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Never Were Never Will Be Bedfellows

The following comment was posted at Awate Forum by Hayat Adem.

There were plenty, more dramatic, and more shocking tests that faded away without angering the Eritrean public. The 1997 constitution was never part of the Eritrean value and culture. Shooting kids from the back for the crime of trying to cross the border is incompatible with the Eritrean culture. It didn’t send shock waves. Punishing a dead body of a colleague and comrade by denying his remains a two-meter square resting space for undisclosed crime is unusual in the Eritrean culture. Keeping heroes and heroines in a remote, harsh area without a court decision, for years, and letting them perish one by one, is shocking.

Learning about the sea-death of hundreds of youth including a birthing mother should have been a source of awe and hearing for the very government that was supposed to lead public mourning of the loss, with the national flag flying at half mast. Denying to recognize the loss of the victims as an Eritrean loss and allowing them proper funeral should have been a source for a public uproar. Compared to these events, the constitution is nothing near that to serve as a rallying gravity of public anger and fury.

I think the logic of criticizing the opposition for not using the unborn, or murdered, constitution as a rallying document is as twisted as the road in the photo of this article’s entry. The opposition was never allowed to be part of any political process in Eritrea from the beginning. It was not even allowed to organize support for the referendum for independence. EPLF/ PFDJ never recognized the opposition in words or/and actions as stakeholders in the Eritrean affairs. It never invited it to be part of Eritrea.

Usually, ruling parties invite the opposition out of magnanimity or farsightedness to get on board and to join in the process. That was never the case here. EPLF must be the meanest liberator ever seen in some aspects. What happened in Eritrea was totally the opposite: the opposition read the independence euphoria, and intoxication of the people and it didn’t want to stand on the way. Some of its members offered to mobilize their supports for independence in the referendum voting, but were rejected. Some of them had demobilized their armed wings and cadres to give a chance.

The opposition demonstrated magnanimity and left the entire show to the EPLF, in the early years of independence, it swallowed the patience pills, and went on hibernation and exile to let the people take their moment of enjoying the independence. EPLF was spending this independence mood so crazily like an infinite resource. Supporters were cheering up every move of the Front just as crazily through all the jumpy, bumpy and sleepy road and journey.

First it was visibly and recklessly jumpy. It was torching fires here and there: insulting UN, insulting OAU, elbowing the Sudan, punching Yemen, and squashing Djibouti, jumping on Ethiopia’s throat…and the party was being cheered up for all that: “Go EPLF, Go Isaias, Go Isaias!”

The opposition was trying to say something, unfortunately nobody was willing to listen. If you weren’t hearing the opposition then, it means you were not listening. And that was exactly what was wrong with the Isaiasim wagon. Everyone cheers and claps and nobody listens.

Then came the bumpy phase: EPLF/PFDJ came out weak and deflated from the war with Ethiopia, it grew at odds with itself and went on a massive trimming and shedding action, it fell out of grace with the West and the US, UNMEE was kicked out, isolation and sanction caught up. Then the roaring of the lioness evaporated and the selaHtawi loneliness crept in. The talk of Mekhete was louder than any talk about the constitution (unborn or murdered). And that was what Isiasism looked like as the constitution, which was written to play a role in that Isaiasim, was wearing layers of dust because the author had better ways to advance Isaiasism. It is like an army commander who chose to use air raid rather than infantry in a certain theater. Can we blame it on the opposition, blame it for not applauding and defending the book of Isaiasim when its creator trashed it to the dust bin with all its accumulated dust? Hell, No! The opposition should write its own rallying book. Remember, it ceased to be good enough for its author let alone for the opposition which demanded greater inclusiveness and broader platform.

Then came the sleepy phase: we are living it!

This phase is centrally characterized as “nothing happens until something happens.” Citizens can read the situation for what it is. That is why they are making tough decisions at family level. The opposition camp clearly knows what is needed. But many of the resources and instruments are still with the mafia group, aka the PFDJ system, aka Isaisism. The opposition should be hard pressed to come up with innovations for saving the nation from slipping into a civil war,. So far there are enough blame around to share–for the many indecision and inaction that brought so much national paralysis, for not responding decisively to the national situation. But not acting to undo the burial and save this constitution, should not be one of them. You can’t blame the opposition for failing to defend the Isaias book which is abandoned by himself; it should not be missed by any of us.

The recent utterances of Isaias regarding that document signifies nothing except that he has grown derelict, that now he can’t make any move except re-appearing as an old man staring at his shadow from the ceiling light-bulb, and disliking it, and then switching a seat to only see the same shadow in different shape and size.

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  • Nitricc

    My friend never failed to tell me “ Ye-Ethiopia Amlak Ale” when ever I spell out the dangers Ethiopia facing. I think it is true. The Indians seem on their own way to be out of Ethiopia. Good news for Ethiopia.

    “”We never saw the land. They gave it to us and we took it. Seriously, we did. We did not even see the landWe did not even see the land. (Triumphantly cackling laughter) They offered it. That’s all. It’s very good land. It’s quite cheapquite cheap. In fact it is very cheap. We have no land like this in India. There [India] you are lucky to get 1% of organic matter in the soil. Here it is more than 5%. We don’t need fertiliser or herbicides. There is absolutely nothing that willthat will not grow on it. To start with there will be 20,000 hectares of oil palm, 15,000 hectares of sugar cane and 40,000 hectares of rice, edible oils and maize and cotton. We are building reservoirs, dykes, roads, towns of 15,000 people. This is phase one. In three years time we will have 300,000 hectares cultivated and maybe 60,000 workers. We could feed a nation here.”””
    This what the Indians said back then. “ we could feed a nation HERE” not in Ethiopia! If you are an Ethiopian and that doesn’t bother you? then I understand…
    Now this
    “Karuturi was almost foreclosed after failing to repay a 65 million birr (a little over USD 3 million) loan extended via overdraft facility from the state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). However, the company immediately settled the minimum, 25 percent of the debt. But government officials told The Reporter that Karuturi is no longer reputed in Ethiopia””.
    wait a minute; you have a land needs nothing extra, no fertilizers. No herbicides
    to grow anything you want, instead of investing on your people and lending the money to your farmers and do it on your capacity, you give to the Indians? If it is not embarrassing enough giving away your fertile land for nothing, and then you faineance it? This is a definition of treason. If not, I don’t what is.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Too late to understand but better than late. I failed to understand you were trained more to serve Ethiopia. Ethiopians are lucky for having you as a reminder. I see now why Hayat said that you are harmless to her.

      We lost you Nitriccay. Though, Hope is the half-dead alive man, at least he speaks for Eritrea.

      Dear Ethiopians: I never knew before and no Ethiopians spoke on behalf of Ethiopian people as Nitricc is doing. Embrace him as your mate.

      Dear Eritreans, and especially, the Sal’s School of thought, ask about your brilliant student where is about? Is that what you all invested on him, to talk on behalf of the Ethiopians?

      Anyhow, I will try to invest now on Nitriccay, my dear lost brother. Dear Nitriccay, I know, the chauvinists don’t care about their graduates. I know that. PFDJ is the same, he teaches ad never asks where his students are.

      Part I: How to be yourself?

      We need you Nitricc, at least, stay even confused like Hope but speak even for the non-existent Eritrean development. Your school is in the verge of total cloing its doors. Sorry for the fate, but that is what they cultivate for. They teach how to be others not yourself just like the YPFDJ gangsters.

      Your brother who is searching you from the camp of dismantlers.

      • Nitricc

        Let me give you my final thoughts. You don’t seem to get it. I am going soft on you since a freaking Korean woman makes you cry watching her on youtube. I will be easy on you, I don’t want you to cry. To stand for justice is a principal not a tactical position. The people of Ethiopia were rapped on a board day light. What is wrong standing with them? The people of Ethiopia are treated unfairly when it come to Abay? And I stand with them. When ever I though injustice, I take a stand! I hope I didn’t make you cry.

        • Kokhob Selam


          please , please be kind and soft to me too. I am from the same tree, I cry when I see such crimes. The only different we have with Tes is I use to kill every killer except killers of documents. because documents are not alive specially when they are not functional. but some time fictions are also interesting . if you are soft inform me and I will come with my little art. waiting for your soft reply.

          • Guest

            you are late so —

          • Kokhob Selam

            you are late so here it is

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Still you made me to cry.

          Puff, you disturbed my laughter.

          • Kokhob Selam

            what is in your mind? shall I come with my little art? shall I put my poem or just a drawing? just something that says about the death of constitution. Lol, something soft.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Sure yes!

            Let you put some stanzas what justice mean to Nitricc. he is confusing it. SGJ gave him enough, but since we love him, kindly, FREE him from his confusion.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ***** መን ሞተ ኣብ ዕስራ ?******

            ገለን ኣብ ዕስራ :- ዕድሜኣ ሓጺሩ :-
            ትጥባሕ ብኻራ :- ብኢድ ዝደንቆሩ :-
            መንቀሊኡ ኤርትራ :-‘ታ ቀንዲ ስሩ :-
            ብውሑዳት ተዓቲራ:- ወዲ ሰብ ሓሲሩ ::

            -ገና ወ ዕሸላት :- መዓንጣ ዘይቆጸሩ :-
            —ይዋረዱ ኣብ ስደት :- ነዛ ንኽነብሩ :-
            —-ይዳረጉ ንሞት :- ድበ ይቅበሩ :-
            ——- ወዮ ታ ናጽነት:- ሽማ ተቀይሩ ::

            ገለን ከኣ ሰማንያ በጺሓ :-
            ብደም ህዝቢ እምብዛ ሰቢሓ:-
            ሕጊ ኣልቦ ሰይጣን ዝመረሓ :-
            ሞት ረሲዓቶ ሰይባ በሪሓ ::

            ገለን ድማ እምብዛ ይነብሑ :-
            ኣብ ከብዶም ኣትይዎም ሓንሳብ ምስ ፈረሑ :-
            “ጽገና ጽገና” እናበሉ ይጭርሑ :-
            ብግስ ‘ኳ ኣይብሉ ታሪኽ ንኽሰርሑ ::

            *** መን ሞተ ፡መን ተዘመተ:-
            *** መን ተጎተ : ክብሩ ዝተሓተ:-
            ***መን ጨመተ : ንሓቂ መከተ:-
            *** መን ከተተ :- መትከሉ ዓትዓተ::

            ቅዋም ሞይቱ ይብሉ :- ንስለ ምልፍላፍ:-
            ጽሑፍ እንድኣሉ :- ብቃላት ዝጽፍጸፍ:-
            ሞት ‘ሲ እነሀልኩም – ዘሕዝን ኣዝዩ :-
            ኻልድ ኢሉክርትም – ኣካላቱ ዓንዩ:-
            መንእሰይ ወድና ኣብስደት ተደርብዩ :
            ቅዋም ሲ ብቀደሙ ምውት ኢዩ ::

