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Nevsun’s Blood Stained Gold-Coins

In Salem, Massachusetts, they threw suspected witches into a lake: if they floated they were witches and if they drowned, then they were dead witches. In the abysinian highlands in the past, an Anteregna (goldsmith) faced almost similar mistreatment.

Masons, wood-carvers, iron-smiths and goldsmiths sustained much of ancient Axum’s civilization. But the peasantry despised craftsmen; those who created things had to be practitioners of witchcraft. Of the lot, goldsmiths were the most despised- they were known as Anteregna, a reference synonymous with witches. The superstitious believed every Anteregna has demons and the society avoided intermarrying with them. Axum’s exorcists devised cruel ways to rid the goldsmiths of their demons… We will finish this anecdote at the end of the article. 

Bisha’s Glittering gold is bright yellow, expensive and they say Eritrea has abundant deposits of it. If not for the authoritarian regime, Eritreans would have much use for it. But in the absence of basic freedoms in the country, gold has become a Midas curse. And where there is gold, there is an Anteregna—in Bisha the Antergna comes in the form of a Canadian company: Nevsun Mining Corporation and its demons. Yet, Canada is a supposedly democratic country. And though Nevsun is a legal entity, it is out there to make a buck. And though it cannot be considered ethical and responsible investor, it can not get away with slave labor in Canada, though it does in Eritrea where it doesn’t even have to abide by the Canadian environmental and labor  laws. Nevsun is dishonest and it is  run by executives who think they are The British West India Company of the day and they plunder the wealth of the oppressed with impunity.

A mini history of decolonization

The last century witnessed the most extensive struggle by colonized people. The idea of getting rid of a master who hauls away the bounties of the country, and the need to become a master of your own land seemed very attractive. Africans found an inspiration in the “anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist” rhetoric of socialism and its slogans. Armed with red books and violent class-consciousness, Socialism had developed an effective agitating rhetoric and the elite mobilized the people. They peddled make-believe goals to liberate their people and they assured everyone that socialism will transform the world into paradise.

When the colonizers packed and left the nations to cope with the control of the much talked about “exploited resources”, wealth was not forthcoming and miseries worsened. The violent struggles had left many festering wounds that are still crippling the nations where the oil fields and mines are guarded by unelected regimes in exchange for profit-sharing or kickbacks from the corporations.

The de-colonization proposal had attracted indigenous oppressors who now rule with impunity; most of the tyrants of today are liberators-turned-dictators. So much sacrifice, and years of struggle, ended up replacing a foreign tyranny with one that looks and talks like the oppressed people. And how do these dictators get away with the crimes they commit against their people? Where do they get the power to do that? They are often empowered and emboldened by interest groups. They are empowered by “pragmatic” politicians of the West. They are assisted by adventurous and corrupt multi-nationals: conglomerates and multi-nationals who care too much about maximizing profit and too little about its cost. And when the movers of the free-market economy do not consult their moral compass (most of the time they do not have one), the result is disaster.

NEVSUN: Anteregna Corp. 

Many people know how the corporate world operates, but very few have a clue how the mining business operates. However, after researching the environmental impact of mining (heap-leaching and specially open-pit mining that Nevsun is using in Eritrea) and the use of Cyanide, the subject is not so difficult to grasp. On the economic side, in the Eritrean case, one doesn’t need to know neither mining nor corporate business to realize that the citizens will not benefit from Nevsun’s projects, and that the revenues strengthens only the oppressive regime.

When Nevsun’s adventure took it to Eritrea, investors didn’t care about the environmental impact, or the emboldening of a tyrant, or the marginalization of the people in their own land. But when their pockets began to hurt because of Nevsun’s shoddy operations, they woke up. Still, they think Bisha is located at New York’s Wall Street when actually it is an expropriated property in Eritrea most of whose natives are in refugee camps in Sudan. That expropriation is highlighted in the illegitimate deal made between the Eritrean tyrant and Nevsun…of Canada. The property where Nevsun is mining is stolen property and its original owners did not have a say in the deal. By that, Nevsun proved it is anti-freedom and pro-tyranny. It is a company that deserves the wrath of all conscious freedom loving people. Its collaboration with the tyrant of Eritrea is a crime, something worthy of a determined fight that all should wage. 

Nevsun’s gold coins are blood-stained, including the blood of its employee who was  brutally killed in mysterious circumstances  near Bisha gold mine. It is scrupulous, unbridled, and it seems there is no limit to the price it will pay in the quest of amassing wealth.

Though the Eritrean regime denies the existence of indigenous people in Bisha: “There are no indigenous groups located in the project area (National Museaum of Eritrea, personal communication, April 2006)”,1  Nevsun should know that Bisha has its indigenous owners. They are either languishing in refugee camps in the Sudan or elsewhere since the massacres of Ad Ibrahim in the late sixties. The much celebrated “liberation of Eritrea” didn’t bring those people back to their ancestral home. Instead, it enabled the conquerors, the ruling party of Eritrea, to own their properties and give it to Nevsun, whose excavators and earthmovers have defaced the land—a typical frontier mentality, one more location fit for a gold rush.

In a country where the price of dissent is heavy, the dispossessed Eritreans do not have a voice to object. The Joint propaganda onslaught by the Eritrean regime and Nevsun which came in the form of  “Cartoon Brochures”, “3D presentations” and “coffee shop discussions” does not give the deal any legitimacy. Nevsun of  Canada, a citizen of a free and democratic nation, should not buy stolen property from a dictator and be an accomplice in the crime of eradicating indigenous people in the name of development and profit. It should know how to strike a balance between its ambition for profit and the risk involved.

Buying A Stolen Car Is Illegal

If someone bought a stolen car in Ottawa and was caught driving it, the police will certainly arrest him. If he proved he didn’t know the car was stolen, he might escape with a warning: be careful! Do not deal in stolen goods again. But if he had bought the stolen car knowingly, he would certainly go to jail for being an accomplice of a thief. Which one is the case of Nevsun?

The Eritrean dictator is selling Nevsun stolen goods. Nevsun is empowering the dictatorship with hard currency that will be spent on reinforcing the tools of oppression against Eritrean citizens and not on their welfare. Some of it certainly fattens the pockets of arms dealers to the tune of about US $ 150 million yearly or, 25% of Eritrea’s GDP2.

Nevsun is not a mom-and-pop outfit and it knows the illegitimate nature of the Eritrean tyrant and that he doesn’t hold a deed title to Eritrea—he is ruling by the power of the gun. So, what are the owners of the resources supposed to do? Watch silently while their lives are worsening by the day and their jailer is being empowered by rich corporations? Why does Nevsun choose to be caught in the middle of a violent struggle between a people determined to be free and a tyranny determined to enslave the people indefinitely?

Nevsun is acting like a daredevil pitching a tent in the middle of a battleground where tyranny and freedom are facing each other. This warning has been out for a while and wise investors should take notice—many Eritreans opposed to the regime are considering Nevsun’s act as an in-your-face provocation.

Eritreans are struggling to establish a just, stable and prosperous democratic nation on the ashes of the authoritarian regime. They aspire to establish a free-market economy where entrepreneurship would be rewarded and where creativity and the resourcefulness of the people will be set free to be rewarded. They aspire to establish an economy that would protect and encourage investments, an environment where deals will be negotiated and sealed by elected representatives of the people. They dream of a free-press that will keep an eye on issues of public interest and dig deep to investigate corruption. They dream of a day when they will debate openly whether to endorse a deal or not.

When this dream is realized, as many dreams are, and Eritreans take hold of their country, Nevsun risks  being viewed as an extension of the demised dictatorship. In the minds of Eritreans, it is already being perceived as a supporters of a tyranny that is chocking them. One hopes that Nevsun would respond positively and stop its operations in Eritrea until there is a democratic government, until it can do business with the real owners and elected representatives of the people. It is important for Nevsun to establish goodwill with Eritreans, to give them a morale support in their pursuit of freedom—a gesture that Eritreans would be grateful for and would never forget. That would earn Nevsun a special respect in the eyes of Eritreans and the freedom loving people of the world. Nevesun doesn’t need to buy a gold ring from the Eritrean regime only to receive a bloodied ring together with a victims severed finger.

Now back to the unfinished story from the first paragraph:  

The Anteregna would be lured to a place and would be directed to sit on a chair that has a huge concealed sharp tool similar to an ice-pick, a primarily  hair braiding tool. The unsuspecting Anteregna would sit on the sharp nail that would pierce his butt and he would cry of pain. That cry is supposed to rid the goldsmith of his demons!  It is just like what they did to witches  in Salem, only with a twist

Author: negarit@awate.com

(This article is a revised version one first published on awate.com in 2006)

1 Interim Public Consultation  Report (page 5)  prepared by AMEC Earth & Environment of Canada  for Nevsun)

Library of Congress-Federal Research Division country profile: Eritrea, September 2005

Suggested reading:

1. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (A Book by Jared Diamond) . The chapter on mining in Montana
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  • Eyob Medhane

    Awate Staff..

    It looks like you guys have a pretty good source. Even if the Ethiopian gov. denied a second attack in the North West Eritrea after the first one, today, PM Meles himself admitted to the parliament that the attack actually happened. Kudos. Now, you are becoming “The Most Trusted Name in News” (Stealing CNN’s slogan)

    [From moderator: Thanks Eyob; yeah we do. We also know, from years of experience of listening to Ethiopian official media, the volume and intensity of its news denial is inversely related to its veracity. The louder they protest that something absolutely, positively didn’t happen, the more likely it is that it DID happen.]

  • Gobian Garibaldi

    Since the early 80s of the last century till 98, Saebia and Weyane acted as in “my little sister and my big sister, my baby brother and my baby sister, my that cousin and my that nice” and danced together in each others house. I used to wonder, “where is their mother, where is their father” ? I awlays declared to them I was Jebha and the best thing to do with me is just dance and chat till you find your real mother and your real father that you were born from but left behind for mother Shaebia, cousin Weyane, father Isaias, and cousin Meles.

    They smiled and noded and said that not only are you Jebha but one of the worst of Jebha, the notorious Ama. I was too you for that but was also differently for Ama had great heroes too. So, they settled for Harnet and I obliged. Those were great days till the war between father Isaias and cousin Meles spoiled everything and went for each others necks. For me, these came as a surprise though all was not in disguise. They called them: two bald men fighting over a comb. Whare is the comb now? May God help us bring peace and hormony between and within us.

    Take it easy and peace!

  • Gobian Garibaldi

    selam all,

    Happy Easter to Christian sisters and brothers and may God make it a blessed Holiday and season!

    Humans love sports of minds, hearts, and acts to express their life. Talk is about personalities, events, and issues that make the talk of their day. However, this do not bring much than chat and chatter for man does not see the thing in itself and in its realation to the whole. And if he attepts make something out of the one and the one with the whole, it most of the time is self-centered. Things of the past need proper closure to one and to all so that the whole may funtion today without being burdened with the dead issue of yesterday that are only there as items of history for all to see and move on toward tomorrow.

    The Weyane the the Shaebia vicious circle entangles not only them and their members but also the sheep that has learned to bleat their songs. Sheep need shepherds and if two wolves are their shepherds it is just like sister and borther, they both feed on the helpless bleating sheep whose sound is drowned by the people of the two wolves who operate the the same way or do the same thing differently. They are ungodly entities who thrive on the miseries of others. If people are not going to take old of the affairs of their live and clean the lies and thievery from those who think they have they ungodly rights of ruling them in the miseries that they have created for themselves and others. The devil once lived in heaven and you may not recognize him if he crosses your path and if you do, you may also take him for an angel. Man makes laws to govern himself and himself in relation with others. Natural, he sware to live by them as he is expected to honor and live by them. Do cousins Shaebia and Weyane do that? Do cousins Isaias and Meles do that? The answer is no! So, what is all the talk about the goodness of twin-evil from either side of the Mereb River? People need to mend fences as fellow humans before God and themselves as brothers and sisters, as friends and fellow travellers, as nations and neignborsnot before man and his lord, the father of lies and murder, the Devil! May God help man to find his peace and bread instead of war and dread.


  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Selam n’khulukhum b’habera,

    R’Hus afasiga y’gberelna n’khulahna.

    P.S. Semere Habetmariam, maybe you could help me out. Why do we call it “Afasiga”? Could the word be a sort of corrupted version of “Afe-s’ga” the fact that we eat nay s’Eret (S’ga) after forty days of lent?

