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Ethiopia Occupies Adi Tekhlai And Sheshebit

On Saturday morning March 17, 2012, Ethiopian forces made a second incursion inside Eritrean territories and attacked several Ethiopian opposition and Eritrean security camps.

Though Ethiopia has, denied Saturday’s attack, Gedab News learned that, on Saturday, the Ethiopians have occupied the villages of Adi Teklai, Sheshebit and surroundings. These two villages are close to the village of Badme which was the flashpoint in the fierce border war of 1998-2000 where about 70,000 soldiers died from both sides.

Gedab News has also learned that on last Thursday’s attack, Ethiopian forces have occupied a swath of land east and west of Bada including the villages of Renda, Detsen, Alha, Gindab where the Ethiopian forces still are as of the time this report is published.

The military objective of the attack seems to be to destroy Ethiopian opposition camps that are backed and supported by the Eritrean government.

Reached by phone, Eritrean opposition leaders tell Gedab News that they were not only NOT informed about Ethiopia’s military operation, even as a courtesy, they actually learned of them along with the rest of the public.

Ethiopia has long threatened to take military action in Eritrea for the Eritrean regime’s role in destabilizing the region by arming and training Ethiopian and Somali armed groups.  Over the last few months, internal power struggles within Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea have resulted in many surrendering to the Ethiopian government and providing actionable intelligence.

According to those who have either surrendered to Ethiopia or those who have given up, the Ethiopian opposition groups are scattered throughout the Eritrea-Ethiopia and the Eritrea-Sudan borders, with many not too far from Sawa military camp, barely 30 kilometers away from Nevsun Resources’s gold mine concession in Bisha.

Since the last Eritrea-Ethiopia ground war of 1998-2000, the Ethiopian government has acquired long range missiles which have shifted the balance of power further in its favor, which may explain why it believes that the Eritrean government is not in a position to retaliate.

In a curious protest letter to the United Nations, the Eritrean government essentially quoted the Ethiopian press release without providing its side of the story, or chronology, of what transpired on March 15, 2012.

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  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    ኣንቲ ባዓልቲ ውቃጦ ,
    I had had high vakue tag etched in my head about you… alas… you cheapened your worth as you are one of the few educated Eritrean women who beautifully write this way .. but you seem to be totally detached in not grasping what my drift is ..yea my “venting ranting..” whatever label you give it -even anger- total anger, bitter… – aren’t you!? … well those of us who are … don’t blame us.. perhaps we have seen what you failed to see… … when you only beautifully beautified your forms… that is sad.
    well the bottom line is: my fear is

    እቲ ንኢትዮጵያውያን ኣብ ዓዘቕቲ ድኽነትን ድንቁርናን ዝሸኸለ -institutions- እቲ ትሕዝቶ (content) ተረዲኢኪ’ስ … so you fear for the future of Eritrea and its people is my drift here :

    a) once society’s values that are endowed with morality & humanity are destoryed by an institutionalized system then that is when people like Eyob become blind when millions of Humans like him are reduced to become beggars and lepers. well they say -one wo/man’s treasure is another wo/man’s trash- right? so
    if one feels that pain at least acknoledging that reality in itself is one good thing.

    to shorten it… if you care about Eritrea and its future, then fear for the totally demolished values. that is if you care. but again, if Eritrea had been endowed with people who actually worry about its future, then there would have been some magic instead of bickering for 20 years now… at least the giant writers of the 15+yrs. (since the Dehai.Org inception to put it bluntly.. such as the Hannibal Iyobs, the Mobae Afewerkis, the Amanuel Mellesse, the Dawit Mesfins, the Million Semeres, the Mesfun Rusoms, the Dr. Tekie F (RIP) .. the what not .. ) would have come together and say for the sake of our people, our soul, let our individual ego go to the dust bin, so the ordinary people of Eritrea wouldn’t be reduced to what our ordinary Humans (the Ethiopians) have been to. so people let us be real. c’mon now .. would have been the urgency. but..but

    … … yet again … another disappointment, Lady Dragon with all your ቆንጆ ኣፀሓሕፋ – ኣፀሓሕፋ ጥራሕ (beautified forms) ኮይኑዃ ተሰመዓኒ ሕጅስ! ነቲ ሓደገኛ ውቃጦ -the institutionalizing of crimes, prostitution, killing, art of deception, rationalization of wrongdoings, Justification of wrongdoings that is now gripping Eritrea (and ERITV turning on to BET & MTV) .. well… what is left to not worry about…

    – ክንእደኪ ምህዋኸይ – ነቲ ርቡፅ ታህዋኸይ ቆንጠኹዎ!!!

  • rodab

    The short-tempered woyane issued a sketchy statement today saying,

    “Ethiopia condemns in the strongest possible terms the irresponsible statement issued by the Italian Foreign Ministry and the position taken by the Italian Government on Eritrea’s destabilization activities in the Horn of Africa. ”

    All this is because Italy dared to mildly criticize them for arrogantly violating the sovereignty of an independent state. I don’t know how woyane’s thinking works but I sure hope they couldn’t have expected bouquets of flowers for violating international law.

    During the Eri-Ethio war of 1998-2000, woyane’s foreign ministry was issueing countless statements condemning individuals, among others, who dared to criticize them (Tekie F/Tsion(RIP) & Saleh AA Y probably had gotten such statements, I don’t remember).

    Truth is, the woyanes are as pathetic and as incompetent as they ever were. They are just a little , just a little more progressive compared to the stagnant one-man PFDJ government.

    • Selam :- rodab,or should i say road-up ? The Weyanes are not short-tempered.They are clever.


      • hailemichael

        exciter: that is just way tooooo… an over kill, to put it mildly. Is there a single project that was ‘cleverly’ executed by them? None.

        • Selam :- Brother hailemichael, you know, since I came here to Awate.com, I never copied something of Ethiopian websites about the Ethiopian economy into Awate.com to challenge any of my compatriots because I believe that every one can see how the Ethiopian economy is booming since several years. It would be easy if I would tell: look at them, they are building many dams for selling electricity to Djibouti, (Southern)Sudan and Kenya. We don’t need to talk about their coffee, gold or flower exports and all of this without owning a port. Since 1998, when the war started, Ethiopia is a landlocked nation and decided to use the port of Djibouti. Now look how the port of Djibouti became one of the most modern ports in Africa. What can we as Eritreans say about our ports in Massawa and Assab? Nothing. Since the war against Ethiopia, our ports became crap. The way how the Ethiopian government always play a role in the international policies and how they act makes them not isolated like our country Eritrea. This is why I say that the Ethiopians are clever, they know how to score points and what can we say about our dictator Isayas and his PFDJ mafia? Absolutely nothing. My opinion is that one shouldn’t downplay the Ethiopian economy because of our border problems with them. One should stay authentic and honest.


          • hailemichael

            Exciter: Selam N’akha

            The Ethiopian people are indeed clever, hard working and God fearing. I admire their achievements and wish them much more. The woyane are none of that. Every single action they take is crass stupidity, they only survive courtesy of their patrons. If we tell them off, Ethiopia will disintegrate…goes the argument. They only against the PFDJ that they look smart, compare them to any one else, and clever is the next to the last thing that would come to mind.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    Eyob Medhanie,
    …ይህች ኣጣጣፍሽ ኣላሳቀችኝም ብልሽ – እንደው ዋሾ ዋሾ ያስብላል’ኮ – …
    “I for one am still arguing with the neighborhood thief that you introduced me, trying to get my wallet back, which he swore “…barba Aratu Tabot…” that he didn’t take it….

    ያንቺ መሠረታዊ ችግር’ኮ የሥር መሠረት ችግኝ ነዉ ብለሽ በችግኙ በመታወርሽ – ምኑ ቅጡ ውጥንቅጡ እንዴት ይታይሽ!? ደግሞ’ኮ ኣዲስን እንዂዋ የማታቂው ጀግናይቱ … ኣዋቂ ይመስል ሥልጤ ምናምንቴ እያልሽ መፎተቱ … ብይ’ን መሰንጠቅ ይቻልን !፧

    ምስኪኑን የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ለድህነትና ድንቁርና የቸከለዉን ዋና መሠረታዊ መንስኤዉን እንዃ at this point in time, ያልገባሽ ; ያኔ’ማ እንዴት ነበርሽ ወዳጅዬ-!? …

  • Hameed

    Dear The Secular Socialist Republic,

    When I read your comment I thought I have made a grave mistake towards the vested rights of James Jouce, McCarthy, Adem Smith, George Orwell, Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls), Newton, Dostoevsky, Steinbeck (I guess a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the QUALITY and NUMBER of his GLORIES. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness and it sets each man separate from all other men.)

    What all you have done in your comment is: You have taken us around the world from Venzula, North Korea, Afganistan, Iraq, Bolivia, Iran, Qatar, Israel, USSR, Eastern Europe, and you compared for us the power between Meles and Isaias only to tell us ” the ability of Eritreans to resist is an important topic. Even though our history is often built as a myth of self-relliance and resistance.” Here you want to say though Meles has power and friends, but we have a power of resistance which is proved by the myth of our self-relliance, therefore the power of Meles is nothing to us.

    And in your today comment you tried to convince us by saying: “here is more chance to succeed against Shaebia and to establish a lasting democracy through internal revolution than with the invasion of the nation.” And at last you come out to advice us “the Eritrean masses have to set aside their oppositions and differences in order to guarantee our national sovereignty.” Just only this what your developed mind manufacture. Do you have anything else?

    In all your comment you were revolving around the glob to puke what I have quoted here in before paragraph. In fact this I don’t call a developed mind, but I call it a swindling mind. You tried to hide through your comments in order to cheat the people of Eritrea, but the people of Eritrea have taken a bitter lesson that make them strong enough to be fooled by the worn out tactics. The field of deceit that you were graduated on will not work any more. The slaves will not fight under the flag of the mafia regime. I think this is clear for the dictator, but upto now you are unable grasp it until it is declared clearly to you by the head of the criminals in Asmara.

    It seems you don’t know how to put priorities and position yourself in a battlefield. As you said you strongly advocate to fight under the flag of Isaias which equals to dictatorship and criminality. The question that didn’t still pass through your developed mind is: After the defeat of Meles, does Isaias will come out of the war weaker or stronger? Of course, you will get the dictator and his cults jumping after the victory and claiming they are the only ones who fought courageously and they deserve the country and all its property. Everything will be endorsed to Nisu and Nihna. The moment you oppose this you will be called weyane and hunted. What did you get from your defense under the flag of Isaias? I am sure, you will come out of Eritrea running to tell us arrogantly with out any shame that you were cheated. And when you are forgiven and given a second chance to grow up, you will repeat again similar fatal mistakes.

    To consider you a man of developed mind and wise you should have directed your call to the Eritrean defense forces to get rid of the mafia regime as soon as possible so as to unite the people of Eritrea against any supposed, imagined and speculated enemy.

    When I read your scribbles about a developed mind, I thought you are the Father of the Atom who named the alpha and beta particles, but I think you are just a set of big zeros.