            ብተግባር- ሰብ እንተዘይ ኣድሒኑ:-
            ንክብርታት ህዝቢ እንተዘይተኸናኺኑ :-
            ትርጉም ኣልቦ ቃላት ነበረ በርዒኑ :-
            መዓስ ‘ሞ በሲሉ ክንብሎ ቀርዒኑ::

            ሞት ሲ እነሀልኩም ትንፋስ ጠጠው ኢላ :-
            ወዲ ዕስራ ጎበዝ ካብ ኢድና መንጢላ :

            ‘ምበር ቅዋም ድኣ ትንፋስ ዘይነበራ:-
            ሞይታ ሞይታ ዝብሉ መዓስ ተፈጢራ ::

            ንሳ እንተትነብር ትሰርሕ ኣብ ተግባር :-
            ዒራዒሮ ምስ ጸዓነት ኮንታይነር ልዕሊ ኮንታይነር :-
            ቁጠባዊ ዕብየት ሰደት ኣራንሺ ምስ መዓር :-
            ኣብ ክንዲ ሰብ ቅያ ብዘይ ስርዓት ምእሳር::

            ቅዋም እንተትሕሉ መስል ሰብ ክሕሎ :-
            ስደት ምስ ተረፈ ሰላም ምስ ዓብለሎ:-
            መን ከ ምስ ፍቀደ ብህግደፍ ክንቅሎ :-
            መን ከ ትም ምበለ ተኸዲኑ ጸለሎ::

            ስለ’ዚ :-
            ሞትን ስደትን ብዛንታ ከብቅዕ:-
            ስርዓት እዩ ዘድሊ ምዕባለ ዘቅንዕ:-
            ቀታሊ ዘማቲ ብስርዓት ዝቀጽዕ:-
            ገባቲ ሓኒቑ ሰላም ‘ውን ዘጠጥዕ:-
            ኩሉ ከቢሩ ብስራሕ ክለምዕ:-
            ትሕቲ እዝጊ ሕጊ ልዕልና ዘጽንዕ::

            ኮኾብ ሰላም

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Excellent. Don’t forget to compile it, to share your work with the young generation.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Kokhob Selam,

            ኮኾብ ሰላም ወ ኮኾብ ሰላም
            ስምካ አንክሰምዕ፡ ዝረክብ ሰላም
            ግጥምኻ እንከንብብ ዝረክብ ሰላም።

            ኮኾብ ሰላም ወ ኮኾብ ሰላም
            ሞት’ኮ ዝነበረ እንደኣሉ
            ሞት ደኣ ዳግማይ ሂወት እንደኣሉ
            ዝነበረ እንደኣሉ ዝሞተ።

            እንተ’ታ ቅዋም ዝብልዋስ
            እታ ናይ 1952 ዶ መሲላቶም
            እታ ሃጸይ ሃይለስላሰ ዝቐተላ ኣብ ቤቶም።

            ሃጸይ ኢሳይያስ ደኣ መኣስ ቅዋም ኔራቶም
            ቅዋም እታ ቃላታ ኳ ዘይመካይድቶም
            ቅዋም ምስ ሰምዑ እንደኣሉ ዚ ኩሉ ሕማሞም።

            ሕማምም ንቡር’ኮ ኣይኮነ
            ደም ሰብ እንደኣሉ ቁርሲ ምሳሕ ዝኾነ
            ቀትሪ’ኮ ኣይኣኽሎን
            አረ ቫምፓየር’ዩ ለይቲ ድም ቀለቡ ዝኾነ።

            ኣንታ ኮኾብ ሰላም፡
            ሕንከት’ኮ ባህልና’ዩ ዝነበረ
            ናይዞም ጸገንቲ በየንዩ ዝቦቖለ፧

            ኮኾብ ሰላም
            ኮኾብካስከ ይምርሓዮም ናብቲ ምድረ ሰላም
            ሕያዎት ጓሶት ክመጹ ናብቲ ምድረ ሰላም
            ሰላም አንደኣሉ ብዓል ኻልድ ዝኣኽሎም ዝነበረ።

            እወ ኮኾብ ሰላም
            ኮኾብካ ስደደሎም
            ሕያው ጓሶት ሰላም።

            (ኣይተሰውሕዳ ኮኾብ ሰላምሓወይ። እቲ ናዕታ ግጥምኻ’ዩ ወነይ ኣበራቢሩ ደኣ’ምበር ግጥምስ በየን ኣንፈቱ ኮ ኣይፈለጥክዎ።)


  • Nero

    Dear Hayat,

    I understand your argument for Ethiopia’s intervention comes out of the love you have for Eritrea. You say it is selfish of you – and I agree, but as others have commented here it also comes from your understanding of the dangers that lay ahead for Eritrea.

    In my opinion, there is a critical flaw in your argument for Ethiopia’s intervention and I suspect that you probably know it. Your call for the removal of PFDJ or even Isaias Afewerki by a short (surgical as you put it) Ethiopian military intervention comes from your understanding that they (PFDJ and PIA) are state and public enemy of Eritrea and its principal cause for the current situation of the country. Even though, I agree that both the PFDJ and PIA are instrumental to the crises in Eritrea, I differ in from you in that the forceful removal will provide a chance for the rebirth of Eritrea.

    If there is anything consistent in the history of Eritrea and Ethiopia is the parallel understanding of history – and I am afraid, your well devised plan and array of precedence (if you may call it) of Nyerere’s action against Amin, TPLF’s help to EPLF against ELF, Rwanda’s ‘help’ to DRC, will easily fall prey to the same narrative that the beast thrives off. If you have forgotten how one action might be construed differently across the ‘looking glass’ that divides the historicity of the two countries – let me indulge you

    Eritrea’s federation with Ethiopia – as an Ethiopian I might well argue that it averted the split of the former colonial territory of Eritrea into two, and thus Ethiopia did much to preserve Eritrea’s territorial integrity (I know, outrageous to some!) – to which undoubtedly a chorus of Eritreans will respond – well in fact it robbed us of our right to independence. In the same manner,

    – union=forced marriage,
    – annexed=colonised,
    – economic integration=economic dismantlement
    – civil war=struggle for independence=struggle for Ethiopian unity
    – 1998-2000 Eritrea’s war of aggression= 1, 2ay, 3ay Weyane invasion
    – refugee=migrants
    – 201X military intervention= where do I begin …..the most recent case of betrayal of weyane/ethiopia’s age old attempt to pull down the people of Eritrea and dislodge them from the amazing path to development that would make it the anti-neo-colonial symbol for the whole of Africa and all oppressed people up and down the milky way.

    So long as this ‘looking glass’ is exists – whoever comes out of it on the other side, though dressed like an angel going in, would come out as the devil on the other side.
    Facts that were left on the way side of the struggle and dismissed as Ethiopian, colonial and other type of machinations against Eritrean freedom are now all the more relevant. Eritreans effectively deconstructed the historical myths of Ethiopia (along with other Ethiopians also in 1974 though Mengistu continue to use the symbol of the defunct myths to justify his defunct policies and cruel rule) but the looking glass is a state of the art myth manufacturing system well serviced by the brightest of your countrymen that will outlive even PFDJ let alone PIA and those that will come after him.

    I think, the real problem is the looking glass – or Eritrea’s failure to come to terms with some of the facts it dismissed as irrelevant and propaganda and that is not necessarily the creation of PFDJ. PFDJ rides the wave – manipulates it to its advantage. If Eritreans can’t come together around a unifying cause free from the looking glass, I don’t think they can come up with a better alternative than the PFDJ or it will be another reincarnation. So your proposal of a shortcut to save the nation- is not really that short and may not be much of a short cut.

    As to your argument about the instability that will affect Ethiopia, it is true that it will affect us but I don’t think it is not of the degree that it entails a pre-emptive action – which in any case past history and experience will nullify it as an option. Possible regional instability and spill overs that will potential become national security issues are unlikely to be a strong cause for pre-emptive action-What will happen is Ethiopia will be accused of regional instability. It could be a huge miscalculation for Ethiopia to go it alone or even with the consent of governments in the region and it will expose itself at a time when it needs the support of regional neighbours to realise its development projects.

    Someone said that Eritreans are caught in the headlights of history. At a time, you speak of risk of civil war and others like youexpress existential concerns – some others are still saying the future is bright. They mistake the twin headlights of the fast approaching events as light at the end of the tunnel – in fact they say – we see two lights at the end of the tunnel. And those that look through the looking glass will say- we are in control of our destiny– kem deleyna, we can either exit through the first or the second exit of the tunnel.

    I do not wish harm to come to Eritrea or Eritreans and I don’t wish them civil war or other calamity – but if there is going to be a solution for the current crises – it lies in the hands of Eritreans. I think they should love their country, more than they hate Ethiopia.


    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Nero,
      Well, well, all I can say is, now we have a Mr. SAAY version on Ethiopian side too. I hope and prey you make time and participate on these types of topics as they come up.

      • Nero

        Selam Kim,
        Thank you. Of course, I will continue to be part of the conversation.

  • Hayat Adem

    Help hope! Who can summarize it for him?
    Semere A., you seem to understand Hope well. if you have 10 lazy minutes, how best can you squeeze what Hope wanted to say above in 100 words?

    • Hope

      You lost the case and you better rest the case by listening to your ‘konjo” Cousin’s advice.
      Leave Eritrean Business to Eritreans.
      Did you say IGAD?Are you insane and naive to that extent? I guess, albeit deliberately, and that is what we call “Intellectual and Political Bankruptsy”.
      For the record,you are officially endorsing the 4-step-plan/Strategy to change the Regime by PMMZ et al as per Wikileaks Records.
      Sem A?OOOPs, I hope he is NOT your Cousin as well.

    • Nitricc

      Dedebit, I have 10 valuable minutes and how about I summarized you?
      You are a paid messenger of TPLF and your agenda is two and as follow.
      One to gage the Eritrean Diaspora’s heart beat, if indeed TPLF’s invades Eritrea.
      Two, you are here to implant psychological warfare in to Eritrean’s head. as Eritrea is a failed state and soon civil war to follow. War consumes lives, it cripples human bodies, it is distractive and evil. Do you understand the absurdity of your obsession of war and civil war for Eritrea?
      I am not surprised the Eritreans are rejecting you but I am pleasantly surprised that even the Ethiopians are rejecting as well. To me, no normal human wishes civil war and war between two countries. And if anyone thinks you are an Eritrean, please tell them they are stupid.
      Here you have it Dedebit.

