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Eritreans In Europe: Using Law To Fight The Outlaw PFDJ

According to a statement issued by the Information Committee of ENCDC-Europe, on March 15, 2012, the Swedish Parliament received the report of its legal committee which, among other issues, contained a report on the 2% tax the Eritrean government collects from Swedish citizens of Eritrean ancestry.

The motion to discuss the issue of the 2% tax was presented by parliamentarians Arhe Hamednaca of the Social Democratic Party and Fredrik Malm of the Liberal People’s Party.

In the session that was presided by the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Per Westerberg, Mr. Arhe Hamednaca gave a speech in which he explained the legal implications of the tax collection and the nature of the regime in Eritrea by quoting different sources and presented evidence that the Eritrean government collects the taxes under coercion from Swedish nationals.

Mr. Arhe Hamednaca

Mr. Yohan Linander of the Centre Party stated that his party and its coalition wouldn’t support the motion unless it was demonstrated that the tax collection by the Eritrean government violates Swedish laws. The Left Party and the Green Party support the Swedish government’s attempt to stop the tax collection with all means at their disposal.

The parliamentary session was open to the public and opponents and supporters of the Eritrean government attended the discussion.


In Norway, the Young People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (YPFDJ), an Eritrean association organized by Eritrea’s ruling party (YPFDJ), was dealt a blow when the Norwegian national office for EU’s Youth in Action program officially asked YPFDJ-Oslo to pay back all the money it received from it to fund the 7th YPFDJ conference that was held in Oslo in April of last year.

This request was made after the office received the final report of the project (NO-51-9-2010-R3 – Minority youth on European development aid).  In a 20-page letter dated 21.12.2011, the office demanded the back payment of a total of NOK 283 607 equivalent to 36, 160. 53 Euro.  The Norwegian national office gives 3 main reasons for its decision:

1. YPFDJ Oslo is not an independent organization, but a youth branch of the Eritrean regime’s ruling party and a member of a European and an international network. It states that YPFDJ Oslo has misinformed the office and withheld important information which could have been relevant for the funding decision.

2. The program that was held in Oslo goes far beyond what was described in the project document. It changed its character from being about a youth political meeting as defined in the program guide to an international conference of the branches of a youth political party. The content of the executed program was on matters of organizational and political party development which contradicts the EU’s program guide.

3. What was actually executed contradicts what was written on the application of the project document which means that the YPFD got the funding on false premises.

The letter clarifies that any one of above the points, separately, is enough for it to demand the money back. They further remind the YPFDJ that they that have signed a legally binding project document, where it is stated that  among other things “I certify that all information contained in this application, including project description, is correct to the best of my knowledge and I am aware of the content of the annexes to the application form.” Additionally, it is stated that “if on the date of the grant award procedure, they are guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the contracting authority as a condition of participation in the grant award procedure or fail to supply the information….” It is also stated that by signing the project document, the YPFDJ has accepted all the conditions set out in the Youth in Action program Guide, published on the websites of the European commission, the national agencies and the EACEA.

This news was delivered while the YPFDJ was in the midst of preparations to hold its 8th conference in Sweden next month. As was the case in Oslo, the venue of the conference is still kept confidential.
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Dr. Yusuf Berhanu

Continuing on the diplomatic campaign that started a few months ago, the Executive Committee of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) has made contacts with the French Government.

On March 9, 2012, ENCDC delegation led by Dr. Yusuf Berhanu, the chairman of the executive committee, met with Mr. Clement De Clerk, the Technical Councilor at Elysee Palace.

Dr. Yusuf also met with the director of the Department for Africa and the Middle East in France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her deputies.

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  • I read no the most of this comment on Awete side but when it cames on an Eritra matter I have a full right control to give a sense word and I think this is our name site not to other side of midnight page.Yes ,We will pay to our people little more then 2% and what is wrong for that to Woyane people here?I guesse not hopfully.

  • “እመንዎ ኣይትእመንዎ !!! “BELIEVE IT OR NOT !!!”

    ትማሊ ምዓልቲ ,ዓድና ደዊለ ነዝማደይ ብቴሌፎን የዛርቦም…..እና ሓደ 65 ዝዕድሚኡ ሸራፍ ሓወቦና ኣሎ , ,… በዚ ናይ 2012 ሓድሽ ወራር ወያነ,ህዝቢ,ሃገሩ ክካላኸል ካብ 16 – 65 ዝዕድሚኦም ,,,ገገዝኡ ከይዶም ናይ 1 ወርሒ ታዕሊም ተዋሂብዎም ክዋግኡ,ናብ ካምቦ መዓለሚ ይወስዱ ኣለዉ …..ብረቡዕ,ነዚ ሰበይቱ መይታቶ ንበይኑ ዝነብር ሓወቦይ, ገዝኡ ይኹሕኩሑ እሞ…. ——-ያላ ..በል ተዳሎ ንዓናይ ይብልዎ…እሞ, ሓወቦይ ወትሃደራት ምዃኖም ምስ ርኣየ ,,,ደንጽይዎ..ናበይ ክኸይድ ?ይሓቶም….ሃገር ካብ ወያነ ክትካላኸል ንታዕሊም…..ዋይ ኣንቱም ደቀይ ኣነ ደኣ…ኣስናንኳ ዘይብለይ ..ይብሎምሞ….”.ስኒ ኣየድልየካን´ዩ ,ክትስሕቀሉ እኮ ኣይኮነን …ክትዋግኣሉ እዩ”….ኢሎም..ጽዒኖሞ ናብ ታዕሊም ተወሲዱ ይብላኒ ። ። ። እዋእ… ምክልኻል ሃገር ዕድመ ኣይውስኖን እዩ….ኢለ…በቲ ናይ ሓወቦይ,ሃገር ከይካላኸል/ከይዋጋእ ኢሉ ዘይሃገራዊ ምኽንያታት ገሪሙኒ ,ሰብ ኣይስማዕ ኢለ…ሓፊረ ናብ ድቃሰይ ከድኩ !!
    ድሕሪ ሕጂ ውን ሓወቦይ ኢለ ኣየዕልለሉን´የ, መሕፈር ዘርኢ !!!

