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(2005 Archives) Eritrea: The Land, The People

The following, with a link to the actual data, was first published in April 28, 2005

Explore Eritrea: The Land, The People ; Linked here: See The 1997 Population Database

Dictatorships fear information and they take great measures to hide it, censor it and disfigure it.  They control the media; they arrest or banish journalists; they spy on citizens; they expel foreigners; they bug telephone lines; they read citizens’ e-mails.  In short, they create and feed on a siege mentality—imposing declared or undeclared “national security,” “anti-sedition”, and “state of emergency” proclamations without deadlines and a review process.   Having completely monopolized information, they draw and redraw the same picture: an image of a nation that, notwithstanding the assault by domestic and foreign enemies, is continuously registering impressive developments.  Those who state that this claim is at great odds with reality are either under arrest or dead and therefore effectively muzzled.  If alive, they—from the dictatorship’s standpoint–merely serve to reinforce the dictatorship’s claim that it is, indeed, under assault by foreigners and their mercenaries.  Witness the recent character assassination of the journalist Solomon Abera (not the first, nor the last) whose expose of the bankruptcy of PFDJ was used by PFDJ as further evidence that there are enemies in the midst.   And the vicious cycle of darkness goes on.

Even by the standards of dictatorships, the PFDJ has a medieval outlook towards information.  It was, for example, the last nation in Africa to allow its citizens to use the Internet and the cell phone. (The cell phones are now being used by the conscript-age youth of Eritrea as a CB radio to alert one another which neighborhoods to avoid because the gffa MPs are there.  This has resulted in a government “counter espionage” of jamming the phones.) Eritrea is the only nation in the world that has no private press, period.  It jams opposition radio broadcasts.  It stations spies at Internet cafes who helpfully suggest which “Fifth Columnist” websites to avoid.

From the mundane to the sublime, all its processes are cloaked in secrecy. To the extent that information is shared, it is only to advertise the alleged “success” of a government program built by the slave labor of the youth.   Its purpose is not to inform but to sell: sell buildings, sell bonds, sell tourism, sell an image.   Even the so-called “Discover Eritrea” farce that is serialized in government and pro-government websites is nothing but a travelogue that tells us little of Eritrea’s land and people and much about the government’s “achievements.”  When the PFDJ does allow ordinary citizens to help their compatriots “discover” Eritrea, it is in the production of coffee-table books:  Art Deco buildings of Eritrea and pre-historic artifacts of Metera and Adulis.

Eritrea’s One-Paragraph History

Due to the government’s obsession with control and information monopoly, Eritrea’s history has become a series of “Cliff Notes”—one paragraph summaries of important events.  Here are some examples:

  • We are told that the Eritrean Referendum preparatory committee that was headed by Dr. Amare spent two years (91-93) to prepare the referendum.  Twelve years after the fact, this referendum process is still cited by the PFDJ as an example of its meticulousness and inclusiveness.  But, twelve years later, has any Eritrean seen the published report of this committee?
  • We are told that the Constitutional Commission of Eritrea spent three years (94-96) drafting the constitution, that it met with millions of Eritreans and that the constitution was ratified by a 527-member constituent assembly in May 1997.  Has any Eritrean read the published report of the CCE: the public comments, the drafting process, or even the discussions of the constituent assembly?
  • We are told that prior to the initiation of the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict of 1998, the relationship had begun to deteriorate and that there were committees established on both sides to solve the problem.  We are told that there was disagreement on the use of the Port of Asab and committees were appointed to deal with it.   We are told that the conflict started when 4 EDF members (including an officer) who were en route to Badme to raise complaints of Eritrean citizens were shot dead by Ethiopians.  Is there any published report that tells us of the border committee that was set up? Is there a published document on the workings of the Port of Assab Committee? Is there a published document on the names of the 4 EDF members that were killed? In fact, was anything published except the letter-exchanges between Isaias Afwerki and Meles Zenawi?
  • Similarly, we are told that Eritrea’s population is 3.5 million.   Is it? Is there any published report that tells us how this total was reached?  Does the average Eritrean citizen who is invited by the PFDJ to “discover Eritrea” know further detail on his compatriots—beyond the oft-repeated claim that there are 3.5 million of them and there are nine nationalities?    When nations have border wars and an arbitrator issues a ruling, it is customary for people to lose their identity and for lands to exchange nationality.  In the case of the EEBC, we have heard emotional arguments from Ethiopians on behalf of their compatriots who are being asked to be displaced and for the lands to be given to Eritrea. Regardless of one’s opinion regarding the “final and binding” verdict of the EEBC, why isn’t there a corresponding expression of sympathy from Eritreans on behalf of their compatriots who are losing their land and being displaced?  Why is the advocacy for land not matched in advocacy for people?