      • Hayat Adem

        Oh c’mon Netraka, I’m now rejected by both sides and found myself a lonely wolf. I forced myself to retire on my idea of bringing Ethiopia in to the picture. You won, I lost. so, you don’t need to overkill as I’m completely neutralized and humbled. From now on, you should have no more worries at all. Go, celebrating your victory:) Next.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Hayat:
          Do not go deep in Netraka, I do not want him to celebrate
          Now he believes in reforming PFDJ, a far cry from where we want to be, but also a far cry from where he was. He also quotes men of ideas. He is a man of contrasts, he hates Ethiopians, but he vacations in their country. He speaks their language far better than his own. He believes in the Saw military that PFDJ created but he serves in the USA Sawa. He elucidiates seemingly thoughtful ideas when he is in remission then his relapses into binary mode. When Sal’s encouragements lubricate his thoughts he comes up with sensible comments, when MaHmuday’s endearments entice him he is utterings are incoherent. When Sem Adom “inionizes” his ideas he reaches into this gun. When Hayat’s deep analysis burdens him he shouts “Debebit”, because he remembers the place of his origin that he hates.
          So please do not give him false sense of hope that you have retired, he may believe it and it will be dishonesty:-)

          • Nitricc

            Semere, I know you are not that bright but I didn’t know you are a lire too. I won’t bother to respond to your childish and gossipy post but let me say this.
            The reason I don’t respond to you, is I get nothing out of you. You contribute nothing to my benefit. All your posts are useless and no body can learn anything.
            So, I don’t have time to waste. I have no clue how old you are but you better hit that mirror and look at your self. To be honest with you, I rather converse with the Dedebit grad, as much as much as ridicules here takes are, I learn one or two from her post. She stands for something! What do you stand for? NOTHING!
            You have nothing to offer besides irritating, insulting and making wild allegations. Dude, have some purpose in your life, too short to F around.
            In conclusion; grow-up!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Sem,
            If you can summarize the contradictory mind of Nitrickay, can you try to expound in the same breath the contradictory Eritrean mind by sampling from all you saw in our debate? Come on buddy.

            To Hayat,

            I will join Semere not to give up to what you believe in, as there is no ready made solution so far. No body knows as to how the current predicament will end. What all of us have to do is to follow the dynamic political movement and shape the discourse to possible and wishful soft landing. Most of the time politics is unpredictable and there are possibilities that could go out of our control. The whole of the struggle is to control the outcome how ever it landed. So your argument makes sense as far as there is no tangible alternative in front of us. So far the alternative from the opposite argument is “wishfulnness” there is no practicality on the ground. No one desires for war unless we are dictated by circumstances and urgency of the matter. The unstoppable exodus of our youth is frightening for the nation to stand on its feet. But looking for external force, that in itself is not at hand as there is no diplomatic acumen to exploit the reality. Bisferena will always kill us anyway, and it is killing us in front of our eyes. So until we see a viable alternative from the opposite side you could shape you argument with tactical move and show us how practical your argument is – and is beyond wishfulness. Show us the readiness of IGAD to help us to find an exit strategy. As to the theoretical approach I have assessed and argued myself as doable. The question is the “subjective matter” to exploit the reality is not there. But again don’t give up that is the quality to our survival.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hayat Adem


            I’m not giving up on my thoughts; I’m not even sure there is such a thing called abandoning one’s thoughts. If they are not good and there are other better ideas floating around, you drop yours and you pick up the better ones. The ones you newly picked are then your ideas. Ideas are not husbands. You can always abandon them go for the best. You earn respect and honor by staying faithful and supporting to marriage. But you can only earn contempt and disgrace for loyally supporting and defending a wrong idea and criminality.
            What I’m saying is, So far, I didn’t see anything to convince myself that there’re better solutions out there. Some say it is illegal. Well, it is not, and I would add, the status quo is illegal and it is conscripting the nation to death. Some doubt if it will work. Well, it has worked before and we have plenty cases of precedents. Ironically, all fundamental changes and achievements seen in Eritrean history were not done without the help of outsiders. Some say, it is better done by ourselves. Who would hate that? Well, it had to be done yesterday afternoon or today. Some say, why Ethiopia, the enemy? Well, would it make more sense if we ask it from Sudan or Djibouti? As far as I know, a country is enemy when it does harmful things to the people of the land or in extreme cases, when it also denies help in a time it is critically needed. For example, the decision of EPLF to deny the Tigray people a pass to Sudan in the 1980s during the worst famine famine was mean and cruel that can be expected from an enemy. So it is not the coming, the not coming can also be considered indifference or hostility.
            No, I didn’t see any better idea coming my way that tempts to me to adjust and improve my thoughts but I’m not doing well in getting it across and convincing others. In fact, I was dragged into the matter after being advised to freeze it by Hailat. I wrongly read the appetite and fell into my temptation and I have failed to energize and fire up the discussion to condensate into a converging form. So I don’t want to bore people here beating the dead horse over and over. Time to move on to other issues. Thank you, Emma.

          • Hayat Adem

            Sem, you are right, as harmless and clueless as he is, he might mistake it for complement. Perhaps, I may have to borrow your line for my footnote: I was joking, Nitraka.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Hayat A.,

          We didn’t reject you totally. We have told you your biggest fault and if you correct that, you will come as our queen. No one understood to your level on the need of urgent change. Just as a caring mother, you called everybody. Psychologically, I understand you. But, you forgot history. History should be a reference.

          A christian can not call satan to bless a child when there is no priest/pastor or a moslem can not to call shaitan to lead him in his prayer. What Ethiopians did to our people when they are in our homeland is well documented and now we can not let them “IN”. Eritrea is a sovereign country and invasion for any means is beyond anything and no sane Eritrean can accept it unless they are opportunists.

          I have some exit strategies from PFDJ regime but I will not tell you now. But, be rest assured that you are not fully rejected by the “weed’em-out” camp.

          Else, you are superhero. We still are very optimistic on you. Just we said, a spade is a spade, when it is a spade.


      • Amanuel Hidrat


        “Tsemam hade derfu Koinka.” what you have to do is to reject the idea you aren’t comfortable with. Please stop from personalizing issues, be only sensible person who stand on what he believes. That is all. Eritrea is not yours only, Eritrea belong to all Eritreans and don’t take Eritrea as personal property. It is the property of four million people. your share is one/four millionth. Hayat has the same share as yours. Sh has her voice as you have your own voice, and surely Eritrea belong to both of you equally. Have respect to the opinion of others while having a strong belief of your own. That is what a debate means. Insulting and demeaning will not make you the “winner” but you idea could give you the winning opinion in the market of ideas. Learn something how to respect people, for with respect you will get everything you want. This is one of the continuous advice to you. I do it because I love you as a citizen.

        Amanuel Hidrat

      • Hose of Stark

        Hi Nitricc
        Hayat, did not lose on her main topic only on secondary issue, Even that time will tell.

  • Rahwa T

    Abi, the moderators seem targeting specifically you while encouraging their “nefez” to vomit whatever they have in their stinky mouth. It is better to skip reading comments from H and N.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear awatistas

    and all Seahawks fans, congratulations.
    The following is an impression of a casual reader regarding Hayat Adem’s world. I am sorry, I have to write it in WP format and copy and paste it here since I have been losing long comments to disqus. I apologize for its length.

    “When you want to treat a multimorbid patient (for
    example Multiple Myeloma) you can not offer him an allogeneic stem cell
    transplantation (familial stem cells; curable approach), because the mortality
    rate is high, all you can offer him is an autologous stem cell transplantation,
    and what he needs first, is an induction chemotherapy to downsize the high
    tumor load ( and you cant skip that!). And even this has to be done with the
    consent of the patient. “Tzigereda

    Mahmud: Basically, what Tzigereda’s metaphor says is an
    Eritrean grown organic change, an Eritrean driven constitution is better than a
    constitution imposed by Ethiopian and influenced by its invading authorities
    even though we may share some close connecting ties including the Habesha
    marker. However, even the Eritrean grown constitutions and politics should be
    at the consent of the governed let alone a foreign imposed politics.

    The one and only one Hayat Adem continues below……

    “Oh, you remember they sing for us soothing lullabies to
    show us how much they love Eritreans more than their sons and daughters. Of
    course they launched an all-out war and expanded those costly offensives in
    order to discipline us, nothing more; just to punish us like an adult would be
    expected to treat a child, to show us the road to civility; and we have a
    common familial marker, the Habesha thing, so what’s wrong if they do us what
    we have failed to do; besides they are angels. They are just going to get us to
    Asmara, after that? Well after that …I don’t know. No, no, we have to write our
    new wayanay values-capturing constitution. I mean, the wayane type of
    democracy, of course, under a big gun. And I have a reason for this:

    1. Eritrea is an Italian imposed identity, and an Arab
    stirred and guided reality. Hence it’s a foreign manufactured identity driven entity.

    2. Because of that Eritrean ghedli was a foreign design

    3. Because of that Eritrean independence was a foreign,
    non-Habesha product brought by that foreign-designed ghedli.

    4. Because of that there shouldn’t have been an Eritrean
    entity which would lend its existence to foreign designers, and there wouldn’t
    be an Eritrean constitution supervised by that foreign designed entity, some
    call it ghedli (I just hate it, ጓል ኣደም: ደመይ ክፈልሓኒ ደልዩ፡ ኣይትዘክረለይ በጀኻ;

    5. History could only
    be restored to its natural course by dismantling everything Eritrean, Yes,
    there was no popular participation in drafting the constitution, people were
    just acting zombie. All those millions?! Forget about them. They were
    intoxicated; and then, where were the opposition all these years? I mean where
    were they? All that literature, demonstrations, imprisonments, seminars and
    interviews, organizing and disorganizing in search of the restoration of
    constitutional process never occurred. Now don’t whine, bad for you. EDA, EPDP…,……our Youngers…professors….opposition politicians…women…men…
    never campaigned for the restoration of the constitution, never…where were you
    anyway when I with few have for all these years been defaming your ghedli and
    your identity, trying to wake you up…where were you? Where was Gadi..Younis….yes,
    and that Tzigereda? ወይለይ ከ!
    ኣነ ጓል ኣደም! እታ ጽገረዳ ከ ክንደይ ትዛረብ እያ በጀኻ?!
    ወያናይ ወይነይ ሰማይ ዓሪጉ ኣሎ። ኣይትሓዙኒ። ሓቅኹም። “ ዘበንያ ግርንቢጥ ማይ ንዓቐብ” እንዶ ኣይተበሃልኩን? ግን
    ይዓጅበኒ መሲልኩም ጓል ኣደም። ተዛረብቲ እንግሊዘኛ suck it up ይብሉ። ሕጂ ከኣ ወሓጥዎ ደኣ። ኤርትራውነት ኣይነበረትን

    Ok, I don’t give a xxxx if one existed, OK. It was his book, and
    now he discarded it, I mean that’s his book, it was prepared under his
    supervision. I struggle to author a book that is supervised and influenced by
    mama wayane Ethiopia. See that’s what I mean by a popular support; that’s what
    I mean by a democratically written constitutional document. You throw away one
    that has been prepared by an undemocratic Eritrean while you guys were
    lumbering under the influence of victory toxicity, and shove into your throats
    a foreign imposed constitution while you are still looking for one that has
    never existed. That’s what the democracy blowing from the south feel like. A
    document prepared by foreign conquerors is better than a document prepared by
    national conquerors. I trust Enate Ethiopia than the zombie Eritreans. After
    all, Eritreans don’t know what’s good for them. If not, why would they endure
    all that moral and back breaking journey, why would they pay all that prohibitive
    price? I mean why? And here this little guy called nitricc reminds me that
    Eritrean problems should be solved by Eritreans. Wow! This is the same guy who
    doesn’t even consider me Eritrean, What does he call me? Forget about it, but
    here is one of his statements.