    • The secular socialist republic

      “To consider you a man of developed mind and wise you should have directed your call to the Eritrean defense forces to get rid of the mafia regime as soon as possible so as to unite the people of Eritrea against any supposed, imagined and speculated enemy.“

      Who am I? God ? Not at all, there is no way I would do that and there is no way it would have any effect. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon stated that execrable displayed wealth alienated the individual. For many years, Eritreans living in the Diaspora have spent thousands of dollars building fancy houses and classy cars they could not afford in the West. Faced to this reality, the masses are alienated, they perceive success as being materialism. They tend to resort to individualism, NO ONE and i repeat NO ONE in today’s Eritrea cares more about the Nation than about his/her own interests. For today’s Eritreans, living under Shaebia, THE ONE AND ONLY DREAM is to escape to become RICH. So, how do you want me to convince them to care about their nation? This generation of SAWA-WARSAI is the exact opposite of their fathers of DJEBHA-SHAEBIA, they think FIRST ABOUT THEMSELVES.

      And about all the other points you mentioned, read, learn, understand, analyze and then you will really perceive what i meant. You don’t follow reason and intellect, you follow emotions. You follow the heart while i follow the mind. You remind me of all those YPFDJ idiots, you seem to be able to answer to everything, even though your answers are worth nothing. Instead of trying to portray me as a pro-Isaias activist, go to university and listen, read, study, analyze…then you’ll understand the world is neither black nor white. If what comes out of you after reading my comments is that I support Isaias, then you deserve to be despised.

  • Tecle

    [Moderator: Dear Tecle, please note that this is a comment forum and avoid posting full articles copied from other sources. You can suggest a link if you wish. We have deleted your post]

  • Fadayeen

    jay shokay you how you act stupid am Moslim and proud eritrean am sure you are not eritrean have you heard this pro-verb: “Al3ab b’kulu shay Ma’tal3ab B’zub abuk” since an idiot you need to learn Eritrean history we fought as one we will live united weather you like it or not “We Eritreans” you may support ethipia agration it’s your right but you have no right to blame tigrigna speaker essays doesn’t represent tigrigna speaker wake up smell da coffee.

  • shoan

    the tatto girl:
    certainly light and/perfume. the emperor/meles wants to trace that to the source.

    the wise-guys/mobspeak, these days are all over the web. they are attcacking in swarms, and can gather storm and flash crowd on a short order. there is a big budget for that.

    ETHIOPIANS AND ERITREANS UNITE. The only thing you lose is your dictators.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    The sad reality is that:
    a) there are many dark-minds who were born and raised in Addis (just like us) but clueless how the Ordinary people of Ethiopia have been Systematically & Institutionally made
    (i) Lepers
    (ii) Beggars
    (iii) illiterate – we remember it all as Highschoolers (9 thru 12) while Michael Jackson thrilling the world when we had to teach our poor ordinary illiterate Ethiopians – yes we love the ordianry Ethiopians so dearly back then & NOW!
    (iv) ..and what was not there that ordinary Ethiopians had not been deprived of

    and who are these institutions:
    (i) Ethiopia’s Ultranationalist – the Oligarchies, the feudals, the rich that totally mismanged and starved Ethiopia (The Emperor system, the Dergue system ).

    (ii) The churches that have been swarmed by ordinary Ethiopians who have been made beggars & Lepers
    and the churches looked the other way .. and as a tsediQ .. they would throw coins so they go to their imagined heaven… not to the one that God would decided to…. but how would they know as they themselves are totally thickened with good life: the food, the Tella (suwa), the Senbette Injera, the wandering around to people’s house as “Abat nefess” .. nefsaachew yeTfanna … Hodam Qessoch hulu…

    and there are Ethiopians and Eritreans’ born from Addis whose dark minds had made them Dead-men-
    walking- and argue here at Awate… while these realities were at the threshold of their 5 sensors…

    so is this the making of TPLF? has this all been hatched at the watch of TPLF. If you are, the individual you are, in sync with your God-given conscience then only then, you will say NO! – TPLF has only thrived at what awaited to it. That simple! … no one in the right mind frame condone its actions or inactions but totally dumping Ethiopia’s past mess to TPLF is simply being a cheat — or — ya’ enkuan Leksekissu ye’sefer Leba..that is not that advanced who would steal the ordinary people’s clothes hanging to dry. … that simple!

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      Now you’re mumbling. What happened between your previous input and the next? Venting? Blowing some steam off? Awate.com could as well be a lee-way to gush the daily stressors of life out.

      • Eyob Medhane

        ….My lady, actually, if structured well, the above post from ordinary, which you thought mumbling could be turned to a nice, old fashioned blues song….All you gotta do is at the end of each paragraph…You harmonize the last sentence, with long drawl of …”emmmmmm…I got the blue……….s……oh yeah…..”


        The great Sebhat Gerbre-Egziabeher, who I am pretty sure you try to emulate with a much less wit and wisdom passed away recently. Dead or alive, he probably was one of very few public figures that unite almost all Ethiopians. The reason why I brought up Gash Sebhat is he also used to speak a lot about the poor and downtrodden to make very poignant political points, just like you are trying to do. The difference between you and him is he makes his point hidden in his ponder, he quickly wanders off his readers’ thoughts for a minute and make them think outside the box, then get them back to the point, before they even know it. In other words, he knows how to digress skillfully. I am sure, if you keep work on it, you might be able to achieve the same skill one day. But now, you just keep taking us in to the world of lepers, beggars and neighborhood thieves and never get us back to where we started. I for one am still arguing with the neighborhood thief that you introduced me, trying to get my wallet back, which he swore “…barba Aratu Tabot…” that he didn’t take it….

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    Not sure why y’all are catching on fire as though something new has just taken place. Ghezae Hagos’s point is on the mark.

    The only new thing is that EPRDF’s strategy of No-war-No-peace has neither choked the weakend foe in Eritrea nor reduced it to the point of nuisnace anymore. In fact, the weakend rat has shown durability, like my grandpa’s sun-bathed weak-again-strong-again Everady battery, to even train some fools (the fools unattainable dream) in doing its proxy war.

    And the decade old dose#1 the No-war-No-Peace has done its job for EPRDF in putting the marriage of PFDJ & the people of Eritrea into a irreconciable phase.

    Eritreans, albeit their deep love to their nation, won’t burst into flames as they used to be under the guidance of PFDJ. Eritreans are at the stage of just being bystanders, onlookers while EPRDF go at it in demolishing PFDJ for good. The hatred towards PFDJ is too much. who can blame us. It has even sliced our good values, the moral dimension, the customs, the cultural norms. Even those of us who grew up far away who dearly loved the people, the culture and bowed to our parents zeal in the learning of speaking & writing the TiGriNa language so fluently .. are now finding ourselves restless for almost 2 decades now.

    The moment PFDJ is hacked off into pieces, I doubt and hope that EPRDF wouldn’t and shouldn’t stand in the way of Eritrea. If it will, the only losers will be the people of Eritrea and the people of TiGray as there is NO other battle-ground that separates them. And for TPLF to not see that, for it to ignore the fact is going thru the biggest mistake that PFDJ has gone that eventually led it to expose its ass & assets to the worst adventure of May of 1998. Not even the most advanced country (the U.S.) was able to put determined people’s resolve (Afghans) to sleep. And EPRDF as flexible, as wise as they have exhibited thus far, their first task post PFDJ is helping Eritrea to be peacful and democratic. A democratic Eritrea that is at peace with itself will give peace to the people of TiGray, TPLF’s soul, TPLF’s orginality, their people, their 1974, 1984 victimized people, one of the most institutionally destitutted, brutalized people. Yes, TPLF should think twice.

    In Y2012 the people of TiGray, albeit their newly found power & resources are sandwiched and by helping Eritrea to be at peace with itself will do them a lifetime gaurantee for the brotherhood that both people should be blessed with.

    to Awate Team:
    In making it easier to your bloggers including addressing your own “mighty man” our ex-favorite man SAAY (he commented how hard it is to follow the comments in his last blogging) If you (perhaps you have) consider in adding numerical order and a Hash tag, you might do yourself & your bloggers a huge favor. you may read this:

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      On a lighter side, your writing or should I say, spelling seems to follow your accent as you flunk the letters in Tigray with a capital G. Or is it out of a exalted respect for the region (K’lil as in EPRDF parlance).

      If history is to credit the predecessor of PFDJ (EPLF) for baby-walking the TPLF in the mountains and terrains of Tigrai, history would have to credit the latter for re-inventing the former as well. As much as the dynamics of these two entities is fascinating, the rate limiting force if you will in the entire game (for luck of a better word) is the Eritrean people.

      Isaias’ entire political life line is locked with in the untapped power of the Eritrean people. To be more precise, it is the Eritrean people who could snatch the victory of out the jaws of the mighty TPLF. If he has any political savviness left in him (Isaias), he would have to listen to his own people. Listening as in when they say, they need freedom, it should be given to them. When they say, they need to live a normal life, it should be given to them. When the young people say, they want to live like any other young people, it should be given to them. That is the essence of normalcy. It is that simple.

      • WegaHta

        Much admired b’Alti Wuqatto Arwe,

        Your last paragraph, the idea of Isayas listening to his people, in my view, is long dead and gone (burnt out). The hope is that the people will demand and take (by non-violent means) what is their birthright: freedom, normal life, the young living like the other normal young people, etc. by saying in unison an unwavering NO to him and his cohorts. Your paragraph can give room to the intepretation that Isayas is the dispenser of ‘goods’ that would calm the people and that could allow him to continue to play god. I believe, a patched relationship between Isayas and the Eritrean people no matter what he gives, short of his falling from power, is unsatisfactory to the objective reality at hand. As far as my understanding goes, Isayas’s actions from the day go seem to be guided by a general under-estimation and absence of respect for the Eritrean people. He gives the impression that he is the best thing that ever happened to this country and people should revere whatever he does, with out even a murmur! There are people who I hold in high esteem who would now and then come up with …if only Isayas could do or give this or that… which makes me realize that either I am wrong in thinking that there is no if left to consider or those who contemplate it are themselves slightly off track.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Dearest WegaHta,

          I sure don’t subscribe to the notion of “Isaias can be reformed” political platform where certain Eritrean political parties seem to entertain. I was simply trying to highlight how easy it would have been for Isaias if he was able to capitalize on the generosity of the Eritrean people. Again, I was throwing my ideas with in the hypothetical realms.

          Instead however, Isaias abused and dehumanized the kindness and magnanimity of the Eritrean people where a writer dubbed him “ZerEi Kirdad”. As much as I honour the opinion of the majority, if I was to be given a free reign to weigh in about Isaias’ future in a free and democratic Eritrea, I would want him to face justice so that the question of rehabilitation and fresh start with him still kicking in the political say loses any meaning.

          I am absolutely cognizant of the fact that, it was a fatal error of judgement on the G-15 part where they thought he could be reformed when he was in fact a sadistic psychopath inflicted with grudges whose sole mission in life is to see the down side of people. The adage, fool me once………….comes to mind.

          • WegaHta

            Dear b’Alti Wuqatto Arwe

            Wney meliskia, thank God. To have doubted your clarity of mind even for a second and on as gross a thing as a remediable Isayas was an error of judgement on my part. All your posts exude the pen of a brilliant and an absolutely informed person and I am not the only one who sees you in that light in the Awate fora. If we sometimes rush to comment on your insertions where we feel there is a shred of doubt, it is because we are very focused and how you see things is very very important.


