunisia, August 2015.
            29-Telephone interview with a senior researcher who has worked in Libya, July-2015.
            30-Physician’s for Human Rights – Israel. 2011. Hostages, Torture, and Rape in the Desert: http://www.phr.org.il/uploaded/Phr-israel-Sinai-Report-English-23.2.2011.pdf
            31 Estefanos, Meron, et al. 2012. Human Trafficking in the Sinai: Refugees between Life and Death http://www.eepa.be/wcm/dmdocuments/
            33 This figure is based on confidential interviews with family members of migrants and refugees who disappeared at sea.

          • saay7

            Ahlen Cousiney:

            I know, I know, the evidentiary standards of SEMG, CoIE, and now Sahan always fall far below that used by the Gov of Eritrea who, when it indicted the G-15 provided them with layers, tried them in an open court, gave them a right to defend themselves and face their accusers, sentenced them citing specific statutory violation, and then, allowed them to appeal their case to a higher court. But what can we do: they are not all sticklers for justice the way PFDJ is, where the J stands for justice.

            I also do not understand why these organizations rely on unnamed sources when there is no record at all that the Gov of Eritrea goes after the families of dissidents and warns them to have their _______ (son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother) “afu k’ekeb” or when there are no mobs going around threatening even Eritreans in the Diaspora with bodily harm. We all know that whistleblowers cannot do it and maintain anonymity: what matter is not investigating whether the allegation has merit but why is the accuser choosing to remain anonymous.

            It is also really puzzling how a team of investigators who spent 4 months conducting “primary and secondary research on the presence and operations of human smuggling and trafcking networks in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Libya” are expected to be taken seriously simply because they “visited Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom, meeting with government ofcials, migrants, and refugees from the Horn” including at “refugee camps.”

            Unreal. I am glad Eritrea has strong patriots like my cousin Dawit who won’t be fooled by all this trickery unlike their weaker cousins.


          • dawit

            Selam Cousin,

            Like SEMG you moving the ‘goal post’. We are talking about the legality and fairness of UN Sanction on Eritrea. How PFDJ treats its citizens the Eritrean justice system, treatments of political prisoners, democracy etc. have a different explanations. This issue is not about change of government to benefit Eritreans but rather a plan to change GOE to benefit foreign entities specifically EU countries and Ethiopian expansionists using IGAD. This latest accusation by SAHAN describes Eritrea as the HQ of human trafficking in the horn of Africa, which has become major headache to European countries. As a matter of fact this SAHAN report is an insult to all Eritreans whether they support or oppose the government. I know you have a personal family issues with GOE, but that should not cloud your thinking about national issues. UN or IGAD can not bring democracy to Eritrean people.

          • saay7

            Selamat Dawit and Gheteb:

            Dawit, that was a tongue-in-cheek reply to make a simple point: PFDJ and its supporters are disqualified from talking about justice because they condone the unjust every waking hour that they commit injustice.

            And, by the way, as I tried to remind a correspondent who was telling me that the entire UNSC, except the US, is for lifting the sanctions and “the US has isolated itself”: people don’t remember that the sanctions on Eritrea are imposed by four bodies now: the UN, the US, the EU and the AU. When bitsay Isaias screws up, he shoots for the stars.

            And, um, if you have been reading your cousin for some time, you know I don’t calibrate what I write based on whether my family is in prison or in power.

            Gheteb, again, I was in a jovial mood. The “Kbrtatna…bahltatna” is a PFDJ argument, not yours. The overlap is in only one area, to use vague generalities to counter specific claims. X couldn’t have happened because Y’s culture wouldn’t allow it to happen. You did it just here: “Shaebia ethos doesn’t forget those who stood with it in times of need.” How can you say that in post G-15 Eritrea?

            Anyway, Cuz II, disregard what I said, my bad, because I don’t want us to re-re-discuss Tzigereda’s article.


          • Haile WM


            “Shaebia ethos doesn’t forget those who stood with it in times of need.” I was amazed to read such a comment from this guy and I was exactly thinking of the G15 and many more tegadelti who gave their life for the cause and now are in the dungeons of Iseyas’s post independence sheabia… “Eritrea’s problem is not only PFDJ and Issaias” said this guy some time ago, and I can’t agree more… he (as many more) are part of the problems we are facing i.e. selective amnesia suitable to the momentary narrative.

          • Atsn’haley


            Being following your back and forth wiyh Mahmud, ted,gheteb…..impeccable arguments. Perhapa only thing i may add is that, i find it weird they expect there be no consequence on Eritrea (and its ppl) when international bodies take action against the government ruuling (albsolutely ruling everything) ovrr the country and the people….


          • ‘Gheteb

            Ahlan 2nd Cuz SAAY,

            You say:

            ” This is part of our “bahltatna” and “kbretatna” as our cousin Gheteb will testify”.

            This is the second time you are making this assertion. I don’t have any recollection using those two words, i.e “bahltatna” and “kbretatna”.

            What I remember using was “a culture that wasn’t” and that was specifically defending the ELF from what was an implied accusation of rape cluture.

            The second one I used was Shaebia ethos to show that the EPLF doesn’t forget in helping those that stood with it in it’s times of needs. That was used in the case of Somalia.

            This being the case, do you mind sharing your thoughts why you have made the assertion twice?

          • Tzigereda

            Selam Gheteb,
            Why cant you stop misquoting & misinterpreting my article? Really krank!

          • ‘Gheteb

            Hi Tzigereda,

            How can you ask me to stop something that I haven’t been doing to begin with ? Just think about that first.

            I haven’t been “misquoting & misinterpreting [your] article”. I don’t think I am that desperate to stoop that low to negate and confute your assertions and claims about the ELF, whether it is about your experience or about something else. If you think otherwise, you are royally (pun intended) mistaken.

            If you can just get off your high horse and start accepting that those who were not enlisted in the ELA (ሰራዊት ሓርነት) DO also have an insight and information that can be as valid as those who were ELF fighters, then you would have read my comments and posts with an open mind and maybe you would have appreciated my takes.

            But, alas, you have opted to take a different posture, one that is more prone towards guilt-tripping your interlocutors hook, line, and sinker. ‘Gheteb (ግሄተብ), just to mention one example.

            And, here you are now ‘regally’ trying to instill and induce a sense of shame and guilt by casting aspersions when you disparagingly wrote “Really krank!”.

            Krank? ወይ ጉድ! ወይ ጉድ! Isn’t that Tigrigna apothegm ” ዘይትፈልጦ ጸርፊ ደርጋ ደርፊ” so aptly applies to what you are trying to do here, your ‘እተጌ-ness’?

            Frankly, that kind of tack is “very disgusting!!!”, if that rings a bell at all.

            With all due respect to your ‘እተጌ-ness’, your takes and poses are getting awfully close to epitomizing and exemplifying the Tigrigna adage that goes like, ” ዝኣኽለን ጥሒነን በኣለ ማርያም ይብላ”

          • Ted

            Hi Dawit, the report is not half bad, actually very good in its presentation of technical challenges, individuals involved and complexity of human trafficking network. The political jab you thinking is covered in one sentences ” youth migrate because lack of freedom and extended national service” which BTW needs practical remedy from GoE not the reporter/UN/EU. This aside, the report actually didn’t point fingers at Eritrean officials “knowingly assisting” smugglers. i would like to be proven wrong about Matt Brayden,( his recent CBC interview didn’t help) that struggling not to say, fox guarding the henhouse, nonetheless the report is a pass for me..

  • Abraham Hanibal

    If the Weyanes have evidence that Isayas’ regime has a hand in the ongoing disturbances in the Oromia region, then let them go and hunt down the despot. The conscripted, oppressed and demoralised Eritrean army should give a free way to the Weyanes on their way towards the dictator and his blood sucking security agents. Isayas and his regime have squandered the lives of thousands of Eritreans who passed in search of freedom for their people.
    If there are any Eritreans who believe it is sacred to die for Isayas and his stooges, let them do so; as to the great majority of Eritreans, they have had enough of these mafia criminals.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Abraham,
      I am sure Ethiopians will come with evidence. what we have over there is really a collection of bloody mad men. They don’t have problem in doing such type of evil deeds they only have problem in doing good things for their people and others. destroy, kill, arrest, change the mind of people by any means against their own benefit is smartness for them. etc. now, you must know we have some people who don’t know the true color of PFDJ and resistance will be there and war will never give good result. so our stand should be against war and let Ethiopians calm down while burning our crazy mad group by our own hands. this is the only best solution.

      • dawit

        Oh Kokcobay; You are really funny at AT forum.

        “I am sure Ethiopians will come with evidence.” What kind of evidence like Bademe is Ethiopian, therefore lets go to war! The document proved it belongs it belongs to Eritrea. Ok judge we agree in principle it belong to Eritrea, never mined we will occupy it by force. Why? Because we have more friends in UN and most important US gives us weapons and food to feed our army.

        • Kokhob Selam

          not at all,

          for having people like you, Lol. why don’t you take of yourself. Heroes have their reason to part of the struggle… not because they were deported from Addis or from Asmara. Dawitom you are already gone pray for God to forgive you.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Dear Kohkob,
        I’m not calling for war, as such. What I’m saying is if the Weyanes have evidence of Isayas’ involvement in the unrest in Ethiopia; and should they decide to go after him; we Eritreans should not stay on their way. It will not be our war, we’ve been cheated many times before by Isayas, only to end up as his slaves. Let the Ghetebs, dawits, Teds, and Nitriccs do the fighting for their master; if they have the guts. As for the great majority of Eritreans the demise of Isayas will be their second liberation/ actually first liberation. Isayas is our bloody enemy; what worse can happen to us, other than what we are going through now?