  • sara

    hamada habibi…
    i understand your frustration, i see how hard you are trying to tell us the government in eritrea is this or that… and we have to change our stand and work against etc, sorry… simply these is where our differences are, your look to the issue from “governments” perspective, while we look to the bigger picture of ‘the eritrean state” sovereignty, call it continuity, sustainability and by extension the peoples welfare and safety, security etc . for us these government or others one day will go or change , and we have to abide by the rules of citizenship like any where in the world and pay our dues 2% + and support the government when it faces foreign aggression or treat, for some of you the “eritrea” is government and for eritrea to be or not to be is linked with the current government. I wish i had the luxury to spend much time to write and express my views in more detailed way but i have only time between breaks (coffee and lunch time) to read and write to , even the sitting is not private and comfortable.

    • Hameed

      Dear Sara,

      The failure of nations in Africa or name it the third world countries is not in lack of resources and a working power, but they are very very poor in administration, they have anemia of administration. You have an example Eritrea which is guided by an insane person who led it to a dead-end after more than twenty years of independence.

      I know you are not ready to listen to any body except to the program in your heads, you have sworn not to change your minds which is against the rule of nature. You accept it or not change will definitely come to Eritrea. If there is not change Isaias wouldn’t have ruled Eritrea, the Amhara would have still ruling Ethiopia and Eritrea, but the nature’s rule of change has taken them to the dust bin. You think this is impossible as the Amhara, but we know the nature’s law of change. I think you have almost consumed your supposed age and your end moments is not far.

      • sara

        ya hamada….. the posting here is about the 2% and other contributions made by diaspora eritreans to their country of origin.again simply said… yes…. we pay our due like any US or UK citizen who pay their tax’s regardless of the government of the day. on the other hand you and other few do not contribute your dues as long as these government is in power. My argument is, if you do pay your dues you are supporting your country/ people not the government, please join us !it is this simple… no politicking!!!!

        • Hameed

          Ya Sara,

          We pay our duty to a government the people of Eritrea elects, but I am not ready to pay to mafia that usurped the power of the Eritrean people. If you really love Eritrea and you want all Eritreans to contribute in building their country you have to cooperate in installing a constitutional government. I am saying the people of Eritrea deserves to be administered by a government of his own make.

          All who have authority in Eritrea today are illegal people starting from Isaias to the lowest rank of employees. I will be a mad person if I paid money and encouraged illegals to rule the country of heroes.

          Ya Sara, the message is very simple, power should be returned to the people of Eritrea. Did you get what I mean?

          • sara

            ya hamada,
            when i read your reply…
            i was like…. ok, despite this and that, some of the points he mentioned sounds..well…yaa’enee.then i read what you wrote the friendly fire bla..bla…. wow, again back to square one, the worst is you also write here and there an necessarily insults and name calling to people who deserve praise and respect.
            ya hamada kha’lik hameed!

        • zegeremo

          Hi sara,

          Your intelligence is staggering. If I were you, I would take my foot out of my mouth.

    • zegeremo

      Sorry, your thoughts are terrible, and are not ringing true to the victims!

      • Hameed

        Dear zegermo,

        What do you mean? come out of your shell and explain your comment. What I have illustrated to Sara if it is not all the reality it is half of the reality or if you like say it is the opinion of one out of the four million Eritreans.

        In law if you claim the right of something, you have to present your evidence. Though we have in Eritrea thousands of evidences that condemn the mafia in Asmara, but there are individuals who deny all with out shame. And the worst to see people like zegermo to come out to defend them wrapped in an opposition gown. At the moment of time the world has become a very small village and nothing can be hidden from the eyes of man even beyond his country border, but sadly there are Eritreans who live in the most civilized countries but unable to grasp the reality that the world has become a village. Wake up brother and sister, open your eyes and see around you.

        For me as an Eritrean you may continue to deal with me the way you are accustomed to for many years, but if you deal with an informed foreigner with the same attitude that you are professional at, he will definitely consider you a maniac and escape from you. To face such maniacs in the jungles of Africa can be swallowed, but to get them in the heart of the civilized world can’t be digested.

        • zegeremo

          Hi brother Hameed,

          It was a response to Sara’s comment. you might want to take a deep breath bro!

          • Hameed

            Dear Zegremo,

            Sorry, I thought it is a reply to me. Consider it a friendly fire.

            I pass the comment as a gift to sister Sara who considers her 2%, her mulish attitude and her pigheaded group will develop Eritrea. Eritrea has got its independence when all the people of Eritrea participated in the struggle and referendum. The development of Eritrea also will be a reality when all its people participate, otherwise the 2% of Sara and her group is only hindrance to the development of Eritrea. Sara’s group were an obstacle from the advancement of Eritrea for the past twenty years and will continue to be so unless the people of Eritrea stopped them through tough measures.

          • sara

            yes, you will always wonder about eritreans, we will pay the 2%+ and keep sending money to our families.
            i see that you do not have a family or relatives in eritrea to support and you may not even be eritrean too, that’s why you don’t know and understand the issue, and think our thoughts and action are terrible.

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      I wonder what more could you detail your views about the apparent pressing issues hoovering on the clouds of Eritrea. You just detailed your allegiance to the regime in Eritrea where you’re willing to funnel your 2% obligation where there is no accountability or an audit to keep citizens abreast about the flowing funds.

      When we are completely kept in darkness about the inner mechanism of the regime, what we know with certainty is, any given household in Isaias’ Eritrea gets by in any given day with a loaf of bread per person where everything else is rationed as the eerie apparition of the Dergue era seems to be lurking in every aspect of life in Eritrea. Moreover, the high echelon military brass would enjoy the booty of Villas of citizens where they have a free reign to throw legit owners onto the streets as pathetic apologists like you pretend as if every thing is fine and dandy.

