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Special Rapporteur, Eritreans Address Root Cause of Their Exodus

Eritrea is a country riddled with extra-judicial killing; disappearance; incommunicado detention; denial of fundamental human rights and indefinite military conscription which is tearing the very fabric of the society, according to Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, the UN Special Rapporteur to Eritrea.

Her report was made on Thursday to the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third Committee), of the UN’s 67th General Assembly.

“The current human rights picture [in Eritrea] is desperately bleak,” she elaborated, in a follow-up press conference.

The Special Rapporteur received her mandate from the UN’s Human Rights Council to monitor the deteriorating human rights situation in Eritrea on November 1 2012 and issued her first report on May 28, 2013.

The Special Rapporteur reported that 2,000 to 3,000 Eritreans are exiled monthly.  In 2012, according to the UNHCR, over 305,000 Eritreans fled their country, an astounding number for a country with a population of 5 million.

Part of the Special Rapporteur’s mandate is to listen to individual complaints of Eritrean victims and the website of UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights hosts a questionnaire in English, Tigrinya and Arabic.

Following her testimony to the UN, the Special Rapporteur was invited to an event hosted by human rights activists including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Concern Eritrea and Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

Maaza_presentationPersonal testimonies were given by Meaza Petros (daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohannes who have been detained incommunicado prison since 2001 and 2004 respectively); Mezgeb Mengistu, the mother of Aster Yohannes; Saleh Younis, the uncle of 16-year old Ciham Ali Abdu; and Sengal Woldetensaie, the brother of Haile Woldetensaie (Eritrea’s former Foreign Minister and Minister of Trade and Industries).

The Special Rapporteur was particularly moved by the testimony of Meaza Petros, 16, the youngest of Petros and Aster’s four children.

Maaza spoke of how she was a product of a love story–two fighters who met in the field and how the country they helped to liberate has orphaned her.  She said she has no recollection of her father: she was too young when he was arrested and she disclosed that her mother, who had left her in the care of her grandmother, Mezgeb Mengistu, was tricked to return to Eritrea and “raise her children” by Isaias Afwerki himself who then, upon her return, had his security officers escort her from the plane in the tarmac to detention.

Maaza continued on to narrate how she and her grandmother trekked to neighboring Sudan on foot and how her siblings, who attempted the Ethiopia route to exile were apprehended and conscripted and eventually reunited with her in the United States.

Through a translator, Ms. Mezgeb Mengistu thanked the audience for listening to their testimony and prayed to God to bring relief to their pain.

Saleh Younis briefly touched on the arrest of his father, 85, his brother, 38 and his niece, 16, as that of the average Eritrean family: this is the fourth arrest for his father–the longest time he served was for offering to mediate the dispute between a group that Maaza’s father belonged to (G-15) and that of the Office of the President–that his brother represents the typical case of conscription without end since he was enlisted in the National Service in 1995; and that of his niece represents the case of separate families and the price paid when someone says no to a tyrant.

The rest of Saleh Younis’s address focused on what must be done, which begins with one recognition: “There is no government in Eritrea.  Even to call it a “regime” implies a system, a structure and a hierarchy.  In actual fact, Eritrea is the State of Isaias Afwerki… the State is The Man, and The Man is the sum total of his mad contradictions.”   The international community, he said, must disengage with the Isaias Afwerki regime–it is futile to do so–and engage with alternatives to his rule.

Saleh Younis’s testimony was followed by that of Sengal Woldetensaie, the brother of Haile “Derue” Woldetensaie.

Sengal spoke of the arrest of his brother on September 18, 2001 and that everything that has followed since then is a violation of his human rights and that of his family members: arresting someone for calling to reform a system he is a part of is a violation of his human rights; detaining him incommunicado is a violation of his human rights;  denying him medical care (he suffers from diabetes) is a violation of his human rights; denying him the right to defend himself in a court of law is a violation of his human rights.

The presentation, which was co-chaired by Elizabeth Chyrum (Human Rights Concern Eritrea), was then opened to a Q & A session directed to the panelists and Sheila B. Keetharuth and the mechanism and forums for more Eritreans to provide their testimonies to the world.

Attending the meeting were Eritreans, friends of Eritrea, human rights activists, the German Mission and the UN Political Affairs Officer, Africa Division.


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  • filmon

    i was going through the comments expecting people might be wishing for the reunification of families, wishing the orphaned children to once again unite with their parents,….but no! fighting among themselves and blming one another as usual…no wonder why PIA is living more than he deserves!

    • First, I am not Eritrean. I am actively involved in few Human Rights issues though and I feel your pain. I have more than twice suggested that the activist community to crowd-map all types of incidents (drowning, disappearance, imprisonment, torture, etc) into a central database that could help verify & track people and put pressure on various institutions to take action. Unless you put a name to the face it will not affect people’s heart … you are just a number. Here is the free tool https://crowdmap.com/. Various conflict regions have used it to report various problems. (Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Middle East)

  • rodab

    Oh Tesfa News, aren’t you cute?! To convince us that Lufthansa is to resume flights to Asmara, you had to post a Reuters news piece that is the exact opposite of what you are saying. I realize you are relatively new to the already crowded pro-regime cyber field. Have you ever heard of names like dehai, alenalki, biddho, madote, raymok, meadna….? What about Awate, Assenna, Meskerem, Asmarino…? Don’t confuse the two isles. I myslef do that sometimes….
    So what made you come into existence anyway? Did you get up one morning and said ‘you know what, the government is not getting defended well, I am not impressed with the useless pro-government sites either. I am tired of this and I have got to do something about it’? Well you are trying. You are trying Tesfa News. Few weeks ago, you managed to exclusively solicit what we were told was a government spokesperson’s twitter condelence message to…not sure to who. was it to the Erirean peope? It was, wasn’t it? I have seen you hosting some exclusive articles here and there too. But overall, it has only been few weeks since I came to hear of you and so I can’t really say much as far as evaluation goes. I can’t tell you if you have been upto a good start or otherwise. What you need to do though is, study the challenges of your islemates. One particular thing you need to watch out is, don’t try to predict the government’s actions and act on that prediction. That will cost you big and you will be disappointed at such a tender age. It will help you to keep in mind the fact that the mood of Mr Chairman depends on daily sorrounding factors including, possibly, the weather. Anyways let’s keep in touch. Peace….

  • Papillon

    Dearest Yodita,

    Wedi Tkabo is an extraordinary artist who has defected to the West in an extraordinary time. A time where either double talk or diplomatic overtones or undertones are completely misplaced. So is his talking point “Unity”. My reading of the rather subliminal word “Unity” would be more of a fitting if we were already in a post-tyranny Eritrea and tittering on a verge of civil war or some sort of calamity to that effect. Mind you, Wedi Tkabo is calling for unity of the people with the sadistic leader including the opposition. As I see it, it is a brilliant exit strategy for him lest burn bridges.

