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PFDJ’s Last Line Of Defence

What is left for the teetering HGDEF regime to cling on to? What keeps it going when for all intents and purposes it was stripped bare of almost all the structures that make up a functioning state – if one could ever call a consortium of shefatu (bandits) “a state” in the first place?

How do they still manage to wiggle their tails?

They are still gasping for air – so what could possibly be cited as HGDEF’s last lines of defence? Are they feeding of the army’s support? Perceived economic affluence? Or perhaps, perceived political clout?

Obviously HGDEF’s prolonged lingering couldn’t be pivoted on the army’s support for it because as we all know by now, the army itself is on life support. It never fully recovered from the last devastating border war. Besides, the army’s rank and file is made up of enslaved conscripts who were coerced to enlist under one dubious pretext or another. A day doesn’t pass by before we hear of the many attempts by these poor conscripts to flee their positions and mind you, they do so at a great peril to their lives.

HGDEF has lost sovereignty over huge chunks of the country for almost a decade and half now – and it knows all too well that there isn’t a hoot it can do about it. There is only one reason for this – it doesn’t have a functional army it can rely on. Not only can it not wage a war to regain sovereignty, but even more embarrassing is the fact that it can’t even stop further incursions from happening as we have seen its arch enemies do with absolute impunity. It is that bad.

In short, it goes without saying that there is no love lost between the conscript army and the HGDEF regime.

The regime’s military force – if you can even call it that is limited to a quartet of illiterate warlords, a rotten officer corps and a bunch of armed thugs who run the spy and enforcer network of the regime. They are only good at terrorizing a captive civilian population and keeping close tabs on the conscript army with the sole purpose of preventing a revolt against the regime.

It is also obvious that the HGDEF regime is not basking in economic affluence, so the economy couldn’t be cited as one of its pillars either. Devastating wars and punitive sanctions may have taken their toll, but even more devastating was the regime’s stupid policy of decimating the private sector; an instinctive shifta-mentality which has severely curtailed free enterprise in the country. The nation as a whole is at the rock bottom of almost every meaningful global economic indicator one can think of.

Even the mining sector could not provide enough of a reprieve because the bandits that HGDEFites are, they had to rush into getting their hands on the valuable minerals when they had no capital to invest (no seed money, in layman’s terms) – so they had to sign away the biggest chunk of the revenue pie to the mining companies. In other words, they had to settle for very little in return for quick bucks.   

With dictators like Gaddaffi and Mubarak gone and with the Qataris having second thoughts on their entire approach in the Horn region, HGDEF has lost its main financiers. Its coffers have dried up and it has been reduced to running a crime syndicate which specializes among other trades in the following operations:-

  • Running a piracy network in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean in conjunction with Somali pirates and al-shabab fanatics thereby sharing the looting and kidnapping-for-ransom proceeds of their joint venture.
  • Running extortion schemes targeting Diaspora Eritreans specifically those helpless folks who don’t have the benefit of dual of citizenships, under various guises of illegal taxes, exorbitant fees and coercive requests for contributions.
  • The illegal confiscation of fishing and other marine vessels from poor Yemeni fishermen in full contravention of international maritime laws and against all moral and ethical norms of good neighborliness. They do so with the sole purpose of re-selling the confiscated vessels for cash to unsuspecting fishermen along the coasts of South-Eastern Africa, South Asia and even all the way to the Far East along the coasts of Vietnam and Cambodia. Typical shifta style – but lucrative enough to keep them drooling.
  • Running prostitution rings (old sick habits) in Eastern Sudan, Djibouti and the newly formed republic of South Sudan and living of the avails of prostitution like typical back alley pimps.
  • Conducting grain thievery (their favorite seasonal vocation) by raiding farms in the Kassala and Gadararef regions of the Sudan.
  • And worst of them all, running a human organ trafficking network spanning all the way from the Eritrean hinterland (the source) to the Sinai peninsula in full collaboration with Rashaida and Bedouin gangsters (the middlemen) and various other Sudanese, Egyptian, Israeli and other Middle eastern and Eastern European crime rackets (the syndicates). In the process, life is sucked out in the most hellish and agonizing of ways from the young and the innocent – and HGDEF thugs marvel at their windfall.     

So as a pillar, the economy is totally ruled out. If the regime is still kicking, then it is because it had adopted these barbaric coping mechanisms to sustain itself and not because it has managed to create a booming economy.

HGDEF’s perceived political clout is also nothing but yet another big farce. The regime has no positive roles to play in the politics of the Horn region other than political prostitution of the worst kind. Long rejected by the Americans and the other Western countries as a player in the region, it has been reduced to nothing more than a player of subversive roles. Here are just a couple of examples of its day job – a sampler, if you will; 

It acts as a go-between for the different factions in the Sudanese conflict – ironically for conflicts it had concocted by itself in the first place and then turns around and demands payoffs. Anything will do – cash, fuels like gasoline or kerosene and even staples like lentils, sesame or “wedi-akker”.     

HGDEF also plays similar subversive roles in the Somali conflict and acts as a conduit through which various weaponry and ammunition are supplied to Al-Shabbab fanatics. It gets its cuts both ways – from the suppliers and the end-users, all the while conspiring to keep the Somalis mired in a perpetual state of strife.

The Nile waters conflict is also another fete for HGDEF where it plays the role of a little errand boy. It embarrassingly acts as though it has a major bone in the contention between the major players when the truth is, its role is nothing more than that of a bunch of irrelevant clowns trying to fish in dirty waters. They will always provide their “services” and mind you, they will do so to any side of the conflict, as long as there is money to be made.

So much so for the so-called political clout of a bunch of pimps which as indicated before, amounts to nothing but the provision of un-principled “services” to the highest bidder.

So HGDEF doesn’t have (1) a formal military it can rely on, except for a spy and enforcer network headed by a bunch of functionally illiterate bloody warlords (2) doesn’t have an economy it can live and thrive on – except for macabre coping mechanisms it had crafted for survival, and (3) has no political relevance, let alone clout in the entire region and even globally where it is shunned and hated by all – and yet amazingly most of us fail (by choice for some) to see where its last line of defense lies.

HGDEF has long been abandoned and rejected by the majority of the Eritrean people –  Tigrignas and non-Tigrignas alike with the exception of the real hardcore chauvinist bigots – those ardent adherents of the N’hnan E’lamanan cult order.

It is these chauvinistic bigots in particular that HGDEF is relying on as its last line of defence. They help it incapacitate the conscript army, run its macabre underground economy and they try to give it an aura of invincibility – this for a regime that has long been worn out.

And they do this under dubious guises – skills they have learned through years of mentoring given to them by none other than the bloody dictator himself through his venomous circulars of “sentik”, “anbibka’ahlif” and so and so forth. It is amazing even forty odd years on; the hate parlance used by these bigots is a boilerplate rendition of the dictator’s familiar diatribes – verbatim. His thuggery, typical sidinetn  b’elignan must have rubbed off to his minions so much so that you see them parroting him in their convoluted daily discourse in open public forums such as this one.

How do you deal with these thugs anyways?             

Here is an excerpt from a previous posting on how I described these thugs who now represent HGDEF’s last line of defence and more importantly, how to deal with them.

When people are bad, inherently bad that is, no amount of pleading will ever dissuade them from their evil actions or deeds, no matter how abhorrent and how disgusting those actions or deeds may turn out to be. Such people are not driven by causes – any causes just or otherwise, but rather, by innate instincts which harbour nothing but debilitating and poisonous hate towards all those they consider to be different, based on the “us” versus “them” mentality.


The World’s history is replete with the constant emergence and eventual demise of such groups. The Nazis, the Fascists, the Khmer Rouge, Hutu extremists, Serb barbarians and religious fanatics and zealots of all faiths and denominations are just but a few examples to mention.  

Eritrea’s unfortunate share of such groups is solely represented by none other than the notoriously wicked and repulsive thugs – the zer’ie shefatu. For over six decades now, these thugs have been committing untold bloody atrocities against their fellow citizens one way or another – atrocities, whose magnitudes and barbarity are a clear matter written and documented record.   

And mind you, they do so not because of any political expediency dictated by their narrow chauvinist agenda, but rather because hate and bigotry are deeply ingrained in their blood. The “elamana” thing may have worked well to galvanize the innocent, the wicked bigots, the fools, the naïve and the un-witting – each with their little dreams, to coalesce around what they thought was a common purpose – a bigger dream, if you will. 

But when the so-called dream turned out to be the worst nightmare one could ever imagine, all abandoned ship except for the wicked bigots – because true to their repulsive nature, theirs wasn’t a dream or even a cause to speak of. Theirs was just an ailment – a deep-rooted affliction with no known remedies.  

Do you try to reason with such people? Do you plead with them to come to their senses?

No you don’t, you just don’t, period. Unless of course, you entertain the thought that you can live forever to see the day when you can somehow instil a sense of humanity in the hearts and minds of hopeless bigots, whose conscience has long been worn out by years upon years of negative conditioning.

This however doesn’t mean that the status quo is fait accompli, not at all. These bigots and thugs can only be contained by defeating and destroying the system they worship and idolize, the system they draw their strength and inspiration from – in this case, HGDEF.

Many of the notorious groups I mentioned above, like the Nazis, the Fascists and so on, were not contained because they were pleaded to or cajoled, but rather because the systems they worshiped were destroyed militarily. They were decimated by force.

These groups still exist to this day, in one form or another; thanks to the protection accorded to them by the very tools they spent a lifetime fighting to destroy – the tools of democracy and the rule of law.

But even if they exist though – even if they are given their spaces where they could practice their rituals of hate and prejudice, they couldn’t hurt anyone for one simple reason:  They have been de-fanged and de-clawed by the rule of law. If they ever try to break the law, they get whacked.                

Likewise, pleading to zer’ie shefatu is a non-starter. It is like talking to a dead ass (adgi). If people can’t learn from their mistakes of sixty years, then chances are, they will never learn, ever. The only solution for them is the same setting of containment I mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

Decent Eritreans, Tigrignas and non-Tigrignas alike, can not usher peace and tranquility to the nation by winning over the zer’ie shefatu, simply because they will never be able to win them over. Not in material numbers anyways. It is just a futile attempt. They could however, as mentioned above, contain them by destroying HGDEF.

How to destroy HGDEF will be the subject of the next posting.


HGDEF’s New Mouthpieces:

Their entire take – berate the opposition and blame the Ethiopians for every problem under the sky…..

It is a whole new genre of convoluted political discourse premised on doing nothing – because frankly speaking, it offers nothing (fittingly, all the dictator wants to complete his chauvinist ethnic agenda).  

And then they sum up with their only one-liner – all they can afford to say about the regime….

“The regime will fall under its own wait” – in return, you are supposed to take that as a consolation and just sit tight and wait for it to happen.

It is amazing how they sweat so much in attempting to curb what little is available to push the teetering HGDEF regime over the cliff and offer nothing – absolutely nothing in lieu except for clichéd sloganeering – ki’kheid’yu (the regime will go) . Just don’t ask them how.

Well guess what – it is only natural that the regime will eventually go, but by then, so will you stupid. Nature doesn’t revolve just on your enemy and stand still for you. The only way you could win is by actually making your enemy go – by destroying your enemy that is, and not by wishing him away.  

Simple Advice

Never suck up to bigots – you will just feed their sick egos.

Bait of the Month

“General Store” (another funny tweaker) – just throw it in without the quotes and voilà!

The skin-deep prejudice spills out in no time – just like the mentor’s. 



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  • Hayat Adem

    Haile, Serray, Sal: Absence, Presence, Hybrid (Black, White, Grey):
    The title of this article says “PFDJ’s Last Line Defense”. Just from the title, there is no doubt to what the thinking line of this author could be with regard to favoring/disfavoring the PFDJ. That is what Sal said “your side”. Then, I try to see what my position is against (in relation) to the thinking line of this author on the issue at hand. That is my “side” and regardless of how far or close it is to the exact thoughts of the author, it can only be different somehow. Then there is someone (or a number of some-ones) who have no opinion, or who are really detached or don’t care enough to have a side at all, hence the “no side”. And then there is this question larger than life “Is PFDJ really under a situation of last defense line?” If truthfully answered, that should take you to the fourth side- the truth. But is the truth knowable? Philosophically speaking, the answer is yes. That is to say, as a matter of possibility, we can exactly know if in deed the PFDJ is left only with one last line defense or not. Realistically, it is difficult because the greater number of people will generally have a difficulty of getting there “at the truth” due to scarcity of cognitive and no-cognitive resources. And remember, a truth that is not shared and recognized is as good as non-existing. This is mostly the case when seen in the context of society and politics. In that perspective, we can appreciate that truth itself has two aspects: the manifest (realistic) truth and the non-manifest (undiscovered) truth. It might be useful to add that there has to be a consideration of the two aspects here as well: the worked and the workable truth. In this case a worked truth would be that PFDJ is in its death row that no matter what it does to prolong its life, and no matter what the opposition do to shorten PFDJ’s life, its death is pre-fixed in time and space. The workable truth implies playing progressive and regressive roles towards and against. In this case, there are things that can be done by the PFDJ (and the opponents) to slow its death or speed it up. It is here what economists/sociologists call “externalities” (either in blessing or curse) come in to picture: Free riders can enjoy their ride, and innocent victims can be caught by the cross fire on their way.
    How about the hazards we face in communicating truth among ourselves? Well, that is the real matter here. One guy said, “Any communication that takes place between 2 individuals can be thought as a communication happening among four false sides.” How so? This guy points to the fact that every word of the communication carries more of a bias and urgency of desire to score than earnestness and curiosity to know the other side. “A” has a wrong but favorable bias for himself- representing one false person right there! “A” has wrong and unfavorable bias against “B”- 2nd false person! “B” comes exactly with the same situation- 3rd and 4th false persons! It gives us almost a perfect situation of confusion and delusion resulting in the dialog of the deaf. This is the kind of dialog you see between two persons opposing views. When you multiply this by the number of PFDJ members and sympathizers and the opposition and the dissatisfied, and the majority silent status quo endorsers, and the majority silent change seekers….oh boy…crazy world!!!

  • gebre

    Dear Salyounis,

    I am back home at Awate.

    You sai ”Often, there are FOUR sides to each story. My side, your side, no side, and the truth.**

    Absolutely right mathematically (from propositions logic) when the issue involves two parties. But the last two outcomes have no practical significance in real life. In the court of justice Judge Judy would automatically dismiss the case when the two parties have nothing of substance to present. The last case, when the parties tell the truth and by default there is no contention or conflict , is also meaningless for the court. Judge Judy would immensely laugh and shout at them why the parties came to her to waste her time.

    The two parties now remain with two different cases (outcomes) which can be the causes of a conflict and hence a concern for Judge Judy. One case is one of the parties tells lies the other tells the truth; and the second case is the reverse.

    It was about these TWO sides of an issue I discussed about , my brother Younis.
    Here comes the verdict of that intelligent judge to pinpoint the liar. And she always does deliver the perfect verdict.
    Imagine taking Judge Judy to the Ethiopian- Eritrean border to find out the truth!

    I may add for the sake of curiosity that if three parties are involved in an issue, there will be 8 cases to consider according to your thinking , Mr Younis. But two of them are irrelevant and need not be taken in real life. We then remain with 6 real cases (according to my thinking).

    From now on let us have the same language to avoid talking at cross purposes, that there are TWO sides to an issue. Case closed by Judge Judy.

    Now here is some homework for you, Mr Younis, to do (play with) in your leisure time so that you can spare your brain from some kind of metabolic problems.

    There are 10 Nile River countries (including Eritrea) . Each of them has the right to its share. But some are greedy and want to keep the status quo as given to them as a gift by their white masters, (it is the whites who have created all problems in Africa. Just a reminder for you Mr Y). But others want their share delivered. This obviously has created a lot of contention.
    Now Mr, my question is how many contentious cases do we have swimming in the ‘’sweet’’ Nile waters both mathematically and practically (practically means cases that are eligible as court cases). This is a problem for advanced high school students or for fresh man science and engineering students. Please don’t get me wrong year- I am giving you this problem NOT because I consider you like the students above, but I think your field of study is not mathematics or engineering.
    Best regards!