    Reading the people’s comment, I am convinced that the government of Eritrea should stay in power till the dusts are settled. Right now most of you are behaving like spoiled child.
    Eritrea was put under arms embargo while Ethiopia was buying all arms and now Ethiopia is attacking Eritrea. Do you people see what is going on here? Yet, you are blaming Eritrea and the Eritrean government. The Eritrean government is guilty on countless account but to blame this one on the government of Eritrea is simply stupid. I am sorry. In case you don’t know, Eritrea is denied the right to self-defense and yet some of are celebrating?

    • wed. garza

      Denied yes, he denied others rights too. He tied, imprisoned, tortured and whipped whimsically, shouldn’t it taste the same medicine.
      They (united nations, igad, au, the arab league) have all begged him to stop the bad behaviour to its neighbours, his reply was…. who cares about the dead fish… now he collects the dead fish.
      when legs and hands are tied, you punch so much you can like he (Isayas) did to wed ghereweyna some years back, whe he said “zey nesikha win agame ikha” type. that you are also an agame….when he first jocked that he was a tokhrir ( extreme black) to wedi ghereweyna. until he was taken to Saudi hospital for treatment.

    • sara

      hilnia… Do not feel sorry, we are in a talk shop where we vent our anger for various reasons,after all what you are saying is sensible enough many of us understand your point, and thanks to awate they play host to all of us what ever the nature of our grievousness are, just talk…talk… with no end.
      by the way the lion of nakfa will speak to all patriotic eritreans to night Saturday 24/03/12 at 8pm evening eritrean time.

      • sara

        just a correction ..the lion of nakfa will speak today sunday 25/03/12 at 8pm evening eritrean time.

  • FM

    Arwe, As much as I enjoy reading you and mostly agree with you, I can’t disagree more with your conclution.
    I think for Isaias to make peace with his people, he would have to change his policies, and our people are much more wiser now than you seem to give them credit for. They won’t fall for another external war to keep the dictator in power, they have learned enough not just from the last war but also from the ongoing internal war waged on them — simply put they dont have more precious lives to spare after generations of war, and their children do not dream in Eritrea, let along fight for it. At the risk of sounding like a general, or war strategist, much more so than the last war, war of cannon fodders is what we will see…. if there is one.
    And I think most definetely, call me naive, mostly everyone is a well wisher of the Eritrean people, a wish for peace or normalcy, that benefits the people as well as their neighbors.

    Isaias could only defeat the Ethiopians if he makes peace with his own people. Moreover, the reason the Ethiopians got emboldened to attack him is simply because they have felt his heart beat that is, they are absolutely certain that, he is not capable of doing what they are afraid of the most: making peace with his own people.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      I am not sure if I could ‘dub’ it first-born-previlages (the first president of Eritrea) but it wouldn’t be far off if we could assume with considerable certainty that if Isaias was to reverse events to the wishes of the Eritrean people, the people would forgive him. Mind you, the gravity of his wrong doing is not about petty embezzlements or nepotism as we would invariably hear buzz words in news media pertaining to that part of the world, rather, Isaias’ crimes are collective punishment designed to debilitate the spirit of the Eritrean people beyond recognition.

      His unbridled control of the Eritrean people has penetrated between the sheets in a given household. Siblings do not trust each other. Couples do not trust each other. His paranoid-inflecited persona has created a paranoid nation. There is nothing apathetic than doubting your own self. That is the new Eritrean in an image of a person. And that is the legacy of Isaias and Isaias-ism.

      And yet, the new Eritrean (a person) invented with in the paranoid world of Isaias would still forgive Isaias if the latter was to come to terms with the thing we call normal.

      Normal is the implementation of the Constitution. Normal is letting people live with their God given rights. Normal is for young people to live through the milestones of life (finish college, meet somebody, marry and have kids). Normal is confining prison cells to people who transgress the law not for people who harbour dissenting views. Normal is when Eritrea doesn’t make it to the news at all. It is deceptively so simple but for a reason that would take a thousand sessions in a psychiatric wards, Isaias is not capable of doing that.

      • WegaHta

        Dear b’Alti Wuqatto Arwe

        On the surface, your statement “… And yet, the new Eritrean (a person) invented with in the paranoid world of Isaias would still forgive Isaias if the latter was to come to terms with the thing we call normal. … ” may appear a probable scenario. But when considering what happened during the brief period there was, so to speak, a free press in Eritrea, it can be surmised that there could be the opposite scenario. There was an electric momentum to get to the bottom of things that had it been left to thrive may have ended in dragging Isayas and close cohorts walking down Asmara’s main avenue with bent heads (or at least to the courts)! A 300,000 strong under the trenches for two decades, deprived of their youth, the best years of their lives, is not for you and me to easily assess what their reaction might be towards the very man who is the architect, not to mention the loss in human lives the society has and is still paying. Forgivness in theory is easy and a splendid thing but for those who took the burn, it is another ball game.

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

          Dearest WegaHta,

          Glad w’nekhi meliseia (how beautiful it sounds when you say it in Tigrigna). Let me digress for a bit. Do you know how often I get frustrated when I hear the Sawa-generated language which is widely spoken by those who were born after independence.

          It is kind of hard to understand some of the words they use. It is not only hard to understand, it is rigid and dry as well. Anyway, again, glad to have not lost you as a great friend in the grand palace of Awate.com. If you happen to have been born after independence and consider yourself with in that cohort (age-bracket), please accept my apologies.


    Dear Brothers/ Sisters
    It is a legal responsibility of any nation to defend its territories and national interest , Ethiopia is not known for attacking other nations with out making sure that it has the international opinion beside it ,through our armed struggle the Sudan was the source of our logistics and center of our political activities both for the ELF & EPLF , despite that Ethiopia never attacked Sudan nor severed relations ,however today after the murder of the tourists the Ethiopian government might have reached to a conclusion that the regime in Asmara does not listen except by force ,and this is nothing more than slap on face . Eritrea today is economically poor,militarily weak , and the moral of the army is very low , however I do believe Ethiopia even if it can will not go for regime change in Eritrea by force , the Eritrean people is still in no position to take power although the recent conference is positive step for word ,the ENCDC should try to assure the Eritrean Army that change is in the interest of the country and theirs, so that to avoid unnecessary conflict , we need to foster Democratic values in our society , only informed and politically conscious society are the guarantee to protect and defend the rights of citizens . it is quite shameful what is written here same times in regards to religion and ethnicity , in our country when I was growing up there were things you respect and you don’t comment on, if you do you are told EYAB- NEWRI however today there is no self discipline or control , what ever difference we might have it should be a contest of ideas and the strength of your argument should decide , I do respect Amanuel Hidrat I have read many of his articles and I find him fair and just person, I hope we benefit from individuals like him , we should take India as example , how many different religion ,languages,provinces and yet they live together under one flag , today they are developing fast and prospering , Eritrea could be peaceful and prosperous country if we tolerate and accept each other with out making judgment .

    • tekeste

      whats going on the xxxxx meles zenawi and the north xxxx isayas afeworki??? after all those year we are expecting for the better devlopment of east africa as general but whats happen is now is going back to the dark age. eritrea ppl are fuu of problem ethiopia ppl are full of problem because of the governing bodies of those two countries for me personally the ethiopia army unlawfully attack the military base in eritrea why the isayas ppl not respond as soon as possible or it if ya let me finished all my enemies around in eritrea i will sort you out later peacefully….mmmmm there is a lot of pressure on both dictators Meles supported by the western power for there own benefit for the short term once xxxx about our friend Isayas from North? what he thinking after all those yr struggle and loss of his close cmmrades ? now the ppl of eritrea are qued up for bread ration youngster are running away from there homeland whats going on ppl…

  • The secular socialist republic

    Sadly these latest events sound like the beginning of a new war. Therefore three questions arise;
    1) How will the international society react to the Ethiopian aggression on sovereign Eritrean territory?
    2) How long will the Eritreans be able to resist to Ethiopian forces?
    3) What will succeed to Isaias in case of Ethiopian victory?
    First, let’s be honest, most of the dominant powers of the international scene are on Ethiopia’s side, because Meles has built throughout the years the image of a progressive African leader, able to work actively with the international bodies. But also, no big power will give Isaias its support because they lack interests in Eritrea. Unlike many African countries, Isaias hasn’t yet given full access to national resources, unlike Meles or Beshir or Bouteflika. For both obvious diplomatic reasons, and imperialist capital agendas, Isaias is on the wrong side, according to the globalized liberal world, and therefore the only support he might get will come from other isolated countries (Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea and Sudan).
    Secondly, the ability of Eritreans to resist is an important topic. Even though our history is often built as a myth of self-relliance and resistance, it is more than true to state that Eritreans have been brave during SEWRA and the 1998-2000 War. Unfortunately, the strength is still here but the material and moral resources are not there. Ethiopia has spent huge amount of money, and has received huge amounts of support from the US mainly, in modern arms (missiles, planes). Isaias, on the other hand, hasn’t focused enough on modern warfare, the Eritrean army still uses soviet-time machinery, and have few modern airplanes for example. But at the same time, mabye Iran, Israel and Qatar have provided him with much more modern arms, and then my explanation is useless.
    Finally, let me straight the records here: Ethiopia is not a democracy, elections do not mean democracy, limited freedom of press is not freedom of press, restricted access to some regions is not an example of a democratic nation. So if Ethiopia invades Eritrea and installs a power, it will never be democratic. An undemocratic nation cannot bring democracy to another one. History has shown that undemocratic nations invading others do not improve the situation in the invaded countries, remember USSR and Eastern Europe.
    Dictatorship, even hidden behind curtains, cannot help the emergence of a democracy.
    These events are a dilemma; should we support the invasion of Eritrea only because we want to get rid of Isaias? Or should we oppose the invasion and support Isaias and strengthen him? It’s a very tricky situation for all Eritreans struggling for democracy. For my part, I will support Eritrea as a nation, as my nation, and not for its regime. Against the imperialist agenda of Ethiopia, the Eritrean masses have to set aside their oppositions and differences in order to guarantee our national sovereignty.

    • Hameed


      It means you have chosen to strengthen Isaias to imprison, torture and kill the people of Eritrea. It is a bad choice and I hope not to call yourself a nationalist.

      Many Eritreans want to interpret wrongly and imitate the stands that we see in democratic countries where the opposition and the government drop their difference and stand against their enemy. What we have in Eritrea is a regime that holds power by force and tortures the people of Eritrea. Can you explain what is the result of assisting a mafia regime. Mafia will give birth to mafia, that is all. You are protecting the mafia to elongate the misery of the Eritrean people.

      I hope after accomplishing the mission and succeeding in that do not come to tell us the dictator is killing our youth and oppressing our people. I wish you a steadfastness in the front of defensing. I want to remind you since you dwell in one of the advanced countries, the slaves are not going to defend the mafia. It is a wonderful world to hear that someone will campaign with mafia to protect sovereignty of a nation. Brother don’t cheat yourself, you are defending the sovereignty of mafia and not of a nation. When you fight under the banner of a democratic government that is ruled by law then you can tell you are defending sovereignty.