    He just came out from the belly of the beast. He well knows how cruel and inhuman the beast is. He is expected to tell the world what it is like in that part of the world. Tell it as it is. Tell it with no uncertain terms. Tell it so that the world would know it is not unity that is terribly missing rather the weeding out of the regime and the man at the helm from the face of the world. An extraordinary young man in an extraordinary time should be standing toll to tell the world that time is of an essence. The malignancy ought to be rooted out before a generation is wiped out. It is not the time for a double-speak.

    ብኽብሪ ሓፍትኺ

    • Yodita

      Dearest Papillon.

      After reading your post, I am convinced that our understanding of this precise situation is diametrically opposed. What this talented young man has done humbles me and at the same time makes me ask myself why do I hide? When will I come out? Suspecting that I might never, I am overwhelmed with admiration of those who do. I see in them the shinning stars of our darkest times. In his interview, Wedi Tuqabo says ‘if thing are to change in our country, we would have to ….’ He speak about the need for change and if how he puts it is not strong enough for some, so be it.

      You say “He is expected to tell the world what it is like in that part of the world”. I say he is not expected to tell anything more than the step he is taking, saying to the system I abandon you because you have failed us. He is not expected to root out malignancy single-handed – this will need the coming together of the whole people. He is doing his part and God knows what the consequences will be to his loved ones at home.

      Like him, I believe, it the lack to coagulate on a simple platform of saying no to the system (unity?) that is holding us in captivity. When we overcome our endless fragmentation and unite under the banner of no to Isayas and Hgdef, they will raise their arms in defeat. But it seems to me we are busy getting fragmented,unless my reading of the reality on the ground is wrong.

      You are very strong in synthesis and analysis and you may be right, so we will just wait and see and learn.

      Haftcki natki

      • Papillon

        Dearest Yodita,

        I respectfully have differences in opinion particularly on this matter and as you have aptly put it, let’s wait and see. Having said that however, I don’t mean to take away from him the kind of courage he cultivated to abandon the regime that could potentially make a vindictive case against his family.


  • Semere Tesfai

    ወዲ ትኳቦ፡ ባህልን ቛንቛን ኤርትራ ኣብ ምምዕባል፡ ዓቢ ግደ ዝተጻወተ በሊሕ ስነ-ጥበበኛ እዩ። መለክዒ ብቕዓቱ ድማ፡ እቲ ኣብ ዜማታቱን ግጥምታቱን ዘሎ፡ ዕምቆትን ሓይልን ቃላቱ’ዩ። ግን፡ ናይ ወዲ ትኳቦ ናይ ኣእምሮ ብልሕን፡ ናይ ቛንቛ ምልከትን፡ ናይ ኣሰዃኹዓ ቃላት ብቕዓቱን ከየናኣኣስካ፡ ንወዲ ትኳቦ፡ ወዲ ትኳቦ ኮይኑ ልዕሊ መዛንኡ ጸብለል ከም ዝብል ዝገበሮ ሓይሊ ኣሎ። እዚ ሓይሊ’ዚ ካኣ፡ እቲ ዉሩይን ህቡብን ዝገበሮ ሓይሊ ሰማዕቱን ተኸታተልቲ ሙዚቁኡን እዩ።

    ወዲ ትኳቦ ዕድሚኡ ንእሽቶይ እዩ። ወዲ ትኳቦ ናይ ሙዚቃ ሞያኡን ተፈታውነቱን፡ ሰማይ ምስ ዓረገ ከየንቆልቅለ ከሎ’ዩ ስደት መሪጹ። እዚ ናይ ስደት ውሳነ’ዚ ካኣ፡ ንናይ መጻኢ ዕድሉ ምርጫ ኣብ ቓራና መንገዲ የቀምጦ።
    ወይ ነቶም ዘኽብርዎን ዝፈትዉዎን፡ ሰማዕቱን ደገፍቱን ገዲፉ ካብ ሙዚቃ ዓለም ምስንባት፡ ወይ ድማ ከምቶም ቀዳሞት ደረፍቲ ዝገበርዎ ገሩ፡ ናብኦም ምምላስ። ክልቲኡ ካኣ ቀሊል ውሳነ ኣይኮነን።

    እቲ ይኹን እቲ፡ ወዲ ትካቦ፡ ንህዝቡን ንሃገሩን በታ ዝኽእላ ዓቕሙ፡ ኣገልጊሉን ጽዒሩን እዩ። ኣነ፡ ከም ኤርትራዊ ሓዉ ዝብሎ እንተሃልዩ – በቲ ዝወሰንካዮ ሕማቕ ኣይሰማዕካ፡ ዓድኻ ኣይትረስዕ፡ ጥጡሕ ሓድሽ ሂወት ድማ ይግበረልካ – ጥራሕ እየ ዝብል።

    • Nitricc

      Semere, if you you listen to his interview, he was pressured to take the position he took. Just listen carefully to it. He serve his country very well, so, let him retire. I don’t think he will be back from this. I think he is done.

      • Semere Tesfai


        “I don’t think he will be back from this. I think he is done.”

        I don’t know Nitrick. I really don’t know. But I don’t believe he is done. He is too young, too talented, and he is at the top of his career. With all his talent all his potential for susses I don’t believe he will abandon his music career. But I know for sure he at a forked road with three options:

        A. To go back to his fans and admirers, and sing all his old songs and some more.

        B. To be a completely change man and sing songs that are completely against his old songs, for completely different audience.

        C. Give-up singing, work 9:00 – 5:00 like the rest of us and live a quiet life.

        Whatever path he takes, in the land of milk n honey, he is going to learn a lot of lessons and he is going to make a lot of life adjustments. He has already started learning his first lesson. He is doing interviews. And every word he uttered would be used against him, especially if he is planning to pursue his singing career.

        • Nitricc

          When I said he is done, I meant from the big stage. He was the most respected and talented artist. Of course he will sing in no name bar in Oakland to no name audience.
          He wasn’t PFDJ singer, for me he was Eritrean singer. But it is good for the moral of the lost oppositions. He gave them something to talk.
          They talked to death about Forto, let see how long they will bitch about this one. Then we will go back to normal, bitching at PIA and his government.
          Talk about endless cycle.
          I feel bad for wedi tiqabo though.

