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Eritreans In London Demonstrate: Call To End Dictatorship In Eritrea

On Sunday, January 27, a coalition of Eritrean opposition members and sympathizers demonstrate in London in front of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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  • enaizghi

    I did view on youtube via an Ethiopian website the shameful occupation of the London Embassy. It was very childish, and amateurish at best, to consider supporting any form of cause if they have any cause that can be remotely be atributed to the country or people. I have no knowledge of this people or group, and this is not to oppose their right to democratically demonstrate for what they believe in. But don’t demonstrate a hologan behaviour to the public- as a member of the community, it made me look smaller than usual. Shemefu act!

  • Michael

    They are not more than 150. Assenna say they were more than 400 people. Anyway, even 400 is not big number compairing to the number of Eritreans in London let alone England

  • Focus

    Well, the problem here is : Eritrea and Anatsu Nay Woyanie (read that as Amanuel Eyassu + Selam Kidane. The biggest anchiwa and the biggest anchiwa, respectively. Yes, you read that right) do not go togather.

    Please bring some other people – Eritreans to be exact to have any credibility

  • selam

    Not bad, It is better than nothing. What happen to all other Eritreans who live in UK? There are over 10 000 people live in London and surrounding areas.

  • Thilyan

    What happened to Is not working more? Please check.