        • Kokhob Selam

          Thank you bro,
          I understand what you are saying. the problem is those you mention are the last once to stand and fight. it is our people and those innocent in front line who will pay for it. So what we should do is as you said try to stop this war.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ahlan Hayat
    Thanks. Your answer is good enough and makes sense. As you know I’m against the notion that you should harbor, prep up and send rebel groups across international borders. However, I also understand that the solution to all these mess is an inclusive attitude and policy in both capitals.
    Also I agree the word “admit” should have been replaced by a more mild words such as “do you believe” or something like that.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Mista AMAN,
    You haven’t answered my questions….

  • Peace!

    Dear kokobai,

    See you have nothing to say other than PFDJ which doesn’t surprise me. Twenty years in defense and now to the lowest point that the enemy’s of my enemy is my enemy. Wake up, my man.


    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Peace,

      No, let me be honest with you it is 40 years. what do you think of struggle? It it there honesty within, fixed principle no matter what. simply that is what life is all about. I was always against anti peace forces and still remain the happiest Eritrean my friend. I never dance over the heroes body who dead for you and me. and yes, with all those difficult years opportunists like you never lived better than with all support they get from PFDJ and democratic nations. do you notice that?

      Now, why do you want to see war Between those nations instead of dismissing your dirty group?.

  • Dear All,

    What do you think of the behavior of Sudan, lately? From what I know it is participating in the bombings in Yemen, and it has also said that it is ready to commit soldiers on the ground in Syria on the side of Saudi Arabia, as an Islamic and Arab nation. What is more, it is said that it has received/will receive a $5bn arms purchase by Saudi Arabia that was meant for Lebanon, but being diverted to Sudan, because of Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, who have failed to condemn Iran for vandalizing the Saudi embassy in Tehran. Is Islamic Sudan becoming a military power in the region with the help of the Saudis?

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi Horizon,
      Sudan can never be a military power given their very shaky and fragile setting. Money alone, or armaments alone don’t make a country a military power. There are so many unsolved problems in Sudan and not substantial or enough amount of consensus is there to build up self into a military muscle. The best gain can only mean a bit more modern armaments, and a bit more resources at their discretion.

      • Hope

        Horizon and Hayat:
        I think that $5 Billion should go to Eritrea as it can be a Real and Effective Military Power in the Horn.
        Then there will be a power balance and no more hegemony in the Horn.
        Rather Peace will reign !
        Qatar will invest about $15 -20 Billion over the next few years in the Sudan.

        Cairo has received more than $10 Billion from Riyadh .
        ERITREA has allegedly received undiclosed amount of a Vacation Package from SA and UAE.
        Some thing has been happening from Port Sudan to Karora.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear All of you the above,

          The way you guys throw around figures and such, you all sound like you were there when the deals brokered.

        • Lamek

          ኣንታ ሰብኣይ፤ ዕድመ ኢሳይያስ ኣፍወርቂ ከተናውሕ ኢልካስ ፭ ቢልዮን ይወሃብና ትብል ኣለኻ፤ እዚ ጽላለ አዩ ተስፋይ። ካልእ ዘረባ እንተኣሎካ ኣምጽእ፤ እዚ ትብሎ ዘሎኻ ግን፤ ንገተብ በሎ ወላ ውን ንወዲ ዓሊ ዓብዱ።

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Horizon and Hayata,

      The Sudan’s ‘latest’ behavior is not quite latest regarding Saudi Arabia. the Sudan – Saudi Arabia cooperation in all things goes decades (40+ years that I know of). I have never known the Sudan opposing or contradicting Saudi Arabia in any substantial issue. Very long time ago, I use to hear that Saudi Arabia has a hefty yearly allowance curved for the Sudan for absolutely no known reason except for the following heavily rumored ones:

      1. Economic Cooperation (known and unknown Saudi farms in the Sudan)
      2. Religious Affiliation
      3. Pan Arabism (Arab Brotherhood)

      The most similar to Sudan-Saudi rain or shine relationship I know of is that of US and Israel.

  • sara

    Dear awtistas
    did you hear there was a call from our southern neighbors, it seems they are intending to visit us again, are we ready to host such a VIP’s , i hope they know we eat gaat be meshelaa.
    well come our good neighbors, please come we have plenty of meshelaa but no RAW MEAT please.

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi Sara,
      You are not mistaking it for picnic, are you or is that how you welcome wars, Sara?
      IA used to say similar stuff in his good days. kinmeSiE ina ilom- yimiSieu, hiray geyrna ke’A negayishom, and at another time, meAs diyom de’a dimeSeu? and Ala’amin did it: kinmeSie ina, tSibuq ilna; kiramat mSieu kinHars ina ilom, tSibu Hiresu ilna. Adey Itay’s was the most provocative: entai deAa hiJji zeymeSeu, etobus kinsedelom deliyom?!
      I hate to see a full blown war, except a surgical, small and carefully planned and aimed at turning the tide to set an enabling situation for political work and change.

      • T..T.

        Hi Hayat,

        In troubled areas or troubled regions of the world, the stronger, usually a government uses surgical tweezers for precision removal of the trouble maker from his chair – just like what Tanzania did to Idi Amin of Uganda and the USA in the case of picking up Manuel Noriega of Panama while relaxing in his scenic landscape of his palace.

        • Hayat Adem

          Exactly T.T., Mahmuday has stopped listening to me, so it is good this came from you.

      • Hope

        Dear Miss HA:

        Think outside the BOX,when talking about war irrespective of its magnitude including ” Surgical Removal”!
        The unknown and the collateral damages of “Surgical Removal”,which involved bombing and violation of a Sovereign Nation’s Space and Territory,which is illegal in all aspects and by std criteria and by International Law!

        But I forgot that the TPLF does not respect international law.

        Can Eritrea also bomb Mekele and other TPLF Head Quarters coz the TPLF is destabilizing Eritrea through the RSADO,the Jihadists,the DEMELK?

        Or Eritrea is not entitled to do so as Ethiopoa is not sanctioned and is a ” Regional Power” and since Eritrea is a Tiny Nation that cannot defend itself?

        Why all this gross and overt Hypocrisy and at the same time claiming yourself to be a truthful person?

        And here comes your usual HYPOCRISY ,when speaking about Truth!
        On the spot now,you ignored the hegemonic role of the TPLF and you have the empty and coward GUT to pick up exclusively on PIA!

        That is Hayat’s way of “Truthfullness”!
        Yeah,we know that .PIA is ” killing,kidnapping,arresting,etc…”,ERITREANS but we also know what the TPLF and its Masters have been doing to Eritrea to aggravate what PIA has been doing!

        If the TPLF and its Masters stop doing what they are doing to Eritrea and ERITREANS one way or another,PIA and his puppets would not have excuses to what to what they are doing and would not have been paranoid .
        You know exactly the overt and the covert Policies of the TPLF and its Masters against Eritrea and ERITREANS and their serious negative impacts on Eritrea and ERITREANS but you keep ignoring them conveniently and you are claiming yourself to be a Truthful person but completely forgetting with whom you are dealing (with).

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear Sara

      Look below how my favorite awatista Hayat, puts it, “I hate to see a full blown war, except a surgical, small and carefully planned and aimed at turning the tide to set an enabling situation for political work and change”
      Dah, there is no surgical about war dear Hayat. Have not you heard the military dictum that says that any military planning does not survive the first contact with enemy? Then what surgical operation are you talking about? Ethiopia does not possess smart weapon system, elite commando that could cover large territory; marines; an air force that could change the “tide”, and then what tide are you talking about? The ocean has been calm since 2000. Despite PFDJ obvious blunders the opposition has not made a penetrating job. OK, thousands of able youth may have fled Eritrea, but we have not seen 0.01% of them joining the opposition. Why? Because all the opposition bets were placed on occasions such as this where the poor Ethiopians once again are expected to die in Eritrea. My dear Hayat, the surgical operations you are talking about are existent only in textbooks, videogames and may be in your mind. Ethiopia needs to solve its problems. Eritreans and Ethiopians with a residue of decency need to tell the PM to stop his scapegoating tactics. If it goes according to established pattern, Ethiopians are going to be launched in waves after waves ravaging villages, looting hard earned Eritrean property and desecrating martyrs cemetery. Ethiopian wars are known not for their smart and surgical nature but for their blunt and indiscriminately devastating effects. That’s the advantage of commanding 90millions against 4-5million. At the end, both peoples will lose, and politicians will tell us, “Ah, it was unnecessary war.”

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi Mahmuday,
        The opposition’s physical and structural strength is weak and wanting. That is why they may benefit from such help. They are weak in physical potency doesn’t mean they are weak in values and ideas. You are right about the war. too, both will lose and that is why I said I hate it. It is sara who is welcoming a full blown war sounding impatient to give the visitors a VIP treatment. I am only reducing it from full blown to 1/1000th of it, if at all it has to happen, and I tagged it to a condition where Eritrean justice seekers would benefit from it to work for change. So, point your arrow on the one who is welcoming it. Well, is surgical operation doable at all? Yes. Are Ethiopians capable of doing that? I’m assuming they can but if they can’t that means it is not going to happen. The reason I say they can is because we have seen a sign of their capability in 2012.