    • haile

      እዚ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዘቐመጥካዮ ሓሳባት ብሓቂ መስተንክር እዩ። ወዲ-ትካቦ ተዓንቂፉ ወይ እውን ከይተረድኦ ኣይኮነን ስደት መሪጹ። ስለዚ፡ ስለ ጁባኻ፡ ስለ ህቡብነትካ፡ ክትብል ካብ ሕልናኻ ኮብልል ዝብል ምኽሪ ኣምበይ መድለዮን። ብቐንዱ እውን በዞም ኣምር ስስዕቲ ዝዝወር ሰብ ነይሩ እንተዝኸውን፡ ዝወሰዶ ቅኑዕን ሰብኣውን ስጉምቲ ኣይምሓሰቦን’ኳ! ኣማኢት ዜጋታት ዝቐዘፈ ሕልፈት ኣሕዋቱ ብምልክት ዘርእይ ሰናዱቕ ሬሳታት ረጊጹ ዘሳዕስዕ ጽላለ ዘአንግድ ሕልና ስለዘይብሉ ግን መንፈስ ኩሉ ሓቀኛ ኤርትራዊ ዘረስረሰ ተባዕ ስጉምቲ’ዩ ወሲዱ። ያ’ኢ ኣብ ባይታ ተጋሂዱ ዘሎ ለውጢ ስለዘይበርሃልካ ግን፡ ከም ቀደም እናሳዕሳዕካን እናጓዕጓዕካን መንንነት ኤርትራውያን ገፊዕካን ነጺልካን ትኸርም መሲሉካ ኢኻ’ምበር፡ ወዲ-ትኳቦ ዝወሰዶ ስጉምቲ’ሲ ህቡብነቱ ብተዓጻጸፈ ዘዕርግ፡ ናይ ሕልና ቅሳነትን፡ ዕብየት በረኸትን ዘማልእ ቅኑዕ ተበግሶ እዩ። ሬሳ ንጹሃን ኣሕዋትካን ኣሓትካን ንደመ ከልብ ኢልካ፡ ፍትሒ ዝተዓመጸ ህዝብኻ ከዲዕካ፡ ስስዕቲ ክትመክር ግን ዘሕንኽን ዘስደምምን ብስርውና ምኽዋኑ ኣይትዘንግዕ።

      • Sabri

        ንወዲ ትዃቦ ሰሚዔዮ። መልእኽቱ ከም ደርፍታቱ ዕምቆት ኣለዎ። ገለ ሰባት ክናሳሕ ይጽበይዎ። እንታይ ስለዝገበረ? ኣብ ትሕቲ ህግደፍ ኮይኑ ስለዘዘመ? ብዙሓት ጸሓፈቲ፤ተመራመርቲ እኳ ኣለዉ ኣብ ትሕቲ ህግደፍ ዘመሓድራ ሃገር ኮይኖም ዝነጥፉ። እዚኦም ከ ኣገለገልቲ እቲ ስርዓት ድዮም ክበሃሉ? ኣይፋል ነዚ ዘረባ ነይው እንተበልናዮ ይሓይሽ። ሓንቲ ነገር ኣላ ወዲ ትዃቦ ዘስምረላ። ንሳ ኸኣ ሓድነት ህዝቢ። ኣማን ብኣማን ሓቁ ኣሎ እዚ ወዲ። ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ዝተፈላለልየ ጉዳያት ክፈላለ ይኽእል። እታ ንኹልና ብሓባር ትጠምረና ነገር ግን ክትርሳዕ የብላን። ባህልና፤ ቋንቋና፤ መንነትና፤ ታሪኽና እዚ ኹሉ ኣበይ ኣሎ? ጠማሪና ክነሱ ዝተረስዓ ይመስል። ከም ሰነጥበበኛ ወዲ ትዃቦ ኣብቲ ዝመልኮ ዓውዲ‘ዩ ክነጥፍ ዘለዎ። ንሳ ኸኣ ብዜማን ብግጥምን ንሓድነት ምስራሕ። ንዓኣ ኸኣ ክቕጽሎ እየ ይብለና ኣሎ። ንሓድነት ክሰርሕ እየ ዝበለ ስነ ጥበበኛ እሞ እንታይ ኢና ክንብሎ? ምትብባዕ እምበር ምቁንጻብ ኣይግባእን።

        ምሳኻ ኣለኹ ሃይለ።ጽብቕቲ ጽሕፍቲ።

      • Yodita

        ክቡራት አሕዋት ፡ ሀይሊኖን ሳብሪን

        አነ እውን ምሳኹም አለኹ። ሓንጎፋይ ኢልና ክንቅበሎን ከነተባብዖን እዩ ዝግባእ ኢለ እየ ዝአምን። ገሌና እንተ አድነቕናዮ ኸአ፡ ካብ ሓቂ ዝረሓቐ አይመስለንን።

  • haile

    Sealamat SA and Papillon and awatistas,

    Let me say this humbly and with respect to all of ya cheering and booing wedi tikabo. The ultimate freedom and the best thing for Eritrea is when we all free ourselves up to deal with Reality. In my capacity as awate’s Minister of reality – sell crazy somewhere else 🙂 what we need to examine and judge is what wedi Tikabo has actually said. Not what he omitted, could have added, what the likely reasons might have been… such would lead us to “control” mode, where in most cases we may end up being harsh/biased than desired. When we hear to what he has actually said, accept it respectfully as his best judged response to the situation he is in, then we are all left with deciding whether we agree with his core message or not.

    I understand the feelings, I understand the emotion but too bad reality never factors that in. It is what it is and solely originated and owned by the speaker himself. His proposal is that Eritreans are dangerously disunited and must exert effort to reach out and stand united. We can only sign up to that thinking if we wish to and he can only sign up to our thinking if he wishes to…abzi enehelka reality based democracy 🙂

    Please don’t see this as critical response, it is what I felt in reading many many reactions in various forums.


    • Papillon

      His Excellency The Honourable First Minister Of Reality Haile Z Great,

      Of course Wedi Tkabo was at his very best. His response albeit measured was very mature and seasoned. In fact, I was really surprised to the extent that if he is in fact a crude product of EPLF as he has invariably gave a credit to the Front, EPLF sure enough should be proud for cultivating a mature person that he has become. But of course, the ending is rather tragically disappointing as he put a complete trust on the very Front that seems to be cutting from below and destroying the very pillar that he has been standing on.


      • Papillon

        Please read “as he has invariably given…”

      • haile

        Dear Papillon

        The Minister is back for a clarification:-)

        As I said earlier, I felt like airing my view in response to the many reactions I read. Wedi Tikabo is not the product of Ghedli (first round NS). I knew his family, specially his father very well. As you know Wedi Tikabo came with that group in his band. He was member of YPFDJ where the regime inculcates among the young a real sense hate and ridicule against Eritreans who seek justice and rule of law. Imagine wedi Tikabo, despite his past closeness to his team, with his family at home, knowing full well the ideologies of hate where YPFDJ teachings are based and being under every conceivable influence of the regime, not only to walk away from it but also come to assenna.com to tell the world that he saw something wrong and his conscience doesn’t allow him to go with it. This definitely was a much bigger undertaking that speaks much.

        In fact he has gone far enough than what most of us risk. This is an important period of transition for him. The PFDJ are already busy making all sorts of allegations about him, including calling him the usual “agame” and what have you in social media. This may push him further and aggravate him enough to deal them another blow. Those in the opposition would do well to congratulate his tremendous courage that has blown to pieces PFDJ’s agenda of inculcating hate among Eritreans. So and so should not speak to so and so… IMO what wedi tikabo has said that he previously said he was just one grain of taff, but now thinks if that single grain of taff is planted, it can multiply is a strong message to all.

        Let’s thank him for what he did, understand the complex reality of transition that he is going through and admire him for managing to have done what he did.

        I understand your point, but I am trying to put myself in his position and hence I am thinking the way I am doing.