  • rodab

    It is extreme and going too far for some people to call YPFDJ ‘Hitler Youth’. At worst, YPFDJ are stupid and adventureous as most teens are, but they are not evil people. They harbor no bad intentions to anyone. I even dare say this: I don’t believe they care much about the regime or its leader. They flock to this festivals/meetings as a getway or as a way of finding a girlfriend/boyfriend. I mean it. Really. So let’s not be too critical of our own youngsters.


    In any criminal case, the first thing to consider is the motive. Motive is to direct and lead you to the criminal who has committed the crime. On the same token, credibility is equally important in judging the character of a politician. So, lately you have been bombarded by skilled politician, to be exact, TPLF cadre who is not only twisting facts but burning the mid night oil and bombarding you with no mercy. So, I ask you what his credibility is.
    Teweldebrhan Kifle.
    This seasoned TPLF cadre told you that the Eritreans who were deported from Ethiopia; were deported so, with their dignity and properties intact. Never mine this is a white lie but don’t take my word for it. Ask for yourself this. If the Eritreans were deported with their dignity and properties intact, why is it the TPLF thugs offered an apology and offered to give the Eritreans their properties back? So, if Teweldebrhan is lying to you in your face about this issue, what makes you telling you the truth about every issue he writes? Again, credibility!

    And there is another TPLF apologist by the name Eyob. Eyob is who is getting bold and bolder because he thinks he has the support of the majority of the Eritreans to his calling and he felt no shame to write the following.

    “”””the ones that you programmed through out the years to hate Ethiopians are de-programming themselves, and start to LOVE us”””

    Shamlessly; this guy is speaking about Eritreans. Now, Eritreans are NOT humans with god given main and soul, rather, they are some kind of washing machine or a coffee maker that you can program and de-program. The level of disrespect he is showing is the indication of his ignorance coupled with incurable inferior complexity. I know few worth-less Eritreans are drooling and slobbering like a mad dog with every word and every lie they are spawning against the good and proud Eritrean people. Eyob don’t get fooled with one; small-minded and insubstantial individual who is driveling to your shameful description of the Eritrean people. But if you are really convinced about your stand, then please try to de-program this ….This…… this…… and those are my people I will die for!


    • Eyob Medhane

      Really Hilina? Really?

      You are showing me a clip of YPFDJ conference as proof of Eritreans patriotism for their country? You couldn’t find any other clip from youtube to demonstrate Eritreans patriotism to show me as a proof? You got to be kidding me…

      Just for the purpose of this comment, I consider myself generous not to call these young men and women “Hitler Youth”, as many do. However, these heroes of yours that you say you’ll die for are enormously misguided souls, who wouldn’t say a word, rather dance at festivals, as you see in this clip, when their fellow Eritreans, who mostly are their age mates drowned in Mediterranean sea or their organ is harvested in the Sinai. So, is that what Eritrean patriotism worth to you? This is incredibly outrageous! If worshiping Isayas and dance for him is a meaning of “Eritrean Patriotism” and a worthy cause to die for, Eritrea does not deserve to be a country and nation. Fortunately, it is only you and very few of your likes among six millions Eritreans, who’d think that. At least, I hope I am right on this one..

    • Hillena…Hillena..Hillena,

      Please taper you anger. We all had families who goes through those hardships. Equally, they had families who went through those hardships also. We can’t live on the past reminiscence. We have to move to create a better world for both peoples. Focus on the future how our people will live in peace and stable region….eventually make them to fight poverty.

      Many have tried to cool you dawn and you are still throwing the same temper tantrum. This in my advice my advice to you: As I have read on your previous threads, you are a medical doctor at Cleveland clinic in Ohio. I am sure they will have anger management services. So you have to consider to do something about that. Or as potential as you are, please change the topic where you could contribute positive education to enrich our debate. With all respect!!!!

    • Serray


      You don’t have to limit your choice to two revisionists: the ypfdj and the likes of eyob. It is not an either/or proposition. You can pick a third option that rejects both the woyane mouthpieces and the pfdj mouthpieces like the ypfdj.

      You have the right to be pissed at the woyanes; they looted and dumped your family on a war zone. What they did was inhuman. The woyane mouthpieces here are trying to create a parallel between that and 1991. The EECC decision made it clear that there is no parallel when it comes to 1998-2000, so they are trying to recreate a parallel going back to 1991…equating deporting an occupying army to looting and deporting peaceful civilians.

      Don’t be confused and think everybody here agrees with them simply because they bring echo chambers like balti weqatto. Eyob started as an eritrean but he couldn’t keep it up for long. I am waiting for balti weqatto confession after she blamed the deported eritreans for living high in AA …and that fake story about her rich dady and the maids.

      Hillina, your problem is you let them define you. What happened to your parents has nothing to do with tigrians, only with woyanes and shaebia It showed poor judgement to blame people for the sins of a regime. Second, woyanes can not make pfdj look better. The moment you start cheering for ypfdj, you help make the point why the woyanes deported your parents in the first place.

      So stay mad but focused. Remember, if someone is more symapatic to the deported occupying army than, say, your parents, you are not dealing with an eritrean. Stop trying to convince them. Also, this is a problem with most of you amiches, some ethiopians don’t really care what happened to you. Really.

      • Gobian Garibaldi

        selam Serray and all,

        Happy Easter to the adherents of the Orthodox Christian faith.

        Dear Serray thank you for throwing some light on the exchange that go here from supporters and sympathizers of the regimes in Ethiopia, the cousinly Shaebia and Weyane of old. You made it easy for yours truly to understand the charachters that speak here and for your forethright and lucid rejoinder to our brotherly and and sisterly friends and neighbors or who appear to be.


      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


        Hope the counselling you provided to Hillina is a pro-bono. In any case, if you are not a shrink or a life-couch by training, I encourage you to give it a shot. You’re good. I have always admired Hillina for being a lone soldier in an imagined enemy turf. Again, it is nice to see that he got a back up who is also shadowing a counsellor.

        I sure hate to burst your bubble where you’re tuning in to the forum if I come out of the “closet” to attest to the long held suspicion that I am in fact an………..Well let me put it this way: Both my parents are Eritreans but I have long decided that I don’t belong to Isaias’ Eritrea. If that makes me non-Eritrean, so be it.

        Have you ever read the play “The Crucible”? In fact, it was made into a movie (Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Rider in it). The plot of the play is about the witch-hunt in Salem, Massachusetts. The interesting thing about the play however is not the plot per se, rather, it is the reason why perhaps the greatest playwright ever lived–Arthur Miller wrote the play. I let you find out the reason then you would know why I brought it up amidst of our otherwise not so friendly threads.


      • Ghezae Hagos

        Selam Serray,

        Happy Easter season for you and everybody here.

        I don’t think it is right by you to label beAlti Wuqato as Ethiopian for the reasons you gave. If you have followed her writings as closely as many of us did (as I did), I think you were mistaken brother. None of us know the other’s personal story and we just have to trust the core of the stories are true or based on facts.

        We, the few who are in the opposition, should give as much latitude as we can, consciously, notwithstanding the fact that our self-loathing and paranoid mindset always brings the worst in us. Please let us be careful!


        Mr Eyob Medhanie is Ethiopian. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But he is and thus he will defend Ethiopian interests.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Dearest Ghezae,

          I see a ray of hope every time I read your otherwise beautifully written threads for you’re an invaluable asset to my own private Eritrea. Happy Easter. God bless us all.


        • Serray

          Selam Gezae,

          And ruhus fasika everbody.

          Try to read her carefully. Neither the eritrean nor the ethiopian people are responsible for the decisions of the governments ruling them. Don’t blame people. See how many times balti weqatto blames the eritrean PEOPLE. This is not an argument, so try not to frame a counter-argument while you read and just absorb the information. Second, as Hillina alluded, balti weqatto is a mouthpiece of the woyanes. Find anything that contradicts that in her writing.

          Plus, don’t take my word for it, ….”Both my parents are Eritreans but I have long decided that I don’t belong to Isaias’ Eritrea.” her words. The isais part is a ruse for our consumption. Imagine having the liberty to equate everything you are to one man and reject it just like that. Even worse, she believes meles is the best leader for eritrean people. Now, if one rejects her birth place because of a ruler, you expect her to have a higher standard than have a crush on the ruler next door whose record of killing and abusing Eritreans is surpassed only by isais.

          Finally, here is what she wrote about the deported.

          “……right before the Badme incident, Eritreans lived in Ethiopia particularly in Addis like a “prima dona” if you will where they abused the system to its fullest as the TPLF leaders kept a blind eye lest provoke Isaias as he threatened them of rendering Ethiopia a replica of the Balkan nations. Eritreans in Addis in the mean time bragged in a broad day light as if they were running the show behind the curtains.”

          I know many ethiopians, only the stupid and cruel ones make a brain dead observation like that.

      • T. Kifle


        You need to be told umpteen times that Woyane didn’t loot the property of deportees; PFDJ did. If Hillina is true to himself , he is at liberty to come here and claim his properties because he said he knows that “the government is returning back the properties”. Don’t dwell in non-issue things too. No one has questioned the repatriation of the POWs, though the handling was so despicable to speak of. So the suffering of thousands of my compatriots is not a devious fabrication to draw a parallel to the post-1998 deportation. It is a real matter where its scars are still palpable.

        The very fabric we Eritreans and Ethiopians alike share is the way we handle difference in opinions. If you visit Ethiopian websites you may easily understand what I am talking about. It is all simple for one to get labeled either Shaebia or Woyane depending from which side they are arguing. If sis Arwe was Ethiopian as you tried to insinuate, what is the need to appear here disguised in Eritrean cladding? Rather, it would be imperative to weigh the merits of hear ideas/positions on the issues at hand.

        • Serray

          T. Kifle,

          So you are not a tplf cadre? You could have fooled me.

          Guys, if we started arguing about the obvious, we are going to waste a lot of time. We have to move beyond you guys and balti weqatto being mouthpieces of the ethiopian government. There is nothing wrong with being their cadre if done openly.

          Unlike the pfdj, the woyanes are not clear cut. They get a lot of things right, including apologizing to the victims of their inhuman policy of looting and deporting peaceful citizens. But it is the prerogative of their victims to accept or reject their apology; not yours or balti weqattos. Second, stop drawing parallel to minimize the suffering of their victims. The wrongs of shaebia do not make the woyanes right.

          These are the rules of engagement. We are already behind a screen, we should at least own the meaning, the essence and the conclusions drawn from our writings.

          • T. Kifle


            What is wrong if I am a TPLF cadre? engage ideas not personalities. How do I know whether you are a PFDJ cadre or not? And how does that matter anyway?

            And you need to get your facts straight for record. The Ethiopian gov. didn’t apologize for looting simply because it didn’t loot one. It only apologized for the summary deportation; that’s all . Whether one rejects the apology doesn’t invalidate the intentions of Ethiopia. Many have accepted it and already either started settling here or sold their assets at market price and left.

            “The wrongs of shaebia do not make the woyanes right.”

            It is for this reason the Ethiopian Gov. extended the apology. But equally important is to honestly balance the issue of Ethiopians who had to endure the the brutality of shaebia who neither offer the apology nor return their hard-earned properties back.

            So brother, this issue demands magnanimity and justice from your part for this is the only way of reconciliation and normalcy.

        • Serray


          There is nothing wrong if you are a tplf cadre but you have to let us deal with you as such. About dealing with ideas, I am not saying you look like a tplf cadre, I am not saying you smell like a woyanes cadre, I am saying you write, meaning, the ideas behind your writing, is like a tplf cadre. There is nothing more to your writing, I know, I deal with pfdj sympathizers all the time.

          You know the thirty years struggle was totally fought on eritrean soil. Do you know how many churches, mosques, schools, houses your governments destroyed in eritrea? And you expect magnanimity and justice from my part ….you must be joking.

          Now, about the stupid distinction you try to make about the looting and deporting. Say the americans discovered, wrongfully, that you are bagman for terrorists. They come to your house at night and deport you to ” isaias eritrea”, as your soulmate will put. The bank sold your house to pay the mortgage, your bank account is emptied, a couple of your children who followed you to eritrea are in sawa. Now ten years later, the Americans apologize, how warm and wonderful does that makes you feel?

          You see, victims have their own way of dealing with tragedy. I am glad the apology worked on you, but please, don’t expect it to work on the victims.

          • T. Kifle

            Serray Hoi

            All the war crimes committed on the Eritrean soil had befallen on the Ethiopian soil too in almost same or more proportion. It’s because of this sole reason that I support wholeheartedly the Eritreans decide their fate. So the new Ethiopia is not responsible for what had happened during your 30 years of liberation struggle, in fact it has played the role of a catalyst, a bitter pill to swallow for PFDJ sympathizers.