    ‘do you want a change to come from the interference of
    the TPLF or do you want the change to come from within Eritreans by them
    selves.’ Nitrickay

    Dear All

    • Hayat Adem

      ane gual Adem ‘do! maHmuday ke’Aa kemzi b’nai ashmur yiHayish elka?! zeytebhale!? men weyane qiwam yiSaHaf bele? miHret yewridelka!
      What I was saying was about a narrowly packaged surgical, brief and temporary military help under IGAD umbrella spearheaded by Ethiopia, invited and preconditioned by Eritrean demands solely for the mission of tipping the existing physical power monopoly in favor of the opposition so that the opposition gains a threshold capacity to act to save the nation and its people from sliding to a civil war. It is the kind of military help TPLF was asking from EPLF and vice-verse during the armed struggle. Is this a bad idea that risks a lot of unknowns? Well, it may be. It is only an option that can be considered in order to reverse the desperate situation we’re heading to as a nation. If there are other better and quicker ways in your locker, share them with me and I’ll be the happiest person to know them. Or explain to me that we still have enough time to figure out other better optimal options that don’t include help from the south. I’ll be all ears. But you need not to tell me about your fairy democratic coup simply because I have no appetite left for PFDJ round 2. Don’t tell me this constitution that has never breathed a mouthful oxygen for just one day is the way to go. AND don’t tell me the constitution: creation, murder and resurrection has anything to do with the opposition.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear Hayata,

        The more they (he) are(is) serious, the more he is exposing himself. Therefore, he has to change a system approach, ይዋዘየ ዘለኹ እናበልካ ኮ’ሎ።

        Hayatom; what you proposing is already in the hands of some political groups. Those armed groups living in Ethiopia and others are already using what you are very lately using. Why don’t you promote their strategy instead of just talking as a newly invented strategy?

        I think you are living in a monastry which has only comment section access (Disquis). Your call could have more valid and put on-table had you openly call for intensive millitary action in Eritrea or not and its consequence?

        As I can see, you are a little bit softer now and trying to withdraw in silence, but why you are not courageous enough to “renounce” your biggest fault by calling an open invasion of Ethiopia to a sovereign country.

        A converse between Nitricc (journalist) and Hayat (Hayat as chief of state)


        • Hayat Adem

          Hey Tes, you and I know how grave and urgent the situation Eritrea finds itself in. Mahmuday is saying “invasion is illegal. period.” So is national exodus. So is national servitude. So is youth extinction. Only in Africa: Tanzania helped Uganda. Rwanda helped DRC. Nigeria helped Liberia. Ethiopia helped Somalia.

          • hope

            Ms Hayat Adem,
            Your anaolgy is irrelevant and your Logic 101 is beyond Fallacious.
            Eritreans could easily get rid off the Tyrant but they haven’t and Eritreans should rather look for that potential of easily getting rid of the Tyrant.
            If Eritreans were able to get rid off the Black Africa’s Military Power and its sponsors including the Soviets,the Cubans,the Yemenis,the Libyans,the East Germans,the Hungarians,the Bulgarians,etc…why wouldn’t they get rid off a single Tyrant?
            If your arguement is that they have failed miserably and the TPLF should invade and get rid off the Tyrant,then tell us:
            1) as to how they are going to do it (Surgical removal?Ahh,now you have become SAAY’s Student,then?Even if it is going to be a surgical removal,that should be the responsibility of Eritreans but Eritreans.
            2) at what expense,including the unkown and the consequence of of the outcome of the invasion.
            3)under what circumstance
            Please,be reasonable,rational,fair and considerate.
            Read history, as it never errs.
            Hint: Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan…..and Somalia before going all the way.

          • Abinet

            The more I read your argument , the more I hate it . it may be urgent to you . It doesn’t seem to be urgent to most eritreans or they are already gave up. It is, however, not an urgent matter to ethiopia. Fighting poverty is urgent and requires a massive amount of investment both in finance and time. It needs an undivided attention . Above all to attract Direct Foreign Investment , the country should , in as much as possible , avoid conflicts. Besides, to die for an arch enemy is very stupid. If the worst comes we will open , with UNHCR help, more refugee camps.
            Please don’t push us to buy an insurance policy now in case eritrea fails. We take our chances. We have been there before with the Somalia crises. It is not a big deal at all as you are trying to convince us .
            Thank you .

          • Hayat Adem

            It is okay if you hate my argument. It is okay if you don’t have a shared feeling about the urgency. it is okay if folks here are not buying my points. I only represent myself and I call it as I see it. When I find myself wrong, I’ve no problem of adjusting. I don’t feel that way about this. The the price of getting this wrong and taking time until local capacity gathers is the death of a nation on the Eritrean side. The same situation exposes Ethiopia to so many unknown prices. When Eritrea breaks to chaos, the Ethiopian development projects and FDI you talked about will be threatened. It is not like Ethiopia is not paying a price to sustain this cold war status. That itself is a regrettable opportunity cost both peoples suffered unnecessarily. If the Eritrean situation changes to a favorable one, however, tourism and FDI and other business synergies assume a different dynamics. Instead of Tanks and Terrors, the language of the region would totally shift to Trade, Talent and Technology. The price of seeking Ethiopia’s help is letting lose the false ego wrapped around the bubbly spirit of inculcated militarized national pride on the Eritrean side. My immense pride would have come from defeating poverty and unleashing the Eritrean potential for development. Extending a limited help would incur minimal price on the Ethiopian side. The folks who are trying to scare everyone as if I’m carelessly calling for another round of bleeding are scared of the very idea itself because it undercuts and preempts their fairy democratic coup round 2 PFDJ project. Some are saying it because their egos are larger than Eritrea for them. I think I’ve explained enough my views on the Ethiopian element/ It is my wish to retire from this particular topic for now. Hayat

          • Amde

            Dear Hayat,

            (Not to pull you out of retirement but… )

            I don’t think there is much appetite for your proposal from the common people on both sides of the border, but I suspect events may come into play that could force some version of what you are proposing into becoming a reality. Just today’s news about the possible collapse of a single Yemen into a proxy war front between Saudi and Iran cannot but have an effect on our region. In the current global environment, the absolute last thing Ethiopia (and for that matter Sudan and the Saudis) would want is state collapse in Eritrea, with tens of thousands of militarily trained and resentful young people with no visible additional skills, no sense of hope, no credible alternatives, and available to do the bidding of some people with a little bit of cash with access to the military hardware that has been stockpiled for over a decade. I would be astonished if there are no contingency plans by the region and US to forestall/address this eventuality and probably in some version of what you are proposing. I do not believe Ethiopia will engage (nor should it) unless that is the case.

            Whether we are close to such an event (Eritrean state collapse) is the main question. Everything else depends on this assessment. By the way the opposition is acting, I do not think they believe that to be the case. Ditto with much of the Awate audience. Everybody agrees the PFDJ is a dictatorship, and Issayas is an autocrat. But autocrats can have a long life, just by the sheer competence of their repressive mechanism (names like Mugabe, Obiang, Eyadema come to mind). I believe this is where you differ as far as the assessment of current and trending conditions in Eritrea and of Eritrean society. I suspect you are being more clear eyed than most and you are seeing further ahead. But there must be more Eritreans that share your assessment of current and trending conditions.


          • Hope

            And you believe that Ethiopia is free from such an eventuality???.I am afraid that you might be predicting about the case scenario of your own Ethiopia,God forbid.
            Go and check it by yourself and I guarantee you that the PFDJ will issue you a Visa overnight.
            I hate to hate people as much as I hate the word “hate” itself…but your disgusting dream,analogy and ill wish is beyond imagination….and should be hated.I know someone will tell me that your intention is this and that but——your analogy and theory–is just disgustiing.
            Migration,for what ever reason, is NOT new to Eritrea.Check what your own Ethiopians are going through in Saudi Arabia–a 100,000 deported and thousands being raped and tortured!!!
            Check on what the Ethio Muslims are doing in the heart of Addis;check what the Oromo Youth is going through….
            If Economic Resources are the solutions,well,just be patient and you will see the overnight miracles.
            If Eritrea and Eritreans have survived for 5-15 yrs all evils under the Sun,I think 1-2 yrs are a day or two away.
            PIA/PFDJ and the TPLF will go sooner or later….

          • Amde

            Dear Hope,

            min largih ingidih, indeminim challew. birtatun yistih.


          • Hope

            Egziher Yistilign and Gheta Yibarikih birtatunim yistih as well Ato/Weizero Amde

          • Hayat Adem

            You have amazing binoculars, Amde!

          • Abinet

            Hayat yene emebet,
            I was born in the middle of war, grew up in the middle of war I do not want to die in the middle of war . I am sick and tired of the history of war . I took a class in the history of Ethiopia at AAU . All the 3000 years history . From the Axum Kigdom to the king Haileselasse. It is full of war history. The battle of this , the battle of that, that, that , that ……… All the wars in the world combined can not match the wars in ethiopia alone.
            I don’t want another war specially with eritrea. Both of us are worriers. It is not like going to Somalia and whip some behind and go back in one piece. In Amharic we say
            ” wusha beseferu anbesa new”
            The best solution is to avoid interference in each other’s ibusiness .
            May be I’m a little bit too selfish. Well, such is life.
            “Hulum lerasu, amlak lehulum”

          • Rahwa T

            Dear Hayatom,
            It is a very good argument and you have many valid points. I think many of the readers clearly understand your concern. There were moments where I said “until when?” when I witnessed my close friends (Civilians) lost their legs and amputated from TNT set on Selam Bus by mercenaries of Colonel Fitsum and others. Let’s give time for peace as the pressure form the international communities on Ethiopia will be much higher and the war would certainly much costly. But Amde (below) has said it nicely.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dearest HA
        1. Calling for an invasion of a sovereign nation under any condition is illegal, simple.
        2. I don’t believe Ethiopians are that stupid to do others’ dirty job of fighting and bleeding unless it’s dictated upon their national security. And under those conditions, Why would they be conditioned by a weak oposition which has failed to put forward a conditioned and unified Eritrean agenda in and for its members?
        3. This is a fight betweeen ideas more than it’s a fight between military hardware. If you can’t win Eritrean people, then you have no cause.
        4. Inorder to win Eritrean hearts and minds, listen to what Tzigereda, Sara, and others are calling for, a unified Eritrean force. Your calling of Ethiopian involvement erodes the effects of these calls.

