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Ramshackle * ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ይብል ኣሎ * آيل للسقوط

Before I begin, there is a Tigrinya saying, “Hamus- Hamus tbl alla,” I do not know its origin. If anyone knows, please let me know on the comments section.

In my three recent episodes of Negarit I talked about an imminent flood building in our region. It looks like it’s in a “Hamus-Hamus” state—particularly Isaias’ PFDJ and Abiy’s Poverty Parties. In Tigrinya, Hamus means Thursday and that reminds me programing—from now on I will try to publish Negarit episodes every Hamus, every Thursday.

Today’s Negarit 121 is a continuation of the topic of Torrents I talked about in episode 117, 118, and 119.

I will also talk about the reinvented argument that Eritrea is not a viable state. And non-other than the ruler of Eritrea himself is echoing it!
Some people didn’t take my warning about the imminent torrents we face seriously. I urge concerned Eritreans not to ignore it. The stakes are high, and only a quick, organized, smart response and tangible actions can save Eritrea.

Naturally, there are skeptics on the proposal of an Eritrean Unity Government. I hope they realize their skepticism is coming at the expense of an urgent matter to save Eritrea.

The situation is developing by the day and it’s extremely fluid. Thus, an urgent action is needed; watching from a distance when others are discussing and negotiating the fate of Eritrea behind closed doors is not prudent. The matter calls for a genuine Eritrean participation before it reaches a “take it or leave it” stage, with no other choice.

I believe the Isaias-Abiy alliance is damaged beyond repair. However, some vested foreign entities could resuscitate to protect or salvaging their interests at the expense of Eritrea and Eritreans.

Let’s briefly touch on what’s being re-invented to pursue non-Eritrean interests.

Re-invented argument: “Is Eritrea a viable state?”

There’s an Arabic saying, Haamiha Haraamiha. It’s a resigned statement uttered  when a protector of something becomes the looter. It’s as if you hired someone to guard a bank but then the someone loots the bank, and you discover the looter was the person you hired to guard it. Eritrea is facing a similar fate.

Trouble starts when people pledge allegiance to an authority on behalf of people they do not represent. In the forties some people pledged allegiance to Haile Selassie (the 6th  Ethiopian king) and two years ago Isaias submitted to Abiy Ahmed, (the Ethiopian “7th king”) on behalf of Eritrea.

Since then, Isaias has made repeated pronouncements undermining the viability of Eritrea. And that is why people wonder: why does Isaias’s statements sound like the Ethiopian rulers?

Eritreans know the port city of Massawa existed for a long time, at least two decades ago. And Isaias believed it did; that why he spent millions of dollars building an airport in Massawa. However, only the now forgotten Nassair made a few flights to that airport and the airport remained a ghost airfield. And the failure is Isaias’ though he never admits it (@6:20 mark).

But two years ago, he declared the country he rules is not viable when he emphatically denied the existence of Massawa. And the late Yemane Gebremichael, the Eritrean singer who immortalized Eritrean ports, is turning in his grave.

Isaias’ statements could be old copied from the notes of Aklilu Habteweld (Haile Selassie’s prime minister) at the UN deliberation in the late 1940s.

Isaias’ Disparaging Remarks about Eritrea

In his recent put-down interview Isaias mocked and diminished the spirit of Eritrean small businesses owners and entrepreneurs. He displayed his cruel and unsympathetic attitude towards the common Eritrean worker. And he made that in his usual crude manner.

So far, Eritreans have been subjected the most severe lockdown since the appearance of the Covid 19 pandemic. Unfortunately, they let alone to receive basic subsistence support, the ruler would not afford to sympathize with their hardships. He downplayed the impact of the lockdown:  if one thinks there is an economy hurt by the pandemic, it is only exaggeration. “He doubled down: there is no economy that can be affected by Covid 19” and belittled small businesses by picking on the bicycle business: Ciclista. Ciclista. Ciclista (219:00 mark)—insignificant. He so clueless that  many hard-working Eritreans have not had any income for over a year. He doesn’t know how they are suffering or how they are making ends meet. But that is expected from a detached ruler who thinks he is an able economist. Yet, those who follow him can see through his rudimentary and primitive knowledge about economics. economic hardship when there is no economy in Eritrea!

BICYCLE SHOP -Che cycliste

Bicycling is a major mode of transportation in Eritrea; more Eritreans travel on bicycle than in cars or busses. The overwhelming majority of workers around the cities ride bicycles to and from work. Furthermore, bicycling is a major sport and a tradition in Eritrea. And Isaias should know that Eritreans feel proud about their internationally acclaimed cyclists who are on the top of the International Cycling Union (UCI) ranking.

In a recent item it released, the ICU ranked Eritrea on the 1st place with 1907 points, followed by Rwanda,(1059) South Africa (1026), Algeria (760) and Morocco (690.) The top 5 individual cyclist ranking includes 3 Eritreans: 2nd, 4th and 5th place.

Sadly, the ruler of Eritrea doesn’t think about the infrastructure that support the main sport that is the pride of Eritreans. His remarks sounds as if his curse is: May you be a bicycle business owner! He doesn’t stop proving himself as a detached ruler.

Is a bicycle repair of sales business detestable? Well, in Eritrea bicycle shop owners are in the middle class—but to Isaias they are nuisance to his party’s monopolistic economy. He mocks anyone working hard, and honestly, to make a living.

Imagine how many women raise families selling local beer (Suwa and Mes). How are such women surviving during the draconian lockdown? Isaias should know better.

Discouraging entrepreneurship, belittling the youth, badmouthing people who leave Eritrea because of his cruel maladministration, defines his character. He thinks putdowns are the best way to intimidate the people to make them submissive to his rule…. Of course, we knew Haile Selassie had a motive, what is Isaias’ motive in undermining Eritrea and Eritreans?

The Ghost of Aklilu Habteweld and Ibrahim Sultan

Patriotic Eritrean leaders of the forties faced an orchestrated assault against their aspiration to be independent. Haile Selassie and his allies did all they can to thwart the Eritrean struggle for independence in local and international forums arguing that “Eritrea is not a viable state,” thus, it must be united with Ethiopia and submit to its king.

At the forefront was Aklilu Habteweld, Haile Selassie’s prime minster who trashed Eritrea’s potential with the collaboration of some Eritrean diplomats. Their main target at the UN consultation were Eritrean giants including Ibrahim Sultan. They irritated Ibrahim Sultan by trying to diminish the Eritrean economic and technocratic capacity:  Eritrea doesn’t have an educated class to run. A government!” Ibrahim Sultan snapped back: we have more than we need and that’s why the Ethiopian government hired many of them to run its affairs. That counter argument was effective since the proportion of officials with Eritrean heritage in the government, compared with the rest of Ethiopians, was only matched by the ruling Ethiopian nobility.

Over seventy years later, the so-called president of Eritrea is reinventing the shocking arguments–though it doesn’t shock Eritreans anymore. It’s in his character to belittle everyone and imply he is the best man Eritrea has ever produced. Isais is known to be a very damaging downer. Why all the jabs against Eritrea and Eritreans?

Isaias has unilaterally decided on something he has not openly declared apart from what we can read from his statements. And they are not pronouncements that bode well, or make Eritreans feel secure with him at the helm. Not many trust him except the cult he leads. And Eritreans have long realized they do not have a government. It’s time they created one. Thus, the idea of a Unity Government.

Unity Government

The current situation is precarious and interest groups from the region and the world are busy planning for the post-Isaias period. Therefore, Eritreans should not allow their country to be bartered based on narrow interest that allows Isaias to negotiate a comfortable place for him at the expense of Eritrea. That is what is at stake and that is why Eritreans need to urgently create a Unity Government in the Diaspora.

Over the last week, you must have made connection between what I said in my recent Negarit edition and between the news flooding Horn of Africa region, particularly the ethnically motivated Ethiopian civil war. The torrents that are building up in the region are real, as real as the conclusion that Isaias is not useful in the post-torrent period.

I repeatedly tried to make people aware of the situation—some were worried, some understood the severity of the situation–only the leaders and senior cadres of the PFDJ are not concerned about the wellbeing of Eritrea. They only want to make sure their capo and organization survives, even at the expense of Eritrea and its people.

So far, many indications have come to the fore and as usual, the USA is a barometer of how a country is doing and what the potential risks it faces are. The PFDJ and its ally the Ethiopian poverty party are in trouble and the Isais-Abiy alliance is bound to crumble. We can only guess how they will navigate through the messy situation they created. Add to the mix the Saudis, Sudanese, UAE, and other countries beyond the region that are engaged in planning the future of the region—and Isaias’ personal plans.

Eritrea needs a leadership; it needs a unity government made of Eritrean political parties. The viable and well-organized movements should be heavily involved in making this a reality. However, political parties alone cannot do much; all patriots must identify and realize wis they are a political party or not. If they are not a political party but want to be involved in that, they should negotiate and find a way to work with the existing parties. If they wish to remain as movements, associations, unions or any other form or organized activists, they must support the proposal. Because a government will certainly need technocrats, professional and many other skills to create the necessary institutions. And that requires a full-time dedication; it is not a job for part-timers.

