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Major General Ahmed Kakay Died A Prisoner

After wrestling with illness for a long time, on Saturday February 15, 2015, Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay finally succumbed to his illness and died in a Khartoum hospital. He was in his mid-sixties.

General Ahmed was under house arrest since the January 21, 2013 rebellion known as the Forto Mutiny. He had played a role in negotiating with the leaders of the mutiny most of whom were soon imprisoned; Colonel Saeed Ali Hijay, the leader of the mutiny was killed in cold blood after he surrendered. Many of the officers and soldiers who were under his command were soon made to disappear. Still others, including Major General Ahmed Kakay, were put under house arrest.

Scores of senior leaders of the PFDj were also arrested, allegedly, for being instigators of the mutiny. Among them were Abdella Jabir and Mustafa Nurhussen, both members of the central committee of the PFDJ. Abdella was the organizational affairs director of the ruling party, and Mustafa was governor of the “Southern Zone.”

Once under house arrest, the government disconnected General Ahmed’s telephone line and confiscated his cell phone. For two years he lived in seclusion disconnected from the outside world to the extent that he couldn’t attend his relatives’ weddings or funerals.

Several months ago after his health deteriorated and he was near death, the government reluctantly allowed him to travel to Sudan for medical attention. Though a senior military officer, he left Eritrea as a common person on a common passport.

His relatives had accompanied him to Sudan since he was immobilized and couldn’t walk on his own. The government didn’t offer to cover his medical expenses and it was paid for by funds raised from his relatives and friends, mainly those residing in Saudi Arabia.

He suffered from liver disease and chronic malaria.

According to sources from within the regime, “to save face, after his death, the government transported his body to Asmara where it announced a funeral is planned for Wednesday.

A longtime colleague of General Ahmed told Gedab News that “he was a dedicated military man who had little interest in politics and avoided conflicts, always preferring to remain neutral, above the intra-party squabbles.

Ahmed Kakay was born in Afta, a village in the environs of Zula. A veteran of the armed struggle, he joined the Eritrean Liberation Front in the mid 1960s at a very young age. A few years later he was among the founders of Popular Liberation Front under the leadership of the late Osman Saleh Sabbe. In 1977, when the PLF split, he moved on with the EPLF under the leadership of Ramadan Mohammed Nur.

Major General Ahmed was a member of the non-functioning central committee of the ruling party whose many members are either dead, exiled, imprisoned, or made to disappear.

The general’s colleague added, “while PFDJ was celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the battle of Massawa for propaganda, Petros Solomon [the commanders of the battle of Massawa] was suffering in jail with his wife, and General Ahmed Kakay was breathing his last breath in Khartoum. The cause for our struggle is betrayed.

General Ahmed Kakay is survived by one daughter.

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  • Semere Andom

    “The Kunams and the Tigres are the most brutally treated by PFDJ, ours is ranked about the 6th”, Freselam Mussue’s interview with radio Wogahta. Another gripping expose of the PFDJ. Nothing new, we have heard it before from the genesis of PFDJ to Dejen and others. Eritrea a country where criminal roam freely, where innocent languish in prison under the brutal treatment of those who self-crowned themselves as liberators. Today,while we congratulate the people of Tigray, we send our condolences to the Eritrean people.

  • selam

    surprised eyes are ssaying the following.

    The justice system in Awate.com should be and must be as the justice system we wish to have in Eritrea after victory of the Eritrean people. which is the offender should get what the law says and punished by the law of the land not the government.

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that i created if and only if i did .
    Now i want to say to the moderator , why do not you tell to tesfe to stop , when he was insulting me and my mother and i begged him to have respect and not calling me names .
    Why is that ? what did i say any way

  • selam

    I do have relatives who were gunned down by HGDEF , i do think they were brave even though they do not get the respect for what they stand for. I do have families who are tossed to prison for almost 1 4 years now , and i do not have any clue what they have been through and where about. But they where great great fighters who were all over the eritrean news (mahder Geganuna do you remember that program) and they never ever changed their stand for justice and democratic eritrea and that stand and dream keeps me walking .

  • Yoty Topy

    The question is why did they not executed him?

    • Kokhob Selam

      who will execute whom?

      • Yoty Topy

        It looks like death by a thousand cuts.. Issayas’ men executed all the men who were associated with this coup and judging how he struggled in the end they did not care much for him.

  • Ambassador

    Anyone else here wondering if military rank has anything to do with death rates in Eritrea? The death rate among Eritrean generals is so high that I won’t be surprised if they read them their eulogies during frocking. “So and so will be a XX- General as of tomorrow; may he rest in peace”.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    To All

    26+1 government officials within two years span

    Year 2013:

    1.Jan. 3, 2013 – Veteran fighter Hussein Omar Shahriya – Asmara,
    2. Feb. 2, 2013 – Col. Abdurahman Mahmoud Jasser – Asmara,
    3. May 8, 2013 – Veteran fighter Mohammed Idris Tilul – Asmara,
    4. Jun. 1, 2013 – Veteran fighter, Col. Sium Habtemariam – Asmara,
    5. Jun. 8, 2013 – Veteran Fighter Mohammed Omar Suba – Asmara,
    6. July 15, 2013 – Veteran fighter Col. Mohammed-Seid Saleh – Asmara,
    7. Aug. 04, 2013 – Veteran fighter Mr. Woldemichael Gebremariam – Asmara,
    8. Oct. 22, 2013 – Veteran Fighter Col. Ahmed Osman Mohammed – Asmara,
    9. Dec. 11, 2013 – Veteran fighter Mihretab Tesfagiorgis – Asmara,

    Total: 9

    Year 2014

    10. Jan. 17, 2014 – Veteran fighter Col. Amanizgi Garza – Asmara,
    11. Feb. 07, 2014 – Col. Ibrahim Ahmed Ali, a veteran Fighter – Massawa
    12. Feb. 24 2014 – Veteran fighter Col. Zerai Mengistu – Asmara,
    13. Mar. 06, 2014 – The Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Armed Forces, Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu)- Asmara,
    14. Mar. 21, 2014- Veteran EPLF fighters Brg. General Mebrahtu Tekleab (Vaynak), – Asmara,
    15. Mar. 20, 2014 – Brg. General Amanuel Haile (Hanjema) – Car accident near Afabet but reported as – Asmara
    16. Mar. 20, 2014 – Mr. Desu Tesfatsion . Car accident near Afabet but reported as – Asmara
    17. May 17, 2014- Veteran Fighter Yemane Tewolde (Wedi Mama) – Asmara
    18. May 28, 2014 – Veteran fighter Amanuel Gebresilasie – Asmara
    19. Jun. 21, 2014 – Veteran fighter Col. Kidane Mietelka – Asmara
    20. June 29, 2014- Mr. Negash Bereketeab – Asmara
    21. Jul. 01, 2014 – The veteran fighter Col. Tinsaew Haile – Keren,
    22. Jul. 04, 2014 – Veteran Fighter Col. Bereket Tesfatsion (Welo) – Asmara
    23. Jul. 07, 2014 – Veteran fighter Girmai Tesfatsion( Brien) – Asmara
    24. Nov. 18, 2014 – The veteran patriot Tsegai Kahsai – Asmara

    TOTAL: 15

    Year 2015

    25. Jan. 07, 2014(2015) –Lt. Colonel Gerezgiher Asmalash – Asmara
    26. Jan. 15, 2015 – Veteran fighter Brig. General Gebrehiwet Zemichael (Wedi-Liqe) – Asmara
    27. Feb. 14, 2015 – Major Genereal Ahmed Kakay – Khartum

    TOTAL: 3

    Let’s contemplate on this

  • L.T

    I know you hate Shabia (unconsciously you said Shabai’s people)and I know you are fm Tigria and is Weyane and you are here to do a job to save Weyane that are in the in the wrong palce right now and you know what I mean mate?If it is hard to understand our mind in your approach,I can give you just a brief explanation
    1,You hated the Amhara (which Memhir Gebrekidan Desta in its two books have shown your feelings)and wants war against Amhara using Eritreans and takes Power away fm Amhara and we have done.
    2,You hate Eritreans(you said Always Eritreans is like Italiano like to eat Pasta:-)(Dr Tekeste Negash have written about this in the Swedish newspapeer “Aftonbladet”(2009)and you say that Eritreans see you down and so on an on and that way you opened a open war with help of Amhara and now when you lose both and Everything sou come here as Eritreasn and want to fool people,Do you Think that it work?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      It works well L.T. You got an A+ my man. Bravo!!!