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Ahlan Hayat
          Any country in the region, if they want to violate laws, can physically penetrate air, sea and land territory of its neighbor. If you are thinking of Ethiopians entering Eritrean territory in the past. Eritrea could go deep into Ethiopia, Djibouti, or territory Sudanese territories and vice versa. I thinking it has been happening for the last 15 years, some we hear of it officially and others through ex-soldiers who manned the border. Eritrea could not man a border of more than 900kmts. Therefore, crossing a border to another country sovereign territory is not a big stuff, and has nothing of surgical about it. I don’t think the opposition could not find a a staging ground. It’s just the potential of securing that staging ground and making its way into Eritrean society is not there. Bluntly, Eritreans have rejected another war of “liberation.” This is also true on the Ethiopian side, particularly with DEMHIT. It needs the Tigrean people to follow it and boost it if it is going to survive inside Ethiopia, that has not happened and there you have them inside Eritrea.
          I will hope you agree with me on the following points.
          1. The current Ethiopian problem is Ethiopian, originates from within Ethiopia, and only an objective political proposal will resolve it. Forces which the Ethiopian government call “anti-peace and democracy may take advantage of it, but resolving the fundamentals of the problem will seal the faults those forces are exploiting, if indeed they are who the government say they are.
          2. Free citizens should call on both governments to stop harboring armed rebel groups for the sole of regime change. Ethiopian rebels should thrive in Ethiopia on their own merits and Eritrea rebels should do the same. My formula is the following: If a movement fails to make headway within a period of 3-5 years in the society it is targeting to free, it will remain jaundiced for the remaining part of its life dependent on foreign life support. Now, there is an exception to this: if the idea is noble, and the proponents of that idea act or work in a way that is harmonious with the idea, i.e. when you speak about democracy, you have to live it or practice it; when you speak about justice you have to show the society that you are more judicious than the government you are trying to topple, when you criticize the government of ineptness, you have to show the society that you are transformative, dynamic, participatory, etc. When those requirements are met, there is a chance of the rebirth of energy and action. That’s if the opposition seizes the opportunities where one or more of the variables holding the status quo fall apart and the situation gets ready. Even here, the opposition will have to do self assessment, rethink, and restructure.
          3. I hope you agree that Eritrea is not a background of Ethiopia where it could crossover the border at will. And also you agree with me that there is no such thing called “surgical operation” for purposes other than active self-defense. Therefore, any incursion that Ethiopia does violates international law. It is simply a declaration of war. So, your “I don’t mean full blown war” argument does not hold water.
          4. The PM talks of taking a “proportional measure.” In this case, the proportionality would mean harboring, training, financing, and sending Eritrea rebels across the border, something that it has been doing for years.
          5. If you believe as T.T. believes that whoever feels stretching their muscles across the seat have the right to annoy, displace or knock off the passenger sitting next to them, then this is the rule of the jungle.

          • Hayat Adem

            1) I don’t think the 2012 Ethiopia’s action was a distance penetration for the sake of it. They dismantled military camps deep inside Eritrea and there was no response except a confused IA coming for a confused televised appearance. Mealtu misakhele…
            2) I wish and I want the Ethiopian rebels get out of Eritrea. Well, do not expect me to call the Ethiopian government to kick the Justice Seekers. If I say that, it defeats the whole purpose. As you know, I am even asking more help from the Ethiopia government. I am asking them to neutralize him for me. How can ask them to help him at the same time by kicking the opposition? That will exactly make me supportier of the PFDJ. And I am not, I cannot be.
            3) I do believe we have a criminal gang of government. They are not there with my vote or yours. I consider the Opposition as a better representative of Eritreans’ will and aspiration. The Eritrean opposition representing Eritreans can make an official request for help from the neighboring countries. So, they can deliver the help upon invitation and respect the law of sovereign nation. They can also do it on humanitarian ground, asking a blessing from IGAD to save the Eritrean people. Eritrea is literally on verge of demographic collapse, 3-5k people running every month from a small country unspoken of. Why all this overfixation of international rules while people are on extinction mode? Hawka abey allo!
            4) We wouldn’t know what the PM has in mind exactly but I don’t support if he is planning a full scale attack (though I think of it as most unlikely) and it doesn’t interest me if it is not the kind of intervention package I am prescribing.
            5) It is the rule of the jungle to knock off a normal passenger. But I don’t believe IA is a normal passenger. He kills and imprisons with impunity. He never reports to anyone. He punishes innocent families. He punishes dead bodies. He doesn’t declare public budget. He opens wars with neighbors at reflexive will. You don’t have to look out of the window to see if the rule of the jungle is hovering from next door. Meet it right inside your own room. IA has always gave us the rule of the jungle. I don’t know how this evil man deserves your generous protection while he gets worse by the day?
            Bonus for you,, I heard this:
            Devil was looking for a loyal partner to enter joint venture. But nobody was willing to take the offer. Then Isaias raised his hand and expressed interest to work together with him. Devil rejected the only willing partner Isaias. Devil justified, “I can’t trust you, you will cheat.”

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Hayat
            Ha…haha… on the devil thing, I heard that but it was directed southward. Personally, I like the joke. And I would not want unelected entity to enter into treaties on my behalf. But that’s a different story. First, you skipped the main point and that is: The Oromo nation is waking up for the first time in its history. OK. The policies of the regime in Addis has created the mess Ethiopia is witnessing. Will you admit that? Will you admit the fact that a whole region is rising because of the greedy policies of the regime in Ethiopia? Will you admit that blaming the unrest to Eritrea is a diversionary tactic?
            I think the rest are clear. It doesn’t surprise me that you wanted to take refuge in moral and emotional refuge. This is not about IA, OK, there is a nation called Eritrea, and no matter what, foreign forces need to respect its sovereignty regardless of who is ruling it. When people are ready to rise up, they don’t need surgical or medical intervention from outside. That’s ABCD of change. If Eritreans could not initiate, plan and execute it, and if ever a change comes, it will be a change that serves the foreign entities who brought it. It is as simple as that, as my friend Emma likes to say.

          • Dear Mahmud Saleh.

            Let us look at these facts:
            – OLF is a declared anti-Ethiopian and anti-TPLF/EPRDF LF that is hosted in Eritrea and has a military base.
            – G7 is against the so-called TPLF government of Ethiopia, has vowed to depose it militarily, and it has a military base in Eritrea.
            – About two weeks ago, more than 80 gold prospectors in the border area are said to have been abducted by Eritrean armed groups.
            – The resent participation by Eritrea in the so-called Islamic-Sunni-Arab coalition against the Shia Hutties in Yemen and the provision of facilities, is seen by Ethiopia as a sort of encirclement by forces it cannot trust.

            In addition,

            – Lately, we see an uprising in the Oromo region of Ethiopia by young Oromos sympathetic to OLF.
            – G7 and other opposition groups are funning the fire. etc

            Now, the Ethiopian government rightly or wrongly may try to connect the recent disorders to the above mentioned forces of OLF and G7 helped by Eritrea. The Eritrean regime cannot deny that there are military bases in its territory, run by forces that have vowed to depose the government of Ethiopia, thus giving justification to the Ethiopian government.

            Therefore, “greed” is not the main factor in the anomaly we are going to face. If we do not want to see the reality on the ground, we might be forced to see the reality of a catastrophe taking place. The fire is raging on the other side of the Red Sea. It only takes a spark to start another fire in the horn, and our bravado from both sides, would show only our foolishness, and not our wisdom. The Eritrean regime should stop harboring armed groups and exploiting them for its unholy purpose, Ethiopia should not try to solve every situation real and imaginary through the use of force, but should first put pressure in different ways as much as possible; and our Oromo people should know that this is not the time for armed struggle. However narrow the field of democracy in Ethiopia might be, that is the only way forward.

          • wolde ab

            Dear Horizon,
            I just read your benign …”our Oromo people should know that this is not the time for armed struggle. However narrow the field of democracy in Ethiopia might be, that is the only way forward.”
            The only rebuke that comes after such pontification should be “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace, from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the was to dusty death” Thanks to the Old Bard.
            Wolde ab

          • Dear Wolde ab,

            Don’t you think that a hundred years of misfortune and suffering is worse than waiting for tomorrow? This has become the fate of the people of Eritrea, thanks to Eritrean elites (EPLF/PFDJ). I do not wish the same thing for the Oromo people, and that is why I said the way of democracy and not the way of chaos and destruction.

            It is the Oromo elites (OLF), and not the Oromo people, who continue to see the glass half empty, of course, until they become masters and owners of their own slaves, as EPLF/PFDJ is doing. No rational person should wish the predicament of the Eritrean people for others as well. No Ethiopia’s tomorrow is going to be the same as Ethiopia’s past, and she is showing it practically. Tomorrow exists for those who hope, are rational and have the will to shape it with a continuous process of peace and democracy; again, however lean democracy may be.
            Do not worry about my pontification, worry about those who speak in a sly (non-Shakespearian) way, those who are wishing chaos and misfortune in the name of freedom, especially when they have denied freedom for their own people.
            Have a good day.

      • ‘Gheteb

        Wo Melehy Mahmud,

        Exactly and well put, Mahmud!

        As it is captured in the Tigrigna aphorism…

        ኣብ ኪናት ዘይውዓለ በሊሕ::

      • Nitricc

        The greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just stopped by to check you all out and I read your as usual a great take. as you know i am on a mission and almost done; however your take forced me to invite you one great song that fits with subject at hand. What ever happened to the imminent civil war in Eritrea that was predicted by the dedebit grad?
        the only point of disagreement with your take i have is that 90 million against 4-5 million is not anymore an advantage. with a modernization of weaponry; specifically with the sophistication of weapons of mass distraction; huge population is nothing but a liability to the countries the likes of Ethiopia but of corse people like Hayat have a little understanding of how the modern world is progressing.
        Now without further due; here is a song that is hand picked for the greatest. and will be back full time soon.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          Ahlan General
          Good to see you, come back ASAP; we putting some overtime covering your position…ha-ha…
          Unfortunately, Ethiopian regimes drew their strategies on that ratio, and many lives died in the process, from as back as the era of lords. My hope is that citizens of both countries will keep exchanging views and restrain their governments from making them canon fodders of mad and expansionist policies.

        • Hayat Adem

          Welcome Nitricc,
          *”The only point of disagreement with your take i have is that 90 million against 4-5 million is not anymore an advantage. with a modernization of weaponry…”
          *”but of corse people like Hayat have a little understanding of how the modern world is progressing”
          You started mentoring the mentor on what you said and you ended up pulling me in, while your whole comment is about how numbers are not that important any more, 90m/4-5M, and the only person who said that is Mahmuday, why would you say “Hayat has little understanding”? Wey amel mis megnez…has your mission been about fishing stupidity?