            The Bible says (Matthew 7:5)
            “Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye”

            The intention of my whole effort is to convey this message. It is not morally acceptable to repeatedly criticize a government that admitted its own mistakes. More so, it is unacceptable to advance once own interests at the cost of others. If you think PFDJ is an aberration in the Eritrean culture and political makeup check your premises.

            Brother, Deportation is a consequence. A consequence of a blatant and unprovoked aggression. Eritreans that condemned that aggression, which is the main cause of the deportation, were extremely few. So face it. There is no other way around. Ethiopia had paid dearly for a war of not its own making. Thankfully, at this point in time, PFDJ seems drawn lessons the hard way though. So I will advise you to take it easy since that was a consequence of being stabbed at the back by a menace emboldened by collective and destructive mindset detrimental to its survival.

          • Gedam


            What aggression? Ethiopia is the one that started the war! For a year and a half Ethiopia began dismantling administrations in Eritrea and setting up shop for themselves and displacing the inhabitants in the area. Land that was not theirs! Eritrea tried countless times to resolve it peacefully and for Ethiopia to stop its actions. Until one day the ethiopian army opened fire and killed a couple of eritrean security personnel. That is what started the war. How could you possibly say “Ethiopia had paid dearly for a war of not its own making”. It was ENTIRELY its making. It’s all documented. No lying can work here. The captured ethiopian soldiers even admitted that the war was all about assab. And its clear that it was because if badme was the issue why was there fighting around bure? Why did the Ethiopians say that the border around bure should be 20 km closer to the sea? In fact Ethiopia won the border decision in my opinion. They got a lot of land that they never had before. You can look for yourself and look at every single map ever made about eritrea and ethiopia dating back to 1900….not one of the support ethiopias claims. because ethiopias claim is bogus. Look for your self dont take my word for it.

          • T. Kifle

            Hi Gedam!!

            Oh !”Ethiopia Started the war”. You are “Gudam” not “Gedam”, a late comer to the bunch of liers of PFDJ die hards.

      • Serray

        Balti weqatto,

        To be clear, we are in agreement, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t say, “I have long decided that I don’t belong to isaias’ Eritrea.”. I didn’t expect a confession this fast.

        I don’t know of a single ethiopian who rejects his identity because meles is ruling his country. It is not that easy. A ruler doesn’t make you belong to or reject your country. If he does, it is because there was little belonging to begin with.

        Now that we have cleared that, we need to tackle your hatred of the eritrean people. Please, don’t dare me to prove it to you.

        • Eyob Medhane


          It’s interesting that you prefer to spend a whole lot more time on who speaks for who and whose back ground is what, instead of engaging everyone based on the merit of what we say. Smearing and ridiculing individuals is a landmark and an identifiable character of Shabia. So, let me for a minute pull myself down to your level of engaging in argument and ask you that, can someone assume based on starkly similar way of your way of debating people, you, in fact are a PFDJ mouth piece? You very much sound like it..Very similar…

        • Selam Serray,
          please don’t make it personal and be judgemental that fast. Whether the argument comes from the Eritrean or Ethiopian, just stick with your weapon and that is your “idea” and try to influence with your fact and your emperical reasoning. I don’t like your characterization which I don’t expect from you. Though at time we don’t agree on certain issue, I always consider you as sensible person. Please refrain the kind of characterization youare making against sis Arwe. Stick on the subject rather on the personality. lol

          • Serray

            Selam Ammanuel,

            In my real life, I want to know who I am talking to. If somebody said to me:

            “As to the Eritreans deported from Ethiopia first and foremost the blame goes to your DIA. Hard core EPLF supporters in Addis ( nearly all Eritreans) were conspiring against Ethiopia (spreading phony notes, contraband, spying, financing the war from contributors etc). How many of you heard about the party thrown in Green Hotel (Addis Ababa) to celebrate the bombings of school children in Mekele (Ayder) while the entire nation was mourning? Before pointing fingers to us (Ethiopians) check out the behavior Eritreans till the end of the naked aggression of Eritrea on Ethiopia. You people seem even mock the apology from the Ethiopian government (i am of the view that it should not have been apologized when the other side failed even to recognize our people were deported) on this particular issue. It quite possible there might have been innocent Eritreans deported on sheer suspicion given the the stakes of the war and the anger prevailed at the time. But at least, as to my best knowledge, they were deported withdignity and with their property intact.”

            And if you were sitting next me and responded as follows:

            “We sure have been victims of our own manufactured consent to arrogance and prejudice where their roots go back deep into the dread of colonialism, in the mean time, it is a catharsis in itself as we reflect upon our regrettable past as we set out to redefine our future. That is, as we make efforts to make peace with our past, we expect a tone of reconciliation and magnanimity from our Ethiopian brothers and sisters where the era of bickering, hatred-with-passion, and vengeance disappear into oblivion. May God bless us all.”

            Then I know I am not dealing eritreans. This is an exchange between kifle and balti weqatto.

            I don’t know about you but the reason I oppose isaias is because he disrespects the dignity and liberty of the ERITREAN PEOPLE. If you don’t see disrespect of the eritrean people in this exchange, you should.

            You and I need to agree to disagree. You think balti weqatto is the new generation, I think she is an imposter. You think the woyanes are part of the solution, I think they are part of the problem. Simple ground rules.

        • Gobian Garibaldi

          selam all,

          Shaebia blames Weyane and the ones who befriends it. Weyane blames Shaebia and anyone who befriends it. Those who are exchanging arguements and counter arguements with Serray are either outliers of personalities proper or are fake personalities. From what I can perceive, Serray is either a personality with integrity or he is an individaulity which is the essence of the person, what he is and not what he wants others to assume he is. You will be put on a scale of your human growth as one and as one with all. You hate yourself and so you change into the nonself, you become a personality that has not been governed by your Individuality, by what is your own and what your are really made of , of your essence.

          Anyone can use a pen-name but he can not be two in it. One is to assume a personality and try to pass it for his identity which is impossible to do before those who have hears to hear, eyes to see, minds to perceive, hearts to love the truth, the essence, and the physical prowess to act, and the will and courage to stand up for the truth. Let us not waste our time in playing political hide-and-seek which is only good for children to do but not too good for grown ups.

          Put the facts before all without pretending to be someone or other and wasting your valuable time and that of others. We are not playing politics but we are discussing ideas regarding the things that matter to the dear life of those who were and are still affected by the misadventures of the Weyane-cum-Shaebgia savagery of war and the lies for the reasons behind the war. Ethiopians are our friends and neighbors but their governments have been the sources of misery of the Eritrean people in addition to their cousin Shaebia or Isaias. Let us strive to stop war or the no-peace-no-war between Wthiopia and Eritrea, create peace, uphold the truth regardles of who is behind the truth, and reconcile and integrate our common interest according the rule of law that should emerge to govern the two nations. It is time for all to stop trying to win by killing the other guy! Give people what is theirs and take what is yours and don’t play the politics of war in order to get your way.


          • Gobian Garibaldi

            I am learning and I think I see an individual with either an ax to grind even if it means to befriend the devil himself or a hired gun for the same end only differently. Where is the principle and where is the decorated snake?

            Decoration is good bat it has to have some essence of its own, the real thing, ungry or happy. Real things don’t change because of external factors but have to be crystalized through struggle to overcome the challenges of time. If one shifts, the whole thing shifts to something alien to it but mostly noticeable to others but little to the subject in question as he loses his individual and gains his stingy personality. Be you first and see you in relation with others. May God grants peace and bread and help us end war and dread.

            Cheers and Peace!

        • WegaHta


          I am just wondering if it may be pure envy! Fierce honesty is not everybody’s endowment and/or inflexible considered stand. You try too hard to have us believe that Lady b’Alti W’qatto is not Eritrean and believe me your baseless efforts stink to high heaven, not that, per se, being a Tigrean is anything less or more than being an Eritrean.
          I am no caliber of my Lady’s, but I also detest with every bone in my body Isayas’ Eritrea. Not only do I detest it because he is at the helm of a spineless group of people who are ruining today and tomorrow of the Eritrean people, but I also strongly detest it for having made ‘mice’ of its people. I am not proud to be an Eritrean today from any angle you may care to see it, including you and me who have to hide behind pen names because we have been made to freeze in fear. Do you mind making a short list of what makes today’s Eritreans a proud people, they have become so passive and incredibly hidden in denial? What are you proud of? As far as I am concerned Lady b’Alti W’qatto is a shining light in the very dark (intellectual) Diaspora world. She has courage and honesty, two items practically non-existent no matter where you go looking for it.
          In conclusion, I wish to say that it really is immaterial whether one is an Eritrea, an Ethiopian, a Tigrean, a Swede. a Turk or any nationality whatsoever. What counts is one’s courageous and honest stand on issues relating to justice and freedom, the quality of the individual affects the universe. I find myself saying less and less that I am from Eritrea. I am proud neither of myself nor of the majority of my country men and women for swallowing monsters like Isayas and Yemane Gebreab. At Meskerem.net, there is a clip of some Eritreans holding placards that say ‘The Eritrean Government must be respected’ and oozing with joy singing and dancing in unison. It renewed my horror and pain when Eritreans in the US where giving the enemy of Eritrea a star’s treatment. Like Eyob pointed out, there is something Hgdefish about you denying my Lady b’Alti W’qatto’s her natural identity – a young bright Eritrean woman looking at the future and giving us a taste of stark honesty.

          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            Dearest WegaHta haftey natey,

            If it is a movement worthy of an accolade, it is Y.G. who dared to step on uncharted waters and challenged us to examine the social, cultural and historical realities which make us who we are as people and as a nation as well.

            I sure don’t have an illusion of “rubbing shoulders” with the giants like Y.G. but the difference between Y.G. and I rests on the fact that, when he is taken for a done deal Eritrean despite his rather provocative ideas and analytical threads, I have been placed on a petri-dish, in a test-tube and under a microscope for a serious scrutiny as PFDJ thugs and neither here nor there confused individuals accuse me of “selling out” where great people like you armed with integrity, character and principles stand up for me where I am immensely grateful. Again, thank you haftey.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tatoo).


          Several springs ago, in one of the Eritrean pal-talk rooms, an Eritrean woman who lives in one of the Scandinavian countries barged right through the huge line up of people who were waiting for their turn to get the mic, grabbed the mic and said something that sent me into a virtual coma for a whole one minute long. She said, “If an Eritrean and a Tigrean kid were to stand at my door-steps and beg for a loaf of bread, I would be glad to feed the Eritrean kid and starve the Tigrean kid to death.” Later on, I found out that, the lady is a replica of the quintessential and prototypical woman who kissed Isaias’ hand while she was carrying his framed picture in her left hand.

          Several years ago, when Seyoum Oqbamikael died of a massive heart attack in Addis, his political peers and friends opted to bury his remains in the Netherlands instead of in Addis.

          A few years back, when Elias Kifle went to Asmara to conduct an interview with Isaias, the former presented his series of questions in Amharic and the latter responded in English.

          And you (Serray) are cracking down on “us” as we say, it is perfectly NORMAL to feed the Eritrean kid and the Tigrean kid with equal affection and sympathy. You’re cracking down on “us” as we say, it is perfectly NORMAL to bury our loved-one in Addis. You’re cracking down on “us” as we say, it is perfectly NORMAL to respond to a series of questions in Amharic. I sure don’t expect you to give a heed to the otherwise aberrant pattern I just laid out, simply because you are an epitome to that effect. The rather anomalous pattern reflects the appalling, demeaning and grotesque persona of Isaias’ Eritrea.

          In an age of innocence, my heroes (read: Hamid Idris Awate, Abdulkader Kebire, Abona Aboy Welde-Ab Welde-Mariam) set out to materialize the impossible, improbable and implausible where they took on a noble struggle against injustice, tyranny and against the perpetual onslaught on the Eritrean people. In mid-stream however, a zerEi Kirdad lurked under the skin and hijacked the novelty of the glorious struggle and turned it into his own private fiefdom. As he remained unhinged hemorrhaging the spirit of the Eritrean people, his disciples are purging anybody who doesn’t speak the language of Isaias’ Eritrea and who doesn’t dance to the tune of Isaias’ Eritrea.

          If I have to parrot myself, I stand for justice. I stand for the new Eritrea. If I remained to be the last woman standing for the truth nothing but the truth, I would rather wait for the favors of history than float with the flow simply because where I came from, character and principle outweigh the unbearable lightness of mediocrity.