This undertaking is a serious and urgent matter. Creating a unity government needs hard work… and hopefully that will set the Eritrean cause in the right direction to face the more difficult tasks of assembling qualified people to handle the critical tasks of post-PFDJ Eritrea.

Finally, remember the Eritrean nightmare is bound to be over. How fast depends on the situations and how fast Eritreans move. Don’t give up and wait for change with preparedness. Work with tenacity, honesty and dedication. And soon, Eritrea will breathe a sigh of relief.

About Saleh "Gadi" Johar

Born and raised in Keren, Eritrea, now a US citizen residing in California, Mr. Saleh “Gadi” Johar is founder and publisher of Author of Miriam was Here, Of Kings and Bandits, and Simply Echoes. Saleh is acclaimed for his wealth of experience and knowledge in the history and politics of the Horn of Africa. A prominent public speaker and a researcher specializing on the Horn of Africa, he has given many distinguished lectures and participated in numerous seminars and conferences around the world. Activism was founded by Saleh “Gadi” Johar and is administered by the Awate Team and a group of volunteers who serve as the website’s advisory committee. The mission of is to provide Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with information that is hidden by the Eritrean regime and its surrogates; to provide a platform for information dissemination and opinion sharing; to inspire Eritreans, to embolden them into taking action, and finally, to lay the groundwork for reconciliation whose pillars are the truth. Miriam Was Here This book that was launched on August 16, 2013, is based on true stories; in writing it, Saleh has interviewed dozens of victims and eye-witnesses of Human trafficking, Eritrea, human rights, forced labor.and researched hundreds of pages of materials. The novel describes the ordeal of a nation, its youth, women and parents. It focuses on violation of human rights of the citizens and a country whose youth have become victims of slave labor, human trafficking, hostage taking, and human organ harvesting--all a result of bad governance. The main character of the story is Miriam, a young Eritrean woman; her father Zerom Bahta Hadgembes, a veteran of the struggle who resides in America and her childhood friend Senay who wanted to marry her but ended up being conscripted. Kings and Bandits Saleh “Gadi” Johar tells a powerful story that is never told: that many "child warriors" to whom we are asked to offer sympathies befitting helpless victims and hostages are actually premature adults who have made a conscious decision to stand up against brutality and oppression, and actually deserve our admiration. And that many of those whom we instinctively feel sympathetic towards, like the Ethiopian king Emperor Haile Sellassie, were actually world-class tyrants whose transgressions would normally be cases in the World Court. Simply Echoes A collection of romantic, political observations and travel poems; a reflection of the euphoric years that followed Eritrean Independence in 1991.

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  • Haile S.

    Selam Saleh SGJ,

    I think I found answer(s) to your interrogation about the significance and/or origin of the word Tantarwa, Tantarua or Tantaroua.

    With your suspicion of its french origin and your suggestion of the corrupted words, Tanta-rouga, you sent me in all frenchy directions and speculations that, I must say were interesting, but not true. Most importantly, you sent me to the 19th century Keren Lazarists and into the memories of every Ferenji who passed through Tantarwa & Keren in the 19th century. I had to go through the written materials and memories of at least the following :

    – Ferdinando Martini, the first administrator of Eritrea. Eritrea was unfortunately fortunate to have a highly interested avid reader, writer and intellectual who documented everything he knows about the indiginous leaders he conquered before he eliminated them in the prison of NaKura. He visited almost every corner of the country and wrote about everything. But apparently didn’t say anything about the origin of the word Tantarwa (of course, I haven’t read all his books).

    – Pacha Munzinger (ባሻይ ብሽንጅር), the swiss Kerenite who talks about the place without sniffing its origin.

    – Another swiss, Paul Traub mentioned it 16 times in his account of travels with no reference to the meaning of the word.

    – De Rivoyre, my favorite story teller didn’t say anything about it. How did Tantarwa escaped his curiousity? Strange!

    – Father Giovanni Stella (ኣቡነ የውሃንስ) – one of the fixtures of Keren. Everybody passed through his house and wrote about him. He himself didn’t write much. If he did, I bet, he would have said a lot about Tantarwa.

    – The Heuglins, along with their German hunters and companions were interested in the fauna. They just incidentally mentioned Tartarua.

    – Dr Max Schoeller and his botanist friend Professor Schweinfurth calls it Tantarica.

    – Guseppe Sapeto, who visited the region extensively before he acquired Assab, mentions it as well few times including its administrator at that time (before 1857), a certain Agial.
    P.S. to please Hashela: the governor of Hashela at that time was named Adegh.

    Another of my favorite traveller anecdotist Guillaume Lejean mentioned it without any curiosity on its origin. If there was something crunchy about its possible french origin, he is the one to not fail mentioning it.

    Now, all this Incuriosity on the significance of the word suggest that there was no special need and it might not be derived from french. The name looks old like the names of the other places nearby. And in agreement with this possibility I came across these three:

    1- An account in the form of a letter to the french geographic society (1842) written by the man who knows the names, origin and content of every geographical location, on the surface and underneath Abyssinia. Antoine d’Abbadie (ኣቶ ኣንጦንዮስ ዘኣበዲየ), a traveller, geographer, historian and scientist. He suggested that names and places that end in “rwa” like D’barwa, Tantarwa and adding several othet places around Lasta ending in ..rwa, are derived from Agew language.

    2 – Paul Fallon of Uof Mary Washington, a scholar in Blin and other languages says Tantarwa means Town in Blin language. A 2008 publication.

    3 – Edward Denison in his book Eritrea, the Bradt Travel Guide 2007 says this:
    Tantarwa located in the easter part of the town, beyond the bridge, near the gas station. The name of area derives from a river that flows through the valley. The Italians designed this area as a native quarter. Today, this district is known as Geza Woreket. It used to be famed for its taverns where Ethiopian migrant owners served locally brewed drinks siwa (beer) and mes (mead) accompanied by roasted meat. The Ethiopians obtained permission to undertake these activities from the then administrator of Keren La’elay Bilata Michael. Therefore, Geza Woreket means houses built by permission oforiginsed houses.

    In Summary, if we had looked at these two recent authors, we didn’t have the need to go all the way to the mid 19 century travellers. But it was a pleasant voyage through books. I feel I know Bogos as much as Saleh and Hashela combined. It is always a pleasure reading this curious guys and indefatigable travellers and writters.

    A question for you Saleh, Tantarwa is to Keren like Abashawl is to Asmara. Did Alamin sing for it?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Hailat (Haile-S)

      “Your voyage through books” to find the origin of “tantarwa” shows your deep interest in history and anthropology. Besides you sound someone who spent his day and night in a library. Amazing! But let me ask you this: Do you have the same interest in “life science” as you have in history and anthropology? If I am not mistaken you told us that your schooling is in life science. By the way I miss Dr paulos who is resourceful like you and Haile-TG to mention few.


      • Haile S.

        Selam Emma,

        Without saying what I do exactly, I am in the medical sciences everyday. Any other of my extra leisure time, I spent it in history, art and related fields, a way of getting completely out of the professional thing. Life science is so wide a field, there are ample areas to get interested on. And as you might have noticed, I am into birds and wildlife.
        I have been reading Abyssinian history for the last 30 years. D’Abbadie for example is one I read early in my venture, but I need to revisit to check what he said. Enjoy this link to his Castle in France, where he placed Abyssinia-related paintings in the hallways.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Hailat

          Thank you and much appreciated for the clip.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Haile S.,
      Thank you so much for this enlightening product. From experience, I know how difficult and painstaking reading travellers’ books is. One needs to be patient and interested. From my other readings in the past, I think the Agew suffix makes sense. Suffixes and prefixes on terms and words are informative elements ,especially in migrant and seller communities. They find names of things and places in the new area of abode. Problems with local language impel them to add their own suffix or prefixes and with time a new term develops.

    • Hashela

      Selam Haile

      You are a Shingrwa! (a star) that keeps shading light by carrying out a meticulous research and sharing the results of your findings with us. Equally interesting and funny is the origin of Geza WereKet.

      When we are at it, there is a tiny village between Iderba and DenKi-Andu (both southwest of Keren) called KudunkuruQ. I was and am still puzzled about the meaning of that name.

      • Haile S.

        Selam Hashela,

        Let me wash away Tantarwa from my system. Then I will be on this seemingly interesting village. At the same time try to acquire Kiflemariam Hamde’s Blin dictionary. It can be helpful. I don’t have it.

    • saay7

      Haile S:

      Well, that’s quite a tour de force! Thank you.

      In your research did you stumble upon the published letters (to and from) Emperor Tewordros II? I seem to recall in one of them there is a letter to Napoleon from the mayors of Keren, Hashela and Tantarwa thanking him for restoring peace and returning their looted properties. I think the bad guys were Ottoman Egypt and Ethiopia.