    • Salyounis

      Hi Gebre, Hayat, and, what the heck, to whom it may concern:

      Gebre, you are right, engineering is not my field but math? I think that’s everybody’s field, either by profession or passion. In fact, one of my favorite series on youtube is Numberphile Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/numberphile) which combines two of my favorite things in life: math and English spoken with an English accent:)

      Now the issue of the 10 Nile River countries… wait, I think we just lost Amanuel Hidrat. Ok, Emma, let’s pretend that these discussions fall under some Eritrean governance issue and let’s pretend this one falls under the category of “Why is the state of education in Eritrea under PFDJ so really bad where 12th graders can’t converse in English? And what can we do about it?”…We will just tag every topic like that…

      To answer the issue of the 10 Nile River countries, I would rephrase your question as: how many ways can we arrange them (into allies and opponents because, in politics, allies become opponents and opponents become allies)? Then the answer is a standard 10 Factorial. (10!) The 10! or Ten Bang in the lingo of computer programmers means 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1. 10 times 9 times 8…. That is: there are 3,628,800 possible outcomes. In theory. In real life, of course, there aren’t really 10 Nile countries where sovereign power rests with the citizens of the ten countries. But blaming “white people” for that is infantacizing Africans and saying, “oh, well, what can you expect from them?” It is our fault.

      The second question: How many of them qualify for court cases? Well, this again assumes that courts are like the example you gave with Judge Judy. But courts for political cases are public opinion courts. They tend to favor taking up the causes of popular countries. Moreover, unlike with Judge Judy, the other possibilities you excluded from your open and shut case are cases where the person who lost the case ignores the ruling. (“You will win, but good luck collecting” is what lawyers advise businessmen who want to take a deadbeat to a small claims court.) Similarly, some countries have a reputation for ignoring covenants and court rulings and you have to factor that in in your factorials but I am not sure the mathematicians have come up with a permutation formula for that:) In investment that is the Beta, the risk factor:)


      Your “crazy world” observation was noted by Zeno, which is where we get Zeno’s Paradox (He was the Haile of ancient Greece 🙂 The question is: if I take Eritreans into two large groups and then continuously divide each group into half (1/1, 1/2, 1/4/, 1/8, 1/16….)and then I sum all the fractions, can I ever get a sum that equals 2? Put differently, if you have two open palms facing each other, two feet apart, and each time you are moving 1 foot, 1/2 foot, 1/4 foot… will they ever touch each other? If so, how, since there are infinite number of fractions between 1 and 2? (Question posed to Haile: it is easy, so to make it challenging: Haile, please give your answer using Tinglish.)


      PS: bonus question: what is the probability, mathematically speaking, that at least 3 of the Nile River countries will have an identical position, compared to politically speaking?

      • Hayat Adem

        While waiting for stuff from the modern Zeno and not trying preempt what he has to share, let me have a go at it. Sal inspires me to say something even if I have no value to be added. But that is when I’m not arguing against him. When I do so, he disinspires (oh,red-underlined, I’ll leave it there to be counted as tinglish) me to say no more even if whne I feel I’m not done yet. It is more than the eloquence stupid! With Serray and and YG, they say it all for you in a much better way and you would be compelled to retire for fear of spoiling it to come to it after them. How about our modern Zeno? He always leaves you wanting in all situations:)
        Zeno’s asymptotic fractionating paradox is more of a pure mathematics/philosophy than a realistic as applied to social needs. Zeno’s paradox starts with the start. There is no start. Like there are no two, two feet apart palms. Because in that paradox, every thing is a fraction away from everything else.
        But let me take you from Zeno to the Zen (way of life, not philosophy). First, some interlude facts: about 60% chickens’ genes correspond to similar human gene. 90% of mouse genes have analogues with humans. Chimpanzees gene biology have 98% with that of human. The similarity of Gene/DNA, and their arrangement there of, between two humans goes 99.99…%. That doesn’t even differentiate whether that comparison is between the neanderthals and homo sapiens. If there is no natural difference between man and man who are worldly apart in time (Neanderthal man vs modern Zeno) and in space (the Akiachak native- Alaska Vs the Aborigine-Aus), why do people get gravitated to magnify cultural differences between Ethiopians and Eritreans?
        Back to the Zen: the truth of nothingness- imagine the distance between two closest stars, or planets or any astronomical mega items. The distance between the 1st man and the next nearest man, the cell unit in one body to the next cell unit or the smallest unit/item to the next similar item in the same body is the largest megaparsec proportionate to its size. That makes us (our body), 99.99…% empty as opposed to mass substance content. That may be why, our body turns to handful ash when cremated. And if you keep on cremating, it would even become smaller and smaller. If this is the case, where is this egoistic spirit of competition and exclusion coming from? What ever it is, it can never be from our natural setting and it has to do with the cultural conditioning and group mind-set we are programed into. Mr Modern Zeno, can you take it from here and help some of our readers why they should never go ethnic and racial? exit.

        • haile

          Sealamat Hayat SAAY…

          I promised Aman that I would make some substantive argument by way of a “vision”, in a normal case scenario it should be “how we view things”, regardless promise is promise and such a frank discussion should and must take place. So hang on there Aman it’ll come:) Mean while Dawit is protesting that I have no reason to try to decommission the whole opposition (or in reality the concept of which) with a short short sentence, Ghezae and Serray are protesting the human aspect in me has long departed and Gebre, the guy I wanted to open a discussion with from his “why don’t you go and pick the gun” angle is sailing down the Nile, far from the topic at hand.

          So let’s start for now with saay’s”would the himbasha run out” riddle in limit. Zen has been thinking and is at a loss to figure out why is that we find it very difficult to notice that it is the “terms” under which we are cutting that is determining the outcome and not “what we are cutting” per se.

          If you start with a nice and round himbasha and start to doll it out to people with “half of whatever you’ve got left” would you ever run out? The lucky short guy who has lined up at the front may end up with 1/2 of that himbasha, while the next guy up would only get half of what you got left…and you gonna keep halving, however foolish you look, and be giving cereal/serilak sized tiny bits further down the line. Of course, all those lined up for your piece of himbasha would have long died and thousands, if not millions of years would have passed before you finally arrive at the limiting size of your himbasha. Think about it, very slow and diabolical approach to first come first serve.

          The culprit is of course your terms of conducting the giving, “half of what you got”. Suppose, you change that term to 2/3 of what you’re left with (it’ll be faster:), and “everything you have left” would see you arrive at your limiting himbasha size in barely two steps. This brings us to the notion of “terms of struggle” as an important limiting factor to how long it takes us to dock (unlike what saay, zen’s new friend, intended). And brings me to go and put together the rest of the parts for my up coming dialog with Aman on the fact that we were missing something, an important, aspect of our defining nature in this whole thing…


          • haile

            please fix the missing vowel…zen[o]

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Hayat:

          Zeno’s paradox starts with the start. There is no start. Like there are no two, two feet apart palms. Because in that paradox, every thing is a fraction away from everything else.

          I think you are rushing from Zeno to Zen too fast:) Why is there no start? Why can’t I set my hands, open palms facing each other, exactly 2 feet apart?

          The answer to Zeno’s Paradox is explained by this simna werq math joke: (modified for Ramadan)

          “An infinite number of kids walk into a candy store. The first one orders one candy. The second one, half a candy. The third, a quarter of a candy. The fourth, an eighth of a candy… The store owner hands them two candies and says, “you kids just don’t know your LIMIT!” Haile Zeno will explain the joke after he changes the setting from candy store to a bar and the candy to beer.

          As to the vastness, mystery, beauty of creation, I prefer hard science to Zen philosophy. For mind-blowing numbers and probabilities, I recommend Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything.” Let me see if I can counter your nothingness theory:)

          “For almost 4 billion years, everyone of your ancestors has been attractive enough to find a mate, healthy enough to reproduce, …to live long enough to do so. Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, untimely wounded or deflected from its life’s quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right time in order to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combination that could result in eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly in YOU.”


          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Sal,
            “Why is there no start? Why can’t I set my hands, open palms facing each other, exactly 2 feet apart?”
            You can’t because of Zeno’s paradox. Lets you locate one palm and you wanted to measure the 2ftth point to place your other palm. To go 2ft distance, you’ll have to go first, and then 1/2…trapped in the same paradox. Remember the Achilles/Tortoise example, one of the 9 paradoxes Zeno used? That is what I meant. The hard science thing is just marvelous.

      • gebre

        Hi Mr Younis,

        I think I should have given you some more explanations of the condition/assumption in the problem. I intention was not that you would pair the countries in every possible ways. That is why you chose the combinations method.

        You should have checked if that method worked for the simple example with two variables which you know gave as FOUR outcomes as in your first claim at the beginning of the discussion. This method willnot give because the question was different.
        Let us work it out together now:

        1)First the simple example with Two variable ( V1, V2):
        V1 has 2 choices- telling Truth, or telling Lies
        V2 ——-the same——————-
        Each choice of V1 can relate with V2 in 2 ways. The total number is then 2 *2 = 2^2 = 4

        2)3 Variables : Each variable has 2 choices. So the number of combinations of these choices (outcomes) is
        2 * 2 * 2 = 2 ^3 = 8.

        3)Now to our question: We have 10 variables (Countries; Please Mr Y do not get angry at me when I take your beautiful country as a variable!).

        Each variable has to choices to present to Judge Judy: water quota is legal or water quota is Illegal. Donot ferget Mr, all the countries are now standing before the intelligent Judy with their demand of water quota in thei hands and the judge is going to each of them the verdict yor quota is legal or Your quota is illegal. This leads us to the outcomes of: 2* 2* 2* 2 * 2* 2 * 2* 2*2 * = 2^10 = 1024 outcomes.

        PS: bonus question: what is the probability, mathematically speaking, that at least 3 of the Nile River countries will have an identical position, compared to politically speaking?

        Answer: Let the three countries with identical position be C1, C2 and C3.

        The probability is P( 3_Identical_Position) = P (C1 ) * P( C2 / C1) * P( C3 / (C2 / C1) ) = 3/10 * 2/9 * 1/8 = 1/120.

        I thank you for having me in your enlightening forum.

        Best regard

        • Gebre,

          Social science does not need abstract mathematics rather it requires pragmatic (practical) mathematics, simple mathematical of social interest and the integration of a given diversities and the equilibrium of the equation to hold the co-existence. With due respect, the mathematics of physical science (as in physics) remember the engineering word you drop for say ( I hope it was inadvertently) does not apply in social science.

          • gebre


            Applied mathematics is everything for anybody from any field. It is first of all the result of research that started with abstraction at one time. Social sciences also use applied mathematics, especially Statistics is very common in those fields. If we consider economics as social science, there is mathematical economics which uses a great deal of calculus and linear algebra.

            As you mention above, ” Co-existence” means stability. Stability analysis, that is testing a system ( Economic, eniginering, social, etc) for stability requires solving diff equations. Who wants to live in an unstable world? who wants to have unstable Wall ST market; who wants to board an unstable airplane, the list is long. There is no life without stability , there is NO life ( or it will be very miserable) without applied mathematics.

            In my discussion with our brother Saay, I mentioned engineering simply because that is what I am familiar with in the first place. You see when I talk to people I usually try to know their field and adjust my language accordingly so that I can pass my message to them.

            Send your kids to math classes!

            Thank you for the discussion,

          • Economics is a social science. Econometric uses abstract mathematical formulas, models, and thee like. I don’t agree with you Amanuel. You may not have been exposed with mathematical modeling when studying social science. Game theory is another area where probability plays a role

          • Gebere,

            Here you goes….instead of accepting that you were wrong to insinuate engineering mathematics to social science and politics as you retorted in this virtual communication, now slowly but indirectly accepting our argument what is applicable to socio-politics which is “applied mathematics” pertinent to our social make up. That is what I indicated to you “practical mathematics” to find the equation to the integration of our diversity.

            You see my friend “the maths thing” is only in your mind. Here is my advice to you: diversify your knowledge in order the understand the ideological and philosophical argument including the interdependent disciplines of knowledge. As to your advice to send my kids to learn mathematics I will assure they will flat you if you sit with them.

          • gebre


            You are not discussing honestly, Let us see why. I said:

            ”.. now slowly but indirectly accepting our argument what is applicable to socio-politics which is “applied mathematics” pertinent to our social make up. That is what I indicated to you “practical mathematics” to find the equation to the integration of our diversity”
            I didnt slowly acceept that. I believed in that long before any discussion with you Amanuel. Previously I used applied mathematics namely probablity to formulate and give to Saay the problem of the Nile River countries to study the conflict of water sharig. We (Saay and me) have been solving the problem. that problem is socio-political, meaning I believed in the application of applied maths to socio -political problems.
            This argument is actually unnecessary. EVERONE who has gone thro any univerisity knows wher applies mathematics is used.

            Thank you.

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Gebre:

          In the bonus question, there was a reason why I asked for the mathematical and political probability of 3 African countries choosing an identical (political) decision. Your answer, a mathematical probability (I will yield to your expertise for now until Haile Zeno shows up 🙂 says that there is less than 1% chance (1/120) that three Nile River Countries will pick an identical position. Now let’s do Political Math (how the real world works): These are the 10 Nile Basin Countries:

          Burundi, Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

          How close or how far we get from the mathematical probability of 1% chance is dependent on which three countries we pick. Bringing it back home (to Eritrea), the reason for the Yigermenalo! Foreign Policy Eritrea has been suffering now for 12 years (under “State of Eritrea, President” seal, they should just have “I am just amazed!” as a slogan because everything the world does seems to shock the PFDJ ) is the wide divergence between mathematical probability outcomes and political probability outcomes.

          The rest of what you said, with all due respect, you are not just stating the obvious, but you have ventured into the awkward zone of overstating the very obvious. The only reason it won’t be skipped next time is if there are mitigating circumstances like traditional courtesy we give guests and old people: and for that, you have to begin your posting with “antum Deqey, ane arige iye…


          • haile


            zeno be’za sehaq kirtm yebl alo 🙂

            Whatever happened to the outcomes (3 identical position) not being equally likely? That they are not mutually exclusive? One country’s probability of arriving at a position is pooled from a distinctive set of likely scenarios than the other, hence kem meshela btkh btkh abilkum aytwed’Ewo!The fact that one of them would like to export electricity and another one import arms and money may necessitate a different set of functions to use for each one of them. bhaqi negeru tela’E (karta) eyu, however it is one of those latest type where one plays based their spending habits as gathered from cookies generated information of their user history…so is it less than 1% or more? Well depends how you’re calculating in private really 🙂


      • gebre


        Sorry I forgot all the main goal to discuss and solve the problems. My message when I said that an issue has Twoo sides was actually to tell you that when ever somebody tells you about som other body, please always try to figure out why he is telling this thig (good or bad) about that person. Try before accepting his message ( could be ploy) to find out the other side of the story as could definitely be told by the other person. We have, through our calculations and the beautiful piece by Hyat, seen how complex an issue can be.

        Life has taught me though very late in my life, how humanbeings can be so selfish and cruel.

        Thank for everything

      • Sal,

        In Gebre’s mind mathematics is for engineering only. To my encounter’s mind mathematics is for economics (you remember my article “Don’t challenge me: A lesson from virtual world”). So tell them loudly that mathematics is the servant of all subjects. Certainly, this tell us (about them) that they don’t have clue about other subjects. Yegermal!!!!!

        • gebre

          Mr Amanuel, Good morning/evening to YOU!

          How did you get into my mind to find out that mathematics is only for engineering? Has there been any disscusion about what mathematics is for?

          You see Amanuel, I have seen many people in this forum making jugments about others’ points unfoundedly. We are very quick at that by the way. Such comments usually ensue unnecessary arguments. That is why I am arguing with you just now. Please in the future try to be less judgemental.
          In fact my true belif is as you rightly put it ”So tell them loudly that mathematics is the servant of all subjects”.
          I also doubt that there are people who do blieve differently.


          • Gebre,

            Ouch! “wahatio ente’belwas ti’gosmo” has become right now. Here is what you have said to SAAY: “I am giving you this problem NOT because I consider you like the students above, but I think your field of study is not mathematics or engineering.” To our surprise in this form you forget that you are a student of other disciplinary subjects (other than engineering). Everybody including you in this form one way or the other is a student. Did you miss that? Wow!! Look to what you have said to Sal….that was my intention to correct you. But you don’t look so. Saaaad!!!


