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January 21: As Told By Official Isaias Afwerki Apologists

On January 28, a representative from the pro-Isaias regime “Eritrean community” in the US made the following “official” announcement at a Paltalk room (Eritrean unity worldwide-EPLF 1).  What follows is a summary of the 9-minute audio presentation in Tigrinya.  Words in brackets are ours.

1. On January 21, at 10:00 am the Ministry of Information was surrounded by members of the Eritrean Defense Forces who had been sent there, under false pretenses of trying to solve a problem within the ministry, by their leaders.

2. Their leaders, holding pistols, numbered five.  The innocent followers were about sixty to sixty five.  They had arrived there [from place undisclosed] on transport vehicles and were hauling tanks.

3. Inside, the five leaders [no names given] demanded that their announcement [what the announcement is is not specified: its like garlic to a vampire] be read out.  The announcement was read but due to the creativity of the MoI staff, it was never broadcast, although the leaders of the incident may have thought so.

4. Eventually, the authorities sent someone [no name] to find out what was going on.  There was an exchange of fire, one person [name, title, undisclosed] was wounded, but he is recovering [since he said this as an assurance, we can assume he is somebody whose life is valuable, ie, he is pro-Isaias Afwerki.]

5. The sixty-five innocent members of the defense forces were given the required hospitality and care and sent back to their bases.

6. The five leaders attempted an escape.  Three [no name given] were captured, the other two [no name given] escaped.  Subsequently, security forces captured one [no name.]  The remaining one was found by security forces; he would not surrender, in fact, he started shooting and [awateteam: here we will attempt a near verbatim translation]: “tekariju dikum tblwo? he was disposed of, is that how you say it?” [mocking his death is ok, because he was not a “good guy.”]

7. From the civilian side, Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein have been detained. [awateteam: this was said as an aside, as an afterthought.  He is talking about two individuals who had been loyal members of EPLF/PFDJ for decades–the former was in charge of organizational affairs for the ruling party; the latter was a governor of one of Eritrea’s six provinces.   No explanation was given as to why they are arrested.  Of course.]

Victory to the masses!
[unless Isaias Afwerki is displeased by that]

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  • yean

    focus !

    I steel wonder, witch part of the play are
    you going to act at the last HGDF tragedy .

    Time is running ! windup your focus……..

  • Speed

    Dear Gedab News,
    I am amused by the comments posted by “Focus”, would it be possible to archive his/her comments so you can dish them out once the wind of change has swept all over Eritrea?
    “Focus” you really need to focus, what planet are you on? I am really trying to find you an angle and attempt to see the current situation from your prospective, unfortunately; every time I try; I can’t find you one!!! Needless to say, this goes for all the blind supporters of the most brutal regimes in the history of all independent African nations.

  • Zemetse ymtsae werari ab baree hafash harri!!
    Awet b´qalsina b´demna mes jigna hafash Hizbena!!

  • khalid

    dear Awate team.
    its really great thing you guys are doing and specially in the brackets one , to those who blidnly support the PFDJ ( punch of funkies destroying people) i will say ya keep holding your breath for a while but believe me this is just a start and a day will come very soon either you will jump to the winner side(hypocrates always do that) or die depressed ,

    in my humbel opinion (after following for the last 7 days ) what happened was unfurtunately not properly and accurately planned coup , to someone whos been following what was going inside the circuit of PFDJ pillars for the last few months its oviously clear there was some thing to happen but for what reason no one knows it went wrong ,
    here we pay respect to those lost their life/s and promise them we will follow up what they died for ,
    and take hats off to whoever contributed to in this historic day,
    yes it did fail but that is not a problem for now just lets countinue trying and trying becuase at the end success is what comes out of several failed try …..

    Victory to the masses (eccept PFDG & thier followers of cours)…..

    • Sabrin

      I don’t believe the recent incidence at Forto is failed. Their courageousact spread like a wild fire throughout the world and they managed to disseminate their message to everybody. Their action boasts the opposition and gave hope to the oppressed people in Eritrea. Moreover, it uncover how the system is weak and fragile. Now it will be a matter of time to see another bog movement in Eritrea.