      Paying 2% is not a noble cause intended to build an otherwise ruined nation rather it is a broad day light extortion where a sadistic leader with a brilliant knack for a Don turns Eritrea into an enclave of a cartel as he has foot soldiers like you who would prostrate with a self defeating mantra “Nsu N’hna, N’hna Nsu”. However, as you turned up in droves to greet him and kiss his hands with your left hand busy carrying his framed picture, the ever resigned look of the Eritrean people are watching and the era of reckoning is not far.

      • sara

        sister wikato…
        As they say in the west ” talk is cheap” and it is evident here, we pay our dues in blood and sweat and 2%+ and you, your likes sitting in their comfort zone are claiming the trove, and tell us paying 2% is not a noble cause! how ironic and strange it is!!
        as for the use of insults and name calling , i will not respond in-kind, it is inappropriate and will not help.

    • wed. garza

      For a normal person its suffice to understand any government in four years time then either you elongate it or replace it. However, Eritrea has more than 20 years yet there are many like you who are unbale to figure out except live in dreaming higher and higher to protect their state quo. Don’t forget the countries divided into many nations were once one and the same. Phrases like sovereignty, sustainabilty and continuity will hardly be of value if you break the peoples’ covenant- which is trust and unity.

  • wed. garza

    When every thing crosses the border of dignity dries its sources of being and lacks legitimacy in any action. The infected illegitmate government continues to carnage its own govt. members taking spying to each other as benchmark of nearness to Isayas’ inner circle. Created a very dry source to their existence.
    In the diaspora Naizghi Kiflu’s unburial up to now infected its members and sypathizers from chock to grieve and finally to anger which soon will likely reciprocate an action against their govt.
    these will continue to lead to a complete dry coffine of the treasury which was fat by the illigal 2% income tax. Added to the decline of Gold sales income from the Nevsun company from Bisha.
    Thus, a dry season in all aspects is predictedable, added Ethiopia’s insult to the degraded leader by punching him constantly.
    Then, what is his exit?
    I don’t see any other except suicidal and causing Eritrea shame forever in history.

  • ዝኸበርኩም Awate staff,
    ሓው ምሓረናዝጊ መርሃዊ ,ናብ ሰራዊትን ዋርሳይን ኤርትራ “,እንታይ ትጽበዩ ኣለኹም እዚ ኩሉ ግፍዒብህግደፍ እናተፈጸመ,ዘይትኣልዩዎ”ዝ ዓይነቱ ቅልዕቲ ደብዳቤ ጽሒፉሎም ። ,ኣነ ,(Hmam Lbi /Singapo – Eritrean ) ክኣ ሓቁ እዩ ዝወዲ እንታይ ኢድኩም ማይ ድዩ ዓሚኹ ዘሎ እቲ ኣእዳውኩም ዝዓይነቱ ደብዳቤ (ናተይ ሓዊሰ )ናብ ሰራዊትና ኤርትራ ሰዲደያ.። እዚ ዝስዕብ “መልሲ “, ንዓይን ንሓው ምሐርዝጋን ,”ሰዲዶምልና” እንታይ ይመስለኩም ኣብ ኮሜንት እንተ ለጠፍኩማ. እዚኣ ናይ መጨረሻይ እያ ,ካብኡ ናብቲ ዝፈትዎ ግጥምን ቀልድን ክኣቱ እየ. PLEASE………..