      • kaddis

        if isaias remains its a 100% proven fact no democracy. If he goes lets say there is20 % .
        I will go for the 20% if i was an eri.

        • Hameed


          Will you please explain more. Does Isaias intends to give up 20% of democracy to his slaves out of 100% no democracy? I don’t think a professional criminal will open a hell to himself.

          If you forgive him brother, but Duroa, Petross Solomon, the children of those killed by Isaias, the youth who were enslaved and tortured, the list is too long. How will you protect Isaias from his victims? Isaias didn’t leave space for forgiveness, he is bathing in the blood of Eritreans and it is very difficult for such a criminal to give up on his own will. Really it is very difficult for him. Tell him you will continue to be his obedient slave and he will be happy, but speculate that he will give up some percentage even 1% is not accepted by Isaias.

          I hope you will explain more about you comment above.

          • [moderator: Your all upper cap message was deleted. Remember we asked you several times not to use upper caps, as in FAWISI HMAMA LBI. Please write as follows ‘Fawsi Hmam Lbi.’]

          • hameed

            Even though its a late reply =
            what I meant is Isayas has to go even to have a hope of democracy in Eritrea. People usualy argue = there is no guarantee of democracy in eri even if Isayas is gone. They are right, but there is a chance what ever the %. But if Isayas remains its a gurantee is no hope – not even normalcy. hope this helps

      • The secular socialist republic


        It is too easy to conclude after reading my comment that I am a dangerous Isaiais supporter, I am sorry your mind is not developed enough to perceive the nuances I tried to explain.
        Isaias will not be strengthened, I tried to show this in my comment. in case of a war, he will be defeated.
        Let me tell you straight, there is more chance to succeed against Shaebia and to establish a lasting democracy through internal revolution than with the invasion of the nation.
        I tried to explain that an invasion of Eritrea will NEVER bring democracy to Eritrea, there is no chance Meles, who is not famous for his democratic reforms, will ensure Eritrreans their free will.
        I tried to say simply MELES = ISAIAS when it comes to bring democracy to the Eritrean people. PERIOD, THAT’S MY THESIS AND I STRONGLY ADVOCATE FOR IT.
        There is a french saying : “Choisir entre la peste et le choléra“, having to choose between two diseases is not what I want, I choose to defend my country, and not its ruler, against a dangerous regime.
        If you don’t agree with my point, then your intellect is not developed enough. Sorry

  • Teklay

    hi all guys the Eritrean and Ethiopian peopels are brother but the isayas govt and his branches specially ali abdu ministry of information i heard in VOA we will support to the rebels terrorist to destroy Ethiopian govt so the Ethiopian govt takes a first measure to attack the camps of those terrorist in side Eritrea and the victim is not only to terrorist but the Eritrean solders also captured injured by the Ethiopian defense so i wont to say to all Eritrean you have to eradicate the mad dog president isayas from your country.

  • eyob

    I think sooner or later a Change will come to ERitrea, but is it going to be good or bad is another issue….
    if we go back in history a little bit, The EPLF were probably the best guerrilla fighters ever, but they turn out to become one of the worst governments ever, because they tried to adopt and follow the jungle law. And now Eritrea has a big vaccuum, because the government didn’t allow any system to be created in governance, and if they go(which everyone is looking for!) then we have no idea what’s going to come next. I am not trying to advocate the point which says that we should stay with them, or the other side, oh everything is going to be okay as long as they leave the position. I am trying to make one important point, if any one can see further than the problems we are having today then he is wise enough to bring a long lasting change. A well informed citizen protects the values of his nation. Eritrea doesn’t belong to few people, it belongs to everyone of us, no matter what your religion, ethnicity, education (mention anything) we have a right to live free in our country. But many of you are only focusing on the problem. Many of you are talking about Isaias (calling him names, or whatever) and you are thinking that if he goes, everything will go well. We were thinking the same with Mengistu. But with time you come to understand one fact, only versions of personalities change. So the basic thing especially those of us who are interested in changing Eritrea is to approach the problem from a different perspective. Instead of blaming the government for everything(though the government is the cause of every problem), try to change the attitude of the people, start educating each other what freedom means, how to install such a freedom system in the country. Sometimes i wonder if the people who are supporting these narrow minded opposition parties know what they are doing(they are supporting one evil for another, except that one hasn’t got the chance to manifest). If you remove one dictator another will come in a different version. So instead of focusing on individuals focus on creating a system in the country. Educate the people, discuss about the things that really matter. A well informed society can remove governments with out the force of a gun. Start sowing a good seed now, but if you choose to focus on the problem, then when that problem is over you will have another problem, then another one, and then another one….
    Let me give you a simple example, if you as a mature person, not as emotional who loves arguing, would change the attitude of the people who are living in diaspora by actually teaching them and presenting them the facts, and bringing them to real issues, and if they see the truth and refuse to support them then this is a massive achievement and then you can move to the next step…
    The problem these days is that, some people worships Isaias and the others hate him like Satan and they keep arguing and come up with NOTHING. What a futility!

    [From moderator: We thought, sooner or later, Eyob, we were hoping that long paragraph you wrote would be broken up into 2 or 3 to make it easier to read. But now we realize, sigh, it is going to have to be later:-)]

  • hailemichael

    Since the inevitable public displays of various positions taken with regards to last weeks events seems to be winding down, lets get to dicing the meat now. Two strange scenarios transpired last week. The first one being that the Ethiopian govt. announced, despite the obvious diplomatic pitfalls of doing so, its attack on a sovereign state. The decision was sure to make its erstwhile supporters in high places unconformable at least on a PR level. In addition, it would sure give its adversary the higher moral ground – the contrast being between an audacious aggressor vs a magnanimous victim. Yet, despite all that calculating risks, strangely enough, the Ethiopians took that decision of going public with it. The second strange scenario was that the Eritrean side, to this day, only referred to the claims made by Ethiopia without declaring publicly whether an attack took place or not. Even the most important of their communication, that sent to the UNSC, only complains of the statement issued by Ethiopia and not the actual attack it self. Clearly, there is strange mismatch of roles here. The Ethiopians needed to attack and be silent about it, and the Eritrean side to have suffered it and be vocal about it. Why? What are the possible risk benefit analysis taken to come up with such counter intuitive approach as taken by each side? Well, in my view, it may be to do with the fact that this is not so much of a military venture than is political. The aim, and hence calculation, of the Ethiopian side is born of the belief that the Eritrean side is in no diplomatic or political position to take a military initiative. Multiple sanctions and a reputation of regional spoiler has sealed that option. Ethiopia has more good will it can afford to lose some for a while, where as Eritrea, it can easily catch wildfire with the way things are. So, by doing so, and putting IA in a position of appearing a lame duck, Ethiopia aims to instigate a rift within the Eritrean military/political leadership that would spiral into a full blown power struggle. On the other hand, this explains Eritrea’s counter intuitive reaction of not coming clean with the place, time and magnitude of attack it suffered. By doing so, it would play into hands that are wagered on the table. Hence, a silence in that regard would give it the greatest lee way in how the information would be managed as it starts to trickle down. What are your views on this strange qumareji/ata’Ababat being played out?

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

      Dear Haile,

      As I read the comments above and below, I see the same pattern. That is, we all seem to examine the wrong “patient” so to speak. First of all, Ethiopia is not the issue at all. In fact, if we really think about it hard enough, Ethiopian leaders are absolutely certain about a certain fact, that is, Eritrea is in a bad shape. The Eritrean people are in a bad shape. The Eritrean regime is in a bad shape. Here is the deal: the reason the Ethiopian leaders stalled their attack until recently is the fact that, the bond between the regime in Eritrea and the Eritrean people had been rock solid and it was very difficult for the Ethiopian leaders to sneak in between the cracks.

      Now however, they see a fall out; they see discordance between the people and the regime. And essentially the Ethiopian leaders in principle have already won the war before it even started. But one thing we need to keep in mind is that, the crack between the regime and people is Isaias’ own follies.

      As I see it, Isaias has only one possible option to get out of the quagmire if he is to stand a victor. Fighting Ethiopia is a lost cause, it is fighting a wrong battle. Isaias could only defeat the Ethiopians if he makes peace with his own people. Moreover, the reason the Ethiopians got emboldened to attack him is simply because they have felt his heart beat that is, they are absolutely certain that, he is not capable of doing what they are afraid of the most: making peace with his own people.

      • sara

        your comment reminded me what SOLOMIE used to profess on her nightly press release, during the 98/99/00 war. may be you are right!!!!!

        • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


          I am losing you. What do you mean?

      • Hameed

        Dear Arwe,

        The first time I see you go astray. How it came to your mind that a criminal thinks like a normal person. Sister, don’t consider him like you, a criminal is totally in a different world from that of ours.

        Sister, he calculates things with a different mindset and special calculator. In the hands a criminal are blood and robbery, but your hands are clean and white, therefore if you build your thought on your white hands then your reading will be totally wrong about the criminal. And I think most of us are falling in this mistake, therefore we are unable to diagnose the dictator accurately.

        We need to read about criminals to understand how they think.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Hameed,

          I think what she mean is…. what he should do, she didn’t day he can or will do it. that is what I understand. Let’s wait what she will say.

    • Ghezae Hagos


      Like many, you are glossing over a crucial fact: Ethiopia didn’t say it attacked a sovereign Eritrean state. It said it attacked bases of armed groups that routinely attack it and foreign tourists. Notwithstanding if that is all true, the news was carried as such. As far as international community goes, it can arguably find enough friends who understand and tolerate Woyane’s version of the story.

  • terry

    Comments that are flying over the ground of reality,no body can light up a tiny relation between all these commentators and the land great Eritrea,all in all lost identitys that have no idea of the 98% living home making on going history,if these comm.are Eritreans,the better they stay away.awet n hafash

  • haile

    obviously, there are two haile commenting here. This haile (who doesn’t support the aggression) will go by my long name hailemichael. The other late comer haile sounds more of pro Ethiopia anyway…. easy to tell

    • Haile

      Dear Hailemichael

      You don’t know me and don’t be judgmental, it is your right to not support the aggression and i respect that ,but you can not categorize me before you even understand where I am coming from.
      For me being a late comer does it matter ? For your information I have been with awate.com long enough if that will give some satisfaction. wish you the best

  • kassahun

    Not much progress in attitude

    We people in Eritrea and Ethiopia are not from Mars and the other from the Earth,. we are all victims of history. This generation is not able to overcome the past. I believe both people have the same future . To make mistake on this commonality is indeed a grave error. Ultra nationalism is something that both people should fight back.The struggle starts at home. make your house in order . Eritrea and Ethiopia merits to live in peace. But the choice is there . Shall we fight ISaias or Melese first. I believe the choice is clear. Isaias is a medival dictator who is debilitating Eritrea and Ethiopia . he has to go at all means . I am assured by melses about his opinion on Eritrean Independence

    • denden

      While you trying to be reconciliatory, your attitude has let you down! Why only President Isayas, how about the Melles and co. who are hell bent nationalistic Tigryans subjugating othere national of Ethiopia: and Ethiopians will reap the reward of being devided along the ethnic lines. So Mr Kashun don’t be wise in word be wide in action and deeds as well.

