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On the Wings of Malice and Idiocy

Observing the government of Eritrea and its functionaries, one is always struck which one of their two wings is heavier: the malicious one or the stupid one? One can build a case for either one, and it is a running debate among the Eritrean opposition and the silent majority. In an article that appeared at under the heading of “United Nation Commission of inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea will face inevitable legal challenges”, a Yemane Tsegay who is an “M.S. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy” is attempting to make his case to support the heading of the article. But, of course, it is a mish-mash of Sophia Tesfamarianism, not helped by the fact that nobody puts his title (Aerospace Engineer) in reference to human rights unless he is writing about Martians. Also, truth be told, I didn’t read it because it is unreadable. (No offense, Mr. Aerospace Engineer.)  Nor is that the subject of this article.  What struck me is the photo that, Tesfanews’ poor sister, chose to accompany the article.  A photo that was originally published by awate.  Choosing the picture conclusively shows that the stupid wing is heavier than the malicious wing.

Here’s why. If you are trying to show that all the outcry about the government of Eritrea’s human rights violations is orchestrated by “regime change” no-gooders, you would have a picture of me, or people like me. And, even then, you would have to show that the claims that the no-good regime-changers are making are false. But let’s consider whom they are trying to allege is a regime change advocate by going clockwise on the photo they chose:

newyork11. Meaza Petros Solomon is the daughter of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohannes.   Petros Solomon is a long-time EPLF combatant/veteran and member of its Central Committee. He perished on September 18, 2001, along with the rest of the “G-15,” senior political figures who were arrested shortly after they wrote an Open Letter calling for reform of the PFDJ.   He has not been brought to a court of a law but, every once in a while, President Isaias Afwerki and his designated Reputation Hitmen (the latest is Minister Yemane Gebremeskel) try, indict and sentence them in the court of public opinion where you don’t have to present a shred of evidence.

Meaza Petros’s mother, Aster Yohannes, was arrested in 2003 when she flew from the United States to Eritrea based on assurances she was given by then-ambassador to the US, Mr. Girma Asmerom, not to mention the president himself. Again, she has not been tried in a court of law and here whereabouts are unknown, officially, and the only time family members hear a word is when a prisoner escapes from Eritrea, as pilot Dejen Ande Hishel did in May 2014, and then narrates his story and, in passing, tells who else was inprisoned with him.

At the time the picture was taken, Meaza Petros Solomon was only 16. She is amazingly articulate and wise beyond her years, as this interview with Sahara-TV, taken the same day of her testimony, shows. Wisdom and articulation must run in her family: here’s her older sister, Hannah Petros Solomon, in a video testimony that will move all except the psychopaths:

2. The author: In the time I have been in the public eye, I have been called a PFDJ, a regime change advocate, a Jihadist, a Weyane, an Ethiopia-hater, and a Chauvinist. None of which is relevant to this simple fact: As of the time you are reading this, my father, Abdu Ahmed Younis (90), my brother Hassen A Ahmed (40) and my niece Ciham Ali Abdu (18) have been made to disappear since December 2012. And, of course, I am going to give testimony and publicize their case to whomever will listen.   Just last week, I reminded the American Charge d’affairs in Eritrea to take a little break from his chaperoned site-seeing to discharge his duties and next month I hope to make an even bigger slash.  It is the least I can do.

3. Weizero Mezgeb Mengistu is the mother of Aster Yohannes and the grandmother of Meaza Petros Solomon.   Now, if it is at all possible for people to take a pause from their useless polemics, I want to ask them this question: what would YOU do if your daughter disappeared without a trace and the kidnapper (in this case the government) refuses to do anything remotely responsible and accountable? Would you not scream as loud as you can to whomever will listen?

4. Sheila B. Keetharuth: she is the UN-appointed Special Rapporteur on Eritrea since November 2012.   If the supporters of the Government of Eritrea spent a fraction of the energy they spend fighting the Special Rapporteur towards reforming the government and improving its human rights record, there would never have been a need for a Special Rapporteur. Similarly, if they had spent 1/10 their energy lobbying the government of Eritrea to moderate its stridency in Somalia and Djibouti in the years 2006-2009, there wouldn’t have been sanctions on Eritrea that is now consuming all their energy to lift.

5. Sengal Woldetensae is the brother of Haile “Derue” Woldetensae.   Like Petros Solomon, Haile “Derue” is a long-time veteran of the EPLF, and a high-ranking government official (he was the Foreign Minister) during the Eritrea-Ethiopia border war of 1998-2000. Just like Petros Solomon, he was made to disappear on September 18, 2001 and nobody knows of his whereabouts. Isn’t the least that a “brother’s keeper” should do to advocate for and testify on behalf of his brother?

6. Elsa Chyrum is the Director of Human RIghts Concern Eritrea (HRCR), a UK-based human rights advocacy group.  The supporters of the Government of Eritrea hate Elsa for many reasons, but chief among them has to be that she was there, in Geneva, when the the UN’s Human Rights Council ignored the PFDJ spin and named a Special Rapporteur.They don’t fight fair: every day they come up with new accusations as if, one day, she will say: this is too much, I am going to fill out a Regret Letter.

7. Zerai Petros Solomon is the brother of the aforementioned Meaza Petros Solomon. Everything I said about her applies to him.

Now, these are the people we know because, by Eritrean standards, they are public figures. All the testimonies that the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) collected from hundreds of Eritreans are first-hand testimonies of private citizens who have been routinely and brutally victimized. Instead of calling everybody who testified a liar, as the government and its supporters have done; instead of scripting people to lie and give false testimony under duress (that nobody’s human rights are abused in Eritrea), the government of Eritrea would have been better served taking a pause from the disastrous path it has been on for over decades now.

Postscript: Saleh Gadi Johar is recovering well.  I have confiscated his phone and computer so don’t even try:)  He will be home soon and he will be giving his readers, as usual, a reportage of his latest trip.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Ayneta,

    Man is in the journey to find the truth. unfortunately he is busy and lost in his own ego – the selfish self – It is like a child send by his mother to buy something from the shop but he becomes busy on the street playing with others – then he may lost his money or forgot what he should buy etc. some leaders come up really for good reason but end up creating mess. some even come up for evil reason, but they go confused when the mass trust them like our IA. He was sent to destroy the national question but unfortunately (Lol) the once who send him are not there and the world politics was changed – and he don’t know what to do! he got his cousin Meles and Meles even was unable to receive orders of IA.

    going back to the core subject, man will fail and stand till he conquers the self. man will have to wake up and find the higher self. so, everyone of us has the leader within but it is covered and hidden due to our selfishness. we are busy in fighting outside for power,fame etc. we are lost. just a simple question to ask is who is me? who are you? your body,color, etc. non of all. not even the knowledge and education you own. you are the soul who is using all those tools including the mind supposed to be. now when the mind and body start to govern you, you become selfish. Kings killed their own children or brothers not to give their chair, brothers fight over the land left by their parent. etc. the me, for me, me, me .

    religion was designed to show us but again we read and read misunderstanding that it is for heaven it is for me. it is all about me ” no one will help you in the day of judgement ” Ah! no brother and no kid will come to help you— you should do this and that- the you was always telling the me to be more selfish. we create nations to live in peace and we change them the battle ground. it is always about first me. The journey is a bit rough now since we human beings have been lost like that child. for now, the immediate job is to expand love and trust while making it difficult for everyone to become dictator. give power to mothers, let the poor innocent come in front. let kindness expand…doing all this but let the rule be above all. make a system that no one can manipulate it . how? let’s talk about it.
    tes – the journey to fine world is here.

    • tes

      Dear Kokhob Selam,

      I was in that world, the world that you are walking. However I descended down to pick my fellow man. I know you are doing the reverse. You fought to take the man with you but then the man declined to be on your side. You waited patiently for such long time, long long time. Yes long time!

      I can see your path!

      But my beloved big brother, do not walk the walk alone. Come back again and help the man to get out of his greedy world.

      There is an adage that has a message like this:

      When all men are blind, one eyed man is a king. I don’t agree on this phrase for a reason that I have retained to be just for me.

      Therefore come back to your previous statehood and walk side by side with the man in question.


  • Dis Donc

    Dear Amde, Abush, etc….
    Decoupling dabo from democracy? A big no! No! It has been already demonstrated that economic institutions (such as property rights, regulatory institutions, institutions for macroeconomic stabilization, institutions for social insurance, institutions for conflict management, etc.) are the major source of economic growth across countries (Rodrik 2007).

    Basic needs fulfilment encompasses social, economic, political and religious interests. As such, apart from the provision of basic needs being an equitable social policy that offers investment in the human development of the absolute poor, it can also have economic benefits as well. Democracy offers three kinds of stability: ownership stability, legal stability and social stability. These three kinds of stability are among the most necessary conditions for economic development, though not sufficient conditions. If democracy, or non-democracy for that matter, have an effect on these three kinds of stability, they are bound to also have an impact on economic development. However, this impact unfortunately does not discriminate very much between democracy and non-democracy. The former being modern democracy and that latter being monarchy, like Saudi Arabia and such.

    Let me finish by saying that in democracy, if the people lack dabo then they change the personalities and policies whereas in non-democracy the people change the system itself. That was what happened in the great depression and the Bush’s war in 2008 election. Weimar republic had a precedent of WWI and was not given of enough time to fix itself. The advent of USSR was welcomed because the populace lack dabo and still failed to feed itself right upto 1991. Mao’s China too didn’t fare well up until his eventual replacement tweaked the system. Having said all the above, democracy too comes in many forms and flavors. The right combination is what needs to be judged….

    • Amde

      Selam Dis Donc,

      Thank you for the response. It is not that I disagree with you, but I want to be the devil’s advocate. There is an unconscious trend to blur the attributes of a capitalist economy with those of a “democratic” political system as we know it in the West. I would almost argue China is one of the most capitalistic of countries today, but nobody confuses it with democracy in any form. If anything, it is a throwback to ancient Confucian ethics of a loyal and knowledgeable elite that would support the Emperor of the day to implement and maintain good governance. On the other hand, the world is full of post-colonial countries that supposedly exhibit the attributes of democracy but are in essence mechanisms to satisfy the cravings of kleptomaniac elite.

      Too bad social science is not amenable to controlled experiments.


      • Dis Donc

        Dear Amde,

        True! But as I wrote in my last sentences; democracy has many forms and flavors, with the right combination to choose from. A capitalist economy without a democracy that doesn’t have the right mechanism for self check is nothing but a menace to society. That is what you observe in those post-colonial nations. Democracy is thrown at them or left for them with no or little organic contribution. A good example for organic democracy to observe will be Ethiopia. What meager success they have so far is as a result of their little or supposed fake democracy. And they will continue in this mode if they maintain to grow their democracy. But I worry that while there is no lack of democracy there is no other alternative to EPRDF and it will continue to rule. But this is another matter altogether and for obvious reason I do not want to go into detail.

  • Ayneta

    Tes :

    Lets not jump to endorse individuals for presidency here. SAAY may be a prolific writer, But I don’t think he has the gene to a be the country’s leader. He is too fair and pro-people. We know in African countries, these qualities don’t make one a leader. In African context, the masses love heros with no true history. They love psychos who who can disguise their inherent flaws for strength and perseverance. I know of many people who secretly applauded Mengistru Hailemariam because they thought he was touch and relentless. They failed to see the other side of him: brutal, self-centered, insecure Look nowhere than our own home yard. The petit dictator who has been terrorizing generations of Eritreans under the cover story of national development, Martyrdom, sovereignty. Many people still think he saved the country from the savage attacks of the Weyane, not knowing that he hatched the war as the perfect plan for him to perpetually prolong his power. And there are people like Nitricc who has never lived in Eritrea and still think they know better than the young people who bled for the country. When these very people flee the country for better life, the likes of Nitricc shout, ‘hager nabey gidifkuma’.

    You see Tes, SAAY is too like you and me. Too ordinary. Too human. Too intelligent. In African context, these are tantamount to weakness.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear AynIeta,

      when you have good transparent system agreed by people, I think leaders are just servants. on that system it doesn’t matter who leads and he will only lead for limited time ready to handover power. I see a leading nature in him (Saay7). there we have people with wonderful nature who can lead too. Here we have to know the decision making process will not be in the hand of one man and there are people around him. so let’s not worry about it for now. but where is that nation that we are talking about “መርዓዊ ከይሓዙስ ዓርኪ ይሕዙ ” ዶ ኮይኑ ! now we need the mind of those great people and heroes and leaders will be there for us in the journey.

      • Peace!

        Dear KoKobai,

        But if it were for Your friend Amanuel Hidrat, you would have unconditionally “up vote” it, just kidding! Nevertheless, መርዓዊ ከይሐዛ ዓርኪ ሐዛ is a powerful analogy for someone to diagnose and analyze weaknesses and strengths, and more importantly purpose and direction. Now, where do you think our weakness lies In saving the nation from further deterioration? What do you think our role should be as diaspora Eritreans?

        It has been much like purpose with no direction and consensus, and the result is, as you can see, devastating. What’s even more embarrassing is the lack of consensus within the opposition groups given the country and the people are completely suffocated by the merciless regime. Are we going to listen to them, or keep trying to manage leadership remotely? Sad!


        • Kokhob Selam

          ክቡር ሓው peace – ሰላም

          I think the first step is to find self. do you read the two poems about self? I think yes. now before going to solve any problem in this world the first thing to do is finding self.

          ንብስኻ ምድላይን ምርካብን ቅድሙ ኩሉ ይስራዕ :: እዚ እቲ ኩሉ ንለውጢ ዝብገስ ክገብሮ ዘለዎ ጉዳይ እዩ :: ድኹምን ሓያልን ጎድንታትካ ምፍታሽ – ኣሉታውን ኣውንታውን ዛንታኻ ምትንታን – ወድዓዊ ኩነታትካ ብንጹር ምትንታን.. ወዘተ

          ነታ ሓቀኛ ነብስኻ ምስ ረኸብካ እዩ እቲ ጀግንነት – ኣብኡ እዩ ዝርከብ ::እቲ ምንታይ ሲ እቲ ዝሓየለ ቃልሲ ንብስኻ ምቁጽጻር ስለ ዝኾነ:: ኩላትና ኣብ’ዛ ዱልዱል መሰረት ክንርዕም እንተኺኢልና ናብ ላዕሊ እንተደይብናን ኢና ሰላምን ራህዋን ዝዓሰላ ሃገርን ዓለምን እነጥሪ :: ነብስኻ ኣጽሪኻ ምስተበገስካ – ስድራ :-እንዳ :-ቀቢላ:- ብሄር:- ሃገረ: – ዞና ኣህጉር:- ዓለም ኣናበልካ ንላዕሊ !ፎኺሱ ዶ ተራእይካ ? እዋእ ! እቲ ዝበርተዐ ቃልሲ ግን ምስ ነብስኻ እትገብሮ እዮ ::

          ከምኡ እቲ ዘለኻዮ ውድብ ካብ ሓደ ሰብ -ናብ መስረዕ ጋንታ -ሓይሊ – ቦጠለኒ ብርጌድ እናበልካ ይድየብ ኣብ ካምፓኒ ከምኡ — ኮታ ኣብ ታ ምጅማር ድኣ ንነብስና ንርከባ እምበር ሰላም ሲ ደበኽ ክትብል እያ ::

          ሕጂ ነቲ ናይ ነብስኻ ምርካብ ሒደት ንዘይተረደኦ ከነረድእ ክንጅምር ኣለና :: ብዝተኻእለ ነቲ ረብሻን ዕግርግርን ነውጽን ምድንጋርን ናይ ዝፈጥሩ ሓይልታት ጉዳይ ክንቆጻጸረሉ ዘኽእለና ኣልያ (መካኒዝም ) ክንፈጥር ግዳ ይግበኣና እዩ :: ንኣብነት እቲ ተጻይ ዝፈጥሮ ዘሎ ምስቅልቅል ዝበለ ጎንጺ ህዝብና ክፈልጦ ምግባር ነቶም መጋበርያ ድማ ምዕዳም – እምነት – ምስፍሕፋሕ ወዘተ ::

          ነዚ ብዝምልከት ኢና ምሁራትና ኣዚና ንደልዮም ንኣብነት እቲ ንስኻ ዝጠቀስካዮ ሓው ኣማኑኤል ዝጸሓፎም ዓንቀጻት ኣብ እምነትን – ኣማራጺ ቅዲ ቅልሳትን – ቅዲ ኣሰጋግራን ኣዝዮም ኣገደስቲ እዮም :: ብዛዕቢ ዚ ብዙሕ ከዕልለካ ባህ ምበለኒ ግዳ ኣብ ሃታሃታን ምድላውን ስለዘለኹ ገለ ከም ኣርእስቲ ተመራሚርካሎም ክትቅኒ —

          01.እምነትን ጽልዋታቱን :-
          02. እምነት ከመይ ክፍጠር ይኽእል :-ጉዕዞ ምምላስ እምነት እንታይ ይመስል:-
          03.ሸቶንና ተኣማምነትን-ንጽበዮ ውጽኢታት :-
          04.ክእለታትና -ብውልቀ ፍትወት ተሓቢኦም ዘለው ክእለታትና ከመይ ነውጽኦም
          05.ምምዕባል ግሉጽነት :-
          06.ምጉልባት ምክብባር :-
          07.ምግጣም ወድዓዊ ኩነታት :-
          08.መትከላት ምትዕርራይ :-
          09.ሕብረተሰብኣዊ ምትእምማን :-

          “the moment there is suspicion about a person’s motives everything he does becomes tainted” Mahtma Gandhi

          You have chosen the name peace, it is clear that your are looking peace. you are peace already, peace is in you and don’t search it anywhere else. thank you. see you next month and please don’t forget to examine yourself the points above.