    መሓረናዝጊ መርሃዊን፣ ስኢንጋፖ ኤርትራውን

    ነዛ ደብዳቤኻ ፣ ምስታ ናተይ ´ተማሳሳሊት ደብዳቤ ጌረ ሰዲደሎምሲ ከምዚ ኢሎም መሊሶምለይ…….
    “”- ሓው singapo-eritrean,…ምስቲ ናትካ ጌርካ ዝሰደድኩምልና ደብዳቤ ናይ መሓረናዝጊ በጺሑና…ንብሎ ጠፊኡና..”ወደን ከይሓምያስ ሰይቲ ወደን” ጌርኩሞ…ንስኻትኩም ኣብ ዓዲ ነጻነት ኴንኩም ዘይትሓባበርኩምስ..ንዓና ኣብ ትሕቲ ቀይዲ, እቲ ንስኹም ትቕልብዎን ,ተጣቕዑሉን ሓርገጽ ኴንና ሲ ከመይ ኢልና ተዛቲና ከነውድቖ ንኽእል ???እንታይ ግበሩ ኢኹም ትብሉና ??? ብጊዜ ውግእ ,ህዝቢ ዓለም ምሉእ ባድመን ካልኦት ስፍራታትን ,ወያነ ተማሓዳድሮ ከም ዝነበረት ዝፈልጦ፣ ምሉእ ዓለም ተኣኪቡ ናብ ቦታኻ ተመለስ እናበሎ እንከሎ ፣ ንስኻትኩም፣ ግን ዓቢኹም ን እሽቶኹም ዓገብ ክንዲ ምባል, ነዘን ዓጋመ ብሳልስቲ ኣስመራ ከነእትወን ኢና (ብ ኣውቶቡስ እኳ ብ ሳልስቲ ዘይትኣትዎ,) እናበልኩም መጨፍጨፊና ገንዘብ ዘዋጻእኩም…እህህ ንዓና ዘወዳኣና እኮ ኢሳያስ ኣይኮነን ,ንስኻትኩም ኢኹም….ኣበይ ኔርኩም ኣካለ ስንኩላን ክጭፍጨፉ ከለዉ ? ኣበይ ጠፊኡ ድሃይኩም…ድሩዕ ,ሸሪፎ,ጴጥሮስ..ወዘተ ክእሰሩ ከለዉ? ከም ውዑይ ድንሽ እንዲኹም ብሓንሳእ ካብ ኢድኩምን ልብኹምን ጥብ ኣቢልኩም ዝደርበኹሞም ?ነቶም ን ኢሳያስ ብወገን ድዩ ብጥቕሚ ወይ ብግሩህ ኣረ ኣ እያ ዝድግፍዎ ከይተላግቡሎም ???..ንሳቶምሲ ይኽፋእ ይጸብቕ እኳ ዓላማ ኣለዎም ??? ንስኻትኩምከ ኣኸባታት ኬድኩም እኳ ም እንቲ ህዝቢ ብሓንቲ ነጥቢ ዘይትሳማም ዑስ …ን ዓና ክትዋራዘዩልና ?”፡ ካብ ዓስ በላ ዓስ ደይቀልልን ??? ንስኻትኩምከ ሲንጋፖ ኤርትራዊን, መሓረናዝግን ዘይትመጹ ናብዚ ክትቃለስዎ..????..በሉ ብዙሕ ከይተዛርቡና…ንስኻትኩም ወጋሕ ትበል ለይቲ ክትብሉስ ንዓና ድራር ኢሳያስ ክንኮነልኩም… . ንተ.ሓ.ኤ ምስ ወያነ ኴንና ሃሪምናያ. ክሳዕ ሱዳን ት ኣቱ..ንስኹም ከም ህዝቢ ,ኣሕዋት ኢኹም, ተዓረቑ, ክንዲ ምባል……”ዕቡድ ዓራቓይሲ ሻፎ ይዕድል ከም ዝበልዎ ” ….ነቶም ብጾቶም ቀቢሮም ሱዳን ዝኣተዉ ፍንጫሕ መሰንገልኩም ,ደቅኹም….ተጋዳላይ ዓማ ተለካያይ ዘይቲ..ዒላም ተሪፍዎ…..ዓማ ሓራዲት..ኣስላመይቲ,,,እንዳበልኩም እንዲኹም…ላምባ ጭካነ ዝኾዓኹምሎም !!!! ኣብ ወጻኢ ኴንኩምሲ ….ዲሞክራስን ም ዕባለን ክንዲ ትሰብኩ….ዓዲ ኽስቶ….ነውራም ነገራት ተልዕሉ..,,,,,ውግእ ክብሃል ከሎ ..እቶም ጀብሃ ነበር ከይተረፉ..ጉዳይ ባድመን ፖለቲካ ህግደፍን ዝፈልጡ እኳ….ዘይተለቕለቓ ታክሲ እናዘወሩ…ንምክልኻል ሃገር /ንምጥፋእ ሃገር ከይብልዎ
    ክዕመ..ብሜሮን እስጢፋኖስ ትድውሎ ይኹን ብናይ ወጻ ኢ ቴሌቪዥናት እናርኣኹሞ $ 10 ዶላር ዘይሃብኩምሲ……በል ይ ኣኽለና…ኣብ ር እሲ መከራና ኣይትጽረፉና…..ንሕና ኣብዚ ኢሳያስ ከነልግሰልኩም ,,,መታን ንስኻትኩም AMERICAN IDOL ክትርእዩ…በሉ የቐንየልና ..ሲንጋፖ ኤርትራውን ምሓረና እዘን ግጥምኹም ጽሓፉ ንሕናን ደቅናን ክንጥበሳ !!!

    ካብ ብስሱዕ ጠለብኩም ዝሓረሩን ዝሓሩ ዘለዉን – ናይ ጽባሕ መወትቲ ዋርሳይን ይክኣሎን

    • “ደቀንስትዮ ኤርትራ ኣብ ሲናይ …ክሳዕ ሕጂ እናተዓመጻ…..”ዝብል ዝተረስዔ ቃላት ይ እቶ ሓደራ, before ብሜሮን እስጢፋኖስ ትድውሎ ይኹን ብናይ ወጻ ኢ ቴሌቪዥናት እናርኣኹሞ $ 10 ዶላር ዘይሃብኩምሲ… ዝብል ዝተረስዔ ቃላት ይ እቶ ሓደራ

  • HGDF

    Why do people write comments longer than the article itself? Boring!

    • Kokhob Selam

      to say HGDF, gdef or stdef.