        • Rahwa T

          To all commenters in this thread,

          After repeated readings and re-readings, I agree with most of the comments from the ghedli-romantics, reformists, ex-EPLFists, PFDJsists and few Ethiopians that sending army to topple the “emperor” in support of a week armed oppositions and shading blood on behalf of a people who considers Ethiopia as the number one enemy in the universe is not a good strategy. After all we have learnt from the half-century old of our history that (according to your “well-documented-history”). We have lost over 450,000 souls and many-billions-dollar of resources which could have changed the face of our people. This is despite the loss of 65,000 + 19000 unique-blooded-sons-and- daughters from your side. I believe that the Ethiopia government is following more or less a good strategy of avoiding unnecessary confrontation.
          Despite this, the reality on the ground shows that the no-war-no-peace strategy doesn’t look like to remain sustainable. Recent development from the PFFJ leaders indicates that once again they would try to disrupt the positive economic developments of the country we witnessed in the last ten years by sending its army in the name of” Ethiopian oppositions”. If that is to happen, we all will see, if there is a limit for patience from the current ruling government in Ethiopia. My hope is the current PFDJ propaganda and brag will be the same routine brag that we have being hearing in the last 16 years and not go beyond its usual boundary. Anyway, my Sister, Hayat should wait and see what the future will bring instead of colliding with the Awate community.

          Insiders like HOPE, Nitrricc and others have leaked the top secret that the political and spiritual leaders of the state of Eritrea has determined to correct the mistakes he did in the last 25 years and it seems the life span of the minority region in Ethiopia is getting shorter and shorter. They have reminded us that we should be grateful to our region’s ‘almighty’ and thankful to wedi-Afom Beri that Ethiopia remained as ONE upon his good will and unreserved effort.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Rahwa
            Frankly, you KH, and abi and some other Ethiopians are correct on this specific topic. Your judgement is well grounded, and actually serve the future good neighborliness we all wish to occur. Wars have ravaged us enough, no more war between these two peoples. That’s minus the bravado some of you show us.

          • abrham

            “That’s minus the bravado some of you show us”. Please replace it by “That’s minus the bravado some of us show”. According to my observation yours is too excessive than any of us, isn’t it?

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Abrham tsaeda
            Let’s share it then. Or get an examining committee, who knows, it may lead us to a total reconciliation which could lead us to cooperation rather than confrontation.
            Where have you been, anyway?

          • abrham

            Tsaeda yihshewo de’a goyta,
            No No man we need no committee. We are simply living together and no border couldn’t hinder us. The bravado crap is the elites daily business not ours the ordinary citizens. Well, I can’t sleep before visiting and I am here with you.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            KemaKa ybzHu.
            No more of sending kids off to war as canon fodders so that opportunists enjoy the spoil, No. “No more war” should be the motto on both sides of the border.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Mahmud Saleh,
            I hope you will always keep trying to reach out to people.
            I am sure the result of the examining committee findings will be the same set of facts and habits that is in front of our noses all along.
            I think, you see, all the Zerafs, bravados etc characterizations has always been there to some degree. What we forget is as inheritors of similar origin and background, there is nothing we say about the other that doesn’t apply equally to us and vice versa.
            You name it, (hero-coward, smart-stupid, good looking-ugly, caring-hateful, etc.,) all these characterizations equally apply to all of us.
            When we use one of the negative words to describe the other, we must be mindful that we ourselves are the illustrations of those negative words. (roughly a pot calling a kettle black)
            As they say in Tennessee, when you are pointing a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. I think it is always helpful to keep that in mind to pinch us back into our senses.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear KH
            Thank you for the elaboration. What you’ve said is true. The more we get things of common interest the more those “zeraf..zeraf” fade away. If you really think of it, usually they serve rulers and chauvinists. They tend to be seen more visibly at time of conflicts. I really hope the next generations of both countries meet in research conferences, sports, cross-border trades…holiday destinations….rather than in battle fields. Reaching out to my Ethiopian friends is always in my heart, but remember, I am one of this traumatized generation (on both sides). So, sometimes, reminders like are needed.
            Thank you.

          • Shum

            Amen, bother. Amen!

          • Abinet

            The best laugh I had in my life was when I heard a blind man said “Tengara”. I could not blieve it. He said ” ante Tengara !”
            If you don’t mind I like to summarize your comment because I loved it.
            “Amed beDuqet sisq , libu benefas wulq “

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Abinet,
            Funny!, Abinet, you must have a book or something with all these sayings. I can’t believe you have all these in your head. So share, is there a book or pamphlet I can get my hands on?

          • Abinet

            Selam kiim
            It all in my head. I don’t have a written material.
            Let me give you my favorite . It is by Tagel Seifu
            Ya doroye chohe mengatun negeregn,
            Bezarew qen lardew qeTero neberegn.

          • Hope

            The million dollar question is:
            Are they honest and truthful to their words?
            Don’t we have serious case scenarios of BETRAYAL?

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hope (natey nay bHtey)
            If people are left alone, without politicians and ruling class messing up with their natural state, I can’t think of any people who are inherently defective.

          • Abinet

            Why do you think you are the yardstick of honesty? Could you please give us some examples of the betrayal you are talking about .

          • Hope

            Refer to the TPLFites and their files…You seem to be very “naive” about the EPLF/PFDJ-TPLF/EPRDF politics and history.
            I gave you my own eye witness account story and I will never and cannot give a better ONE.

          • Abinet

            You are right. I’m just learning. One thing I know is there is a lot of “F” in them.

          • Rahwa T

            Dear Abinet,

            No need of asking HOPE for the yardistic on Honesty. It is easy to see that the reason is out of the distorted image and wrong view of him and his likes (“entn lalemalet new”) developed over the years that Eritreans are God’s ‘perfect creatures’. Otherwise, it is not that difficult for a normal person to see who betrayed who. Even an
            18 years old young person can tell it. Whenever I think of the meaning of the words (invasion and betrayal (“worar” and “Hasadat”) as used in this and other Eritrean forums, I always wonder if they have different meaning and keep checking my dictionary “in case they have”. You may remember that what HOPE said few months while he describes on Eritreans capability on how they could approach the different ethnic groups in Ethiopia and do business by excluding the Tegaru. I don’t know what terminology he would give to this “Value” of the people (other than betrayal). Can any of suggest
            the appropriate word, please?

            Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that the TPLFists are always nice. We have been seen (and still seeing) corruption, nepotism, injustice and other undemocratic characteristics of them and I don’t think anyone dares to come out and defend. In my opinion the government is more or less responsible (relatively). But I couldn’t see a behavior that can be qualified as “Hasadat”, at least when it comes to Eritrea. As it has been said “millions of times”, we think they (in fact including the Emperor HS) were somehow damaging the interest of Ethiopia and favoring the Chewa Hamassiens. I think we (Ethiopians) had accepted their claims that they were people of extraordinarily values and contributed to men (such as HOPE) and women (ah! no I will ship this). But still we have many good men and women. How could I forget KokHeb S., Haile TG, Aman, Hayat, Ermias (I missed his comments), serray,

          • Abinet

            Rahwa sistu
            Who betrayed who ? I have witnessed it . You mentioned really good people in this forum . Hayat is the queen . I miss Ermi and Papi. To be honest with you I have a reservation towards Ato Amanuel ever since he told us he was involved in mass mobilization of eritreans in addis. I feel like he betrayed me personally . What makes me sad is he was bragging about it . I hold him responsible more than anybody else . I can’t imajine how much hate he inculcated in the minds of those he was mass mobilizing right in our backyard . Now he is talking rapprochement . As we say in Amharic ” kemeTegen alemesber yiqelal”

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Abinet,

            You have still reservation on me because I mobilized for the self-determination of the Eritrean people in Addis. Why do you have a reservation on an individual who struggled for the self-determination of his people? What is wrong Eritreans to have their own political administration? Isn’t it their own right to determine their destiny either to stay with Ethiopia or separate from Ethiopia? In any case that is a closed history. What you and me and others should focus at this juncture of our history is how to make “another history” (a) on how this two brotherly people live in peace side by side (b) on how we cooperate and develop economically side by side (c) on how to prove, if these two nations come to terms that, they are the engines of change in the horn. I have a strong believe on those ideas. As I had a strong belief on the self-determination of Eritrea people at that time, I have also a strong believe if these two nations come to terms, and resolve their difference amicably they will change the socio-political and socio-economic of the region. The peace and stability of the horn depend on the cooperation of these two people. I truly believe that and I summon to you and others to engage to such endeavor. But first and foremost we Eritreans have to clean our house to remove the cancerous regime we have.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Abinet

            Ato Amanuel
            Good luck in cleaning your house.

          • Hope

            Read Ethio-Eritrean History 101.
            -My 5th Grader Nephew knows the answers to your questions.
            -Here is how I tell my same Nephew:
            -Emperor Haile Sillasie dismantled the Eritrean Democratic(Federal) and Economic Infrastructure
            by telling Eritreans: “Eritrea meretiua inji,Hizbiwa Ayasfelighenim”(We ONLY need Eritrea’s Land/resources(Sea Ports),NOT her people”,and to that effect,janhoy commited a genocide on Eritreans,yes indeed,a serious Genocide”—Tihim zibele yitahagom ghiddi” as that is the painful truth that some ethios could NOT swallow and we will add some ere and mitmita into it as well until they swallow the truth but truth.
            -Col Menghistu should be out of the picture as you witnessed it and experienced the pain
            -How about the TPLF Gang,whom we brought to the Menelik Palace besides teaching and baby sitting them until they stood up on both of their legs and walk–tate tate–tatet tate—?But only to betray us and to kick us out on bare feet and rob our life-long earnings and even try to grab our sovereign Land!!!
            And you are telling me that we have NOT been betrayed and we should trust these kind of Betrayers and blood suckers??
            Capito signore?

          • Abinet

            How old is your nephew? May be 15 ? I’m sorry for him . He has been fed enough hate that last him forever.
            My nephew doesn’t even know if there is a country called eritrea . We don’t teach him non- important things. No time for that .
            Regarding your help to tplf , they have paid you more than you deserve. They helped you to stand on your feet. Actually they forced you to stand , to walk and finally to run.
            Wofe qomech, wofe qomecch
            Alaferech, teramedech
            QiTuan Tila roTech.

          • Hope

            That is why you are dumb and ignorant,albeit deliberately,about the Ethio-Eritrean History.
            We do NOT teach our kids and nephews ” hate” but the True history.
            Look here:
            “Regarding your help to tplf , they have paid you more than you deserve. They helped you to stand on your feet. Actually they forced you to stand , to walk and finally to run.”.
            You see how much donkoro and stone headed you are ?
            Oops,Moderator,sorry if this is Racist!I take it back.

          • Abinet

            In a normal circumstances your nephew should be 10 years old. Are you telling me he already knew the atrocities of the king? How early you start the brainwashing process ? Is it kind of initiation ? Is teaching hate is in the curriculum starting kindergarten ? What is interesting is I read almost the same thing from prof Tes , who is s graduate of the cadre school. Well, I tell you , you are in a serious business of nation building .
            God bless your nephew and all the children who are forced to listen to this kind of backward politics instead of playing ball .
            What is next? AK47?