        • Papillon

          Dear Haile,

          I don’t think he is an ordinary citizen nor is he as you put it just one grain of Taff. He is a celebrity in his own right with a considerable influence particularly on the younger generation. The interview was not only measured and calculated but he was holding back something that would put his future (read: his career) in jeopardy if he had said the obvious. That is, if he acknowledges the presence of the Elephant in the room in a clear and in no uncertain terms. The extraordinary thing is that, Isaias still is in control even when a soul physically lives in a free world.

          Wedi Tkabo is an artist. An artist who would probably make a living by either releasing albums or entertaining Eritreans on different occasions either in weddings or other similar occasions. If he is going to avail himself in those kind of profit generating occasions, he shouldn’t be in a position of making enemies. Simply because every thing including the noble idea of Metkel that is supposedly ingrained in his mind by the legacy of EPLF disappears into oblivion. Everything becomes economics. Making a living as he put it himself by declaring himself neutral.

    • SA

      Hi Haile,

      You sound like his attorney. Your post suggests that others already have booed him and been harsh towards him. I definitely am not booing him and I do not believe I am being harsh towards him. In fact, I was excited when I first heard that he has abandoned the regime. I guess I am just a little disappointed that I listened to about 50 minutes of the interview and he could not provide answers in a simple and straightforward way. At one point, I even thought how his interview sounds awfully similar to some of IA’s interviews. This is how I felt listening to him and it does not mean I being harsh towards him. I am trying to understand him but I do not believe we should just accept him uncritically just because he defected.

      Before we sing songs of praise of him, it would be prudent to wait until he proves himself that he is actually on the side of those who seek justice in Eritrea. After all, there are many Eritrean singers in the diaspora who have yet to align themselves against the regime. We can embrace him uncritically for political expediency, but in my opinion that may not be in the best interest of the cause of a better Eritrea. I am all for extending “charity toward all”, but people have to be accountable for their actions. If we do not start practicing accountability now, you think we can just switch it on when the regime is replaced? I am not saying we should punish Wedi Tiquabo. However, we should not embrace him unreservedly before he shows some contrition for being an instrument of the regime for too long and proves himself that he is genuine about the cause of justice in Eritrea. Before he starts lecturing us about our fragmentation and the need for unity, it would be better if he shows some remorse for being an instrument of the regime for too long.

      I am not writing to be vengeful but to promote a culture of accountability. Without accountability, a society can be lawless and a government corrupt. So let’s not sweep under the rag what he did for the regime for many years, because doing so would be the opposite of cultivating accountability in our cause. This issue about accountability is not limited to Wedi Tiquabo, It also pertains to former government officials who are now in the diaspora. If these former government officials decide to come out in order to align themselves with the opposition, they should first take responsibility and show remorse for their past wrong actions.


      • haile

        Hey SA

        You are right in many ways. Let’s applaud him for coming to assenna. As you said earlier, that I think is a big slap to the regime’s incessant acts of fomenting hate and division.

        I see your point and can’t honestly disagree with your points there. I am just of the view that the regime supporters are burning all bridges, let the play their hand first…there you made me spill the beans now 🙂

        • SA

          Thanks for your response Haile.

      • SA

        I just read Yodita’s response to Papillon after I posted my response to Haile, and I am afraid we might be reading much more than what Wedi Tiquabo said and did. Suddenly, Wedi Tiquabo is one of the sane and wise Eritreans after just one interview. Time will tell us about his true character. In my opinion, it might be a little premature to vouch for his courage and wisdom at this time.


        • Yodita

          Dear SA and Ermias,

          I respect your views and your position. However, I bitterly note that instead of hanging on and constructing by what one genuinely and courageously contributes, we seem to demand a finished and polished package. Does this reflect our suppressed regrets and remorse for not doing more? Most of us hide but are prone to critisize what those who come out in the open so courageously say or do, ‘looking’ for real or imagined loopholes. Wedi Tuqabo is not everyday people! He is extremely talented and has a proven magnetic disposition that has spellbound many a youth and non. I quote some of what Semere Tesfai wrote in his impeccable Tigrigna in this Forum:
          “ወዲ ትኳቦ፡ ባህልን ቛንቛን ኤርትራ ኣብ ምምዕባል፡ ዓቢ ግደ ዝተጻወተ በሊሕ ስነ-ጥበበኛ እዩ። መለክዒ ብቕዓቱ ድማ፡ እቲ ኣብ ዜማታቱን ግጥምታቱን ዘሎ፡ ዕምቆትን ሓይልን ቃላቱ’ዩ። ግን፡ ናይ ወዲ ትኳቦ ናይ ኣእምሮ ብልሕን፡ ናይ ቛንቛ ምልከትን፡ ናይ ኣሰዃኹዓ ቃላት ብቕዓቱን ከየናኣኣስካ፡ ንወዲ ትኳቦ፡ ወዲ ትኳቦ ኮይኑ ልዕሊ መዛንኡ ጸብለል ከም ዝብል ዝገበሮ ሓይሊ ኣሎ። እዚ ሓይሊ’ዚ ካኣ፡ እቲ ዉሩይን ህቡብን ዝገበሮ ሓይሊ ሰማዕቱን ተኸታተልቲ ሙዚቁኡን እዩ።” … “ወዲ ትኳቦ ዕድሚኡ ንእሽቶይ እዩ።” … “እቲ ይኹን እቲ፡ ወዲ ትካቦ፡ ንህዝቡን ንሃገሩን በታ ዝኽእላ ዓቕሙ፡ ኣገልጊሉን ጽዒሩን እዩ።”
          I subscribe fully to the above. From his interview with Assenna, I was able to gather that he seems indeed sharp and deep at the same time. The humbling part, however, was his repeatedly downplaying his “I”ness and the revelation that his thinking is very deeply immersed in the collective. Furthermore, he focused on what, according to his observation, is our formidable obstacle, our impediment to change the present nightmare into the dream that so much was paid for and has been ‘raped’.

          I cannot pinpoint it but I once heard him in an interview in Asmara (in English) say something to this effect: We live by the laws of the country but we are not happy. I was amazed they did not dump him into a container for having said that to a foreign media and right there in the heart of the land. But I admired him for his courage to say so.

          We are free to say a glass is half empty or half full, it is up to us. For me, steps like that of Wedi Tuqabo are not only full but brimming. His courage is sending waves of energy (positive energy) to millions at this point in time. Humbly, I assess it as a heavy BLOW that hastens the demise of this inhuman grip we are under.

      • Ermias

        SA, that’s the best account of the interview I have read so far. You are spot on. Going even a little further, Wedi tikabo was not remorseful or accountable instead he seemed more defiant of his songs being about the Eritrean people etc. The thing I found rather perplexing was he seems overly worried about the fragmentation of diaspora Eritreans. We have a choice here but not in Eritrea.

        He should simply have said, “I do not like the direction the country is heading and so the system needs an overhaul top to bottom.” Praising EPLF and ghedli all that much to me is a little unfair because like he said the first rounders are still there. I think the after independence generation suffered a lot more because their dignity has been confiscated from them in addition to all the other atrocities.