  • ካምቦ፣
    ብዝዕባ ግራተይ ድማ ጨሚትካያ…ገሽናሽም – ድምበዛን ። ከንሻ ፣ ሉተራዊት ቤተ ክርስትያን ። ጨለ። ግን ሓወቦታተይ ካብ ገሽናሽም ሓንቲ ጉዳይ ናብ United Nations Security Council ከቕርባ ብምሕጽንቶ ልኢኾምለይ ። እቲ ጉዳይ ፣ ማይ መብኣሲት ትብሃል ሩባ ኣብ ሞንጎ ገሽናሽምን ዓደኮሎምን ኣላ። ቀደም ትብጽሓና እያ፣ ትብጽሓና እያ ፣ ብዝብል ናብ ባይቶ ቀሪቡ ,እታ ማይ ክልትኤን ዓዲ ክቐድሓላ ተፈሪዱ.። ካብ 1876 ዓመተ ምህረት ክሳዕ 2011 ብጽቡቕ ክኸይድ ጸኒሑ ሕጂ ግን ይብሉ ሳይንቲስትስ ናይ ዓደኮሎም፣ ብDNA ናይቲ ሩባ መርሚሮም ፣ ደቂ ገሽናሽም ኣብ ዘይስዓቱ ብዘይትኣደነ ዕትሮን በርሚልን ጌሮም ስለ ዝቐድሑ፣ ነቲ ናይ ዓደኮሎም eco System ዘሪጉ global warming ከምዘዛብዖ ስለ ዝተበጽሔ፣ ምልሻ ናይ ክልትኤን ዓድታት ተፋጢጦም ይርከቡ፣ምልሻ ዓደኮሎም መሬት ሰጊሮም ፣ ነቲ ሒሖትን ምጽምጸን ናይ ገሽናሽም ኣቝሲሎሞ። ምልሻታት ገሽናሽም ክሳዕ ደቂ ዘርኡ “ሜላዊ ምዝላቕ” ጌሮም ይርከቡ። መንግስቲ ህግደፍ ቲ ነገር ንምዝሓል ፣ጀነራል ኤፍሬም ስብሓት ወትሃደራት ኤርትራ ክሰድድ ወሲኑ ፣እዚ ንገሽናሽም ደስ ኣየበሎምን ፣ ምኽንያቱ ፣ ስብሓት ኤፍሬም በዲኡ፣ ዓደኮሎም ስለ ዝኾነ ፣ ከዳልወና እዩ ይብሉ። ስለዚ ናይ United Nations ኣኽበርቲ ጸጥታ ይእተዉ እምበር ፣ ብመንግስቲ እምነት የብልናን ስለዚ ንስኻ ኬድካ ነቶም U.N ኣመልክተልና ኢሎምኒ። እቶም ምልሻ ናይ ዓደኮሎም ናብቲ ቅድሚ 2011 ዘመሓዳደርዎ ዝነበሩ መሬት የንሳሕቡ እንተበልናስ ፣ እቲ ናይ ዓደኣኮሎም መራሕ ምልሻ፣ “ካብዚኣ ወጻእና ማለትሲ ፣ ድሕሪ ሕጂ ድንሽ ድምበዛን መሊሱ ኣይበቁልን´ዩ ማለትዩ…….ብልአ። ። ብላ You know Cambo I am not trying to be funny ,this 2 days I am furious,I do not have faith in our youth either…they should condemn rape …I feel the pain is not ending soon……Let me shut up… But if you live close to washington could you please talk to President Obama & the Korean,Ban ki mumn ….


    Dear Hilina

    Hilina is a wonderful and a great inner sense which judges the right and wrong in us,it is conscience in English and Damir in Arabic , it is what makes us human,however I find it quite ironic to say the least, you have chosen such a noble word while you consciously support and finance Dictator which oppresses and subjugates his own people , those Eritreans with true Hilina every where in this world are doing their best to lift from their people the cruel and inhumane treatment our people face in their every day life , as far as the 2% you are paying , the Europeans if they see it fit and pass legislation in regards the tax on their citizens from Eritrea , you have no choice but to respect it, if you live there , or you go back to your Dictator which I am sure you wouldn’t , as they say in Tigrinia [ dilyetom ghiberolum way adom ghedofolom ] I hope my dear hilina one day you will wake up and your hilina will guide you to the right path and stand with your people against in justice for nothing goes for ever , leaders come and leaders go but the people stay . don’t for get that change is an inevitable part of human nature .

  • “What a nonsense and waste of time that was. Who is going to tell me what I do with my money, who?”

    Selam :- HILINA,actually it is your responsibility what you do with your money as long as you don’t invest your money in something which hurts other people. The amount of two percent of taxes to the PFDJ is hurting our people for example. So, do something healthy with your money, something which can help people instead of hurt them. Regarding Ethiopia, they were invited to do what your stupid dictator Isayas Afewerki wanted. They are only doing their job. That is all.


  • Hameed

    Dear Hilina,

    I understand the news was a shock for you and it is a very hard moments of course. I hope this shock to make a turning point in your life that turns you to your senses. Now sit down and make a matured inventory of all the past twenty years so as not tumble again to such an experience “Well, for me this case has penetrated deep in to my bones and I am having a second thoughts.”

  • In the “border” of 1998 ,after judging things in emotional & wrong way..I quickly came to my senses ..I contacted Ethiopians , mostly from Tigray , with less prejudice ideas ,I learned how things were turnning from bad to ugly ,at the expense of Eritrean people…I borrowed videos and showed it at a restaurant in Canada, were I was residing at the time,so that we can pressure our govt. to go back …to prior ,may 1998…….very few people who participated in war & know that war was ugly thanked me , majority took me to be a traitor,Qebelle’s puppy ,and very surprisingly I was called “Mahber Andnet “,what makes it funny was ,this were individuals who chased their own brothers from their own land , because the other clan would not convert it’s religion, it’s identity ,& it’s language…..MAIN REASON , for not supporting MAHBER ANDNET ,in the sell of Eritrea to Ethiopia / Janhoy , apparently …apart from the powdered milk & fined flour of capuccinni ,..the…BIRR (ethiopian currency)..was also sexy …The point I am trying to make ,is not look what I did,!!!…. no,no, no.. It was a parent’s teachings,the only thing that was in my favor,that a good number of them lacked Unfortunatelly things turned out the way I predicted..I see similar pattern now …..I have to share what my conscience is disturbing me inside , I will not impose my opinion , just my rage (if I can. )….Please read ,get angry at my rude ,disorganized way of expressing my opinion.IF YOU CAN SEE BEYOND THAT , THEN MY WORK IS DONE …………….

    ..This emotional comment is not directlly pointed at Evangelical ,A IYASU ,that quoted the whole prophet Isaias chapter 58 on Assena’s comment box…I am sure ,he is a good human being ….he is just the straw that broke /fixed the camel’s back. …Semhar , misunderstood one sentence ,AND SHE thought i was bashing Islam, she politelly put her advice. ..beautiful human being …I started to explain i WAS DEFFENDING INREGARDS tothat believers of Islam ,other traditional christians like me ,or christians who think that the bible is for protestantS ONLY …., Ti’amire mariam is the “book”etc,in short how we should not preach divine intervention of our choice…..so my opinion was favoring ,sensitivity and balance ,then I started to dish all my frustration…Because to be honest with you , as a sufferer of “ADULT ADD….ie…attention deficit disorder ..I have hard time organizing my thoughts ..& I am easily distractable..I just want to put that upfront…so that you could understand how my topics go from Godaif to Akhriya ,faster than # 4 bus….but I am responsible for my opinion.
    Please read ,I have written exact my feelings …where I wanted to say swear words…I tried to be sensitive…However it is how I feel