    ¨ብማዕጾ ዘውጽኡኒ ሃገር ኢትዮጵያ፣ብመስኮት ክኣትዎ ኣይመርጽን¨


    ከም ኣቦና ወልደኣብ ወልደማርያም ሕብረት ህዝቢ ተጋሩ (ኣብ ትግራይን ከበሳታት ኤርትራን ዝነብሩ )ዝብል ዕላማ፣ ንኣቦና ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ፣ከም መሕኮር ስልጣን፣ንዓባይ ኢትዮጵያ ንምምሕዳር እንተዘይኮይኑ ፣ንዕኡ ንእሽተይ ኩላሶ እዩ።እኳ ድኣ ህዝበ ተጋሩ ንኸይተኣማመኑን ብጎቦ ክጣማመቱን ድሌቱ እዩ።እቲ ጽልኢ ብኣና ብሸነኽ ኤርትራ ጥራይ ከማዕብሎ ስለ ዝኽእል ብጣዕሚ ዝዕወተሉ ዝነበረን ዘሎን እዩ።ኣብ ብዓል ስመር ዝተባህላ ፓልቶካት ጣልቃ ኣትዩ ዝጻረፍ ዓጋመ ንኢሳያስ ወዲ ዓዱ ክኸውን ኣለዎ ዝብል እዩ ዝድምደም።ዳርጋ 100 % እውን ሓገዝ ኣለዎ።
    እዚ ዘደንቕን ዘገርምን ሓተታይ፣….. ኣቦና ኢሳያስ ዕላምኡ ኣቢስያናዊ ሃገርን ኣቢስያናዊ ሃይማኖትን ሒዝካ ንምግዛእ እዩ።በቲ ናይ ሃይማኖት ፣እተን ሰለስተ ናይ ክርስትናን , እቲ ሱኒ እስልምናን ጥራይ ክፍቀድ ኣይሳማምዓሉን።ኣቦና ኢሳያስ, ጠቕሊሉ ንምግዛእ ዘለዎ ዕላማ ኣግሂዱ እንተዝገልጽ ውን እቶም ኣሕዋተይን ጎረባብተይን ገዲፈ ጎምጎፋ ከይደ ክቕመጥ ኣይኮንኩን፣ግን ኢትዮጵያ ተባሂልና ድዩ ኤርትራ __ዋላ ሓቢረን ኣደይ ማርታ ዝብሃል ሃገር እንተፈጠራ ውን ንዓይ ፍቕሪ ህዝቢ እምበር ፍቕሪ ማፕ ኣይዓጅበንን።ኣቦና ኢሳያስ ግን ከምዛ ናተይ ፣ሰብ ይፍተዎ ይጽልኣዮ, እምነቱን ዕላምኡን ኣግሂዱ ከይገልጽ፣….ንኸም ግራት ድላይካ ትዘርኦ፣እናገልደምካዮ የፍቅረካ እየ እንተበልካዮ ¨ንዝስዕምዋ ኣብያስ ነቶም ዝደፍኡዋ ሕራይ ትብል¨ከም ዝብሃል ነዚ ኣብ ርእሲ ምዉታት ደቁ ጓይላ ዝገብር ህዝበይ …ኣንጭዋ ብትበትኮ ሽጣራታት እናተጠቕመ ከም ኩዕሶ ናይ ካልሲ (ኩዕሶ ሓበሻ) እናቐብቀበ ክቐልዖ ሕልናይ ቀሲኑ ኣይሓድርን !!!..እቲ ሓቀኛን ሶፊስቲኬትድን ዝኾነ ጽማቝ ፍልጠተይ ከካፍሎ ይመርጽ።ኤርትራዊ ከምዚ ከማይ ዝኣመሰለ ዝሓመሉ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ እናተጸርፈ እውን ሓቅነት ዘንጸባርቐሉ ሰብ ስለ ዘለዎ የቕንኣኒ።
    እስከ ከም ጥዑም ሓታታይ ኴንና ንቕረቦ።

    1) What is this obsession by Abona Isaias wanting to destabilize weyane (Ethiopia)…Are the Woyane not the ones that until this moment prohibiting Unionist Ethiopians from organizing to re-annex Eritrea ???
    2)They(Ethiopians) said they just wanted to pay fee for the ports and use them,not reclaim it !!!
    .On the other hand I am not sure TPDM or Gunbot 7 have such believe.Are you so naive to the point of being retarded ,that you do not see this obvious move.
    3) When EPLF/ABONA ISAIAS /PFDJ.. had just to send his representatives to a neutral 3 country and discuss the implementation of the border demarcation in practice & assure not to invade Ethiopia again ? Well ,he can not do that ,because for Abona Isaias ,just like the Italians plan ,Eritrea & we Eritreans are just Askari condoms to rule ,the greater Ethiopia.
    Abona Isaias hates Weyane to death ,because Abona´s plan is to rule Ethiopia as a nation ,not as union of peoples. Weyane spoil it by giving basidc rights (and I mean basic) to the peoples ,nations & nationalities.
    3) Why does Isaias try to weaken Ethiopia /weyane through Somalia and even by being errand boy to the Egyptians ,i do not believe it is in Isaias´s personality that makes him errand boy ,if abona Isaias was to gain power in his country Ethiopia ,Egyptians would not even have a picture of nile let alone water.Isaias ,as a central Abyssinian despises and hates Arabs ,that is why he went to Israel first and never will 100% give base to the moslem Iranians. !!!
    4)I will repeat it again why weaken or give it 100 years homework as Abona puts it ?? Ethiopia ,specially the northern part is our market to buy & to sell ,Assab & massawa are our ticket to the outside market through the usage of Ethiopia ,why did he decide to deny them the ports ? was the enemity with Ethiopia more disadvantageous for Ethiopia or Eritrea ???Why does Abona Isaias reject the billions of revenue that Djibouti is receiving instead of his condom ,ERITREA ?????????,add the Bisha gold & potash & Eritrean ingenuity and creativity of the people .Our people would have even been sponsored by Ethiopian universities on top of what we could have built ourselves.And do not be fooled by replying power .Isaias could have ruled infinity years by using positive cards.

    You know who was bothering the UN to let Eritrea go ,Meles !!! The Woyanes know Isaias´s plan was/is to rule Ethiopia ,so they wanted the cancer (Eritrea) to be cut off.
    Why did Isaias decided to kill the Mekkale children ,he wanted Tigray people to emotionally ¨invade¨ Eritrea ,so that his Oromo & Unionist partners in Ethiopia and Eritrea could Sandwich Tigray & Isaias would be crowned as leader of Ethiopia ,while ruling as Secretary for few years.
    But, Woyanes convincerd their base ,itis better to wait and hit harder after organizing all Ethiopians ,they did .WELL THE FOOLS WE ARE WE ACCEPTED THE FAMOUS ¨MEKHALI¨god we are stupid.
    ——- Eritreans thank EPLF for making you TROJAN HORSE the best CONDOM there Is.
    ——–Ethiopians thank mama ShaIbiya for freeing you from our insults and unnecessary ¨atgeneTelm ¨war.

    Brain to Eritrean people !!!
    1000 deaths to bandits !!!!!
    The unbelievably brilliant C.C

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      This is the closest conspiring theroy to reality based on facts and figures on the ground and tracing back from now to the beginning. But one thing is missing here. A useless good for nothing self centerd igoist isayas can not be accredited for this great and complicated task as trying uniting or rulling Ethiopia by isayas.

      The fact remains like this: Isayas did not care in border demarkation during 1991-1997 was because of tigray-tigrinya policy. Period. Any one who did not see the triumph of isayas in the period of 1991 and 1997 knows nothing bout isayas.

      The tigray-tigrinya policy made Assab the Power house in so short time. While tplf and eplf use Assab for their economical advantage, the common People created a peacefull littel Ethiopia (the model of YG) had created infront of tplf and eplf eyes. 350,000 thousands ethiopians and eritreans setteled in short time. The port, the refinery and the amazing peacefull coexisting of all sort of People in Assab is the exact opposite of what eplf and tplf has had in their mind. At that particular time one can see how tplf and eplf are so confused if one seas what both of them doing or sayin in their respective Capitals.

      So dont flatter Yours by acrediting the usless isayas to such big task. When he messed With ethiopian before 2009 he felt he was strong enough to wadge civil war in Ethiopipa what he was inherited from Egyptians. He even worked With ethiopians oppositions who believe Eritrea is part of Ethiopia because the time when these People about to take Power he knows exactly how he shoot them at their back and leaving Ethiopia in civil war havok. He missed this opportunity in 1991. He regreats that for all his life.

      And what he is doing now is the manifstation of how he is usless and nothing. Now he has even less Power than the ehtiopian oppostition. If they unite Ethiopia, and remove tplf and put tplf to the deepest grave then isayas dies With happiness regardless how much he hates ethiopia as long as he has some thing important to tell his comrade meles that he won at last.

      • CYBER CURE

        Respected Tamrat Tamrat ,

        You know from my comments I do not care mush for Abona Isaias.Now ,Isaias is a strategist ,and he has a secret weapon that the Ethiopians lack ,We, the people who believe anything that makes the Excistence of Santa Claus reality .Our naievity ,emotion,self hatred by the so called Hizbe Tigrinya works towards Abona Isaias.
        ኣባታችን ኢሳያስ ኢትዮጵያን ለመግዛት እንጂ ለማስተዳደር ኣይመኝም ኣይችልምም።በላይ እንዳልኩት ኣባባ ኢሳያስ የሰፈሩ ሃጼ ሆኖ እንዲኖር እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያም ፍቅር ኑሮት እንዳልሆነ ገልጨዋለሁ ።ቢችልም ባይችልም የህልም እንጀራ የሚመስለው እቅዱ ከመሞከር እኮ ኣያርፍም።ግን እኛ ኤርትራውያንና ኤርትራን እንደሚንቅ ጥርጥር የለኝም።ትልቋ ኢትዮጵያን ለመግዛት በምያደርገው ሙከራ ኤርትራዊነትና ኤርትራ ብትጠፋም የኮንዶም መሰበር ብዙ የሚያሳዝነው ኣይመስለኝም ።ምን ዓይነት ትግራይ ትግርኚ ነው በ1985 ለተራቡ ትግራዮች እህል እንዳያልፍ የሚከለክል፣1998 የመቀሌን ልጆች በፕሮግራም የሚያስጨፈጭፍ ፧ እኔ ኣልመሰለኝም ወንድም ታምራት።
        Tigray Tigrinyi is sesame street for Papa Isaias.He wants to rule Ethiopia ,not necessarily to unite it .

        ወንድምህ የሳይበር ፈዋሽ/ ኣዳኝ

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Hei Ciber!

          I take back my side kick while i respect Your disgust over this wicked man and his followrs. And i apologizae for it. Every thing when Things goe wrong i remeber Assab in 1991-1997 and the People ingaged in all sorts of activities. And i remember one Assab dweller wrote after the war aobut Assab. He said the city turned to ghost house. If the Peace makes us good who the hell are these tplf and eplf leaders turn Our lives upside Down.

          • CYBER CURE

            All in love brother .It is brotherly debate.

            thanks brother

            God bless Eritrean & Ethiopian people.

            Love is the greatest of all.

    • Rastaman

      This should support your argument.


      Reading your post, I thought I was thinking out loud.

    • yemane

      Well, Your approach pushed me to be cynical even at you suspecting you are one of those intruders who deliberately have been dispatched to spit 03’s poison to the poor citizens…My friend, we are not short of blamers but solution makers!!…what is the solution for this failed state? Citizens have lost their security and whoever responsible for it is not a point. We need immediate solution and If you can not help on that, I think it is better to stay away from beleka-lekaka…

  • Lemlem

    Eri-TV will transmit live tomorrow’s graduation ceremony of the 26th round of Sawa Military Academy’s graduating class. These are Eritrea’s brand new citizen soldiers and future leaders. Let’s congratulate them all on a job well done!

    • Haqi

      Forced wefri barinet is what you military acadamy. Lemlem go to dehai or meskerem, leave our awate

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Half of them now go all over the world to ivade it through ‘disguizing’ as refugees. The sun nver sets on eritreans because of the sons and daughters of sawa. The west is giving are welcoming to make this almighty nation while the ‘brilliant’ leder sending his soldiers to invade the world.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    To Gebre and the likes who try to twist history for their propaganda:

    1) the Derg was announced 28 June 1974 by a group of military officers to maintain law and order due to the powerlessness of the civilian government following widespread mutiny in the armed forces (just like Egypt now except ethiopia do not interfer the way Egypt has done against Ethiopia)

    2) The Derg deposed and imprisoned the emperor on September 12, 1974.

    3)On 14 September 1974 a group of seven Tigrayan university students in Addis Ababa formed the Tigrayan National Organization and the TNO was transformed into the TPLF.

    4)On September 15, derg took control of the government. The Derg chose Lieutenant General Aman Andom,.

    5)Meles who studied medicine at Addis Ababa University for two years before interrupting his studies in 1975 to join the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). (his followers says he founded tplf). While a member of the TPLF, Meles founded the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray. TPLF Manifesto in which it asserted its primary mission was to secede from the wider Ethiopian state, and create an independent Tigrai state

    So the commuist meles went to bush to liberate tigray from the grusom derg. That is a big lie. When meles was recurited or went to the bush by his own, derg was bussy killing the so called showa amhara which meles was happy about guessing from his haterade for showa amharas. There was no derg abuse of tigray. Just the oppoiste. Derg gave the land to poor tigrians taking from the tigrian aristocracy like the father of Meles ( may be meles hate that like many EDU supporters).

    The communist derg like the wish of communist meles nationalized every thing. Here the winners were the millions landless poor People. (The head of derg political collage of derg by the name Taffese Asfaw a respected and devoted man asked by his step nephew why he supported socialism and his ansewer was ‘Socialism gave land to all People, schooling righ for all, equality of women and men etc).

    Why tplf supporters twist history so that People believe that tplf is created by the atrocity commited against only tigray by derg while tplf and derg evolved at the same time. If they fight one another then they have their own good reasons. Tplf wadge war on Ethioipa derg or no derg the ethiopian government had responsiblity to defend the integrity of the country. This is upported even by tigryans who belived that they are ethiopians.

    meles and tplf brought masacar on tigrians With a confused policy. From derg point of view tplf is only a supporter of elf which is believed by derg that elf is a pure Egypt messanger. To make thing more sure tigray keeps its Ethiopianess. So all tigrians sacrifice before 1991 was all about to let Eritrea seced. Good for eplf, but what a lose and a meaningless haterade of tigrians towards the innocent mjaority non dergist ethiopians.

    Meles had escaped before he explained to tigrians why he exposed tigrains to derg brutality. What tplf is doing now to compensate the loss of tigray by looting the rest of non-tigre would never make Things better. It is understandable why meles is enclined to help Eritrea more than ethiopia but he was as confused as his sponsers by reuniting tigray With ethiopia, though it is so meaningless to Call Ethiopia as ethiopia after both Eritrea and tigray has gone.

    May be this is the reason what made eplf Wild against tplf. When all this makes billed i read my tranqulizer ie YG. Some die hard elf People think YG is about uniting Eritrea With Ethiopia. But YG is a solution for all of us disturbed by opportunistic politics. YG is a pragmatical solution from small kebeles to east african Cooperation. And i like his digust over arab polticial to meddel With us. It is one thing to be under the turmoil of the west policy but be a victim of Arabs politician??

    • gebre

      Dear Tamrat Tamrat,

      I must say that you have misunderstood my message. I am not a history writer and I was not presenting the history of the different fronts. I don’t have any propaganda to defend and disseminate. I truly believe in reason and logic and I completely hate lies, all types of lies by commission or omission.
      I am here in this kind of forum only to learn and discuss on issue that affects us (our two peoples back at home).

      In my message, I only tried to stress that the founders of the different fronts were courageous who were ready to sacrifice anything for their causes. Again here I was not praising or blemishing their causes but admiring them for their courage to fight for the very causes they believed in. With this message I wanted to suggest that the Eritrean problem and any other problem anywhere in our region needs some courageous leaders who might sacrifice their comfort to lead the ‘’Agelgelot (at home and abroad.)’’, to use an expression by our brother Salyounis. If my idea is not appealing to you just ignore it, It is as simple as that.

    • Abrham


      The most available person in the web, you know nothing or still in denial that the people of Tigray were not suffering from the derg atrocities is very funny. poeple from Showa were killed and tortured by the junta but not like the Tigriyans. For the tigriyans it was extended until the Mengistu went to Harare.I know how you hate this tigriyans thats why you always blame TPLF with Esate neblebal type of news. you want to hide your love towards derg by admiring the notorious H.silassie the lesser evil who killed innocent people in Mekelle, Bale, Gojam and in many Eritrean villages. You can blame TPLF even though your points are valueless and manipulated facts or fabricated lies but do not ever insult the people of tigray.Newr new!!!!