        • haile

          Selam Ermias

          “I think the after independence generation suffered a lot more because their dignity has been confiscated from them in addition to all the other atrocities.” That is very true.

          – On wedi tikabo – the damage is done either way. Just two days ago, a picture was being circulated by the PFDJ goons in social media showing wedi tikabo with another person in a bar in asmara. They were claiming that the picture was taken just hours earlier. Then today they went the usual way saying that it is a woyane plot and he is from Tigray. These nonsense goes a long way in degrading them even to the eyes of their followers.

          Things are hanging on the balance, and he knows PFDJ has much trouble to host functions and many youth have abandoned it. So, let’s wait…


          PS. I was laughing by 03 overworking yesterday, here are some

          1 – he has a child in US (I am not sure on this)

          2 – His passport has been confiscated by the US

          3 – His auntie in the US convinced him to stay

          4 – amanuel eyasu kept pestering him and wedi tikabo warned him not to call him again as he still supported his regime


          Today the just murmured…ewuy…kelae tegagyu 🙂

          • Ermias

            Selamat Haile and Yodita,

            I respect your stance on Wedi Tikabo’s (WT) interview and his measured reponses. I do realize that a lot of us are looking for something majical to finish our suffering overnight. No question in my mind that this is a huge blow on the regime. I wonder what Dawit Shilan is thinking now? But he probably wants to go see his kids, he has six or so kids and I would personally not know what I would do if I can’t see my daughter even for one day.

            In IA’s eyes now, WT is a defector, traitor, defeatist, you name it. If, God forbid, IA catches say an AWATISTA and WT right now, who fares better, the AWATISTA or WT? I suspect they both would perish incommunicado in some remote place container or whatever. So my beef with WT is that whether he likes it or not, he is now enemy of the state and fares the same if not worse as the rest of us (who use real names). So why not go all out and say it out loud – enough is enough. Our suffering needs to come to a screatching halt. Like you said, he is a bright guy and I am sure he knows full well the extent of the atrocities being committed by IA. Why take a middle ground per se? There is no gray area here. If people are being persecuted, imprisoned, executed, defamed, and humiliated then either they did something really bad to deserve it or the perpetrators are inhumane oppressors with a track record of abuse and absolute disregard to any form of human rights as we know it in the world we live in. We all know the correct answer is the latter.

            In a nutshell, WT should have called a spade a spade because he is done now – enemy of the state. PERIOD.

      • Selam SA,

        You are right on the money. Indeed there are many singers who defected from their troupe – a touring singers but never stopped entertaining the YPFDJs or any event of the regime in their adapted countries. The only step he took should be welcomed is his refusal to be part of the disgracing “guilan Sa’e-si’et” in the sad moment of Eritreans and dissociate from them. The rest we will see if he is going to stand with the oppressed Eritrean people. Time will tell.

        • SA

          Hi Aman and Ermi,
          It is good to know that I am not alone and we see eye to eye concerning WT’s interview.

          And Yodita,
          Although we disagree concerning WT’s interview, I want to tell you that I admire your clarity and civility in your written correspondence with participants in this forum. I want you to know, however, that my intention was not to trash WT personally but to highlight the role of accountability as we move forward. WT and I grew up in the same precinct (Kebele) not far from each other. His younger brother was close to my sister and he used to come to our house. I mention this to assure you that my commentary was not given to trash or attack him personally. I wrote to urge caution and to highlight the role and importance of accountability.
          Keep up the good work.


          • Ermias

            Selamat SA. It is a small world indeed because I too have a connection with Wedi tikabo. He is my older brother’s childhood friend. They went to school together ab enda Adventist and later Halay. I knew their house because I used to come to the area looking for my friend Daniel Berhane, the smartest guy I have ever known. Long story but he was arrested trying to go to USA rather than South Africa.

          • SA

            Hi Ermi, it is indeed a small world and there is a good chance that we might know each other. I used to come to Daniel’s house too because Daniel and I were friends.

          • Yodita

            Dear SA,

            I take note and thank you very much for your kind words.

  • ‘My former fans turned foes and my former foes turned fans’ (my translation) said Wedi Tikabo. Though it is generic statement but it is really striking. Yep that is very sad.

  • Abinet

    Dear papillon ,do not listen to this Abraham thing .he is the most opportunistic person in the face of the earth .he started with tplf , joined derg at the end ,fled to Kenya / Uganda …….he is a bad expert winess who can go either side of any issue (he goes for the highest bidder .

  • Papillon

    Dear Aman,

    Asmarino is actually insulting the intelligence of its audience (readers) by publishing sensationalism at its best. The “news item” supposedly sent from Asmara doesn’t contain anything of a substance at all. For instance the person writes of his observation either up-close or a bird’s eye view that a certain General is using a very thick prescription glasses. Really? What the heck does that mean anyway? At that age, any person can have either macular degeneration, glaucoma or cataracts whether the person is going through some sort of stress or not. Moreover, he writes that Sbhat Ephrem is having a serious migraine. Oh really? Tapping on the hyped up emotions of people at this particular moment (dire moment) by lowering your standard for the sake of posting is not cool at all.


    • Nitricc

      Lol poplion, since when? This is the first time I see you thinking independently. 🙂
      You always go with the crowd. Good start if you keep it up I will put good words in the PFDJ 🙂

      • Zegeremo

        ….. Independent? No.. No.. It is just the source happen to be asmarino.com- the Hot-Bed for Meles worshipers.


        • Nitricc

          Zigeremo, she is well demosticated.
          People like her, who are well demosticated, they are very dangerous, they tend to be rigid, stubborn and most of them are religious. You talk about deadly combination. Read her writing, she express her opinion as an absolute fact.
          So, I was surprised to see her deviate from the usual boring routine.
          This just my observational opinion, not a fact nor personal attack.

          • Zegeremo

            She is YG preacher, and more loyal to Weyane than to Eritrea.


        • Nitricc

          Why do you think she loves Weyane more than anything Eritrean though? I think she thinks Ethiopia is a Christian country and she feels conforted or she is marred to a Tigryan. What else could be?

  • saay

    Selamat awate:


    I have added a verse to my favorite wedi Tkabo song “Abmntayu Haylu” because, as wedi tkabo says, ንሓዲሽ ጉዕዞ ብሓዲሽ ምህዞ:

    ኣብ ምንታይ ዩ ሓይሉ ምስ በሉኒ
    ኣብ ሕልን ኡ ኢለዮም መሲሉኒ
    መሲሉኒ ኣይኮነን ሓቀይ ንይረ
    ሕልናኻ አንድዩ መላኺ ዝሰበረ፥፥


    His interview with assenna:


    ከመይ አህ…. I think we should all add a verse and rewrite the song 🙂


    PS: Those of you who think Wedi Tkabo’s decision is abrupt, listen to australian TV documentary called “Death of a dream”; he is featured there and he says as much as one can in a police state. ከመይ አህ….