    Semhar ,

    That was exactly my point.”” This web site also belongs to atheists , animists ..etc..Do not preach bible to a secular website ,go do your weeping & Jumping at Pastor pimp’s church & his BMW..”Iwas saying that TO BROTHER A. IYASU ,in a polite way.I am BORN IN TO A SWEDISH LUTHERAN MISSION ,and personally believe in the bible, but, if I were a moslem ,atheist ,Jew…etc. I would be offended .(some one can quote a bible or use God in a traditional sense.) ..Not print the whole prophet Isaias. JESUS SAID ,GO & TEACH THEM,NOT E-MAIL THEM…& they will know by your fruits..As this mother@#$%&* Rs WERE PREACHING US ,THAT iSAIAS WAS ANOINTED BY GOD…. .iSAIAS WANTS 2% ,tHIS MOTHER f@#$%&’S WANT 10%, SO THAT PASTOR MOTHR F @#$%&* COULD BUY bmw ,MANIPULATING ,DESPEATE DIVORCED HOUSE WIVES.”IF A HUNGRY PERSON ASKS YOU FOR BREAD , DO NOT TELL HIM “GOD BLESS YOU ,GIVE HIM /HER BREAD “.IS THIS MOTHR@#$^& QUOTING romans or the book of matthew GOING TO stop the rape ,that happened to a 16 yrs. old in Libya’s jail ,one after one ,BY all the guards .”This mother@#$*S solution,is” it is because of your sin, God is punishing you”. ,PEOPLE IN THE DIASPORA,EVANGELISTS ,WAR DRUMMERS,women that wear a t- shirt of ISAIAS ,in front of a raped victim…THIS ARE CULPABLE ,FOR THE RAPE & MURDER THAT IS HAPPENNING ..Also ,those who blame Woyane ,because ,has temporarily captured,5 lousy villages in Eritrea ‘as a buffer zone,instead of “this is the time to use the opportunity to join the armed struggle., and replace the power vacuum, let us free ,YIMA KEDIJA ,ADEY MINYA, ALMAZ & EDEN &MERIEM FROM THE RAPE OF PFDJ’S GENERALS…SO CALLED YOUTH MOVEMENTS LIKE EYGM ( ERITREAN YOUTH GLOBAL MOVEMENT ) ,LAND BEFORE RAPE !!! ,denouncing Ethiopian military , degrades the cause of the raped victim of your age , THANKS EYGM , THE RAPED GIRLS THANK YOU FOR YOUR OUT RAGE ,BECAUSE 5 VILLAGES WERE CAPTURED …? IS IT ONLY , MERON ESTIFANOS ,ELSA CHYRUM & OF COURSE Dr. ALGANESH…..THE ONLY ONES RAGING , ????? I WISH THE COUNTRY COULD GO TO THE TOILET & I DO NOT HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THE RAPE …….Is Father MUSSIE the only clergy ????. SHAME ON THE “SWEDISH LUTHERAN MISSION ,THE CHURCH I BELONGED, THEY ARE PFDJ’S BITCHES ,BECAUSE ISAIAS IS FROM OUR AREA.IT IS OK IF HE RAPES, PROVIDED THE ..”” .DEQE’YAY” DO NOT SNATCH THE POWER, FROM US…..SEMHAR ,I HAVE TO LET IT GO. …I admire your intention of correcting me because you thought I was being unfair to our moslem brothers.The Lord would say unto you “Semhar ,you defended the religion you do not belong to ,you wanted to do the right thing ,Semhar today , You are with me in paradise.I am furious at US/WE ,not Isaias NOT Ali Abdu. IT IS NATURAL FOR A HYENA TO ASSASSIN CATTLE …DID I OFFEND SOME OF YOU ?????? GOOD ,THAT WAS THE F&%$#@G POINT ,I HAVE TO GO THROW UP , YOU KEEP ON INSULTING ISAIAS ,THAT WILL HELP THE RAPE VICTIM……OH I FORGOT ,YOUR MOTHER F&%$#@ G POINT, WELL , I HAVE TO BE FAIR ,YOU GREW UP LISTENING …ልቢ ጓል ክንዲ …..ንሳ እኳ እንተ ስዓምካያ ትጠፍእ. እዚ እናሰምዓ ዓብየን ግን 33% ናይቲ ተዋጋ ኢ ሓይሊ ኔረን, 35 % ናይ ስኒ ደኳትር…ኣብ ደገ ሰሪሔን ገንዘብ እና ኣምጽኣ ኣብ ገዛ ድማ ይሰርሓ…. BYE Why am I bothering ,after all only our chicken is back home ,all of us are in Canada , Italy ,Germen, USA….I blame my @#$%&*parents , for planting a conscience in me …Sorry I will hate my head against the wall..well ,I am in America ,this is not my first time receiving a psychiatric’s help….poor eritrean girl will keep on getting raped …including by us , & our movements ,that can not even move a bowel..!!!!Leave me alone people..I forgot .we are the people …when our kids ,brothers & sisters retreated from front …burying their dead …we…waited for this grieving young fighters .. to insult them ..ተጋዳላይ …ተለካያይ ዘይቲ…ዒላም ተሪፍዎ..ዒላም ናዩ ኣንስቲ…ምናልባሽ እዞም ወንጌላውያን ሓቆም እዮም ,,ብሓጥያትና እዩ. ..ደቂ እቶም ዝጸረፍናዮም..ቋንቋ ጀርመን እናተዛረቡ ኤርትራ ይኣትዉ ኣለዉ…ደቂ እቶም ከም ጀብሃ ዘይሃድሙ ግን ኣ እጋሮምን ኢዶምን ይቝረጹ ኣለዉ.ኖ እቶም ቖልዑ ምንም ሓጥያት የብሎምን….ምናልባሽ ትንቢት ኢሳያስ እንተሰምዑ ዶ ኾን…..ዋእ ትንቢት ኢሳያስ ሰሚ ዖሞ እዮም “ጀብሃ ከም ጨው ክትሓቅቕ እያ”ዝበሎ ትንቢት ኢሳያስ እዩ ኢልኩ…እወ ይካትዑ ኣለዉ …ንቑሕን ውድዓዊ ኩነታትን…ዓብደላ ኢድሪስ ድዩ ን መልኣከ ተኽለ ቀቲልዎም ዋላ ካልእ ሓይሊ እዩ….ፋሉል ክትፍንጨል ከላኸ መስመሩ ዝሓለወ ድዩ ኔሩ ዋላ……እወ 35 ዓመት ዝገበረ እዩ እቲ ጉዳይ …ኣቲ ትዕመጽን ትግሃስን, ዘለኺ ጓል 16 ዓመት ጓል…ፖለቲካ ኣይርድኣክንዩ…!!!ዶምበርከ ጓል መን ትብሃሊ ኣበይ ዓዲ ኢኺ??ምፍላጥ ጽቡቕ እዩ. !!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      But you know Fewsi Liby, I miss your wonderful poems. I feel I can benefit more from your short poems in Tigringa. If you have shortage of time just give priority to your poems more.you are gifted on that.

