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Notorious Human Smuggler Shot Dead; 611 Eritreans Released

Suleiman Abdellah Necklawi, aka “The Sultan”, a notorious Egyptian human smuggler, was killed in a shoot-out by Bedouins of another tribe. Consequently, according to the UNHCR and EveryOne Group, 611 Eritrean refugees who had been held hostage in Egypt’s Sinai have crossed safely to Israel.

Criminal elements within the Sakrawi bedouin tribe had been on the cross-hairs since human rights organization, including EveryOne Group, succeeded in getting US broadcaster CNN to run an expose of their human smuggling and organ theft. The victims are mostly Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese collectively referred to as “Africans” by the Bedouin tribes.

EveryOne Group has alerted the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees and the Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings. Many of the Bedouin tribes, who feel that criminals like Suleiman Abdella Nakhlawi and Samih are besmirching their reputation have been co-operating with investigators and human rights organizations, including Egypt’s own New Generation Foundation for Human Rights, which has conducted videotaped interviews investigating the crimes. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is also expected to be involved in the investigation.

On a per capita basis, Eritrea is the world’s largest exporter of refugees. At various points, the Eritrean regime had argued that this is primarily due to the West’s magnet of providing no-questions-asked asylums and better living conditions. The Eritrean opposition argues that the Eritrean youth would not have left their country at the pace they are if they saw any hope of a better future in Eritrea and that they are leaving to reject a life of conscription without end.

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  • Tgrayo

    Arabs are racist and show little regard to the lives of blacks.I wonder why so many Eritrean muslims feel affinity to Arabism.Muslim kali’e Arab kal’e.You are Habesha.NOT ARAB.The Arabs and Jews are the same.Racist,greedy devils.

  • Praise the Lord!

  • Wedi Medhin Berad


  • Crazy aware and crazy comments

  • Mulugheta (Ertrawi from Germany)

    These are not Eritrean refugees and you have inflated the numbers yourself. Read New-African magazine to know the Government of Eritrea. To say “let us work and feed ourselves” is a terror for the so called refugees. They are accustomed to get dollars from their relatives (by doing nothing) while they were at home. And their relatives are working hard to get that money. Once in Europe, many of them are commiting a suicide because they are not used to work hard. Their expectation is very high. And at the end most of them argue, we had it better at home. Please try to report accurately and not out of hatred.
    I am sure, the awate team will not post this comment.

    • awatestaff

      Mulugheta, I guess you really believe in hard work. You believe in it so much that you wrote a comment and closed it with “I am sure, the awate team will not post this comment” which, if your prediction was accurate, would have made your hard work futile work.

      You exemplify the PFDJ, you are its microcosm. If something doesn’t work, it is because conspiratorial and evil powers are arrayed against it and we predicted it. If something works, it worked against their will, through out sheer will power.

      We also love that the PFDJ are always pretending that the opinion of the world doesn’t matter to them. But the minute they get any compliment, regardless of how obscure the flatterer is, they plaster it all over. Whether it is some bicycle federation, or some random tourist from Germany, or the “New Statesman”, or some European MP, if something remotely positive is written about them by anybody, no matter how junior or inconsequential, they just rush to share it with the world. Proving: that the opinion of the world does matter to them.

      Since, the opinion of the world matters: the world is laughing at the PFDJ. The world thinks the PFDJ is a collection of outlaws, a renegade collection of aging me, who will (by God or by man) soon fall off the Tree of Life.

      PS: Nobody opposes “hard work.” Hard work in Eritrea was not invented by the PFDJ, it is what we were known for long before PFDJ. What people are opposed to is slavery.

    • awet

      What i could not realy understand is that there are so many many Eritreans like you who are so selfish and deaf,not only they don care about those Eritreans who are under such a hardship and measrable life wherever in the globe but also can not keep quiet. you ought to praise God by reading such a wonderful news instead of putting yourself as a hard live under the German governments assistance and you say that you are self reliable.correct your statments and please do open your eyes to what is goin on in eritrea.

    • Delayselam

      Dear Mulugeta…………….

      may ask you few questions?

      1. do you have relatives back home that you look after? i am sure you don’t have family( parents, sibilings, wife…..etc) . my question is very clear just relatives whom you can get phone call when passed awy.
      2. did ever helped some one struggling to survive becuase of PFDJ slavery policy?
      3. I am living overseas like yourself leaving my beloved behind and i get phone calls at least once a month saying some has safely arrived to Sudan/Ethiopia………. do u receive those phone calls, if yes what do you do about those calls?
      4. I lost my cousin in Sinai in September 2011………….did this thing has happened to you?
      5. do have a house or site in asmara from the so called ”BOND”……..

      ladied and gentlemen

      can we think for all us ……….why are we becoming selfish and self centered


  • hiyab Amlak

    I am very happy with the news and I am expecting to be done more on the remaining smugglers either to bring them to justice or kill them.

  • Awet Nihafash Widket Ni Esayasin korakurun.

  • Awet ni hafash

  • Very good NEWS.

  • Well done my fellow citizens, the so called' humanitarian organizations'started, to feel it.
    after all the inhuman acts happened to the immigrants..

  • Mohammed Ali

    This is good start. Next time we should xxxxx xxxx the main cause, Isaias Afwerqi. Selamn qsanetn nhzbi ertra!!

    • Akordat

      yeah bro, it’s true.

  • Sam Habte

    Wait, I am a bit confused with this article, does it mean there are no more refugees left in the hand if the killer and organ stealers, no more demand for 40,000 dollars per person?

  • Good job to all Eritreans that put a lot of pressure on human rights organizations across the world! They made a difference!

  • We feel sorry for young Eritreans who lost there life in Egypt’s Sinai desert. It is good Suleiman Abdellah Necklaw is killed.

  • Aman

    Ezgeyo meharena kirstos!!!
    Let us pray day in and out the recieve the mercy of Jesus Christ. Please avoid blaming others.
    God bless you all!!

  • Justice Will Be Done

    tsbuk zena eyu.

  • btesfa

    i am glad to hear that some of them are save, but both meles & wedi afom are in power i don’t think the root of problem will be solve. come people wake up to change these two dictotars.

  • Hallelujah!

  • girmay

    But I thought they went for a Picnic, as Isayas informed us on the TV?????? or may be they are the descendants of the Negede Israel ??????
    I think Wedi SAfom is right. If he gets 40,000 USD from one Kidney, 120,000 USD from a Heart Transplatation to a Jewish Merchant and 90,000 USD for the Eyes , then there is no reason why he should not cooperate with the Rashaidas. After all they have been dying in Sahel for years. Why do they refuse to dye now for the better future of Wedi Afom???
    O KIDANE MEHRET ADEY WHERE ARE U???????????????????

  • This is good news, As long as Issais in power this problem will never stop, it might change its ways and shap. He is the worest dictatorial regime and ICC should look at the source of the problem.