          As you and your lot try to find the elixir of our agony by looking at the faulty lines of the Weyanes or the Ethiopian people, I say, we can not possibly live in denial as we are cognizant of the fact that, deep inside us, we are troubled for what we really are is not what meets the eye. We need to be truthful to ourselves. We can not afford any more living in an existential angst. We can not define who we are by looking down to people in a bid to live in a sense of entitlement and deluded grandeur to the point of morbid intoxication.

          The wisdom of the day is clear for everybody to see. That is, the Weyanes are not our enemies. The Ethiopian people are not our enemies. Our enemy is the Chimera amidst us which feeds voraciously on incarcerated souls, on the perennially conscripted young souls, on mothers who see their children off to the unknown parts of the world where they take chances as they traverse hostile deserts and high seas. The new Eritrea will prevail. God bless us all.


          • T. Kifle

            Dear b’Alti w’qatto Arwe
            Selamtay Yib’tsah’khi

            Thumbs up sister!!! This kind of people, when they run out of ideas and become helpless in defending their positions, what they do is just resort to GENETICS as the last weapon to save their faces. Every deviation from their mental maps has to do with blood and place of birth. Though the majority is indulged in it for a mere lack of what to say, there are few of them cunningly try to put you in a mode of self-defense.

            They are devoid of peace in their lives, and see truth as a variable that can be modulated as per the particular mood they are in. According to them, Isaias was an Eritrean hero in 1991 and now he is a menace carried down within his blood all the way from his “Temben origin”. Meles’s sympathy to Eritrea has to do with his Eritrean blood. And we, the little souls are placed somewhere in-between. Thankfully, probably due to Awate moderator’s effort, we have only few of them here.


          • Serray

            Balti weqatto,

            When I said you are not eritrea, it is because ALL your views on eritreans are negative. What did you do to prove me wrong? You manufactured an eritrean woman who starves a tigrean kid to death. You brought a dead guy to life to show how hostile we are to ethiopia and ethiopians. In case that is not enough to show how hostile we are, you brought isaias’s refusal to speak amharic as the ultimate proof of our hostilities.

            You know, this is like me taking you to court for stealing and you bringing a truck full of stolen goods to prove your innocence. You are not fair minded; you decry the deportation of an occupying army, and yet you rationalize the deportation of peaceful eritrean citizen because, according to you, they were living like “prima donna”. In your eyes, eritrea and eritreans are all bad and ethiopia is all good. You have turned us into kid starving pricks to support your views.

            Listen, I had a choice to see you as someone with absolutely no self-respect, no pride in her identity; or someone who is not part of the society she is degrading day in day out. I choose the latter. I thought I was doing you a favor. By the way, stop mentioning YG, you are not questioning your identity, you have either rejected it or never had it.

            To you and your ethiopian friends: the reason we Eritreans oppose isaias and his regime is because he does evil to the ERITREAN PEOPLE. Remember that.

    • T. Kifle

      Selam & Happy Easter Hillina

      Lately, it seems you are getting better. I am happy that the warning on you from the Awate Moderator bear fruits.

      Coming back to the deal: you provided us a link of the “kebero” and “Guayla” stuff, a typical PFDJ feel good factor. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed the beauty and the melody of my Eritrean cousins, as i usually do. So i thank you for that.

      On a serious note: If i am a TPLF cadre trying to make a mountain out of a mole-hill regarding the post 1991 deportations, refer to an account of an eye witness by Saleh “Gadi” Johar. He clearly has explained it in one of his threads the dire situations he observed from Zalambesa all the way to Addis Ababa. Call him a TPLF cadre if you wish.

      You said:
      “…Ask for yourself this. If the Eritreans were deported with their dignity and properties intact, why is it the TPLF thugs offered an apology and offered to give the Eritreans their properties back?”

      By your own admission, the Ethiopian gov. offered an apology and is returning the properties of Eritreans back. Can you draw a parallel on the issue and demand PFDJ offers an apology and return the properties of the Ethiopians of the pre- and post-1998 deportees?

      While we are at the “apology” thing, I remember a reporter asked DIA if he regrets the massacre of the Ayder school kids. His coldherated answer was “there are no rules to follow while at war and you can call it a collateral damage”. You echoed the same mantra in your other thread. You see, you are a medical man, therefore, least expected to know the rules of engagement. War has rules; it is worldwide convention to protect civilian lives at any cost. There was high public sentiment (though short-lived) that tempted the Ethiopian Air Force to retaliate in kind at the hearts of Asmara but that didn’t happen because that violates the rules of engagement. Those who violate these noble conventions are the weak that need to draw the attention of the wider populace from the altars of negativity.

      So Hillina, I will not be bogged down to blanket accusations and sweep generalizations regarding my Eritrean brothers/sisters. I know unmistakably who the enemy of Ethiopia (enemy of Eritrea for that matter) is. If you are with PFDJ for the sheer hate of Ethiopians, I will tell you that your love would not last long. The days of DIA rule are numbered. So I advice you to absolve yourself from the extreme hate you harbored before it is too late.

    • Hameed

      Dear Hilina,

      The worst slap is the one you get from your brother. As you know we didn’t expect from Janohoi and Migstu kindness, but we expected tenderness from those who claimed our liberators. Today’s problems of Eritrea is internal, 100% an Eritrean kneaded problems, so no need to throw our failures to others and blame them. This kind of behaviour really make us the laughing stock by our neighbors. Please, let us dedicate our time in studying and solving our internal problems for blaming foreigners will not solve our dilemma.

  • rodab

    To those who are writing, on the occasion of the 10th anniverary of the unimplemented EEBC decision, in Dehai and other pro-government sites,
    Your condemnation, your frustration is valid and timely (putting your sincerity aside), and I believe every reasonable Eritrean feels the same way. However, last year we also had another 10th anniversary which you looked the other way and ignored it. You need a reminder? It was the 10th anniversary of the coup by PIA against the Eritrean people. He took drastic actions of shustting down media and the parliament, and he imprisoned, without due process, many many citizens. Why wasn’t that worth of writing a single article? The fact that now you are flocking like herds released from their den to condemn and commemorate the 10th annivarsary of the border doesn’t make you look sincere, nor patriotic. It simply shows your concern to the nation is secondary to that of the loyality and concern you have for a single man.
    Recently, there was a big national debate about the authority of the president to forbid citizens from taking and burying their loved ones back home. As usual, we didn’t hear a single word from you. Where were you? Could it be a perfect out of this world coincidence that you were away on business or vacation every time the President finds himself in ackward postion? I don’t think so!

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      Eritrea’s code of conduct is passing in a complete silence the things that can not be talked about in a broad daylight. The silence is too eerie and frightening. What makes Isaias’ iron-clad reign over his people unique is the fact that, he can still traverse oceans, terrains and controls his people as they live in every corner of the world. It is perhaps the most effective psychological block ever injected in people’s lives as Eritreans are terrified by the prospect of Isaias’ watch-tower over-looking every mahbere-com in any given city where Eritreans reside.

      If you frequent Eritrean coffee places, restaurants and social events, people hardly talk any thing even remotely dissenting because of an abject fear that the person next table could as well be an informant of PFDJ operative. Moreover, with in relatives, first cousins or friends, there is hardly any trust left where people opt to dodge any issue pertaining the ugly face of PFDJ or they would delve into a praising frenzy in a bid to appear staunch supporters.

      The death of Naizgi Kiflu has opened up the macabre reality of Eritrea. That is, as Hizbawi Mekhetes are sprouting everywhere like there is no tomorrow, hardly anybody raises the issue of the dead where it is an ultimate triumph of Isaias as he is sure of owning the lives of Eritreans not only those who are inside Eritrea but those who are supposedly living in the free world as well. If there was an event of Stalin look-alike contest, I am sure, Isaias would have won a gold medal. Oh my own private Eritrea, what’s happening to you?

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Let me rephrase what I just said. If Isaias was to compete against Stalin in a Stalin-look-alike contest, Stalin would have stood second simply because Isaias would have beaten Stalin in the latter’s own game.

  • Gobian Garibaldi

    “Wecho tegemTelkayo wech”, goes a saying in my language TigriNa: Old habits die hard in the man or in the community. Life is a journey along the highway of time, a segment of history of one with his family thread or that of his nation. Your segment is all your have as one and it is better to let others be in their own segment. All this backsliding and revisionist talk is about segments that have come into de facto and de jure individual and national issues. Remember, man creates laws and he is expected to live by and honor them. Talking about dead issues will not help advance the future common good of their peoples.

    History is there for a reference of the essential priniciples that govern man or community of humans. Respect the dead by respecting their segment of history and respect the living by respecting their segment of history as they should respect yours. Greet the past as a teacher, the present as life, and the future as the after-life, a life to be lived here or in the hereafter in the future. If you can’t change today, tomorrow will be just as today is. And so, today is just like yesterday, people talking the same way. One can say what one was or can say what he heard from history of family or nation that once lived in the past. Those people are yesterday and if today is like yesterday, which it is, then, today is dead. Who is dead? The past and the dead people who lived in the past are dead. We are also dead if we live subject to twisted ideas of mind and heart of our collective and individual past.

    Accept the past as history and give its Eritrean and Ethiopian dues and respect their part of life, of history as they respect yours from beyond the grave. Thin well, feel well, and do well, and may God grant us peace and harmony with ourselves and with others as we try to live and let live.


  • “If you are from the group saying – Ethiopia could do much better while holding Eritrea by force – go ahead north and face the music”.

    Kaddis, No I am not from that group, I am from the growing group of Ethiopians who think the ‘departure’ of Eritrea is the best blessing in disguise in a sense that it has killed the “Eritrea weyim mot” myth that has for over 5 decades misled both Ethiopians and Eritreans….looking at the short but colorful history of Eritrea I am glad that Eritrea is for once exposed to a life without a colonizer to hide behind(Italians) or blame others for all it’s shortcomings, although old habbits die hard as they say they still do..but who cares..My only objection is Kaddis, when people like you play in to the very distorted beliefs that has for decades misled Eritreans and got them in to the mess they are in now…had Eritreans (specially the so called Tigrignas) been told the true reason why the Italians built Asamra and their destitute ethnic cousins from across Mereb(Tigrians) flocked to post Italian Eritrea in search of work, they would have at least thought twice before they gave the all the derogatory names under the sun….. Again, had Eritreans been told how Shabia was only lucky to have been there during a cold war mess with Ethiopia under an illustrate military junta, they would have been reserved in their latest adventure against the then unpopular Woyanee led Ethiopia….you see my point is Kaddis, many Eritreans have in just last 12 years of absolute independence come a long way in being sober….yet, some people in EPRDF have gone as far as denying Ethiopian people’s struggle (specially Tigrians) perhaps because you think crediting Shabia alone for Eritrean independence is less riskier than being seen as a traitor who sold-out a territory….that selfish mindset in your camp kaddis is what pisses me off. It is not only selfish, but it is in fact misleading for the people of eritrea for whom humility and humbleness is the only way out.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Ooooooooooh…I wish there is a thumbs up button here to show I totally agree with you…Very much agree, actually..

    • T. Kifle

      Selam Ethiopian,
      “Perhaps because you think crediting Shabia alone for Eritrean independence is less riskier than being seen as a traitor who sold-out a territory…”
      Technically you are right. But you need to notice that this issue has been a bone of contention in the EPRDF/TPLF rank and file during the armed struggle and afterwards. Deep down many in the TPLF leadership believe the “Red Star Campaign” could have been the end of EPLF if it were not for the helping hands they did extend in those hours of need. Mind you. They didn’t believe the Eritrean question would be buried or evaporate into thin air by campaigns of any name and fame. What they mean was the EPLF/PFDJ we know could have died for good or evolve in different form and by implication they meant that the Eritrean struggle was a just cause destined to win no matter who leads the struggle (defeat of EPLF wouldn’t be the end of it). This notion partly demystifies the myth of grandeur in the part of PFDJ that sees itself the only flag carrier in the making of independent Eritrea. If they believe that EPLF could have been anyone that means, implicitly, they saw at the time the Eritrean independence a foregone conclusion which comes to its end sooner or later.

      TPLF had made its positions public as early as 1985 regarding the nature of EPLF. In that manifesto it communicated that EPLF would end its relevance right after independence because its nature would not allow it to build a democratic Eritrea. It stated that EPLF had neither vision nor readiness to adjust itself to changing circumstances following referendum. The EPLF operates by caprice that is cut every tie it had with TPLF for the next 5 years only to bridge the ties back at its request. So in retrospect according to that manifesto, EPLF is outliving its time. For EPLF, achieving independence was a grand feast more than it can handle, and spent much of its reign in the past 20 years in a state of euphoria preaching its military prowess with “no parallel” in history of the human kingdom as if the armed struggle were an end in itself.