  • Oakland

    Why I am not surprised after listening to Alaza Abraham PalTakl. Isn’t he same guy with same message for the last 25+ years? Shame!!!!

    • Gedab News


      Yep. Alazar has been the “leader” of the Eritrean higdef community in Oakland for as long as Isaias has been the “leader” of higdef. These guys are not big fans of term limits… But there are new kids on the block, Eritrean Youth for Change (now part of the Eritrean Youth for Solidarity and Change) who don’t know what words like “fear” and “intimidation” mean. See why we are so optimistic?

  • Maekele

    It is good to see awate team heard the complaint of visitors on how to handle maters ( news and comments) thanks for your +ve action.

  • haile

    Dear Awate,

    All said and done, Forto 2013 might go down in the history of the ordeals called Eritrea, as an incident that was most publicized and least analysed.

    It may well be the case that the cause and the effect have been swapped places in the when the so called Forto 2013 is analysed by many.

    Things to rule out:

    It was not an attempted coup, no question raised to that effect.

    It was not a popular uprising, no such reality has been demonstrated on the ground.

    It was not an act of taking taking up public grievances to the authorities, none of the current hot issues as lack of basic necessities, national service, migration…have been raised.

    It was not a wide spread movement within the armed forces, no such reality has unfolded.

    Things to rule in

    The issue involves limited number of people, with specific issues of individual nature.

    Mostafa Nurhusheen (Southern region) has been arrested.

    The reports also indicate, the soldiers came from southern region.

    Mustafa Nurhusheen was to be arrested, the soldiers main request was the release of those arrested G-15 and constitution

    Isn’t it coincidental that a southern administrator was to be arrested, and a group of soldiers from that same region would come out of the blue to protest the arrest of G-15 (as many years later!)

    Here is my dime’s worth

    Abdella and Mustafa knew they were likely to go down (may be under kititl-supervision) and Col. Osman, Sied, wedi Ali… had done what a best (not necessary good/smart) friend would do. They did all they can to stave off the imminent arrest of Abdella and Mustafa from happening. Some paid with their life. The rest is history.

  • rodab

    I can only imagine how painful it must have been for the regime to confirm Gedab New’s report about the arrests of A. Jabir and M. NurHussien.
    I believe the statement we heard on this audio today is the first and the last official report. That’s all we are going to get. Don’t believe the habitual promise of ‘we will submitt details once completed’ crap. That’s exactly what they said when the regime’s biggest ship capsized years ago.
    Case closed as far as PIA is concerned.
    Caveat, however: If indeed we get more and more details from the regime, it is a sign that PIA is feeling vulnerable. Editorials and commentaries under funny names will be symptoms to watch.

  • dani

    There is one thing which is clear lie and distortion of information by the so called PFDJ. Isiais and his subordinates are engaging only securing their power by undermining the Eritrean people. What ever they say, what ever they lie it is not far to be judged.

  • rodab

    I acually believe, to some extent, “halengy” existed for a while. And she did us favor in terms of dealing with Ethio and Unionist abusers at the time. On May 25, 1991, she got up early, thanked God for showing her independence, and passed away happly and quietly feeling a sense of accomplishment.

  • Focus

    Oh, one more thing – the government is in its own right not to tell you or any body as to who is in Custody, or who is a fugitive, who is under investigation- because this thing could be an ongoing process – checking a terrorist ring could be a lengthy process and a sensitive thing, kind of who should know basis, you never know “HALENGI” ERITRAWIAN – may reach your door- as you seem to be deep into it – naming names, telling us what people intended to do or we’re thinking – etc

    You could be part of it,


    • Gedab News


      You still believe in that Halengi myth? Here’s a wake up call: nobody else does. That’s some faith you got… But unlike PFDJ, we respect everybody’s right to worship any god they choose:)

      And monkey see, monkey do, you are already miming that “terrorist” thing. Good luck with that.