      • sara

        Wo mahmuday, “chafotna eban bedeba”
        You know what, on such instances this was the reply I used to get from my gedim instructor during abc training in 99.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Selam Sara,

      Yes, it has been reported that the Weyane led Ethiopia has started it’s saber rattling and has moved troops and heavy artilleries to the Badme and Humera environs. What I and others see from this military move by the Weyanes are the following:

      (1) The Weyanes are desperately trying t divert and distract from the serious problems they are facing in Ethiopia proper.

      (a) The continuing mass upheaval and protest in Oromia and other part of Ethiopia

      (b) The growing famine that has been plaguing Ethiopia with a reported 18-20 million Ethiopians suffering from famine.

      (2) They are attempting to “externalize” Ethiopia’s intractable political problems by igniting a war against Eritrea.

      (3) This call of military campaign against Eritrea is part and parcel of their known “psychological warfare” that aims of intimidating Eritrea. They have been doing it for over a decade now.

      I hope the Weyanes could simply concentrate in solving the problems that they are facing in Eritrea and should not foolishly embark on a war path that this time will come out of unscathed.

      I hope, again, that the Weyanes should realize that the war conflagration that they are getting to ignite, will end up consuming them, not to mention the fact that it will cause an untold amount of suffering for the people of both countries.

      Eritrea, for its part, must sit tight and follow the development vigilantly and if war is forced on it, then as now, it will self-defensively engage the aggressor forces.

      It just makes one wonder again, if the Abyssinian leaders can EVER live without conducting wars of aggressions and destabilization in the Horn region. Nay, can they even live without trumpeting the horns of war in the Horn Region or rattling the war sabers.


      • Peace!

        Dear ‘Gheteb,

        Well, according to professor Berhanu, if war breaks out, it will be between harbegna weyanai and Gunbet 7 as Oromo soldiers are fleeing the army in masses. Nontheles, if Weyane managed to crush Gunbet 7, then the war between Weyane and EDF will not be conventional as every house is trained well armed. ግደፎም ክሰጥሙ እዮም in the same grave their brothers buried.


        • ‘Gheteb

          Selam Peace!

          No, if the Weyanes injudiciously and foolishly instigate a war of aggression against Eritrea, this war won’t be the war of 1998-2000 repeated. With all the new political developments and the mass uprising in Ethiopia against the Weyanes, this is going a whole lot of different ball game. Here is why.

          (A) Using the “Emama Ethiopia” card has lost its appeal on Ethiopians in general and the Amharas in particular.

          (B) Reportedly, ” The Ethiopian regime has over the years made several attempts to recruit people to join its army, but so far to no avail. Having seen that no one showed up to register and join the army, the regime resorted to forceful conscription, especially in the rural areas, reportedly telling the unsuspecting youth that they would be sent abroad for a contractual job”.

          (C) ” Thousands of Ethiopian youth, frustrated by the political and economic alienation by the minority regime, have been crossing the country’s north border to join the armed opposition groups in the north, recent reports revealed”.

          (D) As you have mentioned in your comment, the presence of Ethiopian armed opposition groups ready to lock horns against the Weyane troops.

          • Hope

            -The role of Saudi Arabia in financing Cairo and the Sudan should not be ignored
            -Cairo’s to the teeth armament should be considered along with :
            -Medium Range Missiles and Air Defense system
            -A fleet of more 300 F-16 s and new generation Mirages and hundreds of Mig-29

            -The latest French Elite Class Warships

            -the more than 1 million well trained Egyptian Armed Forces
            -Eritrea’s well trained 500,0000 Strong Armed Forces with smuggled latest WMD and petro dollar financial back up along with more than 100 -Jet Fighter- Strong Air Force(Su-25,Su-27 and Mig -29s)
            -the multi -fronged Ethiopian Opposition armed Groups from Oromo.Amhara,Somali ,Gambela and DEMHIT ,besides the Fierce Public Disobedience should not be under-estimated if the crazy TPLF attempts to invade Eritrea !

          • Saleh Johar

            Are you claiming Eritrea owns WMD, the latest smuggled at that? Forget about the 100 fighter planes, but the WMD might warrant another sanction. Do you understand the implication of what you you wrote?

          • Hope

            Hahah,Your Excellency!
            I was trying to reach out to Cousin Sem’s and that of Ghezae Hagos claim that the GoE was claiming those ” Illegal Arms Smuggling” through the Sufan.
            But you are right that the SEMG can pick this ” Breaking News” by Hope to implicate that the GoE is smuggling ” WMD”!
            You should have edited it before it went through as the Moderators are scrutinizing every word and including every letter Hope writes.

            My message:
            The GoE has EVERY RIGHT to smuggle any thing that can help it to defend Eritrea :

            -under any condition,
            -by any means possible -and through any means possible period!
            If it’s Enemy has unlimited right and access to any weapon it wants including from N Korea openly,then why can’t smuggle any thing it DESERVES to smuggle in to defend Eritrea?

      • sara

        Ya estazna
        What is this arab.. arab thing I am arab, already am in arab land. What is wrong with this people. I came from an arab land to another, not to habesha land. Honestly I never been there I only saw it close by once around 98/99, and hopefully I will not go there again except …only if god forbid those flok of haynas start coming again .

        • Lamek

          እዚ ዶ ደይ እዚ። ብዛዕባ ዘይትፈልጥዮ ዓዲን ህዝብን እሞ እንታይ ሃለውለው ኣበለኪ። ዘይሕማምካ ሕማም ኩርምቲ ኮይንኪ ኣሎ እዛ ሓፍተይ ማዓረይ።

        • sara

          Read..honestlyI never been to habesha land I only saw it close by once around 98/99…

    • Lamek

      ሳራ፤ ንስኺ ኣብ ወጻኢ ኮንኪ ክትወልዲ ክትዘምዲ፤ ደቂ ተካሊት ካኣ ኣብ ሓዊ ክኣትዉልኪ ክኣትዋልኪ፤ ከመይ ዝበሉኺ ደፋር እኺ። ጥራሕ ተንበርኪኽኪ ጸሎት ግበሪ እምበር ሕጂስ ወያነ ኲናት እንተጀሚሩ፤ ናይ ቫኬሽን ገዛኺ ዘሎ ወላ እንዳጣሓኒትኪ ባይ ባይ በሊያ። ማንም ዝዋጋ ኣልኩም የለን፤ ኩሉ ጎሪሑ እዩ፤ ኣንስቲ ኣስመራ እኳ ነት ዓንጃል መሪሒኹም ፎእ ኢለኖኦ ኩሎም ደቀን ፋሕ ፋሕ ምስ በሉ። ወዲ ኣፎም ብሪ ዕድሚኡ ኣኺላ ኣይ ሕጂስ። ይኣኽሎ ብዙሕ ደምን ዊስኪን ሰትዩ አዩ። ኩሉ ሓበሻ ተዋሃሂዱ ዝነብረሉ ግዜ ቀሪቡ አዩ። እንተ ባዓል ንስኺ ካኣ ናብ ዓዲ ዓረብ ብቁጽ በላ።

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear awate friends, why should I care about sanction? Did the so called PFDJ represents me? did they even allow me to say my view before they start disturbing the world? who allowed them to do all those historical mistakes?

    ” ሳንክሽን : ሳንክሸን ” ኢሎም ዘንጸርጽሩ –
    ኢዶም እንድኣሉ ረኺብዎም ዘይሩ –
    ስልጣን ገቢቶም ህዝቢ ምስ ኣሰሩ –
    “ንመን ኣለዎ እዝጊ ኣለዎ ” እዩ ነገሩ ::

    ነይረ ድየ ተውሳኺተይ ባዕሎም ዝባዕለጉ :-
    ጸረ ሰላም ዓጢቆም ምስ ሸባብ ዶ ሕንግጉ ;-
    ኣብ ውሽጢ ዝለመድዎ ደገ ውን ክዘርጉ :-
    ዓለም ክገዝእዋ ማዮም ከይምዓጉ :-
    ህዝቦም ዘይመረሑ ብገባብ ብሕጉ ::
    . . . . .ሽዑ እዩ ኣጥቢቅሎም – ገመድ ዳርጋ ሕንቅ :-
    . … …ናይ ምንታይ ኣምሲለ እየ ነዚኦም ዝጣበቅ ::

    ትውሳኺተይ ኣይነበረኒ ኣይጠፍኣኒ :-
    ሳንክሽን ህግደፍ ቀደም ዝጎዳ ኣኒ :-
    ናይምንቲ ምንታይ ድኣ መክት ዝብሉኒ :-
    ውዮ ‘ቲ ግደባ ንዓይ ኣሕሚሙኒ ::

  • ‘Gheteb

    By Salem Solomon’s Lights: A Cogent Viewpoint From The Logical Galaxy

    Selam All,

    I couldn’t follow the recent exchanges about the sanctioning of Eritrea due to time constraints. Today, however, I was able to read through the comments and found the multiplicity of opinions about this issue to be mostly encouraging, save for one or two , which were unfortunately disappointing.

    None more disappointing than the takes of SAAY on the issue of the sanction regime placed on Eritrea. You would think that SAAY with an effulgent mind, would easily discern the dialectic of the Somali-Eritrean relations and history, the power play in the Horn regions, the emergence and growth of the nascent state of Eritrea and the danger it has posed to the interests of the power-to-be, the unceasingly perennial expansionist policies of the rulers of Abyssinia and the ‘colonized minds’ of the movers and shakers in Washington by an obsession otherwise known as ‘Ethio-philia’.

    You would also think that SAAY should have taken stock of the afore-mentioned issues and would display an intellectual honesty by acknowledging the fact that Isaias Afwerki was forced to swim against these counter currents in a very turbulent sea, though he may not have been a good swimmer.