      I just got this from FB page (KS, you have shared it and you know the source – I really admired this piece and here right after I finish L.T came in to accomplish the home work given to Deleyti fithi by PFDJ)

      Here it goes:

      We are doing a home work, Which is given to us by PFDJ
      1, PFDJ call us Weyane or Agame, and we try very hard to disassociate ourself from weyane or ethiopia, we try our best to count our ancestry as much as we can to prove our nationality. We try to ask some ones ADI to make sure we are not working with some one who is not eritrean by origin.
      2, PFDJ, level us based on regionalism, we try to count relatives, from all the regions, ( even to some extent we see people giving example of their partner) to prove that we are not.
      3, PFDJ, call us islamists or Jehad, we see people to explain how much the love Christians or the vise versa

      We are circling with in the PFDJ ideology, of course Eritrea is Eritrea it is proven by blood, by the heroic martyrdom of our brothers and sisters, we are not in the Era of federation or andnetism, that was 60 years ago, we can’t be back even if we like to be. We all know there was no any problem among the respected regions in fact it is to the opposite except the fact that colonial powers tried to use it for their advantage, Britain, Hailesilasie, derg and now DIA,
      Why are we becoming what they want us to be?
      The sad reality in our deleyti fithi camp!!

      COnclusion (which is mine), call me whatever you want L.T. But the truth remains truth always.


      • Kokhob Selam

        I really admire this piece too. for long long time PFDJ has played it, victimizing people and that is like centrifugal force. Lol. exposed badly on that piece.

      • Gherhi Libu

        TWR, next time you have a little extra time, check to see who are the most ardent PFDJ supporters. You will see that it is the people who have big time identity crises. I am sure you know what I mean by that.

        Of the people I know very closely, most supporters are half Eri half Tigray by heritage. I never believed this but now I am coming to this conclusion. These people who feel less Eritrean are making up for it by alienating the people who they think are more Eritrean than them. So going out of your way, pretending to be more Eritrean and paying more sacrifices than others makes them look complete. That is a terrible place to be in. Please read Yonas Araya’s part II. He makes parallels with the Natzis and how Melles and Isaias led us to this mess because of their identity crises. It is now transcending to PFDJ supporters. I have lots of family and friends with this problem. Supporting PFDJ and alienating others is a way of masking their identity crises. But at this point, why? Wouldn’t anyone feel more proud to be Ethiopian than Eritrean given where we are relative to them? Railways, hydro-dam, incredible airlines. What do we have in Eritrea except the rogue regime making our peoples lives hellish.

        So if they call you, agame, weyane, unionist or what have you, that is a way of making up for the hole they fill in their own identity. Don’t mind them, just keep punching them in the mouth as you have been doing.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Dear Gherhi,

          You are right and I have faced some from those whom I am in contact. PFDJ created identity crises and this is because of their divide and rule strategy.

          Sadly, all are victils of the system. I say this because if there is a law that difines nationality, where you come from (origin) could not have a problem. For example, an Eritrean who lives in USA for years and if he fulfills the requirements for nationality, he can be granted no matter from he comes from.

          Eritreans and especially PFDJ supporters and some confused justice seekers are not able to differentiate between Origin and Nationality. For example, I am an Eritrean by origin but I may drop the nationality and change to other countries and yet my origin will be Eritrea.

          Therefore those who are mixing origin and nationality issue are simply because they don’t see any law to differentiate them. On reality base, according to 1952 Eritrean constitution for example, anyone who lived in Eritrea for more than 40 years and if he choses an Eritrean nationality, he is granted. And I don’t see any problem within this. But since PFDJ tried to create people-to-people enemy, he started to say Woyane, agame bla bla for the sake of his political propaganda. And we followed him and felt in his trap.

          One thing they should know those PFDJ puppets who take the identity crises as a hibernating issue and those in the opposition camp who accuse based on origin are just losers. We need to follow humanity. If not, I do’t see any logic to accuse one based on identity while living in foreign countries and having other nationality.

          We should make our fight objective and based on rule of law. If law does not exist today, let’s assume that it exists because it is a normal humanitarian law based on the fact on the ground.

    • Hope

      You got it wrong now.I am going to be/act-like one,a Regionalist but only for now!!!
      Unless you are labeling him as such(Agame,Tigray,Weyane) from ideological point of view like we all do to those who do not agree with us-a typo Eri Politics–by both PFDJ supporters and the Opposition ones,Mr TWR is,FYI:
      -An original Eritrean-Blenay,if you wish to know the details
      -A hand picked Young Genius to be an elite PFDJ Cadre
      -A close Cousin of mine by blood,which I just confirmed-for the sake of the heck of it,not that I care about it that much!
      -His arguements are fact based aside form his arrogance and vulgar language and a bit disorganized debating style
      Now,look at what he listed below:
      The best elite Eritreans/Original ones as well,Eritrea could produce and contemplate on this list and give us your feedback,with all due respect,sir!
      Please review the arguement made by his classmate,Gherhi Libu
      Review the G-15 List including the Air Force Commander in jail-hope he is alive and well.
      Review Prof Tesfatsion Medhanie’s Discussion Paper on this topic.
      Consider the issue/fate of the Menkae Splinter Group.
      Consider the mysterious deaths of Commander Ibrahim Afa,tewelde Abrham,Weldnkiel Haile ze Abay Segheneiti,Commander Wed Ibrihim( Afabet),Ali Said Abdella,Abdella Dawid,etc.
      Consider the Conspiracy of Forto Incident and the loss of the top Commanders including the Lion of the Aseb Front,General Osman Ali,etc….
      We are not just losing the Youth but we have lost the best elite Eritrean Commanders,Military Strategists,Intellectuals,etc….
      Then what next? Lose the whole Eritrea and Eritreans?
      This makes me sick as an Eritrean—-for saying and doing Nothing while my own people are getting killed and kidnapped ona day light.
      I asked the sam equestion Prof Sara Ogbay asked
      and here is the answer I got from an EPLF Veteran:
      “We Eritreans do NOT like/are afraid of taking risks”????
      I disagreed though coz I thought that Eritreans are the most risk taking people under the Sun,unless i got it wrong!
      Please respond and give us some feedback .

      • Tesfabirhan WR


        I close our dispute. But to make it official, from now onwards, I hope you will not ask me an evidence. Lets talk on our ideological differences (better line of thinking or the way we see things).

        I said this because a house divided cannot stand (Abraham Lincoln) and hence divided brothers can not bring a change when they are standing in opposite poles.

        Rest, I am ready to reconcile with you no matter how different line of thinking we have. Brothers should come together united so that enemies (like PFDJ) will not have a loopholes to ruin the family

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Major General Ahmed Kakay was not lucky during his last days. He could not even get a hospital that he can be taken-care of. He was sent to Sudan. A country that he fought for its independence, a country that he spent 24 years to build could not offer him with a medical assistance that he demanded during need. And during his departure, he was forced to die outside his beloved country and this is not because he wanted but a must.

    Though PFDJ claims that he built the nation and is producing hundreds of health experts with new hospitals well equiped, all served none to the people he need it most.

    I can read the anguish he experienced during his late days. A man who stood at the forefront to struggle for his people was finally left alone with very few family members to take-care of him. As a major general, he could have all the best services the country could offer to her beloved sons. But he was also betrayed. He could not even get basic services as a major general.

    I see how PFDJ system betrays for Eritreans in general and for those who formed a back-bone for the system to stand. Without heroes like Major General AHmed Kakay, our struggle for independce is hard to imagine for its happening. But finally they were kicked of and were considered as ordinary people. And this is because of the system they built.

    On this occasion, I call all Eritreans to stand against the system that betrays even our heroes no matter what their acts could be. They system if it was humane, it could have protected his own generals.

    And I send my heartful condolence to his family. I see the double sadness they are facing. Major General Ahmed Kakay has passed away physically but his works are still alive. I wish he died peacefully in his beloved country.

    May he Rest in Peace and Condolence to his family again and to all friends who worked with him and the Eritrean people in general.


    ++ the kind of argument I did with selam is not meant against MG.Ahmed Kakay but to remind here what we are passing through. Our generals failed to protect the people. If they stand with the people, PFDJ could not have played his demonic agenda against the people. We, Eritreans are left alone without protection. Politicians are changed lawless when the force that was supposed to protect the people has failed his duty to enforce it. Our generals collectively failed in this regard. And when they need care and protection the country also failed to protect them in the vise verse. This is our on-going history.

    Almost more than 27 top military officers has died within this two years and all have almost similar tragic death, either a sudden death or when they were abroad for medical treatement. Where is then the MGs? If a country can not build a medical service that treats its citizens when they need it is really a sad moment. During the armed struggle, EPLF managed to attract very skilled doctors and did more than to imagine medical service to those he needed it most. We could have continued that. Sadly, those best doctors and later those who studied in Eritrea were forced to leave the country. And now we are where we are. It hurts me deeply as an Eritrean. For this I do have one option and that is to fight.

    • selam

      where have you been then ? what happens to this kind of Tesfabrhan ? Yesterday you was sick .
      You have to take in to account these people like this general and the others who could not reach to hospital where IA gunned them down and ER-TV announced as if it was car accident is not true either.
      I have to tell you though any general who live in Eritrea is not that much free either , if they say one thing they will be sacked and get killed that is it.

      Any way great choice for rising your game to some how human and reasonable.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Hi Selam;
        Now I will be a little bit emotional, just take it is out of despair and boundless frustration as to the current tragedy on Eritreans. You’re in Asmara, and we know the city, just like anywhere in the coutry, is awash with all sorts of guns. Then why not someone take the bold move and finish off this mad man? How well is the dictator protected? Is it really so difficult to take him out? How can he kill whoever he wants, and whenever he wants, while he can walk the streets of our city without consequence?