          • Peace!


            የቐንየለይ ክብረት ይሃበለይ ዝሓወይ! ናበይ ዳኣ ክተብሊኻ ቫከሺን ኣይተወደእን ድዩ ንዝኾነ ብፁቡቅ ተመለስ እተን ሕቶታተይ ንግዚኡ ከዲነየን ክፅንሕ እየ።


          • Amanuel Hidrat


            በመሰረቱ አብተን ዝጠቀስካየን ነጥብታት እንተንዛረብ ዴአ ቀደም አብ ሒደ ጭቡጥ ነገር እንዶ ምበጸሓና ነይርና:: ፖለቲካ አብ ኤርትራና ጸርፍን ኩዳ ዕንኪሊልን እዩ::

            አማኑኤል ሕድራት

    • tes

      Dear Ayneta,

      You are not crazy but honest when you write, “He is too fair and pro-people.”

      Oh Ayneta, yah, I understand that intelligent and pro-human leaders are not the chosen to be leaders in all time so far except in very few circumstances. Forgive me if I am mistaken but the world has so far welcomed leaders of the quality that you are sure not to be welcomed.

      To mention few:

      1. Nelson Mandela – known world figure – no need to talk more.

      2. Ghandi – despite some of his short-outcomes*

      3. Lincoln – though some may criticize him for abolishing slavery

      And today I believe that Obama is of such high caliber man who is intelligent enough to integrate politics and intelligence.

      In Africa I think the only female president of all time, Ellen Johnson can also be brought to these high caliber leaders.

      Saying the above, I have a strong believe that it is up to us to nurture leaders. And to nurture we need to identify first. I am therefore on the identification process. If I understand you well I think you have also identified the patterns that I can concur hence we are in accord at the basic people’s dream, that is pro-people and of intellectuals journey (not actions though), intelligence.

      What I may say in plus is that we need to be courageous to welcome mind heroes instead of war heroes.

      Just lets be courageous for that.


      *He failed to condemn Indian class system. Though he did a right thing for not disestablishing the Indian way of life as his main target was to end British Colonial rule many pro-humanity, not pro-people, still grind their teeth on his failure to condemn. This is in fact one grievance among Ghandi friends and colleagues and to some extent the division between India and Pakistan.

      + There is big difference between pro-people and pr-humanity.If you need my take I will be back. Just click.

      • Abi

        HI Tes
        You forgot
        Tewodros , Yohanness, Menelik, to mention some of the greatest of all leaders this world ever seen. You traveled all over the world looking for foreign leaders. It is your mental slavery that caused it. I hope you will snap out of it. Poor soul. Look around . You will find some at your backyard.

        • tes


          Just to say this:

          You know SGJ has experienced a heart attack recently. Are you caring and wishing him fast recovery? Kindly delete these names as they partially share on what happened to SGJ.

          As for me, these are bandits. No less!


          • Abi

            You called them bandits?
            ” qelal yaqelal”
            I believe SGJ appreciates their resolve not to succumb to foreign invaders?
            What you say?

        • Gogo

          Dear Abi arkey,
          You are not to compare these souls with the likes of Ghandi and Mandela. Are you? You can not allow your resolve to defend your country in this form to constrain your poetic soul to sing praises and write panegyrics of dubious feudal personalities. You strike me as too bright to fall into this jingoistic trap.

          • Abi

            Hi GoGo
            My first comment is MIA. Let me try again.
            I am by no means comparing Ghandi and Mandela with the Ethiopian Giants!!!!!
            These Giants were inspirational for the likes Mandela. The reactionary Haileselassie was an inspiration for the revolutionary Mandela.
            No Sir! These people got no match on planet earth.
            What is arkey?

          • Gogo

            Hi Abi
            haha. You have become too predictable man. I was just playing an Asmarino trick on you. የራስነካ እየ ነይረ። I know you can’t get out of your bubble and engage in a serious historical debate. I was just playing mischief.

            Arkey= Tigrigna for my friend

          • Abi

            GoGo Goitay
            Abi has always been predictable. You don’t start playing mischief with Abi. I have to admit I was the most mischievous person growing up.
            One of my favorite was to buy some meat from a Muslim butcher and give the meat to my mother ‘s priest.( yenefs abat). He didn’t like me just because of my Hadere friends. Swapping meat with my Hadere friends was our all time favorite.
            Do you have some bad stories?

          • Gogo

            Selam Abi,
            No need for your quaint ‘goitay’. You are addressing a young man. And yes exchanging childhood mischief would be save and befitting for the telegraphic one-liners you frequently drop here. Bad stories next time.

          • tes

            Dear Gogo,

            I can see you through my litmus paper. Unless you have some physics tools and apply them (such as Newtonian, Thermodynamics, Nuclear and hydrogen bomb) and turn Abi into ash, trying to consider him at a humanity level is going to disappoint you.

            take my expert advice lightly.


          • Gogo

            Hi Tes,
            That is a bit harsh. You think that can go well with the Zen practices and teachings you seem to adhere to? Plus, Abi looks an innocuous old guy. Let him be, if for nothing else, just for fun. Btw, are you still bashing Elias on FB?

          • tes

            Dear Gogo,

            Indeed is an innocuous old, super old, with a broken one-eyed black glass in his left eye. You will see where exactly gets crazy soon. Just watch!

            On the Zen, oh man, yes I have many stuffs. Let Kokhob Selam enjoy the teaching of Zen masters now. May be we can have some crush discourses seldom.

            Ah, Elias Amare, I am done with him. Let him go sober when he get drank. In fact I thank him for alerting me. Now his source materials are the primary evidences against his cult. Have you seen what these 40+ pre-independence in the embassy headquarter? None of them lived in Eritrea for the last 25 years nevertheless they are denying the truth as if they are living in Eritrea.

            Elias is funny Gogo, sober when dranks and drank when he is sober:. What a wise description is this. I hope Solomon Haile is not reading.


  • PTS

    Selam all,
    Why does the math of the state of the union address confuse me? It is reported that Obama is speaking tonight for the 7th and last time. Shouldn’t it be 8 times – same number of years in office?

    • saay7

      Really, PTS?

      Jan 2009 – Inaugural address. 1
      Jan 2010 – Jan 2015 – State of the Union (SOTU) address. 6.
      Jan 2016 – off to Chicago; no address. 0

      Total = 7

      Republican rebuttals = 7

      Now, for fun, let’s compare IA’s addresses:

      Dec: Shabait, EastAfro tell us that he will speak sometime soon, and accompany the announcement with a picture of the prez from 2006. Then there is a long absence. Eventually, a long rambling interview (always with a different reporter because we can’t have a reporter that becomes famous) where IA essentially destroys everything that the two Yemanes worked on for the whole year:)


      • PTS

        Hello SAAY,
        It makes sense now. The first speech is not called sotu but inaugural.
        Based on your educated guess whose inaugural speech will we hear next year?
        PS. I am looking to Isaias upcoming interview although it doesn’t seem any time soon. I think he is waiting for the developments in Ethiopia.

        • saay7

          Hey PTS:

          I called the following elections right:

          1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004. The last one, 2004, is the one that got me in trouble with Ghezae Hagos:) Because I would like to maintain my perfect record, I quit predicting:)

          Now, if you ask me which people scare me to death, that is a different question and I have a long list of scary people. My guy, Rand Paul, is polling at 2% 🙂


          • AOsman

            Dear SAAY,

            I thought you guys have no good choice this time round, all the crazy ones are aligned waiting for your vote. Hear what Naom Chosky had to say about the candidates:


            When Obama got elected, I was on flight back from Canada to UK, I remember the on flight announcement and the air of excitement. That holiday I had no choice but to follow the election. I was really impressed how the polls were good at predicting the results.

            Now Trump is causing so much unease, that may be that I don’t see the Ameritrean crowd not discussing the next elections. Where is Tsatse anyway, he needs to bring his zagol.


  • Hope

    Read as:” This does not mean that I sympathize with Mek–1 on his first statement about saay!

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear naye wo naay beynye
    Which one are you asking me for to link? I could do it, you just help me that they don’t erase it. You see awatistas, it is only here on this forum that you won’t be booted out because of your political views. But I will try, dear Hope, let me Know Which one you are referring to.

    • Hope

      Selam The Living Hero:
      The first link on SAAY’s Bio and resume !
      Btw,that link should stay permanently at the awate Front Page on the brief bio section !

      • Mahmud Saleh

        MarHaba Hope TsaEda,
        Hope Ambessa, I understand you are giving the “living hero” to all of us. Otherwise, we are lowering the bar. There are people who have done extraordinary accomplishments. I dedicate it to them.
        The link is a social network for professionals. I’m very sure they (madote and tesfanews) know the network and the credentials of Ustaz Saleh. It is the old adage that goes, “If you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.”

  • saay7

    Selamat Music Novice:

    I guess there is a reason why people say “different strokes for different folks.” I actually think David Bowie was a much more gifted and risk-taking artist prone to constant self-reinvention than the collection of classic rock dinosaurs you were celebrating as great artists:)

    There is also a reason, I guess, why people keep saying artists pass away in threes. There was Lemy, there was David Bowie and then the very great Wedi Zager who had one song that is very personal to me.


    • Music Novice

      Greetings saay,

      How long ago a musician started cannot be the issue. The criteria should be content and timelessness. For example, can Bowie match Bach for content and timelessness?

      By the way, Bowie himself was not fresh faced, he just had good commercial sense to change appearances periodically.

    • Hayat Adem

      I personally know the Wedi Zager you posted on the video We lost another Wedi Zager aka Birhane Abraha. The Wedi Zager in the song, aka Mulugeta Beyene, is still feeling the warmth of the sun and, I learned, also preparing a new album from which hopefully you might find another personal song to like. My condolence tot he family and RIP to Birhane.

  • AMAN

    I think it is time to say good by to Awate
    and good luck to all the new generation
    Because even after all these years it seems only an argument
    between all Ethiopians who never knew Ethiopia and Eritreans
    who never knew Eritrea in its true nature; but only who are infatuated
    and blind passionate romantic love to the names Ethiopia and Eritrea.
    How come one be for a regime and for the country all at the same time ?
    If the regime is against the country; and if one is for the regime; it implies
    that he/she is against the country !
    Bye Now !

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear All,

    A friend alerted me to read the forum- that there are unfair comments about Saleh Younis. I read Mek1 comment. I will use it to expand my previous comment regarding victims of injustice and their family members. Mek1 questioned Saleh’s credentials, his motives, and the motives of other family members of persons who have been languishing in prisons without any trial.

    On the credentials:

    * Saleh was politically involved in the struggle that was waged to liberate Eritrea. As a student, and, later during its post independence years, as an active citizen who did what he could in order to have a stable beginning of the nascent nation, including participating and leading panels, seminars, committees…etc.
    * As you can see it from the snapshot of his bio, he started writing about Eritrea and related issues since mid 90s.
    * Saleh is well known for his incisive and quick responses to the concerted psychological warfare that Ethiopian intellectuals unleashed during the Ethio-Eritrean war. He has since developed that specialty: facts driven flow, spiced up by his writing mastery, makes him one of very few, if ever, brilliant writers. I invite you to read his Dehai catches, and you will find the man was born to write. Therefore:
    a. he has more than enough to claim the title “writer.”
    b. He has more than enough knowledge to claim an expert on the areas he writes on. His articles are known for links of researched materials, and additional related references.
    You said, “I read articles you wrote, how can I be Shure you wrote them? this days money talks, you can pay someone with education, he will do it for you, people like you try to shine at the expense of others, by belittling them, guard you thinking.”

    Well, be fair mek1, please. In addition to the fact that we don’t know who mek1 is (because you chose to stay behind a pseudo name), how do we then know your comment is indeed mek1’s comment? Could not it be the product of the talking monkeys? I mean please be fair. The man is a public figure. You have every right to criticize him, but do it in a way that’s intelligent, fair, and mature.

    Mek1, let me ask you this question. Say, a police squad raid your house and arrest you, or just arrest anywhere and at anytime of the day doing your daily business. Normally you will ask why you are arrested; in some places it’s a law that the police reads your rights that you may remain silent until you get a lawyer, you would ask for a bail so that you could attend your trials from home, because it’s your right; you would ask for your right to challenge the authorities that arrested you either through your lawyer or through you, representing yourself…you would fight the authority to prove case, etc. You know that even if proven guilty and sent to prison, you still have many rights including the right of privacy and the right of family visits, the rights of appeals…etc. Now, let’s say all these are luxury. OK, the family members you are whose integrity you are questioning are not actually asking for all the above luxury. They just want their loved ones to get a fair hearing, they want to know if their imprisoned family members are still alive. Remember, some of these people were kids when their fathers and mothers were taken away. There may be others who have not known the family member they are campaigning for, may be they were not born (I know of such a case). I know of two fast excuses which are frequently used by PFDJ cadres in defending the egregious policy of the government.

    1. They committed high treason. Well, laws are constructed in such a way that for any charge there is a reason, and for that reason there must be a process of resolution. If there is the charge “treason” in the books, there must be a judicial procedure of resolving it one way or another. There should be court systems that handle that charge. Some countries design special courts, others handle it within their criminal justice system. But the notion that if charged you should be tried is universal. Therefore, the family members are asking for a day in court. That’s all.

    2. ” We are a young nations. They are measuring us by standards that took hundreds of years to perfect.”

    Not really. It does not take 15-24 years to present people in court. And then, for systems to mature, they have to start somewhere. suspending them, doesn’t really make them grow. You have to be conceived and then born in order to mature to an adult. What we have so far witnessed is the act of aborting justice. When countries realize they are behind in something, they better kick start that process, perfect it through ups and downs. Otherwise, arresting a process does not yield miracles.

    Well I know why the process has been arrested; I’m just making a case applicable anywhere.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Mahmud:

      Thanks for the commen.

      But to advocate for justice, to tell the truth, the be a voice for the voiceless, to be gusty in the face of intimidations requires no human bestowed credentials. The sole requirement to do all the above is God given and it is to be human, a human created in the image of God. Only those Nephilims whose mothers enticed the devil with their physical superficial whorish attractiveness and the Demons fathered children from these mothers will question the innately human credentials to speak all the above.

