The Eritrean Covenant: A Serious Window for Dialogue

After reading the document known as The Eritrean Covenant which was issued by Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar and published on ( on February 12, 2010; And after analyzing the contents of the Eritrean Covenant and discussing the aims and dimensions of the message. We, the undersigned, residents of the city of Melbourne, Australia, we register our views concerning the aforementioned document:


  1. The document is characterized by its clarity and expresses the suffering of a large segment of the Eritrean people—Muslims in particular, and the Eritrean people in general.



  2. The document monitored and recorded facts and evidences that confirms the views about the inequality, marginalization and exclusion that has been practiced against the Eritrean Muslims.



  3. The document opens the doors  for a comprehensive national dialogue with other partners in the homeland in order to achieve justice, equality and coexistence.



  4. The document is an invitation to all Eritreans in general and Muslims in particular, to discuss the issues raised by the document and formulate common positions, and to explore ways and means to achieve a resolution to the demands that appeared in the document.



  5. The ultimate goal of all efforts is to realize a unified and united nation where all enjoy peace  justice, equality and stability.



  6. We appeal to everyone to stimulate this initiative and continue the discussion on the document through the media and grassroot organizations.



From God comes all help.


The signatories are:

  1. Ustaz Omer Jabir
  2.  Ustaz Saleh Hamde Salman
  3.  Dr. Salah Ibrahim Jemea
  4.  Dr. Abdella Jimea
  5.  Dr. Abdulhamid Mensour
  6.  Mohammed Ismael Hangela
  7.  Amer Saleh Hagos
  8.  Abdulaziz Mohammed Nesur
  9.  Suleiman Abbasi
  10. Abdulrazak Kerrar
  11. Fouzi Saad Saleh
  12. Mohammed Taha Tewekel
  13. Idris Osman Shanino
  14. Mohammed Sultan
  15. Mohammed Saleh Sefaf
  16. Mahmoud Nur
  17. Kerrar Abdulkadir Abulfath
  18. Ismail Hassen Ahmed

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