      When I am homesick I usually visit flickr and there is a 2008 pic of Kerenites enjoying their drink on front yard of a brew house and the caption reads “Tantarwa, formerly known as Villagio.” Yep, 2008. So maybe the word is not as lost as Saleh G fears.


      • Haile S.

        Selam Sal,

        Interesting remark. I didn’t come across this specific letter, but there are many letters sent to Napoleon III from everyone complaining about or thanking for something. These letters were compiled by Sven Rubenson et al. I got ኣንጦንዮስ ዘኣባድያ from such letters.

    • Saleh Johar

      Selam Haile,

      Much appreciated. Thank you.

      Allow me to add something that Khwaja do not know how to localize 🙂

      1. Geza Wereket and Tantarwa are close to each other but not one. Geza Wereket is two blocks away to the South and is centered around the Orthodox church. Tantarwa was used by the old timers and only the curious took notice. Let me give you the remaining main homes in Tantarwa after a few blocks were evicted to make way for the Asmara road–my ancestors lived smack at where the park is now. Others close by were transferred to a neighborhood a short distance away. And they wryly called their new domicile “Haret Teredona”–“the neighborhood of the expelled”.

      The claim that Geza Wereqet stands for licensed dwelling is mentioned by only one sources as I recall. However,. the story was fresh in the memory of the people when I was growing up. As I mentioned before, Degiat Gebru preferred the hill at Geza Wereqet and settled there with his militia who build makeshift tents of anything they got, including cartons. Thus the Geza Wereqet appellation.

      Sapeto started the first cotton plantation in She’tel, near Ashera. You know Sapeto hopped everywhere from Dankalia to Hebo, to Keren Laalai to She’tel. He is more famous for saving Kerenites from the banditry of Debeb Arya who terrorized the region for too long by bringing about a dozen Tsebe-Tsegeb youth from Akele Guzai and armed them with modern rifles. These are ancestors of well known Kerenite families–not forgetting his work against slavery–I remember several documents in that relation that Aida Kidane posted years ago.

      Until we revisit another extra curricular discussion, thank you HaileS

      • Haile S.

        ሰላም ሳልሕ

        እስኪ ክገጥመላ ንታንታርዋ
        እዛ ዝሽየጠላ እቲ ምቁር ስዋ

        መባልዕታ ቁንጪ ትዃን ኣንጭዋ
        ከም ኣባሻውል ዘይትፈቱ ብርጅዋ

        ኣልኣሚን ነቲኣ ደሪፉ ንዓኣ ረሲዕዋ
        ሓደ ሳልሕ ጆሃር ወዳ እንሆ ዘኪርዋ


        እዛ ቅድሚ ከረን ዝነበረት ሕልዋ
        ኣብ ፈረንጂ ካይተረፈት ኣሕዲራ ጽልዋ
        ኣነ’ኳ በጺሑኒ ጥዒመ ብማዕዶ ናታ ምርዋ

        ሕጂ ኩዱንኩሩቕ ከድኩ፡ ካይጽምዋ
        ክትናፍቐኒ’ያ በጃኹም ኣጸናንዕዋ

        • Saleh Johar

          Yopu insist?
          Okay. The neighberhood has been home to the following families for ages: 1) Enda Mehri, Enda Yaqot, Enda Jibril, Enda Ashekeh, Enda Gmeshi, Enda Bagasi, Enda Bakeysei, Enda Ab Rayet, Enda Shengeb, Enda Suleiman, Enda RebaT, Enda Seydna Bilal, Enda Johar, Emnda Younis, Enda Saad, Enda Jam’e, Enda Bedani, … those are the families I remember and surround the Tantarwa water pump. I can assure you there was no Swa anywhere around it. Enda Swa developed in] Geza Wereqet and that is not Tantarwa. But if you insist on Tantarwa was Geza Wereqet, you could know better. But I have no argument 🙂

          • Haile S.

            😁😁😁 ተልመዴን ዋጣ፡ ቃል ከምዝሃረመሉ እዩ ዝዋጢ። ይቕሬታ፡ ቃል ሃሪሙለይ ኣንድኣሉ!

            Thank you for the list. This is a nice way of documenting history.

          • Hashela

            Selam Haile

            My mother used to strictly adhere to vegan diet during Wednesdays and Fridays (ጾም ዓርበ-ረቡዕ)። On evening, we, the kids, were having a delicious dinner with meat cooked in seasoned butter (ጠስሚ) and my mother was ascetically chewing her semi-dried bread mixed with spinach cooked only with water and salt. Finding the stark contrast somehow annoying, my sister innocently asked whether my mother wants to join us and enjoy the meat, as God is surely not paying attention because it was dark. Little did she know that God is equipped with night vision goggles.
            With the watchful eyes of Rebi (ረቢ), I believe Swa was not served in Tantarwa!

          • Saleh Johar

            Exactly Hashela,
            You saved me because I wanted to avoid using taboo classification to explain it. But as you nicely out it, Rebi lived there 🙂

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hashela & Saleh + all

            Okay, enough with your Kerenite solidarnosc, ርኢናልኩም😁. I will move from Tantarwa (ኣንዳ-ኣባዕከ) to Geza WereQet (ኣንዳ-ስዋ)😁! ሚስተር ደኒሰን ኣጋግዩኒ!

            Hashela, I found something close to your KudunkuruQ. Based on an old Italian map, it may correspond to a mountain named Dologorodoc. You know, the ferenji writes what he hears. For example Hashela is written on the map as Ascialla. So I am pretty confident it is the same place. Based on google earth, there seems to be few dwellings, what is called in tigrigna as ምሕዳር, but not something that looks like a village. ኣዝኣ ወድሓንካ

          • Hashela

            Selam Haile
            Actually we love to adopt you. Keren is one of the most cosmopolitan place, a melting pot. With your varied interests and open mindedness, you would fit perfectly here. I love the city and its surroundings but I don’ count myself as a Kerenite. Kerenites are the product of diaspora. In my opinion, like the Asmarinos, Kerenites harbour a wedini culture. Now it is time for me to seek for a shelter😂.

            With regard to the place, it is a bit of shame that we don’t have publicly accessible high resolution maps with name of settlements. I know the Eritrean government has it, but it seems it is not accessible for everyone.

            Let me think what Dologorodoc potentially means.

      • Reclaim Abyssinia

        Dear SJ,
        Can I ask of you some information about Keren Sesame farm(I haven’t seen any sesame farm when I Passed by Keren). Enda Jerdine, Fashion design school by catholic?

        • Saleh Johar

          I don’t know if anyone who tried sesame farming anywhere around Keren. The region is known for growing peanuts and different food grains. I have discussed the Catholic sewing and embroidery school. Yes there was one. The Anseba really ver valley around Tsebab and Betjuk has many citrus, guava, and mango plantations.

          • Reclaim Abyssinia

            Thanks SJ,
            I heard a story from people who used to run those farm, and runaway to Sudan by Camel only taking some change of clothes leaving all their belongings behind including their household. Some of the half-cast kids left for Italy, some left there with their other half. Two major events one when Italy defeated by the British and the second one is when Haile Selassie took over.
            Did it ever cross your mind what would have happened to Eritrean if WWII was not won by the alliances?

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ኴና መሬት
    ገዛ ዓመጽቲ ክትጽልምት

    ስማዕ ወይ ተመናዕ
    ድምጺ ባይደን ሰሚዖም
    ህልቂት ሰብ ፈጺምኩም
    ክምርመር ገበንኩም

    ዘጻርዩ ኣካላት ክኣትዉ
    ኣስካሕክሒ ገበናት ከጻርዩ

    ጠፋእና ስላስ! ኴኑ ሕጂ
    ኣባና ተፈንጂራ ‘ታ ፈንጂ
    ኢድ ሸናሒት ጸናሒት
    ለካ ርኢናያ
    ክብሉ ጀሚሮም

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ህዝብና ክርህዎ ቀሪቡ
    ይበሃል ኣሎ
    ናይ ራህዋ ንፋስ የጋውሕ
    ዘመነ ቅሳነት ሓርነት
    ቀሪቡ ይመስል

    ዜጋታት ኣብ ሃገሮም ሸነንንንንንንንን ክብሉ
    ብሃገሮም ክዝትዩ ክስሕቁ ከዕልሉ
    ይበሃል ኣሎ

    ትሰምዕ ዶ ‘ለኻ
    ዓርጌን ዓዲ-ሃሎ?
    እወ! ንስኻ
    ብጀካኻ ደኣ መን ኣሎ
    ነዚ ህዝቢ ዝደወኖ ጸለሎ

    ጨካን ጥራይ ‘መስለና ኔሩ ምበር
    ለካስ ትሓቂ ምዃንካ ደንቆሮ
    በሃም ዜሮ
    ብሰንኪ ጸገም ናይ ኣእምሮ
    ሰባን ሃገራን ጌርካያ ዝሮ-ሙሮ
    ዝኹሉ ዓመታት ተመሪሕና

    ዳርጋ ዋላኻ ኴና መስርሒ ዕትሮ-ምሮ
    ——-በል ሕጅስ ቢያ ኢልናካ
    ሰብ ፍትሒ ክንዓትሮ
    ክንደይ ‘ጥዕም
    ዘመን መቐይሮ
    ካላስ! ኣይትሓዙኒ
    ኬደ ቪላይ ክሰርሕ ኣብ ፎሮ
    ስለዝኣኸለ ሰዓት-ዜሮ
    ንዘይሰመዐ ሰብ ንሓብሮ

  • Kaddis

    Selam Gash Saleh –

    This is a very timely call and hope all take it seriously for the sake of the horn viability; not only Eritrea.