      And that is why Noah and his children were spared from the great flood not because he was only righteous but because his genealogy was not contaminated by Satan. And therefore more reason, more prove to weed out and dismantle and unleash Noah’s flood on PFDJ. No, tis not either weed out or dismantle but both and add to that flood to wash out and cleanse the Nephilims like Mek1 and his PFDJ pedigree

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan Semere Hfoon

        “…to tell the truth, the be a voice for the voiceless, to be gusty in the face of intimidations requires no human bestowed credentials. The sole requirement to do all the above is God given and it is to be human, a human created in the image of God”
        Verily true. That’s why they call it Universal Human Rights. Anyway, sometimes, you have to engage people, even if wrapped by pseudo-names. My approach was to get down to the basics, or as our people say: ንዓሻ ደርጎሓሉ። I think the level of ንለባም ኣምተሉ has been passed if people could not display empathy and some respect to the children of the affected families. A dear friend of mine passed away in October, 2015 far away from his wife and children. The way his family has been torn apart is a testimony to what’s been ailing our nation, both parents are veteran EPLF fighters. Their only crime was that a close relative happens to be among the G-15 (stay tuned for details). I think there is no more patriotism than defending the rights of your compatriots.

    • saay7

      Ah, Mahmuday:

      Well, what can I say. Except change the subject:)

      Today, a man I admire greatly, died. He had been battling cancer for 18 months and he kept it all to himself and to his immediate family. The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust is no more. I saw a tweet which said something like, “I really never thought he would die; I thought he would return to his planet.” Perfect epitaph for David Bowie, a man who turned down knighthood because he didn’t see the point in it.

      There is no definitive David Bowie song because he reinvented himself 10 times. Heroes. Major Tom. Fame. Under Pressure. Modern Love. China Girl. Let’s Dance….. But for me, it has always been “suffragette city” with its bluesy piano, at maximum volume specially after the pause and the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”

      Happy trails Bowie!


      PS: Thanks a lot Mahmuday!

    • tes

      Dear Mahmud Saleh,

      I appreciate your “lets be engaged approach” but sometimes (and becomes always in case if it happen to be with PFDJites) to be at the risk of your patience. I mean the patience that you can pay at most.

      From my take: as saay7 is a public figure (you put it rightly) it is hard to disproof his credentials let alone to ask about it.

      You well remember my criticism on saay7’s political line of thinking. Even during my crazy and high moments of my criticism on his stand I never failed to appreciate his analytical mind. I said repeatedly, “not having saay7 in the weed’em-out camp was a big loss”. saay7, even with all such extreme grievances he has within, he didn’t step-up to the extreme folks camp who need a complete extiniction of PFDJ as a system of governance. He is still a cool compatriot who wishes all best happening to his people and his country.

      Ok lets now forget Mek1, as he is just not sure on saay7’s capability to produce written materials for publication, is an exceptional mind blowing materials contributor in the Eritrean political environment. Yet his materials are eco-political friendly. He is far from attacking personalities but a leader par-excellence in exposing personalities.

      I have an utmost appreciation for his voices to the voiceless people.

      I have an utmost respect for his intellectual level of thinking

      I have an utmost respect for his sharp mind, high personalities, justice centered heart and above all his very welcoming and lets engage them methodological approach.


    • tes

      Just to add,

      Today Eritrea needs saay7’s leadership. I have this deep trust, even Amanuel Hidrat, Hayat Adem, Kokhob Selam, and many who are skeptical of finding capable leader who can bring Eritrea from the demise it might face soon, are very confident and comfortable with saay7.

      For example:

      1. The recent Tunisian model proposed by Amanuel Hidrat can be achieved with a significant success under saay7 leadership.

      2. The democratic coup, which can be also merged as a first step of Amanuel Hidrat’s proposal can also be handled perfectly by saay7’s leadership.

      What saay7 won’t be fit is for the weed’em out camp leadership. But he might be a good public figure and diplomat to minimize the transition period chaos by building bridges of reconciliation.

      If you ask why, just to know my reasoning as I know you have your own too, here is my take:

      The reason is simple: saay7 hears everything. And in the Eritrean political landscape, as we can witness, is full of everything. But he doesn’t only hears, he moves on also.


      • Nitricc

        “Today Eritrea needs saay7’s leadership. I have this deep trust, even Amanuel Hidrat, Hayat Adem, Kokhob Selam, and many who are skeptical of finding
        capable leader who can bring Eritrea from the demise it might face soon, are very confident and comfortable with saay7”

        Hi Tes, say what? Well, you told us your temptations for smoking cigarette; but you never told us what you are smoking, we know it is not cigarette.
        I thought SAAY is good for nothing a mother of chauvinistic? Now, you turn around and you are endorsing to be a leader the same person good for nothing chauvinistic?
        I know you are all about dictionary but if you want the absolute definition of bipolar? Look no more.
        Can you ever take a stand?

        • tes

          Hala Nitricc,

          Since you do not have any cell for political argument, you can not understand what I stand against saay7. Leadership has nothing to do with political difference.

          Since you are dump, let me kick your head here with what I wrote,

          “What saay7 won’t be fit is for the weed’em out camp leadership. But he might be a good public figure and diplomat to minimize the transition period chaos by building bridges of reconciliation.”

          This sentence says everything for someone with a mind unfortunately you are not.

          On other take

          On the cigarette issue, you understood it wrongly. I was not talking about myself but on those who are addicted by it. In my contemplation I concluded that it was stupid to contemplate about those who kill themselves and I stopped just to exist, an existence of existence.

          I know you tried to pollute my contemplation with your dirty politics. And this was not without a reason. Nitricc, a single celled creature is all what he can take from.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Tes,
            Be a good sport and allow him a laugh or two: “Well, you told us your temptations for smoking cigarette; but you never told us what you are smoking, we know it is not cigarette.”
            Simply classic!!!

          • tes

            Dear Dis Donc,

            I consider Nitricc, Abi and Hope as robots and non-human and simultaneously I am not reluctant to let them pollute my environment. I don’t want to give them any laugh for what ever reason it is (sorry Dis Donc). This is my conviction of all time. I may change my conviction if I feel some humanity within their corrupted and damaged head.

            Therefore take it serious conviction my friend.

            the sentence you brought is one of Nitricc’s favorite distortion tehcniques to make his point. He distores what has been said for a reason. And yet he is hit hardly by his own technique.


      • Peace!

        tes my man!

        So your version of change allows diaspora Eritreans to choose a governing module( preferably Tunisian), and a leader for the people. How about helping people spark a movement that gives birth to powerful leader?


        • Nitricc

          Hi Peace; Please forgive what Tes is saying. He has no clue about the mechanisms of change and the role of leaders. Changes such as Tunisia’s kind, leaders are not assigned or identified to lead such changes; leaders are born or created by the process of change. For example; if any uprising to take place that leads to change in Eritrea; I can assure you, you will have no idea who emerges as a leader. If you see at the Ethiopian revolution that throw out Hailesilase; who would have thought out of all those educated and high ranking Generals Mengistu would end up to emerge as a leader? You see, unknown mechanism of change will breed unknown and unheard of leaders, in other words you can’t not want unknown change and at the same time chose your leaders. You see how Tes’s argument is toothless? However; if it is a reformed change then, you can chose your leaders. Tes is all messed up and confused.

          • tes

            Dear Nitricc,

            I don’t know why you always want to lose your toothless drops. I have let you down in so many lines so far and now you are in a mess.

            Drop your reform agenda. There is nothing to be reformed except to be weeded-out.

            I have an engineering back ground and I know how to engineer for a problem to bring a solution. I am solution oriented not like you a wondering man.

            Too dump you are and a wastage of time is for me to guide you.

            Anyhow I am happy that you recovered from the trauma you faced after you wrongly understood Saay7’s resignation from the AT.

            Wake-up Nitricc. I think Hayat Adem and Semere A will soon come unto you to give some mind awaking advisory services.

            Hope, your friend, is mumbling around. Forward my greetings.

            Abi, let him die with his Dabo first old slogan of socialist ideology. Now Abi is rejected by all including his best friend Haya Adem.


        • tes

          Dear Peace!

          It is good that you are back on the Eritrean issue.

          No Peace! I didn’t say. That is your perceived version. In my political discourse there is no difference between Diaspora Eritreans and those who are still in Eritrea. We are just an exiled family who are deeply connected. Therefore drop your diaspora bla bla. I don’t buy these kind of politics.

          My driving motto is very simple and straight.

          Eritreans solutions for Eritrean problems. And in my definition of Eritreans, are those who are Eritreans. Very simple. No classification, no nomination and no division.

          because of the dictatorial nature and absence of freedom inside Eritrea, Eritreans who are concerned on their home affairs are gathering every where. Unlike you who are against those who stay in Ethiopia, I endorse everyone where ever he conducts his program.

          My take is therefore all dimensional. If you notice my line and I know you won’t for your own vague perception, let me quote myself.

          1. “…But he might be a good public figure and diplomat to minimize the transition period chaos by building bridges of reconciliation.”

          2. “The reason is simple: saay7 hears everything. And in the Eritrean political landscape, as we can witness, is full of everything. But he doesn’t only hears, he moves on also.

          Contemplate therefore on these lines before delving on your own version of redefining.

          Democratic coup and that of Tunisian model (abrupt appraisal and then follow dialogue) can be coupled together. I can have a very strong argument and I am trying to adjust them if they are also fit in the weed-them out strategy. So far I have to a conclusion that if these two models are coupled the weed-them out strategy can be implemented with 100% success.


  • AMAN

    Dear Awates,
    Is the political and cultural gap that existed & had been there for many
    decades between Ethiopia and the US / the West’s socio-cultural and
    political systems still in place and maintained. It always seems Ethiopia
    is far back and behind in its cultural, political and social realities from the
    world by a period of 7 years and 8 months always ( just like its calander)
    all the time.
    Whenever I turn the pages our past year 2015 looks like the future 7 or 8 years
    away to Ethiopia. Not only the calander but also the social and cultural events
    of our political world.
    What happen ? what is going on ?
    Is Ethiopia not in the same league or in step with the world ?

  • Gogo

    Selamat Saay,

    When you write I would love to say ‘Saleh Younis Locuta Causa Finita’ and sit and learn. But, let me try to shoot one or
    two points here.

    It is claimed that Lenin had once said that an organization has three types of members: intellectuals, organizers and
    scoundrels. For multiple reasons, the EPLF, unlike its third world revolutionary counterparts did not have its writer/thinker revolutionaries. No Cabral, No Samora Michel, No Nyrere, No Ho Chi Minh. No doubt, it had a legion of wonderfully resourceful, brilliant, zesty and gutsy organizers who fearlessly skirted enemy strongholds, plant moles inside the Ethiopian bureaucratic system, and induced thousands of Eritreans to join hands in fighting the Ethiopian occupation (Excuse me Abinet nebsi). Fifty years and counting, the PFDJ is left with all but the scoundrels, wishy-washy leftie wannabes, and all kinds of imaginable political dregs. I am of course referring to those very few individuals who pop up on twitter and other social media outlets, and write some unreadable mumbo jumbos laced with raw reference to Sovereignty, Baduma, American hegemony and some lackluster words and phrases picked from leftist literature.

    In a sense one can quip that the current hard core PFDJistas are not authentic PFDJistas, as they might appear to some of us. By authentic I mean people who invoke cardinal documents/political programmes/written manifestos of the PFDJ as ideological and ethical watermarks by which things are to be measured. I have yet to see a single PFDJ supporter who is proficient and eloquently articulate of say the 1994 National charter or the 1997 constitution and defend the performance of the organization accordingly. I do not really remember in which one of his books but I have read Slavoj Zizek discussing how the authentic believers of the communist ideology were the prime targets of the totalitarian communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Over the last twenty five year, the PFDJ has been devouring its true believers and what it is left with are the Sophias, the Amanuel Biedemariams, and other unknown little puppies. Schizoids who say one thing one time and different thing another time like Elias Amare are also around. (In passing, I want to give Elias Amare his due. He really feels the pain about the situation in Eritrea and expresses it aloud: when he is dead drank. ኤልያስ፡ ኣብ ግደይ ሳንታ ኣንተንዮ ሰኺርካ ንየማነ ገብርኣብ ዝበልካዮ እየ ዝሕክዮም ዘለኹ- Apparently you are sober when you are drank and drank when you are sober). Because of this, the PFDJ lucks true members who pulls it back to some sort of ethical fold from its unfettered pragmatic/unprincipled moves. And this has resulted in a terrifying dissociation of politics and ethics, where politics is restricted to pragmatic considerations, and the politics of Truth, as embodied in normative standards of our society, in the dream and vision of our Ghedli, and in our constitution, is made valuable only for editorials, and slogans. And here lies one of the many radical contributions our opposition should make: the reinsertion and reassertion of the ethical into our polluted political landscape and thereby reviving the
    politics of the Truth.

    Last point about evils of the PFDJ and its underpinning cause: When musing about this, Hanna Arendt’s ‘banality of evil’ comes to mind. As someone who grew under the PFDJ and faced its rough hands as a Sawa trainee and a member of the national service programme, the PFDJ, at least the members that I know, do not strike me as having the malevolent will to do evil. Save the few at the top, the ordinary members that one encounters in Sawa, in the Colleges, in the
    prisons, and in the military (I have been in all except in prison) operate, to paraphrase Arendt, unthinkingly, following
    orders, efficiently carrying them out, with no consideration of their effects upon those they target. For them, the harm they inflict on their fellow citizens is like any other bureaucratically assigned and discharged responsibility.


    • Abi

      Hi Gogo
      You are excused.
      You are saying Ertrawiyan gojo mafres enji gojo mesrat ayawqum.

      • V.F.

        Abi, is it Ertrawiyan or Ertranoch as in Ethiopianoch?

        • Abi

          Hi VF
          Ertranoch and Ethiopianoch are not not words. You have to stop by Gondar before you ascend to EnToTo. Bring Hagos10 with you. All 10 of them.

      • Hagos10

        Why do you see it as necessary to spew such garbage?

        • Abi

          Hi Hagos 10
          I am having hard time dealing with one Hagos . You are swarming me with an army of 10. Not fair.
          BTW, Ertrawiyan dildy mafres enji dildy megenbat ayawqum. Now, I am expecting an army of 100 Hagosoch. Is Hagosoch a word?
          Take it easy.

    • saay7

      Hey GoGo, Locuta Causa Finita:

      Beautiful, particularly the reference to the banality of evil. Well, Elias Amare has made it very clear that Eritrea is the Cuba of Africa, which he considers a compliment. Everybody who is being tortured, killed, made to disappear, sexually abused is a Casualty of Development: three generations from now, when Eritrea becomes Singapore, it will all be forgiven. Well, forgiveness assumes wrong doing: let’s just say it will all be within context. Meanwhile, the best way to demonstrate that you don’t personalize issues is to de-personalize persons. The brother of the Swede-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaac is a PFDJista because he “doesn’t personalize”; he is a serious revolutionary. (Like the kid who just killed his mother to impress DaEsh that ____ comes above family.)

      I understand why people like Isaias Afwerki have completely lost their marbles. It comes with the territory of absolute power as Obama explained to Jerry Seinfeld in this interview I have chopped

      I don’t understand when otherwise rational people accept children imprisoned and mothers made orphans. But your reference to the banality of evil goes a long way to answering that.


      • Gogo

        Dear Sal,
        The idea that a brutally oppressive political system is a necessary condition for development is absurd and self-defeating. Without going far, whatever progress is achieved in social services such education and health in Eritrea, is progressively deteriorating due to the closed, unaccountable and repressive nature of the political system. It is a sort of diminishing return. To me, the whole idea is just a pathetic rationalization of a naked brutality.
        And about the denationalization of issues: I think it is a way of stripping a person concrete moral reference

        thereby render him/her malleable to manipulation.

        • saay7

          Selam Gogo:

          Agree completely. For people like our friend Abi, the neck is designed to contain the esophagus, to transfer Dabo from the mouth to the stomach. But our Amhara* cousins have a telling proverb for the true function of the neck: ኣንገት ለምን ተሰራ: ዞሮ ለማየት:: (Why was the neck invented? To turn around and enhance our vision.)

          If all people wanted was bread, then there wouldn’t be & (4+3) Eritrean Airforce pilots (the elite of the elite) sent for training in Dubai ask for asylum at the UNHCR in Dubai just this month. People want to use their mouth not just to eat but speak, and when you criminalize speech, as the Eri Government has done, then people who consider speaking as essential as breathing, leave.

          Now, our Amhara cousins have one more thing to say about the neck which explains the continued existence of the PFDJ: “ኣንገትዋን ደግፈው ቢያዘፍንዋት ያለች መሰላት” which is so spot on, I won’t do it justice if I translate, but its literal version is: “just because they supported her throat as she sang, she actually thinks she is relevant.” The PFDJ has been hobbling from TPLF support (1991-1997) to Sudan (2000-2014) to Saudi Arabia/Emirates (2015), like a pinball.