        • Hope

          -hmmm,Abraham,are you there?
          Prof Sara Ogbay,are you there?
          SAAY,are you there?
          Did I hear it right? Surgical Removal?
          It is “THE” MYSTERY” and “THE” PUZZLE” of the 20th and 21st Centuary,Abraham.
          Rewinding the tape—-per haile TG et al:
          -” More than 5000 Youth died on the Seas and the Deserts besides bein the victims of organ harvesting,rape,torture of any kind under the Sun
          -“About 300,000 Eritreans have left Eritrea in the last 7 years
          -More than 6 Senior Genrals died within a year
          -More than Twenty Elite Officers died within two yrs
          Etc—-Who killed them;and how and why?
          What have we done so far?
          None to my best knowledge other than ” Egrey awtsi’eni”,Cyber Pseudo- Activism,Gossip,Sabotage,and Defamation of each other,etc—

          • Abraham Hanibal

            It is indeed a puzzling situation. How can a people who didn’t succumb to all sorts of evil under foreign colonialism and occupation, surrender to a single mad man’s company?

        • selam

          You may think it is easy but the fact is that , no one , no one in his right mind will ever try to hold any gun aroung him and that is a fact. The easiest way can be out side asmara or when is going out from asmara or when is going in to asmara. That could be a choice but as we all know it ,the boldest people are not allowed to have guns around him either . Any general and military man is not allowed to have gun when IA is meeting him that is the rule and that has been long time ago.
          His body gard can kill him but i have no recollection how they could not do that , may be they believe in him , may be they benefit from him .I have no polling system how far he has support inside Eritrea . The largest supporters are with you in the west and some people from lowlands and also some people around the high lands. But to tell you most old people especially these who paid in theeritrean struggle are still dancing with him , but not like before.

          He is letting people talk only about food , water ,and electricity . The thing is we need more communication with in inside eritrea to explain how good the outside world are and how bad our life is . We have more ground work to reveal the crime he committed. But at this time we need institutional change ,because HGDEF is just a cancer to democracy. We need more ground work then at least we can try.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          You better spend time to understand the PFDJ system and then only you can stop from asking such naïve questions.

          If someone who left Eritrea recently is around you, sit with him and read his mind. You will see the complexity.

          Almost before 2010, penetration of news media braodcasted from abroad targeting Eritrea was almsot non significant. For example, I never heard any radio program when I was In Eritrea. I had some opportunity though to read web-sites.

          With the Arbi-Harnet movement and more easily penetrating programs that reach every person with telephone is really playing a great role now. But people need more effective communication systems to understand and cross-communicate to do anything. Wedi-Ali’s operatio was for example aborted from luck of effective and concerted network. And those who tried to reach Eritrea at that time were just so emeotional and imaginery.

          Therefore, PFDJ system is what is all doing fro those people to remain passive. but the energy is there, the potential, and if there is any effective way of communication to come, the fire against PFDJ is always near a gaz station.


      • Tesfabirhan WR

        I don’t make any difference on my statement except words that were targeting you. On freedom fighters and their history, I have a very clear stand. But you tried to twist things for your advantage. You tried to defame and accuse me based on fabricated lies.

        • selam

          I just explained what you said but , when it comes to defame , you was the first one to accuse me every thing bad from your book in which was not correct.

          Tesfe i just peaked what you said that is it. I will never ever peak any thing from the above post you posted because i find it responsible and controlled view .

          • Tesfabirhan WR


            I am really a humble person but my blood boils when people like you try to divert our focus to fight PFDJ and it becomes worse and hurts deeply when there is fabrication of lies. I do not have any problem when you quote me properly and challenge me without twisting what I said. I am not here to throw my words. I am responsible for them and I care for them. Whenever I did a mistake, I apologize. but when people accuse me as if I did a mistake for their own advantage, I don’t have a choice but to react (Newton’s law). I have engineering background and I am some how familiar on how to apply Newton’s law. Therefore, for health debate, don’t twist but debate on facts. I will remind you though, if you don’t understand on what I said (english is not my mother language), ask me before making a misunderstanding generated judgements. If I confirmed it as you understood then condemn me and accuse me. I will be responsible.


          • selam

            Deal on not to defame and insult. (The word murderer just clicked my red nerve system and i just could not let you go and i do take responsibility though). I am not a distraction either i know my ground and i hold on them. I just explained all your posts in simple and generalized one.

            What surprised me is that Tesfe i have no idea who is fighting more, do you think you are fighting against HGDEF more than me ? do you really believe that ?

            Again , it is healthy to debate on human way , i mean calling names are not going to help on building good ground work. The largest supporters of HGDEF are with you in Europe and america so give all what you have to them not to me

            please read all what you said to me , read them second time if you have time.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            To repeat, again all those ranked with ++ Generals are murderers. They are indeed war heroes but to Eritreans, now, they are murderers and this is collectively. Who is who, let their files be open. But I safely say that they all played their own role in letting the country where it is now. And for this, either history will remember them (for those who passed) or people will have a chance to take them to the court if they remain alive.

          • selam

            Ok we will see about the history thing. But about murderers i still hold my ground to oppose you not to defame and insult them all as murderers. We will see about their file also just lets wait for the right time. Who ever try to use the past and the present all generals as if they are all murderers is just not right and such words will never ever do any good to our cause .

            But i want to say this ,No human society has ever been trustworthy so i am certain some military bras are evil but we can pick them like moring fruits one by one. You know them and i know them.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Awate Moderators,

            I accepted and I hope I will never repeat such kind of approach. A deal with myself.


        • selam

          By the way my connection was not working that is the reason i could not follow you all

        • Hope

          Selamat Tes and Selam:
          -What is this personal attack of each other?Do you guys know each other back home and had some personal issues and you are spitting up the grudges you have had?Like Thomas vs Prof Sara Ogbay(victim) style??
          Please,grow up and stop that nonesense as you are exposing yourselves besides providng us with a free Movie made in Keren or some where in Bogos?
          I think you have done well and keep it up.
          My apology for indulging into a “Tribal Politics” but am getting sick tired of your uncivilized debate style and you better knock it off,for good and for your best interest..
          I also close that “Chapter of” unnecessary and unproductive dispute.But please be so kind to provoke us….Just try to persuade and convicne us constructively.
          I think we talked about this arrogant approach of yours and some Humble Awatistas(Cousins Saleh Younis and Field Marshal Mahmoud Saleh-to mention some) advised you to change your style of debate and use your unique Intellect and Brain in a professional way.
          I witnessed that Selam has been so patient,rational and civilized in her approach.
          Difference in Opinion and Ideology is a blessing provided it is expressed in a noble and constructive way.
          In my opinion and per my brief experience here in this forum(have been there and have done that thing),we have a moral obligation to respect each others’ persona and opinion but debate professionally and respectfully…
          Challenge Selam professionally as to why she said what she said and try to convince and persuade her based on facts and truth….not by calling names….like the way she advised and invited you to do so.
          I will be a Hypocrit to advise you as such when I have been on the same boat but I am confessing that, that kind of approach is but unproductive.
          You are so energetic besides being Brilliant in all aspects–a typo Eritrean Youth and I think you can contribute tremendously to the current Political Struggle if you change your approach.
          I visit your Blog and I have found it very interestiing and educational,btw; and you could expand it and you have a potential to roam over Europe and mobilize the Eri Youth in Sweden,Norway,Swiss,England,Denmark,Germany,etc….
          Here is how we are judged:
          -By 1 % of bad things we say or do and not by the 99% good things we say and do.
          Like most of us,we /you are on the same page except some minor technical approaches….Unfortunately,we are “Victims” of the Eritrean Style of Politics and Debate…”We have agreed NOT to agree”.
          This my opinion.
          Let us drop off and leave behind us the old grudges,our minor differences and the past as history but learn from our past history and mistakes and work hard in UNISON for ONE and Inko Goal.
          is that much difficult?
          PIA is the Expert of experts of the Eritrean Psych and he has used it fully to his advantage.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Hope,

            I will follow your advice. Thank you.


  • Ted

    The General was defender of the country. The country we all have now and the country we all want to have a better path. According to some(haters of everything Eritrea) he is a sinner for his duty( liberating Eritrea and defending it till the end). Wow, how much hate can people harbor to blind them to see “nebsi Yemhare” is a norm. Poor Eritrea, with friends like ( Tesfabirhan WR and co), she does’t need enemies.
    RIP General Ahmed Kakay, Thank you for your service.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hi Kokhob Selam,

    When you confronted with an argument that doesn’t add any value to the debate, “asfil Eka Teblo” before they pull you to their mud.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Ok teacher.

  • selam

    I guess you are not reading , you are angry and you need to calm down tesfe .
    what you do not understand is that you lack discipline and the courage to say sorry for telling as what you do not understand and you do not know .
    Again from the beginning i stated that lets this day be his day on reflecting his braveness. But you jumped tp paint him things that make me puke on top of your head.