The answer, we believe, is that Eritreans are not stakeholders in the affairs of their nation.  For most people, including those who pretend to know the “people’s agenda” and the “final and binding” nature of the verdict, Eritrea is just an abstract concept: a land.  They have been bamboozled by the PFDJ, whose low opinion of the people is expressed daily and whose head told Eritrean students in South Africa that he will just relocate Eritreans who have lost their land.   Many of our well-wishing compatriots do not know how many Eritreans there are, where they live, how they live, and what their priorities are.

It is no wonder that those who are the closest to the people, those who know the land and the people intimately, those who know how many Eritreans will be displaced, how much land will be lost in the “final and binding” verdict are proposing solutions that take into account the needs of Eritrea the Land and Eritrea the Citizen.   This is what is meant by “Dialogue”: to consider the needs of the citizen and incorporate a solution within the confines of the delimitation decision.   This is the task of mature politics and we would be remiss not to mention the Eritrean People’s Movement (EPM) the first political party in Eritrea that first expressed this view, which has now been adapted, to a large extent, by the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA), the opposition umbrella group.

You, our reader, may not reach the same conclusion we have.  But you are entitled to more information than you have been given and it is in this spirit that this population detail is being shared. The information was compiled in 1997 by Eritrea’s Ministry of Local government back when Mahmoud Sheriffo was laying the groundwork for what he and the G-15 believed would happen next: a ratified constitution and multi-party elections that would give Eritrea what its martyrs gave their lives for: a land and a people governed by people they chose.  This structure was the foundation for the Electoral Laws as well as Draft Laws on Parties and Political Organizations.

Now, this structure, which replaced the former provincial system, has been changed yet again: this time with “command zones” and “military desks” superimposed over the “Zoba” and the “sub-zobas.”  The draft electoral and party formation laws have been frozen and, with them, the elections that were supposed to return power to the people.

The information that we are publishing here contradicts virtually every census report that has been published by authoritative sources: GOs and NGOs.  We believe it will provide you with new insights on the percentage of Eritreans who have been enlisted; the scope of Eritrea’s militarization given its population size; the staggering percentage of Eritreans living in hand-outs; the percentage that have been displaced and the proportion of the Diaspora community.   This free flow of information will also provide vital data for academicians and activists who are invited to analyze the information and share with all Eritreans their findings.   This is a meaningful and factual way to “Discover Eritrea.”

Nomenclature & Identity

Because our purpose was to present you a faithful (but more readable) reproduction of the original report, occasionally we have retained the nomenclature used by the PFDJ.  This does not mean we agree with the decision to rename, for example, Denakalia  “Debubawi Keyih Bahri.”  Far from it, we believe this violates the traditions and identity of Eritreans.  This is offensive to all Eritreans—“Debub,” for example, is no longer an adjective but a proper noun.  To non-Tigrigna speakers, there is the added violation of not only changing their identity by re-naming their land of origin, but “Tigrinasizing” it as well.   If unity-in-diversity is more than a slogan, we need to be sensitive to these issues instead of dismissing all claims as “divisive” and “diversionary.”   Those who bemoan the loss of the traditional provincial system now have sufficient data to update their maps using the data provided here.


We dedicate this report to two groups of people: (1) the G-15, particularly Mahmoud Sherifo, who, despite the overwhelming culture of secrecy and control of the PFDJ enabled us to get a glimpse into a portrait of Eritrea and (2) the thousands of Eritreans who reside in the border villages of Eritrea who are about to be displaced from their ancestral homes without a word of protest or sympathy from their compatriots.