          • Abi

            You are breathing fire.
            Since when you started to take everything ” literally “?
            Dabo means basic needs. Period.
            Ende hodam behodih silehodih atasib.
            Dabo means
            Clean water
            Health care
            Education ( I prefer vocational education)
            It means a lot of basic needs.
            Democracy without dabo or before dabo is very elitist. In a country where you are not sure if you have the next meal, or an aspirin, or where you live in a house unfit for animals……please stop preaching democracy.
            The problem is , I think, you have never seen poverty. You read about it somewhere.
            Don’t get me started.
            Now tell me how the honorable Saleh Gadi is doing?
            Anget yetefeTerew kerevat lemaser new( Saay)

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Abush,
            I really do not want to get in between you two, but do you want to fight about Democracy before Dabo vs. Dabo before Democracy? The Spanish say: Pelea! Pelea! Pelea!!

          • tes

            Dear Dis Donc,

            This is an excellent question. Unfortunately it is addressed to a wrong person.


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Tes,

            Couldn’t stop laughing at the appearance of your commentary which has alacrity sprinkled with a taste of wise nag.

          • tes

            Dis Donc,

            I experienced a beautiful smile after reading your drop too.

            Ecstasy is feeling of an honest communication


          • Abi

            Hi Tes
            You are absolutely right. You should be the one answering this question. How about you make a call to your mother and relatives and get back to us? Let’s see what they say? Let’s see if your mother burn some democracy to cook dinner. Or make ambasha from a democratic flour. I heard it tastes good with a democratic coffee made of a democratic barely. Add democratic sugar in it , omg! Sweeeeeet!
            Get real .

          • Hayat Adem

            Sweet Abi,
            Actually, you are not appreciative enough of the intricateness/oneness of the issues. Dabo is the production, democracy is the distribution. Availability has never guaranteed accessibility. You can advocate for dabocracy and democracy with one voice without contradicting yourself.

          • tes

            Dear Hayat Adem, Horizon and all,

            The problem with Abi is that he is using the old socialist book of food security. What he failed to update on his level of thinking is that there shouldn’t be pending issue in regard to democracy and food security. If you suppress one definitely the other will not secured.

            Communists/socialists and later to be dictators use the term “food security first” slogan to enslave people while starving them to death. And these victims are blocked from speaking simply because there is no freedom to speak. In fact no socialist country has so far secured its food security by declaring “food first”. They didn’t because even if they provide enough food people are uninformed on how to use the food available efficiently and in a way these people would be able to consume it in a healthy way.

            Securing food and securing democracy is the ultimate path. I know it is difficult to attain them simultaneously though they are attainable. If only one choice is given I better prefer democracy than food security. As I know securing democracy is securing food too. It is because people have full freedom of moving to a place where they get what they want or bringing what they want.

            Abi, the old Derg reminant is unfortunately still referring the socialist book. Ah we are in 12/01/2016!


          • Hayat Adem

            Dearest tes,
            I agree with you fully except for the harsh words you deployed against sweet Abi. You know how that would hurt me:)
            You are right that there is this age-old philosophical clash. I am from the school that government has never been good at economics. To the extent possible, governments should limit themselves to only addressing regulations, policies, policing, defense, infrastructures, non-market distortions more and selectively few market imbalances. People are good at solving market gaps, needs gaps, advancing innovations, competitiveness. For cracks in between the private and the government, think tanks, knowledge centers, NGOs, CSOs and CBOs can fill in. I hate do-it-all kinds of governments. They suffocate citizens, the people, the nation and beyond. I have a joke for you, Tes, from the old USSR time.
            A Moscow resident citizen approached a car supply center and placed an order for a personal vehicle. And the he was told it would would take 12 years to deliver. And then this conversation had to be exchanged between the buyer and the auto officials:
            “12 years? Well so be it if that is a must wait time. But I want to know on what day you will exactly deliver.”
            “You really want to know a delivery day for something that will come 12 years later?”
            “Isn’t that what I just asked?”
            “Okay, give me amoment to check through the calendar…here we go, it will be on Friday!”
            “Okay, now tell me exactly what time will happen the delivery.”
            “Really? You want the exact time of delivery for something that will come 12 years later?”
            “Why would I ask if I didn’t need to know that?”
            “Okay then, that will be in the afternoon between 2-4PM.”
            “Oh, thanks God. That is a great relief. My worry of schedule clash is now removed. I have a scheduled appointment for that day morning with the Plumber.”

          • tes

            Dear Hayat A.,

            This is more than a joke. It is a serious political discourse. Sorry I am polluting it. Haha 12 yrs!

            In PFDJ time, it is 24 years! Exactly half, much better than the PFDJ regime.

            Recently I read that PFDJ closed about 200 garages in Asmara by the so called city center development program. And this is 24 years after, double of that of the rendez-vous (RDV) yiblu les françaises. Appointment nmibal ye.

            On Abi, sorry if you felt it in that way but no other words to describe him in fact more friendly.


          • Abi

            Hayat yene Emebet
            This reminds me of a class discussion about efficiency and effectiveness.
            Efficiency– doing things right.
            Effectiveness– doing the right thing.
            Are we doing the right thing? In our situation where the demand is for dabo and you provide democracy, do you think you are being effective?
            Besides, how do you distribute something you didn’t produce?

            Dabo leterabe, democracy leTegebe.
            With love.

          • Hayat Adem

            And what is the use of producing if it is not for distribution? Do both: produce as well as distribute.Do both: do the things right ( as efficient manager), and do the right thing (as effective leader).
            I can easily extend this discussion to see our current situation in Eritrea. The government and dawit think modern slavery in Eritrea is the right thing to do for self defense and self sufficiency. I tend to think, security can not be addressed by self militarization. In fact, it is not in Eritrea’s (resource-challenged) long-term interest to secure itself through militarization. It is self-entrapment. Small countries advantage is by investing in excellence and it when big countries respect them for their excellence not for their muscle. if there was democracy, I would have a chance to test if there is any market for my idea in Eritrea. In Ethiopia, your government has another mantra: development. And I believe governments of developing countries have big roles in leading the people towards that goal. But there are always better and smarter ways of achieving that and you need democratic space to hear and tap into those.


          • አዲስ

            Hi Abi,

            I found this on twitter and it sums up how I feel about this discussion.

            “ከዴሞክራሲ ዳቦ ይቀድማል” አሉን፣
            እሺ ዳቦው የታል?

            If you get the chance try to read “Development as Freedom” by Amartya Sen. It’s a good book on this topic and of course it opposes your position : )


          • tes

            Hello Addis,

            Haha what a nice kick to Abi.

            Let me tell you this: I was reading on Eritrean Food Security Strategy two years before. And I was shocked to find the main target (in fact major target) was to focus on food export to generate hard currency.

            And after studying on International Agricultural Economics and Policies I found that document to be shocking. I came across the European subsidy system commonly called CAP and what I learned on how they really managed to secure their food is a great success.

            In short, while Eritrea collects cereals grown by poor farmer forcefully EU were and are encouraging farmers to produce food products by providing them all raw materials and financial help. And farmers in Europe have then free access to any market they want. In the case of Eritrea and I believe in Ethiopia too, farmers are rather forced to conscripted and those very few who manage to grow are forced to submit their harvest at a predefined but lowest cost of buying to central government stores.Sometimes farmers are left empty for their own family consumption.

            This is the Eritrean Food Security Strategy.

            Take rural capable man power to military, leave old fathers and women with children there. Wait if these incapable people to cultivate and harvest, collect what ever they produce and make them dependent on market while all products are shipped to foreign countries to generate hard currency. Thanks to Sudan, there is low quality sorghum grains to be smuggled and fill the market.

            Anyway, I don’t want to indulge you on the Eritrean issue I am just sharing if it is common with that of Ethiopia.

            For more you can read the Food Security Strategy of PFDJ regime prepared in 2002. It looks old but I think there is no new docmument released that I can easily access.



          • አዲስ

            Hi Tes,

            Thanks for the link, I will look in to it. I don’t think Ethiopian farmers are forced to submit their harvest They have many struggles though. Time permits, I will try to get back to this discussion. I am a bit overwhelmed with work these days.


          • tes

            Dear Addis,

            Good for Ethiopian farmers at least not to submit their harvest.

            How about collective farm?

            Though it failed because of Ministry of Agriculture mismanagement, PFDJ is still ruled by collective farm.

            Oh, ok, I just dropped these lines to make a point.

            See you soon then


          • Dear Abi,
            If I am allowed to paraphrase what the Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen had said, “No country has ever faced shortage of dabo if it has a functioning democracy”.

          • Abi

            Hi Horizon and all “democracy now ” advocates ,
            How do you satisfy your higher needs ( like democracy) before you satisfy your basic needs (like dabo) ?
            How is it possible for democracy to flourish without a formidable middled Class? Please come down to planet earth. Better yet, come to our region where you find millions of people whose daily prayers are about daily bread than a fancy democracy. Let’s be realistic.
            I sense some insensitivity in your comments.

          • Dear Abi,
            The problem is prioritizing the one when compared to the other. Democracy and achieving the basic needs of the people and the formation of a robust middle class go together, hand in hand. If there is not democracy and people do not have equal
            chances, every citizen is not equal before the law, corruption is rampant, some
            groups are favored more than others, the system creates the super-rich and the
            dirt-poor etc, it is not possible to achieve the things you mentioned above. We
            end up for example, with land being given to dubious developers, meritocracy is
            thrown out of the window and nepotism becomes the main criterion to acquire a
            job or hold positions, people are evicted from their land and given to individuals who are supposed to cultivate it and yet the land is made to remain idle (case in point, Karraturi), famine recurs, and our people continue to live on less than 1-2 dollars/a day, while the country is said to be among the top performing economies. Therefore, basic rights and basic needs cannot be separated.

          • tes

            Dear Horizon,

            You have a an excellent point here:

            “The problem is prioritizing the one when compared to the other.”

            Oh yes, the problem is prioritizing one when compared to the other. What a wise saying is this. In a normal world, there is no comparison between democracy and food needs. These are uncomparable things. No one comes first and none of them comes later.

            Lets see USSR, they had that comparison, securing basic needs(water, food, electricity and health) first and then they imagined democracy to be secondary. And this took them almost 80 years – 1915 – 1991. And finally what ahppened? Nothing, USSR vanished to exist and the big part of union, Russia is still struggling with the same strategy under Putin, 100 yrs now, a century.

            The case of USA is the inverse. Those who established USA were first victims of massive execution by feudal lords and religious clerks in their native land, Europe. They decided to run away and found USA. Since they were traumatized by injustice, what they first did was writing the constitution. And that constitution is the basic founding block of modern democracy. USA continued to abide by the constitution and what we see is a world power house that managed to stay at a leading position for the last 100 years and plus. This is a contrary to USSR.


          • Amde

            Selam Horizon, Abi, Tes, Hayat.

            I have heard this expression and some variant, but i cannot figure out how this mechanism works actually? The great depression of the 20s/30s happened in a country which we would today consider having all the attributes of “democracy” as we know it in the west at least. Did Indian famines become history because of the political system, or the green revolution?

            Don’t get me wrong – human nature being what it is – for those who have acquired power, “dabo today democracy nege” sounds like a godsend for being totally unaccountable with what they do with it. And it is right to constantly push and challenge them.

            I just do not see the direct mechanism between democracy and dabo. It is quite likely I am ignorant of well known and accepted studies that can show empirically such a linkage.

            History might be unpleasantly revealing on why post-Pinochet Chile is the first country in Latin America to be invited to the OECD, while Brazil under the Workers Party seems to be struggling right now. Germany under the Weimar republic was one of the most democratic of states, but floundered economically, creating the despair that allowed the Nazis to get in. And had Hitler turned away in 1938 from invading his neighbors in 1939, the world would perhaps be talking about the German economic miracle.

            It is wiser to decouple the two.. there is no reason why we cannot demand both dabo and democracy. The only thing that I can think of as to the economic benefit of a non-democratic political system would be what may be termed as long-term macro-economic stability. This by itself may be a huge enough benefit that it may be credibly argued as a net positive. I suspect it is one factor among many, but for sure it is difficult to expect growth under constantly changing policies and economic experiments. Otherwise, both are good with their own intrinsic worth, irrespective of the other.


          • Gogo

            Hi Amde,
            You are right history offers us a mixed lesson about the correlation between democracy and economic development. And we might fail to locate the necessary logical connection between the two. And one should be always mindlful of the countless other factors that are in play. However, when we take stock of the economic history of the world after modern nation states burst into history, we can point at a sufficient correlation between the two. Democratic institutions and political systems, expressed in terms of predictable rule of law, inclusive and ever expanding political space, responsive albeit strong governance, has been identified as a sufficient precondition for sustained growth. There is an interesting and historically rich book written by Daren Acemoglu and James Robinson titled Why Nations Fail: the Origin of Power, Prosperity and PovertyPoverty (the one BBB picked at Yemane Ghebreab desk during its recent visit). It contains extremely rich historical examples and anectodes in regard to the issue.

          • Amde

            Selam GoGo

            Thank you for the response and the tip about the book. I remember seeing it in the BBC documentary, stacked with another one about Ethiopia in the Fascist era. One wonders if Yemane learned anything out of it.

            One could argue that the list of attributes for “sufficient precondition for sustained growth” could just as well be demonstrated by an enlightened monarchy or mercantilist oligarchy. The problem is of course how to guarantee it on a sustainable basis. I vividly remember Andrew Young (former Atlanta mayor and Jimmy Carter’s Ambassador to the UN) once saying “The law is what a group of businessmen say it is.” It was certainly unexpected from a nominal democrat, but I feel it reflects a view point borne out of how American city politics works… The voters get their chance every few years, but the business of politics is done day to day between the city officials and the local elite business persons going in and out of city hall. Without a shakeup from outside, such continual access results in accretion of exclusive power and privilege that in the end stifles all the positive pro-economic growth attributes you mentioned. In that sense democracy creates the opportunity for that necessary corrective shakeup.

            In general though, I am rather wary of the liberal use of the word “democracy” in our neck of the woods, whether it is from the regimes or their opposition. I would love to see the “Rule of Law” enforced and practiced way before democracy to be honest. I believe this is one of the secrets behind Hong Kong’s phenomenal success. It has been the enduring theme that it is the governing powers – whether HaileSellasie, Derg, EPRDF or PFDJ – that end up ignoring their own laws or just exercising them selectively.


          • tes

            Dear Amde,

            I concur with your take.

            Let me share this with you.

            After world war II, many countries in the world entered into a new system of agricultural production revolution enforced by US marshal plan. It is also called green revolution.

            During that period and which is still continuing in some countries, agricultural fields were expanded, many forests were destroyed and production system became dependent on chemical products. Animal production became very intensive and thousands of animals were confined insmall buildings.

            Well food became abundant and hunger was defeated. Lets now forget the side effect and health complication that came with it in parallel.

            My point is on animals that are confined in small buildings.

            Although the animals got enough access to food and healthy services, their meat became unhealthy. And as we all can witness today there very complex healthy issues across the world that are originated from these food products.

            After scientists got the problem, they are working hard to introduce what they call it “ANIMAL WELFARE”.

            Animal Welfare is almost a new science, almost equal to JUSTICE for human being. Animal welfare respects all the rights of the animal from conception to slaughter period.

            Justice is also equivalent to Animal welfare, justice is a right of human being from conception to death.

            Modern farms that are obeying these animal welfare are registering high standards of animal health and product quality.

            My point is in short:

            To provide food is not enough by itself. For any human being, without delay, justice should be enforced. Others may complicate the definition of democracy but in brief it is justice – as SGJ prefers to mention it.

            This is a lesson supposed to be address to Abi.


          • Dear Amde,
            In my opinion, what we need is fulfillment of the basic (essential, fundamental) human needs combined with respect to their basic (inalienable) human rights. In reality, the one overlaps the other, and cannot be separated completely from each other. I abhor for example, the type of democracy that gives individuals the right to own assault rifles to kill innocent children, students and citizens, or gives acquittal even if more than a thousand black people are killed every year by cops, when some of those killed are as young as 12 yrs old. Democracy without a limit is anarchy. In addition, the so-called economic giants of South-East Asia did not bring economic development without respect to basic human rights. If we say that basic human need is the dabo, then basic human right is the fresh air. Human society can move forward only if both exist together.