  • Mogos Tekeste

    Yes, in Eritrea there is no respect of the rule of law. The regime in Eritrea internally oppresses its own people and externally violates international law. This is obvious to all and thus there is no need to debate this point.

    Despite the fact that Ethiopia has elections, working parliament, somewhat relaxed freedom of press etc. it is sill a nation that violates the rule of law. By any measure, Ethiopia is not a paragon of democracy. Ethiopia also violates international law. A case in point is Ethiopia still occupies Badme, a village legally assigned to Eritrea by a court of law. This is an international court that both Eritrea and Ethiopia willingly and without duress from anybody accepted to be bound by its decisions as final and binding. Yet, Ethiopia violated this international law and treaty. There is also no need to debate this point too.

    What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. The standards have to be applied consistently and equally to both Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    Sometimes wars start as small skirmishes and military incursions here and there. These seemingly small events may take their own uncontrollable ends. The result are bad and unintended consequences. It is very easy to start a war but difficult to stop. The USA is still bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is more than ten years. And the USA is a giant and a sole super-power. Eritreans and Ethiopians have to learn some valuable lessons from this painful experience of the Americans, Iraqis, and Afghans; this is lest we forget our own hellish and brutal experience.

    The military incursions by Ethiopia into Eritrea have to be condemned without any condition.

    Ethiopia can provide Eritreans with all kind of assistance to unseat the PFDJ regime if it so desires, but it has no legal right to invade Eritrea and kill our innocent youth.

    • rodab

      Agreed. Good analysis.

    • wed. garza

      The youth being the backbone of Eritrea has years now dug in the trenches with no hope of peace around themselves; do you think they can really fight to keep Isayas in power ? or would they likely find their way out had war ignites? Why would you think Isayas wouldn’t reply when attacked inside Eritrea!!! a toothless dag can hardly bite that’s why Ethiopia said Eritrea is uncapable to reply with the likes. period.

  • Donsar Beniraza

    selm everybody,

    In 1997, Melese, Isaias’s cousin from Adawa, carried out similar activities in Eritrea as he has done now. Isaias, Melese’s cousin from Tembien, tried to sort it out with his erstwhile ally through discussions but couldn’t. Then came the year 1998 when Isaias gave a costly war in vain that has officially ended in 2000. Now, cousin Melese is doing the same thing while Isaias is brushing it aside as just a ploy to divert public attention from his internal problems and is not in the mood to retaliate.

    One of the scenarios that may follow the recent developments between the two cousin regimes in Ethiopia and Eritrea is that those who think Isaias is not in a position to retaliate in kind inside Ethiopian territories may find themselves being the excuse and the target of his retaliation. If Isaias does so, the dream of Melese’s Etirean opposition friends may become a reality and the two regimes may go to a full-scale war again to destroy more Eritrean and Ethiopian lives. This will be a war of the survive of the fittest and nobody knows who may come out laughing last between the two cousins from Tigray. However, rest assured that Eritreans will be divided not only politically but in all fronts and no one can predict where the chips may fall at the end except the destruction of life and limb and the wailing that will follow the wake of the mayhem if an all-out war between these two useless regimes becomes a reality.

    It is very curious to see how Melese’s Eritrean opposition friends are cheering him on his adventures and what they will get in turn and what they are willing to give him is not known. Would the locals embrace those who dream of riding to Asmara on the backs of Melese’s tanks to be inaugurated as the new Woyane friendly Eritrean government? It is anybody’s guess and I don’t want to guess before the chickens are hatched. Friends, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched and try to harvest your own eggs that will sell in the local market and not eggs that are come from aliens. May God save the poor people of Eritrea form their children and aliens. Peace and love to one and to all!

    In Peace Profound’

    Donsar Solomon Beniraza

    • Hameed


      It means your are from higdef. I think you have forgotten quickly your divide and rule role in your comments of yesterday. Anyhow, I don’t blame you, it is not the time of hiding, but it is the time of running and agitation. Certainly you are in stress at this moment in time, that is good you have to taste its bitterness.

      Concerning, the people of Eritrea don’t worry, nothing will happen to them. What required from you and your master is to leave Eritrea for its people. And the people of Eritrea knows how to deal with their cousins in Tigray and Ethipiopia.

  • Beyene Kahsay

    I think this the end time os ayselam-aywege

  • zegeremo

    HEGDEF is already dead. It just won’t fall over.

  • Selam Eyob,

    “Tough to smooth over, despite the potential”

    While you have some elements of truth in your argument regarding the “new world order” and the role of the powerful countries, it is absolutely essential the leaders of the weak countries to play their role to the interest of their countries and their people within the framework of global and regional interest. It seems the Ethiopian government understood the geopolitics of the region and are doing everything what it takes to help their people and the region. There is a stark contrast between Ethiopia and other countries in the horn in terms of economic development.

    I believe Ethiopia and Eritrea should be an ideal partners, and still have the potential and the “audible gasp” in the region, to play the leading role to change the region into a magnet of economic development, provided if we secure peace and stability. To actualize this reality, the regime in Asmara must be removed by all means including with help of external forces if it warrant the democratic change in the region as we witness in the Arab spring. Isaias and his clique are the source of destabilization force in the region. The Ethiopian government and the ENCDC must find a way out in harvesting diplomatic gain at this crucial time.

    • denden

      [From moderator: message deleted. And denden knows why.]

  • Serray

    So the ethiopians did NOT inform the opposition leaders about these operations. This means these actions are not taken to further Eritreans interest. The question is then whether the woyanes have the right, not the power but the right, to do what they are doing.

    If you are a woyane supporter and you are cheering this, it is to be expected; you are not going to be bothered by the distinction between right and might. If you are an eritrean, you should. For the last decade, the woyanes gave the dictator his major excuse by occupying badme and demanding a dialog knowing full well it is not going to happen. The last decade worked in their favor. The dictator lost his voice and is now sanctioned and gaged. The nation is battered economically and militarily to a point of paralysis.

    The fact that the woyanes didn’t share their little adventure with the eritrean opposition sitting a few kms from their headquarters smacks of contempt. The last thing an eritrea wants to hear is another occupier telling him, “I didn’t do it for you” …as it drove its tanks through its neighborhood. I am an eritrean, the security of ethiopia is not the reason I oppose the dictator. It will be foolish of me to support this operation if its only outcome is to leave ethiopia more secure at the expense of our army of slaves and semi-slaves.

    I think our ethiopian based opposition should update us on the meaning of this operation. They can’t play dead now like the dictator and its regime. It was only a few months ago that they assured us ethiopia has our best interest at heart. They should tell us how this fit that narrative.

    A word to the Eritrean Defense Forces, if you are not going to fight an army that crosses your border to fight you, at least turn your guns against those who make slaves out of you. You too have played dead long enough.

    • Haile

      Hi serray
      The Ethiopian government doesn’t need permission from anybody to defend their interest as a nation. They don’t have any obligation to inform the opposition about there operation , if you have followed all the past events the Ethiopian government has warned the regime of Isaias and the UN and the world that if Isaias is not going to stop interfering in their countries affair that they will take military actions anytime when the event is fit. That is exactly what happened and they have the right to defend themselves by any means . Unless the regime of Isaias stops supplying and training the so called “Ethiopian Oppositions” such kind of operations from the Ethiopian government may come again . Don’t take me wrong I am absolutely against war, but the Isaias regime doesn’t seem to understand what peace is all about. I love my people and my nation and always pray them for peace.

      • Serray


        According to the statement, they are not attacking the isais regime, they are attacking fellow ethiopians inside eritrea. If they see eye to eye with the ethiopia based opposition, they have an obligation to inform them. After all, the eritrean opposition have more at stake in this operation than the international media…don’t you think? But if they look down on them, you are correct. I am a little confused, are expressing this opinion as an eritrea or ethiopian? I understand if you do as an ethiopian.

  • Sam

    The only “aggressor” is the the UN certified terrorist Eritrean regime!

  • haile

    It seems that many commentators here are erring in the emotional vis a vis this issue of aggression. The notion that Eritrea is not in a position to retaliate the attack is simply a wishful thinking. What is reasonable to assume is that it would opt not to make a public announcement of its reactions. It is a matter of survival and belittling your enemy as: tiqit wonbedoch, jontra, can’t retaliate…is simply self serving. Past experience shows that Eritrea didn’t officially declare war after the woyane did in their rubber stamp parliament, yet did that mean jontra was incapable of fighting? far from it. So, from what I read, the following can be surmized:

    1- Invading a country because you think it wouldn’t retaliate is WRONG and ILL ADVISED.
    2- If woyane decided to risk an all out war (than beefing up security) in order to get at their “terrorists” in Eritrea then they must be feeling threatened, hence shows their weakness.
    3- From my informal antennas, I gather that this issue is a set back to the opposition and a windfall to PFDJ. Let’s discuss…

    • timnit

      has your “informal antenna” been able to detect the whereabouts of DIA since the attack? I would think a “leader” in a position of strength (according to you) would inform his “constituents” about the state of affairs of his attacked nation.

      • haile


        Please do not go there, as I did not say a “leader” in a position of strength”. Your question seems to completely miss my main point that ‘publicity’ wouldn’t be on the cards for Eritrea, for obvious reasons. If you know something we don’t about IA’s whereabouts or why, feel free to share.

        • timnit

          Silly me ! I guess all your allusions that seem to point to DIA’s regime perceived strength are meaningless.

          1. “The notion that Eritrea is not in a position to retaliate the attack is simply a wishful thinking. What is reasonable to assume is that it would opt not to make a public announcement of its reactions.
          2. “Past experience shows that Eritrea didn’t officially declare war after the woyane did in their rubber stamp parliament, yet did that mean jontra was incapable of fighting? far from it.”

          “1- Invading a country because you think it wouldn’t retaliate is WRONG and ILL ADVISED.
          2- If woyane decided to risk an all out war (than beefing up security) in order to get at their “terrorists” in Eritrea then they must be feeling threatened, hence shows their weakness.
          3- From my informal antennas, I gather that this issue is a set back to the opposition and a windfall to PFDJ. ”

          As for DIA’s whereabouts , again my question was based on your claim of possessing “informal antenna.” I take your antenna has its limits. That’s all….since I don’t think our discussion or opinion will have any bearing on Ethiopia’s policies as I do not expect Ethiopia will ask the permission of Eritreans when and if finds it necessary to attack Eritrea to protect its own interests. My take on the issue is: any attack that may result in the demise of DIA’s regime is welcome, irrespective of its initiator.

          • haile


            I see you aren’t impressed by my short antennas. That is may be fair. I know we are not in the same wave length when we are looking at what/who is being challenged here. You say PFDJ, well many others disagree. Although, you are very sure of yourself, and the world appears your Oyster at the moment.

          • timnit

            Your short antennae are not the issue at all. And yes I do not hold an ambivalent view when defining DIA. His regime is a cancer that requires the most lethal chemotherapy available. As for me viewing the world as an “Oyster”, thanks. You can’t blame me for wishing the “pearl” that a DIA-void Eritrea will be. Am sure that is not what you meant, but I prefer to avoid ad hominem .

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Selam Haile,

      I think we have to remember this is 2012. This is not 1998. This is not even 2000. Due to chronic mismangement, corruption, and simply change of times, PFDJ is at its weakest in terms of its military capability. Simply, retaliation is out of picture; if it does, it would further invite more military confrontation from the beefed up EPRDF’s Ethiopia. The Woyane’s are testing the waters here.