          • Hope

            Rahwit “Konjo”.
            I do NOT blame you as TRUTH hurts but I give a credit for some minimal honesty you have expressed as of recently.
            “kes bekes inquilal be’eghir yihedal”..sile hone negheru,I will give you more time…

          • Hayat Adem

            I just can’t help it loving you Rahwa konjo. Hayat

          • hope

            Hayat,here is your contradiction and hypocrisy:
            Your “Konjo” Rahwa is talking against WAR but you have been lecturing us about Invasion.

          • Kokhob Selam

            “ዝበዝሕ ግዜ እቲ ሽም ይመርሕ ጥዋፍ የብርህ” ዝብል ብሂል ሓቂ እዩ :: ግን ኣብ ትግርኛ እዩ ዝሰርሕ መስለኒ እምበር ኣብ እንግሊዘኛ ኣይሰርሕን እዩ ን ኣብነት ተስፋ ብርህን ዘለዎ መርገጽን hope ዘለዎ መርገጽን ይፈላለ እዩ :: ፍሽኽ ዶ ኢልክን ?

          • Hope

            We all have our rights to be what we want to be,to speak up what we feel and to express our opinions,irrespective of our names,our stand,position,ideology,etc….
            But I am used to all the name calling but I will still have my own way of thinking….and belief.
            Let your hayats, your Sems and your Tesfats and your Emmas,etc…bark as much as they want.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Sure Hope,

            sure. by the way let me announce in front of everyone and I mean it. I love all you debates. in fact I learn from you and I wish every Eritrean come with his view. Hey, we need each other. who the hell will help us and listen to us if we don’t to each other. But there is a limitation and time will continue passing and we must develop and change to higher. sometime someone like you may just ask, debate and be the the other side to learn and bring from others what the best is. Just keep going and one day sure we will be in the same front against all odds. all those you mention are great minds and I love them. I don’t like to hurt others – those you group them as yours. so please, don’t do that.

      • Abraham Hanibal


        How would “a narrowly packaged surgical, brief and temporary military help under IGAD umbrella spearheaded by Ethiopia…” look like in practice? We know the PFDJ regime has a conscripted army of more than 300000 poised on the borders. By what means is it possible to execute a surgical operation against such a huge army? Even the idea of Eritreans killing their oppressed compatriots with or without the help of outsiders is not morally, and politically acceptable. The plan should instead be to encourage these victimized citizens to rise up for their rights, and together we all could face the security instruments of the tyranny. In such a way, we could minimize the spilt blood,and secure a more controlled transition to the democratic Eritrea we all dream about.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Gual aboy Adem:

        Mahmud broke some rules: he did not call you “gual aboy” for reason I mentioned in my last poem addressed to Sal and him. I understand him. Forgive him 😉

        Also give him some credit he is calling Hope “natey nay bhitey”, so he is embracing capitalism, an embryonic movement* 🙂

        Is Mahmud’s affair with the constitution a love affair or infatuation? He has not gotten over the idea that the ideal his invested his youth (thanks Mahmuday**) has been hijacked and the problems we have today do not begin after independence. It is from these two perspectives that we need to debate him. He has left Eritrea during the honey moon, when every star was beautiful on the skies of Eritrea, when every wilted flower was a blossoming rose, when every jilted tegadalay/or person was crazy or selfish. When every smoldering sun was beautiful “braq tsehay”, when every sunset was “tsehayna meliA beriqa.” Intellectually he is cognizant that PFDJ a monster or it has morphed into one. But emotionally his friends, his mentors and his peers can do no wrong and he believes that some malice has infected them and suddenly they are the monsters we know today. So his surgical solution to remove the head and leave the body by implementing that still-born document is understandable and as I said in a different comment, at this time, it is really irrelevant if the opposition thought the process was flawed because that perception could have been fixed by implementing it and then showing the will to amend it, or “bgbri”. Mahmuday is hankering on the opposition’s position to avert the fact that his former friends and comrades did not have the will to implement it that is the point. If I was in his position, it would be irreconcilable dilemma for me too, if I believed that all the way everything was good and dandy except the “gegatat”, “nay sirah gegatat” that is.

        The opposition must do what opposition does, which is to suggest alternative to what the government has proposed and that is what it has done including the starting from the scratch. The opposition does not have to rubber stamp what the government does at least not without a debate to make its points and create awareness. If the PFDJ has implemented the document then amendments were actually done to it, we can criticize the opposition as agents of stagnation while the PFDJ showed “bgbir” that they have started somewhere and are moving forward.

        So the blame, the crimes and the guilty conviction is on PFDJ. Period. Not the process, not the opposition, not Hayat Adem for rightly proposing help from Ethiopia, whose interest lies with the long term interest of the people of Eritrea and not the transient and temporal filthy tyrant called PFDJ. We have requested help from Ethiopia during our struggle; we got it because their interest was aligned with ours. Now you are doing the same. Natural laws do not change, if you are on earth the formula F=m*a will hold true:-)

        *: Mahmuday, this I joke;-)
        ** Mahmuday,I am not joking!

        • Amde


          You are a great writer. Hope you will lend your talents to other topics. Kudos


          • Semere Andom

            bro Amde:
            Much appreciated. Thank you. But long way to go to be as goo as you, Hayat Sal and many many other sin this forum. I am serious

          • Kokhob Selam

            But you have one quality that we all don’t have. I am trying to get some training from you to use the style. I am reading your posts repeatedly but it will take me more time and please don’t stop writing.

  • Crocus

    There have been heated discussions on IA’s decision to scrap the 1997 constitution. I wanted to chime in on general principles of how legal systems work to clear up some of the confusions I noticed in comments.

    Allusions have been made to Eritrea using Ethiopian laws. There is nothing wrong about Eritrea continuing to use laws it inherited from Ethiopia. Jurisprudence is a dynamic universal system of thought. (Jurisprudence is the philosophy of the law.) What Eritrea inherited from Ethiopia were primarily the Civil Law (Fithabiher Hig) and the Penal Code (Wengelgna Meqcha). Again these are universal enough. Nations may disagree on certain provisions of the law, depending on their jurisprudential standard. For example, one nation may embrace Capital Punishment in its penal code for a person who killed another. Another nation may opt for lifetime prison. But each system agrees on penalizing wrong-dooers. Similarly, in civil matters, if a person injured another, all civil law regimes agree that the injured must be compensated (kasa) or made whole. There is not much that nations differ on with respect to their Civil and Criminal Codes. And Eritrea was wise adopting the Ethiopian Civil and Penal Codes. Why incur unnecessary expenses of drafting a new one, when it could easily modify certain parts of the Ethiopian Civil and Penal Codes to its liking?

    As a background, the Ethiopian Civil Code was drafted by a noted Swiss Jurist named René David circa 1954. His draft was reviewed by the Commission of legal scholars that was charged with drafting the laws, then presented to the Ethiopian Parliament, extensively discussed, and amended by the Parliament before it became the law of the land. The Ethiopian Civil Code is not much different than the Civil Code of France or Germany or any number of European nations. Where it
    was different is in areas that reflected the peculiarity of the land. For instance, if Muslims wanted to be adjudicated by Sharia law, the Civil Code gave Muslims and other cultural minorities an outlet to be adjudicated according to their traditions. Thus, the Ethiopian legal system allowed a Qaddi Council (attached to the Supreme Court) for Muslims who chose to be adjudicated according to the Sharia. It put the burden of the choice on the Muslims themselves. If a Muslim woman divorced, she could choose the Civil Law (Fithabiher Hig) where she could be entitled to half of the marital property. If on the other hand she opted for the Qaddi Council, she could divorce without a penny to her name from the marital property. This illustrates how legal systems decide to accommodate diverse societies. (It is what Eritreans later came to call “Indaaba”.)

    In the hierarchy of laws, constitutions sit at the top. Laws spring from constitutions, and they cannot contradict the constitution.

    I see comments rejecting the 1997 constitution on the ground that some groups were excluded from the drafting process. It would have been great if IA had the magnanimity and the foresight to involve all groups, even if he did not like them. But, his decision not to do so is not fatal at all. It does not matter who participated in the process of drawing up a constitution and who was
    excluded. What matters is what ideas or legal doctrines were excluded. Tyrants have a penchant
    for excluding doctrines related to elected governments (parliament, courts of law, etc…), representative democracy, separation of powers, the right of the individual (yes, a sticky one, like gay marriage), the rights of minorities, self-rule, freedoms of speech (including the press), assembly, worship, mobility, etc…, due process of law (like imprisoning people for years without a right to appear in court in 48 hours, as it is done in constitutional systems), whether or not capital
    punishment is permitted etc…

    So when you think of an ideal Eritrean Constitution, ask yourselves what you would like included in the final law. Also, Constitutions can be improved. It is much better to have a country with a
    defective constitution than without a constitution at all. The American Constitution was very defective when it was promulgated. Only white men could vote. Women and minorities had no
    say. The Bill of Rights, which are supplements to the constitution, explicitly established freedoms of speech (Amendment 1), the right to possess guns (Amendment 2), the right to be free from illegal
    search and seizure (Amendment 4), the right of a criminal to grand jury (Amendment 5), the right of a criminal to fair trial and representation by an attorney in a court of law (Amendment 6), etc… After the Civil War, Amendments 13, 14, and 15 abolished slavery, gave equal rights of citizenship to Blacks, and the right to vote to Black Americans. A later amendment extended the right to
    vote to women (Amendment 19). Amendment 21 repealed the prohibition against alcohol, which had been illegal under (Amendment 18).

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Crocus,

      Just two points, in fact, your main argumemntative points forced me to objectly you plainly.

      1. You wrote, “As a background, the Ethiopian Civil Code was drafted by a noted Swiss Jurist named René David circa 1954”.

      a). Isn’t this a sign of Western value imposed to Ethiopians? Weren’t Ethiopians by themselves able to write their own Civil Code? Why a foreign expert drafted the Civil Code?

      Do you have any idea about the reach culture of the Oromo people (you main refer Dr. Asmerom Legesse work please and tell me why the emperor ignored such wisdom of his own people (more than 30 million population).

      B). Is it then healthy to say what we inherited from Ethiopia is right to use it ? Remembre, we are the end-receipent here.

      A foreign, with his western values drafted it, Ethiopians debated on it (it is 1954 and Eritrea had its own government and constitution) and finally Haile Silassie imposed this civil code on Eritreans. Absolutely a foreign law which reflects non of our values has being used to rule us? Are we FREE people by the way?

      Aren’t aware that Eritreans had much richer and wise civil codes practiced in certain localities and by specific group of people? Why these people were forgotten? Why a foreign Civil Code was imposed to the people who had a written Customary laws?

      Are we then free from the Ethiopian administration for the last 24 years if we were using their legal system? Remember, building roads and buildings doesn’t make a nation FREE but a single LAW does.

      C). Isn’t the adoption of the Civil Code of rights from Ethiopia one of the biggest fatal mistake done by the then provisional government?