    No, what I have picked up from SAAY’s take on these issue is that, Isaias Afwerki woke up one day and decided to support a seemingly viable Somali government, just like that. When he was told to quit supporting the Somalis, he didn’t accede to the demands of Washington and Ethiopia. Ergo, he brought the sanctioning of Eritrea by his failure to heed to the demands of Ethiopia, USA, and all the others who unblinkingly tow the American line.

    What is also more conspicuously obvious from SAAY’s take is his deafening silence on the major role played by Susan Rice and her groupie in making the sanctioning of Eritrea a reality. No, according to SAAY, the USA and Susan Rice were neutral and objective observers and Eritrea and Isaias Afwerki ALONE are to be blamed for the sanctions on Eritrea. You can further believe that the UN is a totally disinterested organ and rendering its rulings objectively and without bias.

    Indeed one can point out Isaias’s foibles and the inexperience, naiveté of Eritrea’s diplomatic corps and all the other weaknesses. But that doesn’t mean that whenever SAAY’s “non Mzungus Mzungus” call Isaias Afwerki, not only he must answer their calls forthwith, but when asked to jump his only answer should be ‘how high’.

    If SAAY’s suggestion were to be taken to it’s logical conclusion, then Eritrea would NOT be an independent country today. Why? Simply because in 1989, one of SAAY’s “non Mzungus Mzungus”, Jimmy carter, was trying to sell the idea to Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea remaining within the framework of Ethiopia, somewhere in a plane at Khartoum’s International Airport.

    SAAY’s views of AU and especially of those Sub-Saharan African countries views vis-à-vis Eritrea is either disingenuous or naïve by half. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with this issue would tell you that the African view of Eritrea is misinformed at best or utterly jaundiced at worst.

    To oppose the Eritrean government or the PFDJ or Isaias Afwerki is one thing, but to mindlessly spout anything and everything that you may think will weaken and put in bad light the PFDJ/GoE is quite another. I don’t think it resonate with many a sentient Eritreans.

    Here is someone who opposes the Eritrean government as strongly as the next opposition figure. However, here she is stating her stands on sanctioning Eritrea.

    ” Eritrea is no innocent. It has closed itself off, stifled dissent and forced its young people to choose between endless military service at home and seeking asylum abroad. But I believe that the Security Council, with Ms. Rice’s support, went too far in imposing sanctions on Eritrea in 2009 for supporting extremists”.


    • saay7

      Selamat Gheteb:

      I have read Salem Solomon’s article in NYT, including the one right after the Forto incident, and I have heard her in TV interviews, including right after the CoI issued its report. Your claim that she is “someone who opposes the Eritrean government as strongly as the next opposition figure” is, um, an exaggeration. I am only commenting about her because you brought her up; otherwise, she is a private citizen entitled to believe whatever she wants to believe; and to express it in the most hesitant, on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand manner. Isaias Afwerki, on the other hand, is a public figure whose every action represents Eritrea and, by extension, you and me and, therefore, I will focus the rest of this post on him and his actions.

      As I have said in a previous post, ever since the collapse of the Siad Barre regime, Somalia had been a free-for-all, with the UN resolutions on arms embargo on Somalia violated by everyone including the US and Ethiopia as the Monitoring Group on Somalia (SMG, before it became SEMG), to its credit, dutifully reported. Yes SMG reported to the UN that the US was one of the violators of the UN arms embargo. As was Ethiopia. As was a bunch of countries including Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt Yemen, and yes, Eritrea.

      The fork on the road was with the establishment of AMISOM (African Unity Mission in Somalia) in February 2007. AMISOM was there to protect the Federal Government. Its Mission 1 and Mission 2 were to “1. Take all necessary measures, as appropriate, and in coordination with the Somalia National Defence and Public Safety Institutions, to reduce the threat posed by Al Shabaab and other armed opposition groups, and 2. Assist in consolidating and expanding the control of the FGS over its national territory.”

      Now, remember: (1) AMISOM was green-lighted by the UNSC, (2) it was an AU mission, and it would eventually be composed of volunteers from Burundi, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia , Gambia, Ghana, Kenya , Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia. That is, with the exception of Sudan and Ethiopia, every member of IGAD had fighting men as part of AMISOM.

      Fighting against AMISOM were armed groups including Al-Shabab, and Eritrea led by the man that you are going to great, great lengths to justify his behavior (as if he went to a formal dinner wearing casual clothing.) Indisputably, he gave moral support to the armed groups shooting at AMISOM; arguably, he gave arms, ammunition and training (if you believe the SEMG report, and I do because the evidence is compelling for anyone who knows anything about conducting investigations.) Now, are you really surprised that those whose countrymen were bleeding in this fight (AMISOM countries) were strong-armed by Susan Rice to call for sanctioning Eritrea? Does it surprise you that the country with the most troops, and the country which bled the most–Uganda–would sponsor the resolution at AU and UN? You are exaggerating the persuasive powers of Susan Rice and underestimating the reality of what countries feel like when their countrymen are being bled by armed groups and there is one loud man, placing a huge target on the back of Eritrea (that would be bitsay Isaias.)

      You are presenting Susan Rice’s animosity towards Isaias Afwerki (a carryover from her days in the Clinton Administration) as an exhibit to vindicate Isaias Afwerki. In actual fact, it does the exact opposite: if he knows that a person who despises him is now even more powerful than she used to be and has the ears of policy-makers, why would he gamble with Eritrea’s fate? Particularly since nothing happening in Somalia affected Eritrea’s national security. As a matter of fact, the rationale given for why Eritrea was going overboard was that we have a “moral obligation” to support Somalia? How is that remotely related to Eritrea’s national security? No, it was just an emotional decision: partly as a misguided show of gratitude to “Somalia” (assuming the armed groups represented Somalia) and partly because Timbite Isaias had prophesied that Somalia would be Ethiopia’s quicksand and he wanted to see that through so his fans can say እዚ ሰብኣይ ዘረብኡ ኣብ ባይታ ኣይትሃርምን እያ! In short, it was nothing more than hubris, grudge, arrogance and it had nothing to do with Eritrea’s national security interests.

      Why Eritrea was sanctioned has nothing to do with the Eritrean opposition and why it will be lifted will have nothing to do with the Opposition. In a country where one man runs the entire show, it was Isaias Afwerki who worked really hard to get Eritrea sanctioned, and it is Isaias Afwerki who will work really hard to get the sanctions lifted. And all the attack on those who, on its merits, find the sanction justified is the usual “betrey habuni” because they are entirely voiceless when it comes to what policies Isaias Afwerki will pursue or wont.


      • ‘Gheteb

        Wo 2nd Cuz SAAY,

        You are not convinced that Salem Solomon doesn’t pass the acid test of being deemed as an opposition figure? Why did you find such a characterization as “.. wild exaggeration..”? Could it be that she has not taken the Maoist dictum ” we oppose whatever our enemy support and support whatever our enemy oppose” to its ludicrous height? Does one have to deny or contradict even preposterously that 2+2 is not equal to 4, if PIA and the PFDJ were to claim that 2+2=4, to be considered a bona fide opposition figure? This is the unavoidable conclusion one is forced to make given these conditions and its illogicality is leaving those who reside in the logical galaxy utterly dumbfounded.

        Apropos Somalia and Eritrea, particularly the EPLF, I contend that Eritrea’s Somalia interest and involvement didn’t commence in 2007 or 2001. It goes way, way back to 1992. Here are some of my-seat-of-the pants facts just from the top of my head:

        (A) In 1992 -93, the EPLF were planning to send troops to aid in the stabilization of Somalia which was nixed by the EPLF politburo.

        (B) The EPLF’s shuttle diplomacy led by the late Mohammed Said Barih who made several trips to Somalia in an effort of helping the Somalis find a political modus vivendi.

        (C) President Isaias Afewrki’s sui generis take and position’s vis-à-vis Somalia as was evidenced by the opinion piece that he penned in the early 90s. It was published in the Washington Post. Here it should be note that in those years PIA was one of the darlings of Washington.

        (D) Eritrea’s relation with Somalia and its desire to aid the Somalis is not merely an act of “moral obligation”. It goes further and deeper than that, if one takes into consideration what the Somalis did for Eritrea specially after 1981.

        Regarding your claim about the role of Africans such as Uganda and that of Susan Rice, the unvarnished truth, from where I stand, is the following:

        The “rice” that was the sanction imposed on Eritrea, was bought from the supermarket by Susan Rice; it was washed and cleaned by Susan Rice; it was cooked, spiced and made palatably delectable by Susan Rice and, unsurprisingly, shoved down the throat of the African leaders such as Uganda’s Museveni.

        It was right on the heels of Susan Rice’s visit and meetings with Meles Zenawi that IGAD held an emergency meeting with Ethiopia chairing the session. Within days this was followed by a meeting of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union. It was through these meetings that the call was made for the UNSC to sanction Eritrea and giving the call ,er, “the rice” an “African face”.

        I haven’t read anything that shows the Africans, be they in IGAD or in other forums, pushing the call without the prodding and active campaigning of Rice and her groupie. None whatsoever!

        As a matter of record, when Susan Rice told Uganda’s Museveni that Djibouti case should be included in the sanction against Eritrea, Museveni expressed his concern and disagreement, though he finally ‘accepted’ Rice’s suggestion, er, instructions. I am mentioning this just to show that who was the one pushing for the sanctioning of Eritrea. No, what one sees is Rice was the one charging ahead and not the one who you claimed who was so agonizingly aggrieved by the “bleeding of his countrymen” in Somalia.

        You say the following regarding SEMG:

        ” … if you believe the SEMG report, and I do because the evidence is compelling for anyone who knows anything about conducting investigations.”

        I am not sure which part of the SEMG report does your blanket endorsement refers to for you to find the “evidence [to be] compelling”. Allow me if I can mention some of the wildly weird allegations that SEMG made against Eritrea:

        (1) The case of the “2000” Eritreans fighting “alongside the Union of Islamic Court”.

