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Negarit 48: ኣርዮስ፥ ኣቡነ ኣንቶንዮስ፣ ቛንቋ ክርስቶስ

[Apologies. You tube took long to process the upload and was not playing properly and we have to delete the video and upload it again. All comments, likes, dislikes were deleted with the deleted video. Now it’s fixed]

ኣርዮስ፥ ኣቡነ ኣንቶንዮስ፣ ቛንቋ ክርስቶስኣርዮሰ መን ዩ ?

ሓጺር መብርሂ ብዛዕባ:-

1) ሊብያዊ ካህን ኣብ እምነት ስላሴ ፈሉይ ኣራኣእያ ብምሰባኹ ብ፫፪፭ ኣብ ኒቅያ (ናይ ሎሚ ተርኪ ናይ ቀደም ግዝ ኣት ሮማውያን

2) ቀሺ ዲሚጥሮስን ወዱ ይፍታሀን ውዲታቶምን

3) ነዊሕ ዝወሰደን ዝቅጽል ዘሎን ገድሊ ኣቡነ ኣንቶንዮስ

4) ቛንቛ የሱስን ሎሚ ኣበይን መንን ከምዝዛረቡሉ

5) ኣበነ ዘበሰማያት በ ቛንቛ የሱስን (ኣራማይክ)በዓረብኛን

6) ሊባኖሳዊት ደራፊት ፈይሩዝ

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  • Haile S.

    Selam Saleh,

    Great lesson again. As Hank Williams song says “one man’s angel is another man’s ghost”, Arios remained the ghost of the tewahdos for centuries. The religious controversies of that time remained alive in the tewahdo church till recently, probably till now. It occupied the luxury time of the clergy whose ‘elite’ never stopped bringing new knowledge and books for translation, but the isolation due to distance prevented them from considering other interpretations and exchange of ideas. One european traveller was amazed to attend a meeting of the higher clergy who were discussing on whether Nebuchadnezzar of babylon should be sanctified by the church or not. Imagine the destructor of the temple of Jerusalem considered for sanctity! As you well know the question is not different from the question of martyrdom that is being asked on our current political leadership.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Saleh,

    This is a good class for the xonoglossophobia Individual Eritreans. One hopes those Arabicphobic individuals could learn something from this YouTube. Like yourself, before you know the meaning of “Arios” I had the same wrong understanding for ”Arios” meaning as setan. Thank you, now I know it. Reading books is self-learning. Unfortunately, Eritreans are poor readers. They love to talk than to read.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Emma,
      It’s amazing how we grow up with totally twisted understandings that leads us to our current position. Can you believe I used Arios to insult children who annoyed me as a child!

      The xenophobs are victims of mythology that they refuse to revisit and find its truth. If we all studied our perceptions honestly and cane to learn their origin, we would be better human beings. Not a liability to our people.