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Unmasked: Enforcers of Nehnan Alamanan

Political forces that are truly determined to change a social order, which is cruelly unjust, and build a fair society that enables the people to catch up with the civilized world, has a point of departure from which they should start their long journey.  The most logical point of departure …

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The Eritrean Covenant: A Serious Window for Dialogue

After reading the document known as The Eritrean Covenant which was issued by Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar and published on ( on February 12, 2010; And after analyzing the contents of the Eritrean Covenant and discussing the aims and dimensions of the message. We, the undersigned, residents of the city …

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The Eritrean Covenant: An Embodiment Of A Shared Future

Neither ethnicity nor religion has any genetic basis. This confirms that there is nothing coded in any one ethnic or religious group that goes, “this human has to monopolize power and resources while that should be marginalized and silenced.” But the realities in our world are totally different. Social injustice …

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The Dictator Reaching A Shameful Zenith:

“The sweetest moment in a dictator’s life can be when democracy triumphs, he’s deposed, his name becomes synonymous with misery and terror, his former subjects look forward to a prosperous country without him but with the support of the West and the United Nations, and foreign correspondents leave his wrecked …

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