Explore Eritrea: The Land, The People ;  See The 1997 Population Database Here

FAQ: The 1997 Population Database
By Awate Team
Apr 24, 2005, 18:02 PST

How did you get this information?

Eritrean patriots who believe that the Eritrean people should have the information provided it to us. Given the prevailing situation in Eritrea, we cannot say anything further about the subject.

Are you sure about the authenticity of the data?

We are very confident that the information is not a forgery. The level of detail and the volume is such that it practically rules out any probability of it being a forgery.

Are you sure about the completeness of the data?

Yes, we are. There are insignificantly few fields that are incomplete but the overall data is comprehensive and accurate.

What is included in the population database and what are you publishing?

The population database includes information broken down by “zoba”, administrative offices, and clusters of villages, hamlets and city neighborhoods. The entire database is being published. For context, we are also including Eritrea’s 1952 population as well an estimate of the 1997 Diaspora population. We are also including a statistical graph summary for ease of reading.

Why are you publishing this population database? Do you have a political objective? What do you hope to accomplish?

This information belongs to the Eritrean people and it should be shared with them. We are certain that the PFDJ regime and its supporters will find some reason to justify why this information should be a “secret” but we see no reason why it should not be published. Eritrea is one of the few nations in the world, if not the only one, that has no published information on the census of its population.

Using this data as a baseline, we expect Eritrean academicians and professionals, particularly historians and social scientists, to conduct further studies and share them with their compatriots. A fact-based study is a good substitute for the wild speculation that goes on now on matters pertaining to political issues like demographic changes and land settlements. It also places in context the percentage of Eritreans now living on handouts, the percentage that have been dislocated and the relative size of the Diaspora community. One more reason: the specific mention of villages and hamlets will inform those who don’t know, or don’t wish to know, the size of the land that we have lost as a result of the EEBC ruling and the number of Eritrean people that will be displaced from their ancestral homes as a result. The people are entitled to know that.

Is this a political position?

Yes. But so is the position that says we should not disclose any information and that we should be content to stay ignorant twelve years after Eritrea’s independence. Informed people are inspired and emboldened; those who live in ignorance are frightened and confused.

When will this database be published?

This week.

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  • Hope

    Hi All:
    Is it true that Mrs.Sofia Tesfamariam is now officially the Permanent Rep of Eritrea to the UN?

    • Blink

      Dear Hope
      Yes it is true she will be the Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN . The fact is, she has been consistent with her political views about Eritrea current government. She has fought against the sanction. The reasons for the sanction was based on horrible lies as well pushed by some known Eritrean article writers , she fought against the Gold for food and she has been a serious topic creator against the know writers in this website as well as other websites. She used to call some many names .I don’t know if she can speak Eritrean languages but I believe she doesn’t need too as her work will be with different people across the UN table . The previous Ambassador was a nice guy except he service to Issias . He was a humble guy and I have never heard her talk except her articles .

      Do you think some will lose their teeth without being elected in any Eritreans service ?

  • Brhan

    Thanks awate,

    I am looking forward to the report.

    During the Derg, I believe , in 1983 or 84 a census took place. I don’t know if the census was published do the awate team if they know about it and if they do, have they tried to ask about it so that they can include it in one way or another way in the upcoming report.

    Thanks again

  • Hope

    Good points!
    The issue now is NOT about the PFDJ Regime has done or has not done but why we have been so indifferent and action less to the extent of Eritrea and Eritreans have gone through this HELL under our close watch under the same PFDJ!

    Breaking News:
    The Eritrean Potash Deposit set to cover the entire world’s need of fertilizer for the next 30 yrs and more with a mining lifetime of 200 – 300 yrs,if to include the other potash deposits of Denkalia.

    The Chinese Oil & Gas Exploration Companies are on ground tonjumpnstartvthevexploration in N Massawa, where the Energy Intelligence reporter that there is MASSIVE GAS and OIL Deposit more than that of Saudi Qatari deposits combined(exaggerates I guess), but that is based on the Seismic and Geological studies considering the Geological and Geographic Belt /location of N Red Sea part of Eritrea.

    Time will tell!