      • Focus

        Let us say, you mis-read that one. Sure, I wrote halengi Ertrawian, and you responded with what is in your head. Respect faith, did you say.? Well your list of the actors, yor actors – is puting some ideas at the back of Eritreans mind, I hope you are not trying to play that cheap devisive scheme, haileslasie, devised on our fathers.

        • henok

          Oh Focus, sure you are confused; natka shitaras aykonen nayti haweboKa ayte issayas keman aygidisenan. Forto 2013 will continue with full force.

    • Sawa

      A fool please don’t play

  • Focus

    So, we are into paltalk now, huh? Sweet.
    Buy you know what, in all your presentation of this incident at hand, I had similar observations too – like, how the hell did you know what was said in the presidential office? And like, you referred to few dudes as, the “leaders” many times do, [you did not mention their names, but may be you mean those who were misled by ANATSU WOYANIE, ok we got it]. And like, you got over your head, now that the Plouts , mentioned your website[ oh, that dude, for some reason – is so ati- Eritrea ] and all, you started to tell us the what each individual was thinking or what he was intending to do etc.

    So, dudes, it is ok to go back to your usual imaginary worlds, philosophers and philosophy, intertwining all the Ethiopians and their puppets [anatsu woyanies]

    • Gedab News


      Are you referring to this paragraph when you asked “how the hell did you know what was said in the presidential office”?:

      “The typical attendants of such a meeting are Abraha Kassa (“wedi Kassa”), Simon Gebredengel (the chief and deputy, respectively, of national security) Tesfaldet, Halibay, and the two Yemanes (Yemane “Charlie” Gebremeskel and Yemane “monkey” Gebremariam)–all from the President’s Office. The typical approach is ad hoc: there is never a contingency plan. The typical solution is: do we destroy them now, or do we destroy them later? That is, should we take forceful action now, or should we take forceful action later.”

      Notice the word “typical” and “typically.” We are saying that this is how the regime has dealt with every other crisis in the past and, it stands to reason, this is how it dealt with this particular one. The same five guys handle every unexpected event from foreigners in a remote island to overturned bus to bread lines.

      Normal governments have functioning ministries who are expected to deal with whatever is in their portfolio. But not in Eritrea: everything is run from the “President’s Office” and the security apparatus (invited to the president’s office.) So the next attempt for change should simply focus on Isaias Afwerki and his brain trust. The rest are just appendages.

      • Focus

        I did notice that word “typical” and I know you use it frequently. So, are you calling the Eritrean people stupid, now? if what you said is a typical thing, then it is something the Eritrean people already know, tight? After all the Eritrean people and their government have been togather for more than two decades. So, why in God’s name are you adding your spin to any thing? What is with the brackets and all? what are you any way? a news outlet,…ummm hold on a second, I was just playing with you – I know what you are – you are a cheap tabloid trying to look a respectable news media. Anway, here is 101, for you: if you are claiming to be a news media – then present the news and leave the judgement to your readers.

        Now, back to the topic at hand, why are you presenting this as an official statement of the government – if the government want this to be official, we all know they will release a press release. If we are going to go with paltalk – with variety of audiences, Eritrean, non eritrean people, all other and ofcourse anatsu nay woyanie as well (Relate that to “Sew megdel Aifkedim, Galam Bihon.”….ask Papi, if any one did not get that), then it means we will take all the fools that speak at the Teterrrrrrr room, all the people and of course, pilot, Selam kidane, and all the anatsus… you see, that doesnt work

        By the way – your condoning of the Eritrean Embassy london – says a lot about you – it shows how low you got

        • danny

          Dude, get a grip.

        • Gedab News

          No we are not calling the Eritrean people stupid [although we have no objection to you identifying yourself as one.] We are not adding any spin [we are pointing out the obvious to low-information PFDJ junkies–not you of course.]