    Now, its clear Abiy has no role except repeating the ተረት ተረት his deacon and Uztaz ከዳሚs in 4 killo while taking non-stop pictures.

    Even foreign governments are talking to Kenya ( Americans, EU president was in Kenya yesterday), Eritrea ( Egyptians) instead of the Ethiopian government. Sahlework is being sent around if her ex-UN charm can do the trick. Some say she has good intentions, I think she has this inherent Amharic elite nobility hate towards ‘others’ that is preventing her from making a difference. I think the West has an option in Ethiopia, if not the option being groomed, in the Birhanu Nega circles since 2005 kinijit; now encircled the Ethiopian government decisive bodies like the electoral and human rights commission. Abiy will be used as an input to justify the west’s agencies like the ICC, the human rights watch, the sanctions committee, the endless UN resolutions…and endless orgs that maintains the western moral upper hand …I don’t blame them not more than the cruelty of Isias and Abiy.

    For Eritrea – in my modest conversation with many – there is lack of information. Dumb isias wants to play like Israel by staying muted for every allegations. What he misses is Israel at least has the capability to hide the evidences of its actions for the ordinary audience. Isias was punished with all the punishment the international orgs had in hand and like every serial offender; he can’t stay out of sanction for more than a year; this time bringing a new friend Abi from his bigger neighborhood. Typical low life story.

    If the opposition plays a role on providing and filling the much needed information gap the west need – while using the momentous attention the horn of Africa is getting – the better. Creating credibility as a source of information grows to influencing decisions. You can see Tsedale Lemma’s, Addis Standard magazine editor, recommendation during one of her hearing at the US foreign committees almost identically reflected on Secretary of State Blinken’s conditions given to Abiy.
    US institute of Peace, Int’l Crisis Group ( they are composed of ex-journalists and are eager to get info), ISS, Amani Africa, looking for specialized webinars and the right media outlets could be a good start.

    • Abi

      Hello Kaddis
      The proud people of Ethiopia and Eritrea will come victorious against the the retarded and demented Biden administration and his cliques.
      Today, Eritreans and Ethiopians are demonstrating at foggy bottom. ኮራሁባቸው!!!!!!
      Take it easy, haddish.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Abo,

        Don’t run away like those Ethiopian friends like Horizon and others and wait on this site till the end. You will witness the unexpected the final end of your side..


    • saay7

      Selamat Kaddis:

      Just to update you regarding the US-EU, they will soon have an alternative Eritrean voice to speak to. I am calling it a Government in Exile, but my colleagues may have a different name for it: it’s all details. What matters is at long last Eritreans will have a different face than the Ethiopianized version of Eritrea (war, famine, displacement) that Isaias presents.

      I don’t know if you noticed but usually the state department sends some minor African Affairs junior diplomat to hearings but this time the Secretary of State (equivalent of Foreign Minister) showed up to repeat his call for immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Eritrean forces and Amhara forces from Tigray. More importantly the Senate is passing a resolution empowering US Aid (headed by Samantha Powers) to activate its DIsaster Assistance Rapid Response Team (DART), which means 200-300 American boots will be on the ground to facilitate the “disaster assistance.” Like Malians before them, the Zeraf Zeraf team can shoot at them and face the same fate. Or they can comply in which case all the rule or law shenanigan will be exposed for what it is and there will be proxy or direct negotiation with a force Ethiopians have been told is dead. As the details of the clusterf%#k of the war emerge, more and more Ethiopian authorities will disassociate themselves from Abiy (two have already), and he will focus on tree planting and book promoting, as detached as Haile Selasse was before his fall.

      Isaiaists Eritreans and Ethiopians waving the imperial Ethiopian flag and huge pic of Atse Tewodros demonstrated in DC, oblivious to the fact that everybody hates Isaias and nobody wants a unitary state Ethiopia. But I am sure the Unitarians think they made a point. Dreams are free.

      Stay safe in Addis, Kaddis.


      • Abi

        Hello Saay
        Sounds like you are too excited that Foggy Bottom sent the big guy to Capitol Hill.
        I don’t know about you but I remember the same State Department sent Colin Powell to the United Nations SC armed with satellite images and every ቅራቅንቦ available to him to convince the world that Iraq had WMD.
        What are you smoking? You seem to hear voices.

        • saay7

          “What are you smoking? You seem to hear voices?”

          What exactly does this mean and how’s it related to what I wrote?


          • Abi

            Hello Saay
            I’m just wondering how you selectively remember only events that suit yours and the weyane narrative you have been advocating for a while.
            Just like Powell, Blinker will be embarrassed in front of the world.
            You have been blinded by the strong hate you developed towards Abiy lately.

          • saay7


            That’s one perspective, a wrong one, but still a perspective.

            Try to present it without your usual smartassness next time.

            As for hate towards Abiy, it’s hard to hate people you feel sorry for. That hate is reserved towards the man destroying my country Eritrea. Ethiopia’s ritual of violence would probably go on with or without Abiy.


          • Brhan

            Hello saay.
            I think the smartassnes has ceased. His recent comments include toxic words: “Arrogantly” to Berhe, replying to Kadis, he used the “R” word to Biden administration ( and he claims he is not a racist) and now “hate”.
            I thought the DC demo might boost his mood to continue in his usual smartassnes but I am seeing the opposite. Could it be due to his fear to reading the approaching political flood?

          • Abi

            Berhe said that it is a curse to be Ethiopian neighbor. If this is not outright racist and arrogance of the highest order, I don’t know what is.
            Tired of correcting zombies.

          • Brhan

            You can correct him by your smartassnes that you are known at this great Eritrean website and what about your reply to the others: I hope it has not become an attitude. Let us comment to eachother with politness.

          • Abi

            I never learned to play Jesus Christ. I never let any racist zombie to belittle 100 million Ethiopians as if he is a special breed.
            How about you volunteer and tell all the racists and arrogant people who think that they are cursed by the almighty because they happen to live next to Ethiopia?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            If I wasn’t clear it’s my fault. I was referring to the ጸሓዩ ንጉሥ and all those who believed and act as if they are the lost tribe of Israel.

            I did elaborated further, and I have put our leaders and our people in the same category. I was not referring to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea but the cursed leaders for the past 150 years who brought nothing but misery and destruction to their own people.


          • Abi

            Hello Berhe
            Never mind. You have clearly showed that you are a racist bigot.

          • Saleh Johar

            You are in the mood of giving discounts. The insanity started with the so-called Solomonic elect of god kings in the 13th century. It’s not 150 years.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Saay,

        Now I understand why IA said “Kitet” in his last interview. As they say “ strike while the iron is hot”, when do you think your delegation of GIE will meet with the Secretary of State and present its credentials.

        In the mean time, the one we praised chief of stuff of the prime minster was coping notes from the HGDF charge de affairs (Haile S. why do they have this title while in America, I bet he wanted to sound cool) in how to run mekete.


        • Haile S.

          Selam Berhe,

          Chargé d’affaire, literally means “in charge of affaire”. Based on the definitions available on the web, he/she is someone who fills the place of an ambassador when it is vacant. A caretaker of daily affaires, I guess.

          The Ethiopian ambassador to the UN was asked about these various functions in an interview by ESAT some weeks ago. Try to find and listen to that. I didn’t hear all the interview and not sure what he could have said about Chargé d’affaire.

        • Haile S.

          Selam Berhe,

          I felt incomplete in my earlier response. French is internationally a language of diplomacy thus many if its expressions were adopted as standard. In addition, along the perfum, the style & froufrou, the champaigne and the intello red scarf (I recommend to SGJ. It goes with his Beret), speaking french is stylish. Ça fait chic! Wherever the French or their Napoleon went, they left a little of the french taste. Even before that, for example, Peter the Great was charmed by the french style and introduced it to his court. Catherine the great followed him and pushed it further. It was not by accident, Hermitage museum is one of the few top possesing the best arts in the world. You know of course the influence of french in the US. ጸሓዩ ንጉሥ ( just to please Abi) was educated in french and contaminated the intellectuals he produced making many french words amharic ምኒስትር ዲኤታ for example. Unfortunately, some of the french educated came back from Sorbonne with their leftist ideology to finish the ጸሓዩ ንጉሥ.