          • saay7


            I don’t think we are that far apart. If you read the literature of the Eritrean and Ethiopian opposition, they focus on the government’s deprivation of rights enshrined in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (right to life, right to being free from fear of gov, free speech, assembly, worship) and the literature of the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments emphasizes their delivery of fundamental rights enshrined in the same UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (right to nutritious food, shelter, social services.)

            As was clear from your reaction to the Ethiopian government’s handling of the “Oromo crisis”, you do not approve governmental excess in denial of life and liberty. But a Dabo First governent will always rationalize such behavior by giving you this priority:

            First comes peace and security
            Then dabo (as you defined it not as a hodam would define it)
            Then everything else.

            But human beings are very complex and I think Abraham Maslow got his hierarchy a bit off: For some people, dignity comes before basic needs. A governent that tramples people’s dignity will never be rewarded for the dabos it creates.

            Hayat, thanks for the correction! You are right, I am talking about the wrong Wedi Zager.


            PS: SGJ is recovering really well. Speaking of basic needs, he considers political activism as a essential as oxygen. But some of us busybodies have confiscated his phone and computer for a week. He sends you all his regards and his thanks for your best wishes.

          • Abi

            Selam Saay
            I’m so happy Columbus is doing fine. Pleasel Keep his gadgets away from him. I think he needs a new hobby for a change. How about learning to read a map or a compass. At least he will find the right city when he travels. How shocking is it to find yourself In a wrong city ?Not good for your heart.

            I have one Amharic proverb for Gogo.
            ” kurat erat ayhonim”
            ( dignity can not be a dinner)
            One more
            ” yemtbelaw yelat, yemtkenanebew amarat.”
            Saay, you and other Awatistas including prof Tes made great points. I thank you all.
            I am hungry now. Can I have some democracy leb leb for dinner ?

          • saay7

            Funny Abi:

            But you are barking up the wrong tree. You can take SGJ blindfolded to a place he has never been and within seconds he will give you directions how to get home. I don’t think this is an acquired skill, it is how the mind is wired. Scientists at Harvard once conducted a study and found out that indigenous Australians have the best sense of direction because they don’t have terms for “left”, “right”: they only have terms for north, south, east, west. SGJ MIGHT be one of those indigenous people.

            The why he was in Addis before Nairobi is one of those stories that he will tell in due time (spoiler alert: because a patriotic Eritrean asked him to.) Meanwhile, it is really fun to read people speculate–from the those who are congenital aristocrat fan holders ( to the run-of-the-mill delusional paranoids who see conspiracies everywhere. Your version, I must say, is original. Crazy wrong, but original:)

            As to what you will have for dinner, we will have to vote on it. We call that democracy.


          • Abi

            Hi Saay
            I don’t like your democratic way of delivering dinner. Either it will take you forever to vote and tally and fight and fight and fight…The dinner will be cold if there is any at all. The other alternative is to vote 100% . Which makes my dinner a democratic TiHlo. I wait for a better dinner.

          • Gogo

            Selamat Sal,

            That is a lot of Amharic proverbs and thank you for translating them for me. On the development/democracy or as the former chairman of National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students, Debub branch, Hager Ganzay, who is now in the dungeon of the ruling regime, once put it in a debate organized by the PFDJ in the mid of the last decade, ቕጫ/ምርጫ, nexus or their ordering in the hierarchy of priorities, there is a long tradition of political philosophy which tries to grapple with this problem. One strand of thinking, which goes way back to Rousseau, Fichte, and Hegel, and include modern thinkers such as Francis Fukuyama, is the one which has identified the need for recognition as a primary mover of history as opposed to the Marxist identification of
            materialist element as all-defining force. In both Phenomenology of Spirit and the Philosophy of Right, Hegel recasts the state of nature and the conflict contained in there as emanating from the
            violent assertion by those who are deprived of material and political power of their moral and political equity with those who posses them. By fighting against the masters, the subjects affirm
            that they put a higher premium on their freedom by proving that their normative status as equals is of more importance than any of their other desires- sometimes- even their lives. I think the concept of recognition goes a long way to explain the motive behind the anti-colonial struggles of the third world,feminist and civil right movements, ethnic minorities and all other forms of movement of the subaltern nature. These struggles were as much struggles for recognition of a particular identity of one kind or another as they were about fair material distribution. Notwithstanding the economic grievances which underpin it, the recent Arab spring is also a good example of people fighting for recognition as equal members of their political communities.

            This is my pedantic way of saying I agree with your take

    • Music Novice

      Greetings GoGo,

      On “the authentic believers” of the communist ideology or some other closed systems:

      Within closed systems such as political ideologies and religions there is no reliable way of proving who is authentic. Different strands within a system could claim to be authentic, thereby leading to claims of contradictory positions being true at the same time. The ultimate decider is force.

    • tes

      Dear Gogo,

      An impeccable dissection and very enlightening.

      What did Elias Amare, anta Gogo, abta wushate bourgeois of PFDJ zikonet club enda Gidey diyu ezi kulu.

      Anta Gogo kindey tilibim, tebarek yibleka aleku

      Elias Amare: ኤልያስ፡ ኣብ ግደይ ሳንታ ኣንተንዮ ሰኺርካ ንየማነ ገብርኣብ ዝበልካዮ እየ ዝሕክዮም ዘለኹ-

      This sentence has lots of things within it.

      You described them perfectly – sober when they drunk and drunk when they are sober*

      By the way Elias Amare is my beef at facebook these days. He is an credible source of gangster camp gathering. I got lots of pictures from his FB wall which are very useful to turn them down.

      If TsaTse is around, the one who knows Elias Amare well, will open some files of this Diakon aganinti.

      Thank you


    • Dis Donc

      Dear folks,
      Let me butt-in here, unwantedly.

      – Politics of Truth: Richard Armour once wrote; politics,
      it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with
      right or left instead of right or wrong. While we, the opposition, worry about right or wrong, the above saying remains and will remain the same. All
      of us here, in the oppositions camp, are concerned for peace, triumph of reason, and justice in Eritrea but we must be keenly aware how small an influence of reason and honest good will that the current governing party is left in it. This will make it very difficult for it to go away peacefully, if it goes at all. It is nothing but dictatorship by nature and appearance. It is an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership(s), unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social or political associations.

      – So why fight? Reading from this forum I see that the Eritrean political landscape is very diverse and complicated, in nature. From extreme right to extreme left!! Which is fine and need to encouraged. A country of this diverse political landscape needs a stable system in which all political parties as well as individuals and civic groups participate. A quick observation indicates that anything short of stable political system will lead us to from a mild political strifeIt to civil war. Hence, this can only be addressed if our struggle is directed in forming this political system. We need an Eritrea that has a political system which encompases a constitution, rule-of-law, and democratic institutions that have elements of civic groups. Anything short of that is nothing but what the Ethiopians used to say gulicha bileweT weT ayaTafiTim.

      • tes

        Dear Dis Donc

        I will be around as you are bringing a very good political argument at hand.


        Politics is all about right or left


        Politics is about right or wrong.

        What a wised discourse is this!

        Do not be discouraged if you happen to find the politics of Eritrea is all about right and wrong. In my understanding it is. However Awate Forum has a different take. I will take my part on this argument. And hope awatistas will join.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi dawit:
    please open wine, ad prepare some uncooked meat from you there country and some Qat and summon, Sphie, Dr. Gideon and many others and celebrate this mileston

  • tes

    Dear Guest,

    Ok your lines are too gibberish and they need no response. But let me share my opinion in one of your lines.

    You said, “So can we safely say then, whatever any person posts here is that of and by extension that of Woyanie?

    Ok, let me remind you: for any one who publishes at in form of articles or anyone who writes comments in the Awate Forum section, AT are partially responsible.

    I think you forgot the guidelines of Awate Institution. In case you can just search in the website or if you are too lazy just ask Awate Team. They will make it available to you.

    Why I am talking about the guidelines is not for nothing. Unless any article or comment obeys the guiding rules, any article is rejected and any comment is deleted. This indicates shares her responsibility. But this does not mean everything reflects AT’s views and opinions. But I mean is anything that is not fit for awate is not allowed to be posted. And everything passed through the ruling guidelines.

    This makes Awate Institution to be responsible for what is displayed here but not necessarily to be accountable.

    You might not know and hence let me share with you this:

    If someone wants to publish an article, the first thing Awate Team will ask you is your true identity and contact, such as telephone and e-mail. Once they verify this, depending on the content the article can be published.

    The comment section can not be the same as that of publishing articles yet AT has system of managing forumers to keep the forum according to the standards of the site.

    Do not think that this is censorship as it is not. In case it is good to remind you: awate has its own objectives, goals, missions and visions. Anything that is against those can not be welcomed. This is a natural governing law of any institution or social media.

    I could have said a lot on the mentioned websites but they are worthless to be mentioned here as they are mouth piece of the ruling junta that is guided by the “rule of the jungle”.


  • saay7

    Selamat Mek1:

    I have been writing for two decades and I don’t think you will ever find a byline which reads, “Saleh Younis, ______” because what follows the comma, my credential, has little to do with what I write about. So when I see people using one credential to leverage something else, I point out that it is a logical fallacy called “argument form authority.”

    On the children of Petros Solomon and Aster Yohannes, please note that they are not saying, “Our mom and dad are great people, therefore they must be released from prison now.” They are saying “our mom and dad never had a day in court, never had a chance to face their accuser, were never found guilty by a court of law, we don’t know where they are, and we are concerned about them.” They didn’t say, “what kind of a country is Eritrea where a person who never served Eritrea in the field, Yemane Gebremeskel, passes judgement and calls people who bled for it for decades ‘traitors’ and accuses them of treason?” Its not just them, there is a whole website dedicated to the children of the G-15 and it is called “Free Our Parents.”

    When you are done reading that, read the 500 page testimony presented by the Commission of Inquiry. Read/listen to the testimonies of escaped prisoners like Dejen Andehishel who said he heard “Aster Yohannes” screaming in pain at night. And if none of that moves you, depending on what country you live in, health insurance is almost universal nowadays: ask a doctor, “hey doc, what’s wrong with me? I feel no empathy at all.”


    When you are done reading that,

    • Semere Andom

      I give credit to Mek1 because he is right the blood relatives are not credible witness but they are not witness they are just delivering victims impact statement
      But am sure that our friend Mek1’s bravado will last until his own blood relatives are disappeared and is obliged to give his victim’s impact statement

    • tes

      Dear saay7,

      I read his first and then I hesitated whether to interject or not. I didn’t. Then I read your post. Oh a relief, I forgot what mek1 wrote and immersed in your narrations.

      Beautiful response

      Haha, Semere A; is around. He knows these head-cut people more than almost anybody*


      *I doubt he might not be as you and hence almost

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Saleh Y.

    You are the target of the impostor’s cabals. Your family members have been subjected to such horrific situation, not on their account but on yours, to bring you down to your knees and submit to their blackmail. Nevertheless, standing up foursquare , shoulder to shoulder with other patriotic Eritreans , you continued to mercilessly expose their crime against humanity and have now brought them to disarray, to swallow the poison pill they had prepared for our country and our people.

    The impostor isaias afewerk is on the brink of mental breakdown and thus close to physical demise as atested by his endless flipflops he has exhibited since the UN COI came out with its decision that he might have committed Crime Against Humanity:

    1. Who does not remember when the impostor, in a futile attempt to woo Putin against the UN COI, sent his cabals to visit Crimea? But having been rebuffed by Putin, the impostor has now cancelled the license and ordered the Russian company to leave Eritrea.

    2. Truely a mad dog that he is, he has now turned to the USA to extricate him from the UN COI, albeit through the back door of the unwitting Saudis . To that end, he volunteered to be their ally and he allowed them Eritrean Territory to use as their launch pad in their war in Yemen. Initially, they had acquiesced to his con artistry , but later woke up and expelled him from the alliance for his terrorist records.

    3. Having denounced Iran for the scuffle at Saudi Embassy in Tehran, and expelled the Russion company from Eritrea in order to please and reinforce his fraudulent alliance with the Saudis and its allies, Arabs and nonArabs, he is now desolate, having lost them all.

    4. When the hour of reckoning arrives and the castle of cards collapse down, false pretence of might and arrogance exposed , the impostors invariably resort to wailing and lamentation to stir up sympathy and mercy of their victims. The blood thirsty isias afewerk and his cabals are now performing such theatricals. They are reaching out thier victims, those who saved their lives by escaping from their Reign of Terror, pleading with them to absolve them of all of their(cabals’) crimes by affirming with their signaturs that they are mere economic migrants and that they never were persecuted themselves nor observed such thing in Eritrea.

    5. Who honest and genuinely patriotic leader of a country would parade on TV a bunch of allegedly newly bought cars, alleged increased salary of employees etc. but the fraudulent, the unscrupulouly deceitful and maliciously impostor like isaias afewerk. In this deceitful act, the target is obviously the European Union , both in order to relinquish the two hundred millions Euro it has promised and to array itself against the UN COI. Of course in vain.

    There is no doubt that the impostor is about to roll down to the abyss; discredited by our people and the world community he has no means survivel left. The question is: Are we exerting every effort to control the outcome and build vibrant nation over the ashes of the cabals’, or are we to slide into anarchy , the Somali way, squabbling over trivialities and become woyan’s meadow?

    • tes

      Dear Tewelde g.

      I love this statement:

      “Who honest and genuinely patriotic leader of a country would parade on TV a bunch of allegedly newly bought cars, alleged increased salary of employees etc. but the fraudulent, the unscrupulouly deceitful and maliciously impostor like isaias afewerk.

      Beautifully said


      • Tewelde gebremariam

        Hi yes,

        Thank you !

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear all Awate friends,
    I am moving to explore, and see practically if what I think is correct. the journey will take me more or less one month and I will start on 14 January at 11Pm ( horn time )hopefully I will be back alive as the ocean I am going to visit is full of sharks. Lol. although I am good swimmer but I was only swimming in small lakes.

    Till then few words Look friends, there is no such thing called enemy in life – in my fine study school ( tes are you there). when you really start to realize that we are one and from one root you will see how much we are connected and if man hate others, he is hating himself. if the man hurts others his is hurting to himself too. the journey we are going through is all to learn how to manage – in choosing love for every solution. even those killers are part of the tree from the same root – do you wonder? you can show them that their way is not difficult and you can do it but at last you should do all your best not to hate, not to go for revenge etc. that doesn’t mean you should allow someone to kill you – So as principle you are me and I am you, all those nations or tribes are for one reason and from one. It is how to respect and let others respect you, it is all about love.

    Dear SGL, get well soon.

    I love you all, and if I get time I will come with one poem before I move.

    • V.F.

      KS, okay wait a minute. From where to where are you moving? Your post there scared me. Don’t do anything crazy. Whatever it is in your mind, think clearly, talk to your family and friends and keep yourself out of danger. You wrote a dark message the other day too, can’t remember where and in Tigrinya or English. Think of the people whom you dearly love and who dearly love you.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear V.F,
        read once again the massage above. I am for love and I will end in love. I love you. thank you for caring.

      • Abi

        Don’t read what is not written. Kokobe is going to Bahir Dar to swim in Lake Tana.
        Zoro, zoro kebet.

        • Kokhob Selam


          ኣንተ መናጢ ! Lol. ቡዳ:: I hope our lovely SGL is reading this.

          • Abi

            Enes buda lihun anten man yiluhal
            Kokebshan belto man beqar yimotal

    • tes

      Dear Kokhok Selam,

      We will miss you. Come back sooner. We don’t want to miss two giants for any reason even for a single minute. And hope SGJ will be here sooner with us. At least the warmth of the room is felt all time.

      Oh yah I listened to you. I hope the school will be open. I am not fit but I will try to pretend as a member.

      Best wishes for your love search journey and enjoy the nature you will be surrounded with.