    He can not and will not be blamed for things he never acted. You never know him personally and you never met him and you have no clue how good person he was. Do not you even care about the feeling of his family and people that does know him , what kind of cold heart person you are. You said you believe in God i can not find any of the things you people learn or listen in your church or mosque. what so ever place do you go.

    see you 2morow now i am going to have a nap and if there is good electricity at work i will challenge you tesfe.
    I will add more about my hero and tell you how brave he was .

    But have respect and if not go learn or ask your so called priest.

    • Kokhob Selam

      wow! disciplined Selam! are you reading what you are writing I mean are watching your words. you know what is going on? you are defending PFDJ generals and Tesfa is standing for those killed in Sinai, inside Eritrea. those arrested and all those suffering. so you stand in wrong side and that is impossible mission.

      • selam

        surprised about the puke ? well i have to have one time give me a pass for A sake.
        and sorry if i offended you it just slipped out from my left hand

        • Kokhob Selam

          don’t worry, I am more experienced than you thought who can handle all aggressive people including who hurt me physically like PFDJ.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Even DIA is described the same way you described by others. May be DIA for you is number one enemy but for others is {G}od.

      You hypocrite. You don’t have any belief (according to your own testimony) and hence you have no moral to talk about other’s belief. The truth is, deki hidirtina hate people who believe and their main mission is to destroy belief and so are you doing.

      Yoou the hypocrite

    • Hope

      U R wasting your time,and energy for nothing by giving attention to the Good-for-nothing people.
      Please,just ignore and move on and debate on serious National Issues.

  • selam

    you reposted almost all but by repeating and changing words . it does not mean you changed the over all picture you have over the military bras and i still stand by my point that you are guilty for framing people for no prove.

    Again from the beginning i stated that lets this day be his day on reflecting about how much he sacrificed and how much he loved our people , yet you jumped to paint him very very bad as if he killed or tortured people in sinai.

    That was as bad as you can go and i have the responsibility and the right to defend him to the last especially at this day..

    He can not and will not be blamed for things he never acted. You never know him personally and you never met him and you have no clue how good person he was. Do even care about the feeling his family has , what kind of cold heart person you are. You said you believe in God i can not find any of the things you people learn or listen in your church or mosque. Have respect .

    see you 2morow now i am going to have a nap and if there is good electricity at work i will challenge you tesfe.
    But have respect and if not go learn or ask your so called priest

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Let I be guitly in condemning the generals. In fact, standing against their brutal system made me already guilty according to their justice dictionary.

      I condemn them 100% and I am fighting to weed-out the system they are working for.

  • selam

    If you continue to blame all the Eritrean military(the Generals) , the same as IA and his cronies , you will probably create more enemies inside Eritrea.

    To tell you also , All the generals with out like filipos , tecle mangus and few others , the majority are just not evil as you want to paint . But they have no choice , or if they choose to do some thing they will never ever pass their driver. All military gerenals (, general ,birgeder , major)have little power to challenge IA and his cronies.

    so lets not blame them for things they have no control. Especially these are out from day to day operation (ZIDESKELU) , they are just waiting for things to change.

    and when i debated you tesfe i always stated that , it is nice if you calm down and explain things more clearly what you mean and what prove you have. Unlesss you can not just shout at me and expect me to silent

    • Kokhob Selam

      What? “..All the generals with out like filipos , tecle mangus and few others , the majority are just not evil as you want to paint . But they have no choice ..” who force them to be there in first place? do you think I can’t be there if I want and even above them all under DIA like a dog? common, what are you talking?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      We can not create more enemy than we have now. I am not afraid of creating enemies either. By the way, we are their enemies first. If not, they could have fought for us. They have the guns and the power to do so. They had a choice to say NO.

      In fact, EDF is number one who betrayed the people and gave all in the hands of PFDJ. EPLF military wing was known before for his bravity during the armed struggle but now is a puppet and tool of PFDJ in muredring the people. PFDJ has no guns in his hand but he uses EDF’s guns.

      Let me remind you, you are not debating with me but fabricating a lie against me, to defame me, to accuse me and thereby to hold me in your trap. But NEVER. I will destroy you just like of that of PFDJ and everything will be weeded-out by then.

      You hypocrite.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Tesfa, you know what comes to my mind, when those all garages are gone the new generation people are going to read all those comments and that satisfies me a lot in advance. so stand the same.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          KS, I will expose her naked so that her hypocrtic mind will be thrown in a garbage can. I know very well these kind of mentality and is easy to do so.

          Thank you KS again

          • selam

            You are not much to me tesfe , go study and catch up with me. You have no value or what so ever to debate me on fact based , you are just blaffing as if you can do miracle and i do not give a F## what ever you chicken headed said

          • Kokhob Selam

            I thought you will survive debating. you are gone Selam,. gone Banana. shetah tah elaka/elki

          • Kokhob Selam

            I thought you will survive debating. you are gone Selam,. gone Banana. shetah tah elaka/elki

          • selam

            where have you been , when he was calling names

          • selam

            The only think i i wrote puke was that , just to tell you it is beyond any once time to wait for one person to ask him to respect , and give you back respect , unless this is not a marathon. this is long

        • Hope

          R U serious?Rather,you went banana for advocating uncivilized and vulgar language based debate.
          Tell me a single justification to say so about Selam.
          As to the “dead”,please join the reasonable Mahmoud Saleh,a man of common sense .

      • selam

        You are not afraid yes of course how could you be. You are behind key board thanks to the new era.
        But i did not paint new things on your stand , i correctly stated that you said he is murderer and i correctly stated that you gave example how ethiopian regime love Eritreans.

        Your prove was sinai to paint him as bad person
        your prove about ethiopia was tthe refugees
        Your prove was how the ethiopian election of the last decade

        But in all you have zero truth.and people like you are the reason we lag all things to challenge HGDEF.

        I still believe that civil debate is good but when people dare to destroy you , you need to question and get new staff in your head.

      • Hope

        “Prof” tes,
        Did you just learn about the meaning of “Hypocrite”?You seem to be obssessed with that word.
        You are the most Intellectually and Politically bankrupt individual I have ever come across.
        Use common sense, man.Ph.D Candidates do NOT act like that.They use reason,not Googling and Vulgar Language, to debate.
        Hadami,Kidaa’,the biter of his Mom’s breasts.
        The Generals are dying at the heart of their mother- land,not by running away.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Ya kelib wahid, sekit ske. You were the one who escaped first (keda’E wahid), who escaped when your aunt told you about the threats you were facing. People in your age joined the struggle but you escaped.

          As for me, I didn’t escape but I was sent for study officially and I am studying. And at the sametime, i didn’t hide in my confort zone or preached about DIA. I am exposing the dictatorial system in Eritrea because I believe that it is not supposed to be for eritreans.

          Stupid, we kelib wahid. selam is much better than you.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      And those suspended from active duty (ZIDESKELU) were rotten eggs. If they were heroes they could have maintained their heroism. In fact, when they are called again, they become more loyal and are number one enemies of the people. Because, during their suspension time, they started to live a civilian life but they can’t and then after they consider as if the civilian society down played with them.

      Look the x-administrator of Zoba Anseba, Gergish Girmay and now also x- administrator of Southeren Red Sea. Before he was appointed to zonal governer, he was under suspension for almost 7 years. Then, DIA collected him from his farm land. When he took power, he committed untold crimes and corruption before his was reshafled to Southern Red Sea. And then after he is not known where is about.

      Therefore, don’t try to make a cover. In fact, those in suspention were the most corrupted and people who commit crimes and indeed there are few among them who wre innocent.

  • selam

    Tesfe first you are a bully and really not respectable if some one challenged you. I have no time to copy paste all the things you said about this hero .and all about ethiopia and meles.

    Tesfe said this
    My stand, collectively, all generals are murderers, as they are part of the brutal regime in Asmara. If we say, “PFDJ is brutal” and the generals are part of PFDJ, then, all are brutal. This is simple logic 101. And who is who, history will reveal that.

    The 101 and the simple logic are just the best nut to fit your understanding to our heroes again you can not deflect by poting too much words with crap ideas

    thanks for not saying i will destroy you.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Now you quoted me correctly. thank you. For the next time, either write to what you understood and comment accoring to your opinion or quote people correctly.

      To hight light,

      “My stand, collectively, all generals are murderers, as they are part of the brutal regime in Asmara. If we say, “PFDJ is brutal” and the generals are part of PFDJ, then, all are brutal. This is simple logic 101. And who is who, history will reveal that.”

      This is what the justice seekers are saying and so am I.

      • selam

        If you continue to blame all the Eritrean military(the Generals) , you will probably create more enemies inside Eritrea.

        To tell you also , All the generals with out like filipos , tecle mangus and few others , the majority are just not evil as you want to paint . But they have no choice , or if they choose to do some thing they will never ever pass their driver. All military gerenals have little power to challenge IA and his cronies.

        so lets not blame them for things they have no control. Especially these are out from day to day operation (ZIDESKELU) , they are just waiting for things to change.

        and when i debated you tesfe i always stated that , it is nice if you calm down and explain things more clearly what you mean and what prove you have. Unlesss you can not just shout at me and expect me to silent.