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Die hard tplf member Abraham, I am just refering the facts. What tplf and meles said was they went to the bush for stopping the atrocity commited by derg on tigryans. This is a lie. Reger the facts. The 120 derg members were not the Power of the great revolution shacked the whol ethiopia. they were just coordinators since there was no other organized to jump in except the elf which was a messanger of Egypt.

        meles and tplf said they went to the bush to fight the derg atrocity against tigrians. that is a lie which burns the hell out of meles in his New home. Which atrocity they were articulating while tplf was created even before derg organized itslef. the first two-three years were wheather derg like it or not what followed was almost the voice of the majority from norht to South and east to west except elf which had another plan. Tplf was created to promote elf policy which was dictated by Egypt.

        Take a brake from the glucose tplf pumping into you stolen from millions ethiopians and think this way. Look what alshaba is doing against Ethiopia. See what happened to somalikillil who took gun and confronted ethiopians defence force , then tell me what happened? That was what happened to tplf. To Your worst nightmare elf and tplf are not good friends now. they (you) wanted to whipe one another from the face of the Earth.

        So tplf sacrificed the poor tigrians for the sake of elf. While well to do elf People run to even addis. So dont be afraid to meet the reality. I repeat alshabab and elf are enemies of ethiopia. If you dont believe me listen Your government declaration when Egypt was calling of its alliance for starting civil war for stopping the dam on nile the assets of tplf for more glucose for compensation for tigrians who sacrificed for nothing. Did tplf sacrifice tigrayans for the secesstion of tigray. No.

        • Abrham


          Am I member of the TPLF? NO!!! but it would be great. Derg has gone for good and u and ur likes are propageting derg was the coordinator of the great revolution. Are you serious? There were many Ethiopian organizations like EPRP which were well organized but denied by your damn Junta. BTW, do you know EPRP was also with EPLF and ELF? yes you know, but mentioning it will not quench your thirsty of hatred to this Tigrayans. Finally, Alshabab is a terrorist group and the EPLF & ElF are not. It is irrelevant.

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            I can not force you to Accept the facts but i put it the way you understand. You try to twist to Escape the responsibility of tplf. The failure of tplf would not make derg was democratic or the right government for ethiopia. Derg massacar eprp, terrorized any followers. Derg killed a generation of Young revolutionaries like eprp People. Those whe run away from derg was also killed by tplf and eplf. That is the similarity between tplf and derg. While derg With its brutality had its responsibility keeping the country integreated against the enemies of Ethiopia. Meles is proud With his followrs that tplf massacared eprps. You know this i dont know even why you brought it.

            Derg brutality and undemocratic rule is crytsal Clear. But it doesnt give tplf an excuse to play in the millions lives of tigrians. Remember when tplf is partying from may 24 to 28 they are dancing for killing eprp too. Ya derg is gone. but tplf is still here and is responsilbe for killings of eprp. eprp People were fighting for Democracy and equality while tplf was for elf.

            In short, tplf was killing eprp, unionists, elf People, olf, onlf, even eplf. How can you add up all these? tplf uses the term derg and ethiopia alternativly, one for its propganda other is to suck the wealth of other ethnic Groups.

  • L.T

    God What pretentiost idea all Ethiopians who are here daily you have?With so manay problem within on your home,office,people,enemay,beggers,HIV,homeless,land garabers,cheap politicians,aid” We are the world”,13 monthes sunshine,Dero Maniekie and Qeira night club life(Almaz wiski Bet),Jerat mechi,Adi-Gart college with two universty Eritrea student with 1.68 avarege,Arane Tigrai with Aayate Asgede Gebereslassie Weldemicheal family cases,Ex first lady with her husband 4000 birr income,The topic of Two Teddy-Eri story(Dr Teodros and Teodros Hagos)….the …problem in your house have a long list.

    The only problem we have in Eritrea is Isaias:-))

  • Horizon

    Living in the 21st century and trying to use a 1960s/70s modus operandi, will not bring a change in Eritrea. Those were the days when all were infatuated with Marxism-Leninism and the things it could do for the third world countries, Eritreans believed that independence will take them to the promised land, anti-Ethiopian Arab countries and neighbors were happy to support liberation movements within Ethiopia, the West saw these movements as anti-communist and part of the cold-war struggle and supported them covertly, Ethiopians were fed up of the senile emperor, and they were extremely angry with the blood thirsty Dergue. All these were the right criteria for a change.
    What do we have today? In this era when liberation movements are labeled by the West as terrorists, the cold war is dead, neighbors have different priorities, Arab nations have their own problems, and much more, they support the status quo in the horn, and especially the situation in Eritrea, etc.; how on earth can one bring change in Asmara by a big dose of courage and a lot of chest pounding?
    One of the first steps among many, I think, should be winning the hearts and minds of those Eritreans who from a safe and secure distance, and from their comforts in western countries, continue to support politically, economically and otherwise, the regime in Asmara, because they are the people who are resuscitating the dying regime. Of course, some cannot be changed, because it is their mission to support the regime. On the contrary, others who support it because of an imaginary danger against Eritrea that they have been made to believe, or have been made indifferent to the plight of the Eritrean people, can change their view and deny their support to the regime. Therefore, sometimes it is better to cut off the branches of a tree before one gets at the trunk.
    On top of this, the opposition should prove that it is a better alternative to the regime. This is the main reason why Ethiopian opposition has failed to gain any substantial ground.

  • yemane

    Folks, if you really need change; leave your comfort zone; get ready to carry AK-47, wear military uniforms, eat dry bread, drink impure water, and volunteer to be a martyr in the mountains of Adal….Facebooking, paltaking,tweeting,Awate-ing,Assena-ing, Meskerem-ing, Togorba-ing can no bring change at all….Calling the name of a Respected hero like Wedi-Ali while you are hidden on your computer is a Mockery.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      C’mon Yemane, let those who have the energy go to Adal or any other mountain. THose who have the money pay to support whatever cause they believe in. Live and let live, we can’t all go to Adal, those who can and cannot. The choice should not be: if you cannot go to Adal, stop everything. If I were you, I would encourage specialization, everyone working based on their personal skills, talents and other resources. But I understand your frustration, many people feel they can articulate a strategy, lead every activity and master any skill needed for the struggle. The take home message would be “Jack of all trade, master of none.” I am sure you agree with that 🙂

      • The take home message must be “Jack of all trade, master of some.”

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Nope, it is … master of none. If one pretends to know everything, it is very likely he hasn’t mastered any. It is somehow equivalent to “Sebaay Klte neou nejew kbl mote. He didn’t even get one wife. Otherwise, the equivalent of your version would be: sebaay klte Hanti’en hizu terefe 🙂

          • L.T

            “My wife Ok,my gun maybe but,My car never”
            Sebayee klte neow nejew kbl mote
            Sebayee haniti gele kyHze mote..
            Realy I must say I miss your poem on that old 1998-2000 on http://www.dehai.org day.”tueam gize neru”frunkly.
            In Sweden the power is in our wife and our sweids head of state like Göran person,Carl Bildt and Fredrik are not ” the man of two”and”miftHa”is normal than to “Mmraew”to “Wemon in Red”
            Cia’o – Xubuk Arbi!!

      • yemane

        In a nut-shell( Bedefenaw dyom zblu ezom gorebetna), it is just Because we are greedy.

    • gebre


      Thank you for telling them to the face.

      I can only add that it needs COURAGE and sacrifice. NO pain no gain.

      In the 70s all the TPLF founder and many Eritreans including Wedi Afom left their comfortable places in Addis Ababa. Many of them were minutes from graduation. Meles had Haileselassie I Prize stipend. He was one of the few privilaged students economically. But all chose the hardest route of life. They chose to live in the hills and valleys of Tigray and Eritrea where getting the next meal was uncertain and unpredictable.

      what surprises me most was the courage and determination of all people in the two fronts who joined the struggles at a very later age. Sebhat Nega t left everything behind to lead the front at the age of over 40 . He was the most corageos man.

      What is needed is COURAGE to do on the ground and not to speak words and words and words all the time.

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Gebre:

        And now for the context…

        With all due respect to their courage and dedication, in 1961, when the founders of the ELF were deciding on launching an armed struggle, this is what had happened in their continent just a year prior: 16 African countries got their independence in 1960:*

        Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, Mali,Madagascar,Congo, Somalia, Benin,Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo (Kinshasha), Gabon, Nigeria, Mauritania, Sierra Leonne.

        With all due respect to the courage and dedication of Eritrean and Ethiopian students at Addis Abeba University, when they were considering whether to resume their education or go to the jungle, this is what was happening in their continent: the following additional African countries got their independence (between 1961 and 1975):

        Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Algeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Gambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Comoros.

        And this was just in Africa. Some of these revolutions had larger-than-life, charismatic leaders and became household names (at least in the houses of the Political Class.)

        So, as a good old Ghedli Romantic, I salute the courage and dedication of the founders…but not when it is going to be used to demoralize, dis-empower the current generation of Eritreans who face completely different set of circumstances. It can be used to inspire not to demoralize. This “go big or go home” advice is useful if you are coaching a team facing elimination, not so much when you are dealing with people who are wounded and in a state of shock. In the same vein, “the nation is collapsing; it is about to be a failed state” alarmist talk does not inspire action–it only gets people into survivalism and bunker mentality. Calling someone who was conscripted a “slave” doesn’t inspire him/her–after all, what expectations can you have from a slave?

        To state the very obvious**, for change to come to Eritrea, it is going to have to be from the Agelgelot (at home and abroad.) The rest of us will have supporting roles–inspiring, emboldening, coaching, helping–because, as a cruel (but funny) guy wrote in this forum: just you mind your cholesterol and diabetes. Where is my cane: Eh ileka alekhu! 🙂 And, funny guy, cholesterol/diabetes don’t have ideological tests: the higdefites are just as likely to get them as the opposition. You know what they say about karma…


        * This is why the Ghedli-defamers attack against the founders of Ghedli makes sense only when viewed from the perspective of the Island of Ethiopia which was immune to the revolutions swirling around Africa and rising up against the King of Kings was unimaginable. But for the rest of Africa, including Eritrea, after World War II, planning for and being in a revolution was the natural state of mind.
        ** From the Department of Stating The Obvious: There was a Whitney Houston song that holds the record for the all-time stupidest song lyrics: “I believe that the children are our future!” No kidding, Einstein.

        • gebre

          Dear Salyounis,

          You said ‘’ So, as a good old Ghedli Romantic, I salute the courage and dedication of the founders…but not when it is going to be used to demoralize, dis-empower the current generation of Eritreans who face completely different set of circumstances. It can be used to inspire not to demoralize, dis-empower the current generation of Eritreans who face completely different set of circumstances’’

          It is very unfortunate that you misunderstood me completely. I never work to discourage people, any people on earth, not alone Eritreans or Ethiopian. You don’t have any idea how much my heart bleeds when our people suffer in the hands of those barbaric Bedouins in the Sinai. Should I list all the crimes committed both inside and outside our region against our innocent citizens? No, I will not do that. You are an intelligent man who is very seasoned on every issue of the region. You know it.
          When I wrote about courage, my intention was to get few educated people who would have the courage to sacrifies comfort and go home to lead and encourage the ‘’Agelgelot (at home and abroad.)’’. The rest as you said would give their support (financial, material, etc ) in the background. It is siply of practical absurdity to demand for the whole Diaspora to go home.
          Mr Younis , please read the reply I have given to Tamrat Tamrat above.
          As for the rest of the material , I have no comment just now. But I must say it was hugely unwise, by a person like you, to write things out of the issue. Time will tell and the dirty work of the PFDJ’s hard core Komsomols will be revealed.

          Donot forget, there are always TWO sides to a story!

          Wish all the best.

          • Salyounis

            Selam Gebre:

            No comment on your no comment.

            Often, there are FOUR sides to each story. My side, your side, no side, and the truth.

            And this is why we are exhorted to end all our speeches, no matter how eloquent and wise they may sound to us, with “and God knows.” So assume there is that phrase (a silent one) in everything I write 🙂

            In the words of the great American philosopher, Tupac, “only God can judge me now.”


            Whenever I write something he doesn’t like, a very polite friend says, “aytereda’anan.” Your awlo video? Ay-te-re-da-a-nan.


          • haile

            Hi saay,

            Great! because it was meant for nothing more than aesthetic enjoyment for you. And to my brother Aman (mahdere:) who invited me n’anay, the guy said “tsehay yelan ab la’elay semay; neta setaritka d’ea bela n’enay!” was what the message appeared to be 🙂

  • abel

    last night,I had a dinner and some drink in Addis neighbourhood restaurant with an eritrean friend/supper eritrean/who was a well known diaspora member of EPLF and a solid member founder of ERA-NA for well over 20 years.This man at the height of Eritrean misguided nationalism told me that, EPLF will conquer
    the entire Ethiopia in 48 hours;watch and wait for the war to start.Years after operation sunset,he moved back to Eritrea selling all his belongings,even divorced his wife and moved to his beloved Eritrea permanently.Now very sick,helpless and loaded with so much remorse called me and said he is in Ethiopia via Sudan for much needed medical surgery, he is been referred by a Sudanese doctor to a specialist in Ethiopia.I welcomed him with open arms,bygones are bygones,reality has kicked in and I gave him a tour around Addis before settling for dinner,overwhelmed by what he saw,a transformational change,he is now contemplating to stay permanently in Ethiopia, for his dream of Independent prosperous Eritrea could neither provide him the life saving medical necessity nor the freedom that he fought for. The irony is the country that he had hated so much for his entire adult life has become his only hope for survival.I know is is not the only one.

    • Abe z minewale

      Waw, way to go a friend.i thought a friend in need a friend in deed.you call your self a friend by providing beer to your friend while your friend inneed medical attention. Since your friend is no longer with his wife, he must be ready for YeSidamo konjo after recovery. As far I know Sudanese doctors are capable as any Ethiopian doctors. No day dreaming. Could you provide me the name of former ERA founder who is sick because ERA was founded by few people. Keep drinking meTa bIRa for me too it helps discovery tsiwitsiway

      • Araya

        someone came to Ethiopia for medical reasons from Sudan? Ethiopia have the worst healthcare in the horn of Africa. I tell you those Tegaru can tell stroy.

        • Hayat Adem

          True story: I have a distant relative and a close friend who was in the fields with ELF as a foot tegadalai for yrs. Lets call him HH for this discussion. His Dad joined EPLF at later time. But HH himself had a lot of misgivings on EPLF. HH defected to the enemy (Derg) after 9yrs of his life with ELF. I had plenty of chances to be with him and talk about Sewra politics and his field experience after he came to town. Later he was able to join Addis Ababa University for a degree program and graduate. HH had a government job as high profile researcher in Addis. Then 1991 came with independence and his victorious Dad that made him re-think Eritrea. There were a lot of talks of high hope and nation building in those days and he wanted to do his parts in re-building Eritrea. He moved back to Asmara and then to Adi-QeyH. He got married, followed by kids and bigger family. Real dé jàvu!! 1998 came and he was called back to join the army. He had to run away to the ‘enemy’ one more time, now only with his family of size 4. Now, when he did that he had to depend on his old friend in Addis (Ethiopian) for literally everything that HH and his family needed: food, accommodation, facilitating immigration processes etc for months until he got himself immigrated and his family members followed later. These is not a unique quality to Ethiopians; Eritreans have done it and would do it. Others,too.
          But these are the sort of human relationship qualities that we need to adore them with utmost appreciation, not reject them outright. Even if we hear exaggerated accounts (I’m not saying this one is one of that), it is healthy to take in the positive moral message. In Abel’s story, what seemed untrue to you is the medical element that hinted Ethiopia becoming a medical tourism destination. I don’t know about that either, but my heart becomes warmed when I think of the other elements (relationship) in Abel’s story.
          Now, believing him for the story has a risk of type 1 error; not believing him has a risk of committing type 2 error. Remember these jargon of statistical stuff Sal was trying to caution Haile not to run to on another thread? Type 1 error in this case is the probability of running to risk in believing Abel’s story while it could actually be untrue. Type 2 is the the probability of running to risk in not believing Abel’s story while in actual terms he is telling the truth. There are risks in both cases if you don’t have an alternative story. But when it is about picking from the two risks, reasonable people don’t want don’t want to be on the side type 2 error.

          • haile

            Selamat Hayat,

            You’ve just landed a job for the head of the Eritrean National Lotteries Department in my fantasy cabinet 🙂

            “when it is about picking from the two risks, reasonable people don’t want to be on the side type 2 error.”

            You see Hayat, for every day/week/month you went without buying a lottery ticket, you rejected the risk of buying despite that you could have been the winning ticket holder! Type II for ya!