        (2) The case of the Illyushin-76, Evgueny Zakharov and “Eriko Enterprise”

        (3) Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)

        (4) Attack on the African Union

        (5) Eritrea’s soldiers fighting in Yemen these days.

        I don’t think that unsubstantiated claims can be taken as conclusive evidence simply because SEMG makes the claims or allegations. These are what are dubbed as “political truths” or “political facts” that should never be taken at face values and not passed along to further ones political agendas so mindlessly.

        What you are derisively describing as “Timbite Isaias” (sic) or the Eritrea Somali policy being nothing more than emanating from Isaias’s “emotion” or ” እዚ ሰብኣይ ዘረብኡ ኣብ ባይታ ኣይትሃርምን እያ! In short, it was nothing more than hubris, grudge, arrogance and it had nothing to do with Eritrea’s national security interests”, simply flies in the face of the ethos of Shaebia in particular and the Eritrean culture in general.

        Well, I find your take here to be the acme of a utilitarian approach that utterly fails to take into account the history of the Eritrea Somalia relations and its dialectics and I have to say it one more time that it doesn’t comport with the ethos of Shaebia in particular and the Eritrean culture in general. I hope you have heard the Eritrean sententia that goes like : ጽቡቅ ዝገበርለካ ወይ ጽቡቅ ግበረሉ ወይ ድማ ጽቡቅ ንገረሉ :: I rant a lot about the sui generis nature of Shaebia and its leadership and I think one can see some of its manifestation here.

        I am not saying nor am I implying the Eritrean opposition has the power to influence on the sanction regime imposed on Eritrea. Nor do I entertain even in my wildest dreams they have the power to help in its lifting. How could I make such an outlandishly outré assertion when I am on the record for stating that the Eritrean opposition are, for all intents and purposes, are in political senescence. As someone who considers himself to be an inhabitant of the logical galaxy, it will be oxymoronic for me to asseverate such kind of pronouncement.

        Finally, you assert that, ” It is also what has contributed to the intellectual malaise in Eritrea: hypernationalism trumping truth-telling”.
        What “truth-telling”? What truth are you talking about? The objective truth or the ‘political truth’ that is of SEMG’s provenance which so far as I know remains to be inconclusively unsubstantiated !

        • saay7

          Selamat Gheteb Cuz II:

          Please don’t get Salem Solomon in trouble with your former (?) comrades (the hoodlum/troll elements of the PFDJ): look at all the pieces she writes at NY Times, how she profiles herself on Twitter and how she is presented in TV interviews: she is “an Eritrean-American journalist who runs Africa Talks, a news and opinion Web site covering Africa and the global African diaspora.” The job of a journalist (I know because it is outlawed in EPLF/PFDJ/GoE people haven’t had an orientation) is to give both sides of the story and her job is to present the narrative of the GoE and the Opposition objectively. That is NOT the job of the Opposition and yes, you claim that Salem is “someone who opposes the Eritrean government as strongly as the next opposition figure” is a wild exaggeration simply because she doesn’t present herself as opposition and her paycheck depends on her not presenting herself as opposition but as a journalist. But I can see why her form of “opposition” appeals to you.

          However far back Eritrea’s (EPLF, PFDJ, GoE) sympathies for Somalia go, they have nothing to do with Eritrea’s national interest but some sentimental attachment because one Somali regime (Siad Barre’s) for its own self-interest (to bleed the Gov of Ethiopia) decided to support the EPLF. You make my point (accidentally) when you say the EPLF Politbureau vetoed an earlier involvement by the EPLF: well now, there is NO institution of any kind that can check Isaias Afwerki’s ambitions and that’s how he stuck Eritrea in Somalia. There was no debate, no discussion of any kind: it was, hey, they helped me out with a passport back in the day and now I feel like helping them, and damn the consequences.

          IA’s solution to everything–whether Sudan, Yemen, Somalia–is that a country should maintain its colonial boundaries ( it should never, under any circumstances, be split up because the colonial boundaries are sacrosanct) and that his formula, and his alone, is the one that works best. When his formula is rejected, he doesn’t just go away, but he persists and persists to prove himself right. I wouldn’t care if he was doing this at a college dorm discussion; it is when he invests Eritrea’s blood and resources to prove his point that it becomes problematic.

          Well, I have already told you that AMISOM countries were incentivized to punish those who were aiding and abetting armed groups that were shooting at them. If you believe that, nah, they didn’t it was only because of US pressure that they reached that conclusion, well, this is just a manifestation of an ugly EPLF culture: that Africans are all inferior to Eritreans. You are also stuck in an old image of the OAU/AU: it now has a peace and security council that, with UN encouragement, has been trying to shoulder most of the responsibility for African issues–its presence in Darfur, its mediation efforts in South Sudan, its resolution on Burundi are all designed to be Africa’s answer to UNSC. But when you have a head of state who withdraws from IGAD, doesn’t attend a single AU heads of states summits, is a no-show at Comesa, is a no show at Chinia-Africa summit, is a no show at India-Africa summit, Eritrea’s voice is never heard.

          Ah, about SEMG and the 2,000 Eriterans. This is classic tactic perfected by debators: to find one mistake to invalidate the rest. Recently, NEVSUN showed that it had learned its lessons from its host: when Canadian Broadcast Corporation program Fifth Estate interviewed its VP relative to Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) report on Nevsun’s role in hiring conscripted Eritreans, the nervous-sweaty VP had one piece of paper he kept referring to: CoIE made a mistake in describing an open-pit mine as one with tunnels. Ergo, if it made such a mistake on one issue, it must have made mistakes in other issues. He refused to address the rest: he just kept going back to the “open pit argument.” Similarly, those who have never read any of the SEMG reports know only one thing: hey, isn’t it that group that once claimed there were 2,000 Eritreans in Somalia?

          What Shaebia ethos are you talking about, my cousin. When it comes to foreign policy, Shaebia ethos is described in the National Charter and it is this:

          Problems related to peace and stability cannot be confined to within our borders. In order to preserve the peace and harmony we acquired after a long struggle, it is essential that we strive for peace and stability at both regional and global levels, notwithstanding our limited capabilities.

          It is the pursuit of policies “notwithstanding our limited capabilities” that has stretched Eritrea all the way to Congo. It is the flattery it received that “Eritreans are the Israelis of Africa” that has made it think that it can outsmart, outfight, out-hustle, bigger countries. It is a dogmatic belief in the righteousness of its causes that has repeatedly got it to head-but superpowers. It is a belief that it defeated the USSR and USA and it can do it again that has gotten Eritrea into the mess it is in.

          Finally, when I talk about the intellectual malaise in Eritrea, I speak about how its best and brightest always have two personas: one that is “nationalistic”–which refrains, at all costs, from criticizing EPLF/PFDJ/GoE policy when it matters most (because it can always say Gegatat aytegebren malet aykonen: zsereH ygage” later on)–while, in private, and among trusted friends, it says exactly what I am saying now. This is very common among closed societies and groups. In 2010, scanning the politics of the Democrats and Republicans in the US, author Julian Sanchez called it “epistemic closure” to describe a “political belief” which is a “closed system of deduction, unaffected by empirical evidence.” I am afraid Cuz Gheteb suffers from epistemic closure when it comes to his EPLF: no empirical evidence, no matter how damning, will ever sway him. And he is not the only one–as we saw recently when Tzigereda came up with her evidence and people resorted to go back for counter arguments to their “epistemic closure” and thus Eritrea’s dilemma.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Saay,

            These days I am really enjoying your argument more than I use to – in the past, sitting in the back seat. Keep rolling with your conceptual hit to preempt their closed deductive arguments. And you are right the PFDJ elites will not be affected by empirical evidence nor will they be influenced by the seismic change around them. Certainly, they are the brakes of social development from the get go.

            Saay, obviously Sanchez coined “epistemic closure” as right wing phenomenon to question the intellectual health of the conservative movement – a technical term from the realm of logics. In other words he alluded that the conservative movements are confined to intellectualism within their movements. Indeed Gheteb and his likes are confined within the intellectualism of PFDJ ideology and are confident to participate in an open set town hall meeting with their counterpart to win on theirn ideas. So “epistemic closure” is an epic description to PFDJ elites. Yebel zehawey


          • Ted

            Hi SAAY, How the proxy war between Eritrea and Ethiopia transformed to “Eritrea supports terrorism” is interesting conception due to the fact Eritrea has no desire or inclination to terrorism/ extremism in its national thinking or government political calculation. And most importantly, the people who accuse “Eritrea supports terrorism” know well not to be true. How did we get here, “IA’s stupidity” or “moral obligation” or “African sponsored resolution” aside, when ICU disbanded by Ethiopia, all, including Awey(hardline) and Sharif (moderate) joined arm to form(ARS)in Asmara against foreign sponsored TFG Gov of somalia. Then it happened, the moderates agree to work with Ethiopia while Asmara stuck with the hardline, awey, who was adamant to fight Ethiopia ie the basics of their relationship with Eritrea, proxy. The relationship between Eritrea and them(ARS- Asmara) can only be explained in this proxy arrangement or ” moral obligation” depending who you ask but not terrorism. To begin with, TFG is the creation of the West and its leaders were hand picked by them and the AMISSOM plus Ethiopian troops were there to protect this creation. US involvement in this crisis has been hobbled by its broader uncritical support for Ethiopia.Eritrea supporting terrorism is as good as the groups who want it to be true, Ethiopia and US approved it. How convenient for Ethiopia, Eritrea put in the chopping block for the fight between Somalia groups and Ethiopia. If proxy is to be equate as “supporting terrorism”, US will have razer rope all around its neck from Afghanistan, somalia, Libya, Iraq……

            Off i go to Barentu, i sense Hayat’s army is getting closer to Humera border;-)

          • saay7

            Hey Ted:

            Man, this is a weekend: why aren’t we talking about fun stuff like the greatness of the Warriors:)

            It must be Strawman Argument day: Eritrea was not sanctioned for supporting terrorism; Eritrea was sanctioned for supporting armed groups intent on overthrowing a government that the international community recognized as legitimate. One of those armed groups, al-Shabab would later on pledge allegiance to Osaman bin Laden; and the other armed groups did all the things associated with terrorist organizations: roadside bombing, political assassinations. The whole time they were doing that, Big Mouth Isaias was giving interviews after interviews denying that they were terrorists.