  • Hayat Adem

    Open Public Poll on Saay’s sin or grace:
    Please give your vote on Saay (whether you think he should do more or less or continue as is) to help Eritrea and Eritreans based on the situation we are in today. Given his knowledge on PFDJ, his analytical excellence (both on the level of skill and intellect), his emotional and intellectual investment in the past, his victimhood at the hands of PFDJ lately, AND IN LIGHT OF THE THE CURRENT GOVERNING PROBLEMS OF ERITREA:
    a) doing wrong and should change course
    b) doing about right and should stay course
    c) doing right but not enough: should increase pace and vigor
    d) can’t say

  • V.F.

    Hi Ismail, if you have Facebook, just type saleh gadi johar on the search box and you will see SGJ’s announcement of his medical situation. But the short answer is that it is unfortunately true.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Dear Sal,

    No rhyme or reason to the topsy-turvy world of the menace at home, more so of its followers who go along with its perverse worldview, the grotesque of which appears to have no bounds. What these zombies do not realize
    is that, once the shelf life of these imbeciles reaches a cul-de-sac point the regime will drop them like hot potatoes and they will be left clueless, disoriented, and right into that dark bottomless pit, out of which there would be no way out.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Bayan:
      But that is not the end of the story for them. They actually do not be left in the darkness, they will reinvent themselves and they will do “weddekdek” in the new Eritrea like “abo guaylla or siwua zTeAmela komarit”.
      The Dergi servants serving PFDJ is not hyperbole, this is their MO, they mutate and the mimicry works as it is not easily decipherable.They forte is having no principle no friend, no loved one

  • Abi

    Hi Guest
    Go easy on Tes. If you don’t understand him it is your fault. May be you learn to read right to left. I mean it.
    Gud new! Gud! Gud! Gud!

  • dawit

    Greetings to Danny, Hayat, Music Novice et al and
    all the fans of dawit the lion of AT Forum.

    It is obvious you are having hard time finding you
    favorite animal character from your beloved fiction book. It is true dawit is a complex character; it is hard to debate against him in a civilized manner, so you have to resort into name callings and insults. Your little minds are locked in ‘régime change’ slogan that you repeat like parrot. As they say great minds discuss ideas and little minds talk about people. Since you all disagree I suggest you call a conference of your fellow animals, to resolve the issue. I was thinking a venue for your conference at a barn Arbagugu, Oromia, but I realized you sponsor Woyane has difficulty controlling the region. Another best venue would be Ouagadougou in Burkina Fasso. While at the conference of all the animals trying to resolve the character name, you may learn a lesson of how to organize a mass rally for ‘change of regime’ to replace PFDJ. But then it will never happen when you live thousands miles away from Eritrea hiding under Ms Sheila’s skirt. In
    the mean time you can read the following article from Germany, brought to you curtsy of Madote.

    This a preview of what will happen at the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. I don’t want all animals to have heart attack when it happens. I know all successes stories of Eritrea give many animals nightmares and sleepless night. Please don’t touch Sophie she is superb writer and non of you will qualify to wash her feet.

    • Hayat Adem

      Selam d*awit,
      Sophie is not close enough for me to see her as a good example of character. She is not a bad character, she is a no-character, a shadow maybe. So, to describe her the way you did tells a lot about you than about her.
      There was a female fox that had been animalist all her life and just got christened up on her request. Immediately, she has submitted her after-death wish list to the church. She was just being herself, trying to outfox herself and everyone else. Her wish goes as follows:
      “I want my funeral procession to be held in Asmara’s St. Mary; my burial ground to be inside St. Mary of Axum; and my memorial statue to be erected in the holy city of Jerusalem.”
      Then, she took a pause, and looked at everyone’s contemptuous face and uttered the following:

      “I’m under no illusion that my wish would ever be fulfilled but what is the use of being a fox if you die without even trying?!” Well, if that is for a fox, what will be there for you as a non-clever pig?!
      Look, who else consumes a joy of success in advance on Rio Olympics? And the thing is not about a joy of a foreseen success of our athletes, it sounds more of a marvel at envisaging the scene of pain with others perceived to be sad at those yet-to-come achievements? I don’t know if anyone is thinking of success or failure in the Rio stage at this stage except the athletes and their coaches, and I have no reason to think you are one. Probably add to that list PIA, who would be probably worrying about the risk of sending the athletes if they decide not to return. Ah, dawit, you are an interesting piece of human being. I think now you gave the three of us a material to agree on personifying you (or is it animalifying you) as Moses. Your Olympic victory is a perfect Sugar-candy Mountain story. What else can it be?
      We solved the problem now, with this newly added material evidence, didn’t we, Music Novice? Then Moses is even one-point ahead of dawit as his marvel is from telling the story of dreamed happiness to his camp; dawit’s is from the marvel of foretelling the suffering of others because of at a future awaiting success.
      * I have always a hard time with your name here starting with small “d” and I have been torn between upgrading you to a proper D (at least in a name) or obeying your wish of smallness.

    • Music Novice

      Greetings dawit,

      You said: “…so you have to resort into name callings and insults. Your little minds are locked in ‘régime change’ slogan that you repeat like parrot.”

      There is no insult involved here, you have totally failed to grasp the purpose of the analogy with one of the book’s characters. The book ‘Animal Farm’ is a political fiction, therefore the characters in the book must be seen in a political context.

      You are a diehard supporter of the regime, what is in it for you? Do you seriously think what the current regime is doing is the best that can be done for Eritrea?

      By the way, I never advocated regime change, I support only step-by-step regime reform.

  • tes

    Dear Guest,

    Haha, you are talking about the baby’s sites, right? I call them sites of the devil and all these who live there are diyakonat aganinti. When ever I pass by I need to perform before and after purification praying.

    However if I happen to land there I give them a headache and all my posted are deleted without delay and for almost a year I was banned even to post a single sentence.

    Is that what you call challenge. In a democratic sites such practice is amounted to a crime.


  • Hope

    Selamat Old Friend and Welcome back!

    I agree partially with you on the floppy side of the COIE Report for being:
    1)Politically motivated
    )Fake and fabricated part of it,unnecessarily,which will make the Report ” Void”!
    But I disagree with you and I partially agree with the COIE for the following reasons:

    1)The unpleasant and prolonged National Service,which literally messed up the Youth!

    2)The killing of the Constitution ,which has led to anarchy where people are kidnapped and killed right and left and held in communicado with no access to their loved ones!
    I mean,come on Geirge ,have you been to Eritrea in the last 5-10 yrs?
    There are no institutions and things are messy,man,unnecessarily!
    ‘Do we ERITREANS deserve that?
    This has nothing to do with CIA or TPLF!
    Constitutional governance or Law and Order helps the Nation to do better and to unite against any conspiracy!
    PIA could have gotten two terms of 6 yrs each and could have ruled Eritrea until the age of 80,if that was the case to kill the Constitution!
    This fear of implementing the Constitution could have been minimized with a Genuine National Reconciliation but the paranoia and fear of revenge overruled everything and has destroyed the Bation and the poor people!

    Do u have any family member in prison or who died in prison?
    If none,that is why U sound careless and cruel !

    SAAY might have exaggerated the Al Shebab and the Dijbouti thing but consider where he is coming from- three INNOCENT family members suffering in prison for NOTHING!

  • Shum

    Hello Saay,

    First, please send my well wishes to Saleh Gadi. I have seen many who voiced their well wishes and how much we need him in the struggle. However true that may be, we need him less than his family. His first task should be to be healthy and to think about his health and how much his family needs him. I wish him well, the real battle begins now.

    Now on to your article. It’s funny how I have thought about this question myself over the years. There are two wings to this doomed flight called PFDJ, but the heaviest is stupid. All the malice stems from the stupidity. Once PFDJ and their supporters have convinced themselves that they are on the right track and that everyone is out to get them and undo them, the malice and any counter offensive they take is justified in their eyes. To them there is a greater good. The longer they are in it, the stupider and more malicious they get. Everything gets contorted and stranger as time goes on until they finally break, if they ever do. We, the opposition, should never play their game and act in kind.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Saay,

    I just gathered the news about Gadi’s heart attack scare indirectly, but I am glad he is recovering well. I can only imagine how many times you and the doctors must have told him to “quit smoking’ by now, but smoking is a serious addiction and it is not easy to get rid of. It has to be planned carefully and it is a long process. Do not listen to those who say “so and so quit smoking cold turkey” claptrap. Although it is possible to quit smoking abruptly, those who have done that are incredibly rare. It has to start with a gradual reduction of number of cigarettes smoked per day, and the smoker must be willing and determined to succeed.

    Of course, give the doctor’s prescription and advice priority at all times, but as long as it does not contradict any other professional advice, there are a couple of very easy practices he must adapt, and you must help/force him to accomplish the following easy tasks.

    1) Start the day with a decent breakfast: Preferably Oatmeal or cereal with fruits. (Most smokers start their day with coffee and cigarettes, and that is the worst thing one can do to a body that has been starving for about 10 hours by then).

    2) Go to bed earlier than his “normal time.” If he is one of those who wake up in the middle of the night, smokes a cigarette or two, and goes back to bed, you have to consider professional help seriously.

    3) This will sound cliché but he must get at least half an hour walk per day; preferably in the morning, but any time of the day will do.

    There are not difficult for any smoker to do. Once that habit is formed (approx. six-ten weeks), have him try to drop or reduce one other vice before challenging the smoking itself. Almost all a-pack-a-day-or-more smokers have a secondary vice like alcohol, coffee/tea, or soda. Since SGJ does not drink alcohol (thank God for that), I am almost sure he drinks coffee or tea or both with his cigarettes. A moderate amount of coffee or tea is not harmful on its own, but our purpose here is to avoid habits that entice smoking. Besides, the amount of sugar most people from our region consume with coffee and tea is very dangerous anyway.

    Reassure him that he can go back to drinking a cup of coffee a day once he quit smoking, but until the nicotine addiction is dealt with any other vice that motivates smoking has to go. Do not listen to the irresponsible message “coffee is good for your heart” you may have heard from the media. There are too many factors to deal with to explain the pros and cons of caffeine intake, but take my word: all other health factors being good, a cup of coffee in the morning “may be harmless” at best. That is as far as I can justify its consumption.

    Good luck Saay, and mihret yewrid SGJ.

    He maybe advice fatigued by now, so be clever about how and when to start your mission.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      selam Fanti

      How are you doing brother? Nice advice that a friend could offer.
      MaHmuday’s addition:
      1. Frequent Shabait.COM and its satellites less often
      2. read more classical literature, listen to Um-Kalthoum, reduce music where the ‘ugly “saxophone tone color is given a lead.
      3. Host SAAY and Amanuel Hidrat historic debate, I will write the “be’awet tezazimu news”.
      4. Avoid running into Haileselasie images and pictures.
      5. Eat less “red meat” and Habesha xebHi (this is absolutely mine, it’s not influenced by the vegan SAAY’s advice. Unfortunately, I don’t follow my own “conviction when it comes to sga wo Halib (meat and dairy products. Give it a try.
      6. Campaigning for the prominence of our sword dance which is threatened BY SAAY, imagine banks of Barka River, lined with the proud and tall trees of Arkokebay; imagine listening tunes of the majestic, mystical and romantic rababa wafting through the gentle breeze combined with the rustling of leaves….Ahhhh………….
      7. Imagine “We shall overcome”, and listen to Sam cooke’s “A change is gonna come,” and Ustaz AbulreHman Othman’s “ab ketema MixwaE”
      Well no need to say read the Holy Book and ” Of Kings and Bandits” with the following warning: The latter may increase the risk of anxiety, panic…high blood pressure…etc. Read with caution.
      Get well, See you soon.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Mahmuday,
        “Avoid Saay at all cost” would have been most elegant and beneficial advice, but I had no other messenger available, and Saay knows how to read.

        By the way, to those of us passed 50th birthday, red meat (cooked), with moderation of course, is actually good for us.

        I am doing great. I am almost done with a couple of projects I was working on for a while, and I shall be visible more often starting end of February. However, I am able to read much more often than I may seem, so behave your selves everyone!

      • saay7


        You are giving SGJ contradictory advice: you can’t tell him to stay away from saxophone music and then recommend Osman Abdelrehims “ab ketema mxwaE”. Osmans almost purely guitar-based song is “Aqli xbet”. Now that will do. (First slow dance I ever witnessed when I was 9 or 10 years old. Long story.)

        Speaking of which, have u noticed that the opening riff of Korchachs “tsibiktey” sounds, for one nano second, like Osmans Aqli xibet? Then it veers off into its own awesomeness.

        Speaking of which, have you heard the lyrics in Korchachs post-self-demobilization new song? It’s an ode to self-liberation.

        Swords….I was at a wedding a few months ago dancing to a Tigre song and I look around and there is the cutest kid in the world, all of 7 years old, holding a sword and waving it in my face. An awatista was videotaping the whole thing and I will pretend I don’t know he staged the whole thing.


        PS: Fantiness, when it comes to smoking, zHul takin is the only way to go. So says….SGJ. Stay tuned:)

        • Semere Andom

          Good Morning Sal:
          Really? some one staged the sword scen? This is stuff for Tigryait poem. Mahmuday are you reading:
          ana Saleh Simche Abu-Dunya
          seif dib entchatete etnafera
          lakin entache ijamma
          wo hare le seif bseif aqsenkuhu
          simeche Saleh wo halib ensa abeko
          wo seif dagenko 🙂
          I was going to sat sweet washed my face
          but the words are in short supply for sweat in Tigrayit:-))

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Hi saay
          Yes, you got me. “ReKebkani” says gual Qeshi. I was proposing a music that soothes me (I love saxophone tunes, how badly they are arranged) to SGJ forgetting that I had advised him to avoid it a step above, because it irritates him. I’m really not that big into korchach songs, but I liked his last one although I admit I will still listen to it in order to discern similarities. For that sword waving kind: all I say is ” Go ab salab.”

      • Amde

        Selam Mahmoud,

        I laughed out loud at your “4. Avoid running into Haileselasie images and pictures.”… I have found no surer way to raise Saleh’s blood pressure than merely mentioning HaileSellasie.

        I wish him speedy recovery. I suspect he was looking at too many Addis Ababa lovelies in his recent sojurn. Haha….


        • Abi

          HI Amdachin
          Zemenawiw Columbus Saleh Gadi Johar
          Nairobi endemehed tegegne Legehar.

          • Amde

            Ohoho ante tenkoleNa

            fim yehonen esat min taragibaleh
            yeregawun libun tiqosequsaleh

          • Abi

            Tselotachinma libu endayrega new
            Libu keregama chiniq Tibib new.
            Libu endayrega eyeroTe endinor
            Yengusun foto efitu medenqer

    • tes

      Dear Fanti Ghana,

      Don’t take it unprofessional, I mean it.

      I don’t know why those who smoke are fooling themselves by hiring an external agent to communicate with their soul?

      Those who smoke, sorry to be very extreme, are helpless to themselves.

      I once was contemplating on smoking and in the middle of my unusual experience I exploded into laughter (ROLF). I could’t trace why I laughed so much (I was alone in my 16 square meter room).

      You see dear Fanti, this is what tes was told by tes.

      You fool tes, do you want someone to control you while you are a free and independent person?

      I said what?

      He told me, “go you damn born to be slave”.

      I was shocked by the unusual inner communication coming from tes. And I shaked my mind.

      Then suddenly I realized that I was obsessed by stupid idea.

      It was my stupidity of contemplation on smoking that exploded me into laughter.

      Aha damn, what is the need to contemplating on a smoke that is killing millions of people each year?

      I then declared, “I am a free person, free, very free, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah”.

      The best thing in this world is to be free person.

      No smoke, no alcoholic drinks,

      Even I quite eating whenever I want

      To the extreme, even I can quite life at anytime. I am not even obsessed with life.

      I simply exist, the existence of existence!!!

      Now watch this:


      Oh no wait, wait: I am sorry. I forgot. I am addicted to justice. I confess!

      I hope you will not say, “justice also kills”. If it is, “LET IT BE”.

      Better to be addicted with justice and then be killed rather than not.

      • Nitricc

        Hi TES, say no more; I agree 100%. what a moment of clearity!
        “suddenly I realized that I was obsessed by stupid idea”

        • Ted

          Hi Nitricc, You get this kind of philosophical breakthrough when people who hear voices scribble their inner thoughts, Priceless.