          We are a news media and an opinion journal [sometimes opinion journals give opinions.] If this is a cheap tabloid and you, Focus, under 17 different pen names consume it, what does that make you [we have a long list of names for you, too.] Paltalk is just a medium [PFDJistas having waged war on humanity are now going after inanimate objects.] It can be used for awesome things [yesterday there was an awesome virtual concert attended by close to 1700 pro-liberty people on Eritrean Paltalk rooms] or it can be used for propaganda purposes [like the one video we linked to here–a PFDJista reading an awaj and taking no questions.] No, the PFDJ does not have a habit of “press releases” [actually, it has a long history of wahiyo and, as Bereket Mengestab sang decades ago, “wahiyo niew bela wahiyo hishukshuk iyu amela.”] We are providing a service to our audience, opposition members, an English translation of a Tigrinya audio. [you, Focus, are what the Amara used to call “tesabi”, a trailer. You can be dropped, at will, so show a little respect and stop annoying awate readers.]

          And, hell, yes we applaud what Eritreans did at the Eritrean embassy in London. It is their building after all, remember? And they can either go in there paying 2% and saying yassa, massa, like you, or they can storm it. More at every embassy, we hope. Feel free to use the new word you have been re-introduced to–which PFDJ uses every time it is desperate–“terrorist!” That dog won’t hunt for you anymore, but thanks for playing.

          • henok

            Dame! he used 17 different names? He must be confused or paid PFDJ puppet.

          • Focus

            Good enough, tabloid it is.

            This is what you said:
            “…It is their building after all, remember? And they can either go in there paying 2% and saying yassa, massa, like you, or they can storm it…..”
            If your son and daughter (God, help me – I am calling that hideous woman – Selam kidane,a daughter. God, sorry, I am just making a point) came to the kitchen and started to break your dishes, for whatever reason, and terrorize your wife or house help, would that be justified?

            Going into a building and breaking staff is called vandalism at least, or storming into a building without a permission and terrorizing defenseless receptionists and members of the Embassy is Terrorism, at best. Here you go, the word “terrorist”

            May be your twisted brain and your hatred is clouding your judgment, but, the Eritreans on your least happened to be Muslim. Well, that says a lot about the Eritrean government, doesn’t it? It means Eritrea, as it is 50% Muslim and 50% Christians – both have equal place in the Eritrean Government, in PFDJ – everywhere. And that is the beauty of Eritrea and that is the beauty of the Eritrean government,
            Well, I cannot say that for the “Anatsu Woyanie”…(Read: so called opposition), unfortunately. You see, you have already started to make the whole incident of last Monday to look as something to do with religion. I mean, why does anything you touch gives you that feeling,. Not good. Not good for Eritrea. You people, should stay where you are. We don’t want you to pollute our people.

            Oh, sure paltalk- yea well, going back through your archives, this is the first time you started to talk about paltalk. What happened to the Gedeb is different than assena , bullshit you were throwing at people a while ago. Changed your color again? Figures. Again, not good for Eritrea. Like I said stick with your philosophers and philosophy junkie. Papi comes to mind here

            Nic names? Who cares about nic names? We know who is who here. Your website changed its look. Same shit

          • Focus

            [you, Focus, are what the Amara used to call “tesabi”, a trailer. You can be dropped, at will, so show a little respect and stop annoying awate readers.]

            So, I have to clap, and chear with any one who hates Eritrea .But guises his/her hate with a thin film of words like “hate of PFDJ ? “Down with PFDJ”?, “Democracy”, “Constitution” etc.- not to annoy your readers?

    • Sam


    • Abe

      “ANATSU” are delicious meal to some society.When a man loves his Fox (wokaria),it can push a mountain

  • Tesfa

    It sound like a telling tale story that you read
    to quiet worried motherless children

    • Gedab News


      Shakespeare figured out PFDJ a long time ago. Here’s Macbeth: just replace “Life” with “Isaias”

      Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
      And then is heard no more: it is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.

      • Yodita

        Gedab News:

        Out out brief candle
        Life’s but a walking shadow…

  • araya

    I think we need just to reevaluate things. The oppositions have gone too deep to the point they don’t even know what they are opposing and we have the supporters of the government accusing as a terrorists to the people who asked for constitution to be implemented and for the political prisoners to be released. I am afraid, even the awate-team have become the very sensational news item not to be out done by

    please let’s think the people and the country first.