    Another unbelievable thing is that 70% of Eritrea’s land is covered with precious metals (Gold,Silver,Copper,Marble and other rare but precious metals of utmost economic significance )!
    Think about our Pristine Red Sea with one of the best World Class Tourism destinations besides its best fishing and salt industries!

    Talk about the cheap but the most lucrative Clean Energy Resource (Solar-the largest Plant in Africa,Windmill ,Geothermal and not to mention the future Red Sea Dam of Eritrea ,which can cover the entire energy needs of Africa’s and the Middle East!
    This is not a hallucination or delusion but a fact about Eritrea’s endless Natural Resources.

    But it has become a curse so far but we hope things will work in our favor provided we own our destiny .
    Blame IA?

    Why could not we have organized and why can’t we organize a Well organized Eritrea Watch Dog to monitor all these and effectively challenge this one-man destructive system?

    Blame Hope et al I guess!

    • Amanuel

      Hi Hope,
      Please don’t blame a whole generation. Nor the supporters of IA or the opposition are the problem. The main problem and should be labeled as COWARDS are fence sitters like Hope, flip flopping from one side to the other.

    • Mez

      Hi Hope,
      1) the potash mining could even further cement the peace process by the two countries as it fundamentally lies around the border of Eritrea/Ethiopia.
      2) gold is one of the main export commodity for the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. The Bisha gold mining seems to be a secondary gold deposit. With a systematic geosciences survey, we may find the primary deposit, (like it happened with the Shakisso gold mining in Ethiopia.
      3) the prospect for oil or gas discovery is also possible, knowing that even on Himalayan mountains, a drilling of over 9000 meters for production wells is under way.
      4) this should however not erase the need for socioeconomic reform in Eritrea. Otherwise, we may quickly find ourself in a situation of “resource curse”.


      • Haile S.

        Selam Mez,

        As you said, there are several ways of further cementing the peace process that is not necessarily contentious. For example, the tree planting was a missed opportunity. It could have been implemented in Eritrea at the same time cooperatively. Imagine what the impact could have been!

  • Amanuel

    Hi All
    Law360, London (June 27, 2019, 3:51 PM BST) — “Qatar National Bank can recover $250 million from Eritrea over an unpaid loan after a London judge ruled Thursday that a widely anticipated appellate ruling on how to properly serve countries wouldn’t apply to the case”

    Well, IA supporters label Qatar a terrorist country, so what doest this make IA, a terrorist parasite?

    • Hope

      Selam Aman:
      No worries as the GCC will pay it off!
      Plus,if it is a real loan,a quarterly income from the Potash Mining can pay it off .

      Eritrea DESERVES more than $250 billion payment from the Western Terrorist Opportunists and Neo -Colonialists, who are now passing FAKE and BIASED judgements against Eritrea !

      • Brhan

        Hi Hope ,
        You are right the GCC and particularly UAE AND SA will pay it off.

        But where is our Eritrean values?


        • Hope

          Selam Ustaz Birhan:
          With all due respect Ustaz Birhan ,even-though I sincerely do NOT believe that U were party to this kind of opposition, where was the Eritrean Values when the same opposition has been a party to :
          -The Evil Sana’a Axis
          -The TPLF Invasion
          -The Economic, military and economic sabotages and Sanctions
          -The sabotage of Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Deal!
          With respect!

          • Brhan

            Merhaba Hope,

            Values can’t be compromised.

            nota bela: I am not a professor.

      • Amanuel

        Hi Hope,
        Is that all you can say? Under which agreement for what purpose and out come was this fund borrowed?

        • Hope

          Selam Aman:
          I thought u know better than the street guys!
          -Qatar is doing this as a RETALIATORY MEASURE at the wrong time and during wrong situation but the “ right time for Qatar to do so against Eritrea!

          -The $250 million is the minimum Eritrea can take a loan

          -Qatar prob donated or gave more than $1 billion to Ethiopia and of so,what is the fuss about the $250 million?