          “You fool tes, do you want someone to control you while you are a free and independent person?

          I said what?

          He told me, “go you damn born to be slave”.

          I was shocked by the unusual inner communication coming from tes. And I shaked my mind.

          Then suddenly I realized that I was obsessed by stupid idea.”

        • tes

          Hi Nitricc and Ted,

          You want to politicize this pure philosophical exchanges between the inner tes and tes?

          Dammit! – wo saay7 can you read me?

          Ecstasy is the mighty of our transcendence. And to experience it, we need to float, just like that of a white cloud, simply existing and obeying all natural phenomenon.

          Get rid of your polluted politics from these lines therefore. They are sacred words of the inner soul.

          Hayat Adem might be the right person to explore in between now as Kokhob Selam is departing for a love searching journey.


      • Abi

        Wow! Is it how it feels when you reincarnated yourself?
        “I simply exist, the existence of existence!!!”
        Beautifully said. Only those things reincarnated themselves can say this. Ever lasting existence!

        Gud new zendro
        Min yaseman yihon joro?

  • Music Novice

    Greetings saay,

    Personally, I prefer Realpolitik which is politics or diplomacy based primarily on considerations of given circumstances and factors, rather than explicit ideological notions or moral or ethical premises.

    That is why I think the Open (confrontational) Letter by the G15 was a tactical mistake. I also do not believe these people were motivated by their love for democracy. Most were motivated by personal issues while some were jumping on the bandwagon, believing Isaias was snookered (cornered).

    • tes

      Dear Novice,

      Just this morning (French time) a Friend was telling me(what his friend said in fact – not his) what the G-15 wrote was a Self-Suicidal letter. My friend was further describing the G-15 forgot how they were operating before to run all the operations to silence dissidents.

      However it was not a tactical problem. It was naivety at most to do like that to the brutal system they know more than anybody.


      • Music Novice

        Greetings tes,

        I agree with your friend. By writing a letter the G15 expressed their Death Wish.

        Open Letter – mistake #1

        Confrontational – mistake #2

        This cannot be naiveté, as these people are not novices; they were playing the same game in collaboration with Isaias himself in the past. These people were seasoned operators; they must have had a ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’. They must have miscalculated by thinking Isaias is cornered because of the war fiasco.

        tes, you need to look at how the mighty Soviet Union was brought down. The Soviet Union, that made Nazi Germany kneel down, was brought down step-by-step by insiders, tactically smart KGB and former hard core party people such as Andropov, Gorbachev, Shevardnadze and Yeltsin. (I am saying this, without considering external factors.)

        Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away
        Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
        You better watch out
        There may be dogs about
        I’ve looked over Jordan and I have seen
        Things are not what they seem.

        What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real
        Meek and obedient you follow the leader
        Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
        What a surprise!
        A look of terminal shock in your eyes
        Now things are really what they seem
        No, this is no bad dream.

      • Music Novice

        Greetings tes,

        I agree with your friend’s friend.

        But I disagree with you that it was naiveté. It was a gross miscalculation on their part.

        • tes

          Dear Music Novice,

          I can imagine from which angle you are coming but naive people does not necessarily mean that they were not conscious on what they did. They knew it for what it will be next when they push for their cause. And it for this knowing that I am calling “naivety”. A conscious and fully aware mind naivety.


          • Music Novice

            Greetings tes,

            “A conscious and fully aware mind naivety” ?

            You seem to be doing gymnastics with words and inventing new meanings.

        • Hope

          Here we go again,MN!

          That is what I am talking about!

          Forgive tes as he is learning some Technical English words!

    • Danny

      Hello Music…,

      It seems it is taboo and outright unacceptable in the Eritrean culture and politics for one to say “I have made a mistake, I am sorry but now I would like to change”. The day one has admitted making a mistake is the day he/she brings self crucifixion. The G-15 should have known this absurd Eritrean culture more than they should have of the mercilessly murdering nature of their boss. Oh, they knew their boss well alright. Who they did not know was the Eritrean public. No wonder change is hard to come by in that unfortunate land.

      • Music Novice

        Greeting Danny,

        Unfortunately, that is the culture of the people both in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Looking the other way and voting with ones feet.

    • Hope

      Hey MN:
      At times,your stubborn honesty mesmerizes me!
      Yes indeed,the G-15 and the Journalists and even the Asmera Univ Students were too hectic and too childish in their approach !

      PIA repeatedly advised them to calm down and not to rush!

      They could have taken their time to organize and to do things in a diplomatic and constructive way!

      The TIMING was WRONG as well!
      Eritrea was at a serious cross roads at that time- between life and death,and no matter whose mistake it was,we should have taken some break and make some reflections rather than being hectic and confrontational!
      But we have made it though this far despite those serious hiccups!
      Worst could have come due to the misunderstanding among the Leadership members!
      At times,I give credit to where it belongs and,of course,I thank GOD for Keeping Eritrea relatively “intact and SAFE”,relatively speaking!

      • tes

        Wo Hope,

        A laughing stock. Aytisean mechem. Weka yiblu ezom bilen sidrana.


      • Music Novice

        Greetings Hope,

        I agree with the first ten lines of what you wrote.

  • aklilu zere

    Good day Awate Nation and thanks Sal.

    1. Eritrea cannot afford the Good Man Gadi Johar to be sick. Our collective prayer shall definitely help. So let’s kneel, bow our heads and from the depth of our pure and honest heart pray for Gadi’s quick and complete recovery.

    2. Thanks Sal. We appreciate your article for it revived our hope [the last Good thing we have] thus saved us from prematurely becoming orphans. We were scared from your last [what we erroneously interpreted ] as farewell. I have never seen the beacon shining brightly.

    3. If any Eritrea man decides to become a Not-Good-Man, then what one has to do is follow in the foot steps of the apparition who calls himself dawit [small letter is deliberate] who now and then amuses us with his outlandish, boring, tragic and cruel comments.


  • dawit

    Dear Michael.
    What can I say to you Einstein except to wish you Happy New Year. HEGDEF will never leave Eritrea, Whether with black or white markets Eritrea survives under smart PFDJ’s political and economic policies. Just stick around to witness it.

    • Dis Donc

      Dear Davy,
      While blanket success/failure is a hallmark of the governing party’s progress/regress, it matters what the populace says and experiences. Saying this, can you write the success stories of PFDJ in the economy, foreign relations, and democracy with the boundaries of proper Eritrea? I want to see what you called smart politika of PFDJ. Write also the democratic institutions that PFDJ is laying down for the benefit of future generations of Eritreans. I’d love to read them, really.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear awatawyan,

    ዝገርም እዩ ! ኣብ ሞንጎ ካብ መስመሩ ዝሓለፈ ጽልእን እዚ ዘይበሃል ጽላለን ዝንሳፈፍ ዘሎ ሰይጣናዊ መንፈስ – ኣካል ለቢሱ ንጥፍኣት እዚ ሰላማዊ ህዝብን ብመወዳድርቲ ኣልቦ መስዋእቲ ዝተረኽበት ሃገር ከጥፍእን ውራየይ ኢሉ ኣብ ሞንጎና ተፈጢሩ ክትርኢ እንከለኻ ኣዝዩ እዩ ግር ዝብለካን ክሳብ ሕልሚ ድዩ ሓቂ ኢልካ ቆርበት ስጋኻ ቆንጢኻ ከተረጋግጽ ትፍትን :: ሓቂ ድዩ ሕልሚ?

    እቲ ኪኒኡ ዝገርም ግን- ነዚ ዝዓይነቱ ጉጅለ ደቂ ‘ዛ ሓላል መሬት ክንሶም ከም እኩባት ኣጋንንቲ ሐይ ሐይ ዝብሉ ደቂ መዛሙርቲ ‘ውን ምህላዎም እዩ :: ሓቂ ድዩ ? እዚ እነሕልፎ ዘለና ስቃይ ሲ ንዓና ንኤርትራውያን ? እሞ ድማ ካብ ብርኪ ህዝቢ ዝወጹ ህይወቶም ከይበቐቑ ንዓመታት ተጋዲሎም ተረፍ ‘ቶም ሰማእታት ኮይኖም ሃገር ክትምዕብል ርኢቶ ብምሃቦም ጥራይ ካን ሕግን ስርዓትን ዘይፈልጦ ማእስትርቲ ክጋጥሞም ሲ እንታይ ይበሃል? እዚ ድዩ ጻማ ጀግና? ከመይ ዘለ ትርጉም ዘይብሉ ዛንታ እዩ::

    ኣይገርምን? እስከ በሉ ኣቦይ ዮኑስ ሲ ኣብ 90 ዓመቶም ነዚ ኣይብኢዶም ኣይብእግሮም – እሞ ድማ እዚኣ በደል ኢልካ ሓቲትካ ከተረኻኽበሎም ዘይትኽእል – ሰላማዊ ሽማግለ ምእሳር ሲ ከመይ ዝበለ ጽላለ እዩ ?

    ኣይገርምን? እታ ህጻን – እታ ሓንቂቓ ኣብ ሞንጎ ወለዳ ማሙቓ ክትዓቢ ዝነበራስ ናብ ማእሰርቲ ? እዋእ ኣቱም ሰባት እዚ ኮ መስደመም እዩ !

    እታ ሰይቲ ‘ቲ ተጋዳልይን መራሒን ዝነበረ እሞ ንባዕላ ‘ውን ተጋዳሊት ካብ ወጻኢ ክትኣቱ ‘ሞ ሰብኣያ ክትርኢ ቃል ኣቲኻስ – ካን ኣብ ሃገር ምስ ኣተወት ናብ ማእሰርታ !!! እዋእ ቁሩብ ከ ኣቱም ሰባት እዚኦም ሲ ካበይ ከ መጹና ? ኣብ ቲ ባህልናስ ቃል ቃል እዩ ዝነበረ : ድሓር እንታይ ገይራ ካን ባህ ዘዝበለካ ምድጓኑ !! እዞም መራሕቲ ህግደፍ ሓደ እግሮም ኣብ መቃብር ኣትዩ ሲ ቁሩብ ዶ ርህራሄ የብሎምን እዩ ? እዞም ሰባት ኣሕዋት ኣሓትን ኣዝማድን ዶ የብሎምን እዩ “ዓገብ ዝሓወይ” ኢሉ ዝገንሕ!

    ካን ሸይጣን ሰሪርዎም ?

    እንተ ‘ቶም ደቆም ኣብ ዲሞክራስያውያን ሃገራት እናዕበዩ – ነዚ ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ ኩነታት ኣብ ክንዲ ዓገብ ዝብሉ “ዘይስንኻ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ ” ከምዝበሃል ህዝብና ንዝወርዶ ዘሎ ስቃይን መከራን ከም መርዓን ድሙቕ ውራይን ወሲዶም ዘለው ግን ኣነ ከም ኮኾብ ከመሓላልፈሎም ዝደልዩ መልእኽቲ ኣለኒ : እዚ መንግስትኹም ናብ ልቡ ይመለስ ብሓይሊ ይደረበ ድሕሪ ውድቀቱ ኣባላቱ ብሰላም ክነብሩ ህዝቢ ክምሕሮም ምዃኑ ፍሉጥ እዩ እንተንስኹም – ኣብ ልዕሊ ሰማእታትና ሳዕሲዕኩም ኢኹም እሞ ኣብ ዲሞክራሲያዊት ሃገር የራኽበና:: እቲ ቃል ቃል ብሕጂ ‘ውን ዝሓልፉ ስውኣትና ዝብልዎ ዘለው እዩ እሞ – ወይለኹም!ወይለኹም!ስውእ ኣናተሰወአ ፈሪድኩም እዩ – ሕጂ ውን ኣርክቡ ቶባ በሉ::

  • tes

    Dear Saleh Younis,

    I remember what you said in a slashed note addressed in response to Amanuel Biedemariam (Diyakon AGaninti) on your multiplying effect for what awate’s objectives stands for. Indeed you have all the tools.

    What the PFDJ junta and his pseudo intellectuals (better worshipers) are attempting is that they take a wrong direction from a perceived wrong starting point to prove they crocodile cry though in reality what they take is a perfect reference for the cause they want to deny.

    I tried to read the article at the baby’s website that tried to blackmail the COiE mission as if COiE has aligned with political forces with a an agenda of regime change. What they missed is that COiE was moved and take the responsibility of witnessing the crimes done over Eritreans after they first witnessed to Younis family case, Petros Solomn’s case and Yohanesse’s family and many who shared their grievances via social media.

    Once COiE launched his mission untold stories were discharged and on minimum 500 people gave shocking experiences to the commission. Had COiE took pictures of these victimized Eritreans and put them on public the world could have labeled it without delay a crime that amounts to genocide. But COiE were just nice. They only published 5 families out of 500 to show the least damage that they had witnessed in the beginning.

    The photo in question is the perfect picture of Eritrean victimized families. This perfect example has to be denied first if others have to follow. The people in the photo are brave, very brave and courageous. They stood, some of them for more than eons, to tell the wold about the crimes of PFDJ and yet they were first victims.

    The pseudo-intellectuals*, aka Diakonat Aganinti, perceived this perfect photo of a victmized family and then they went to deny for its cause. They forgot that COiE was established to collect the grievances and anguish of these families.

    Thanks, Saleh Younis is here with us, always multiplying his role to prove on what is right and wrong.

    Unless PFDJ junta denies the perfect example of victized families how can he accept about the existence of crimes?

    “To deny a crime deny the victim.” is the rule of the Jungle”


    *I do not agree with the writer’s speculation that the writer is not as his name and status is. Even professors like Gideon Abay are serving the criminal junta while they are Maths professors. Once a worshipers surrenders there is way to be free from giving a dedicated member service. Yemane Tsegay, for what ever his academic level and discipline is, he is a dedicated cult follower. He is therefore giving his loyal service to his masters just like those of Professor Gideon Abay and likes.

    PS: VOA has a good piece of article written by Salem Solomon. It seems that the UN monitoring group will open another file for Eritrea for her involvement in Yemeni Civil – War. As one of Eritrean officer said, the war in Yemen has an interest for Eritrea and he is arguing that Eritrea’s involvement in this civil war is justifiable. This implies, Eritrea is violating the sovereignty of Yemen for her interest base (ok lets now put aside the petrodollar thing).

    For more please read,

    • saay7

      Hi Tes:

      Thanks. Actually, in an interview shortly after CoIE issued its report, its chairman, Mike Smith, had indicated that the Commission seriously considered making the testimonies public as they would be a relief of some sort to the traumatized victims but decided against it in the interest of protecting the privacy of the victims. What matters is that all the audio and video testimony is archived and translated within the OHCR.

      It’s the voices of these 500 victims that the gov is trying to drown and overwhelm by instructing its followers to sign petitions indicating that there witnessed no human rights violations in Eritrea. CoIE will duly note that it has no independent knowledge that the testimonies were not coerced as it was denied entry into Eritrea and could not interview prisoners or members of the National Service. It will attach a copy of the form that the gov is asking people to fill out, it will note that Girmay Sentim had said almost a million Eritreans live in the Diaspora and it had, despite the massive gov campaign, only a tiny negligible percent were willing to give testimonies, most of whom carry only an Eritrean passport.

      From January to June (when CoIE files its report) we will be reminding officials within the gov of Eritrea that it’s now or never to disassociate themselves from the Isaias regime as the CoIE is most likely to find crimes against humanities were committed and it will, as was the case in North Korea, name not individuals but departments and ministries. Because after June, even if Eritreans want to forgive, career prosecutors in the ICC won’t.

      Finally, a minor point. I wasn’t saying that Yemane Tsegay is not real. I just don’t understand why putting his title in the byline was important since it doesn’t indicate expertise on the subject he is writing about.


      • tes

        Dear saay7,

        It is our indeed time to put these criminals in the court where they have to be prosecuted. It will be a great justice to the justice seeking people once these juntas are put. I call for your leading human rights activists to be united(saay7 take your role model as usual) and work hand in hand to tell the world on what happened to Eritrean people.

        It is time to work in harmony as it was done during the first mission of COiE report.

        You put, [for highlighting the point]:

        “From January to June (when CoIE files its report) we will be reminding officials within the gov of Eritrea that it’s now or never to disassociate themselves from the Isaias regime as the CoIE is most likely to find crimes against humanity were committed and it will, as was the case in North Korea, name not individuals but departments and ministries.”