      Then come 1991 with a cold war ended. Those leaders had to come out of their cocoons of Marxist ideology, evolve themselves to statesmen of a broken nation which was predicted to go asunder any time soon. Practically they devoted their time and energy to make sure that Ethiopia remained intact and the sure way of doing it was first resolving the Eritrean issue in a pragmatic manner, address the grievances of the nations, nationalities and peoples inside amicably and pursue the path of development. They knew well their stand on Eritrea was unpopular. In fact that one among the major issues that helped Dergue sustain the war the way it did. But in the end, however unpopular that was; it was the right thing to do. Whatever helps extended to Eritrean independence was in effect in the benefit of Ethiopia. It is EPLF/PFDJ that denied the role of Ethiopia/EPRDF in the making of Eritrean independence and EPRDF leaders know that it is in the nature of the former, an entity bloated with chauvinistic innuendoes to willfully deny the undeniable. I can tell you those who dwell in the past are not part of the future. Personally, I care less to the denial of Eritreans for the sacrifice EPRDF/TPLF made in blood and sweat even the costs incurred in political battle in the mainland Ethiopia. For EPRDF the solace comes from within characteristically engaging the problems that bleed the nation for centuries head-on. The rest is up to historians to research the truth and straighten the distortions.

      • Selam T.Kifle,

        The contemporary reality of our two nations is the product of EPLF/TPLF alliances of late 80s upto early 90s. They bleed together in Eritrea as well as inside Ethiopia. The two regimes are the product of that alliances. It is a fact that no one can dispute it. For good or bad that is part of our history for both countries. So Mr. Kifle don’t be overtaken by those ultra-nationalist from both sides, for history can not be written by those who were not part of that particular history at that particular time span. In fact you don’t need to engage with those who always overblown their contribution out of proportion.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          Abey d’A tefiEka qenikha. Glad to “see” you back.


          • Sis Arwe,

            I am really enjoying the debates from both sides for that matter. I am glad, things are changed hopefully for the good. The awate team should be appreciated for elevating the debate and changed the website to an intellectual forum, a place for generating serious conversations about a variety of social and political issues. It is because of this fact, you and the likes you joined the forum to interject so many valuable ideas and made the website the site of education. I hope very soon I will come up with an article.

        • T. Kifle

          Dear Amanuel Hidrat

          First: I am one of the long time readers of your articles here at Awate and look forward more as ypu have promised to sis Arwe

          As to my being “overtaken by those ultra-nationalists from both sides”, I am afraid if the Eritrean case in limited only to those groups. sorry to say it but there aren’t many intellectuals that boldly acknowledge the external dynamics that contributed to the process of the Eritrean independence. It appears to me recognizing the EPRDF/TPLF combine to the statehood of Eritrea is a taboo even among many fair-minded elites. Hence, my apprehension.

          with much respect, sir.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        T. Kifle,

        It must had been in 1999 or year 2000 Al-Amin Mohammed Seid in Washington DC “lectured” a room-packed of Eritreans who were anxious about the so-not-good news that was coming out from Eritrea. When he was asked about the role of Weyane if there was any in staving off the Dergue onslaught on EPLF in the mid 80s, he said, “The only time I remember Weyane participating in the fields of Eritrea was when they came to get trained on military science and other trainings on how to engage the enemy.”

        That was of course not only a complete and a white lie, it is one of the culture of Gedli where it is rooted on conceit, empty bravado and an outright delusion of grandeur. As you have brilliantly put it, time has demystified for what EPLF is. It would have been a data with in the statistics of the vanquished had it not been for the end of the Cold War and the helping hand of the Weyanes as well. Again, your warm presence in this forum is enlightening to say the least. Brilliant.


        • T. Kifle

          b’Alti W’qatto Arwe

          s’le z’om ti’umat qalat’ki yeqeniyeley.

          Senay b’Al Fasika ki’konelki ke’a yiminey!

          Stay blessed


          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            Dear T. Kifle,

            Happy Easter to you too hawey. God bless us all.


        • T. Kifle

          Dear Arwe

          Do you see the implication of the EPLF distortions and tricks throughout its history? It brainwashed the entire Eritrean people at home on its military invincibility in the history of black Africans through its media sworn-in to “serving the truth”. Every bit was told and retold how it has created an entity called “woyane” which can simply be broken it into pieces if need be any time it wishes to. Based on this premise a demand arise and sent its mechanized battalions on broad-day light as means of safety valve on unfavorable policies of the “woyane kids”. The rest is history. The the Eritrean public ask( at least in their hearts) why the productive force of Eritrea is in hostage just for fear of the “rag-thug” woyanes. Then DIA woke up and said no no no!. Our youth is where they are not because of the woyanes but to defend a nation beset by ghosts led by a super-power called the USA. And at least for this time, Woyane doesn’t exist. IF some “skirmishes” happen in the south border, it just the CIA envying the the maverick and a “visionary” leader the sole author of “self-reliance” that would make the western economic experiments in third-world countries irrelevant. This is the delusion of PFDJI- Isaias to be proper. And sis Arwe, May is coming nearby- are you ready for the 6-7 hours of lecture on ERi-TV? I usually do watch him for the heck of it.

          Senay be’al haftey

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Eyob Medhane,

    Hope Saleh Gadi is not going to roll his eyes over as I drift into a different thread where we are supposed to chip in our take into the otherwise superb piece on the gold mine in Eritrea. Let me get right into it. When I said neo-Ethiopians what I meant was new-Ethiopans as in neo for new. In a historical context, the Weyanes are new-Ethiopians when the preceding Ethiopian rulers are classical rulers of Eritrea where in reality it looks like Eritrea is still struggling to eject itself from the “colonial” entangle of Ethiopia.

    Let me elaborate: When the protracted struggle for independence commenced circa fifty years ago, the central dogma revolved around the idea that, as much as Eritrea had been under the Italian colony, she ought to have the right to define her own fate as the other Italian colonies (read: Libya and Somalia) were given the choice to define their respective historical destiny.

    The question however remained: Does the Italian colonial experience warrant a new identity that could elevate Eritrea into a different or a separate nation from Ethiopia-proper? As the debate raged on, the dynamics of Gedli took a life of its own and mobilized the Eritrean people not only under the threat of the bogyman in Ethiopia which is sleepless to suck Eritrea with in the Ethiopian fold but by creating a sectarian and religious lines (N’hnan Elammanan) in a bid to marginalize a huge segment of the society where it is still a thorn in the Eritrean collective psych.

    When Eritrea got her independence either due to EPLF’s military prowess (I like to take on in a different thread where I believe it is over-blown out of proportion) or historical accident (read: the insidious crumble of Soviet Union weakened Dergue’s military power), the weary feeling about the bogyman in Ethiopia was supposed to cease to exit but Isaias needed a life line to his rather convoluted way of running a nation and he remained determined to create imagined neo-Ethiopians who are an extension of the erstwhile Ethiopian rulers. As much as it is working for him, he is obsessing with Weyanes where every H’zbawi Mekhete, every prime time news on Eri-TV, Haddas Eritrea, the whole nine yards is canvassed with Weyane.

    The interesting thing is, on the other side of the spectrum, Isaias’ Eritrea is not only irrelevant in Ethiopia, the latter has as well proven the impossible that, Ethiopia can actually shine without Eritrea within its fold. That is, when the Ethiopian leaders buried their lost love for good, Isaias keeps giving us the impression that, Eritrea in reality is still under the heels of Ethiopia.

    • Eyob Medhane

      My Lady,

      Much obliged (As an American cowboy would say, when he is thankful or impressed with something:-)

      I got your point, and understood your premise.

      Thank you~

  • Gobian Garibaldi

    At the end, theories of this or that don’t matter for they have been there since time ancient. What matters is facts and facts speak for themselves. The devil uses theorries to create his own kingdom of evil, of the dark, of lies and marder. Now, which are humane man’s theories and theories of mamon, of money, the god of these world, and theories of human gods that are not gods bat try to make themselves gods by lies and murder, by envy and greed for that wich gliters, by lust for fame and power, by pride and hautiness. And all this for the temporal trip of satisfying carnal appatites of man kind whose concience and counsiousness is governed by the god of this world, the god of earthlings, the balk of mankind or, should I say, humankind not to offend the now dual people of Sodom and Gomerrah, male and female. Man is governed by his flash and whaterver pleases his carnal appatites, he will put all his life’s worth in it, including murdering or helping to murder the people of the house, the rightful owners of what is!

    It is not about capitalism or communisim but about outright gobery and murder of a people that rely for theri livelihood on their land. Our people are robed of their land, their only means of living as human biengs, without any share in the gold that sat beneath their farmlands. Are we talking about political, economic, national theories on the graves of those we talk about? The issue is political and not economic on the Eritrean side and the it is economic on the outside party, profit is their guiding priniciple even if it comes at the expense of the victims in question. PFDJ or Isaias is for its political power while Nevsun is for its economic power. So man and company are the same or company and company are the same, instruments of oppression of fellow humans. Man, mamon/money, and Satan are gods to the ungodly who believe in them. The flesh, the lust, and the pride make man and company or company and company live in the kingdom of the dark, of evil, of death and destruction, of fear and enslavement. It sad to see humans rationalizing the reason behind killing humans for profit. May God make humans more humane and get rid of the demon of pride, greed, evny, bitterness, couvetessness, and the like from humans who oppress other humans just like the Serpent of old and his host of demonic armies who do his will.


  • Exciter

    Selam :- big brother Saleh Gadi, at first, thank you for your very informative article. As one says: the price appoints the events. As you said: “Nevsun’s Blood Stained Gold-Coins”, this describes it very good. If Isayas would be an seriously elected democratic leader, then he would negotiate with serious prospector companies. Before he decided for Nevsun, there were others like the Chinese who were interested. But the Chinese aren’t idiots, even though he promised them to allocate some people who would work without salary, the Chinese wanted to have their own workers there to have the control. At the end, the dictator chose an dubious Canadian company. The Canadian business concern Nevsun accepted the offer of Isayas, no wonder, the ones who work there, our brothers and sisters, don’t get any salary. Not from Nevsun and not from Isayas. The only thing a concern like Nevsun has to do is to tell their shareholders that there is a huge amount of gold nuggets in Bisha and if it doesn’t come true, then one buys his own shares. This is enough to fool the investors. No wonder, if you have so much people who work for nothing, the profit is bigger, even though the amount of gold coins is low. The dictator has got his money in advance. Every thing else is a percent participation. The more gold for Nevsun, the more money for the dictator. Tell me one person who visits Qatar many times in a year. It is Isayas or his wife. It is clear that Isayas doesn’t only come to Qatar to visit his friend the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, but he also wants to see that his richness is safe. All in all it is sad how a bandit dictator despoils the resources of our country. One speaks about the sovereignty of a country, this means that all the resources of a country belongs to the people and should benefit them. Unfortunately, the Canadian government ignored it.


    • awatestaff


      Here’s some confirmation, correction and then followed by an explanation:-)

      1. Confirmation: Yes, Nevsun got a great deal thanks to the forced labor of our conscripted compatriots. Analysts say it is one of the cheapest-to-operate goldmines in the world. Nevsun was bragging in its Bisha Mining Share Company (BMSC) website that its cost will be $250 per ounce. You can control your cost when you don’t have to pay for labor, or for security (slave labor, indentured soldiers.)

      2. Correction: when you say, “The dictator has got his money in advance”, it is not accurate. Which takes us to # 3, our explanation:

      3. Explanation: Once it learned of the potential, PFDJ wanted to renegotiate the contract with Nevsun. It wanted a 40% stake (“10% free carried + 30% interest to be purchased at fair value by Eritrean National Mining Company”) in the Bisha mine. Nevsun said, “fine, how will you pay for your 30%.” PFDJ said, “from future cash proceeds.” So, it hasn’t been getting money. Not yet, anyway. With the gold less than forecast, it will take PFDJ a lot more copper and zinc to buy 30% stake in Bisha. Unless it, too, joins the shareholders who are suing Nevsun.

      [For those PFDJ fans who attribute this to “visionary” nature of their Leader, (according to Yemane Gebreab, Isaias is the only African leader who obeys traffic lights: that is what he told his audience in Sweden), the trend in Africa has been, for a while now, to move away from owning/nationalizing mining/oil companies to partnering. It is, as Eyob Medhane said, the 21st century African business model: we are smarter, stronger, better…. Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Africa’s largest gold producer sometimes ask for stakes as high as 60%.]