      In the past ten years, Eritrea has been changed beyond recognition. Yes, the forced recruitment of the young went on unabated. But tens of thousands of the battle-experienced ones had fled the country. Replenshing them with the next generation of youth would make up for the lost stat but not with the important component, the quality of ’em.

      The worst damage to the Eritrean military has been done by DIA and his generals. Yesterday’s heroes have turned into insatiable corrupt generals and colonels that dwarf that of the Dergue’s. The generals are spending their time collecting dollars amassed from a sophosticated network of human smuggling that involves organ harvesting than strategizing about the possible Woyane offenisive.

      The damage is done, perhaps beyond repair. For the most, the Eritrean youth doesn’t want to fight. It sees less or no rewards for it. The conflict has been correctly seen as DIA’s means of staying in power.

      In my opinion, the only way out of this to cut our losses and go back to the negoitation table and honorably save Eritrea from further amputation and total collapse. Nations fight only when they can. We CAN’T. For want of 800 meters, only fools sacrifice the very existence of dearly-paid nation. DIA has gambled his own future on Badme. And in the process, he, with our help, has staked Eritrea itself on the unattainable goal. Now, Eritrea is looking closer to Chechneya or the Tamil Tigers nation..

      Before we even lost our rapidly diminishing cards, the only way to save Eritrea is if PFDJ is willing to finish the peace agreement and demarcate the border.

      IF we look back since 1998, we couldn’t win the war; we couldn’t win the peace; we couldn’t win the no war and no peace…So drastic review is deeply needed…The catch is PFDJ knows it can’t give the 800 meters to Woyane; thereby, as we are witnessing the end of Eritrea is near….

      • haile

        Selam Ghezae

        Your approach is the most logical way of solving the problem, unfortunately, logic has long departed this sorry affairs. Saying that, however, to say that Eritrea (remember, not PFDJ) would be incapable to defend itself is just speculation, I have my doubts.

      • Hameed

        It is irrational to expect/speculate negotiation with a dead criminal. Nations don’t negotiate with criminals, but arrest and bring them to justice. Negotiation is only with statesmen not with mafia. The only solution is to get rid of Isaias and his generals. The Eritrean people to get peace with itself and among its neighbor this mafia group should disappear from the political scene of Eritrea.

        • Ghezae Hagos


          Don’t forget when cornered Issayas not only negotiated with his nemesis, in June 2000, but even accepted terms worse than he rejected. 25 kms inside undisputed Eritrean territory given to UNMEE. so there..

          • Hameed

            Dear Ghezae Hagos,

            The year 2000 is different from 2012. In 2000 Isaias was not fully known that he is the head of mafia, but today the world knows there is a mafia regime in Eritrea. In the year 2000 many of who are opposing the regime now were supporting it. Between the year 2000 and 2012 there is a big gap.

    • zegeremo

      Blahh….Blahh …don’t worry still plenty of room in the Clown car.

  • Hagerrawi

    Thank you TIMNIT. It is true when ever Issaias wanna do something evil leave outside Eritrea. But this time is something different, because the Ethiopian government has invaded inside Eritrea while Mr. Isaias is in Asmara. He was really confused and was really afraid. Mr. DIA will not cheat the people of Eritrea now as he did in 1998. The Ethiopian government was really had bad time with his crazy actions. almost 6000 Ethiopian gangs are in Eritrean land to disturb Ethiopia by DIA. Therefore, what Ethiopia did at this time was a great slap to his regime. They have been told him since long time not to interfere in our internal affairs and as we know he is a mad dog and he did. The Ethiopian government will do that from time to time if he didn’t stop from his crazy action.

    God bless Eritrea!

  • BM

    It is sad to see that the situation is again delving into possible, God forbid, all out war b/n the two neighboring countries. As an Eritrean, I have major disagreements with the Eritrean regime when it comes to internal matters. However, i vehemently disagree with the Ethiopian action when it comes to the sovereignty of our country Eritrea. Nor do i agree with any invasion from anywhere no matter how rationalized the cause might be. In addition, as a fan of awate, i would like to hear/see an editorial from awate.com stating their stance on this issue. I think this is a very important issue to all Eritreans.

  • Peace 4 All

    Please let us not play with the fate(s) of our people (Ethiopians + Eritreans) while staying/living in a save place like (Euorpe, U.S.A. ++). We better use the chance we have to stop any kind of conflict which can switch to prolonged war and which can/will cost us many lifes of our sisters and brothers back home (Eritrea + Ethiopia). ENOUGH is ENOUGH – Yehwatey / Wendumojey. It is not time to blame eachohter. It finally is time to get closer and respect eachother, work together. Everlasting PEACE to our REGION.

  • timnit

    Does anyone know if DIA is still in Eritrea or if he has already skipped town (to Doha) as he has done in the past every time his safety is compromised?


    Ethiopia has the right to destroy terrorists wherever they are as long its interests are thwarted. This war is not against us as Eritreans but against dictator Isyas and his cliques. Don’t mix up and stir the sentiments of the Eritrean people in order to say this war is a violation of our sovereignty NO!. Isyas and his evil group must go by any price then we shall remain with Ethiopians as good neighbors that share mutual interest and respect. ISYAS ISAT L’ETE WA ERITREA SHELALIT TINBER!


    • Abudi

      Think again Mohammed! Ethiopia may have the might but defintly don’t have the right. It’s only imitating it’s master US. How ever traboule some my son is I would not allow a stranger, especially if that stranger is woyane, to come to my house and slap him infront of me. And i belive we are capable to deal with pfdj in our own way.

      • Hameed

        Abudi habibi,

        Isaias will take you to sawa and then will enslave you the whole of your life. If you tried to escape from sawa his worshipers will shot you on the border and in case you escaped the border of shot-to-kill, you will face deserts, high seas and international mafia that deals with body organs. I am really really worried about you habibi Abudi not to face all this hardships.

        Abudi habibi, we have first to get rid of the mafia in Asmara, because it is the source of all our problems. Your brothers and sisters are suffering in the refugee camps without education and respected life and the source of this after the independence of Eritrea in 1991 is Isaias and his group, therefore this group must go Eritreans to live in peace.

        Abudi habibi, Isaias tortures and kills our people for more than twenty years and we have failed to take him out, therefore if we get a support from our neighbors or the international community, we will not refuse it, if we refuse it we will be fools. Habibi Abudi twenty years was enough to take action against Isaias but we failed to do that, therefore it is not a shame to ask for help from the international community and our neighbors to topple. There is an important point you have to know, our neighbors are also suffering from the mafia in Asmara, thus it is for the good of all to fight the regime in Eritrea.

        Habibi Abudi, Eritrea is an independent country and no one will dare to occupy it, our independence is secured by the international community. Ethiopia is the first country that approved and blessed the independence of Eritrea in front of the international community and exchanged embassies with Eritrea. No one from the side of Ethiopia can claim again that Eritrea is part of Ethiopia. The occupation of Eritrea by Ethiopia has become history like that of the Turkish, Egyptians, Italians and British.

        Abudi Habibi, this year you may be heard that South Sudan separated from North Sudan and North Sudan recognized the independence of South Sudan though it was not the will of all the people of North Sudan. Can now North Sudan claim again that South Sudan is part of the North Sudan? No, it impossible. South Sudan is an independent country and no one can invade and claim that it is part of it and in the forefront comes North Sudan. The independence of South Sudan is secured by the international community. The same with Eritrea Ya Abudi habibi.

        • Abudi

          Hamid habibi! I don’t mind any support coming from any body ,even from woyane ,whom to my opinion are the #1 enemy of Our beloved Eritrea. But it should not be at the expence of the territorial intergrity of our country! To me the actions of woyane is an invasion! And that is why i am against it! Blessing woyanes to do what ever they like in a soverign country so that they can get rid of a Don, is to me like burning a house to kill a rat! woyanes are responsible to a larger part for the sufering of Eritreans by supporting Issayas to buy time at the excuse of no war no peace situation! The first thing woyane should do, if it realy wishes to help, is implimenting unconditionaly the ruling of the international court of justice. That would have been the single most important support Eritreans could get in thire fight against a tyrany of a mafia and its don! And it would have also redemed woyane of its sin!
          I know you wouldn’t agree Hamid habibi! Ends don’t always justify means, a true struggle for democracy, should be based on basic principles, like the invaiolability of the rule of law! Even for just cause!

          • sara

            very wise answer, and hopefully it will make hamada know there are many young and articulate Eritreans in diaspora.


    Issaias had gathered all the so called them selves Ethiopian Opposition groups over there to use the proxy war against Ethiopia fabricated by the mad dog Issaias. The Ethiopian force can do whatever he wishes because no one can defeat him right now. Issaias had fabricated the war called Badme and still playing with that paper. Our people by now have enough evidence that the criminal Issaias will kill our innocent people by using our sovereignty. It is too late we know you now. The Ethiopian forces will frequently attack as long as the mad dog Issaias gathered the Ethiopian garbage’s. He has to stop playing by our people now. The Eritrean forces has to capture Issaias by now, not to shoot the Ethiopian forces. Ethiopia is the first country that acknowledged Eritrea as an independence state and they don’t have any ambition to invade it once again. Enough is enough. Why the Eritrean forces just always not asking why now war? what is the reason? Such questions should forwarded to the dictator?.
    Pace to the Eritrean people!
    Death to dictator Issaias !

  • Assab

    Eritrean youth aren’t willing to fight and defend the slave master Issias and his crooks they are tired of slavery that’s why he is doing nothing but cry at UN. i hope they will bomb the dog Issias Palace soon and get rid of him.

  • jamal the camel

    1. the ethiopian forces penetrated 18 km deep into eritrea toritory and achived thier mission with out even have a single sacriface.
    2. ethiopia has aquired a log range missile even have the capacity to distroy a dictators cage in side asamra or massawa.
    3 eritrean gov. havn’t even have any action exept emabarking to the united nation.
    men, where are all those warsay yekealo!!! wher is the all that shotings off the BFDJ. the first of the last has infront of your eyes.
    A. fellow true eritrean brothers. we ethiopians are your brothers than somallis, we have shed our blood together on the mountains of sahel. but your mad dog esayas has betrayed us.
    B. our dream is not to accupy a single hectar of land from your territory, nether is to put the soveriognity of eritrea into question. as you always remember it ethiopia was notonly the first country to recognize your freedom, but has also paid a price of hundreds of its men and women for the couse. however, the mad dog has put all this brother people to a danger. therfore remove him or we will remove him for you.

    • I dont get surprise by the ignorant and insufficient tigrayian Minority political comentoters. Ediet words are being their marks. Who operate missiles,who drive tanks. They either shoot nor distroy themselves. Regardless the bacteria-like- population you got its only a very quality man, who manipulate every gadget. Read history of yesterday. How could you totaly forgate Eritrean and ofcourse ur history. Whats meant the full equiped Derg military amutions? We saw finaly how the derg come to the end inspite the fact they had uncountable amution. You are totaly destorted and the funny thing of you is, you bet us to change our president or ethiopia will change. Why didnt you do during 2000. Who stoped you then? Dont think this empty idea ever. Whats wröng with you if we demay donation,beg and prefer living alone. Go and remember the Eritreans who keept your current leadership from get toppled in A.abeba 1991-1994.