  • Sarah Ogbay

    The general’s colleague added, “while PFDJ was celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the battle of Massawa for propaganda, Petros Solomon [the commanders of the battle of Massawa] was suffering in jail with his wife, and General Ahmed Kakay was breathing his last breath in Khartoum. The cause for our struggle is betrayed.”

    I don’t understand. Why couldn’t this guy get a few people organised and do something instead of complaining. They have now learned from the Forto mutiny and can do better to restore their dignity. Why is everyone so afraid of prison and death. It seems prison and death have become inevitable to anyone especially anyone who tries to say ‘ageb!’ in eritrea. It is really unbelievable. A detain-er becomes detainee and vice versa. Yet no-one reacts. What worse can come other than death! What cowards have we become!
    Please do not say, ‘why did you run yourself?’ I am talking about the guys in the army. I am wondering what is it that scares them to death before they face death itself.

    • Fnote Selam

      Dear Dr. Sara,

      I have some theory why the guys in the army act the way they do. But, before that, are we talking about the higher army officials or the unranked foot soldiers?



      • sarah ogbay

        Dear fnot,
        I am talking about everyone who has the power and force in Eritrea because in this country we call our Eritrea, oddly there is no balanced correlation between power and rank. In many cases Colonels are more powerful than Generals. The PFDJ army is a mess.

    • Peace!

      Hi Sara,

      Actually, the inertia that gribs many opposition members is the reason why nothing ever gets done.

      • sarah ogbay

        Yep! I am starting to think of and be grateful to the supernatural power that help us get rid of the Derg. May be we did not have heroes, who knows!

    • Gherhi Libu

      Dear Prof Sarah (I refer you as prof because you were my prof in 1993).

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It has always boggled my mind how an army full of post independence generation kids could be so cowardly or are they just simply acquiescent? We all know that the ghedli generation are aging and frail even thought they occupy all posts of leadership invariably but I would expect tens of thousands of armed and disgruntled kids to revolt and throw these beasts into the gallows they deserve to be buried in. But we may have to dig deeper Prof. Why are these kids choosing to die trying to get to Europe in the most atrocious ways of losing life rather than picking up arms and fighting a ‘man’s’ fight back home? I have come up with a theory after years of pondering the question of why are Eritreans specially the post independence generation (20-30 year olds) paying the ultimate price to leave their country and go anywhere, anywhere as long as they are as far away from Eritrea as possible? My theory is just as you alluded to. Nobody is willing to die for the sake of Eritrea or its people. Why is it not worth dying for Eritrea and Eritreans anymore? At first I thought that was a very complicated question to tackle but it actually is simpler than I thought. You see, we have a small close knit society. Everything everybody does is visible. When Eritrean parents and families see kids of their kids age abroad and helping their parents, they urge their own children to go abroad and do the same. The youth also see their friends from Europe sending whatever and pictures by the waterfront in Stockholm or London or what have you. What does that do to the psyche of those back home? They would rather get there than be a servant for IA for life. That is understandable. But the problem does get a bit complicated if you look more carefully. Why do the youth who eventually make it to Europe or the USA at any cost not raise not even a single issue against IA and PFDJ? Rather you see them going to PFJD sponsored guayla in droves. There is nothing that saddens me more than that. You come here hiwetka athizka because your own country is almost uninhabitable due to only PFDJ’s brutal policies and you turn around and support the very people who made your life miserable back home. You leave your friends in prison or shot dead crossing the border with you and you raise no question here? That is the kind of youth we now have in Eritrea. Extremely cowardly, hypocrites, selfish, greedy, irresponsible, gutless, cruel…you name it.

      Perhaps what we need is divine intervention. Wedi Ali was in his 50’s at least and he could have simply lived comfortably the rest of his life but he couldn’t take the suffering of his people any longer and he sacrificed himself. The post independence generation could never come close to anything like that. You give them a 5% chance of making it to Europe, they will take it. You give them a 95% chance of successfully ousting IA, they will not touch it – too much risk in 5%.

      We have a long way to go.

      • Semere Andom

        Hi Gherhi and Dr.Sara:

        I think the project of removing the tyrant is the work of collaboration between several demographics who must lend their respective talents. The so called post-independence on his behalf the bloody armed struggle was waged, or so we were told: “nskatmum bret keytskemu ena nmewit zelena was favorite line of former tegadalti to my own generation. The new generation has the vigor, the energy and the can do attitude that is universal to any youth, and the older generation who were part of the ghedli have the experience, the institutional memory, the institution of fighting that is. The elders have their role of telling the truth and to die protecting their offs prings It is the collaboration of all these that will bring the much needed change. No one demographic group is able or have what it takes to bring the cataclysmic change. Look at the Forto incident, rumor had it they young refused to shoot. Also look at the ghedli generation, they did not remove Dergi alone, although that is what they like to think and keep reminding us about it. Change was possible by the faithful, committed collaboration between the old, the young, and the Eritreans employed by the Dergi in different areas of the government apparatus and also the diaspora. It was wide participation including collaborating with other Ethiopians that threatened the Dergi and then the starts were aligned when Soviet capitulated and that is the Divine thing you mentioned.

        Now that wide faithful an elaborate collaboration does not exist, the risk the people took has evaporated time have changed for sure, but I also think that something bad happened as the good thing that we had to create our own destiny has morphed into superstition of “yehawatina endiyom”, “kihalif eyu”, “eritrawi higus enteyzey kewin qdem nezi mengisti mdemseso nero” and many other 03 induced platitudes are taken seriously by the people, instead as you said we allow our organs to be harvested in humilations

        • Nitricc

          “….Also look at the ghedli generation, they did not remove Dergi alone, although that is what they like to think and keep reminding us about it….”

          Who is the liar here? Eritreans removed the Derg on their own from Eritrea. The end of the story and it is true; Eritreans tanks, heavy artilleries and personals helped your thankless Dedebit all the way to Addis Abeba! If not for brave Eritreans your faceless Dedebit won’t pass Shire let alone Hamusit. You got a problem dude. why don’t you come out clean, man.

          • Semere Andom

            Hey Nitricc, read carefully what I said, I am talking about the generations, the Dergi was not removed only by the ghedli generation, it was a collaborative effort between the old, who risked their lives from inside and the tegadalti who also risked their lives in the war. Likewise now both what Gherhi calls post independence generation and ghedli generation need to collaborate to remove PFDJ
            let me know if you have issue with that. The help from TPLF is different matter in this comment I am addressing how different Eritrean demographic groups need to collaborate as they did before instead of blaming one group as both have talents. Capito?

          • Nitricc

            Semere; Sorry I miss understood you; my bad.

        • Sarah Ogbay

          Hi Semere and Gerhi Libu

          Gerhi Libu Glad to meet you in this forum 20 years on!

          I admire your observations on the youth and the collaboration concepts. But still we have some questions unanswered.

          -why are the youth behaving this way, ruthless when it comes to their own life but selfish when it comes to their own country and people? Seem contradicting!

          – why can’t the older generation-mostly tegadelty- use their experience and wisdom to bring the people together, enhance the relationship/feeling towards family, region and country and equip everyone with the necessary emotional and rational ammunition to fight and get to where we want to be?

          I think the first few years after liberation, there was a deliberate campaign to make the people- gebar- feel that Eritrea belongs to those who fought for it –the tegadelty. In addition to the trust the Eritrean people had on all tegadelty, the feeling of second degree citizen was deliberately
          fostered. We were made to feel as if we were squatters in our own country. Wherever you go only the people in position knew what was going on and people were kept in the Hi dark. The now-youth grew up in such un-inclusive (exclusive) and unpatriotic environment where everyone was told to do things just because they we told to.Any sign of complaining was met with allegations of selfishness, tithe-hagrawinet, mhur-tebelatsi etc.

          The institution of family was the first target in the mission of dismantle confidences-divide- create suspicion,- keep able-people as far apart as possible of the system.

          Gerhi Libu, I don’t know when you left the country but believe me when I tell you the Eritrean youth are not as family oriented as my generation and your generation were. So I don’t think the parents encourage their children to leave the country. Reyom keman aytsegebuwomn. But I believe
          that the youth are leaving the country because they do not have owners/role models/shepherds. They have not had any since they were probably 10 years old. The regime claims them and does not even take care of them. The unimaginable abuse they experience from then on wards shapes their personality. They go home to face misery; they go back to their military posts to face abuse. They lose respect of their own life- dignity is eroded!

          If they had any dignity or consciousness, they wouldn’t send any photo to show they are doing better that the rest of the Eritrean there; they would not go to PFDJ gualas etc. (I am not a psychologist but this is what I can come up with as a rational explanation)

          I strongly believe that we, the ones who know better have the responsibility to instill emotion, affection, patriotism, nationalism, heroism in them. The ones who have access to power and force in Eritrea are the ones who should lay the ground for revolution- popular upraise in Eritrea.

          Unfortunately they are scrambling for empty power. Some are crying they have been betrayed- lame excuse for not acting. What a shame!