            Type I: the risk of buying and not winning
            Type II: the risk of not buying and would have been the winner if you had bought it.

            Who is “reasonable”, those who buy or those who don’t? I guess your stand on gambling has a lot to do with your answer.

            And in the particular case, your broader political stand would determine it rather than a clear cut: Type I’s suck it up you’re idiots, and Type II well done you’re a Smart Alec…by the way I was boycotting participation on this section in protest of ethnic politics, entay emo ygeber B’Hayat mexiomuni 🙂

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Hayat and Haile:

            More fun facts to consider about Type I and Type II errors and their use in a variety of fields…

            Extrasensory Perception

            Type I: you make a prediction, and you end up being wrong.
            Type II: you don’t make a prediction, but if you had, you would have been right.

            What do you do? Ask Jeanne Dixon: she made a gazillion predictions, she was “right”* about one (the assassination of John F Kennedy), and she became world-renown psychic. Ask Isaias Afwerki: he made a 100 predictions, he was right about few of them, and he is considered prophetic (timbite Isaias). Ask all the pundits. (After Romney lost, Rush Limbaugh said that he knew Romney would lose, he told his close friends Romney would lose, but he publicly said he would win so he doesn’t dishearten his followers:) Advantage: Type I.

            I think punditry and prophecy is the only field which rewards (or is indifferent to) Type I errors. Most people make a living in play-it-safe occupations and are more likely to commit Type II-error:

            Type I: you organize a coup d’etat, and you fail.
            Type II: you could have organized a coup d’etat, and you would have succeeded, but you didn’t.

            How Mengistu emerged to become the leader of the Derg is based on the play-it-safe attitude even decorated soldiers gravitate towards. Some are specially gifted in the bet your hedge game: when Jemal Abdel Nasser was overthrowing the Egyptian king, Saddat wanted to be sure that he had a perfect alibi in case the coup didn’t work: he went to the movies. Or so goes an Egyptian legend. And every Eritrean gathering (G-13, G-15, Debrezeit, Debre-Libanos) always ends up with someone who disassociates himself. I think that is a Type 1.5 Error. (Patent pending.)

            And? Well, Haile, Jemirelka Alekhu mel’ayo as the awlo!awlo! guy told his listeners when he ran out of rhymes 🙂 Tell us the perspective of the “silent majority” as it applies to bringing positive change in Eritrea. Whatever it is, I am sure Hayat will take an opposing view and the readers will be enlightened. Advantage: awate readers.


            * she wasn’t really right but it was close enough.

          • haile

            SAAy, N’a temeles anta senkam wata…n’ay athizka sanya nabey?:-)

            OK, errors of the first type (Type I) or its counterpart Type II – – decision decision!

            In order to bring our readers on the ride, let’s just say it is doing nothing has its hidden costs. In the statistics jargon it is called accepting the null hypothesis. Say the “silent majority” is toying with the idea of supporting the current opposition.

            Well, the null hypothesis is “the opposition doesn’t serve Eritrea’s interest”

            Type I error is the risk of rejecting the null as stated above. Much like accepting a false positive. That is you accept that they serve Eritrea’s interest, but turn out to be a bunch of impostors…darn the fooled me, kinda end game:)

            Type II error is the prelude for your enemy to sing you “aybelnan do aybelnan do” till your ears are so red they would catch fire anytime:) you accepted the null hypothesis that they were a bunch of …turns out they were actually serving the good interest of the nation…right on! More like a false negative…you wanna see how it feels…your doc tells you all clear for HIV after your test…you so happy and have a whack of a party…the next morning they call you back in to tell you that in fact you have it and your negative test was false…ouch. That is the risk of accepting the the null that the opposition doesn’t serve Eritrea’s interest and turns out the did…

            Here is another null hypothesis: demarcation of the border would not result for wide ranging uprising in Eritrea. Me is Type I saay is Type II.


      • abel

        To Minewale and Araya,

        1-I didn’t say Ethiopia has superior medics than the Sudan.It is natural for Sudanees to come to Ethiopia and an Ethiopian to go to Sudan and Keneya,it is part of a free market.There is also resistance of weather and affordablity $$ to consider.politicsis not everything may be for narrow mindedpeople ike u.
        2-FYI heart pacers can be inserted only in ethiopia,not in Sudan ,Kenya ,Eritrea..and there are many surgeries couldn’t be done in ethiopia and people go to Sudan or Kenya …sorry none to Eritrea.
        3-I am going to see him in a few hours with copy of your posting,he need some entertainment.
        4-If and When he decides to stay behind for good , i will tell you the name,I am not sure you know the abbreviation for ERA-NA though.
        So Mr/Madame minewale it is profitable you remain faithful to your construction job than politics that you are ignorant off.

        • abel

          Damn, you almost make me forget to tell you the reason the Sudanese doctor referred him to a specialist in Ethiopia,the poor guy’s badly damaged heart couldn’t handle heat wave in Khartoum.that is the truth,Never Mind the nonsense theories Type I; type II diatribe.

  • rodab

    Evberyone in this forum is working hard to make the world a little more livable.
    It wouldn’t hurt to take timeout to watch this video.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    One adviser to the organization i work for had siad ‘Most of the time you get dissapointed when Your expectation is not met by what others do or not.’

    So the question is why the leaders or responsible peopel do what they are doing or not but the question is what do we expect from them and why?

    What was/is the expectation of the majority both the tigrinya and non-tigrinya Peoples?

    What was the reason for the high expectation from eplf?

    Why did eritreans think that the Liberation front of Eritrea is different from that of other african Liberation fronts?

    Why did eritreans expect that Eritrea as a nation differ than the rest of africa?

    Can one expect that the Liberation fronts would get the same help and ‘sympathy’ from their sponsers after they have taken Power?

    Can Liberation front satisfy the expectation of the majoirty and the interest of their old and New sponsers?

    Can one expect the change he or she wishes for his or her own country would be achieved by moving abroad?

    If we try to answer thess questions then we might get the very ansers for Our dissapointment by accepting the reality.

    Those who read the work of YG would be surprised to get all the pragmatical answers for Our dissapointments.

    • Zegeremo

      Dude, get over it! It is done!

      As for YG, I would tell him since the baby has already been born, it would be useless to spend your time talking on pregnancy and conception. The delivery was exceptionally superb; we thanked the doctor and the midwife twenty-two years ago. Wake up and get a job; last time I checked he was Holmes for good five years.Ouch!!!’

      • bukretsion

        zegeremo, for the first time u just said something.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        If i have to speak Your Language then the baby needs his or her father for at least supporting the childe. The midwife can not be responsible for fetching milk.

      • belay

        Circumstances eg,divorce,long term illness which can make one default paying their moregages can end up a homeless.what is shame is, not bounce back but remain one (homeless).
        Theirfore that comment was on the cheap side Zegeremo.

      • Quote of the day!!!!

        “the baby has already been born, it would be useless to spend your time talking about pregnancy and conceptions”


        I would add one word to it after conception ” abortion”

        • Zegeremo


          Sounds Good, Thank you!

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Baby is looking for his father in arab lands, the west, all over the world except in Eritrea which were supposed to be Natural Place to look for . ‘Who is the father?’ best in the tone of the life president of Eritrea ‘where is the evidence

  • lilo


    I like your article:

    It shows “Hgdef” for what is it

  • L.T

    I meant with wire wind!!

  • L.T

    The Ethiopia regime support to the oppoistion camp of Eritrea is not limit but if Isaias junta..:-) helped to DMHT and G-7 why scares to you —-Ethiopans?War is game.My comment are gone with wind.I a person to do my understand snap shut.

  • daniel

    Good Article I agree with most of the points he made ,about how political prostitute the PFDJ is ? it is the most shameless and a dis cress for the the whole of Eritrea ,.
    Good work Mohamad ,well done!

  • L.T

    If Ato Weldemariam,Memher Asres,Yemane Baria,Isaias Afewerqi,Beyne Firee,Teberh Tesfahunie,Gen Aman,Martah Mebrahtu,Bashai Awaelom Harogot,Biltta-Getta Leoronzo,Dr Embaye Weldemariam,Col Hailaeb,Hadish weldegirgis,Dej Ali,Yidnikachow Shimanugus,Taddese,Hadish Koreri are Tigrawot,so are Jesus from Nazreth,Marx,Lenon,Enstian,Pele,Jazz music,Madonna,President Misri,Nile,King Solomon King David,Axumait kingdom,Dr Suzan Rice are Tigrwaot.
    Just jocking!!

    • belay

      That was realy funny.
      At least you have a very good sense of humor L.T.
      God bless you.

    • belay

      Sorry,please read as, at the most you have good sense of humor L.T.

  • L.T

    Weyane were non without EPLF,Weyane created by Isaias via Mussie(Mahari Tecle&Yamane Kidane Jamaica)according Ethiopian scholer Prfo Gebru Tarke.
    Asmera was a little Roma under our beloved brothers Italaino while Mekele have only one Chinema under Haile-Haile regims.
    Alula was a shiftain who killed people over where.Eritreans are smart who loved their ID.Tigria are now modern mini State thanks for our prisdent Isaias Afewrqi Abrha z-behir Tselot.
    All Tigrawot even Weyane are welcomes here to exchange their view.
    we do not creat you and we have no to do with your power you have today in Ethiopia and if the people of Ethiopia warm his energy up against you”Nifthala”We will not there!!

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    The ‘innocent’ eritreans vs the ‘barbaric’ Ethiopians. There is nothing unsaid in defaming ethiopia by some eritreans. So let’s look what the engels of Eritrea has done:

    According to them to build Eritrea Ethiopia must be destroyed. Creating and supporting Liberation fronts to make a havoc of ethiopia while singing one Eritrea or Death. What went wrong for eplf then? I am not quite sure if ethiopians were ready to masacar one another aroung 1991 but eplf helped to scilent the non tigre plfs during the upheaval of the non-tigres against tplf ownership of every thing in Ethiopia. Olf which was armed to it nose was taken by surprise and disarmed by eplf and tplf. (the best gifte ever for millions ethiopians, not being against the seccesion of oromia but we were not ready for mass masacar). The amharas armed force under tplf surprisingly have not intention of liberating amharas thus their name has nothing to do With Liberation or secession so tplf let them do their work ie uniting Ethiopia.

    Immediatly after Eritrea blessed to suceed tplf started one ethiopia minus Eritrea or Death. This worked superb economicaly for both eplf and tplf until they greed for more controll of ethiopians wealth came to climax. Then the obvious war 1998-2000 and eplf lost the war.

    After the war isayas went creazy. He did not get mad because of the lose. No, he knew he would never win war against ethiopians in open Field. Gorilla, ya. Hiding among civilians or using civilians as shiled, ye he can. What made him mad is the regrate over dissarming olf. If he were supporting olf rather than tplf then by now the master of all evils could have the Peace makers of the numerious good for nothing so called independent states. Imagine isayas sitting in mekele trying to make Peace With the leaders of tigray and oromia, oromia and amhara, etc. And immidiatly after the Meeting is adjourned, he would sale arms for both. After all he is a fair man so he can not sell weapons only for one Group.

    This is wat made isayas creazy. Now he is more for the Liberation of each states of ethiopia at leat in propaganda.