            Consequently, not only was sanctioning Eritrea a likely outcome but an inevitable outcome. I don’t see, given the sequence of events, how the UNSC, at the request of AU, could not have sanctioned Eritrea.

            Now, how about them Warriors?


          • Ted

            Hi saay, i agree, the fun stuff didn’t get mentioned when portland soaked them the warriors. 52-5 will be tested, then again i want you to have a good run to the day of reckoning, the King that is.

          • saay7

            Hey Ted not Cruz 🙂

            The Warriors live by the creed “don’t lose but if u do, lose to a lame team.”

            The Nevsun VP, Sweaty McSweaty, was perspiring not because he was doing business with a terrorist but with a slave master. Canadians has a long track record of standing against slavery. In any event, what matters is not what Sweaty McSweaty said but what Nevsun has disclosed in its financial statements: two Eritreans have sued us, it will be heard in a Canadian court, and we have no idea how much, if any, the fines that will be levied against us are.


          • Ted

            Hi saay, not Cruz,definitely, besides he is canadian who support slavery:-). who knew sweating like a pig is about to kill Rubio’s Whitehouse career. Have you find out ,with all its absurdity, the secret of TRump’s success. The best and the closest explanation i heard is from a professor saying ” the best way Americans show the fingers to the establishment”. Is UN considered the establishement:-)
            You seem afraid of the Thunders. BTW, you can have the creed which BTW You stole “the creed” from our locker last year. Take a note;Playing from the periphery doesn’t cut it no more, የፈሪ ዱሏ ሶወስት ነው!!! boom! googletranslate it፣ i hope it stings with ፈረንጅኟ too.;-)

          • saay7

            Hey Ted:

            Long after we are dead and Nitricc is our age, they will be talking about this shot by Steph. And Nitricc will say, yeah, I was in a mission and I had to interrupt everything to watch it.



          • Ted

            Hi Saay, I can’t believe you are encouraged by this.
            First, his score celebration, victory dance, is uninspired
            Second, Basketball is not “literally”;-) getting the ball in to the basket. He single handedly ruined basketball. I thought you like basketball.

          • saay7

            Ha, sour grapes, Ted:

            Twitter is blowing up from tweets by NBA players who couldn’t believe what happened, including your boy LeBron who wrote:

            @StephenCurry30 needs to stop it man!! He’s ridiculous man! Never before seen someone like him in the history of ball!



          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ya muAlemna
            mi tu eli melehey? The problem is SEMG itself reported all those allegations as “unconfirmed” and finally admits it has no evidence. Plus, let’s say, IA and EPLF/PFDJ/GOE…all did unorthodoxy in following diplomatic norms. OK, we got sanctioned, Now, As a matter of transparency, and as an Eritrean, (of course you are my hero, the great mind of all time);
            1. Do you see a possibility you might say, “I think the sanction needs to be lifted; there are no enough ground to justify its continuity.”
            2. Do you see sanction as a means of getting rid of bxay IA?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mahmuday,

            Are you really reading his argument including his summary on the chronicles year by year as reported by SEMG? You become either dismissive to acknowledge the facts as reported year by year (as the mandate of SEMG is renewed and extended every year) by SC. SEMG has proved the involvement of GoE with Alshebab in Somalia in its first report. That is why SC was extending the mandate of SEMG to monitor whether GoE is continuing its relationship (arming alshebab) or not every year. It is only last year SEMG reported that they did not get any evidence to confirm the continuation of arming alshebab by GoE. Please debate line by line, year by year, as the mandates were renewed every year and the reports were submited every year. So Mahmuday, GoE did not continue to arm alshebab as reported in third mandate does not nullified the first mandate as reported arming the Alshebab. Each report covers only the duration of each mandate. Let me tell you brother you are losing your relevancy by mixing the report of each mandate and it’s duration.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7

            Wo MaHmuday:

            Uh-huh, m’re’eka? 🙂

            I am sure you are familiar with the Liars Club Riddle. Now here’s a question for you: if you don’t believe the SEMG when it said there were 2,000 Eritreans in Somalia, why do you believe the SEMG when it said there weren’t? 🙂

            It reminds me of our friends at PFDJ who spend 12 out of 12 months calling Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International liars, and then quote them whenever they say something negative about Ethiopia. Ok straight to your questions:

            1. The sanctions will be lifted for the same reason the sanctions were imposed: the entire Security Council either voted for (US, UK, France, Russia) or abstained (China); and when they are lifted, it will be because the entire Security Council will either vote for or abstain. The UN is veeeeeeery slow to impose sanctions and extreeeeeemly slow to lift them. They were not imposed because of Isaias Afwerki’s human rights record in Eritrea: they are imposed because he was a disruptive force in Somalia, Djibouti and Ethopia and, by extension to Kenya and Uganda (because they contribute forces to AMISOM.

            2. No, I don’t see sanctions as a means of getting rid of bxay IA; I see it as something even more important: reducing the number of Eritreans that will be killed in far-off place to satiate bxay IA’s megalomaniac designs. Just imagine there were no sanctions on Eritrea in 2009. Lots of Eritrean lives and treasure would have been squandered in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, just as they were in East Sudan.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan SAAY
            OK, for the first question: It’s not a riddle to me. Because I never believed their story from the get-go. When they admit they lied, I accept that because I have already established they were wrong.
            Anyway, I partially agree on number two. I believe there should be a defense capability, no matter who is ruling the nation. OK, there should be some authority, either it’s bxay IA government or someone else, eneho feres eneho golgol. Do you hear me bxaay Emma?
            Now, on point #one: I’m asking you, it’s a position related question. Do you believe the sanction should be lifted?
            Please know that I’m not questioning your Hagerawi mergexi. I just believe that you are too fixated on the evilness of the government that you are not giving matters that are out of any political party, such as the defense of a nation, and the effects that sanctions inflict on nations. This is just to register my last opinion on this thread. After all, I have the same rage and anger when it comes to the adventures this people made causing us all these mess. I also agree with you, fully, in all other topics, including the nature of the government and its human and governance records. For reasons not quite clear to me, I tend to dissent when our country is mentioned in relation to international events. Whether it is justified or not, God know; I will have to keep sharing them with you and others and the dialogue continues. I’m fully aware the personal toll it takes on you, but make no mistake that many of the folks who appear to be lenient (just because they have not consumed 100% of what the opposition says), it does not mean they don’t share the same tragedies.
            Anyway, have a wonderful night.

          • saay7

            Hala MaHmuday:

            Well, from the sanctions, I was never a big fan of the arms embargo (including spare parts!) on Eritrea because, as we wrote once (refer to the link provided in my reply to Gheteb) this

            “may embolden Ethiopia to take advantage of the imbalance and, fearing this, Eritrea may actually be encouraged to accelerate an illicit arms race in the region, thereby endangering the “peace and security” in the region even further.

            My guess is that the sanctions will be lifted in 2017, after the US elections because every incoming president likes to “reset” whatever his predecessor has done. And my fear is that Isaias Afwerki and his supporters will have learned either no lessons or the absolute wrong lessons.


        • Hope

          Selamat Gheteb:
          Thanks for telling SAAY in a better English what I have stumbling to tell him !

          -The unilateral declaration by the Amateur Diplomat Susan Rice in The Ogadugu (misspelt ) in West Africa about the US-Rwanda Plan and related issues!m.

          -The similar unilateral and dumb request by another Amateur US Diplomat ” Dr” Jendayee Frazer to assign her own Chief to modify the border decision to move the GPS /few latitudes and Longitudes to push Baduma to Tigray!

          -The negative role of the UNMEE and its Commander as confirmed by the wiki leaks.

          -The TPLF fake code called Asmera Code to implicate Eritrea on the Ugandan Massacre.

          -The well documented fake and set up by Djibuoti and Ethiopia and stupid Musseveni to implicate Eritrea for the fake Eri-Djibuoti border war.

          -The well documented Wikileaks facts about the Four-Step plan by PMMZ with a full blessings by the CIA to invade Eritrea and change the Regime in Asmera

          -The Amnesty Internatonal well engineered plan to execute the Arab Spring Revolution in Eritrea with a full blessing of the CIA and M-16
          -The M-16 failed Terrorist Act in Massawa

          -The Mossad failed Terrorist Act -the Asmera Airport saga by few Mossad Agents.

          -The final Aseb Front war in 2000 and its motive and implication fully funded and supported by the CIA and Mossad including the direct involvement of an Israeli Senior Commander in the Aseb Front!

          -The daily Threats by the TPLF including this minute to invade Eritrea and to destroy the Bisha Mining and to crush the Nascent Colluli Potash ,which has become a nightmare to the TPLF and its Masters ,not to mention the crippling No War and No Peace policy of the TPLF fully backed by the USA !
          Cousin SAAY knows all the details more than any one else !