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Sara:

            I believe your thinking along the lines of family value is right on. The collaboration concept weaves, transfers the heroism, the threads of a demographic or generation to the next one, to carry the baton. This way it is refined with new, timely thinking that befits the epoch. It is the interrogative thinking between the old, the young and the ghedli generation, the diaspora has its own experience that can be exploited too. But as your rightly point out, the shredding of the family value, that crucial link has been severed and almost irreversibility so. The family unit to PFDJ is just a factory that produces the next batch slaves, to the PFDJ the individual is a machine that executes the orders to the letter without thinking. It is gloomy. I am not sure what is your area of study but these aspects of our society need to be studied scientifically and then therapies need to be designed to curie it.

            I also think that the parents encourage their kids to flee to be honest, yes they love them so much and they do not want to take their eyes off them, but they are faced with the cold and brutal truth. It has become the dreams of entire village to flee their country.

            Not a good time to talk about the ghedli in detail now, but suffices to say that as we exchange before the blame also is shared by the tegadalti and us for our naiveté, the willful intectuals who did not do their jobs and willingly reduced themselves to cleaning towels of the brutal regime that had perfected and refined its demonic skills in hiding. With the right people in place societal problems can be solved any time, but the founding principle of a nation determine how successful a nation can be. PFDJ is the most brutal regime, yet it is the easiest enemy to face because they screw every single day in their mission, in a normal society it would be easy to defeat it, but ours is not normal. Ironically it is PFDJ who is keeping the G-15 and polical prisons in the forefront of the struggle because if PFDJ was little smarter and made life easier for the youth and people, the poor souls would have been forgotten as very few would bring their case. The selfishness is this sad, it is this melancholic.

          • Sarah Ogbay

            Hi Semere,
            Rightly said. I wrote about ‘family’ just to indicate how deep the PFDJ knife has gone into the heart of our our society. Sometimes we forget and we simply think that with the departure of PFDJ, life would be perfect. But we will have a lot of hard work healing the heart and soul of Eritrean youth.

          • Gherhi

            Dear Dr. Sara and Semere. Thank you for the lively discussion. You both made great points.

            First Dr. Sara’s accurate analysis of EPLF’s deliberate subjugation and instilling of self doubt and feeling of inferiority right from the outset is the beginning of what manifested in the past 24 years. Gebar and Tegadelti have always been two different classes of citizens. No one needs too much lecturing on that but I will say this: if Tegadelti claim they fought for us willingly without us demanding it from them, we don’t owe them anything. They should be the ones who should feel a sense of guilt because they came in and others didn’t make it. We have every right to ask the question too – where is my brother or my sister, mother, father, etc.? I don’t care how many years anyone fought in medda but no Eritrean is better than another. They should have instead declared they were fighting for their party and their boss to seize power and repress anyone that doesn’t obey their brutal and medieval tactics. How do we have two banking systems in Eritrea, one undercover known as 09 activities and the National Bank where the exchange rate is still 15 Nakfa to the dollar? PFDJ, contrary to popular belief among Eritreans, is on a mission to destroy the fabric of the nation in every sense of the word, from the family unit to causing exodus of untold proportions.

            These deliberate acts have produced a generation full of people who do not even know who their real enemy is. We need more kids like Freselam (I forget the singer’s full name). Name calling and threats is a big tool PFDJ has in the diaspora but the people of Las Vegas have hit PFDJ where it hurts the most and I hope that sets a great example for others to follow. These guys have done untold damage to the Eritrean people’s psychology. Being anti-PFDJ is considered as being less Eritrean but the opposite is true. I wrote earlier that most of the PFDJ junkies have identity crises from the top leaders themselves.

            Anyway, I realize it is difficult to do much of anything in Eritrea against the regime but my biggest beef is with the people who come to the West through such arduous routes and still end up being total hypocrites. They fill out nay taesa wereket, pay 2% taxes, and go back to Eritrea and flash around while their peers are still languishing there in agelglot. This is cruelty of the utmost proportion. Of course that is not the majority of them who do these things. But the majority do come to the west and remain silent. Still a large number of them crowd out the PFDJ guaylas. This is cruelty and betrayal.

    • SenaiErtrawi

      The system first sterilizes/arrests the society rendering it incapable of such actions. The system is not an invention of Isaias, it was invented long time ago and have been and is still being practiced by many leaders: the North Korean dynasty, Mao, Soviet leaders . . . too many to list.

      Most likely, as history tells us, the system dies as a result of the destruction it inflicts in its society – the virus killing its host kind of story, and not because of some hero’s actions.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear all
    I ask all participants to refrain from injurious comments; please have respect for the family, if not for the departed person.
    RIP Ahmed Kakay.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Sir,

      we don’t like to talk much about the dead. if today DIA goes I will still say RIP. But then every event is for a lesson. say it death or any thing that happens is a lesson. people get lessons from the dead man’s history. and say ” he could have done so and so” but look, everybody in this world is nice after he depart. poor guy lives short life coming to this world without his choice and goes without his choice. during his life time few things are under his will and he should use them, if he don’t? I don’t have answer as I am also human.

      in here Selam is pulling us down to his level as you know her/him (I think you remember what she/he has done to divide you and me last time) and today she is trying Tesfabrhan. Last time you didn’t tell her to stop directly please be bold today and tell her stop!!!

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear KS
        I am addressing everyone, KS. If it’s too much to ask, that’s fine. I have no magic power on what others say, but I surely have a control over what I say.
        እንታይ ክብል ከምዝደለኹ ኣይጠፍኣካን ኾኾብ.

        • Kokhob Selam


  • selam

    Tesfe said the Following

    1. All our generals are murders and they do not belong to our history. He means they all are equal to IA

    i say , Most of them are not and he bring prove a video about sinai , in which completely another issue.

    2. Tesfe said meles is not the enemy of the Eritrean people

    I asked him to check video when meles was throwing any eritrean in Ethiopia to prison or throw him out of ethiopia and take all their hard earned money

    3 Tesfe said ethiopia is the number one example for democracy in eastern Africa

    I said please check the last election where more than 300 people get guned down and now the 30 journalists who are running away from Ethiopia

    4. Tesfe said Ahmed Omer Kakay is a murderer

    i said he is not but he continue to say so with out any prove

    5. Tesfe said Ethiopia is helping Eritreans in the refugee camp and no opposition is in ethiopia waging war to Eritrea

    I said there are so many Eritrean opposition in ethiopia and some of the are demanding their own state like Afar
    and some of the are killing their brother just to express their presence

    At last he said the following

    A , I will destroy you
    B, Gual asmera , ( i have no idea what he mean by that )
    C. Gual hidrtina , (I have no idea what the F## is that)

    So i ask him to debate with respect and prove he refused to do so.

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      You hypocrite,

      Number 1: you invented,

      “All our generals are murders and they do not belong to our history. He means they all are equal to IA”

      I said, “If we are calling our murderers “hero” whenever they die, it is simply a hypocrite …”

      “…he will also be remembered as a man among the heroes who
      betrayed our struggle for freedom.”

      Then where is the word “ALL”?

      I say , Most of them are not and he bring prove a video about sinai , in which completely another issue.

      Number 2: you invented, ” Tesfe said meles is not the enemy of the Eritrean people”

      First of all, we don’t have enemy except PFDJ.

      And what I said was “People who did interview Melles helped to create a confidence and trustee among the Ethiopian people and Eritrean people. They clarified the ambguity that existed between the Eritrean people and PFDJ. And Melles did not use the opportunity to spread venom against the Eritrean people but to be come-out united for peace.”

      Then, where is the word linked to enemy in my sentence? Is it your own projection? But now I say, yes is not our enemy. Our enemy is PFDJ. During conflict any decision can be taken and he did for that he apologized.
      And now, those Eritreans who lost their property have a right to claim back.

      Number 3: You invented, “Tesfe said ethiopia is the number one example for democracy in eastern Africa”

      I wrote, “TPLF and now EPRDF might be not according to the maximum level of democratization process and equity of economic shares, but to his level best, he transformed Ethiopia from once a feudal, kinship and later
      socialist and one-man state into a country which hosts a diversified political parties who are able to manage smooth transfer of power through elections. This is the biggest political success in the horn of Africa. And economically, they are miles superior than they were, both at governmental level and well-being of


      Do you know the difference between HORN of AFRICA and Eastern Africa by the way?

      But, now, I say, YES THEY ARE NUMBER ONE in the horn of Africa relatively looking into it and considering the years they started to experience it.

      I said please check the last election where more than 300 people get guned down and now the 30 journalists
      who are running away from Ethiopia

      Number 3. You invented; “Tesfe said Ahmed Omer Kakay is a murderer”

      I wrote, “As a major general, he was entitled to protect the people but he failed.”

      Rather, you said it by yourself.

      My stand, collectively, all generals are murderers, as they are part of the brutal regime in Asmara. If we say, “PFDJ is brutal” and the generals are part of PFDJ, then, all are brutal. This is simple logic 101. And who is who, history will reveal that.

      Number 4. you invented, “Tesfe said Ethiopia is helping Eritreans in the refugee camp and no opposition is in ethiopia waging war to Eritrea”

      I wrote, “When PFDJ continues to arm rebel groups and terrorists and now the Houtis in Yemen, EPRDF has lead his country as a producer of PEACE keeping forces guided by international laws.”