      • Kokhob Selam,

        You are not the only friend to confused by this emotional ,angry …”comment”… When I composed this confusing & boring comment ..I was extremeley emotional ,but ,I confused readers more .We have to constractively criticize our selves & each other….Thank you . The above “comment”, will just be as me having cerebral diarrehea…as opposed to cerebral malaria ,like Papa Isaias…..Let us keep on supporting each other .Soon come the poems.,


    What a nonsense and waste of time that was. Who is going to tell me what I do with my money, who?
    Unless the people are convinced that supporting the Eritrean government is wrong and bad idea and stopped by their own decision, there is no law under the sun that will tell people what to do with their hard earn money. In my opinion, this kind of foolish and outrageous proposals will push Eritreans to the other direction. The majority of Eritreans already feel that they have been the subject of injustice; look at the recent incidence, Eritrea is under arms embargo while Ethiopia is not and Ethiopia is attacking Eritrea and there is no a word from the so-called UN. Do you think this is a classic case of injustice against Eritrea? Well, for me this case has penetrated deep in to my bones and I am having a second thoughts.

    • zegeremo

      Really!!! Why second thoughts??? Trust me it is so much fun watching shaebia supporters make idiots of themselves and self destruct!!!I hope you’re not one of them.

      • sara

        yes, you will always “wonder” about eritrea and eritreans, while you are watching them doing what they are good at, defending and building their country.

        • zegeremo

          Please comment on the news, not fools!!

          • sara

            zegeremo, i commented on your comment because i thought your comment was about the comment , seriously no fooling.

        • Hameed


          There is an important question you should ask yourself about: For whom do we build the country if the children of 10 years are fleeing the country? Be honest with yourself for just one minute and answer the above question.

          The most valuable asset in this world is the human being. When we respect and build our human resources then success will follow definitely. What is the use of a few roads, dams and buildings if our human resource are enslaved by the regime which supposed to build it. Our people struggled for more than thirty years to get their freedom. We have to understand they didn’t sacrificed themselves for roads and dams. The most valuable thing for Eritreans their freedom and to be governed by law not by a jungle law.

          We fought Ethiopians for our independence, the independence of the people before the independence of the land. Human being is always first. Don’t you see in the developed countries the human being has the priority. If one citizen is in a critical situation, the whole government doesn’t sleep. Look in Eritrea thousands of your youth are perishing in deserts and high seas and no one cares. How can we tell proudly that we have a government while more than a third of the Eritrean people are refugees.

          The reasons your are giving for supporting the regime and ignoring the misery of the Eritrean people have become inconvincible. We want a true and honest explanation for this die-hardness. If you volunteered yourself and give us an honest explanation, really we will be thankful to you. All of us dream to see Eritrea a beautiful and civilized country and the people of Eritrea happy. This is the dream of all Eritreans without exception, then where is the shortcoming that make us oppose each other? You can’t say there is no shortcomings if you are really a normal person. Sure there is a shortcomings, but what is it? Definitely, one of us is mistaken. Who is that one? If I am on the wrong, please convince me to stand on your side? I want a rational and honest explanation from you and your government and if you present a persuasive explanation that answers all my question, then I will not have a reason to oppose you. I am opposing you because you didn’t answer my questions, you failed to convince me that what you are doing is good Eritrea. You are the government and the authority of the country is in your hands, so you are the side who are requested to answer my questions and convince me. It is not me who should answer your questions and convince you. Solving the problems of country is in the hands of a government and when it fails to solve the problems it should resign and open the door to the people to elect another government that can solve their problem. This procedure you can see it practiced in all the civilized nations around the world. If you want a peaceful and prosperous Eritrea convince your government to solve the problems of all Eritrean whether the problem is political, economical, social, etc. A nation doesn’t just stand on economy, but there are many factors that should be met to make a country prosperous and peaceful with itself, its neighbors and the international community. Your government is responsible of all Eritreans, therefore it is requested to answer their questions and solve their problems.

          • Kokhob Selam


            Perfect, There is no meaning of any slogan or action what so ever if it is not for people. People first and everything should be done to serve the people. now, you may even spend time,and energy or even pay souls to let the mass live in peace but you don’t pay all people all and kill all or put in prison just to make happy for small criminal group.

            And some time I wonder even when I see people talking about road or dam or any thing that has been done by PFDJ,
            the question is what PFDJ has build? if you go and count comparing with any country in earth in this 20 years nothing has been done. NIL. PFDJ IS GOOD FOR NOTHING. only for talking and disturbing and killing kidnapping all negative things and that is also going to end soon. PFDJ is against nature.

