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Eritreans In Berlin: No We Won’t Be Silent

January 30.
20130130 Eritreans in Berlin

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  • we stand together. thanks god

  • Eritrea First

    The demo in Berlin was organized  for humanitarian issue in Sinai. The human trafficking, selling organs, kidnaping of  refugees of mostly East Africans.  The demo participants included not only Eritreans but other nationals. But other Eritrean  parties hijacked it for their Eritrean political agenda. There were victims, families of victims who some still in Sinai. They were crying asking the political parties to keep the demo humanitarian. Don’t you have the decency?! 

  • Kokhob Selam

    we stand together. thanks god.


    Brothers and Sisters we proud of you, Just keep it
    up till the last victory. Our people is in last long big prison of issays, So only we can help them to be heard their voice to the whole wold.

  • samuel

    I’m so proud of you my beloved brothers and sisters across the world who stands up against dictatorship. Like you said those Eritrean who keep ignoring the pain and suffering of our brother and sisters back home are no longer Eritreans. What’s happening back home by murderous Isaias is crime against humanity? Isaias time is fast approaching its deadly end just like his friend Gaddafi. And those who are supporting him you not going to come to our beloved country when we get it back from this monster killer. Victory to forto 2013

  • Hadgu

    R.I.P sisters and brothers who must leave their Teenage lives in Sinai !

    Who is the killer ?

    Still forbidden to say the truth – a collaboration of the evil governments and all the so called humanitarian organisations, UNHCR & Co ! DIA is only one of them, who realizes the proxy conspiracy.

    Dear Eritreans you are betrayed from every corner, do not beleive also the hypocrats, who seem to be sympathizers – all Europeans & American do harm upon us ! BUT God will stay with us!

    • Abselam

      Well said Hadgu. Thank you!!