      • DAN

        Jeeb and even others who boast you are FLUYAT – you guys are totally brain washed by the overdosed propoganda of the dictator in eritrea as has been the case in the nazi in germany.such kind of FULUYNET sikness is the result of extrem dictators ( Italiasn and and now Isayas) who brainwashed excessively their people to mobilize and stay in power. There is nothing new in the Eritrean struggle history than the other struggle waged by many people in the world-like for example vetnam. But We have never heard vetnamese saying they are FLUYAT even if they managed to frre their land from the super power. Even though we highly appreciate and respect the Eritrean 30 years struggle, these can not make you special than other people in Africa. Such sentimet has put u in recurrent misery. Even if such FLUYNET sentiment does not prevail in the majority (especially the Farmers and lowlanders- because I have never heard any farmer in Eritrea saying we are FLUYAT or special and none of the low landers who even initiated the struggle and developed the concept of independent Eritrea claimed FLUYNET).
        What makes the FLUYAT disgusting is that many of them appreciate and are proud of the legacy of Italian colonialism-what a shame.

    • Edmonton

      To Jamal the camel
      All I can say to your little mind is that, you mind your own business, removing our leader or not removing is Eritrea’s and only Eritrea’s business. You may have won a battle but the war is always be won by Eritrea. If you able to learn, go back and learn your own history.

      • Michael

        You are talking about 30 years of history. Please go further and check history again. We Tigreans have more than 3000 years! of patriotic history of winning the war with arabs, the Italians, sudans, amharas, eritreans, Dergue etc. Please do not mess up with agame, because every Tigrean is war general. Do not be carried away with one-off war with dergue. By the way you have struggled more than 30 years to get independence, but we Tigreans have managed to topple-down dergue in just 17 years and in doing so speeded up your independence. Who knows you might have been still struggling to do so still now without our intervention. We have never boasted about our winning mentality because for us, it is normal practice. But for those who never have history of repeated winning, it should be fresh and lasted for ever. 30 years of war———continue to your death.

    • Samrawi

      Thousands of Eritreans paid their lives in support of TPLF in Tigray, Gonder, Oromo…. and in Addis Ababa along with their tanks and heavy artileries, as much as our TPLF comrades paid their lives in Sahel. We fought together for a common objective of destroying a common enemy (Derg) and with a vision of mutual development. What happened to that compradeship? menyu kedai? Menyu ilamiu zikeyere? tarik yifredo. Weilu hadiru haki kiwesi eyu.
      Let’s make history afresh. Let’s give the great people of our region the hope and be Africa’s example of development and not example of destruction. Ending a war is not as easy as starting it!

  • Sam

    It’s not “aggresion”; it’s self-defense!

  • eyob

    ‘The rule of the game is changed, it’s no more the same’
    In the kingdom of lies, truth is a treason!! said one old man who has been fighting for liberty almost all his life. We are no more alone my friends, a gigantic monster is growing up in the world without being noticed by many. A much bigger dictatorship is coming into view in the world today. The fight is not about the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the people of the two countries are simply ignorant about the issue, though many of them are waking up to the truth these days. Today whatever is happening in the world, from economic collapse to political instability is all made by design to enslave mankind. Let’s take Eritrea as an Example, Eritrea is one of the very few countries who opposed Africom (google it if you are not familiar with it), and almost all of them are torn into pieces. The bigger picture is this: these days the power of the world is not controlled by governments, but by few rich elite groups who want one world governance. If you are not familiar with that, check out ‘one world government/new world order’ in google or youtube and you will be amazed that the public is very ignorant about the evil move that’s happening in the world. Coming back to Eritrea, Yes, it’s true, we have a very terrible dictator, but the things that are happening today isn’t a fight between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a close ally to the US, and the US is removing and uprooting every country which opposes it’s agenda. Even the US policy isn’t controlled by the US government but by the shadow elite, who have bought the US government for their big agenda. And after researching a bit about these issues, you will start to see the bigger picture, then you will realize that, we are in a much bigger trouble that we can imagine. Even if Isaias wasn’t a dictator, his government is simply expendable by the big powers because he happens to oppose their agendas of Africom. So the crisis that we are witnessing today will culminate into one and only one thing, one world government. The UN isn’t there to keep peace, otherwise we would have our borders demarcated long time ago and the fight would have been over. Now it’s become a public secret, that the UN is promoting the so called the New world order…..they are working hard to bring nations to their knees.
    Who gave the US an authority to topple governments from around the world using their own excuses, so called humanitarian or whatever! We are already headed into one world government, they are staging it, the first thing they would do is, they will destroy the financial system of the world(look at the countries in Europe, they are choked on the throat and asked to give their sovereignty because of the financial collapse). Africa is a hopeless case, Even if the devil himself comes to rule them, they are simply a yes-nation!
    We are in a no win situation, unless God saves us from this trouble! As a nation we don’t have anything to say about our own fate, of course as long as we are in the circle they drew for us, we might think that we are safe, but the minute you cross it, then there is fire. This so called war doesn’t benefit Eritrea or Ethiopia, we are so sick and tired of wars and the deaths of our brothers and our families. I wish the Eritrean and Ethiopian people will refuse to fight and dispose their arms and become friends, regardless of their leaders standing.

    • Fekrawi

      dont bite more than you can chew!! you sound like lekawis

      • eyob

        You know a jigsaw puzzle has many pieces in order to make sense, if you only have one or two pieces, they are simply pieces and they won’t make any sense to you. You might think that i am trying to bite more than i can chew, well i don’t have any intention to defend myself, may be you’re right, or may be not. But i just want to tell you that whatever is happening in the US today, either will make or destroy the world very soon…
        I know you would say, why don’t we deal with our insignificant and small piece- Eritrea- before we even start to talk about anything, yeah that’s fair but i was only trying to give you the bigger picture that you may see what’s coming.
        please do a little research on the following before you jump into the ‘lekawis’ thing…
        1. One world government/New world order
        2. The Illuminati
        3. Africom

        If you do your home work very well, and still want to call me lekawis, then that’s fine!

        • Fekrawi

          As you rightly guessed hawey i will refuse to do the homework not because it is not important at all but there is more important subject matter that I/you/we need to work on. and that is to clean the mess in my country some crazy conspiracy theorist have created. you cant pretend to clean the world when your home really dirty. I mean you are you are just a little bit articulate than Isaias’s Interview where he blames every one for his fault. the rhetoric that the US is hellbent to destroy Eritrea does not sink in when DIA himself was considered as amongst new breed of visionary leaders in Africa in the 1990s. yea it is good to have a big picture but it is also good not to lose focus for the details.
          in any case I would like to pull back the ‘lekawis’ part if you don’t mind.

    • Messel

      You have failed to mention China in your analysis? Is China a part of those “shadow elite” you are talking about?

      • eyob

        There is a limit for everything, and now it has become a public secret that the US and China are in a multifaceted confrontation. China with it’s growing economy is engulfing the wealth of the world, but Washington isn’t blind about it. The US economy is now crippled due to a 15 trillion debt and increasing daily, and China happens to be the biggest creditor of the US. So it’s like this: the US government is driving China out of many of the places in the world, like the rich oil countries like Libya, and others. And wherever there is the influence of China, US is trying hard to undermine that. The US has openly said that they can’t afford to see the Chinese influence in the Australian region, that’s why they sent troops there recently. I mentioned about Africom previously, the command center of the pentagon in Africa. And China knows that the US is trying to drive them out of their interest areas wherever they go, and they probably are sure that the US is trying to push them into the Iran war, once they lit the fire. LET ME TELL YOU THIS KEY POINT, we are at the verge of world war 3, and now the elite group with their agenda of one world government think that the world has too many people to sustain and they feel that it’s their responsibility to save the ‘mother earth’ into a manageable population number. If they succeed in triggering this war, then they will bring ORDER OUT OF CHAOS and the world will simply accept to their agendas of world governance(with one financial system, one governance, and one religion-for they think that without the destruction of these three factors, there will be no harmony). They are the ones who create the problem and they provide the solution. Iran is their card to bring this chaos. If there is a war with Iran, the predictable outcome will come. The elite are using the might of the US, to bring the hegemony of the world, and at the same time they are destroying the country which used to be free and prosperous-the US itself. It’s amazing today that the main stream media in the US are working to hide the truth from the public, so that the public will think that everything is going well as before. You can make your own research, many who tried to inform the public about what’s going on (like Andrew Judge Napolitano and others) has been fired. So the secret is in controlling the information that people hear, Just like ‘dmxi Hafash’ malet eyu, they only tell you one side of the story, and if any one even tries to tell the other side of the story, then woe unto him!

    • timnit

      Thanks eyob for the great news. All that matters is that the mad-dog of Eritrea is removed soon! Even if his removal is accomplished via aliens from outer space!

      • sara

        what great news are you saying, wait a bit, and not only the great news but also the good news will come out…. just a matter of time…

        mad dog is treatable disease , the good thing is we eritreans do not have MAD CAWS yet.

    • Thanks brother Iyob,
      This is a good comments I have never readed for long in this site Awate.You can call them specail interst group who are in desprat lose term and the fire are in their own door.Here in Sweden there is one family who control the whole nation and they are Walanberg and Bonnier family.How can be this?The Swedis(dish) are wait to the right time.
      To Kill one person is a crime but to kill one thousend people are a history.Adolf Hitler
      To cast one stone is a crime one but a thousned stones are a Politic. The Red army fraction Baddar mainhoff

    • solomon

      Ya, it is a very interesting analysis though it lacks objectivity. Unless you have a memory laps, Issu was the first to beg America to use Eritrea as its base for whatever objective. When everything falls apart, Issu acted as a mad dog trying to oppose whatever America says. His lack of understanding about how the world of diplomacy works cost Eritrea big.

      Stop blaming America for Eritrea leaders failure instead work with the suffering Eritrean people to remove the ruthless dictator and his cohorts in order Eritrean people to live in peace and prosperity.

  • Sam

    Ethiopia has LEGAL Right to Self Defense under International Law! It’s not only the West which has that right; Non-Western countries are not second class citizens; they have also the right to protect the Human Rights of their citizens, including the right to the security of the Person, the Individual!

    • Edmonton

      To Sam
      You would like to portray your self as a person who has a grate deal of knowledge of International Law. Are you able to quote a single chapter or an article that supports your claim? Ethiopian is occupying Eritrean land, do you see any International Law that supports your little knowledge, Ethiopian do not respect the rule of Law, not only International Law but also its own law.

      • Hameed


        By the way do you know law? Where did you learn and practiced it? The only law you know and practiced is the law that is worse than the law of jungle. Shame on you to speak about law while you experience the law of mafia, what the world know about you is that you are a group of mafia that is all. People who abide by law can speak and request law to be respected, but mafia which works outside the law can not demand from others to respect law.

        The mafia in Asmara will be eliminated by the cooperation of regional and international forces. What is required from Edmonton to hurry up to defend the head of the mafia, this is of course if your boss concern you. It is useless to comment on websites, it is time for action not for writing comments. The slaves will not defend your boss. They will sit in comfortable sofas and watch how the punishment will look like.