          -Eritrea spent about or close to $1.52 billion during the 1998-2001 war only
          -An estimate of more than $2 billion was spent for the infrastructure within 5-10 years

          -Eritrea wasted an estimated income of more than $5 billion during the period of sanction.
          Just make a simple math about the cost of :
          The SEVEN Dams:about $200-300 million
          The Seven Colleges: about $100 million
          The EDF budget : more than 35% of the GDP(more than 300 million per annum minimum)
          The entire Free Education and Free Healthcare irrespective of their qualities :
          More than $200 million
          The Energy budget($350 million per annum)
          The budget for the infrastructure(The Roads,Transportation,etc): more than $200 million per annum
          And all these are during a tight ten yrs old sanctions and strangulated economy and sabotages of all kinds!
          The Genius Aman et al prob should have done better if they were in the PFDJ’s situation!
          My guess is that by now,Eritrea,under the Leadership of the Amanuels,would have been part of northern Tigray Republic!
          Yes Eritrea and Eritreans have gone they HELL !
          You know why but don’t tell me it was only due to the PFDJ .

          I told you the destructive and the deadly roles of the TPLF ,its masters and mercenaries!

          This is not a fiction but well documented facts!

          Oops now I am a flip-flopper!

          Did u say”Under what agreement “?

          U mean Eritrea had to bring in the USA and its mercenary UN as witnesses when making the loan agreement during the period when Eritrea was in a “between life and death “ situation?

          During the time when no spare parts for our Air-force was allowed and our Airline business was grounded by the CIA and the EU and even our agricultural heavy machinery was blocked since they could be used as a Military hardware???

          If Amanuel et al believe so, they are none but more than TPLF Agents and Eritrean SWORN Enemies !

          But since Hope el at thought differently,Hope should be a flip flopper and a PFDJ Apologist!


          Nededatkum mai wiredulen Aman et al!

          • Amanuel

            Hi Hope,
            Do you have any evidence to back up all the above claims? We are in the era of information and you can’t BS your way out of problems.

    • Brhan

      Hello Amanuel,

      IA supporters lable Qatar as a terrorist because they want to achieve one thing and nothing else and that is ‘distraction”

      To them an Eritrean opponent to the regime with a Muslim name is a Wahabi and with christian name is a Woyane.

      It is psychological war to silence opponents to the regime and it has become very cheap in the market.

      • Hope

        Ahlen Ya Ustaz Birhan:
        Qatar has been designated as a Terrorist nation, not just a Sponsor of Terrorism by none but by its own masters and close friends….the USA and the EU, Cairo and Saudi Arabia,not by Eritrea or the PFDJ and its Apologists!!

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Ahlan Awate,

    These statistics prove the reason behind hiding them. The statistics illustrate that they intend to inscribe their own whims in the minds of the Eritrean people. It appears they have forgotten that they might deceive the people of Eritrea for some time, but they will never delude them forever. Facts will remain glaring and definitely will survive all tests.


    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Hameed,
      Indeed, statistics are the most abused in dictatorial systems. And population census are over abused because that is how they manipulate representation and reflecting the truth, whatever it is. And the PFDJ is the most manipulative organization in our history. That is why the population seems to grow beyond reason–now they say we are six-million! How is it possible that we have doubled in 20 years? One thing they use inflated population numbers is to deceive on GDP and claim more aid. When they want to reflect Per Capita, they deflate the population. That is in addition to other goals.

      • Alex

        Hi Saleh,
        Who told you Eritrean pop is 6 million? is that CIA fact book. Could you clarify were you get the info. Is it from the gov or were. I read few month ago in shabait article that the current Eritrean pop estimate is about 4 million.

        • Saleh Johar

          If you google it enough, the population is reported between 3 and 6. Check it up.

          • Natom Habom

            selam saleh johar
            common google? if true where did they get it ?
            dont tell me they hacked the ministry of interior😅😅

          • Saleh Johar

            Natom Dear,
            When some information is readily, and publicly available. Do your own research. What we shared (from 2005) is the only privately acquired document. The rest is available everywhere. So, why would you not research it yourself? If you are too busy, hire an assistant 🙂 .

          • Natom Habom

            selam saleh ,
            I tought google have some issue even in the united state for it bias toward the democrate

          • Hope

            Selam Alex and Natom:
            It is easier and faster for you to google search under “Eritrean population”, and it will pop up for u in nano seconds like it did for me.
            In 2008-2011: 3.9 million or so
            2019:5.3 million.
            How did google find out?
            Ask google!