        • Donsar Beniraza

          selam Sara and all

          Sara, how do you reconcile Melese army crossing into some parts of Eritrea and taking military action on some of its armed Erithopian oponents there and your Isaias talk of “yes, you will always “wonder” about … eritreans… defending and building their country”? And buildings, Eritreans, and life, I think building dead things at the expense of dear life is utter stupidity or utter beastiality, or both. Everybody needs peace and your president and their prime minister have been and still are the cause of the misery of the Eritrean people and if they have some sense left, they should settle their problems legally and amicably. That is what you should strive fore that will make Eritrea live in peace with itself and its neighbors.

          I wish and pray rain instead of drought, peace instead of war, harmony instead of discord, prosperity instead of poverty, health instead of disease, freedom instead of bondage, democracy instead of monocracy/autocracy/Isaias, milk instead of poison, to Eritreans, in particular, and to the people of the Horne of Africa, in general. Peace and love to you and to all!

          In Peace Profound,

          Donsar Solomon Beniraza

          • sara

            thanks, you made me lough with your little satirical assertion…that your president and prime minister are the cause of all the misery to eritrea, is weird but interesting!! .Are you telling us this is all about a conflict between a president and his prime minister as what happened in ivory coast last year… one is from ivory the other is from the coast…No wonder most of the posting here is, one way or the other inclined to support the enemies of the existence and viability eritrea.
            As for your wishes mentioned, i absolutely support & appreciate and share it with you…. not only as wishes i even am working for it in my own little way.
            please do not add to your name Solomon… because i believe this kind of thought’s and writing’s is better understood if signed only with the name Donsar …what ever it means.

    • Kokhob Selam

      you said “there is no law under the sun that will tell people what to do with their hard earn money. In my opinion, this kind of foolish and outrageous proposals will push Eritreans to the other direction. ”
      the first law is the ” Hilina’ nature or god didn’t give you that Hilina except to be kind, to love and to be loved, then comes the Law. imagine, one rich man paying one gang group to kill other peaceful people, do you think the world will just say to him go ahead? the money he owns is as far as he use it for him self and for good of the world. that is the reason man creates law. don’t think I will allow you to work against me by paying money. in fact I will even take it from you by force if found to be the law late in solving my problem.
      I can discuss with some one if there is a confusing reality on ground but our case is just clear, the group in Asmara is against peace and some one who supporters is more criminal than PFDJ itself.

    • shetet aynibel

      Dear( supposedly) Hillina,
      All your comments was emotional. Guess what? there is a conscience first, and second the so called law in the world. Conscience and law can never have a little space in your little head, just because it is even full from isias’ idiot preaching s.
      You said that no body can tell you how to spend your hard earn money, right? The first stupid question. God gave you a biggest ever brain more than any other creatures, in an assumption that you should use it in a positive manner. In this manner you are right, no body can tell you how to spend you hard earned money, but you conscience does.
      Second, which is really important to you, as I personally and other Eritreans( supposedly), do is block you from providing a money that can enable my slaughterer to by a knife to cut my throat. I hope you still catching me, in other words, If you are not responsible enough to use your money, I have a duty to stop you from affording my slaughterer.
      Mind you, not only stopping you, but holding you as my slaughterer as well. Just because my throat would not be cut, no matter how the slaughterer was criminal, if you could not afford for the knife. Simple as that.
      My bro/sis you better stop affording to buy the knife to save the rest of your fellow Eritreans, unless it is our duty to save them by making you, be hold.

    • wed. garza

      So why don’t you advice your govt. to stop acting as a bad guy to all the neighbours alike. Concerning your money, doesn’t your govt. impose money payment by all means to those who are unwilling to pay but want to use their citizenery rights as Eritreans; those who pay and those who don’t. I say this forcefull imposition has to stop. If one wants to build a house in his father’s flat they shouldn’t ask for 2% because we have already paid with blood and sweat.
      After all you know how the tegadetis sons and daughters, orphans, widows and the elderly live while the govt. coffins gets fatter and fatter until it recently wholly dried up.

    • Abudi

      Dear Hilina!
      Just for 5 min. switch off your emotions and turn on your reason and try to see the government of Eritrea and Ethiopia from the UN perspective. You have Ethiopia a country to a degree with a democratic constitutional government, election, multiparty, a functional parliament, press freedom! On the other hand you have Eritrea with illegitimate government(unconstitutional) no democracy, no election, no press freedom, no parliament not even party congress etc. who would you trust with arms then? Just do your math give marks to each of the points I raised. Eritrea will definitely score zero whereas Ethiopia’s score will be greater then zero depending on one’s reading!
      That was from the Point view of the UN! Consider that an Eritrean General might wake up one morning and mobilize his tanks and attack any nation without consultation whereas Ethiopians use parliament to declare war!
      Now Helina just for another five minutes doubt every thing about the government of Eritrea and consider Issays and PFDJ to be cheats. Can you think of any mechanism to check on them and hold them accountable if you were to be proven right? Think about this and the 2% you are paying.
      Here is a small home work to you and any HIGDF supporter! how do you rate the achievement of the government of Eritrea of the past 20 years from the point of view of effective governance and compare it to may rating? Please try to include your justification to the marks you give!

      Defense=0 ( Ethiopia still occupies Eritrean territory)
      Diplomacy=0 (EGAD=0 AU=0 EU=O UN=O ARAB LEAGUE=0)
      Education=0 (Admitted to be a wastage)
      Peoples say in their gov’t=0(no constitution,no election,no multiparty, no press freedom, not even party congress)
      Economy=0 ( people are still queuing for bread and lamba (kerosine)
      Construction=0 ( Full of phony projects and always behind schedule)
      Attributing failures to External powers=5/5
      Please tell me what you think!