      Which takes us to something an Awatista (a contributor to our old Awate Forum) wrote once when everybody was (rightfully) losing their head that the PFDJ, enriched by hard currency from mining, will be even crazier than it is now. He said words to the effect of: People, don’t worry: the one thing you can count on is that, when it comes to business dealings, the PFDJ will always find a way to screw it up. It will screw up its mining deal. It appears he was prophetic. Or maybe he had been following PFDJ’s adventures with the airline industry, which has now reached Version 4.0: each one announced with fanfare, and each one disappearing with a whimper. The latest one, the partnership with the Pakistani firm, is doing exceedingly well. Which means: it is time for the PFDJ to screw it up.

  • The secular socialist republic

    Dear M. Gadi,

    even though I found your article very well-written and organized, I believe you make an initial mistake.
    Capitalism does not consider human rights as a primary issue, it only wants to make important profits.
    The biggest firms around the world are from the West, and most exclusively from democracies, but they
    have never felt and will never feel that the conditions in a country they have business with is important.

    When capitalism started with the industrial revolution (ca. 1700-1800), these emerging firms made profit
    within the colonial system, and had no bad feelings about it. After decolonization, those same firms continued
    to invest and make profit in what is now called the Third World, by exploiting the working masses and allying themselves with evil rulers.

    You cannot condemn Nevsun for what it does in Eritrea, that would be an insult to all those who suffer from bloody regimes spoonfed by big firms (China, Vietnam, Algeria). You have to condemn the whole system, capitalism in its internationalized version. Lenin was the first to see it coming in 1917 when he published: Imperialism, the ultimate step of capitalism. He saw how capitalism would then turn to poor countries and exploit indigenous masses while those masses would be smashed by their bourgeoisie, their ruling elite.

    • T. Kifle

      The secular socialist republic
      I can’t imagine you would miss the notion that capitalism as we know it today is quite different from its historical genesis. Historically, capitalism thrived by means of exploitation of man by man and by amassing resources from weaker states under colonial scrambling. The capitalist used to own both the means of production and the producers (the working class). No minimum working hours, no acceptable minimum wedges, no safety, insurance and work-hazard premiums etc. Can you think of such working environment in the developed world in the 21st century?
      The sad thing is the Eritrean youth is under the same state of exploitation as the working masses in the developed world were a century back. It is toiling year in year out for no pay, no choices and no future. As to me, the exploitation of the Eritrean youth had little bearing with the mode of production of the capitalist system. In contrast, it is a clear manifestation of dictatorship at work. Under normal capitalist operatives, the worker has the right to go for work or to shy away from it. But in Eritrea it is part of the mantra of “MEKETE” which necessitates all able men and women alike remain under hostage and work for free with no end in sight. Saleh’s effort is, among other things, to sensitize such issues of brutality inflicted upon the young generation of a new nation which clearly is under existential challenge.

      • The secular socialist republic

        My dear,

        Capitalism has evolved in the West, but not in many countries of the third world. Many African countries, which have started mining business way before Eritrea did, still exploit the youth the same way they were exploited forty years ago.
        Only in the West the working conditions are debated every day, in other parts of the world the shape of capitalism is the same today as it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago.
        Capitalism needs to exploit a part of the population to enrich another part of it. It needs to produce cheaply and fast, so it would even ally to the devil in order to get
        more and more money. It allies with Isaias because DIA strangles his population, this latter being FIT for economic exploitation. Working conditions in countries alike Eritrea (China, Niger, Tchad…) are very similar.

        • Kokhob Selam

          The exploitation of gold companies can be handled on the way that will benefit our country in the future but where are we from that all? To decide of the system we will follow for the advantage of our people depends on our experience and education. As for me, only god can tell which system should be our manuals. How can an instrument that was created by man can create a manual of its own? Take for example TV.
          It will take long time to use gods manual for human beings as we are still busy with our individual identity (man still is struggling to be part of something). We want to belong to nation, tribe, etc. and that has created different choices of systems. Man will continue in checking all systems and try and error will be our nonstop work till we come to the level that we are here to learn and do better. Nor socialism, nether capitalism will help. Because, we cannot proceed both in perfect way. one has failed earlier and other will have branches of different type till still try another system.
          It is not natures nature to see “free exploitation” world. But the struggle between labor and the rich exploiter will go on till the end and the world may become better in the future. We have seen capitalism is better than before and people are living more comfortable than before. Countries are playing it better in dealing with monopoly capitalism.
          For example Ethiopia today is playing it. TPLF is no more talking against capitalism and they have forgotten the days when they use to say “ abona marx kemzeblo…” “Aya Lenin …”
          You remind me the days when we were modified with the idea of Marxism. In our young days (70’s) we read a lot of books in socialism and we try to put it in to reality. When we, the young Africans and third world students were marching against colonizers and the rich exploiters ,there were people in first world who were mocking on us. It is all in mind but practically socialism show some promising developments for some time and fail. The dreams we dream of freedom, prosperity and equality were replaced by poverty and chaos. All countries who try to go for socialism were governed by dictators. We learn then it is not possible to go through socialism to clean classes of society. Till today we can see socialist countries of those days are still poor.
          In all fields World is going for better by experiencing but nothing was done complete and perfect. Nothing is separate and everything is connected. Politics, economy, social life and anything that comes to our mind or the things in front of you are connected. And each affects the other even from long distance. Reaching to the level of one in all and all in one is far from most of us, as that is the higher level which leads to godhood or heaven (as some call it). Again only god’s manual will be the best to govern people.
          Today we don’t have to worry much of the future but of today itself. PFDJ is century back and any system that replaced it is better. But we all should work at same time in choosing the best instead of making slow the development of coming generation.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam Saleh Gadi and all,

    I would take the moment to thank you for your well-written expose on the avarice of Nevsun. As an Eritrean-Canadian, I am ashamed to see such an enabler and financier of tyranny and terrorism in the land of ‘just society’, the True North.

    Correct if I am wrong, but I lost your analogy of ‘anteregna’ with Nevsun. I thought you said (correctly) the use of the term ‘anteregna’ was pejorative and demeaning in history of habesha and thus should be discouraged. Yet, you used it to refer to ‘Nevsun’ to its pejorative sense, thereby accepting its again pejorative meaning..Am I right here???

    • Saleh Gadi

      Indeed Ghezae, it is pejorative in its superstitious sense and shouldn’t be used; but the word anteregna means goldsmith and we cannot omitt a word from our vocabulary. I think it is fine to mock the superstition attached to it. In the article, I was not focusing on anteregna, but on the cure. I was just fantasizing the homegrown method to rid Nevsun of its demons by making it sit on a sharp object that would pierce through its fat butts. It is not the anteregna, but the cure Ghezae.

  • rodab

    Anybody care to tell me what anteregna is in Tigrinya or English? Or do I just read between the lines?

    • Saleh Gadi

      You do not need to read between the lines Rodab simply because there is no line. Goldsmith is Anteregna in both Amharic and Tigrinya. You must have missed it but it is there within pranthesis in the article.

      • rodab

        Dear SG,
        So you think Anteregna is a Tigrigna word? It coud be, but I doubt it. Here is my rule of thumb for some of the Amharic words that people mistaken for Tigrinya: anything that ends with “nga” is not a correct Tigrigna [exception: the word Tigrigna itslef 🙂 I personally believe words like dagna, gebenegna, bedelegna, musikegna… are not pure Tigrigna. They are exported Tigrigna].

        • Saleh Gadi

          Dear Rodab. I didn’t think you were asking about the sound or spelling of the word. But you are right “gna” is influenced by Amharic, including (not an exception as you put it) ‘Tigrinya’ which many wrongly prononce as Tigrigna. So the correct vesrion of anteregna in Tigrinya becomes antereyna. If you think that is wrong, help me find the Tigrinya word for goldsmith. Also notice that languages are not static, they evolve being influenced by languages in their proximity. It is natural for Tigrinya and Amharic to be influenced by each other just like other Eritrean languages.

          • rodab

            Agreed with all of what you said. But I still think anteregna is not a Tigrinya word unfortunately I can’t find a replacement or equivalent word for the time being. Can’t we use two words and call it qetqati haxin or something? Oh wait, something flashed in my mind. Temyani. That’s it temyani is the word. Or sena’e. I think I am on to something here.

          • Saleh AA Younis


            You have to think like a PFDJ and do word for word translation. Gold = werqi. Smith = worker = seraHtenya. Add them together and you get seraHtenya werqi. Of course, you are now stuck with serahtenya and it is “nya” or “gna” ending. Ooooo. But there is an easy fix for that: seraH. So will seraH werqi do?

            Actually, there is an awesome website called memhr.org. Just type in “goldsmith” in the search bar and you will see that both “anterenya” and “seraH werqi” are acceptable.

            Now, I am going deep into Semere Habtemariam territory (which is my way of inviting him in) but I recall reading an argument made by Eritrean linguist, Abba Teklemariam (???) who made the same arguments you are making: that words ending with gna are either amharic or corruption of Tigrinya (for example: it is not “dagna” but “danya” for judge.) This led him to conclude that the replacement for Tigrinya (the people) should be Agazian. I don’t recall what his replacement for Tigrinya the language was I am hoping that I have made enough mistakes here that Semere steps in to set me straight.

            all the best,


            PS: One of the things that sets Saleh Johar’s hair on fire is when I type “Tigrinya” as “Tigrigna.” So, of course, I do it often:-)

        • Moneim

          I think the word Tebib is used in place of Antr… or to describe metal related crafts.

          • rodab

            I thought of Tebib before but I left it becuse of the bad aspect of its meaning. Tebib is a terrifying word specially in rural Eritrea.

            Thanks for the feedback SAAY. BTW, I am at peace with the way the PFDJ translates English words and phrases to Tigrinya. It is funny but it works for me. I like the fact that they are readily convertable to/from Tigrinya/English. Any regular Ghebre can do 1+1 to get Hzbawi rkbat, tiHti qirxi, dirib me’aqeni out of PR, infrastracutre and double standard.

          • Saleh AA Younis


            For reasons rodab gave, “tebib”–although it is a simple conjugation of the word “tbeb” (craft)– is not acceptable. So guess what the replacement word for that is? Tbebegna. (sorry rodab: another “gna” word for you.)

            What is funny to me is that if, to replace Anterenya (which sounds “too Amharic”), you choose the substitute phrase of “Serah werqi” then…well, lets see. “serah” sounds like “sra” in Amharic, and “werqi” sounds like “werq” in Amharic to me. How about you, robad? You traded one “Amharic sounding” word for two. Izi Kulu’s entay medleye antum deqey? If the root language for Tigre, Tigrignya, Amharic is Ge’ez, why is there so much tip-toeing around when the words sound similar?

            Rodab, you are “at peace with the way the PFDJ translates English words and phrases to Tigrinya”? Hiji teba’isna! In one of Isaias’s rambling interviews, he kept using the word Maswa (I think), and I was lost, and somebody smarter than me understood it from the context clues that it was Ma. s. wa. Ma’kelai sleya wanin. Central Intelligence Agency. CIA.

            eway wedi! I mean, oh boy!


          • T. Kifle

            selam Sal AA Younis

            I am asking you a question here for the lack of option under your thread. Back to my question:

            It seems you have become serious lately on this “nya” and “gna” stuff. What is the problem if we use gna? is “nya” a Tigrinya (Tigrigna)? is it not “nya” derived from the Latin alphabet?

            Sometimes the PFDJ type translation seems good to me even though there are also words which don’t give you sense. if we take the examples rodab provided, dirib me’eqani doest go well with our understanding of the double standard b/c I think the concept itself is new to the Tigrinya(gna) language.

            The Serah-werqi type of translation i think is misleading. The Anteregna is not a serahwerqi. But Serah-megayetsi.
            What would you say?


          • Saleh AA Younis

            Hi T. Kifle:

            I am not serious at all on the “nya” and “gna” stuff, as you put it. I think it is Saleh G. Johar and Rodab who have an issue with that 🙂 I am in the “language borrows freely, and it is all beautiful, as long as it is organic” school of thought. I have heard Tigrigna speakers refer to a blacksmith as Anterenya, seraH werqi, Seyaq (from Arabic). The EPLF dictionary used to call him Haguadi, I think. Whatever: it is all good.

            I do have a big problem with the non-organic, artificial, forced language development. And by “big problem” I mean it has been now, for years, a source of amusement* for me. Actually, to correct myself, Isaias doesn’t call the C.I.A. Ma.s.wa but me.we.s (maekelawi wk’lna s’lella). Really? Is that necessary? Do we have to translate proper nouns too? Isn’t the purpose of language to facilitate communication?