    ¨ክቡራት ድያስፖራውያን ኤርትራውያን¨

    ካብ መብዛሕትኹም ብኣእምሮን ኣርሒቕካ ብምሕሳብን እንተዘይኮይኑ ብትምህርቲ ይኹን ብተሞክሮ ዘይበልጸኩም ሓውኩም´የ።መብዛሕትኹም ኣብቲ ጽውጽዋይ ዝኾነ ዝተሰንዔ ታሪኽ ኤርትራን ብምእማን፣ገሌኹም ድማ ነበረያ ነበረ ወይ ኣዝግንኒ ምዃኑ እናፈለጥኩም፣እሞ እዚ ኩሉ ደም ኣጥፊእና ድኣ ኣብታ ዝቖምናያ ሓሶት ንጽናዕ እምበር ኢልኩም ከም ሰገን ርእስኹም ኣብ ሑጻ (ሃምበርገር)ቀቢርኩም ትርከቡ ኢኹም።መብዛሕትኹም ተሰቍሩኩም ምስቲ ኣነ ዝብሎ´ውን እናተሳማምዕኩም__ግን ነቲ ሽፍትነት ተጋደልቲ እንድሕር ከምዘለዎ ተቐቢልኩሞ፣ነቲ ዝሞተ ሓውኩም ዘመድኩም ታሪኹ ንኸይተጸልሙ እናፈራህኩም__ለይተ ለይቲ ሕልናኹም እናወቐሰኩም ኣብ ዓራት ትጋላበጡ ፣ባድዋይዘር ቢራ እንተዘየደንዚዝኩሞ ሓንጎልኩም ህድኣት ስለ ዘይረክብ መስተ ሰቲኹም ትድቅሱ።ምስ ወግሔት ግና ሰብ ከይፈርደልኩም ድማ ዓድናን ቃልስናን እናበልኩም ሕልሚ ሸፋቱ ናብ መባህረሪ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝተቐየረ ሽፍትነት ዝሓሸ ዝበልኩሞ ጎኑ እናፈተሽኩም ርትዖ ወይ ጃስቲፊኬሽን ትደልዩሉ።
    ኣነ ከም ኣነ, ስድራይ ገጽ ሰብ እናርኣኻ ኣይትዛረብ ,ንዝኣመንካሉ ጠጠው ኢልካ ተዛረብ, እንተተጋገኻ ድማ እወ ተጋግየ በል ኢሎም ዝምሃሩኒ__ብዝክኣለኒ __ስብ ሽቤት ብዘምጽእዎ መርገም, መንእሰያት ኣብ ድፋዕን ሲናይን ክሳቐዩ ክሰምዕ ደቂሰ ምሕዳር ስለ ዝኣበየኒ ፣እቲ ካብ ናይ ኩላትኩም ሓሶት ዝሳሲ ሓንጎል ተፈልየ ምንም እኳ ኣብ ናብራይን ሓዳረይን ብጌጋ ዝተመላእኩ፣ ጌጋ ከይፈጸምኩ ሰዓት ውን ከምዘይትሓልፍ እናፈለጥኩ፣ነታ ኩሉ ጊዜ ተቢዔ ጠጠው ዘይብለላ ሓቂ ፣ሕጂ ግን ህዝበይ እናዓረበ,መታን ሰላም ክብለኒ ነቲ ዓመጽን ፣ምጭዋይን፣ምእሳርን ምስቓይን ከም ንቡር ጌረ ክቕበል ይጽግመኒ።ነቲ ይፈትዎ ዝብሎ ህዝቢ ድማ እቲ ሽፍትነት ብሕልፊ እኳ ብሙዳዳ ሻዕብያ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ካብ ዝፍጠር ሒዙ ኣቢሲንያዊ ሓይሊ ዝኾነ ምቅላዔይ ኣይከቋርጾን እየ።
    እቲ ተቝውሞይ ኣቢሲንያዊ ሓይሊ ስለ ዝኾነ ኣይኮነን፣ኣነውን ኣቢስያናዊ _፡ሓማሴናይን ሰረወታይን ትግራዋይ ናይ ኤርትራ ኣቢሲንያዊ እየ።ግን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ንዕላማ ናይ ህግደፍ (ኢሳያስ)ከም ኮንዶም ኮይኑ ብሸፈጥ ከገልግል ደስ ስለ ዘይብለኒ እዩ።ከምቲ ደጋጊመ ዝበልኵዎ ኢትዮጵያ ኴንና ንንበር ኤርትራ ንዓይ ናይ ማፕ ፍቕሪ ስለ ዘይብለይ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ውን ኣብ ሰብዓ እንተተመቓቐላ መንነተይን ንኣኹም ኣሕዋተይን ካብ ልበይ ኣይፍሕቆኩምን።
    ኣቢሲንያዊ ፕረሲደንት ኢሳያስ,ምንም እኳ ዕላምኡ ዝፈረመሉ ሰነድ እንተዘየሎ እውን __ኣብዲ ስለ ዘይኮንኩ, ነቲ ንሱ ረቂቕ ሜላ ተጠቒሙ ዘካይዶ ዓላማ, ማንም ጨጓር ዳንጋን ዘዋር ታክስን እንተዘይፈለጦ እኳ ፣ነዚ ከምዚ ከማይ ዝኣመሰለ ኤርትራዊ ክሊንተንን መለስን ዝብል ቅጽል ስም ዝተዋህቦ, ዋለኻ እዩ።
    እቲ ናተይ መስተውዓሊ ዝኾነ ሓተታ (ኣናሊሲስ)እዚ ዝስዕብ እዩ።ከሕጽሮ እየ መታን ከይብርትዓኩም።
    ከም ሓጺን ዘይልወ ኤቪደንስ (ማስረጃ)ከምጽኣልኩም ኣይክእልንየ።
    ኢሳያስ ብ1969 ናይ ጃንሆይ፣ኣስራተ ካሳ፣ሲ ኣይ ኤ ልእኽቶ ፈጻሚ ኮይኑ ይቕረብ እምበር__ናይ ባዕሉ ኣጀንዳ ውን ኔርዎ እዩ ይብል ኣነ (በዚ መስተውዓሊ ኣተሓሳስባይ)።ንኢትዮጵያ,ኤርትራ´ውን ዘጠቓለለት,ንኽገዝእ እዩ።እዚ ድማ ኣብቲ በረኻ ምዓልዲ ሑሹዅ ኢሉኒ ዘይኮነስ በቲ ታሪኽ ዝገልጾን ናተይ ኣደናቒ ዝኾነ ሓንጎልን ብምሕዋስ እየ ጨሚተዮ።።
    1)ኣሜሪካውያን፣ ጀብሃ,ናይ ዓረባዊ ዝንባሌ ኣጥቂዕዋ ምስ ፍልስጥኤም ትገብሮ ዝነበረት ምትሕብባር ኣብ ናይ ረብሓ ኣሜሪካን ,ህላወ እስራኤልን ሓደጋ ስለ ዘንጻላለወ ብሻዕብያን ወያነን( ኢትዮጵያዊ ሓይሊ) ከም ትስጎጕ ኮነ ፣እቲ መብዛሕትኹም ውግእ ሓድሕድ ትብልዎ፣ ኣነ ሓይሊ ኤርትራ (ምስ ዓረባዊ ዝምባሌኡን)ኣንጻር ሓይሊ ኢትዮጵያ (ወያነን ሻዕብያን) ይብሎ ።እቲ ትግራይ ትግርኚ ዝብል ቁንቁኛ ግን ብሸነኽ ተጋሩ ተሰሚዑ ዘይፈልጥ___ዕላማ ኣቦና ወልደኣብ ዝነበረ እዩ።ኢሳያስ ሽዋዊ (ፊውዳላውን ኮሚኒስታውን )ዝኾነ ድሙር ርእይቶ ዘለዎ ጽንጽያ ከይተረፈ ክቋጻጸር ዝደሊ መራሒ እዩ።ትግራይ ህዝቢ (ኣብ ትግራይን ኤርትራን) ዘሎ ንምትሕብባር ድማ ንእሽቶ ዕላማ, ስለ ዝኾነ እዚ ተምቤነታይ ወሎየ ዝብሃል ጽውጽዋይ ናይ እንዳ ስዋን ኮሚኒትን ዕላል እዩ።ወያነ ሓልዮት ህዝቢ ውን ኣለዎ፣ብሓቂ ስልጣኑ እናሓለወ ድሌት ህዝቢ ካብ ድኽነት ኣውጺኡ ንህዝቢ ትግራይን ውድቡን ምስ ዝተረፈ ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ እናማዕበለ ዓባይን ብርትዕን ኢትዮጵያ ይሃንጽ ኣሎ።
    2)እቲ ውግእ ባድመ ፣1998,ወያነ, ንህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ ብፍላጥ ይኹን ብዘይፍላጥ ፣ከም ዕረ መሪርዎም ዝነበረ ጊዜ ክትከውን,ብባባ ኢሳያስ ተመሪጻ።ምኽንያቱ ፣ወያነ እንተወዲቑ ነቲ ስልጣን ክሕዞ ዝኽእል ኣብ ክልል ዘይኣምን ሃገራዊ ኢትዮጵያዊ ሓደ ሻዕብያ (ኢሳያስ) ስለ ዝነበረ፣እታ ስልጣን ብግዝያዊ ዶ ኣደይ ማርታ እናበለ ንግዚኡ __ ኢሳያስ ነገራት እናዘወረ ግን ሮመዳን መሓመድ ኑር መሳሊ(ኢትዮጵያዊ ) ፕረሲደንት ጌሩ ነታ ካብ ንእስነቱ ዝብሃጋ ኢትዮጵያ ኣሕቢሩ ክገዝኣ, ናይ 21 ክፍለዘመን ሃጼ ቴድሮስ ኮይኑ ካብኡ ሓይሉ ምስፍሕፋሕ እዩ።
    3)እዛ ኣብ ቁጽሪ 2 ዘላ ስለ ዘይሰለጠት ፣ኣብ 2000, ዓሰብ ገዲፍኩማ ውጹ ዝብል ትእዛዝ ኣመሓላለፈ። እዚኣ ንወያነ set up__እያኔራ.ወያነ ግን ¨ንወዲ ነብሪ ዶ ዝላ ተላምዶ ከም ዝብሃል¨ ስትራተጂ ባባ ኢሳያስ ተረዲእዎም ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ዓሰብ ንምሓዝ ውን ዓላማ ስለ ዘይነበሮም___ እቶም Prime Minister መለስ ተመለሱ ኢልዎም እንከሎ ዘይተመልሱ (ኣምሓራ) ሓይሊ __ምኽንያቱ ዕላምኦም ከተማታት ኤርትራ ንምሓዝ ዝነበረ __መለስ ሎጂስቲክ ስለ ዝኸልኦም ብሓይሊ ኤርትራ ሳላጣ ኮኑ።ንሱ እዩ ላዕለዋይ ሓላፊ ወትሃደራት ኔሩ… ዓሰብ እንተዝሕዙ ግን፣ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ውን, ለካ ሻዕብያ ሓቁ እዩ እዞም ¨ተንኮለኛታት¨ተጋሩ መሊሶም ክወሩና እዩ ኔሩ ዕላምኦ ተባሂሉ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብፍናን ምተዋግኤ፣ኢሳያስ ዘዳለዎም ተቓወምቲ ሓይሊ, ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ዝነበሩEritrean Sleeper cells,…. እቶም ክሊክ ናይ ስየ ጠቕሊሉ ዝሰጎጎምን, ኣዲስ ኣበባ ሓዊ ብሓዊ ክገብሩ ዝተመደቡ ኤርትራውያን, ዝነበርዎም __ወያነ ምስ ብጃማኦም ከለዉ ለይቲ መጺኡ ቀርቀብ ዘበሎም___ናቕፋ ምፈጠሩ ኔሮም።ግን እቲ ሊስታ ወያነ ስለ ዝነበሮም ብሓንቲ ለይቲ ጥራይ 80% ዝኾኑ ኣብ ቀይዲ ኣውዓልዎም።እዚ እንተዘይኮውን __ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ ፕረሲደንት፣ ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ድማ ዋና ጽሓፊ ኮይኖም ምጸንሑ።ኣሜሪካ ስለ ዝሓተቱና ኢትዮጵያ ክንሕሉ ኢና ኢሉ ፣ነዞም ርእሲ ደርሆ ዝኾንኩም ደቂ ዓደይ ድማ መእመነኩም።
    4)ኢሳያስ ትግራዋይ ስለ ዝኾነ እዩ ንዴምህት ( TPDM) ናይ ትግራይ ኣብ ኤርትራ base ሂቡ ኣቐሚጥዎም, ዝብሃል ነብስኻ መሕሰሪን ዕሽነት ናታትኩምን ዘርኢ እዩ።ጎረቤት ኤርትራ ትግራይ እያ ዘላ።ካብኡ ዝሞሎቑ ይኹኑ ፣መብዛሕትኦም ድማ (ኣነ ይብል) ወያነ ዝልኣኾም ተጻናጸንቲ (spies)እዮም።ኢትዮጵያዊ (ኣቢሲንያዊ)ኣጀንዳ ዘለዎ ኢሳያስ እዞም ዴምህት ክልተ ነገር የቃንዕሉ።ሓደ ኢሳያስ ተሳዒሩ እንተተገልበጠ ውን፣ ወያነ ዕቡድ እንተዘይሲዕምዎም (እንተዘይተጸሊሎም) ነዛ ካብ ብዓል AIDS ንላዕሊ ሽግራትን ሕማምናትን ዝጸልዋ ኤርትራ ተመሊሶም ከምሓድሩ እንተፈቲኖም ምስ ሓዊ እዮም ክጻወቱ፣ስለዚ እሙናት ኢትዮጵያውያን፣ ኣብ ኤርትራነት ዘይኣምኑ ሓይሊ ዴምህት እዮም፣ንዝኾነ ኤርትራዊ ወዲ ዓሊ ዓይነት ዝኽምብሉ እዚኣቶም እዮም ። ኢትዮጵያ ነቶም ተቓወምቲ ኤርትራ እንተዘይዓቢዳ ኣዕጢቓ ኣይትልእኮምን።
    ስለዚ ኤርትራውያን ኣሕዋተይ ነዚ ኣነ ሽንቲቤት እንዳሸንኩ ዝገጠምክዎ ውዲት,ንኽትርድእዎ መብዛሕትኹም ብዉሑድ ሓደ ወርሒ ወስደልኩም እዩ ። ኤርትራዊ ዝፈስ ስ ደም እምበር ኤርትራዊ ኣጀንዳ ዘለዎ 1981 ተባሪሩ ኣብ ጀርመን ዴንቸር ይቕይርን ከንቱ ኣኼባታትን እናገበረ ደቁ የዕቢ ኣሎ። ስለዚ ንስኻትኩም እውን ሸፋቱ ዘምጽእዎ ኣርቲፊሻል ነጻነት እናሞጎስኩም ክትበልዩ ኢኹም። AWATE.COM ,ኩነታት ከም ዘልዎ የቕርበልና ኣሎ።አቲ ቢሒቝ ናብ ጣይታ ምቕያር ናትና ተራ እዩ።ምኽንያቱ እታ እንጌራ ኢልና ዝሰንከትናያ ኣቺዶ እያ። እንታይ እዩ ድሌትና ርእስና ኣብ ሑጻ ቀቢርና ኣይከውንንዩ ።ሓቀኛ ኤርትራዊ ቃልሲ ክንምስርት ድሉዋት ዲና ?ወይሲ እንታይ እዩ ዝቕጽል ጉዕዞና ???????
    ጽንዓት ይሃበና።ጥፍኣትና እናመጸ እዩ።
    Happy whatever unless you think with your head like me ,instead of your emotions ,disaster awaits ,the choice is yours

    The always brilliant C.C

    • abe z minewale

      it starts 1969 half way he got depressed got have bud weiser and assuming he had protected S..with some one and ended up contracting hiv and full blown to Aids a dead man talking

    • yemane

      Eritrea will be inflated of Article-writers …ops!! …sorry,I meant Mqnjaw-Ghedli mongers some time soon…..That is why we lack some one who have the balls to follow Our Hero Wedi-Ali….beleka-lekaka, 03,blah blah …kona terifna….Sad reality!!

    • L.T

      Cyper cure,be proud to be Tigra-way first and stop your psyco great science Tigria fiction.Eritrea are science revolt fact and Ethiopia is agnostic acter science-speculation.

    • Rahwa

      Dear Cyber,

      I am wondering and filled with spirit of happiness that Eritrea has very rare persons such as you.

      newiH edmen T’enan etmneyeleka

      • CYBER CURE


        I am humbled ,although modesty is not my best quality,I am indeed grateful for your recognition.

        thanks Rahwa ,

        • Kokhob Selam

          CYBER CURE,

          i don’t want to miss the chance in saying I love you.

          • CYBER CURE

            Kokhob Selam ,

            The feeling is double here .You can tell from my comments ,be it right or outrageously wrong I have love of Eritreans at the base of it.

            We are at the 11th hour without exaggeration.
            may god give us wisdom to see the writing on the wall.

            hawka C.C

  • Araya

    greetings Moda, I had a post yesteredy but i don’t see it. last time I check, it was waiting for moderation then disapeared. can i ask why wasn’t posted?
    Thank you.

  • zegeremo

    Dear gebre,

    Thank you for your sober comment.

    But unfortunately you haven’t addressed my points with full honesty: If you think Ethiopia doesn’t need any war, why she has refused to leave the Eritrean territory and let the boarder demarcated? In other words, why not just abide by the court ruling she had agreed on? No excuses, please.

    As for the oppression of the ethnic oromo and other opposition figures, according to the Human Rights watch “ In March 2011, authorities arrested more than 200 members and supporters of registered Oromo opposition parties—the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement (OFDM) and the Oromo People’s Congress (OPC)—during mass roundups. Those arbitrarily arrested and detained included former members of parliament, long-serving party officials, and candidates in the 2010 regional and parliamentary elections. They were publicly accused of being involved with the banned OLF; at least 89 have been charged with a variety of offenses, some relating to terrorism.On August 27 Bekele Gerba, deputy chairman of OFDM; Olbana Lelisa, a spokesman for OPC; and seven other opposition party members were arrested on charges of involvement with the OLF. They were held in pre-trial detention at the Federal Police Crime Investigation Department, also known as Maekelawi, where torture is reportedly common. At least 20 other ethnic Oromo were arrested in this same sweep. On September 8 popular actor Debebe Eshetu was arrested and accused of belonging to the banned opposition party Ginbot 7. The following week, on September 14, Andualem Aragie, vice-chairman of the opposition party Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), two other active members of UDJ, and the general secretary of another opposition party, the Ethiopian National Democratic Party (ENDF), were arrested in Addis Ababa, the capital, on similar accusations.”

    As for the detained Journalists, I don’t have much to say I would like you to check the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrYzNDI1zPo

    Moreover, since a puppet state means a nominally sovereign state effectively controlled by a foreign power, ostensibly Ethiopia fits the definition. Does she take orders? Yes: invade Somalia, allow base for Drones, oppress Muslims, and be a loyal AFRICOM member; In return, $800m and $250m US and Israel tax payers’ money respectively.


    • gebre

      Good morning/evening to You, Zegeremo.

      I thought our discussion was over. But since you have doubts about my point of the issue, I will try to very briefly and honestly give some more trial to explain (defend) my position and answer your questions.

      Border demarcation: Why do we have this problem today in the first place? Whose fault is that Eritrea was declared an independent nation without officially agreed upon border by the two sides in 1993? I will answer these questions later.
      Ethiopia declined to observe the binding decision of the court in Europe because the communities threaten the govt with rebellion, starting another undesired armed struggle. These communities don’t want to belong to the new nation. They want to maintain the old status quo during which they paid taxes to Ethiopia. Eritreans got independence because they did not want to belong to Ethiopia. Why can’t, in a similar manner, get these communities their wishes NOT to belong to Eritrea, respected and fulfilled? But Zegeremo, it is all about the ugly hypocritical nature of our humanity.

      So Meles and his govt were cornered between a rock and a hard place: to respect the binding decision of the court and face the wrath of the Ethiopian people, or to ignore demarcation and face the wrath of the Eritrean people. Well, these unpleasant alternatives have led to the stalemate we are both uncomfortably stuck in today. In this situation, I think the Ethiopian govt’s suggestion for a sober and brotherly discussion to settle down this issue once and for all, by engaging and encouraging the communities that are affected to make concessions and compromises, is not an unreasonable one.

      Now let me answer the questions I posed at the start. Why do we have this demarcation problem today? Intoxicated with the euphoria of victory after they entered their respective capitals in 1991, both fronts were so complacent that they forgot doing their homework, and putting the cart before the horse, they declared independence in 1993. They undermined all the necessary preparations, including a clear official DEMARCATION of the thousands of miles long border between the two countries. This demarcation should have been executed during the time slot 1991 -1993. Then the official declaration for independence should have been made in 1993. This would have certainly and completely eliminated any lame reason to start the barbaric border war in 1998. It is well known, when Isayas was transporting coffee from Ethiopia to Eritrea to make it one of the leading coffee exporters in the world, to have said ‘’ there is no need for any border between our brotherly countries’’. Himmmm! Why would he need a border if he was to develop his economy that way?