  • Papillon

    I wonder if Ali Abdu would have been added to the list of detainees if he was still in Eritrea. Hope he will break the silence and cast light on the new development for it must have started a while back when he was still in Eritrea.

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dear Papillon,

      Certainly Ali knows a lot. If he were to speak, he would have single-handedly destroyed a big chunck of PFDJ appartus with a single interview. He should be encouaged to speak out. His testimony would have far-reaching impacts even to implicate mining companies like Nevsun which is under a lot of pressure for making a business deal with a nation that is heavily sanctioned by UN and Canada for its terrorist ties.

      The tragedy of Eritrea is not so much that there is Isayas Afewerki (no contest there) but also its children have betrayed when it needs them most. Ali does have special responsibilty to mend history, to do right by the vicitms of the regime he himself was part of, to tread the road less travelled. Isn’t that another twist of fate that few EPLF/GoE leaders speak out when Eritrea needs them? The brave who do speak out, do so when it is about Eritrea as early as 1970s? Redie Alena, Tesfay Temnewo. But for those who matter most now, like Naizghi, Shengeb, mum is the word.

      If and when Ali listens to his conscience and decided to speak out, that would forever change our activism and..Eritrea.

      • Papillon

        Dearest Ghezae,

        Well put. It is an enigma. EPLF was born and built on a secrecy and morphed itself onto a riddle where the people are left to speculate hanging on a limbo ad infinitum.

        Secrecy or keeping things close to the chest could as well be one of the realities of a Front but when a Front runs its course and gets transformed onto a government, transparency ought to be the basic tenet it identifies itself with. But obviously, the Front and its leader(s) are determined to get stuck in time where the Eritrean people are victims the world is yet to gasp with an untold horror.

        The interesting thing is, when we place our hopes on the people who abandon the beast to come out and speak out about the skeletons in the closet, tragically it seems, even when they abandon the regime, they still carry the “code” of secrecy with them where the rest of us are buffeled to the point of utter perplexity. The regime could as well play, “I will do harm to your love-ones if you say anything damaging” but still, if their resolve doesn’t transcend the human frailty, where is the valour and the much revered Tegadalay in them then? Forto 2013 is a must win!


      • peace

        ali abdu maybe he was killed who knows

      • Focus


        Out of the twisted and sick things your ubnormal mind seems to come up with, your obbsession with the idea of kicking out the mining companies from Eritrea is unparalledled. And it is very aparent it is just a first class hate towards Eritrea, and deep rooted fear that Eritrea might make it. You are simply out of this world.

    • zegeremo

      He knows that his parents and siblings will be executed should he say a word. So, are you saying it doesn’t matter? That would be inconsiderate.



    I will shock myself by admitting for the first time EPLF /PFDJ/MUDADA/SELFI BARNET ,for the first time has uttred a phrase that is true.And from all who tried to spin this “news” (Awate Excluded) ,I believe the MUDADA spin to be the closest to the truth .THE SOLDIERS THAT SUPPOSEDELY CAPTURED ENDQA ZENA DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS UP:(the first ever truth from mudada)…and how did tsere Gedli /MUDADA knows this …,simple ,they are the authors & actors of the whole issue.The Authority that sent them with the sealed envelope was duped himself.
    From the onset, it was planned to blame it on the “Islamist Terrorists” and few others.That is why the only name you heard were moslem names.
    The way I know this is because Awate presented the news as is (thanks Awate).
    This “coup” might as well have been planned by a Retarded person on crack.I HAVE A LOT OF RESPECT TO BELIEVE THIS Sesame street style COUP:
    I refuse ,because I am well wiser than a good number of us.PFDJ is not as stupid as us to think they can attract investors.They do not want ,that is why they are selling our gold with 10% revenue .The profit outweighs the risk.They want to scare away investors, so that they could use the excuse that the moslem terrorists made it bad for Eritrea.
    DO NOT BE SURPRISED ,IF THE EXPLANATION ,ina year or so will be ,that ALI ABDU ;left the country to set this Islamist thing up .Isaias knows the opposition Hamashen/Eritreans are slightely wiser than his Hamashen/Eritreans that lick his boots.
    MARK MY WORDS & STOP INSULTING HEROS LIKE COL. OSMAN..for things he nevwer planned or knew of.