            * PFDJ’s word-for-word translation is not limited to Tigrinya, but also Tigre. But that’s Saleh Johar’s speciality and I will let it go.



    African’s are known to be educated beyond their intelligence and the outcome of it has been proven to be corruption, inferior complexity, addiction, loss of self-confidence and absolute dependence. Now, What I wanted to know is what exactly is 21st business practice in Africa? Can you elaborate on this one, please!
    P.S. I am not being sarcastic here. I really wanted to know.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Wow wow wow….

      Ease up on the self loathing, Hilina, or are you not an African?

      21st century business is nothing more than I described on my previous comment. Our reagion was known for conflicts in the past. But now, in 21st century, we are working together for a better future. Except of course, you know who. That’s what I meant by 21st Century…..

  • Saleh Gadi

    No I didn’t forget to mention the killed British geologist, you didn’t read the article properly. How did you miss the following with a hot link? “…including the blood of its employee who was brutally killed in mysterious circumstances near Bisha gold mine.”

    To help you get a somewhat full grasp of the issue, he is a Wikileaks link for you: http://www.cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=09ASMARA354&q=nevsun

  • HGDF

    A few years back we heard you saying “Shabebia fooled Eritreans by saying Eritrea is full of minerals and other resources”. Very few years ago the tone was “Eritrea’s economy collapsing”. A few months ago you were saying “shaebia is collecting a huge amount of money from mining so we must stop it”. Now you are saying “the mining potential is not very high and the local people are not benefiting from it” What is next?. “A goat will always find something to browse on”

  • Eyob Medhane

    Saleh and everyone. Selam

    Ohhhh, Saleh. I like, I like 😉 Nice. Especially the ‘Anteregna’ bit and its similarities with the Salem Witch hunt is pretty cool.

    I agree with Kaddis that doing business has very minimum standards and pretty tricky with many African governments. Had Shabia wasn’t a kind of odd ball as it is, even with that minimum standard, the gold resources would have benefited at least a little to the people and to the country. There is also one other thing that Shabia is missing the boat on. The fast changing business dynamics and trade trends in East Africa. Shabia seems to be oblivious to the fact that other countries in the region also are having a bonanza of natural resources discovery that dwarfs bisha gold, South Sudan’s oil that is already ready for market. Kenya’s Rift Valley oil discovery, Ethiopia’s hydro power and natural gas and many more to come. However, as Kaddis sort of touched it, business may not be as usual with African governments these days, especially in our area. Thanks to China, the western companies influences is waning and the leaders of these countries are savvier and shrewder than the previous ones. I site as an example the LAPSETT project, which was recently inaugurated. By letting Ethiopia and south Sudan to have unfettered access to the Lamu port completed with huge highway and rail way, Kenya effectively unlocked a huge market of almost 100 million people. (Can you imagine having a breakfast in Lamu lunch in between and dinner in Addis Ababa?) The tiny Djibouti gets a whole lot more money than its share, because it goes out of its way to accommodate its biggest customer Ethiopia, building a new port by reviving a dead port called Tadjura only reserved for the use of Ethiopia. Djibouti is competing with Kenya for the lion’s share of Ethiopia’s market and even goading South Sudan to have a pipe line to go through it. Even the relatively far away the Comoros Islands and Seychelles are trying to get in to the game. They are dealing with Ethiopian Airlines to develop an Island tourism travel system, which has a package that extends for it’s visitors to visit Kenyan Safari, Ethiopia’s rift valley lakes all the way to historical sites to the north. Ethiopia and Sudan signed an electricity export agreement that was to commence by the end of April. Unfortunately, the contract to maintain the sub station was given to an Iranian company that is under UN sanction. The Sudanese got so impatient, until Ethiopia resolves the matter and commence the service, they decided to hire a Chinese subcontractors and finish the job so the transaction continues. This is how much the region is fast changing and developing advanced business and trade between one another. Ironically, Eritrea should have been the very first one to use and access all these benefits. In all these deals Eritrea seems to be cut off. In Meles Zenawi’s last interview, he was discussing about selling electricity to neighboring countries. He had an over an hour interview about neighboring countries, who’d buy electricity and take advantage of these hydro dams Ethiopia is building. He mentioned Kenya Sudan South Sudan Djibouti Somaliland Yemen even the chaotic Southern Somalia and the Autonomous region Puntland. He did not mention Eritrea. Not once. Shabia made Eritrea irrelevant by clinging into old and of course arrogant way of thinking. They just can’t bring themselves up to the 21st centaury of business practice. Many of you here say they are like mafia. I say they are worse. They are Neanderthals who should have been born and died eons ago.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Eyoub, you have shown us the current picture of our region. I enjoy the way you put it.

      with such fast development of Ethiopia, one wonders why PFDJ is managing this way? I describe PFDJ as Mafia, but I wonder still why the Mafia group we know is not even working for it’s own advantage? why the group chose to go in such way. what is the secret behind this phenomena? it is like PIA is talking with Meles saying him ….you go on advancing and I will hold Eritrea till the people of Eritrea surrender and agree to be under Ethiopia. I think we need to find out.

      • Eyob Medhane

        lol :- Your theory of Meles and Isayas deal is pretty funny. Now look what you’re doing?! You handed over such ammunition to conspiracy theorists and pretend Isayas haters, they gladly tout this theory and justify their crazines…lol…This will be all your fault, Kokhob Selam..:-)

        Speaking of craziness, please watch the below clip, when a young Eritreans (YPFDJ) guys confronting a Swedish Journalist for filming their craziness. I found it on ethiotube.net an Ethiopian media site. (It actually contains a lot of Eritreans news as well. Anyway, please watch and get amused)


        • Kokhob Selam

          Yep, but you know when dirty politicians play dirty politics. I hope what you are saying true.

          • Kokhob Selam


            I don’t have a complete confirmation that shows PFDJ is cooperating with PRDF in liquidating our national freedom (as most call it) that we taught once up on a time will be a transit in building democratic Eritrea and still work hard in accomplishing it by creating a united opposition. But the tactics played in Eritrea by then EPLF and by know PFDJ is so sophisticated and hard to trace, I feel something is cooked and is in process in making Eritrea (our people) handicapped in challenging the political games.
            I think it is not wrong to see things in different directions while working together under smerrrrrrrrr umbrella. I am wondering if we are able to answer the following question.
            PFDJ is holding Badme as the best case not to think of democracy. Since it has been decided to be part of Eritrea, what advantage does EPRDF get in sitting in Badme? If they are interested to see stable Eritrea why they don’t leave this land and let PFDJ be without reason and put it in corner. But Ethiopia is helping our refuges and it seems both are enjoying it. in this way Eritrea has lost it’s way in all Militarily, politically, socially and economically becoming a failed state in front of the world. Our people are helpless but to surrender in whatever is better at the current climate. Now that the opposition back ground is Ethiopia, they can be paralyzed simply by EPRDF. This seems the reason some people don’t expect much of the opposition and only expect internal change. What do you say to make me more confident of our struggle under ENCDC.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Kokhob Selam, my brother, I see your frustration. I really do. But don’t let it lead you to conspiracy theory…

            You already know, why PFDJ made a huge deal out of a sliver of land, which neither benefits if it goes to Eritrea or hurts if it doesn’t. But keeping the issue going gives Isayas a life line to have an enemy to point his finger at. For EPRDF, it’s a bit more complicated. In the area there are people, (especially, Christian Sahos or Irob people, who do not want to be in Eritrean fold. Please watch this report..)


            Therefore, they chose to a request of negotiating the demarcation with a context that the ruling splits families villages, communities and even once residence and farm land. I really do not believe there is a kind of elaborate deal that was made between EPLF and EPRDF to have Eritrea and Ethiopia united again. There is a whole lot more explanation of the saga that continues between these two countries…

        • kokhob

          I am happy to see people answering in such matured way. be prepared for more questions regarding Eritrea. thank you brother.

  • kaddis


    Both Shabia and EPRDF did it themselves – with the support of their base. Me and you were wetting our bed in Addis for a single shot to the air. So do not assume – EPRDF gave Eritrea statehood. In fact EPRDF was in no position to hold it back – because EPRDF was in the unknown land of the rest of Ethiopia trying to settle in. How can EPRDF stand against a country which liberated itself – from a state called Ethiopia which EPRDF is not yet a government? So may be ask Dergue; why they lost the war or yourself for deserting ‘Beherawi wutidirina’.

    The unfair trade in early 90’s – my wild guess is – EPRDF was among the many Ethiopians who believed Eth would not make it without the use of Assab. But later found out it is unsustainable politically and economically.

    If you have to know – I believe the Badme war was not a war by itself but an invitation for an endless war. To invite Woyane to Asmara and to prove why Shabia keep all his young in Sawa – in addtion to keeping Ethiopia poor so that the current power disparity would not occur. I am glad Woyane did not fall for the trap – in Amhraic ‘Banene”

    If you are from the group saying – Ethiopia could do much better while holding Eritrea by force – go ahead north and face the music.

    • T. Kifle

      Selam Kaddis

      I agree with your assertion why EPRDF turned a blind eye on the issue of the “unfair trade in early 90’s”. I can say, at the time, strategic relations with shaebia were more or less centered on ports to prove to the Ethiopians that the secession of Eritrea wouldn’t harm the development of their country. The Deportation of Ethiopians in 1991 had fated to go the way it did for the same reason.

      As to the de facto independence of Eritrea, EPRDF had braved to stand for one of its founding principles, self determination which it upheld since its inception and later enshrined in the Constitution of FDRE. It was not that EPRDF respected the secession of Eritrea for the lack of strength to hold it back but because it believed it was politically correct. And we all know the price it had to pay as a result of its “secessionist blunders”.

      one of the colossal mistakes EPRDF committed with regard to shaebia was its assessment of the aggressive nature of the later while plethora of evidences were available since as early as 1984 and beyond. It was stated at the time that shaebia was wise enough to pass the primordial Amharic proverb “Ayit lemot’wa yedimetin afincha tilisalech”. Well, that was proven wrong and shaebia is an entity as much illegitimate as is irrational .

      Saleh has presented superbly his case the illegitimate and irresponsible clique would surely use the gold mines for a wrong end which , beyond any doubt, Canada and others countries are well aware of. It is his responsibility to remind time and again that such business dealings would prolong the plight of Eritreans. Vested interested aside, the evidences are in abundance for everyone to see from Sinai to Mediterranean sea,the Red sea and all the way to Indian ocean so that it would be prudent to challenge the morality or the lack of it in the nations of democracy.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        T. Kifle,

        Hope you won’t call me a schizoid for it feels like you read my mind. I am not sure if the word I am looking for is clairvoyant but if it is, you sure are one. In any case, your narrative with respect to the issue at hand is spot on. Much respect.


        • T. Kifle

          Selam B’Alti W’qatto Arwe

          Wow, i feel elated by the sweet words of yours haftey. well, you have become one of the lights here at Awate and i can’t help but see the future of our two countries resonate in people like you who call the spade a spade no matter what. Often i participate here not because i have the caliber ( a student of the engineering profession and product of the late-Dergue schools that taught the English language in Amharic- and settled in Ethiopia) but b/c Awate has been my number one destination for many years now. I look forward for your “full blown” articles and become a jewel of the many prolific writers of Eritrea.


          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            T. Kifle,

            You must be a brainy then. I’ve always been intimidated by engineers, physicists and mathematicians for the areas of hard sciences have never been my forte so to speak.

            I still have a left over nightmares where I had to struggle with all the first-year requirements as mathematics among others tormented my otherwise not so analytical mind. I am glad those years are over. I am more into Biochemistry where it is taken as the language of medicine among others.

            It could as well be a stereotype but they say, people who excel in engineering or mathematics are not so good when it comes to proficiency in writing but evidently you’re proving the stereotype wrong. And many thanks for those kind words.


      • kaddis

        Selam T. Kifle

        Thanks for your well thought response.

        Hope to read more of your principled commments in another topics.

    • Mohammed Aderob

      Kaddis, I agree with your statement, but you need to teach T.Kifle that in the case of Eritrea it was never secession but liberation. We had never been one country to be called a secession but we were colonized by our black brothers called Ethiopians! We paid high price to get that independence. So if T. Kifle is from our Tigray brothers, he was a victim like us and he should correct himself, however, if he is from other ethio tribes just needs to format his brain or try to hit a wall.