          • Berhe Y

            Selam Haile S.

            I have a lot of admiration for the French culture and language, in a very small capacity I tried to learn as well. Back when I did the course “Langue et de Civilisation Francaises I” but never continued with the rest, but it comes handy once in a while. The french , I think they also claim to have invented “diplomacy”.

            But equally, I don’t think I like their colonial history, specially in Africa and even today in West Africa. It’s really too harsh and continues to be, and I am glad English/America has taken over.

            My comment with regards to the Eritrean Chargé d’affaire, Mr, Berhane was a little bit of sarcastic. He is one of the guys, that gives me chills when I think of future PFDJ leaders after the capo are gone (there are few of them) but his blatant lies and mastery of deception and cruel justification of the regime is beyond anyone can stand (may be with exception of the Tokyo Rose). I don’t know any other government official with that kind of deception, for the most part, most of them, just keep their heads down and don’t say much.

            It’s really a bad, very bad influence to the young Ethiopian diplomat, because he will lead him to dead end affairs, which should be his title.

            The ጸሓዩ ንጉሥ story never ends. The other day I watched a documentary video his son I think, Mengesha something, of foreign students debate that I mentioned and he said “they are the lost tribe of Israel”. I really thought they use it for sympathy and diplomatic favors but I didn’t know they actually believed it.

            The more I think about it, it’s a historic curse that we ended up being neighbors with them.


          • Haile S.

            Selama Berhe,

            I sense that you are angry. Understandably! As to the reason why the visible Eritrean representatives don’t sound diplomatic, it is because for several reasons, among which ዓታሩ ተወዲኤን፡ መንጠቢት ዓታሩ ኮይነን።

            On the video you described the other day, lij Mesfin Binega said that when he was a young boy. Forgive him. I hope he won’t say it now. The tendency for caucasization is present in many Eritreans as well. Lets change the cursed by fortunate. The less we say curse the more fortune will replace it.

            On the french colonization, as I mentioned in my older comments, the French almost ended having a colony in Adulis area before Djibouti. Their colony could have extended to the highlands to Halai, Hebo and the area around where Aba Di Jacobis was conducting his catholic ministry and with whom the french chargé d’affaire had contact and correspondence for this purpose. This is all to say that if the project had materialized, you could have been baptized Jean-Baptiste Y and myself Jean-Henri S.

          • Saleh Johar

            With your knowledge I am hoping you could help find the meaning/origin of a French sounding word:

            Around the turn of the century, my ancestors were moved by Alula’s deputy Degiat Gebru downhill in a place called Tantarwa (I think it a corruption of Tanta Rouga). It was later called Bumbet Ab-Raayet. A public water pump managed by a man known as Ab-Raayet (Abo Rayet). Now it’s a park on the road to town center of Keren.

            Tanta is French and the Egyptians have adopted the word in their Arabic with the same meaning. The Egyptians had a strong presence in the place and the French (Lazarists) had also been in the area—they built the famous Mariam Daari shrine. Also known as Maram Fatima after the famous site of Santa Fatima shrine of Iberia/ Andelusia.

            After the long intro…. who or what do you think is Tanta Rouga? Was it coined by the Egyptians, French or Italians.. or locals ?

            Tantarwa was used until the time i was growing but now the young do not even know the word. One more thing: Tantarwa was demolished when the Italians built the Asmara -Keren road and people dispersed to different parts of the town. My ancestor founded a hamlet that became a village like and now it is a neighborhood of Keren.

            I have been researching that for a long time to no avail. I am hoping you can get better resources to get something on that.
            Please try.

          • Haile S.

            Selam Saleh,

            You are the fountaine of stories!

            Short shots and direct posibility :
            – it may be from “Fontaine rouge” (meaning red fountaine) because of the reddish water. From Fontaine rouge it could have been corrupted to Tanta Rouga
            – it could be from Tente rouge (red tent) of someone unforgettable who had camped there.

            Long shot, but very INTERESTING :
            I came to this plausible theory because I typed “Tente rouge” on google. And I fell upon a title of a book (Red Tent) by Anita Diamant published in 1997. The inspiration for the book came from the biblical practice of women of Jacob’s tribe to take refuge while menstruating or giving birth. Isn’t that what women do in that area of our country? So one of the astute and knowledgeable Lazarists or Munzinger himself must have named a hut used by the women there for that pupose there, La Tente Rouge. The presence of water source around suppliments the idea.

            I will check later at home some of the books I have, if someone has directly used the word Tente Rouge.

            Upon further reading on google, I learned that now some french women who were inspired by the book have tente-rouge clubs where they talk about womens health between themselves. Kind of red hammams, if you will!

            P.S. or Munzinger might have erected a red tent for his wife and her family and friends fir that purpose.

          • Saleh Johar

            C’mon Haile, I have to remind of French words:-)
            Isn’t Tante aunt in English? That’s what I thought and was researching. But you brought exotic explanation to it. Please pursue it. This has been bugging me for years.

          • Hashela

            Selam Saleh

            It seems that you are confusing German with English :-). Tante is a German word for aunt (ሓትኖ፣ ምዓሮ)። Glad to see that you executive privilege is helping you to squeeze critical ancestral information for Haile.

          • Saleh Johar

            Nothing executive aboy it Hashela,
            I am curious and the topic came he and I asked because I am curious and I have an unfinished research about the early days of Egypt. Including dem Jelut , washed with blood, named after the massacres of Alula. It’s a village close to mensaa.

            Is the word a monopoly of German? :-). I think they share it.

          • Haile S.


            Yes Tante is aunt and it could be the origine if the original name coined was french. Now I am starting to doubt. I consulted account of several travellers to the area, including Munzinger, D’Abbadie and Martini. Everybody refers it as Tantarua with no reference to the origin of the word. These later 3 are fond of telling crusty stories. If there was some interesting thing to tell, they would have. I went as far 1862 publication of a hunting Journey from Djedda to Keren by two Germens (Steudner and Barth). They talk about a boy eaten by a leopard not far from Tarantua. And that is it!
            I am tiered now, will continue the search another time.

          • Saleh Johar

            One more thing. The Egyptians have adopted the word and they use Tant for. Aunt.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Haile S.

            Saleh have asked you more important question so, don’t mind my rambling and focus on that instead.

            It’s what he knew and what he learned at that time and it’s not that I was angry at him per say but the institution he come from, where the believe that they are different at the same time working for “African Independence”.

            I am glad the French they didn’t settle, that’s all I can say. I don’t mind their culture, language and all but I think we would have a huge burden. But who knows may be they would have helped granted us our independence and we didn’t have to pay so much.

            If I sound angry, it’s how long for how many years our leaders (from our region) have to spend on killing at each other without producing a “single” progress to humanity (specially since the 19th century). I feel like we are a burden to this earth and to humanity. We are taking too much oxygen that we don’t deserve.

            And with all the progress and development the world is making, our people are demonstrating for war, destruction, ethnic killing etc, that’s what makes me angry.


          • Abi

            Hello Berhe
            You ARROGANTLY said, “ The more I think about it, it’s a historic curse that we ended up being neighbors with them “.
            I’m not surprised this coming from the ungrateful qebessa zombie.
            Arrogance +zombie = qebessa

      • Kaddis

        Selam dear Saay,

        I have been following the state department and EU and their understanding of the situation in Tigray, Ethiopia is on point. I am happy my little advocacy, peacekeepers in Tigray mentioned here at the start of the war, repeated by a Senator.

        Not sure if I said it here but – I have been arguing TPLF/EPRDF ( with Tigray troops and leadership, over represented but nevertheless) owes the world for their contribution for world peace; through peacekeeping operations…from training to logistics, to convincing others to contribute troops particularly in Africa and mainly in Somalia. The sacrifice was huge and that’s what exactly the British parliament recognised on their last debate, a day or two ago. My point is the West’s understanding of the situation is not only triggered by the impunity but also the value that well administered African nations are a great partners for the global good.

        The unholy alliance of oromara and now Erimara has no common value that sustains the global condemnation and follow up actions against their impunity. But one thing you have to recognise – the irredentist Amharic force & Isias used Trump administration unhindered short term support to hit tplf ( as the only viable leftist, Chinese looking power in Africa ) in the dark, in the US pre-election ciaos and the election date itself. They knew Trump went out to hit anyone in the Chinese side including Djibouti ( this is where bringing back Eritrea from the cold came ) as the silk road entry point.

        They knew Trump’s right wing, evangelist radical support will disappear after Trump loss but they took their chance anyways. Sorry for tplf and Tigray; as Gebrewold, the founder of Tana forum from Tigray mountains said weeks ago, tplf was ready for war but not with this kind of war…the Arab drones, he said, completely disarmed them. This is not the first time tplf miscalculated, assuming Abiy’s Ethiopia will implode if it goes to war against Tigray. The same wrong assumption Eritrea was not crazy enough to start a war in Badime. But it takes Abiy’s and Isias ignorance to go to war anyways.