    • haile

      Selamat Saay

      I heard the interview, a nice one 🙂

      Summary follows (paraphrased):

      – He said in the current Eritrean situation, hizbi or the people are not valued as he believed to have been the case in Ghedli era (from what he heard:)

      – That the regime wants to only be heard and wouldn’t even hear from other even for a single occasion.

      – That the regime festivals and socials were depopulated of youth and they are mostly frequented by older compatriots.

      – That other country’s peoples and governments were seen to care about the loss of even 2 detained citizens, yet in our case the death of thousands means nothing.

      – The regime had just shown us how much it despises the people.

      – That all his past songs were for Eritrea and about its glorious history. Nothing to do with approving the crimes of the illegal regime.

      – That UNITY is an important thing for him and was disheartened to witness the failed Eritrean communities in the diaspora (most are embassy hostages)

      -The Boston incident was newri and the regime should have learned from previous blunders in Atlanta.

      – He is great, candid and easy to listen to. Hasab lbu yesmrelu…HGDEF teguahifu ab adu zkhebrelu ewan dma yfterelu 🙂


      • Papillon

        Dear Haile,

        It was pretty much a measured response and at some point I thought he was playing it safe. And probably he was concerned about his family back in Asmara for he wants to keep them of the harms way. My over all take of the interview that is.

        • Yodita

          Papillon Haftey,
          ‘…pretty much a measured response.’
          This is one of the very few times that I do not agree with your assessment. Personally, I believe that it is indeed a ground-breaking phenomenon that Wedi Tukabo abandoned the system and did not waste time to be interviewed and declare his dissent (notwithstanding pfdj’s proverbial cruelty over remaining families – imprisonment of Saay’s father 85, niece 16, brother 38 and two cousins unless they have been released since).
          Personally, I am no longer eager to hear Isayas is this and Hgdef is that. By now, less the diehards, events are exposing them big time !! It is now beyond that. We need to focus on why in the face of glaringly unacceptable cruel governance, both in Eritrea and in the Diaspora there is such a failure to coagulate and make the needed impact. This is the most essential point and, in my view, he addresses that issue splendidly and with emphasis. It is the urgent message he wants to convey to the people, I deduce. We need to come together and heal – both sides LESS those few (DIA and his immediate cronies).
          His interview brings home that Eritrea is full of sane and wise people (like himsel) wherever they may be. I was stunned by his sense of balance and his wish to emphasise on UNITY as our only vehicle to regain our rightful role. He need not spell it out that the most effective and powerful instrument Hgdef uses to continue to rule is, ensuring that we are as divided as we are. This is our Acchile’s heel and Hgdef’s Manna. Besides, we have other personalities like Kibrom Dafla who were part of the modus operandi who articulate how castrating the system is.
          This interview is sober and sobering. Amanuel Eyasu was at his very best. Amanuel grasped completely that the point was not to press Yohannes Tukabo to pile accusations and insults over DIA and pfdj thus profiting by the situation to dwell on sensation and popularity as he is unjustly accused of . No, the point was to listen very attentively and to let him freely talk to the Eritrean people to tell them that it is not a sudden decision, to leave and abandon his beloved home but that the Lampedusa episode served ‘as the last straw that broke the camel’s back’. That he has been observing the wide division that exists among Eritreans and there can be no Eritrea as we want it to be as long as this is the case. Amanuel Eyasu was respectful and appreciative of his guest and this made me feel good and enormously proud to be an Eritrean. The whole interaction oozed with delicacy!
          I took this interview to mean that millions of Eritreans at home are beyond fed up but they relate and weigh their actions vis-a-vis the martyrs and fighters that selflessly sacrificed their youth (30 years) to deliver a country of freedom and justice. In my book, this aspect of the Struggle, may even be unique and phenomenal at a global level (of course less the manipulation and usurpation imposed by a power starved, albeit extremely crafty, individual who has negatively impacted the course of what otherwise may have been a real win-win situation).
          At home, Wedi Tukabo is an adored poplar person, and if his own ego was his only concern, he could have continued to enjoy the limelight with the system’s blessing and support! The deep thinking person he seems to be however, made him discard his home and his world, most beloved I dare add.
          I am impressed by his calm and collected responses (you may read: pretty much a measured response) without sensation and at the same time, I am most impressed by the fact that he feels the system thrives because we lack unity – something that he has observed for quite some time.


      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        Dearest Hailat,

        putting in to consideration his edge and background,I never thought he will be able to see things so deep. He already said it clearly. i also heard to the end and that was nice.

      • saay

        Selamat Haile:

        Ok, when a state takes people’s property, it’s called “nationalization”. What’s the word for when the people take back when the state stole?

        We are taking back Wedi tkabos “ab mntayu hailu” from the thieving regime. People power. So Hailat, Semere, write the lines, rewrite the song lyrics and it will be OUR anthem.

        Don’t make me re-write it. Stop or I will shoot 🙂


        • Semere Andom

          አብ ምታ’ዩ ሓይሉ ምስብሉኒ
          አብ ራኢኡ በልክዎም ተአማሚነ
          ምሲሉኒ፡ ምሲልዎም ተማትኡ
          አብ ምንታዩ በሉኒ ደጊሞሞ?
          አብ ሕልኑኡ በልክዎም አረጋጊጸ
          ዝሃረም ውን ዝደግም ዝጭርሓኦምመ
          አብ ምንታይኡ እዩ ሓይሉ በሉኒ ሰሊሶም?
          እብ ግዝኡ በልኩዎም ተአማሚነ
          አብ ስዓቱ በልኩም አፍልበይ ነፊሓ
          አብ ክሉ እንትናኡ በልኩምዎ ተሓቢነ
          ግን አብ በትሮም ዝሓይሎም
          ዝመሲሉኒ መሲልዎም
          አይመስለኒን፡ ታሪኽ ህዝበይ እየ ጸውየዮም
          ግን አይትሰወጦምን
          ምሲልዎም እምበር አይመሰለናን
          ገሪሙና እምበር አይመሰለናን

          • saay

            Nice Semere:)

            But you cheated, you created a medley from his songs. ይገርመና’ሎ is my least favorite song (it is the Eritrean as the clueless victim); ኣብ ምንታይ’ዩ ሓይሉ on the other hand is an empowering song (some would say too empowering.)

            Best part about concerts is call-and-response. We ask a question, singer provides answer, then a question, then an answer:

            ኣብ ምንታይ’ዩ ሓይሉ ምስ በሉኒ (Audience)
            ኣብ _____ ኢለዮም መሲሉኒ (Singer)
            መሲሉኒ ኣይኮነን ሓቀይ ንይረ (Audience)
            _______ አንድዩ ________፥ (Singer)


        • Saay,

          How about “denationalization” restoration of something you lose.

      • SA

        Hi Haile,
        I also listened to the interview, and for me the nice part about the interview was not what he said but that he volunteered to interview with a known opposition website. I was surprised that he could not bring himself to directly and clearly blame the regime he abandoned. But perhaps I should not be surprised considering that he spent all his adult life under the regime’s control. So, yes, his defection is important in that it increases the momentum for change in Eritrea, but I hope he gets off soon from his cliched talk about unity and be an authentic singer by singing about the real situation of Eritrea and its people.