            Blame the google search engine if u have to blame any.
            Does it matter !
            Not at all to me!

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Natom Habom,

            Awate provides her readers since her launch with genuine information. Awate is the source of information about Eritrea for Eritreans and foreigners.

            Those who seek for the truth could ask the following question why does the ministry of interior hide the statistics?


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Hamid,
            I am amazed by people who could not direct the questions to the regime instead of other sources. I wish Natom could have directed his question to the regime. The PFDJ has all the Truth Tellers” Haddas something-something, ERItv, Eri radio, Eri qolqwal, etc.

          • Natom Habom

            selam hameed
            yeah yeah for sure ,we enjoyed your non biased media ,really and yet you didnt see all evens that changed thepolitical landscape in our region ,nice .
            keep up ,very smart peoples.

          • Alex

            Hi Saleh,
            Thanks. I thought the 6 million was coming from the Gov since it does not compare with what I read of 4 million which is a big difference between the two.

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Saleh,

        I think doubling Eritrea’s population in 20 years would not have been far fetched if there was peace and people are allowed to live free in their own country. Many countries in our region, their population has grown exponentially since the end of colonialism. Kenya and Tanzania for example, their population quadrupled in the past 50 years, from around 10 million in 1970 to almost 50 million now. Both countries have enjoyed relative peace in the region.


        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Berhe,
          It might not be farfetched, but we have to see other countries with socio-economic similarity to Eritrea, then see the growth pattern, and make a judgement. But one of two similar countries cannot have, say, 4% yearly growth while the other has 15%, for example. Also, population numbers are always cooked by many countries to reflect higher or lower numbers for different purposes. If a country is asking for aid (50% of our population needs food aid, or medicine) then it would report a high number. If it wants to inflate GDP growth, to secure loans, it would also reflect a number that will serve the purpose. If it is wants to reflect a higher per capita income, to be considered a growing economy, it will reflect a different number to serve that. In short, population numbers are politicized and abused that I am very skeptical about it.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saleh,

            I think Tanzania and Kenya are similar countries and based on the numbers, it looks like the growth is very similar.

            I don’t know there is a county like Eritrea that went through so much hardship for such long time that we can compare with in Africa.

            Eritrea numbers reflect (for example 97 census) county that is going under population, which is unheard off in Africa, at least at this time.

            And I think the 60 years of uninterrupted war, exodus has something to do with it.


  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ሰብ ዓወተ፡

    ሕልሚ ሓሊመ
    እዛ ትርእዩዋ ሕብራዊት ሓዳስ ኤርትራ ኣሪጋ
    ሞኾስ መሲለን ዳንጋ
    ኣይርኣይን ዝለበሰቶ ስጋ
    ጥርሓ ተሪፋ ኣህዲማቶ ዜጋ
    ኣብ ኩሉ ተዘጊሑ ስኢኑ ዋጋ
    ኮይኑ ግዳይ ኩሉ ዓይነት ሓደጋ
    ዝተረፉ ደቃ ኣርኪቦማ ዳርጋ
    ቆርበት ዝለበሰ ይነኽሱ ምንጋጋ
    ዓሕ! እዚ ኹሉ ናይ መን ጌጋ?

    ናይቲ ቐዳማይ ክእምተልኩም
    ናይቲ ካልኣይ ክጽበ ካባታትኩም

    ሕንቅል ሕንቅሊተይ
    ብዝተኻእለ ብግጥሚ መልሱለይ

    ዝዛረብ ነቢሑ
    ዝገዝእ ኣፍሪሑ
    ዝኸይድ ጥርሑ
    ዘይፈልጥ ረቢሑ
    ዘይክእሎ ኣስሪሑ
    ዘይሓስብ ኣናዊሑ
    ዘይመራመር ጠቢሑ
    ብኣነ እፈልጥ ተነፊሑ
    ቂምታ ጸርፊ ሽርሒት ስርሑ
    ዝኸይድ ብኩነታት ተመሪሑ
    ዝነብር ምስ ዝፈርህዎ ተፋቲሑ
    ምእሳር እምበር ዘይክእሎ ፈቲሑ
    ኣምለኽቱ ዝብልዎ ምጽኣት ናቱ በጺሑ

    • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

      ሰላማት ጀበናውያን
      በዛ ሕልምኻ ሓሊፈ ኔረ መስለኒ
      ንስካላ ወጺአ ከይጠባብሑኒ
      ንሱ ዝለኣኾም ዲያብሎስ ዓዲ ሃሎ
      ‘ታይ’ሞ ክትብሎ
      ክንደይ ዕጽው ፋይላት ኣሎ


      ሃገር ዘባደመ
      ክንደይ ዜጋታት ዝሰመመ
      ኣብ ሸዊት ዕድሚኦም ዝትኾልፉ
      መሰሎም ዝተገፉ
      ብሓደገኛ ሕማማት ብስትሪንጋ ዝተለኽፉ
      ‘ቶም ዝሓሹ ካብ ስልጣኖም ዝተገለፉ
      ገለን ከኣ ምስጢር ከይትውጽእ ዝብል ሽፋን
      ክብርቲ ሂወት ብጾቶም ዘሕለፉ
      ናይ ክንደይ ገጽ ሚንስተርራት ጀነራልት ዘላሃመ
      ዘርእታት ኲናት ዘቃመመ

      ሃገር ብሃገራ ግዝኣት ናቱ
      ገዛውቲ የፍርስ
      ናውቲ የብርስ
      ደቂ፡ባት የፍልስ
      ንሱ ትዓቢ ጋኔን
      ለይትን ቀትርን ይሓስብ ክሓልፎ ንሰይጣን
      ኣየ ህርፋን ናይ ስልጣን
      ለካ ከምዚ ዩ ዝገብር
      ብዓመጽ ምበር ከይስዕር ዶደኣ ተማጒቱ
      ሰብ ከየተንፍስ ከይምዕብል ዓጊቱ

      [ኤእ! በይን ክእለቱ ኬምስት ዘይኮነ
      ታይ ኰንካታ
      ንቐጽል ደኣ]

      ንሱ ‘ቲ ጨጋዕ ካልእ ደኣ መን ኣሎ
      ርእሰ ኣጋንንቲ ኢሳያስ ሓላዊ ዲጋ ዓዲ ሃሎ
      ከመይ ሕማም ርእሲ መጽያ ትከንብሎ

      • Haile S.

        ሰላም መሃንዲሰይ፡

        ረኺብካዮ! እወ ንሱ
        ዝኸይድ ሸበጥ ለቢሱ
        ነብሱ ዝኾነት ትኽ ትንፋሱ

        ዘካይድ ዲፕሎማሱ
        ሃገር ኣደንዚዙ ኣደቂሱ
        ፓርሊያሜንቱ ሳልሳይ ርእሱ
        ሃገር፡ ሰብ ከምዘይብላ ክልቲኦም ምስ ነብሱ
        በቲ ሓደ ሓቁ፡ ሰብ ሃዲሙ ሞይቱ ተኣሲሩ፡ በሪሱ
        በቲ ሓደ ሃገር፡ ትፍልፍል ጀግና፡ ግና ተዓቢሱ

        እወ፡ እዚ ዘይሃንጽ ኣፍሪሱ
        ዓመት ዓመት ወጢን ጌርና ይብል ኣሐዲሱ
        ዓመት ዓመት ወጢን ተቕይሩ ይቐርብ ሓመድ ልሒሱ

        ሓንቲ ዝሃነጻ ministro de cultura
        ዝከናኸና እንኮ ዘይተንከፋ ዘየዕበራ
        Movie ትያትር ክትሰርሕ ኦፔራ
        ንሱ ዝጠቀመላ ን’ጥበራ ንሽጣራ
        ዝኾነ ኾይኑ ኣይጽላእን መስሓቕ ጸረ-ኩራ
        ዋላ እቲ ትያትር እንተበዝሖ ፈኸራ ወዲ ፈኸራ
        ምንም ስለ ዘይብሉ ህዝቢ የነብር’ሎ ብጃህራ
        ነዞም ዝወጻና እኳ ኣርኪቡልና፡ ንርኢ ጉራምራ ምስ ዓሸራ
        … ኳሌታ
        … እፎይታ
        ዝኣመሳሰሉ ትያትሮታት