        The enemy, the crazy ones like oromara, erimara, the Amharic irredentist force, Isias: takes every chance even if its super short term. They do the damage first and work to recover from it although its costing everyone. The oromo and Tigray advocacy against Abiy and Isiais are trying to ally and seems they recognise this is the right and urgent moment; the Eritrean government in exile would be the right ingredient and force to take the fight further.

        Cheers from Addis : – )

        • saay7

          Selamat Kaddis:

          Thanks for your feedback, yours is always a different take.

          If the GiE asks for my opinion, I would tell them to be neutral. No sides to take when the outcome is far from known, and your country has this level of hatred and savagery towards its own people.


  • said

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    Every word on Sunday listening on Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday CNN GPS interviewing Eric Schmidt, former Chairman & CEO of the Google Group, validated KAI-Fu Lee’s revelations, foremost World Authority on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as entailed in Kai-Fu Lee’s 2018 book, “AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley and The New World Order,” as shown below.
    Besides Schmidt’s admission that China is 10 times ahead of the Western World on 5G, with China has twice the Super Computers, and the huge data base, China got its act together and is determined to win the AI race by 2030, even sooner by 2025.
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    Besides, losing the 5G race, in Mr. Schmidt’s words, the West is losing leadership in Semiconductors, automation (Robotics) and in Energy to Asia.
    However, and according to hands-on Mr. Eric Schmidt, the Americans risk of losing the AI race to China since the Americans, mainly the government and congress have not got their act together. Mr. Schmidt was quick to remind that the related American high-tech firms represent 20% of the US Stock market as the loss of the AI race could have serious consequences on the American economy. This, besides the shortage of investments on the AI. China, in about two decades, managed to extricate 800 million people out of poverty. 1.3 billion people in China have some sort of health security, and how 1 billion enjoy some kind of social security? China’s success in containing Covid-19 domestically; the nation spent less $65 billion on covid. And in past 10 years, GDP more than doubled, from $6 trillion to $15 trillion.
    I am against Mao Zedong Communist ideology and Chinese Communist Party ( CCP)China cruel leader President Xi Jinping, treating ethnic minorities as second class citizens. Xinjiang and Tibet. Xinjiang province. The Xiongnu, a nomadic people from Central Asia, And constant fear of war with Taiwan government and control South China Sea and trashing Hong Kong democracy .
    Mao Zedong wrote that intellectuals should seek to “make the past serve the present.
    Xi Chinese leader ,is trying to compare himself to Han Wudi, the most venerated emperor in Chinese history. Over five decades, Han Wudi oversaw a period of exceptional domestic stability, prosperity and peace. Dictator Xi and Han Wudi ,Xi is not same great leader and it is stretch by any imagination asHan Wudi .
    Xi project One Belt One Road (OBOR) is about politics by using economic means for china political ends and to restore the lost glory of the Chinese empire, China is ready to restore the “Silk Road spirit” under Xi Jinping’s, the new Han Wudi’s ancient Silk Road made China rich and politically powerful.

    • Abi

      Hello said
      China is going to start construction of CDC Africa in Addis. It will be a gift from China to Africa.
      It is going to be a large village.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    የዒንተይ ኢለን ፍርፍር
    ምንግብጋብ በዚሑ ከሕፍር

    ሰብ ዝክረኒ ‘ሎ ይብሉ
    ‘ቶም ገለ-መለታት ዝፈትሑ

    ሳላ ህግደፍ
    እምኒ ሃሪመ ተዓንቂፈ
    ዓይንኻ ዘይትርኢ ተባሂለ
    ጽርግያ ግዳ ዘየተዕርዩ ከይብሎም
    ክ ኣቱ ኣይደለኹን ኣብ ሕቡእ
    ዶ ዋላስ ስጅኖም

    ከብዲ ኢደይ ኣሳሕያትኒ
    ሰልዲ ክመጻካ ዮ ኢሎምኒ
    ቶም ዝፈትሑ
    ወይድማ ሰልዲ ስደደልና
    ዝብሎ ክመጹኻ
    ይኾኑ ይብሉኒ
    ግር ኢሉኒ
    ፌስታ ክገብር ሪአዮ ኣብ ሕልመይ
    ኢሂ ኣይደሓናን ዲና ተበልኩ
    ቀጥቀጥ ዝብላ ከናፍር ረኣኹ
    ጠፋእና ስላስ ድም በልኩ

    ዓርገን ዓዲ ሃሎ ክካረጅ ማለትዩ

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear MM,.

      What a poem? This is exactly what is explained about wave in so many university about Aura. I cannot put the link today,

      Type the bellow to hear it..

      (ክፍል1) የሰውን ነፍስ በቪዲዮ መቅረፅ ተችሏል!.ሳይንሱ እነሆ! Abiy Yilma, ሳድስ ቲቪ, AhaduFM, FanaTV, HumanAura, Human Soul

      “የዒንተይ ኢለን ፍርፍር
      ምንግብጋብ በዚሑ ከሕፍር”


  • Simon Kaleab


    The Western world developed vaccines against the Wuhan China virus (Pfizer, Moderna AstraZenica, Johnson & Johnson) in no time. Now the Western world is developing a treatment for the virus in the form of tablets:

    The score so far, The West 2, Communist China 0.

    Hey, all you supporters of China (aka Ghedli Dinosaurs) are you going to cry your eyes out?

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      Hi Simon,
      The husband and wife that invent this vaccine for Pfizer are from Turkey [have small company in Germany. Actually, this is their 2nd company]
      The CEO for Moderna is from Syria. Please put that in your equation 🙂

      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam MM,

        So, according to you, by extension, credit for the vaccines goes to scientific superpowers Turkey and Syria (actually, two miserable countries). Congratulations!

        I cannot wait for the day when scientific superpower Eritrea gets credit for some invention.

        • Berhe Y

          Selam Simon,

          I don’t know what your point is with this. All of the super powers have their space in this world. I don’t think comparing this over that is really what one should expect from a learned person such as yourself.

          The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world. They have unlimited capacity to print money to support and sustain any initiatives they want. Last year alone the US printed 6 Trillion dollars and with the new Biden bill, adding 1.9 Trillion that’s almost 8 Trillion dollars in a year.

          With this kind of Money, the US can buy Canada 4 Times, or it can cover the whole African continent GDP 3 times.

          The US and the West are where they are today because they have unlimited capacity to create credit and in the process attract the best and the brightest people from around the world.

          If they were like any other nation in the world, where they have to put Gold to back up, their currency, they will be no different than Brazil.

          You can list all the successful engineers, doctors, inventors in America today or through out the history and the most majority of them are foreign born and educated but come to America for “opportunities”.


  • Abi

    Hello All
    Have you noticed the stark contrast between president Isu and ፀሐዩ ንጉሥ ኃይለሥላሴ when it comes to the betterment of Eritrea?
    His excellency HS helped establish 35 factories in just five years throughout Asmara. He basically created an industrial park in Asmara. A very forward looking concept in the early 1960s. His plan was to make Eritrea an industry hub for the entire country. Now that is forward looking leadership.
    According to the current Negarit, His excellency ISU discouraged any kind of business including manufacturing.

    • Simon Kaleab


      How come the Emperor forgot to shine on the Wello famine?

      How was he outwitted by a Military Committee led by a lowly military store keeper from Jijigga/Harar, Shaleka (Major) Mengistu?

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ንጉጅለ ህግደፍ ዝትክእ
    ህዝባው መንግስቲ ክመጽእ

    ካብ ማና ዝወረደ ምርቓ ይብሉ
    ‘ቶም ዘስተውዕሉ
    ነዚ ደኣ ሓንጎፋይ ኢልና ክንቅበሎ
    ‘ዩ ዝ ግባእ ‘ንተተኻ ኢሉ

    ካብ ህግደፍ ዝኸፍእ
    ሲኦል ‘ዩ
    ሲኦል ዝረኣዩ
    ቅዱሳን ጥራይ ክኾኑ ይኽእሉ
    ኣለና ንበሎም መንግስቲ ከተኽሉ
    ንህዝቦምን ሃገሮምን ዝሓልዩ
    ህዝብና ኣብ ስደት ከይበልዩ
    ——ዝግደሱ ዜጋታት
    ካባና ዝፈረዩ
    ብዘይ ጻማ ንህዝበይ ንሃገረይ
    ኢሎም ዝዓዩ