      Did I mention any word about the presence of Eritrean opposition camp in Ethiopia?

      For the last, yes I said and I repeat,

      I will destroy you, this is what I fight for, to destroy people with minds like you.

      Gual asmera, yes gual hidirtina who by yourself told us your address. If you were from Paris, I could have called you ‘HYPOCRITE LADY GUAL PARIS”

      Gual hidrtina – indeed you are.

      Typical PFDJites

      My Gosh

      You can not invent a lie when the truth is already to the pubic. If it is how you understood for what I said in that way, NO PROBLEM. I understand your line of thinking.


  • Abraham Hanibal

    May the late Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay rest in peace, just like his predecessors who’ve become victims of the evil circle of the criminal Isayas.

    It is death over death for Eritreans to witness the eradication of their Independence war heroes and heroines in such a disgraceful way in the hands of a dispicable tyrant. The million dollar question is how many of our leaders and compatriots should pass away before we Eritreans finally say enough and stand for our rights and win over fear itself?

    • Semere Andom

      I think, we have transcended beyond the threshold that could have pushed us say ENOUGH. Our mode of struggle have become flight, where almost 50 percent of a village has been emptied with the Exodus, not for the creating of a nation but for the unmaking of the nation of Eritrea.
      Those who are inside, serving the regime but want it to go are incapacitated to do anything, the people cannot stand for themselves, the opposition as we all agree is dysfunction so this leaves one winner, the invaders of Eritrea by foreigners like IA and his henchmen, the like of Yemanes , Abraha Kassa and Hagos Kisha, who will never relinquish power. Eritrea is going into flames in fornt of our very eyes, dreams of generation turned to nightmare, while nightmares of the PFDJ (independent , just and prosporos Eritrea) turning to a dreams come true

      • Abraham Hanibal

        It may be much easier to say than in practice, but the only solution to this tragic situation is if some military commanders take the courage and lead their forces to march to Asmara and arrest the culprits. I don’t see any way out of this impasse. By doing so they would free themselves, and the poor Eritrean people from the shackles of tyranny of Isayas and Co.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          I wish they did and hope they will do Abraham Hanibal. But the problem is they are part of the system and they can’t do it.

          And in the future if they do Eritrea will be in her second phase of DARK ERA, in fact, it will be worse as it will be accompanied by cicil war. This is my prophesy.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            The bloody Isayas group is certainly not going to relinquish power peacefully. It will use force by using its security apparatus and the Demhit mercenary forces. Faced with this reality, those who might try to challenge it have no other choice but to be ready to face it by force. I personally do not think the majority of military commanders are in favor of the existing system. Let alone the middle and low ranking officers, even the top militaty leaders know that they’re living on borrowed time under the mercy of the tyrant.
            I also do not think there are many in the armed forces who are willing to die to keep a criminal group who’ve turned their lives into hell on earth. Against such a reality, any confrontation with the guardians of the group may not last long.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi Abraham,

          They are entrenched in the system. They are the pillars of the system. They are the beneficiary of the system. The sad part of our reality is, we don’t even understand we are suffocated by the institutions of the system. Until we collectively realized this fact, we will not have a formidable struggle to change the momentum and free our people from the shackles of PFDJ institutional system. Any regime can’t stand alone without structured system that protect them. We have to understand the regime and its system in our nation before we even launch any meaningful struggle. Why are the opposition ineffective by the way? Because they don’t have the same understanding as to the nature of the regime we have. Just rethink about it, Abraham. If the struggle is only focused to a single man, we will not go anywhere, as the “single man” has a fortified system that protects him.


          • Abraham Hanibal

            Selamat Amanuel H.,

            You say they are the pillars and the beneficiaries of the system. But I say, they are rather the victims of the system; the system according to my view is the dictator and his immediate ring of servants. We’ve to be realistic and remember that all decisions in this regime are hatched and taken by the mad man and their enforcements are followed by the enforcers. In addition to those sitting close to the dictator, the enforcers include the security apparatus, the Demhit mercenaries, and the corrupt top military leaders like Filipos.

            How can one call the middle and low ranking officials as beneficials, when time and again we see them disappear one by one either for trying to challenge the status quo or simply because they’re seen as potential threat? Even the top leaders are not spared, should they try to speak their mind. It must be a world of great unease, and insecurity, a daunting feeling for these officials living under such a system, contemplating on when their turn would come to be thrown into the dungeons. But yet this is the crux of the matter; knowing and seeying the tragedies in front of their eyes; they are left like lame ducks wating for their slaughter, doing nothing to avert the looming doom that awaits them any time.

            The struggle is not or should not be focused on a single individual; it should be focused on the locomotive of the current system. and the locomotive is the dictator and his immediate axes of enforcers as I stated above. Once this locomotive is incapacitated, then we are left with a nation full of victimised people and army. Then it would be time for Eritreans inside and outside the country, to work on building a better system that fulfills our dreams for democracy, justice and peace.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Haw Abraham,

            Let me ask you brother, a simple question. How can a single man controls the whole population without “an organized institutional system” how ever undemocratic it is? How did the Kim Il-Sung family control the Korean people? Do you think they did it with few cliques? I don’t think so. Just think out of the box of “single man and his clique” and check yourself how “an institutional power” is more powerful than the man he built it himself. They build the whole power structure from the bottom to the top with ” an ascending powers” in a pyramidal structure that enable them to watch each for their interest. Second don’t forget the military (not all)but the powerful seniors that include generals and colonels are part and parcel of the PFDJ party that controls the state machine and its system. Let me re-remind you Saay’s valuable argument, who tried to reminded us, that PFDJ has a “value system” and will defend its “value system”. You see brother I want you to see beyond ” one man and his clique.” Issayas and his colleagues know very well how to keep power in their hand – and that is by building a strong system that promote their “value system.” How difficult it is, to understand this in any political struggle, whether it is a democratic or undemocratic discourse? The rule of building political power is “building a strong institutional system.”


          • Peace!

            Dear Emma,

            That’s exactly why it is not simply a question of getting it right, which you always seem to think. The process, after all, is a power struggle with deep political, personal, cultural, and personal implications.


  • Semere Andom

    A country that feeds on its own people and founding father. Look back at the EPLF political bureau of 19977
    Isaiais Afwrki: still doing the same thing of killing and disappearing after succefullly changing alliance by creating new alliance with the Kishas and Monkeys
    Romodan Mohamed Nur: Frozen
    Ali Said Abdella: Deceased under suspicious circumstance according to a presidential security person who defected
    Petros Solomon: sick in prison,G-15
    Sibhat Ephrem: still serving IA, a job he has held since 1972
    Berhane G.Ezgabiher: Shot by PFDJ after he was in prisoned along the G-15
    Haile Wolde Tensae: G-15 blinded by diabetics, in prison
    Ogbe Abraha: presumed dead by committing suicide
    Mesfin Hagos: in exile , G-15
    Said Barreh: deceased
    Alamin M.Saed: serving IA from his death bed. powerless
    Mohamed Sherifo: presumed killed in prison

    Among the disappeared and murdered in cold blood are the Thomas Jeffersons, the Jim Madisons, the james Mornoes, the Alex Hamiltons of Eritrea. Would USA that PFDJ decries have achieved the success by eliminating its founding fathers?
    To rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, you need to have the ashses, it seems that IA and groupies are making sure that we the ashes is off limits

  • elso

    [Moderator: elsa, you start your first comment on this forum with an insult. Clean your act before attempting again. Your comment is deleted]

  • guest

    Allah yarhamak yal Liwaa Ahmad Kakay. His body was transported to eritrea overland accross Kassala by ambulance or funeral hearse according to Zajel News Agency. So much for a general who joined ELF in mid 1960s, sided with sha3biyya duriing the split of the revolution and served the Esayas regime with loyalty for over 20 years. Isnt there flight from Khartoum to Asmara?UTHKURU MAHASINA MAWTAAKUM

    • selam

      Stop this bla bla now let him rest in peace. Give him time to rest . He is our hero and let him just that. The news is not correct according to his travel to Sudan by bus that is totally false.

      • guest

        I think you’re mad i made my prayers to his soul in arabic. Read what said the first sentence. Read what i said in the last sentense. I dint say he came to sudan in a bus. Thanks anyways. I only mentioned of the mode of transporting his body back to eritrea citing Jazel News as the source.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          You did nothing but selam, with satanic mission, came and tried to interrupt you during your praying time.

          • selam

            can you do your home work tesf. and that is to learn respect and act civil

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            I am doing justice on you. You deserve destruction, vanishing. hypocrite. And there is no civility than doing this.

          • selam

            Here you go again , again i call you to calm down. It is not the end of the world and i am going no where.

            lets debate what you have , empty heads always are really very difficult to communicate and i am afraid you seems to be related to.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            You hypocrite gual hidirtina,

            Look, you can not debate with an empty head and I don’t know why you are inviting me to debate with you.

            In fact, you know very well that I am full and capable to destroy you.

            You hypocrite gual hidirtina.