      2. you wrote, “It does not matter who participated in the process of drawing up a constitution and who was excluded.”

      Dear Crocus, I think you are out of your normal thinking. It is not whether one likes someone or not, here, we are talking about a nation. It is not personal company (though it is now under DIA).

      Stakeholder participation means increasing responsability. Stakeholders are not individuals, they are forces who can argue to the dead end to make something happen. For example, if PFDJ is one stakeholder and ELF is another and at that time there were many political groups, PFDJ could not have shelved the Cons as he wished to do so. The other stakeholder could have barked and forced him to implement.

      Each stakeholder has his own unique character that add value to the process. But, if only one stakeholder has full monopoly on the mechanism, what the check means? Is there any filtration process? Stakeholders are not simple able individuals. They are forces and have a power to channel their view.

      Just an example: Suppose you have a lion who was the king of the forest living among his families. One day he thought that he can stay alone and do whatever he wants to a group of bufallos. Just I have hear shared a piece of documentary film.

      This is what it happened with lion individuals from ELF and partisian academicians finally. The buffalos (the PFDJ) will definitely have the upper hand to those individuals.

      Another point: in the PFDJ system of shareholding strategy, it says, 50% + 1, is a guiding principle. In everything, whether it is in an enterprise/firm, decision making, and so on, PFDJ presence should be 50% + 1. Suppose, there are 30 people assigned to a certain task in Eritrea, according to PFDJ working principle, 50% (15 people) +1 = 16 obligates to be from its members. The 1 on excess is added so that the power is retained by the majority as they will have the same say.

      Today, the 50% slogan has dominated for the constitution process. We can have the exact statistics but PFDJ for sure has followed his system of engagement. The rest 50% – 1 doesn’t matter who they are as far as they can finish the required objective.

      PFDJ is a master in this kind of engagement and it helps him have the upper hand in manipulating the process. And this is what they call, “if you like our power, welcome, if not go to moon”.

      The rest is just academic exercise and non of your arguments can pass the two litmus paper test.


      • Amde


        The fundamental problem is not where the law or constitution originated, but whether the regime in power adheres to its own written laws. This is a universal issue – not an Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Lebanon etc issue. I do not know at what point in the development of a society a regime becomes one that respects its written laws, vs one that rules by unwritten fiat, but for sure it is when that process is as complete as possible that we can talk about a rule of law, as opposed to the different kinds of rules such as rule by divine right (monarchy), or dictatorship of the proletariat (Leninism).

        I see this discussion of the 1997 constitution from its political efficacy and tactical point of view – that is, whether using it as a political rallying point advances the cause of justice-seekers as you put it. IF a regime truly behaves according to its written laws, then something is better than nothing, especially if it can be amended. What this discussion does not answer is the tough problem of how can one compel a regime to behave by its own written laws as opposed to the whims of individuals.


        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Amde,

          To kindly object your first lines, the fundamental problem is actually the origin.

          Africa in general has lost its original value and it is where it is now. Ethiopia is not also free though it claims as uncolonized country. During the Haile Silassie era, it has lost its true value, suppressed its own people’s voice and dictated an imported Civil Code. With Ethiopians, it is ok, at least they have debated on it at parlimanetary level.

          Eritrea, as end receiver is the worst victim of imported and then exported to her land Civil-Code (transit commodity – actually black market was first used by Haile Silassie). Eritreans even didn’t get a chance to know the origin. Well, what can I say more.

          And now Amde, you are coming and telling me not to care about the origin? Thank you Amde, but I do care.

          About the regime, in Eritrea, we don’t have a regime that believes in either kind of law, written or oral. This is what we are fighting for.

          You finally wrote, “What this discussion does not answer is the tough problem of how can one
          compel a regime to behave by its own written laws as opposed to the
          whims of individuals.”. This is the motto of “Reformers”. But it is not difficult as you may think. The answer is very simple, “weed-out the regime that does not allow a room for law, point and install a government that works under the rule of law”.


          • Hope

            But how do you weed it out when you are running away?
            mere vulgar language and Mihlela or wish aint going to do the job.
            Plus,my final note to you is:
            -Respect people,no matter who they are and what their stand or opinion might be
            -Use a constructive dictionary/language
            -Respect the opinion of others
            -Challenge peoples’opinion,NOT their persona
            -Avoid being judgemental lest to be judged
            Rather,BE persuasive in the best professional and respectful way possible.Use your intelligence and Brilliance constructively.
            I am trying to do the same thing by learning from others.
            Be specifically sensitive to those Jeganu and Vets,who gave up every thing they have.
            These are people who never attempted to run away despite they were in the middle of every reason to run away—including the worst bombardment,fire,etc–
            You are attacking the innocent selfless Anabis and heroes/heroines,who have nothing to do with the EPRP/Secret Party gang and its atrocities.
            Just a brotherly note.But please refrain from insulting me with the words I have never heard of.

      • Crocus

        Dear Tes:

        I was hoping that the brief outline that I went to some length to put together would provide a foundation on the difference between civil law, penal law, and a constitution, and prevent readers from mixing apples and oranges. You seem to have mixed them all up, rather a Pavlovian reaction triggered, I believe, by the
        mere mention of a western jurist in the drafting of the Ethiopian Civil Law. I must believe that it is a reaction that comes from long habit or indoctrination.

        You might want to explore it on your own. Broadly, there are two kinds of legal systems in the world. The Continental System (also called Civil Law System) which prevails in continental Europe and half the nations around the world, and the Common Law system (also called the Anglo-American System) which is practiced in Britain and its colonies (Commonwealth) and the United States. This concerns the manner the legal systems operate. Jurisprudence, the legal science, is common to them all. Eritrean lawyers who studied in Ethiopia, and later became part of Eritrea’s legal society, were all trained in the Continental System. As far as I know, there is no indigenous jurisprudence in Ethiopia Eritrea or wherever, save minor differences in legal philosophy. So, hiring a professional jurist and legal scholar like René David to draft the first round of the Civil Law is not different from hiring Bechtel Engineering to design a massive dam or a rocket launching pad. It is wrong for you to assume in a knee jerk reaction that simply because a western jurist was involved there is something wrong with the law. The better approach is rather to object on the basis of the principles of jurisprudence rather than on the fact that a western jurist was involved.

        Civil law and penal laws are generally uniform across the world. Civil laws adjudicate matters of personal injury (tort law); wills, trusts, and inheritance; domestic relations law (marriage, dissolution of marriage, alimony, division of property, child custody, child support), etc… Penal codes punish criminals and felons. I cannot see what more a native jurist can add to a science that has been developing since Roman days, and specially the Napoleonic era (chalk that up to the influence of the French Revolution). There are also laws that deal with contracts, commerce (commercial code regulating commercial transactions, finance etc…), mining and natural resources, water, and many other fields. In any case, it is pointless to discuss a legislation or a legal system in the abstract. If you have a specific legal principle you disagree with, that could be a starter.

        Now constitutions are different. A constitution enshrines the aspirations and noble ideals of a society. It is the grand scheme that orders a country. Here too, nations around the world have been arching towards universal principles of justice, equality, human rights, etc… Most progressive constitutions have in recent times chosen to embody worthy ideals related to the environment, wildlife, cultural heritage etc… No one is reinventing the wheel. Oppressive societies do not believe in any of these principles, and they do not pretend to heed universal ideals. IA and his cohorts are a good example. They rule by dictatorship. Not even hereditary emperors who invoked Divine Right as the basis of their authority gave themselves unbridled power, even as they enshrined a monarchial system in their constitutions. They were benevolent monarchs.

        The point remains, one must be sure of what one is objecting to. Every universal legal principle must be discussed one at a time. I have no particular liking or disliking as to whether a constitution is drafted by an Eritrean or not, by a group or by an individual, so long as the process produces a sound product. There are professionals and jurists who have honed their skill from years of practice. It cannot be a mob enterprise. The UN prods nations to adopt progressive universal principles. I see no harm in that. Personally, I hesitate to jump into these discussions. Looking at every issue through the prism of hyper-politics gets no one nowhere.

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam Crocus,
          I am appreciative of you and some individuals like you who educate the rest of us in a specific field. We, occasionally, get a well educated and tempered individual appear and sow seeds of knowledge. I am positive all the seeds never go to waste. Therefore never tire, the effort is worth it. I as an individual , sometimes, not always, have benefited from it.

          • Crocus


            Thank you for your good words. Much of our problems come from not knowing enough, and for not getting on with the times. In some small way I hope we all continue to learn. I see this site more as place for dialogue than debate. With dialogue, the focus is on learning and being informed. With debate, the aim is to win and to score points, however wrong.

            The world today does not work haphazardly. There are time-tested and proven ways of doing things in any field. Only dictators run fast and loose, disparaging the world, the UN, the West and everyone else. They have nothing better of their own to show either, the spoilers they are.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Crocus,

            I wish this forum to be more for dialogue than debate. But, because dialogue requires two things (a) It requires round table (b) it requires a mindset for give and take, this format will only entertain debate and educational materials to elevate our consciousness. Like what you say at least in small way we are continuing to learn from each other.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Crocus

            Dear Amanuel:

            I am well aware of the practical problems you raised. Not everyone here has a common goal. Dialogue is suited to situations where there is a defined common goal which everyone wants to reach. Unfortunately, debates are a feast for egos. Still, as the priests used to say “kemethemthem timhirt yiqdem”. I knew of ignorant debteras who put on the priestly garb and have us believe that they are learned individuals. Much can be solved by dialogue, rationale thought, and far sight.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Crocus,

          Thank you for your very educative piece. But my argument was based on the Cons. 1997 and specifically the methodology adopted to impose on Eritreans. For Ethiopians, they assigned someone to draft it and debated on it. As far as they add a value to the final outcome, it is fine for them. But for us, it is an imposed Civil Code. We didn’t have any added value of our own but we are forced to use it.

          I wish Eritrea had adopted the International Civil Code after 1991 in order to free itself from Ethiopia but it failed.

          Else, your additional piece is very educative again. I thank you.


          • Crocus

            Dear Tes:

            Eritrea has no constitution (Hige Mengist). And that is a gaping hole. Readers have argued either to implement the 1997 constitution,or as some want, to have a new one drafted. I really cannot weigh on what is wrong with the 1997 constitution, as I do lack knowledge of what it contains, what it leaves out, and what it is people find objectionable. Also, in practical terms, no constitution can satisfy everyone. Constitutions are always works of compromise. People should have a realistic expectation of what they can live with. I wish AT can sample the readership on single issues so we get a picture of where the readership stands. For example, how would Awate readers respond to Freedom of Expression of the level granted to Charlie Hebdo under French constitution? I have no doubt some readers will go up in arms. That is what constitutions try to bridge.