  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    Dear all,

    ብሓቂ :- ፈሊጡ ዝደቀሰ ድኣ ጸገመ ምበር:-
    ካብ ልቡ ዝደቀሰስ እንሆ ይበራበር::
    in Jebana today.

    • Where is you Jebena sis/bro. I want to smell your coffee.

      • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

        Dear Meron, open Jebana page (you will find it in the left of this page). tks

  • Awatistas,

    Report from Asmara says:

    “Eritrea has by now turned into a huge cemetery. People are losing family members not only in Shegeraib Sudan by Rashaida, in the Sinai by Beduin, in Sahara and Libya and in Mediterranean Sea, but also in the hundreds of detention centers in Eritrea. In fact the deaths in these prisons by far outstrips those dying outside the country.”
    Bawza from Asmara – courtesy Asmarino.com

    So more citizens are dying in side our country than we have already witnessed in the deserts, seas, and in the hand of traffickers. A nation devouring its citizen – unheard in the history of Eritrea. A land cursed to befallen in the hand of monsters and citizens shaken by fears, yet like the Stockholum syndrome – a psychological phenomenon, where the hostages (the Eritrean people) are expressing positive feeling toward their tormentors. A classic example – the PFDJites are acting like that.

    • zegeremo

      ohyaa…and…”awate was a brutal shifta responsible for the massacre of many kunamas. Kalsi Eritrea bilash eyu etom Aslam tegageyom Agageyomuna.”


  • Ermias

    ኣጀንዳ ኢሳይያስን ጭፍርኡን፡ ብመራሕቲ ተቓወምቲ ዉድባት ኢትዮጵያ ይኽሻሕ: this is on Assenna. A detailed exposé by Abraham Yayeh is promised to be reported there, a 30 page document detailing conversations primarily with none-other than Yemane Monkey.

    This confederation thing used to come up a lot in the 90s. It doesn’t surprise me at all but why IA has to go to great lengths to bring about such attrocities to our people is beyond my imagination. Now in hindsight, it reminds me of the old saying from Menghie and Janhoy, “Ertra merieta ember hizba ayedlyenan eyu” and “asa n’mtfae bahri mintsaf.” IA is following the same route, eradicating the Eritrean people. We need to stand firm and fight now more than ever for our existence as a people and nation.

    • Papillon

      Dear Ermias,

      I don’t know who this Abraham Yayeh guy is and I have never heard of him before. But the way I look at it, the beans he is “spilling” out is conspiracy theory in and conspiracy theory out. Nothing more nothing less. I would find it more credible and worthy of taking it serious if it was told say by an insider people like Ali Abdu. It sure is counter productive for prominent websites such as Assenna to even contemplate publishing that kind of merely a tabloid in content.


      • Ermias

        He was a TPLF official who defected to the derg in the early 1980s. I remember he was on the Ethio radio a lot when I was in Asmara. I was too young to remember much of what he said but he despised the TPLF, I think. He did speak about conspiracies etc. with EPLF. Maybe others will have more to say about him here. But he does switch sides so often. He was in Asmara in 2003 or so trying to start some sort of armed confrontation with the Ethio govt but nobody took him so seriously. He belongs to a party called Ginbot-7 whose tone is anti-Amhara. He says so many controversial and hard to believe things and your advice for caution is well noted. Thank you!

        • Papillon

          Oh ok. With that kind of shoddy resume, one would be inclined not to take him serious. I am sure that makes him a political prostitute. Thanks for the info.

  • L.T

    His(Saleh’s)evidence had been”false and feigned” without any truth at all but only as he had heard tales and report made by that woman(CIA),so he framed the tale out of his own invention”Isaias is incompetent”.Case dismissed.
    2 of 11 the survivnig are still being held in warm,dark room in Aeiro Eiaro,many of the others already died in Jail.We heard this reports from that weman from right to left before.
    Althoug the coursts had cleared the G-15 of guilt,so the Judges had taken the easy way out and left them in peison.
    Who cared,any way?for were these woman Sheila,when all was said and done?

    • saay

      Dear LT:

      At times like this, I seek refuge in the immortal words of our great philosopher, L.T, to wit :“Stop your animal tests football and don’t clash with me.” Deep: it was said in reply to Hayat*, and it’s so great I don’t remember what Hayat said: I only remember LTs response


      * we are all thinking of you Hayat. Make sure u get good seats as you watch the collapse of Enne Quatro.

      • Nitricc

        Sal, stop 🙂 it. Don’t pick on my good friend LT
        Whenever I read or remember what The great LT has to say I can not help but lough hard.

        :“Stop your animal tests football and don’t clash with me.”
        got to be the best one. So funny. 🙂

        • L.T

          You deserves to be given the best of educations,and in the neigborhood od a liberal arts college of Saintes of Adi Keih.

      • L.T

        TibTsaH nab Saleh Yea’kalo;
        “Ezi’wn kihalif eyu” It would be good…it would be good
        the good friend from dehai.I know you are a satirist and I enjoy it. I am just free thinkers gentleman a life full of moderation:-)

  • Seare

    Oh the G-15 again.

    When lot’s of Tegadelti were thrown in to Prison after 1993 and the war disabled were mowed down on their way to Asmara from Mai-Haber. None of the G-15 was in prison. Infact they were holding higher posts in the GoE. However, they did nothing to linder the suffering of the tegadelti.
    They tried to get rid of the dictator after the enemy came near.
    These guys are either selfish, cowards or both

  • Papillon

    The following paragraph is taken from the “Purge in the offing” under the veil of “XelaEtna ab wshTna eyom zelewu” title posted at Meskerem.net.

    “ሎሚ ኣብ ኤርትራ፡ ኣብ ውሽጢ ስርዓት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ፡ ህይወትን ዘለዎ ስርዓት ይሃልው ድኣ ኣምበር፡ እንቅዓ ትንፋስ ዘተንፍስ ስርዓት ኢዩ ዘሎ። ኣብ ውሽጢ ኣባላት ስርዓት መንግስቲ ዘይምትእምማን ኣሎ። ኣብ ኩለን ሚኒስትሪታት መን መን ይመርሖ ዘይኮነ፡ መን ንመን ይሕስው፡ ዝብል ስክፍታታ ኣሎ። ኣብ ውሽጢ ሃይሊ ምክልኻል ዘሎ ኣብ መብዝሓትኦም ኮነሬላት፡ ሓለፍትን ተፋጢጥካ ምጥምማት ኮይኑ፡ ቅሱን ድቃስ የለን። እቶም ብብልሽውናን ምጥፍፋእን ኢዶም ዘጠልቀዩ ኩሉም፡ መሕደርኦም ኣይፍለጥን ኢዩ፡ ምኽንያቱ ከይቅደሙ ስለዝፈርሑ። ስድራ ቤቶም ናብ ስደት ዘምርሑ’ውን ብዙሓት ኮኔራላት ከምዘለው ብጋህዲ ዝርአ ዘሎ ኢዩ።”

  • saay

    Selamat Haile (the great), Saleh Gadi and Tesfaldet MEHARENNA*

    I will explain why this post is addressed to the three in the footnote.