        The enemy of Eritreans is not Ethiopia or CIA, but the mafia in Asmara. Eritreans do not build their actions on illusion, but on what they observe clearly on the ground. Eritreans are not jugglers who build their decisions on witchcraft like your master. We are here watching to see what the faked lions of Nagfa will do. We have heard about ‘bekhyu’, we want to see the rest of the film. The gentle wind of freedom started to blow to give life to all Eritreans and the region.

      • I am with you EDMONTON ,ALBERTA,

        When USA & RWANDA ,using international LAW,urged the Eritrean “govt”to go back to the area that was occupying ,prior to may 6,1998 , THE ERITREAN GOVT. DID NOT HESITATE ,TO FOLLOW INTERNATIONAL LAW & COMPLY ,WITH OUT DELAY.

        • PEOPLE ,
          You ‘VEgot to admit ,I am super bright, putting my lousy English ASIDE , not following commas, hyphens ,or correct …phrases…..WELL, I GET IT I AM NOT GOOD AT EVERY THING . IT IS JUST , I WAS DIAGONIZED WITH “PFDJ SYNDROM”……..HA

          • Kokhob Selam

            The only healthy “SYNDROME” of our time.haaaa

  • Let freedom ring in Eritrea!
    Death to the tyrant ,mad dog Isayas and his group HIGDEF!

  • shoan

    i for one, as an ethiopian and a strong advocate of peace condemn this agression on eritrea in the name of my storied/beloved country. the enemy of ethiopia/eritrea is woyane. the government of eritrea is none of our business. it is true we “ethiopians are moved on.” eritreans had earned their independence.

    a government that planted bombs in public transpotation/blamed eritrea, a goverment that burnt churches/ blamed muslims, a government that divided the country into tribal apartheid/and allowed secession, a government that gave miles of ethiopian land secretly to sudan and a government who declared my way or “ethiopia is not meant to be” has no mandate from the ethiopian people to start any war in the name of protecting the country.

    when i think of north korea i remember the book i read back home in my high scool days: ANIMAL FARM. when i think of eritrea, i think of eritrean intellectuals who made a weak and fragmented ethiopia as the holy grail of eritrean nationalism/identity. now some of this people are apologitic, even claim “we all are ethiopians.” our answe is welcome. you can be ethiopian/eritrean or both. things fall apart, indeed they have become undone.

    where is the issuer/from the trenches i might add, of “the ethiopians roar….”/he meant the ethiopian bluff/ok i put it his way the ethiopian roaring-bluff..
    where is his “so sensitive sensors/feelers this time. did they saw this coming/hope we hear from him.

    eritreans don’t be swayed by this latest ma·noeu·vre. it is Meles’s latest coup born out of exteme fear. his ethnic federalism had failed, his xxxx episode of sending raiding parties on the treasurey/hawling the gold to foreign banks had been exposed. if something happened his option to escape to a safe haven is narrower than mengistu’s.

    during the arab spring he came with the grand millenium dam, etv don’t talk about that any more. now this is his starategic escape route, to change the regime in eritrea and plant a puppet, secure a safe haven. this will not work. trust me. don’t buy it and fight it. this is not for u. this will not bring freedom/democracy or peace to u. FIGHT IT. we ethiopians are with u.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      Obviously, you’re confusing Awate.com with Ethiopianreview.com. It ain’t.

      • timnit

        b’alti w’qatto,

        I agree. Perhaps his/her GPS is malfunctioning:)

    • Michael

      Shoan AHYA,

      This site not allowed for Amara Ahayas. Move your ass out of this. I know Amara’s thinking, you want power! But you will never have it. Please forget it. The logic is that if Amara ever come to power, there will not be the country of Ethiopia. Instead there will be many independent countries. This is the plain fact, please swallow it whether you like it or not. do not live in dream world. Power to Amara? Impossible, it is effectively over. Weyane is by far more smarter than your ancestors. By the way why do not you at least try fight? why are Amara’s are the most coward people on the earth?

      [From moderator: Michael, please do not speak for awate.com. This site definitely welcomes Amara, or any other nationality. This site absolutely detests viewpoints that refer to other nationalities, groups, collectively in a derogatory term. You will need to apologize for your Ahya reference. Or this post will be your last.]

      • Michael,
        There is no worse xxxxx than people like you who have not yet figured out the fact that any one on the Net can claim to be amhara and insult Tigrians just to incite hatred between Ethiopians… you must have pleased the supposed “Shewan” (definitely HIGDEFIT) by giving him/her exactly what he/she was looking for…. So who is xxxxx now, and how are you any different from people who derogatorily call you Agame?

      • Amhara

        Wow Michael,

        I can not believe in this day and age there are people who hold this kind of view. Calling a whole group of people names. Hate is a terrible state of mind. It destroys who you are. I am an Amhara and we are nearly 25 million people of all kinds some good some bad, tall and short big and small and everything n between. Can you imagine hating 25 million people the overwhelming majority you have not even met and do not even now. Oh Michael what a dumb thing to do

        [From moderator: yes, wow indeed. We are waiting for Michael to come back and apologize. And if he doesn’t, that will have been his last posting here. And by “his” we mean not just his screen name but his IP address. We really detest collective name-calling of entire groups.]

        • WegaHta

          Awate moderator

          I refer you to your above insertion regarding saying you ‘detest’ collective name-calling. Great for applying it to Michael who amply deserved it. However, I did call you attention to Mohammed’s post which had the phrase below which insults the whole of Ethiopians and although you immediately deleted mine (which I agree was harsh), you have left his post still there up to now (from 17/03)!

          “But I understand your problem you Ethiopians have strong love to our sea because all of you are dirty and try to remove your dirty in our sea. No no guys find water to wash yourself and get baptized again in the dirty stagnant water of lake Tana.”

          Calling a whole nation dirty, well, that’s not any different than calling them ahya. Or, as you are normally ‘rumored’, you are name-blind??

          [From moderator: WegaHta, you are absolutely right. Mohammed should also apologize… We have known him forever and that ultranationalist language is so unlike him, and it’s actually something he has been writing against for so long, we are guilty of having a blind spot sometimes and thanks for pointing out our blind spot. PS: We are not “name blind”: we extend courtesies to long time loyal Awatistas regardless of their name. So yes the rumors that we are human are true:)

  • another habesha

    That the Ethiopian army was able to attack the Eritrean military camps and release the information to the world before even the Eritrean government said anything about it shows how much the Eritrean defence forces are useless. As if that was not humiliating enough for the big mouthed Eritrean goverment, that Ethiopia attacked again on Saturday shows that the days of the Eritrean dictator are numbered. This is good for Ethiopia, but it is even better for their cusins north of the border. A sick leader is primarily the enemy of his own people, more than any other. Remember Hitler, Stalin, Mengistu, and countless others in history. An evil person will cut both his legs if he knows he will succeeds to cut one of his enemies legs in the process. That’s how evil works. Eritrea has been raped by Isaias Afeworki because he wanted to harm Ethiopia, and particularly Tigrai. When he knew he was loosing in his mad man’s game, he became even more and more angrier to the point of effectively becoming the leader of a mafia in the form of psudo-government. Remember the interview he gave for Algazeera and some Swedish news outlet? To hear such garabage from a leader of a nation was unbelievable! That there is any Eritrean who respects Isaias let alone who idolizes him is beyond my comprehension. But for those who have sane mind, this may be the time they have been praying for where a better time will come for Eritrea at the grave of PFDJ. Unlike what some Eritreans think, Ethiopia is your friend, not your enemy. Ethiopia is not after Assab. Ethiopia is after the hearts and minds of Eritreans – that is the only thing that will garantee sustainable peace. God bless the brotherly nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • rodab

    The Woyanes can occupy more and more villages and we will never know. The PFDJ won’t annouce it because it is embarrasing, and the Woyanes won’t announce it for fear of world condemnation. The Americans know everything but they have no motivation or incentive to reign in on the Woyanes, especially when they are regularly attacked by the PFDJ media.

    • Another Habesha


      You hit the nail on the head! That’s exactly what I think. In order to save face, the Eritrean regime will keep scielent and Ethiopia won’t announce any more occupation of Eritrean lands to avoid condemnation from the international community who may not know isaias and think this could escalate to dangerous levels. This works perfectly well for Ethiopia! And for the Eritrean peoples. The Eritrean mafia regime is shooting itself in the leg!

    • timnit

      You’re right. DIA’s only care nowadays is to keep his dwindling following in the dark. The only time we’ll hear about Ethio attacks is if Ethio announces it or when DIA will make the “eleventh hour call” to the US and UN to accept any deal to save his neck (much like the call he made after the Badme debacle). The delusional and cowardly human that he is, the mad-dog has no ability to assess his sorry predicament or self-respect to avoid humiliation.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Awate Editors,

    I just can’t wait to see your take (read: stand) on the recent development between Eritrea and Ethiopia. I wonder if the mighty pen of SAAY is going to fall for Isaias’ charms. Twelve years is an age of an almost a teenager for one not to be duped twice.

    • observer

      I have a feeling they would desecrate the name of Awate but cheering an attempt to erase the sovereignty of Eritrea.

      • Delayt Selam Gual Eritrea

        It is really sad to read such comments on Awate.com on the very website established by the hero who started the revolution to free Eritrea from the colonializers. We Eritreans have the right and power to decide for ourselves and we don’t need any support from the WOYANE regime; nothing good will come from the regime except division ethnically. No Eritrean will support any regime that comes from WOYANE. They can occupy any land in Eritrea but sooner or later they will leave; I hope they didn’t forget the 2000 boarder war; may be when they finish all Eritreans they can establish their own regime; which is a dream that cannot be achieved. Who asked them to remove Isayas for us; why not they solve their own internal problems before coming to Eritrea; this shows the regime cannot sustain his power without being into war. I am sure they are mad at the kind of progress Eritrea is making without any external support; why not they try hard to remove their name from the example of famine instead of serving the powerful nations through the handout they provide them. There is one thing the WOYANE regime is missing “no Eritrean will need your support”; how soon did you forget that when you sent back Eritreans seizing their life time property by saying “HIBRI AYNKUM DES AYBELENAN”; you may forget it but we don’t. So you cannot foul us again. Better think and work for the peace of the two nations and the region. Leave Eritrea for Eritreans. Mind your own business.

        • T. Kifle

          What makes you think woyane is fighting to topple DIA? Gaul Ere you are hallucinating. Woyane is fighting the terrorist positions located in the terrorist hot-bed called Eritrea.
          Don’t twist history. Woyane’s stand on Eritrea as a sovereign nation has been unequivocal since its inception. You may not know but the Eritrean question was a criterion even to be a member of TPLF. Woyane has paid a price both politically and in blood for the independence of your country.
          “Don’t for get the 2000 boarder war”. so what? what is your take on this issue? DIA ignited the war and the rest is history. If you are a one who denies this very fact, you need to get checked the little chip above your shoulder.

        • Kokhob Selam

          They said ” don’t judge the book by it’s cover” I thought you are really Delayt Selam.

    • Fekrawi

      Arwe, I am wondering what kinda of charm is you talking that one call fall for>>>??/?