Biniam Girmay: He was ours and he’s still ours

The three-card Monte, known to us as Telate-werega, is a classical swindling trick. There is also the wheel of fortune,

Is PFDJ Honest or It’s a Gimmick?

“Farmers work the land; Merchants trade in the market (freely).” That profound saying is attributed to the first proclamation the

Bluebeard and Muawiya’s Hair

In 4th or 5th grade, we learned from an English textbook, an Oxford English series, or something like that. The

Negarit 200: The Game Is On

In the previous Negarit, we talked about the three stages of the revolution or movement Stage 1: is to express,

A Message To Tigrayans

A fed-up worker decided to quit his job. He approached his boss who was standing behind a workbench, looked him

Gilgamesh or Gilgamesh?

Hormuz Rassam was well known in Europe after he made important archeological discoveries in Iraq between 1877-1882. He found the

Get Prepared Before The Flood Arrives

In the Senhit region, all the way to the West, there are rock mounds, there are ancient conical tukul-shaped pyramids