    —-ብቕንዕና ዘኽብሩ
    —-ንሃገሮም ክብሉ ዝሓለፉ
    ጀጋኑ ሰማእታት

    ካብዚ ንላዕሊ ጸጋ
    ብሰላም ብፍትሒ ክነብር
    ሓደ ዜጋ

    ዝሓልዩ ዝጣበቑ
    መንግስቲ ክንተክል ኢሎም ዝማጎቱ

    ኣለና ምስኹም
    ኣብ ጎድንኹም
    ንሱ ኳ ክውሕዶም

    ናይ መቓብር ብጾተይ
    በዓል መን ኮን ኢኹም
    ይብል ኣሎ
    ስውእ ብጻይኩም
    ስውእቲ ብጸይትኹም

    ሕድሪ ምጥላም ትዝዓበየ ገበን

  • Semere Tesfai

    Selam All

    1. – Definition፡
    ሓሙስ፡ – ፍጮ፡ ዓንቂ፡ መጋጥምቲ ዘይብሉ(ላ)፡ ምስ ሰብ ዘየሳኒ፡ ንጹል፡ ዘይሕዉስ – meaning odd, misfit, weird, uneven. መበቆል (መበገሲ) ናይ’ዛ ቃል – ከም ዝመስለኒ – ካብ ትዕዝብቲ ኣጸዋውዓ ሰሙናዊ መዓልታት (days of the week) ይመስለኒ። ሰኑየ-ሰሉስ ንብል፡ ዓርበ-ረቡዕ ንብል፡ ቀዳመ-ሰንበት ንብል፡ ደሓር ሓሙስ-ፋሕፋሕ ንብል።
    ኣብነት፡ – ብርሃነ፡ ከም ሓመስ መጋጥምቲ የብሉን፡ ጠባዩ ፈጺሙ ኣይርዳኣካን ‘ዩ።

    2. – Definition:
    ሓሙስ፡ – ቅሉዕ-ዝባን፡ ዘራይ ዘይብሉ፡ ሓዊ(ው) ዘይብሉ፡ ብኹሉ ሰብ ዝድፈርን ዝጥቃዕን – meaning vulnerable, defenseless, endangered, weak, susceptible to attack by others
    ኣብነት 1፡ – ንዓኡ፡ ሓደ ከም ሓሙስ ርኤሞ ኣብ’ዛ ቅድሚ ገዝኡ ድፍእ ኣቢሎሞ (ቀቲለሞ)። ንሶም ግን፡ ብድሕሪኡ፡ መኒኻ ዝብል ዘይብሎም ነዛ ዓዲ ሸናዕ ይብሉላ ኣለዉ።
    ኣብነት 2፡ – ኣብ እዋን ሰውራ፡ ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ኢልና ክንጸንት (ዋይ ኣነ ዘራይ፡ ሓው፡ ረዳኢ፡ ደንጋጺ ዘይብለይ እንዳ’ልና ክንጠፍእ) – ዘይተኣልመ ገበን፡ ዘይተፋሕሰ መሸንቆቓ ገመድ ኣይነበረን።

    3. – Definition
    ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ዝብል ዘሎ፡ – ኣካሉ ዝደኸመ፡ ጸማልያ (ብቐጻሊ ሕማም)፡ ብዓጸቦ ዝተጠቕዐ፡ ኣብ ኣፍ ሞት ዘሎ – meaning physically weak person, emaciated, someone on deathbed or on the last hours of someone’s life.

    ኣብነት 1፡ – እታ ኣዲኣ መይታታ ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ትብል ዝነበረት ዕየትናስ፡ ወኻርያ በሊዓታ
    ኣብነት 2፡ – ንሱ ደኣ ዓራት ሒዙ ሓሙስ-ሓመስ ካብ ዝብል ወርሓት እንድዩ ኮይኑ

    my two cents

    ሰመረ ተስፋይ

  • Dongolo

    Selam all. Interesting article on Borkena titled: ‘In the Ethiopian War the West Sides With A Terrorist Group’.

  • Sem Habtemariam


    I believe there are two stages to the expression: ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ይብል ኣሎ.

    1) ሓንቲ ከም ሓሙስ comes from the Tewahdo fasting tradition. ሰኑየ ሰሉስ are the working days, ዓርበ ረቡዕ are the two fasting days of the week and ቀዳመ ሰንበት are the two holy resting days. This leaves us with one day of the week that fails to be a pair. And thus ሓንቲ ከም ሓሙስ denotes the lack of company and the loneliness of Thursday: Thursday is alone and lonely.

    2. Man is a social animal and no one values gregariousness like our people. One who is alone is week and infirm and this imminent psychological and physiological atrophy leads to one’s likely demise and thus the expression ሓሙስ-ሓሙስ ይብል ኣሎ.

    As far as the rest of your message ይግበረልና: ኣፍካ ይስዓር:: ኣብ ሓመድ ድበ የውዕላና::

    Semere T Habtemariam

  • Brhan

    Merhaba Saleh,

    I enjoyed reading the article.
    First to answer your question to the origins of the Tigrinya title. I made effort to find its origin but couldn’t find one, the search will continue though. My guess is that the folks used that proverb after seeing their friends shaken, fall or gone/disapear on Thursdays, thus Thursdays became bad days to them.

    As the content of the article and the previous episodes, I can say they are timely and to the point.

    • Ismail AA

      Ahlen Brhan,
      In the area I was born and grew (Akkele-Guzai), ordinary folks used it the phrase to express health or diet related physical infirmity of a person that visibly exhibit drastic loss of weigh. The connotation the person is on verge of expiration or death.

      • Brhan

        Ahlen Wa Sahlen Habibuna Ustaz Ismail,
        Thanks. So my guess was correct! Thanks for sharing and I wish our Eritrean proverbs are documented to include thier origins, circumstances
        and history.

        • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

          ሰላማት የሕዋት ብርሃን/ፕሮፈሰር ኤማ/ኢስማዕል

          ኣነ ከምዝተረደኣኒ ትርጉማ ዘይኮነስ መሰረታ ‘ዩ ሳልሕ ዝሓተተ።

          ክግምት ተዄነ:
          1. ምስ ዓርቢ ስቕለት ዝተኣሳሰረት ክትከውን ትኽእልያ። ቀሪብካ ክትካረጅ ማለት ‘ዩ።
          2. ሰኑየ ሰሉስ ተወዲኡ ናብ ቀዳመ ሰንበት ክትጽጋዕ ከሎኻ ድማ ምስ ዕረፍቲ ዝተተሓሓዘ ‘ዩ። ምዕራፍ ድማ ክልተ ትርጉም ስለዘለዋ ክትዓርፍ ቀሪባካ ማለት ‘ዩ። ከምቲ ዝበልኩሞ ጥዕና ስ ኢንካ ኣይ ሎሚ ኣይ ጽባሕ ክትብል ከሎኻ። ብናተይ ግምት።

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Mehands,
            That is correct. These observations reinforce one another. What you have stated could have been the logic for drawing an expressive connotation of condition of emaciated physical appearance of a person.

          • Saleh Johar

            ደሓን እቶ ሙሃንድስ:
            መብዛሕቶም እቲ ሕቶ ኣይተረድእዎን እቲ ፈሊጠዯስ ዝተጠቀምኩሉ ትርጉም እዯም ደጊሞምለይ:: እቲ መሰረታ እዩ ሕቶይ ነሩ:: ኩሉ ኣበሃህላ ድማ መሰረት ኣለዎ:: ግን ምስ ዓርቢ ስቅለት ዝተኣሳሰረት ትመስል:: ካልእ መገለጺ ክሳብ ንረክብ ብኣኣ ንኺድ ::

          • Brhan

            መሃንድስ ነብሲ
            ኣነ እውን እቲ ኣጋጣሚ ክገልጽ እየ ዝፈተንኩ።ሳልሕ origin ድለዩለይ ስለዝበለ
            ንኣብነት ኣብ ግብጺ “ዝሓፈራ ሞታ/ዝሓፈረ ሞተ” ዝብል ምሳሌ በዚ ዝስዕብ ኣጋጣሚ ዝመጸ እዩ ። ሳውና ዝነበሮ ገዛ ይባርዕ እሞ ኣብኡ ጥራይ ዝባኖም ዝነበሩ “ውጹ ውጹ” ይበሃሉ። ኩሉ ወጸ ብጀካ እታ/ቲ ጥራይ ዝባኖም ከይረኣይ/ ከይትረኣይ ኢሎም/ኢለን ዝሓፈራ/ሩ

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰላማት ብርሃን ነብሲ

            ካብ ተዋሪደ ሂወት ዝቕጽል
            ብኽብረተይ ብባርዕ ክሓርር
            ጌሮማ በለኒ

            ንነጋሪት ተደራቢ ሓገዝ ምኾንካያ ኴኑ ስመዓኒ።

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Ismailo,

        You are right. “ሓሙስ ሓሙስ ይብል አሎ”is a commonly used phraseology, I believe, it is used in the three tigrigna speaking provinces. We use it when some one is so weak to walk or close to be expired. Some one without energy. It is an Eritrean adage.


    • Saleh Johar

      Thank you

      What do you suggest the next episode should be to be as a continuation of the past three episodes, any suggestion?