    In 2001, while the Isaiasists were trying to figure out an answer as to why they arrested the G-15, they launched a writer named “Negash Zerai” (it’s always Negash, Negassi, Fedai Negus with these guys: no imagination at all) who wrote a series of articles in Tigrinya at asmarino. Basically, it was what All Africa summarized as: while we were in the midst of war, they “began discreetly to solicit support in government circles for ousting the president, and to seek US and UN intervention to end the war on Ethiopia’s surrender terms.”

    Fast forward

    On October 22, 2013 meskerem hosted an article in its Erigazette newspaper an article entitled “Xelaetna ab wshTna iyom zelewu” (our enemies are in our midst.) If the guy speaks for the Isaiasists, It reads like they are laying the groundwork for more arrest, disappearance and liquidation of regime insiders. Question is: is the author speaking on behalf of the Isaiasists using their standard “hzbi yemarer alo” campaign to isolate enemies?


    * addressed to the three because 1. Haile is, um, great. 2. Saleh Gadi can analyze Tigrinya prose and tell you who wrote what to a shocking degree. 3. Tesfaldet MEHARENNA: please repost from archives the original post by “Negash Zerai”, later hosted by shaebia.org

    Of course everybody else is welcome to give their two santims worth.

    • Nitricc

      Sal I think you are infatuated with Haile 🙂
      I do like Haile but not to the point your advertising it for. He is good but you are over doing it. In case you forget, he is human.
      By the way can tell your boy Haile to show up in the ring? 🙂
      Okey guys I will be in the vaccum.

      • saay

        Nah, Nitricc, I just believe in recognizing people.

        So, if I need help with my fantasy football team, or how to psyche myself up that I am winning when I am actually losing, or need some Zen moments like “everybody should write his own dictionary and history book” (Nitriccs Chaos Theory), I will address you as “Nitricc The Great”!


        The merhaba/Jebena page is still cleaning your blood and fallen teeth from the last round. We will tell you when it’s ready 🙂

        • L.T

          Zeray was only ten when his father made a mistke and he lardy knew what his father were for.
          When you were in trouble,they give you someone to blame”Niebaet HargeTssaat”.

    • haile

      Nitricc – so you’re hoping against hope that I have somehow forgotten the M.J.? Nah…it is a simple rule for me, it ain’t finish before I make sure you are 🙂 I’ll be there S:-):-)N…

      Hi Saay

      ahh…I’ll need to drop the “embezzlers” tag from my description of regime operatives. I don’t want to be blamed for bringing any heat on those poor souls! Seen nothing, heard nothing :-)The chernera is firmly zipped for now 🙂

      Seriously though, I have been quietly following the “re-assignments” that were proposed to be carried out abroad. Some background here is that the 2% collection had been suspended in several countries for few months now. The embassy people that are being targeted now have been collecting pay without work. As it is always the case in a mafia set up, when there are redundancies to be made they need to be laid off as cheaply as possible. The mafia doesn’t pay gratuity for services rendered, the cheapest is to accuse them of impropriety (often ktsem’o zedenxu)and dispose them off. Obviously, some in the embassies are diaspora residents to begin with, so this my seem a carefully calculated approach to conduct tekhlit. The only way the regime can neutralize them is to accuse them of thieving as stated there.

      As you noted there, the guy is saying that many in hamade, mahber menEseyat… are actually enemy of the Eritrean state! The young Ato Sirak Bahlbi (who is now embassy staffer in Sweden with wedi Mana from his YPFDJ UK beginnings) was recently asked in a paltalk as to why YPFDJ was needed when NUYSE had active presence in the diaspora, of course he couldn’t answer it (just said zeyru zeyru kulom hade eyom!). The writer in your link also singles out the NUYSE for such attack of Enemy of the state. In fact, so much was told to the operatives in NY in a meeting they had with Osman and Yemane a day after the Lampedusa tragedy (the meeting had nothing to do with the tragedy).

      So, I think this falls under the right pattern of an axe being grind against regime operatives, partly to do with the fact that they have less use now and partly an attempt to shift the tide in the collapsing regime influence in the diaspora due to the developing situation.

      Pick what makes sense for you…


      • Hailate,

        There is no better than “embezzlers” that explain PFDJites. Keep it as it is.

    • semere andom
      • saay

        Thanks zeytagadalai Semere 🙂

        I must have confused this Negash, with the other kings: TM Negasi, Feday Negus… Because this is written in English and appeared in the then brand spanking new Shaebia.org.*

        If you want to know the authors name in the one that appeared in October, print to PDF….and voila: another king. All in the service of an emperor, never the people.


        *if you want to know shaebias priorities, from 1998 to 2000 we told them “you are at a huge disadvantage in the information war, while conducting the war”, and they shrugged, and visafric, dehai, asmarino filled the void. The minute Isaias rule was threatened, why, it was a national emergency and they launched Shaebia.org, and within months shabait.com.

    • Ermias

      Saay (the MAESTRO*),

      That is an incredibly preposterous article. I can list dozens of questions to that author.

      Where is the evidence for the US subsidizing the private news papers? Copies of checks, transactions, phone conversations etc?
      What is the problem with this statement from the alleged Tehadso keshi:“ሰላም ንህዝብናን ሃገርናን ኣንፊሱ፡ ሕጊ ዝኽተል፡ ንህዝቡ ዝሓልይ፡ እሱራትና ዝፈትሕ፡ መናእሰያትና ናብ ትምህርቲ ዘዋፋር….መንግስቲ ይፍጠረልና”
      Who are the Eritrean people who were a part of this decision – ኣምብኣር ከምቲ ኣብ 1995 ብህዝቢ ዝጸደቐ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካብ ዓመታዊ እቶቱ 2% ንምሕወዩ ስድራ-ቤት ሰማእታት ንኽኸፍል ተወሲኑ ከብቕዕ፡
      As to the community centers, churches, women’s organizations, etc. Yemane Monkey and PFDJ are responsible for dividing and dismantling the organizations. In the city that I live in, they set out an agenda to have one church, one youth org (YPFDJ), one women’s org (hamade), and one community, all of which to report to the embassy. But I will allow you to ponder what the outcome has been.

      *Nitricc, I know you have an aversion to acknowledging talented people but we the opposition are full of wonder makers and we don’t shy away from telling them exactly as we see it. SAAY (the maestro) has been peircing through PFDJ for so many years now and it is time to recongnize him. Come to our side and we will coin a good and befitting praise word for you.

      • eritreafirst

        Erimias said,”SAAY (the maestro) has been peircing through PFDJ for so many years now and it is time to recognize him.”

        SAAY is a good writer. He puts words together so an average person can understand. But he oversimplifies complex matters. Omits the truth in order to push his agenda.

        When challenged by others he simply throw random answer which leaves you wondering what the heck is he thinking. Next time read his articles with out “I hate PIA” eye glass.