      On ‘’oppression’’ of ethnic Oromo: Here we have two groups with different agendas.
      a) Terrorist designated groups ( OLf, Ginbot 7).They are illegal and are not allowed to carry any kind of activity within Ethiopia. They have been designated as terrorists by the Ethiopian parliament- These groups are funded by foreign enemies of Ethiopia including Egypt. They are the tools of the enemies and are used to stabilize Ethiopia and disrupt its development endeavor including the building of the Renaissance dam. So Ethiopia has the right to arrest and punish these traitors. I only wish that they go through fair and transparent judicial proceedings. I am against any physical torture that may be meted out to them. Otherwise, let justice take its course.
      Zegeremo, please watch the following video and read the article below when you have time.


      b) Registered opposition parties (OFDM, OPC, UDJ, ENDF): They are legitimate Ethiopian parties whose goal is to participate in the building of democracy in Ethiopia.. So they are welcome to the Ethiopian political scene and have every right to inform and disseminate their political and economic alternatives to their voters. They are entitled to work anywhere in the country any time. There should also be created a level playing field for all the political parties in the country. This is the basis of my belief.

      Zegeremo, you indicated in your post some of the leaders (members) of the above mentioned registered parties were detained and arrested for working with the OLF and Ginbot 7. If the accusations are proved to be true by the govt then the govt was right to do so. Otherwise the govt has to bear the blame for its wrong doings. Myself I decline to give any view point for the simple reason that I don’t have any clear knowledge of BOTH SIDES of the game.

      Ethiopia is NOT a puppet of any foreign power. Zegeremo, you are still doubtful about this fact. Let me labor a little to explain and give more illustrative examples tha show that Ethiopia really is very independent of any power from the west.

      I gave you some examples how the late PM Meles and his govt have been handling the political, economic and security policies of the country. I pointed out the govt’s relation with institutions like the IMF. Now I will add some more concrete examples to give further evidence of the fact that Ethiopia really is NOT a puppet.

      – Meles founded the IGAD with the sole purpose of creating regional independent thinking
      – He rekindled pan Africanism. Africans should stand together and work without interference from the north.
      – Meles and Ethiopia refused to hand over the Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir to the International Court of Justice. Irrespective of high pressure from Europe and the US. Bahir has been hunted everywhere but he could visit Ethiopia without any fear. This is because Ethiopia is not a puppet and does not bow before any foreign country to fulfill their orders. NO, NO, Nooooo!

      Goodbye Mr Z.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      So you claim to know that ethiopia is run as puppet government since the beginning of hisory. Let’s assume that you are correct. Then why blaming ethiopia for not demcarting the boarder? Blame the responsible ones and leave us alone.

      In one hand you claime that the west is running the country and in another hand you claime that ethiopia must obey the same Court which gives a damen where the line can be drawn from their beautifull Office in europe.

      Cure for Your confusion, the west doesnt give a heck where you put the line as long as you dont give red sea to the Arabs. period. If you think the west is shattering isayas balls for the sake of eritrean mjaority then you are as green as i thought.

      If you think a peacefull solution for the boarder brings stabilized nations then better compromise With the Peoples near you. Dont create a reason for the west to jump in for nurturing gorill fighters thus unite afar this way or another. Dont you ever west Your time to teach an afar, kunama, saho etc that they have to choose Eritrea than their own blood and flesh.

      Wheather tplf likes or not ethiopia must drag eventually into the war of afar because the majority of afar resides in Ehiopia. What ever afar state developing into it is easier to cooprate With afar state for ethiopains than eplf as confuse as you.

  • yemane

    Dear Mohammed Ahmed,
    Ramadan Kerim!!
    “”Many of the notorious groups I mentioned above, like the Nazis, the Fascists and so on, were not contained because they were pleaded to or cajoled, but rather because the systems they worshiped were destroyed militarily. They were decimated by force.”……Your assessment is what is supposed to be the fact. But who is going to do it if the likes of You and Me are still not-willing to leave our comfort zone?….Is that fair to preach for what you are not 100% sure to be part of it physically?….Well, while I am applauding your analysis and stand( cynical to say virtue’s though), I expect you to be a leader at this point.

  • Lemlem

    What a waste of time! Honestly, the Eritrean people could conceivably be in the market for an alternative to the current government but the opposition groups offer them absolutely nothing! Absolutely nothing other than YG said this or YG said that. Anchiwa halefet dimu teankefet.

    • Haqi

      How do you expect to get one when the mafia regime has made it illegal to oppose the regime satanic Policies. People like you make me sick, and you are a diagrace . you complain about the many oppositions yet you refuse to admitt the root cause is the mafia regime. The solution is simple, allow the Eritrean people to oppose the regime inside Eritrea.

      Lemlem shimki dessert kikewin neriwo.

  • Today Eritrean are concerned at present all signs appear to make of Eritrea candidate for failed state and devastating economic dire consequence coming at a time that Eritrea cannot afford.
    This holds true regardless of the culture, locality, time and place, whenever Eritrean junta HGDEF comes to power by force and subjugation without being democratically elected government, as the case now in Eritrea , considering the inherent political shortcomings; intellectual limitations; narrow vision and proclivity of the HGDEF regime to resort to naked force, ruthless brutality, we have seeing and wittiness how they massacred Eritrean our heroes veteran handicapped once facing up inevitable protests.
    All indications show that Eritrea is reaching what could amount to a point of no return slipping into the abyss of collapse with no political organization and organized body of institution to speak about , with no matter how astute and illegitimately none representative HGDEF regime is ; no external powerful nations of good will can intervene to prevent, albeit the miraculous intervention of the divine, that singular power alone – judging from a fast evolving already very complex political situation in Eritrea – can safe Eritrea and the Eritrean people , the crisis we face is not just over who rules. It is also over the more basic question of how Eritrea is and will be governed.
    Eritrea’s opposition liberal, ethnic, religious and secular parties have been largely dismal and dysfunctional over the past 10 year. Personality Ego and ineptitude have prevented them from coalescing into viable and strong willed alternatives. They waited and squabbled away valuable precious time.
    So our opposition leaders must totally abandon the culture of my party “me” in the name of unity and solidarity and fostering a sense of brotherhood and common good. They need to come together with objective well though plans that effectively address and remove DIA regime.
    May God prove me wrong, miscalculating and an utter ignorant of both understanding of the proper functioning of true state and democracy and lacking the political subtleties in the foretelling of the future. As i am not trying to predict the future.

    • Excellent points!

      • Wedi-hama
        Eritrean are very optimist society the future Eritrea will belong to Eritrean people and will have New Constitution had to be modern and inclusive , fully comprehensive that is all-encompassing; should provide for the Separation of Power (Among the executive Branch; the Legislative Branch and the Judiciary), rather the Central Theme; and that respects and guarantees the human rights and the civil liberties of every individual; every family; every recognized group of legitimate representation; each and every minority of minorities comprising the wide body of the society: an intended balanced cocktail of elected members of Parliament; the future Eritrea will elected Consular Council, the religious authorities, well-thought through representation of the full spectrum of Eritrea ’s socio-political, socio-cultural, socio-religious make-up of the Eritrean society; as all topped with well recognized great legal minds of generally acclaimed experts in Constitutional Laws.
        One expected that with such a supposedly representative Constitutional Founding Assembly, virtually created and carried out its Mandate most diligently for a few months or a year that a CONSENSUAL Constitution, before an enduring Social Contract, a Framework of the order of things that governs all aspects of peoples’ lives would finally be conceived and will see the Light.

  • L.T

    Opposition is dead and PFDJ are a live”

    “De mortuis nil nisi bonum”
    “Etom zmotu eadoum kefilom”” We will never come to bleme who are lefted us”

  • L.T

    Weldaeb and Idris Adam were one when it comes of national quesition of Eritrea and so on between Haraka(Tedla) and Elf Awate on that aspect and then Isaias with his party of freeeeeeeedom and Shabaia by Romadan,Abdala Idris and Huruy are Eritrean.
    To come to point:-
    Tesfai and Redie are from Karneshim and Yossief G.Howet and Girmai Yieabio are Ny-piccolo to to 3000 great yrs Ethiopia like Prof Daniel Kindie One Ethiopia and Prof Tesfazion Medhanie Con(fedristion).
    Dr Bereketaeb Habteslissie one of pan Africa are on one Horn Africa cornor”I would be glad if Eritrea will be one of”Tiklai Gizaet”of Ethiopia before I die.
    On the other of midnight:-
    Ayat Sibaht Nega”We are more than Eritrean”Dr Almesged Abay on his side in London”Great Axumait king-dom under Tigrawot”
    The show must go on…..livet gå vidare…..Aboy Jan-hoy was above people and below god…..and die like dog..The teatricaly game of Ethiopians are endless love.

  • melk



    [From moderator: melk, hush, user lower case and re-submit. No yelling allowed at the Awate Library.]

  • Alex isaias

    Yes, keep on entertaining your mind and your uneducated followers
    On your wishful thinking and your fantasies. No point to correct u or argue
    With you because the reality will be hard for you to swallow.

    • mhayle

      Very good son of Afom

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    There is nothing bad about Reading as long as one has the rime. First time i read awate.com i was surprised their boldness in exposing the pfdj/eplf leaders. Off course at that time were few who dared even if they live far far away from pfdj/eplf Power house Asmara. That time asmarino was pro pfdj at least a good deal of their contributors, and the News etc.

    But personaly what did i learn from awate.com? It is a good time now because awateians and tens of thousands eris are in their annual summer pligrimage to Asmara and rub their success to eri oppressed People. I Call this summer pligrimage as an annual recuriting campagin of eri People for mass exodes; pfdj knows the danger but the 2% the soul of pfdj’s economy has its saying too.

    Comming back to the point i have learnt this:
    Awate.com has nothing to give eritreans different from pfdj as both of them have a policy of hating ethiopians is the cornor stone for uniting (defining) Eritrea. If that hate is hindered then they have nothing to go on With.

    Both awateians and pfdj have the same policy on afar. Afar must be sacrificed for the sake of the ‘majority’. Their explanation is if ethiopia has ethio-som, why not eri-afar.

    The only practical thing i have learnt is that ‘very hot water is no good for my hair’. Every time i take shower i remember how in ethiopian remove the feather of the killed hen lol.

    • You do not seem to understand nothing or learned much from awate site, it is an insults, the site promote the will, humanity and democratic aspirations of millions of Eritreans, awate site is an aspiration and to see Eritrea as democratic state or transition to ,you “seems to lack even the basic mental ingredients. “you reading is deficient and flawed. You’ lack of intelligence, particularly when it comes to Eritrea, you understanding is as old as the Ethiopian colonization of Eritrean peoples.
      While this is not the first time that you writer in the Eritrean site you have missed the complexity of Eritrean politics, your comment is particularly outrageous.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Replacing the ethio ‘colonization’ With a eritrean ones can nob called neither intelegence, knowladge or Democracy the last time i checked.

        • The premeditated disapproval and of your blind hatred of Eritrean colors all you subsequent analyses by observing with premeditated attitude, such as the writing in above . This, unfortunately, tends to compromise intentionally the objectivity of a commentator’s true analysis. When Will Ethiopian will ever hardly mature to fulfilling the requisites to ever establishing a tradition of Democracy.

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            Said, i am just guessing as to what you are trying to say. May be ur English usage is too sophesticated for me to understand. We are far far from the eritrean Democracy achievment but With Your patience we will achieve democrtical tradition, not excatly like Yours because it is not fair to copy from you because you have worked so hard to Reach the democratical culture like having constituion, free and fair election, free press, the right to choose Your own religion etc.

  • Horizon

    It seems that the regime and its supporters are losing hope, and to get at Ethiopia they are dreaming and envisioning different scenarios, because there is nothing they could do to hurt Ethiopia any more. Some are hoping to see genocide in Ethiopia and a widespread ethnic unrest and chaos and they are even talking of the genocidal Radio Rwanda repeated in Ethiopia. Some others want to see a repetition of the fire that burned in all the four corners of Ethiopia in the 70s and 80s, when LFs were thriving all over the country. Still others would be more than happy to see an Ethio-Egyptian military confrontation.
    What they have not wished yet for Ethiopia is a catastrophic earthquake and a flood of the type that happened during the time of Noah. This are signs of defeat and helplessness. Wish us things that are good, and we will wish you more! There is nothing bad in this.
    Even resorting to black magic would not change things any more as much as Ethiopia is concerned. Her enemies are crumbling around her and peace and prosperity are knocking at her door. It is so sad that PFDJ and its supporters have become deaf and blind to the world around them and have chosen to live in complete denial. Those whom they call beggars, puppets and adgis are leaving them behind and they are completely unaware of it. They have chosen to travel on the back of the steady camel instead of using planes and fast trains as their neighbors are trying to do.The well-being of their people is not found even in the remotest compartment of their deranged minds. They have postponed human rights and development for the future, and they have made the never-ending sacrifice of the people a dogma and a religion. It is disheartening to see that it has become so easy for PFDJists to take a decision that is harmful to the people, provided some gain (political, economic or otherwise) comes out of it.

    • Kokhob Selam

      yYes brother Horizon. Yet, remember there is always chance as far as we Eritreans are here to remove all odds. Hope for the best,

      Inviting you those two music’s if you are not reading my poems in Jebena.


      • Horizon

        Dear Kokhob Selam,

        I have a confession to make. You might be surprised. Unfortunately, I do not speak Tigrigna. I know what I miss, especially not being able to understand your beautiful poems is a big lose to me.
        Except a one time visit I made to Asmara (that beautiful city), and Eritrean students with whom I attended high school in Addis, and casual friendship I made with Eritreans when I was in Ethiopia, I really do not know much of Eritrea as you know of Ethiopia.
        Now, I do not know what you would make of an Ethiopian from deep south.
        Thank you a lot for the links. Both are beautiful songs.

    • Horizon,good job very nice of you

  • Kedir

    We all know that PFDJ is a weak mafia organization. However what Mohmmed wrote in the article seems too extreme and unsubstantiated. For instance there was no news about pricy in the red sea or PFDJ cooperating with Alshebab on piracy. PFDJ working in human organ trafficking is also farfetched from the truth as there is no clear evidence that it happened even in Sinai. It is only a rumor. What he writer needs to do to verify the varsity of the rumor is simply ask Meron estifanos. So it is important to be prudent when we are writing an article that so many people are going to read. How does the writer know Yemeni boats were confiscated from international waters? Can he tell us about his source? Everything in the article seems based on some old grudge. It does not help to change things on the ground as sooner or later it is going to crumble as house of cards. Please understand that I am not pro PFDJ. I simply want to hear things based on truth than lie.

  • Zahra

    Years back the regime was said to be of Wedini standard. I remember one of Awate.com authors classifying the two groups that dominate the regime as Wedini Asmara and Wedini Massawa. We know the regime never got better. So, if Shefatu is worse than Wedini, that description is absolutely fitting because the regime based on international standard has shown not improvement at all. In fact, it has gone for the worse of the worst. Therefore, I will agree calling the regime Shefatu with numerous strips. The strips representing all the bad of the world–from imposters to the worst.

  • Hagos Berhan

    I am not really sure what to call the government of Eritrea, other than a bunch of bandits and blood suckers, If I was to use some classical description; then the best word that comes to my mind is SHEFATU (apologies for using capital letters, I was literally screaming the word!!!). The supporters however, or the petrol that is keeping the engine running in some small ways; are a different breed, there is no logic to their arguments, and I bet anyone of us who tried to convince one of the PFDJ supporters, that the Al Capone regime in Asmara is corrupt and rotten has witnessed a sudden surge in their blood pressure!! Please correct me if I am wrong. I always try to be as calm as possibel, not always easy.

    I am 100% with the author of the article, well worded and threaded out; excellent part 1 can’t wait to read part 2.

    Dibe Kulu stated that the Eritrean government enjoys a huge following in the Middle East!! Really, where did you get this fact from? Let me educate you Mr. Kulu, it is the need for a passport, our brothers and sisters in the Middle East need to document themselves properly as far as the local rules are concerned. I happen to be in so many countries in the Middle East, and I don’t see but disgruntled brothers and sisters. Are they able to demonstrate outside the embassies or even invade some of them, simple answer is no, local rules and policies do not allow such a thing. Yes; there is always the odd few here and there, and these are the benefactors of the current status who keep hitting the drums (koboro) about the regime and how well Eritrea is run day and night. I totally disagree with you and I urge you to revise your assessment as far as the popularity of the regime in the ME.

    What we need is a united opposition, clear agenda, and to begin acting on what is on the agenda, we have an uphill struggle ahead, the first point on the agenda should be; how are we collectively going to participate and remove this barbaric and good for nothing system in Eritrea. No one has all the answers at the moment, but if we bring all our minds together, then; impossible is nothing

    • Dibe Kulu

      Dear H. Berhan,

      You answered your own question by saying the diaspora Eritreans in the ME support the regime for passports and other legal identity requirements. Whatever the reasoning behind their support may be, the fact of the matter is, that they do support the regime, they dutifully pay their 2% taxes, stash their hard earned money in Eritrean banks, they buy land and other real property from the government, etc. All these activities are of course, very helpful to the regime. I rest my case.