      • Brhan

        Hello Saleh,
        My suggestion is that the episode includes literature about the issue: gov’t in exile. This will also provide examples of gov’t in exile and allow us to see the issue in a comparative approach. Also, why not Awate invite a political science professor to see the issue from an academic perspective. Besides, I suggest, scanning the current Eritrean political stakeholders: political parties, civic society, vis a vis to the issue. Last but not least Saleh, please do continue to include your humor in the episodes, your smile, laugh, and jokes give the episodes ላዛ /لذة

  • Haile S.

    Selam Saleh,

    Very interesting talk. First on the primary: Lets get ready to be hooked.

    Pardon me for the choice of the word in my question. I didn’t get a better one. Godfather sounds too mild and too mafia. My questions:

    – These Puppeteers (marionettists), do they have one or two hands, or multiple like a hydra?

    – Yes, Eritreans need to hook themselves to the marrionette-stand. If one doesn’t hook to a marrionette-stand, he cannot dance in the floor where all alikes are dancing. But, which stand to choose? How does one makes sure it is far placed from Isayas’s or is not the one handling him.

    – And most importantly, how does one avoid hooking to the hook deployed by another marionette. This was part of the things Eritrea was trying to avoid for the last >20 years.

    On the secondary, the thursday thing.

    እዚ ሓደ ከም ሓሙስ፡ “ሓሙስ ሓሙስ ይብል ኣሎ” ንጽባሒቱ ዓርቢ ክዓርብ ግዲ ደልዩ።

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan HaileS,
      Can you slow a bit on the sophisticated hints for the sake of the slow among us 🙂

      Threads for playing “marionetists” use any number of threads as needed. They can have any number of Hans, as needed. And when we dance we don’t necessarily imitate the puppets … unless they are as famous as say, Michael Jackson. And they can be anything they want them to be Al Capone or the late Wedi Adwa, or Clint Eastwood. And if the they are playing nice, the more we will be persuaded to copy them. Avoiding being hooked to the hook of the hook of the hook is a simple art for those whose eyes are on what is being done and said.

      HaileS, what was the question? Sometimes I forget when the marionettes become musketeers, three at that.

      • Haile S.

        Selam Saleh,

        I wasn’t trying to get sophisticated. I am a missed cartoonist😁. I visualize things cartoonishly. I agree with the necessity of solidifying the Eritrean organization (GIE) and get ready for any eventuality. But, your mention of the many interest groups made me visualize these various marionettists and was wondering how one navigates through. We the “show” observers tend to worry more than the handy ones. I will try to be less distracting to avoid the handy chop their fingers.

        • Saleh Johar

          No one should even begin to plan how to navigate through it. The best way is to just walk through it–ayni’blei sni’blei and you will find a trail somewehere.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Abu Salah,

    Great message and great warning. The head of US state department Spoke to PM Abiy through a phone twice. They gave him a 72 hrs ultimatum to remove the Eritrean military forces and the Amara militia from the Tigray region. Abiy can not endure the pressure exerted upon him by the international community. Abiy will be forced to make a secret flight to Eritrea to consult with his mentor. So as you have said the change on the ground is imminent. By the way I like your characterization Abiy’s party as a “Poverty Party” and yes indeed!


    • Abi

      Selam Ato Amanuel
      I’m sure it was a typo that he called it a”poverty party “. What is sad is you jumped on the opportunity to demonize PMAA and his party.
      BTW, Abiy and Isu are in S Sudan.
      In case you haven’t followed the news, UN Security Council has told USA that Ethiopia has every right to deal with any and all affairs in its territories without USA meddling or acting as a ዋርድያ.

      • Brhan

        Your GPS either not working at all or not working properly. It missed A. Ahmed Ali’s travel to Eritrea on Marh 04, 2021

        • Abi

          የቐንየለይ ሓወይ
          Time for GPS update!
          በብርሃን ፍጥነት እንደ መብረቅ ወርዶ
          የሰማይ አሞራ የበረሃ ዘንዶ
          እዚህ ነው ሲሉት ይገኛል ከማዶ
          አቢይ አህመድ ሰባተኛው ንጉሥ
          አስመራ ነው ሲሉት ሱዳን የሚደርስ

          • Brhan

            Thanks, ወንድሜ
            It seems you have sources to share with us about what the travels are about?Can you put the link. It is Saturday.

          • Abi

            Unfortunately, You need to wait a little for this one. I’m waiting for a briefing from the PM office.
            In the mean time enjoy ጥልሽ

            አቢቹን አዲስና አስመራ ላይ አጥቼው ጁባ ላይ አገኘሁት::

          • Brhan

            ቀሚሽ ኣደይ ሓንኩሉኒ
            I believe there is smilar Ethiopian proverb to that but it is all about lame excuse.
            Thanks for the offer but my favouties are Ali Bira , Aster and Mahmoud.

          • Brhan

            Is your GPS’s “wait a little” measured by minutes, hours, days, weeks?

            N/B Tilahun was not popular in Eritrea: Wedefit Belulet Yileylet overshadowed his whole career there. But others were, such as Aster, Ali Bira, Mahmoud , Efrem.

          • Abi

            ተከብረሽ የኖርሽው በአባቶቻችን ደም
            እናት ኢትዮጵያ የደፈረሽ ይውደም!
            (ማህሙድ አህመድ)

          • Brhan

            You said “Brhan Unfortunately, You need to wait a little for this one. I’m waiting for a briefing from the PM office.”
            That (song) is what you got from PM አ. አህመድ ኣሊ office?

          • Abi

            I brought the song to show you that you are contradicting yourself.
            You said Tilahun was not popular in Eritrea: Wedefit belulet yileyilet overshadowed his whole career there”. You continued ( you should have stopped right there), “ But others were, such as Aster, Ali Bira, Mahmoud, Efrem.”
            I brought you a song ( የደፈረሽ ይውደም) by one of your popular singers ( by your admission) with a similar song that matches the song by Tilahun ( ወደ ፊት በሉለት) to show you that you are contradicting yourself.

            Take it easy
            Manchester United vs Manchester City.

          • Brhan

            This means that there is no briefing from the PM office. Thanks!

          • Abi

            Manchester United 1
            Manchester City 0 halftime
            I missed the call watching the game. He left me a message saying he will call back again.
            I will get back to you as soon as I received the personal briefing.
            In the mean time try not to contradict yourself.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Abi,

        Listen to this report as to how Ethiopia has lost its stature in the “world diplomacy.” Ethiopia had acquired the ultimate respect by African leaders in particular and world leaders in general, during the era of EPRDF. Ethiopia was representing Africa in the international stage be it G-20 or in the international instititions. Ethiopia is cruising to be a “pariah state” – limiting its diplomacy with Eritrea and Somalia. I hope you will argue decently.


        • Abi

          Selam Ato Amanuel
          The deceased EPRDF won the hearts of the ever corrupt African leaders and lost the hearts and minds of Ethiopian people.
          Thanks for your concerns.
          “With friends like you, who need enemies”, said the wiseman.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abo,

            Listen the bellow interview of the late Seyoum Mesfin,,This was some days the war before broke..



          • Abi

            No matter how much I disagree with you, it is always a delight to watch you actively involved in the discussion.
            I love you, brother.
            I’m watching Villa vS Wolves. See, I got something better to watch. God created the weekends for soccer.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abo,

            are you sure?

            ስዩም መስፍን ከመሞቱ በፊት ስለ አብይ ምን ብሎ ነበር? | Seyoum Mesfin | Abiy Ahmed


            what about watching this interview?


          • Abi

            Bayern is playing Dortmund
            2-2 at the half.
            Many great games to watch.
            ሙታንን ተዋቸው ይላል ታላቁ መፅሐፍ::

        • Kokhob Selam

          Yep Amuni,

          That great late Seyoum Mesfin had said it all before the war broke..


    • Abi

      Selam Ato Amanuel
      Happy Saturday
      You said,” US gave 72 hrs ultimatum to remove the Eritrean military forces and the Amhara militia from Tigray region “.
      Is it possible to share the link to the Awate family and friends.

    • Mez

      Dear Amanuel H,

      1) “… US gave him a 72 hrs ultimatum…”

      2) leave alone that, if the US could sway this active war in 72 DAYS to the better (and silence the guns)–it will be a miracle, never seen in human history.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Mez,

        It is not my assessment. It is “news feed” from the hood, to have a say, and you have it. Take the impression as is, as to when and how it will happen no one knows it for such volatile circumstances. Just add it to the process of your thoughts to formulate a feasible and arguable solution for the region as whole,


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Brother Saleh,

    As you predicted,our area is in trouble,,I think we (most of us) fails to understand what you said in last you tube message.

    If any one didn’t note better to go and see the massage of Saleh . Join those two and reading the -Say 7 article the “Its Time for a Unity Government in Exile” will make it clear and that is a very nice …(but don’t forger reading the comments under that article of Say7 and be part of change..)

    We (awete community) are will become the motor of change giving advanced high quality method to our society;” although late better than never..”