            In contrast Eritrea has a Civil Code (Fithabiher Hig), and it can only benefit from it. It works well know, as it has for decades since 1954. I do not understand your concern about it. Compare it to traffic laws (more properly, traffic regulation). It works on universal principles. Sure there are differences in traffic laws, like the British drive on the left, the continental nations drive on the right. American states’ laws require motorists to purchase liability insurance (collision). Many other countries do not. Otherwise, the rules of the highway are pretty much identical. The Civil Code used in Ethiopia or Eritrea has not caused any problem, I won’t worry about it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Crocus,

            I wish I sit in front of you and listen your wisdom to feed my soul. The thing that I am raising is not worry-based or on the content. Many friends of mine studied law at Asmara University and the Civil Code that you are explaining well is one of their text-books. Awatistas like Gezae Hagos are full of wisdom about that. And you sound you are a law graduate or having deep wisdom. Me NO. Just to be frank with you.

            My argument is on the process/the mechanism, the imposition, the source and what went wrong with it. Therefore, if I opened the document and try to analyse one by one it means I am fine with it. My check point is, the source.

            I am not under’estimating the western values or I am not saying we should not learn wisdom, take knowledge or ask experts. I am here in Europe to learn European knowledge and wisdom hoping that I can one day use their wisdom for the well-being of our society.

            Dear Crocus, I am reading very rich wisdom from your lines and I am then asking myself, “why people like Crocus are neglected”. I am asking, “why leninism, marxism, maoism, etc are imported on us. I am asking this very basic question? We, as a people, have our own wisdom and if we get a chance, we are resourceful enough to use what we have. To know what we have, we need to learn, to have experience. But, we are not having this chance.
            A cry of the anguished citizens
            Dear Crocus, I am asking, why Haile-silassie imposed on us something that we don’t own it? I am asking why PFDJ excluded the stakeholders?

            Unlike what some folks did, I am not revising the document. If I am revising, I have endorsed the document. but me, NO. I am saying, this is NOT MINE. if it is yours, keep it. I am not a follower or a slave to be guided with. I am a ciitizen and I have to be part of the process. If you reject me, it is upto you and the responsibility lies on your shoulder for the consequences. You know what the Newtonian law is, for every action there is a reaction.

            Dear Crocus, after independence, people who dearly paid their life for making the independence to happen were rejected. They were chased away, betrayed and erased from history while alive. They spent 30 years of their life to fight for FREEDOM. Whether they did civil war, defeated in war etc, these people stayed with their principle. They are not ordinary people who beg for FREEDOM; They are fighters with values that they believe it is good for the society. Why the mechanism didn’t hear their say?

            These couples of questions but within the same essence are my simple arguments. Make sure though, I am not afraid to open the book that they produce. I opend in fact to see if it was fine for the people. As a freedom fighter, I am working for the people and what is good for the people is good for me. Within this principle, I opened it. What I found is, a DICTATORIAL SYSTEL, I repeat, I dictatorial system, a dictatorial syetem, imposed to my people through a constitution. I didn’t find the document to embrace all the people.

            Dear Crocus, can you read me crying, my anguish, the betrayal of my 30 years struggle?

            This is an innocent crying for thousands for thousands and thousands of conscious Eritreans.
            I, above is a cry of the betrayed conscious citizen who knew what happened to his own people
            Me, I was yound enough to hear such cries before. I was under the dictatorial system. I was blind, a slave, left to be ignorant citizen. I never knew that I was in giant prison, locked in a chamber of ignorance. I was believing that my people drafted a constitution and they ratified for me in 1997. I knew that it could have implemented had the border war was not present. I was worshiping Issaias as my god, the able man, the sole leader, the knowledgeable. I was blaming his comrades for not helping him.

            I was so happy when they were giving me 2 breads per day. Social Justice was meant for me, to get rations from rational shops. I was thankng him when he was giving me free education but was not worried about the future as my god knows everything. The Eri-TV, Serving the TRUTH has deceived me by here constant propaganda, in fact, it was not a propaganda for me. It was truth, the ultimate truth. No information and no internet, no electricity, no food, just guarding the border because our damn enemies were there to attack us.

            A cry of a recently freed citizen from the chains of PFDJ.

            Dear crocus, I hope you heard the anguish.

            And here is the citizen awake now! TO FIGHT FOR HIS F..R.E.E. D..O.M. The one who rejects anything imposed in him, to dismantle, to weed-out, the system that was imposed on me.

            Sorry Crocus, but, I want to tell you one and only one thing. I don’t have time to REVISE the Civil Code of Haile Silassie and the Constitution of PFDJ, aka Issaias. NO time, no time! Can you read me brother Crocus! I am yelling at you to join me to weed-out any dictatorial system imposed to me. If you truely believe on HUMAN FREEDOM join me. If not, just go and revise it, but, I warn you, TAKE CARE, I don’t want any traces of the dictatorial system.


            But but, I believe on my people. No foreign Intervention.


            ++ dear Crocus, I just meant to tell you the anguish of my people. To share our anguish. I believe you are a concerned citizen who has the same cry, just the two citizens. But, I am using you as a media to transfer my message to REFORMERS and not forgetting those who are openly calling for Ethiopian invasion. Shame for both.

            ++ Dear Crocus, people like you are the country looking for. The wise, knowledgeable people. I am an ordinary agrarian citizen who could get my daily food because I am not allowed to work freely in my farm land. I have no wisdom like you on laws but I know about my rights. And this cry is for my RIGHTS. Come and help me in bringing JUSTICE.

          • Crocus

            Dear Tes:

            Thank you for your heart-felt words. I read you loud, and I feel your anguish very well. It is the anguish of all kindred spirits. In many ways, what you articulated clearly is the same angst we feel as Africans in general. We are blessed with a rich, dynamic continent, energetic people, fascinating
            cultures and traditions, and many other gifts. As individuals we are second to none. But we have an Achilles Heel – a failure to aggregate our abilities, and pull together. We fail to train our eyes on the big picture, and we are often doomed from short-sightedness. We are unaware that our greatest treasure lies in our diversity.

            Tyrants exploit and amplify our weaknesses for their own benefit. We should loath dictatorships and corrupt systems. They are nothing less than plagues visited upon nations. No people have ever been known to grow under dictatorships. They stunt nations, and destroy people’s hopes, and
            aspirations. Dictatorships thrive on demagoguery. They perpetuate their life by Inflaming unsuspecting populations with insidious nationalism, propaganda, and blatant lie. Samuel Johnson was right: “Nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” And IA is a scoundrel.

            There is nothing wrong cultivating a healthy love for one’s country and people. Unfortunately, without constant vigilance, the selfish and egoistic impulse of human nature inserts itself, and nations fall prey to the evil designs of tyrants, who often abuse the public’s trust and love of country for their own benefit.

            But, there is no need to despair. It is often the darkest before first light. Sunny days can often be lurking around the corner. I keep faith that someday soon Africa, and especially our region, will hit its stride. Our enemy Is ignorance. We must always wage war against our weaknesses as individuals. Restoring the rule of law, and holding everyone big and small accountable for their actions within the bounds of the law goes a long way to building strong nations. Until the notion of Rule of Law is instilled and ingrained in every person, nations will always wallow in crisis. If there is one thing western nations do well, it is their commitment to the Rule of Law. Nations that trust on institutions than on individuals have always fared well. Submitting to the Rule of Law pays many dividends: it assures peace, stability, prosperity, public health, and joy. And it strengthens national and regional cohesion.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Thank you Crocus. I can’t say any more than saying, I shared your wisdom if you allow me to have it.


          • Crocus

            I misquoted Dr. Johnson. My apologies. His actual words were “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” not “Nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Because no context was given for the quote (which is dated to April 1775), the spirit of Dr. Johnson’s famous saying is understood in the sense of “false patriotism” and “nationalism”. Examples below.

            “Patriotism having become one of our topicks, Johnson suddenly uttered, in a strong determined tone, an apophthegm, at which many will start:
            “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” But let it be considered that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak of self-interest.”


            “Nationalism in many of Britain’s former colonies today is the first refuge of the political scoundrel and the intellectual thug.” (The Guardian Aug 29, 2014).

        • Hope

          I bet you me and my likes have learned tons from your one page analysis.
          Am sure tes did as well.
          Please give us some more basic facts /doses on this Topic of Constitution people are acting as Experts when they are NOT!
          Thank you!

          • Crocus

            Dear Hope:

            I am glad you got something out of it.

            Assuring diverse societies, like many African nations tend to be, a common ground is never easy. Constitutional principles are highly charged, and they test the mettle of every individual. Awatians who live in the West know the constant battle between the States and their citizens, and among citizens themselves. The courts are always asked to rule on the rights of the state, the society, and the individual. Legislative bodies (state houses, Congress) are always engaged in a balancing act. The presidency (the Executive body), the press, and other institutions (religious organizations, interest groups, academic institutions) all get in the act. That is what makes democracies dynamic. But it is all for the better. The rule of law prevails. Societies prosper and progress. It shows why dictatorships are a death wish to societies that have to put up with them.

      • Fetima Dechasa

        Hello Tes,

        What does Oromo culture have to do with this particular discussion? Can you Eritreans please stop using us for your sinister agendas? Also in 1950s the total Ethiopia’s population was only 18 million, not 30 million Oromo alone.


        • Crocus

          Glad you covered that point. I thought it was a gratuitous statement, not called for.

          Also, coming right after WWII, the 1950s were very different than they are now. The court system and the parliament were still being set up or they were in their infancy. There were not that many native jurists then. I remember seeing photographs of the Ethiopian Supreme Court from that era where the panel of judges were British, and the court used interpreters. The Zufan Chilot was of course staffed with Afe Niguse’s, with the emperor at the top. (He took his duty seriously. If anything, he had a deep fear of God.) We have come a long way since then.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Fetima Dechasa,

          I stay corrected with the number. I didn’t make proper reference.

          The example I brought is to show why foreign value was imported before consulting the values of the domestic people? Else, nothing goes beyond. Stay assured.

          Thank you

  • Hope

    Ewnetkin new?
    IA-stood firm for ONE and UNITED Ethiopia way better than your Tigreyan Bosses,who are dividing you into pieces so as to control you and steal your money.
    It is your TPLFJunta which is doing the dirty lists you counted…
    Plus,stay away from Eritrean business…and do your home work.

  • Hope

    Zim bel Gurregna Abi!
    Accuse your bosses at the State Department or your retired Bosses like David Shin,and Cohen et as I am just quoting what they said about the Tigreyans,which,worst ,admitted themselves their inferirority complex….

  • Abinet

    100% yagere lij
    I agree with you almost entirely except when you say Arab you have to use the adjective “stinking”. Please say with me
    ” the stinking Arabs ”
    Could you please say it LOUDER? Yea, just like that.

    • Abinet

      Mr moderator
      Stinking Arab is not racism. It is what they are . It is like SGJ call brutal Hailesilasse , I call the stinking Arabs by their name. You can defend them all you want.
      “Wusha bebelabet yichohal”
      These savage Arabs are the cause of all my misery as an
      Ethiopian . Now they are stealing kidney and body part while the person is alive.
      Savage is a very mild word to describe them . Stinking is even less offensive .