          • selam

            Ok Mr , just do your study in food or agriculture or some thing like that if you want to know who holds more masters or degrees . I am not challenging your study . I am challenging your understanding about Eritrean heroes. If i give time to know more about you it will not take me that much time. But i could care less about people like you, who are blinded by hate and have no clue where they are driving.

            when i oppose HGDEF i do not blame all the generals and i know if i do that i will not be rationale about my understanding of the whole eritrean issues.

            so again i ask you to write with respect with out insulting.

          • guest

            That’s why i translated the traditional islamic ” prayer of the dead” into Arabic, so no one gets confused or offended. BTW, the second statement, i.e. REMEMBER THE GOOD DEEDS OF THE DECEASED is a quote from Prophet Muhammad ( sallallahu alaihi wa aalihi wa sallam) saying.

          • guest

            Ooooops! Into english*

        • selam

          no not at all , i understand arabic as any one who is educated. I can write, read and even define words even though arabic is wide so i can not say i know every thing 100%

          i said stop the bla bla only to the mode of transport because that is not true and i have prove.
          so feel free to post even in arabic , i am not mad either , i will never ever get mad at any one , i am not like tesf.

          • guest

            So, are you saying his coffin was airlifted from khartoum to Eritrea and not overland as Zajel reported? Then all you need is to correct the information citing your source. No need to bla blahing my statement .afterall, i mentioned the source 3 days ago and mentioned again today. Now, ” HAATU BURHAANAKUM IN KUNTUM SAADIQIN”

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        You hypocrite gual Hidirtina,

        I know your objective. The cover you are trying to make by the name of HGDEF bla bla is a scapegoating. Your mission in this forum is to distract discussions. hypocrite!

        You hypocrite gual hidirtina

        • selam

          Hi tesfe ,You want to discus lets do only that. Stop the insulting words.
          Again i stand by my words , to what i said about ethipia on the other article and i stand by what i said about the General . He is Eritrean hero and he deserve to have a day to tell all his heroic sacrifice
          with out adding false things because if you add things that are not true it will not help to tell his story.

          So do you agree not to insult me or not ?? just asking , i am not begging you to stop if you continue to do that it is your choice.

          How do you want to be activist by just threatening people calling names and so on

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            You hypocrite,

            If we are calling our murderers “hero” when ever they die, it is simply a hypocrite and so are you. The late Major General Ahmed Kakay was a hero for sure during the armed struggle but then he served being under the most barbarian regime in today’s Africa.

            May he Rest in Peace but he will also be remembered as a man among the heroes who betrayed our struggle for freedom. Worse, he is finally betrayed too. The one who betrays is also betrayed.

            you they hypocrite lady, I don’t have anything to discuss with you. You are a damn gual hidirtina.

            You hypocrite gual hidirtina, this is my activism to destroy people like you, the hypocrites. Let the other activistists deal with other issues.

            You hypocrite gual hidirtina

          • selam

            you are calling this general a murderer and i said he is not . so lets debate and bring your prove about the murder he did ? and i will defend him

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            As a major general, he was entitled to protect the people but he failed.

            Here is one of his failures to protect his people in his their own country


          • selam

            kkkkk what kidn of crap is this , the person has nothing to do with this , he is a military general and he protected you and your family when that time was tough enough. These people has never blamed himbut you are and he is not the prime suspect for their travel to sinai either so stop this

            he is respect by millions and feared by cowards , you want prove go ask dergi and weyane for the fear thing.

            for people like you he is just a killer and i wonder who do you have in eritrea when the time comes that IA off and removed , who do you think will have the fire power , your weyane ? or your westerb friends ? we will see

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            you hypocrite,

            I will expose you further. You are not here to fight PFDJ but to fight against who fight PFDJ.

            We can’t forget what happened to Eritreans when these murderers were in power. Let him Rest in Peace but his betrayal to our quest for Freedom will not be forgotten. We are not dump like you and PFDJites.

            You will be exposed further. Go on, you hypocrite.

            gual hidirtina

          • selam

            I think you are boiling now so let the air in to your house.

            I am saying he never murder people and you are keep telling me sinai story , what a crap is that.
            What ever you want to say about him, you are not fit enough to define him. He is a General and he did not get the General by running around paris , and i am not defending HGDEF or IA either but i want to tell you people like you have no place disrespecting our hero.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Selam, Tes is so kind and matured he didn’t blame the dead. he just said “failed” and 2nd him. I will not much say about the dead and wish him paradise. life after death is different. unlike this material world it is forever. you and me have been forgiven and loved unconditionally by God and we should forgive everybody. Yet, truth has to be said for one reason, because it is just truth. Those in PFDJ should learn from their own party members who are passing away in such way or even worst like Sherifo and others. see, life is so short we should not be members of “HZBE SHEYTAN” or we will join him recorded in his list. What type of death is this? death while you are serving Al Amin and Isyas? what heroism is that? how do you accept the suffering of your people and the death of your nation? anyhow RIP. RIP for you in advance too. for me too, to the man who didn’t take enough freedom so far. RIP to your president who will be expired soon but who thinks he will live in this world forever. Lol.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear KS,

            Thank you. I am very careful when selecting my sentences. When I mean it, it is my stand. But selam fabricated a lie to twist the unsaid. Unfortunately, I didn’t gossip or wispher. It is here available for everybidy.

            Thank you again.

          • Kokhob Selam

            you? you are one complete school. you are the real Eritrean Eritrea wants today. let me tell you one thing, I keep reading (sometime when I get chance) what people like Selam wrote in different times and please do that, you will find out how much they are confused. when someone stands for what he don’t believe or something he don’t know he lives life of doubt lost in his own mess.

          • selam

            actually , every eritrean is real eritrean and you have no bage or what so ever to give us our citizenship ,
            I never changed my stand , i remain with my point by saying the general is our hero and people liek tesfe have right or what so ever to disremember our hero by painting things they do not do.

          • selam

            But you said differently in other posts , why flip flopp now

            stand your ground tesfe do not flip flopp ok be a man as you would like to mention me gual ……

          • selam
          • Kokhob Selam

            Selam, still long journey waiting for you. wish you nice time. let me assure you one thing..what ever you think is right in religion is correct. say it whatever but what you believe will be materialized, for me i have different one and that will be perfect as far as I follow it. one common thing for you and me is we are human-beings and we should work for good of human beings. agree?

          • selam

            Ja , no more comment about my believe then. And i agree on the things you have said about human being

          • selam

            Here where i stand , IA is not my president , he does not represent me , i do not support him.
            I am paying dearly for his actions and i stand ready to go to streets and celebrate when he is gone.
            Until that i will work hard to deny him more time in his reign. So take me out from your painting.

            what i do not accept is , in this tread is for tesfe to blame our hero as murderer
            what i do not accept is , for people like tesfe to use small news with out prove to say what ever they want .

            I am realistic on my journey about my struggle and i stand firm about my believe i am not flip flopper like your friend tesfe . on top of that i do not offend people.

            I have the most respect for your view but i have the right to debate and challenge any one who misuse information.

            so tell to your friend to stay calm and have just respect

          • Tesfabirhan WR
          • Hope

            U Super Hypocrite,why did you run away rather than murdering the murderes while knowing all these crimes committed by the murderers you are cursing right and left in a comfort zone.
            Aren’t /weren’t you the very hand picked beneficiary of the same PFDJ you are criminilzing…..?
            Ya kezab akhber.

          • selam

            he ran and he is studying in France while his brothers get killed in sinai and in Eritrea

            Do you think tesfe is brave enough to hold his ground .He is like a fox , looking for a dead animal to eat. For your surprise he is the one who does not stand for any thing he is just a flip flopper , who has no logic.

            He want us to take him serious and as big as a mountain while , i can only see him as a weak parasyite

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            If I am not serious to you, then, why you are inviting me to debate with you. Dump me if I am useless. But I know you will not. Because you are much aware about your destruction.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Like minded people attracts likes minded and so does selam did. You are here then.

            Well, for my run, I followed you Mr. Hope. Aren’t you the one who escaped first? I escaped because my brother escaped first and you are one whom you should have protected me first from the mafia group of PFDJ. And yet, from your confort zone, USA, you are preaching about PFDJ.

            Hypocrite Hope. The most stupid person that I ever know in my life.

          • selam

            To tell you the word hypocrite is defined some how as the following
            A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for. Or a person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them called hypocrite. That should fit you perfectly.

      • guest

        Before someone is else is offended with my prayers in Arabic or misunderstand it, here is a rough translation of the two sentences. The first sentence says, ” May God’s Mercy be upon you, O General Ahmad Kakay. The last sentence says in capital letters, ” REMEMBER THE GOOD THINGS OF THE DECEASED”.
        Hope i have succeeded in clarification.

  • selam

    Brig. General Gebrehiwet Zemichael (Wedi-Liqe) was also not natural death , his death was by some internal friction inside the ranking .

  • selam

    Very sad news . I feel bad for his daughter knowing every thing to what happened to her father. Most generals are going day in day out . I hope the mad man also follows one day. I really do not see the importance of politicizing the death of our hero.

    Lets give this day to his braveness and scarifies he gave to our country.