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear ዳዊቶም :

    “ዓሻ ድሓን ኣሎ ሓው ዓሻ ከፊእዎ ‘ሎ ” ጉዳያት ካብቲ እትግምቶ ንላዕሊ እዮም – ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ ኣብ ሓደጋ ከምዘላ እንተትፈልት ኔርካ ብዙሕ ፍንጭራዕ ምባል ገዲፍካ – ህድእ ብምባል ነቲ ጸገም መፍትሒ ኣብ ምንዳይ ምስ ኣድሃብካ ኔርካ :: መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ እንተስ ንፖሎቲካዊ ሃልኪ :- እንተስ ብሓቂ ነቲ ዝገጥሞ ዘሎ ውሽጣዊ ቅልውላው ንምህዳእ :- እንተስ ኤርትራ ጠንቂ ኮይና:—- ኮታ ዝበልካ በሎ ዓቅምታታ ናብ ኤርትራ ገጻ ኣቅኒዓ ነዚ ዝበስበሰ መንግስቲኻ ክትቅጥቅጦ ትህቅን ኣላ ::ኣብ ከምዚ ዝ ኣመሰለ ኩኒታት ዝጉዳእ እቲ ንስኻን መሰልትኻን ዝኣመሰሉ ዝሽቅጥሉ ሓፋሽ ህዝብን ሃገርነት ኤርትራን ድኣ እምበር እቶም ኣብ ወጻኢ ተህተፍትፉ ዘለኹምን – ኣመት ናብራኹም ትገብሩ ዘለኹምን ኣይኮንኩምን ::

    ኣብ ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ ኩነታት ውድባዊ ስምዒታት በይኑ ኣይጠቅምን እዩ ::እቲ ምንታይ ‘ሲ እቲ ኣብ ቅድሚና ዘሎ ሲናርዮታት ከምድላይካ ዝጠዋወ ዘይኮነስ ናይ ባዕሉ ወድዓውን ብዓል ቤታውን ሓያል ሚዛን ስለ ዘሎዎ :: የግዳስ ሕጂ ውን ዓቃል ካብ ኣጉል ስምዒት ነጻ ዝኾነ መፍትሒ ንምንዳይ ንለዓል ::

    ትዝክር እንተኾይንካ ጉዳይ ኦሮሞ ምስተላዕለ ብታሕኳስ ክትፍንጥዙ እንከለኹም- ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ ክበታተንን ክናወጽን ምድጋፍ ወይ ኢድካ ምእታው ንዓና ንኤርትራውያን ኣይጠቅመናን እዩ ኢለ ነይረ :: እቲ ምንታይሲ ኢትዮጵያ ዘርኣየቶ ምዕባለ ብቅዱስ ቅንኣት ክንቅበሎ ስለ ዘለና – እቲ ምንታይሲ ኢትዮጵያ ንዝወርዳ ዘሎ ህግደፋዊ ሽርሕታት ኣብ ሓደ እተወሰነ ግዜ ክትብገሰሉ ስለዝኾነትን : እዚ ሙሽሙሽ ስርዓት ‘ውን ክምክት ዓቅሚ ስለ ዘይብሉን ቃል ብቃሉ “ግደፋ እስቲሂና ከብልኹም እዮም ” ኢለ ነይረ::

    እሞ ሕጂ ድ ኣ እንታይ ይሓይሽ ትምድር ዶ ትዛረብ ወይስ ትዓጥቅ ‘ሞ ትድብል :: ወይስ ነዚ ሓደገኛ ዘንጸላሉ ዘሎ ኩናት ደው ንምባል ምስ ዓቃል ደላይ ፍትሒ ደው ኢልካ ንመንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ “ኣይፍልኩምን ንዑ ዳገም ርኢቶ ግበሩ” ትብል እሞ ንህዝቢ ኣበጋጊስካ ጉዳዩ ሃገርና ባዕልና ክንፈትሖ ቁልጡፍ ስጉምቲ ትወስድ – ዶስ ትርፍራፍ ድርጊ ክፈትሑልካ ትጽበ ? go and see bellow እንተሒሽካ !


    • dawit

      Dear Kokhobay,
      What are you expecting from dawit with this information? A congratulation letter? You have been laboring for Ethiopia to invade Eritrea for over a decade and half to bring regime change in Eritrea, dreaming to ride your tank in the streets of Asmara. You think the dream will be realized with the next war? Let me tell you this without hesitation. Eritreans will pay as usual to protect their hard-won independence by any means. Ethiopia can try to divert its internal problem to Eritrea, but be assure if Eritrea goes under it will take the Horn Africa and the Middle East with it perhaps the rest of the world.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear dawit,
        1. “What are you expecting from dawit with this information?” dawitom to behaved or beheaded. one of the two, you confirm the 2nd choice. but don’t worry nobody with touch you, as you are ” znegese ngusna ” and heroes never kill such type of cowards..
        ግን ኣጆኻ ጀግና ኤርትራዊ ንተንበርካኺ ትንክፍ ኣየብሎን እዩ :- ታሪኽ ተወከስ ኣሹንባይ ንስኻ :- ኢዱ ዝሃበ ጸላኢ ኳ ምቅታል ነውሪ እዩ ኣብ ዓዲ ኮኾብ ::

        2.” A congratulation letter?”no but -LETE US UNITE AND FINISH OUR INTERNAL PROBLEM- letter or LET US WITNESS WHEN ERITREA GOES FOR EVER – letter .you confirm the 2nd choice.

        3.”You think the dream will be realized with the next war?” it is unfortunate for you to think you care more than me about my nation, the nation whom I paid my time and body to free it. ” ZNEGESE NGUSNA” is eating your brain cells and you don’t know what you are saying.

        4.”Eritreans will pay as usual to protect their hard-won independence by any means.”it is bad for you to be exposed that you and your likes will not move an inch from where they are as usual but sure I may somehow do my best to stop this war ..

        poor dawitom, you lost both opposition and PFDJ. and you lost both nations Eritrea and Ethiopia. you lost your mind. ኣይትብላዕ ኣይትስተ – ብህይወቱ ከምዝሞተ – ኮይንካ ::

        • dawit

          Dear Kokhobay,
          I told you mot to write politics when chew or smoke. Just write poetry and no politics. You don’t have a nation you became a stateless when you crossed to Sudan and raised your hand to Sudanese forces. I also told you before that dawit is not at AT for a popularity contest, but to serve the truth like Eritv.

    • Hayat Adem

      Dearest KS,
      Why are you thinking dawit will be bothered about that. Now his Nigus is IA. But he had another one before IA. He will be okay with the next one that succeeds IA as well. IA is his Nigus only so long as he is seating the kursi. So dawit will not lose even after IA is gone. The meaning of ziNegese Nigussna is exactly that: political flirting with whomever makes it to the kursi! Whatever he is saying about IA now, he had been saying it for his majesty, for derg,…and will say it for the next one to come after IA.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear the greatest
    Excellent comment. You have captured the views one can glean from this forum. I’m paraphrasing the following sentence from my last article. It was addressed to T/Gherahtu.
    “Even if you lead us to believe that the world is against us, by the very fact that your government failed to pursue a prudent diplomacy that could mitigate world reality, your government is a failure.”
    In the same article, concerning COI and human right:
    – I stated that UN/COI were seized by Eritrea because situation that the policies of PFDJ created opened the door for them
    – I argued, ” If your government attributes the prolongation of NS to the “no peace no war” with Ethiopia, then how about the abuses and misuses of power, and the abuses of basic human rights that conscripts complain take place inside the program, how are you going to explain the basic human right abuses inside the country, how are you going to blame them to Ethiopia….”
    – I wrote many arguments condemning the blunders PFDJ made in its foreign policy…
    The point is: there are few individuals who have no gene of democracy and tolerance, who have no business to lecture us about democracy and justice, yet they lie and label people who want to have an independent voice. I do take strong position, and I feel I might hurt some hardworking citizens who have toiled for years in order to bring about a genuine relief for their people. I have to tell them that OI know them and I respect them.

  • saay7

    Merhaba Ted:

    Please consider this possibility (from the perspective of the opposition): that the best way to ensure that Eritrea will not hobble from one sanction to another, from one war to another, from one isolation to another, from one “terrorism-alliance” to another, from one economic disaster to another, from one demographic group collapse to another, is to remove from power the government of Isaias Afwerki permanently.

    Now, I will join you in my skepticism that (a) doing that requires taking action that the people don’t condone; (b) there is no guarantee that what follows won’t be as bad as what is gone. Still, the argument that the Opposition make is entirely defensible and intellectually a lot more honest than the strained arguments of “once there is peace there will be soul searching.” Ummmm, it is because of that there will never be peace as long as Isaias is in power: there will always be some crisis, some external enemy, some internal enemy over whom eternal war should be declared all to avoid soul searching.


    • Ted

      Hi Saay, For most part people are awesome and most often than not they don’t want be told what to think, do or believe. Eritrea is no different. By soul searching ,i mean, in the time peace prevails, with no sanction and border conflict, Eritrea will be like any other African country to be judged for its failure or success on its resourcefulness and good governance and for the opposition the fight will be mano a mano(only if our act together and united). There is also be less restriction on trade and more economic freedom , God willing, to make the people less dependent on Red Sea corporation. I agree with you that old habit die hard to be make us pessimistic about PFDJ brewing another crisis. Nitricc used to say, it is for their survival to change, or else. i believe him.
      The link,As you expected, i was going to say “ ‘ala IGAD” but you tied my hands with preemptive stke “you can say IGAD=Ethiopia”.
      Any who,That condescending Asmarino lingo “ ‘ala Esika” boils my head.
      I was with my Asmarino friends contemplating what to do for evening pass time then the consensus came from Asmarinos to go to bar(surprise surprise). I protested as hard as i can and knowing i have no chance changing their mind that i was in their turf,Asmara , i requested to have hearty meal before going to bar. They all burst out laughing and one of them goes “ ‘ala amiche” I was hurt but managed to hide it well with smirk.Angry and self conscious i went as is to the bar ,most importantly to disprove the stereotypes Amechie like their food. This phrase is subtle but strong to make a grown man cry. How do you pick a fight with a person who says “ ala Esika”

      • saay7

        Got you, Ted:)

        Go a little deep diving before you go “ala IGAD”. The report is actually not by IGAD (they just paid for it.) It is by SAHAN, and it has a piece for everyone, including the PFDJ who were claiming that many of those claiming to be Eritreans are actually Ethiopians. SAHAN says, “yep, almost half.” Now will you read it? 🙂