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Somali Region of Ethiopia: Pm Abiy Must Address the Culture of Impunity

We apologize for any inconvenience. The post was taken off because we do not host duplicate content that appears elsewhere. //Editor

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  • Kim Hanna

    Selam the vigilant Awate moderators,

    I accept the reason for taking it off. I was checking his other articles to see if there was a pattern. He definitely was not on the fence when it came to the leader of Somali Killil. It had the making of a hatchet job. I would have removed it for that alone, thank goodness I don’t have that responsibility.

    Mr. K.H

  • Aligaz G

    Dear Ali Mohammed,

    It is my understanding that Somali Region is so fearful of Oromo pressure that they are willing to put up with a criminal like Abdi Illey as long as he continues to protect Somali interests. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  • Saleh Johar

    The last war was started because of such flimsy reasoning. Are we starting another war over this? Dear, it’s a random googled map of the Somali region. You can believe that or go back to the logic of 1998. This time I have nothing to add. Very sorry my dear.

  • Blink

    Dear all
    Breaking news , 43 highly armed people landed in Mekele from Sudan and their original destination was Addis Abeba. Is there any similarity between the return of PM Abiy from America to Ethiopia? Were they trying to eliminate the government of Abiy with the help of TPLF bank rolling them.

  • guest

    Selamat Awate Team

    Please the ask the author of the article to replaced the current map with a map that reflects internationally recognized Eritrean-Ethiopian bondary lines.

    • Teodros Alem

      The distance from “dansha” to humera”(eritrean border) is 90 km , i don’t know who draw this fake map, even the distance from “tplf amara kilil ” border sudan to eri border is less than 50 km, fake tplf is enjoying fake map.

      • Saleh Johar

        There is something called representational images or sketches. You can ask such a question when the map is presented as a legal one. This not a legal map. For instance, do you argue the Ethiopian grown is not covered by a flag when someone draws a flag over the map? Or when some people draw a map with a flag color outlay, do you argue the ground in Addis Ababa is not red or yellow?

        • Teodros Alem

          Selam Saleh J
          I know , i wanted just to inform the forumers that the map is fake, etv even said it is not a legal map, thanks.

        • Hashela (former guest)

          Dear Saleh

          with all due respect, your justification is worse as your permission to posting an illegal map. As an experienced writer and educator, I am sure that the power of images and maps did not escape your attention

          • Saleh Johar

            Hello Hashela,
            First, I am here in my individual capacity. If you have concerns, address them to the editor.

            I still hold to my opinion. A map on a postage stamp, for instance, however, distorted it might look, is not a legal map. Therefore, discussing it is unproductive and not useful. I am sorry I have nothing to add to this debate.