      The point I was trying to make however, was to negate M. Ahmed’s assertion that all the regime has left as its supporting edifices are a few “ignorant Zer’ie Shefatus”. He is not talking about the present only (last 22 years) but about a sixty years’ extension of “shiftnet”. One can deduce from his analysis that the bitter struggle for liberation waged by the gallant EPLF forces was an act of banditry. Of course, no sane minded Eritrean can tolerate that kind of destructive & reactionary propaganda. All Eritreans from North, South, East, West and Center joined the struggle and sacrificed for it tremendously. Thus, we all share the blame for all mistakes that were committed and rejoice in all the good that was achieved.

      We can not dig our way out of the mess we find ourselves through recrimination and blaming one another.Those in the ME (who are by inference from M. Ahmed’s analogy, supposed to be more enlightened and sophisticated than the “ignorant” army members at home) are supporting the regime for fear of losing their legal papers(as per H.Berhan’s assertion). Why is it rocket science then, to understand(accept) the very same fact about the “ignorant” at home? How about doing it for fear of losing their lives?? Hmmm…may be truly rocket science for those of us who live comfortably in far away lands and wage wars from our computer screens???

      Bitterness and grudges carried over from the old days must be bygones. Past history is studied to help us avoid repeating the same mistakes and to build on all good ideals and achievements of our glorious days. Those who say they oppose what the regime is doing must refrain from doing the same thing and repeating the same mistakes! Otherwise, when they look into a mirror, they will more than likely, see in themselves a reflection of the regime staring back at them!!

      • Hagos Berhan

        Dear Dibe Kulu, thanks for replying,

        Unfortunately, I see ‘Support’ or ‘following’ for ones country from different set of lenses to yours. I do not think that I answered any of my questions. If I take you back few years, say 23 years, to be more direct; these people that we are talking about would be the first to do whatever it takes to engage with the rebels back in Sahel and Nakfa etc.., it was a case of someone asking them to jump, and their answer was innocently, how high!!! This was consistent, remember the days when women were throwing their gold at will, remember the days, when people were donating unbelievable amount of cash at any given meeting organized by EPLF, this was the true support, and indeed; this is what brought Eritrea. The greater sacrifice was of course; delivered by our brave martyrs.
        Let me ask you again, do you see, what I described above happen again? If you equate their need for legal paper work to support, then I have to disagree with you, they are being practical and I do not blame them at all, if they want to live and work in a foreign country, then they have to abide by the local rule, which reconnects them to the different Eritrean embassies in the ME. I do not intend to bore you with real life stories of the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the ME, the embassies sad to say; take advantage off.
        As far as I am concerned, this is a very healthy debate, my issue is with some Eritreans blind and illogical support for the regime in Asmara, if in that case we have to label one another and at times; blame one another, well then; so be it. Do you not think this is part of our political maturity? You can’t carry a basket full of eggs on your head and begin sprinting without anticipating that some eggs will actually break, no matter how careful you have been in the process. This over respectfulness has got us nowhere in the past, and if we are not willing to be blunt with one another, then we have no future at all. Again, for this to happen, what we need is a united opposition, clear agenda and then we can move forward, at least; when the opposing parties sit and discuss, they are aware; there are feelings of that nature, and they need to be addressed. A final word from me, a mini revolution occurred in January of this year, who is to say there won’t be another one?

        • Dibe Kulu

          Dear H. Berhan,

          I don’t want to dwell any longer than necessary on this rejoinder. All what I wanted to say was that the assertions & declarations by some that the regime is devoid of supporters and just one push away from falling, is either naive or purposeful misinformation.

          The Syrian regime was categorized as such two years ago.Today, it is not only alive but on a forceful offensive. It took months for the entire NATO armada to topple Gadafi’s regime. And yes, there still are some women/men who are very much devoted to the cause of their party, the PFDJ. They still throw their jewelry and hard earned cash into the pot as in those yester-years.

          I am afraid the kind of irresponsible and revisionist garbage being spewed on our websites will make them even more determined and committed to their cause. Dialogue demands civility if we are going to convince those who are on the wrong side of justice. It is sad that some are trying to mislead the youth, the future of the nation, by feeding them with some twisted, revisionist and reactionary history of their fathers/mothers and grand parents.

          For unity to prevail, there must be a common understanding of history as well as a shared sense of national pride. The opposition, by and large, lacks that commonality and there lies the culprit for disunity.

  • zegeremo
    • Let me quash the rebels using a modern army 😉


      • zegeremo


        Not that I wish anything bad in life for Ethiopians, but I was trying to bring your attention to the issue of deepening division among EPRDF.


    • gebre

      Dear Zegeremo,

      Ethiopia doesn’t need any war any more for another 17 years. Yous se, that stage is already briantlly executed and completed. Today, Ethiopia is executing the second stage with youthful viogor and determination. To observe that please visit Addis and Bahir dar and many other places.

      Change in the lives of people comes not only when a bad govt is replace by another but also when the new govt changes the mindset of its population through development.
      In few years time you will definitely see supper highways and fast train routes connecting Djoubiti ( the future transportation hub of East Africa) and all the nations south of Ethiopia.

      • zegeremo

        Good for Ethiopia!!! But if Ethiopia doesn’t need any war, all she has to do is withdraw from Eritrean and Somalian territory, stop oppressing Oromos and Amharas, release all innocent journalist and reconcile with the opposition.

        But the problem is the lust for Washington’s money blinds Ethiopia to the real consequences of being a puppet government. This tells us how much morality, honor, integrity there is left in Ethiopia: Zero. Sorry!


        • gebre

          Dear Zegeremo,
          The root cause of all the problems in the region is mainly the undeveloped mindset of all the stake holders. You see Zegeremo, people do not resort to reason and logic and respect and compromise, etc. You know it. We use to have things all the time; we want to win all the time irrespective whether we are entitled or not even if it would lead to conflicts. Our mindset tells us: It is my way or the highway. We are all the time arrogant, stubborn, disrespectful and revengeful.
          The border Problem: Let the people, the very people of the same ancestry, language, culture and blood who have lived together from time immemorial, have the right to say how they want it to be; how they are to share the same waterhole in the future. It is on the border of INSANITY to pass the border line along the diameter of a woman’s mogogo Ingera.
          Some people have the proclivity to fulfill European orders (orders from colonial times) no matter how things affect us Africans. Colonialism has completely destroyed Africa physically, spiritually and psychologically. They have divided Africans, split families, and destroyed properties, instilled hatred among tribes of Africa.
          After Colonialism, it was the turn of Communism to do the dirty job throughout the world. It didn’t even hesitate to split families and nations of Europe itself. Communism, without any moral barriers divided the people of Germany by drawing a border (even a wall) along their ancestral land irrespective of the same language culture, you name it. It gave the Germans two NEW Names: West Germans and East Germans. Well, well.
          But my brother Zegerom, whatever political manipulations people in power use to advance their selfish interests, they will never ever hide truth and logic in the long term. Truth is like the root of a tree; it grows deeper and stronger as time passes. So the German people got the final truth served after Communism disintegrated into tiny pieces. The Germans finally got their integrity and dignity and the wholeness of their accessorial land back in shape. But why not Africans? Why not the people along the Italian colonial imaginary boundary?
          On the ‘’oppression’’ of Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, etc: When EPRDF came to power, there was a lot of mistrust and fear among all the peoples of Ethiopia. Everybody was on guard. Today as Ethiopia is fully concentrated on development, trust, respect and care for one another have taken root. As everyone can witness development has become uniform throughout the country; power sharing is taking place logically and pragmatically. Every nation (Ethnicity) is involved in matters that affects it, etc. In the near future all trust and respect among nations is so restored and solidified that no one cares who the PM will be. Only he/she is fit for the job.
          On Journalists: Journalists have rights AND obligations. They are entitled to carry out their jobs independently with absolute professionalism. It would not be acceptable to entice people to violence and hate to serve the hidden agendas of foreign enemies of Ethiopia. Again here they have to balance their rights with their obligations to safeguard the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia with utmost priority. It’s the same even In the most developed countries. No govt in the west allows the disclosure its national secrets, etc. Look how the US is hunting Snowden for telling the truth. There are a lot of examples, practically related to any nation.
          In end I hope both the govt and the journalists come to their senses and pave a good transition to democratic an constructive way of working together.
          Is the Ethiopian govt a puppet govt?: I don’t think so. The Ethiopian govt always fights to use every loan and aid it gets from the west in its own way. It doesn’t take money only to fulfill the wishes of the west. Meles was a man of GREAT courage and determination. He and his govt has never been a puppet of foreign countries or organizations for money. He was the first courageous leader in Africa to challenge the IMF and other institutions. He and his govt not being a puppet of the developed north turned the compass 90 degrees to have relation suitable for the fast development of Ethiopia in particular and Africa in general. Zegeremo, does this show any kind of puppet govt? Please answer honestly?
          Thank for the discussion my brother Zegeremo. Wish you the best where ever you are. Good bye.

          • belay

            Dear gebre,
            That was Brilliant.

    • L.T

      As Isaias said”We have manay option to kill Weyane” Tekeze river are the best way to gun him down.Let the Amhara,Afar,Ogaden and Oromo to fight him and we do not care any more if Ethiopia are on Jugzlavia step level.Mereb wall are the solo-solution in this time.

  • MrBig

    Lies got you no-where fast in the past, have got you goin no-where today and will get you no-where tomorrow.

    Focus on meaningful opposition instead of divisive lies if you want the people of Eritrea to be behind you. Unfortunately, you and I know this article is written for consumption by outsider, not for Eritreans. Well, the other people who this is written for is the league of disgruntled regime opponents who have been in self inflicted exile for the last 22 years.

    To the later, I feel very sorry for all of you. You will have nothing but a bitter frustrating rest of your lives.

  • Salam Mohamed
    First I want to which you Ramadan Kareem.

    You really wrote well thought off ,a rare in-depth and in an extremely eloquent and profound article.

    Eritrean only have to remember what count most and recognize that DIA is the enemy of people ,of the truth, peace ,justice, human rights and precious life itself and by selling out and killing our humanity.DIA truly lack of any moral compassion and ethics whatsoever.
    Can we as an average a mere ordinary Eritrean triumph over the evil that is DIA?
    If our strong convention, belive,opinion and ideas are merited, valid and strong enough, Eritrean can easily understand and comprehend them, the will of the people ,the good can and will prevail over the evil that is concentrated in power of DIA.
    What stands between the Eritrean people and their deep understanding comprehension of evil is their Gullibility and Weakness to overcome.
    DIA has no respect for any Eritrean life or for anyone’s human rights value and no respect for any country’s sovereignty and who does not represents the interests of his own people or the our beloved country.
    Our country is not the DIA regime and he driving the country to destruction and our peoples should realize this sooner the better.
    If common good faithful Eritrean fail or we lack the courage to stand up to the evil that is DIA or if good fails to remove DIA’s evil, our future is a boot stamping on our human face for some time to come.

  • Haqi

    The best article I’ve read here. Well done sir, you spoke the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth.

  • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

    Mafia government with contraband economy, sorry for the people. Hope they will get their freedom soon.

    • romay

      M. Ahmed
      You should be ashamed to call our EDF ” illiterate warlords”. You could say what ever you want about HGDEF, but stay away from our EDF.

      • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

        The army is the regime oppression tool. It worsens the people life. So, what’s the difference between them?

  • WelWel

    Since most of the muslim population communities where earlier often raided and pillaged by Tigrean and Ethiopian rulers, the presence of Italian rule came as a blessing. Throughout the Colonial period the Italians felt secure of the loyalty of their Muslim subjects, especially muslim Tigreans, while they continued to suspect that their Christian subjects might one day make common cause with their co-religionists in Ethiopia.

    • WelWel

      The way forward should be, goodness and Forgiveness, not name-calling like “telam” and “zer’ie shefatu”. The only alternative to co-existence is co-destruction.

    • L.T

      Wel-Wel or Weldaeb W/Mariam,
      Eritrea is one and the common sense we have in Eritrea are not a language or a clan but a nationhood and will never come to point to seperate it from one love to Eritrea.Desperatism can’t change the whole picture of truth we have today.Tigria are Ethiopia and proud of it.

      • WelWel

        I know the national fabric of Eritrea is strong. But we need responsible Intellectuals. In My Eyes Mohammed Ahmed and Burhan Ali are no better than YG and GY. It doesn’t serve any purpose to go back in history selectively just b/c it serves their purpose for the moment, there’s plenty of blame to go around. We need visionaries to lead us to a brighter future, not reactionary fools.

  • L.T

    “Jebha will destroy with a minute”1978″Politika timhrti nHafash” or Tinbete Isaias(Red Book”
    to do his jobs take only three yrs to push Jenha to Sudan.
    “Shabia will destroy soon”2000 Azmarino.”The last and the only solution in this war is war”Mengutstu Haile Mariam in 1982
    “No war and no peace we can go soo far up to 2017.Meles Zenawi 2007 and he is dead now and we will wait if Weyane have stumach to go the same road like their boss 4 yrs more.
    PFDJ….PFDJ……We hear this on and on and again and again.Morsi is under miltiraly control but Isaias is free as always and are forever.

  • bukretsion

    it’s hard to expect constructive ideas from ‘thelan’ at the end of the day it’s the same ‘adgi’ bla bla bla. if this continue like this u will end up like somalia.

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear M. Ahmed,

    Peace under a solid foundation of justice and democracy is preferable when attained through national dialogue and reconciliation. Civil disobedience when taken to its extreme edges, can be a very strong weapon to fight against a dictatorship.

    I respectfully disagree with your dismal analysis of the regime’s depth of support when it comes to diaspora Eritreans. It has a stronger support in countries of the gulf and the wider Middle East than in Europe and the America for example. I am sure these supporters do not fall under your pejorative characterization of “Zeri Shefatu”.

    Which brings us to the sad conclusion of creating a cycle of violence if we were to use violence (force) to do away with the system. What do you do with these supporters of the regime then? If they are “Zeri Shefatu” won’t they just go back to that ancestral profession you have ascribed to them and pay us back in kind?

    What we need to do in my opinion is, hold those who live in democratic societies and finance the regime’s atrocities accountable. While fully enjoying the benefits of freedom, justice and the rule of law,they deny the same rights to their brethren in their country of origin. They are guilty by association and must be brought to justice using the legal rules of the democratic nations they reside in.

    That is a legal and peaceful way of fighting the regime’s injustices. There are lessons to be learned from what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, etc…Just food for thought before we set out on a self destructing strategy of fratricidal war.

  • Horizon

    Wow, I can imagine the apologists of the regime in Asmara running around to take shelter from this barrage of heavy artillery. As to the regime, it will be fuming like a dragon, because its foundation is being blown to pieces.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Why dont i read in eritrean webpages what the opposition achived instead of what the good for nothing pfdj goverment could not achives. 22 years is long to understand what ever moves the pfdj does. It is just like old copy of sound truck. YOu know excatly which songs come NeXT the moment you hear the last one.

    Tell us oppostion Group this and that have done this and that, for God’s sake.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Wow, so weak and the wierdest government ever in the whole world i suppose. And now the opposition of eritea is waiting until pfdj resgins. Is that what you are trying to tell us? Or isayas give Power to one of the cyber Liberation fron?

    Evry single line you wrote insults any opposition Group if there is one.

    • Zegeremo

      There is at least one: the Ethiopian puppet government.

      • ogbai

        Those who don’t agree with pfdj rules we are all opposition as whole.May be we differ in the proces how to remove it. Pfdj kept the the country not by the rule of law, but by gun piont we like it or not. It is hard to make acollective undestading under well organized level.We don’t have any open space at hand. We live far apart to each other all over in the world./Fah Elna kem Deki Zagra/. If we have to fight by means of armed srugle, and throw PFDJ we have to open some space inside ERitrea and we have to have a back up nation too. Well, DIA knows well about this position, and he didn’t left any open space and declared no oposition at all./Nay Wedebat Hashewye Yelbone\ If we are smart enough we have to push hard to explain to the mass by all means to stand up and even to turn the gun at hand against the hostage taker of our country Which is DIA himself.Then, we can assemble together and we will find away out from the mess our coutry has been through. Above all lets free ourselves from the fear and false propoganda of Pfdj’s. We waited long enough by its lie lies and lies.Its days are numberd and lets marsh from all cornners to wards VIOTORY.