      • kaddis

        Mohammed –
        I don’t think T. Kifle went on defining the motive of the struggle or the result.

        Liberation was the result of the armed struggle. Secession was the result of the referundum – because the choice was to seceed or remain part of Eth. Had there been a choice of other arrangment like federation…… — (its just an example don’t panic:-)
        Do not again assume everybody shares your colonization theory.

      • T. Kifle

        Dear Mohammed Aderob,
        You could have “taught” me directly without a middleman. Brother, I was not that difficult person to begin with. In any case, you have raised a very important issue, which is currently a hotcake in the opposition camp here in Addis. As we speak, the ultranationalists are accusing EPRDF and its leader for creating a new reality out of thin air called the “colonization of Eritrea by Ethiopia”. If you ask me, as my sister b’Alti W’qatto Arwe in another thread said it, history is not my forte. So I have never taken a stand on Eritrea on historical grounds. It is not that I detest the alleged history of “colonialism” but, to be frank, I don’t know about it. The brief history of Italian and British ruling and the federation then its annihilation alone could not convince me the history of the statehood of Eritrea.
        At the end of the day, for me, what is important is not the means but the end itself. Eritrea has achieved its statehood under whatever assumptions. In my other thread, I used the word “secession” in naiveté. Please understand that I have no hard feelings on this issue. But if you mean it, I will encourage you to share the burden of EPRDF in challenging the hardcore ultra-nationalists which are currently dreaming to annex Eritrea back to “its motherland” by any means.

      • Eyob Medhane

        “….however, if he is from other ethio tribes just needs to format his brain or try to hit a wall…..”

        Oh really?! So other than Tigrians the rest of Ethiopians have to be programmed the way you want them to think? So how would that make you different than Isayas? I believe Isayas has programmed you to make you think the way you do now. What I can tell you is, when you try to program someone to mold them in a shape you like, you ended up burning yourself with your molding fire. Sadly, it’s not only you, who’d think that way. A good number of your countrymen, as much us you accuse Ethiopians to turn the clock back on you, you also want to “format” and program 87million of them to your twisted world. The good news is you and your country are in no way or shape to program and dictate to anyone, how they think and what they should believe. In fact, the ones that you programmed through out the years to hate Ethiopians are de-programming themselves, and start to LOVE us. As Americans would say, “how do you like them apples?”

        • HILLINA

          “to hate Ethiopians are de-programming themselves, and start to LOVE us”

          EYOB, that why your government is on its knee begging Issias for dialog and normalization? Easy, man, the truth is out there. As far as deprogramming; don’t expect people to love you while keep doing evil after evil deeds. Sure, some gullible and shallow Eritreans will always kiss up to you because they have nothing left any dignity on them and in any givenSociety you will find them, no surprise here.
          The truth is, let’s say good bye to each other and mind our own business. You have your country I have mine. why Can’t we do that?
          for the For the record no one loves TPLF! Please get that to your head.

          • Eyob Medhane

            For the record I am not an apologist or defender of EPRDF or Ethiopian government Both entities do a great job defending themselves. Having said that, if you thing seeking dialogue is a weakness and something to be ridiculed, it shows how very small, actually, little, little very little you are…Responding to the rest of what you have to say , would be redundant, because many commentators here already told you, everything you needed to be told. For me to repeat that, would be boring, and I very much hate having boring conversation as opposed to stimulating ones. Good day…

          • HILLINA

            Eyob, the smallest thing ever is to say to some one

            “I believe Isayas has programmed you to make you think the way you do now”

            now that so small it is Diminutive!
            Do I think a dialog is a weakness? No! But coming from your weyane; it a deceit and duplicity to catch Eritreans napping once again. Please! If you are not a defender then why did you say what you have said? I really don’t get it. I wish we could live in our prespective countries and mind our businness.
            that is all……………

          • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

            That is a classic reverse psychology. It is interesting to see in retrospect when Isaias bragged about the un-setting of the Sun as he tried to draw a parallel with the implausibility of withdrawing from Badme. But again, he had to wait until the Sun sets so that he could call the Secretary General of the UN to save him from the onslaught of the Weyanes.

            The reverse psychology emerges with a temerity as it tries to portray the pants-down of Isaias as the begging of the Weyanes to have a dialogue with the former.

            If anything, the Weyanes are trying to engage Isaias in a dialogue for a reason they think is the only way forward. Whether their stand on the issue has any merit at all depends on who has the upper hand on the whole dynamics, that is, if need be they can still march into the whereabouts of Isaias and deal with him as they see it fit. The recent development attests to that effect glaringly where Isaias is wetting in his pants.

            I am almost tempted to say that, if Eritrea declared independence circa twenty years ago, in reality however, the old ghosts are still hoovering on the clouds of Eritrea where the neo-Ethiopians can still pull the strings to run Eritrea from the unknown.

          • Eyob Medhane

            Lady Arwe Tatoo,

            I sincerely believe that is no one significant that pulls strings to bring Eritrea and Eritreans to the Pre-1991 Ethiopia. This fear and suspicion that Eritreans have about being annexed by Ethiopians is getting close to become irrational paranoia. I don’t know who you were describing by “..neo-Ethiopians ..”, if you meant Eritreans, who want to be in the former Ethiopia fold, believe me, their number is next to nothing. Even Eritreans, who rightly seek peace with Ethiopia and blame HGDF for the losing of that peace and admire Ethiopian leaders, never get even close to the idea of envisioning a united Eritrea and Ethiopia. Remember the barrage of criticism Dr. Bereket Habteselassie received, because he merely suggested a unified people in the context of pan African vision. So I don’t believe you should worry too much about that. If you meant Ethiopians, who want to bring Eritrea back, by ‘..neo-Ethiopians ..‘, I remember you and I had this conversation before. Though there may be few people, who may want that, my lady, trust me, a great number of them are aging academicians and retired old military officers. The today Ethiopians have a whole different problems that rock their boats than going to expedition to Eritrea. Interestingly, Isayas knows very well about this irrational fear that many Eritreans, especially highlander Eritreans have (Saleh and Sal, I know, you’ll slap me around a bit here for generalizing, that’s fine I’ll take it. 🙂 but allow me just for the purpose of this comment.) He made out a perfect boogeyman out of it. Sadly, if Eritreans keep suspecting that there is some neo-Ethiopian that pulls strings, they keep getting themselves distracted from the real monster, PFDJ. Eritreans will always have Eritrea. They earned their independence. It is irreversible. The whole world would not allow Ethiopia or anyone to reverse it. However, convincing that fact to many Eritreans, is a hell of a task…

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Saleh Johar,

    Brilliant article I have read in a long while (perhaps in years). All the power to you hawey.


  • Mohammed Aderob


    There are two type of democracies in this world: one is built by the people’s wishes and functions under transparency, the other democracy is fake and imported. The fake democracy is forced by America and its allies in the third world and the main gear is the USA and its institutions using corrupt methods by dealing with illegitimate and corrupt leaders.

    Esyas and his group are not qualified to make such big deals with mining companies because no body knows where this money goes since no scrutinizing institutions exist in the country. Lack of accountability and transparency makes Esyas and his group illegals.
    The only difference between shaebia and mafia is, that, shaebia owns a flag and recognized stamp. But when I say this I never exclude the bigger mafia called USA and it allies especially when it comes to the African context they act as mere mafias. You can feel that double standards are used when it comes to the third world. DIB MIDIRKA ISAT WA DIB ADNA RAMACH! AJAYIB!

    • Tesfamariam

      Dear Brother Aderob

      On your last posting your hate was towards Ethiopia and in this posting your hate is towards USA. I wonder what makes you different from PFDJ ? The regim in Eritrea says Ethiopia and USA are its main enemy and you Brother Adorbe you are beating the same drum by the name of opposition. I couldn’t believe it when you describe the USA as mafia, its unbelivable . You are benifting the freedom the peace and the standard of living from what you call Mafia USA and on the other hand you are blaming it for providing you all the best things you never had before..Yes you can critisize the wrongs of USA but labelling it as Mafia shows that you are no better than PFDJ the only difference is they are in power and you are not.
      It’s puzziling your describtion of two kinds of “democracies” ? could you please elaborate

      • Eyob Medhane


        Oh no no no….Aderob’s hate is not the same as PFDJ. PFDJ’s rant against USA is a political posturing. A scheme. A desire to search a bigger enemy to destruct the people from focusing on him.

        Aderob’s hate is real. Targeted. He has a list of ethnic groups in Ethiopia that he proclaims to detest. (Please read his above post and my response to it) He wants to “format” and “program” a whole bunch of people in to the shape he wants them to be.

        That is a kind of hate I consider “The most dangerous one .

  • HGDF

    You forgott to mention that Nevsun’s gold coins are blood-stained of the blood of the British geologist killed by “terrorists”. I don’t know if the people who were terrorists that time have changed to democrats now. Or you have another definition of the word “terrorist”, those who killed him were not terrorists but fighters for democracy. But there is a very easy and multipurpose answer the opposition give to everything “Shaebia did it”. I guess your answer could be “shaebia killed him”.

  • I do conciser my self to be in some ways a sympathizer of EPRDF but it strikes me to see how some within EPRDF tent to want to legitimatize Shabia as a government more than Shabia itself wants to be legitimatized as government with functioning constitution….you keep deafening us with “the government of Eritrea” mantra perhaps because there is this guilty conscious for having in the past been a facilitator of Shabia’s reign knowing deep down Shabia from it’s inception has never had a vision other than just hating Ethiopia and Ethiopians. But interestingly Shabia does not only seems to prove us wrong but it is also understandably determined to making sure a strong Ethiopia does not exist next to it.

    As far as governance is concerned Shabia is clever enough to know it is economically better off with it’s underworld existence because underworld existence comes with no string attached(no accountability both to the people of Eritrea and the international community), hence it is cleverly doing everything it can to sustain its status as a rogue entity…But the most important aspect of being outside the international norm or being in a state of a non existence war footing for Shabia is the fact that it wants to maintain it’s culture of hating, insulting and disturbing others specially Ethiopians. Shabia’s worst nightmare is a normal relationship between Ethiopians and eritreans which it fears might eventually reveal all it’s Gedhi lies. Shabia knows too well that it’s only card to justify all the pr and post Gedlhi loses is by undermining every thing Ethiopia. Yet you Kaddis seem surprised that Shabia did not settle for equal and fair trade but one wonders where you got this idea that an entity that bases it’s identity on superficial “superiority” would settle for fair trade?..In fact it is worrisome that some people within EPRDF seem to so quickly forget the very reason we are where we are and still clinging to the very naivety that led to a costly war that took thousands of lives. But logic detects that let alone Shabia, Ethiopia should be careful in it’s future dealings with any future entity in Eritrea that tents of have a hint of Shabia’s mindset

  • Salih;
    The gold is ours and what is wrong with that Mr?There is also gold in Kebessa too and leve those complain to enemy alone and be glad and smille for today.Everyday when it came some develop into Eritrea why are such crying?I just only wonder!!
    The gold monay will not go to Isaias pocket,So don’t worry and calm down.The golden time will come soon I see.

  • kaddis

    Gash Saleh

    I appreciate your sincerity but the issue of legitimacy specially in Africa is very tricky. I am sure none of you would question the legitimacy of Shabia have it functioned as a normal African state; even poorly managed. Hundreds of mining and exploration deals were made with governments who came through gorilla fights, cout de ta or with fake or no elections.

    I say – Shabia is legitimate enough to be party to any deal representing Eritrea but (there is a big but) it is too greedy and abnormal to pursue business relations. If Shabia could not maintain business with the Ethiopia of 1991-98 : with all the unfair arrangement in favour of Eritrea – Shabia is business dead.

    Shabia is too greedy to make a fair deal and share with others; even with its own people.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Gash Kaddis,
      “I am sure none of you would question the legitimacy of Shabia have it functioned as a normal African state…”
      And how are you so sure of what our stand would have been? My friend, PFDJ became illigitimate the momentit overstayed its mandate–1993. The fact that it didn’t funtion as a legitimate gov’t is because it is not one. You can consider it legitimate, but I do not doubt your argument would be like a wet cookie:-)

      • kaddis

        Gash Saleh –

        The issue of legitimacy was never an issue in Libya when Gadaffi over stayed for over 40 years? He was dealing right and left with every corporate and governments in site. Governments get their ‘being’ not only from their people (preferable) but also from other entities like UN and so. Shabia is never short of these things.

        You may be technically correct about 1993; but your argument about legitimacy is too weak to convince any investor or the Canadian gov. Emphasise on the slave labour, the revenues made in relation to recent sanctions and more.