  • Elenta

    More has been written and told about the incident on January 28,’s too early to assess the damage done on PIA regime or predict the psychological boost it give on the Eritrean defense force who has been out of ideas how to get rid of the Monster. But if there is one thing that this incident bring change: it’s GEDABNEWS.

    It is a good start and please keep it up!!

    It doesn’t matter who got the information first as long as it is a news you should consider it posting in the news page; don’t tell us to browse the Google link.

  • Hadnet

    Awate you guys are really doing a good job. The words in brackets can really help those who find it hard to understand PFDJ tactics. Those who are blindly supporting.

    • Gedab News

      Thanks Hadnet:

      You gotta feel sorry for the blind followers. Monday, they were confused. Tuesday, they were depressed. Wednesday, they were confused. Friday, they were hoping that the news about the arrest of Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein was wrong. Monday, it was confirmed to them that it was. Now, they don’t know if they should be waiting for the government to deny that the arrest of Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein, or if they should cheer the government for arresting people who obviously deserve to be arrested (because the government said so.)

      It is a child-like life when you surrender your critical faculties and you are told what to think and what to feel:)

      • HGDEF

        You said “Friday, they were hoping that the news about the arrest of Abdella Jaber and Mustapha Nurhussein was wrong”.

        I believe every one should hope any news of arrest and killings were wrong. It is nothings wrong of wishing such things not happen. But your comment tells that people against PFDJ were happy by “killings and arrests”. That tells the rael difference between you and us.

  • Papillon

    The spin-story aside, it is still to be seen if the regime will disclose the detention of Abdella and Mustapha to the Eritrean people in Eritrea either through D’mtsi Haffash or Haddas Ertra.

    • Hadnet

      Well, 2% first class citizens i.e Eritrean Diaspora are those who matter. PFDJ doesnt care about people inside Eritrea and I dont expect them to disclose the incident officially to Eritreans in Eritrea

    • Focus

      Here is the deal, Papi :

      You are getting way over your head – trying to dictate what our Gov. should and should not do. And you are also flying high in your imaginary world giving yourself a high regard. We all know, what happened during that day, be it Eritreans version, or “Anatsu Nay Woyanies Version”, and really amounts to nothing. Of course you people are scavenging and hanging on to something – you thought is something. If you really analyses the incident, it never, coincides, even remotely, to what you people wish – so, you lose, as usual. No news there. Eritrea and the Eritrean people win, as usual. No news there too.

      On top of that, we know some people here are Unionist, subordinates and what not (No names, here ok?)

  • It fill shem we eritreans for how long we will safer

  • It called life

    • Helen_T

      I happened to be in the paltlak room when the “big announcement” was made. After the announcement some of them start to ask more questions like.
      1-the person who was killed when in keren road..”how did he manage to go all the way with out resistant”
      2-We are told about Abdela jabir and other top official how about the lower ranks that were involved. Who are they…?
      and many more questions.. the answer was because it is still under investigation..the same people who are not satisfied by the answer ask more questions.finally the administrator (a female) took the MIC and warning them not ask questions she announce the subject to be changed.

      • Focus

        Why is “It is still under investigation” not a valid answer? Even a small police station in any part of the world doesn’t respond in a haste to satisfy anybody who is asking. They have to make sure. When it comes to political staff – it may never even be told until the right time. So cut the crap. Even Anatsu nay woyane, accuse the other Anchiwa nay woyanie – for saying staff prematurely. You remember the issue about Ali Abdu? Awate was accusing Assena, and Assena was accusing Awate or the other, what is its name website. Mind you all these live in a dream world, and administer and lead that imaginary Eritrea. But they are in their own right – to decide as when to tell us what they are doing in their imaginary world.
        Under investigation – we gono have to suck that up