        Indeed this point is very generous. If possible, COiE should let these people accountable in gross as they are all guilty this way or that way.

        For what reason it is it is hard to imagine these people to leave their barbaric office. They are blood thirsty officers and they have blood on their hand. Just consider Ambassador Girma Asmerom, the one who deceived Aster Yohaness to go back home. How can he leave office on the call of COiE? he will better prefer too die in prison than dissociating himself as he knows the prison that awaits is not of that of PFDJ.

        All in all, I have a 100% confidence on COiE mission and mandates and what they will report will put these criminals accountable.

        What we Eritreans should take into consideration is to be ready and alerted so that the COiE mission to be accomplished successfully.


        Plus: When I mentioned Yemane Tsegay, I had a point to be addressed in my mind. It was not against but an addition. the Pseudo-intellectuals that serve PFDJ are my target. Nevertheless I take your correction and thank you. I thought just to give them a hard kick to these Diakonat Aganinti.

      • Hope

        Mr Smith can anonymously release the Testimonies with voice and face manipulation if the Audio-Video Testimony has to be released!

        I am for it when it comes to the Real Human Rights issues in Eritrea but the silent majority ,me included,is concerned about the impact of possible conspiracy on Eritre’s Sovereignty in the name of Human Rights by politicizing it /the COIE and considering the seriously exaggerated or “fabricated” stories,which U cannot deny!

        Make no Mistake though that :
        Being a worse victim than you are and like most ERITREANS,I am for Justice by any means possible!

        But I also feel that the COIE is politically motivated considering its biased reports and approach!

        Let me be express my naive and blunt opinion:

        -The Report of naming SAWA as a Rape Center was wrong!
        -Calling The Non-Military and Civilian National Service Slavery is Wrong!
        -Keeping a deaf ear to the other root causes of the problem is WRONG!
        -Your own selective silence and biased and one sided Arguement about the sanction is WRONG!
        The over all negative role of the :
        -USA and the EU
        -Their puppet UN and its UNHCR
        -The role of the TPLF Gov!
        Tell me why U do not want to consider the negative role of these perpetual enemies of Eritrea and ERITREANS!

        BTW,the Aero -Space Engineer is entitled to his opinion!
        His title is ” Legal Advocay also !
        Again,the COIE IS NOT ONLY,not perfect but also totally biased and politically motivated despite some truth in it!
        But if it is going to target specific targets and culprits with out compromising the National Security interest and Sovereignty of Eritrea,I will be part of it!
        Mark my word!

        But I would like it to be done by ERITREANS ,through ERITREANS and for ERITREANS and in an Eritrean way!

        If the CIA,the UN and the TPLF are going to be our judges,which seems to be the case HELL NO,I am out of it!

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Sal and V.F:
    There is no idiocy in PFDJ land, but pure malice, even loved ones of victims are supposed to support IA and that is by design and we can name alive breathing brothers, sisters,husbands, wives, daughters and sons of victims supporting PFDJ even when they have option not do so.
    It pure malice, no idiocy, no lunacy, they know what they are doing, they appreciate it, they relish it, they crave it and that is why we lose becauase we fight them without malice We have to decide whether we want to defeat them or whether we want to go to heaven by fighting them without malice.

    • saay7

      Selamat Semere:

      Both wings, idiocy and malice, are heavy and that’s why the bird can’t fly. And as I said one can make an argument for both. Now consider the case for idiocy:

      The supporters of the government are saying “hey, CoIE, all the testimonies you heard from mothers who lost their daughters, children who lost their mothers and fathers, brothers who lost their brothers, uncles who lost their nieces, all the 500 stories you heard are false given to you by people incentivized to lie just to get their asylum applications approved. PS: here is a picture of such a people, go ahead interview them.”

      This is not malicious, it is plain stupid. It was also stupid to think that there would be consequences to flirting with Al Shabab. It was stupid to believe that there is no consequence to a head of state saying “those who are leaving the country are a burden, good riddance”; it’s stupid to have a foreign policy whose Ethiopian strategy is based on giving a base to any malcontent Ethiopian armed group. I could go on.

      It’s not an either or, it is an “and.” Madote had an article where it criticizes the gov for delaying (pick one):

      a. Implementation of the constitution
      b. Releasing political prisoners
      c. Constructing homes of Diaspora Eritreans who already paid for construction of their summer homes.

      You know the answer. Now is that idiocy or malice.


  • V.F.

    Saay, this is a nice read. Thank you for bringing such a product in this difficulty situation for you and your colleague and your respective families. Again, I wish Saleh Sr. a speedy and full recovery.

    I had almost the same observations as you did when I saw the article by aerospace engineer, Yemane Tsegay…you guessed it, I didn’t read it either. But it made me scratch my head why he wanted to put his title next to the article. To give it some weight? In this regard, with all due respect to Yemane, something like ‘worker compensation advocate’ or ‘stock broker’ would be more weighty. Verdict, semi-idiotic. That is not the point though. When I saw the picture and article a few days ago, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘okay showing Elsa Chirum and Saleh Ali Abdu Younis along side the Special Rapporteur (SR) is supposed to make the SR look biased?’ Here idiocy wins hands down over malice.

    Again trying to discredit the SR and at the same time showing victims of gross ‘crimes against humanity’ (or their very close family members including a parent and children) is total idiocy.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Sal Younis,
    My best wishes for Saleh Gadi Johar quick recovery. I am glad he is making good progress.

  • dawit

    Dear Saleh,

    I thought the picture was taken to add Eritrean faces to what Sheilla was trying to accomplish. Once the picture was published it became public property and any one using it to counter the allegation of CoIE is not abusing the picture, which was taken on their free will. One thing about the picture, it was not abused or distorted by Photoshop artists to present a different impression to viewers as it is usually done by few Eritrean and Ethiopian Websites.

    It is amazing how Eritrea is moving forward in 2016. The National Service salary quadruple and the Nakfa exchange rate cut in more than half from 55 to 24 in just a week. All the doom predictions of AT Foreign Exchange experts is thrown in to a garbage can. Those who worked and prayed to isolate Eritrea, are now became a victim of isolations themselves, with Oromia uprising. Their double digit economy is under free fall, strapped with foreign exchange shortages, their investors running away. It seems the turtle is overtaking the rabbit to the finish line.

    Thanks for the good news about SJG recovery and I also would wish SJG speedy recovery from his illness.


    • amanuel asmelash

      Even though we love our beloved country to move forward in 2016, Brother Dawit , don’t get fooled by the Simple rules of ECONOMICS…….supply And demand. In today Eritrean, Supply curve is high for the lost currencies.

      • dawit

        Dear Brother Amanuel,

        Thanks for the Economics lesson. Can you please explain what you wrote “In today Eritrean, Supply curve is high for the lost currencies.”

    • Amanuel

      Happy new year dawit
      Are that stupid? The shortage of Nakfa is the cause of your claim of exchange cut. I just spoke to my mum and she told me she is only allowed to with draw 5k Nakfa so far. Do you know the effect of currency shortage to the tomatoes on the market? Please go and stick this on TN.

      • dawit

        Happy New Year Amanuel.
        You were predicting that the sky will fall in Eritrea, when the smart PFDJ announced replacing the old Nakfa with the new Nakfa, The purpose of the replacement was to mop-up the extra currency from bidding prices of tomatoes in the market and it worked within a week. Unlike AT and Assena, TN never predicted chaos due to the exchange but preached Hope to Eritreans and the people are content with their government policies. I am sure your mother will be happy to know that she does not need to take zembil full of Nakfa to buy two tomatoes, but instead she take two Nakfa to purchase zembil full of tomatoes.

        • Dis Donc

          Dear Davy,
          In free market: Let me give you a piece of my mind as to how currency operates in market economies. Assuming that Eritrea practices a free market economy, currencies are bought and sold to a bidder. The bidder studies the market thoroughly as to how the Eritrean GDP (although GNP is more suitable for Eritrea due to remittances) compares with supply and demand. It is this comparison that sets the currency in a free economy.

          In isolated market: In this market system your currency gets pegged to a universally accepted currency; say the USD or sterling. Government controls inflow and outflow of its currency as it suits them, however artificially it is pegged. In this kind of control, the governing party does whatever it wants to make it look good; usually at the expense of its populace who lives scrapping the bottom.

          Now, tell me which one does the GOE uses?

          • dawit

            Dear Donc
            The Smart PFDJ policy uses both systems, the Free Market also the Controlled Systems, which is called the parallel system. Under the free market people are free to import up to $10,000 US dollars and exchanged where ever they like which you call black market but actually it is the Free Market or use the government control banc exchange.
            When PFDJ announced the exchange you predicted Chaos in the country but the exchange proceeded orderly. That is the success story. You were predicting riot in the street of Eritrea and a ‘Regime Change’ that did not happen! Why?

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Davy,

            1. I never really wished for chaos and still do not. However, I would like to see Eritrea as free as any other country with economic success. With democracy, freedom of expression, and free market. With democracy and election comes public accountability and this further leads to free market economy where government is tasked only to make policy and not interference. Economic success is a by product of all the above. And this further enhances and controls your currency. Citizens get recognition for their countries success and be able to travel every parts of the world.

            2. Parallel system involves two or more currency usage in a given time. It has two purposes:

            a. To phase out one currency and replace it with another. Here it is important to note that the economy has little say. Thus, we still have to discuss how the new currency fares in the world market.

            b. To countenance your weaker currency with a universally accepted currency. This is
            dominated by dollarization policy or the usage of both currencies in an isolated economy.
            Examples to mention will be west indies, central and few south American countries who both
            use their currency along with US dollar. Or the lesser Antilles nations with the Euro. The
            relation is defined by pegged currency.

            Thus, as you can see, you still have not answered the question. My question, generally put, what has changed? The country is still isolated, poor, and the folks still dream of being swallowed by the Mediterranean sea, if they save themselves of organ harvesting maniacs, etc….

            [1] Could a parallel currency have saved Greece? PAR JACQUES SAPIR · 26 DÉCEMBRE 2015
            [2] The Beauty of a Parallel CurrencyBy Steve H. Hanke, January 14, 2000

        • Amanuel

          Hi dawit
          I agree that if your days are numbered you take a drastic action to save your life. The regime you are defending is doing exactly that regardless the long term damage to the nation and it’s people.

      • AOsman

        Dear Amanuel,

        I heard the same thing, instead of issuing 10k as initially stated in the original proclamation, they limited to 5k only after forcing people to deposit most of their money. Even doing business using cheque is restricted (I can’t remember the limit).

        The quadruppling of salary to sawa national service sounds good news, whatever the intent is. It will bring relieve to their family, hopefully they pay them (ትእውዱና ትራይ ካይብሉዎም ) and there is a chance that they will reduce the size of the army to manage it. Unless the money coming from the new alliance with Saudi is helping, this one feels like a ponzi scheme by taking money from the people and paying back the army to stave off any potential uprising.



    • Danny

      Dear dawit,

      I am trying to assign an “Animal Farm” character to you; help me to identify which animal you are.

      • Hayat Adem

        Easy. Moses, of course. Sugarcandy Mountain stories.

        • Music Novice

          Greetings Hayat,

          But Moses only promises Sugarcandy Mountain, just as religions promise Paradise.

          I think Squealer fits best. Squealer, a clever pig who (as the animals say) “could turn black into white.” Throughout the novel, he serves as Napoleon’s mouthpiece and Minister of Propaganda. Every time an act of Napoleon’s is questioned by the other animals — regardless of how selfish or severe it may seem — Squealer is able to convince the animals that Napoleon is only acting in their best interests and that Napoleon himself has made great sacrifices for Animal Farm.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hello MusicNovice,
            I could agree with you except that I kind of thought there would be other better competitors for that role (Ms Sophia, Dr Gedeon, etc). I have never seen Dawit (dawit) convincing or manipulating anyone except echoing and relaying messages of promises. He would say “It is amazing how Eritrea is moving forward in 2016”. Like you said Squealer is a “clever pig”. Well, Dawit (dawit) may fit the name and less so the adjective. Maybe, he is in between, a hybrid of both, half/half. Lets see if Danny agrees…

          • Music Novice

            Greetings Hayat,

            I see your point.

            However, Sophia cannot be Squealer since she is not bright/intelligent enough. Gideon, may be, at least he had studied Maths in Uganda.

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Hayat and Danny
            dawit fits Murile the goat and the bird that talked about the paradise that never existed after disappearing for most of the time

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Sem,
            It is even getting better. Orwell had never missed a character. How old do you think dawit is?

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Hayat:
            dawit is about 65

          • Hayat Adem


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Saleh
    Thank you. You responded to the misuse and abuse of that picture, save the content of the article. I started reading the article but could not make it half way, because the look of those family members of the abused, in the picture, seemed to say to me” What are you doing? We are here call us. We can give you the anatomy and chronicles of abuses.” That’s in addition to the politically charged feel of the writer of that article. Leaving the malicious intent of the source and the publisher aside, even taking it from a communication stand point, putting that picture up there was just absurd. How could you blame the UN for falsifying the charges, and, yet you accompany your article with publicly known victim families up there as an exhibit of your defense? I mean, it’s just a blatant and egregious malice.

    • Ted

      Hi the greatest MS. It is clearly malice. The intent is to portray those who gave witness to COI as traitors and bad apples. Blaming the victim has been the Modus operandi of PFDJ for quite some time. When there is no one to help, I understand for Eritreans to appeal their case to whom ever want to listen. Some went to Ethiopia, others went to EU and UN. That being said, i have reservation to what end they(UN, US) want to help us or see justice in our country. There are many inconsistencies i see that UN?US were not impartial enforcers of the law that time and time again they work against Eritrea not the Gov. If Eritrea were to be sanctioned, it would been for human right violation not Alshabaab related charges. Then again, if PFDJ were to be friends of Ethiopia’s TPLF, nothing of human right violation would been brought up. Not a chance even they roast a puppy in front of them. I see malice both in COI and PFDJ. ክልተ ጎሯሃት ሃምኩSስቲ ስንቆም.. COI want to use our genuine grievance to their end, and PFDJ see those victimized by it as enemy of the nation.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Selam Ted
        I understand your point. I understand that human rights issues could easily be politicized. I understand the double standard used by the powerful. I understand UN’s black history in relation to Eritrean’s right for self-determination, I also know have been vocal about the sanctions UN imposed upon Eritrea. As you said if it were imposed upon the criminals because of the abuses they inflicted on our people, it would be just in my judgment. We all have complaints and misgivings about the way UN has been used by the superpowers and particularly by my adopted country, the USA.
        Now, let’s come to the pertaining issue.
        a, there have been issues of widespread abuses of human rights such as holding citizens incommunicado..
        b. There is a government that wouldn’t budge even when citizens cried that it should improve, that it should investigate its own crimes, that it should yield to the demand of people. …
        C. When abused and injured citizens have all venues of addressing abuses and crimes within local and domestic justice facilities, what else could they do? Yes, as you said they go to wherever and whomever could listen to them. This case encases legal and moral components, dear Ted.
        Legal: there are citizens who paid everything possible to have peace and normalcy, yet they are being seized without warrants, shipped to undisclosed prisons, and are left to rote there. I would challenge those who support the regime to explain to me if this is fine with them. A government has the power to arrest people, but it has the duty to present suspects to a court of law and prove they are indeed criminals, or if failed, let them out. This is a basic legal procedure that doesn’t need highly sophisticated justice delivery system. Very basic. It’s also very basic that governments ensure the safety of its young conscripted population. It’s very basic to investigate when complaints of citizens mount to a degree they fleet heir country in search of basic safety cover. Now, Had the government applied the laws in its books, had it made sure the rule of law ran its course, the UN wouldn’t be there. And even if it wanted to politicize an issue, the government would not have to worry. It would say, “Welcome, our books and prisons are open for business, come in and see for yourself. ”
        Moral: Any decent citizen should stand up for the victims, because it is right to do so. It’s wrong to protect the criminal and, instead, attack victims and their families. Therefore, as you indicated, it’s malice in its naked form to accuse individuals and families you have brutalized. It’s inhuman, it’s abhorrent. Victims have the right to go wherever the road to justice takes them.